Newspaper of Evening Star, May 21, 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 21, 1855 Page 1
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VOL. V. WASHINGTON MONDAY, MAY 21. 1855. NO. 742. THE EVENING STAR I PUBLISHED EVERY AFTERNOON, (MCEPT BUIfDAT.) At tk? Star Hwtldmg. comer f?Muy>'<wu av+nit* and E'm**tk rtr?4t, By W. D. WilLiCH, Wdl be vn^ to subaeiibete in the citiw of Waafv liftMi, Georgetown, Alerandrta, Baltimore and, PnlartelpMa, at BIX AND A QUARTEI CENT8, p-irable weekly to Ibe Agenta. To mail subscribers r a subscription price is THRES DOLLARS AND PIPTY CBNT8 e yea/ !n advance, TWO DOL LARS for 8IX MONTHS, and ONE DOLLAR tor THREE MONTHS. Q^BmoLt con a* on CXHT. A CARD.?LOOK HERE! -1 Wii'fT.? ?f ^??od things or this life and r. -^ 1Z?* yon may obtain at leant ,?T ? Thankiul for past favor*, I would }<? continuance of th" same dnr n? ?ii ?k? .. S jrnm,ir I *?n prepaid to furnish all who will give me a call with the sweet anrl cnol t in my lite at ?bnr notice. buoh aa ice Cream*, Water Ices, of all flavors, Schariotte Reuae, Bianrmang-, lie Cakea of all kinds Also, don,e',t>: P""ta and Confectionery gen ?rally kept in well regulated establishments of Uir Una. Particular attention will be paid to Airnl?hlng Wedding <* Bride's Cake?. Also. Parlies. Bails, Excuraiotis, Pjc Nica, lie., Ac., and npon reason able terms. Oall at the old stand, M^?*ichtt*etis avenue be tween 9th and 10th street*, Northern Liberties N. B.? Be<t quality ICR CREAM teld at *1 30 per gaJloa "?*y 7?eo?n JOHN W RIGHTSTIN*. u. s marine-band! The un<W*lgned would respectfully l-form the Military, Firemen, Clubs and the pub ic gene IW . thai by applying to him at the Marin* Barrack^ or at his reaidehce. on E. between Ihh and 0th sts. east, or by note at Hi'bus A Hita's M.isic Depot, they can obtaiu the services of the Marine Baud, or a portion of it either as a bias , reed or cotilloi, beid, which will embrace Louis Weber'? unrivalled paity. p. 8CALA Conductor and Leader of Marine Band, ap m 4 CARD. Economy u tke read to wealth. Great Redaction in the prioe of Hats 4 Cape 'P H E undersigned, havin* made arrangements X with a New York Hat Company to be con Kintly suppliel with the very best Moleskin or DRESS HATS, got up in the latest style, offer* tuem at the unprecedented low price of 93,5U, worth from four to five dollars; seeon-l quality, S3, worth from $3.30 to ; and a very good fasbica able Hat at #3,50. w.trth from $3 to $3.50 Alan, Be^be k Co's Hats, at a marh le*s advance than they have been here tot -re sold in this city. First rate beaver Hats $3,5 All kinds nf s?i\ U ATS and CAPS very low. la order to sell at the above low prices the cash rystem must be adopted ; consequently those who rmrchase wdl not be charted fr >ni fifteen to twenty Ave per cent, as an offset for bad debu. ANTHONY, (for many years in the employ of Todd Si Co.) No. 3. Columbia place, 7th si, ap 13?tf 3d door north of Penn. avenue. ICE. K.I DW KLL guarantee* a full supply of 1 ? ice to htscustomers in Washington or George town, for the whole year, at fair prices. Orders can be left at the following places or sent inrough the Post Office. H H. McPhersoa, Druggist, Capitol Hill Ktdweil Jt Laurence, corner of Pa. avenue and 14th *reeta Mr. McPnerson. Grocer, 7th *tr?et G. F. Kidweli, Smith's Lumber <tffic*. ftt ?t. J<Mepo vf iore, Druggist, Pa avenue, Pirst Ward Ice can be bat at my office, No 3 First street, O?:orgetowu, at all times, families will be supplied for :he whole year at fair prices. ap 21 - lm IMPORTANT TO PERSONS BREAK ING UP HOUSEKEEPING T)ERSONS removing from the city, and wi*h:ng JT to dispose ot their Furniture and Housekcepins (.tea*il*, k< , without the trouble ol sending the in to public auction, can do so by calling on us at our store, 317 Pennsylvania avenue, corner <1T Ninth street, as we are prepared to buy all such good- as may be offered Housekeepers and others will do well by calling en us, a* we a ill pav the highest ca?h prices for all ?uch goo h> WALL, BARNARD A CO. ?p ?>? lm 317 Pennsylvania avenne PALMER'S PATENT LEG. I^HIS AMERICAN INVENTION . rtsnds iinriva-ted both in this country ar.din Europe. Itis worn by 1>J0 persona, and with most astonishing ?ucc*ss. lu c witn JO oifcer substitute? of L0? best trench, English, and German k.anufacture,it received the award of the t. bat mbdal at the VVoat.o a Exuiai n >? i* Loifnoa as the be<-t artiticial limb known. In'hu* country it has been thirty limes exhibited, ia competition with ail others, at the anuual Fairs in the principal ernes, and has,ineveiy instance, received the award of the hitbeat or first premium. And as a crowning boi.or, by the unanimous approval of an interna. uonai council, the " First Premium" - only Siimm Medal given for Luabs?waa awaxtied ?he inventor, at the New York Crystal Palace. Pamphlets giving full lnformatioa, seat gratis te every applicant. B. FRANK PALMER, 375 Chesuut street, Philadelphia. tf b 3*-3m TAKIC MOTICE. NEW SPRING AND SUMMER GOODS. PW. BROWNING, Merchant Tailor, uiiilti s the United States liotei, has just received a large supply of Spring and Summer Goods, and is now prepar d u> offer great bargains to all in want of e?i *Bd fashionable clothiug. Hia " Ready made Clothing " wdl be aoid at the foil owing loVv prices: Whole suits, Coat, Pantaloons, and V<Mt, oi tuin cloth or cas-imere, for $bl. Flae Black Frock and Dress Coals, from ftlO to f!S. Good Bastne?s Costs for $7 Black and Fancy Pants, trom $.1 to $7. Maraeil:es -Bd Silk Vests, from f2 to $5. He keeps always on hand a large assortment ol fcney articles, such as Shirts, Gloves, Cravaa, Um tansM-u, 3lc. "Sole Agent for the aale of Scon's Fashions.' mar 19?tj. M LOOK HERE!!! fOREBOUVTY LASD TO ALL who s?rved I in a.