Newspaper of Evening Star, May 15, 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 15, 1855 Page 1
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M THE EVENING STAR PUBLISHED EVERY AFTERNOON, (EXCEPT 8UNDAY.) At ths Star Building, corner Pennsylvania avenue and E' *tre?t. By W. D . WALLACH, Will be wrved to subscribers in the cities of Warti fact nr., (IiKPftown, Al?xandria, Baltimore and Philadelphia, at SIX AND A QUARTER CENTS, payable weekly to the Agent*. To mail rub*criber? tb? subscription price id THREE DOLLAR8 AND TIFTY CENTS a year In ailrance, TWO DOL LARS for SIX MONTHS, and ONE DOLLAR tor THREE MONTHS. (J^Sinqle corn* oni cbjtt. VOL. V. WASHINGTON, D. C., TUESDAY, MAY 15. 1855. NO. 737. THE WEEKLY STAR. This excHtaM family and New* J?wl-cow ? UklD I rut a frra!T rartrfy of mtere*un? rf?dkn( ttiv: can b. found in any other?? published on Saiunh. v TtUI. 8m*!r copy, per annua & TO CLTBS. rOp|^ ,M*.?. do...*.. ...... ....< invariably in adtahci. OCT" Single copun (In wrapper*) can be procure-' at the counter, immediately after the i?ue of \?i? paper. Pncr?tiuix* ci ? ? ??????????? .13:0 PnrrHA?TtRs who act ? agents will be allowed cr'Jnrci*ioa of twenty prr cmt. SPRING AND SUMMER GOODS! JOHN H SHOOT, South tide of Dridge street, near Huh, OBOHOETOWN, P. C., HAS received and is now offenitg a very general awonmenlof SPRING AND SUMMER GOODS. In hi# stock vrill be found a good assortment of of ne-c style Light Spring Silks Best make black do. Bereges Grenadines, risque* Blk modes and bright col'd Chntlica Berere and Chailey De!aines, Mo?*?? iinea Real French Chintscs and Brilliants Organdie and Jaconet I .awns Real imported Lawns, fast colors, at 12Uc> Real Preneh and Scotch Embroideries, cheap Plain striped and plaid Ronnct Ribbons Emh'd and plain Linen Cambric Handkerchiefs a great bargain Jaconet, Swiss, Nainsook, and Plaid Muslins Rich figured and dotted do Bajnu*s Kid and Alexander's Silk Gloves, all colors Ladies, Mi****", and Gents' Hosiery, all kinds Parasols of ?very shade aud price Rich English fast colors PrinU at li}< With a firM rate a<*ortment of MEN'S AND BOYS' WEAR. Also, Sheeting* and Shirtings of the best makes In Linens and Cottons Table Cloths, Damasks, Napkins Towellings, Fur niture Chintzes, white Spreads Domestic Goods generally. Having made large purchases from the Philadel phia and New Y?rk auctions, I ain prepared to of ler great inducements to cash or prompt customer*. ap 18?lm J. H. SMOTT. m A CARD. m Economy ts the rtad to walth Ore?t Reduction in the prioe of H?t* ft caP* TH E undersigned, havin? made arrangements with a New York Hit Company to be con stantly ?upp!ieJ with the very best Moleskin or DRESS I1ATS, got np in the latest style, offers them at the unprecedented low price of $3,50, worth from four to five dollars; seconl quality, $3, worth from ?1.50 to ,51; and a very good fashion able Hat at $-2,50. worth from $3 to $j.50 Also, Be?be k Co*s Hats, at a mu*h less advance man they have been heretofore sold in this city. Pirst rate beaver Hats $3,5.>. All knuls of s?tt HATS and CAPS very low. In order to sell at the above low prices the cash system must be adopted; consequently those who purchase will not be charged from fifteen to twenty five per cent, as an off-set for bad debts. ANTHONY, (for many years in the employ of Todd fc. Co.) No. 3,Columbia place, 7th st-, ap 13?tf 2d door north of Penn. avenue. FISHING TACKLE. LIMERICK, Virginia, Kirby, Yankee Doodle and Gravitation Fi*-h Hooks Silk Sea Grass, Linen, and Cotton Lines Jointed Rods at all*prices, from $1t-> each Also, Bamb to and R-ed Rods Artificial flies, gra^shopp- rs aud lieli Sinkers of every description. Silk wo'm Gut, Landing N. aud 'jverythi'ig ir the Fishing Tackle line tor snip at rrdaced prices. E K l.UNDY. No. 1^8 Bridge street, Georgetown, 1). C. ap 90?if Tce. TS. KIDWULL guarantee < a full sup,'!/ ? ice to hiscu-tomers in Washington or George town, for the whole year, at fair prices. Orders can be left at ihs following places or - cm tliroush the Post Office. II. II. McPherson, Druggist, Capilol 11*11 Kidwcll * Laurence, corner of Pa. avenue a&j 14th r-treets Mr. Mcpherson, Grocer,7th str* et G. F. Kid well, Smith's Lumber ?>ffice, Gt st. Joseph M?>ore, Druggist, Pa avenue, First Ward Ice can be had at my office. No 3 First street Ocorjetown, at :ill times. Families will be snnp'i < for th?! whole year at fair prices. ap 21 - lm IMPORTANT TO PERSONS BREAK ING UP HOUSEKEEPING PERSON.-* removing from tac city, and w^h:n< to dispose of their rurmture and llouseke?pinj Utensils, k i, without the trouble ol sendui; then to public auction, can do so by calling on u< at ou etore, 317 Pennsylvania avenue, corner Ninll street, as we are prepare ! to buy all such goods ai may be offered Housekeepers and oth -rs will do well by < allini on us, as we will pay the highest ca~h prices lor al euch goods. WALL, BARNARD &. CO. ap26?lm 317 Pennsylvania avennc. PALMER'S PATENT LEG. This american invention snnds unrivalled both in tins country and in Europe. It is worn by 1,000 persons, and with most astonishing success. In competition with 30 other substitutes of the best hcncii, English, and German manufacture, it received the award of the oak at medal at the Womo's Exhibi tion in Lomdok. as