Newspaper of Evening Star, May 30, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 30, 1855 Page 3
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KV'KNING 8TAR. I* o c a 1 I ntelligence.' Tbb Sti ret Casvass ?Ever since the a*ninaut party in oar munioip%l councils elected men of their own political stamp only ? jadgea of the approaching election fcr foor of the seven wards of Washington, an :mptes K? m ^Tn T!7t *?n,rV v*0** theit aoM Know Nothing fellow oUiiens, (hat it ia pro posedto carry the election by cross fr!ud The idea of preventing any considerable party ft0" Ket?d8 a representative in U"onerew each Precinct th?ht?lJr OCCMlon' ? tkin* unknown to L? i ?J7??l?Ur municil,aJ It being known that the?e commissioners belong to a ?eeret political society whose obligations re quired one of ita members who was a witness in a jury trial at Lowell, Massachusetts, to deny on oath, for three boura, his connection wir a it, which he admitted ere he was per mitted to leave the witness stand, and the fact that however worthy and respectable thry m*y be moat of these commissioners are compara tively unknown to those among us who differ from them in politics, are together aofflciont to acoount for the excitement at this moment ex isting in Washington agaiast the presumption that they design cmvissing the ballota in se oret, with the eye of no political opponent upon them If the obligations of the frater nity of which they are oath bound mem bers. extend half as far a* their opponents believe through the revelations made in the Lowell tnal, and by Mr. Rains in bis recent discus,ion with Judge Caskie, the p!an ot permitting its members to count the ballJti in secret, is simply a plan by which the [ eop'.e of this city may be defraudjd of their rights with perfect impunity, if the commissioners choose to do so. As for the oath whioh the commissioners take, if they regard their oaths taken in their lodges as su perior in its obligations, as the Know Nothing witness in the Lowell tria did, there is no other safety that at present occurs to us for the righU of the opposite par.y, who have been denied the privilege of a representative in the fonr wards, but by keeping a record of the rotea vf the anti Enow Nothings by trusty talis man outside of the poll windows, the statement of each such voter to be verified by the exhibi tion of his open ballot. The following preamble and resolutions were passed umnimously last right at the largest anti-Know Nothing meeting ever held ia this city: Whereas, the Know Nothing Councils of this city having elected for some of the Wards, boards of eleotioneommiaaionera. all of whom are members ?f an oath bound aeorei p?litieal association. refusing to those opposed to them the right and courtesy of a representation in thoae boards, whirh was never before done ia this community: And whereas, the Know No thing lower council aforesaid hive refused to pass a resolution requesting tha said election boards to permit one or two unofficial parsons of both parties to remiin in the room while they may be canvassing the ballots, which privilege has always heretofore been con:eded in every Ward of Washington: Beit there fore? Resolved, by this meeting of the Anti Know Nothing party of this city, That all who vote for the anti Know Nothing candi dates in the municipal election on McnJay next be requested to show the ticketB they vota, and jtve their names to be recorded by the anti Know Nothing talesman, to be sta tioned at each poll in this city; this course be ing deemed necessary by this meeting to guaid the rights ot tha anti Know Nothing voters of Washington against the possible perpetration of fraud. The propriety of this step will be obvious to all sincerely anxious for ihe prsservatioc of the rights of thecitisen, and that this elec tion m*y pass off without giving ri*e to the belief among a large portion of the Washing ton public, that it has been unfairly con ducted. We may add that the adoption of the pre amble and resolution above printed, was caused by the receipt of information, that a majority of the election commissioners of ona of the packed wards had peremptorily refuBed to permit any one but themselves to remain in the room as heretofo e, whilst the ballots were being counted In this content those who are not openly against Know Ncthingiem easy fairly be set down aa for it, and will be so regarded by their Anti-Know Nothing fellow citiisns, who have b?-en deliberately deprived by the ma jority of the present councils of any other safe faard for their rights, than the r lan agreed on y the meeting la*t night Bbllicosb ?In an artiole, yeaterday after noon, we alluded, briefly, to several reoent lights, and attributed the cause to "whiskey and politics " We did not mean to say, aa the atrict grammarian would inter pret the paragraph, that aom? of them [the whiskey and the politics] were required to "give security to keep the peace ' Alia ion waa. of course, made to the combatants. However, had it not been for the rye" and the p litical excitement, the parties would, probably, have remained at peace?their tem ple of Janus closed?none bearing marks of physical violence on thsir persons. Ihis subj-ct calls to remembrance an inci dent whicn occurred in Philadelphia, some years ago. We were a spectator at the Mayor's Court, when a poor hat less and jacketlese son of Erin was arraigned for a petty offence against the Corporation statute,-, waich are vigorously prosecuted, more especially when tho weak and friendless are the transgressors. (RespecUtility is oftentimes a shield whiah the watchman's espantoou cannot dent nor splinter; and this we say by way of paren thesis, and of general application ) Tha Philadelphia Mayor, John Swift, ad dressing the heman sukjjet before him, re marked, "I'm sorry to see you here, sir." ' An faith, it's sorry / am, yer honor." ' You have been betuving b_ ily disorderly, making a ooise. "I assure yer h^nor yer wrong. 