Newspaper of Evening Star, May 29, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 29, 1855 Page 3
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kvkning star. Local Intelligence. Tna Councils ?board of Aldtrmen.? The board met at the usual boor. The chair laid before the board a communi cation trom tha Major advising the board of the approval of oertaia bills oa the 23d inst. Mr. Reid introduced a bill for setting the $urb stores aad paving the foot ways in froat of squares 211 *1*> *nd M7< "hiah Was rawed Mr. Houston. trom the select committee on the subjeit. reported a bill entitled "an act to regula'e the ,grade of Seventeenth street west from Pennsylvania ATenue to B street n-rth;'' pa*"~J Mr Jobaioa, from the improvements com irittee. reported a bill providing for grading of certaia portions of D street south ; passed. Mr. Pearson introduced a bill for facilitating and cxpsdi'ing the voting ia the several wards at the n^xt election ; raised. Mr Pearsoa, from the ecmmittee oa claims, reported back, without amendmeat. the joint resolution from the Comm >a Council relnting t? the reward cffe-ed by the late Mayor for the *~r*st c* incendiaries; pasced Mr Pepper, from the improvemeats com mittee, reported a bill iorconstruotingasewer ia square 533; passed. Bill from Common Council for cleaning aad pweeping Centre Market was passed. Mr. Pearsoa reported unfavorably oa the p-tition of L Malone; laid oa the table Mr Fi'spatrick submitted the followicg joint resolution. vis : Resolved. That the commissioners of elec tion ia the respective wards, at the ensuing olecti in for officers aad members of this corpo rate, shall be, and they are hereby required at er said election shall have beea held, and before the ballots are coasted, to iavite or permit two persons of respectable standing of each party to be present at each election pre ciact aad witaess the ooaating of said ballots, and the making the returns thereof. Mr. Dove moved to add the following as a second section, viz : K toJvd, That the said commissioners be and they are hereby requested, to make the tickets deposited for members of the Board of Aldermaa aad Board of Common Council, and other corporation officers, a part of their offi oi?l return? The modification was accep ted by Mr. Fits-! patriek Mr Clarke moved to add to the firtt resolu tion the following: " Bat before being per "?it:?d to eater the room, they shall first take aa oata act to moiest or disturb in aay way the Commissioners in the discharge of their duties, or bardic the ballots." which was ac cepted Mr. Clark moved further to amend by in serting "except the Sixth Ward." Mr. Pearsoa moved to add '-and Seventh Ward." whioh Mr C'ark accepted. The question was decided in the negative. Mr. Borrows tbfta moved to strike out the first resolution; which was negatived. Tb^ question was then taken oa the third reading of the resolution, aad it was adopted by yeas and nays as follows : Yeas?Messrs Magruder, Dove. Bayly, Pep per. Fitspatrick, Houston, Marks, Jo'unscn, and Hill?9. Nays?Mcssr? Heed, Borrows. Clarke, aad Pearson?4 Mr Houstoa submitted a joiat resolution for the payment of the balance of the late Surveyor's salary to his widow; passed. The petition of M. Greer, and others for the improvement of L street from Twelfth to Twenty fifth street; referred The bill for the relief of F. S. Myer was passed The bill fro*n tb? lower board, inspiring taxes for the year 1355, was passed A bill to refund certain money to William Hogan; passed A resolution, tendering the thanks cf the Board to S H Hill. Esq , for the manner in which he discharged his duty as President of the Board, was adopted unanimously. A bill for paving the footway and setting the curbstones oa L street from Twelfth to Twenty fifth street wae passed. TSe amendment of the C< mmon Council to Lie bill for improving squares 465 and 4?26 ww concurred in. A bill for the relief of Wm. Linton was pissed. The petition of A W. Denhsm and ethers for the improvement of squares 141, 142, 143, 144, and 145. was referred. The bill from the ether board for the relief of ? C. Ecklcff was referred The bill for the relief of P M. Pearsoa was passed A bill fcr the improvement of Nineteenth street, from C to II streets, was passed. The bill for the reliaf of Mrs. K. k Billing was ordered to be returned to the Board of Common Qouncil A resolution cf thanks to the Executive and Congress of the United States for various im provement! was then adopted A bill for the relief of Ann Bart wrs passed. The resolution from the other Board for the inspection of the public school houses wze adopted The bill to refund to N. B. Smith certaia taxes was pa^ed After the transaction of other business of no great importance to the public the Board ad journed. Common Council.?Oving to the lergth of the proceedings we are unable to publi-b a detailed account, and report only such as seem to be of general importance. Among the bills from the Committee of Ways and Means, was one ' imposing t?*xes for the year 1855," which wvi amended by striking out ? seventy" and inserting 4 sixty," es the r?'.e cf '.nation, and was passed The joint resolution frcm the Board of A1 dermen. in relation to the ensuing municipal ?lections, inviting or permitting '-two persons |ff respectable s.aading, of each party, to be ?reseat at such elec'ion precinct, and witness Ke counting of said ballots and the making Xptf the returns thereof," Ac., was taken up ^lirBuaej moved to amend the same by ^^Ming that the commissioners of elections f''?^*ucted to count only those ballots which is posited and be written or pr nted upon wa?f a t i PenuWlS a metion was made to lay t*. lii tJi r esol ution upon the table; which S?, to by the following vote : Yeas?-2raf?r8 Kelly, Smoot, Plant, Donn Walker J W- Divis, Clements, McUauley, Huff Smith, Jamberger, Gill, and A. McDa Mes* * Barr, Duncanson, Ball, Bosev. Killmon,*Dd Cross?6. zo the joint solution was laid upon tLe table A resolution wa* offered ar d unanimously adopted, tenderirg to the President, V>ee President, nsd Secretary, thanks for the effi cient. impartial ?nd able manner in which tkey dischar^d t-eir duties during the fast ??a* Acd aft-r r?:- - ? ,;.ng some further business the Board adj^ursel die. Tna Tcrnsr Visiss ?This as'oaiation of young Germans of Wasbingten, for the practice of gymnastic exereis<s, had a delight tul time cf ft yesterday *t their pic nic net.r the Congressional bufal ground. Someone hundred and sixty of pwticipitdd iu it, accompanied ty about\hree hurdre<l of their mala frienda, an 1 threobr four hundred Ger maa ladies,and a!so by %e Baltimore Sanger bund, an accomplished <?