Newspaper of Evening Star, May 17, 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 17, 1855 Page 1
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Ithe evening star Bublisheu every afternoon, iBXCErr Sunday.) /it th* Star JfmtJing, rom*r Prnntyivama | mrenvn and Eleventh street, R y W. D. WALiACO, ITiU be rm-d to fiibscriber* in the cities of Waab Inr'in, G-^orjctown, Alexandria, Baltimore and fht)a?le!ptiia, at FIX and A QUARTER cents, titrable weekly to tl?e Agents. To mail *ab*crib?r* jm aabecription price if THREE DOI.LARS AND FIFTY cents a year in adranr'. two DOL LARS for SIX months, and one DOLLAR for three MONTHS* fty-StaeL* ropiu on cairr. VOL. V. WASHINGTON, D. C., THURSDAY, MAY 17. 1855. NO. 739. THE WEEKLY STAR .Hiw eicvtlent Family and New* Journal taming a greater variety of iatemating can be found ia any other?la puMiabedoe Saturday nun. Pmtfo copy. p*m moon... -.....^1 fij TO CbDII. ^ coplea.,?.#. *1?. ?????? ....??...........mi... ? ? - ?? ? ????.. ...,M M IHI..( mmm* . ? Twenty Ho I ~.U<W O'T-Ca^B, IWTi Ri iBLT I* aDVaNCS. CC^ Sin^tlc copie* (iq wrapper*) can be pmcar* I at the count! r, imm -(Lately after the tone of ?.? paper. Trice?T?aaa carrs. Pobtmi-ters who act a? afenu will be allowed a C'.vksukMi >n of twenty per cent. U. S MARINE BAND. THE undersigned would respectfully inform the Military, Firemen, Clubs, and the public gene rally that by applying m him at the Marine Barrack, or at his residehce, on E, between 9;h and lOih stu. east, or by note at Hi bus & Hits'* Music Depot, itiey can obtain the services of tb? Marine Band, or I ? vyta? ?S '* ?? a bra??, reed or cotillon band, which wifl Lauu WtiVr'i unrivalled paity. j.^ 8CALA Conductor and Leader of Marine Band, ?p 3<V?lni* SPRING AND SUMMER GOODS T r. JOH* H snoor. SouL\ tide of Bri Ig* street, near High, otoisirowx, D. c , TTAS received and i* now offering a very leneral II a aortment ot SPRING AND SUMMER GOODS. In his stock will be round a good assortment of OfneicttyU Light Spring Silks Best make black do Bereges, Grenadine- . Blk modes and briglr. col'd Challiea f-erege and ChaHev !>e!aine-?. M>>u?*eltne3 Real French Cbints ?? an 1 Brilliants Organdie and Jaco?. t I.?wih Real imported Lawns i"i*t colors, at 12V?c. {?*?* French an<| Sr itch Embroideries, ch? ap Plain striped and n ud Bonnet RihSons Emu d and plain Linen Cambric Handkerchief!* a great barrun Ja<-onet, Swiss, Na nsook, and Plaid Muslins Rich figured and dotted do Bajou's Rid and Alexander "s Silk Glove-, al! colors Ladies. Mis?es, and G? :iu' Hosiery, all kinds Parasols of every shade and price Rich English fast colors Print* at 12>f With a first rate a^ortuiont of MEV'S AND BOYS' WE\R. AI*o. Sheenogs and Shirtings of the best makes in Li iens and Cottons I Able Cloths, Damask*. X i^lti u Towellings, Fur niiure Chintzes, white Spread* rMmemu Goods generally llavtn; made large purchase* from the Pl^ladel 5>bia an N -w T^rk auctions. I am pr.-pared to of |M Sr,"*t' ducements to cash or prompt cu-it?ir?fi *0 '8-lm J. 11. SMO'PT. Si A CARD. m ' Eronomy w tk* ravl to walth."?Q Oroat lUdaition ia tlis of Hatt & C*P? ^ uadersifaed, bavin? made irnn*6ineub I with a New York il.u Company to be con with v"ry bf*"i Moleskin o. L ultMS HATS, got up in the latent style otfer> V in^m at ths unprecedented low price of *3,50 * worth from f^ur to five d ?tlar?; wcon 1 quality S3*, worth in?m f'J 50 to ^4 ; a id a very goo.i lashVn ab.e Hat at $2,50 w >rth from .? 3 to f.jjy) Also, Be**be x Co's Hat*, at a mu?h less advance than th^y have been h-re t.?fw* sold in this city. First rate beaver II tts $3,5?. All kinds of b*!1 H \TS and CAPS very low. la order to sell at the above low prices the cash system mu-<t be adopted ; consequently tlx.e who purchase will not be eharge.j from fifteen to twenty five per cent as an offset for bad debts. ANTHONY, (for many years in the employ of Todd Go.) No. 3, Columbia place, 7th st., ap 13?tf Sd door north of P*nn. avenue. I C T*- KIOW KI.L guiranteeja full supply ol ? ice to htsru-toniers in Washington or George town, for the whol year, at i*ir prices. ? ?rdsrs can be l??it at the following plac> ? or sent through the Post Olfiee. II. 11. McPherson. Druggist, Capitol Hill Ridwei! fc Laurence, corner of Pa. avenue and 14ih streets Mr. McPherson, Grocer, 7th stnet Q. F. Kiriw*M, Smith's Lumber Oflic?, 5t st. Jaseph M>wjf", Drttstisi, Pa avenue, First Ward ^Ice can be had at ay olfice, N<? 3 First street Oeorgetown, at all tim^s. Families will li? supplied ft>r the whole year at tair prices. ap 21 - lm IMPORTANT TO PERSOnYbRE VI ING UP HOl'SEKEEPING PER3GN.S rem ivins from the city and wishini to dispose ol thrir Furniture and Uoiisekeeping lJten?ils, hi, with mt the trouble ol sending them to public auction, caw do so bv calling on us at om store, 317 Pennsylvania avenue, corner ifT Ninih ?treet, a? we are prepared to buy all sucli coodi a mav be offered Housekeepers and others will do well by rallinj on us, as we will pay the highest ? a?h prices lor all such goo-la WALL, BARMARD fe CO. ?P 28?lm 317 Pennsylvania avenne. PALMER'S PATENT LEG. THIS AMERICAN invention stands unrivailed both in this country an.l in Europe. It u worn by 1,000 persons, and with me^t astomsiuii^ tuccm In competition with 30 other tubeuiuies of the best French, Eoglisk, and German manufacture, it receiv.j Ui? award of the ?'