Newspaper of Evening Star, May 8, 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 8, 1855 Page 1
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r THE EVENING STAR PUBLISHED EVERY AFTERNOON, (EXCEPT SUNDAY,) At tk* Star Building, corner Pennsylvania m**nu4 and Eleventh strut, By W. D. WAIif.ACH, WUl be served tn subscribers la the cities of Wash ington, Oorr^town, Alexandria, Baltimor- and Philadelphia, at SIX AMD A QUARTER CENTS, payable weekly to the Agents. To mail subscriber! the ?Qbucription price is THREE DOLLARS AND FIFTY CENTS a year In Amm, TWO DOL LARS for SIX MONTHS, and ONE DOLLAR fcr THREE MONTHS. Q^Siaats conas on cayi. VOL. V. WASHINGTON, D. C., TUESDAY, MAY 8. 1855 NO. 731. THE WEEKLY STAR. Thu exctJleat Fanny and N?rws Journal con tainlng a gmatrr variety Of tataresdng reading thaa can be found in any other?4a published on Satordxy Single copy, ytt itnmua fl 95 TO CUII. Five COp?M.. .... .w??nm* .M.MMM Ten ?? Twenty do _ _ 1500 rr-CAsa, ihtaUablt tn abvanok. CCA" Sincie copici (In wrapper*) can be procar <J at the counter, imu'-diateiy after tiie Mwue of *ua paper, rrice?Taaia cam. Posts tSTaas nho act as agents will be aUowe* a coramiaaia of tw?-ut? per c? nt. SPRING AND SUMMER GOODS! JOHH H 8MOOT, SoitfA tide of Bruite itreet, near High, O*0*O?TOWl?, D. C , XT' AS received and is now offering a very general -IT a aonment of SPRING AND SUMMER GOOD8. In his Mock will be found a good assortment of OflMJxtyfc Light Spring Silks Best make Mack do Bereft, Grenadines, riwanes Blk modes and bright col'd Cballios Rsreee and Challey Detain***, Mousaelinea Real French Chintzes and Brilliants <Jrg-uidie and Jaconet Lsjrns Real imported Lawns fast color*, at ll^e. Real French and Scotch Embroideries, cheap Plata striped and plaid Bonnet Rib'ions Erob'd and plain Linen Cambric Handkerchiefs a great bv^tin t Jaconet, Swiss, Nainsook, and Plaid Muslin* Rich figured an J dotted do Baku's Kid and Alexander's Silk Gloves, nil colors Ladles, Minxes, and Gents' Hosiery, all kinds Parasol* of every sliaile and price Rich Endish fast colors Prints at 12J^ With a first rate assortment of MEN'S AND BOYS' WEAR. Also, Sbeeung* and Shirtings of the best makes in Linens and Cottons Table Cloths, Damasks, Napkins Towellings, Fur niture Chintzes, white Spreads Dxnestic Goods generally. Having made large purchases from the Pliiladel phia and New York auctions. I am prepared to of ler great inducements to cash or prompt enstomers. ap IS? lm i. H. SMOTT m A card. m Economy is the r?ad to Great Redaction in the price of Hats ft C?F? TH E undersigned, havin/ arrangements with a New York Hat Company to be con stantly supplied with the r#?ry best Moleskin or DUESS HATS, got up in the latest style, offers Ujera a; low unprecedeote I low price of worth fr<Mn Nr to five dollars; second quality, $3. worth from *3 50 to ; and a very food iashi? n able Hat at #2.30. worth irom $3 to $3.50 Also, Be-be A Co's Hats, at a mu*h has than they have been here tot re sold in this city. First rue beaver lints $3,5 All Kinds of salt H ATS and CAPS v-rv low. in order to sell at the above low prices the cash system must be adopted ; consequently tho*e who Sarcbase wjl not be charged from Qltcen to twemy vc per cent, as an offWet for bad debts. - ANTHONY, (for many years in the employ of To??d fc Co.) No? 3, Columbia place, 7th ?C, ap 13?tf ii\ dix?r north of Pcnn. avenue. FISHING TACKLE. LIMERICK, Virginia, Kirby, Yankee Doodle and Gravitation Fi?Ii liooks Silk Sea Grass, Liaea, and Cotton Lire* Jointed Rod* at al! prices, from ?l ti ?6 each Also, BajiibiM> and Kred Rods Artificial flies, gra-shoppsta and fish Sinkers of every description. tfilk worm Gut. Landing Nets, anl everything in the Fishing Tackle line iwr sale at reduce^ pners. E K LUNDY, No. 198 Bridge street, Georgetown, D. C. ap ao-tf ? CHARLiCb UA^IilNS, Architect. (Fa. aetnut, be'w:en Tentlk and Eleventh sired*,) HASHIMOTOS, d. c. WILL cootin-'.e ?o furnish Plans, detail work;tn Draw:ngs. and specifications ol hnildinzs o' every descriptioa, ;u:d iUi to superintend 'h?ir ? rec t?m. r,>h l ?? ICE. T.V. K1UWULL guiniters a full supply o( ? ice to bu customers in Washington or Georje towu, for the wholr year, at f; ir prices. Orders can b*' left at the following places or sent ttaroufh the Post Office. H. II. McPher?,on, Druggist, Capitol Hiii Kidwell Si Ladrence, corner of Pa. avjeue and 14th streets Mr. McPbenoa, Grocer, 7th strtet G. F. Kidwell, Smith's Lumber OlUce, Ct at. Joseph Moore, Druggist, Pa. avenue, t iret Ward Ice can be haJ "-t my office. No 3 First street. Oeorgetown, at all lim?s. Families will be supplied for the whole year at fair prices. ap 21? lm IMPORTANT TO PERSONS^DxIEAlT ING UP HOUSEKEEPING TJERSONd removing t'rom the city, and tvub:n| jT to dispose of their Furniture and H?n?ekeeping ?Uten?ils, &* , without the trouble ot seuding them to public auctioo, can do so by calling o:i u* at oui ?tore, 317 Pennsylvania avenue, comer or Nintii ?street, as we are prepared to boy all such goods at uiav be offered Housekeepers and others will do well by < allmj on as, as *'< ?ill pay the bigh<-et ea.*h prices lor all such roods WALL. BAKNAUD h. CO. ap 38?lm 317 Pennsylvania avenue. TAKE NOTlflK. NEV SPRING AND SUMMER GOODS. PW. BROWNING, Merchant Tailor, un?