%.*man musical aase ciatioa. numbering twentyspembers. Chor uses, glees, solos, and quarbttes, beautifully executed and striking aihlefltf feats were per fonned The waits, too, enlivened the enter tainment; while claret punch aL4 lager beer flowed like water around them Evtrythirg passed eff meat happily ani agreeably. Taa Kiptli rot Watbu Color Pictures ?Taylor A Maury Inform ua that, the list being complete, the drawing will take place on Saturday next. Those wtio wish to secure a chance mast, therefore, make early appli cation, as they will be too late. Rmime*tal Ball ?We have been re. qaested by Cant D*via, treasurer, to stale that a meeting of the Executive Committee of ihe late regimental Ball will be held this (Tues day) etenirg, at 8 o'clock, at Flint's ildtel. Csstss Mahkkt ?Plenty of vegetable and animal supplies; high prices and long laoes prevalent f Tap Military 'Display testerDat?In our qocoanL yesterday, we left the regiment of the District of Colombia at the site of the 5 reposed armery. on thepublio mall, between ixttf and Rereulh ctreew, Where tile, ground was to be broken for the edifice. The early hoar et which oar paper wu pot to press in the afternoon necessarily excluded an account of the interesting proceedings. The omission may now be supplied. Tne troop# hating been properly disposed, and all things in readiness, Col Hlckey. whe oommanded the legion, addressed Col. Craig, j ?ut?r cjlcanca corps of the United States, as f llews: . . . , ? Sir : Te yea, as the representative of the Government on tbl present occasion, the fegi mca^of volunteers whom I have the honor to command avail themselves of this opportunity to express ibair sra'efel acknowledgment for ! the liberal provision made by Congress, and approved by tbe Pres dent, for an armory for the volunteers and militia of this District, in eonnection with the care ar.d preservation of tue military trophies of the revolutionary acd other wars in which the United States have been engaged, and of newly invented arms for the military serviee This act has been looked apon. in connection with the sentiments ex pressed in Congress upon the subject, a? a compliment not only t? the volunteer* of th s District, but to the body ol' citizens composing its population and society. It conveys a dee. laration on tbe part of the Government of tbe United States of its confidence in tbe disposi tion and determinatioL of the people of this oity and Distriot to protect tbe personal and trea?ure as well as the public institutions and establishments of tbe Government located in the National Metropolis, and it will thus af ford them the moans in the most convenient form of doing so. This confidence on the part of our paternal government not only improves tbe duty but the strongest obligation on our part to respond to this, among its generous and noble acts of kindness and patronage in our free city which bears tbe name of the immortal Washing ton We, ihe volunteers or oitisen soldiers, for ourselves, and on the partof the people of this distnV, accept the pledge and tbe obligation R5 an earnest to their fellow ci isens of the several States of this happy Union* that we feel it not only our particular interest but our highest pleasure and indispensable obligation to guard and protect the common property and the publio authorities of the nation concentra ted here It is our bounden duty not only to be ready to defend them ngainBt any foreign invnsion or aggression, but when called npon by the national or jadioial authorities estab lished here to aid in the maintenance of the constitution and laws of our country, and cf the good order and peace of society, which oar own obligations as American citixens, as well as the bonGr of oar city and tbe natioaal hc.r, impcia ivo^y demand at our hands. and which -ecurity, with the help of God. they (hall never want, so long as the arm of a vol unteer remains for their protection and de fence '?American volunteers, or oitizen-soldiers, know no party but; their country, and no duty tut obedience to, and protection of its oonsti tetion, its laws, its peace and its safety. Col. Craig, in response, expressed the high gratification which he experienced in being the representative of the Government on this 1 icteresting occasion It afTorded fcim g:eat pleasure, in conformity to the wishes of the volunteer battalion, to break the ground for their new armory, as a commencement of the work, as well as an earnest, on the part of the Government, of its execution This was re sponded to by three hearty cheers from the whole battalion; followed by a presentation of arms Col. Hickey then handed to Col Craig a spade, with which he lifted a portion of the earth Col Hickey followed with a similar j instrument, and with right good will threw up a few spade fulls of the soil After a recess of half an hour the line wa? again formed, and proceeded to the parade ground, in front of the City Hall, whare, after a few evolutions, the companies were ui?mis?cd fo their respective quarters New Wrinkles ?Reynolds, of tho EldorA-1 do ilouse. (on Pennsylvania Avenue, sext to1 the U S Hotel,) has introduoed to his custo mer the "Champero," and ' Mountaineer " The first a concoction Of cordials upon a basis of bratxdy. taken as an anti fermatic. bythoea who drink before dinner. Tne second is a night drink, more especially, composed cf a delicate mixture of,cordials, brandy and milk vitb foam on it seme inches high. They are decided novelties in bis line, and bid fair to beeumc very fashionable amosg the patrons of fancy beverages of thercrt. The Effects of a Bad Example?While the Turners a gymnastic association, were wheeling into Four-and-a-half street, yefter* day morning, on their way to Carroll's garden, a large company of boys were guilty of the impropriety of sneering at their origin, and making such remark* as were calculated to personally offend Bat they marched