Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 7, 1855, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 7, 1855 Page 2
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]*? Political CuTMla flrflali. OC* HCHMOND C QMMmronm* OE. Rich Mora Mty a, 1866. dumber qf Ktuno Vo/hing* in rO$tina?tktl IVitk drawaU? Counc of tk> W\tg?? C-mgr**ttv*ul Cantata ~-Kidiculou* Charge nf Anti- SUuvry againtt Fluurnuy ?Abolition Spnchet of Drmorratic Lsadrrt in the Vir ginia Ltfitialurt of 18;t2? demr from, llu SpatcKtt of JMJcner ami Rni*di>lph ? Rufftur'i .tiUi Slavery Pam phlet in 1847 ? nil Congrruicnal District, ?t?o? the publication of the fact, officially attested, Oil the know Njthing camp in the State of Virginia mw iimtien seventy two thousand mldiers goo-l and ferae, the democracy have exhibited evident signs of un* and apprenenxion They hive reported to the PsnnaTlvania trick < f publishing fabulous amounts of large numbers of bolters; but the ihillow devise it ewtly penetrated and pvoduces no effect. Of coarse, taey eeneede that If tber* are, in point of fact, seventy two thousand members of the Know Noth ng 1 ilges in Vir giai*, the question of the election is eettled, and Barry ?f Aecomae is a dead sock in the pit. At the last Priii 4eatal election tbe demo iratie vote, tbe highest ever given, vii aeventysix t So man 1. It li easy to that i I the Knew Noihiog* nuiu >er already seventy thousand, fa fact of which I am assured by the pr.nci?*! member ef the'r order in this city, and a gentleman whose Brass of information aio sot surpassed, if they an squalled by thoee of any other person la the State,) tb?y will be able, with ths whig outsiders, who may be tot down as at twenty taou ia?d, 1o carry the Stats by ae overwhelming major ly. There is no truth in tbe rep-art that large ogaocw of Kaew Nothing* have le't the lo 'gee in .his c t y. Not mere lhan tw? nty or tairty, at tbeout?ile, have qait Bi?ee the first i n <>f lie party h-re, adliaiau ttom which did not p>eveat ltichin>*d in her muat "pal eleetioe, from lef?ati?g tbe dtnto:r icy b t a majority al lage her unparalleled in h?\r p<?Uti?ai acoals Nor ie any tasparUDor to be a'tachsd to tbe pretm ie ta*l the wugs ?f tbe 8tate, to uny gr-at extent, will not hi jpir'. the K?ow Nothing tlc*et H-re ?Jtrl taero t&ere m>y be lead b| wbigs, such as Chvaas J VI. c ie, of August* and Thoatas S. Obolscn, if Pettrobarg? hcth aole an I high mia'tci mi n, I admit - who will tui'tlo Ur Wi-m. Pa', tbe great ni*ff o' ttte whig*, especially tbe rank and tie lie, e~joy tco moch the pr epact of seeing th* Jewcra 0) ?O' ldlj toicuS^d to abeain 'mm helping it na ">y ?very me*i>r to their po*er. It L< n s;.<-.;tac>e ?hi h they kaie never wim^jsed? the Vtrg-nia democracy beam? and tbey would be p - n tbat nlor oa* en t ifoo'jr tram eur ositj to see iowtb?lro,d c?nii?eror* loikoo Hie flat af thi'ir b*c>?, and to eicivos, over their prot trate fotic .H, ?' Sic temper fyronni*." Mori-over, the af the eta*#- bavo m.nj an ?l : gru>!g? fed fat, which it s >ov in ihe.r no?ir f?r the first tiate to gratify. Ue; n-c?>l>ct tbe > eui*?'T?rj aave baried ti-in eat of ?ffl<e, as vigorously as th?< Know Not*?'og< wonlj ex elade f?r*>gkers; tfcat t?>? y turned erery wa >t oflB:e beldt-r out of t^e c^pi oi, Dut p\tyiog gr?y Hair*, oor l cr sarrit tnn public "etvioee, tmi they ae<'ueet Item in tre Ilex ran war of aTal ties on -of Oein< 1 aito t to tbe r com try. W fcat, do ths de oorracy want ik- voMi of tr?i 'vrx'i H'ivk t^e whig* for^otti-n the ?V ar <vnp maoc o thr whig offi.-e holder*? Have th*y fargotten the p>t ?b'? cm ul oVi Mr Brown and tiea Bieb ?rrno ?V H?v?th?v fir^ett'n the 'onl iterry manior tag ef the ^tate, by wbteh Vie wtiigs w-ie p >rf osrly and aveaefl.j prrttn'.ed froai rlsitmg ou? siogle w'lig C-'O (rer?in?n Y And no* that thry have a chaaci for itvenge, won't th"y tike itf I'fciwe who 4?>\ak t'jey wda't. don't know uutli o' 1. umvo ni'.ure in general or Sau'.lero bun' an nature in pxrticuiar. tte En qyirtr brigs tla*. it has aiwija cnsel' appr >xi Mkfl in its estimates < t a reault ? eiore an election, th? n aJ vo*e after w?r< s. Tbis, 1 believe, bu *?u p u r*'.ly tin* fict. it h.s a our -evp in face in every e o luty tn tt( fitete, which it'y conduct d. aul i'B carre>pon<'> mi b*ini among the mo-t rehth.e mn af its peaty, it ?'a? ?t scroll; b f u to coon vary ?ear tbe 13 utb But it in eatflf out in itN "ulealv taoas tl<ia j ear. To* Know Nothing c'ojd hat en e?e,-y tiling *u a fog so tbick anu inp^aetrible thai ? men cat-no tell a loci's itiiUo") tha features ?? bis ncen it nsigbbar. How cm the Bnquirrr't oor respeoi inte in any givet. cuuty, ain ia theie times tbe real etrenKih ot their pa-ty ? II ,> ? ean th?y toil who *1 ttno being and who do not belong to tie sec-et know Notfciog c-nani/JiUon? Niy, bow eta the ilMtf *?li tutt iti l,.jwa ? orrmpondente" do net belong to this my^teilons frsternitj ? Now, whilst tbe Enquirer collect* id is for motion from source? which at tit boat are but privat- au<l unofficial, and which, in these time*. ?r* so befog??d by the secret character of tr.e Know Nothing org*oii?t.on, the Knot Bathing* n>ust*r up 'beir e<>ticaate fiom officii! reports received ? er* iiooa all the to.lgd* of the State, which make th' r number* sevonty-t ?o thousand. Tae ICaow Nutbings ktow r.beirowa strength and the strength of thsir rn- mine? the cemoertcy cannot be sure of eiti?r Ibe Cong ret cannm in v&r.oue psr's of the is going on warmly Letcher in the Tsnth Legion district Bajly in tbe Acsomac, and Smith la the Fau quier oistncW. are tie only adoainUtratioa candidates w he have no opposition. Allot' tliea gentlemen, tb.c-.nh Mt members of Know Nothing lodges, have touched their bat a rei-pectCully to Sato. I have a word or two ta ?ay in regard to a charge lately brourht against tbe Knew Nctbi-g candidate for Gortinn, to wit : that be k sM<".ind the slavery subject, k'.rlBg oace it is ?aid, alleged that Virginia bad dejiia<d iu prosperity oa ?ta unt of .?Uvcry. In the fl.-st place, the cbsrgn is not true. H* has de nied it under his own bund, audnjone doabii bis honor, la the n*x' place, are not tbe ?i>mo racy a sweet set of eonsiMtenl fellows to 1* eternally getting up this mai 4ag cry of at-olition at every candidate of tae opposite yWy- Harrison, Clay, Taylor. Scott, Suijirrn, and, Uat mt alt, KUiurney, all the ?atce r Who ibe devil are Uu7 ? I a?k it with reverence ? that they should set themselves ?v ?? sueb immaculate virpuj o i the nigger quettioa? 1 have befor* me. t>ir, at this aoaieiit, a pile of yellow looking pempl l?t?, (rim *h cb I h*ve just knocked off tfce dust; am. which, but for tbe title pages, yoa might tfclnk bad emsDaied from Exeter Hall or the New York Tribune t ffice Tbey are rpe<>;he.s made on ti-e abo'.ltioa ?f slavery in tbe Home of Deiegctes of V.rg nia in the ?ear of grace 1632. Did the democracy of Virginia ever bear of James MoDow?U ? 144 tb y elect him Governor of Virgina, some Un years ago; and had be not, oaly thirteen years before, standing la b'.s plaw la the House ?f D? legates, advanced sentiments la regard *o s'averj, which, If now uttered by a wbig, would chili ike vary (narrow of these b'lmon Puree? Ao- .ng the speeches tttoie me, J.s oiir i^eH* bv C.btfM .lames mt, Esq , tba adasintstoatioa candidate iu the Hirper'e Terry district, and wl.o la the most protain?n'. atatasxan la their ranka weet of tbe mountains, (faulka** is vow -??"uadasa outon4,w oisgrr su.b'?ct, an 1 ao doubt feels very mucti sioctej ai tH Wftiar? 1 3 > ? | ?taor) Ilouraey that Virginia had de'l aed in prosjeritj a eoaeeqncnce of slavery, lot usseeho* Charts Jaonm klsaseif talk-d January iO, (I am particular as to dates.) 1W8 I can oaly giva you a few grslas out of a who.? ltarvest field of s rnilar sentiment : ? ?? I bave heard of county meetings, county petit on*, ?ad county memorials, 1 bave heard from the aortfa, the tast and the aou b. rhey a-e all, w.tb on# voije, ?galnat t.'.e continuance of slavery. None for it." ?' Are wa better with or without slavei? It must coma *? tbat po nt at last If slavery can be sustained as au institution. ron.?ucive to ftie great intereats of MJciaty, It will ?e to'erattd. If no , it must bow bsfore the wajesty at that power wh eh Is supreme " Prota-tln? against conve?ting tbe bill* and valleys of western Vir ginia " into desolation and bsrreane?s by tlie withering featstepa of clsvery " Charts J*mss ejaculated witb ptoos and patrlot'c indignation, " Sir, may he tvsn pro tee*, os fr m that ctirec, by which alone so nobis a r^ce can be exterminated from their castU" and inheritance!'' Ar d aesm. "Sir tax our lands, vilify our country, tarry the eoord of extermimtioa thro igh our aow d? f. ore esa villages but spsre ne, 1 implore vou, fpwre us tbe curse of slavery? tbat biuen-et dr<ip fiorn the ebah- e of tbe destroj .ng an<el I" Whew I Cbaries Jame- then propels to exptore the foanda tioa upon which the social editice rests. Prop.