Newspaper of Evening Star, May 29, 1855, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 29, 1855 Page 2
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EVENING STAR.; WASHINGTON OITY: rUXSDAT ArraffOOJf...........lUj29 8FII.IT OF TH1 MoaHnropmsT The Um*n 41MUM the Eastern qurttion. says that Barclay Martin, of Tibmnn, Is no Know Nothing ; that a Know Nothing Fire Company In Evanxville, Indiana, roc en ti 7 re fused to throw wator on a burning house be oause It was the property of a (Hrman; and oompliments the New York Expreas for the ?ood temper in which it discusses the final admisrion of Kansas as a si are-holding State. The Inttiltgnruer also disc esses the Eastern "wer question at length, coning to our so long ago declared conclusion that the contest has hardly fairly opened; and that Mr Dronyn de 1'Hays, the late French Minister of War,' / resigned because of his disapproval of the policy of his master, the Emperor, which looks to the dedieatioa of all the power and wealth of Fraoee to force on Russia the ac oeptanoe of the rejected point mooted in the reoent Vienna ootf erence. The Washington M nuaent. The reader will find on our first pegfe, to day, a paper, signed by the Seawtary of the old Board of Manager* of the Washington Monument, in which a history of their admin istration of the aooiety's affairs is given, to gether with an aocount of their efforts to settle 'he questions in issue between them and the bogus board. The statement of Mr Dough erty. the legal superintendent, giving an ac count of his forcible ejectment from the charge of the work, will appear in the St?r of to morrow. The Virginia Election Beturni Tae following Virginia election news, ad ditional to the returns published in our last ssue, goes to show the correctness of our ori ginal estimate of 11,850 m^ority for Wise : \llegany ^?.'(150m') F,ourBOMK *0 ?*??C ** 180 _ Giles 17 Highland 101 ^aiyth " 83 Washington 359 Monroe ^ Westmoreland 3^ Lancaster ??????.,,,., ? ^ Richmond county.... ? Northumberland 30 Kmc* SO _ Preston.....* 240 Carroll 250 __ Grayson 208 Resell SJ ~ The Richmond Enquirer says th%t Kidwell. (Dem ,) is elected to Congress in the Tenth district, and that all the other distrists are Democratic, except the Eleventh (Lewis's) from which there is nothing positive official returns have been received at Rich mond from 110 coitus, which show a major ity of 10,781 ftr Wise Th? ** ? . . , _ r 32 counties still to oe he%rd from ctTs Pt*r*? . _ . 5S1 gaT? ?rc? a majority of - 2e anti Know Nothings hare made a hand *>-? >^-?gateof gains of members of both - ej of the Legislature, in both of uhich majority will be overwhelming ^...Captain Ericsson is out in a letter in which he says he hu not abandoned the Ja lone Engine -that while mechanic!! difflcu SStfS ?? 8*(wf*ctory applica*. *5VSS.?od'" r't0*Ct""? "P"'"'"" for ....Myor Wood, tf Jte? York, hating ileared the pnblie thoroughfares of tha of bm?, and made Pri.on.r. of on^ond"?l ?... The Baltimore San 0f thu m .ruin, e-ya in speaking of llr Wise: This di.rin guuhed gentleman, who has beeu r^tfS ^LhS&i? .IreoVTLh""1" " yesterday He arrived in the five offiS th? tWeU)Z>' afd immediately pro ceeded te the steamer ' Gladiator Ivin^ a? South ,treet wharf. The boat did not lJava ont.1 au oj:lock, and in the interim the ?t beooming known of his being on board he wm "C .bJ * '"*? "f? sens His appearance mdioates that tha campaign has made sad inroads cm! hi! health, but it is to be hoped that a relation from his arduous labors, Pand a short quiet: may restore him to hi: wonted vigor " . ::W^. M Esq, has been Know^Notk VJr?JQi* Legislature by the taUta??^ ?f Bedf?r'1 oonntJ Hiis! Rented and courteous gentleman: and waa HerrM* k"1* ?prifbtlv editor of the late Kepubhc newspaper of this city. ... Vwe Admiral Kreugcr, of the Swedish Ijarw. has invented an instrument by which the force of the winds can be measured with the greatest exactitude; and by orderof th. Km* of 8.edon, ,ti. to b, eXbSd in thJ Universal Exhibition of Paris " ....On Friday last, the wife of D G Crampton rwiding at Valley Forge, was the heroine of a feat that seldom fall, to the lot o* a woman, and that was in killing, without f? .V.?r messuring five feet from the tips of his wings. Ihe eagle waa Cramctoc tte hoaee' Mr" S?TP 2 h/*w a ,ton? at U< "riking it on ??i*^ ?nd ?tBMing iL Sh* then ptoenred Mill. 4 " .... Com Stevens has been a yacht owner for more than fifty years. .... At ? regular mooting 0f th, American hIld U P*ri* ?n '?U> of April, Mr. Fleischman was appointed ranort#w of the committee at the Universal Exporitb? .... Senator Slidell, of Louisiana, aceompa c<d by his family, has arrived in Waahiagton .... Hon. James T. 1'ratt, ex-member or sSSS """ C???KUC'"' " ??PPi?8 >t th. ....Commodore Perry, U. S. Navy, is also a n city, having arrived yesterday. ^y"Th* "?o*ement in Syracuse to lay down e Kuas pavement in a street of thatoity, has been abandoned The Ssandard says, accor i 0 the best authority in poseassion of the city officials, the expenae would not ba less dollars par square yard In* Dig?nac?*tri, Pnoca?Doi?s or Sarcn -it Niaar -The New Yerk Herald, of yM .erday, in en artiele on this subject says: Bat we are sorry to jay that be (Mr Wimi others0" ^ ?S men n,#rr?PtlOD> of ? disorderly bodv of hyffiS.?