>r ? tlie United States Hotel, has ju?t rt-enved a large supply of Spring and Summer Goods, and is now prepare to off- r great bargains to all in want ? of rood and fashionable clothing. His " Keady raaJe Clothing " wdl be eoid at Ui? following low prw: Wh'4e suiu, Coat, Tant iloons, and Vest, of thin cloth or^casrtituere, for $1'2. Fine Black Vfook and Dress Coats, from ?10 to Good Buuness C?ats for $7. Black and Fancy Pants, Irom $1 to $7. Mane dies md Sdk Vests, from f2 to f5. II? keeps always on hand a larje assortment of fmry aitclcs^ such a^ Shuts, Gloved, Cravat, Cm UeUas. kc. "Sole Agent for the sale of Scott's Fashion*.' ma/ 19?tj. LOOK HERE!!! MOSS BOUNTY LAND TO JILL who s?irved in a*t wak since 1TS*>, whether as Oflicera S??ldjer?. Sailors, Mariu?-s, Cl?*rks, Indians, Chap lain*, Wigoii M isters, TeaauUra, Landsmen, (or their wioow g or motor chddreu) who have not yet receive fall loo acres, anJ have been in service 14 day*, will do well u, write to us. po?l/>aiJ, and their Land Wsrronts wid be forwarded to tlieni for the abovs quantity, and no charge if they do not get it. LLOYD fc CO., IHaiia A~?nt'? Oflee, oppoeite U. S. Treasury, Washington Cay, D. C mar 6 -3m SILVKR. WAUK, PLATED Vv'AIlL ASU P1XK PAiCY QOUIIS.?Silver iVjffee and Tea Sets, Sugar Bowl?, Cream Jugs, Ot.bleLi, Cups, Spoons and Forks Also, a g*ent variety of magoihccat Fancy Silver Ware suitable Nrarcseata. Plated Coffee S- ts, Casters, Baskets, Spoons a.:d Porks, on b- st Albata The lrucles arc warranted as represented, and will be sold at a small advance. 330 Pa. avujkue, bet 8th and lOtu ?treeu. mar 29?u w I L L A It D ' S HOTEL, Old Point Comfort, Va. fPUE Proprietors take p ea? .re in iaf rmiug 1 iheir many fiiends and t>?e public generally that this magmheeut Sumuter Hotel is now being filled up lu Uie inoet modem and comfortable style lor the couiiii? ?!*atfou. The house will be opened on the firU #/ Junr, with n< thing left unprovided that way jKotuuie the couifort and hap^iti- es of lis guests. l*he priprietors also lake mach pleamre in snying ?that ta^-y will be prepared and happy to accomiiio aiau- from iIk- Jirti of lluu any who may favor then w?h a call. Board pe'day...... qq qq By tiM week, (x r day 150 By tae month, per day 1 25 Bath, free tor th'* g^iept*. ?P C. C. W1LLARD A BBQ3. FOB SALE.?a Pair of BAY MARES, 7 years o.dneit^pnnj wcll-bred^jund.stylish, g*?otle, spinte*! uu| i %pita! got r*. Thry arc Jlfj? wed broken a a J perfectly Ire^r t.-om tricks, ana wil; particalarly suit any gentleman who is lond ol uriring. Tii?> owner parrs witb tiiem only because Itw purpose u t) rcl/en -li his eipenses. They can be seen at S.mthf.m'i (late Birch's) Stabls, on 14th ?ireet, m uUi of Pa. avenue. For terms, or an op portunity to try them, enquire at the counter of the Htar office. They will be ?.? Id a ba. gain. ap J?tf Mr. W. HENRY PALMERr ? ITHiarO KXOWR At RCBURf II KLLKR, HAS much pleasure in luformiug liU friends ami the pnblic in general that be has del nnined *>m lo auug hiniseK in this city, and is prepared to receive pnuiia lor Pistruciion on tile PI ANO FORTH, IIA RaiuNY and COM POSITION. He Is permitted to refer to Mr George ILius, Jr., and Mr A. T Kleckfriafer, and a iy cn.amumcKtion addre<??d to turn at H.lbus k liita'a music st>re, Pflllpj Itlnil l?venus, will have uoutvi.ate ait^lidoa. H> U?U J? REESE'S EAGLE PLUMBING AND GAS-FIT TING DEPOT. rpiIR rnbfcriber re-psctluliy announce* to his / 'V*"-? anrt WJC P?bWe in funeral that he has re the lot of tv.^ celebrated nnnnviu DOUBLE ACTING SUCTION AND FOBCF fhetaTe FjfiC!frSiMd, the,S/t^" URDJiL n't the laieralr of t/ie Metropolitan Mechanics' Im 1 EKttKIST*10 furni'h?" * ? ? hiSafS-.?? ?f Som^tcnt workmen he prides rAilpittpi'lA"iy ordcr> In U,e PLUMBING AND it a ii- ? i*? W prompt net sand despatch. done *?"?*?-?* to five complete ?au-facuoo ? JOHN REBBBl may 3?tf for Slrth rt and Pa avenue. P?.H?ON If WITH DKVICCTlVIC v in ion Are invited to examine my eitensivc stock of *;i kind* oi SPECTA ' LLES and EYEGLASSES. Glasses4 of any kind, such as Cataract, Par.bola ' Perwcopc, Double Concave, Double Convex, and Colored Gla.-w.-s, put in at short notice, with great care, and persons in want of glasses Biay be sure to get those which benefit the eye. Circulars "Defective Vis on," fratis at __rt _ H. SKMKEN'S, 330 Pa. avenue, betw. 9th and 10th sts. mar JO GREAT BARGAINS AND CHIL DREN*'BOOTS AND SHOES.?-The -ubscrihiT being compelled to remove from! the store he now occupies, offers his pre* I ent well assorted stock of ROOTS AND SHOES nt greatly reduced prices. All persona in want of the article will find it to their advantage to ca.l befote purchasing elsewhere. v __ _ ? A. H. 8LOAN, No 30* Pa. av., near 10th st., north aide, may I?tf NOTICE OF COPARTNERSHIP. Henry barron & solomon stoves have tins day formed a Copartnership for th ? purpose of ou the Wood and Cool business in art its branches. Our yards are -ituatrd cn the corner of 21st and I streets, Washington, and on the moal, near Seniraes s planing mill, Georgetown At either ol the above places persons in want of Wood and Coal of the *ery best quality, and on th** mo t reasonable terms, will at all times find an assortment equal. il not saperior. to that in any yard in ;he District. All orders uiled with care, promptness, an<? rtls patch. BARRdN Si STOVER. Georgrtown, D. C., April 10th, 1655. apr Id?dim SUPERIOR SODA WATER. 