Newspaper of Evening Star, May 31, 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 31, 1855 Page 1
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Km THE EVENING STAR PUBLISHED EVERY AFTERNOON, (EXCEPT SirnDAY.) At the Star Building, roner Ptnnsy/vanim avert u* ars-tl Eleventh itrest, By W . D. WAI.LACH, WiU M-rT' 1 to -iL-*ribera in the cities of W;uh In-rttm, Ofor^??t?>wn, Alviandria, Baltimore and PnlaMphia, at SIX ANT) A QUARTER CENTS, payable weekly to the AfenU. To mail anbscribers ti?? mbflcription price i* THREE DOLLARS AND FIPTY CENTS a year in advance, TWO DOL LARS for SIX MONTHS, and ONE DOLLAR thr THREE MONTHS. Q^Siwnta rnpia? owa Cbkt. VOL. V. WASHINGTON, D. C., THURSDAY, MAY 31. 1S55. NO. 751. Treble patent improved eyelet ma CHINE. Firs* patent?combined on one stock S?con i p*l>-nt -self feeding with eyelet Third patent?patent improved fastener, riveting both aides ?VII parlies in want of a good Eyelet Machine, sure, ?tnnilv recommended to u~?e none but LIPMAN'S PATENT IM PROVED, which is decidedly the best CTt-r brought before the public, possessing numerous advantage*, viz: It is stroae, duraMe and not liable to get out of or der. It punches the hole well, ami ta fit the Eyelet, and in one operation clinches the Eyelet on l??th ?ides. It savi-s time, as the papers &c.. need not be reversed or turned over to clinch the Eylet a se cond*ume, as is ihe ease with all other Miehines. It I"s useful to tbe Merchant in filing awsy paper*, as well as to the attorney or Conveyancer, the Shoe miker, Tailor. Milliner, and numerous others, and it a very labor saving Maehine. Hold by all the principal Stationers and Fancy G><ds Dealers throughout the United Slates. Agents for Washington, TAYLOR <t MAURY, may 91?if Bookstore, near9th ?!? m A CARD. A Economy it the rtad to 19*alth." Great Redaction in the price of Hata & C*p? Til E undersigned, having made arranfemenis with a New York Hat Company to be con stantly supplied with the very best Moleskin or DRESS HATS, got up in the latest style, offers litem at the unprecedented low price of $3,50, worth from f"?r to five dollars; second quality, $3, worth from *3.50 to JS; and ? very rmd fashion able Hat at $2,50. w >rth froin $3 to* A3,50. Also, Bee be 4 (jo's Hats, at a mii*ri less advance than they have been here tol -re sold in this city. First rate beaver Hats $3,5 >. All kiivds of s*fl HATS and CAPS very low. In order to sell at the above low prices the cash V#ystem must l?e adopted ; consequently those who feurchas* will not be charged from fifteen to twenty nve per cent, as an offset for bad debts. ANTHONV, (for many years in the employ of Todd Si Co.) No. 3,Columbia place, 7th sl ap 13?tf 2d rfoor north of Pentt. avenue. TAK-: NOTICE. NEW SPRING AND SUMMER GOODS. T") W. RROWVING, Merchant Tailor, under f. a the United Suites Hotel, has just received a large supply of Spring and Summer Goods, and id now prepar d to offer great bargains to all in want of good and fashion ?ble clothing. His 44 Heady made Clothing " will be sold at the following low prices: While suits, Coat, Par.t iiuons, and Vest, of thin cloth or eassimere, for $12. - Fine Black Frock and Dress Ccats, firm $10 to $15. Gooj Business Goats for $7 Black and Fancy Pants, trom $3 to $7. Marseilles ~nd Silk Vests, from $2 to $5. He keeps always on hand a large assortment rd fancy articles, such as Shirts. Gloves, Cravats, Um brellas., fcc. ??sole Agent for the sale of Scott's Fashions.' mar 19^?tj. LOOK HERE!!! MORE BOUNTY LAND TO jJLL who served in am* war "ince 1790, whether as Offieers e^ildiers, Sailors, Mannas, Clerk--, Indians, Chap tains, Wagon Masters, Teamsters, Landsmen, (or tneir widows or rumor children) who have not yet received fail 16 J acre*, and have been in service 14 days. will do we I U' wr.te to us. j-ottyiu, and ts.? =r Land Warrants wirt be iorwarded to tliem fur the alove quant ry. md no charge if tney do not get it. LLOYD St CO., Claim Agent's Office, opposite U. S. Treasury, W ashington City. D. C marG?:;?a SOILSTHINO "TsW TJ^DES THE SU5. CHA'uLSS WERNER, Penntflrarna arewoe, opposite broups' Hotel. HAS fitted up the commodious hall over 1ns Res taurant as a first clasn l. A(?t-.R BEER SA LOON, having pwurwl a supply of every luxury and comf??rts f >und in first class establishments ot the kind in the Northern cities. His RHINE WINES aud French White Wines, as well as bis Clarets, Segars, Lager Deer, German, Italian, and Switzer CHEESES, and indeed < f ev ery other appropriate luxury in such an s^f??!?fch mect, is unsurpassed in this country. He solicits a call iroci nis fnends and the public. may 12?tf Cl'MMlXG'S FAMILY PRAYERS, in 2 vol-, 75 cents each Buchan's System of Anthropology, $2 Flonne Prin esa of Burgundy, by W B MacCafce, 75 csnts Growth of Holiness, by Fabcr 50c Vindication of tbe Cath' lic Ciiurch, 75c The Immaculate Conception, by Bishop Ullaihorne 37*C . , The Heart of Jesus, by J. B Dalgairns, 50c. E K LUNDY, No. 1*8 Bridge street, Georgetown, D. C. may 17?I/ _ DENTISTRY. RB. DONALDS* ?N, Dentist, late of ihc firm (4 a Hunt & Donaldson, continues to - - ^ g manuiacture and insert those beautiful -*yCsS9s Ccelain teeth, with ?r without gnuis,' specimens of which (made aud de posited by tiie late firm) was i warit d tbe first premium at trie Mechanic-*' Institute Fair, recently held in this city. These teeth are carved and shaded to suit each particular case, and their resemblance to the natu ral organs is so perfect aa to deceive the most p?ac tised