Newspaper of Evening Star, May 15, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 15, 1855 Page 3
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KVKNING STAR. Local Intelligence. WasimsTOs Councils ?The Board of AI' d*rm*n met yesterday afternoon, at the ap pointed hoar A communication from tho Mayor, enclosing one from the trustees if the public school?, covering one i cm Mr. Wm. H. Miller, t-aee arer of the building comra hee of the First Presbyterian Church, offering to toll to tba corporation a small building near the o&aerva tory, which ?? n ?w used as a chu<ch, for pub* lie school purposes?was laid before them; re ferred to me public school committee. Alio, the bank aocouat to the 12th inat.: re f erred. Also, one enclosing a communication from the tax collector in referenoe to tbe taxes re m lining unpaid, end whioh he wm unable to eolleot by the sale of property; referred to the finance committee. Also, one asking the Council to see that the eorpora'ion be duly represented at the meet ing of the holders of ihe preferred bonds of the Chesapeake and Ohio 3anal Compmy. on Tuesday, 224 Inst; referred to the fioaoce committee Alio, one co nmnnioating the acoornts of the aete-al apothecaries who furnish medicine to the poor, tor the quarter ending March 51st last; referred to the finance committee. Also, the report of the 1 tendent of the asylum, for the m nth ending on tbe 30 h of April ult; referred to the committee for the asyum Mr Hill presented the petition of J. O. Ad ami et ?/.. for paving and grading L s r?t north, between Seventh street west and N\w York avenue; referred to the improvements committee Mr Pepper presented the petitfcm of Wm. H Phillips in reference to an assessment for a ?ewer in square 532, referred to the finance oommittee Mr Pearson presented the petition ef Q- o. E Kirk ?< al , and on leave introduced a bill for paving- Ac , on the west front of squires 466 and 466 between D and P streets south ; referred to >he impro ements committee. Mr. Pepper introduced the petition of W. II Clementson for the remission of a fine ; referred to the claims oomm ttee Mr Dove presented tbe petition of B F. Moxley for remission of a fine; reforred to the claims committee. Mr Borrows presented the petition of Qeo. Juoenun for the remirBion of a fine; referred to the claims committee Mr Evaos introduced a rejoin'ion aocord ing to the Orphans Court tbe use of the AI deim*n's chamber for the purpose of holding that eourt; agreed to. Mr Pepper reported from the improvement committee a bill for the improvement cf tixth Street wes", passed A Common Council bill was next laid before the Board for paving. 4c , in front of squares 316, 342, and 371; referred to the improve ments oommittee Also, a bill from the lower Board in refer ence to the future location of the Northern Liberties' engine-house, providing for the ap. pointment ot a committee to chccee a site, iw ; passed Also, a lower Board's bill to grade Fourth street west, from New York avenue to 0 street north; referred to the improvements com mittee. Alio, another for tbe relief of S. II Piatt; referreil to the claims committee Also, one for grading and graveling M street north; referred to the improvements com mittee. Also, one f r trimming and graveling N s'reet north; referred to the improvements oommittee., a bill making an appropriation ft>r Twentieth street west, from I to P street north; referred to the improvement corn cm tee Mr Magruder reported, from the finance committee, a Joint resolution for the appoint ment of a cu-umit ee to represent the corpo ration in the approaching meeting of tbe Cbeeapeake and Ohio Canal prefered bmd holler*; passed Mr. Clark presented the pe'ltion of Joha M McFarland. rt al, f>r a pavement on tbe n?rth front square 321; referred to the im provemeut committee. Mr Clarke reported back, from the special committee of tbe Sixth-Ward delegation a bill for changing a cross alley in square 877; passed Mr Pepper presented a petition frc-m the Perseveran:e Fire Company, asking for tbe re hanging of their engine house teil; referred to the fire department commit*ee Mr. Pearson reported buck, from the im provements oommittee, tbe bill (jT pivtcg. ?o , on tbe west front cf squares 465 and 466, h.tween D and F st;e;'* nt.rth ; pa ?ed Mr. Fitepatiiek, frcrn '.be polioe committee, reported a bill for the relief of the (ietman Benevolent Society; paised. Also, one making an appropriation to sepply the deficiency io tbe appropriation for grading and gravelling Fourth street ea*t, f om 0 to L street, ana L street from Third etreei to Seventh street east; passed. Mr Borrows reported back from the im provements committee, witb an amendment, tbe lower board s bill to out down and gravel Twelfth tlreet between L -treet and the nortb side of Massachusetts Avenue; amendment agreed te and Hill passed. Mr. Pepper reported back from the improve ments committee, the lower board's till au thorising the pavitg, As , in front of square? 316. 342 and 371; passed Mr Borrows reported, from tbe improve ment committee. ao aot to grade and gravel L street north, between Seventh street west and New York Avenae; passed Also, an aotin relation to horse racks and other obstructions in ^tree's; passed. Mr. Bayly reportod baek from the claim* eomm ttee an aot for the relief ot B. F Stew art; passwi. Also, a resolution asking information of the Mayor In relation to the mistake in the Tax Clerk s Books, as follows : lltsolttd, That the Mayor be and he is hereby requested to inform this Board whether tbe mistakes male in the lax Clerk's boois have been corrected. aDd if not. to inform this Board what clerical force will be required to oorreot the mistakes therein and perfeot the books. Passed. AUo, bills for tbe relief of James M. Miller aad B. F Moxley; both of which were passed. Mr Pepper reported frcm the claims oom mittee. a bill for paving, Ac , on the north tide of squire No 824; passed And men. af er tbe tr ansae ti >n of some other business, the lower board entered the chamber to sit in joint meeting to eleo*. com m sai ners of elect! n and a codifying (reviso ry) committiuner Af er the Joint mseting organised, with Dr. A. McD. Davis, of tbe lower