the best artificial limb known. In 'his country it hat been uiirty tim s exhibited, in competition with ail others, at the annual Fairs in the principal ciaies, c.ud has, iu every instance, received the award of the l.i-hesi or first premium. And as a crowning honor, by the unanimous approval of an interna tional council, the "First Premium"?? only Silver Medal given for Limbs?was ..w^rdc< the inventor, at the New York Crystal Palace. Pamphlets giving full Information, sent trnlis M evary applicant- C. FRANK PALMER, 375 Cliseaat street, Philadelphia. ftb 38?3m TAKK NOTICE. NEW 3PRING AND SUMMER GOODS. PW. BROWNING, Merchant Tailor, under ? the United States Hotel, has just received a large -upply of Spring anj Summer Goods, and is now prepared to offer great bargains to all ia waul ol gtyxl and fashionable clotiung. His " Ready made Clothing " will be sold at the following low price*: Whole suits, Coat, Pantaloons, and Vest, cf tbin cloth or eassimere, for $12. Fine Black Frock and Dress Coats, from $10 to $15. Good Business Coats for $7. Black and tancy Pants, tiom $3 to $7. Marseilles and Silk Vests, from $2 to $5. He keeps always on hand a large assortment of fancy articles, such as Shirts, Gloves, Cravat;, Um brella*. kc. "Solo Agent for the sale of Scott'6 Fashions.' mar 1?? LOOK HERE!!! MORE BOUNTY LAND TO ALL who served in ant wu since 1790, whether as Officers Soldier*, Silors, Marine, Cterk-?, Indians, Chap lans, W.iym >1 tat-Ti, Teimsurs, Landsmen, (or their wi l-?ws ?,r minor children) who have not yet receive! tull 160 acres, and hive been in service 14 days, will do well it. wrae to us, postpaid, and their Lniid Warrant* will ho torwarded to them for the above quantity, and uncharge if they do not get it. LLOYD k CO., C? am Agent's Office, oppoeite U. S. Treasury, Washington City, D. C mar 6?3m SILVER WAKE, PLiTKD WAllS ASOFISIC VS. \C\ OOUUS.-Silver Coffee and Tea Sets, Sugar Bowls, Cream Jugs, GoWets, Cups, Spoons and Forks Also, a great variety of magnificent Fancy Sil?*r Ware, suitable fo? presents. Plated Colf-e Sets, Ca-iors, Baskets, Spoons and Purki, ihi best Alhata. The irtici^s are warraatci! as represented, and will be sold at a small advance. H. PEKKEN, 310 Pa. avenue, bet. Mi and 10th stree ts, mar 23?it FOR SALE.?A Pair ol BAY M \KES, 7 years o?d neit spring, well bred^ouud. stylish, Jj> gentle, spirited and rapiul goers. Th< y are V well bmken and perfectly free from trirks, and ^ M I*rucuJarly suit any g*-ntleman who is fond ol driving. Tue owuer parts with theru only beca?s?; bis purpose is to retrench his expense*. They can be seen at Southern's (,L?te Bircn's) Stable, oq 14th street, south of Pa. av> nu>;. For terms, or an op to try them, enquire at the counter of the Star office. 'ITiey will be sold a ba. gam. ap J?tl Mr. W. HENRY PALMER, UITUXBTO KNOWN AS UCBKIIT K11CLL.CH, HAS much [tleasure in informing his friends and the public in general that he has del- mnued r>u lo aunp himself in this city, and is prepared to r?"C?>n. pttjMl*u*iiisuuctioiittuHi- PIANOFORTE, II \LM' <NV and COMPOSITION. He is pei muted 1" ttf^r to Mr Ge-org* Rig^s, Jr., aud Mr A. T Kie nn - r.-r, and any euuimuDicatn>n addri -.-ed tu hun at ILibus ol ,llits's music Pend^lv.ini'i V'UU'-, Will lM%)'uumediai.. atremioi! ap 13- u PLEASURK TRIPS TO THE WHITE HOUSE PAVILION. >. The Ktcamora GEO. WASH ABBKINQTON or THOi COLLYEK can be chiirtcred for public or pelcct partit-a to visit the White House Pavilion, Mount Vernon, Foit Washington, or other placcs on tbe river. The White House Pavilion is now open for visi tore It if* a beautiful place for pleasure tripe; It ha-? a fine Ball and Dining room , nlso, a new Teir Pin Alley. (JXf' For particulars apply to the President of the Company, or the Captain* ot the Boats. Mr. WILLIAM COKE is furnishing refreshments on !he boat*, and is prepared to furnish parties on the l?est term*. ap 26?3m REESE'S EAGLE PLUMBING AND GAS-FITTING DEPOT. THE subscriber respectfully announces to hid friends and the public in general that he has re ceived the fi>st lot of t?e celebrated DOI>GE'S DOUBLE ACTING SUCTION AND FORCE PUMP, which received the SILVER MEDAL at the late Fair of the Metropolitan Mechanics' Instl tute, and is now prepared to furnish all who may favor him wltb a call. His stock of OAS FIXTURES are unsur passed in the District. With his corps of competent workmen he prides himself to filk any orders in the PLUMBING AND GAS-FITTING line with promptness and despatch. 49*All work done warran'ed to give complete satisfaction JOHN REEFE, may 3?tf cor. Sixth st. and Pa avenue. PERIOI9 WITH DEFECTIVE vision are invited to examine my extensive stock of all kinds of SPECTA CLES and EYE GLASSES. Glasses of any kind, such as Cataract, Parabola, Periscopic, Double Concave, Double Convex, and Colored Glasses, put in at short notice, with great care, and persons in want of glasses may be sure to get thftse which benefit the eye. 4?