^1 op' {xhlkt of hison^, ??ndoc; as this on ihepart SmU'ST!?1- u withoul if per. itably extend ?on,e<lu?no?- "Ulinev of public exeita?L!^? blo<>d"l*d? ? ?taU ..^^^tkTfcUowing endoraement to gSKawi!*S35 WMIHCTM HBWS AWP GOSSIP. Ik# ?oral?Bad Government?Americana Baling America, ko ?Among the lit thou sand persona present before Brown'? Hotel on Saturday night lut, were oertainly lundreda of worthy, respectable, lew-abiding, end pa triotic citiiens who here beoome identified politic ell j with those who went there to strike down the right of their fellow-citisens to be addressed on pablio affairs when and where and bj whom thej please. They witnessed the orderly, patient, and forbearingoondact of nine-tenths of the meeting, native and foreign born, who; as friends of Mr. Wise, had assem bled to listen to the address they had invited him to deliver. They were also witnesses of the sympathy of our present oity government with the violators of the rights of others, as evinced by the total failure of any of its mem bers?police or others?to raise a finger or a voice for the maintenance of the pablio peaee They know that the conduo*. of the mob, to which we refer above, inflicted a stain on oar oity's reputation which they themselves de plore, and whioh cannot be wiped out They know, too, that it was bat oarrying a little farther the policy and oatragea perpetrated by the aame parties with the aame official countenance, at the two anti.Know Nothing meetings held at Carusi'a Saloon They know that, under our present municipal auspices those oppoaed to Know N?c'ningiam in this oity are, unless t*;,y ?May to protect them selTea, wholly and entirely cut off from their rigVi to liaten in the open air, is the evening to addreasea from their frienda. Ihey know still further, that neither life nor property can be aafe in this community while ita govern ment ia in the handa of those who do not lift a finger to prevent the perpetration of 6uch outrages on solemnly-guaranteed personal and great public rights. They know, from what they saw and heard on that occasion, the true depth of the regard for Bible Christianity and Amerioan liberties entertained by thoae who then and there aaaumed to act fo* the Know Nothing party, aa they have rarely failed to aot everywhere in our country, when, under aimilar circumstances, the oover of the shade? of night and the countenance of a sympathis ing police make the desirable opportunity. We know well, and take pleaaure in pro claiming that the great maaa of oar Know Nothing fellow citizens who have something to lose by anarchy and mob rale, cotdemn the condaotof these who assumed on Saturday night last to act for them, as heartily as we do. Bat will they aid and abet the laying up of more such fearfi'l accounts against tkrmselvee, as co-political laborers with such wanton violators of pablio and private rights, by voting on Monday next to sustain those in power, who, from highest to lowest, look qui etly on while such soenes are being enacted in our oity, secretly ohaokling over them, ra ther than raising a finger for their prevention and punishment? In this, ia the moral of the so disgraceful occurrences of Saturday night lut Candlec, Coffins and Cannon ?It is being said all over Washington that the kmbitues of the offioe of oar talented, amiable, enthuaiai tic, modest and knowing neighbor, in the dead certainty of the triumph or Flournoy which recently pervaded their minds, made a hand aome inveatment in candles for an illumina tion, a coffin for the intended oeremony of a mock funeral of Henry A Wiae, and cannon and ammunition with whioh to celebrate their victory in the ahape of mournful minute guna, to be fired over the mock grave. The expense of all this preparation threatena to be a dead losa. Nevertheless, perhaps, some per cen tage upon it may possibly be realiied to the now so-hard of investors, who, it ?ill be re membered, speculated so freely on our talented, amiable, enthusiastic and modest nei hbor's judgment. Fo* instance they may find use for the tallow, in rubbing it on their faces whioh are haggard, jagged and puckered, through the intenaity of their aufferinga from the Virginia election returns, ao as to give them an eppearanoe of disagreeable asperity, which as matters now stand, oan only be re. moved by aome such extraordinary applioa. tie*. Capt. Robert Doyle, so generally called cn to make the baby-waker speak in tones of thander when the election boot gets on to the leg of his friends, will prabably pay a fair price for the gnns and ammunition. As frr the coffin, even that may not be en tirely uselees, as matters now stand. We draw this conclusion from an occurrence in the Centre Market, on Saturday morning last, as follows: A reverend politician, renowned for the intensity of hii hates and the vehem ence of his pjlitios, rather than for the earn estness of his inculcation of the duty of peace, good will, fair dealing, and oharity to all men through the example of his own walk in life, approached a butter merchant, who bore Sam little love in his lifetime. ?' Good morning, Brother , you come in the nick of time. A poor fellow died last night, in my neighbor hood. He was an