Newspaper of Evening Star, May 23, 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 23, 1855 Page 1
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VOL. V. WASHINGTON, D. C., WEDNESDAY, MAY 23. 1855. NO. 744. THE EVENING STAR PUBLISHED EVERY AFTERNOON, (EXCEPT SUNDAY,) AX tkd Star Bwtidmg, <somm fwnuytNll mvmvs and Blnvmttk Krwt, By W. D. W & LL4QR, WW b? served to aobaeribera In the cttiea of Wait ftogton. Georgetown, Alexandria, Baltimore and Fhfladeiphia, at SIX AND A QUARTS! CENTS, fayahle weekly to the Agents. To sail subscribers ?m subscription price la THREE DOLLARS AND FIFTY CENTS a year ia ?*mnee, TWO DOL LARS far SIX MONTHS, and ONE DOLLAR THREE MONTHS. {X7~ai*?LB conaa on U. S. MARINE BAND. rE undersigned would respect folly inform the Military, Firemen, Clubs, and the public gene mSy that hy applying to him at the Marine Barrack*, or at his reaid?*hce, on G, between 9th and 10th sts. wt, or by aote at Hilbus h. Hit*'* Music Depot. I Ihey can obtain the wrvtcei of the Marine Band, or a portion of it Cther as a bras-, reed or cotillon head, which wil embrace Loan Weber's unrivalled paity. F. 8CALA, ?Conductor and Leader of Marine Band, i ap 3S~-lm* m A CARD. SM Bconomy is tfw raad to Wwtiaa ia the priaa of Hits 4 Cum' F uaderaifn^, having made arra?*em??te A with a Nsw York Hat Company to be con uflJEM hat^ With lhC yf^ lH>8t Moleskin or Uft&fla HATS, gut op in the latent atriik them at the unprecedentedlow7^ ? iSl* warA from four ,o ive d.Hlars; aet^^S3? awe Hat at fa^O. worth from $3 to SJ..50. Also, Beehe k Co* Hate, at a mueh lew advance than they hare been here tofSra sold in this city First rate beave r Hats $3,5 >. 7 <* r* HAT3 Md CAP8 very low. In order to sell at the above low prices the cash 2^,"!^r^,a!!rptK ! ^n^o/ntly those who DOt ^ ch^ged from fifteen to tweniv five per cent, as an offset for bad debts. 7 , ANTHONY, ? (for many years in the employ of Tod i ? i? ^ ' 5?i- ^ohimLia pUce, 7th st., ap 13?tf ad door north of Penw. av-nue. IMPORTANT TO PERSONS BREAK" 'NG up HOUSEKEEPING removing from the city, and wishing J. to dispose ol their Furniture and Hou*eke*p,Bg Uten<ils, , with -ut th* trouble of sending th-m ^r?^7attpCtl0n' F#n d? "? by call,n* ?? ?* ?? our | ?tore, 317 Pennsylvania avenue, corner <ff Ninth may tutored'* prepared to bu>r aU ??cli goods a* Housekeeper* and other, will do well by cailmt ?" ??' as we wilj pay the hurh-st ea?h prices lor all "?*?**? WALL BARNARD & CO. 317 Pennsylvania avenne. T PALMER'S PATENT~LBQL HIS AMERICAN INVENTION stands unrivalled both in thin country and in Europe. It is worn by 1,000 perrons, and with most astonishing success. In competition with 30 other substimtes of the be* trench, English, and German tuanufactare, it received the award of the ?sa AT kid a l at the Woild'i Exmai Ttoa in Los do*, as the best artificial limb known. In'his country it ha* been ^irty times exhibited, in competition with all others, at the annual Pairs in the principal cities, and has, in every instance, received the award of the hi-hest or fii<* premium And as a crowning honor, by the unanimons approval of an interna. OonaJ council, the "First Premium"? only Stiver Medal nven for Limbs?Was awWed She inventor, at the New York Crystal Palace Pamphlet- giving full information, sent -ratte ta ?wy applicant. B. PRANK PALMEii, teh 38?3m "tract, Philadelphia. ? takb iotick. NEW SPRING AND SUMMER GOODS. PW. BROWNING, Merchant Tailor, under ? United States Hotel, has just received a large supply of Spring and Summer Goods, and is now prepared to offer ureal bargains to all in want of guod and fashion ibie clothing. His " Ready made Clothing " will be sold at the following jow prices: Whole roita, Coat, Pantaloons, and Vest, of thin cloth or caa*imere, for $12. Fine Black Frork and Drwss Coats, from f 10 to GooC Business Oa:? for f7. Black and Fancy Pants, trom $3 to ?7. Marseilles and Silk Vests, from to .$5. He keeps always on band a larje assortment oi fhaey articles, such as Shirts, Gloves, Cravats, Um breilas, kr. ' "Sols Agent for the aale of Scott's Fashiona.' mar ll-^. LOOK HKRK!!! "Rf ORE BOUNTY LAND TO JILL who aerred XT J. U? A*T WAR Since 1790, whether as Offlcers S^diers Sailors. Marines, Clerks, Indians, Chap lains, Wagon Mist> rs, Teamsters, Landsmen, (or theu widows or minor children) who have not yet received full 160 acres, and hive been in service 14 days, wiil do well t?. write to us. pottjxiid, and their Land Warrants will be forwarded to them for the alove quantity, and no charge if they do not get it. LLOYD fc CO., Claim Agent's Office, opposite U. 8. Treasury, Washington City, f>LC mar 6?3ra SOMETHING NiW UNDEE THE SUN. CHARLES WERNER, SPennsylvania arrmue, opposite Brownt' Hotel. AS fitted up the commodious hail over his Re*. taurant as a first class l.AG?R BEER 8A- j >N, having procured a supply of every luxury aad comforts found in first class establishments ol the kintl in the Nortoero cities. His RHINE WINES and French White Wines, as well as his Clarets, Setar?. Lager Beer, German, Italian, and Sweiuer CHEESES, and indeed cf ev ery other appropriate luxury in such an ottab.'ish meat, is nnsurpa-wed in this country. He solicits a call from his fnends and the public. may IS?tf CT^AYICD AWAY on Friday, the 4th of M*ft from Georgetown, a small colored Boy, about eleven years of age. Had on when be left, * pair ol snuff-colored pants and a straw haL An swers to the name of Jake Any one rnvme infor mation to MONTEZUMA DAGGS, 43 Seventh at, Georgetown, will receive the thanks of the fam ly and a reward if desired mar 18?lw* GLOVES, HOSIERY, RIBBONS, Ac. JOHN H. 8MOOT, south side of Bridge st., near Hig>, Georgetown, has just received from New York an a'ditional supply of? Talfata Silk and Lisle Tbread Glovea S&ort and long black twuteu Silk Mitu Open-worked and plain Cotton Hosiery, everf va riety ' ln<i Roys' white, mixed and fhncy Cotton Hoaery Gents % do do Worked Swiss Collars and Bu?e? Laee and French worked trimmed Caliars ?