on, dis regarding the r.ffending juveniles, tbas exhib iting their good sense ?Ve cannot wonder at the conduct of the youths, after the bad ex ample set them by their seniors on Saturday night 11 EJoiri5(?9 ?The Anti Know Nothings of tlis city, yesterday evening, fired, on Capitol Hill, a gun for every county in the Old Do minion, in honor of the election of Mr. Wise te the gubernatorial office of that State. A bonfire in thU-rhini'j caused en alarm of fire, between nine and ten o'clock. The Fifth Ward.?The Anti Know Noth ing voters of this Ward met at Casparis's fast night in large numbers and were addressed by Mr Aaron W. Miller, Alderman Fitzpat rick, and Col Phillips The best spirit was manifested, and confident predicttons were expre>*ed as to the result of the contest on Monday next. Arrest ? George Wation was, yesterday, arret-ted by Officer Allen, charged with steal ing stone from Cameron's marble yard?over, it is said, a hundred dollars' worth of the ma terial?and brought before Captaia Birch, who held him for a further hearing. ' Cuba Takes ' is the name of a small sheet, proposed to be issued weekly, by Mr. Alfred liunter, of tbis city, at three cents a copy It is crowded with literary and news items, in cluding an aceount of a visit to the moon by two French savai:s A White Cbow !?A colored man exhibited in our streets, yesterday, a white crow. It wa* in a cage with its blaok feathered con sort. The rare bird was a subject of much wonder The I 510!* Association meet to-night at Harmony Hall on D a'reet. between Twelfth and Thirteenth streets Several speakers are to be present, we understand. Fights ?There have been several of them reeer.tly, whhky and politics being the moving cause Some of them were required to give security to keep tbe peace. Watch Retcrnb?Michael Lee, throwing stone', fine and costs ; Geo. Evans, drunk and disorderly, was tent to jail as a case for court. CITY RAMBLE*. C. W. Rotklcr, at tho Iren Hall, Penna. avenue, u in posees?ir?n oi a new patent for preserving un impaired the frethnes* of fruits, fcc., which i- in deed "ne of tlie most tuntpl* and useful discoveries it has ever been our proriuce to record- It consists of a can, with a chattel around the mouth, filled with an adliemve tuLstance, which, upon a slight heat beat* applie I to the crm-r, tierutetnealiy seals the warm intended to Le kept It is said tha its hermetrical qualities ar>' so perfect a- to keep in all t*ieir vigor and b< auty a bouquet of the most delicate tijw?r? through the rigid weather of the most ex treme winters. Housekeepers will find ttiis inven tion an invaluable acquultioa, allowing, as it does, them to serve in bleak December the delicacies which mature in the warm and fruitiul seasons, in a'l their pristine fre-iineas and flavor. At the Iron Hall amy be found any and every description of chaste and hanJsouie goods, comprising China, CI i#, and all other Wares relative to household comfort and beauty An examination of the cata logue, to be wen at hi* place of bu jitf<?? must con vince the ladies of Washington tint bis efforts to he?*p on hand a varied and splendid collection of ornament* have nut been unavailing. twA London paper states the consumption of tobaoeo in Ecgland at over one pound for every man, woman, and child in the United kingdom, and that the consumption was on tbe toceue. in Denmark tbe consumption i? given at seventy ounoes per head. A short crop will affeet these tobacco eaters. fr~^Lri??S??W* rater Mr Mltin to >u adver tlsemeut in aaother column, for full particular" ?XM?~ ' oerulBc the H VGEA5A of Pr Curtis. J It 1* ?al<1 to be on# I of the moat remarkable cure* for >11 oescripHon of diseases of the Ion** *v?r Stsroeered. Its rl rtuea hare been test;1H to bj htuxlreda, who k?r* ottauinl their tuiowle-lge by the &??? of all teachers?experience. CAPTION.?9t. CIBTIS'S HHUKANA la the original and only geuulti* article. may 24?lm JK-p'A 8BCBBT fOB TH* LADIKH- HOW TO PKlTFRTg Beauty.?Don't n?e Chalk, Llljr Wli'te, "or auy of i'.n so-called c osmetics, to conceal a faded or sallow complexion. If yoa would hare the roaaa brought back to your cheek, a clear, health? an.i transparent skiiu.??<i life and viicor In fused through Die system, get a bottle of Curler'* Spanish M'lture, and tube tt according to directions. It doe* not taste quite as well aa sweetmeats ; but. If aster a few do#** you do not And your health artd l-*-nly r?Tlrlns, yonr step elastic and vigorous, and the whole stsiein refreshed aud Invigorated like a Sprlux morning, then your case ia uoJV and all the valuable certificate* we possess, go fftr UAnght. Tt 1* *"5 greatest purifier of the blood known. i? perfectly harmless, and M t,ie ?*?e time powerfully efBca oiuU-. ?0%i3de advertisement. (T~P*Ny/H WALK KB & CO., KarMe (tall Clothing rtnm, under Browne* tfntsl, respectfully annotiiice that their display ?f *?riO? aud Summer dqthlng i*11''* ready tor Inspection, compi -ilLs sn a*e-:rtnent of Costs, and Factalooas of the newest and rlciiiAi /ft j material, tnmmfu? ?nd workmanship. To -eutlemeu w.""'< study excellence with economy in fashionable article* oi dreea an opportunity for selecting i* offered from one of bhe largest and moet attractive stock of gooda ever offered in tola city at a very reduced acale of price*. ap 17 fy^7? PBEMTfMS AT THK F AIM.?WHITEHTWPS u*-' #tlli In the a"cendance ?The lurlee of each of the late at Baltlmite, Richmond, ami New York awarded their lat [ire nil am* to J. H. W. for their superiority of Pho tograph*, Stereoscope* and n??aerreotrpes exhibited. Mr. W. al*o receded two *edai? a', tli" world'? Fair, Lon don, *od a premium at Crystal Palace, New Tof?!. aHu, the !??*t a-.erds cf th* Maryland Institute f*r thtSe years peat. . . ? Whltehnref* Gallery in this clt7 1* on Pa. iterme. 4M *nd 6th streets. f?b LI fr-??A PHENOMENA IN MKniCINE.-Bronchitis, Cough, Dyspepsia. Liver Complaints, Scrofula, Ac.?For all diseases of the Female System It stand* pre-eminent. A Qlergyman Jnst Inform* us tt ha* cured him of Brouchltl* of a desperate character?particulars hereafter. HAHlProN'9 VRMfcTABLE TINCTt'BE?By It* mild tlon on the stomach, Tl^er ard kidneys, will ctire Dyspep ?la, Cough, Asthma, Bronchial an! Lcng XTtectlons Pains In the Back, Side and Bre?