-r'y, be ma>ataiae, is 'be < reatuiv of eivil soefc-'y, aa.1 lilave bob er- lo o their slavw nolely by virtue of the acunl eaea.e and eon?ent of the eo<-iety in which tii?y live Property may be tolerated ?o iong a? it is ist dangerous to the good order of so?jlsty. " Bat, eir." sa)S I'anl^ner, ? so toon as it doss lecon* persiciou*? so sooo aa it is cscert lined to jopirdtM tbe ?esce, tht happ n??s, tht gooi order, nay, ttis very sx tstenre e' society, fr< ci tb*t moment the r ght hy which they (aUvrhblder-) hoii tb?ir propeity Is gone." "Why, sir it is even a rul** of municipal iaw? and I i se this merely as aa llnstrat-on of the groat principles of sreiety? air trero tuo, aa < oMraata s-m U./os -so hold your property as not to hsjure tbe pro^rty, still Ie?s the Mv?s ?a<i happiness cf your neighbor*. And the ??wient. evtn in the oest regulaV-d, thers la ia a departure froai ttls pr.ncipl*, you may ?bate tee nuisanre. it may cau'a lost ?but it !? what our black lettered geatrv term <la*num atxquf in jttria? a loss for w>- icb ? b? is w atTe -ds no rwmtdy ' ' " SlavaTy, tt is scmitteo is an evil? it >e ?a institution wbicb pr?ss?s beavfy against t e beet interests of ths State. It hauisbes free wblta labor? it eliminates ths sn-ehaiie. the artizan, tbe m%nuiactbrwr It deprives tbem of occupation. It d-prives them of bread. It eanver's th? energy of ? community into iidolense, 'ts pawer late imbecility, its efl*ancy into weakness, feir, being thi s iajuiiottfi have we not a right to >t?maad l.s eitertkiaation ? Pb . 1 scciety snffer, that tbe sUva boii'ei may cootit ue to gat er h*s crop of human flesh?" Faulkner then pr? pieed a coropromi*", deferring ewsDcips'ion to ? future o?y. Q? ot oours- denied the ? ntbontj of th' gertral government t? interfere with slavery In tbe rt?t?>; b-it e^en ? ilson of Miusachnse's dot 't rlarni t>.at. Now th'a mnn, Wisa's lieutenaut in Waetern Virginia, in a letter written in S?>pt?m i?r, 1*S4, to Mr. Kercbeval. thus reterrel to his share in th* slaver; discuailon of 1' 'J:? ?Wben I r?fle t upon my youth at tbe p<w*l of that discussion ? upon ths ciraumst'aces ?tis'.:o( at tliat , U?e, and wbi.ib a wakened a spirit of u trtisa evsn in Ek?tern d?ega.?s of alvaut d vtars? aad, furthsr, when I reflect upon the extent to whijh ws weie urgwl t> Mt and decided action, by per'-ms o' suah eommaud sition as tbe adit*r of the Rishmoad f'n/ iirer, I only feel gra?:fl<vt at ibe tone of seatimeat wiiich tins fell from me on tfcst occteion." Look at that. Tbe fmpemtent sinn r! And even for tifies bim? If by the snt|>"rUy of tba H.chmood En juir w, the very psper which ie now bsu'lng Flourooy over tbe coals on the baseless sharite that hooaee prrnoance 1 slavery Injnfous to tbe n'-rests of Virgin's. Other prcmla*nt demo-;rata to^>k p?rt ia ib* same itfs eaasiea, among them tbat great leader of the Albemarle democracy, Tfciaas Jeiferson Randolph, eraodsoa of TbaiMa Jaflbraon. I have bia sp?eech now hafore me, and wi?b 1 bad room for extract* from it He qoatee the abali ion sent! meet a of his graad'att er, Thomas Jeffrr ?en (tba gre?t comer stone of Virginia aad American i* saustraey) aad in reply to a remark that these were Mil viatoas of Jeflbrson s phiiaatbropi-: mi ad, be st^s? 1 "It >pmui, thea, that la 177*. 1? 14, 1IM. ha still tea ed abatitoea iatfieneasabla to tha safety*? tha country. Tier* dntai af his Uated a k>*f ttuil imii ititf . jttn " Blvse o? (f F'ouraoy bad ever Ul?a4 like Faulkner & Co , voaUla't U hirt ?av*d Virginia from tha Know Vo thin* sf A* lata at 1947, a strong anti-slavery pamphlet waa writ'.ea bj Kev Dr. Rulfner, I'lMHtni of a mniUPwij terian College In Wnst-rn Virginia, wl la a latter catling far its publication and endorsing it* Tie *a, ] dn l the name* of two of tne moat promts ng aaa prominent smong tbe young Bfm|x>ri of tba democratic part j. Ibeee are the people that distrust the sona^nesiof til Know >otbiLgs and their nominee, oa the slavery ] ?ubjeet No nomination yet for CoagTasa from thU dli tri st. 1 beer it will ba made on Saturday next Any (fti't and true nan will be ? lee ted. KNOW SO MET Hi SG. Our Boaton Cornapandtnee, Bostjn, Hay 5, 1S55. Tkt American State Council of Hassachustitt? Details of its Action? Tkt Anli-Sla&ry Party Completely Victo rious ? The Gallows Votal Down ? Will Mr. Lnring be Removed :?Kansa* Affairs ? -Veto Hampshire, die. * Ibe most interesting lacideat in < or politic* that has occurred oi lata, ia tba action of tbe American party here, through its - tat* Council, wbisb m-t in Boston on the lat of May, aad which action U regarded as havlig "abolit on'zed" tbat psrty People oiay speculate a* to the caure of thin a* much as they plaa^e, out it alt re solves itself down to this pla n statem.-nt. The Acntri ?an party ha* proceedel in J<f?ren e t-> the public sen timent of Massachusetts From the day that tha Ne braska biU was introduced into Congress MtsaechuaetU ha? been setting Kt*a?t ly in an an~l slavvrf di ectioa ?iiicb Wronger than she ever Hi before. Ttat act hrake down whatever the re bat be a left of eous'rvaiiism la tbe State ou tbe subject of aUver# ; -3 1 r?:ent evanta in Kantas bave glv?a aridrlrnal imp-tux to a current that jou irtbably thought Wis itroog enougi b?fore. 1 ceiled your attention some tia.e siu-.e ro t '.e v codes achieved by the free soiler* in eur Leghlanre, uad it wa. reasonable to Infer that me diets of that body wire rnly reprtfueoting public op uion by to ?ir ae Ise. Th->y inew wb?t tbe people wanted, aud proceeded ac .ord in/iy. It is supprsod that town and co iut:y will be brought inte opposition by 'lie div skins of th* State Co ined ? tbar. Boston w 11 be arviyed aga'ost tbe rural districts. I doubt of anytbieg ot tne alnd occur ng. It is not at all pt(.bai>.e that me Know Nothing-* of Boston are ?u*h *i))y p?eple a* to quarrel witn their eiuntry friends be cause thiy cannot h-te tueir own way In all ihngs. Tb?y have had, or soon will hare thsir full share of th* geud tliitgs tbat -joai? lrom victory, and .hive been libe rally treated in *1! respects- Wh-.t could they gaiu br ijua>r<-ilipg Y Aotlung, unless they ehuld -Item :t a pri vilege to br allotted to aid in any attempt that may be Biace by the w'm^s to efftct a restoration. Tee whige wouki Le v?*y gU t to hare their aid ia the fray, but tliey would be in no hurry to them to the feast ? if least there tiocic be. tome attempts bare be<*u made to throw doubts on tbe accural :/ or the puhl she . accounts of wh*t occurred in tb* t-tuto Couasll. The only ?rror ia those ajcouot, U that tbi-y do nut sta'.e tbe h?lf o( wti*t ooaurred Ihe detai s of the Council's action woold drive Home people ale Out crazy They acooauteJ to a complete '? crmh'ug out" proct-bS, at tne expanse of the ?? na tonal* " 1're vioun >o be vo'iog b iog h?d far oilier*, Mr. Pierce, tha first President dt the Kuo\r Nothing Order who knew that a ntroig e'lort to cisj^tc- tiun wan about to be made, obtained permission to read a speech, iu;h he deiouno*-d the Fugi.ive Slave law, the NTeorusiia b'll, and slavery g>ne>ally. For one who had alway* been re garded aa a cou'errat.Te he ?po e most ra^icalty ; but his lat* re^en'ance wa? of no, aa ba c ull bat get 18 %ctes out of more than UOti taat w?re cast, all tha rent te ig given to <^)uaoillor Fonter, if JriiaUeld, an oil original free to lcr. The oth r vote* w?r< ev>?a more rm urkah'.e for their unanimity agaiu?t the oil candl cates. Mr Flullin, an old hunker u?*mocra . of Bo-iton, wat defeated In a oostest ior the office of Treaaurer, by li<;ot. tiovertior Brown, who race ved all tbe vot?a but ngi t. Mr. Hrown ia a ttrong autl slavery mau. Mr. Bi^a could get but three vo-es for re eiecUon to tbe nffice ol t* or?bipful Iestrucior, being succeeded by Cbailar A Pbelpe, a well Snown fr*moll-r. M'. Warren, who wi? (Hrmistie't from the office of Vi *a President, re ce<vi-d but hall ? dozen votes, and succeeded by Mr Farwell. Mr. War<cn opposed (ha. Wi son'e elec'ion. V hi-u On. WiUoo ha-i mired a 4er<e? of reiolutl >u* not materially dilTeroat fron tbosa w iieh wera a'ojited ?'n tbe mae <iay by the New Hampshire (>>>in 11, Mr. Hj m< veb to lay thun oo the table. This was opposed, ano voted down almost udiu moasiy. Mr. C^tey, of lpew cb, who had been re^ardi-d as a etroug conservA tive, mane nn anti-sl*very vpeech, which in ^ald to nave be*n very eloquent. This speech i* ;oa i.:ereJ tia mere reoDsrVablo 1 e arm Mr. Carey bad just b-en defeated as a cscd.dti'e ftr coo of ihe offices of tie Ur er Mr. Rly a'-ro apoke, and bii nmirkp, too, were of the lame clixractfr as tbosa of Mr Carey. He ,aid, among other tliin(!i, that he had snateribvil llity lollirn ia aid of the Kansas Coapiny. an .1 tbat tha oaly con ii'lou that ba hud a"a<sh*c to itn pajm- n'. waa that tb^y shouli fight Mr Baker, who waa re-elected Seore;ary, waa ona of tie ate ti test advocates of t ie re of Julge I^orlog. Governor Gar Jner was present !n the C^anci', aad was firft cboit-D I'ifHi.enr in place of Mr. Pierce, but decl ned ?c:lig m that capacity. General W;non is to make aa addre*.