^1 Malt???- and Imitation Lares. ih many other desirable Goods, to which the attention of cash or prompt customers is invited. may la? J. H. SMin/T. 1> * H. a o St % WITH UKFECT1VK * vision are mvued to examine mv extensive stock ?f all kind* 01 8PECTA ^ *nd EYE-GLAfrJE-i. Glaaaes* o* aay kind, such a* Cataract, Pambola. ^!fwc<yy.' I*'?ble Concave, Donble Conv? x, and L>otored Glanses, put m at short notice, with great ear*, and persons in want of glasses may be sure C tnose whirk benefit the eye. 49^ Circulars "Defective Vimh>o." graMa at ? H. 0 KM KEN'S, ^330 Pa. avenue, betw. 8th and 10th sir. GREAT BARGAINS TN LADIES'. GENTS', MISSES', AND CHIL i DRENn'BOOTS AND SHOES.?TheC|?f sabs*riber being compelled to remove fr in MH1 the store he now occupies, offers his pr?-s ^ rJ w weilimortH ?tock of BOOTS AND SHOES at greatly reduced pices. All persons in waat of the arude will hnd it to their advautaga to ?il l??i? A?'a. SLOAN, No 30* Pa. av., ntar 10th ?t , aorth sida. may I?tf ILVKK W AKK, PLATED WA?* AM1> KIME KAnC\ 04K>DS.?Silver O^Jee and Tea Sets, Sugar Bowls, Cream Ju#?, OnNets, Cups, Spoons and F >rks. Also, a great vanety of m agnificent Fancy Stiver Ware, suitable for present*. Plated Coffee Sets, Castors, Baskets, Spoons and Forks, on best Albata. The articles are warranted as represented, and ami be sold at a small advance U. SEMKEN, 3SO Pa. avenue, bet <hh and 10th street*, mar ??tf , Ij*OB SALE-A Pa.r 01 ttAY MAKtrJ, 7 >eaxs o?d aext?pnng, weil-ored^und,stylish, gentle, spinted and capital goers. They are^fiCHk. well broken and perte?;ily fres from tricks, and will pirueuiarly suit any gentleman who is !?nd mmng. The owner ^arts with them only becsuse j his purpose is t> retrench his expenses. They can be seen at Houthron's (Ista Birch's) Stable, on 14ih ?u*et, m utli of Pa. avenue. For terms, or an uortuuity to try Uiem. enquire at the counter of the ?tar aAcs. Thsy wdl be suld a be. gain. ?| Wiuu ?. wsvinoa. cuaiaTotitaa isata. DAVIDGE a ingle practice AVlStt a eo partnership will ? B t^1* and adjotninj Su y !7 Cutw adjoining Btuiea PLEASURE TRIPS TO THE WHITE HOUSE PAVILION. ^ Th? Bteamere GEO. WASH M2iH?l^^T0N or THOS. COLLYER can be chartered for public or aelect parties to vi?it the White House Pavilion, Mount Venion, Part Washington, or other places on the river. The White House Pavilion la now open fbr visi ton. It is a beautiful place for pleasure trips; it has a fine Ball and Dining room , also, a new Ten Pin Alley. ' ft?" For particulars apply to the President of the Company, or the Captains ot the Boats. Mr. WILLIAM COKE is furnishing refreshments on i he boats, and is prepared to furnish parties on the best terms. an 96?Sm REESE'S EAGLE PLUMBING AND OAS-PITTING DEPOT. THE subscriber respectfully announces to his friends and the public ia general that he has re ceived the first lot of the celebrated DODGE'S DOUBLE ACTING SUCTION AND FORCE PUMP, which received the SILVER MEDAL nt the late Pair of the Metropolitan Mechanics' Insti tute, and is now prepared to furnish all who may favor him with a call. His stock of GAS VIXTUBBS are unsur passed in the District. With his corps of competent workmen he prides hitn?Hf to fill any orders in tlte PLUMBING AND GAS-PITTING line with promptness and despatch. 4^AU work done warranted to give complete satisfaction. JOHN REESE, may 3?tf cor. Sixth it. and Pa avenue. THE MUTUAL FIE* KISUftAHCl COB PA NT OF THI1ISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, /CHARTERED by Congress, offers to the property V/ owners of the District safer and cheaper means of insurance than any other Company. ULYSSES WARD, President CHAS. WILSON, Secretary. MATHEW G. EMERY, Treasurer. ?ABASES*. Ulysses Ward J??bn Van Riswick Thomas Blagden P. W. Browning P. Howard, Mathew G. Emery. J. C. MrK? lden. Office, Columbia Place, corner Louisiana avenue and 7th street. Office hours from 3 to 6 o'clock p. m. feb 26?eot/ ORGANS FOR sale. A SUPERIOR toned CHAPEL ORGAN; and a fine Rosewood PARLOR ORGAN, both now on exhibition at the Metropolitan Mechanics' Pair. They are from the manufactory of HENRY ERBEN of New York. Por terms, kc-, apply to Prof. FCHEEL. on 14th ?met, north of P. HENRY ERBEN. teb 26-eotf Mr. W. HENRY PALMER, HITHERTO KNOWN AS ROB hi KT HKLLICR, HA8 mu'-h pleasure in informing bis friends and the public in general tnat he has det' nuined on UKaung himself in this city, and is prepared to receive pupils tor instruction on the PIANOFORTE, HARMONY and COMPOSITION. He is permitted to refer to Mr George Rig?