- Circulars "Detecuvc Vision," gratis at 11. semken's, 330 Pa. avenue, betw. 9th and IO1I1 st?. mar 30 GREAT BARGAINS IN LADIES', GENTS', MISSES', AND CHIL DREN'S' BOOTS AND SHOES?The gy ??ubsenber being compell A to remove from KB I the store he now occupies, offers his pres ffe T ent well-aborted slock jrf BOOTS ANI) WW SHOES at greatly reduced prices. All persons in want of the article will find it to their advantage to call before purchasing elsewhere. A. H. SLOAN, No 30# Pa. av., near 10th ?t., north side, may 1?tf IS If RAILROAD DIRECT TO THE WEST. lliHCIH Tim* between Watbiagton and Wheeling but 174 houre! Kuv.mng rim* b 'ne-'-n WasKington and Cincinnati 27 hours!! Through Tickets and Baggage Checks to be ha J in Washington !!! THE BALTIMORE AND OHIO HA1LHOAD HAVISO greatly in-proved its Western connec tion* now off r.- p-. tallest inducements to travelers betwrrn M a-hinctnn, Baltimore, and all portions of the We.t, tin. Northwest and the South v est The 'rin-ei;on between the trains from Wash ington and the tr.tin* bound won from Baltimore is always promptly muJe a? the Washington Jtiaefio.i (lately called the Relay Hou-c) 9 mile* from Balti more. Thi-? !? the r-nly ? hnnre o" cars required be iweec Washington and the Ohio river. Baggage checked through to Wheeling at the Washington ^ta:iuu, and rrcbecked and trdnpferred then-, (with the panniers) w thout charge, for iho?e holding through tickets for points beyond. I'he conn?etinc tr*in Isave Washington daily at 6 a. 111. nn-1 4% p. ?n ? )n Sundays at the lattei hour only. At Vf h<?lini dire t connection is niade with the t.ains of the CENTRAL. OHIO RAILROAD, run ning from Itellaire on the Ohio, near Wheeling, through Cambridge. Zanesvillc and Newark, t?? COLUMBUS. The?e trains connect at Newark with ihe cars of the Newark, Mansfield and Sandu3 ky Railroad for Sandusky, Toledo, Detroit, Chicago St. Louts, etc. At Columbus the C. O. Railroad trains connect with the fast trains of ? lie Little M:imi Railroad to Xenia, CINCINNATI, LOUISVILLE, etc. At Xenix (on Little Miami Railroad) conn-'ction is formed with the trains through DayUftt,to INDIAN APOLIS, Terre Haute, Lafayette, Chicago, Rock Inland, St. Louis, etc. 4#- Passengers holding through tickets lor Mem phis Hckshtrg, Na'cKes, Sew Orleans etc., which are also sold at Washington - an- transferred at Cin cinnati to the Mail Steaincra on the Ohio. Ticket* tor Evansvillc, Cairo, and St Louis uro .old by this route. 4&~rOR CLEVELAND, anJ via Cleveland to Tulcd ?, Detroit, Chicago, etc., tickets arc sold, whrn thi Ohio is navigable betwei n Wheeling and Wellsvillc (forty miles) where a cimnection with the Cleveland and Pittsburg Railroad is made. Traveller* are rrqucs e-J to notice that wkile this is the only route aftording through tickets and cheeks in Washington, it is also the shortest, most spee^v. and direct to nearly all the leading points in tli* great West. The distance fr..m Washington toCin cinnati,is but 653 miles, being about 100 miles short er than by any othe r route ! PARE BY THROUGH TICKET FROM WASH INGTON: T ) Wheeling, %'J 50; Columbus .*13 65; Dayton, ?15 50 ; Cincinnati, $16 ; Louisvthu, by railroad S18G5, by steanierfroin Cincinnati,$18; In ilianapoLu, $17 50; Cleveland, $12 15; Toledo, $15 H); I) troh, $15 20, Chicago, $2u 65 and $19 50; St. Louis, 50 end J25, Memphis, $26, New Or leans, $31, etc. 4?- f OR FREDERICK and HARPER'S VERRY MARTINSBURG, BERKELEY SPRINGS. CUM BERLAN'D, BEDFORD SPRINGS, Piedmont, Oak land, and Fiirmount, p?x<sengers may leave Wash ington a'. 6 a m or p. m- For the minor way ptatioa? b tween Baltimore and Wheeling, take C a m train fr' in Washington. mif For trains to and from Baltimore, Annapolis, etc., see special advertisements. 4b#"For further information, through tickets, &.C., apply to THOS. H. PARSONS; Ag nt, at Washing ton Station. JOHN H. DONE, Master ot Transportation Baltimore and Ohio Railroad, Baltimore, may 3?tf ~S0DA WATER. | IIT. undersigned having purchased Swan's Pat I * nt Apparatus fur the preparation of SOD A WATER, from Super-Carbona e of Soda, respect fully informs the public that the fountain is now in full and successful operation. This method of pre p;nng rod a Water is warmly recommended by the Medical Faculties in the Northern and Western ciues, not only as producing a pleasant, innocent, and healthy b.-verage for all persons, but one highly bcncficial in all disorders of the stomach. Si ups of all flavors, including those of Rrandv, Wine, and Champpgue, freshly manufactured, of the very best materials, on tbe premises, always on hand C. GAUTIER, ap 30?eo3w No. 252 Pa. avenue. THE MUTUAL FI&? ISSURAUCI C0MFA HY 01 THK 1I8TBICT OF COLUMBIA, CCHARTERED by Congress, i.ffers to tbe property f owners of tiie District safer and cheaper means of insurance than any other Company. UI.YSdES WARD, President. CHAi. WILSON, Secretary. MATIIEW G. EMERY, Treasurer. MaxaflCM. Ulysses Ward John Van Riswick Thomas B!ag<len P. W. Browning F. Howard, Mathew G. Emery. J. C. McKelden. Office, Columbia Place, corner Louiaiaaa avenue and 7tb street. Office hours from 3 to 6 o'clock p.m. teb 26-eotf SILKS FROM AUCTION. WK open this morning a large lot of DRESS SILKS, purchased at the late sale of Hall h. Bros., at one-half their value, and wbicb we will sell at a a ill a n ance /or cask, or to prompt cus tomers. ALIO?JUST OPBRKD Rich flounced Barege Dresses 50 pieces rich printed Bareges JO do plain, blue, pink, brown and tan colored Bareges "5 do Organdy Mushn and Freneb Launs 1000 yards beautiful Launs at 12Jf e; worth 26 500 do goot nylr Barege du Lains at 18%e. _ M pieces all puie Ir sh Linen, which we will sell by tbe piece it 31 and 37Uc |?er yard 6 dozen Gentlemen's French Shirt Bosom*. Gloves, CravaH, I'.xket lluks, fcc.. kc. COL LEY ai SEARS, No. 343 Stventli street, ?nay 2?eodw 3 doors above Pa. avenue. Anctlon Pa lea ?y J. C. MfGllUK, AnetloNttr TRUSTEE'S 8A|?E OP VALUABLE and elis or 7.h. H>a\V Improved Real Esate on the corner or 7th and I) streets?By virtue of a deed in trust, tearing date on the 6th day of June, 1851, recorded in Liber J. A 8., No. 3P, lolios 287 he the sub Porih?r will sell at nuMic sale, on TUESDAY, the 15th day o[ May, 185a, at 5U o'clock p. m , on'the jr inises. part of Lot No 8, in Square No 457 trnntirifj da feet on 7th street we-t, and running hack' fn? nn'r ,,0rl,, 10 an ?"