espeoial friend of yours?a dashing, enthusiastic young fellow, exoeed ingly popular with the boys, and a very fast liver, indeed. He went off somewhat in debt his lamp going oat suddenly and most unex pectedly to himself and those who oonfided in the anosual premise whioh he manifested for one of his age and rather disreputable origin. His friends in my ward desire to give the young fellow at least a decent funeral, and have ooncluded that you are the very person who should most properly conduct its ceremo. nies Will you come up this afteraeon and officiate?" Clerical Polutcimn?" I fear that the ex citement occasioned by these strange returns from Virginia anfits my mind for the perform ance to-day of the duties of a minister of the Gospel. Bat, as you say he waa a friend of mine, perhaps I will try to be there. What is his name ?" Quizzical Butter Merchant.?"Sam!" [Exit Parson Polities, in great indignation, in deed, staggering off as though his gait waa impeded by the weight of a city lot on each shoulder. Chas. J. Faulkner?The opponents of Know Nothingiam owe a debt of gratitude to this gentleman, whose exertions contributed greatly indeed, to bring about the recent political re suit in Virginia. Some indiscreet t-nd unau thorised friend of his, months ago, proposed his name for admission to a Know Nothing coua cil, and thas, without his knowledge, compro mised the integrity of his political hearing; causing aa, among others, to view him with suspicion. Hia coarse throughout the recent can vase, however, has proved a noble vindica tion of himself from toe imputation of having been eogniiant of the act of his friend He hee labored manfully, might and day, not only is addressing the people every where through out his district, bat by bringing hi? wall-known powerful personal influence to bear In all di reetioas in behalf of the oause in whioh be wu enlisted. Victory, in the shape of a re election, baa perched on bis banner; bnt bis gfcateet vistory hat been in to soon demon strating past future question, that Know Notb. ingittn has had no more consistent foe than himself. Cold Comfort, 4c.?Our talented, courteous, amiable, entertaining, and truthful neighbor gravely reoommends those who speculated re cently to 10 great advantage in the correct ness of its advioe about the condition of po litical affairs In Virginia, not to mind their defeat; but to put their trust in the belter luok that may be in store for tbem nfeLHime Their confidence in the integrity of its advioe, as inJ its wisdom and knowledge, has made them all rich off of their winnings from those blind fools?the friends of Wise. The oiroumstanoes attending the reception of dispatches in this city, on Friday and Saturday last, go to show how fully we are justified in complimenting the good faith of our neighbor. It was re ceiving news by the wires of the result in dif ferent counties, just as its opponents rValved from th. a.m. ' It,' prof,., !ion?l ?porti;e rri.nda had lwi heavily, and "!ire doing their best to " hedge"?that is, to get bats on Wise with unprofessional b?ttcn in the Know Nothing ranis The purely accidental temporary suppression around [our neighbor's cflloe, of the true news, on which the friends of Wise and the profes sional K N. sporting men were betting (the latter through Wise men) on those days, and j the as purely aooidental ostentatious parade of the bogus news received by our neighbor, on which the K N. rank and file were staking all they were worth for the moot part against the money or their own bettors-by-trade po litical brethren were remarkable coincidents indeed. Our ts'.entad, oourteous, amiable, en tertaining, and truthful neighbor Is, however, capable of doing astonishing things, purely accidental, of course, as in this instance We ?hall not be surprised to find that more or less of the hard working members of itj party, whose money has been thus accidentally ab I straoted by the suppression of true news and the promulgation of that whioh was false to reimburse the "sporting" fraternity for their losses oontinue for some time to eome to bless the day when they pinned their faith to the I sleeve o? oar straight forward and ingenuous ' neighbor. Precocity.?After the ruffians who attended I the meeting called by the friends of Mr. Wise to hear an address from him on Saturday night last, had driven that gentleman from the portico of Brown's Hotel by their cow [ ardly insults and hootings to drown his voiee, I a verdant youth, evidently wantiig some years of being of age, was placed upon a dry-goods box in the middle of the street, to pow wow to their taste. He went at it with more as. ?