*, Jr., and Mr. A. T Kieckboefer, and anv communication addressed to him at llilbns k Huz'h music Pennsylvania avenue, Will have* immediate attention sp 13?tf BY RAILROAD DIRECT TO THE W Time between Washington and Wheeling but 17i hoars! Running tirru bfttecrn Washington and Cincinnati 27 hours !! Through Tickets and Baggage Checks to be had in Washington !!.' THE BALTIMORE AND OHIO RAILROAD HAVING greatly improved its Western connec tions now offers the fullest inducements to travelers between Washington, Baltimore, and alf portions of the West, the Northwest and the South west. The connection between the trains from Wash ington and the trains bound west from Baltimore is always promptly made at the Washington Junction (lately called the RelayHou^e)9 miles from Balti more. This i? the only cbance of cars required be tweec Washington and the Ohio river. Baggige is checked through to Wheeling at the Washington station, and rechecked and transferred there, (with the passensrrs) without charge, for those holding through tickets for points beyond. The conn? cling train.. Uave Washington daily at 6 a. m. and 4% p. m. On Sundays at the latter hour only. At Wheeling d*re t connection ia made with the trains of the CENTRAL OHIO RAILROAD, run ning from Bellaire on the Ohio, near Wheeling, through Cambridge, Zanesvdle and Newark, to COLUMBUS. These trains connect at Newark with lhe cars of the Newark. Mansfield and Sandus ky Railroad for Sandusky, Toledo, Detroit, Chicago St. Louis, etc. At Coluuibu* the C. O. Railroad trainreonnect with the fast trains of the LUtU Miami Railroad to Xenia, CINCINNATI, LOUISVILLE, etc. At Xenii (on LiUle Miami Railroad) connection is formed with the trains through Da-yton,lo INDIAN APOLIS, Terre Haute, Lafayette, Chicago, Rock Island, St. Louis, etc. 49- Passengers holding through tickets lor Msm pKu Vickxbxtrg, Naicket, A'ctc Orleant etc.. which are also sold at Washington-are transferred at Cin cinnati to the Mail Steamers on the Ohio. Tickets for Evansville, Cairo, and St. Louis art sold by this route. 4yFOR CLEVELAND, and via Cleveland to Toledo, Detroit, Chicago, etc., tickets are sold, when the Ohio is navigable between Wheeling and Wellsville (forty miles) where a connection with the Cleveland and Pittsburg Railroad is made. Travellers are reques ed to notice that wkile this is the only route afiording through tickets and checks in Washington, it is also the shortest, most speedy, and direct to nearly all the leading points in (he great West. The distance fnm Washington to Cin cinnati is but 653 miles, being about 100 miles short er than by any other route I FAME BY THROUGH TICKET PROM WASH INGTON: To Wheeling, $9 50; Columbus $13 65; Dayton, A15 50 ; Cincinnati, $16 ; Louisville, by railroad $1865, by steamer from Cincinnati, f 18; In dianapolis, &17 50; Cleveland, $ 19 15; Toledo, #15 80; D troit. $15 20; Chicago. $2o 65 and $19 50; Ht. Louis, $28 50 and $2; Memphis, $26; New Or leans, $3? , etc. tOK FREDERICK and UARPER'8FERRY MAKTINSBURG. BERKELEY SPRINGS, CUM BERLAND, BEDFORD SPRI NGS, Piedmont, Oak land, and Pairmount, passengers may leave Wash ington at 6 a m or 4^ p. m. Por the n.inor way stations between Baltimore and Wheeling, take 6 a m tram from Washington. 4#* For trains to and from Baltimore, Annapolis, etc., see special advertisements. ? For further information, thrrugh tickets, fee., apply to TUOS. U. PARSONS; Ag>nt, at Washing ton Station. JOHN H. DONE, Master of Transportation Baltimore and Ohio Railroad, Baltimore. may 3?-tf NEW AND OLD PIANOS. WE have now in store the largest assortment of PUNt '8 ever offere. in this city, from Hal lm, Davis 9l Co., Bacon h Raven, and Knabe, Gaeble k. Co.'4 celebrated manufactories. These Pianos we guarantee, and sell upon vet y easy ter ns Also, a new Pi uo uied only a few months, which we offer at Uie low price of $200 raah ; a second band Piano, by Andre Stien, for $75. A very fine second hand Chickering Piano for sale or rent at a bargain. Old Pianos taken in exchangs for new. Always ou hand, Stools, Covers, Violins, Guitars, Flutes, Ac cord eons, Mumc. he. lie. JOHN K. ELLIS, 300 Pennsylvania nveuue, may 10 bet. Oih and 10th streets. dentistry" RB. DONALDSON, Dentist, late of the firm ol # Hunt at Donaldson, continues to manufacture and insert those beautiful/ porcelain teeth, with or without gums," for specimens of which (made and de posited by the late firm) was awarded the first premium at the Mechanics' Institute Fair, recently held in this city. These teeth are carved and shaded to suit each particular case, and their resemfflance to the natu ral organs is so perfect as to deceive the most prac tise eye. ? Particular attention also paid to filling and pre serving the natural teeth. Charges moderate and all operations warranted. Otbce southwest corner Seventh and D s en trance on D. mar 81?6m CAMPBELL'S DICTIONARY of Military 8?i wee, Ouvalrv. lu Hist ry and Taerlcs by Cap Hotim, IK, ** FftANCK TAYLOJL 1 Auction Bales. Bjr J, C. McOOIBE, Auctioneer. TRU8TEE'S SALE OP VALUABLE ANDeli?J bly situated House and Lot on 6th street west, betwoen E and F streets north ?By