1 HE subscriber would most respectfully inform ? his former patrons, and the lovers of Fuperior Soda \V ater generally, that his feui.ts are R?a n in operation, and in or ,?r to ke? p up his weli'enmed reputation of keening the be t SODA WA TER and most dehci. us SIRUPS in ttie cit , is determined (i. possi j.e) to have it still better than heretofore. O. BOS WELL, Dtugpst, C 'jrer Maryland av., and 7Ui st., Island, ar> lt" Wilmington. TntAsrar Dcrirrxatrr, March 5, 1?55. V-OTICB IS HEREBY Gl VEN to the bold.-n.of .*.1 stock of the United States described in the fol owiug notice of 3d Janar.ry last, that for the pur pose oi completing the purchase of the amount therein named, this departuent will continue to purchase, upon the terms of said notice, to the ez lent of the residue ol the sum proposed oot vet ob tained?say .?l,15?,595 U5, if EaiJ rocks offered and received here pr.or to the first day of June next: ? . Tmaboet DKPASTMkST. January 3, 1*55. Notice is hereby given to the holders of the fol lowing described stocks of the United States, that this department is prepared to purchase, at anytime between the date hereof an.i the 1st day of Mar.-h aex;, pertion* of iho?e stocks, arnout.tinz in the an jregste to ?1.900,000, m th? manner and on the lei ms hereinafter mentioned, to wit: Id case of any contingent competition, within the amount stated, preference will be g ven in the order of time in which said stocks may be offered. Th c^ruficater, du.y assigned to the United States b> the parties who are to receive the amount Hereof, must be traRs.Tittcd to this department: upon the receipt whereof, a price will be paij compounded of the fodowing particulars: L The par value, or ainount specified in each cer tificate. a. A premium on the stock of the loin authoriz d Ju,y' redeemable November 12. IttoO, of 2* per cent.; un the stock of tlie loan au th<?nsed by U.e act of 18+2, redeemable 31st Decern ber.lbGi!, of 10 per cent.; on tiie stock o? the loan authorized by the acts of 18^ and 1848, a d redeem able, the former on th 31st December, 1867, and tiie latter ok th? iWth June, 1868, of 16 p/?r cent; J?don the stock oi U,e '?an authorized by the act ?L . , ' and rede, ra&t??e on tlie 31?t of December, !8b-l, (commonly called the Texan indemnity.) i p* CUlt. 3. Inti ren on the par of enoh certificate from the 1st of Januiry, 1855, to the date of receipt and set Uement at the Treasury, with the allowance (for the money to rtacli the owner) of on? day's interest tn addition. Payment for said stocks w.'ll be made in drafts ot the 1 r-1-urer of the Uni ed States, on the as-istnnt reasurir at Ho*ton, New York,Philadelphia, as th. parties may direct. But to certificate will b?? entitled to the benefit ol this nutice Khich shall not be actually received at the Treasury on or before the said 1st day of March ?eXt* ... . JAMES GUTHRIE, mar 6?dtJanel Secre:ary of the Treasury. CANAL PACKST LIWE T0~POINT K0CK8 M1E Canal Packet CONGRESS having been thoroughly repaired, arid put in first rate JZ1 ?trdrr, will commence runr.iagoa MONDA Y tlie 30th instant, lor the transportation oi pia^n ?- r |-anj light freight b^twjci. Georgetown au.l Uie aUJV named point, on the mo?.t pleasing tcnuj. The Beat will leave the whu f of tV. ?J. Rifter for the Point of Ro<-k? on every MONDAY, WEDNES DAY, and FRIDAY mornings,at 7 o'clock, and the Point of Roc/cs for Georgetown on TUESDAY THURSDAY,and SA i'URDAYS, at the *:;me h iur, ??topping at the different landings along the line fo the reception and landing ol passengers and freight gom? and returnicg ' Passage through either way 52, t-horter distance? at the same ra es. That is to say,from to Great Falls. 50 cents; Se .ec* 75 cents ; Edwards Ferry $125; Maimercy #1.50 Meals served regularly on hoa.d the B&ut et mod crate rates. JOHN CHOMBAITGII, Proprietor, CHAIIL.ES MEKRELL, ap23?lm Captain. PREMIUM MINERAL WATER? WE resp^ctlully caJI the attention of all persons who wish to be served with superior MINE RAL WATER-4, u-*t such as that we w.-rer; ward id a Silver Medal by the ftletroplitari Mechinici' Institute to our extensive manufactory. In additiou to th" above we also l<ottJn*Ale, Por ter, Cnampagne Cider, hoot Reer and Mead, all ol which ?ill ne> d but one trial to decide in its being e-jual, if cot Buptrior, to anytiung of the kind in the United Suites. A tre?h *uppiy of the al?ove always on hand. Orders by mail or given to our driver* will be thankfully rcccivud and promptly attended to. ARNY Uu SHINV, Union IlottJirg l>?pot, No. 5 7 Green struct, Gcur^eiovvii, D. C. ap30-d2w PALMER^ PATENT LEO 1MIIU A M EKICAN I N V h'NTION Btands :mr.vailed both in thiscountiy and in Eumpe. lti? w. in by l.O'jOpe. joi.?, and with most success. In compeuuou v- ith 3d other substitutes of the best rrenoh, English, an.l German manufacture,H received the award of the nf bat aiuiL at the World's Exuiut no* m Lomoom, aa the bed artiiicial limb known. In > lus county it has been tinrty limes exhibited, in competition with all others, at the annual Fairs in tho principal cities, and bus, in eve- y instance, received the award of tlie hi^heet or first ptemium. And as a cnjwun.g honor, by the unanimous approval of an interna tioual council, the u Fim Premium" ? only Stfcer hlfiol given for Limbs?was (.warded the inventor, at the N< w York Crystal Palace. Pamphlets giving full information, sent fratis M every applicant. B. FRANK PALMER. 