?'T?i)u at the Woar.o's Cihisi no* is Londom as the best anitkUl limb known In ??his country it has be?>n thirty uines exiMbitej, in compeiitiou with all others, at the annual Fairs in the principal cities, and has, in every instance, received the award of the highest or first premium. And as a crowning honor, by tlie unanunouj approval of an interna tional couucd, tL..- ?' Fir.; Pr< imam" - ^ ooJy Su?r UedM giveu for LuMbs?was awnrded the inventor, at uie New York ?:rysiaJ Palace. Patnphiets giving full infarm^tion, sent gratis ts ?ery appiteanL B. Ff^\NU PALMER, -v _;t, , 375 fh^aut street, Pim.idelphuL TAKIC 5IOTICC. NE X SPRING AND SUMMER GOODS. PVV. BROWMNG, Merchant Tailor, unjet ? Siatej II;ite!f bai race;vcd a larje >upply of Spring and Summer Coo.!*, ai?J is n ?w prepared to offer great bargains to all in want <"iotiung. fin "Ready ?M^tiotiueg " will be so,J at tlie following low IVth^e suits, Coat, Pantalot n.-, and Vest, of thin cloth or caasimere, f ?r ?14. Toie^mack Frurk and lMsi Coats, from $ 10 to Good Bunne? Coat* for ?7 Waek and Fancy Pants, itom ,?3 to ??. Maweil es nd Silk Vests, from $?> t-i a.",. r?a4.rt ^ on hand a largf! a*s irtment o< bfdiL t " U> (J,OVe3. Crawis, Cm '* ^ ?f Rcot,'s Fashions.' LOOK 11 3 RE!!! \*OLE BOUKTV LAND TO ALL who served Bl^eri H o* W4" 6'UCe 17iW' wact,ier " Olhetrs lam. vvil u' Clerks, Indiaaj, Chap tneir'w'tr^? "ten, f, Lan.Lm n, (or re!?J! i 7B1"Wr Cl,iiJrL;') WUu "ave 7^ 5Taw w i 18o.1tc^'' bive been in service U CSd w JtLZ rnli lo us-ml U'-ir ? i ' WllT*nl-?*i l be l<.rw;ird?d to th- in for tiie e foaauty, and charge it th-y do not get it. ? LLOVD At CO.. wwUTc* u- ?? iguiii ^ity, u. c mar6-3in S'jfKeSlf? K* niTKD W % Ul? tfir y VA*C\ U?MILJ*.?Silver Tea Sets, S nar Bowlr, I 'ream Ju^s, ?*ri^iv Lr mS-' rP<>~,U o :'"J I urt-a AIjo, a gteai fljt p,t J1 Silver Waie, suiUble Set.s Castors, Ca.kcu, Spoons and rorfcs, o? ue? Albata. wui'te ^;.c4e* w Mrarra"J?J as represented, and ^ ?sau*il a.1 vance. ,tn D 'I? SEMKEN, mar Z*->, *rtr'1*i JAh and lUa ?UecU. F?^iALE-A BAT MARES, 7 year* J? t:Tnto1 r?< rs. Th. y are ^-5? fre-- tr>a ?*cks, p^cuiarly w.t uiy r ntleman who i* tond of b s o*aer pa :s with them only because b to rcireneb his expenses. The/ can Z?a-L^*!:,n'4 1 ite on 11th K?*or Pa. a%euu". For tcriiw, or an op m 10 S ?M'Jiiirs at die counter of the ap^fe* TW^'he .Jdaba-gam. Mr- W. UENRy PALMER, nrrntBTO KXOWX AS u^llbr, as much pieasuic in lafxmin^ his friend^ and OB mj . * ,.? ? hs has det rmiaed . " 4 hn.i-elt i0 th.s city, and is prepared lu H a k ""^'^cinn on the PIANO F(.)RTE, " refer ? ^POSITION. He ts permitted K^kbuli? Kli<'' Jr ? *n4 A. T him ??. n .L' #n? ?*?y co.Maiun.cauoo addresped to rc." "Jr.* J"*1* ???' *-? i?JI ?t* '"UWdtau altVntioB. PLEASURE TRIPS TO THE WHITE HOUSE PAVILION. Tha S;?ame" GEO. WA8H ^BiUfeEfilNGTON or THOS. COLLYER can be chaiiered for public or select parties tn v.?,t % iVhl" "WviEi r? it??"' 7.ot,,er P,BCet ?n V* river. The W hue House Pavilion is now onen fin vU ?? toJBJbeanlift" P"ace <>>' pleasure tnpj-it Pin aS">- "nd UiDini r??m ? ^ * new Ten 07- For partirulars app'y to the President of the Company or the <r?piai,'? of the Boats. oim he tliu ??KE " ^rni>!llnK '?'freshmenu REESS'S EAGLE PLUMBING AND r?_ GAS-FITTING DEPOT. HE subscriber respectfully announces to his . k Ihe public in general that he has re n77rni r'* I'.^V.xtV. ?f l*' re,f!t>rat?d HODGE'S PirLS w ^ SUCTION ANH PORCE i ' which received the SILVER MKIXAL at the laie Talr of th Metroi olaan Mechanic**' In*U l ite, arid is now prt pired to furnish all who ma? ravor him with a call. -toe* .'OAS FIXTURKS are unaar pnssc.l in the District. With his corps of c. -npefnt workmen he prides *VL?ny ord' * ,n u" plumbing AND 1 '"w 'me w .h promptness and despatch. ?^-AII work done warranted to rive coin oleic satisfaction JOHN REESE, may 3?tf cor Sixth st. and Pa av-nue. DKRlOim WITH OKPE(/llV? ?- vision Rre invited to examine ?v extensive stock or all kinds of a P RirTA - CLE* and EYE-GLASSES. Glares *939 oi any kind, such as Cataract, Parabola, P.risco>icf Double Concave, Double Convex, and tailored Glasses, put in at short notice, with great care, a id persons in waru of gl.tsses may be sure to cei iho*e which benefit the eye. 4tf Circulars "Defective Vu,on,? gratis at H. 8 KM KEN'S, 330 Pa. avcau'j, bctw. 9th and lOih sts. mar .w GREAT BARGAINS IN LADIRs',GEVTs'. MISSES', AND CHIL DREN*' BOOTS AND SIIOES.-TIh> snbscriber being corrp?U *d to remove from the store lie now occupies, offers ins pres r C l I ?>nt well-assorted stock of BOOTS AND SHOES at greatly reduced p-ice?. All persons in vi ant of tlie article tVill ftmi it to tneir sdvAHUfe to call before purchasing elsewhere. ? ? A- 11 8LOAN, No 30# Pa. av., near 10th ft.. north side, may 1?tf CAILCDAD DIUEC'T TO FT" " Tima batween Washington and Wheeiia* bat 17 i hour?! A wining ti;,i* btivn-n Washington and Cincinnati 27 hours!! Through Tickets and Baggage Checks to be had in Washington !!! THE BALTIMORE AND OHIO RAILROAD HAVING ;rreatly Improved its Western connec tions n?w offers til* fulls*! inducements to travelers t^tnewi VV a.