*t an since 1790, whether as Officers S-Mdiers. Sailors, Marinas, Clerks, Indians, Chap laios, Masters, Teainsurs, Landsm n, (or their widows or minor ehddrcn) who have not yet received foil 160 acres, and base been in service H days, wi!! do well u write to us jjottpaid. and th^ii Land Warrants will be forwarded to them for the atove quantity, and bo charge^ thejf do not gut u. Claim Agent's Office, opposite U. 8. Treasury, V> ashington City, D. C war 0 ? 3ni CARRIAGES?CARRIAGES. I' HA YE now on hand, and constancy flnl-U nt . vary large ai?>rtnient of Pleasure andQC9JL amily ( ARR1 AliES, of the laf at fash OTfcJP* iobs, which I wiJ seL as low as the same qu<tJn> of work can ??ld ia asy of the principal markets of the United S^tes. The subscriber is now dealing exclusively in Car nages ol lus own manufacture, aud all work sold by him will be warranted, and compare favorably with any work in thia market .As 1 always keep a large assorimcat, I luvite purchasers and others to ex amins iny stock before purchasing elsewhere. (jarrvsgea built to order Old Carriages taken in exctuage, or repaired at the shortest n >tice. THOMAS YOUNG. P:gn of the Gsdcien Horse, Ko 409 Pa. avenue and street, may I?uo3m LAW PARTNEKSIIIP. KOBERT J. WALKEK aod LOUIS JANIN have form.m a co partnership under the firm of " Waiker A Jaiun," for th? manageme: t ai.d ar lament of ca?es in the Supreme Court of the Un ted Suie#, and before the Court ot Claivs at Waaluug too City. Address Washington, D. C. may 10? eo3m ^ILVRH WAUIC, PLATED WiH* O AMU FINK PA-sC\ ?KHJ0?.?Silver C Tae and Tea Sets, Sugar Bowls, Cream Jugs, G Nets, Cups, Spoons and Forks Also, a greet var?My of magnificent Fancy Silver Ware, suitable farpreseam. Hated Coffee Sets, Castors, Baskets, Spoons and Forks, on best Albata The arucirs are warranted aa rvpreeented, and will be sou at a small advance. H. SEMKEN, 330 Pa. avenue, bet. 9th and 10th atreete. mar ???11 L*OK MALE?A Pair ol BAY MARES, 7 yea/a J o.dnextapring,well-bred^'iand,stylish, g^ctle, apinted and capital goers. Th? y are >Wv well-broken and perfectly free from tricks, and will pnrticularlr suit any gentleman who ia tond of j driving. The owner parta with them only becauae fcis purpose is to rctreach hia expenses. They caa bo seen at Southron's (Iste Birch's) Htabla, on 14th itreet, s?>uih of Pa. avenue. For terma, or an op portunity to try them, enquire at the counter of the Star office. They will be sold a be. gain. ap3-^f CRARLrs IUHK159. Architect. U - ow~t, MiNfn 7Wa m>4 BewJ* etre*t$,) asuiaeroB,?. o> ? , " oiioOouc to rucnifli Plar*?, woikfDi} ? und ?p#eB<itioii? ol buildinf* n ???r? u^..iptnn,:n:d tiao to suiierintand theu tree NEW AND SECOND HAND HOUSE FURNISHING ESTABLISHMENT, 399 P< nmylva ia avenue, Batwt n Four and-a half a d Sixth it* , a. rid*, WHERE will be kept constantly on hand a lame and excellent a." tort ma .t. of all kinds of housekeeping foods' saqh *u - Parlor and Chamber Furniture," Bedding, fcc Queen J w re, Glassware, Tinware, Wood and Wil lowware Table Cutlery Car eta, Cooking Utensila Clocks. looking Glasses. Lamp?, lie. All of which will be sold at the lowest possible price* for ca*h or #ood paper nay 8-eogw J R McGREGOR. WaLTIE D. n*TTDOS. CHaiSTOPBBR INOLK. DAVIDGE & INGLE H\VI" G formed a co partnership will practice la** in this District and adjoining State*, any 17?rnSw plfasure trips TO THE WHITE HOUSE PAVILION. The Steamers GEO WASH INGTON or THOS COLLYER can be cbari re>l for public nr select panics to visit the White H<>use Pr.vilion, Mount Vernon, Fort '?VashinjrKm, ??*? othar laces on the river. Tbe White Hou?? Pavilion Is now opon for vim ions It ia a beautiful place for pleasure trips; it ha.- a flue Ball and Dining room , also, a new Ten Pia Alley Por particulars apply to the President of tbe Company, or ibe ?'apt .Ins of tbe Boats. Mr WILLIAM COKE L furnishing refreshments on - he boats, and is prepared to furnish parties on tbe bast Crn?. an 98?2m REESE'S EAGLE PLUMBING AND GA*-KITriNG DEPOT. 'I^HR subscriber respectfully announce* to his 1 friends and the public in gqMral that he ha* re reived the ft-st lot of t*e c Alt rated DODGE'S DOUBLE ACTING SUCTION AND FORCE POMP, which received the SILVER MKDAL at tbe late Fair of the Metro olitan M-cbanics' In*tl tute, and ia- now prepired to furnish all wbo may favor him with a call. His stock of OA*1* FIITIUKI are unsur passed in the District. With bis corps of competent workmen he prides him-<elf to fill any orders in the PLUMdlNG AND G A&-FITTING line with promptness and despatch. ?All work done warran'ed to give complete *atwfactio? JOHN REESE, may 3?tf cor Birth st and Pa avenue. PKR BOS1 WITH DKFKCTIVI vision are invited to examine my _ extensive stock of all kinds of SPECTA ' CLES and EYE-GLASSES. Glares* of any kind, such as Cataract, Parabola, Periscopic, Double Concave, Double Convex, and Ceiored Glaives, put in at short notice, with great oare, and persons in want of glasses may be sure to get 'hnee which benefit the eye Circulars "Defective Vision," gratis at H. SEMKEN'S, 310 Pa. avenue, betw. 9th and 10th sis. mar 30 GREAT BARGAINS IN LADIES', GEVT.