board, in tbe chair, and the Secretary of the Board of Al dermen as secretary of the j>int meeting, the ehair announced that the first vote would be the election of commissioners of election for the First Ward. The ballots tor these officers having been east; befo e tbe result was annoana0d ? Mr. Magruder said tint he had been in formed by his co'leagao. Mr. Kelly, that his ticket c Dlaiced the names of Mesa;s. James Carroll, L^wis M Dorsett. and Samual Drury, and he bad ascertained thai tbis ticket Is cut the one generally voted; and he made this statement tbat the responsibility of appoint ing ibrse judges aitaeaed to one party might reat where it fcelorged Mr Smotfsaid that be had voted for Messrs Chas. Carroll, J. M Dorsett, aid J. W. Dels, wsy. Mr Bayly remarked that tho idea of pre* venting the minority from having any one on tbe board of election commissioners was un heard of in the municipal affairs of Washing ten. and urged the impropriety of it. Mr Plant remarked tbat the friaods of Mr. Maarj had allowed the other aide no reprc sen'ation in the board* of commissioners (su perintending the last Mayor's election. Toe ballot then took piece, and resulted as follows, vis : Carrol, 25; Dorset, 25. Delaway, 17;Drury, 7. The three first named having received a majority on Joint ballot, were declared duly eleoted eomiulaslooera fur tbe eleoii&o la the First Ward. Tns ballot iwt ecEJ&tuwitrt for tha Sec.nd Ward was ten proceeded witb. and resulted as tciicaj vis: John M Dons, 20; Y? P SLsid,' Andrew Tale. 10: Josiah Msl*ln, 21; ?? ?stja. i . f?r? this reoalt ?m announced there ?u discussion upon the propriety of depriving the Urge portion of the ?1tfsen* of Washing ton who wore anti-Know Nothings, Of the pro teetion of 4 representation la the board* of eleotion commissioners, in which H?n Bor rows, Msgruder, Walker, Bayly, and others par'lcin?t?d 1 The ballot! being next counted for oommi? sioners for tha Third Ward, tba result was an neuneed af follows, via: SubuI G*ubb, S4; Eieaser Brown 24; J H Q. McOuteheon, SO; C P WanB?1!,6; Isaac Clark. 1. The following if the re-u'tof the balloting for commissioners of the Fourth Ward : J C i*>riE,21; J C McKenn 23; Ang Klopfer 3; Jag H Boss. 22; Wm A M*ury, 1; Wm J cum, 1; D tvid Saunders, 1. Per 'he Fifth Ward : W P. Furguivoa, 29; J at B Brown, 28; Edmund Barry, 22; B. Baldwin S. For the Sixth Wa?d ?Samuel 8. Sprigs, 25; Nimrod Garretson, 26; H*nry N. Obar, 15 For the Seventh Ward ?Thomas S Lloyd, 9; E S Allen, 11; Z C Martin, 20; J. Pum phre?, 20. Notb ?The three having the highest nam ber of votes on each ballot were in each case duly declared elected ] The chair announoed that the joint meeting would next proceed to the election of a revi sory eommissionett&ir codifying the laws, in place of John M McCalla, resigned Mr. Busey nominated J. F. Peters. Mr Bayly, J F Holiday. Mr tin itb, W J Martin. The result of this ba'.lot was announoed as f*l!o*s: Martin 14; Peters 10; Holiday 4; B. C. Weightm*n 1. N? choice baring been effected, a second ballot took place, with the following revolt: Peters, 11; Martin, 12; Haliday, 5. No choice bavng been effected, a third bal lot took place with the following result?via: Peters, 15; Martin, 11; tialldny, 4. There still being no choioe, a fourth ballot was had, resulting as folows?vis: Peiers, 12; Martin, 17. Mr. William J Martin having received a mi* j <ri'y of tie whole number of votes east, was dtclated duly eleoted, and the jolot meeting adj >urned. After which, ne further business was transacted by the Board of Aldermen Hoard of Cummcn Council.?The Beard u>et at 4 i o'clock. , Mr Dunaanson preeeoted the petition r.f Henry K Kalus owski for the opening of Fif teenth Street; refer ed Mr. DuccansOn, from the oommit'ee on claims, reported B^ard of Aldermen's bill for th ? relief of the heirs of James Moore with an amendment; passed Also, from ibe save oommittee, the Board of Aldermen's bill far the relief of Isaac l'en Eyrk; pis* d Mr Busey moved the following resolution, which was adopted: Kmulved. (Board of Aldermen conoirring ) That the two Boards meet in joint mee iug this afternoon fur the purpose of e ecting three commissioners ot elections, and ono codifierin the place of John M McCalla. resigned. Mr. Clements introduced a bill for grading and graveling Third street; passed A communication wis received from the Perseverauee Fire Company asking aa appro priation of $?t) for the rebansiog of the alarm bell ot ?he company: referred The Presiden< l?id before the Board the fol lowing statement from the Bank of Wash* icg on: Corporation of Washington in account with Dr. /A" Hank vf Washington Cr Generalfu-iO..?.3.965 R?dein'n fund. $1 4:9 49 ?inKirg land... 40 inj^u* fund.... K Soil 11 SrhoM tun ).... 6,11? 0* First Ward .... 1,*'24 7i 8?fonit VV^nl.. J ,r)5-r< -.6 Third Ward... 20 3 10 F:!!h W..rd .... S9? 3m P.?urth Ward.. 5119 03 Hix'h Ward .... 1,958 59 Corpora'n inH.. 3 7W ??3 S<Vt!nth Ward.. 8 3ft! lb Balance.. 11.0% 09 ?.anal intfr^?t.. 2,498 Otj L.^in Asylum... *2.9% 09 ?33 614 43* ?33.6 4 43 Balance due bunfc of Washington, %11 02> < 9. A rep>rt -as received from the intendent of the asylum; referred Also, a communication from the board of traa'ce* of public schools; referred Mr Bus^y introduced a joint resolution aa'h'iming the Mayor to represent the corpo ration at the meeting of the preferred bond holders of the Che.?apo?ke and Ohio Canal, to be heli on the 22d inst.; passed Mr. Smoot introduoed a bill for the casual repairs of streets, avenues, Ac , in the 1st Ward; passed The following bills f'om the Board of Alder men were then taken up? An act for tho improvement of Sixth Itreot west, from E to F -treat; passei. An act appointing a joint committee au thorising tho Mayor and one member of each Br?%>d t") represent tbia Corporation in the meeting of the bond-holders of the Chesapeake Jt Ohio Canal, on the 23d instant; passed An act fur the relief of the Qerman Benevo lent Society; referred An ?ict to cut down and grade Twelfth street !