*t, Consumption, Scrofula, Bheu uat'.sia, Oout, Menraigla, Fistula, Bowel Complaints, Piles, Worms, and Nervous Debilities?with all diseases arising from ilsptire blsod, and is ?,he greatest female medlclue ev er known. This invaluable me<t:cine is working wonders upon tbeUaciantreai*. See advertisement to day. niar7 Tf7?DB. HOOFLAND'3 CKLKBBATRO OBBMAN BIT TEB3. There are few thlngi which sfford ?* greater plesenra | than sitting down to write a notice of the celebrated Hoof land German Bute-*, because we are fnlly couscioug we are conferring a public beneflt, and onr hAirt Mils Es that by ??or notice* many have been Induced to tat* thee" fiHter*, and been resetted from death by dyspepsia, liver complaint, Ac., for the cure of which it is certain. It i? prepared and sold only by Dr. C. M. JACKSON, at toe German Medicine ] Stor?, No. ISO Arch street, Philadelphia. Bee advertisement. marl?Im ttr Job SHiL^maTOM rscelvesall the new Hooks and News rspers as fast as published. Be Is agent for Harper's and a!l the otber Mag.tslne*, and enr readers will always And a iarf e and good assortment of Blank Books and Stationery at his Bookstore. Odenn Bulldini. cor Pa. avenne and *t. D. OILMAN, DruggUt, has removed to 528 Seventh litres', opposite to the Patriotic Hank, and Is now pre pared to Oil ail order* for Medicines, Palute, Oils, and Gins* I on accommodating terms. Strict attestLon will be paid to physician's prescriptions at .til hours o' fhs <l*y and night. The night bell !s on the right of the store doo*-. ap 14?lm ? TTantii BAKER WANTED?ONE WHO unUerstanJ* j Pastry and Confection cry Apply at WILLARU'S HOTEL. may 28?lw WANTED ?A situation by a yuuug man who lias bem out of employment for some months I would like to get in lome wholesale or retail gro cery, havinc b< en in tits grocery business for the lait eiijlit years. The very b-sl of reference j:ivtn as io character. Address a note to M. Y., atSiar office W'N receive attention. may 2??3.* WANTED immediately, live bric^.-makera and f.Mir off-bearers, to g;> i:i the country to ill2ke 400,000 bricks. Enquire of Thomas C. Kirkley, ] No. 61. north A, between First aud Second streets, Capitol HUI. may 28?3t* ITT A N T E 1) ?A PARTNER TO WORK A fV (Stone Quarry and contract for sale of Stone to Government and oth- rs, there beinij now great de mand for stone. This Uuarry i? iainiediaiely oppo site Cleorget wn. Large shanty, blacksmith shop, and every implement -in the spot. Tl is quarry fur nisbes the best and largest truck Stone, A cl;ance is now offered. Call or write to LLOYD k CO, Fifteenth street, opp .. t^c Trei?"'iry. may 3?if WWTANTED? EVERYBODY TO KNOW THAT Yf they can get a lot 24 feet front by 130 fe*t I deep, for the low price of $75?payable .f3 a month widhiul latere?'. Ap,<ly at the Union Land Office, 7th St., above Od i I cHoirr' H?li. -p 2*?am JOHN FOX, Sec. Boarding. MH8 ASK H. SCOTT, fpp.-?site Jackson Hall, has several large and aniHll rooms, suit rfb'f fiT gentlemen, with ?r without families. ClentJeuifi! fnrniv'ed meal?. may 29?3t* BOAEP1WC. B?l<H nir.y be !'ad at Vo. 47.^, Six h street, between D and E; one very 'arc? airy apartment, witn gas; also, several other rooiui may 28 3t M- RS. M C. OKKEK'.I Hoarding Mouse, on Pennsylvania svenue first house west of the Capitol gate. Fine rooms at various prices, and every possible attention and comfort bestowed on ladies and gentlemen gueM*. may 2G?3w* SUMMER HOARDING.?A f-w persons can be sccomibodatcd with board from the 1st June,in ihe couMry, in a private family near Hiadrnsburg. The location is a h-alloy an I pleasant op.e, with in a short distance of the Spa Spring and Hladens Inirz depot. Refeit nces required. Apply to MISS ROSS. Biadensburg. may 24 ?eo3t* \iu tic m.?Tor renj'?paklokm and 1 ? Chambers, with board. Also, table and tran sinnt board, with a bathing room and shower baths and every attention to render it most a^rei able to j her boarders. Mrs. P. G MURRAY, Corner Pennsylvania avenue and st. &p23?3m B- OARR, iTT^MRS. HATES, on the soinli west corner of Pa. avenue and 9th street is pre pared to accommodate gciitlenien with rooms, with or without board. Every effort will be made to ren der those comfortrhle who may fav?r her with their pair?nage. ap 6?tf Fans perfumery, toilet articles, | &c.. Sic.?We liav* now in st?re a large vari ety of fine and common Fans, Harrisou's ?ml Lu bin's celebrated l'< rfu:t:ery, Hru?hes, Combs, I'ooth | Powders, plajiaa and visiting Cards, fine Portmon taies, Cigar Casts, Card Cases, Baskets, Canes, I Ur , ttc., al! of which we nre -elliric out at low [ prices to suit the limes at ibe Piano. Music, Sta tionery, Perfumery, and Fancy Goods Store of JOHN F. EI.I.IS, 306 Fa avenue, bet.'Jth and 10tn sts. may 23?tf HOUSE-KEEPING I1AKDWABE. HE subscriber begs leave to inform the public! that be has opened a store at 490 Seventh st. I between Dan J E streets, where he has a general asi-ortmrnt of Hou.-?-keepitig Hardware, Cutlery, Silver Plated Hnttannid, Japanned and plain Tin Ware, Wooden, Willow and Cedar Ware, Clocks, llird Cages, Vtather Dusters, Brushes, Brooms, Baskets, Mats. aIso, fiae Pocket Cutlery, Razors, Scissors, Comb:;, tic. His goods are entirely m-w, and were selected from the latent and most approved styles. They were bought for cash, and wLl be eold at the lowest posaibl* prices. Persons wishing to purchase are invited to ex amine his stock aud prices, as he is confident he cm offer them greater inducements than they will meet with elsewhere in the city. map??tl GEO FRANCIS. '!<KIIC UHDKUsItiNED are now working ? the Stone Quarry formerly occupied by Major Win B. Scott, and are prepared to fu>ni-?h STONE at the usual market rates HUMPHREYS h. WILLIAMS. Georgetown, Mav 15?lm* NOTICE? TMIE Undersigned cart accommodate parties with COACHES for ple:isure trips. Also, to make trips to boats arriving < after night from the White House.' For tcruis apply to Mr. JOHN IIOLBROOK, at the Stace Slaud at the Capiiol. or orders left at G. fit. T. Parker U Co.'s Store. WM. WHALEY. may 16?lm* HAIR WORK. ORNAMENTS of Hair, such as Bracelets, Ckat eiains, Chains, Breastpins, Barrings, Finger Rings, made to order, of any desired desigu. All orden faithfully aiteuded to. Specimens may be seen at my store. H. SEMKEN, No. 330 Pa. av., between 9th and 10th sis. Mar JO $50 REWARD. SERVANT girl Sarah left the Marshall House, in Alexandria, Va , on Monday, the 14th instant, and has not since been heard of. I will pay the above reward if taken up out of the Slate of Virgin ta, or $20 il takeu up tn the State and lodged in jail so that I can get her again. Hhe is of a chestnut col or, uboui five feel high, stout built, and lias a phas ant co iiiteuMuct when spok< n to, Mid is about 20 years old 1 purchased li? r in Charlotte.