=urance than we ever Baw Daniel Webster or Henry Clay manifest in publio speaking in the palmiest days of either cf those gentle men. To the pertinent question?whether his ma knew he was out??speared at him by some wag in the crowd of thousands by whom he was surrounded, he coolly informed those present who differed from him that they might retire, if they did not like his Bentiments; as that " was an American meeting!" We men tion this affair only by way of slowing the true sense of right and wrong actuating the gangs of ruffiftns who went to the meeting of the friends of Mr. Wise for tho avowed purpose of destroying the right of free discussion In this city, by violence. The instant that a word w s said by a by stander disagreeable to tbem, they essayed to as sume the position of the parties who were rightfully there, and to resent that word as an [ infraotien of that very right they had attended to destroy. In the course of the incoherent | ravings of the preoocious lad to whom we refer above, be uttered torrents of vulgar abuse cf the foreign bom citixens of Washington, one | and all; denouncing them as worse than pirates and traitors, on account of the accident of their bir'h. When some one in the crowd sung out that he was thus cursing his own worth; father and mother, who were personally amenable to the sweeping charges he was making The announcement of the faot was hardly neces sary, insomuch as no boy in whose veins there coursed the blood of American sires of '78 ! would have spoken sentiments showing that he had been brought up so entirely ignorant of tho true principles of Amerioan institutions [ and liberty. The Menomonee Indiana ?By the treaty of May 12, 1854, the Menomonee Indians have I secured to themselves twelve townships of land, in the form of a parallelogram, on Wolf's river, Wisconsin, intended as their permanent I home,'? to be held as Indian lands," instead I of a quantity in the Par West as was oontem I plated in their treaty of 1848. This change | we understand, is in oonsequenoe of the hu I mane polioy which has been adopted, to intro duce, if possible, the blessings of the Chris tian roligion and the arts of civiled life among this remnant of a onoe powerful tribe of the wandering sons of the forest, who are so fast fading from our view, for all whioh the treaty amply provides. May Ood speed and give | success to all such efforts A new United States Land District has I been made in California with the land office at Los Angelos. The legislature of the State oall for the establishment of a fourth one, but the Secretary of the Interior is prohibited by law from oomplying with such a request, ex I cept by order of Congress. The United States Faigat Constitution ? The Navy Department have advioes of the I sailing of the United States frigate Constitu. I tion for Portsmouth, N. H., from Havana, on | the 38th instant. Appointed ?Joseph B. Brittingham has been appointed Colleetor of Customs at Yorktown, Va., vice H. W. Moreland, who failed to [ qualify. &oae to hit Desk ? Theodore Head, of In I diana, whesa appointment to a $1,200 olerk ship in the Pension Bureau we announced a month ago, has entered on the discharge of his duties there The Current Operations of the Treasury L epar ment ?On yesterday, the 28th of May, thert were of Treasury Warrants entered on the books of the Department? For the Treasurv Department.... ?2?,078 25 For the Interior Department 93,924 61 For the Customs 1,438 ig War warrants received and en ? IT.100 00 For covering Into the Treasury from ouitomi o# nu For oovering into the Treasury from miscellaneous sources.... 26 37 On account of the Navy 30,442 11 QBOE0ETOW*, May 29, WW. Our oity I* unusually qaiet and barren of aewa this morning. Nothing of a public char acter ioafcs upon any pasting braesa, except the returns from tba Virginia election, and ??en the excitement caused by it is rapidly subsiding and both parties. with the excep tion of a few among the defeated, of the more sour and orabbed Bort, who are still disposed to anap and enarl at the friends of the victo rious party, are beginning to tnrn their atten tion to aomething else, either matters of a business character, or tbe municipal election whioh takes place in your oity on Mondav next. ' The ladiaa' fair and festival, at Forrest Hall, opened yesterday with excellent prospects of ancoe?8. The company during the evening, though not very large, was of the ttoet agree able character The beatstifhl decorations, and the excellent display of ueful and fancy articles, and, above all, the brilliant and en chanting amilea on the handsome faeea of lovely young ladiea to be fcnnd at this fair every evening is suftclent \o charm o.en s ?our old baftheiOr. nrfXV*?*"*?4 ?J th? Wft,t Georgetown Meth ^Hlttr0h " t0 be form*Hy deil Sun ? ?*bbtUl The Rev. R. L. Da enieii ia ^ preach the opening sermon in the n^.ning. at 11 o'clock. The flour market remaina firm and active at our quotations of yesterday, $10 37ia$ll No grain of any kind arriving. Spbctatob. Ocbious Calculation?X!iq following we clip from the Boston Post: It has beon ascertained by carefully con. duoted experiments, that the loss by friction or wear, upon gold eoin, when in use as cur rency, does not exceed a twentieth of one per cent per annnm; and upon silver a half of one per cent, per annum. In other wor If, a gold coin kept constantly in circulation would last two thousand years before it would en. tirely disappear- a silver coin would last two hundred years; 000 new eagles outweigh 901 whioh have had one year's circulation, 900 dimes outweigh 907 under similar ciroum stanoes. After the surface of the coin becomes smooth the friction becomes lesj, like the sur faoe of a bar of railway iron. The average cost, therefore, of an exclotive metallic cur. rency, would be an eleventh of one per sent, per annum upon