375 Cbttsuut street, Philadelphia. feb 28-3m NEW SONG. WHY DID I LOVE FALSE FLORA, words and music by W. B , of this city, ai.d dedi ea2*d *> In^x Allison, the fair Gu.tarut This son? ha, a (nnet cbarfu ng ratio**}. Ja<<pab? fished and lor rafc by HILBUB h HITZ. ?l>4 ?.. H. BATES. POLICE MAGISTRATE, FIRST Sf, a EAH PENS A. JS YKKUK, Coavsyanc" g and Bvnmy Land Claims attended to i BilJ i?lot T Auction Ealos. a u n u u ? My OKRWlf A SCOTT Aaetloarfi 1VTUSTEE8 SALE OF VALUABLE REAL L ENtate.?By virtue of a decre* of she Orphans' Court of the District of Columbia for the county of Washington, mproved by the Circuit Court of said District, utun* in Chancery, pasted in ;he matter of I the petition of Ann M. Cross, gn-rdian of the infant1 children and heir^-at law of Washington Crnsa, de cca?ed, I will, on THURSDAY, the JOJi day of| May, 1855, at 5J{ o'Ylook p* m , in front of ihe prern we-, pnn-eed to sell Lots numbered 27,28,25), 30, 31 and '2, in square numbered 1043, rituate in the city of Wa?hingt<>n aid District aforesaid. The above d-*cnbed property la situated at the corner of 14th street ea,t and E street south Terms of sale: One-third cash, the residue in two equal payment* at aix and twelve months, with In terest on deterred payments. The de 'erred pay inent* to be secured by the notes of the purchaser or purchasers, satisfactorily endorsed. Upon the full payment of the purchase money and interest, and the ratification of the sale by theCourt, the trustee will convey to purchaser ?r purchasers, at hid oi their cost and expenr-e, all ihe right, title, interest and estate in and to said lots ol around, ol which the raid Washinston ("roas died sun d ANN M. CROSS, Trustee. OREEN & 8<;OTT, ap 25?97kM4,8,9kl0.h Auctioneers. By C. YV. BOTKLER, Auctioneer. Extensive sale op citv property at Auct on ?On FRIDAY, Way 11th, commenc ing at 12 o'clock m, I sh ill sell at my Store, the following named vity property, vix: Sq. 1072, Lots Nos 1, 2, 3, 13, 14, 15, 16,17 and 18 ** 604, " No 3. containing 6;885 sq. ft. 117, " Nos. 28 and 29, each contain 7,042 ft. 369, " Nos. 41, 42 aud 43, each do 1 823 " ** 514, " No. 2, do 5,068*? " 535, " Noll, do 2 000" " 544, " No 2, do 3,786" " 544, " Nos 3 and 4, each do 6,4 6<l " 514, ?? No 5. do 6,420" * 541 " Nos 27 and 28, each do 4.704" " C16, " No 14 do 9,000" 652, " Nos 6, 7, and 8. caeh do 9.590" " 651, " No 4, d ) 7 :n^" " 056, ? No 2, do 9,590" " *fc>, ?? No 5, do 13 250*' " 958, " No 4, do 7 378" " 543, " No 18, improved by two two story frame houses " 543, " No 19, Improved by four tiro story trail e house* " 543, part of Lot Xo 25, impioved by twotwo storv 'rair.c hou.-ca " 543, Lou Nos 17,20, 21, 22, 23 aim 24 " U4, '* No 10, comaming 12 t<61 sq. ft. " 154, " Noll, do 10 850 do ?? 238, " Noll, do 4,"55 (?o u 728, " No 18f do 9,675 do " 1112, " Nos 7, 8 anJ 9 029, " No 1 do 4,812 do 174. the whole square 140, Lots Nos 29 iiij 30 11. ut 6i0, Lot No 1 53.5, p iri of I ,ot No 7 755, subdivision ofNs 1 and 2, 5 lots, contain iug from 2,000 to 2,700 755, part of lot No. 1, r: ntaimng 3,000 feet 755, do do 1, 3 lots. conta<ni'<gfrom 1, 800 to 2?8d0 tt 752, do (fo 4, containing 6.1OO ft 752, f"o do 8, do 8,200 do 752. do d i 7, adjoining do, 32 ft. front on Second street 751, half-quire, embracing Lots Nos. 1.2. 3, 13, 14, 15, 16,17 and 18, containing 57, 00j te^t 631, part of Lot 7, contairlvg 6 000 ft " 723, Lot-* 6, 7 and 8, do 21,120 do " 685, pirt of Lot 8, do 2,7?-0 do 6^0, do 5, d > 2,X>:> do 6.30, do S, do 2.500 do 630, do 3, do 2,281 do 574, valuable comer facing Paiiruad Depot con taining 4,300 ft " 117, Lot No. 8, containing 7.011 ft " 492. Lot* No? 8 and 10 each containing 3 415 ft " 648, the whole square do 58 750 ft 323, part ol Lot No. 5 anl the whole of Lot 6, containing 7,613 ft 100, Lot27, improving witli two two-story frame houses 544, Lot 9, improving Willi one two-story frame house 544, we*t pan of Lot 9, containing 1,4'J3 ft " 616, Lot No 11 do 9000 do " 1109, Lots Nos 19 and 3J " 980. the whole square do 83,652 do " 1093, Lot No 13 do 4,350 do " 11*93, no 14 di 4,901 do ?' 1010, Lots Nos 1. 2, 16, 17 and lK, containing fr ni P,427 to ll,10u feet 41 N. of 10J6, Lot No 1, cwntainij.g 12 233 ft ?'721 do 19, do 8,442 do " 1032 do 2, do 22.000 do " 1110, Lots 5,6, 7, 8. 9,10, 11, 12,13 and 14 con taining 4 550 to 6.415 ft " 1033, Lou 3. 4, 5; 6. 