eye. Particular attention also paid to fiiluig and pre serving the natural teeth. Charges moderate and ail operations warranted. Office southwest corner Seventh and D s's?en trance on D. mar 2i?6m LAW PARTNERSHIP. Robert j. walker and louis janin have formed a co partnership under the firm of "Walker 4 Jaren,** for tlm management and ar rament '>{ cases in the Supreme Court of tbe Un t> d Slates, and before the Court of Clam's at Washing ton City. Addrsas Washington. D. C. cay 10 ? eo3<n COPARTNERSHIP. WE have this day formed a cpartnershln under ine Arm ot Skal h. Usvknnsr, for the sale of Wuies. Liquors, Cigars, &.c., at wholesale and retail, at No. 964 Seventh s ., opp Centre Market. J. T. NEAL. may 25?eolm G. W IIAVENNER. KsII ? li" fSi GREAT BARGAINS IN LADIES', OENTS', MISSES', AND DREMtf' BOOTS AND SHOES.?The subscriber b. i;ig co:upelied t MHN from] the ->? .re h.e i. iw o< c?i;ue-', offer* h-s pre-. I ent well assort- d stoek of BOOTS AND SHOES at greatly reduced pnees. All persons in want of the arucie will find it to their advantage to call before purchasing elMewherc. A. II. SLOAN, No 30A Pa- uv., near loth at.,north side, may 1?tf CILOCKS, WATCIikO AND JEWELRY /Opened this day, forty different itj'..^ u C o ka Good Clocks ?1 "J5 riue KoM VV^tehee, ?y*} warranted- Jewelry cheaper ihan ever. Call and st e for yourselves at J. ROBINSON'S, No. 319 opposite Browns' ll;Ul. u?ay 1?din, REESES EAGLE PLUMBING AND CAMITI'INC IJEPUT. r''E ?uW- fitw-f re>peetlully annoiince.. to his 4'"1 l,,,e Public iu g? neral tliat he has re l?l "? i ? celebrated DOlMiE'S wAC,lNU SUCTION AN!> FORCE ?V .' "hi"ft/'-c.|veU ibe SILVER MtVJiL at ?ni* ? UM! ^'"u"i?ohtaii Mechanics' Instl f-vnr^i'9 D,,w "rri>?r,*,i 1? fanurh all who may Uvor b.a with a call. His stock of OA? KlXrilMlX oiwiw u? the Dtatrict. u,l!,u, kim'-lrii tl"mir^' he prides -? _ C'f. ijinh st and Pa aveiiu*. _ irtNEW A^'I> OLD PIANOS. W IM1 v" " 'W ,lo": U4,f 'arge*t .<.<S'iriuitr< ol i * f. ' ,A> offere iu ?his eity from I-IIk. V^. ,U' lt,'co,, k iUvn,, ?,uj Ki.abe, ? ale hCa s cdtknM uiar.ulactories. Th<s? K VJ01 *f r:"?ri?t^'. aret s- il upon veiy easy i r u.? ' u a ^ l*' n ' J y -tfew m- nth-.wfciti. * "ffer at if low pr.. e .,t t ? ,r,.Ty iMHd Piano, by Ai.tir rts-u, f.^ ^ ; ^ *Dr baud I hicii* rifis Tiiiio ?ulr of rt&t at m tMugam. ~ T OJd Pisiios uktu in exchhi.^e for n?w. Always 1 n, Mtoui*, Co? n, \ lolins, Uu. itu, tin 4ccm4*.i,?( Minse. ?r kc. John v. ellis, 306 P?m?yivanniiviiiui:, 'M*1 bet. 9th and 10th streets. TO ALL THAT VALUE THEIR SIGHT. ti>pAXTICM OPT ICIAN ISHESto o.tll the attention to a!l that suffer r with detective sight, caused by age, sickness and particularly t oin glioses injudiciously selected, to his superior SPECTACLES and GLASSES care fully ground by himself to a true -phencal accuracy, and briliiant transparency, sui ed rrecisely and ben eficially to the wearer according to the concavity or convexity of the eye. Very numerous are th- ill ef fects caused to the precious organ of sight from the c imneneement of using glasses in not being pre cisely suited, by the use of an Optometer; and the practice of many years, enables him to measure the focil distance of the eyes, nnd su'-h glasses that are absolutely required will be furnished with precision an-1 satisfaction J. T acknowledges the very liberal encourage ment already obtained, rnd further solicits tire pa tronage of those that have not yet availed themselves of his aid. Persons that cannot conveniently call, by sending t'ie glasses in use, and staling how many inches the' can read this print with their spectacles, can be supplied with such that will Improve their siulit Innuuterablu testimonials to be seen; and refer ences given to many who have derived the greatest ease and comfort from hie glasses. Circulars to be had gratis, at his office. No 519 Seventh street, three doors fccui Odd Fellows' Hall, up st&^s. Norfolk, September 7,1854. Sir?The Spectacles you made for me suit very well, and seein to have improved my sight more than aay other I have lately tried Litt. VV. Tazewell. I hove tried a pair of Spectacles obtained from Mr Tobias, and nnd them of great assistance to my sight, an-l corr"<pondiiig with his description of the focus. I recommend him as a skillful optician. Henry A. Wist. Mr. J. Tobus : Sir?The pair cf Spectacles you famished me yesterday are part.cululy satisfactory to me They are very decidedly the best I possess, and I am tht owner of ' igbt or nine pairs, carefully selected in different places and from opticians recommended to me on account of their professional standing in Eng land, France, and the United States I have be< n also plra-ed with your remarks and directions on the treatment of the eyes, for the purpose of pre serving and improving the sight. Respectfully ycure, Chas. Caldwell, Professor of M. C., Louisville, Ky. Lynchburg, Nov. 10. 1854 Mr. John Tobias having furnished me with Glas ses, by which I have bc?n greatly aided, (my vision having suffered greatly from rending at night in my earlier life) i: affords me the highest pleasure to say that I consider him a skillful practical optician, nnd well prepared to aid those who n>av need his profes sional ;crv!ee9. Wm. II. Roczie, Elder of Methods' Conference. Wilmington, >. C., Jan. J7, 1&54. Mr. J. Tobias : Dear Sir?I am happy to say that the Spectacles which I obtained from you last week are entirely sau factory. From an inequality in the visual ran?e of my eyes, I have heretofore found sreat difficulty in getting glasses of the proper focal distances. It affords me pleasure to slate, that by the aid of your optometer tliii difficulty has been happily obviated >o tha? the Classes you furnished me are decidedly the best adapted to my ryes of ;.r.y I have ever yet used. Very respectfully your., R. B. Drane*, Rcctor of St. James' Parish. Department of Interior, May 7, 1*55. From natural defecLs and the unequal range of m> eyes, i have been compelled to use glasses for -eve ra! y< ars. I hive tried different opticians without obt-iiiing glasses perfect!