-hiOEt'>ii, Baltimore, and nil .?ortions of tbe West, tlie Nortnwest and Ui?? South west The connection between the trains from Wash ington and the trains bound west tmin Bahnno.e i? always promptly made at the Washington Junctio; j (lately called the & lay llou.-e) 9 miles from Balti more. This i ? the only change oi" cars required be weec Washington and the Ohio river. B.igmg- is checked throuzh to Wheeling at the Washington nation, and r^cb^cked and tran^'eried there, (witii lie passengers) wthout charge, fcr those Loldin ihrough ticket* for points beyond. The conn, cting train ? Uave Wa?hin<;tin daily at <?a. m. and 4U t, ? ? On Sundays at the |wtet hour only. At Vf he^luiK direct connection is made with th? trails of the CENTRA'. OHIO IUH.ROAD, run mag from Bellaire on the Ohio, near Wh?elina lirou ?h Cambridge, Zanesvtlle and Newark, i. COH'MBUB. Tiie?e trains connect ?t Newark with ll.e cars of the Newark. Mansfif Id and Sanduse ky R- .iroad for Sandusky, Toledo, Detrott, Chica* St. Louis, etc. ^ At Crdwnlms the C. O. Railro-id trains connect with the ta*t irai-is of :he LiltU Miami Railroad to Xenia, rixVCINNATI, LOUISVILLE, etc. At , (on Litt.e Miami Rail oal) cotin ction i; I lC?in5 u,rnu*h D'jy'on, to INDI AN APOLIS, Terre Hauie, Laiayette, Chicago, Rock Iclanrf, rit. IiOui.4, etc. i . ers t thmtigh ticket for Mem phi, f ukihurg, SatcAcs, AT?r Oi?ejns etc., which" | are also ?jld ut Washington-arc transferred at Cin ctnnati to the Mail Stemuera on the Ohio. Tickeir i for Evansville, Cairo, and St. Louis ar? sold by this route. * _ CLEVELAND, anj via Cleveland to KrU ,! Cb*f0< e'^? tickets are sold when the Odio is navigate between Wheeling and Wcllsville (fo.ty miles) where a connection with me Cleveland and Pittsburg Railroad w inad-. Travellers are revues erf to notice that wki!e ilii? is the only route affording through tickcts and checks in H asbington, it is aKu the shortest, m-jst syee *v and direct to n.-aily all the leading po:nts in -he ^reat V\ e<l. i'lie ui>tanc^ fr m Wasmr.^r on to Cm cinaau w but 653 miles, being about 100 miles short er tnaa bv any other nsit' I lv?HHVr!I^,UGH TICKET PROM WA8H I NQ rON : To Whe. luif, .$9 50; Columbus .,13 f.5; ? layton, ^15 50 ; Cincinnati, $16 ; Louisvd v, hi railroad glSGo, by steamer from < "incinnati, ?1?: In dianapolis, ^17 50; Cleveland, #1-2 15; T.d?-tl.. *15 V J0, Ohieago. fa. 65 ?nd jjiy 50; Sl Louis, 50 and #25, Memphis, .fae. New Or I Iean49 .fil, etc. *#* 'OR PREDURfCK and HARPERSVERRY MAKTINSBURG, BEi'IKCLEY SPRI\Gt3 CUM BERLAND, REDFOUD SPRINGS, Piedmout, Oak .ani, and rairnnount, p:L<geoftT6 may leive W&-h i ington at 6 a m or \% p. m. Por then :nor wav stations between l allimore and Wheeling, uke 6 a ta train from Washington. +*~ Por trains to and from Baitimore, Aanapolk, etc., see special advertisements. P?r further informatiou, tlirrtish ticket.*, he.. apply to TIIOS. H. PARSONS; m, at Washing ton Station. JOHN II. DONE, Master of Transportation Baltimore and Ohio Railroad, Baltimore. ' may 3?tf SODA WATER. I UC underpinned having purchased's Pat t.. .i,1li?AP'>,ra,Ui l!,f* Preparation of SODA ?? AT Kk, from Super-Cmh'ina e of Soda, re-nect ru ly informs the public that the fountain ij now in lull and puccessful operation. This method of ure lertug .-oda Water is w.-umly recommended by the Medical la the Northern and Western Clues, not only as producing a pleasant, innocent, and healthy bevcr:<se for all p? rsons, but one highly hencfi^ij] in all dis-.rdn of the stemach. Si up< of all flavors, ftrlaiiag those of Brandv. Wine, and I hairip. gne, In ^hly manufactured of the very best maicnaN, on the premises, always on hand _ _ C. OALTIER, aP ?'"J-V No Pa. avenue. NEW AND OLD PIANOS. UT^'l:*^ L''w "> t'?rc the largest has irtmcnt of , ? " I 1 AN S ever cff .re in tms city ir<;m Hal r"?-? Jk Raven, and Knabe, Laehle t o s c> lej<rate?t aianufacrori<-H. Thtse 1 we ^unnintt?1 Miid ?ii2 up<ui veiy ( a^y ter ns Als^, a new Pi no u ej or.?y afev/ months, which we offi r at the low j>riee of ^00 ,-a>li; a second hand, fcy Andre Mini, f^r ^73. A very flue se cond fcaad Chickering Tiano for sale cw rent at a barg<tiu. CJM Piano- taken in excliangj for new. Always on hand, SokHs, Covers, Violins, Guitars, F.utes, accordeens, Mu.-ic, *c lie JOHN f. ELLIS, 306 Pennsylvania avenue, m?y 10 ' bet. 9Ui and 10th streets. THE HUrtfAL FIBS INSURANCE CaSPA MY OF THIIISTBICT OF COLUMBIA, /^HASTCttED by Congress, offers to the propert) owners of the DLurict safer and cheaper mean* or insurance than any otlifr Company, ULY8.-ES WARD, PresKlent. CHAS WILSON, Secretary. MATIIEW a. IS::EliY, Treaaurcr. Miiims. Ulysses Ward John Van Riswick Thomas BlagdcU P. VV. Browning *. Hcw.ird, Mathew G. Emery. J. C. MeKelden. o?ce, Columbu Placc, corner LoolpUaa iftue and 7th street. Office ho'jrs from 3 (o 6 o'clock p. m. feb X?eotf r Auction Sales. By ORKKR dfc SCOTT. Auctioneer*. BUILDING LOT AT AUCTION ?On THURS DAY. tha 17th instant, w# shad v* II, in front r?fth? premises, at 6 o'clock p. m., lot 5, in Square No. 381), hnvine a front of24 feet 6 incite* on south C. between 9tb and 10tl? street* west, running back I'il feet 6 inches to a 25 feet alley. Tsnns: One third cash ; the balance In C and 12 months, for note* bearing interest from the day of the sale. Ti le indirpnt >ble. A deed g<veu and a deed of trust taken. GREEN * SCOTT, may Is!?en&ds Auction-erg. Dy J. C, neOl'IHQ, Auctioneer. 