the amuunt required. The amount of bank notes in circulation, at the present time in the United States, is estimated to be $160,000,000; and the amount of speoie in the vaults of the banks to be $60 000,000 ir. therefore, an addition of $100,000,000 were made to the specie basis of our currency, and bank notes entirely dispensed With, it would cost about $100,0CC to maintain it; an amount far below the average annual loss cooasioned by depreciated back note?, to say nothing of the losses consequent upon the expansions and subsequent sudden contraction of paper issues. The largest denomination of coins being uoId whxah is the least liable to depreciation by wear, the cost would be even less than the amount stated. lD# REmm or IJ.XIGRAKT8 -Wel^m from re liable sources, that an unprecedentedly larce number of immigrants have returned to Eu f.PnnK J Since the 20th of April, at s? A. thoa'*D(i have been sent back by the South street shipping agencies. The oause of ?Dt is PfclP*bI?- The ex orbitant pridi?** the neoesaariea of life, and the limited demand for labor, operating in connection with the comparatively low cost of living and the demand for laborers in Europe form powerful inducements to return. So doubt, our stringent laws relative to tbe sale of liquors, and the observance of Sunday a* well as the opprobrium ca-t upon foreignere and Roman Catholics by theKuow Nothings, have their influence in giving the memory ef the attain doable force it would otherwise W hatever the cause, however, there is a fal ling off, to the extent of fifty per oent. in the number of immigrants now arriving, as com pared with last year, and very many of those who come, return as soon aa possible. A vain attempt is made to procure employment in tLe oity (to the country but few can be induoed 'o go. unless to purchase lands at the West ai a- 5?untl7 requires laborers) and disneartened they return. The ship Daniel Webster, which is to sail on Monday, will take out about a hundred passengers, ma ny of whom came out in her on her late nas sage from Liverpool -N?u, York Courier Brutalitt to Dom? Ahimax9 ? The at tempt to make Lady Flora Temple, a fast horse, trot twenty miles inside of an hour, on the Long Island Course, on Thursday, failed The poor beast, on the twelfth milef bunted a blood vessel, and beoame se weak that ahe was withdrawn, e are surprised that the authorities should have permitted this cruelty te a poor dumb beast to be carried out It is all well enough Jo see two bullies pumrae' each other until one or tfco oluer nolios hold enough. But the idea of driving a poor hors9 wno cannot make his mercenary master un' derstand his infirmities, until he dies in the harness, is so barbarous that we are surprised it is tolerated in a christian community ?AL bany Knickerbocker. a Northampton Courier saya that a daughter of James Damon, of Chesterfield some three years since fell down a flight of stair!1, bringing on a sickness whioh it was thought would result in death She recovered lr0?rhr4?r,hWlthth?-l09B0f her ??d hear-' log, but her appetite took a peculiar tarn, and for weeks she would eat nothing but candy and raising and since last fall nothing but pples. A few weeks ago, she commenoed eat ing maple buds, since whioh time she has ft? rfPlm#rhe*Uh &nd ??tiv ity, and her sight ana hearing are restored AccoxooATiire The Texas Ranger tells us of a very accomodating postmaster in Bellvilie, Austin oounty. Hear him : .. The little _ and accomodating postmaster Be^j Greenville, is a real model Immediately after the mail is opened he takes the papers and letters and delivers them around town to the proper owners, and waves the oitiseni the ?n. V. g0,Dg 10 the 0<Bce ?? ??rtainly entitled to a premium for obliging qualities London journals that tbe*in*' "?f1 ?k tfe? feasts, in honor of 1RM r^aP?,#on? Included Johanlsberg of pagD?. of 1825' from S3T.S=1S ST. ? z wnere, and a mush greater area has been planted with grain than ever before There is t 10 be hoped that when the crop begins to reaoh our markets the same insane exportation fever will not ore* T.I1 whioh ha. I* to th. prwMtS rMM.^t pnoo. ma ?o?roitT -t/. s Gaz,,," * _ Gtoasrrow*, D7c7Ma7a?7l85^ " sasssrt % 'T; it ",rc,! C'"M on ?,',d ItVif , T T*1' "nt" the 1,1 of September 18M ?'7,H ??,ciockpreci ely, (excepting8alurdav mi to Uf?np.oy WM. McK. OSBORNE MAYFIELP &. BROVVN JOHN H. 8MOOT, R. VV. SMOOT, J. E CARTER, M ^ W. R. MURDLfe, may 29?3t f|. E. BERRY. ? begs leave to inf.!nn"his?kind'andPrv?^y able curtome?, that hu bar room S 2 is* ???i "^B?; JK may 28?3t (Intfcdnioni 0ULAP'?EB. ?. UNJON ASSOCIATION OF WAhTT ??i~m ington Oily, (Anti K v \ ?,-if TUBriDAY^VENING, tht 29,i,?? ny HaU, at 8 o'clock. 'nstaat, at Harmo ? may 28?a** L'wnT, w,sv;' s1'jss^?w srwivs ~r???-? may i| ?h.l,1pday,nlhe ? kBUO'-i Pa .w? . 5 aid at UALT ?ay 89-3?* ' b,!,ween ?nJ lOili Cnlleetor'a Oitt. ) City Hall, May 91,1855 / IN order to avoid as aach i.