-". MISSES', AND CHIL DREN':*' BOOTS AND SHOES.?The -ubs*riber being compelled to remove from mEm I the Mortt he now occupies, offers bis pres f nt well-assorted stock of BOOTS AND ** SHOES at greatly reiluced p?ice*. All persons in want of the article will And K to tbeir advantage to ?ail before purchasing elsewhere. A. H SLOAN, No 304 Pa. av., near lOtb st., norlii side. m*y 1?tt BY RAILROAD DIKfttT TO Time between Washington and Wheeling but 171 hoars! Running t-'m* ktttte>n Washington and Cincinnati 27 hours!! Through Tickets and Baggage Checks to bo had in Washington !!! THE BALTIMORE AND OUIO RAILROAD HAVING grentfj improved iu Western connec tiorvs now offers the fullest inducement! to travelers between Washington, Baltimore, and all portion* of the West, tbe Norm west and tbe South west The connection between the trains from Wash ington and ibe train* bound west from Baltimore is always promptly made at the Washington Junction (lately called the Relay llou.-e) 9 miles from Balti more. This i* tbe only cban?e of can required be tweec Washington and the Ohio river. Baggage is checked through to Wheeliug at tbe Washington station, and r? checked and transferred there, (with the passengers) without charge, for those holding through tickets for points beyond. Tbe conut cling Utin Uave Washing! tr daily at 6 a. m. and 4^ p. in On Sundays at the latter hour only. At Wheeling dire.4 connection is made with the train* of the CENTR AL OHIO RAILROAD, run ning from Bellaire on the Ohio, near Wh .cling ibrough Cambridge, Zanesville and Newark, to COLUMBUS. These trains connect at Newark with ibe cars of the Newark. Mansfield and Sandus ky Railroad for Sandusky, Toledo, Detroit, Chicago St. Louis, etc. At Coluuibui the C. O. Rsiirnad trains connect with the fast trains of the LtitU Miami Railroad to Xenia, CINCINNATI, LOUISVLLLE, etc. At Tenia (on Little Miami Rail-oad) connection w formed with the trains through Dayton, to INDIAN APOLIS, Terre Haute, Lafayette, Chicago, RocM Uland, St. Louis, etc. Mf P^ssen.ers holding throtr^b tickets lor Sfrm pJu* ViduhuTg, Natekst, New Orleans etc.. which are also sold at Washington are transferred at Cin cinnati to the Mail Steamers oa the Ohio. Tickets for EvansvilSe, Cairo, and St Louis art told by this route. C0-FOR CLEVELAND, an I via Cleveland t< T.ilcd , iietroit, Chicago, etc., tickets are told wtieu the Otiio is navigable batwaen Wheeling and WUlsv.lle (forty mil' ti where a connection with the Clcve.aud and Pittsburg Railroad is mart*. Travel ters are r?ques e l to notice lha' wktle this is the only route affording through ticket! and ch'-cks In Washington, It is also the s iorteat, most spec y, and direct to nearly all tbe leading points In 'be great West. Tbe < isiance fr in Washing'on to Cin cinnati is but 653 miles, being about 100 miles short er than bv any other rout" I PARE BY THROUGH TICKET FROM WASH INCITON: T Wheeling, #9 50; Columbus $13 05; Dayton, $15 50 ; Cincinnati, $18 ; Louisvil ?, by railroad $18 65, by .teawrfrom ? ineinnati. $18; ln dianapoltt $17 5f; Cleveland, $12 15; Toledo, $15 80. D troit. $15 SO; Chicago. $90 65 and $19 50; St. Louis, $28 50 and $^5, Memphis, $86, New Or leans, $31, etc. Tor FREDERICK and H AMPER'S VERRY MARTINS BURG, BERKELEY SPRINGS, CUV1 BLKLAND, BEDFORD SPRINGS, Piedmont, Oak land, and PairmouOt, passengers may laava Wash ington a? 6 a m or 4^ p- m. For the n lnor wa> station* between i alomore and Wiieeling, lake 6 a m tram from Waahington Por trains to and from Baltimore, Annapolis, etc., *e special advertisements. Por further information, thr> ugh tickets, he., apply to THOB. U. PARSoNS; *g nt, at Washing ton Station. JOHN H. DONE, Master of Transportation Baltimore and Obio Railroad, Baltimore. may 3?tf ? SODA WATER. I'HEonderaigned having purchased Swan's Pat ent Apt* rams for tbe preparation of SODA WATER, from Super-Carbona e of Soda, respect fully informs the public thai the fountain is now in full and saocmeful operation. This method of pre t-nug foda Water is warmly recommended by the ledical Faculties in tbe Northern and Western cities, not only as producing a pleasant, innocent, and healthy b^verhge for all persons, bni one highly beneficial in all disorders of the stomach. Si'ups of all flavors, including those of Brandv, Wine, Champ- gne, freshly manufactured, of the very beat ob U,. P?a.l~, 0. ap 3D?eo3w No. 952 Pa. avewae. NEW AND OLD PIANOS. WE have now in store the largest sssortmeBt of PI ANOB ever offeree In this city, from Hai let, Davis fc Co., Bacon h Raven, and Kjnabe. Gaehle fc. Co. 'e celebrated manufactones. Tu?se Pianus we guarantee, and sell upon veiy easy Also, a new Pi no used only afew months, which we offer at the low price of $900 cash ; a second haad Piano, by Andrs Stlen, for $75. ^ A very line second band Chleherlni Piaco fcr tela or rent at a bargain. Old Pianos taken Tn exchang* for new Always en band, ttoots, Coven, Vleltns, Fiut*'-', Ac^mnlprns, MttHc. ke. k?. JOHN r*. ELLIS, 306 Peuns)lvania avenue, way If bet. 9th and 10th ftmw Auction Bales. riF/.f'.?