41 Why, bere is the officer wbo arrested jou, and brought you here ' "lints true, but I made no noise a: all. at ail."' "If yoa didn't misbehave who did'" ??Sure, th? %chi*l>y wiJin m-,for I nr. piccbl* when I mtob'rV This answer convc:s.d the assemblage with laugti er, in wh>*h ib3 'layer joined heartily; and he dismissed the prisoner with a friendly warning to av^il the enemy which had caused hi< arrest. As was the ca*e with this Son of Lrin. so with sons of this and of all ether countries 'Sure, the whiskey wilin" involves them in difficulties. [COM MUVIC AT ZD. Evbrt bight miuded citizen is disgusted with the palpable attempts of tho Know Nothing Council to keep themselves in power by compiling, if necessary, the ballot box. They have violated the commonest rule of hones y and deoency by packing the Commis sioners of Election for next Monday And when a proposition is made to give some show of fiirneso tu tho friends of the Union tioket by inviting two respectable citiiens to be present at the balloting, and at tho counting after the closs of the poils, the unparalled recklessness of the midnight conspirators is *jtnyWted ^eir refusal to request it offi t"*tbicalh ? Yesterday after. k. ** company of ladles and genlie town *tleQded at the Oeorge " T. 10 witness a theatrioal perfurm i 27* Vre "William TeU" and aa? in?\ A Wend who was pros ated the rMi^i- ^ "tudents who person tUfutl3SS?.;htorU" ^'l^tted them tttUiunu !0 fo.rU. ?a.?, erection now, M there were Sy coar*? of this city The mai5 J 'I? ag0'10 things are ther for thl* ?t?te of prices of b'aildlngma'edals ?dUia??li demand Ut Un^enJ ? Ux?'ieCre*s,Jvl 101 in ?S5 ^S.W5 s. - <?. LIS' ssrr c"h'?h""" <?>? George Bvams ?This oolored individual, who wu seot to jail yesterday on a charge of house breaking, was brought ott thisJnorning for a farther hearing. The trial wu had be fore Jag tic? Stevens ?t the guard house, and the evidence was sufficient to cause the com mitment of the prisoner to jail in two cases; one for burglary, the other for stabbing a colored woman, inflicting a severe wound uro-i her Officer Norwood has the knife in his po:sessioil. Music.?This is the afternoon for the eon cert, bv the Marine Bind, at the Capitol Ground*. According to a distinguished wri ter, 'Music says everything whieh the sonl feels and foretells, if most mysterious and nao*t elevated It is the manifestation of an order of ideas and sentiments superior to what hi man speech can expteis It is the revela tion of the infinite." Evening Recreation ?We learn that it ia the intention of Mes-rs. M W GaltABrr.. H. Semken, Robert Keyworih, and Samnel Lewis, -11 jewellers, of this city, with a view of giving their employees or clerks an oppor tunity of ecjo)ing the summer evenings, to close their respective stores, from the first of Jane, at 7 o'clock p. m Off to rm Springs.?We learn that a cumber of sporting gentlemen, who recently transferred their surplus tunds to viotors in the late Virginia election, have started for the springs, either to recruit their health, after the shattering of their nerves by the result of the contest, or to replenish their purses. If the latter be their intention, it is net to be presumed that they will at once give them selves up to luxurious habits, but post wisely. [COM MT!* I CAT ED ^ ihere is A harmless little busy-body in the Common Council of Washington, whose futile efforts to bring himself into favorable public notice, we really pity. As the spokesman and ehief workman of the dark lantern party, he proposed that the votes of the citizens at the election to be held next Monday, shall not be counted unless the ballots were prepared on paper of a certain color! What is Know Nothingi*m coming to ? * Handsome Apparatus -?At the recent trial of the splendid suction built by Ives for the Franklin Fire Company of this city, we are informed that the distance thrown was one hundred and seventy feet, whioh quite satis fied the members of that efficient company. We regret that for want of room we cannot describe the splendid workmanship of the ap paratus, but will say that it is very oreditable to the builder. A Seniors Accident ?One of the men em ployed in the blacksmith shop of the work on the extension of the Capitol was etruck, this morning, on the temple by the lever ef the ste im-hammer, which got out of gear by the falling or flying out of a key. We did not learn the sufferer's name. His life is in immi nent danger. ?? Union Meeting.?A meeting of the Union men of the Sixth Ward will be held at theAn acosta engine house, to morrow evening, at half patt seven o'clock, when several interest ing addresses may be expected All persons friendly to the cause are invited to be present Offensive Uctters ?The gutters of the Second W ard and many others are in a very sad state, being offensive to the olfactories of all and shocking to look at. The " oldest in habitant ' insists that never before were gut ters in Washington in any such disreputable condiion Sbvbmth Ward Mekting to-wight.?The anti-Know Nothing voters of the Seventh Ward and their friends of other wards, will meet to-night, at Potomac Hall, on the corner of Maryland avenue and Eleventh street, Island W. D Wallach will address them by icvitation of the committee. The Minnesota.?We learn that this vessel a> our tavy yard is now what is technically oal'ed ' planked up," and that preparations are beir.g made for caulking her Workmen, too. are laying down the keels for a number of -mill boats for the use of the Minnesota. Going to Europe ? Among