- fitted to my eyes Four cioDtt:" -ince Mr. Tobia- ::.ade two pairs especially ior me, wnlch I have >ounJ to serve me perfectly. Ry the use of his oj-t niiet-r he is enabled to a Jap'. C is minutely to the eye I most cheerfully rec ommen i Mr. Tobias to all having occasion to use giasS'-s, and bear my testimony as to hit; skill as an Henry E Baldwin. Assistant Sect'y to sign Land Warrants, may 16?tf FOB THE CURE OP Asthma and Coosnmption. MEW AMD VERY WONU btiFUL.'!! HYGEANA Brought heme to the door cf the Million A WONDERFUL discovery has recently been made by Dr. Curtis of ihis city, in the treat ment of Consumption, Asthma, and aU diseases of th?- Lung". We reter m DH CURTIS'S HYGE ANA (?K INHALING HYGEAN VAPOR AND CHERRY SVK'JP " With this n-w method, Dr C. has restored many afflicted orit's to he ilth, as an evidence of which he has innumerable c? rtificates Speakiuz of the treatment, a physician remarks, "It is evident that ir haling?constantly breathing an agreeable, heali' g vapor?the m- diciual properties must come in direct contact with the whole erial cevitie of the lungs, and thus escape the many and varied changes produced upon theiu when intro duced into the stomach, and subject to the process of digestion " The Hygena is foi .ale at all t?ie Druggi-t's throughout the country.?A'. York Dutch? man of Jan. 14. The Inha'er is worn on the breast under the linen without the least inconvenience?the heat of the b-jdy being sufficient to evaporate the fluid IJun dreds of cases of cures, like the following, misfit be named. One package of the Hyg.ana has cured me of the Asthma of six years' standing. J F. Keesberry, P. M. of Duncanuon, Pa I am cured oi th e Asthma of ten years' standing by Dr. Cuitis's Hygeana. Margaret EASTON, Brooklyn, N. V. Mrs. P.tul,o/N'o. & Hammond street, N Y , was cured or a sever1; ca?e ot Bronchitis by the Hy geana. My sister has been cured of a distressing cough of several years' standing, and decided to be incura ble b ti>e physicians. She was cured in one month by the Jfygeana. J. U. Gai-bkrt, P. M Richmond, Me. The Rev. Dr. Cheever, of New York, testifies of our medicine in the following language: New York, Nov. 15, 1854. Dear Sir?I think highly of Dr. Curtls's Hygeana as a remedy in diseases of the throat and Lungs ? Having had some opportunity to testify its efficacy, I aai convinced that it is a most excellent inedi eine, both th : Syrup and the inhaling application to liie chest. Proi". F- Cbnter writes us as follows* Ceiitle.nen?I have recently had occasion to test jour Cherry Syrup and Hyg^an Vapor, in a case of cbf nie sore throat, tiiat liad refused to yield to oth er forms of treatment, and the re.-ult has satisfied me that, whatever m ty be the composition of your preparation, it is no imposition, but an excellent remedy, i wish, lor the sake of the affiicted, that it m;?ht be brought within the reach of all. Dr Johns, one of the most celebrated Physicians in New York writes as follows : Dr. CrRTts?De*r Sir?Having witnessed the ex cellent effects ot your Hygeana or inhaling Hygean Vapor and Cherry Syiup, in case of Chronic Bron chitis, and being aiuch in favor of counter irritation in affections of the Uiroat, Bronchial tubes andlun^s I car. therefore cheerfully recommend your Mtdi catid Apparatus as being the most convenient and effwctual mode oi app'ying anything of the kind I have ever seen. No doubt, thousands of per ens may he relieved, and many cured, by using your medicines. I must here be. allowed to confess that I mn op posed to prescribi-.g or tiding secret compounds, but this little neatly contrived article, and its effects in the ? ase above alluded to, have induced me to speak in its favor. You are at fi!?ny to use this in any way you may thi'ik propt r. Hespectltilly, yours, Sic. C. Johns, M D.. No. t>09 Houston street, N. Y. Pre - tiire- dollars a pa> kage. Sold by CURTIS Jt PEHKINS and BOYD k PAUL, No 149 L'hambers street, N. Y. Four puc kag? J sent free to any part of the United Htat^; lor ten d< Mars. N. B ? Dr. Cnrti-'s Hygeana is the OBIGINAL OJ.d^NI.Y GENUINE ARTICLE; all others are bass mma ions, or vile aed injurious counterfeits. th.M as you would pf?ISON. Kor sale in Washington by CHARLRS STO TT, P* av nue near 7th sue t; cad J. II MOORE, in the Fust W aid. may 83? CIIARLICS I1A8K;M9, ArchlUel. {Fa. aien-^t,, arid lift*,,) W WAS?lH?TON,p. C. IL-. c-.iitiuue to luiuuh l'tiius, detail wotkiat Diawmgn and speeffications ol buiUltiivs of ' < v..ry d< scrtpt^in and al30 to superintend then- ? iec ,IOn* feb 1?uU A action fralea By ORK1CN * SCOT r, Aactton??ri. T'RUSTEE'S sale op valu\ble real Estate.?By virue of a decree of the Orphans' Court ol the District of Columbia, for the county of Washington, approved by the Circuit ( omt of snid Dinnrt. nitting in cbanrery, passed in the matt-rot the p litton ot William hitrnnre, et ?!. cVMren and heirs-utlaw of William W Whinnnre lute of s;ud county decked, I will, on 'J IIUNtjDAY, the Jl't day of May, 1855, ai 6?, o'clock p in , i:s front ot the premise*, proceed to Fell Lou of (round uum bered seventeen (17) and eighteen (18) in Square numbered five hundred ani three (503) si ?r,te in thecity of Washingl n, and District aforesaid. The above described property is situated on the northwest corner of 6;h street west and \ .