>e ween L ar.d Massachusetts avenuo; parsed Mr J T7. Davis moved to take up the bill for the relief of Wm Rupp; rejected At this point the Board took a recess and jo ned the other Board in a meeting for the purpose of electing ootnmissione's of elections an't one of 'he oodiflera. After returning, ihej adjourned until next Monday. Military ?A meeting of the officers of all toe voienteer oompanies was held last night at Flint's Hotel; Captain Peck, of the Presi dent's Mounted Guard, in the chair, and Lieut. Schekell. of the National Greys, sec re'ary One of the objects of lbs eall was wo learn, with reference to the issuing of commissions to the officers of 'he several juvenile oorps, in this city It was contended that, in the pos siMe abrenoe of the proper officers on par; de, the oommand of the regiment might devolve upon one of the juvenile < fficers, who, by vir tue of the date of bis commission, might out rank a m in of mature age, holding a commis sion of ala'erdate; seniority of oommisiion governing in such cases A resolution, designed to guard against such a c< ntingency, was discussed, and finally laid on the table Tib Ball To-Night ?The Franklin Fire Company's grand firemen's, military, club, and eiv e ball will take place at the National Theatre this evening The proceeds are to be appropriated toward the ereotion of o now en gine-house for the use of the company We doubt not it will be conducted in a style un surprised by any heretofore given, and worthy of the good object for which it iiintended With good music, attentive and competent managers, and elegant arrangements in tha' spaoiuus temple, the very many ladies and gentlemen who will there congregate cann< t fail to paes a remarkably pleasant time The Franklin's balls have always been good, but the oao to-night will eertainly be better, if not the best of any of its predecessor. Robbery ?It is. we think, on evidence of scarcity, either of provisions or funds, when strong, able-bodied men take to stealing the marKeting of their neighbors This morning a man, who calls himself Bill Kegan was oaught in the act of steeling a basket contain., ing a portion of the supplies for a family We are informed that on Saturdav night o gentle man had his basket, containing his supplies for Sunday and Monday stolen, and. with it a piieher of milk, *nd several articles of value to his family. Kegan was sent to jail this morning, but the otaer thief has not boon ar rested ?? Grawd Rroimrvtal Ball.?At the meeting of 'he officers of the eeveral volunteer oom panies, last night, it was decided to give a grind regimental ball, at the National The atre, on Monday night, tho 2lst inst. A oom* mittee of one irem each company was op oo nted to make the neoosaary arragements, 4od Capt. J. Y. Davis of the Washington Light Infantry, wa; selected to act as treasurer on the occasion The object of tho ball is to endeavor to replenish the treasury of tho lev eral companies, and Mr. Winder has offered them the use of tho thootro gratis Accxom*.?The little bridge about four m'les beyond the janctlon on the railroad, wos burned yceterday afternoon, which caused the stoppage of the trains ot that point Tho coupling of one train broke, oad a brakesman was icjared, which added to the troftblo. For tunately no passesgerj were injured, and theif e?oape wss miraculous It is said toe bildgo woo burned by on Incendiary. Wbstcm Market Hocst?Th? Bros ? The following are the bids for building the oe# Western Market how*: J. M Downing * Brother. $10,000; R W. Dore, $10 843: W. M. B'ln k Co , $11,121 91; LjIm L Pbilllpe, $10 800; J. * W Henderson, $11 98$ 60; 0. iiorner, $10,540; W R Woodward, $9 985; n a. rUibnah, $U,175; S Psrkar A Co , $9 850; Wm J WillitBs, $? 900; John B. Turtln, $11,541; George Lumpkin A Co , $0,909 The last named firm wai the lowest bidder, bat coald not be fonnd after waiting a week, and bo the contract was given to the next lowest, Mr. William J. William:. Coot Pabtt ?This morning, the guard house contained the lewteooocrned trial party we have seen during the entire time we have beeu taking the return: from tbo record of the auxiliary guard When the magiitrsto ?poke to them of fine and oonta, they laug'oeJ. and the mention of the jail or workh^nao ap peared to delight them. The officers though; they were too laay to work, and sterling w*? profitless, and if tbey were sent to prison, the city or the Government would be obliged to support them. They <??re sent thither Good Luck foe Axs-hica ?Messrs Taylor & Maury hare handed u* the list of pme holders in the Art Union of London for his yeir We find that the highest prise, value $1,260, was drawn by Mrs B-ainari. of Boston, and that Mr. C B Snow, of this aitj fr a priseholder for $175 The benefit by the dis tribution of Art u therefore, not confined to Engla d, but ex'eads i:s refining influenco throughout the world. Circuit Cohkt ?1h*oase of Jaoob Il'nes. vs Fi'tbugh and Gordon, (issue sent from the Orphan s Court, to 'ry the validity of a will execu ed by .Mr* liines, the mo her, by a previous husband of the defendant a wives,) which w/ a peDding for several days, has been decided adversely to 'he will. CoimaM&Tioif ?We learn that Bishop Wblttingbam will be in a'tendance at the Churoh of the Ascension, next Thur-day nigh' to administer the titeof confi mation to a n> tu ber of persons about to connect them elres *ith tbat church The services will oommeuco at eight o'clock - Goes to Court ?The young woman wto was acou-ed of tea'iog up the olothm* of Ltura Smith, bad her examination yesterdny bt-fore Jus'ioe Ciark 1 he evidence justified the magistrate in holding her to bail to ap pear at the Criminal Court. Luxuries?This morning, green peas, in Centre Ma'ket, were sold at a dollar a peck, strawberries, a dollar a quart, goo eberries, thirty-seven end a half een'S. and gresn apri oots, eighty-seven and a half cents a quart. Watch Returns.?David 8avr.g?, throwing ?tjnes, fine and aoat?; Henry Johnson, colored, vagrant, workhouse 90 d-tys; Bill Kegan, steal ing market-basket, jail; Jaj Hiser, assault, jail. fry PRKMIUMS AT THK r*IBS?WHITIHURSTH ?t11f In Ui? mc?b1?b"? ? TTie |*iri?* of eacb of the lata hfal it BalUn ia, Richmond, and New York awarded their highest premium* to J. U. W. for their inferiority of Pho tograph*, Htereoecop** and l??