'TRUSTEE'S SALE OP HOUSE AND LOT I neirtheNavy Yard.?On FRIDAY afte:noon, May 4th, at 5 o'clock, on the premises, the subscri t-ers will srll, by virtue of a deed of trust, itated the 28th M.ircb, 1852. and duly recorded in Librr J A. H., No. 40, folios 3i'J, &c.. one of the land records far Washington county, Lot No. I in Sqarre926 situated at the corner of O street south and 9th nt. east, under a ground rent of ?20 per annum for the pernid of ninety-nine year?, trom September 18th, 1851, with the improvements, consisting of a two story frame Dwelling with back building. Terms al sale. JNO. VV. McKIM, ^ RICH II. CLARKE. $Trus,ees JAMES C. McGUIRE, mar 24?lawk ds Auction eer. The above itle Is postponed en til FRIDAV afternoon, Mav 18, same hour. JNO W. McK'VJ \Trlwf?? RICH. H. CLARKE,/ JAS. C. McGUIRE, may 4?d Auctioneer. By J. C. BfcGUIEtB. Auctioneer. TRUSTEE'S SALE OF VALUABLE ANDeliji bly situated Ilousu and Lot on 6th street west, between E and F streets nortn ?By virtue o* a deed of trust, bea-ing date on the 10th day of F? bruary, 1853, aid reco ded in Liber J. A. S., No. 51, folios SCI, &c , the sub-:cribrt will w 11 at public sale, cn .VIOND \ V, the day of May, 185;, at 5% o'clk p. m j on the premises Lot No 4, in Square No 188, lroutin2 24 feet inches on 6t'i street w?rsf, between E and F streets nortii. by 93 I'm t 4 uichts leop. with the buildings and improvements, ensisi 1112 of a tour story iiri"k dwelling-house, with aback builmna, hui!t of the b^st material and in the best manner, and very commodious, with all the modern improvements, and in all respects one of the most desirable houses in Washington, and hut tecenty built, and well known as the properly ol Peter Ite.v ner. The property in situated in one ot the health iest and m??st desirable parts of the city, and oiler? to I person* seeking a residence or investment an oppor tiimty seldom occurring. The term - of <ale will be: One-half cash, snd the balance in 6,12, 18, an I 24 months, for notes bear ing interest from uay of sale, secured by a deed in trust udon the property. If the terms of s<Icare not complied with in six days alW the sale,the property will be resold, upon one week's notice, at the ri?k and eipense of the purchaser. All conveyancing at the * xpetue of the purchaser. CH >.S. S. WALLACE, Trustee. J AS. C. McGUIRE, ap 26- 3iawkrfs Auctioneer. By J. C. BltOUIRSi Auctioneer. PEREMPTORY SALE OF TUG STEAMER UNIO.V ?On FRIDAY afternoon, June 1st, at 5 o'clock, at Pajc's Wharf, at the loot of Seventh street, I sinII sell, without reserve, the m arly new -learner called th'i "Union," nt present running as a ferry boM t-tw^ n this citv and Alexandria. This ?t??Bnier wa^ built in Washington eitv In the year 1852; is 162 feet in length, breadth of beam '24 j feet 6 ino es She measures 411.40 S*5 t< ns eu- oni ?louse m asurement, as per enroilm lit. Her en g ne is a first clis? seventy five horse p< wer engine tmilt b\ Smith and Pe Lius, Alexandria, Vi. the rins either cn?1 foremost, and is very convenient for I ?adinK and unloading freight. Terms: One h If ca>h, the rcidite in 6 months, with interest, sati.-factorny secured JAS. C. McGUIRE, may 3?enkds Auctioned. 8y J. C. McOl'IRC, Anctloneir. CHANCERY 8 \LE OF VALUABLE AND EL igiidy situated impro.ed anil unimproved Real E tnte, consisting of l:w llins Hou. es an I Lots, v.i I cant Lo s, and Wiarf.?By virtue of a tltcice of the Circuit Court of th?. District of Columbia for Wash ington county, made iu the cause wherein John A. Fra-er is compia nam, and John VVaiker, M:en S. Fraser, and others, heirs at law of Simon Fraser, I deceased, are defendant*. No. &J9,in Chancery, the ! -ubaenb-rs, trusters appointed by said decree, will ell at pu'jhc auction ail those picccs or parrels of I ground !)ing and being situat. d in In: city of Wash ington. and kn wn and nii-Un^ui-hcd as being Lots NTos. 1. 2, 3. 4, 5, C, 7, 8,9,10, 11, .2, !3, 11, 15 16, '7,18, 19,20,9 ,22, S3, and 24, in ttie subdivision made by said trustets of Square No 412, frontint respectively and variously ?roni 18 feet 1 inch to 30 j feet 8 inches on 8th and 9itt streets west, and E and P streets south, by ra.tous depths t> an alle*, with t'ne improvements and appurn nances, which con ?Ut of a (oniniodioiu and will ana su^tantially tiuilt 33% *tory Brick DweJiini' House on Lot 8 anil a romt'.rtablw and well built 2 story Bri- k Dwelling H 'use on e::ch of Lot* Nog. 18 and 16, in said s?b I division; lot No 4, in Square No 3i8, fronting 25 ' ?n F street south, between &;h and 10th sta. west, ay 12.1 leet deep, with the improvements and appur tenances, which consist of a 2 * story Frame Dw-I iinj House; pa t of Lot No. 3, in Square No 730, Irouung40 f.-et on Pennsylvania avenue, running ack to "A" street south, with a width on said ??A" -treet of 4J feet 7 inches ; and pait of Squ ire No t72, fronting 44 feet on Waicr stieet, at the tera:i ?alion o?'7lh street w?:st, with the valua". le Wliatf thereto attached and belong:.ig, extending to the channel of the Potomac hv^r, snd now occupied by George Page and used as a steamboat w hart The sale of the seversl Lou in the subdivision of Square No 41*J, w th the improvements and a(.pnr tenances, will .ake pUce on Thursday, the 24th Jay of May, 13&5, at 5 o'clock p tu., on the prcin '.ee*. The sale nf Lot ?Jo. 4. in Square No. ?88, with .he improvements and appurtenances, will take nlace on said Thurfc'nv, the ?4th day ot May, 1855, at 6 o'clock p m , on the premises The sale of part of Lot No 3, in Squire No. 730. will -akc placc on Fnday, the 25th ?J.iy of May, at o'clock p. iu.. on tnc premises. And the .