-tree; south, and contains in the aggregate about fi-urie n thousand square feet ol grouud. Terms of sale: One-third cash, and the residue in two equal payments at six and twelve months, with interest from day ot sale. Th? deferred payment to be secured by the notes of the purchaser or nir ciiasers, satisfactorily endorsed. Upon the full payment ot thv purchase money and interest and the ratification of the sale bv the Court, the trustee will convey said lots of ground to the purchaser or purchasers thereof, at his or their coat and expeusc. If the t-rms of sale are not complied with within five days trom th? day of sale, the trustee reserves the right to re-ell said lot*, o either of them, hih>d reasonable notice, at tile risk and cost of the first purchaser. RICHARD 11. LASKEY, Trustee. GREEN & SCOT 1', may 15?eo9w&ds Auctioneers. By J AS* C. VcQl'lllK, Auclicattr. VERY DESIRABLE BUILDING LOT at Auc tion. On TUESDAY afternoon, June 12th, ft u o cIoca, on the premi e*, the subscriber will seli, by vir ile of a deed <>f trust from Basil Lancaster, dated September 22d, 1B48, and duly recorded in Li b-rJ.A.8.,No I, folios 380, 3c. ?. one of the land records lor Washingt. n county, all that rieec o parcel of ground and premi es designated upon ih< ground plan of said city as Lot No 28, in Square ly<, having a Iront ot 49 feet nine inches on I5lh st. west, between north L and >f streets, running bac* l(J7 feet to a 30 feet alley, with a 15 fert alley run time the fall depth of the lot on the side. ' This 's situated in a npidly improving pirt of th ; First Ward arid is very desirably located lerms: .$450 in cash, ir.e residue in f> and 12 months, with interest, secure.; by a dee 1 of trust on | the premises. All conveyancing at co-t of purchaser. JAS. It. COLLINS, Trustee. ~ ii ? JAR. C. McGUIBE, may II? 2aw5n|g Auctioneer. By J. C. McGUIH E, Auction<tcr. /^HANCEKY SALE OF VALUABLE AND EL Vy igibly situated improved and unimproved Real b tate, consoling of l?w- Housei and Lots, v,i I cant Lois, and Wharf.? Ly v:rtu~ of r. dtciee ofllf Circuit Court of tin. DUttiet of Columbia for Wa.h ingtou county, made in tiie cause wherein John A Fraser is com pi a nanf, and John Walker, I !.-n s. Irraser, and others, heirs at law Of Simon Plasm deceased, are deleuoant--. No. 899,in Cfcaacery, the subscriber, trustees app dated by said decree, will I .-ell at pubne auctioa ;.ll those p:? ci ? oi parcels of ground l>ing and heingsifaati d <o the city of Warh in?ton. and kn.iwn aid distincutehed as bein ? I ? ?? Nos 12, 3. 4, 5, fi. 7. 8, ft. 10, II, 2, ,2, 14, 15 16, 11, 18. 19, 20, 2 , ?i, 23, and in the -ubdivi-ion made by s^d trustee- of Sonar- No. 412, fr ntu ?? respectively and variously from IS feet 1 inch to 30 feet t fncheaoa fcti. nd fch streets wen. sod E an l I str'-tt- - >uth, by various depth t ;.n a;|..i, w ,,h I the improvement* and appurn nils , Which con Isfat of a CMBodMNH end v/r!I anl sun. ianti.dly built 3\' story Brn lr f i.-ili,,- ?|ou ? on Lot >? ?,iJ i comioriaiils and w- !i audi 2 s.ory Ifri- Duel i' e I House on Mehof .'.ots I ?* snj )6 in mmI n?h I viivi.-i- n ; iot N i f oi Square \o lk&. tr'in"i" ?"> ?II F mmfh, Mweeq hb and 10th its. wear ??y 125 teet de?p, W; ,v. a: d .r.pni uriance-, whtch conji-t of a 2 -torv Frame D,v. | _>ne House; pa t t.f l,o. \ > .'{, in Sqnar" Vo 730 I fronting M feet on feuM)lfuia ivomk. rursniii? ack ?oM A" street south, with a wi.ith on said "A" slr. et of 4:f feet'inches ; part ot 8qure Vo 472, fronting 44 feet on IVa'--street, ;.t ihe lernn li.aaono , fh street w?.#t. w:t?i ??i? val'ja!.!e \ I thereto ntraeh'-d am! l.elongi]./, the I etiannel of the Pot-uii.T rrv-i, and n?>w o-cup ?' hv G?orge Pagf and used if a steariiboii' .vharf " 1 . Tht "?'e w/ th'" " veral I. !- in tin- suhdivi-io-s f,f i Square No 41 J, w tti the irii,)ro . mi nts ard a: ;>n ,wii' Va^ V*. *"? Thuwday, Uie Utii llnM al o't-io' P m , on tii yr -.*i! The sale of Lot No. 4. in Square No. :*8, with fi*! improvements anl ^ppurt^nance^, will 'lace on said Thursday, the 24f. ?:av ui V,.. v, l.y,, at 6 o'cn-ck p. m , on the m ? 9 I The sale of pari of Lot No 3, iri -qu ire No. T.'!0 wii. ak. place on Fuday.tbu 2ath day ! May, t ?/\ " clo k p. in., on |ha prem: ' And the sale or part of Square No 472, with the v:dua(.,e \\ hart rh-reto nttached end belonging, will 't *Tii ?c? ?:L Tuc' ,lav?l!lt d ?y of May, 1855, I ^9 0 c,,,ck p. ui., on prt/ni^(;j. I riie i.'.ovi- property i< all -itn .ted in desirable I > cationif rapidly enhin mi{ in value, and offers to capitalists and others a mart fkvonhw opportanity ;or lnvenments O! pr-curmg a desirahie n - ' J h? terms of sale, as prescribed l.y s:ud ' ???, vm.i be one fourtii of tfi^ iprchase monev in cash! and the balance in mi, twelve, eig.'-o-en. *at.-' tvv. -i ty four inonths, to !>e secured bv the pmchair's is > 11 j 0. be a lug int.- rust finoa day of sale, with secu rity to be approved by the Trustees. Upon thefnl! payment of th' pmchase mo.?