Newspaper of Evening Star, May 17, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 17, 1855 Page 3
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r evrning star. "1 * -? ? Local Intelligence. Ties#! in vbicb Tat Puilio ai Oo* ! CIK5K9 -Amrng tbe maay nice thing* which ?d'o'tued for Mia In our columns are Oautier'i sparkling eugar. (which, when mi*. ? ?Tf ^t#T' 1*,rds * r?frMbiag bevaruga > ?SLV?1* wat*' ?nd ?areerarilla meed while the lovareof Rhenish and French wineel jHer hear, and other luxnriei, will be direct*! p Pennsylvania area a a, oprosit. Brown ? hotel. Oar Seventh Werd friend* ?aa be anpplied with tnoarior soda water bv Mrj. P. follieofbr ad vert ires that aha h 1TV1*:? ladiM *nd children 1 *?" of embruideriDg hair md fine Media work; aad Amelia Pribram 4 Sister S'lhifr ** l4di" thmt have open ?H i-tt' Ud?7 booiets W H Smoot Georgetown, likewise praeants an th# "PP'y^fof ?*? ?---if" *? Metsr* Pr C Reiohenback and J. F E:ii? ?evarally acqaaint the publio 'hat they have on hand varieties of saparior pianos?old and Mf 0Q68. Cleggett, Newton, May A Co., have an ex ??naive e sortment of aoctioa bargains ia fcreee good* Housekeepers who wen* refrigerators, com bining the properties of durability, economy and convenience, can be ncsommodated at the store of Jobreon. Gay A Co *dS'rilg*\ * superior assortment of diy goods and other desirable and neoessary articles in h s line of business ?. L?,U* lb*^ ,,*ht wln flnd ? friend L";a,7?lMat. optician, who is located near Odd Fallows Hall. The liberal enciurejte ment which be ha? reeeived effords an evi anee of his skill. Bat we refer oar readers to the advertising oolumae.whare they may aeoerain the way to Ike gratification of their wanta?we mean as to the places of purchase. Thb Satcrdat Evbxixo Mul, a" first class family journal, independent-on all sabjscU " published simultaneously in Washington and Philadelphia by J. Patrick, edited by J. Pet rick and Charles Wheeler Denison, Mrs. Mar* Andrews Den son stated oontribntor." Wa here, thus far, neglected to notice the appearance in this eity. on Saturday last, *,f this paper. It presents seven oolumcs of fairly printed matter on each page, of sach a miscel lany as can be made ap principally from the ?r1TaTloof ?*wspeper establishments in Philadelphia?where it is prioted?wi-hout the oo?r of much composition ; and msv prove an entertaining sheet to those whose tastes tend in the way of suoh literary catering Mr Deniscn, the W ashington editor, wss for !????? ? * '}0T? t'?*' eonB?ot?d with the Metropolitan" of this city, and was alio, lor a brief period, a writer for the ??Star.'* ? ?0r* 0Qt ot the band* of Captain .To??".? "?oono<Nl ,n the proepectus of the Mail It is presumed that this latter fact i? given as a mere incident in thecareer of the i Washington editor, losomncb as Mr Denison has had no connection with the Star whatever under its preaent auspices. We would here r?ioerh, that the " Metro CUtan" iest.ll conduced by Mr. Lasselle, and emphatically, a H aj/ii^gton paper. Its publisher has, for years, struggled ag%inst ?aeny a>soouraging circumstances to furnish an unexceptionable literary newspeper. and i?i de nervmg the patronage of all who have local ?ad native enterprise at heart. ^aniBtn ?This popular place cf amusement will be opened tor a short sssson. this evening, when, as appears by the adver ia ai>otbe,r column, the Sheldon Ballet Troupe will appear in a diversified en tertainment. musical and terpsicborean. The Troupe have not heretofore visit*d CWashington, professionally, and thareforo the blic know nothing of their peculiar merits t the newspapers of other cH-s speak in exalted terms of their highly interesting and elassio performances Jast now, there are no public plsces of fi?1 ?J??.?0' ?P*?? *nd henoe we presume that 3 be * ffr?at point of attraction; ?aablirg our ciuiers. at a cheap rate, to enjoy an evening s innocent entertainment. w- o , ? rc?**c:nc4T?D. ? E?*o*icce Stat a* as*.?Mr. Bditor: The abortion made by Mr Georre riant, in the joint Council meeting on Monday leet, to the effect that ibe friends of Mr hIj ?PP??ant? norcpre*e?ta non in the B-^ard of Commissioners appointed to superintend the last monioipal election, i/ calculated to ooavey an impression the re vereeof the traih In the eaae. The commis ?eners were elected aocording to the then ex. btiag political division, there being two Whigs and one Democrat in each ward, and u V **7 "PP^ personal i^??a , h#y mi*bt h*7e hld fp? any of the gentlemen namei for the Mayoral ty?no .ess than fou-candidates being in nom ination at the time for the last named office Ihil0 iu*Pm?ed th#t lB ^'"d Ward, repre,enu' or T*th*r mi.rep r~"u- fi' tfa* commissioners were friendly ?1.7^ V7' 7hteh in tb# Fo*rt* Seventh, and perhaps other Warde, it has been ?nderatood that directly the reverse was the A ScascaiBBa. I Mrsicai. ? Thocgb. yesterday evening, the aleuds threarebed rain. aBd the wind, by furi ooely blowing up tbe dt'B', rendered walking disagreeable, tbere was a large attendance of pere*>ns at the Capitol Grounds, to listen to the music of the Marine Band, and to enioy tbe delightful promenade which if now afforded The foantain, too, was playing. SrsBCttv or Watbb ? Many of our citisens are complaining that not few of the pumps are dry, rendered so, in some instances, by the copious drawings for building purposes. Bvery dsy's experience convinces us of the eeeesaity of an unfailing supply from tbe peat Falls of the Potcmac. Daovisn ?We regret to bear of the death ?f Iiaa<* D. Heed, (engaged In tbe wholesale flour fh'pping business, in Georgetown.) by drowning, in our ?i?ier elty, yesterday, he kaTing accidentally fallen into tbe river lie wss of high character and a usetul citizen. Hu father is the Prhsiieat of the Farmers' and Merchan s Bank. I'scli Pbil the old colored man, who As Inlared yesterday morning on the line of tbe railroad, by the train of the passenger ears, h sving bis scalp torn off and his skull severely fractured?to wbich > ccarreioe we allu led n yesterday s Star?died in tbe course of the af ^ tsrnoon, at the Hashitgten Infirmary, as we ?