< pow ble the hfirrv incident to the payment of tax** on the day < f the election, the unier<j|wj will remain in the nf (Ice from 8 o'clock a a. antii 6 p. m, for ibr rr?i due of the week. R J ROCHE, Coll cnr. imr 99?td STRATKD OR ?TOLf? frc.m t?i. rub _ scriber on Saturday night, Miy 96ih, a 5jV __ black Horse, with a short Many tail, gny forward and blind in hla right rye. A ruiUbl. re ward will be pven if returned to the owner, on F, between Ax< and 6th sts , Island. may 29-St* TRAVES EVANS. WASHiaOTOR CORPOftATlOK 6 per cent. Stock for sale by may 19?2w RIGGS & CO. ?? ICE-ICE?ICB! CHARLES WKRNKR, n? Pa. avenue, opposite Browns' Hotel, will keep throughout the Heaaon an ample supply of Pettibone's b at ICE, which he will sell, on call, In any quantities, atjthc lewest possible ratca. may 99?dtScp30 I WILL PAY A FAIR PRICE FOR BACKNUM i? rs <* !*rtr,?nieal Patent Office Reports. I'he next number of tht i*uba T^, 'Wli', M t? su?d next Saturday, when the discover*"* in the nar<on will be further devtli ?pad. Books bought and sold as usual. ALFRED HUNTER, may 29-3t* 456 9th street. Fj^OR S A It h ?The Musfr Rolls ot Thirty ?dd Comraines of Louisiana Volunteers in the late War ngain>t Mctieo. Apply to ALF. SHUCKING, may 20- It* LAND WARRANTS WANTED. THE undersigned will pay the highest price for | Land Warrants. Stocks bought and sold on Commission. HAMILTON G. FA NT, No 439 Pa. avenue, Washingtor. may 29? 1m (Int^ Union) MOURNING AND FANCY DRESS CAPS. I HAVE just received an assortment of MOURN (VG CAPS, suitable for eld'rly ladies. Also. Fancy Dress Caps, to which I invite the attention of | those who are in want. A. TATE, ? No 314 Pa. av. bet. lOtfc and 11th sts. may 29?eo3t [Intel] IM1E LAST GREAT AMERICAN NOVEL.-The , Missing Bride; or, Miriam, the Avenger, by Mrs Emma D. E. N. Southworth, author of the Lost Heiress, the Wife's Victory. Curse of Clifton tht Discarded Daughter, Retribution, Jm. Complete in one volume of 635 pages, bound in cloth, lor one dollar and twenty five cents; or in two volumes, paper cover, for one dollar. Just received and for sale by JA8 H. BURNS, at his Cheap Bookstore, No. 100 Bridge street, Georgetown. Al**, Agent for all the weekly newspapers, which Will be served at the dwellings of the subscribers. Send in your namns t may 09? lw THE ONLY PLACE" TY7HERE the genuine Black Teas u^ed in En ? f rope can be obtained is at the TEA STORE. No 510 Seventh street, opposite the National In te1 ligeiiccr Office, where can be had at all times, Eng i li and London Breakfast Teas, Congo, Orange I'ofeo, Pekoe Flowers. &c. All other kinds of Teas alw~ya on hand, at very low prices, wholesale and retail. HALL fc HENNlNG. may 29?cc3t (Union) Map of Washington city! Fine'y ehgrflved on copper, and brought up to I ?he present time. Sire 13 by 17 inches. AH the streets, avenues, public buildings, church es, burial grounds, markets, banks halls,hotels, fire companies, public schools, etc., are distinctly des ignated. Pi ice 20 cents. GRAY fc BALLANTYNE, Bisy 39?3t Booksellers, 408 Seventh st. THE MISSING BRIDE, by Mrs. Southwertli Dickens's New Stories, 1 vol Pickwick Papers, 50 cents Kate Aylesford, a novel, by C. S. Peterson Afrftja, by Theodore Mugge The Initials; new edition Stanhope Burleigh, by Helen Dhu Ingenne, by Alex. Dumas Price of a Crown, by Eueene Hue. may 29- FRANCK TAYLOR MORE B A R G aTn~sT~ JOHN II. SHOOT, Bridge itreet, touth vide, near High, Georgetoun, HAS just received a lurther supply of seasonable | Goods, amongst which will be found 50 pieces good styles fast colored Lawns at 12U 10 do plain black and white and black do. TO do rich plaid Ginghams and Gingham Lawns ?'<0 do dotted and rich rmb'd Mivlins 50 do plain Swiss and Nrunseok do ?10 do Jaconet and Cambric do .'JO do plaid and striped db '25 Grass ClQiJi Skirts 30 corded Ltd damask do White end colored Watered Moreens ?M) pieces light pretty styles Calicos 10 do Harege de Laines at 12%c 2 do Buff shade Linen With an assortment of seasonable styles of Gloves,! Hosiery, and many other very desirable Good?, to which the attention of cat>h or prompt customers is ' invited, as we are constantly receiving new good*, and are selling them at prices to suit the times. may 99?tf J H. eMQQT. PROPOSALS FOR STAtlONERY. Dkpabtso*? of Stati, I [Washington, May 96,1865. j N pursuance cf th* ''ic logaliclcg and msklnp appropi, r Kuch neeea6a*y objects a# hire bsen usually inc udei In the general srpropriaMcn bill without *utboHty ci law, and to fix and pre side for o*rUin incidental e*p?nsee of the de; art iu-rts and offices of the go^ernm^nt, and for other purposes." a; proved the 26th August, 1842, staled pnp->eals will be receive 1 at th s department until 3 o'clock p. m., op the 23d of June next, for fur nishing hU<-h articles of stationery as mav be re quired by It for one year from the 1st day'of July next, ss enumerated In the subjoined schedule and estimate of quantity; but it la to be understood by P'rsons proposing that the department is to be at liberty to take e ther a less or greater quantity of anv article than i- specti-d, according to its wants duricg the year. Each ar ide to bs cf the best quality, ard to b? llivere without delay when ordered. SCHfcDCLE. Paper, hand made, of /inen, laid or vote. 50 rrarns foolscap, satin or plain finish, to bs when trimmed 131$ by 16 inches, and weigh not less than 10 lb?. jn-r roam, per r;am 50 reams foolsoap,&nilar finish, rul?d garden pattern, per re?m 9u reams quarto roe , similar finish, to weigh net less than 9 lbs per ream, trimmed, onu-Lali ruled cn