* WeOOlR* Auctioneer. ITALU BLi; IMPROVED PROPERTY AT ^1b,,c Sale?On FRIDAY afternoon, June 1, V.r & ,k ?^* V 1,16 Prp?^, I ???ail sell, by o , Orphans' Court, that valuable piece of property situated at the corner of 10th and E street, i ufmni'?i / *D,Tn u ^ Medical College. The I )tfronu 61 feet 1 inch on E street by 68 feet on 10th street, containing il,543 square feet. h.Ji. .KbU,,dlP| coa?)it? of a substantia) and well i aXiSre^ln.r>ir,l'l Rui,di??- which '? admirably frhmi nnr w^*>ouse, for manufacturing or p p0"** Portiona of thla building art now under very satisfactory rent. * Title perfect ?r3ia!in!,: ?"e thir*'caah; the residue In fi, 13, TB, uS.^n1?^ 'w,tb ,Btcre?. "cured by a deed i f trust on the premises. 8. II NO'JRSE, Adminiatrauix. By WM. NOURSE, Attorney, JAil- C> McGUIRE, -? 8?eofcda Auctioneer. '? ?- McOJJIREi Auctioneer. PEu?mvT?nY ?-?rn Ev?r THE STEAMER y On FRID \Y afternoon, June 1st. at S.I ! i 'h i. T U ,|ar'' at the fo.?t of Seventh street, I shall sell, without reserve, the nearly new steamer called the " present running ad a efry boat etWt en this city and Al xandria. o?.bui,t 10 W*alui?gton citv In the year 1858; is 100 feet in length, breadth of beam 84 fett 0 inc es She measures 411.40 !?5 t> ns custom oouse measurement, as per enrollm nt. Her en *'?* w *a KC^ ?"Ttnly five hor8e P w*r engine ??iult bv Smith and Pe kins, Alexandria, Va. Hhe rttis either end for* most, and is very convenient for loading and unloading freight. Terms: One half cash, the re-idue In 6 months, with istereet, satisfactorily secured. JA0- C- McOUIRE, may 3?eo&d* Auoiioneet. ? McOUIRIC, Auctioneer. pfrSTEE'S SALE OF A VERY VALUABLE I Building Lot in tl.e First Ward.?On TUES DAY afternoon, May -23d, ?t 5* o'clock, 011 the premises, the subscriber, by virtue of a deed of rU9tdatedMay6. 1854. and d ly recorded in Liber \j c*\S' ?? ,lo# '53' &c ' one of 'and re cords for .Washington county. District of Columbia, will sell that valualde building Lot known a* Lot 18>,n ^quaie No. 109, fronting 30 feet 11 inch es on north H. bntwe. n 20.h and 21st sis., running back 140 feet 10 inches ' uuu,,,? Terms of sale : One-half cash ; the residue hi six and twelve months, with interest, secured by a deed of trust on the premises. If th terms of sale are not complied with wuhin live c ays thereafter, the Trustee reserves the right to resell at the risk aud expense of the defaulting purchaser. ? All conveyances at cost of purchaser H. C SPALDING, Trustee. MS. C. McGUIRE, may ? eod Auctioned. By C. W. BOTBLKR, Auctioneer. liRUSTEE'S SALE OF TWO smail FRAME ?>I,k on th- Island?Ob MONDAY, the ?th of May, instant, by virtue of a deed of trust bearing date the 17h of November, 1854, and record ed 111 Liber 4,J A S,? No. 87. folios 319, 320, h.c., ??neof ?he land records of Washington county, Dis trict of Columbia, the subscriber will sell, at public auction, In frant of th# premises, Part of Lot 12, ia Square No. 585, on which are pTtreer tW? -IIiail ^auu; fcoas?ait fronting ou South Terms of sa'e: One-fourth in hand, and the re mainder in 2, 4 and 6 months, with interest, secured by a deed of trust. 1 All conveyancing at cost of purchaser. Either or both ol the House* enn be had at private ?*e by application to B. P. Smith. Esq , at the City ,la11- J AS C. MAUPI\, Trustee. C W. BOTfcLER, may I?eo Auctioneer. By, Auc J AS. C w cGl'IRKtionter. VERY DESIRABLE BUILDING LOT nt Auc Uon.?On Tl KdDAV afternoon, June 12th, t 0 o c.ocic. on the premises, the subscriber will sell. VT^r * de*' * ?"??* rrn? Basil Lancaster! dated September 1848, and duly recorded in Li *r J* A. S., No I, folios 380. flic, one of the land records lor Wasiungt. n county, all that piece or parcel of ground and prcrai. es designated upon the eroiind plan of said city as Lot No. 28, in Square , a front of 49 feet nine inches on I5lh st west, between north L and M streets, ru.iuing back 11T7 leet to a 30 feet alley, with a 15 feet alley run ning the full depth of the lot on the side. This lot is situated in a rapidly improving part ol the First Ward and is very dct-irably located 1 ernit; 9450 m cash, the rcaiJue in 6 and 12 months with interest, aecurej by a d ed of truat on the premise*. All conveyancing at coat of purchaser. JA8. H. COLLINS, Trustee. ,, n _ JAS. C. McGUIRE, may 11 2awkds Auctioneer. By OaaCKN * SCOTT, Auctloatari. VRUSTEE'S SALE OF VALUABLE REAL J Kstate.?By vir ue of a decree of the Ori>h .ns' Cuortol the District of Columbia, for the county 01 ^ a-hir.gton, approved by the Circuit Court o! said I>i?tricu Kitting in chancery, passed in tie mattero? (be petition of William Whitmore, et a> children and heira it-law of William W Whitmore. late of 351.OUn7^C?o?d'1 wi,,? on THURSDAY, the Jlst day of May, 1855, at 6^ o'clock p. m , in front ?l iht. piemisei., proceed tosHI Lets of ground num 1 seventeen (17) and eighteen (18) in Square numbered five hundred and three (503) situate in I y [ Wa-hingt n, and District aforesaid. I he above described property is situated on the ?lorthwe-t corner cf 6.h street west and N ctreet .'hUV*?d conUi"s ,D a?regHte about fourte- n thousand square feet of gr >und. Terraa uf sale : One-third cash, and the residue in .wo equal p^ymenta at mzi and twelve months, with interest from day ol t.;le. Th- deferred payments to be secured t.y t;i? notes of the purchaaor or rur-1 [ clmsers satisfactorily endorsed. Upon the full payment ol the purchase inonev and interest and the ratification of the sale by the Lour., the trustee will convey said lots of ground 10 uie purchaser or purchasers thereof, at hi* or their oost and exp-n?e. If the rms of sal? are not complied with within J6 ,rom <la'r 6*'ei the trustee reserves the rtsht to resell said lots, or either of them, upon reasonable notice, at t^e nak and coat of the first purchaser. RICHARD U. LASKEY, _ Trustee. ^ _ GREEN k SCOTT, taay 15?ecdw&dj Auctrmeera. By J. O. McOUIKK. Auctioneer* PRUSTBE'8 SALE OF VALUABLE ANDeliki A bly situated Uouae and Lot 011 61I1 street west. Between B and F sireeu north ?By virtue o1 a deed ?itrust, bearing date on the 10th day of February a ".i reco ded in Liber J. A. 8., No. 51, folk*i ?JM, ?c , the subscriber will sell at public sale on HONDAV, the 28th day of May, 185 , at 5? o'dk rum . on the premises. Lot n0 4 lri Square So 488, fro.,Ung 24 feet U* inehea on 6th street west I between E aud F streets north, by ?3 feet 4 inches' u*op with tlje builJin^9 and improvement*, concust i0*. lour ,tory dwelling-houie, with aback hutlaing, built of the best material and In the best manner, and very commodious, with all the modern I improvements, and in ail respects one of the moat desirable houses in Washington, and but recent'y built, and well known aa the property ol Peter llev ner. The property it, situated in one ot the health iest and most deoirable parts of the city, and offers to persons seeking ft tesidence or investment an ODnor tuuity seldom occurring. The terms of sale will be: One half caah, and the balance in 6,12, 18, an ] 24 months, for note* bear ing interest from nay of sale, secured by a deed in 1 trust udon the property. If the terms of sJeaie not comnlied with in six days after Uie aale, the property J laeold, upon one week'a notice, at the risk ' and expense of the purchaser. All conveyancing at the ?iptudd of the purchaser. CH AS. S. WALLACH, Trustee M ^ . JAS. C. McGUIRE, ?p3l-3uwkdi Auctioneer. CAHAL PACKET LIKE TO P0WT ROCKS rr?B Canal Packet CONG RES S having been A thoroughly repaired, aud put in first raie order, will commence running oh MONDAY.^S^ the1 30th instant, for the transportation of paasengur. and light freight between Georgetown an<i the above named paint, on the most pleasing terms. The Boat will leave the wharf of W. II. Ritter foi the Point of Rocka on every MONDAY, WEDNES I)A Y, and FRIDAY mornings,at 7 o'clock, and the 1 Point of Roeks for Georgetown on TUtSDAY THURSDAY,and 8ATUI^AYd, at tlie same hour! stopping at the different landinp along the line for the reception and landing of passengers and freicht going and returning. ' eithsrway $3, shorter distances ?r! nr.10 My?frofn Georgetown w ii 3? cet>U; 8?neo.i Tfl cents ; Bdwardc Ferry fl 281 Maooesev 91.10. Meals served regularly on Ootid the Boat ? r.od crate rale*. JOHN CROMBAPSH, Proprktcr. CHARLES MEkRELL, ap ?J-lsa Captain. Amnaemenf. GRAND REGIMENTAL BAIL. THE EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE on behalf of .h i - . TUird Bri*ad? the Militia m the I.istrict of Columbia, take peat pleasure in informing the c'U*eii? generally, that their FIRST GRAND BALL will be held s?t the NATIONAT TgEATRE.on MONDAY EVEN I NO, May S Ut! The Committee would r?*pecttully be* leave to cordially invite the ladies generally, and sincerely hqpe that they wUI greet us with their appearance, and regret exceeding that ibeaborineseof time f r making arrangements compelled them to dispense with Special Invitation. *?nder hat kin Ay volunteered his services aa Floor Manager on that occasion. Tickets $1, andean be procured at Flint's Hotel; Win. F. Bayly** Stationery Store; M. H. Stevena ft. Co., Browns' Hotel; Willson & Haywaidte, Union Hall i and of any of the Executive ComiUtue. OOMMITTEE OF RECEPTION. C#l W R Hlckey, Capt J A TaJt, Lt Col Riley, Capt P B Key, MM Key worth, Capt Jos Peck, Adjutant Bacon, Capt Schwarzmann, Hur*eon Vorgan. Capt Devor-, Of Master McCollum, Lieui Oom'g Mulloy. Or Master Sergt Kltf, Capt Shekel!, Otpt Davi<, Capt Jamieson, Caps Towers, Capt Reese. Capt Bright, MANAGERS ON PART OF THE MILITARY. Washing'on light Infantry. Sergt James E. Cowers, Henry Warner. Charles E Nelson. ' k National Grey*. Sergt F.agtn, Jno Bradley, Corpl Maguire. Boon* Rifle*. Plipeer Rnblnsfin, Henry Green, Sergt Buckingham. National Guard. Ensign Lloyd, Private Johnson. Sergt Bishop. Montgomery Guard*. Sergt McEniry, Private O'Leary, Secretary O'Sdllivan Preiident'i Mounted Guard. Sergt Hay ward, John T. Evans, Samuel Owens. German Fagert. Sergt Ruppell, Conrad Finkmann, Julius Viedt American Riflemen. Sergt Gibson, John Y. Donn, Corp'l Champioa. WmiKington Highlandert Sgt Campbell, Andrew Bain, James Hsrrover Scott Guard*. Sgt Keyworth George McKean, Charles Masi. ^ * Union Guard*. Qr Mr Donelly, ggt HairUon, Mr O'Callahan Marion