the passengers by the steamihip Arago, to leave New York, on Saturday, are Mrs Alexander, (wife of Mr. John Alexander,) and their son and daughter, of this city, who intend visiting Paris. Dismissed.?Margaret Thompson was taken before Justice Bates, charged with stealing a pocketbook and money. After a hearing of the oase she was dismissed, because the evi dence waa not sufficient to held her for trial at court. Worse ?Fitipatrick, who was so badly wo jnded by Geo. Ragland, is still at the infir mary, and we are told his condition is more critical. A Card.?Mr. Editor?Understanding that there is ta repert in circulation placing Mr. D. W. Stewart in a wrong light before his fellow citizens about the iffair in front of Brown'* Hotel, on Saturday evening, I take the li'>erty of asking a place in your columns, so as to show the whole affair as well as the scene that occurred at the watch house. i was present in front of Brown's doriDg the time Mr. Wise was speaking, and when ho withdrew, and the cheers had mbsided, we were surrounded by a party of ruffians; when a cowardly attack was made upon Mr Stewart by some dcien or more, and Mr. S., in trying to defend himself, was arrested by two of the l>rave, chivalrous, heroie and never failing-to do their duty watchmen, who, instead oi ar resting the perpetrators of the assault, whom they very plaiuly saw, (as Mr. S was struck while in their possession,) they took him, as they said after the oase was stated at the guard house, "to keep him from being hurt." A gentleman pres nt at the guard house, after hearing the facts, romirked that it was a very impartial arrest, as it proved that there wts partiality exercised towards the perpe trators of the assault, because they were, in the language of the Organ, ' good Americans " When tbe respectable, polite, and gentlemanly Captain of the Watch called him a "liar' in the sanctuary of his office, surrounded by those who were under his command, but who, when satisfaction was required, retracted and beoame as submissive as a child. Now, Mr. Editor, these are the facts of the case as they ooourred ; and my objeot in mak ing them public is to place the friends of Mr. Stewart in the right light, as ho is known to a large portion of tbe citizens of Washington to be a young man of good monl character and gentlemanly deportment, and also to show my fellow citizens the manner in which the laws are carried out by the men having charge of their execution. This is not the first outrage that the writer of thi* has evi denced upon the laws by these very men who are not only being paid for defending them, but should be looked to for protection by every respectable oitisen under such circum stances Yours, Ae , May 29?It Am Ambrican. Watch Returns ?Frances Wheeler and Susan Anderton, oolored, and old customers, drunk and disorderly, workhouse sixty days ; Mary Lodge, oolored, vagrant, workhouse thirty days. The new liquor law is death on any more :,hard cider" campaigns, and tbe Whigs may thank their stars that there are no ex po't fteto laws ?Boston Fast. STRENGTH KN T1IE HTOMSCH ?Th* frand deslder *<S ..tiiiK ? f pfSBotfog b) Uth at this flens<>u uf the y**r la Iu relieve the stomach of *11 imparities, to Invigorate, to truuN tii? liver from torpidity, and to expel from the bowels *l? all unhealthy secretions. This should be done by some gentle medicine that, lit ita action, will not debilitate the s> -irto, impair the nerves or becloud the natoral spirit-1, foi which purpoa* w* kiiow of no remedy ever yet ln? ente-i tlfat can Ltgln In approach in efficacy the celebrated FHl M II M BiTTEB*, manufactured from I urely vegetable subalaucea, by El 'lab Baker, or Richmond city, and ?>ld roughout the coautry by apothecaries generally. These Paters are pecu ll.?r to t'ie summer and fell <liaeases of a *outh*rn climate, an I, when taken aciordlug to directloua, are a sore cure for Dyap*|>ala. inarrhea, Dysentery, Cra-np Cliollc, Cholera Moitiuf, A?u?- and Fever, Honr bt-<ma< h, Nervous Headache, and almost every othe? affection arlstrgfruii: Impurity of the blo*.l or disordered stomach. To tlmfls who have not yet trsteii it.* auditorily of Baker's Pieuituiu Bitter*. as a fair. II? medicine, over all others kno? n to th* < Ivlllied World, w? aay hi** no time In doing so, as tiie* will afford aliuort lnatabt :ellef. Try tliem by all me.iUB F ? ??-* 6b ceuta par bottle To 1m. I,a.I of I'Hilll.ltM HTOTT A CO., Washington, D C.. CiNliViiUUH.iiijsnii.i UANCE Baltlmor*. nod by l>i uggiata everywhere. may iJ?eoJt VlnSnuinroa r*c*lv*a ail tfa?a*W Booksan-l Newn -a^s/. as /aat as pobUah*d M* Is axsnt for HanW aa lall Ue olh*r Ma?ax!n*s. and oar r**d*rs will alwayx Sod a Urn aM*rtm*ol of Blank Books and IMatlouery at aia a^okstor*. 04*o? B?Udl?4. oor Fa. ??mm Md ?J? M, | ? ARRIBD. On the 28th mutant, at the Capitol Hill Parsonage, SRtr. Gideon H. Day, Mr. HENRY G. ELLIS to iia WARY McINTOSH, all of this city. Ditii). On the39th instant. ESTELLE CONDICT, the youngest daughter of David II. and 8. Augustine Burr, m*ed 8 years On the 96th mutant, MALV1NA ?., wife of John S. Luti, and daughter of th>- late Frederick Miller, B.-q , of Haeerj-town, Mil. (Halt Sun & Ha?cr*iowu pafterc copy) - ? '"I By ORBBH 4 ICUTT, Anctloattri 1'WO F3AME HOUSES AND LOTS AT AtXC-l tion ?'Jn THURSDAY, the 24th instant, at 6 o'clock p. m , we shall Kelt in front of t?c premises part of Lot No 2, in Square 437, with the improve-) meats, which are two frame Houses, one contain iug three an 1 the other nir:e roorr.s; each house fronting twelve feet on south G, between 7th and 8th erects west, with a five feet alley between the two, making the whole front 29 feet, running back 86 feet 7 inches. Terms : One-fourth cash; balance in six, twelve, eighteen, and twenty four month?, on notes bc.