*urrrect?p-* esblbtud. Mr. W. alto lerslved two Medal* at the World'* Fair, ten don, and a prernlnm at Crystal P?la<a, New Tork. Alas, the first award* of tbo Maryland Institute fur three years i>a*t. Whltebarst'* Gallery la Uils city Is on Pa. ***:.??, Ww. it* and eu. streets. feb IT r>^>-OR HOOFI.ASJD'M CRI.KBRATKD OKBMllf ?IT TBBfl. There are f?w tlilnr* whtcli afford ns *r*e'er pleeesre than sitting down to write a notice of tha o*!?l>r?it d land Oens ?n Blttars, we ara fnl!y ccai^car w? ape coaferrlns a public benefit. and onr heart t?ll* ti* tt<it by our notice* many hare bec:i I dac?1 to take thea* Bl't?re, and been rescued from arm, by liver complaint, Ac., for the core of which it U cerulo It la prepared and ?old only by Or. C. M. JAfKSON, ?t the Genrntn ftiedlc ne Store, No. ISO Arch street, Philadelphia. See adTertltement. !^~7?A b ECKKT FOB THB I.ADIKS? HOW IU PEK8KKVK Beanty.?IV-n't uee Chalk. Lily TfliHtl or any of the ?o-calied co-iiB-tlca, t" conceal a fad,-| or eillow complexion. If yoo W' lild hate the ? ???ea brought bark to yonr cheek, a clear, healthy and tranapar^Pt ar.'l life en?l ?ifor ln fnnel throoaii the eyttenj. a bt< le <>f Coriar'a SpinUh M'xtnre, ai.d take u acv?r*t>:^ tiliactlon*. It doe-not ta?t?j <jult? aa well as eweetmeata ; but, !f a??.?!r a few ilosea yon <^o not fled yonr io.. tl< and be*ut7 reviving yonr ?u$p elastic and vlgorona. *i?d the whole ay-tem refrM'i-d a-<l lurlforated iko a Spring mornlnp. t? en your oa?e 1? hor-e fe?a. and all t >e valcubie eerti<l"aie? ?<j j<.*e??a. go for naught. It li the jire?t '"t pinrter of the blood kno < n. la perfectly harmleat, au<l at ttie Mine tim? powerfUu; cO'v d^ria. ? ?4TerM??taeal. rV-T^NOAD WALKER a CO., MaibleHall Clothing ffrr.j'O rlaca, nitder Hotel, reepectfnlly annoui>c? tlu.t tfcelr dlaplay of Spring and 8nm<uer Clotlilng I* now ready tor luapectlob. couiprletug an aaaortment cf OoaLa, Veata and Pantaloons of tha newest and rlcfceet deei^ne "ft material, tr'mmlng ?t.d work aisshtp. To geotlanien who ?tady exoellenoe with eoom my I ? faahlonable articles of dre*e an opportunity for ee'ecth.^ 19 offered from one of Hi* largest arid moe*. a'traclUe stock of good* ever otfered Sa thi< city at ? very redoiwd ecaleofj i loee. ap IV [f 'O UILMiN, Ornggl?t, ban removed to KM Seventh atreet, oppo?lt? to thx P itriotl*; Bank, and la now pre pared to All all orders for Medici ?*, Paint*. Oil*, and 61>?a oa aooommo-U Ing term*. Strict att?nt|ou will be rail to phyaldao'e preacrl tion* at all hoar<> of tlie day and night. The nlgbt bell la on (be right of the Mere door. ap 14?itn 0 \ ?yjok ttHTL'.iaaToa receive* all the new Book* ?nd Kewe caper* ai f**t aa pnbllahed. He !? agent for H^rper'a and all tfce cl.ler Ma^aalr.ea, and ear raadar* will alwaya Cad a large and good aaaortrnent of Black B-wk' a:i 1 Ktailonxry at tela Bookstore. Odeon Haildlu. cor Pa. aveni,* a. d 4 H at <?l Kli ' On the 15th in*t., II VRUIET. w il't r>f f)-K,<ir Thorn, in tl?e forty ninth y? ar *?? h?*r n?r leaving a hu-banil and fiv^ chil<lr>>n l? deplore lh?-ir Io?h " Bl. ?s<Jd the di-aii ilia* 4te in t ? ? nrd.?' H*r t'tint-ral will tak? plac?- at 4 o'clock, on the ltith Th* trie lid* of th? lauiily are respectfully in viis d to ait nd ? Want* WANTED.?A TORTER in our Htore. Pcfei? *nce retjuiied. ^puly to HOWELL 8t MOR8BLL. No. 323 tJ *tr**i, l>-lwe?;n 6>h and 7th. Dru*lie?, uin-r-cil Oil, Wluie Lead, Z nc Whit?*, While Varni^h, Stc , for bile as atMtve, in a?v qwa'i litv may li?<}.* Xl.' ANTED.- Ah active end intelligent BOY; W one who id willing to HDil'e h:nm If cen-riilty useful can find a good eiiuatiun by calling at N > laO Br dw mreei Georgviotan nay 15?2i Hr ANTED?A Hitua i<>n b} a cood Farm hind a* ploughman or to drive a team, or am kmn of work on a farm. Address "PI',' at he rtiai oflBce. may 15 3i* WANTBD-IN A RETAIL DRY GOODS tliore. a Youth, w ho ha* had nwie experi ei>< e in the retail trade Addrean Box 103 P. O may 15?3i^ WANTED?COUNTRY ROARD near W?bK incton, for a lady and child. Adder** ' A B" at iiii? oftice. may 15?If \ITA^TED?AT THE DAGUEFREAN G\L ff lery over Gall At Bio's Jewelry ritore, a young Arneric >n Lady, of prepo-M9 in* app^ai nee and good addre**, 10 attend in the reception room. Ap ly at the Gallery between 8 and 10 a. m. m?y 1ft -It* W'ANTE ??A YOUNG M AN,. OR LAD, TO drive a milk wajo ?. One that can r?a I and write, well acquainted with the city, understand* lb c?r? and management of a home and wagon, so ber, hon?*ft, careful, and induatrioug, and ean be well recommended way apply at Locual Hill Farm, 7ib aire, t road, near the firm toll-gate. may 14?3t* WANTrt A SITUATION ?AN E>GLIdll wo man, who can give the best references and teatimonialj ?>b >usekeeper, nurse or irtvt>lling as sistance forcbildren. Aduress, ,4C 8," at tbis of iic?*, or at Mrs. Ea^by'i near ihe Navy Yard, may 14? 3t* WANTED?TWO HANDH, wblie or block, and a man aud bis wife, by llie year, io work on a farm near the District Also, would hire orn ircha?e a second band Canal Boat. Call between 9 and 3 o'clock, daily, at the offlccol LLOYD fc CO, opposi:e tbe Treasury, may 8?if 15ib -trret. W' A N T E D ?A PARTNER TO WORK A ketone Quarry and contract for sale of fltone to Governmenl and others, there being now greaide nand for stone. Th ? Quarry i? (mni??dUtely oppo aite Georget wn. JiBrg.; shanty, bl^ck?mlih i?hop, and every impleweut on tb>: spot. Tt u quarry fur nishes tbe best and largest truck Htoue, Ike. A cbance ia now offered. Call or write to ' LLOYD & CO, street, oppo. the Treasury. may 3?tf WANTED?EVERYBODY TO KNOW THAT they can get a lot 34 feet front by 130 fe*i de? p, for Die low price of $75?payable $3 a innntb without Interest. Apply at the Union Land Office. 7tb St.. ab<>w Oid Felloira' Hall. ap 96?3m JOHN FOX. Sec. FOW MA I. Hi?The fatt and coinforuhlt Sloop PIONFJER now lying at tb? Bte&mbou.'