?'>, With the fHllId- ! l>r''v7"?n13> which consist of a well and rrini .hl who!!,1 V r7 a,orJ'.hr,ok w arehouse, cov ering the whole of said part of paid lot 7.1. ?.a^Ve ?" fii'ialfd on the corner of r!, Mffi S,r"ts ?PPO>"te 'he Nn ional Intelliiren nnKi ^ ? V ol tl,e most desirable and val uable business location.? in Washington, rapi.llv en hancing value, and offers an opportunity ft.r in vestment seldom to be met with The term* of sale will he : One-fourth of the niir chase money in ca?h, and the balance in six twelve Sr/v "nd !?W''?r .-Si'Ki; interest from my of sale, securer! bv d ed in tru-t upon the nroperty If the terms of sale are not com plied witii ,,, S11 davs ?f,er the >.Je, the pro^cnv rr!M>ld? at the ns < and p*pen.-e of the pnr ?f'JnTiw p0n ?nr ^eekV n"l'cc. All conveyancin" at the expense of lh^ purchaser 5 CHAS. 8. WAf.LACH, Trustee . .. -?A8. C. McGUIRE, ap 3taw&ds Auctioneer By C. W. BOIKLKR, Auctioneer. 'pRUSTEE'S SALE OF TWO sma'l FRAME ?i,h J}??*''* ?n t,le 'sia?d -Ou MONDAY, the ><th of May, instant, by virtue of a deed of tru-t bearing date the 1, h of NovenHn-r, 1854, and r?c<ird ed in Liber "J A 8," No. 87, folk*, 3195?fce one of the land records of Washington countv' I lis' trict ot Columbia, the subscriber will sell, nt public auction, in fr?nt of the premises, ' P erectedOtwo0!'m9,,l.lnf 8qUaJe No" 585' which are F street. ,e ?"^*'*' U,,niin" South Terms of sale: One-fourth in hand, and the re ZXl&u12" 6 m"nt^ With ?"*'??> -cured All conveyancing at cost of purchaser aale'h^nL^' U,e?can be had at private Sill y appl,ca,lon lo'?? v- Siuitli, Esq , at the City HaM- JAS C. Ma{jpin| Trustee. , c W- BOTELEB, ma? 1-m Auctioneer. By J, C. Hctil'iKK, Auctioneer. yAu!LBoEi IMPROVED PROPERTY AT I ublic Sale - On FRIDAY afternoon, June 1. rtei'^f tW^h" V PfemUes, I shad sell, by or n?L2, ? ?rPhans Court, that valuable piece of M t?!,f COr,">r ?f ,0th and E and generally known as the Medical College The lot fronts 61 feet 1 inch on E street by 58 feet on 10th street, containing #,543 square feet. K.. i!1??.bui,dl"s C(,""'s"i H substantial and well S.n.iVTSt''ry ? ? admirably adapted for n warehouse, for manufacturing or i^chyo' purposes portions of this building arc now ! under very satisfactory rent. Title perfect i.,T?rins: 22e-,hir? c.nsl,5 tfcc iendue in fi, 12, 18, irii!t"nnT S W1 ' 'n"'rPrt' securcd by a deed if trust on thenremisea. It- NO'JRSE, Adminisiratrif, By WM. NOUKSE, Attorney, n _ Q .. JAS. C. McGUIRE, may W ?lM, Auction.?r. By J. c. WcOUIRL, Anctlonaar. Peremptory sale of the steamfr UNION on FRIDAY aft.niJin, J Jne lS" 0 u Cx-lt, at I ago'., Wharf, at the fo..t of Seventh ^1.^' n .^i1' ':'-' rvt, the nearly n-w steamer called thu^'L ilian," at pn si-ut runtu- >?- a ferry boat 'Uw ci this cit- and Al-xandr-i Tin#'^'*ai:ier wa.. LuiSt su W?uil.!iigiou eiti- in ih r'lf/fi ? '! 't!;irtl?, breadth of beam SM act b Ji; .e* silt mca-un s 411 40 :>o t' ns ; n"om house measurement, a^ Per enrollm-nt. llor g?ne is a first rl u's wveiiiy live horse p w^r engine built b\ Smith and Pe.ktns, AI. tandria, Va. She rjns either end f.;rr most, and i.i veiy convtnicnt for li?adinc Hiid iinloadiiii! freif'.t. Terms: One halfca?h, the rcfidue in 6 month*, with int< rent, satisfactorily seture*l. ' o JAS. C. McGUIRE, ?ay 3?eofcds Auctioncet. By J. C. MrGUIllS. Auctioneer. TRUSTEE'S SALE OF VALUABLE ANDelfci bly si'untcd House and Lot on Orb street west oetweea E and F Mre, u north _|;y virtue o aS 01 trust, beaming da.e ou the lOtii day ..f February XI Hn*VhC" V '!L Ln" r '? A" 8"? N"' 51 ? &i^ve.htC,n5CI W'" w,,at Puhlie sale, on MONDAY, the iKth day ot Mav, 1? , at 5V o'clk ,ao J'm premises. Lot No 4, in ?nuaie No 4.S8, fronting 24 feet 9* inches on 6th X, woki between E andIF streets north, by 93 feet 4 niches rteop with the buildings and improvement-, cmuC l?fi/'fa lour "fry brick dwelling bonne, with aback builrting, built ot the bf-st material and in the be-t maimer, and very com>nodious, with all the modern improvements, and in all respects one of the ui"l desirable booses in Washington, and but recent v ludt, and well known fin the properly ol iWr i-ev nrr. lUv property ih Mtiiated in one ol the liealth lw"r m"fcl ,rablt: ',ar,s of lhe c"> ) and offers to mmiw ? .Mfc "* * M;~,,1"'ce or invcstxneia an onpor ttinity seldom occurring. The terms of sale will be : One half cash, and the '.dance hi 6, 12, 18, and 24 months, for notes bear ing interest from day of sale, secured by a deed in c,m? h, i" .? ,,rOIM>rtjr- ,f ,,,t:ol 1.1carc not 2?.*5S?