^nredua.ed. I Paoraaitr ?This morning a man named J I ? Cashiil. wss taken to the gcard house by I oCceri Al>en and Bobs for u*ing pr<>far>e lan 1 streets, lie was orderal by Jus | Use Morsell to pay a fine and ccets. Tha law I will affect much good if enforced evsrv time it I is vioiatad. Swiseisq Teisas ? Charles Magee wrB ar? JJJJJ last night byoffl:er Simoads for Ireak |ag the fnrnitere and other projarty el his lie wis taken before Justice Bates * jo seat him to the oounty j*il. Msgee has been an annoyance to the oun*tables. Rita ? Last night there wa* a fait of rain, aat the deecent of the ble>siog was of short ?oct.nuance However, it hat had the effect ?t *aying the dust, for a brief season, at least; a! tie same time, revivi-g drooping veg ?WJon in that vicinity. ^ Accisbxt?Mr Richard Rollins, brisk ?yar, while engaged in " topping off ' a build* *?? '5 the First Ward, it being erected for Mr. wove, fell to the ground, a distance of about thirty feet; thu? an arm, anl was internally injured. ? Sraaxsow Alicb 0. Paxcx. in a ? foT P?tom ic rive* tr-ide. has ar I "'?d AlexauJ^a. having made tha trip 1 round fWfci York in fifty boon L L-st Tueaday, (his vegetable *>1^ ?a Centre market, at one dollar ? pfa This aornia|, a( ^aU' (hat price. m 8u Sato* DscLtraa ?The following got retpeodenee upon the nomination of mem ben of the Council from the Vint Ward ho b?u handed o* for publication : Wasbmqto*, May 11. 18W. Dfxxr Sir. At in anti-Kaow Nothing meet ing of the oitisens of the First Ward. aswn bled for the purpose of nominating suitable candidates to represent the important inter ests of the Ward id the City Councils for the ensuing: year, we were appointed a oommittee to inform you of year unamtmoua nomination for a eeat in the Counei), and to ask your ac ceptance of the Mire. With great respect, ycnr obd't serv'ts, A G Socth ILL, Bbnbdict Ka.ndom, Asnaaw Cab boll. Sen Joan H. Elrot. Washxtqtos Citt, May IS, 18i5. Qtnilfm'w .* I bate considered the nomlna> tlon tendered by the eitisena of the First Ward; and while it woald afford me pleasure to contribute whatever I could to the advance ment of this growing city, I am constrained to deoline, and ask to be excused the servioe. For a considerable period heretofore, I bare been engaged in public life, and am unwilling again to enter upon it If honor and edvsnt age are to be de-ived, others are entitled to assume the trust; and if it be a position of care and burthen, alike should others part ci pa to Meeting time assures me, that there are nobler, higher orjects fur my pursuit, than to min le sgain with the political strife of the country; and yet. I cannot be indifferent, to the issues you areoontrovertlcg. A party has recently ap ong up with which, so far as any thing of pri'.oiple is concerned, or is known to me, I oannot consent to ooutend with It claims to put do*n, a particular rellg ions eect, when by the Constitution every man possesses the privilege to worship precisely as his conscience dioates to be right. A party that denies this, is in of pxirion to the oharter of the country. whioh all well intending men should scrupulously regard It makes war upon foreigners, and would restrain from participation io government ben efits those who were born in any other coun try than this affecting to forget, that in virtue cf the Constitution and law, every one, when catHraliced. ceases to be a foreigner. There after this designatioa is merged, and he be comes possessed of all the privileges aid rights, to which any horn in our country ean lsy claim. 'I&e doctrines sought to be introduced are haiardous, and in them may fce found the ge-m of further self-destruction. Soon other alarming theo<ies of government may arise, seductive to the thoughtless, until the Constitution, replete is it is with hope and happiness to those who are to follow after us, ma> be treasured only in name, and when the greit benefits it centers m%y be lost to posterity A constitution familiarly disre garded is revolution in disguise Being a secret, oovert, political arsaciation,1 always dangerous to liberty, the avowed al- | lurements of which are to sustain aspirants to cffioe, however ubqu*Iili?d. sgaicst others boweier pure and unexceptionable, should not latl to make it cbjcotiosable to every con siderate mind In it no results beneficial to the country can be discerned. Respectfully, Job* H Eatojt To Messrs. A G Southall, Benedict Ran dom, and Andrew Carroll, Committee. Bkctal ?This mornicg. about nine o'clock, Samuel Adams set two dcgs to fighting, in the street, when lieary golden came up and said to him that be out to be fined; whereupon Adams beat Golden severely, blacking his eje, among other damagts. Golden is quite a youth, and begged for his lifs without inak lig any resistance. GEORGETOWN CORRESPONDEDCE, Gborsbtowb, May 17,1S56. Last night about nine o'olock, as thssteamer Salem was returning with a party of gentle man. from the White House, who had been down to indulge in a shad bake, and when Just above tbe Long Bridge, a sad accident oc curred which has deprived our Water street, of one ot its most active and energetic whole sale fi?ur merchants, and an aged father and mother, and fire affectionate sisters of an only sen, and brother It appears that a* the time the accident occurred, Sir J D. Read was leaning against the slip rail of the gang way, abaft the wheel house, conversing with some gentlemen, the rail gave way, and he was pre cipi'.ated into the water, aod altbdcgh every effort was made by the Captain and crew of the coat, their efforts, owing mainly to the ex treme darknossof the tour, prov-d abortive? they had to return without him. bearing the 1 sad intelligence to bis distressed family. Mr. R. was the only son of Robert Read, Esq., President of the Farmers and Mechanics Bank, and was greatly esteemed for his many good qu*ltie< by all who knew him. None of the excursion p*rty to St Mary's rive' who went down on tbe steamer Po*ha tan from our eity, b?ve arrived yet, except some tea or ifteen, who sama up on board the George Washington. Their delay is caused by the steamer running aground on or tear i Cedar Point bar, about 2 o'clock ye terdav t morning, as she was on her way up The ao ' eident is