-ville, Va., ui October last. FELIX RICHARDS, may 24 -eotf J. niUOLETO.D, DEALER IN 10E, Office out Urpf t loulh kidf F, neA ta corner Ivi/A >1. ICE KEPT CONSTANTLY ON HAND AT THE OFFICE, which can be bad in large ?.! small quantities. 'fflce open troni 5 a m. to 9 p. in. in 1?eo2w For Bale and Heat. PERS0N8 WISHING A HANDSOMELY FUR aished Parlor and Chambef in n private family can be *t?oniiiio<iau:<i by applying al '-417, aouth aide of the opposite Willard*' Hotel Hi) 09?eo2w ' "It I i ii ? 1 , Furnished house to let.?a wen far :*f?hpd Hons-, centrallv located, will be rei.ted upon moderate tfms. until ths l?t of Mny next, or a shorter period if rfesireri. AddreBs "B A C." Pox 616, City P:*t OfBce. may 29 - 3t* VALUABLE LOTS FOR SALE.?LOT No 1, square 218, corner of north I and 14th street', and fr'?"ts also on Franklin Squ;.rr, Lot No. 15, Mat** squire, fronts ucrth cn K street, between 14 h and 15th street* Lot No 3, square 2n0, |'ronr? r,n norh H nnd the public Fpace between I3tli i.nd 14th ftr. tts. There i< a paved all^y 30 f et wide in the rear of this fat. and a sewer immediately adjoining. It is probab!> one of :he moat desirable lots in the Setot-d Ward now on sale. Inquire at No. 316 II strict north, between 13 h ?udMlil may C9-er.4t A RAFF. CUANCZ F0R 0NEOF TliK HtHT J\. Grocery Stands in Washing.../' *-lty. rlie nn dersigned will ftII nt |*rivat?* a-?le his Grocery '* hotse, situated on the corner of B and 12th streets, and within a short distance of the bridge crnaaii g the Canal. The building in fixe is 28 feet front by 50 deep, and was erected aboa* si* years ago; the foundation is of stone, threa feet deep, avcaging 30 inches thick to the top of ground ; the wall of f'r?t story Je 14 in?*lie* thick ; tilt second a inches, al! of hard biiek I tbfc H?x?r is grouted wi h gravel and bnok, leaving no space for rats to borrow ; ihc root is of tin, and all the ifratenala throughout arc of the very best quality and executed by the b<-st workmen The recent closing ol'th ? Grocery bH-i'nbs was in consequence of not being atle to obtain capita' to keep up wiib the gr*-?t increase of trade, which l:ad nearly doubled every y? nr since it first went inio opi.ration. Any person li ving mean* to enUr into the wholesale, with the retail, also to deal in wood and cof.', and particularly horse Ited, H?ur nnd bacon, can do i? ?erv extensive and profitahi*: busi ness, having when closed a large city, country aijd boat custom. For lurther particular* apoly wi C. P. SENGSTACK, D street, between 12ih and 13th. N. B.?A lot of ground on the east end of the building, 85 by 75 feet, will be sold with or without the home. may 29 ? T^OR SALE.?Soda Points, Cooler, and silver JP Draw Pipe, all complete and in excellent on'.c. on reisonaf'e terriS. Enouire at ihia officc. liny 28?3t t? OR RENT?A FURNISHED HOUSE ON the Capitol Square. Apply at No. 1!3 North A ?t. Capitol Square. inay 26?3.* I~/OB SALB-A LOT OF GROUND IN THE * most thriving pift of the city, improved in pa t and is under rent at two hundred de'lar* a year It is situated on Ninth near N street, and a front of 76 feet on Ninth street, by 73 feet 6 inches de**. The above property wiil be sold at a baiga:n for I cash or on time, a* the pur. baser may desire, ay ' paying one foiirth cash. For particulars enquire of JAMES 0. WHITNEY, on C, Ik tw. 12th and !3th , atrcct=. may 31- 2w ENTS REDUCED TO S^IT TIIE TIMES. R $150 a year will be received for the rent c! those new and convenient cottages at R?*Mafl Green, with two acres ot ground, stable, wood ^l?-' i" and other com r.aience? attached. Putaps of pure water are ne?r ;he door, and commitment on is had with Georgetown by way of H and Sevcn'h streets and Penn. Avenue, mori ing &od afternoon, al the usual fare, for the accommodation of clerk? in the departments. To secure the advantage of this great redueffc*! of rent immediate application must be made to the undersigned, either by letter, or at his house at Kendall Green, after office hours, where the keys may be had and the houses in j>c?ed at any time. ?>?..r!(i rif these residences will be sold on liberal term?. WM. 8TICKNEY, In 4, Kendall Green. N. B ? Rents paid miarterljjn adrarce. apr 9, 1855?tf I^OR RENT.?FOUR NEW AND CONVENI . cnt Brick Houses, brown masticfc fronts, con taining parlors with marble mantels, dining ro?>m, kitchen, servant's room, and five chambers each, and situated on Thirteenth street, Island, near t'te public grounds, convenient to Pa. awnue and the Departments. R?.-nt very moderate. Apply at R. H. CLARKE S effioe, corner of Sixth street aid Eouisiana avenue, or at D. B. CLARKE'S Dm* Store, Eleventh street. Island. mar 6?wit J^OR RENT OR SALE Off REABONA RLE * Terms.?A three itofy Frame, with basement on New York avenue, between Fourth and Fifth streets west Also, a three story Frame, with back butidinf, r.r. I street north, between Fourth and Fifth sts. we<t Afiply to James VV. Barker, residence on II street n/MUl, iKSlw^n 12Ui and 13ili streets west. DI UK SON & KING, ap 5?Thtf Oeorytown. OR RENT-THE THREE STORY ST life and liw^llins. No. SB Brn?e street, Georiw town, so long occupied a? Emmtrt's Coii?Cetion? rv. Apply to A I', NY, next door. mav 25?eott oIT'mSNT?SEVERAL HANDSOME PAK lorsand Chambers, with lioard. A'so,.Tnbl?.aud.iransient boafd. Inquire at Mrs. SMITH'S, a33 F street up'J VALUABLE TRACTS OF LAND NEAR the ity, at Private Sale.?For sai.% four very de sirable and eligibly situated tracts of Land, contain ing about fifty acres each, partly in Montgomery county, but principally in Washington county, DC. opposite the farm of Joseph 11 Era iley, Es??., afc<)in 4>4 mib s from Washington, communirating with it by a new and commodious road now under con structien The soil is excellent, and w< !l adapted to corn and wheat The situation is prominent an I healthy, and the land well watered. There are three tenements on tiie premises. This property is pecnliatly suited to gentlemen having bu.