-y and interest, and the ratifiestloa of the *a!,. or ta?es bi 5 Court, the. Tru-tees wi!J ennre the proper'y to 1 the respective pureha; era in fe?:. ' 1 < - terms of sale are not complied with in six i.ay? after the safe, the property the terms of the suir <>< which arc n-t so coaiphed with wiil be refold at I ouace.eXP?n"' lhC l"lrofca5crs All conveyancing Rt the expense of the nurchas <??. CH ?S. S. WALLACII, t J EDW'D SVVANN, } Trustees. JAS. C. MrOIJIRE, eshd' Auctioneer. (K?-TI*a aala of the itveral lots fa tquar. 4.2 and lot 4 111 square :,88, wall improve unul V/'f^nav"*!1' of the rais, un j| l f K^,IJAY, Jiiur 5:h, oame hours. 1 he sale of part of Jot No. 3, in souare 731 will take place this (FRIDAY)afternoon, at5k o'clock on the premises. ' * u t'oc*? CHAS. 8. WALLACII, lrp EDW'D 8WANN, f Trustees. JAS. C. McOUIRE, msy 25?eohds Auctioneer. "y C. MeGl'IKlf, Auctioneer. PAIR SPLENDID HAY CARRIAGE HOUSES -...thWrVUpCn?r BueKy ;u,d Horses, fine C. ghsh Clarence, one double seated Hu-gy Wagon Harness, Covers, &e._(,n TH UH sDA V afternoon S iJl'.V ^,"'clock> at t,,e Auction Roorr*, p? ILL L |,,Uow,n? property of his Excellency the French Minister, who is about to leave for Fu rope, viz: u Fair ofH^P^:or Northern I red bob tad Hay Carnage Two excellent Rup?y and saddle II n-. . One fiue English Clarence One double sealed Buggy Wlfon Harness, Covers, SadJles, btc. ib Jp?rf? iv ".'ay kc sct" 61 S<-''w?rtx-s Stables, in the First W ar<l, any time previouito the saie I. rm* : 5100 and under cash ; over tha* sum a credit of two and four months, fur notes satiafactorl ly endorsed, bearing interest ^ J JAS. C. McGUIRE, may d Auctioneer. By JAS. V. MtOlIRK, Auctioneers* riiRUoTEE'S SALE tiF VALUABLE and 0I1 X gibly situated Hous*- and Lot on Maryland ave nue, between 4# and 6lh streets we^L? By virtue or a deed of trust beaim? date on lhe5.h day of Feb ruary, 1853, and recorded 111 Liber J. A. S No 52 2?.^?,'..^" the "Ubscriber will sell, at public sale ?" THlflWDAY, the 31*t day of May, 1855, at 5U o clock, p m., on the premises, all that piece or nar cel of ground lying and being situate in the city of Washington, and known and distinguished as Lot U, in the subdivisions^ Lots Nog.7,8, ?, 10. and II in square Nn.492, (routing 23 feet 5 m- hes on Ma rylanj avenue, between 4;?j and tiUi streets wt^t and running back tu a 20 leel alley, with the budd ings and improvements, which consist of a well and substantially built two story and atuc brick dwelling house, wjtli two story frame back buildtug and n cefsary outbuildings. The above property id situated 111 u healthy and deMrablQ location, and rapid! / enhancing in value, and offeir a favorable opportunity to p^rMins dtsi rous of o'tiaining a convenient and comfortable res idence, or making an inve tment. The term.' of die rale wdl !* one-half cash, and tlie balance in 6, 12, and 18 months, for notes bear "'t Mfre* ironi dty of sale, secured l.y a deed of tn?*t on the property. 7 1 It the tortus ot sale are not eomplied with in six days after the sale, the property will be resold at the risk and eipeo?e of the purchaser upon one week's notice. All conveyancing at cost of purchsser. Title indifpritable. '11A8. 8. WALLACH Trustee. JAS. V. MrGUIRE, may ii? ofcds Auctioneer. Amusements. GRAND PIC NIC or thx MI frH?E^lrR?iLERV r'If{STIES' FIRE c< M* PANV re*pectlully make Miown to their friends and ilie public geneiilh that they will .ovi iluir first PIC \ic .,n THURSDAY, Jane 7tf 1&V o ih" WHITE HOUSE ' ' The Company will spu e Qi, or . vpecr.. t insure satisfaction I he R. f cslmn nts will l?? served by an exn* rieneed a pre , Mr A Co umbos ' Vis"ting Companies will a;pear i:i uniform The boat will |e>iv* G* rgetown at 1 o'cloek; Wa hin*tcn at 2, Navy Vurd ai.d Alexan dria at J p. ni Tickets 0N3 DOLLAR?admitting n g ntleman and liuuei to be Lai ot any of the Committee of Arrangements Committee. EG Evan?, II Kniahf, S Culver well S PR.prison, 1! Keeuan, R Waren. J 1 Halb rk r Mat|.>"k, A , , ',r 1 Hawaon, J Slatlord, Mid Lirkhei-d, L Newinyer, J King. S fayl-ir, may li>?eotd ?50 REWARD. SERVANT girl 3.ira!i b ft the Mars'.rJl Hou e, Aletandria, Va , oi: Monday, the 14th insranr. and lias not since tern b. ar.l of. I will pav lh above r?".vard if ta:;er. up ou? of the State of Virgin ia, or ;t'taken up in the State and lodge.! i,( til si) that I caught her again She is of a? he.-iniit e?>l or, about fiy? feet hi -it. stout built, and ;.as a pt. as ant couatcnar.ce wli n spoken to, ?d is about Jo years ol.1 I purchased fw in Cb?rtnttf?viile, \'a in October last. FELIX RIChAKDS *' may 21? ?$>1**; USUEH IOSKD are new worfcHi] the Quarry formerly occupied bv Vaj r Wm H. Srott, an i are prep.ired to fu ni.-'i i u v; at the usual ni trlvt rates HUMPHREYS k WILLIAM.!. rT[-nr;et..y/i:. Mav 15?lm* L. J. MI.'tDLKTOK, DEALER IN ICE, Office and Dcp t south tide l \nej* to corner l'Jf/; u. ICG KEPT CONSTANTLY ON HAND AT THE OFFICE, which can be had in large or small quantities. 0&- Office open from 5 a ni. to 9 p. m. ni 1?enSr.i ORGANS FOR SALE VSUPERIOR toned CHAPEI. ORCS.VN; and r? fine Ro-'ewood PARLOR ORGAN, bo:h now on exhibition at the Metropolitan Mechani s' Fav They are from ?&?> manufactory of HENRV LR.BEV of New Y ork. i r term-, Uapply to Prof. 8CHEEI., on 14th street, north of r. HENRY HitUil.V tel) 96- .*r?tf MOURNING AND FANCY DRESS CAPS. ' J'AVK '? ust r? reived an aadortmert ot M >UR\ i l*C CAPS, suitable lor tld"rly ladi-?. Afro, , Fancy L?il=s Caps, to which I unite tu- an ,.i ..f thu&e who are in want A. TA I K Nn 314 Pa. av. bet. lUitmnd 1 lit' sis. ; may'ill?e?