wholly attributable, we learn, to the absence of the light boat, wh'oh was removed from the above named bar early last win'er, and which has not since been replaced We have repeatedly of late beard capUins of ves sals, who are in the habit of trading upon the Poumao. eomp aining of the many insonve niences th-y are often subject to at night, in cor sequence of the ableroe of the light boats We letr from persons who were down to the celebration at St. Mary's, that it was truly a grand affair, everything seemed to oonspire to eontribute to the ba^pine?s and oomfori of all in attendance. Those whom we have seen tba! were on board the Powhatan are abun dant in tbsir praises of Mr. Mattingly, who was in command of the boat duiiog the trip, for bis gentlemanly deportment and kind treatment. A Mr Henderson, from Prince George's county, Md., came to our city on Tuesday, and stopped at the hotel of Mr. Stephens, on High street. E-trly in the evening he left to go to the wharf in search of fiih since which nothing has been heard of him. His little son and wagon are still at Mr Stephens's It is feared that be has fallen into the eanal or river and been drowned, After our diapatch of yesterday, there were sale* of some700 bbls of tour, mixed brands, at $10,62f, held nominally at 910 75. No grain arriving and no change in prices. 8PKCTATO* -r~7?St>AH WALXXK a CO., Marble Hall Clothing Suipo rlurn, aairr Br>woa' Hotel, re-pectfnily tiiHouuM that ttlf dtij|l?y of spring aud Sumuirr Clothing la Bow ready lur Inspection. ccmprlaliig an kaaortamt of Cnala, Varta aod Pantaloon* oftha newest and richeet dealgna In material, trimming ami workmaueblp. To geulleiueo who ttuly excellence w.u? ecou.iie j |:i faahlouable aiUcle* of dra*e an opportunity for at'arting la off*., ad from on* ofuhe largeet and moat allrwtlrt aUck of (ikhJi ever offered !i tola tilj at a tar; reduced acale af prlcaa. ay 17 y7?t PHKKOMKSfA IX MKUU.'IN? ?Bronebltia Conch, *? t?y v??au Llvar Tonrpialau, itcrefnia. Sc. - Por all dlaani' J "f tha Patsaia flyatain it iU!)di praacn'Dant. A QkargTBiaa J.:?t na it taa cnra-1 htm of kfoncblUa of a 4aapa-at* ch ? ractar? ..rtVa a-? Laraaflar. HAMProS o VBUKriliLE HVCTlElt? tf Ita mild a Uon on tba at.>macb, I:**r ?u 1 kiJo?ya, will enra Dyapap ala, Oonfti, Aatbma, Bronchi W Luux Auction* Paint In Ikl Barh. Sida and Draa-t. CoMa?ipll?a. Serofnla, ll'iau maUau, oont. Naara'aU, P.?ioLa. Uoval Cotnpla'LU, Pilaa, Worm*, aud ffarvooa t>at?!llt:a??wits all dtmaw-a nrlalng from tmpnra bl >od, and la tlia *r*a'?at fwnal- mvd cine at ar known. Tn'a iu'aloabla iu?i cluo 1? wurklns woudara if#a tkabiiaaafram*. AaaadTariitameatto-day. marl O?* PBXXimS AT TUB PA1BS.?WHITXHUBSrS ?J?' atlLl tn tba aacaadanea.?Tha Jniiaa of aarb of tba lat? 'kin at BalUm^ta, Klcbwond, and Now Tork awarded tUalr hl*fc?at praotlama to J. U. W. for I hair (npaiiorlty of Pbo tofrapfc*. SUrMtcrpw and Da<uerreetvp*e azhiWtad. Mr. W alao received two Medala at Uia World'a Pair, Loa ms and a pram I am at Cryatal PaUra, K?w Turk. Alao, tbe Sral awarda of U>* Maryland luatltota tor Utrae year* paai. Whitabnraf* Oallary la Uuj city la oa Pa. avaaaa^ barw. IM and Mh eireeta M 1* Q^DU. HOOPLAJTO'S CaLBBEATBD OEBMAM BIT Tbave are tow thing* which afford a* graa'er plaa?nre tbaa al'^lnc down to write a notice of lite oairbreted Hoof land Oermaa Bitter*, beeaaee we are fnlly eonariona we ar* eofttorrtAC a public benaSv aaS oar boart toil* u? that by o?r aotloaa many have bam Isdncwd to toke tbaee blttera, and barn raecned from daaU by dyfcepal*. IWer oompUlnt, Be., tor tbe on re of which It la pertain It la prepared and told only by Or. C. M. JACKSON, U tba 6?nui Uedlda* fctora. Mo. 1M Arch atroat, Philadelphia. Ilea almrUaamen L mar ! 1 ~ya O. eiLMAB. Dm?1??. bat retoored to SSS Seventh "tree*, opposite to tba Patriotic Bank, and U aow pro pared toSll all order* tor Medici' ea. falnu, Otla, and filaae pared toBll all ordtra tor Modld'oa, Palou, OOa, asa uiaai or- *WW?Mm tarma. Btrun attondoa wlU U paid Si ?hy*Maa'a pr?*?rt rwaa at all boar* of itw day aa4 aH>>> The atabt Ml la *m tbe rl(bi a! urn aora &*m. reonlraa a11 thei? Ctn aa toa* aa paW1*hed. Re la Mr*nt tor Ha. por'* (ndall other Mocaalaaa, ead nr reader* win alwaya And a ' aud good aaaortaioat of Bleak Booka aad t>totta?ary ' Here, Odaaa ?aima? wt Pa. aveaee aad ?]g si. n -y* iwur rom m L?Da?-aow to ntmnrt | ?rvon't bm Ohalk, Ulf Whlti or hit tfca >n?d SOStEStleS, to ?OMHl ft or SftlloW NcpUtlot. If f?n woo' 1 IkI it? rosas kroogtt book to yocr obaak, a oi**r, baa!thy amd tr?n?par??t akin, and 111% and rl?or lo fntad tironfh Cus I" ? bnttfo of Conor's 9p?nl?ti Mirror*, aad uko It aeoor-i-* to dtraction. It dooa not tasta q?iU tarta q?fu aa vail aa urtmuii:*; b*v * aatar ? ffcw doaaa rom 60 oat find row ba? tb aci taacty rarina* yotr m aiaauo aad ?tr-oas. and th* wbcJa tyatam r?fcaa\ad and Lftn#orat*4 'lii a Pprlrj Homing. \"an four oaaa Is hep* laaa. aad all ih* vslnabia osrtlfiraies wo poaaosa. fo tor un{lit. It U tka (T?it?at purifier of tki blood known, U parl^Uy a&J at lLa tuu? uni powarfolly atSiia tonft* ?,*8oa adrarttaanieut. ? AHHIBD. f a tV 15th ir.?tant, by the Rev. John B Byrne, JOHN GI.EMSON. Jr , of Manland, to LOUISA, accord dtnjhtcr of Ma]or Osl?orn Cro**, U. S. A. Wants. WANTED.?EMPLOYMENT FOR A COL ored man, who has been accustomed to drive a cnrt * ppiy i.t tMs rifflce may 17?eoUt_ JkrUhSK WANTED-A MIDDLE AGED COL il ored wouau, who cms come w? II recommend ed ?? ? good child'- none, will find a g?od aitua ti^n by applying nt No 101 F street south, near 90 J>. A slave preferred- may 17 3;* WANTrD? BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG woman a situation as a seamstress, or ladies' nnM, or make herseli ueeful In the general house work. If require !, fond city reference* given Ad ilrerrt "A M" "I tl?i? nfflrc. m?v '7 - It* A SITUATION WA\T<Si> BY A FU- LY COM |<eeut Gardener, one wb 1 UiMKirtinis all the tranches appertaining to the bttiiur*, and can pro da e uuqu aimable laernce. Address "Gar. e n r," through the oOic ? of the S ar, stating wneie an can be bad, will meet wiih prompt at emiou. uiaj 17 eo3i* WANTED TO HIRE, TO CO TO THE country, a few milei fr>>m