* at Aodiver, 'n th- courte of a fiw days, in wh-.ah hn will advojat' opm {uococdinga, aad a cessation of secret ai'ioa. Tula pro positloc i? gaining favor with the American pirty. 1? waa brought, forwarl in the Council, but no definite a: t on wis had c- (t Oui Mouse of Repr??ent?tires has pat?ed the bill ab il i.ihing tlio pnsisbmt-nt of de-ith On hearing of this, Goveia r Girduer ??xpre^nei his regret, an 1 said he coa fid'red the law aa it ntaBd.-i ts be aa sabred a* the mir r.a^e contract There is certainly a nonse io oa-h naie, which Is all the reseu-blanc# that I can see hettraea the two things. Ve t-hall have to wait some days before we know what Is to be the fate of Judga 1a>.- ng. I think he will be itmoved, because the " proiisare from with out" is toe great for the Governor to rtiist. He is a politician ml a leader of a party, ano at such he must ' to Co things, occatioutilf, tnat he may aot liie Should he not remove the Juf'ge, he would be retr ove-l from the liovernorshtp. Keport Baja that s-veu of the nine Councillors are in favor of removal. The ex Se^Uoi j ?al' to 16 Mr Hansopj, of tli? Xorfolk dis trict, and Mr Nel'-on of the Middlesex, the ab1*<t aspj btr? of tba Council. If tbeGsve.-aor should consult wilh th? attorney-) auerai, he would be ad v> 'el not to r< mov? tha Jucge, Nr. Cl fT^rd I* strongly ojp>?ed to sctthn*;. ca):ul?tt(l to le?ten tbe p>w;rof tha judiclarv. Fie, aacniol the Hoard < f Ovevsi^.s, vote. 1 1 > kjep Mr. Lor nj in >?ts I.sw Secretaryship at Harvard. The Ri-ston Post ba* cmi out agafnit the Missouri ou r*gn" igkxi'ii', fr.'tt Vt'l'-h sjjne .nfej that the adn ln!?(ratlon wil! nphoict l^ovMtOf R<i?ier It is avan said tbat General Cushing Is In favor of a decided course ajair>-t tie Mi-souiians, A desphtch was rtcdvt <1 here yester lay from Virginia, by cne of the e^niucors of a weekly Know N'othiag paper lequir.rg whether it was true th*t that ?' noto ill us abohtiialHt." Henry W'lson, hwl been Cioim a do lpg*t? to the National Council, k" l'1 ey asem to think apod On' of the mutter in t 01 ' D imtnioa. They aie increasing the numh r of canlidatea for S?niitor, in New Hampshire. Ishaoo.i Gosdwin ha -, b en b'ou, ht forward hy the Portsmouth Jourinl, nhi-h miy lie ccp?idered as a sort af Invadon of the riuht of Mr. | Pell Hh1? aad Bell are to be the men, uoless there should r>?. a va.*y gr- a'. ch>n?e in things during tae next live or ?ii w?tkf. A gent'- m:n wlio wis here from Was ; ngton a sho.-t tme ago, sajs ttat tha Pie?i<lent Or-nn i, ihe nigut N 'oie the New Hampshire ele-tion, thit the ieiajirata had triumph d.Varrylrji la all c%u i 'ate* Chat dream tcier en me tkrongh th* gate of Ilirn It -e mtud* ore of the aecouats *9 h so in of theR>mio writer*- Flo-u?, Lncan, otheri? hive given of the drestra of P< rrpei >s la the Slumber'* of la- night h?f? re the buttle of I'hnrc.ilfa, wh?n he was na inteJ with de lusive villous of Ire splendid theitro at Horn*, ml lls'eer n to th? ejl iwi'i f popultr ayp!auia whioh ;iad ?o often , ri' :ej b m there. Our i'or.p ia . foun 1 Ills i'harav lia in the (Jraalte State. I'nles* milter.) ebou'.d greatly in th" political world the u?xt con test w 11 prove to tba democracy a I'h hppi. ALQ02IA. S? w Pm The -following tew Post 01 ia t><e State of New York li 75.u*n County. Vernal Wjoulng. I ljffti, lOlOpViD*. Outre Moricbr*, cnffork. Sampi-oa'p Pond, Clinton. ( lark 'a Mill*, OaeliU ville. litter. Kant Walton, Pelawara New Oregon, Krie. Com ana. Liviagaton. :bed'a Csrner*, Ifadteoa. Scotch Bu?h, lIojigfiUT/. Saell, Orange Mil, hd % lie, Stea^ea. Puif?r Mill 8teub?n. Liald Mountain Waahag'n < re?cn, K<n(j?. Quaikrn Kil', Reneanlaer. Jeikarille. 1io??. Faet 1 ate Oorge, Wi.rr?n. >'e?;h V( o<l, '<ii 1! T?o. Faat Wllaon, Nl%ynra. Ka^t S hoi ark , R'ti oelaer. W< at Slielbj. Oilman. Mrck'il - Corner*, Orange. Knit B?rk?bir?, r oga Ca?tleC*ef*Cort era Rr'me. Valleflnll* lt'inmrlvr. Poii.b ColU BjU. l.iwr^nca, fiejm.m'i hollow. Albany. Souih Ilnmle, on, liboUon. <ii*?n?i?od Wor a, Otaige K??t AmherM, tr e. <>ok '? Onia*:>. Franklin, -rr'n* nroek, fcrte. FHebar sprmi CVntnio. South r? W?at :bea'f. , Cro|)**jTlll?, Ken* e'aer. ( mi:e i o'ni, Orange Walkill. (etenge Ward*) It J>lT'r?on Atkwtigh' 9uccuit,Chaut(]. Khhk Ctn n S'ation, Erie. Port WoodhtiH, Onei la. Fine 8t. Lewrenee. l ock Berl n, Waine. I.lronla -Nation,! iTiagatoo. Wblteat?n?, Qoeenf. PftJfct Helena, Wjo^*|. I Oitt. es. Ice a have baa a eattbliahed ice the tat of April, ISM^ Butti. County. Narfi Hirer, R'vrrea. Skluuer, Franklin. Crnrir>?rry fr.-a*. Fulton. Crum Creek, Fulton. Weatwood, Fria. Soa'.h Stj ktoa, Chautau<i. Ulask Hot I Oaiii l .rle. Il.>aur KJ1. Soliuharin. <!h oi i.'k ;-u're, i.'hem'ng. Hooper'* V i)l?y, Tia^a. Hiirlbu 'a M'Ua Cllntoa. Go P? 11 lla, ^teu'oen Rtiepberd'a ?r*?f, Tioga. Wil -on <Jre^k. ;'iwj Oltaa'e'f t io. SeMl. ifoo csea'T BrldM K? eSprmirill', Bubmoa 1. Soi??ii;?. Mi'll* a. Ul>>ndan L-*ia Kobert?*>nvil>, SuHltan. tV?-?t Prorl l-?ao?, Saratoga, ktat Penflekl, Vloaroa. Madrid l>epo% SM*wr*ncf. Uttla Y .rk. Cordin 1. OalUt a Va'.l-tf. Ooriland. HUteeille, Wuhlngtoa. Palti-a'e*. Kockland. Cna-neil'n, O aego. gey mn,:r, Allegany. K?ft Tro paburg, Stiubjn -outb fr.>upiourg.9:eub'n. Nee White l.ake, Onei la. flla.r'ia Ceo 're. Jefcraoa. Sou'b PitnUm, St Uer'i H>eka?illa, ijuw ia. H night >a (>??k, AH?g*ay. Farn, l)e';.i rare. Htratfor'', Fal'on. Virwrntyil ?, Fradklia. 8o itb Pe n, Nia^kfa. D-rby. ^fuHea Strai Coraere, Tioga. Br1.;, iam. Chant ta<i ne. in^raiav. Oa%ntaaqan. Walmore, Niagara. WlleeaTtlta, ??en hea. HigMvn'1 p-Ulran. Qimb lalandj Altiaaj OttPlUk OwiMfMiOMfc " Paris, April 16. 1166. Fiii t tf Lout* XmpoUoti and hi* Oonr/rt to ffiylniif ffir tcricml Contrail*? Th ? Omvimion of the Imperial liutory of the Crimean Bepedition?Prtrepi and Prac tice? Qvten Victoria' * Fiiif to Pari*? The lnduttnal Exhibitio n, 4c., 4c. If ther? If one tiling more conspicuously evident thu another in the French character, u illustrated at all events in Paria, it ia the bi<ui used np epirlt with which events, tingling the nerves and quickening the polae of moet people, are viewed by a nation which par ezcelUnce lejoieeth m tbe distinctive appellation of La Gran-it. Bere U the representative of that rssosoitoted dynasty whose very name used to be synonomms with English hatred and unceasing bloolahed, bidding (are we J to tbe coasts of France to visit thoM of her ancient fee, who, instead of mealing him with sword and lance an! all the grim array of ancient rivalry, is covering her highways with triumphal arches, renovating her royal keep at Windxor, preparing civic fet?s, peopling her houses with eager gazers from the farthest pioviuoes, while the living imperectiation of her d'gnity? the Queen m *ko*e veins How* tre bio 'd of a thousand kings? is ready with b-nded knee and tremulous huuJs to gird on his Imn the most iilus'ilois order of her e it pi re ? to endow with the Garter Napoleon the Thri, an did ber loyal predecessor Arthur, Cuke of Wellington ! Nay more ? ^uterijo te about to be avenged, end tbe famous gallery at W-ui ser, bearit g that title, is to bi k no ? u by another mm*, n con'pl'uen* to tbe catiou now EugWnd love* to honor; and while n i thin is going on, the Emperor, taking a touching farewell of hie corpt UyisUUif, and moving down tbe BouVvarda with a superb retinue, sur rounded t > the aew Cent Guard, and all Paris, as is usual on Sundays, is afoot. tbe whole ia gazed at with out emotion, without Interest, and men scarcely deign to mark tbe cireum?tsnc? by so mush as a national shrug of the sbo?l<ier. Is ibis tbe consequence of a stilled sress, or tl e natuial result of revolution upon revolution, of a proplo void cf all patriotism and pam pered, petted, treate<j 1 ke a spoiled ch Id to-day, acl de ceived, vexed, irri'attd and bamboozled te morrow? Tbe question Is itore easily atkedtli-n answered; the fait, however, as it ir, is a speaOng one, and certainly re ni'Dils one of Borne in her U-caden *e, when no * and th?n tbe energy cf tbe Pranorlan G.