virtue or a deed of trust, beating date on the 10th day of February, 1853, autl reco ded in Liber J. A. B., No. 51, folios 354, fee , tbe subscriber will sell at public sale, on MONDAY, the 9&h day of May, 185i, at 5* o'dk p. m . on the premises, Lot No. 4, in Square No. 488, fronting 94 feet UX inches on 6th street west, between E and F streets north, by 93 feet 4 inches deop, with the buildings and improvements, consist ing of a lour story brick dwelling-hoose, with aback building, bnllt of the best material and In tbe beet manner, and very commodious, with all the modern improvements, and in all respect# one of the most desirable houses in Washington, and but recent'y built, and well known as the property ot Peter Hev ner. Tbe property in situated in one of the health iest and most desirable parts of the city, and offers to persons seeking a residence or investment an oppor tunity seldom occurring. The terms of sale will be : One-half cash, and tbe balance in 6,12, 18, and 24 months, for notes bear ing interest from day of sale, secured by a deed in trust udon the property. If the terms of sale are not complied with in six days afar the sale, the property will be resold, upon one week's notice, at the risk and expense of the purchaser. All conveyancing at the expense of the purchaser. CHAS. 8. WALLACH, Truetea. J AS. C. McGUIRE, an 96? 3tawfcds Auctioneer. By C. HcOUIRK. Auctioneer. Chancery sale of valuable and el igibly situated improved and unimproved Real E tate, consisting of Dw lling Houses and Lots, va cant Lo's, and Wharf.?By virtue of a deciee of the Circuit Court of the District of Columbia for Wash ington county, made in the cause wherein John A. Prater is compla nant, and John Walker, fcllen 8. Fraser, and others, heirs at law of Simon Fraser, deceased, are defendant*, No. ?99, in Chancery, the subscribers, trustees appointed by raid decree, will sell at public auction all those pieces or parcels of ground lying and being situated in ? he city of Wash mcton. and known and distinguished as bein? Lots Nos. 1.2,3,4.5,6,7,8,9,10,11, i2, '3,14,15 16, 17,18, 19,20,21,22,23,8114 24, in the subdivision made by said trustees of Square No. 412, frentine respectively and variously from 18 feet 1 inch, to 30 feet 8 inches on 8th and 9th streets west, and E and F streets south, by various depths to an a!iev, with the improvement# and appurtenances, which con sist of a commodious and well and substantially built 2% story Brick Dwcllint House on Lot 8, und a comtoriabld and well built 2 story Prick Dwelling House on each of Lots Son. 18 and 16. in said sub division ; lot No. 4, in Square No 338, fronting 25 on F street south, between 0th and 10th sts. west, by 125 feet deep, with the improvements and appur tenances, which consist of a 2% story Frame Dwel ling House ; pait of Lot No. 3, in Square No 730, fronting 40 feet on Pennsylvania avenue, running back to "A" street south, with a width on said "A" street of 4't feet 7 inches ; and part of Square No. 472, fronting 44 feet on Water street, at the termi nation o'7th street west, with the valua'-le Wharf thereto attached and belonging, extending to the channel of the Potomac river, and now occupied by George Page and used as a steamboat wharf The sale of the several Lots in the subdivision of Square No 412, w tb the improvements and appur tenances, will take place on Thursday, the 24th day of May, 1855, at 5 o'clock p m., on lh? prem ises. The sale of Lot No. 4. in Square No. ?',88, with the improvements an.i appurtenances, will take place on said Thursday, the 24th day ot May, 1855, at 6 e'clock p. m , on the premises The sale of part of Lot No y, in Squ ire No. 730. will lake place on Friday, the 25th day of May, at 5U o'clock p. in., on tae premises. And the sale of part of Square No 472, with the valuable Wharf thereto attached and belonging, will take place on Tuesday, the 29th d*y of May, 1855, at 5V? o'clock p. m., on the premises The above property is all situated in desirable lo cation*, rapid.y enhancing in value, and offers to capitalists and others a most favorable opportunity for investment* or procuring a de.irable residence. The terms of oale, as prescribed by said decree, will be one fourth of the purchase money in cash, and the balance in six, twelve, eighteen, and twen ty four months, to b? secured by the purchaser's Afconds, beaming interest from day of sale, with secu rity, to be approved by the Trustees. Upon the full payment of the puichase money and interest, and the ratification of the sale or sales by the Court, the Trustees will convev the properly to the respective purchasers in fee. If the terms of sale are not complied with in six days afler the sale, the property the terms of thrsale oi which are not so complied with will be resold at the risk and expense of the purchasers upon one week's notice. All conveyancing at the expense of the purchas CH AS. S. WALLACH, i EDW'D SWANN, | Trustees. JAS. C. McQUIRE, mav 9?eofcds Auctioneer. era. By ORBEN 4k SCOTT, Auctioneers. I TRUSTEE'S SALE OF VALUABLE REAL , Estate.?By vir ue of a decree of the Orphans' I Court ot the District of Columbia, for the county of 1 Washington, approved by the Circuit Couit ol said District, sitting