Washington, one aa Cook, the other a? chambermaid, both to under stand washing and ironing. Highest wages given. Apply to Mrs BRYANT, on G, between IjiIi a d tli streeu. mav 17?3t* 14ili 117 ANTED.?A BUILDING LOT, ABOUT 2o \ V by ICO feet, in the neighberhcod of Vermont av? tiue or Mill, smith of M streets. Addreas, atating price, kc , boi 13J City Poat Office. ii:ay 16?4t WANTED?A GOOD STEADY WOMAN, TO take charge ol a child two yeara old. The best recommendations required. Apply on C strict, 3d door from the corner ol I hirJ, south aide, nay 18-St* WANTED.?A PORTER in our atore. Refer ence requited. Apply to HOWELL k MOR3ELL. No. 323 (J street, between 6ih a id 7th. Brushes, Linseed Oil, White Lead, Zinc White, White YarnL-h, V.C., for sale aa above, ia any quan tity. may 1^-45l* W RANTED.?A Situa lon by a g<?od Farm hand, ploughman or to drive a team, or any kind of work on a farm. Addrat* 41 T P,'" at the Star office. may 15 3t* "IIT ANTED -IN A RETAIL DRY GOODS f f Hi or*, a Youth, who haa had some expert eitcc in the retail trade. Addreaa Box 103 P. O. may 15?Ik* WANTED?TWO HANDS, white or black, and a man and his wife, by the year, to work on a (arm near the Di?t'ict. Also, would hire or n irchaae a second hand Canal Boat. Call between \i i.nd 3 o'clock, daily, at the Office ol LLOYD b. CO, opposite the Treasury, may 8?tf 15th ftrtet. WA N T E D ?A PARTNER TO WORK A Stnne Quarry and contract for sale of Stone to Government and others, there being now great de mand for stone. Th a Quarry ia immediately oppo sue Georget wn. Large shanty, blacksmith shop, and every implement on the sp-a. Tl is quarry t'ur ni-hes the best and large?t truck Stone, fcc. A chance is now offered. Call or write to LLOYD * CO, F:fteenth atroet, oppo. the Treaaury. may 3?if WANTED?EVERYBODY TO KNOW THAT they can g^t a lot 94 feet front bv 130 feet deep, for the low price of $75?payable .?3 a month without inieren. Apply at the Union Land Office, 7.h at., abnvu Odd Fclluwa' Hall. ap 28?3m JOHN FOX, Sec. SKVICIfTri WARD.?UNION TICKET. For Alderman?DKARBORN R. IOHN8ON. Fi>rCommon Council?SAMUEL PUMPHREY, SAMUEL S. TAYLOR, HENRY A. CLARKE, mav 4?re ti? K, 1.\hkK ib^KU are now woiking the Stone Q>r?rry formerly occupied by Major Wm B. Srott, and prepared to fu nitll &TOSE at tue usual m^rkrt rates HUMPHREYS & WILLIAMS. Georgetown, May 15?lm* FISCHER'S BAND FULLY ORGAN IZRD HAVING now completed all irv 'rrangprnents for a ft.-st rate B ? A^S and COTILI.ON BAND, I am again at th" service of the public to attend Excursion Partie-, Exhibit 01s, Parades, Pic Nic?, B -Ifc. mid sierenailfa. AH th???e in favor of a cititen's b.<nd are respectfully invited to t ncourage our en erpririi.-, here in Washington Citv. P FISCHER, Leader. P S.?This Hand, un(Jer my direction, is regularly uniformed, and I rom a practice over twenty years I can give sansfiicuoB t" every ore. Residence, Pa. avenue, m.nh side, fcef, y;h and 10'h streets fir-t do >r west of Iron Hall. Or.lera left with Mt**rs Hilbug & fl tz pnncluatly at^rnded to. may 14?1111* MOKE KEFRIGKRATORS. JUST rsceiyed gnpjher lot of A aterma!j'a Patept Ven til Hied REFRIGERATORS, ?l all tiie yari duaaisM and kinds. Ilorixontil and Upright fur dora>> lity, economy and convenience ih? beat ar ticle ever msnufai rurtd. Also, another l"t of Childrcns' GIGS, from Busb nell k Tu I, of Philadelphia. We re?p?^c fully invite a call from those in want of such articlce, feeling aytured we can make it to their iiilereM to buy 01 ns. JOHNSON, GUY & CO, Ps. avenue, between 10th and Utb ata. may 14? lw TO THE LADIKS OF WASHINGTON AND VICINITY AMEMA PRIBRAM fc 8l8TF.R,^-f ^AliNo. )ITT Pennsylvania ? venue, 1#-L& V (l^^tween 10th an<t 11.h streets, return their regards for the kind patn n'ge heretofore be stowed upon their efforts, and take 'he liberty of in ft.rni'ng their many friends that they intend open ing their Spring, Summer and Fancy BfiNNETS, wbicb coo-ist of 250 pieces, besidi s a rich astort inentof STRAW liOXNETS, ke. Tbey are able 10 serve all siiea who are in want of a fashionable and cheap Bonnet. Cail and eianiina before purchasing elsewhere, may 1#?loi* 80METHIH0 HEW UNOES THE 8UV. CHARLES WERNER, PewuiluMia aieuue, opposite lirou*uy Hotel. HAS 6tted up the commodious hall over his Rca taurant as a first class L. AG felt BEER S A LOON, having pro. ured a supply of every luxury ai<d ccuiforis lound In first class establish taenia of the kind in the Noriiier i cities. His RHINE WINBSaod French White Wines, as well si bis Clarets, Heaar* Lager Beer, German, Italian, anl tiwiuer CHEESES, and indeed ? f ev ery other appropriate luxury in tuch an j*tab!ish lueiit, is unsurpassed ln thla country. He solicits a call from his friends end the public. may Ifl-tf GLOVES, HOSIERY, RTBBONS, Ac. JOHN H. 8MOOT, truth side of Bridge *t., near Hi^!?, Georgetown, has ju?t received from New York an a dilional supuly of? Taffata Silk and Lisle Thread Gloves Short and .ong bl.ick twtsteu Silk Mitts ODdo-wotked and j.laiQ Cottun Hosiery, evtrv va nety Muses' arid Boy*' white, mixed and funcy Cotton I Hosiery Genu % d ? do Worked Swim Collars and Ruffle * Lane and French worked trimmed Collars Real Maltese and Imitation Lacea. With many other desirable Goods, to which the attention of cash or prompt customer* Is invited. "ay H? J. H SMOOT. STRAW MATTiNG. JUST received 4. 