>3' fir til> IF YOU READ ADVERTISEMENT^ ; I |LJ:AsE notice t:iat 1 have. fre,h rrom I; ? i ? I. taLti. hiiM Pt ui New Yon, lleekerV ua in?? Fiour. Ilet kci's Grits. Ileck? r'? Macc.irt iii ai..1 V. i nia.:?:l>i, Hecker'.-i Farina, <w- (tafier c f tvbicb, i:t 14 cents, v.ill make a superior c,i- i cufllv** n r f-tfeeii r.r twenty persons Also, Ciiwetfo C-<r.i Starch and Curumi, a j variety of M'- pieparatii n- o- . t.<: o :k< i ? i ati.'ig nd rt-inki?.^ Maker's ?<ip< rior (' ,co:, j.-.(.:e iro.ii wfticb, in a lew ii.inutes, by pouring boilin?r , water on it a vtry superior otin of Choc^Iu- <? :.'t b. ' utttde. When dollar-and cents are made a fiu^/ io l it the snir.e tint'; superior article for h- alili asi i ??? on omvis re?juf'?-d, you would do well to ?al! at KI j Grocerv and Variety Store, corner Ve.moM isue and ! streets, a few ?tep'a northenst ? j Ja.k+c-n j Matue. may 11?wtf . rr'-'o SALE.?A Pair of RAY MAKES, 7 y. rrs ! * oidneits-pringjWell-bred^cnnd.stylM , j ftenii^, Npinted and capital foer*. The'yar. ? , veil-broken and perfectly free froth trick-, tv.Tl { p-Tfieu'r-riy Fuit any gentUman who i w i ? ; j .iivinr. The owner pans with theia onlv becan>e j l is ptirjKjs Li to retrench his expanses, i aej c.?h , b* M'.-n at Southron's (late Birch's) Stable, :? '<?; I otreet, south of pa. avenue. F->r terms, :ir an <?; iwtu.Tiiy to try them, enquire at the counter c: ttie ."'lar offii-e. Tliey w;!' he sold a bn. sain. a^ .'1 -ii \TKVV BOOKS RECIEVED AT , SHILLING TON S. I lie Y-.vo Guardian?, by the auUier of Hearif ase are' the Heir of K< drlyff Ladiv- .\ nal Magazine, tor June Ballou's Mn>azine, !br Jui:>; New York Journal, for funa ^ ank.'' Notions, fot Juiie. /\ii the .<< w iJ-voks and every ilii,ig m ;ftc ^ta HOiiery line, for -Oe at SHILLINGTON'S Borksto^, Odecu building, car. 4^ rt, and !\ . av. mav 91 ? NOTICE. THE WEITK HOULE PAVIL ion. &c , hag bsen rabted foi the eeaM?n, and ia ieady tor the reception of visitors. Larue a u bmail parties can he- accoii.n.cdated W'th Mrtls. !,?. ."or particulars apply to WILLIAM COKE, on F, w? e:: 21?t aed 22d streetE. No Excursion parties except those already en gaged, t an turnish tin ir own caterer except pyvin? extra lor the use of the hou-e. By order of the MANAGERS. may -21? MVV&tFIm PLEASURE TRIPS TO THE WHITE HOUSE PAVILION. The Steamers GEO. WASLi INGXON or TUOlj COLLYER cau Ik chartered for public or select partii ? to visit tht White House Pavilion, Mount Vernon, Fori Washington, or other places on the river. The White House Pavilion is now opeu for visi tors It is a beautiful place for pleasure trips; it has a line Ball and Dining room , also, a new Ten Pin Alley. Q&~ For particulars app'y to the Presidr::! .?f the Company, or the Captains ot the Boats. Mr WILLIAM COKE is furnishing refreshment our he boats, and is prepared to furnish parti*.- on the best terms. ap kJ8-2m ClbVKR W/VUE, I'LATJtif WARE O AN.OP1SK FA.XCl QOOOS.-Silver V' .lee and Tea Sets, Sugar Bowls, Cream Jugs, ti- -'ilcis, Cups, Spoons and F<irks. A No. a great variety of magnificent Fancy Silver Ware, suitable tor present.-;. Plated Coffee Sels, Castors, BabkfcU=, Spoons run] Forks, on best Albata. The articles are warranted as represented, and will L? sold at a Mxiall advance. H. 8EMKEN, 380 Pa. avenue, bet 9th and lOtii BtrrtU. mar 99?tf fV?R SALE?A VERY FINE SADDLE A\Ti B?ggy llURSE. The horse is young, gfy gsntie and sound, and of fine stock ; woul.i make eiih-r a very fine carriage horse, or i very pleasant riding norse. AIwi, f>r sale an excellent work horse, perfectly sound. Apply to No. 43 Dunbaiton at, Georget'n. mar 1?lawtf UAIR~WORK. ORNAMENTS of Hair, such as Bracelets, ? ' tlaiiis, Chains, Breasipms, Earrings, Finger Huif -., made to order, of any de?ired di si^n. All orders faithfully attendei to. Specimens may be seen at my store. H. SEMUEN, No. 330 Pa. av., between Uili and 10th sis. Mil JO DRAWING BOOKS fioui Paris and Loiidon, mi ported direet by the undersigned, of various kinds and description, Landscape Dtax\i! g, Flow ers, Animal Life, the Hnman Figure, Perspective, Architectural Drawing, Ike. 'r'"y 21 FRANCE TAYLOR. KISS ME IF \ OU DARE!?p. new Waltz, very suitable lor beginners, composed and dedicated la Mis* ? of Georgetjwd, by Prof. VV. Hunter. PubMslit d and ior sate at ItrLBUS ?* lllT/'S Music Depot, a?ny 9? < omcr Pa. av. and lflH m. IJ'OOLSCAP WRITING PAPERS of the finest an.I also ol the cheaper ktud.s . A large supply just received ilti wliruttt the man UlaLturrrf, fot snfe at uuusiiaily low prices. ?"?y '?> FKANUK TAVLOk. r.SlNG ST A R. 1 UOrilOI CF VESUVIUS j A letter from Naples, dated May 2,1 contains the follow ing: *4 Everything in Naples is for the pres ent extinguished by ooe great fact?the eruption of Vesuvius. Kinz. min:sters I ar.d policemen, in their wvera! sphere*, j are all scorched and shrivelled up into nothingness I am disposed to think that a Neapolitan might now wear a gir dle round his waist, or a beard, or a wide awake, so all-absorbing is the erup tion of Vesuvius. Wc have been ex peciing longing for it for some time The wills at Re&ina had been dried up. j More than once since 1850 the mountain Ihas thundered and smoke?, and in the Jhevionirg of the year a portion of the crater fell in. Gnat numbers of stran ger* have, therefore, waited till very late in the reason, in the hope of seeiug this extraordinary spectacle, and have just 1 taken their l< ave when the mountain, ts Jin <4dispetto" breaks out. The princi pal guide, who is called Cozzalino. re 1 ported on the morning of the 1st ot May that he had just ascendcd the