^S2SSS2: A" CH^S. S. WALLACE, Trustee. in.v JAS. C. McGUIRE, ? p utawfcds Auctioneer. C Bp J. C. JlcOllRK, Auctioneer. 11IANCERY SALE OF VALUABLE AND EL igibly situated improved and unimproved Real E tate, consisting of Dwelling Mouses end Lois, va | cant Lots, and Wharf.?By virtue ol a detiee of the Circuit Court of tin District of Columbia for Wash ington county, made in tlie cause wh* rein John A Frascr u comp'.a nant, and J<din Walker, 1 lien 8. Frn'wr, and others, heirs at law of Pinion Fraser, I deceased, are defendants, No. 899. in Chancery, the ' subscribers, trustees appointed by ?aid decree, will I sell at public auction all those pieces or parcels of ground lying and being situated in ihecity of Wash ington. and kinwn and distinguished ns being Lots Nos. 1, -2, 3. 4, 5, ti, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, i8, 13, 14, 15 16, 17, 16, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, and *24, in the subdivision made by said trustees of Square No. 412, troiUine respectively and variously from 18 feet 1 inch to 30 feet 8 inches on 8th and 9th streets west, and fc and F streets south, by various depths to an allev, with the improvements and appurtenances, which con I sist of a commodious mid well nnd substantially built 3% story Brick Dwelling House on Lot 8, nnd a ccinforiablv and well built 2 story Brick Dwelling House on each of Lots Nos. 18 and 16, in said sub division ; lot No. 4, in Sqnare No 388, fronting 25 on F street south, between 9ih and 10th sts. west, by D15 feet deep, with the improvements and appur tenances, which consist of a 2V< story Frame Dwel ling House; pait of Lot No. 3, in Square No 730, (roiiung 40 feet on Pennsylvania avenue, running *ack to WA" street south, with a width on said "A" street of 43 feet 7 inch -s ; and part of Square No. 472, fronting 44 feet on Water street, at the termi nation of 7th street west, with the valuable Wharf thereto attached and belonging, extending to the channel of the Potomac river, and now occupied by George Page and used as a steamboat wharf The 6ale of the several Lot' in the subdivision of Square No 412, w th the improvements and apnur tenances, will take place on Thursday, the 24th day of May, 1855, at 5 o'clock p ui., on the prem l iaes. The sale of Lot No. 4, in Square No. 388, with the improvements and appurtenances, will take place on said Thursday, the 24th day ol May, 1855, at 6 o'clock p. m , on the premises The sale of part of Lot No 3, in Square No. 730. will take place on Friday, the 25th day of May, at | 5% o'clock p. m., on the premises. And the sale of part of Square No 472, with the valuable Wharf thereto attached and belonging, will take place on Tuesday, the 29th day of May, 1855, at 5V$ o'clock p. m., on the premises. The above property u all situated in desirable lo cation*, rapidly enhancing in value, and offers to capitalists and others a uiost favorable opportunity for investment* or procuring a desirable residence. The terms of sale, as prescribed, by said decree, will be one fourth of the purchase' money in cash, and the balance in six, twelve, eighteen, and twen tv four months, to be secured by the purchaser's bonds, beaung interest from day of sale, with eecu rity, to be approved by the Trustees. Upon the full payment of the puichase money and interest, and the ratification of the sale or sales by the Court, the Tru?tees will convey the property to the respeciive purchasers in fee. If the terms of sale are not complied with in six days after the sale, the property the terms of the sale o; which are not so complied with will be resold ?t the risk and expense of the purchasers upon ot*e week's notice. All conveyancing at the etppn?e of the purchas er. CHA8. H. WALLACH,! nj,rfo EDW'D SWANN, f l.ustees. JAS. C. McGUIRE, ma) 8? coted* ? Auctioneer. Amusements. Franklin Fire Company's GRAND FIREMEN'S MI LI TA R Y, CLUB AMD CIVIC BAIjL z N Announcing this Hall the Manner* would most ? respectfully state tlie proceeds will be ap propriated towards the rrecifpn of a new Engine House for the use of the Company, and that the hall will be conducted in * style unsurpassed l*y any heretofore given, and worthy of the good object for which it is intended. It is hoped that thin effort will reccive the libera! support of the whole com munity. I The Ball will take place nt the National Theatre, on T U*.SDAY? the 15th instant. Manager* on part of the cifizcni. Jno T Towers, Silar II Hill, A McD Davii. On part of the firemen. Mr Grant, VV W Grunt, J A Tait, W Higgles, S E Douglas, J T Suter, E G Evan?, Ed Wright. +flrran*tria Companies. Ilueh Latham, \V Bart-n, 8 ?*hinn, N Thomas. Or. part of the Miliary Col Win Hickey, Adj P Bacon, Lieut Col Ril^y, Qr Mr .McCti!!ooi. Maj Keyworth, Sgt Morgan, Capt Jos Peck, Capt Jau.ison, J Y Divis, Capt Schwarzmar., L Towe:s, Capt Bright, I' 8 K'-y, Capt Devers, J ATait, Capt Shrckeih, J J Mull y, J E Reese, Capt Lasselle, J L 8iuith. O the i^tcrl of the Chili. E C Eeklr.ff, Mr Harringtr.n, It II Graham, M Marshall, OP Rnhin-on, M F Flanigan, U McCoruuck 1 Maurice, W Caho, T Do? lias, T Sinon, A Howard, W Reardon, Air Santord. On the peri of the Comt*iny. K E Doyle, T L Martin, Jos Williamson, G K Crossfleld. II 8 Ward, Floor Managers. Wm Jon ?, J no T Evans. T J Larcomh, refreshments will !jc furnisucd at reasonable pri ces. Tickets $1?to fee had at the principa! hotels and at the door. A sufficient police force will be in attendance to preserve strict order. may 10?ThHMT (Organ.IntSiUnion) fllUMK.V'S GRAND EXCURSION TO THE WHITE HOUSr. THE FIRST OF THE SEASON! ' ?. .K^^THE WEMBEKfi OF THE KY FIB/. C0MPA7-Y take pleasure it. .:i!bruii:ig !' ; citizens an<i firen??