5, and 6 4 White and colored M ittings, which I am selling at the lowest pri ces for cash or to prompt customers 4. II. SMOOT, B. Hide Bridge st, near Iligh, Georgaiown. rrsy 1 J? ^ NEW GOODS FOR GKtfTL^MEN. 0 J- STEER, Merchant Tailor, No. 468 8ev 1 a enth street,has just rece^ ved ft m New,sa r?rrk, a v- ry ehgaut and large addition to pB bissiock of 8p?iu| tni gumiw-r GOODS, Sa eom-isting of Casaiinera. Ducks, Drills, ** for Pan's,and Silk and Marseill a VESTING8, both plain a d colored, of ihe rirbest and prettiest styles erar aeen in thu market, all of which he is prepared to nuke up in ibe be?t style at very Joiv puces. Gentle-neo wonld do Well lo call early If ihey wl>li to ace very cheap styles may !3-ir4w LAW PARTNERSHIP. Robert j. walker am loui? janin have tern ted a eo partnerahlp under the firm of '? Walker A Jan n." for the management And o> t?m?nt of owes tn the Buprejne Coon ot the Cn iod Siattw. and before the Ormrt of Clatnrrf at VVHsbin? ton City; Address Washington, D. C. mj }Q?coSui For Sals and Bant. F F OR RETT?A TWO-STORY AND ATTIC Brick House. on the weet side of the Market, near Bridge street, Georgetown. Ft contain# sever rooms. Enquire of the owner, nexj d*or. may 17?3t* OE RENT?A TWO 8TORY BRICK DWEL linf. with attic, In plea?iot neii'itorhoo'J, and oot far from the City Post Offije. The b in* con tains feven rooms The i4vrti|i*r is on ibt eve of relinquishing housekeeping and wants to sell tre Furniu'e. Would also, if agreeable to all parties, be will rg to board with th" party (curing. He >,?? ro children. Address, through the Poet Cfli_e.4'A X," Washington ma> l1?3 ? FOR 8ALE A QUANTITV OP PSICK YARD Tools, used but a short timo. Al-o. cne of Smitb's machine?, or brick making, (for steam or horse pr,w. i,) has only been ua< d a few Java on ac count of the clay App'y to Stephen Ca-tir, corner of L s'rect south ard New Urst x avenue, or to the kUh*rr ber at his office Smi'hsonian Grounds. may IT la* GiLHERT A. CAMF.HON. Fob rent-the two new iiouse3 on Pierce street. between L and Si kfceets, con taining aix rooms each, with basement and a large ya'd attached. To punctual tenants the low rent cf eight dollart will be charted month y. Enquire i f the owner, opposite the premises. may 1S-2W CHA3. THOMA. A MAGNIFICENT RESIDENCE P?)R SALE or Rent.?I will either sell ?.y Tarm on the Georgetown and Rockvile Turnpike, 2 miles above Georgetown, adjoining TennMlj town, or I will rent to a good tenant, the house and garden, (including furniture, if desired) cowa. *e., for the summer ? Call on the sub-criber, at Mra LYI.ES'S, adiolr. ing. TH03. MARSHALL. may 15- lOt FOR RENT?a COM FORT\BLE TWO STO ry House on 9th street, retween M ani N sts. Possession riven imme- ia'ely. Apply to the srb acribers, at their Lumber Ynid, corner or 26ih and D street*. H. N. fc J. W. EAS11Y. may 10? 1/OR HALE? * FLOURISH ING DRUG HTORE r with a complete assorted stock of b-^t drugs, lie , In one of the beta locations in Washington, I). C The present owner being on the p?*int of leav ing will se I at a very reasonable price Any one who has a thorough knowledge of rtte buine-s am' the noccosary qualifications of the business will find it a rare chancc. Address "II 8," Box 106, Wash ington city may 9-lw* For rent?several handsome par lors and Chambers, with board. Also, Tu'ule and transient board. Inquire at Mra. SMITH'S, ?33 Fatreet ap9 UOMES FOR ALL.?Beautifully and healthily located Building Lots, 34 feet front by 130 feet deep, on graded streets, can, until spring, be bought at ino exceeding low price of $75, payable $3 per month. Title indisputable. Union Land Office, 7th ?t., above Odd Fellows' Hall, jan ?6m JOHN FOX, Secretary. VALUABLE TRACTS OF LAND NEAR the j '"iiy, at Private Sale?For sale four very de sirable and eligibly situated tracts of l.and, con tam ing about fitly acres each, partly in Montgomery county, but principally in Washington county, DC. oppoMte the farm ofJo-eph H Brailey, E-q., about 4Jf miles from Wa-h ngton, communicating with it by a new and commodious road now under con struction The soil is excellent,auid welt adapted to corn and what The S'tuation U prominent an ; healthy, and the land well watered. There are three tenements on the premises. This prepeity is peculia-ly suited to gentlemen having business iu the city for beautiful countrv res idcnces. A plat of the property can be seen at the office of the subscriber. John Parker, l>q., living adjoining, will show the property to any who may wish to see it. EDW. 8WANN. No. 180 Louisiana avenue near City Hail, ap SO eo2m I^OR RENT OR SALE ON MEASONABLE Terms ?A three story Frame, w ith base >? ent on New York avenue, betw?en Fourth and Fiflh streets west Also, a three story Frame, with back building, r.n I street north, between Fourth and Filth sts we-l Apply to James W. B-trker^wcr-id) ine on I! street north, between 12Ui and '3tl> s;;i w.-s., DICKSON fit KING, ap 5?Th'f Georgetown. VILLA FOR 8ALE?THE SUBSCRIBER of fers at private sale the vnla in which fJie at j present resides, wi'h right acres o? iand. situated at Ellaville, on the Washington and Hulum re Turn pike Road. The h use i* new, with all the modern improvements, and the situation has m;??y H?(vani a;*sfor perso- s encaged in bu-ine-K in Wadiin^ton *" it is within five iiMitites' walk of the Bladeu>burg Depot on the Kadroad, and there is also an omnibus running twice a Hay between Washington arid F!l:?, ville. Application to be made to tjie ^ubscrifcer, jiving on u<e premises. MACY S. VAtfS. ruir 27 ? 2awt r Rents rkdo'ced to suit the times. f 150 a year will be received fr-r the r?-ijt of t)iCt>s ntw an.l cotingMs u K^iwlJ' 1 Green, with two acres of groua J. u ?fc. d and other conveniences aKHelie;,. Pumps at jrti-p water are near the door, wnd c< ii;nr.uuiC?t on ip ha l with Georgetown by way of II and riev? nth streets and Pei n. Avenue, morning and afternoon, at the inoial fare, for the accoinm<^ation of clerks In the departments. To secure the advantr^c of tlsis gn at reduction of rent imu,e&aie application must be made to the urider.-'gned, either by I. it-r, <ir p? hou?e at Kend^d tJreen, titer outce noura, where the k> ya may be n?d and the hius?>s ins^>e ted at any time. Several of these residences will b- sold oti liberal terms. WW 8TICKNEY, No 4, Kendall Greer.. N. B ?Rent; paid quarterly in advarve. apr W, 1865-tt Boarding. B" lOlllOl NO.?One fine large front room, with > an aiijoining chamber, handsomely fur i-hed, feuitable for a family or several young men. A''0* t 'liarnbers larger tlian are g> neraliy appropriate! to si-:gle |{ Rtleipep, wjih U ou reasonable terms The situation L- high and hea thy, and i.i tbo itu-ne di^te neighborhood of the Pati nt tifiice; Post Ofl?ce, and Indian Pur au. Transient and table hoarders cnri be also accommodated. l?y application to No. 3 Union Row, F street, between 0in a-id 7ib sts. may 14 lw* TlOAKDlftC).?VIRS. M C. GREKC respect > fully ant.-ouiices that fhe has tak? n the large an I commodious new brick house, N ? 