-iaoss in the city for beautiful country res idenees. A p!at oi the property can be rcen at the office of the subscrfbi r. John Parker, E^q., living adjoining, will show the property to ? ny who n.ay wish to ^-ee it. EDW. SWANN. No. 136 Louisiana avenue, near City Hall, ap 20 eo2in HO.Y1LS FOR ALL.?Beautifully and heaithily located Bitildinir Lots. 24 feet front by l.JO feet deep, ?iii graded streets, can, until fprnii!. he bought at lite exceediug low pnee of $75. payable $3 j<er '.aonth. Title indisputable. Union Land Office, 7th st., above Odd F? Hows' Tfa". Jar. 3?Gin JOHN FnX, Secretary. STEAMBOATS CONNECTING ^rp?-j^Wivh each train of Cars arriv n WaihinRton or Alexan dria.?The dreamers THOMAS COLLVEl'w GEURUE WASHINGTON wili make the above connections, leaving Washington at 6 a. m for t^ Orange and Alexandria cars, and connect with' <i t-ami: train on their ai rival. Meals furnished on the l?oats. The Boats connect with all the trains from Bal timore. SAM'L GEDNEY, Ca|?t. may 17?d ORGANS FOR SALE. A SUPERIOR toned CHAPEL ORGAN; and a fine Rosewood PARLOR ORGAN, belli now on exhibition at the Metropolitan Mechanics' Fair. They are from the menufaetory of HENRY ERBEN of New York. For terms, &.C., apply to Prof. SCHEEL, on 14th atreet, north of F. HENRY ERBEN. teb 26?eotf FRESiTaRRIVAL OF TEAS, CONSISTING of Ponchong, Oolong, Eng Break fast, Gunpowder, Impe rial, Hyson and Young llyson, in lb. metallic packi, half and quarter chtiH and boses,at exceedingly low prices, whole sa'c and retail. Ail other kinds o! Tea* always on hand, such as Souchonsr, Nmg Yong, Orange, and Flowery Pecco, Hyson Skin, ?c. Call and see HALL & HENNING, may 23?ec3t 510 Seventh st. CHEAP BONNETS. LADIES who desire cheap BONNETS, FLATS, &.C., will do well io call at F. F. MY-|?~ EKS, Agent, who has a large assortment ofj the lalett styles, which will be offertd at! very low price*. Also, a lino assortment of FANS of every descrip tion. Do not forget the place. F. F. MYERS, Agent, No. 13, opposite the Centre Market, may 24?co3t "carriages-carriages. I HAVE now on hand, and constantly finishing, a very large assortment <>f Pleaaure "'"'rVH B Family CARRIAGES, of the latest fash ems, which I will sell as low as the sain- qualiu oi work can be sold in any of the principal markets ol th? United States. The subscriber is now dealing exclusively in Car riages ot his own manufacture, and all work sold by him will be warranted, and compare favorably with any work hi this market. As 1 always keep a large assortment, I invite purchasers and Ethels to ex amine my stock before purchasing elsewhere. Carriages built to order Old Carriages taken in eichange, or repaired at the shorieot m.uce. THOMAS YOUNG, Sign of the Golden Horse, No. 400 Pa. avenue anu 4# street, may 1?eo3m TO DYSPEPTICS. |OCOA, Cocoa Paste, Cocoa Shells, Broma and ^ Pure and Sweet Chocolated ftw sal ? i t the Ten and Cotlr Store. No. 510 Seventh street, t?pro?.ii National luieiligencer Ofiioe Also, an exeelleiu ar lelc of tilaek 'Pea, *uhva1 the weerty flavor so common with Black Tra^ irette rally. Toe attention of the trade is mvited to oui stock et teas of all descriptions. may 23-??o3t HALL fit HENNING. ri^iYls, H! c Auction da-OA ?r ORBBN * >COTT| Auetio ??era I ^ n M-^,fl?J?SES AND LOT8 AT AUC n" "S^AT, the 24th instant, at* i Wm "e?t ,n front of the ,^mim p*rt of Ltt We. 9, in Square &), with the improre ,2cr.ts, which are two fram. Houses. eee contain | ing three ani the other nine rontoF; each how front^f twelve fed on Math G, between 7th and* 1 8lh srtett west, with a five feet alley between the two, making the whole front 29 Ibet, running back 186 feet 7 itiehr*. [ Terms: One fourth cash; balance in six, twelve, eighteen, and twenty four trromha, on note* bearing interest. A deed given aAd a deed of trust taken. Title indisputable. GREEN & SCOTT, may 18?d Auctioneers. Cr?-Th? ?b!?T? ikle la poatf?n?dln con?? fin-nco of the rain until MONDAY, the tifcb instant. *? the suae hour. GREEN * SCOTT, m iy ?5 d Auctioneer." W' The it bore sale is further post poned until WEDNESDAY, the ,l h in?antT*me hour, wlen-the ?ale will positively Hke place, rr the own< r Intends leaving the < itr. Title uiiiiKj.utabie GREEN & SCOTT, may 29 d ^^ Auctioneer*. Bv ORKtV * SCOXY Auctioneer.. TIRUSTEE'S SALE OF FRAME W? i"VR AND 1 Lot at Auction ?<>? FRIDAY, the lit <fay ?' J line, 1 shall sell, at 6'/? o'ck>ck p in., in front of the prerai?e?, Inr virtue of a deed of tru*t, duly rr e >r<ic.l hi one <* ?lr? land record* Or Wa?hingt m cuiity, in the District of Colerobia, Lot No 49, ir. Cabott's subdivision ?>f Sqnare No. C77. The lot has a fiont on north !1 street of 25 fee?, herween Noith Capitol ai:d 1st streets eait, runmns back 8? fe?? 9 inches, with the imp ovenieuls, which u a good anrt neiiljr new frame house. This property is n*arthe iron bridge. Ivmis: On-'-hrt'f ea'fi; tfc" refliiuc in 6 and 12 months, for ncies bcai!i?g < rom the day if the *ile. " 7 All conveyancing at cost of pnreha^ '. A dtt<l given and a deed of trust taken. J. V. N. THROOP, Trusted GREEN 4l SCOTT, may tf-a Auctioneers. By DAVID WA'I Erti?, Auctioneer SALE OF A WELL TWO-SToi.Y Frame Dwelling at Auetio ?On TUESDAY, Vlay ?9, 1855, at six o'clock p. m , ! shjfl sell, m Hie premises, part ?.f Lot Nn. 7 in Squ.-irc 5*3, whh *.he improvements, consisting of a new two-.-tory Fia-ne Dwe ling. The property is located in a rapidly improvinj ?'"?rt of city, situated on New Jersey avenue. be tween M and N itreet? north, frmting 16 feet oil N. Jeisey avenue, with a depih of 62 feel 7 inches. Title good and indispcRibl*. Terms cash. A good deed given. DAVID WATERS, \ _ mav ??--2i* Aoe.uoneer_ J. C- Mi'.O^'iRK. Auct'oHiiir. nPKI'STEL-i? S ALE OF C I T Y LOT S?On ? MONDAY aflerho^n. May 21st, at .*> o'clock, at the Auction rorms of Jamr* C. Maguire. the ut> I scriUer, by virtue i.f a deed of trust '?ai'id April 2G. lfM, and recorded in Liber J. A. S., !T?. ""S, folio? 198, Ike. one of the land records for Wa< h:r?g"-*i county, in the llfstro-t of Columbia, ?i'l sell the fol j V.wjr.R Lots, viz: Lots Nos. 17, 26, 27, and 28. in I ricjuare Jfo. *). ' Terms: (>ne>-??rcash ; the residua in 6 ar,a It month--, with interest, seaweed hv a deed of trnst on the premi es. I! the term* of sale are not ccmniie.