^A Wiarl Awwy to T. Martin or Geo T. How-^Qb art, tuar that \','barf. , may la? ClAMPBELL'S PICTIONARY of Military Sci y encat* Hut >rv and Tactlcj by t'ap tain Nolaa on the Training of Cavalry Horw, R<g ulattong for Yto;aenr? Vavalir. ?p90 FRANCK TAYLOK. For Sale and Pant ITOR RENT?THE TWO NBW HOUSES OSi r Pierre atroot Nirnn L and Bf ??wi, <???" talntag slxrootbs each. wW basement and a larga ya-d attach*! To punctual tenant* the Inw m.t cf right dollar* W1 be cha'geJ month J. Enquire of the nwn?r, opposite the premise*. may lS-gar" CBAS TBOMA. A MAGNIFICENT RESIDENCE P??R HA! E or Rent.? I will either sell ?,y Farm or the Georgetown and Rock?W? Turnpike, 9 miles above Oco-g -to* n, n^Joinlt'fs Tennailytnr-n, or I wi|l r? nt to a good tenant, the house ami garden, (inctudii g furn'ture, if desired) cow?, ke , f<>r the snmir<' r ? (Jail ou tiie subscriber, at Mm LYI.ES'S, sdiol, - !?!t. THOS. MARSHALL. mry 13- lOt \ PRIVATE BOARDING HOU8h, NEVVI.V and handsomely furnished, for nut, from 1ft Juu* to November, and longer it desired. It !? ren tral, and being near the departments always com mand* any numl-er of boarlert Eight or ten ft re now in it who w> I be permanent if de-1 ed. 1 he lady wishing to go in the countrv will rent or, thr , mo*t reasonable terms Address ?;A X," City Pn t Qffce. mar 14-3i* 1}UR RENT?A COHFORTABLETA O a l? < . ry Hou?e on 9tfi street, ctween M an 1 N sts Possession given I mm* la'ely. Apjly to the sub soribers, at their Lumber Yard. corner of 98 h nnd OMrcet-. H. N. k J. W. EASBY. may 10? V OR SALt? \ FLOURISHING MRUO STORE with a complete ?<?*?> ted et?vk of b-?? <'nig?. lie . In one <>fthe bft locations in Wa-h ngton. n. C The present owner heinc on ihe p-ini ofleav-1 ing will so I at a ttry reasonable price ^ny on* who has a thorough kinwleri?e of the hu-ine s ?n-' ihe nece. sary qualifications of ihe hu ines- will find it a rare chance. Address "H 8," B- i It 6 ** a-h intt m city mav s* lw* ? ? FfOR RENT?THE SMALL FK ?ME iwo-mor? House, N-?. 47 9 Thir eenth street west sid" two rioorssouth of Pa. av? nue li i* n?n and com ftrtahle Po*.easiou sivrn immediate y. Apolv at lha Mar Offi e. m?y 8 if I^OR RENT?SEVERAL HANDSOME PAR r l'?rs and Chambers, with hoard. AI*o, Ti.hi?? and transient loard. Inqui.e nt Mrs SMITH'S, 933 P afreet an9 VALUABLE TRACTS OF LAND NEAR tl> ity, at Private Sale ?Fur sale f.iur ?. ?ry ?t? siraMe and eligibly ri'ua'ed tracts of j and. contain ing about filty acres each pun v in Montgomery eouotv. but principally in Washington c?Unty, DC. oppo-ne the tarm of Jo-eph H Bra 'l^y, Esq.. almut 4.^ mil* a troi i Wa-ti niftnn, c< inmun-catlnp wi'h it bv a new and eomnvdious mad .ow under con cfuctmn The soil U excellt nt, and w< H adapted to corn and wh? at 'I he situation ls? prominent a? healthy, and the land well watered. There are three tenements on the premises. Thi? pn-pe ty i* p culia ly suited to gentlemen having busiue--?? in the city for beautiful country res Idences. A pia? of the property can be seen at the office of th? sutiscriWr John Parker, E?q , living adjoininf, wiil show the property to any who mav wl?h to set- it. EliW. SWANN. No. 190 Louisiana avenue, near City IIsJI. ap 90 eoi.n For rent?four new av?? conveni ent Hnck Houses, brown inaaftck from*, con taining parlors with marble mantelx, dinin- 100m. kitchen, servant s ?Kin, and five chamt^ rs each, ] and situates on Thirteenth atreet, Islam!, near t'^e public grounds, convenient to Pa. av?n::e hud the Departments. R.-nt very moderate. Apply at R. I). CLAUKE'B 'fflce, corner of Hizth sir.-et aid Houi-d.-ina avenue, or at D. B. CI.ARKK'.-t Drug j Store, Eleventh street. Island. mar o?eotl For sale ot rent-a new fr \ .vie ! H"uw, M'.uatrd on Waahlngton st>?et, t.eor?e town The 1 "ti-e it? cumfonab'y irange.1, c r.iiin- ] 1 wo fin* parlor*-, eikbt bed chan>b' rs n:.d *>> ?*c? I ient kite tun, au.1 1- situated in on*; of ih'' most healthy end quiet par ? of Georgetown. Enquire ot the owner. J< HN J. FLY E, nett dnr>r. may 12? 9awtf U0M.r;S Foil ALL.? Beauuiuliy am! healthily lo- aied Building Lots, 24 te?t lYori1 l.v 130 f-et ? deep, on graded.streets, can, until spring, lie hritrght I p.t the eiceedisg low price ol .^|75, pHyaLir- ?'.i j? r month. TnJi1 indisputable. Union I-iuid Office, 7th st., above Odd Fellowa' j-.n H?Cm iOITV F'?X. ^erir'nrj I) ENTH UKbsji ED TO SUIT Mil. i IMES". I, ?150 a year will be r^c -ived for the rent of tho-e new and convenient cottages ei Kendall Green, with two acres of grnumi, staMe, wood ?h> d nad other cr.nvenienres attached. Pumps of pU'C water ar- near ihe door, ?-nd commuii;cat on is had with Georgetown by wa--* of H and ?*e.vei!t^ .treete and Pe> n. Avunue, morning and aft* moon, at the 11-ual fare, for the accommodation of c!trk? in the departments. fo secure the adv^n'8*' of this great reduction of r? nt iminediate application iuu?t b:; m.ide to the undersigned, enhrr by letter, or at his house it Ken.Ia I Gr^en, a(\?;r office hours, Mriiere the K- ys 1 may he had ; ;id the houses Inspe ted at any tun Kever&I o! Lhecc rcsidenres wi!i b^ sold on liberal itrms. WM snCKNEY, No 4, Kendall Green. N. B ?paid quarteriy in advance. apr 9. 1*55 tf Boardinf?. BO ilLtDI SO.?One fine large front room, wuli an a joining chamber, handsomely fur ,!^?e<i,1 suitable for a lamilv or several young men. AI-?', Chamber* larger than lire generally appropriated to single 2 mletnen, with b-iar.l, on n..i?onable terms The situa'>oii is high and hen thy. ?"d i . the imtie di>tc n< irhb':rhood 01" the l'at?-nt' ?ffice. Post Otfire, and Inditn Bur <iu. Transient au.i table lsi-?r?ters c:in be ?lso aeci mniodKJed uy application 10 No. 3 Union f? >w. F street, between 8ih and 7ih sts. may 14 1** BOA KOI KO ? V1RS. M C. GRK^R ret-pect tully announces that >he has tak?-n ihe large an l toiBBi ;diou? new hri: k house. N 8BO Penn. avenu -, near 91 street, withmg one minute's walk of the 1 'apitol, a short distance trom ih* lailro.ol rte pot, and -he i- now prepared to receive hotrd* rs by t!ie day or week upon the n?osi r?asonat>le t rins Also, h is a nu.nber of fine Rooms funu>hed or unfurnuhed, with or with >ut t>oard Anplieation as above. mav 'I ? Iw AO T I C K?FOR RENT'P.ARLoHS AND Ch?in ers. with botrd AIko, table and tran sunt board, with a bulling room an i shower b?ths ami evsry attention to renrter it m?n?i ii?re< able to her boarde s Mrs. P G MURRAY, Comer Pennsylvania avenue and \\^ st. ap93?3m BOAllO, dfcc.-MRS. BATES, on the sou'h west corner of Pa. avenue and 9th sireet is pre pared 10 accommodate gentlemen with rooms, with or without board. Every effort will be made to ren der those comfort: ble who may favor ber with their |in roust}.