-nng | interest. A deed given and a ilccd of trust taken. Title indisputable. GREEN k SCOTT, may 18?d Auctioneers. 07*Th? above sale Is postponed In conseqnence of the rain until MONDAY, the 2?th instant, at the s une hour. GREEN fc SCOTT, may 25?d Auctioneers. 19* The above gale Is fnrthvr post poned until WEDNESDAY, the 30th instant, fame hour, when the pale will positively lake place, as the owner intends leaving the city. Title indisputable GREEN fc SCOTT, may 29 - d Auctioneers. By J. O. ReOCIRE) Auctioneer. VALUABLE BUILDING LOT ON FOURTH street, between E and F, fronting on "Judicia ry Square," at Auction ?I shall offer for sale, in front of th" premises*, on WEDNESDAY, the 30th instant, at 6 o'clock p m., the north half of lot No 5, in Square 531, about 25 feet front by 93 teet fo-ir inches deep This lot is eligibly located, b- ing only 3 squares from the Talent and Post Offices, and in a rapidlv improving section of the city. Terms: One fifth cash; the balancc in 6, 12, 18, and 24 months, the deferred payments to bear inter est, and to be secured by a deed of trust upon the property JAS. C. McGUIRE, may 25 - d Auctioneer. Wants. w /'ANTED-FY A YOUNG WOMAN, A SIT ' uation as < hambermaid, waiting on ? he table, and to do plain sewing, or a place to cook, wash, r.nd iron in a stnhll family. Address '-E" at this of fice. may 30?it* BAKER WANTED?ONE WHO understands! Pastry and Confectionery Apply at VYILLARD'S HOTEL, may 28?lw "?XTANTED?A situation by a young man wiio V V has been out of employment for some months I would like to get in some wholesale or retail gro cery, having beeu in the grocery business tor the last eight years. The very h si of reference uiVfti as 10 character. Address a note to M. Y., at Star i ffice, will receive attention. may 2.*?3:* \JkJ ANTED immediately, five brick-makers and w? four off-bearers, to go in the country to make 400,000 brinks. Enquire of Thomas C. Kiikley, No. 61, north A, between First and Second sir? ets, [ Capitol Hill. may -2ti?3t* W~A NT"E D ?A PARTNER TO WORK~A Stone Uuarry and contract for sale of Stone | to Government and others, there lieing now creatde mand for stone. Th.s Uuarry u immediately oppo site Georget >wn. Larg>; shanty, blacksmith shop, and every implement on the spot. Tf 18 quarry lur mshes the best and largest truck Stone, &c. A chance is now offered. Call or write to LLOYD &. CO, Fifteenth street, opjio. ;he Treasury. may 3?tf ANTED? EVERYBODY TO KNOW THAT they can get a lot 24 feet front by 130 fe*t deep, for the law price of ?75?payable $3 a month without interest. Apply a? the Union Land Office, 7ih at., abov? Odd Fellows' Ha!!. an 28?2ni JOHN FOX, Sec. Boarding. BOARD AND ROOKS.-Two or tiiree newly furni. h^d and very de-irable rt:?Mi>? for rent, with !)oard, at 403 Fst,Union Row. may 30-4t* MRS P HOUGH, No. 371, opposite the National Hotel, has a large room now va< ant, editable tor a family or single gentlemen, with board A few more table boarders can be accommodate:!. Also, transient ?oanj. niav 30?3i* MH8 ANN II. SCOTT, opposite Jackson Hall, has several large and small rooms, sua able for gentlemen, with or without families. Gentieinen furnished with meals. may 29?3i* BO ARDING.?Hoarding inay be had St No.473, Six h airent, between D arid E; one very large airy apartment, with gisfcaiso, several other rooms may 28 3l Mils. 1*1 C. UKh.lOl'<i boarding House, on Pennsylvania avenue first house we9t <?( t/ie Capitol gate. Fine rooms at vanou> prices, and every possible attention and comfort bestowed on ladies and gentlemen guests. may 36?3w* TIC *i.--FOR RENT-PARLORS AND J " Chambers with boird. Also, table and tran sicnt board, with a bathing room and shower baths and every attention to render it mo?t agreeable to her boarders. Mrs. P. G MURRAY, Corner Pennsylvania avenue and st. ap23?3m Hoard, jtc.?mrs. bates, on uie west corner of Pa. avemie and 9th street is pre pared to accouiimKiRi" gentlemen with rooms, with nr without board. Every effort will be mad*- to ren der those comforUbie who may favor her with their l-aironage. ap 6?tf Fans, perfumery, toilet articles, S.c., <kc.? We hav; now in st*?rc a large vari ety of fine and ommou Fans, Harrison's and Lu bin's celebrated Perfumery, Brushes, Combs, I'ooth Powders, playing anil visiting Ci?r?ls. fine Portmon t ales, Cigar Case*, Card Cases, Ba-k?l*, Canes, he, fit c:., all cf which we arc selling out at low prices to auit t!ie ttmej at ihe Piano. Music, Sta tionery, Perfumery, and Fancy Goods Store of JOHN F. ELLIS, 306 Pa avenue, bet. 9th and 10th cts. may 23?tf HOUSE-KEEPING HARDWARE. HE subscriber bega leave to inform the pitb!!c ttiat he has opened a store at *90 Seventh st. between D and E streeu, where he has a general assortment of House-keeping Hardware, Cutlery, Silver Plated Brituinnia, Japanned and plain Tin Ware, Wooden, Willow and Cedar Ware, Clocks, Bird Cag-s, feather Dusters, Brushes, Brooms, Baskets, Mais. Also, fine Pocket Cutlery, Razors, Sc ssors, Combs, Slc. His goods are entirely ntw, and were selected from the latest and most approved styles They were bought for cash, an;l wi.l be gold at the lowest I possible prices. Persons wishing to purchase arc invited to cx amine his stock and prices, as he is confident he can offer them greater inducements than they will meet with elsewhere in the city. map 23 -tf GEO FRANCIS. I'Hlti UAUUK?10^KU Hie now working, the Stone Quarry formerly occupied by Major Wm B. Scott, and are prepared to fu tush STONE at the usual market rates HUMPHREYS & WILLIAMS. Georgetown, May 15?lm* NOTICE. HE Undersigned can accommodate partes with COACHES for pleasure trips. Als?, to fuaketrips to boats arriving^Sj^BaCJ after night from the Wh te llouse.