3 SO Penn. avenue, near 21 street, withing one minute's waik of tliu Capitol, a short distance irom the railroad dn pr-t, and sbt: is now prepared to receive boarders by tte day or week upon the roost reasonable terms Also, has a number of fine Rooms furnUbed or unfurnished, with or without t>oaid' Application as above. may 11?Iw |\0 TIC K?FOR RENT-PARLORS and 1^ Cli:imkcrs, with board. Also, table and tran sient board, with a batliiug room and slower watlis and every attention to remler it most agreeable to ber boarders- Mrs. P. G MURRAY. Corner Pennsylvania avenue and 4*^ st ap 23?3m OAltO, #c.?MRS. BATES, on the sowh west corner of Pa. avenua and 9;h street is pre pur^d to accoiomudutP ge.iUemen with room*, with or w ithout board- Every effort will be made to reiv> dtr those comforu ble who may favor her with tbctr patronage. ap 6?if T SODA WATER?SARSAPARILLA MEAD HE subscriber would announce to his numerous _ customers, that his Soda Apparatus has been thoroughly overhauled and repaired, and he it pow ready to ?erve cverv one wi'h a beverage superior to any ever before o{f red He wnu'J tuentiou that he hai not varied in the slightest from bis Banner of preparation which is the proper way. would also call the attention o( all who like o deln ious* drink to th; MEAD, which L? one of the m<i*t refreshing and wlvletome drinks made. VV. B. BUTT, Druggist, way 14?eo3t Corner 12ih at., and Pa. av. WILLARD'S UOTElT Old Point Comfort, Y?. Tins splendid sea-shore house is NOW OPEN. Boartf per day $3 00 Board by th?j week, p?-r day 1 50 Board by the month, per day.......... 1 23 Baths free (or the gntvns may 10? lm C. C. WlLLAR k BBO 4 B THOHPrtOir. MERCHANT TAILOR, Has removed to his oh} Hand, MolSt** Building, 4j| street, one door north of >bdlington's Bookstore, where be woold be pleased to serve bis friends and the onhlic. may 3?2.v tlMtCKS, WATCRKS AND JEWELRY /Opened this dav, forty diffureni styles o( C ocki Good Clocks $1 25 Fine Gold Watches, #22; warranted. Jewelry cheaper .ban ever. Call and see for yourselves a' i ROBINSON'S. No. lit opposite Browns' Hotel, may 1?dim NEW JEWELRY TTTATCHES,8IVERWAUE 3tc M. W.GALT Vt & BRO ,are receiving daily large addition* to their stock of new and eiof?u 4ewclry, W ate bps, ?ilver Ware, fcf, Purchasers bare the advamaje of a eeloctlen ftom i complete assortment of latest styles, of tb? best quality, ar>d at the lowest rates. M- W. GALT k BpO., 334 Pa. av., between fch and lttb sts. Auction B a!*i. Br "* "? 3KftAm*,,,m**r' PORTO RICO SUGAR AT AUCTION ?On MOV DAT next ih? 81?t mat, at 11 o'cWk, on F & A. H. Dodge's wharf, tie oargn ?t tb? brtj Fidelii, trim Mevagutx/ oonsmjnf of 81ft fcbds chvica and prima Sugaia. E S. W FIGHT, may 16?<fci A\tctM>n?r. By GRESil * SCOTT# Anetlnt*r?. SIX VALUABLE BUILDING LOTS AT AUC uo.i ?On THURSDAY, the l?th instant, we shall Mil. at 6 o'clock p. m , ou the premise*, aix valuable building Lots, sitjateJ at the comer of C and 9ih ;-tieels ta?l. be-n* L is ?o? 1.8 3 80 81, ?nt1 82, in Square So 923, baring a front of 834 f\ 5 inche* on 9th street, an I 143 fett 8 inche# cn C street. 1 be r%ovc <*e*cribed property is han4?o(n< ly lo cated, but a few minute#' walk from the Navy Yurv. T?rme: One-half cash: ba'ance In one and two yean -he ( urchater u uivt note* for ibe defened paj inecta, hearing interact (K m the <;cy of tale. A de?d given and * deed of i?u?t taken. GRfcK* k SCOTT, may 18-d Auctioneers. By J. C. UcOl'IKK, Aactloaaar ADMINISTRATOR'S SAL* OF HANDSOME and Valuable Stallion. By vi'iae of an nnl< r of the OrpLxns' Court, the sub-crber will im II at puMIc Mle, on THLRSDAY, ihe l#th day of May, 18^5, at 5^ o'clock p. m., in front of the auction f|.?r<* of' James U. M Gum-, on the corner of Prim sylvatra avenue atid T?n n >treet wit, the valua ble bullion li'-nM* "Mnsoo'v," belonging to the mtate of the lat?* Chatles W. 8tewart. Mo-cow i? of the M>r*an utoek, very fnut in hurre<? or under th?* BHikil-, of fine gait an<l carriage, and desirable Cur a road horse or f n standing. Term*: One half cus-h. and the ba'ance in 30 ind 6tduys, foi rotes ?atiffa<touly fiidrr?ed, bearing interest. CHAS S WALLACH, Admin strator. JAKES C. McGUIRK, may 13?dts Auctioneer. D' Wy J- C. MefillIRK, Aueiloattr ESIRABLE BRICK DWELLING HOUSE !?r d Lot near the Capitol at Auction. On FRIDAV afternoon. May lHh at 5 o'clock, on th? prcnii-es, I shall sell part f Lot No. 20, in Square So ?2h, fronting 13 feet on noith A street, tr^veen 1st and 21 streeu east, and running bac? 27 leet to a thirty fe? t alley, with a nearly njw and substan tially built f ur-3tory brick dwelling hou-e, contain i?ig < i*ht r ?oms. The b?u?e w built on a;i 18 in? h stone wbII, an1 in 6i>i?heU .n tbe very be.t maimer throughout. Title lniiinput .Lie. Terms: $1 000 ca>h ; rc-4due In li month*, wih interest, secured by a deed of tnut' ii th?* premises JA8 C. M G''IKE, taaT Am tiuneer. By C W. BOTKLKH, ?ucll.aeer7 SALE OF FOUR BUILDING LOTS at Auc tion - On ITJE8UAY afterr.oon, May 83, at 6 o'clock, I shall sell, on tbe premises. p?rta of lot* 29 and 30,in Square 552, frontingeacii 62 leet fi iucl ei on F street, tv-twer-n Second and Thud streets, an 1 loU 10 und 11, in Squire .V>3, fron'inr rach 57 fc?-t on O street, between New Jersey avenue and 3d atrc-t Terms: One foimh ca>2); balance (u fj, 19 aad 18 mo.'itlis, wi;h i<iterc;t, s^ctrec! Vy d'ed on property. 6 VV. BOTELRR, m8y I*.--co 1 Auctioneer. Bk J C McOl'IICK, Auctioneer. 1 TRUSTEE'S SAi.E OF VALUABI.E BUILD ing L >t n?*ar Kiilr iad D p??t By vi;tce ot a deeii ot tniMi bearing date on the ?th Ucy of Anrit, iai4. and recorded in Lib r J. A. S., No. foliob 181, &c., the su'u'criber will at public sale, oh FBI DA V, the *5ib day of lune, I8i5, at 5^' o'clock p tu., on the premise?, all that pece or parcel c.f ground lying and being situa'e ia tl>p c?v uT Wash ington, and b lug part of .<ju?re No 630. b-g.nning at a point on NV*r Jcr?. y ?vusue ?70 f?