* an ft -if IF YOU BEAD ADVtHTIbEMJLNTS I)LEASE notice that I have. fre?h from he es tablishment in N? w York, Ilei ker's belf RhIs ins F our Heeker's Grits Decker's Maccar ni and Vermaiel i, Hecker's Farina, one paper of which, at 14 cei.u, *dl make a tuperior dish fcuffii ient for fifteen or twenty persons Abo, Oswego Corn Starch and Cornena, a great variety of M iMard's piepariMions ol ( hmoaiefor eating -nd drinking Baker's superior C icoa p'ste from which, in a few ininule^, l?v pcnirm-j boilrig water on i| a very tupeiior cup of Chocolate can be made. When dollars'and eent? are made a studv and at ihe same lime superior article for health and econ omy ii required, you wo1 Id do well to call at KING'S tiroeery and Variety Store corner Ve mont ave nue and I streets, a lew =leps northeast ? f Jackson Statue. may 11?tf '|'HE IRRIGATION OF PIEDMONT and Lorn 1 bardy, by Capt R B Smiih, Bengal En"ineers, 9 vols and Atlas of Plates London. lo52 Donald on Land Drainage and Irrigation, I volume. London.1854 Agricu tural Drainage, pamphlet, T.ondou ttunn's Practical Treatise on Draining Land, l vol, New York, 1855 Manual of Practieal Draining, by Henry Stepheus, l vol. Edinburg Strachan's Tables on Draining 1 vol, E'inbutg Strach tn'd Agricultural Tables. 1 vol. Edinbur?. may 11 ? FRAN'CK TAYLOR. WILL A R D'S UOTEL, Old Point Comfort, Vs. 1MIIS SPLRND10 SEA-SHORE HOUSE IS NOW OPEN. Boar<) j)erday........??....^. ^9 Board by the week, per day 1 53 Board by tbc month, per day 1 93 Baths free (or the guest9 may 10-lni >!. C. W1LLAR ' & BRO NEW AND OLD PIANOS. WE have now m store the largest assortment ot PI AN S e?er offere In ihis city inmi Hal let, Davis & Co , Bacon k kaven,*8tid Knabe, Gaehle Ik Co's celekrate.d manufactori-.*. Tb' ?e Pianos we guarantee, and atII upon vety ea?y ter ns Also, a new PI no u<ed only a few motiUis, which we offer at the low price of *900 rash ; a second hand Piano, by Andre Stien, for 575. A very fine second band Chickertag Piano for sale or rent at a bargain. Old Pianos takcu in eichang* Cor new. Always on hand, Smols, Cover', Vtoliua, Guitars, Flutes, Accordeotia, Muric. he kc. JOHN F. ELLTB, 80? Pei.niylvania avenua, tr.ay Vi bet. 9th and IQtb streeta. ALL STRANGI its vizi: ing the City should Me Runt?r-? Can l.??ue ul the Curloatiiw of the Pnt^rt Office, Aiao, Hilt! DeKjipiion ot PowcUN Oreat rictuxe. Auction 8al?ft, ay ORIll * SCOTT, AtttltBMN. ri?BU*?Ers rale op valvule rbal I E*tat?'.?.**y **r ue nf a &*<>> a of tha Orpk'M* Conn of tha D>trlct of Columbia, f?r the county of - n?hL>gi"?i ajproved hy 'he Ciirult *>.??? of Dl-trtet slum* ?- chancery, wu#. d m the matt-rn ibe p-tition of Wilflfffl W hitroore. et a'. cMdren and heire-M-la" of William VV Wh! m~re. la's of said county eecea-cd. f will, on 1 HUHflDAY, ih? 31 -a ria\ of May, ll^S. ?t 6 o'clock d m , in front nfilie prnoerit (<>?!' Lot* of emorMl Rum bered ??cventern (17) and eigh'?cw {1*> in Square numbered five humiMi and ihrcc (?0T; ?? Mtt In the city <-f Wa-htngv n, a*id Otflrtti aswsal i. Th^ abnve d'Mrihrd property is* siMnt'd <?n the north *eM corner t>f 6 h ?tpeet *i:tt ?ihI V ?trM s^ut", and contains in 111** ftgEregai* aboct lv.urte n thr-tuard square feet of *r und. Ti rmi f pal*-: Oa? third cash, and ih* Wlfc* in two c-|u*l p 'jrq enta at six and iwelve months, with in'er- st f i?? d^T "I The deferred paye-cnt to b*- secured y t >e noie of the ^.urchaaer of pur chaser- satisfactorily endoi>ed. Upon the full :>ayo>cnt of ibe purchase mrn-y and jnt< r~st at d ihe ratification of ihe sal<- hv the C'?nr , th- trustee wi'l convey said lot* of gr unr4 to the purchaser or purchvrn thereof, at hi*- rr their cost and < xp? n-?? I' the t im? of sal are not corn p* led **"ith Within five dn\s Irom tha ''ay of sale, the truset reserves the ri*ht to r*?*?-tl paid lots. ? *-?ih? r of litem ni?"t? reasonable notice, at t'-c r1>-k nn.1 cotf or the fir?t purchaser. RICHARD H LA>KfY, Tr GREEN I R-OTT, may'5-?'??*8n'? Awn.-nw?*ra. "y 'SKKRN Jt ?CntT, Anet oat.'*. Improved and irvivpfto' F.n propertv ?t Auction ?On FKIO.A* , th< '8 l? In* ?nt, we fhnll s- 11. -it frmir of th premise*. at 6 o'c'ock p n. a fniu'. "wo storv f?a?ne II a"d L^t, ?i'OHH o? 'he wi-Kt !-fd?* oi inth mrwi X> w V?-rlc av ?r-e Aiut K *?r? *?t. ? ein* j prt ol L"t No 7, in fq-ta?> -43, !n*i. a a irtnt of '/J |V??; tiinri** hack to x> ail?y Th?- h'-.ii?p contain- nix root rmnr. A'?d immi'dnii l> aft*-r tl?^ ?al?- ?if il?p ah??'-#. w nil II -?*ll. in tron' of thr pifmi'H par' ot L->t N'- 8 i" Squar- No 4*27 havi?.?? a 'roi-t on th** ruh'i? cpnc*' of 31 frot. b? iw en 7t?i and 8th ?t< , IH)RM>di c ?*ly ?oirh < fihe %'oithe n Liberties' Market, witli .?''i-pth of 00 i?*ff. Ti'V iii?"i<i ma* !c T?rm? : On# hird ca*h ; ha| In on* and twr. yf*ars, for iiotci benrins in?.fre?t from ibe ddy of th? sal" A deed giren and a derd of tnntt ta* en GKEE.N' A. SCOTT, mr?y 15?^1 A"- 'i MV. Hy O W. B1TKI.RH, *ucil *e*-r. SALE OF FOUR RUILDIVG LOTS at Auc tion On 'f'ESttAV artcrioon. May 29, at f o'clock, I eh?ll *rll. om t!ie pr m ecs rwr o of lot- V and .'tit, in Sqna'?* 552 fronting "acli 6*2 teet " incl e rn P i-feet. h twfi n f^ennn m d Tiiud hlr??*t? an lots 10 and II, in Square 551, fron'ine ?-afh 57 f.-f?i on t) ftrcrt, between New Str*ey &?kbuc ani Or 8TC?-t Term^ : One fourth ca?h ; balance in 6,18 and IP rnont.iio, wi;h interest, ieciir?-d hv dr^t on pn pt riy U W BOTFLKR. mtiy 15?-o Auctioneer. By WAI.L, S * Rl* AID dt CO , Ah: ts MAUOUANY, WALNUT VENEER IN 3, *r at A tie ion On FRIDAY rft?-r noon, the 18h i punt, at 2 o'clock, wc *i;uil e*-J, in front of our Auction Koom^ A larce lot of anlr>tany, walr.nt and uiapls Ve necia Ma*?o^3nv and wnlnm Wood*, thariid an cuiled Th" attention of rnltinetmater* is invited T< rms: $*20 and under ca-h; orr* thai ?um a rri dit of 'JO nnd 10 days, for uotefc aati-f^ot^r Jy en dorsrd, l>?*arin 7 inter??^t. WALL, BARNARD fc CO., nny 15?du Aunionwrs. Fy C W". HOTkl.EA, Auctioneer. TEV SMALL noUSBK aT AUCTION.?o* MONDAY a'ieriioon. May 21?t, at 6 o'clock, I >ii ;ll sell, on t!i?? i-r- mi-cs, sn ^?p>are 545, pa;:.