-sr la gave a faLie ant meretricious biilliamy to oer fading grandeur. tiy way of alToriiog tils lieges scmetmug to a<nus< tbem in bis absence, the Emperor has givea t'lis mcrmirg, in the columns of tie MtniUur, ?no th?r ut tbi><-e aiticlcs on tbe "Ei <? ;.t on d'Orl. en>," wbictt never f?iis to attract tae li?h"St late rest. On this occa ion it >? tha. general poMcy w'aicta is rucnsae'i ; and \h? manmr o' doing so is with such sever ty towaids BurS'a, that tie cojurnt-ut reacs vote 1>? a manifesto proi-la uiibg ths wrong* ol France in the night o' tbe civiiizo't wor.d, toan a pbllowph c political treaties. I be rel gious quest; ?o, is ?ta'.en >va? for Kmsia < n!y a pretext ; tor ber th-s torn'* of Christ was hut tbe stepping eVne of usivreal doacinUbn Tb? * of the Finp"ior of the Froacli compellil th? Sut o< Bt. l eteisuurg to ts-vow a?idi toe mask. Eng d at ti;et te.-eivea t>y tbe pretcnJe.i religious cbarac ter ol tbe qu'stivn, so n perceive! her error, and ranged ber.*eX bj tie si e of France Bussla, it continues, *t Vrieif n of the Black Sea, having onlv to ?t :?t :h out b -r t aiid !o tt uch tbe Bo?pburuv, subjected tbe Ue'i terraieat' to tbe powir htr fl-. et at .-'ebaetopol. Where ever Ler shipn could ? >im her preponderance wan as snied. From the midst, of her inaccessible porti s'ne men area every empire and every king .ona Not only ha<! Fiance sitd fng'-nd arival, not oulv was Ger xmy ptesieo do?n under tbe foot of tb s Oolo^ui bendiug over her, but Greece, lta'y, ^pain, E^>pt an 1 everj ??> rondarj Mate, were threatened in tuwr security and in deDsndence. "TV 01 ?U, :8 """"V 10 much ice ei. . i ' 1 Augiii*, i of which purpo?e aoni* instruc 2r?l?" k?i ?yi i." 'Vj* 1'ml,,,ror -Alexander in 1S12. and a el, published b y Alluvial TichakotI are quote,! where I"":- ?? "to? Mod teretro, Cro^a llhr? tu an* rpokra of as admitting oiiltir, orgaaUations ? ' "e*' lS P"lot*d out. Every pxalble n.evn* ? us to be eieited ; they m gbt b> pre :nti??d i ad? Jen-eiee, tbeerection o' a &ilee? Kingdom, pecuniary t or fi"^8' lf;r,,be men of '???????. titles mJ decora ir.D A..^?^ c i#f"-. **?? adds the document, common b? r"AVi;jmrr tl ?<>??. " if the heir. of l*ter r .i! "ll0,ud ?*" comuwil Con?Untitoolet)r mease ? ies'b* ifc t"' AuHt7'v f?nMd >" *na au -rounded on all , . " k ?**'?* armor Russia, wjuld be at the merer fonwi* <1 * H ^ " t0v *ud4eUJ of Alexander had rone* iv*d~ Hungary, open by tbe Danube would bed. "oltenaent .1 anient souv.ulrs, and ine Adriatic Fea, exposed to tbe sudden attack of m. MrVof the >uD?wW0UiJ c' *"u 10 wtLe ?^utn to the rarn f?e,te mt.t? k*B kTP'w ; whila the key of thegtilf of ?vilbn^ ' y * n***m' ?* ' ,ro? Vienna to 3t! "y',tbe "**1 ?*?."?? ?f ?? *???. th. Wee.ern alliance is prepared to 6xa?t iroai Ru *>& ma ivr^u- ^Wt'P0,? but ^e BUck g a ta no* a fi i li of battle wblcii th* eotiaj has abandoaM w?% *r? Wd have fortified K -mieiich and BalakUya- Oaaer I'acha en'.renchea him ? / 1 upatc,ria- Odessa ia menaced by ocrflest* What can huesia do? To centand, th?n, of R.1, limitatwa e her naval larce, or to neutralize the black it 40 '?T. to?*ela<!e from H all ships of war belrrgisg to anv nviion wbateoever-la to exact from In !!UfV'!!u WC htT# *>r?ady acquired by wr In order that Bu;a;a should never reenter the Black J. > /' ur of Mch of those mirititne nat'ons are ?"""ly-Franre.Jngraadand Tnikey. Tfc.smia?? woild he auffiejent. What Ruagla baa lost ia what how ?"r "'D?* m*J be lt* war sue can nec. r regain, na'aiel, ? her prependeranee ia the East That wh;?n ute haV . rgbt to require is. ler proper laflp.ence la the nft'airs of ^b???rid k f" U t0 6?J " r ^ral rjalitioa afaintt \? ambition, but no one wiabe^ to humiliate h?r. Wii&t h ?r her, turope has the light and duty to er gJ.,nt '?}; tranquil ty ia aHaure".; if a^e refuse it, t. e war will continue and wiU decide ?t. " tin* last word !n finishing our ta?k- it i< a n?v ? i Uld course, jercapa, to .pe!. of thV mil. r tni 'pl Z iln0"1001 ?f " WM wa l* th? army B^ht-ag an . the policy m ntgotialitg But to hare though* it wm fiVit ' ntu*r tuc*1 "ircums-aocsa that it wae'eood Lo wia^I '/"uV0 11 8 l0un1^ Iru^ " a danger only^ lor r ^u v **"?*? 0" our fi' e right an i atr Ztt i Wboli^t"it!^e tp**k ?M?WCMthO? ConiidnJag that tbe goTernmeat wh-ch pn'a forth i." 1,111 h"d UP #T*ry source fr?m ? it, ?'ucb ?po?trophized la rcriU \ can bv poss.ljjliiy riude, this last >eateace cannot helphu' fffn\0 fh?r.a' " ,But 1 th" Micy of the locu irfnt, there can be only mu op nion, namely tbsth-.i ih?r v ? remoteat hope of a peaceful ai!ut?oa of jhe V.tnaa conference, such a document wjulo never Hate mat. ? it# ap|^ar?nee. I -uii'.'vl'H of 1?" In coaaecilon i !l ? *i''t> tliat ah* ia to be here at the ea t I * w**k, and take up her aboile at the Tnilerlea, while the Emperor ami Fmprc as retire to tLe PaUii Elyaee; but at ttie mataent 1 wri'o I know trom the beat authorry tbat nothing ia settled defln Urely. Tbe Grand Exhibition will be dec.Jediv op<n*?i eu the flrtt o? May, and f the Q;,eea It \o asaU' !.i i i <*rr(nitaJ tbe tuangnrat oa, ?n taat c.^nl>? jaicl ie, from the state of rrtard in which everything is her Me jeaty baa little thance of aeelug tbe industrial p oulci> of i r.noe t- any great advantage. Th j fact o' Lu i " intention io come, at aotne tioie or other, has, Imw.ver, bad a marvellous eirect ic ?tu ring up < lie luhabila: ts, who keep up audi a batt.ry of renovation that it ia abvduUl. d?Bf,er<uB to walk a'ong the st.ests Ojt .f coneiiU lit ou to the beads of the pa- engwt, wher nirr* l l^in" i"re goinK. 0,1 tw0 P'*001 o: WOtti pla. ed ob iquely acrosa the <auFeway. warn tbem to iffojte in aome way or other aod the m?at cbvioiM mai nir oi doing so .a to crosa to th* otuei ?;.ie; but tus tia<e?se.a no noouet edeciad than it ?.u3t?rp^rt to the ^l tr"?K^ Ju*t a?oked mreta the unfortuaate nwn, *** ^wrib# a z'g gag ?nrt fall into hii i \ p?ab once more five yards a bead the same thing oeeuM !!!i?..,,i ?l'i!'' , * #?r en oruapiented with lie ;a I osik #?o clotbe lines, on wb-c-h are laagling all manner of wet garmsnte, ev.^r an-! anon Happing in your face f.r e -'h ? i?C? a'? tke Moosuberry bushes, U ? if rl.u i" pr sent oeri.loaain-oaveniences or I alia, i on y iep ret that the spare of a letter does not SKl lT'?r * 'e< ".T ,0,thl" a-wrlptloi "o transu-e the ?1. lo of ?n at ,lc)e from ths p^n of sf. Theopiii* ^r?? U efc0 u """"rw hi" '??irises from the A'' j 40 tbe ?*,'5?fc? .r. ou the emrieliahmeata of Paris alreary accon v lirhed and in progress of being to Itoo-u WKr;^ ? ""??? ????/?"?" ne?e?^nlMi! *"?'* the Boulevarl de n,n lift,1 *,I>Ki WkJ t^fough houses wardens. bUlockhaad other terrestrial irrpe-mieots, is about to jen iuelf ca to the H.ia de Boulngae and Of on on Mouat V.,!?rien a nsrsnectire of j%ru ?r chirm? %n borisos, rrfat^d flow ciady for the des re or one s eye^ " will b- lho H;.'e 1'ark of I'arl- be sw^ml, wVlTh hlT, ^ and ^ ^,!m*tfWoc,^ cirr,W? 'gli*tsrtiij with brillia^cj4 and coy p? a of mora mo * : pr*Un.?ioa. Tb? d# IVuiiocn* will replace the t hampi Klysees II h iwerer the foot paeseutei s wear, sn 1 Jnwming u> walk ,o "top," ,b* I*rdea of tbe Pipo.-tion-a $i.n %i, of At m;t4a. wliich >n? m Vfit T*nrr h^i | 'pu n* up from . konc-, of the mi.lcl?n's waad-a ,m I Z*h,?. a T'' in,tmf* in "n"'h la collected mag *? ;?h myrtles rose* w ti Tire Imt .. el n"7 '>un<" ^^sfll|e| t !,m it. r k . 1)1,0 1"' * aho, aoat t ig it* fr?* hrcfv a r aoo n*ap and iJi h-?iin h?f d*T>o with dfHHcuv flow? r \ ^ j/^taer fo"ml-?^ nn us th? lofiy ; ret n r-f th?? ? b inu . Kly?, #?. a perfect oa \* of f" "ir .a the mll,.Pof,hemoH tumultiions ne Parhimn*. I b??i, t?r - , from the ratals ('el'ln'e, will be deli^'ht^Un i n?,l lomseirt ere alter the fat g?e of adm4^n 7^1* tcw^er is ashsned to offer tha universe in. 117^^1 cbalra of straw to elt upon, and bas tl..rT^.f f? . ti e venue ol the t h?tnPs I Ijae, a wltb e^.at/ X^] ?f iron op?a work, reated uu >n wh>h ti ? ?.n view at their ?aae the "e.Xof ] IwUtaftoT* " BK^rw. Ji lion hull in J i.LiNtiin, ? A, nan ntmpd R i Ion. li.lm atfJalSDa, lllino,. ?f coasiderahte weal h an T7/ ,r,,i?""l ',y C nnerted. was fined $25 on the 2.d ult for maltreating hie wife. TL-s |Lt n!?i , ment ex -ited much feel, nr. and niter nlgnt, it is sta'el nbont seventy five of the "mo-t r< sDect?hl?'? . . . ' Wn^'u tn a mo?t ''isrepnt?t,le act of v" leneo It appear* they proceeded to Biton'a rr.i .lll tcok him on < side the c< rporalion, tied and ,trfnr,J, v. ' aad with a good cowhide .,vlUd a numwT J^. lashes to bis bare hark; rben ipid?iag a tbiok tar and fcatbera to bia peraon, tbey led h m back<-> his 9f ivi?