7,8, 9, 10, ar.d 11, contain ing from 4'JOO to 4,3i6 ft " 151, Lots 3, 4, and 2 " 779, Lot No 11, containing 5,000 ft M 956, the whole square do CI.211 do " 1005, Lot No 12, do 7.800 do " 1007. Lot No 11. do 6,756 do " 437, part of Lot 11, improving by four two-stcry Ira me houses Term* liberal am: made known at sale. Catalogued descriptive <4 locality, front and depth o*' each lot, kc., will be reudy lor distribution on the 6th day of May. C. W. BOTELER, mavl?e<6t Auctioneer By J. C. MeGCIciit. Auctioneer I-RU8TEE8 SALE OF VALU \BLEanJ eligi bly situated Impmved Real Es'ateon the cornel of 7lli ai.d D streets.?iiy virtue of a deed in trust bearing date on the 6th day of June, 1851, recorder in Liber J A H., No. 58, lolios 5i87 tic, the sub scriber will sell at public sale, on TUESDAY, ill' 15th day of May, 855, at o'clock p m , on tlit premise*, part of Lot No 8, in Square No. 457 fronting 95 let t on 7ili street west, and running back | 54 on 1) street north to an alley, with the ouild I nigs and improvement*, which consist of a well and substantially built threo-aiory bn>k warehouse, cov erinz the whole of said part of said lot The above property is situated on the corner ol 7th and D street', opposite the Na ional Intelligen l cer office, and is one ol the most desirable and val uable btisiiits* location.* in Wa-diiiuton, rapidly en (iancu:g in value, a id otters nn opportunity ft>r in vestment *?-l-<oni to be met with 7 he terms of hale will be : One-fourth of the pur chase money in ca-h, and the balance in six, twelve, efgbteon, and twenty-four months, fi r notes b arinf itterest from d-.y ot sale, secured by d ed in trust upon the property If the terms of sale arc not com plied with in six dats artrr the sale, the property will be ri?old, at the ns-; and expense of the pur cha-rr, ujioii one week's notice. All conveyuncin, at the expanse of Ihe purchaser CHAS. 8. VVALLACFI, Tiu^toe JAS. C. McGClKE. ap 96-3tawk<?a Auctioneer By J. C. NctiUlRK. Auctioneer. 1 TRUSTEE'S SALE OF VALUABLE AND elijj biy situated House and Lot on 6H1 street west between E and F streets north ?By virtue o a dee< ( of trust, bearing date on the 10th day ?.f February 1853, a ni reco ded in Liber I. A. 8., No. 51, folio.1 | 36-1, flic , the subscriber will sell at public sale, 01 MOND v Y, the 23ili day of May, 185 , at 5Jf o'cll p.m.on the premises Lot No 4, in Square No [ >88, routing 24 feet 9\ inches on 6tii strei t \vesr betw. en E and F streets north, by 03 feet 4 inchei deop, vtith the buil iings and improvements, consist nig of a four story brick dwelling house, utih a baci budauig, built of the best material and in the bet manner, and very commodious v. ith all the moderi, impttvementa, and in all respect* one of tne mosi desirable hour's ill Was ington, and but lecei.t ), and well known as the property of Peter l*ev ncr. The property Li situated in one ol the health p;*t aid meat desirable |?rU of the city, and offers tr persons seeking a lendeuce or investment an oppor iunity seldom occurring. The terms of sale will be: Oac-half rash, and th* balance in 6,12, 18, anl 24 months, for notes bear ing interest fn in day of 6ale, secured by a deed ii trust uden the proi?erty. If the terms of s?.lea:c noi complied with in six days aftt r the sale, the propert) will be resold, upon one week's notice, at the ri?k and expense of the purchaser. All conveyancing at th" ? xpKiiae of tlie purchas* r. CI1 \8. 8. WALLACE, Trisiee. JAS. C. McGUIlfE, Hp 2fi- JtawJids Auctioneer. By J. C. lN. GljlHU. Auctioneer. LRKMPTORY HALE OF THE STEAMER ii P _ UNION. On FRIDAY afternoon, June 1st, at 5 o'clock, at Paje'a Wharf, at the foot of Seventli street, I shall sell, without reserve, the nearly new steamer called tho "Union," at present running as a ferry boat between this city and Alexandria. This afamer was built in Washington city In the year 1852; Ij 162 feet in length, breadth of beam 24 feet 6 t*he measures 411 40 t'.n>- custom house m'asurcment, as per enrollm nt. Her en g ne Is a fir?t class seventy Ave horse p. wer engine built b% Saihh and I'e klns, Alexandrli, Va. chr runs cither end foremost, and U veiy convenient foi loading und unloading freight Terms: One bdf ca?hf the residue in 6 months, with intereat, satifftctortly aecurc<t. JAS. C. MaOUIRE, may 3?eokdi Aucttoneet. THE WEEKLY STAR: 1* EXCELI^KT FAMILY AND WASHING. TOR NEWSPAPER. One of llic Cl*en|??at 1m the Cone try. 0 ?T ' ? -* ?? ? ? ? ? - - ^ ? ? Price?Only 81 25 P?r Annum The Wrkklt Star is printed on a handsome doable sheet, and contains more reliable information concerning what goes on in Washington, than is to be found in all the other newspapers. Its Washington news is of the earliest and most reliable character, being sel dom at fault. It has already given the Daily Star a wide reputation as the most reliable newspaper at the Capitol. In addition to its Washington News, the Wbkklt Star will contain original and choice selections of Tales and Poetry, the latest and most interesting News from Europe and all parts of the United States, Hy telegraph and otherwise, &c., &c.. making it one of the best family news papers-published. All orders, postage paid, accompanied by the money, will be promptly attended to. Fractions of a dollar can be sent in postage *Umps. No order will be at tended to unless accompanied by the money. Address Wallacti & IIopb, Proprietors of the Weekly Star, Washington city, D. C O" Postmasters throughout the coun try are authorized to ast as Agents, and *ill be allowed a commir^ion of twenty per cent, on all orders they may send uy. Amusements. ODD FELLOWS' HALL. Second and last we-k of unparalleled wend"', THE DRAMA'.IC I O M Jb. OF THE BATTLE Of BUNKER HILL, AND DESTHUCTIOX OF CIMRLESTOH'N The above Diorami Hid be -d every even ing ihid week. Also, on WEDNESDAY and SATURDAY after noon*, at 3V? o'clock. Positively closing on Saturday nigh*. May 13. Doors op? n a1 7?to