Riflt*. Sgt Foxwell, Set Gait. Henry Keefer. MANAGERS ON PART OF THE CITIZENS* Usorce Wa?htn*ton Park Cnatla Hon J T Towers Francis Mobnn II Taylor Waiter Lenox E Doyle J D Hooker W W Sutton Wm Dougherty An h'<1 Lamp ball Peter Forea A N Clennctt Ju Adanie Sllaa H Hill G Knnls Tboe Panonii W W Corcoran C DuunlDfton 8 C Morgan B B French Jno L Wirt J A Linton G Parker R J Boclie Joe Hale* J H Baton J L Henehaw Andrew Hancock W H Winter J W Porney H 8 PolklnLorn A ProToet T Carberry A Dickene C H Wlndar Ja* o Barrel J H Klrkwuod J P Coyle C Hill A T Klckhoffar R Waliacb C Wbeeler A J H While Cbaa Maury Dr Barnard g Lewie 8 Bedfern T 8 Donogboe u a JUterd " R Smith B P Mlddletua J J Joyce W T Dots K P Boll P A Hoe Jno Knnle B J ttcramee K Wheeler J P Peeper W H Winder Francis Miller W D Wallach B B D-yle J?iue? Towtr2 Wm Tiw>r? B<1 w Tcwere J c McCiIrr 8 C Barney C H Calvert ? W J M-Conalck O 8 Gideon H A Wlilard BStna.t O Cameron W F Bayly Jaa Clarke C H Wailach M Brown J c FiUpatritk H Sweeney Dr W B Magroder J H fr'cBUIr K 8 Pendleton 8 P Franklin W K SpSlng Franck Taylor Vee( adsn BUU Alex Lee Kdw Owen B Coyle Thouaa Berry Cbaa B Ionian W M Thomas EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE. Lt Clnrkc, Infantry, Cnpt Ree^e, Highlanders Lt Shekell, N Greys, Lt Strum*, A R:fl. s. Lt Stnderson, B Riflea, Lt Wallingsford, S Guard Lt Bird, N Guards, Lt Flint, P M Guard, Lt Riley, M Guards, Lt Wroe, M Rifle*, Lt Debillc, G Yagers, Lt Brigrt, U Guard?, Capt. J. Y. Davis, of the Light Infantry, Treasurer may 15? (Intel) GRAND MILITARY AND CIVkT MOONLIGHT JsXCURSlO . or TBI BOONE RIFLE CORPS. ''fc HE BOONE RIFLE CuKPSmost respectfully X hip Ounce to the citizens of Washington, Geoigt town and Alexandria. that they bnve ctiart> red the swift and splendid steamer GEORGE WASHING TON tor ?n excursion on WEDNESDAY afternoon the 23.1 May, to the WHITE HOUSE PAVIL ION The boat wi'l leave Washington at 3 o'rlk, Nary Yard at 8^, and Alexandria at 3%. Returning, *he will leiv? the White House at a seasonable hour, and touch at all of the above places. The Committee have made ihe mo<it extensive turanicements to render this excursion one of the most pleasant of the season. The Refreshment department will be conducted by a competent and accommodating caterer. A Br :ss and String Band are engaged for the oc casion. Should the day prove unfavorable the excursion will be postponed until further notice. Tickets f I?admitting a gentleman and two ladies Tickets to be b>-d of any of the Committee, or at the boat oo the day of the excursion. Committee of Arrangement*. Cai>t M E Bright, W B O'Dounel, Lt H V Ober, W J Woods, Lt C M Sanderson, W G 8moot, Ensign W B Dobbins, J W Nokes, Sgt T H Robinson, JoLn Russvl, Sgt B B Suit, James Mahoney. Sgt J A Simmonj, may 12,16,21 4t GRAND PIO NIC or TBI '|*HK NORTHERN LIBERTIES' FIRE CO.M 1- PAN Y respectfully make anown to their friends and ihe public generally that they will give their first PIC NIC, on THURSDAY, June 7th, )i&5, to the WHITE IIOU8E The Company will spare no pains or expense to insure satisfaction I he Rcf eshmcnts will be served by an expe rienced caterer, Mr A. Columbus Visiting Companies will appear in uniform The boat will leave Georgetown at 1 o'clock; Washington at 3; Navy Yard at 9# ; and Alexan dria at 3 p. m Tickets ONE DOLLAR?admitting a gentleman and ladies?to be bai of any of the Committee of Arrangement*. CoiMThitttt. E G Evans, H Knight, B Culverwell, S P Robertson, H Keenan, R Warren, J T Halleck, C Matlock, A Cwlumbua, J H Godrtard, jr T Dawson, J Slatford, Mid Birkhe?d, L Newmyer, J King. S Taylor, may 12??old PROPOSALS FOR FUEL. QrABTXBMArrcB a Orncs Mabinb Coara,) Washington, 10th May, 1855. j SEALED PROPOSALS will be received at ibis office until Friday, the 35th of May ins*., at 10 o'clock a. m , for supplying to the Marines stationed in Washington city from 1st Julv, 1855, to 30th of June.y1856, such quantities of Wood and C ml as may be required upon the Quarterly requisitions of Co manding Officers Tire wood to1>e best oak sapling, und the conl beat anthracite, free from dust, broken and screened, both to be delivered at sue i points within the bar rack walls, as may be designated, free ot expense to the United States. may 11?3ta?vi25ih Mr. W. HENRY PALMErT H1TK1RTO KKOWII A? HOB (CUV HfiLLSIl, HAD much pleasure in informing his frt*id? and the public ia griurai that he has det nninad on to* ating himself la this city, and is prepared to rarBivapepila for instruction on tfrn PIANO FORTI, H^RMtiNY and COMPOSITION. Hs Is prrm-.ttfd t<> rei'er to Mr Oaorg* Rigus, Jr., Bud Mr. A. T Kieekhoarttr, and any eoinmuaiention addressed to him at ilUbus k^llta'a muaie Uu*1, Petuin>TvantB at. nue, will ha*? imnediate *tf%titioh. ap IJ?II wrnirnmmmm KVENING STAR. mPAIR of **dtko** cost ishiwVnl uncle, knocking the from his pipe, and laying it on the corner of the shelf, and then fixing his eyes on the andirons. -Peter tba^anH irons cost me one thousand do'lla^!'' ?" exclaimed mv aunt "Oh father!"cried the gfrls 'Impossible!" said I. jkaV^97Yery word true- 0nethousand did I say ? yes. two thousand-full two thousand dollars!" 