*n of Alexandria, Washington and vicini'*' tl: >t thev have chartered the splendid S?camer >. ' H (i K WAS1IIXGT4)N for an excursion '.o f; ilro.v iixmed place, on TflUKSDiLY. *!AV 1?, 1H55 Refreshments served iih t-l city pri? r, 5' cent.-'. Frofe^eor Pro peri's cclt l.rnted Military f-i.e! Co tillnn Ran4 has been ?'i?:.**Red for the occn' :->n. Tm Pertoiu wisiiin? to spend an agreeable day should not let this opportunity pa--., as ?!!" Connait tee pledie themselves that no pa'ns'? eti< -!a!' be spar, d to make litis THE EXCURSION of the season. The Boat will leave Alexandria at 6V$ o'clock? return and leave Washington nt 'Jv? ai<d Alexandria at 10 o'clock, Returning, the first (mat will leave the White House, at ? o'clock, and the last at 9 o'clock p. m. Tit k?'t-? $1, for a gentleman and two ladi? i. it-ay 10?eotd GRAND PIC NIC or THI rpHE N? >R THERN LIBERTIES' FINE CO.M l I'AN V respectfully make Known t-? their friends and the public generally that they will give their tirst PIC NIC, on THURSDAY, June lSIw, o the WHITE HOUSE The Company will spare no pais* o, < xp-.Bse to insure satisfaction. The Rcf.eehments will he served by an expe rienced ra'erer, Mr A Columbus Visiting Companies will appear in uniform The b<>at will h'ave Gorg^toivn at 1 o'clock; Washington at 2; Navy Yard at 2%; and Alexan dria at J p. m Tickets ON3 DOLLAR?admitting a g'ntleman and ladies?to be ha J of any of the Committee of Ariangemcnts Committee. E (J Evans, H Knight, 8 CulverweM, H P R ibenson, II Keeuan, R Warren, J T llalleck, C Matlock, A Colnmbiw, J II Goddard,jr T Dawson, J Slatford, Mid Rirkhcad, L Newmyer, J King 8 Tayl.?r, may 12?eotl FLOUR! FLOUR! F>(\ BBL8. EXTRA SUPER FLOUR, for baker's *JVr use, approved b ands 40 bbls. extra do do, selected for family us^ HO quarter sa<-k* Family and Superfine, warranted 4'J lb-, to the sack. The attention of bakers and consumers i? invited to the atiove, receiving to day on consignment, which will be sold at flatisfrctoiv prici's, nnd -war ranted to plea-e. WM. C. IIAKPER, Dealer in Flour, Wines, Teas, and Groceries, Pa. avenue, between 4^ and 6rti streets, may 12?eo3t LAW PARTNERSHIP. KOBERT J. WALKER and LOUIS JAN1N have formed a co partnership under the finn of "Walker k Janin," for th? managetuent and ar giiment of cases in the Supreme Court of the United States, and before the Court of Claiivs at Washing ton City. Addres* Washington, D. C. may 10?toJni SUPERIOR SODA WATER. THE subscriber would most respectfully inform his former patrons, and the lovers of strperior Soda Water generally, that his founts are a?a n in operation, and in oruer to kei p up his well earned reputation of keeping the best SODA WATER and most delicious SIRUPS in the cit/,is determined (if possible) to have it still better than heretofore. O. BOSWELL, Diug^ist, Corner Mar)land av., and 7th Ft., Island, ap 20 - lm Washington. A CARD.?LOOK HERE ! A LL ye lovers of the good things of this life, and we will teli you where you may obtain at least some of them. Thanklul for past favors, I would respectfully ask a continuance of the ?aiue dur n^ this Spring and Summer. 1 am prepared to furnuh all who will give me a cail with the sweet and cool ing Beverages in my line at short notice. Such as Ice Creams, Water Ices, of all flavors, Scharlotte Reuse, Blancmange, kc. Cakes of al! kinds. Also, foreigu and duniesti: Fruits and Confectionery, gen orally kept iu well regulated establishments of the kind. Particular attention will be paid to furni-hing Wedding or Bride's Cakes. Also, Parties, Bulls, Excursions, Pic Nics, 8ic., he., ami npen reason able t?rms. Call at the old stand, Massachusetts avenue, be tween 9ih and 10th streets, Northern Liberties, may 7 ?co3m JOHN W tflGHTSTlNE. U. S MARINE BAND. THE undersigned would respectfully inform the Military, Firemen, Clubs, and the public gene rally that by applying to him at the Marine Barracks, or at his residebce. on E, between <Jtb and iOih sts. east, or by note at HilLus 4t llitr's Music Depot, they can obtain the services of the Marine Band, or a portion of it either as a bras-, rred or cotillon band, which will embrace Louis Weber's unrivalled po?ly- F. SCALA, Conductor and Leader of Marine Band, ap 30?lm* PROSPERI'S CORNET BAND NO. L MR. FREDERICK PROSPER! begs leave to in form his friends ^ad former patrons that tins band has been fully re-orgnnized and is now under his direction, and he is fully prepared a band ot the most Scientific Musicians in the citv, to fur nish music for Balls, Parties, Parades, Pic Nics, Ex eursinns, &c., at the shortest notice possible, by ap iilvinpto FREDERICK PROSPERI, Lead.