-ale or part of Square No 4T2, with the valuable Wharf thereto attached and belonging, will take place on Tuesday, the 2*J:h 4ly of May, lfc55, ut o'clock p. m.. on the premises. The above property is all situated m de-ir?!>le lo cation^ rapid-y enhancing in v?Iuc, and otfiirs lo capitalists and <wlu rs a most favorable opportunity for investments or procuring a dejirahle residence. The terms of *a!e, as pre-crihed by said decree, vjll be one fourth of the purchase money in ca-b, and the balance in si*, twelve, eighteen, and twen ty four Months, to bv serured by the purchaser's bonds, bea ing interest from day of sale, with secu rity, to be appr ved Ly th'i Trustees. Upf u the lull payment of the puicha^e money ai;d ?ntere-t, and llie rjtificatiou of the saie or .,ulrs by the Coiiit, the Trustees wi'l convej the propery to the rsspec ive purrha? ars In fee. If ihe teim? of &&!? are not com^ied with in six days nfter the, the property the terni-< wf llie rale o wliH-h are not so combed with will be resold i-l the ris'< aud expense of the purcSiast^ upc.i one treek'a notice. All couvcyanring at the expanse of tlie purchas ers. CH *8. ;4. WALLACIIj i rp EDW'O SW\NN, | ***' JAS. C. McGUIRE, ma-- 2?eaSHs Auctioneer. Oj * SCOT 1\ Aucttonia;i. I-RU-TEE'S SALE OF VALUABLE REAL Estate.?ry vir ue of a decree of the Orphans' Oiurl ot the District of Columtiia, for the county oi va-hi gt n, approved by the Circuit Cou:t ol said Mi-trict. biiung i-? chancery, passed in ti e ci.ittcrof it e pililion of William Wliiimor", et a), ch ldren ind tieirs-?t-Uw of William VV Whiiinore. late of -aid county decea-e 1,1 will, on i ilURSDAY, the JUt day of May, 1855, at 6!- o'clock p m , in fruut d ihe premises, pnu-eed tou ll Lois of greuud cuin ler-d beventecu (17) -lud ei^teen (18| in Square mimlffred five hundred and three ('OJ) situate in the crty of Wa-lun^l n, and District nb'res&il. The above described propeityis Mtutied on t'le ?lonhwert corner cf 6 h street we*t aud N strei t sou to, and contains m the ag/regate about fuurte n ti?'U?ind square feet of gr>oad. Terms r rale: One third cash, and the residue in two equul p lynients at six and twelve month?, with nterret fr?*m day ol sale. The deferred payiotnt to bt- secured ! y l??jte* cf tlie purchust-r or pur chasers satisf.ictnriiy entforseil. Upon the full payiceut ot tb< purchase money 4iid interest ami the raiideation of the aalc by Uie Colin, the trustee wiil couvey said lots of ground to t'ie purchasrr or purcha?crs thereof, at his cr ibeir cost a id expense. If tlie t-rms of sal.: are not complied with within five days trom ths day of sale, the trustee reserve# the right to resell raid low, or either of them, upon reasonable notice, at tie risk aud coat of the urn juicbaser. RICHARD U. LACKEY. Trustee. GREEN 4 SCOTT, way 15?c< 2wfcd? ' Auctioneer*, Amusements. FORREST IULL, GEORGETOWN. THE RENOWNED DRAMATIC DIOR 3VE j3l (NOT A PAIKTISO) OF THE BATTLE OF TINKER HILL, AND I DESTRUCTION OF CHJIRLESTOll'N, Will for exhibition at the above hall, nr. TUESDAY EVENING, May 10th, and continue every evenn j; during the week. AI*o, on THURSDAY and SATURDAY after noons, nt 3 o'clortc. Doors opt n a? 7?to commence at 8 o'clock. Admission 25 cents?Children accompanied by their parents half price. may 15?tf "grand" REGIMENTAL BAIL. rpiIE EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE on bthalfof I. the First Regiment, Third Brigade of tl?e Militia | of the !>i??:rict of Columbia, tske great pleasure in it-formlnp the citizens generally, tliat their FIRST GRAND It ALL will b* lull ?t the NATIONAL THEATRE, on MONDAY EVENING, May 2Lt. 1 18.i3. The Committee would rcspectinlly beg leave to cordially invite the ladies generally, and sincere!;*, hope that they will greet lis with thiir appcaran-'c, and regret ereect-inaly that the eh rtness of time f r making arrangements compelled them to dispense with Spec al Invitation. I'r >f. Munder has kin ly volunteered his services as Floor Manager on that occa?i(;n. Tickets $1, andean be procured at Flint's Hotel; Wm. F. Bayly'" Stationery Sior?; M H. Stevens fit | C *., Browns'Hotel; Wiilson & llaywaidV, Union Uall; and of any of the Executive Committee. OOMV1TTEC OF RECEPTION. Capt J A T. it, Capt P B Key, Capt Jos Peck, Capt Fchwarzmann, Capt Devfrs, Lieut Com'g Mulloy, Capt Shekell, Capt Inmieson, ( a,?t Reese, Pol W II Hickey, Lt Col Riley, M ?j Keyworth, \djutaut Bacon, burgeon Morgan, Ur Master McCoHum, Qr Ma-ler Sergt Kii.g, Capt Davi?, Capl Towers, Capt Biiuht, MANAGERS ON TART OF THE MILITARY. H'a. hivg'on Li^ht Infantry. Serg't Ja>n:s E. "owers, Henry Warner, Charles E. Nelv>n. National G?vi.?. S*rg*t Eagui, Jno Cradley, Corp'l Maguire. Boone Rifles. Pioneer Robinson, Henry Green, Serg't Bucki-ghsm. Notional Guard. Ensign Lloyd, Private Johnson, Serg't Bish"p. Montgomery Guard*. Serss't