mountain, lai i that on arriving on the summit, there j a thou-and reports as of cannon, land then was thrown up a discharge of j'vJ-ho; stones. The rain and inist, a^l I pmokc. huwe-ver, all mingled together, J prevented a near approach or nearer ob I nervation, and we are, therefore, for th? Ipie ent, left to cur unaided SbaeftrttKM I During the whole of yesterday, nothingI I was to be seen but smoke and cloud-. I which enveloped net the mountain I I l>ut the whole co:;>t, p.nd then swept I I away in mmense volumes towards ('apri. I J In the very centre of the cloud, however. I I mjght be seen an ashy sulphurous c>>1-| jo:ed plain, which by a shade difference I j in the culor, and jy the well-marked J j outline, indicated that it was not all I {smoke, but that lava was coming down. I As came on the heavens weiel in a bright jiow, and the whole popula- I tion liocked down to the mole of Santa I Lucia, ? u see the magnificent spectacle.! It v?? one of those undefined scenes! : which give the imagination full play I ? T he form of the mountain was indistin-l !2*nsiiab e, nothing was to be seen but! cloud1, < moke and lire. Up to the very! zenith the skv was covered with l:?rg?,| bn.beu: clcud.s, black an ink.and frir-gedl I wi.h white: on^reneath, and half wa;, I jdown the mountain, every thing was on I I lire, whilst right in the centre of it sho? I j up a cone of black smoke, i till lower! j a Jul , <iark clouds cowered the base oil i rit: iiiou itain, having too, at their ccn'rel i j. ;ece and contrast the i tver of lava whic I i is mining down towards i^sina. A fc? I days cinee I was exploring wi'h the! mincTS among the ruins which still la j. I buried under the modern city. The I neighboring mountain was rumbling and I smoking,"and referring the inhabitants, I as it were to the h: itory of the past, but I j they took no notice of it, and I doubt I } whether they now do so, except toca'cu-1 51a*e the amount of p-ofi: it may bring in j j to them, for an eruption of \ esuviui is to I l them as good as a tire to the London! ' thieves. During the whole of last nigh: | ?there was a perfect procession ot cai-J jri.v,?s towards R sina. The scene was! * rendered s* ill grander by an eclipse of I I ti e moon, w hich took place about two! hours and a half past midnight. ' Love, Intempf.rancb, and Self mir Dii:.?Th?' Lifay*.tte (hid.) /tnerican, o! j. recent uj..e, ha^ the following : We are ind-:otei to ex-Mayor O'Brian jusi returned from L gan.,port, tor the following : On Friday evening last about dusk, Spencer D<tns a young man about twenty-five years old, nephew of the late George Tipton, blew his brains out with a pistol, loaded with seven buckshot, under the following circumstances: lie w:^ a printer, and worked in the office of . r e Pharos ; he had lor sometime past b - n addicted to hard drinking, lie had been er.dtavcriug to pay his addres.-es to a young lady named Baldwin who re sides on the island in the V\ abash, by whom his suit was rejected. On Friday evening he went to the gate of the house and called the young lady, sajing he wished to bid iier good bye, as he was going away. Upon coming out she pcr ceived n pistol in his hand which he was attempting to conceal behind hirn. She immediately ran into the house in great al&im, fastened the door, and sent a boy through a back window lor her father. Iier lather soon arrived, and fouud Davis sitting upou the porch. As he entered the gate, Davis rose, and Mr. Baldwin, perceiv?ag a pistol in his hand wliich he was in the act of raising, said to him. " Davis, don't hurt me." Davis replied. " No, Baldwin, I wouldn't harm a hair of your head," and immediately dis charged the pistol into his own right temple. He fell, bleeding copiously, with a horrid wound in the head, outot which t: e brain immediately oozed, but, never theless, he lived for several hours. Young Davis has always been consid ered an amiable, harmless, and good hearted young man, and his funeral was attended by a large concourse of sympa thizing friends. Soldiering wim the Gilding Off.? Here are careless, daring sort of senten ces from an officer in the Crimea; but they have a meaning for those who en couiage ihe military spirit, and delight in holiday parades, without thinking to what they may lead :? 44 Wc are out here soldiering with the gilding oil, and many a young gentleman would be forever cured of his love of arms if he could see but one day's fight ing, and have one day's parade with the men who do it. Fortunate it is that we have youth on whom to rely, and that there are in old England men 4 who de light in war/ and who will bo ready to incur privation, <Uuger and death at her summons, -'s to young ladies muttering with 'thescailet lever,'?the pupils of the L. E. L. school, who are forever THE WEEKLY STAR. Thia eicrieet r unity aa4 New* tnmml c' lalmnr a gr> ran**/ of tmwattny reading tbna ran be found in an? ruber?to pubUafard on Aatwdaf copy, fl K TO CITM. rive oupiaa ?, , ?.....?? r*-enty 4o..._.._ 1200 ft?-Clan. IKTaBIAJiLT I* i|Ti?0<. ft?