*r Mvi m m fto IfrrtrtMlwyLlfw towJMH ? M ftpl?Hni orvnmf or mc chimp jtmncm air asm or tnw took. After quoting ibioMlIor Kent'* rule* for the construc ts n ol statutes, Tit: "according to tbe Intent of the lawgiver," "in reference to the principle* of the com mon in* end 'la oonneution with otner facta relat ing to tbe mm aubject," the opinion recite* the previ sions of tbe net and aaya There Is no ambiguity a boat thl* statute. No Uoenee. except aooordlng to the seoond ?ecHoo, can ho granted after tho pasting of the act. Such Usenet* may be ob tained on and alter the first day of ifay With theee exception*, all previon* law* on the aubject remain la force until the fourth day of July, when the new law supplant* the old one After tbe fourto of July imported liquor* may be aold in the original ctaka or package*; *noh being author zed to be thu* bo Id by tbe decision rf the Supreme Court of the United State* , in the liquor cases decided ia 5th Ho ward's Peporta 1 am aware that a different opinion ha* been given by Mr. Dillon, of New York. He thinks tbe traffic in all imported liquor* after the 4th of July is free to every person who ohcoses to embark in tbe business, in my opinion, i-uch a cons' rue '.ion of the act 1* at war with all the rule* of construction which I have quoted above. What wae the law before the passing or this act? What waa the mischief agalubt which tbe old law did not pro v d? ? Was it tbat the traffic io liqucr was too rauih restraint d? Wa* it tbat intoxication was not auOiciently rife Y Did the LeglaUt. re seriously iotiad to encourage '? intemperance, pauperism and criinel r" Is it not per fectly plain tbat the miscnief in view of the Legtaiutnr* was ihe pievitlence o' iotem(<*rance* Ia it n it equally plain that tbe remedy pre posed by the L*gaitture was tbe suppression of the traffic in liquor ?* a bev-raae? i?> it not equally plain tbat the du*> of tbe court* aoJ the public officers is ho to execute tie U? as t > suppress tbe mischief and advance tbe remedy ? The laagoage of tbe exemption in tbe first section is as follow*: "This section shall not apply to liquor, tha r'ght to aeil which in tbla Sta'e is given sy any iaiv or treaty of the Un.ted States." Search will be ma<)e in vain for any law of Cnsgreis giving in teim* a right to sell imported liquor io this t'a'e It it) said the Tight to import implies tn? right to sell? (tbia may not b- universally true) ? but how ist^e rale to be made by tbe importer/ i n-'?r the law ot Com ftress or under the State law? There has heretofore oeen r o ronfiict ot laws on that point, until tbe cas-s of blh ltoward cams up foi adjudication in these cafes it waa CeiK'td ihat tbe impoitets m'g'-t sell in tne original casks and pact sues; but a'ter the import -eas nrn ea an tbe liquor was tbe subject o' the internal commerce of tie S" ate, which is ei>tir?'y under State control .a J that tlieS'.ite miefct proscribe the interu?l traffic in liquor, if such be its pol'cy. The contrary doctriue would do ?trov the independence of tbe ^ta'.ss ant mihe thorn mere corporations, *ubjec* to thecontiol of Con<r* h Upon ev>ry rule of c< ruction, a* fell as common renre, < h h light to cell, established by the bgbe-t coal in tbe I'Lited S at?s, is ' the ri*ht to fell" re'irred 'o la thi? lertion. It there cou'd be any doubt a*H>at it, tnat doi bt would be r> moved by tbe language of the 22d section, ?bers liquur n the original packagu is author lzeo to be kept an-1 ioll. lite i ng-mge 01 the first section seem* to be mi<un ?W?0'l by Mr. 1 'iiloa ; be uxg ta? expression, " all hqvcrs " in i alios ami witb inverted commts m if such was tie language or the act; and avun <unr Jiqi.oir. Ihe language of the met is, " 1 qaor tie rig at U t*ii wbich. Now ia there any liquor toe rig as to seli belong* to tbe importer? There ie su?.a I quor. and that ii lqnor in tbe orgiuai casks or sges Can there be * doubt, th-reiore, m to whit vas tbe lotDDtirn o'tb? Legislature? Mr Cillon tvdetitlt repudiates Mr. Hill's conatrac Ion of ire repsalirg clause Mr. H?U efficmnthu there can be no prohibition with cut a license, >hereas probibi ion is tbe rule ami lic-nse is the except on. Wern there ro positive proii-mioa tv ery license Jaw is a prohibitory law; as Jejlie l by tbe ' lrl:me vUr?' y* "? Wbo PTer beard of a Ucense to <lo what every body had a right to dor I have not tbe r*ga lations of the city of New Yoca beiori n?e, but they inu-t be in accordance with the statutes ef the Stite, and not repxpnant thereto ' T; e first of May has arrived. Let us s?e how we at?n 1 t?ec. ?'6 is now tl.* law of the S'.ate. No licence can on granted exrept un?er th? new i?w, tbe I sens* citu-e of wMob is alto the law or the rt*t*. ''he revised statues *ith 1h? license cUuse stricken out,rem%m in force unt i the Four' h of July next 'I be fection above quoted will lead an follows, and is now in f?.o :? 1 "Whoever sh\!l Pen any strong oi spiiltuous 1 quor, or any wines in anr quant-ty Jess tban dy.j gallons at the time, sbaU forfeit twenty-five dollars " The only mode of selling liquor by retail anl avoiding this i penalty >? by taking 1 cense utJertbe secona section ol ike prohibitory law, now in torse In short the -xe se law of the 8:ate from tbe first of Mey until the 4'h of July, consists of tbe revised stat "instituted* 0,(1 LC?ni8 ,n4 the ne? oa? On the Fourth of July all act* cr pirts of acts la ion ?i stent with the new law ire repealed the prohibitory l^rts of the revised statutes are not Inconsistent with tfie new law and era, therefor#*, not repealed in tsrm* but the penal carte of theaew kw will probably super fide iho?e of ihe old l?w. ' ^ With respect to tbe duties of Mayor, I do not perceive anything specific; but his duty, un< er tae charier, ia to see that the laws of the Stat* asd ord!nan:es of the city ure fa'thfuily executed therein " Mr. Hill of Albivy, hie written a very elaborate opi n on i n tbe search and reizuie clauses. Ic is not my in tention to < if cuss at riesrnt, if at all anj o.' tbe topes dieeu-sed by lim Tnua far be bas not ?a!d a3>tblog upon the pointu whicl) I bate be*n cooei<ie:>n<; nor has the ^V1 ?J tb" l?*Wa'uie to en?t a pre hlbitory law; nor haa he satisfi-< me that search auu ttizure aie nu constitutional. I have confined my remarks io iuch subjects as atoi> immediately concern the du ties of the klayor and officers of the city *? tbe present 1toe* JOH.V MAV \GK. LETtlR FBOM FERNANDO WOOD ON THE DCTIBa OF A MifOH* fi"? *fnE corwspondencs has taken p'.ice between the Secretary o' the Massachusetts State Temperance Oiioiui.tte, and Mayor Wood, o:' this city, <n rsUtioa to the duties of a chief magistrate, lef. recce to the ? enrorcement of the prolifbitory 1 quor law: HiMACBtSITTS fill PE1L* MCE He.VIX^L* 4KTBB3 ) ? ? . Boston, April JO, 18 >6 ' f Eok. F- Wood:? -I am directed by the dute CimmtUe *1 Mmachaletti to re<iu?st you to gfre your views of the duties of a mayor of a city with rafereose ti tie enforcement of laws regulating or prohibiting the sale ot intoxicating drinks A n< w law (proM litorr) has just parsed our Legislature, and we are endeavoring tc eeeuie its enforcement la this city. If you could isol ue a brief note, expressing your viewa upon the nutar, it would be of immense service to in. The oommlttee are exceedingly anxious to receWe such a note frota you. Ihe convention assembles on tueway of next week, the nth of May. l'leaae direot your letter tc?B. W. W liiams i-venvig telegraph office. Bostia. Hop ni to hear from you during the present week, I remain your obedien', seiTaut, B. W WILLIAMS Secretary State Temperance '>)xmitUe. n_._ Mayor's Uract, New York, May a, 18o5 I ?iP m r*ce,pt ?' Jour favor of the 30th ? : "I rlemt of the duty of a miyor of a city 40 |hi ?n?orceoient of laws regulatieg o.' iale of into*ic*t ng brines, and etattng that the committee o' the State leinpsranoe Societr ot Ma leach usetts are excfediagly anxious to receive an answer trom you." In reply, 1 have the honor to say .that the duty of a Bieyor wit-j reference to the execution of any law de pends upon tbe law it?elf. Xh? re are laws, the enfor -e neat of which rests entirely with other functionaries, tnd with which municipal office:* h?ve nothing to do therefore, of the duties of meyors in the exeeutlon of your piohibitory law in tbe cities of Mas. achusetts, I cat not speak, never beviog read that law, aed wltuout kaowiedge as to the magisterial prerogatives of their ofli'^s in jour Srate. By a sirgular oversight, the L-gUHture of New York lis* pasted a pioh bitory law which imposes nodaty up< n the ma; or of thi? city whatever That officer is not on y not named in the act, but its execution depends eetir. ly upon other officers, who are designated tlurem H*d our l.egisKture p?s ed a law for the suppression of intemperance, and it besaaetay duty as miyor ol tins ci?y to enforce its provision*, ihe effart would hive been made by me at all haaards, and with a determined use o' the whole power or my offlas An executive of H 'er bas nothing t,> do bat to admiaister the laws \n far as tfceir enfcrceicent devolves upou'h ai, taking ?re, 1 owtv?r, to tcceive the a'vice of the law officers 'of his tflicf as to his powers and and espeisally is leg\l advice ne-rssary wilh re.'erence to the execution of laws like the Maine law, which direita the leisure and des truftlon of property ; oth?rwl*e serioue person tl li?bility would be assayed, sufficient to ruin the wealth'ast m in the community. Were 1 to attempt the execution oi our pToh'titory law, and seize and destroy liquors, after bating received the official assurances of the legal a! vircrs of my office that such se zure ind interf ? ?ncs wouH be literal, I would sutje;t myself to petsoi. i iia bility, Inaimuch as the execut on of the law did not de volve upon my office at all and I shoild be assuming n responsibility not justified by any pub. lc consideration whatever. F< r my views as to the dmiea of executive offisera ge ner?lly, and wbich would govern tc/ o iadui-t if aavor of one of jour cities for the enforcement of any law? and all laws oadrr the quallficat>oas al.uiet to herein? I refer you to a communication male by aie t<> the peo pie of this city, on tbe l?th ult., a copy ot whic'a ia en cloked. 