in chancery, passed in the matter o? the petition of William Whitinore, et a' , children and beirs-at-law of William W Whitmore, late of said countv, deceased, I will, on THURSDAY, the 31st day of May, 1855, at 6^, o'clock p. m , in front of the premises, proceed to sell Lots of ground num bered seventeen (17) and eighteen (18) in Square numbered five hundred and three (503) sKuate in the city of Washington, and District aroresaid. The above described property is situated on the northwest comer of 6lh street west and N street south, and contains in the aggregate about fourteen thousand square feet of ^rtund. Terms cf sale: One-third cash,and the residue in two equal piymcnts at six and twelve months, with interest from day of sale. The deferred payments to be secured by the notes of the purchaser or pur chasers, satisfactorily endorsed. Upon the full payment ot the purchase 'money and interest and the ratification of the sale by the Cour;, the trustee will convey said lots of ground to the purchaser or purchasers thereof, at his or their eo?t and expense. If the t-nns of sale are not complied with within five days Irom the day of h&le, the trustee reserves the right to resell said lots, or either of them, U|>on reasonable notice, at the risk and cost of tbe first purchaser. RICHARD H. LASKEY, Trustee. GREEN k SCOTT, may 15??v9wfcds Auctioneers. By C3. W. BOTELKR, Auctioneer. TRUSTEE'S SALE OP TWO small FRAME | Houses on the Island?-On MONDAY, the 28th of May, instant, by virtue of a deed of trust bearing date the 17 h of November, 185-1, and record ed iu Liber "J A S," No. 87, folios 319, 320, he., | one of he land records of VYashingtou county, Dis trict of Columbia, the subscriber will sell, at public auction, in Irani of the premises,v Part of Lot 12, in Square No. 585, on which are erected two small frame houses, fronting on South F street. Terms of sa'e: One-fourth in hand, and the re mainder in 2, 4 and G months, with interest, secured by a deed of trust. All conveyancing at cost of purchaser. Either or both ol the Houses can be had at private sale by application to B. P. Smith, Esq , at the City Hall. JAS C. MAUPIN, Trustee. 1 C. W. BOTELER, may 1?eo Auctioneer. By, Ane JAB. C. IcUUlRKtloaaer. VERY DESIRABLE BUILDING LOT at Auc-, lion.?On TUESDAY afternoon, June 12th, at | 6 o'clocs, on the premises, the subscriber will sell, by virtue of a deed of trust from Basil Lancaster, dated September 221. 1848, and duly recorded in Li b.*r J. A. S., No folios 380, Sic. one of the land records for Washingt n county, all that piece or parcel of ground and premieca designated upon the ground plan of said city as Lot No. 28, in Square 197, Irtving a front of 49 feet nine inches on 15lh st. west, between north L and M streets, running back 197 teet to a 30 feet alley, with a 15 feet alley run Ding the full depth of the lot on the side. This lot is situated in a rapidly improving part ot the Firs' Ward, and is very desirably located. ? Terms: $450 ju cash, the residue in ft and 12 months with interest, secured by a dead of trust on the premises. All couveyancing at cost of purchaser. JAS. H. COLLINS, Trustee. JAS. C. McGUIRE, may 11? 2awfiids Auctioneer. 'PHE HEALING OP THE NATIONS. BY 1. cn AS. LINTON. With an Introduction and Appendix by N. P. Tallmadge. Published by the Society tor the diffusion of Spiritual Knowledge, New York. 1 large octavo volume, pr ce $1 50. For sale at TAYLOR fc MAURY'S Bookstore, near 9th street. my 9 FOOLSCAP WRITING PAPERS of tb* and also of the cheaper kinds A large supply Just received direct from the man ufcaturers, for MU? U UQUMailv low price*. m?jr 10 FRANC* TAYLOR. Amusements. GRAND PIO NIC or THE The northern liberties' piue com pany respectfully make known to their friends and the public federally that they will five their firat PIC NIC. on THURSDAY, June 7th. 1855, to the WHITE HOUSE The Company will spare no paini or ezpesae to insure satisfaction Tbe Refeshiuents will be served by an expe rienced caterer, Mr A. Columbus. Visiting Companies will appear in uniform The boat will leave Georgetown at 1 o'clock; Washington at 9; Navy Yard at S# ; and Alexan dria at 3 p. m. Tickets ONE DOLLAR?admitting a gentleman and ladies?to be bad of any of tbe Committee of Arrangement*. Committee. E G Evans, H Knight, S P Robertson, II Keeuan, J T Halleck, C Matlock, j i nuiecK, v in allocs, J II G >ddard,jr T Dawson, Mid Birkliead, L Newmyer, S Taylor, S Calvcrweil, R Warren, A Columbus J Slatford, J King, may 13?eotd FISCHER'S BAND FULLY ORGAN IZED. HAVING now completed all mv rrrangements for a first rate Bit ASS and COTILLON BAND, I am again at the service of the public to attend Excursion Parties, Exhibit ons, Parade*. Pic Nics, Balls, and Serenades. All those in favor of a citizen's band arc respectfully invited to encourage our en erprise, bere in Washington City. P FISCHER, Leader. P- 8.?This BandjUn^er my direction, is regularly uniformed, and irom a practice over twenty years 1 can give satisfaction to every one. Residence, Pa. avenue, north side, bet. 9th and 10?h streets first door west of Iron Hall. Orders left with Messrs Hilbus 8l Hit* punctually attended to. may 14?1m* IF YOU READ ADVERTISEMENTS PLEASE