commence at 8 o'clock. Admission 25 c? nts?Children accompanied ly their parents bait" p ice. may 7?Iw OE'ND FXHIBITIOW AKD MAY B^LI AT THE NATIONAL Til EAT 11 - TO 12 K It A T k, PROr. H. VV MUNDER nj:>rt respect ~M"y an A nouaces that, by ea-nest solicitation, and hi | const (jucncf* of liundrpJs In 1. p d^|?nvrd omvi.ii* ing lis Grind n Bail t.v the inclemency of has consented to re^ut, in tverv P'itiicnir.r, the Programme ot thai evening fit THURSDAY EVENING, Wny lo'h fIi 1 here wi I b * no Ladies' siiv'talions distributed up .n this occa i tn All those who received tnviia tiotu for the first are particularly invited with thcir fri'Miu The great ratisfactian expressed by neariv 3 OCO persons up??n the fir-it representation, is a guarantee of its bei g laig-ly attended upon the >econu 1 A much larger Band has be. n ei.g.t*><l, and w. i enliven the company with toaie of their choicest pieces. at b* bad at the p.incipal HoleD, and ai nr. j. r. E.lia'Music Htor ? .. Pulvi,!" respectfully requeued to uieet &t the Theatre every afternoon for reLearsid, at the u?u:" hour- may 7 - 4l STEAMllifAT KXl'lUSlON. landing of the pilgrims. Celebration of the Landing of the. Pilgrim \ Tutors of Maryland at St. Mary's City, ! j ? Mary'i countyy undtr tk*? auspic s efx tr(? Philodemie Society of (reoigtloven. i 1M1E Committee of Arialignments ot the Young ; Catholics' Friend Society, of this .. s, < city, hive the honor of announcing I tho citizens ol Washington and its vicinity, toat tl.ey have chartered the well-known and ponii'r.r steamer GEORGE WASHINGTON, lor Urn a'xrn mentioned Excursion. The price of Tickets for the rntire trip is $ 3 each. They can be procured at the following Drug Stores: Kidweil h. Lawrence, corner of llth ?tie^t ami I'ennsy'vania avenue ; Cull^n'u, comcr of 7th and L streets; Martin F. Kinc'-. Pennsylvania av <tu ?; L? B. Clarkw V. corner of 11 t>i s;rc t and MariLinl avenue; Ino r. Eili?'s Vaiiety Stoi?*, P< nn^ylvntiii avenue; Win. A. Keiuu dv's Kook-.tore, 7tb Mrc-t ? and from Francis McNerhany, Naval Storekeciicr! Navy Yard. 1 As the number of UeVetJ ii liaited. peiXHi" de sirous of ?n:ov in? this interesting Exeur. ion hr<- par I liculurly requested to mate ?ar:y application a? above or to any mem!- r of th- Committee of Ar rang? menis, a.-. tii? sales will be closed on Saturday <ve? nc, the 1-Jth May next. Arrangeni have been made with the p oprie tor ot 1 iney Pnvi.lion whereby c>? inr? rtablc rieeonimodatious for the ni^htwill besecur. d durine th?- Excursion. The George Washington will leaveth;; Steamboat Wharf, at the f.^t of lltli street, on MONDAY eve ning. the 14th May next, n 3 o'clock, aud will re turn about i p. in. on he following VVednesdav. JOHN CAPKOLU BRENT. WM. A KENNEDY, GKORGE HARVRY, JOHN T. C*S-i:i.L, FRANCIS M.-NERHANY, tp 91 ?TuTbSaltl C""'m'"ee celebraticn of tiie i aniiim; OF THE MARYLAND PILGRIMS. | UE PHII.OpLMLJ SOCIETY of Georgetown B College will ct b brate tho Landing r.f the Ma ry and Pilgrims on the 11th of May, t ll.e Mm of Oid St Mary's City, in St Mary's county. They will leave this city in the Stcamei Geor^o Washing ton, on th*v 14' li instant, and retrrn on tiie 10 h. 1 he Hon. Joseph R. Chandh r, of Pennsylvania, uan con eiited to deliver the oruion. For further particulars see the -dve:ti?enici.t of the Committee of the Young Catholic*' Friend So ciety ol W a?bi gton J NO. C C H WILTON, KMI1ARD 11 CLARKE. THOS B. KING. J NO. W I RFIHI OTT. AH LOUGHBOROUGH, may 3?ot Commutes of Arrasiieim nts. GRAND PiC NIC ? r lu .t Ncrthorn Iibortics' Fire Co THE NORI'llEUN LIBERTIES' FIRE COM ? PAN'1.' respcctiully make known lotiieirlumdj an 1 the puLli.; g.-ner*lly thai they \v:ll ?iv- H.eir rtral icNic at the WHITE HOUSE on Uiu 7ih of Juno,18^0. 1 articular* in future advertisement. may 4?eo3t GRAND FlKESiENS', Military Club and Civic Ball. ITiE FRANitLIN FIRE COMPANY take ?reat J pleasu^ m anuoqnc ng to the i ublic that tbey will give a Cnnj Fireman's, Military. i"oh,and EVO.'SO^Vlir*1 ? TU^"AV, They assure the pubi;c that no pai:i3 or ^xpen^e WUI be spared to make this o.:e of the most tuatntd cent eiitertainmeifte ul Lie eeu^.n. Parti- ulara iu a tuture adverusement. may 4-3t PLFASURK TRIPS TO THE WHITE HOUSE PAVILION. wash -T-?j: INGiON or TilOi. tOLLVLR ?r te?M2?ed for ?,ub,ic ?r ^i|,ct paf,i-?to visit VVaaSnJ,?n '"Jh MoO?t VrfBOl., Fort or olher 1 ,ace'1 u? il;e rive.-. 7 he White House Pavilion is now open for visi k?:* ? nan .UV ldac?s for pleasure trips; it Pm AMey Dining iooui , also, a new Ton (K7- For parucnlara apply to the President of the Compuy,or the captains ot the B >au. on^h?^lh? <:'0^K rwfrerhments i?