*et lr< m the northwest cof ict of said ?quare and running thence e?vstwan:ly at right ancles to New iers-y avenue 194 feel IX inches, thence due >ouih 23 feet, more or le?s. to a parailfl line 22 feet f.oin the fin-t de ? cribed line of this piece or ground, and tunnrgnar allel with said line we-tward!y to N w JSt>ey aye nue 118 feet 1>^ inches, th? ncer.csrthwiiaiy o,? New Jer?y nvenu" 22 fee? Jo \MU |M?t-1 of b?rnnirg. ?The pr'V'ii/ i-? eligiMy situated near the Ba<!rust: jjrpt.t and adjoimn? Fuy s lintel, raii'dly enhancing in va'ue. and cflLrs a niO?t f.vorab.e on. port'inity for investment T^rma of sale : Half ca^h, and ba'ar.ce in fl 18 and 18 months, f 'r nute* bearing l?itu^M from tbv day < f sale, set ured lj a deed ia trust uwn ih. property. If th<M"rir? of ?al^ are not enmpli.-d r ith In six ?'ajssfter -Uf sal , ll e pr. perty will . e re?o d at ihe risk and expensr "t 'he pure: a er C1JAS S. WALLACH. Trustee. MS V M QlTIf'E, may lS?tok^g A'ict;oncer. By C. \V. ItflTrLIR, Auctlcn??r. TEN' SMALL HOUSES AT AUCTION.?ON MONDAY a'\ernoon, May 2Ut, ai 6 o'c|.<ck, I Mi <il *eti, .-.n the i n mi*e?, in Square 311. parts of Lots 18, 19, and i%, together with the imp-ovements th'reOii o t{si-t;;.g ote.i <onvvnif i.tK arranged nnd n-aily tiTW trauic Ucusrs, each conuitting 4 rooii-s This ; r pert/ is Iccated on auj.h K, btiwee^ 3J and 4X itpfts. '?this: F<>r kt\r h lli?;j^c cft-fc ; resi.ltie^^' p^r moii'li till paid, w:;h ir.K.rert, s> cur?': of a dte<i of trurt on the propeny. iV. BOTULEB. m.iv lS-fqtf Ai. ex. My t>HIKI * SCOVT, Auctioneer.. MPROVl'D AND U.MMPilOVED i'Rul'EUTY .it Auction?On FIJII>AV,the IS'h in* nut, we ha.l II, ii> front of til- pnitui**.. st 6 o'clock u n,. a goi>d :v.o storj frfsme ll u>e and Lot, ?i:u.\t?>d or the wi-Pt si?)e oi lOih street, b. iivu n N.-w Voile av '?Vn^u nrt- U ? ei?ei ?rt of L'?t No 7, in square , ' ? ft front of -2 fee:, runuinz tack to an al!?.y. Tli?* h'iuse contain' six good room?. And immediiitHy alter the ??le of the ?N>ve. we shall sell, in front of the ptemisea. part or Lot No. 8 in Square No 427 havitii; a ?roi.t on tlieiublic space <?f 31 feet, between 7th and 8th , imtnedi a e!y south of tbe Northe.n Liberues' Market, vnth a depsh r.f too left. 1 itle innisiiiual le Ternia : One third cash ;^e In one nnd two yenrs, for notes besting interest t'roui the day of Uie sale. A dte.l given and a deed of trust taken. GREEN a. SCOTT, may }.>?d Aucii vt,?ar. By WALL, KARMAttO ft CO , Audi. Mahogany, walnut, veneering, *c , at Auc ion. On FRIDAY rwVrnoc&, ihe 18ih i slant, at 2 o'clock, we ah&!I ?!?, In ficut of our Auction Rooms - A larg^ I<m of mahogany, walaut and maple V? ueora MaVogativ and walnut Woodis sl-adtd an curled The attention of cabinctiua^frs is invited. T;*rcis: yi) and under cash; over that sum a credit o! 30 and CO days, t'ur^Qtes sausiactorily en dorscd, bearing iui< r?><i. WALL, BARNARD h. CO., tnny 15?dt< Auctioneera. By JAM. C. McUlliKIC, Auctlonear. VER* VALUABLE BUILDING LOT in tbe first Ward at Public Sale ?On MoNliAY a - teru ?on. May i'let, at &% ?>'cloek. on the premises, I -Usli s?'.i lot No. 4, in Square lt?>, frontinc 51 fret 1 Jj inches en aonli ?, hetwer,, aaih a,id 21-t sts j ru'>i'isg back 182 leet, with an outlit Iront tbe tear to 20 li meet. This lot is delightfully si uated in one of the wom f shit ii a hi? parts t>f the First Ward, nueicrous fine houses being in prrgresj o. er?:cts>a iu the immedi ate vicinity. Title perfect. Tertusj One-third catii; residue in 6,14, and Is iu< iitiu, wuh miereat, secured by a deed ft tru-t ou the preuilaes. J A3. C. MeGUlRE, may 15?d Auctioneer. 1 By JA9 C UcCUlBB, Auctioneer. VERY VALUABLE BU1L ING LOT ON F, beiw-en 1 St'? and 14th sireeta at Aifciion.?Ou TUESDAY eft.non. ilav 231, at 5)4 o'clock, on the prtbiuu. I fhuli rtl the west half of Lot 82, in Square No. 254, having a frost ot $3 ft. inc n ea on F st, between I&n and 14; i, running Lack 100 ren to a 30 f*c| alley. Tbis is probably nue of the t&06t dc ira. le Lou for aale in that section of the ~ity. Tettna: One third cash ; the rtaidue in 6 and 19 month", with interest, aecured by a deed cf trust on the preiuisca. JAB. C. MjGUIRE, Stay 15?d Auctioneer. HAIR WORK. ORNAMENTS of H iir, such an Bracelets, Ckat elains, Chains, Breastpins, Earrinpi, Finger Ruifs, made to order, of any de?ired design. All orders faithfully attended to. Specimens may be seen at my store. H. SEMKEN, No. 330 Pa. av., between 9th and lQui au. Mar:? AK0 HE* ABRIYAL OKPAEIS K&HTIL LAS AT SEW YORK PRICKS. CREMONA. LEONORA, LAVINIA. LILY, DE HTAEL, CAMILLA, DEW DROP CLIMENE. A'ao, a fewTery pwtty MOURNING MANTIL LAB. A<! the a'ove stylet just received aud this ?'.ay ar ranged fbr in?pec?ion n our Mantilla Room, s?xobJ ' story. MAXWELL It BROTHER, 398 Pa. av?., b*t 9th and 16th atrectt ?y 1 U~co3t l CAMPBELL'S DICTIONARY of Military 8ci ! mc?4 Cutralrv. Its Hiit<*y an4 Tactii a by C?p ; tain Nolan on the Tratntng of Ussralry Hor^rs, R?y ?latw>ar h.r Yionienry Cavalry. ftp 9S FRANCK TAYuOR. \ TELEGRAPHIC. uroxm roa DAILY EVENING STAB. Fir* in IndioBt Er^antis, 1*? , May 15 ?A toe took plaoa here to-day, which deetroyod alrbeaa buVdluja. la* loea la it* ted at $106 vM, hat w?* p lt-oipftJlj fn?areJ FaUimor* MarktU. Baltimore. May 1? ?Hour la very fine; mVaof l ?00 bbla *t $10 87 Wheat ha? de clined fro-* S to 5 eta ; ?mer of red at IS Ma whit* *t 7i C >ra la wry dull, white 92 04^92 06, yellow }l 06a$l.W. Few York Stock Varkot Nsw Tork. May 17.?Stocksara lowar and h???t M 'Bey la aa*y, oa call & p*' mt, At th* flrrt board, aa!aa of Erie Kail -o id it 44; C>evcUcd and TolaJi Ktil-oad. B0; Caaktr lard Coal Company. 2ji; Raadlsf Railhead. 87f; Cao'oo Company, N?w Tork Coafral V!; Pcdo Coal Co.. 10?i; Virginia 9'a, 97; Missouri 6'i,9U. Ftw Tork Markof Niw Took, Mfj 17 ?Ootton la unehakfad. Floor has declined 12) Good Ota'o 910* 10 18} Southern is batter; aalaa of 1190 bar rels at 11 12}all 44 Wheat ia anch ?nfed Corn la rlffer; mixe-lfl 13*91 IS#. Pork and b"f ara aoohanged Whiaky la firga; Ohio 38a29t .1 more auction bargains. USI' receelv* ei H ALL'S Great ? heap ( Store, th following auction t?rpiM which ''I be M>ld at about uu? half uir coat *fimport* um: Lidie* fine Ho*. emb'd ?itk alk, 18 eO, worth 37 onta I'^w and Qtaliracn'iiUk Otorta, IS au., wank 37 cent* Ladi<?e', Gentlemen's and Mu?t eottoa QUvae, o? > 4 cent* Co t"D llore and Half Uoee 0a Swim I<tering4c Knt Itiiti Litcn j.'?? Hasi't'rchiefi ie 3" yds. lYIieo for 91 Fine [if Baa a, lie worth 83 ? 