- T Lots Ifc, ID, and 25, toeeiher v/rii the imptov^nier.t th?T*-on o usi-tirf of t??ii < onv> nifutlv arranxt-i end nearly new f rame Uvu-tf, eucii containing H t >Ot1i* Th s property i? located on south K, t-ctwe?c 31 and ?; k utircti. I't-ifiu! F;-r each F?ou??e $50 ca^h ; re??'??* <'2^ p^r mow U till p'tid, trith interert, secured by a dt? d of tr'f^t on the ptopcry. O. IV. ROTELER, may 1 j?eott Auctioneer. 14%' .1 C 9!cG''!l!R, Aaciloneer f RUSTEE'S 8V f: OF VALUABLE nUILH I ine L t n?-nr K iir ad I) ftot By vi tue <>f a d??! <?! iri.;i be;<n?i* <'at?-f n ihr 4tli day ot Aon", 58 4 and recorded in Lib r J A S, No S8, folio IK1. &c., tn?- i'jb-<cfiu? r wilt ?u!l. at pu^n- tale. u.> FalD.AY,?he 5 h uav <-f .nn??, 1855, 5A ??Vine* p m., on the preniiMfs, aJl Uiii | t?-ce t>r p rc?l ?f Broun I l>in? anj heii.p ?l?ui'e in the nt? <-i Wa r incl '". a'id b it:c pari ??f nju n: No 63") W;ini>i' ? ?tt a i- itit on N? w Jersey avenue *?70 tVei ir- m U?t tior|h'A'<vt cor -*-r of said srji-artr a<i>i running (bene ea-twariily at r>ght angles to New era y avrnu* 124 feel 13H inclie-1, thcnce due -?ntt'i 2'3 feet, nmre or It:*-*, to u parallel line 93 l?ei fiogi the fir-t ?te ?cribeil line c! th-s piece of ground, and runrm gpar allil w ith said iin? we tcrardly to N w Jer^y hx, nil*: 118 fe??t 1 \i inche*. th? nc-nonhwn-div on New Jersey avenn 22 feet to the poi t ol hegmninc. 'I be ab vi- pr*p?-ny i.4 e'igiVy situated n*-ar tb* Raiiroat Dep' tai.d ndioii-inj F? y ? HoieJ, r^iddlt enhancing i<? va'ne. .tnd offers a mo*t f.-.vorab e o>? poitinity for inveetmwii 'IVrn i of sale: Half ca<h. and ba'ance In 6 !?. and 18 month.-, f r note* beering lot mt rrom th day *:f sale, secured by e de^tj in troj' upon ih? proi-niv If the tenrg of fbI*? ar*1 rot complied with in mj da? e after 'l*e ?alc, the pr p -ny will i e roo'J at the riri and ixpen?-' *?' Mio pu'c! a ? r. CI!AS a. WALLACH Tnislee. JAa C M-GUIt'E, way 15-coki's Anciioneer Of ..'AS. C. NcGUIKVi Auctlonee** \rEltV VAI.UA LE KIHLDIA'G LO ? in ih. first Want at lnblicS.i'c ?On MON"AV a fein -on. Mav 2Ut, at 5Vi o'clock, on the prei< ? e?. I hall aell lot No 4, in Square 10-2, troniing 51 fe?t 1 % iiohen on nnrth U, between 2??ih and 21 i tt^ , ru?ni?g t>afk IS J leet, with an outlet from the icai to 90 h street. 'J hi* lot in delightfully ?i'wated in one of 'lie n??>M f pin naM* part* ??f ilie Firrt Ward, m inerou* fin? ? ounet. beiu* in pn gress o. erection in ti e immedi ate vicnny. Title perfect Termf: Onr-third ca.h ; the residue in 6, 12. an?t 18 iii(inth<. with interest, secured by a deed ol tru t on the premise*. JA8. C. McUUlRE, may 15?d Auctioneer. By j A * C MeG(JI?K, Auc'lon ?r. T7-FUY VALUA8I E HI'IL ING LOT ON F, V beiw en 13ih and 14'h n reels at Auction.?On TUESDAY afteri-oon Mav S31, at 5H o'clock, oi on the pn misM - 1 sb?H 'tl Ihe wc*' tialfof l.ot 22 hi f5?|ii?rc No. 054, having a fr?'Ut ot 31 ft. 2% :nch es on F si, heiween I3tli and 14i'i, running back 100 fe*-t to a 30 feet alley. Thi? u pr bahly one of the most de-ira'.le Lots fot sale in llut Kection of ?he 'ily. T. una : One thiid cash ; the reaidue in 6 and 12 montha, with interest, secured by a d?ed ?.f trust on tiie premises. JA8. C- McGl'IRE. may 15?d Auctioneer. By UHKK9I A. ?COTT( Au> tlneci SIX VALUABLE BUILDING LOTS AT AUC uou ? On THURrDAY, the 17ih ikstaaL we shall sell, at 6 o'clock p. m , on the premise*, six v.iluahle buihiing Lutt, situatel at ihe corner of C and il'h streets east, being L la Nos 1.2 3 90 91, "n<J 92, in Square No 923, having a front of 234 f. 5 inches on 9ih street, an J 14S fett 2 ipehes on C fclitei. . The above described nn>perty is handsomely lo cated, but a few minutes' walk from Ihe Naty Yarv. Terms; One-half rash; balance In one and two years ihe i urchaser to give notes for the d -tene<j paymenia, bearing iuler?st from the day of sale. A Jc<d given aiid ? de? d of truat taken. GREE5I ?l SCOTT, may 12?d Auctioneers. By GttlCICN A SCuTT, Auctioneers. Handsome household and kitchen Furnitu?e at Audi n.?On WEDNESDAY, the 10th instant, we shall sell, at the resi *.t Mr S C Wroe, on C, between 2i and 31 firert-j, near tb*; Trinity Chun h, at 10 o'clock a. in., an ex cellent ul'iosnwoud, luabogaay and tvsl nut furniture, vix: 1 fine carved lowwocd Centre Table#, with Piam and marble tups Fine Oolitic velvet cover?*l Caitor and Fancy Chairs Mahogany Fr? nch tpnng seat parlor Chain Do Teie a-Teles ? nd otner Solas D-? I'.ookca-e and Secretary Do n>arhle top ^ideboard Twn aeu Waiuui Furniture, coiv?i?Ung of? Fine Dressing Bureaus, French Bedaleadi with >p mp< Marble-top Washttands, Centre Tabiet ml Chain Hair Mfcllres?cj and Bed-lii.g G randoiec. Solar and other Lamp" Iron Halrack, walnut exiet sion 'I'aWe Fme rrtvaiel Windf>w Curtaius aad Omamentsi Tiiree-piy and other Carjh u Sio7os and And Irons Gilt frame Mirror China, glaas and Crookcrywure \\ ith a g?~td ?9e >rmeiit of Klichen Requisite* Willi many other arxUJes which we deem mine, cessory to enumerate. The aboee menuoned Furniture la to Qne ord?i an ? of good quality Ferrous wishing to fvir.lil * 1 i do weL to a.tand ihe sale Ti nni: Ail sure.- of aud unU^r 3^35 cu.-h; ctct$2: a cicdi; cd S and 4 months for utu es-iiifect fiij UKfr.r^i, bsar'jif iniereat. or>:ex r scoTr, . may U?J Aufc*iw?eci?, ? ?? ? I ? ? 11 III# TELEGRAPHIC. DAILY BVEICHTQ STAR Liter from Oalifbrnia Rlw Ouuxi, May 14th.?The ProiMhtgi baa arrived wi tk California daee of tbe 34 h, bo; th re is UtUe mwi of faaaral in area' ? Tbe Unfed States Land Commissioner kaa 00Tjflrsi?4 th* Weber ?lain of elevaa rq?ara I rga?i rf lai d upon a part of whiok the oltj of Stockton Is located Two heavy failure# have takes fdaea; Jen D tncal f -r $->0 000, tad George B. Upton, Jr , for $10? 0 0 Lu-i (?