* with within fiv - .'iv- the tntst-e reserves the right to teull, ai r??e r> ? <-ed eipense of the defaulting jMir haser. I! C. SPALDING, 'j'rii-tee. iAS. C McGUIRE. m'y 7? e i&ds Auctioneer, t'.ie nbovi itKlt II ppitposti n.i til TUESDAY afternoon, the 2^111 intern, at the same hour and place H. C. SPALDING, Trustee. J AS C. MeGUIRE, ninv "i'l?eoV4* Auctioneer. Dy GRtCBN * 8COTT, AuutlonecrsT VrALUAHLB LOTS AT AUCTION.-Pan o s'pt'ire 11*2, on R ?;*<! 15th streets, near Mr. Fierce'* pardens ?On TUESDAY, the 2Sid of May instant, iV? will si II, to the highest bidder, on the premi-es. at 7 o'clock p. m ,lots 1,2, 1, 5, 7, 8, nnd 2tl. in S?|uare 192, tfonti'iaon R, Fittten'.li and t ii teentl, streets. FIi** terms ot <alo are: One third cash wiiliin three days from the day of sale, and the residue in 6, 12, and 18 months^ in notes o! equal nmoiuit?, secured by a deed of trust on the property. If the terms of sale are not complied with, the rirtit is reserved to resell the lots, or any of them, on givrnj one week's pubiic nu'jee, at the risk an ' lost?ii the d linquent purchaser Ail <.C!iVeyanet? *? purchaser's cost. GREEN & SCOTT, Auctioneer* 4-.- The rbovc tal? Is ^Oitponed un til TUEoDAV cveainK, 29th iiistant, at 7 o'clock, whoe the above described property will Le sdd to the highest tiiM'r. It is within ihecnciosvre of Pierce's garden, in a I Jlijh state of cultivation A?.d %p elevated i osition. GREEN a SCOTT, may 21?eofcds Auctioneer?. By CRKK^ Sl iCOTT, A ucttoiaecra. C ANDY JARS,CANDIES,SCALES Si Weigtits, C)3?? Case, Counters, Oyster Kox, lee Cream Free2?rs, Sie., ?i Auction.' On WEDNESDAY, the 3**ih instant, we shall sell, at the ttore lately I occupied l'V Frederick Rupp, on Pa avenue, betw. second do^r West of Third street, at 10 o'clock, a. m ? A large lot of Candy Jars ar..5 Candies Two ,-ets Counter Scales and Weight* One Glass Case Two Sih'a Counters and Mai hie Pleb Two huge Counters, perfectly new and finely fir ished All the Side Case^ and Shelving With many other articiu^ whn-h we di?*in ttane ccssary so enumerate. Terms cash. GREEN b. SCOTT, may 28?d Auctiohtcf. By K. S. WHIG1I T, Auctioneer, GEORGETOWN. Dry goods at auction -onThursday morning nest, the ai t iisstanT, at 9 o'clock a ir , at Store No. KG DfiJ,;: slreet, Georgetown, I shall close out, without res. rve, :ny rematnin; stock ot Dry Goods, consisting of? Dott? d Swiss Muslins, Prints Swiss mkI Camb;ie n?it::ii:s Mousseline DeLaines, Kid Gloves Li;le Thread and Cotton do French liouibaziue and Alpacas Linen Dri'ls, Pantr.hren and (Yit Stufi Vest nigs, Hosiery, Bareges, Shawls 'A aduings, Gn giiauis, Fringes, Buttons BUi k ?:*, Carpeting, 8ic. S?lo pcaitive WSit be added A large addition of Brown and Blcached Cottons. Terms libera! and at the sale. M. L. WILLIAMS. E. S. WRIGHT, may 28?dts ^ Auctioneer. By ?I? C. McOriRE, Auctioneer* "y.VhUABLE BUILDING LOT ON FOURTH > street, betwerii E and F, fronting on <*Ju?li?ia r> Square,?? at Auction ?I shall oflVr for sale, in from ot the prem ses, on WEDNESDAV, the 30th infant, at 6 o'c.oek p in., the nor.1 half of lot No 5, si Square 531, r bout 25 feet front by 93 teet four inches de.p This lot is eligibly located, being only 3 squares from the Patent and Post Offices, and in a rapidly in: proving section of the city. Terms: One fifth cash; the balance in 6, 12, 18, and 24 months, the deferred payments to bear inter est, and to be secured bv a deed of trust upon the propesty JAS. C. MeGUIRE, may 25 - d Auctioneer. By JAS. C. BIcGUlRK, Auctioneer. 'I-wo DESIRARLE DWELLING HOUSES at L Public Auction.?On WEDNESDAV after noon, May 30th, at 6 o'clock, on tne premises. I shall seH part of Lot No. 8 in square i.oith of square 515, wiUi the improvements, consist tng ot two excellent two-story and attic hame dwel ling iiouse, with brick basements, each houec con taui:ng 8 good lounn . These houses are nearly new, having been fin ished 'a.?t tall, and vt ry substantially built, wnh the best n.aterials. Ea h house has a side and back alley. Terms: One third cash ; the residue in 6,12, 18, and 24 months, for notes bearing iuterest, secured by a deed of trust on the premises ^ JAB. C. MeGUIRE, may 26?d Auctioneer. FrRST PREMIUM PIANOS. JUST received,several Pianos from the celebrat*d factory of Sfrinway k Sons, New York; one in Louis XIV style These P atios are in e?try re spect the best now made in the United Stales; they received at the late Metropolitan Mechanics' Fair the first premium (a silver medal) for each of their Pianos exh bitcd. Every person admired the volume of tone, as well as the workmanship of their instru mints. These, iu addition to my other stock of Pianos, fsrms the best and largest collection south of Mason's end Dixon's line. The p-iblic are respectfully invited to call and ex amine before they putehasc elsewhere, they will liud moderate prices and reasonable term*. PIANOS to rent always on hand, and 6econd liand Pianos taken in part payment for new ones, at my Piano Warerooin, No. 498 Eleventh st. above Pa. avenue. FR. C. BEICHENBACH. may 14?colm* ARLINGTON IIOUSE. ffMIE uud- '-signed would respectiu-ly inform hi" 1 friends that he hj? aken the establishment foi meily Iuioa n a:< the ?? Arlington House," whi, h U mienUs opening on Saturday hex , May Hhli.asa Certauiaat of iLe ti>sl order, and leeis >? ?-imd tlat he willhave LIUUORHaiiilCIoARS tbcelMHCest brands, OYS I LltS, G\ME lid FISH, in season, and every other article in his line to suit all who should tayor him r, !i i call, P. A. COOK, may 18?colm* TELEGRAPHIC. aarorrxr rot thi daily flvwy* yru Proceeding* ?b4v the Maaoachuaotts Liquor Lav. Borrow, May 29?Tbo botol proprietor* Oftd l|<|nor dealers who wore vmM laat week for Tfolationf of tbe ?ew Liquor low were brought up before tbo poll*** ooort tbio morning tod were al! diaeharged owing to a trivial flaw in tbo indictmotl. Cocsidorabi* cxcitement exiata in eonaeqoeneo. Baltimore Market*. BitTiiom, May 21 ?Flaor ia QDekaocfd,* siil*# <-f ^00 bbla Howard i>treet bread* at *10.&7. ^b"at ?Tbe-e it a bst>r fceltag, bat prices are TOchar.g?*. Corn?White is no ehmged; aale? V $1 0&?