44 W ell, well," said my aunt, foldine tfkncw whi?g f?r the niRht*1 Khould llke tJ knew what you are talking about." My uncle bent forward, and planting w?thlnd3i >lmIy 00 his parted kne?s' Hnnh* a' L which showed no doubt of his being able to prove his as sertion, he began: Well, you see, a great many vear? h^isWeTa(i * Pa'r ?i ??mmon old and" Y?ur,C0Mm ^ty says one day. Father, don t you think these old and irons are getting too shabby ?" Shabby bought they would hold the KiP if % Were made of gold. Soon after that, Peter," con Unued my uncle, "your aunt took it "There it goes," interrupted my aunt Ko? ?n't get along without \J7?Z ftUDt ^ h UP' Pet?"- ?"d she said, our neighbors could afford bras^ andirons, and they were no better ofl than we were. And she said Lettv and sister Jane were just getting old enough to see company, and the stingy looking andirons might hurt their mar knew,t *t women wil1 their I own way, and there is no use in object ing, and so I got the andirons." and a half-^' ?f them W&S hur dolltr* like it," cried my I j thought you said $2,000 ?" I -lyucar, 1 wish you wou'd not in fe" , Four and * half. Well, the brat night after we had got them, as we all sat by the warm fire talking over the matter, Utty called my attention to th I health, the stones of wh:ch were cracked The hearth was entirely out of keeping with the new andirons sl ? wightj* wen placed first as last. The next day a ma son was sent for to examine it. He cam. in my absence, and Wuen I returned I home, your aunt and cousins all beset roe ^1,?^ "L T ' n"rhle sl,b- ?"d they I pat their heads together." * I ' La me !" exclaimed my aunt, "there was no putting heads together about k II be hearth was a real worn out t'.ine I not lit for a pig pen." | *' 1 hey put their heads together. Peter las 1 way sajing, and continued till I RQ{ a marble hearth, which cost me twenty h'i r3if8, iWtrty doIlars at least 1 thought I was done with ex E2 WM Tr0Ug' 80011 1 hegan to hear sly hints thrown out aboutithe Mok work around the fire-place corree ponding with the hearth. I stood out a moment or two against your aunt and tie girls; but they at lenglh got the b tter of me, and I was forced to have marble instead of brick. And then the old wooden mantel-piece was so out of character that it was necessary to Lave a marble one. The cost of all this was was nearly one hundred. And now that tne spirit of improv?ment had pot a start, there was no stopping. The new marble mantel put to shame the old white-washed walls, and they must be painted, of course, and to prepare them for paint, sundry repairs were necessary. VV hen this was going on, your aunt and the girls appeared to be quite satisfied, and when it was done, they had no idea that the old parlor could be made to look so spruce. But this was only a short respite. The old rag carpet began to raise a dust, and I found there would be no peace"? 44 Now, my dear !" said the old lady with a pleasing smile, accompanied with a partial rotation of the head ? Now, father !" exclaimed the girls 44 Till I got a new carpet. That, again, shamed the old furniture, and it had to be turned out and replaced with new. Now, Peter, count my lad?twenty dol lars for the hearth, and one hundred and thirty for the mantel-piece and repairs. What does that make ?" 44 One hundred and fifty, uncle." 44 Well, fifty for papsr and paint?" - 44 Two hundred. Then fift^ for a cat pet, and one hun dred at least for furniture." !JrWe lhu cl<,ck> <00. tod the blind?fifty more" My aunt and cousins winked at each other. Now, contined my uncle,44 so much for this one room. No sooner was the room finished than the complaint came Irom all quarters about the dining-room and entry. Long before this I had sur rendered at discretion, and handed in my submission. The dining-room cost two hundred more. What does that count, Peter ?" 44 Eight hundred, uncle." 44 Then the chambers?at least four hundred to make them chime with the down stairs." 44 Twelve hundred." 44 The outside of the house had to be repaired and painted, of cuurse. And two hundred for that ?" 44 Fourteen hundred." Then there must be must be a piazza in front?that costs two hundred. "Sixteen hundred." llere aunt began to yawn, Letty t) poke the fire, and Jane to twirl over the leaves of a book. 44A new carriage came next, Peter that cost two hundred dollars." Eighteen hundred dollars." ? Then there was a lawn to be laid oat end neatly fenced, a servant to be hired, parties given occasionally, bonnets and v.reuses at double the former costs, and a hundred other little expense# in keeping THE WEEKLY 8TAR. w- Cut, ivTiUULT ? man **? Single eoptag (to wnppn) MB * . at Um counter, imandinwly WW *? lm at paper. Price?raaa ?um. Porrximu who art i* ifwti wfli be a e?nimi?