McEniry, ? Private O'Leary, Secretary C'Sdilivan. PretidenVs Mounted Guard. Sere't Hayward, Jo'iu T. Evans, Samuel Owens German Yager*. Sergt R'tpyll, 'Conra.l Finkmann, Juhus Vudt American Riflemen. Sct't Gibson, John Y. Dcnn, Corp'l Cham [ ion. fi'a:.hin-ton Highlanders Pet Campbell, Andrew Bain, James Harrover Scott Guard* S?t Keyworth Gtorge McKtan, Cuarles Masi. Union Guam's. Qr Mr Donellv, j*gt Harrison, Mr O 'Cailahan Marion Rifle*. Fft Foxwell, Sgt Gait, Henry Reefer. MANAGERS ON PART OF THE CITIZENS Geoi fe Washington Park Cn?tt* Ron J T Tower* Kr*tici? Mvbuu H'laylor Walter UiKit K Doyle J U H-x??er W W Ssat-iii Wo? Dougherty Arch'd Campbell Peter P.?rc? A N Clements Jit Adams Sil is II lllll ?i Kmil.i Tli"? Pv?un? W W Corcoran C Dunuiitcton K C MorjMU IS H Kreii' U Jot t. Wiit J A Union O P.-.rker K J U<*'he J<>? Uilei J II Kitoii J t. Heuahaw Andrew Hasieoek W It Winter J W Forney H 8 Polkitihoru A PtoT>??t T Carberry A Ulckene C H WinJet Jia i, U?iret J H Kirkwoo.t J V Coyle C Hill A T Klckhoffer R W?li':ic!i C Wheeler A J H White CImi M.tury Dr Mayutrd ? l<ewie 6 ke.lferu T S Dot.ngliue O A Jillant K Smith B K httdletnu J J Joyce W T 1)mm E K Hell P A Hoe Jno Kuni* B J Seiniiiee K Wheeler J P PerjKT W H Wltnler Kran. 1* MllJer W t? WalUrlt K K I> yle Jamea TowerJ WmTowera Bdw T??rr? J C McUnire S C Barney C H CN!r*rt W J McCurinlck G 8 Cideon H A Willard RMuatt U C.oueroa W F Bayly J a* Clarke C S Wallacii M Brown J C Kit/p itrict II ^weelte? l?r W li M i?rtH?r J H McMair K ? Pendleton S P Pr.nkli.i W K Pranck Taylor Veapacl&u Kill* Ales Lee E>lw Owen R Coyle Thoinet Berry. ChrtS Ki'ilUilll W lt Tboiiui EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Lt Clarke, Infantry, Lt Shekell, N Grevs, Lt S mdersoa, R Rifks, Lt Bird, N Guards, Lt Riley, M Guards, Lt DeLille, G Yagers, Capt U :e*e, Highlanders 4 Lt Senilis, A R lies, Lt W&lliugsford, s Guard Lt Fiint, P M Guard, Lt Wro?, M Hides, I.t Brings, U Guards, Capt. J. Y. Davis,'of the Lit,ht laiantry, Treasurer may 15? (Intel) GRAND PIC NIC OP THK ft tHE N? ?p. I'HERN LIBERTIES' FIRE Cti.M L l'ANY respectfully make Kiir.wu to therr friends and the public generally that they will give their tirst PIC NIC. i n THURSDAY, June Ttu, 1W5, to the WHITE nousr: The C 'liuiany will ?paie no pairs or expense to | ii.nure satisfaction. 1 he Ref i sinnciiU will be served by an cxpe I < a.ere., Mr A Columbus Visiting Companies will appear in uniform The boat will leave Ge'rgetown at 1 o'clock; Washington at 2; Nary Yard at 2% ; and Alexao diM at J p. in T.ckels 0N3 DOLLAR?admitting a g ntleman and ladiee?to be hai of any o; tlie Cominiuee of Arrangement* Committee. II Knight, 11, C Matlock, T Dawson, L Newmyer, E G Evan?, | H P R >bertson, .1 T HaUeck, ] J II G >d<lard,jr Mid Birkhe^d, S TaylJr, , S C ilverwell, R Wa?ren, A Cwlu tubus, J Stafford, J King may 1?2?potd FlRRIIiS?>8 GRAND EXCURSION TO THE WHITS HOUSr. THE FIuST OF. THE .'ElSON! - TH? KFMB2RC OF THE H7 ^DKAULIOn FIR- CjKFAJSY tnke eaauru in informing the c liz-ns and firemen ; ot Alexandria, Washington an l vicinity that they have chattered the tpleudtd Meamer GEORGE WASHINGTON for an excursion to the above nauied place, on YilUllsUAYt SlXH 17* 1IM Lrlie. hinenu s-erved 113 tt city priccs. Dinner, 5 cents. Ivofest'or Propperi's celebrated Military and Co tillon Uaii" has been < ng^ged for the otcai-ion l>re?n wii limn to spend tin ag.ecable day should in t let lliis opportunity pasa, a< th Commit tee pledge ll.emst Ives that n.t p^insor ex(>cnse -hall be spared to tuake this THE EXCURSION of the season. The Boat will leave Alexandria at OJ-4 o'cI k k? return and leave Washington at 9>$ and Alexandria at IU o'clock. Helurning, .he first bout will leave the While House at C o'clock, and the laa at 9 o'clock p. m. Tickets ;%1, for a gentleman and two ladies, may 10?eetd PROSPERI'S CORNET BAND NO. 1. MR. FREDERICK PROSPER! begs leave to in for.n Ins fr.euds u:ul f .ruic: |iatrous tint ttiis baud bas been fully re organized and is now under bin direc.ienv and he is fully prcp&red w th a Imu d of the motft Scientific Musicians in the eity , to fur nikh music for Balls, Parues, Parades, Fic Nios, Ex cursious. He., at llie shortest notice pcsMhie, by ap piying to FREDERICK. PROSPEUI, Leader.CHA.-'. PfiOSPERI, Conductor; HILBUS & HITZ?S sic Depot, or at PETER TALTAVUL'S, opposite the Garrison, Garrison street. Navy Yard. f*b 1??:ta?' i . ALL STB AftG* Kb visiting tlio City sbottld see Hunter's Cata lutcue ot' the Curiosities of the Patent Office. Also, t Description of Powell'? Great Picture. febSW-W ft EVENING STAR. u REDUCING A f.WELLISG " The case we are about to relate hap pened in th'.* pr&ctico of an old physician of our acquaintance. It illustrates in a ludicrous manner the power of the ima gination in conjuring up phantoms of disease, which vanish into thin air when the truth becomes known. D?acon B was a very good man, and a very fair farmer. Being constitu tionally sensitive to the cold, it was his custom in cold weather to wear two pairs of thick woollen stockings at the same time, having, of courso, two stockings on each foot. One day he was startled on putting on his second boot, to discover that it w*s quite impossible to put it on. This was the more remarkable he had found not the least difficulty in getting on the other. In alarm he pulled off the first, and perceived at once that one foot ap peared much smaller than the other. To an apprehensive man like Deacor L?