notice that I have, fresh iroin'he es tablishment in New York, Hecker's Self Rais ing Flogr. Hecker's Grits. Hecker'a Maccar<<ni and VermacePi, Hecker's Farina, one paper of which,' at 14 cents, will make a superior dish sufficient for fifteen or twenty persons. Also, Oswego Corn Stareb and Cornena, a great variety of Milliard's preparations of Chocolate for eating and drinking Baker's superior Cocoa paste from whicb, in a few minutes, bv pouring boiling water on it a very superior cup of Chocolate can be made. When dollars and cent* are made a study and at the same time superior article for health and econ omy is required, yon would do well to call at KING'S Grocery and Variety Store, corner Vermont ave nue and I streets, a few steps northeast of Jackson Statue. may 11?wtf CUMMING'S FAMILY PRAYERS, in 3 vols, 75 cents each Bucban's Systsm of Anthropology, ?2 Florine Prin ess of Burgundy, by W B MscCabe, 75 cents Gcpwth of Holiness, by Fabcr 50c Vindication of the Cath? lie Church, 75c The Immaculate Conception, bv Bishop Ullathome 37tfc F The Heart of Jesus, by J. B. Dalgairns, 50r. E K. LUNDr. tin. 198 Bridge street, Georgetown, D. C. may 17?tf SILVER TIMEKEEPERS. INDEPENDENT of cur unusually large Ftock of elegant Gold Watches, we havejust received an invoice of superior Silver Timekeepers, warranted, which we offer low. M. W. GALT & BRO., 18* Pa. ave., betw. 9ih and lOih sta. mar 19?fit NEW P0LKaT~ The CHEVY CHASE POLKA, composed for and dedicated t* Miss Sally D. Bradley, by J. D. Ssunders, Esq., of this city, whose compositions have always met with such great pnblic fav??r The merits ot the piece are such as will introduce it among all lovers of music. Price 35 cents. Just published and for sale bv HILBUS & IIITZ The President's Mounted Guard Quickstep, com posed by the accomplished Pianist, Mr. Robert Hel ler, will sppear in a l?-w days. may 12 STEAMBOATS CONNECTING (With each train of Can arriv ?irgin Washington or Alexan dria.- '1 he dreamer* THOMAS COLLYERw GEORGE WASHINGTON wili make the above connections, leaving Washington at 6 a. m for tbe Orange and Alexandria cars, and connect with the same train on their airival. Me&l? furnished on the boats. Tbe Boats connect with all the trains from Bal timore. SAM'L GEDNEY, Capt. may 17?d ARLINGTON HOUSE. THE undersigned would respc:tfully inform his friends that he lias >aken the establishment for merly known as the ** Arlington Hoii=e," whicb he intends opening on Saturday nex', May 19th, as a Restaurant of the first orde-, and feels assured that be will have MQUORS and CIGARS oi tbeclioicest brands, OYSTEKS, GAME and FISH, in season, and every other article in his line to suit all who should favor biin with a call. F. A. COOK. - may 18?oolm* L."J. niDDLKToivi DEALER IN ICE, Oflu-e and Depot loutK tide F, next to corner 12Ik it. ICE KEPT CONSTANTLY ON HAND AT THE OFFICE, which can be bad in large or small quantities. Gty- Office open from 5 a. m. to 9 p. m. in 1?eo3m STRAW MATTING. JUt^T received 4, 5, and 6-4 White and colored Mattings, whicb I am selling at the lowest pri ces for cash or to prjmpt customers. J. H. SMOOT, S. side Bridge st., near High, Georgetown. may 12? PROPOSALS FOR FUEL. QrAKTEKMASTIfK S OfflCR M * BIN L COUPS,) Washington, 10th May, 1855u ( SEALED PROPOSALS will be received at this office until Friday, the 25th of May inst., at 10 o'clock a. iu-, for supp ying to the Marines stationed in Wellington city fn.m 1st July, 1855, to .'Will of Juno, 1856, suck quantities of Wood and C >al as may be required upon the Quarterly requisitions of Co manding Officers The wood to be best cak sapling, and best anthracite, free from dust, broken and screened, both to be delivered at sue i points within the bar rack walls, as may be designated, free ot expense to the United States. may 11?3iawi25ib NEW GOODS FOR GENTLLMEN. PJ. STEEIl, Merchant Tailor, No. 488 Sev ? enth street, has just received fr mNew, York, a v^ry elegant and large addition to his stock of Spring and Summer GOODS, consisting of Cassiiners, Ducks, Drills, fce.,< for Pan's,and Silk and Marseilles VESTINGS, both plain aid colored, of the richest and prettiest styles ever seen in this market, all of which he is prepared to mike up in the best style at very low prices. Gentlemen would do well to call early if they wish to see very cheap styles. may 15?pcQw FRESH SOFT CRABS Are now daily received and served up at GAUTIER'S SALOON, 293 i'a. Avenue may 19?eo3t HAIR WORK. ORNAMENTS of Hair, such as Bracelets, Ckat elains, Chains, Breastpins, Earrings, Finger Rings, made to order, of any desired design. All orders faithfully attended to. Specimens may be seen at my store. H. SEMKEN, No. 330 Pa. av., betfeeen 9th and 10th ?U. Mar 30 1 CLOCKS, WATCHED AND JEWELRY Opened this day, forty different styles ot C ocks Good Clocks $1 25. Fine Gold watches, $22 warranted. Jewelry cheaper than ever. Call and see for yourselves at J. ROBINSON'S, No. 340 opposite Browns' Hotel. may 1?dim CHARLKH K1A8K.1NB, Architect. (Pa. (Nmm, tsfvMn TWA and Jwssli (West*,) washimotoh, d. o. WILL continue to tarnish Plana, detail wortiM Drawings, and st?