-r.CIIArt. PftOaPERl, Conductor; HILHU8 HITZ'S Mil sic Depot, or at PETER TALTAVUL'S, opposite th- (>'arris<iu, Garruon street, Navv Vua. feb l'i?3m* evening star. THE WAR OF THS WIUDO^S Cia Journal of the Se:ge of a Pretty Girl. [Trmsfotrd from th? French. J HI? THEORY OP TUB CAMPAIGN. Not to offend our brave officers, the art strategy is Dot entirely confined to the Treatise on Fortifications. Besiegine Joesn't exclusively belong to the spec tacled young gents of the Polytechnic School. The sieges of Troy. Rochelle. Belgrade, and Sebastopol are not the only great feats on record. There aro other wars less bloody, but which have never theless their details of interest. In front of my window is a window al ways shut. The curtains are of em broidered muslin, lined with sky blue silk. It can't be a doctor or broker who lives there. The veil has betrayed the goddess. Ihe festooned muslin betrays a woman, [he blue lining shows she's a blonde. A brunette would have chosui red or yellow. When ni;;ht cornea, a fe male servant closes the shutters heri;:ct- j ically, with the air of a convent keener, evidently a cavalry officer wouldn't take such pains to preserve his charms. No ' it 8 a woman. >, 15? fKl Vs n,rrow- The houses arc huddled together, one opposite the other without a respectful distance, as if they were anxious to cause what would be pardonable aft.r two hundred ye?r? of neighborhood. I would like to know f my neighbor is insensible. Is she de formed ? Or. is she no better than she u?U*t ' ^at can't be. Only the Madonna stays in her niche. The Ly herean Venus with lowing girdle hops on one leg around the gaiden. ... ^eH' have time, a free heart, a war like spirit, and, gentle window, I will commence a siege?but a?iegeloyal,dis cre< t, courier*, n fi ank *ud sincere war. I won t enter her house, concealed in an immense brnbon, as the Greeks did in the sitgc of Trey; I won't cabbage her ^ 1 \ ^e ii?r hy famine as Louie Al\ 1 would luthcr throw sweet meats find aitnoncis on her balcony like Henri Quatre. Loves strategy his its own I?.ws; to morrow I will attack place. A line season for a campaign?sprin" lo two inon'h> nrd a half old, .summeris coming, her dress wreathed with flowers, clc&r, the air full of aroma: the work wili ba decidedly exciting. 'tUL RAISING OF TflK SIEGE. The ntne is propitious. It's as hot -><i June. Her widow's oKn, irnYh^e scon only the servant. I could corrupt her at a small price, but that's too much like the Italian coraedics. Besides, it wen t do to eucourage venality; in time of wsr they siioot spies and deserters. I have seized my first weapon, my lorgnette. Through it I have visited her apartment. I like it. The furniture is simple, a sign of distinction. The piano is small, a miniature Erard. A little pi?no is a sign of small hands, i eu.n see a pkee of lace work commenccd. Docs ray beautiful work o' nights like Penelope ? Is 3he making a pair of slip pers for some LTyssca ? FIRST HOSTILITIES. The weather is fairy-like, and the enemy has appeared at her window. Hfr eyes, what artillery! and how the place is armed! She is elegant, gra cious, but i have only seen her eyes, two Paixhan mortars, whose tire is incessant. She has only thrown on me one cotip d'ail, and my heart has blown up like a powder magazine. A pretty woman's look has more power than a Minie rifle. RECON N OITKRIKG. After recovering from the first shock, I examined the besieged. She is hardlv twenty, blonde with black ej'es, a type of Spain regenerated. She is graceful without gaucherie, dignified without stiff ness. Sne is a coquette sub-rosa, gay without romping, and she's not a mar ried woman ! The slippers have no pro prietor !! Ah ! she has shut the window, but I can see her fascinating nose behind the curtain. The enemy is on the alert the day is not lost. ajibcscade. There has been a movement all this afternoon. They have brought in can dles. plants, bouquets. These roses and lilies indicate a fete. Quick, the almanac! I must know her name, and how they call her Paradise. It is the 9th t?f April, Saint Jule's day. Iler name is then Julie, a name half Jewish and half modern. One of those vulgar names ladies of distinction like so well, fcince I know her name, 1 am no longer a Granger ; I can write chansons and anograms on her, my nymph Egeria has come out of her wood. It is night, and the moon has silvered the houses' with its shining rays. She has appeared at her window, cold, imposing, severe, disdainful of my mu'e adoration. S .e thinks herself free in her disdain; but Cynthia, shining just over her head, gives her wholly to me. Thanks to t he reflec tion, her shadow has been thrown on my wall. Charming 3hadow, which Hoffmann has idololized ! I have seen her fine fig ure, her well-formed neck, her empress arm her little hands. Ah ! has she re marked my sentimental folly ? The shadow has disappeared, the window has closed again, and the moon looks at me with mocking eyes. A FALSE RETREAT. Let us change our tactics. Instead of attacking, let us resist, let us feign in difference, barricade our windows. Half the day is gone. She is there. She looks out and doesn't see me. She seems astonished. Bah ! She is a woman and used to being admired. Now to resume the offensive. A poor old beggar is sing ing in the street. Julie goes to the win dow. ^ Together we throw him a sou. Our pieces of money roll away fioin him. We are obliged to show him in which direction they rolled. Juiie smiles. Vithout wishing it, I have been her oo adjutor in an