*nii ??f twenty per e? at. with the new order of thing*. Yes, Pe ter. I was entirely within bounds when " said two thousand dollars." The opposition was silent. Mr aunt immediately rose and guessed it was bed time. I was left alone with my uncle, who was not inclined to drop the sub jact. He was a persevering man, and never gave up what he undertook, till he had done thoroughly. So he brought out his books and accounts, and set about making an exact estimate of the expenses. He kept me up till after midnight, before he got through. His conclusion was, that the pair of andirons cost him twen* ty-four hundred and fifty dollars. riBKBlDK 8T0HT ABOUT H0FK8TY One evening a poor man and his son, a little boy, sat by the way side, near the gate of an old town in Cs-'nany. The father took a loaf of bread, which he had bought in town, and broke it, and gavo the half to his boy. 44 Sot so, father," said the boy, 441 shall not eat till after you. You have been working all day at small wages to support me; and you must be very hungry ; I shall wait till you are done. 44 You speak kindly, my son," replied the pleased fath.-r; 44your love to me docs me more good than my food, and those eyes of yours remind me of your dear mother who has left us, and who told you to love me as she used to do; and, indeed, my boy. you have been a great strength and comfort to me; but now that I have eaten the first morsel to please you, it is your turn to eat." 44 Thank you, father; but break this piece in two, and take you a little more; for you see the loaf is not large, and you require more than I do." 441 shall di vide the loaf for you, my boy; but eat it I shall not; I have abundance; and let us thank God for his great goodness in giving us food, and in giving us what is better still, cheerful aud contented hearts, lie who gave us the living bread from heaven to nourish our immortal souls, how shal 1 He not give all other food which is necessary to support our mortal bo dies?" The father an i son thanked ?j od, and then began to cut the loaf in pieces, to begin together their frugal ui?al. But as they cut one portion of the loaf there fell out several pieces of gold, of great value. The little boy ^ave a shout of joy. and was springing forward io grasp the unexpected trea sure, when he was pulled back by his lather. 44 My son, my son;' he cried, 44 do net touch tha money; it is not ours." 44 But whoso is it father, it it is uot ours ?" 441 know not as yet Lo whom it belongs; but probably it is put there througn some mistake We must inquire." 44 But, fa her," interrup ed he boy, 44 you are poor aad netdy. anrf you bougnt the loaf, aud then the baser may uii a lie, and?1' 441 will not lisien to you, my boy ; I bougut tue loaf, t ut 1 did net buy the gold in it. if the baker soid it to me in ?ignorance. I shall not be so di*hjue<si as to take advantage ot him ; remember Him who told us to do to others as we would have others to do to us. Tbe baker may possibly cheat us, but that is no reason why we should try and cheat him. I am poer, indeed, but that is no sin. If we share the poverty of Jesus, God's own son, oh! let us share also the goodness and trust in God. We may never be rich, but we may always be honest. ^ e may die of starvation, but God * will be done should it be so ! Yes, my boy, trust God, and walk in his ways and you shall never be put to shame. Now run to the baker, and bring him here; and I shall watch the gold until he comes." So the boy ran for the baker. 44 Brother workman," said the old man, 44 you have made some mistake, and al most lo6t your money," and he showed the baker the gold, and told him how it had been fouad. 44 Is it thine?" asked the father, 44 if it is, take it awav." 44 My father, baker, is very poor, and ? 44 Silence, my child; put me not to shame by thy complaints. I am glad we have saved this man from losing his money." The baker had been gaxmg alternately upon the honest father and his eager boy, and upon the gold which lay glittering upon the green turf. 44 Thou art, indeed, an honest fellow," said the baker, 44 and mv neighbor David, the fiax dresser, spoke but the truth when he said thou wert the most honest man in our town. Now, I will tell thee about the gold. A stranger came to my shop three days ago, and gave me that loaf, and told me to seJl it cheaply, or give it away to the honestest poor man whom I knew in our city. 1 told David to send thee to me as a customer, th'S morning, and as thou wouldst not take the loaf for nothing 1 sold it to thee, as thou know est, for the last pence in thy purse, and the loaf, with all its treasures?and certes, it is not small?is thine, and God grant thee a blessing with it!" The poor father bent his head to the ground, while tears fell from his eyes. His boy rau and put his hands about his neck, and said,441 shall always be like you, my father?trust God, and do what is right, for I am sure it will never put us to shame." A Tail of Tsaaoa.?A friend has kindiy forwarded to us a most remarka ble tail?taken from rtal life?which we cannot conveniently display in columns, but which may be examined at our office by all curiously disposed persons The object referred to is the tail piece and dis tinctive appendage of that peculiarly American serpent?the Rattlesnake. It presents thirty-five rattles and the button; and we leave it to our young readers to consult Dr. Holbrotk, whose book, by the way, furnishes some lively pictures of these natives, and calculate the aee of the individual that furnished this trophy to the victorious baud of all extenninating man. l bs rattle-piece is in perfeet order, and this of itself shows that the conqueror executed his task witb address and quicknsss, C<n? rur, May 14,

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