*"*5^^3K8* for terms apply to Mr. JOHN HOLBROOK, at the Sta?e Stand at liie Capitol, or orders left at C. a T. Parker fc Co.'s Store. WM. WHALEY. may 16?lm* waltek d. navidok Christopher inoi.e, I DAYIDGE & INGLE HAVIHG formed a co partnership will practice law in this District an3 adjolnmg States, m ?y 1??eo2w STIiAYKD AWAY on Fnday, the 4th ol May, from Georgetown, a small colored Boy, i about eleven years of age. Had on when he lelt, ? patrol snuff colored pants and a straw hat. An swers to the name of Jake Anv one giving infor mation t> MONTEZUMA DAGGS, 43 Seventh st., Georgetown, will receive the thanks of the fain ly and a reward if desired inay 18?2w* S. P. HOOVER'S IBOIf HALL BOOT, SH0F, AND TBUHK EF7ABLISMZ..T US P received a large assortment of Boots, Shoes _ and Trunks, perhaps the largest stock in Ifcis city, from which to make selec tion. La lies Sltppeis, 50 to 75 cents Do Gaiters, 75 fu $1 15 Gents French P. Leather and Calf Pump Do do do Walking Sho?s Boys , Miosis' and Children's Shoes in tvery va , riety and ?-tyle,which I will rcll at the lowest pritos. .... S. P HOOVER, lion Hall Boot, Shoe anJ 1'runk fcBtat in't Pa. avcuu.*, betw. 9th and 10ih k|re< fs. may l??saVVOt DR. TUEOD. UANSMAN K?e|M on olti ?e hours from eight to ten o'clock a.m. No. 505 Sect nth tt, ovy Odd ftUo tc? Hall may 93?lm* T J For Bala and Font Foe rent?in Alexandria, va., that large three sw*y Brick House, well known w? the best stand in the city for a hotel and restaurant, no Cameron street, opposite the Market House ai.d aow occupied by Mr. McGonegal. Pnsssewion f?v en on the ftrst If July. Address LLOYD 8l CO , Claim Agent, I5th st, ?pp. the Treasury, Wasting tin, Di C* may 30 tf ' ^*? ? i?? FOR SALE OR RENT.?The owner of * hotel, nrw encased in another bisines*, would IlJle to sell his entire stack and Fixtures, and if detnard <11, the house situated on Pennsylvan:aavenue wi-h a gOoJ ran of custom, on liberal terms. Particulars at CHARLES WALTER'S Agehcy and (ntell'fence office, 539 Sev.nth ft, opp. Cenjre Market ihaySO-lw* ITIOR SALE OR RENT?A FIR8T CLASS House in the Kirst Ward, severe! Houses in other portions of the city, nnd a large number of choice BuiLling Lots For rent, several large Lou, suitable for coal and wool yards Houses in all the Wards. Several fioe Farms in the victimv of the city for sale. JUS. C. G. KENNEDY, Corner ol Penn. avenue and 10th sucets may 30? 3t FOR SALE OR RENT?A NEW TWO STORY anl attic Brick Hou-e, with a two stoiy bock hililding, containg a large Hall and ten good rooms To a careful tenant the rent will be very moderate. For further particulars enquire of Mr. PHILIP MACKF.Y, corner Fourth and I streets. may 30 ?lw* FOR SALE?A LARGE NUMBER of BUILD ing Lots, located in all pan* of the citv. WILLIAM H. PHILIP, Attorney at Law, Office, 494 Pa. nr., h?tw. 4# and dth ttreet*. may 30?co'tw tBURNISHED HOUSE TO LET ?A tre'l fur nished House, centrally located, will be rented upon moderate terms, until the 1st of M?y a*xt, or a shorter period if desired. Address "B A C," Box 610, City Past Office. may 29?3t* A R ARE CHANCE FOR ONE OF THE KE?T Grocery Stands in Washington City.?The Un dersigned will s? II at private sile his Grocery ?Vnre house, situated on the corner of B and 12th streets, and within a short distance of the bridge crossing the Canal. The building in size is 28 fvet front by 5" deep, nnd was erected about six years ago; the foundation is of stone, three feet deep, averaging 30 inches thick to the top of ground ; the wall of first s ory is 14 inches thiek; the second 9 inches, all of hard brick j the floor is grouted wi h grrnl and brick, 1 aving no s^ace ?or rats to bU'row ; the roof is of tin, and all the materials throughout are of the very best quality and executed by the b-st workmen The recent closing of the Grocery ku*inen was in consequence of not being able to obtain capital to keep up with the great increase of trade, which hail nearly doubled every year since it first went into operation. Any person h. ving means to cnur into the wholesale, with the retail, also to deal in wood and coal, and particularly horse feed, flour and bacon, can do a very extensive and profitable bu=n ness, havii.g when closed a large city, country and boat custom. For further particulars a^plv to C. P. SENtJSTACK. I) street, between 12th and 1.1th. N. R.?A lot of ground on the east end of the buihhng, i5 by 75 feet, will be sold with or with? ut the bouse. may 29? ]1()R SALE.?Soda Feints, Cooler, and nlver . Draw Pipe, al! complete and in excellent order, on reasonable terms. Enquire at !his crtice. may 28?3t IfOR SALE?A LOP OF GROUND IN THE . most thriving part of the city, improved in pa t | and is und.:r rent at two hundred dollar" a year It is situated ?>n Ninth near N str? et, anu has a front of 76feet ?-n Ninth street, by 73 feet 6 inches deep. The above t.: ipeity will be sold at a bargain for cash or on tune, as the purcharer may desire, by paying one-fourth cash. For particulars enquire of JAMES O. WHITNEY,on C, be?w. 12th and 13th streets. may 2!?2w ENTS REDUCED To SUIT THE TIMES. $150 a year will be received for the ren' ol those new and convenient cottages at Kendall Green, wiui two acres ol ground, stable, wood shed ami other conveniences attached. Pumps ot pure water ar?* near the door, nnd on rs had with Georgetown by way of H and Seventh >tracts and Pern. Avenue, moruing and atternoou, at the usual fare, for the accommodation of clerks in the departments. To *.?> ure the advantage of this great r< duction ol rent ! nmcdiate application must be made to the undersigned, eitiier by letter, or at his house at Kendall Green, after office hours, where t:ie k: vs may be tad and the houses inspected ai a:*} lime. Several c;f these residences will be sold oo liberal tern.