6,'JOOyda fin* calico, warranted tot euaora. at a-. Wort.l 19c per yard " Yard wide Cotton 5c Yard wid" L iwb- only 0:, worth 14c r me French Lawns warranted fhflt color* 13c Worth 85c ?u?^a 18 tieaen mora ofihoee line Ltaea Skirt at 25* woni 50c Hue linen Shirt Collara 10c UHdenhirt* only 25c, worth Mc I. nen Towels oc B'? aot rd Sheetingonly 10c, worth lijfe Spool (* ?iion 18 ? per do* 1, ullca' French Corseta I 37 A complete aasonmert <?f Plou'tafa, lalaiaal C -in brie and Ctitluv, titra cheap Wry good Chem^e't? 18c Ua4> r?U?-? ve* only 6c l.sili'ii fine l>n>? t'kirts ??ry cheap R< nn>*tn, Ilai*, Flats and Paraaola at extremely low prices !?? Ola and Shoee? In th e line I hire pmt ka ga iis to off n I.aiiee'Half Gai'er* only 75 rta Very fine b'ack Gniters o?Jy 91, worth 91 tO Lftdiae* ? ippera :f7c ( Uildreri'- Shoe- 85c t M ias?-' Gaiter* 68c nu' Aippcr^SOc Gent-' Congress Gaiters $1 07, worth $S Genie and Boya* Lutiae ftbae*, 0 ford Tie* and Fancy Shoe* in (teat variety. 1 won d invite l he whole purchasing community t > '*-*11 mid tako a look through my Block beIore t?e?? purchase*. aa | frel confldenl they will l c suited both in g Ktda and price*, and aeT? el leuet ten per cent. ft. B. HALL, No. 37 3 North Seventh Mreet, fourth hoaee ah-ive 1 at. MI goo If adreriited wd. b? t?xind In atom, may 5?e>4t A CARD.?LOOK HERE! 1 LL ye Invr-ra of ih. good thing* of thia W#e. and we will iel: you whe*e you may obtain akleaat Mime of them. Thannlul lor paal faeora, I would re?.;>ecrully ?>k a continuauoe of the tame dur nr tfira Spn?c and Suraiuer. I am prepared to farrmR a!" who will civc me a egii wmIi the awe?-t an*t e?o' ?.1.4 !icvera2?M in ray line ut ?h r notice. Sock aa Cream-i. Wnter lcea, of all divora, Bchartotie Km*e, Binvawng.-, Kc Cakea of *11 kinds Alan, lot* .gr ann do?eeti; Kruitt and <'ontectioo?rjr, gen cra'ly k-pt iu well regulated eatabUUineDta << hind. Particular atteniion will be paid tq ?^rni?hmg Wedding or Rrid?"? (%kea. AI?o faroea. Rklla^ Etrurwiin. Fic Nics, fcc, kc. la'd aj^n rtaa-n ibl*' ?9tr"n?. 1 aii ?t ihi; old ef.nH /(fjiat^ch j^tu tw?.n Sin find 10'^, atie<-t4. \01thrm L'koni**. ?"y--n'.JH JOHN W UIGUT8TISE. FLOUR T^FI/vUrT K A RBLS. KX1R A ^t'PEK FLOUR, <or baker1* c/'" u-ie. approved h ai Js 4 > l.b!?- ertra do Co. selected far fliniily eee quart*r mi ks Fsiinly r.nJ tuperiine, warranted 4:1 lb. lo tbe aai k Tiie attention ?-f v-a^tfra and cnasuacrt i? invited to the a'.ove, r**CMving today on ron>i|Dir.iet, which will be ro'.d at Balis'": e.ory pri?? a. and war ranted to plea-e. IVM. C IIAKPCh, L*e.iJer i-< Fi<#ur. Winea, Tea?. a^d Or<iceri?M# I'*, avenue, between 4 and dih iticu^ may 18?ec3t OAHRIAGtS?CARRIAGES. Ill AVE n >w on hand, nnd constantly tiii?hln>, * very larpe au trtment of Pleaaare artdr a'O ^ Family < AUUI A0E.4. of the lai?-*i fkth iona, which 1 will ae|i a. low a* the name quatiir uf w? rk can b-- b??I?1 ia any of the principal markeca of the ITnitod Slate*. The auba?'riber is now <lealing cxclUMvele In Cais riagea ot hi? rwn iuanufa<*tur*r, and all work sold hp liiw will be warrant! d, and compare favorably witlk any work in thia market. A - 1 aiwaya keep a lan*<. i?t-'!riment, I inviie purrh.ii'jn and otbera to U nmine my atock btf .re purciiX^ioc tls?-w bera. t/arria^ea bailt to order (>l<i Carriag?e taken la eicbaug-:, or repaired at the kborteat n t*ce. THOMAS VOUM3. Aign of the U<iltica llorae. No 409 Ta. brunue and 4^ atreel. may 1?.on3ni CHAitL'is llt^K.NS, Arc bit eat. [I'll, airuue, between Trtdh aryA Ksoeu& WaitiJ a aauiNOTOH, d. c. 117 ILL continue to funiL-n Plans, detail workioc Yv l? a*iit-n sud i'(?e<nficatM>n? ol building* id vejy de.4cn91vjft.and atno u> auperiniend i^vir < ree f-w r4 SUPERIOR SODA WATER. ]HE subscriber would n;^t rei-pecttuMy inforaa bia former pafrone, ?n<| thr lover* of auprriM *??<1a Water gtiierslly, tbii liia (ha it* are a-.a n ia ojv ration, anil i? <? er u? k?> p up hi* weli earned repiuatK n of kenjan* tli^ be t SOD * WATER and inosi ili Ikiuim r-lKIJI'd 111 me cit , ia 1I1 lenniBid (it j^auiblej 10 have it aiii l^u?r than heretofore. O. BC8WELL, Uiuggiat, Comer Maryland uv.t and 7th ?t , 1 aland, ap 20 lui ffakagik NEW POLKA. THE CHEVY CHASE POLKA, cnaipnMd ** and defeated l Miss Sally Q. kradiey, by J. D. Saundera. Esq.. of thu city, whoae conip ???a?o?a have always me* with each great public favor The nu nie o: the |>iece are auch aa will introduea it nmonir all lovci* ui iuuuc. P. ice 85 et Dt*. Juat pabliahed aud for aale by HILBUa k BfTZ. f Be Proaident4* Mounted Gua<d Quickatep, roea posed ?ty t e accouipliohed Tiaaut, Mr. Sott^rt Hal I er, wiil appear in a tew daya may 18 THE HEALING OF THE NATIONS. BY 1 C1IAS LINTON. With an In roducttea and Appeadi* by N. P. Tallmatige. Pub!Lh*d by Mociety for the diffusion of Selntu .1 Knowtei New York 1 large octavo volume, pr ce 91 90 For ,ule at TAYLOR k MAL'RY'8 Bookaiara^ aear 9th <ttre? t. aay 8 ~ PROPOSALS F0R~FUEL. QcA*TL*aa*Taa a Orrica Msatxa C*ara,> W??hinjtou, 10th May, I8&5. J SEALED PRO I OSAl.d will be received at ihf* ottice unt'l Friday, the 85th of May i at.. at 10 o'clock a. m , for supp >ing lo tbe Marine* auttioaMl in Waahii^tuu city fn>m iat July, 1856, -o 30ih of June, lio&, auch quaniitiea of Wood and Coal aa ?tm> be reouireii upon the Quarterly requakieae af Co manding Oftcera The wood lo be beat rak sapling, >.ad tke rati best a ithracite, free fn>*i dust, Unkra and arreeaad, both to be tlelivered at sue . points within the bar rack waits, as may be de*if< ated, free of e*penea aa the Untied Siatea. may II?3?aiH>5th ORGANS FOR SALE. ASUPEhlUL toaed CHAPEL ORGAN; and 0 fine Rosewood PARLOR ORG AN, both now on exhibition at the Metropolitan Mechenh a' Fair. They ar> fr-mu the uu'neiatftory ??f liENRV ERBEN of New York. For lerma, ke . appljr to Fro' WHEEL, on 14th ?tr-et nonii of F HENRY ERBEN teb86 eotf E3 EOOM1?REVEIAL X; Parlo a and Chamb r? raceatly <cup?e<i ay tka F u-al?tc Miiii/ier, aad they artil be rented I* a By or aev -ral sitigle femlnaen. wuh nr wlih^nr Isierd l iqcireat J F CRUTL'HET'9, No.?T?, corn r 6 h -nd I> etreeU. 14 -en3s# (lately

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