* this was sufficiently alarming. He concludcd at o ce that he had been bitten in the foot, perhaps by a rattlesnake, anc that this was the cause 01 its swelling so frightfully. I " Ilun quick for the doctor," said he, groaning with apprehension. " I am afraid it's all over with me. Tell him to come immediately. It's a matter of life and death." Catching her husband's alarm, tht good wife hastened with all speed to thi doctor, and told him that her poor bus band was in a dreadful state, aud migh not be alive when they got back. Of course the doctor made all haste to the deacon's dwelling. Arrived there, he found the poor mnr. surveying his doomed limb in a most woe-begone manner. " Doctor," said he, " I have sent fo> you, though I don't think you can do much forme. I'm afraid it's all ovei with me." ' "What's the matter?" inquired tht doctor anxiously. " Just look at that foot, doctor. See ?how it is swelled. It'i; nearly twice as laige as the other, and it's keeping 01 swelling. "While my wife has beeu gone, I've watched it erow lareer." | This was undoubtidiy a figment ol the good deacon's imag nation for cer tainly the limb was not a particle larger than when his wife departed. 44 Let inc see it," said the doctor. lie pressed upon the swelled limb, and thought it felt rather peculiar. 441 can form no opinion of it till thi stockings are stripped oft," said he. lie accoi-dingly proceeded with great care to pull olF the first stocking. *? I always wear two," exclaimed the deacon, as he maiked the doctor's look of surprise. 44 And how many more ?" queried the latter, ts after takirg off two, one wa> found still remaining. A light flashed across the Deacon's darkened mind, as, snatching the limb from the doctor, he hastily proceeded to strip the other foot. It was as he anticipated. The twe pairs of stockings had been unequally distributed?one having been plactd on one flot and three on the other. Ilenct. the increased size of the latter. The good man was 60 elated at this wonderful escape from danger that ht ordered a bottle of hid best currant wine in which he drank so many healths thai he became a little oblivious. T ?E WIFE S IHFLUiiNSZ. A woman, in many instances, has lur husband s fortune in her power, because she may or she may not conform to his circumstances. This is her firr>t duty, and it ought to ba her pride. No pa.s sion for luxury or display ought to tempt her for a momeut to deviate ia ihe least degtec from this line of conduct. S'ic will find her respectability in it. Any other is wretchedness itself, and inevitably leads to ruin. Nothing can be mere miserable than the struggle to keep up appearances. If it could succeed, it would cost more than it is worth ; as it never can, its failure involves the deepest mort ficatioa. i-oiae of the sublimest exhibitions of l.u n&u viitie have been m? de by women, who have been precip itated suddenly from wealth and splen dor to absolute want. Then a man's fortunes are in a manner in the hand-; of his wife, inasmuch as his own power of exertion depend* on her. llis moral strength is inconceivably in cieased by li2r sympathy, her council, her aid. She can aid him immensely by relieving him of every care which the is capable of taking upon herself. His own employments are usually such as to re quire his whoie time and his whobciind. A good wife will never sutler her hus band's attention to be distracted by de tails to which her own time and talents are adequate. Ifshc be pi ousted by true affection and good sense, she will perceive when his spirits are borne down and over whelmed, she, of all human beings, can best minister to its ncedj. For the sick soul her nursing is quite a3 s .veieign as it is for corporeal ills. If it be w eary,in her assiduity it finds repose and refresh ment. If it be harrastcd and worn to a morbid irritability, her gentle tones steal j over it with a soothing more potent than the most exquisite music. If every en terprise be dead, her patience and "forti tude have the power to rekindle thetn in the heart, and he again goes forth to re new the encounter with the toils and troubles of life. A Post Pcbliclt Crowxbd.?A quite uncommon ceremony, in this age, at lea&t, was performed at Madrid in March last. The Spanish poet Quintana was publicly crowned with laurel, as a sol emn acknowledgement of his gerias and patriotism. The following are the par ticulars: The ceremony took place in the palace of the Senate, and the Queen and King presided tvor it. The ministers and foreign Embassadors, and many per sonages of distinction were present. 1 he poet having bsen introduced. M. Calvio Asccnsio, a deputy, delivered a spcech, in which he gavo an account of Lis la bors. M. llatzcnbush. one of tin; fir.