-. VVM. STICKKEY, No 4, Kendall Green. N. R ?Rents pu: 1 quarterly in advance apr 9, 1855?II T>HICK YARD, BRICKS. SQUARE of Cround, II Hor-es, Carls, Farms, &c , at Private Sale? The subscriber will sell at private sale, on very r? n sonable terms, Square No 660, which contains an inexhaustible quantity of good briek clay, with a h iek yard now in actual ? peration thereon, and a*>ou! 400,000 burnt and u'tburntready mn e bricks it hr.?; on it at? inexhaustible cistern wel! of water, and a fl nr room and shed3 sufficiently large for eight or ten cangs. ANo, four Horses, two of which are fine brood mures, with young colts, four Cart- nnd Harness. Also, one Farm, lying in Montgomery county, Maryland, about eight or ten miles from Washing ton,"on the Adelphi Mill road, immediately in the vicinity of Pisgah Meeting-hou*e, and about three miles from the railroad, crntainius 180 acres of fine land, n part of which is heavily timbered; as:d a peach and apple orchard of 1,5'H) trees, in full bear ng, with a variety of other fruit trees. Tbe farm i* well watered, and the land in a high state of cul tivation. Also, a Farm containing 80 or DO acres, lyins be tween two and three milea from the Capitol, with gooilimproveimntii. Inquire < f the subscriber, on C, between Second and Third streets, Washington may 16?ei.Q\y SAMUEL C. WROE BUILDIEG LOTS AND dwellings?For sa'e, Lots on Third street, near the City Mall; on F, between Third and Fourth; on E, between First and Second; on Seventh, between L ar.d M; on M, near Tenth; on Third, near L; on Seven'h, bstween Land M; on K, between Fourth and Fifth; also, opposite to Franklin Square; Massachusetts avenue, between First and N. Capitol; First Ward, U near Twenty fir?t; Virginia avenue, near Tw. n'j first; N. Hampshire avenne, between II and I; also, tiro frame dw> tlings on Fourth between F and G, will be sold low lor cash. Inland property?Two small fiame tenements on I, between Four-and-a bal' and Sixth; also, lots on Virginia svenue, and a variety in other parts ot the Island and City, all of which will be sold on terms accommodating to f-uit purchasers Enquire at No 337, Pennsylvania av , opposite to Browns' Hotel. may -J8 ?lmeo DAVID MYERLE. VALUABLE AND ELIGIBLY SITUATED Building Lot at Private 8ale.?The subscriber will sell, at private sale, Lot No. 3 in Square No. 414,fronting 99 feet 4 inch on 11 street south, by 91 feet 6 inch on Eighth street west. The Lot will be sold in whole or in parts, to suit purchasers. Terms accommodating. CHAS. S. WALLACH, Attorney, ap 30?eo4w* oppeslte west wing City Hall. Real estate at private sale -one Frame Dwellins House and Lot on O st, be tween 6th and 7th streets west, containing si* good rooms, nearly new. One two. and one three-story frame Dwelling House on Massachusct'-s avenue, between 4th and 5th streets. Two two-story Frame House* on Washington st. Also, a very comfortable Dwelling House on B.iall street, Georgetown. All the above property is nearly new, and will be sold on accommodating terms. Enquire of FRAN CIS W11EATLEY, Lumber Dealer, No. 37 Water street, Georgetown. may 23?eodlni VILLA FOR SALE.?THE SUBSCRIBER of fers at private sale the villa in which she at present resides, wilh eight acres of land, situated at EllaviHp. on the Washington and Baltimore Turn pike Road. The heuse is new, with all the modern improvements, and the situation has many advant ages for persons engaged in business in Washington as it is within five minutes' walk of the Bladeusburg Depot on the Railroad, and there is also an omnibus running twice a day between Washington and Ella ville. Application to be made to the subscriber, living on the premises. MARY 3. vass. | mir27?2awtf FOR SALE?A TWO STORY Brick HOUSE on the corner of Prospect and Frederick streets Georgetown, now occupi?d by Mr. John W. Bro naugu. For information apply lo Mr. JAMES M1L LFit, Maiket st, betw. 4ih and 5th, Georgetown, up 25 ?lawow* _ For rent?several handsome par lors and Chambers, with board. Also, Table and transient board. Inquire at Mrs. SMITH'S. ?33 F street ap9 fOMES FOR ALL.? Beautifully *nd healthily located Building Lots, 24 feet front by 150 feet deep, on graded street . can, uuiil spring, be bought at the exceeding low price of $75, payable $3 per month. Title indisputable. Union Land Office, 7th St., above Odd Fellows' Hail, jan !Mim JOHN fox, Secretary. n STEAMBOATS CONNECTING .With each train of Cars airiv .irgin Washington or Altiun. d:ia.?'1 lie ?namers THOMAS COLl.Y KR #r CEORGE WASHINGTON Wilt make the above ?onnections, leaving Washington at t> a. m H>i tl> Orange and Alexandria cars, and connect with' .i same tram on their airivat. Meals furnished on the br ats. The Boats connect with all the trains trom Bal timore. SAM'L GEDNEY, Cupl. may 17?d telegraphic. UPOITD POE TBI DAILYE V JJWUfO STAR SEVEN DATS L ATEft FBOM EURGPI. Arrival of Steamship Pacific New York, May 3? ?The United States mail steamer has Arrived here with Liverpool dates of the 17th. The Markets ?Liverpool?Cotton ru ao t ve with a speculative demand and hat ad vanced 3 16th linoe las* steamer. Breadstuff* are quiet, and wholly unohangel. Provsioos are firmer Naval store? are lower. Monty I? easy. Consols bS9 j THK WAR The seige of Sebastopol bus undergone no ehaugo. On the 12th if May, an expedition of i5,000 allied troops put to se* ?n the diree tion of the A*of. but returned without land ing. No do ails of the expedition are known Omer Pacha's force has returned to E ipato ria. Large reinforcements for the allies are expectod within ten days. NB!jOTIATION8. i Negotiations between Au.