< 13 very daM. There have been ae foreign nrMvalg si ace lastadvioee Saar-.Jerp. the former, bu etc a pad Is a van sol b:uni t > China Tbe papers are filled with saaberleea mar drn aad ?uiei1ej fhe Bartherfl Light?Later tnm Central / rtaa Nbw Oklbak.4, May 14?The Son'bsea Telegraph liar ia down a< ub of Co'ambia. Tha steamship >>i hers Light lef'San Juaa on tbe Bight < f the 8?h for New Tark, with .150 puaengera ar d $300,000 io apecie 6he bring Nicaraguan newanf theft h The revolution his received a oew impetas fro* t ie aceeaai-jo of Qeneral Marros 1 wo rich coppar mines have been dUoova? ed ia Ccata Ki -a. later from Havana New Yoeir, M y 15 ?Tbe ateamer Grana da, with Harana da'es of the 10th has arrived, u' her news is noimporaot. Tbe rteaiuer El Dorsdo left Oavaaa on lha 10th for Aspic wall. Decision in a libel fait. t?T Loil?, May 14.?Tbe slander salt of Birch tj Ber.ton wu decided io the Henry "ounty Circuit Court on Fiiday, after a 'Hal of fear days Yirdiot for the plaintil $4,000. The cuc la to be carried op to the Sap re me Court Paitaore Markets Baltivorb May 15 ? Moor is unchanged: aales this morning of 200 b^!? of Howard s rest at Sin 87 Wheat is a trifla 'owar *alea of red a $2 60 42 73 wbi e at $1 70a$3.Tg. Torn is uncbarg-d; sales of white at $ 10?a *1 03, yellow at $1 08 <$f 10. lew Orleans Ka*kat 5?kw Orlbakh May 14 -Cotton | oant ia oonseqieooe of tbe light -lock. aod the mar ket is fi m; sales rf 4 000 bales; middliar, I0i?10io Flour $10 $ 10 35 Co n ? Westers vp'low, $1 _$l 05. Me*> pork ta dull; sale at $16 50 Hew York Markets New York May 15?Cot'on is aaehaagad. aad in limited demand Fleur has declined l2o. Wheat id ut<changed and ia limited df ?>and Corn la downward and p'iaes a trifle ln?a-; Wea em mixed H4all5o. Poik N firm; old $16 75 Beef ira Lard at.* changed. Whisky fi m at 3de. If aw York Btock Market Stw Yore M*y 14 ?Stocks era dall and heavy Si ney ia abonaaat At tbe fl-sl board pal s of EH- railroal shares at 49a. Virjjio-a 6'a 97; Cleveland and Toledo rail oa-i 8li; Cumberland Coil Compaov 37J; N-w Ya k Central, wlj . Miwonri 6 a 9lf ? r ?i % ?JC, tacti?a?iri \7\ALUABl.E IMPROVED PROPERTY AT Pubnc .-ale ? On TUE-DAV, May 13th, at f ok f> m , I Hiiail il l , in front of th*- premie*, ? I** are*', futn-tanti -I, *?.'i-hui!t and commanding p 'i;rrt)(, at ttie eoainweet coruer of 8th auj K Kta. For refect rv and hotel p irpnee* am for which It ??rini.Mliy deaigne < an t ia now occupied, it ban io fMp?"iir in ;oiiii of pofitiou in the city. Its M aation tn the i?nme< tate ?icinity nf tb? Poet OfDc^ LM-:>aiia>entt fufnt Off (re, and Uepartntent ?< ihT luter or, mud aJw^jr, arcure to it grrat pw isaaeat v ln<-. The bu Mine ?? thrrr-e?orW, with a fine baea W i't, viioli* undw ihc ndf-w .lk, granit** f? ?nd? uon, and lb?; wfc l?*iiiffce nf the mo-t -olid ma??n rv It t^ now in crmpi?te repair and b<.id under a <hnri by th*4 pr?* ?*nt o cupant Trraife <?f eale - One t'ouith ca-h ; balance ia B, II 19, ;<nd 24 in-Mttlm, 'or n"t?*s bi*anii( <nteraM fma the (tay ot ?a>c( secured by a deed of trust un the iirope ty. CoiiTeyaacing at co?t of parchai^r. JA8. C MeGUIRE, i??nr 7 -d Aurtioiieer. ?t? i. - ? ? N a '< ?TT, Aarttee??ra. VrALI'ABLC BITII.CING L?lT OS CAPfTOL Mill at Auction.- On I'UE-DA V, the I5ti? m >uint, ?bali a?'it. in lr<Kit >1 Uw iin-mw*, at 5 ??'c oc> p m , we t li If of L->t 25. in 8^,<are Ni> 7J8, iiavuif n trout on nonh A eireet 23 l?n t 11 nirhw, run ins hack m a thirtv f? et a) ty 197 feet 8 <^ iachr*,b tw? Pirxi an<t 8^c< n?1 atref-u eaet Ttie above4>dcrt*w-d pio;<erty ia bandsonely 1& ca *d near ihe Ca| U-tl IVrni*: <>tie -bird ca?h : the balance tn 6 aad IB month*, for notea beating interest from the day ef iHe n>le A deed given and a dee^ of tnirt taken GREEN a. aroTT, may o?d Auc Hy Gltkac^ * ? COTTf A ucteera. \TALUABLE BUILDING LOT AT COBNitK ' nf Thirteen**- street a d north L at Aectio . ? in WEDNKBHAY. the 16 h n.stan-, we rhall sell, in fr?'tit nf ihe fr?'nt?ee?, ai 5^4 o'c ock p m , part ?f m N? 1, in ?qnare NO S<i7. innu< a front on tbe wr? 8 lie rflM etreet Wert, neit to the Co ner of north L etr? ?t ruamns b^ck I0U feet it will br di vided in four building lots, wbica will be sold one w.ih the i rivtieg" The ab iv>- de?ciibed property is handsomely lo cated, jiving an ? ast front perfectly fmded and p*'e?l p, reoim wi^ to pur? haae e hand*oa? t.oildins lot wi'l d<> well tn attend the >al?. This p. p rty in in tie neieht*nrhood of Pranklia Row Ternu: One-quarter casb ; balance in 6. *, and 18 months, for notes bearing lnlereat from tbe aay ef sale * A deed given aud a deed of trmt taken GREEN a 8COTT, may 0?WFSMTuW Au?-ij.niaara. By B. I. WRIOHTi OearfStewB. ?PH\N'-? COURT HALfc.?Oa TMUR8DAT O _ Morning n?-st, tne 17m ms'an'. at 8 o'clock, I mi ;tl a^li, by order of tbe OrphanV C un. in fr>nt of the audi n ro ius, a vaiiety of well kept Pural ture. v *: Main c"<y Cbatr*, Sofaa, BecreUry an't Book case of Card Tablej?, Marble top Her Tahle 1 pair I) uing Tablea. M ih< gain Bureau* lliiih and Frenrb >dst? ad-, Stoves, Tim* plese Astral and Solar Lamps, Crockery aad Glaa* Ware M n<le GInu, War.iron ? Pender and Andirons il*> dsome dreefing Bureau, Bimds Be>t quality Ha.r Maureea< a, Ac., Ac. Term* caab. hi.iy 14 -9t CPW B. WRIGHT, Aucfr. By J C. AScOl'lRlCi Ancilsaeer ADMINISTRATOR'S SALS OP HANDSOME and Valuable Stallion. Bv v; :ue of an ord*r c.f the Orj Li us' Court, the sub-criber will aell at puMic pal-, on THURSDAY, ihe 17th day of Way, 18o5, ai 5% o'clock p m., in front of the auction More of James I'. M Guire, on the coruer of Pena aylvau'a avenue and T n h rtreet we?t, tbe valua ble st '.liir.n horse "Moecnw,** beloafingtotbe eetata <>f the late Cbarles W Stewart. M<>cow is of tbe Morgan etorfc, very fast io heroew or under tbe i^ddl*, of fin* gait and carriage, aad desirable for a road hor??- or for standing. Term? : One halt ca?b. aud tbe balance la 30 and 0"day*,foi notea aatiefactoniv end< r?ed, beariaa Interest- CHAB 8 W^LLACa, Admin istraior. JAMES C. McGUIBE, may 19?die A action sac. ujr J. C. HcODlBB, Aaaiieaeer. TAK^IRABLE BRICK DWBLLINQ HOUiB \f ni d L-t near the Capitol at Auction. - On KRIDAV afternoon. May lb b at S oYlock, oa the ptcmi-HS, | t-hut I red part f Lot No. 90, |n Square N'ti .??& I'ronline 18 feci on north A *ireet, between 1st and 91 streets east, and tunninn back >87 feet to a thirty fe*t alley, with a nearly new aad sabstar. tiallv bq It f ur-st- ry brick dwelling hna-a, contain i lug . Uht rooms. The bonac la built on an II inch suTne wall, aad ia floUbt>4 >a the very best manner tb'ou;boot ?nie Inrflwatahla. e/ma; fl 000 oashi iwOdae in 19 Bflaaha, wt h ; towas*, fa^arad by a deed of tnMt?a th^jvamlera JAB C. MsfrClO. I mwvlft* , Atartl^aer. BUOWN'S rOBEBTER, 1 vol. Edlsbarg, bsa fot

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