%t dramatic authors of Spain, then present ed a crown of laurel leaves in goM to t' e Duke de la Victoria. The Duke handeu the crown to the Queen, and Her Majes ty, amid loud applause, placed it on the head of M. Quintana. M Qaintana wis afterward* accompanied to his residence by the President of the Cortes, the con clitutional alcaide of Madrid, the Direc tor of he Spanish icadeuiy, and a splen did precession; the crown was conveyed betore him in a sort of triumphal car. Nothing of the kind has happened in Europe since the crowning o. Pcrarch, at Eoine.?Boston Chronicle. PARIS r'SKtOX*. Notwithstanding the cold, the display of equipage and toilettes on Go<d F. iday was very brilliant. Although the great er number of ladies appeared in velvet and furs there were some spring cos tumes of signal beaut? and freshness The tafteta silks with flounces half silk, half lace and embroidery, are a very prtt ty style for carriage exercise. 1 tic 1 ace embroidery is woven with the dress, and :s connected with the silks exactly the same as the stripes or bouquets of a dress with an ordinary pattern. Iho new style of sleeves is very gracful, it fits closa to the arm, tnd is gathered kcross from the top of the sleeve to the vlbow, where it is terminated by a dou ble fril!?cither of black lace or of ta' feta edged with lace; the gathers arc fas tened down ai intervals t.y a very w?r row band of the silk, or o! passcmcmer riv. 1 he corsages for the Spring dre?Sv3 ire high-necked, and have lappets ar..l braces. There arc a great many gauzes or the evening, worked with white silk figures; white, pink and lilac are the coN * >rs generally preferred. Tulle dresses, with the skirts covered with bouillon iees, are ornamented wiih small bunch es or b: anchvs of wild flowers. fcobes ft disposition con inuo to be the style mo??t , in vogue for walking and driving, and ror all occasions when half toilette is worn. 1 lie silks, poplins, moire an tiques, watered silks, with broad sawn snipes running from tie waist down to the edge of the skirt, of endless vaiiet) , and in the best taste, and are suitable for all ages and all fortunes t at ol' these novtlties is a rich silk of l?urt> gieen color: flounces are replaced o\ two bands; one at the edge of th/j sku ' four inches wide: the second, higher up is inches in depth; these binds are cf three colors, white, black, and almond color. 1 he show rooms are rich in a variety of spring and summer bonnets, consist ing of gause. tulle, blonde, flowers a. d leathers: the crowns are made plain and very sloping; the inside trimming sits close to the face, tilling up the whole front, which is extremely small, fli>wirs are placed in cordons on the edge and fall m branches; the curtains stand out straight, they are very narrow near the ears, and widen towards the middle be hind- Madame Monte!galy has brought out the Pamela bonnet, consistiag of a front rather more than three inches deep, which is turned round at the ears, and lorms the curtain behind; the front is trimmed with a quantity of blende, which terminates as strings. 1 be orna ments of these bonnets, whether feathers or flowers, are placed at the edge and fall oack wards towards the crown. An ICX7EKTMC Divine ?Some vearg ago, L:rcnzo Dow?whose eccentricities are a matter cf history?in a course of preaching in a Southern city, attacked, with severity, the character of a per-on who had just before died, alleging that his death was caused by his vices 'lhc rdatkns cf the deceased man were n dignant, and comiucncing a suit against the eccentric l/jrenzo, he was convicted and mulcted in considerable damage;,. The following Sunday after the trial, ht# (Lorenzo) commenced his sermon as fol lows : ?' There was, we learn from the Testa ment, a certain rich man who liv?.d, I thtr.k, at Jerusalem, and his narnc was. D.ves. II; was clad in robes of purple and fine finen. anel he fared sump u^uslv every day. That is. he lived high, or what might be called diutpcitd Now there* was also, 1 think, in Jw gakm, a cmxin beggar named Lazarus who asked to bo fcd oi ly with the ciuu bs that fell iroia Dives' tabic. He lay down at the ga:?* ui the palace, but the rich man weu'd not feed him, on the contrary he set the dogs on him. So the poor beggar cie-d, ard theie his sorrows ended ; for he wu carried right up into Abraham's bosom. But. my brethren, you will atk what be came of D.ves ? Well, dear souls, w A:% after a while he died?drunk ; I will not, however, say eo positively, fcr I don't know but he has some relations amoi g those who now 1 ear me, and j may K prosecuted for defamation of character !" A DUTCHMAN iXD TliK INDIANS ?An amusing incident is related by the Ger man in that vicinity who penued his horses at night for safety. Recently he. was aroused from his slumbers bv tho jingling of bells; he imtueeliately aroso lrom his bed, and discovered that the red skins were driving e:iF his horses in a hurry. Uans, great cxcited, mounted his fleet bobtailed pony, without anv weapons?pantless, costless, shoele**. and hatless?ar.d with the extremity of his unmentionable cutting pigeon wirgs in the air, hot pursuit Sor t^e the th:evcs, shouting vociferously in his native tongue to 44 stop or he would sc*Jd and roast every mother's M)n of them !'* The Indians who w ere some ten or til teen in number, supposing they were pursued by a regiment ol Ttxan Han gers, or the devil's imp. took fright, and left in a hurry, regardless of bottv, leav ing not only the horses they had taken^ but two fine horses of their own.

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