tbre' sides, per re-ia 40 reams nets paper, cream laii damask, per ream Knoeloft pap*r, mo?th. 10 reins super royal, j?jiow, per ream lu reams medium, yellow, per ream 80 reams medium, whit*, thick, per ream SO reams dr uhl- cap, white, per ream 100 gross n eta'lic psns, Perry'a or rech ssmay be required, per grots 6 grout black lead penci s, Brcokman k Iang don s, or snch as may be reqn red, p r irrcss 1 doeen red leal pencils, perdosen 2 doten i^ory folders, 9 inch per doten 10 doMn red tsps, No. 91, per doten 10 dozen red tape, No IB, per dozen 10 doten red tape, No 17, per down 10 dccsn red tape, No. 15, per doaen lldrsen silk taste, narrow, per dosen 12 dozen silk taste, wi- e^ per dsaen 2 doPen si'k ?ord, per doten 1 doiin cut glaas inksUnds, Draper's or Whit ney's, per dcien 2 doten wafrr stands, cocoa, per dosen 2 dotea erasers, Sodgers k Bon's ivory kandlea, per doten 1 dr ten Ivory handle wsfcr teals, per dox?n 0 doten Ink, In quarts, black, Msynard k Noyet per doten * 1 doten carmine ink, per doten 3 pounds wafers, r?d. per pound 1 pound wafers, white, per pound '000 wafers, lot Unitel States real, per 1.000 water*> for department seal, per 1,000 100 pounds sealing wax, best extra superfi ne rear let. Doveli 4 Easy, per pound 10 pounds twire, gill n t, per pound 20 pounds twine, seine, per pound * KS5?2S: I***, I, gfx""* 1000 No 2, per 1,000 1000 No 8, per 1.0(K) 1000 No 4, per 1,000 1000 No 6, per 1,000 1000 No 6, per 1,000 1000 No 7, per 1,000 Each proposal moat be signed by the individual or firm making it, and must specify a pries?and out one price for each and every article contained in theschedale. Shrud any aitce be required not enumerate!, they are to be furnished at the I lowest market prices, aoeordieg to quality. Blank forma for proposals will be furnished at the depart ment to persona applying for them; and as, with out uniformi y therein, the department would fled it difficult te make a decision, none will be taken Into consideration unless substantially agresitg The proposals to be addressed to ''the Department of State," and endorsed ''Proposals for Staf onerj tMctuiiliLd T^ho Jn rrion \? whoia ??? tract is awarded, e ho will be reqairt d. within fl?? days th-reafter, to give bond, with two suffi^; for its performance. tufficient The head of the department is ia >i> - , side whether the S3STolMh?eSltolla*!SI oompl ed with, and to r.j ot auv aill?^Jkut be. in his opisk n, cfin^qS astSf ^ annul the o->otract nnon u. * WT ?? '? ' "th ELECTION NOTICES; Triro WW. For C^loctnr ROBERT J. ROOmS Pnr RegMrr-WILLI** J McOORMK K. Por Quirrw " T- A BER T. Far Aldermsn?'?r A T-P- , - _ Por Ci'inron C uiwil?THOR. B KNTH I I.E, KRA8T1J8 M. CHAPIN, RICUARD H. LAsKEY. WITT 83?le* FIP ril W AUD HOTIti^An Clrrtfaa will be held on Mon"iry,the 4th d*yn( Jane nex?, I' the K%ii! hr?g kn^wi M the QM Capitol, for Register,'Collector, mad Purveyor cf ike City; aiss for one m< mUer of live Hoard of Aldermen, and three men Iter? of the Board of Common Counell to represent saiJ Ward. WM. P FERGUSON, E. BARRY, M? A. BtOWTf, Commissioners of Election fur Pith W r-il. ?y" ** . . .<?* SKVKBTH WABD-UHI^ T?ck*t7 For Alderman?DEAHIiORV k. JOLNSOW. Cr.mmon Council?SAMUEL PI Mf'IIREY. SAMUEL S. TAYL?>R, HENRY A. CLARKE, mav 4?te Jk, LIME. OF the host quality of purely wood born! had in any quantity, at all timer, and at _ ratr price, ut SEELY'S Patmt Kdn, corner of Vir. ginla avenue and Canal afreet, l>l*nd. mav 80?4t* - . STRAY MARB -W?f caught on Saturday morning, about ten miles from Washington, on the 7th ftreei r?ad. a aorrtl MA BP. with blasyed fhce. "Hie owner, upon proving property and pay ing charges, can f 't ibe matt upon appli.auonat the ?orc of J. T. ROWLES, on 7tb. near esmer of 8 atreet. may 88 8f TO THE LADIES. NSW R1LLINKUY ?Mis* THOMPHON ix now opening another invoice of ibo?ej handsome Leghorns, Neapolitans, English Split Straws, Lace, Crape, 8?l?, and other lists, at our salesroom No. 3'# Penn avenue. Ladiea will also And at our store a rich lot of Em broid> rics, Mantles, Lace Fhawla, fc(., which wt are ?elling at ven moderate price*. HUTCHISON A MUNf\ * inay 28?fit Perfumery nnd Fau<y Dealer*. [Int fit cod.J FOR THE ORANGE A ALEXANDRIA AND MANASSAS GAP RAILROADS THE Subscriber's Coaches w II call for Passengar* wishing lo connectwith the above ? w Ra;lroada. My Coaches connect witl ibe Steamer* Thos Collyvu or Gaoaot tWsHuo to.v, which leave Washington at 8 a m Meals furnished on the boats. persons wishing the Concbea to call for Ihem can leave their name and residence with Mr. John T. Tillman, near ths Capital gale; Mr. Butt's drug atore, corner i'rnnsylvania avenue and 18th street; oral Geo. (t Th<>*. Parker k C?% sfora. Coaches can be had for Pleasure Trips may 88?2m WILLIAM WHALEY. ~ KEWARD - Strayed from (be mHf riber on the 81st Instant, a young light red COW?' she is with calf. The above reward will be gtvea if Ml en out of the citv, nnd $.1 if found in the city. JOHN WISENBORN 149 N. York ave , bet. 1st and 2d ata may 26? 