#cjfteati<>ns of buildings at every deecrtptno,aad dk) to superintend their <rec EVENING STAR. r v ? *ATnrr? Issued from the United S'atts Patent Ojkce for the v>*k ending May 21, bearing thai date : Geo. B. Ambler, of Trumbull, Oonn.? For improTement in wooden saddle-trees. Lucius B. Bradley, of Watertown, Conn.?For improved rat-trap. Thomas G. Boone, of Brooklyn, N. Y. For improvement in steam boilers, Leonard Campbell, of Columbus! Miss. For improvement in cotton gins. Lewis W. Colver, of Louisville, Kj.? For improvement in seed planters. Robert Cushman, of Pawtucket, R. I. For improvement in stop motion of knit ting machines. U. W. Clark Jt H. Gray, of Bridge port, Conn.?For improvement in car riage wheels. John Chase, jr., of Pcquonock, Conn. For improvement in brick presses. Rufus K. Chandler, of Richmond, Va. For improvement in wristbands of shirts. Daniel Drawbaugh, of Eberly's Mills, Pa.?For stave machine. Michael B. Dyott, of Philadelphia, Pa. For improved warm-air furnace. Charles A. Durgin, of New York. N. Y. For improvement in sewing machines. Wright Duryea, of New York, N. Y. For improvement in umbrellas. Marcus D. Du Bois, of Newburg, N. Y.?For improvements in valve gear for oscillating engines. Henry Gross, of Tiffin, Ohio.?For machine for cutting screws on bedstead rails. Henry Gross, of Tiffin, Ohio.?For improvement in fire-arms. Jonathan ilaines, ef Pekin, 111.?For improvement in grain harvesters. Chase B. Horton, oi Elmira, N. Y.? For improvement of hullers of buck wheat. I J. W. Hoogland, of Jersey City, N. J. For tree-nail machine. M. G. Ilubbard, of New York, N. Y. For improvement in carriage springs. Isaac Krebs, of Winchester, Ya.?For improvement in whiffie-trecs. A. B. Latta, of Cincinnati, Ohio.?For improved carriage for steam fire engines. Charles B. Loveless, of Boston, Mass. For improved air heating cook stove. Henry B. Lum, of Sandusky, Ohio.? For improvement in farm gates. David Matthew, of Philadelphia, Pa.? For improvements in spark arresters. ? Robert J. Marcher, of Salisbury Mills, N. Y. For tool for grooving mouldings. Jacob Marshall, of Heading, Pa.?For improvement in lubricating compounds. Jason C. Osgood, of Troy, N. Y.?For improvement in sub-marine excavating machines. Henry Pearce, of Cincinnati, Ohio. For improvement in cordage machinery. J.^ B. Reyman. of Dubuque, Iowa. For improvement in fences. Thomas F. Rowland, Jas. Stephens, and Wm. H. Mason, of Brooklyn, N. Y. For improved apparatus for drying grain. T. J. W. Robertson, of New York, N. For improvement in sewing ma chines. Edgar M. Stevens and Jos. B. Crosby, of Boston, Mass., and Jos. W. Pearson, of Winchester, Mass.?For improvement in seed planters. John Tucker, of Norway, Me.?For improvement in ox-yokes. George Turner, of Edinborough, Pa. For mandrel for cutting tapering sticks. John Tyler, of West Lebanon, N. H. For curbs for water wheels. Jonathan Whipple, jr., of Milford, Mass.?lor improved self-acting nipper block. * Leroy S. AV hit?, of Chicopee, Mass., and Lewis White, of Ilartf rd, Conn, tor improvement in telegraphic key ap paratus. ? Caleb Winegar, of Union Springs, N. Y. r or method of closing and opening gates, &.c. John Henry Wygant, of Hackensack, N. J.?For improvement in spikes. Linus Yale, of Newport, N. Y.?For improvement in bank locks. Jonas B. Aiken, of Franklin, N. II., assignor to Jonas B. Aiken and Herrick Aiken, of Franklin, aforesaid.?For im provement in knitting machines. J. S. Barden, of New Haven, Conn., assignor to Olive Snow and G. B. Far nam, of Menden, Conn.?For water me tre. Francis S. Coburn of Ipswich, Mass., assignor to Ruggles, Nourse, Mason A Co., of Worcester, Mass.?For improve ment in screw wrenches. Abraham Gesner, of Williamsburgh, vrassignor, through others, to the "North American Kerosene Gas Light Company."?For improvement in burn ing fluids. Lucicn E. Hicks, of Boston, Mass., assignor to himself and Geo. N. Davis, of Boston, aforesaid.?For improvement in hose couplings. Thos. Foster Thornton', of Buffalo. N. Y., assignor to Geo. A. Prince and Thos. Stephenson, of Buffalo, aforesaid.?For improved swell fur melodeons. Joseph Bond, Jr., of Philadelphia, Pa. ror improvement in sewing machines. Additional Improvements.?Jas. Ham ilton, ol New ^ork.?For improvement in quartz crushing machine*. Addi tional to letters patent No. 10,365, dated January 3, 1854. Reissues.^?Alexander F. Wheeler, ot Albany, N. Y., executor of Wm. 0. Wheelt-r, dee'd, and Alonzo Wheeler, of same place.?For improvement in endless horse power. Original letters patent dated July 8, 1841. Charles T. Appleton, of Roxbury, Mass.?For improvement in bleaching apparatus. Original letters patent dated April 17,1855. i>e?gnj.