1 am very truly yonrs, FERNANDO WuOD, Mtyor. NIAGARA PALL9 ? LIQUOR ON ONI SUM AND COuD WATER UN THR Ul'lIgK. Visiters are already flocking to Niagtre, anl that vil lage is beginning to wear a sumaser aspect, rhe Btffa'o Cowiherrial s^ys:? Ihsre was a greet laihng off ia tbe pleasute travel throughout tbe country Ust ye*r a cir ocmstance that will doubtles ? rve ti create a corree increase dnrfng the comiag season. The Clifton Hot:?e, on tbe Canada aide, will probably command a larger t-hsre of custom than usual, in vlnw of the fact that It ia Iv a laad of free toddies, and can laugh at tbe provisions of tbe " act to prevent pauperism and crime ? and continue to supply good wlnee an I Hiiuor* to it* guerta. while coffee an 1 eol,i water will be the standard lievtrsges on this side of tbe line. Tie Buffalo Courier says:? Hie liquor dealers on the other ak'e ol the river are anticipating a rieh harreit the present eason. and rents have greatly advanced 1HK MAINE LAW IN DHL 1 WARE? RAISING TflK PRiCI OP BOARD. fFrom tbe Pover Reporter, May 4 1 On Moo< ay la?t, the price of boarding was raised la the public houfiea here, we understand, to four dollars a aetk, or between seventeen anl eighties dollars a month; transient and travelling custom In a like ratio. In the eity of Wilmington, a similar arrangement has 'fen made by the hotel keepers The pro pile tor* aay the v car not sustain th?lr houses without resorting to such a measure. Ihe regular price of p*rtaanent hoard ing lie! e has been from S2 60 to M per week. The ad vanced price adds, therefore, frees fifty to seventy five Collars a year to tbe ptire of board. This la what might be called a pretty heavy tax Imposed by the Maine law. Bat It le not confined to permanent boarders oaly. Every oae who travels, or is under the aeeeeeity of remaining tiom home on basinese, or other wiee, must share a simi lar fate. And all this for what f Why, a doxen or two of men la the State were inclined to drink too much liquor? who Might, uader the existing laws, have been ptiaishsd for drnahenneee, and fined for evwry offence - JB^\.fVr,do"w.*thew tof* late oflee aad Ixld tbe bullae* of power, MHtal Irtilllyw*. THX PKOPtl'B PBOOLAMATIOB ? KANSAS? A raw OOVKBNOB BWANlttD. [From th? Kickapoo Ci'j (K. t ) lloneer, April 25. J We learn by a handbill, that there la to be a msetlng ol tbe citizens of Kansaa Mil at Leaveaw >rth, oa the 2Mb ls*t , (nexi Saturday.) to take measure* to have a Governor appointed for Kan an* Territory, who wUl be (llapoecd to oiaebarge the dutiaa ot **<d office without partiality ? one who trill be inclined to fill tn? office un incumbered with abolition proclivities. We approve of suth a measure, aa the present executive la unquen tionably very obnoxioua to a large majority of the so verelgns of tnir Territory; but at the aame time, if the President (at:* to taka cognizance of a petition of the people to tarn out Uot. Keeder and appoint a nun who will prove acceptable, they (the people) saould take measure* to bare a satisfactory Governor, eve* at the haiard of taking the responsibility upon themselves, aud 'placing a tquatter right* man in said office. If there la not a determination to accomplish their ojeet, it will be nielei* for them to attempt the matter and leave It un accomplished. It would be far better thay had not at tcmpttd it at all. President i leroe may oounUnanoe a petition coming from the voice of the people; bat again be may not countenance it, anl in auch an event wherein will ihe people be satisfied ot their grievance*? This matter should be looked into be'ore action i* t?Uea It would be much better the *ubject wire not attempted, onlees it ia undertaken with deliberation, and a determl i atioa that the pieaent Governor muat and shall oe turned out ol office. Every district in the Territory ia exptcUd to be represented at thia Convention. TBI KNOW NOTHING ST ATI COUNCIL IK CHIC 100, ILLINOIS. [From the Chicago Democrat, Hay 3.] The Know Nothing State Council hae been ia lesdon for the pint two day*, at Harm:ny Hall, in this city. Nearly tbo bun-ired delegates from various portions of tie HhU hive been in attendance. We uiderat-md they had a very atoraiy time yesterday afternoon 1 he Council is divided oa the Jouiu'iau aa i t-'?m quen-ion. The Jonathan*, who wer<* firut sUrMi .11 this city, by a gentleman woo was a caad.datofor a Uiijh official position at the late eity election, apptar to ba in tbe escmcact. The Sams are aot'-foreign and anti Catholic. The Jo. oatbans are antoilavervt but nut against foreigner j. Tney will admit. all foreigners who disavow temporal al legiance to ihe Pope. Ihe Sams are backed up by Judge Dangle*, who was yetterday visited by large number* of the member* of ibe order of pro t la very itud>-n wbo are delegate* from the i-outnern part oi toe State Haeviaces a great iiterf ?t in the ptogreiui of Sam, on nccount of what that utntlt man has already done In making nansas a alava Sta^e. The Jonathans, bo v ever, are tak'ng the lead in fat* city. Already large numbers of Germtns, engii-h, Scotch and irisb have joined tbem. and they promise to f wallow op Sain rumple el jr, who isnowchudy sipport cd by old busker, old huniieT demo:r*ta, aaJ old fogies gecerully witb Juoge Douglas to eta m the whole i poesibie into ona man, ia order to r veage bumelf upon tbe foreigners, wiio are in*?.in}tive'y op posed to hi* pro slavry principles, and whj ctn-ievir te get to sanction th<- la quiiy of making slave states out ot toil oner consecrated to- Ire' dom. Ma8s?-10H18?TTS KNOW NOTHING STATE COCfJCtL. Tte Amer.c*n State Counct , held in tiojton Hay lit, pasted ihe lolinwug resoiutiouB : ? i:*solv.d That while tbe American party of lltssachu setts fully recognize the r ght ot the 6ta ea to regula'e th?ir own domestic afTatis, we cUm, aa i aha.l un ler all c<rcum* aoces exerc ae, ice r'gat to relieve the federal ?ovemenent from ?11 connection with tbe respomtib.lity or the ex.?!euce of the ?*et onai imritation of slavery. Keoived, That we discounts nance all attempts t> stifle the freev oiu of discusaioa, and tbe freedo a of action upon ail tbe great moral question* of the age. ani wi.l rerist any atte mpt to ezcluae from oar rank* any person on account ot liis opiniona upon sucn questions. Mt8UltLLANBi>US. In Lawivnceburg. Iuo , toe tlect on for cltyofficeri resulted in a oemocratic defeat? 