-tria and the West ern Powers remain in #tauguo. Between Russia and Austria relations appear more in* timate. Russia has notified the tier man State governments that the Ciar will only held to the first two guaranteed on the condition of a perfect neutrality of Germany. France and England have presented their ultimatum to Sweden, which Sweden seems inclined to reject. FRANCE. The French exhibition at Paris had opened The ceremony wu rather du l. Pisnori has be?n execu'od. Gen. Canrobart has resigned, nominally from ill health, and hag been au-. ceeded by General Pellisrier. [SECOND OI8PATCB ] The Pacific brings one bandred and thirty five passengers, among whom is II. M Mc Lane, United States Ccmmissioner to China. The Pacific arrived a*. Cowes on the 8:h. LATEST FROM THE CRIMEA The latest news from Sebastopcl by mail arj of the 30th April, and by telegraph of tfcc 12:h of May. Gon. Canrobert Lad reviewed the entire French army and a>sured them that they would soon ee'er Sebastopo! either by door cr wiud<w Fifteen thousand Turk*. French and English troops hastily embarkedon beard all the avail able ships neur Sebastopol. and itood out in the direction of the sea cf A?uf; but they re turned in a day or two. and hastily dlf-arn barked A ccmhat occurred >u the night of the 24th. between the Rtmisns and French, which proved to be a desperate affair. The Russians attempted to dig new rifle pit?, but the French partially prevented them, and 200 French ?el I diers were placed kors du combat. A dispatch of May 1st says, tha' the ai j vanoes were approaching surely, though j slowly. Lord Raglan's dispatch of the same | day sajs, that the Russians had constructed a i new battery to the lert of the Mamelou. There j was every appe irance of the establishment of j a very large camp on the plateau above Bel I bee. on tho north ?<de The Russians made a sortie on the nigL* of the 11th, but :he advanced works of the left attacked immediately repulsed tuem with con siderable loss. A short truce was granted on the evening of ?ho 10zh to allow the Russians to bury their dead; in front of the allies advances. Gortschakoff telegraphs that on the 5th and flth the allies wsrc occupied in augmenting tfceir batteries and reinforcing their approaches against ihe central bastion. The French GcverEmeni is ucderstocd tu have received dispatched concerning heavy rains; reporting that the trenches were full of water, and the operations were suspended. POLITICAL RELATIONS Count Coroniui, the Austrian Commandcr in-cbief ba3 proclaimed martial la-* in the Principalities. A new m?.5ift?to cf the Ct ir orders another levy of twelve men m eve-y thousand, in the seventeen western provinces, to be completed by the end oi July. Indications are increasing of a more inti mato relationship between Austria and Rus sia, and it is apparent that an armed neutral ity is becoming more and more probable. Aa important conference between the /ej rwcc tativecuf these powers has beon held. Sweden is said ta have ordered an immedi ate enrolment of miiitia. The French Baltio squadron bad arrived out, and the allied fleet were pushing forwarJ for the upper Baltio. TIIE LATEST. The Paris Moniteur publishes the followicj resignation of Gen Canrobert: "My shattered health no longer allowinj me to continue in chief command, my dutj towards my sovereign and country compels m< to ask you to transfer the command to Gen Pelissier, ft skillful and experienced leader Tho army which I leave him ia intact, enured, and full of ardcr rnd confidence. I beseect tne Emperor to have a soldier s place as gen eral of division.'' The Minister of War replies, that the term? of acceptance give Gen. Canrobert the com mand of the division of Gen Pelissier. LATEST FROM THE CRIMEA, Ac. Heavy firing every night before Sebastopol The expedition to Eertsch has not been re newed. ihree divisions have left Maslak fo: the Crimea. Tho oholera has almost entirely disappeared. Berlin, Friday, 8th.?A Russian merchant, man ha3 been captured off Dunamundo. At Re;el, a flag of truce is flying; ths cause is not known. A dispatch from Canrobert of May 16th saya: 44 We oontinue our works before the place. Various attempts have been made tc smoke out the enemy by Camonjlats, or stink pots, and with perfect success. Vien5a, Friday evening.?Things have un dergone no change. A new Austrian proposition was forwarded yesterday to London and Paris. It is ?aid that Austria will give material aid and sup. port to the western powers, should they accepl it, and Russia reject the proposition. Lohdoh, Saturday, lfth.?Quiet is restored ia Ukraine Telegraphic intelligence from Berlin and Vienna fails to confirm the report that Nesselrode had resigned. He had issued a new oircular. the contonts of which are un known. In Parliament, on Friday, Lord Panmurs fa'ed the details of certain proposed reforms in the army, the objects of which were? consolidation of the civil department with mil itary affairs Rumor of dis^ensiona ii. tho British Cabinet are gaining grounds Lord John Rrnselt said that it m e imprac ticable at the present time to ebUin more than three thousand to fear Aonud rearuk* for tbo foreign legion bj Uio British iptto oa th? Continent, independeat of mm Mum thousand Switi. Id Great Britain the Democratic mot?ont It gaining ground 1 The Qaeoc oondeeoendad to pebliely beetow modal* upon the private aoldiors who bad ro , turned wounded from the Crime* Tbo dia : tribution took place at tbo Hone Guard* A fine military spectacle waa prawn fed Victoria handed over 500 medal* in tbo apnea of an hear, romad Doing with tbo Doko of Cambridge, Earla Cardigan and T b**w Do ; Lacj, Evana, 4c , ending witb tbo private I |)ldi?ra. Great enthusiasm waa aaaaifieeted. la the evening the queen gave a banquet at the riding *ohoo), Buckingham Palace The party consisted of 450 peraons, ocmprir > i-.g all the non-c tin