- Single cr?p,r? (in wrapper*) cm be piiwurt a' the courw, irnnoduuly after ttie mut of '.?? paper. Prire-- eats m-rt. orTXAMTcaa who a t n* afttu trill be aflow^ i iv'iri>iif- n oftwntv pr? cent. mmssssm thinking of heroes and champions, *of crowning conquerors' brows with flowers* and wishing for 4 Arab steeds and fal chion*; bright'?if tbey could bat for one instant have stood beside me and gazed ir to me of the pits where some thirty 4 c'.i ds of the valley' all covered witb *-carlrt and blue cloth, with lace and 'broidery and blood, were lying side by side, and f taring up to heaven with their slghtlws orbs a* they were about to be consigned to the worms, they would feel the horrors of their hero wcrebip, and would join in pi aver for the advent of thai day?it come it ever may?when war shall be no more, and when the aheddiag of blood shall cease." TnE Origin op ma White, rni to, AtiDTHS Black M \.v. ? In Washington Irvings new work, "Wolfret Roost," we iind the following pleasant legend : When the Great Spirit had made three men, he called ihein together and showed Litem three boxes. The first was filled with books and maps, and papers. Tho second with tiows and arrows, and knivts a:nl toir.a'iawks. The third with spades and axes, hoes and hammers. "These, ray sons,' said he, *4are the means by which you are to live; choose among them according to your fancy," The white man, being the favorite, had ih?; lirst choice, lie passed by the box ot working tools without notice; but when he came to the weapons for war : uuting, he stopped and looked hard at ?hein T lie red ma n t rem bled. for be had set his heart upon that box. The whits man, however, after looking upon it for a moment, parsed on, and choose the box of books and papers. The red man s turn fame next, and you may be sure he t< \Zed with joy upon the bows and ar rows and tomahawks. As to the black man, he had no choice left but to put up with the box of tools. From this it is clear that the Great Spirit intended the white man should learn to read and wr:te; to understand Ail about the moon and stars, and to make everything, even rum and whiskey. 1 hat thy red man should be a Ural-rate hunter, and a mighty warrior, but he was not to learo anything from books, as the i Grett spirit had not given him any; nor he was not to make rum and whiskey, Ie.-?i he should kill himself with drinking. As to the black man, as he had nothing fe i. working tools, it was clear he was to work for the white and red man, which lie has continued to do. A Hari> Cas*.?A Geiman named In zer. &; riv.d here in December last from Germany, with his wife a;id two chil dren, ?nd took hoard at a uousc niCbam street, i he day after her arrival, s ;e and her infant, Wilhtlmine, were ta ken mc!c and removed to the hospital on Staten I>laud, while her husband and another child of four years of age, named Bt-rtha, remained. After a week she re turned and found that her husband had left for the country to get work, and lit tle Berlha had been taken to the hospital at \\ ar?J s Island. She applied for and obtained permission to go lo Ward's Is and, and was then seized with typhus fever. On her recovery, she found that both oi her children were dead! She i thin return*d to the boarding house to get the two trunks which had been left there, but was told that btr husband owed *7, on payment of which she could iiave il e u. She then obtaiued a situa tion. earned the money, but when she ?^ot possession of the trunks, she found ?hat they had been troken open and nip ped of several valuable articles! The ca?e is one of peculiar hardship.?AT. Y. Express. Alas! Peioa Stove-pipe ?"JohnPhc& nix write.* a letter to the editor of the California Pioneer, lamenting the de struction of a stove-pipe for which he cherishcd a peculiar affection. We give his own feeling description: '* Risirg a-*>ve the kitchen chimney to the noble altitude of nearly twelve feet, ;t pointed to a better world, and was pleasantly suggestive of hot cakes for breakfast. Fn m the window of my back porch 1 have gazed for hours on that no ble structure; and watching its rotary cap shifting with every breeze, and j?our. ing forth clouds of gas and vapor, I have nausea on politics, and fancied myself a politician. It was an accomplished stove-pipe. The metody accompanying its movements?inaptly teimcd creak ng, by the soulless?g*ve evidence of its ta*te for music, and its proficiency in drawing was the wonder and delight of our family circle. It had no bad habits; it did not even smoke. I fondly hoped to enjoy its society for years, but one by one our dearest treasures are snatched from us; the soot fell, and the stove-pipe has followed suit." New Style op Babt. -The police, a few days since, visited a certain house in this city, under the expectation of find ing some liquors "intended for bale." * very thing, however, appeared quiet and home-like. The "spirits," if about, were invisible, and made no "manifesta tions" of their presence. The good la dy of the house sat at the side of ths cradle, humming a lullaby to her help less little one, who was sound asleep, and well covered up, so that the light should not hurt its ' dear little blue eyes." One ol the officers, however, being the father of a family, and fond ofbabi?s, thought he would just peep under the coverlet, and get a glimpse of its innocent coun tenance. lie did so, aud behold! The infant, by some horrible demoniac in fluence, was suddenly changed into a cradle full of demijohns, containing spir ituous liquors! They therefore seized the baby in its new shape, and intend to knock its brains out when Judge Carter shall so order .?Portland Argus. HISS One aturofie tbe hoi..>rwd Bay Leave* fa^e, At.?l aMieiil glottea wijjtr in ibp ?ba<l?.. Tbc'Fnlatia ofihe Stale, at duty'a call, Ma** a I mi*g iiw>?uL?r from the Hall Take Uo fiMl ad J, n # WT.'IM nave hir-e-! the Lr|iolaiure loo. T [Jmimml Commute

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