'hi democracy electing but one Councilman. Tbe democratic candidate for Mayor was bea en by siz vote*. In Terre Haute. lad., th" Know Nothings are trium phant, elect ng Hook for Mayor, by 140 majority. In Jefferson. Ind., the election went Know Nothing by a small majority. The Know Nothing Counc'l, No 16, of Winchester, V?., have approved and endorsed the principles and obje its adopted by Council No 12 oi thia city, and prjmulgiiei on the 12; h of March last Dr John Jack?on has announced himself a democra tic candidate tor CongreM in the Fiftn distr ct of Ken tuoky, and ha* already commencea the uanvaae. Tnere seem to be several aspirant* in the dUtr ct. The democratic State Canmittee of V(*ine hive cal'.ed a convt ntioa for the n^m nation of Governor, to meat at Angnata on tte 21at of June. Ihe impression gains ground tbat Got Gardner will re fuse tbe adores* of the Legislature for the removal of Judge Lorlog. The Democratic State Convention of Texas met at Bunt*viHe on the 21*t ult. A despatch to the Galveston Ci vil tan say* that only eleven counties were repre^ea ted, and ^io nominations were made, but l'eate and I) son w?re endorsed and recommended for ra-eUe'ioa a* Governor and Lieutenant Governor. Tbe Rtilrovl Ooa vention, at the same place, unanimously adopted the Siate ayk^m. A petition la in circulation ia MamihusetU otliicg upon tbe two b-anube* of tae I^ginktare to request H-r ry WiLon to retign his office ot Senator, oa accouut of hi* political "act* preceding, anl whfch lei to hU election." Mo? e of the Blnrtha Waai>lriKtun Cue- charge of ferjau y. [From the Cin< lcnatl Inquirer, May 4.] N*than ? oous, who was arrested npoo a warraat sw rn out by Mr. J. B. Clarke, charging him with perjury, was taken before United States Coxu.s aiontr Hen. ery, yesterday. It seems thai Coons made, before Alexander McGuff?e, of this city, a deposit'on tbat, in the winter of lhSl, he fOrona) worked for the Arm of F>lley Si Ubap>n. that in September their stock was v-try ligbt and that many of tie men were idle; that on one occasion Filley fol I him to fill two shoe- boxes with shavings and chips of leather; tbat he did so, and that an Irishman filled two other boxet ; that in all eix boxes were filtei with scraps; that said Filley nailed up tbe boxes and then marked them "Kin fioota No. I," and otherwise mar.ed aid labslled the boxes for shipping; that aa Irish drayman took the boxes away , that afterwards te saw tha said boxes on the levee, in tela eity, and he iiutaniJy recognized them; he recognized one that he had pa-ked by a peculiar knot hole in it; that he picked out of that hole leveral scraps of leather and reveral refuse pieces; that he then and tl ere taw those boxes put on board the steamer Martha Washington. Ail this testimocy, J. B Clarke charges, ia wilfully made and maliciously false. Nathaniel Meacer was ihe Bret witness called and sworn. He testified that he was acquainted with tne Aim of Filley & Chapi ?, and knew tbat, in December, 1861. tbey had on hand a large stock of goods, and also employed a large number of h?nds; that the leather scrape about the shop were used for foeL He did sot know the defendant personally. John O'Connor called and Bworn ?He was employed In the shop of Filley & Chaptn. in December, 1861, and nearly one hundred men were then employe]. The stock on hand was alto large, and, tbe weather being cold, all the chips were uied for fuel. He had often seen packing cone, but had never seen any rope* or aczap* int op; thought if any sueh thing bat been doaethe hands would have kiown it. He kne w Coons, and had heard that he was discharged from tbe shop for some difficulty about a case of boots. The tettimony of H<-nry Chaptn, Lewis MUe?, aad An tony Collms, who were afterward examined went to tbow that tbe deposition made by the defendant was untrue. The case was continued until tola morning. 1 The Original Confilbnci Man? His Identifi cation by a New York Ornc**.? William 8tokeljr. ona of the Independent 1'olice of Wall street, New York, visited the jail in this city yeittrday, In company with cfficf r Wempta. His attention waa not drawn to tUa cell in which t-srouel Willis ia confined, bat upon reashuig it and ob'alnfDg * view of the inmate, ha turned towarJa Mr. Wenple, and pointing to the cell, said: ? 1 Here (a No 1, the original Confidence Mai. I arrvated hln the fiist 'me in New Fork, aud afterwards In Naw Or leani. | On toth cccssions he was charged with obtaining valua ble srticlf s In a war similar to that in whljh he got the I gold i bain In tblf city: nnd on both cbar<es he was '?on vlct'd and seat to the State Prison." Willis atb-mpUd i to " flay dcwn" upon the officer, and denied erer ] bav'Dg earn him or having been arreated in the place* ! spoken of by the officer. Both officers had le't him, and i were walking towards the staircase, when Willis called i Mr Stikflj back. During this private interview he said to the latter: ? " Why ia n? 1 did you com* here to apot me? I am In a d d tight place, and want to get out ?f tie t crape as easily as possible." Toe offlrr a?*urad him that 1 la visit to this city was for an entirely differ ent purpose; that he was in pnrauit of a man, but he waa not the person. At the time the officer arretted him In New York, a* also in New Orleans, he went by the name of Watson. It ia raid that, ot late yeara, he has ' attempted a reformation In hla conduct, and has be* baveo fh.mself comparatively well. The flrat glass of l>i|Uor ha imbibes appears to make him a monimanUc ?his love for deception and fraud retarna to him, w ??a be has no control over his conduct. It la during thesa spasms that he gets into trouble, and Tor which toe law boMs him accountable. The l'mlad-lphl t Snot, m in tioduclrg an accouct of WlMa* performances in tli<s r.1y,'says: ? "We, inma month* since noticed the ar rt"t, In ihia city, of the original Confidence Maa, KWard PUvece. sometimes known as bamuel Wi'lia, Samuel P< well, Tom Price, BUI Rvan*, and eerera! other name*, lie wa* charged with coming the eoofllence game <>v?r a Mr Hemphill, a jeweller? getting a $700 set and a small svm of money. After remaining in prison for a month nt two he got bail? straw ball, ft ia presumed, for ha at once hit the city, and since then, until now, wa hava rot heard of him."? Albany Journal, J#<ty 5. Obituary. Vr Cn^PLia E. Wkbutkk, a representative of the Mas sachusetts l egislature from Chelsea, died on the Uh .nst.. Wed. at Bouthlngton, Connacticat. on the 28th ult , Chav.m *t I kwi*. aged t>6 years, a soldi*- ?f the ravol i ties, an 1 for a snort p-riod a mimber of Washington's Llf? Guard. The Orei-land Mall* Jowna' Hono, I'iiiladblphu, May 3, 186ft. Jjimfp Goaoos Bkjwctt, Esq ,? In to-day's Hkhald I notice under the head of "Salt Lake News" the lollowins: " Magraw and Raeslda have given np their contract for carrying the' mail to Inde pendence, and that mail service Is dlsoontinued on the route." Your correspondent ia mistaken: the service under cpi contract has been and ia still b^ng performed by oa on that route, as will appear by ranreoee to the registers of the Postmaster at Independence Bled at tha Post Office Department. The files or Deserwt newa came In with tie mail, and the mail train i spoken of as havlnc an earort furnished were onn. The esoor! I* fnral*hed between Fort Kearney and Fort I-artmie. The mail for Halt lake city left Independence May 1. Do na the jns tica to Insert tfe's, and oblige MAGJUW ft BOSD* B j I ?. WEHDR, ? 11 ' 1 III < Vkm Crete TfcvemgtooBt Om Comntry. nr Ton. TheJJvtacatea eouafc H^uUtcan says the ueua'.]* ??* W?? > o' W ?k??t crop throughout thj ^ '?,r J"1 ^SKBaa, J i. tM sub. jeet of remark by all agricuHurims. The eroe lest voa* *yh>Mo*?H MM|?, bat the high rain. r'ts* 2 ??' the neflcteoey, ??d stimu lated tbe farmer to aa increased attention this yoars aad, aa a result, we doabt not taere is near or fall one quarter mere arree of land do ? to wheat in this const 9 then at nay former period The winter, altbouh aa' commonly severe, and the aprinc bare bseo extremely favorable. There baa been little freezing or ts. - weather of the kind that ao severely tries wheat. n\r1 ticutarly on clayey aclL The Rochester Union of t e 90th ult. wye, a bona J14$ sale of wheat on the ground ? the incoming erec- ?-?i made on Saturday, an? the first we have heard of being made this aeaaon : One ef toe moat extensive farmer* its an adjoining town contracted for the sale of the pro 1 ash of about one hundred arraw, to be delivered immediately after barveet, at a fraction leas than two dollars uec bushel. The purchaser was a count y miller. A lmd? some advance was made on tbe spot to bind th? contract* The ibfetenoe from thin ssle is that present indication* are that the opening prici tor the new crop will net be leas than two dollars It will re more taan tea weeka to barveet. and important changea may occur to alect tbe ma keta in that fine. The Niagara Fall* Qiuittr states that the destruction of a large portion of the wb*-*t rop last season, by wee* ril. occasioned a depreciation it tbe prica of firm laud*,' aid is a cause ot auxieiy to tie farmers for their crop* of this j ear; an" adds, that should tbe weevil destroW ay por ion of tbe present crop, farming; lanls <rJ5| uffer afurthei decrease in value. VlHQIftlA. From aooounts r*c*i?ed from ail parts o' the WJey, tba Fincastle H' hta t bin's the prospect for an ah undone wheat ciOp quite 11a t- i'Dg the <?unty of Halifax ( Va ) has the reputation aC procuc ng I ao'i is crop- ot wbuet an l we ere gUd to learn tnat she h.s a y<??l p osp*ct for the present year. Tbe Profile's Advocate iniorru* us that the crop is re garded as promning, n t? to- tiaaing tbe unpr>p Uoo^ weather. Bain, however, te much needed SiUTiM. The Dover Reporter o the zitu ult savs The wheat throughout the State it ljoUiga* finely as we have ever se?n it. There ? every in ieattoa of aa abundanoe of fruit of all kin s though it may not oe so early iq man et us to coromanc >b- Ur?'