3t* THE POTOMAC RTVKR ST FA dJ.OAf COMPANY'S STEAMER ALICE G. 1'RICE, CAPT. SAMUEL BAKER, ? _ Will commence her re^uiar trips on TUttDAY MOFHIRG, t cttth instant, touching at the different Landing! O'l the river. I?eace Washington at 6 and Alexandria at 7 o'elk ori Tuesday an<1 Friday mornings. Rt turning, wi'l leave Cone River at 4 o'clock, on Wednesday and Saturday mornings, until further notice. may 86?d A CAm Ma. TYSOB dk. 81HTERB taka this ? method of informing their patron* and the public that their school will be continued as uaual ia this city for day scholars exclusmly, and will ro-cp"n on the 15th 8< premier n> xt; the scholastic year will terminate on t!ie lat of July following. In connexion with the above, it is also their determi nation to open their establishment in the country for the reception cf boarding pu(ils on the first of November, the particulars of which will be made known hereafter. Applications may be ma le at their institution on F street, between ]gth and 13th. may 86? 6t "TO BAKERSTAND CONFECTION ERS." HOPS, MolasM>r, and Currants, fcc. 2 bal?s lat son bopt. (growth of 1634) 20 bbls strictly prime New Orleans Mohases 1,000 11-4 extra nice Currants, (equal to the new cn?p? 400 lbs Shelled Almonua 2,000 Iba Havana 8ngar, (fine grain and color) ?0 lbs clarified do. Alao, Almond?, Palm Nuu, Filberts, Wa!rM^ Pecans, Datea,, Cherries, Plums, he. kc. In store and for sale at rx'remely low prices. WM M. CR1PPS, 01 (jouisiana av , bet. 6th and 7th streets, may 26?fit MOUNT VERNON HOTEL. Cape B1 my, Mew Jersey. THE above House has been completely finished and furnithcd, *n-J will comfonaMy accotntofi date ljSv.-O guests. The house is situated within the city, standing by itself ou probaM/ the best beach for bathing in the w- ;ld The hoiise is.upward of 800 feet in length, the dining ruom is 4^0 feet. aL together, the M' UNT VPKNON HOTEL afortls the cooi-st and most delightful retreat in the woriu. Families of sii p nous and upwards < an be ac commodated wilh private tables, having their meals furnished at any hour .-.greeabie to them. An ordi nary wil! also be set at regular hours for those who are not in parties, and who may prefer a Table d'Hote. A large number* f private Dining Boom* have thia season be< n added, for parties desiring to be etnctl? private. An Artesian Wellnas been bored nearly 100 feet in depth, and lurnuhes pure soft water throughout 1 the house. Large and commodious stabling h&v<> been added. Phe Hotel has every modem improvement, in deed, every thing ha? been ordered to give comfort and pleasure to the guest*. A full Band of Mtuic will be in attendance during the whole seat-on. Letter* addressed 10 the proprietors, directed to Cape Island. Cape May, R. J., will be promptly answered. . , SAMUEL B. WOOLMAN U Cti.3 miy 86-2W Proprietors o*e*, PROSPERl'S CORNET BAND. ?"1MIIS Band ia suitable for an. and all pufpo*e*, 1 and i?warranted to giv* *au*i?cuou to all ihos^ who nay be pleased to engage them, eitht i Brass, Reed, or Cotillon Band. Any number of muak iana to be bad at the ~ est notice by applying to FREDERIC PROSrERl. / Leader, at Taltavult's Store, opposite th?* Marine Barralrk". N B.?Orders left at Hilbua fc lliU'a Miksic Ds 1 pot, will be promptly atteod< d to. , may 25?4m i - HAY !?HAt!t NOTICE TO PERSONS IN WANP/OP HAY! VT OW landing at Page's Wharf. Seventh street, 1^1 Washington, 800 bundles bvtt baled HAY. which will be sold at the Wharf, aft f 1 50 per 100 lba , if taken from ihe Wha?f r MATTINGLY It BROTHER. may 25? lw (In.el) 10E ORXAK. A T the old sund, corner of F and 9th street, can A be had the best quality of ICE CREAM,|^ WATER ICES and CONFECTIONERY cfTT all kinds, Y All orders promptly attended to, A I have opened mv Saloon for the seasons, wbTis nothing but the best quality shall be kepi. All wtail ing a go.?J articl? would do well to call. may 84-1* THQ8 ECKABDT. MANSION FARM ICE CREAM. TP HE subscriber wishes to noiifv the ciusens that A he ia iu constant receipt of the above cel-)^ ebrated ICE CBKAM from Baltiaaore daily ItTT is maJe of pare Cream, and will be sold at R2 a Y gallon, delivered at any bour during the day, in JL any part o< the city.; The am idlest quantity sold will be half a gallon. He constantly receives Pennsylvania and Dela ware PBINT BUTTEB, wb cb can be procured M the Centre Market Houae, sear the Kng>?** House, during market bouse, at whieb place orders can be left for Ice Cream. Any one ordering must either pay at the time or upon its delivery, as it is a cab article. LEWIS PAGE. may 84? lw* ICE CREAM AND SODA WATER. CREAMS of all flavors, such as Vanilla, Cboee late. Lemon, Strawberry, Pine Apple and, Or ange. Also, German Creams, Water Ic<_b, Blance Mange, Charlotta, Jellies, Ac. 11)* Sod i ia of the best in the city, on the old principle of manufacture with Pure Fruit Syrup* without the usual drug mix ture*. CAKES and CONFECTIONERY of all hinde feat to any pait of the city. Creaiaa R3 per gallon?62* cents per qt. r N. B.?Ladiea Saloon up stair* Parties supplied. J. G. WEAVER. Pa. av., No. 147 opp. Browns' Hotel, may 84-8W _ STRAYED A WAT on Friday, the 4th* May, from Georfetown, a small colored B?7? about eleven years of age. Had on When he le?,? pair ol snulT colored pauts and a strsw hat. swrrs to th>- name of Jake Any one giving n"** aiitioti to MONTEZUMA DAGGS, 49 ?*eejB? st , Georgetown, will receive the thanks of them"" ly aud a reward U desued. may 1??**

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