missioned oflsora and men ?ho wero decorated with tbo modala. Tbo Queen nnd Princo Albert viaited tbo riding school during the rcpta*. A bill to abolish tbo Chareb ra ea waa ear* ried to & recond :aading in tho Home of Con mma against the Government by tweaty eight onjirity Mr Roebtjjk had aubmitted are repart from the Committee of Inqairy Mo tics cf an inquiry waa given whether Raaia and the United Statei are to eupy tbo exclo rn? trade with Japan. Lord Ellen borough proposed a motion of want cf confidence in the Miniatora of the llouaeof Lord* On the 14th inat hit lord ship opened the debate in a apeecb againat the minister*, and denounced thoir making of appointments from favor instead of from merit liord Panmure replied, and Derby and others continued the debate?71 for the resolution, and 181 sgiinst it Lanyard'a motion of want of coofldenoa oimca up in the House of Commons oa the 24 b, and Milner Gibson's on the 21at. Administrative reform meetings bave been held in Norwich and other places. The Mayors of London and Liverpool have refused to accede to the requisitions of tho cltiser a. It is rumored that the King of Sardinia if negotiating a marriage with Victoria aldaat daughter. PHAIfCE The Universal Exbibitioned on tbo 15th. Ihe Emperor and ikupreaa were preaent, all tbe great officers of state, and about 600 per son*. The Emperor delivered an appropriate speech Pianori w&c exe*u'ed at five o'eloek in tha m ?rniag He refused to make any develop ments, and was exclaiming ?? Vive la Ktfub /:y/e" 93 the knife fell. Ii is siid that the Emporor is about to iaaua a manifesto to the army in tbe East atatiag his reasons for not proceeding to the seat of war. SPAIN. M adkid. May 11 .?The nomination of a suc cessor to Cueto, Minister to the United States, his been deforred until after the arrival of tha next mail from Havana. EAST INDIES. The East Indian mail has been telegraphed with Calcut;a dates of April 10th A treaty has been signed between D>st Mohamed and ?he British of perpetual peace. There are , rumors of preparations on the part of the King of Ava against the British. Zpucopal Eioces' Convection Baltimore. May 30.?Tbe Episcopal Jlo . c;s<? of Maryland met :n convention this morn ing in St Petcr'a Cbur:h There waa a large at>.idan3e. Tke con\tn:ion sermon waa preached by the Rev Ethan Allen Biahope Whittingham of Maryland and Otey of Ten* ner?ee were preaent. Treasury Draft 8tolen and Recovered. St Louis. May 29.?A man calling himaelf Fraben presented a draft upon the aab treaau ry to-day. for $1,000. It was proved to bave been stolen. Baltimore Markets Baltimore. May 29 ?Flour is 12c higher; sale? of 90O bbls. Howard street at $11. Tha market is stiffer. Wheat ia dull and un 1 changed Corn?Salo6 of white at $l.07ia II 10; yellow $1 09. New York Markets Nsw York. May 30?Cotton ia firm, with an upwird tendency Flour baa advanced 12*e ; good Ohio. $10 25a$l0 50; Southern ia un t changed, with a moderate buainess Wheat? The tuarke' is unsettled ; sales of white Mich ican ?t $2 69 Corn ia a trifle higher; mixed $l.06a$1.09 Pork is etiffer, but not quotably higher Beef is unchanged Whisky if dull. [ New York 8tock Market. Niw Yore, May 30 ?Stocks are dull and heavy. Mv>ney ia unchanged Erie, 49{ ; Cleveland and Toledo Railroad, 81 ; Little Miami Kailroid, 100; Cumberland Coal Com . pany, 29; Heading Railroad, 8^4; Canton Company, 26i ; Pennsylvania Coal Company, 1104; New York Central Railroad, 93{ ; Mis ! soari C'fl 93| Auction 8alea. AefFor *1 tut ion Salct tre fourtk pagt *%a , ?? i. 1 By GUKV.Ii ?3t SCOTT. Awetlomnnra. fi wo VALUABLE BUILDING LOTS a; Auc 1 lion ?On THURSDAY, the 7th June next, at I fi i.'clock p. in , we shall if II. on the premises Lot No 2, in Square No. 515, fronting f9 feet on K at., between 4ih and 5lb, ruuning back 96 feet to a 30 ft. alley. Also, north half of Lot No. 26. in Square No 5 6, fronting 87^ feet on Fourth street, running back 100 feet, betw. en I and K streets. The above described property la about two and a ha'? square* froui the Northern Liberties' Market . Hou-e. Terms : One-quarter cash ; balance in 0, IS, and ' 18 month-, for notes bearing interest Deed given and a deed of trust taken to secure de ferred payments. Title perfect. GREEN ft. SCOTT, may 30?eofcda Auctioneers. i Uy K. 8. WRIGHT, Aucttomeer, GEORGETOWN. DRY GOODS AT AUCTION?OnTHURSDAY morning next, the 31?t instant, at 9 o'clock a. i u> , at rtuire No. 1^0 Bridg ? street, Georgetown, I shall close out, without res* rve, my remaining stock ' of Dry Goods, consisting of? . Dott-d Swis* Muslins, Prints Swiss and Cambric Edgings Muuvt line DeLaines, Kiu Gloves Lisle Thread and Cotton do Fr< uch Bombazine and Alpacas Linen Drills. Pantaloon and Coat 8taff | Vesting*. Hosiery, bareges, Shawls Waddings, Gn gliauis, Fringes, Buttons 1 Blarikets, Carpeting, fcc. Sile positive . Will ba added A large addition of Brown an J Bleached Cottona. Term; liberal and at the sale. M. L. WILLIAMS. E. S. WRIGHT, i may 28?dta Auctioneer. By JAS. C. HcUUIRK, Anetlonicr. ' r|>WO DESIRABLE DWELLING HOUSES at I Public Auction?Ow WEDNESDAY after noon, .May 30th, at 6 o'clock, on tbe premises, I t hail sell part of Lot No. 6 in square north of i square 515, with the improvements, consist me of two excellent two-story and attic frame dwel 1 line house, with brick basements, each hooee con taucng 8 good looms. The-e houses are nearly newr, having been fin ished 'a t tall, aud very substantially built, with (be best materials. Each house has a side and back alley. Terms : One third cash ; the residue iu A, 19, 18. and *4 Dtumiiis, far notes bearing inter**, secured by a deed ot trust on the premises iAi C. McGUIRE, may J6?d Aacuoaeei

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