alrnony. her confederate in a good action. PLACING THE TROOPS OP TUB UHE. I have remarked that Julie loves vio lets. I have procured thousands and placed them at my window ; I have sti lled the air like a bouquet at the opera. She has noticed. Th? wind blows tho peifumes from my window to hers, and vice versa. SCALING BV LIO ITT INFANTRY. Flowers arc charming auxiliaries: their dumb language has an interpret r in every heart. Tliey arc faithful troops who die at iheir posts, but I want co horts, Zouaves, bouchi-boutchouks, who will vex the enemy. I have found them hardy, sanguinary, invincible. A legion of birds are attracted by the violets: some of them have flown on Julie's win dow. We feed them together. Wo Lrw: uow one common familj, our cbildrcn. MY YOLTIGUERS ITAVE SCALED THK tiACU. THK MINKS. I have thought of having a lover of the time of Catharine de Medicis: I hive caVed to my aid sorcery, that mine of piatouiclove. In my library is a little l>ook c"i?led Secret* of tke Great Alb*r!; I luv4 sought the simplist means of knowing her who loves me. bold tbe receipt: 44 Place at mil-day a mirror the Imck of your chamber; open your wi v dow to the sun in its full; sprinkle snlL on the sun-rays, say * Add Kab;' thuc times, and your future will appear." As that didn't need the blood of ne v boru babes, nor viper s tongues picklcl. nor four-leaved shamrock to complete the spell, I tried the sorcery. I placcd my mirror before the sun, sprinkled the salt, and Julie appeared ! It was not a mira cle, it was she herself. Mirrors, which they call flatterers, are ungrateful, they do not respect the absent. OPENING OF TIIE BREACH. It is a religious fete to-day. M<>nks are moving in procession, a*id triumphs! arches at e everywhere erected. Seme in genious have placed anarch which unites Julie's window with my own. The priest 3:as blessed us both on our knees. l?o has said " Domnrus voLtfC'im," we havo both replied, " El cum xpirttu tuo,' aud our voices have mingled in the sarr* prayer. They have disappcai i'he rain falls. We must save the flowers which have been biessed. Julie looks st me I loosen my necktie, and say tim idly : 44 Draw towards yourself, c. Julie sm'dcfl. S'ne draws in tbe flowers, and with them r- n-">u\ an avor al a dec laration, which J placcd amid thj laics. I wrote as follows : 44 I love you with a pure and holy love. Do you allow it f Do yen repulse it ? A sign will signify. If I am odious or ridiculous, throw the flowers into the street.'' Why do I Ueinble ! Have I not ma ic a breach ? TDK EPIDEMIC. She has not thrown away the flowers, but she has shut the window I am then an intruder. I have taken away her liberty, her air, her sun. I have menaced ficr with famine?I! V.hat to do ? I am mad. I have a fever. I know not what I am doing/but they hnvc placed me en my couch I talk of my flowers, of my sorcery, I am in a de lirium ! THE TREATY OF PEACE. I have been sick a long time. My jood mother has watched me like a saint I return to life, but feeble as a child. 4 More sieges?" my mother asks, k- More dangerous views from your win dow ?" 44 Oh, mother," said 1,44 the Beige is raised. But my army of flowers, de prived of water, is dead." 4* Tou calumniate ycur troops. In a loyal war, the victorious enemy leaves the soldier his sword, the flower its per fume, tha bird its song Your soldiers have had the benefit of an honorable cap itulation." 44 You jest?" 44 No. As a mother, having the si xty years necessary for a diplomatist, I have called together a congress. 1 have opened conferences, I have arranged the proto cols, I have discussed the guarantees." 441 don't understand." " Having to treat with a noble p? wer, I have contracted with her an alliance offensive and defensive." 44 What would you say ?" 44 Look! behold the iutervicw of the two emperors." I gaze-d. By my bedside stood Julie. She extended her small hand and said, 44 Monsieur, here is one half of a bouquet which belorgs to you." Remarlble Sagacity of a Dog.?Tnt following instance of the remarkable sa gacity of a dog is vouched for by the owner of the animal. A gentleman re siding in Lynn, has, for a long time, tis ited Boston daily on business, at times passing over the Turnpike, and frequent ly over the Eastern Railroad, always ac companied by his deg. On Wednesday last be came to Boston but during the day the dog become separated from his mas ter, who returned home without him. A few hours after the gentleman reach A home the dog also returned. A gentle man who went to Lynn in the aftern v? train, spates that he saw the dog -enter the cars at Boston, and snugly ensconce himself under a i-eat as if to avoid the vigilant eye of the conductor. On the cars stopping at West Lynn, the dog jumped out and hurried home with all possible speed. BIT*As a singing master was i?i his way to fulfil an engagement in a town in the" Connecticut valley, a few days ago, he unfortunately happened to sneeze as ho was passing a bridge over a deep ditch, throwing the false teeth from his mouth into water from tea to fifteen feet deep. The result was that the engage ment had to be p stponed, for the maste r could not sing with an empty mouth. ^^T^The chemist must be afupu^man; for he has a ntert for

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