$I 09, jellow U 1?. ?dles at (1 07a$1.0o. 5rw York Market* New Yo*k. May 2t ?Cotton ia anebanapd. with a moderate demand Floor it nnaettiei; good Ohio $i'S \2if>9 X7; Southern ia firm, pales of 509 bb!?. Wheat te Imnrorad and firm; white Michigan $2 C5 Com is a triflo lower; mixed 105al07v* tyrk fa dnll. with a declining tendency Beef if usehanged. Whi'ky?Ohio is heavy at 33a38fr Hew York Stock Market. Nrr Yofk, May 29 ?Stocks ore bettor. M ?rcT is eary Virginia 6 a 9ti{; Mtw>ari6'* 93.*; fndiaca 5'a R4i ; Clsvlam and Toledo Railroad 81 f; Krie at 49; PwOMptOMia Coal Company 109: No* York Coatwrt 93; Owmbdr Und Coal Company 28$; Reading Railroad Canton Company 24;; b 60d AHR!VAI? AT PRINCIPAL ROTSL& HrowaHotel?r r. k a. aaowa. I* A Sears k lafv. Md T n Baker, Vir Mrs Haywood. NC ??-? Harm, do Miss Radrer, do W Pannil!, do P M Hale, do w Taylor, do P M Thon:p?r?n, Va Mrs 3km)!, NY H fittborn, SY Mrs Kf Mniin. do W G Bfilcn. do Mrs Lan?. do KColton, Md Miss atrws. do Mrs Co ton, co Mw K A Fitageral"4, Va Mi?<- Cotton, do W t Boardatan 8t lady, Mr Boni'". Pa Pa Mrs Bowzer, do B P Vaiithan. Va Mr Wiilism* do Mr Ptuaimer & aon, Md A H Bcacham, NY WT d"? J A Hunt,do G Bren* a family, da A B<Al*. do T Sinclair, Pa Mrs J T Souiher, do J Jann^v, Va Mrs R Nim, Md W K II ndy, Md Miss Sou'her, NY K Souther,~)r, do Miss S Souther do Rational nctel- a. n. miuit r 1 Ro|cr?, La B Twon, Pe J P King, Ga AM Sallsde, do W G Davison, Ky F Mi'ler, to 0 O'llara, SO P T Conover, US* B B Alfred, Ga A Clark, NT 1 Mo-irr. La Mi"s Clark, do T F H wk, Md P C Dh?more,do R C Heartland, 111 C6pt MvCmtm. La I A Kinney, At \X B DO*t*Ot,Md P CampOe.l, Ky 1 D Adama, Ark V C Kinney, Va II TVeston, Pa L A * J N Hutchinson, 4tr II F Itecs, Pa T Thompson. MJ J P llorback, Md W L Clark, Va Wlllarrfe' Prtsl-B. a. k I. C- WTLkaao. E. G TurV' -man. NY E C Bellany, Ga L Bamberg. r. do G WkiilkM, Ala Mrs T. f Bcllam?, Ga A I'Iuidt a ! "ij. Mm C E Bfllaoiy, do Mm Pluater, do J I. Herppy. Ala 1 K Phiy, Tenii L l-oyl', MJ ft H Ritchco k, Mti Mr McFwcn, Pa K Lafay?:ie, France V Pinckri^y, USN M Vermoa*, Md L C Mwelry, Va J A Chapman %ad lidy. B T Tavlor. do Maes H B KHiy, lTSA 8 A Lom-ry, do S l?owery & lady, NY Klrkwood (loees-f. n. h a. naxwooa. I W Kmim** h lady, O Mr. Wi!.?en k chddrea, S 'iiiioby, III Pa G R liaifirum, P i W L Trap r, O \V L VV U p, VY L Forrc?t, III M 6 IVtricb, Mus< C llammell, NY T P Harrison, lady and J PMItps, Md daughter, do II T Monro*, Va V R Throp*;, Md F G Foi, do C Harris, do B C Pnt-^m^n. G F Van Brunt, NY J J Rolh-n, do W Coniby, r? A L Mullen, Md 8 N t*rtk>mon. Vd l?r Hodfe?, do VV J Warren, do E tlarnmon, DC It Edwards, jr, Eng J Lrio a p. ?fly, Pa ti F lVar.;|?, Pa W Hunter, ^C S L Hnrlster. Va I'ntted Stst?s Hotsl-i. C itnoml J S 9 Linfbiccm 8s. two T VVVbb, Ta ? iadic-s. NY J A Ailam<, M4 T Thompson & lady, Pa A R Thoina?, U9V tir It.owu, Va E N Rowan, do J I) Brady, Md F H Taylor, du I T Brady, do E Bhrani flsni.ion Ilon??, Alex?w^rtaf Ta. a Kiwron, rxoratxTox. J Moore, f.n IV Pr?scct< La L I'retcotl, d? B PmeSU. do H P tvniih. Pa P C K< nedy. Md Pr I K Walton, Va ?* M Oui i(er, Pa A J Mclvoy, do 8 Meredith, Va L ti R-iiidolph,do EG Marnhali, do ?V I Weir, do N Kin'it y, do ,r p Placldc, Md MORS NEW MANTILLAS. ITfE open this Bn,rtir!~ f V 29 'I orr ?.f those beautiful Black 9Uk and Larc Mantilla* ia B!ack Lace 8h iwla Scarfs and Points at rcdoc?-d pricea Also, a larjc stock of rich (scared and plaul Harege* Frc icli Lawns, Orstindy Mu.-hus Uicii Bart-ee Kob.-s very eUeap O.' tt. (I and plain Swiss MtJ^m* All of which will be sold at zcu ti Ip? than form er priced Purchasers an- cordially invited tn etd! and i xm> ine our as^ortineiit for liieniM lve.~ itia> "J i?er6t OQUXT 8t SEARS. NEW GOODS FOR GENTLEMEN. I) J. STEER. Merchant Tailrr, No. INS Sev l ? enth street, has just recc ted from New Vork, a very elegant and Urge addition to^JB his stock ot Spnne and Summ? r GOODS. consit-Uhf of Ceaauaers, Ducks, Drills, kc.,JL f<?r Pan's,and Bilk and Mars? ill* s VES^ INGS, both plain a d colored, of the ricln st and prctiiest "tyles ever seen ;n tins market, all of which lie ;t prepared to make up in the best style at very low price*. Gentlemen would do well ?0 call eany if they wish to see very cheap styles. Why l?? ?2w F'OR 8ALE.?A Pair of BAY MAKW,7 year* old next spring, well-bred .sound, styli-h. gentle, spirited and capital goers. They are well broken and perfectly free troai tricks, and will p-rticularly suit any gentleman who is loud of iiiving. The owner parts with tlieiu only because his purpote is to retrench hi? expense*. They can be Feen at Southron's ;late Birch's) Stable, on 14th street south of Pa. avenue. For terms, or an op poitumty to try them, enquire at the counter of the Star office. They will be sold a ba. gain. ap 3?tf SEWING BY MACHINE! MI*S III % G SOL D, at Bit * Pi lings', 15tb stre? t, between Pa. avenue and F street, No. 4 47, ir prepared to <-xecnte with despatch, and in the neatcgt maimer, all kinds of plain aewmg for families, hotel keepers, aud the trade generally via: Ladies' Skirts Boaies, ke , Genti?*iiien's Shirta. Bosoms, Wristbands, Collars, Drawers, Pocke? Hind kerchiefs. Furniture Linens, vis: Tab'.e Cloths, Sheets, Pillow ai.d Holster Ca?ea, Towels, Napkins and Curtains Also, Taiior and Maatua makers' work of all kinds. Misa R would inform the public that she has se cured Uie services of Miss ROONEV, from Balti more, who has beeu working on the machine for 18 months, aud uudersiaud* her business thoroughly. All w<?rk warranted to otand equal to any otlior, and don^ on the most reasonable icrma. may 17?eo2w" IICAR, MOLASSES, 4e. 50 hhd.^ New Orleans and Porto Rioo Sugar 130 bbls New Orleans Melanges AL60? 300 boxes Oranges on consignment For sale by MURRAY k 9EMMES. mny -25?eo3t s DO YOD WANT FIRST RATE 101 CREAMf GO at once to ARNY. Bridge street, Georgetown, he was awarded a MEDAL by the Metro poll, tan Mechanics' Institnte, for ICE CRKAMB, WA TER jCES, and CAKES may 9S?eotf DR. THEOD. HANSMAN Keep- iiis ufli-e bouo from eight to tea o'clock am. No. 50A ti., opy OiiftLo m Hail may 2d?lm* PERRY'S AND CILLOTT'8 ?T EL PEN8 m Nllslf, It 'Uflit in person froan the manufketar eis by the undersigned, !? this way aacunag gean n.eness, as well as the best qualitv and flnuft, t< tacb brand nuTO TAYLOK may 96

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