- d U t^pannl to furnish parti., on the bet t t .rui?, ?p 8m EVENING STAR. KATE AHD ELLEN. "What a difference there is in chil dren !" thought I. I was on my way to Brooklyn, with my two little cousin1?, Kate and Ellen. Soon after we were seated in the omni bus. a poor woman entered, first lifting in a little girl, and then leading a little boy. whom we soon discovend to be blind. He was about four years old, with soft white curls and blue eyes, into which, alas, the glad light entered not. His sister, some years older wls a bright merry looking girl. It was Tery pleas ant to see her care for her little blind brother. The woman seated herself with her lit tle boy in her lap. and the little girl by her side, between hersell and my liuie friend Kate. Now Kate was very nicely dressed as she very well knew. The poor little giil, es she rat down could not very easi ly avoid sitting on Kate's cloak. My lit tle lady drew herself up very haughtily, and snatched her cloak away, as if it was quite too nice to be touched by a "beggar," as she callcd the rhild. My attention was arrested by this movement and i watched Kite clostly. Not a look did she give the little group, after her first glance of curiosity. She h id nothing to do with them ! She was the daughter of Mr. Emincns, and lived in a beautiful house* and had on a velvet cloak, and a while satin li-.t, and nic? chin chillas, a which she glanced with evident com placency. There a~e coins little faces, which arc written all over with satin hats an 1 vel vet cloaks, which makes one forget ali about such things. Kate moved away as far as possible from her little neigh bor, and what she thought about I can not tell, but she looked as if she wen thinking, "I am altogether above having anything to do with you !'* Ellen was sitting nest to her sister, so that I saw both. i was interested ii: watching tue changes in her face. Iler first glance at the poor children settles into a look of tender interest, "Cousin Mary, that little boy is blind !" It was not long before she was exchange* smiles with his sister, whose bright blue ' eyes slier.e with delight. j Ellen had a beautiful bunch of rose*? I from the green-house, which she w a3 car rying to her little cousin Jane. I noticed t her repeated glarces at it: at last with a i sudden resolution she whispered to me : "Com.iu Miry, wouldn't you give your rosee to that little boy, you kno^v Jennie can have some any time? ' " Certainly, dear, it you wish to.'' So Eilen slippe i down from her scat, and carefuily placed her beautiful and ? fragrant flowers in the hand of the little j blind boy. llis sister .-aid to him : " A lady gives you 'he flowers, Willy.'" llcw pleased and happy he looked! and how sweetly he sa d " thank ycu ! ' lie could see their delicate colors, but he had not always been bliud, ar. 1 ! learned Irom his mother, and their ft a ; prance brought back the memory of their beauty. And not Ellen happy too? It waj something lv&te could not under stand. If Eileu had received beautiful roses or kind looks, they would n <t have made her h:.lf ?o happy a.; she always was when she thought of those poor children. " My little sunbeam," I cail.d her. fcr like sunbeams her kind feclinjj went out gladdc-ning, brightening, beautifying all around her, so that she found ghd ness and beauty everywhere, not k sow ing how much cf it cams from her own loving heart. 'itjp 7.1 P * V 1 X a! 4J J V * 1 '? ? The Paris correspondent of tho New Yoik Journal cf Commerce, givc:> tin annexed account of the now iamous Zouaves of the French arm}*: You will permit me to bestow a para graph on the Zouaves, drawn from the full history and graphic description el that redoubtable corps, which arc fur nished in Li Revue. '1 he common iui pression that the Zouaves are chiefly na tives of Algeria is entirely erroneou s In 18o0, General Clausel, th-n command*: in the province organize! a native corps of infantry and cavalry : it consisted ol two battalions tnat received the name ? from the Arab:c-Z:vaoua?from a or conftdei ation of Kaby tribes, inhabit ing the farthest gorges cr glens of the Jujura. They were a prcud, intrepid, industrious race, whom the Turks could never really subdue; they were well known at Algiers, as they frequented th: city for the purpose of barter, i hey en joyed the reputation cf being the best loot soldiers of the regency. Kabyls, and Arabs of every title cou'd 1 e admit ted into the new corps, but they were not found trustworthy. When ade quately trained, they deserted to the j tribes that happened to be at war with the French, and proved the most dan gerous adversaries. Ere long it was thought advisable to enlist volunteers from France; a number of these were en fans de Paris, or the vagrant youth of the capital. French and natives together formed a regiment, the 07eh of the line, and soon di.?pl.i) ed ex raoidinary prowess in the expeditions and sieges. In 1823 the number of companies was fixed at 10?eighth entirely French, two native; but each of the latter received twelve French soldiers. The oCicers vt ere altogether French; Lomoriciere was appointed to the ccmmand, with the grade of chef de battallion. The Uriental costume, now a special characteristics, was adopted with modification suited to summer and w inter The ofiiccrs retained their European unifoim, wear ing, however, occasionally, the warm red cap which the Turks call Fez. In 1835, by royal, the reg: mont was made to consist of two batta lions, cf six companies each, which might be increased to teu. The Zouaves proved memorable in the French Algerian annals. They were constantly recruited with French schliery. so as to be kept in full cumber and perfect preparation. When Marshal Bngoaud appeared in A'gicrs in lb4l, he soon perceived their superiority, and employed them in various warfare, particularly that of the mountains. By a royal ordinance cf that jcar, they were increased to three