-Ueorg. UodgetU, of New lork, N, For designs for water coolers. LL^A man oannot posies* anything better than a good wife, nor anything worse than a bad one. ' THE WEEKLY STAB. fomiirui who ?et m fmm wfll be tfewei a commismrm of twenty per em. The MastH'Smiit at SuitroraL.? The head engineer at Sebastopol ia a young man named Todleben, who, at the commencement of the siege, waa a cap tain and aimoat unknown. When the siege commenced. Prince Meoachikoft, it is said, asked tbe then engineer how long it would take to put the place in a state of defencc. He answered "Two months/* Todleben stepped forward and said ha would undertake to do it, if he had at many men as he required, in two weeka. He did it in twelve days, and was mads colonel. Since that time he has had the direction of everything in the way ot building batteries, defences, Ac. Tbe other day the Grand Duke called npoa his wife, who is residing in St. Peters burg, to congratulate her upon her hot band's promotion; for ha is now General and Aiae-de-Camp to the Emperor. The Russians adopt the common sense prac tice of taking the man who will do tbe work best, and they get it tbe beat done. This is the practice in well oonducted private business ; it is still more neces sary in public service, where tbe conse quences of mistakes through incompe tency and ignorance may atlect a whole nation.?Pkili. Ledger. Death op the Widow of Da. R. H. Bishop?Rkmavkabls Coixcid axes?Tbe venerable, widely known aa<i well-loved Robert Hamilton Bishop, D. D., our readers will remember, died after a long life of eminent usefulness, at hia resi dence on College Hill, some weeks since. His wife, with whom he had lived hap pily for near sixty years, was precisely two weeks his junior, and after his death, tottered about as if lost, and seemed, though surrounded by her affectionate children and grand children, to feel ut terly alone, and that this world was no longer the place for her; and strange to say, exactly two weeks after his depar ture, it was decreed that her imprison ment here should not be lengthened out, and she was called to join him in the bet* ter world. His death occurred on Sab bath morning, the 2Sth April, and aha received the, to her ioyful, summons, to go to him at about the same hour on Sab bath morning, the 13th inst.?Cincin nati Commercial, Ihursday. Notable Gold Deposits.?The Assay Office, daring the past week, has melted up a curious deposit of some hundred cold nose and ear rings, such as are worn by the negroes of tbe Atrican coast. They were deposited by Mr. E. Littlefleld, of this city, for one of the express com panies, to whom the collection was in trusted by merchants engaged in trade with Africa. Some of the gold is of re markable fineness. The entire value of the deposit is about 31.400, the value of the separate articles varying from two or three to one hundred dollars. These rings are made of four twisted strings of gold, wound around each other, like the strands of an ordinary cord. The per fect circle is broken so as to allow the or nament to clinch the ear or the cartilage of the nose, without perforating. They are generally of very rude manufacture. Adams ft Co. have, during tbe laal week, removed from the Assay Office, a lump of quartz bearing California gold, weighing about 2300 ox. and estimated at $40,000. It will be taken as a speci men to the Paris Exhibition.?N. Y. Ev$, Post. ' The Liverpool Matrimonial Afpair. For several days past an exciting aflair has been pending before the First Dis trict Police Court, relative to a matri monial flare-up between John Henry Bate and his wife Georgiana, who re cently arrived in the Atlantic from Liv erpool. As has been stated, the com plainant in this prosecution was joined in wedlock to John Henry Bate over twenty years ago, a nd now claims to be the " original" wife. The so-claimed husband has a wife and several children residing in Hudson street, and wholly repudiates the English lady. On Satur day, our reporter was informed that Georgiana had procured the assistance of the British consul, and employed Hon. Welcome R. Beebe and Mr. Carpenter, to conduct her side of the case. Tbe de fendant has also engaged able counsel, and a very spicy investigation may be looked for at the Toombs on Tuesday next.?N. Y. Tunes. Strange Casi*altt.?About the UOth of April last, Mr. Hiram Harmon, a gentleman residing near Erie in this county, and well known to 6ome of our citizens, mounted his horse towards even ing to hunt his cattle. During his ab sence a thunder storm came up, and we are informed that nothing more was seen of Mr. H. till the next morning, when was found by some one in search of him, wandering near his residence in a state of utter imbecility or insanity. Hia horse was found diad, apparently from a stroke of lightning, and it is from tbe eilccfc of the same that Mr. H. is suffer ing. He was still, at last accounts, unable to give any information in rela tion to the manner in which he was in jured, and there appears to be but a small prospcct of the speedy recovery of hia reason. This is one of the most singular occurrences of which we have ever heard.?Sterling (IU.) Times. H7"It is estimated that there are an nually conrumed, in and about Boston, about 700,000 lobsters, the prime coat of which is $80 per thousand. This makes tbe snug little sum of $50 000. About 500,000 of these lobsters come from the State of Maine, and the remaining 200, 000 are taken from the Massachusetts Bay. About 700 men are engaged in ta king the fish, and some 800 tons of ship ping are employed to carry them to Boa ton, exclusive of what are taken by steam boat and railroad. Young men should always bear in mind that coat tails, eigars, profanity, tall shirt collars and bluster, 49 w>\ make mi#.

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