. prices. With ordinary) seasonable waa-b- r, there i? every prospe-t of a flQf haivest this year of grain fruit and vegetable*. W18UONS1N. Tbe Mi'wauVie Scnnnel t t .? 2titb ult pays: ? Timely and abun Jait rains bete i.?il?o throughout the inter oc of ourbta'e wuhio the p*s<. w??h, aud under their ge nial influence ths Muter wbsat i? coming forward finely. Ace?untr> from aliins l .r^est wheat growing countio* concur in the statement tnat toe grain loo ? s rigorous aad loiuiloBt and litd ia 'or n a be>it?r promtae evoig than lest ye?.r lbe -nrroen are busy in all diresti>ns, putting io their epilog crops, and ttc yet unbrokett reiriotuO cat cp?o Due ate alive witb n>oail ttam* urning up the sod ll.e nurmg, thus far, his oeea most propii oue, and ei'b urnn iry eeather the crop ot Wi?ctin>m. this ye^r will he nouole that of any pr. vioaa seiKou There (a every IKttlihooo, too tnat our farmer* will ontain lemaneraMng pnres for alW that they osn raistf; for besides h? i ec..a< d wbicb may be expe. ;e<J from the s?a-H??rd we shuil have fifty thousand dot eomers to feed at home INDUNA. The Rimrg Sun Visi'er, of the 2fith ult., says: ? Tba wheat crop, ftotn eOat ?e c*n learn. promiKes well in this vicinity . From tbe abundance of blossoms on thv fruit tearing tre* i, *? ?-igur f?vo *ab'y concernlug the fruit crop, should our old friend Jack Frost d<>Uy hia visit. ? The Vino*nnee Gazette , of t?e 2f>tb ult., says:? Th? warm weather and raioe iu' og the p*?t week have been tbe mf?B# ot briagleg ve^vtat on forward with unusual' rapidity Tbe wheat - a a general thing, throughout! tbe country never looked ne 'er or presented finer pros pects for a teaey crop, lbe ?aa>e may be said of rye. Oats, in lraoy cases, are o ruiu* on finely. Of wheat! and rye about an average br-a tb of land was soon last; fall. Tbe quantity of laud "0?n in oat* is pnbabl/ largfr than usual The breadth of land which will b? planted witb corn, is irooi ooe-fourth o one-half larger tban was ever before ?u:tiv?ted for that crop in the Southern parts of lonlana end Illinois. It is probabla that there w<ll not be so many potetoe.t planted as here tofore, on accouot of the t and high prise of seed Oa tbe whole, however st oull the season oe farorabla throughout, there will unq<iest.onably be most abua dant crops of all the ttapl- ar icles of agriculture la thla part ot the country. NEW JKH-BT. Tte Belvidere ffvrcn ounty InielUgencer, says tbaft the crops in that section of the Bute look flourishing^, If AH) LAND. The Elk ton Ce,:l County Whi^ furnishes the following item : ? Home of our farmers planned corn daring tha fine weather of tbe present. ? ee". There will be a large bresdth of acres plnntei iu the eoun*9 this year Tha wheat fields are improving as >ha Spring advances, bah the prospect is not so *ncou ag ng as desirable. Tbe old supply of wheat is uearly ethausted? there is not} enough in the coun'y 'or bnme consumption. There i* a greater qq^ntity o. corn, but it is also growing scarce. The Annapolis ban received the most cheer ing accounts fiom the farmers In Anne Arundel eoeaty-, relative to th? gto'viu?( nops The wheat la represented ta be in a aost thriviu^ ?u i healthy conditioa, and bide fair to yield aoundjn ly In fact, the late rains have, given ner life to The Cumberland Minen* Journal says that rait is much wanted in some portione of Allegany county. In some parts the wheat looks In fine condition. QIOBOII. Tbe Cenfvllle Shirviay says:? After an unuoually harS winter, we are at length htea-e<l with most charming eprlsg weather, and the wimmIs ant" gardens are alreadjr beginning to ^bow tbe etTe. ts o' It. In this region tha peach cr?p Is not mors th?n h ilf destroyed, while othec fruits r re ecsrcaly injured at all. We have never seen wheat look better, ana tfcer* is every prospect of a large crop. Altogether, tbe prospect* of the farmsrs la thle poitlen of Cherokee feeorxia are very flattering. THUS. The present ercp of w a??t it is said by the Austin papers, will be larger in Trav s and adjoining coantiee than ever before. MiHfnium. Tbe Mrttmger, pub'ithed at Hannibal, ?o., learn* from farmers that tlie prospect for a good wheat crop throughout North to Mi-i-o .n are more proaalaing thaq th'jr have been tor some j ear* past. The fol'owing is from the St Louis Republican of tb* 16th:? As far ?? can be ju-'gnd from the statements eC ?ur (xctanges, the growing crop cf wheat In the Wesft promises more then an average \ laid. Tha snows ef the winter snd wea her were generally'favorable. and tha young blades now looa vigorous under the fostering In fluences of spiing rains and sunshine. ILLINOIS. In Ililnols the pr spelts of an abundant wheat crop are also goed. We learn from tbe Aitoa Courier, the editor of which paper has recently mtde a trip aeros* the central portion oi Illinois, that however short tha crop may have hern last ye?r, it has not deterred the fanners of the *tat? front seizing ever/ portion ef favor able tlmo uurii g the fail for sow log thrir wheat, aadthe result shows that tVer? sre at least twenty per cent irore aces row In wheat than in any previous year. The weather bas been exceedingly favorable, aad if wft should be HeiiseO with our ordinary spring, Illinois will have an amount of woalt i la that single crop which it| would be d fflcult to estimate TUB ORANAiUKM OP THI WE8f. [From tbe !St. Lou it Repn '-iliran, April 28.] If rect ipts should coni it ue as hea>y as they are at pre. sent until the c'.oieo' tbe ?e??< n tbe tear w thus will prove one of tbe mo?t remarkable, in a commercial point oC view, tver known. W neat, ?jru, o?ts rye, and flour are largely over las*, year's re^e-p-j, for the same tlms, an 1 fbe aironntf coming forirard appear to be Incrsasinx every dsy. The Opper Miss s-li>pt, w- l;h usually scale out larger supplies of grt'n than toe Illlnela, this season falls far behind her a?grega** o? shipments. Should that teclim give anything hue the sapplie* heretefora received, wo have no hesi'a'ioo <u stating that the grain business of this market ?ill ahow, at the close, an in eit ate of at least twentt -five p>r c< ot over tha opera tiow of nay pre wing y.#r The comparative panc-'ty of receipts from the -.Jpj/. r Mlssfsalpp is attrihutsd by many to low waters aoo I igh freight ?? by othsra to a srmty surplus We k>ar 1' state i, however, by thoee who ate in constant romm<inioat*on with tra-1en at pro m nrct po'nts, tb?t hrge lots of grain are held ready for >? ii| mrnt, awslting on^y 'airopportaaltiss 'or trans port tion. It is some wb at Flngu'ar that with the?e liberal sup pVe? aid a f?ir pr.iepect for their continuance, that prices should beat the fl.'ures which oar market re ports ex'nlMt. Wh-at, corn, and oate are nearly at twice tbe sum they co r. maided one year ago. Monopoly of llic Hoboken Ferry, TO 1 1ll I DITOK OP THE HBRALD. I httc been a cotaniiVr oa tb? Hobiken ferry fori mom tben two j ears: lurlo-t th? greater part of laa%l quarter I >iek and did no* purchase a ticket. Thtal quarter, cn wishing to fc'i" the tiro <vnt tlrketa that ara| allowed the commutera till Ue Meeara. Sterena re pur - chape the leaae if the firry frtocblae, (for io whom ?1n| will that loa*e be of any u?e?) 1 waa refueed them oa th?| plea that I had no ticket la?t quarter. Thus a person who waa a romnutrr for one qua<ter only, enjoya a prl Tilf|e that la refueed to one ?bo ha? comma te 1 far two j ear*; and on the sen* pitnc pi" woo Id ba refueed toon who had commuted for tea y?ara. Iojuatioa ta on " face of the arracgenvtot. My buetneaa leads mo to ?roaa the fairy more th twice a day but that of conroe la nothing to tie Me?r Bterf i>a, who h*vo nert-r i?'?H to recognize that thoa who xupport a fen? har? aome r!gh?a, a? wall aa tb" moJ BnpoH?t? who piirrhMe ?he right of the ferry fraachieeJ If the Me??T*. hi?Tro? do an pircbaee <he ferry learej what are the HoHoken people 'o <!<>? oroaa by the Otaaq ? treat or Chrlntophrr ?tr?-et ferrieef Why, then, wait fo the pmrba<e to be W j.y not'aell the comraut lion tickets now aa weil ap then* And agate, why w? not hie ch?n?e arnounsed twfoi Ihe fcouaea were taVen ft* the current year, when perl anna bad an opportunity to prorl >e themaelTe* with reel-j <*encee out of Foboken? To ehow the difference fcetweea the eoet to a family i four perron*:-? OiJ fty>t> vi ? . Yearly (wmmntatlon for two gentlemen $-0 Oil Yearly commutati >n for t*u ladie? * Total The rominiitera were permitted to paaa aa fre^uenUjj * *Itoo sjfZkm*- for the e who had not a ticket laat quarj Yearly oeat for twe gentlem-n, who go to New ? "York twice a day, at 3c. a trip, 12c , 8U day a. $87 Yearly eoat for two ladlee 87 C Total MTV 0o?t of old ayatcaa M Making a difference of 8140 Mr Editor, can yen propeae any redreaa to ' A frwtai U?iw5J^

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