battalions, with a coin pletc start". Natives could be admitted in'o one company alone of each batta lion ; aufc they were few?enough only to countenance the name and distinct uniform of tho corps. The mixture cf the two races was not found satisfactory in the results; they contracted eac'i other's fcr.d, ratter than &ood, qualities. The soldier in Algeria had a two'old duty?fighting and working; the Arabs would not handle the pickax and spade ; the Christian would l*ave suffered in their estimation if so employed while they were comrades. It was dectned advisa ble to creatc, under the title of Native Shooters, a special infantry corps, effi cercd in fart only by Frenchmen; thase battalions, commanded by veteran Colo nels versed in the Arabic, now demon strate in the Crimea that they are wor thy juniors of the Z^iaves. The prima ry corps is still recruited with veteran or tried soldiers hibituated to all kinds of hardship and danger, and of manage ment in providing themselves with neces saries and comforts in campaigns, anl under whatever circumstance. In 1852. a new organization tr-ok place; they were incfeased to three regiments of three batlahons each ; afterwards they *"cre armed with rifles; they now handle the Mjr-ie with dreadful eftct. The names of Lunoriciere, ii dtau, Changar i.ier, Cava^, Canrobert, Housquct, are tl.e names o! leaders at d.ff.r ent lines. OilQIS 07 ?ILS In the early t ges of the Christian era, the inhabitants of the little island of eo?, in the Algean, near tjie coast of Africa, weie accustomed ?o manufacture ?\ ppccics of silk, or rathe: a sort of thin gauze, from the web of a worm, which .hey fed upon leaves of the oak, the ash, and the pine trees; and this Ceau manu facture, the invention of a woman, was long admired, and extensively used, both m the East and at Rome, for timilo dresses. They were, however, after ? whi'e, superceded by the Chinese si ks, which at that early j-eriod were so cost ly that but few, comparatively, could afford to wear thern. Aurelian is said to have complainc-.l that a pounl of silk was sold at R xn j tor twelve ouuccs of gold. The Pherai . ian women sometimes unravelled these costly fab;i s, and multiplied the pre cious matc.iai by a looser texture and an intermixture of linen threads. For mora than two hundred yeirs after the of Pliny, the u- e of siiks as a gar ment was entirely confined to ths f male .ex; and it is said thai the fmperor Elagabalus was the first Itoman, who, by the adaption cf this ctteminMe habit. 44 sullied the diguity of an Luipero.* and a man." Silk was supplied to the Romans by the agency cf ihc Persians, who in their turn, procu; ed it, w ith quantities of aloos, cloves, nutmegs and ??udal wood, from the Chinese merchants, and conveyed it to thvir own country, at iirst by long, toilsome, and dangerous journey? in car avans, ai d subsequently bv vessel* which curried 011 a bem tidal trade between tho talk merchants of China and the inhabi tants of tha Persian Gulf. As the use of silk b.catne more and more ir.dispensible to the Romans, and the Kxperor Justinian, in the middle of the sixth century, seeing with concern* that the Persians had scdired, both by land and by sea, the monopoly ot tv-is important supply, and that the wealth of l;is subjects was continually diained by a nat:on ? f enemies and idolaters, tried various expedients to remedy thedilftcul ty, but without succe.-s. ; Finally two Per?ian monks, actuated by some stronger impulse than that of pittiotism, and encouraged by the prom ises and persuasions of Justinian, pene trated the * ilk gro/.ing country, andcon | cealing a large number ol the eggs of the silk worm in a hollow cane, succeeded 1 in returning safely and in triumph, with their sj*)i!s. These eggs were hatched by artificial heat, and the worms being carefully taken care of and fed cn mul berry leaves, lived and labored, and 1 wove their golden tcmbs, and coon tho Remans achieved a greater perfection in the art of educating the insects and man ufacturing the bilk than th?j Chinese themstl\es. Since that period the culture and man ufacture of silk, has never been exclu sively confined to any distinct portion of | the earth, but has been encoura^d and prac iced whenever and wherever it could be made profitable. The southern ! count! i?s of Europe, however?France, : Italy and Spain?still retain the snpre ! macy which they acquired in the sixth century; an I it is from those countries that we now derive our finest silks and ? most costlv and luxuiious laces.?Bos ton Jour mil. A Oakixi Si icidb.?The Trenton (N. J.) Siate Gazette says that a valuable dog, belongi: g to a gentleman in that neigl.biihiO'l, had a pup, which it was f'imd necessary to drown. The parent shewed signs of violenf grief. and finding the body of her offspring, she ll?bed it cut of the creek end laid it on the porch of hei owner's residence, looking re ? proachf illy i:i his laoe. She then went ! to the creek, walked in aud deliberately j drowned herself. ^ 0^*4The lasv's delay," which Shak j spire made Liamlet include among the causes f r suicide, still remains ^n uurt fonned usage of a dai k age, disgraceful to the enl ghtcntnent and progress of thg nineteenth century.

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