Newspaper of Evening Star, June 1, 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated June 1, 1855 Page 1
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f THE EVENING STAR UfTBLISHED EVERY AFTERNOON, ~ (EXCEPT 8CJJTDAYJ M tks Star Building, corner Penn?\lvtnx% mvnu* and Eleventh street, Br W. D. WALV.ACn, WTiU be M-r?>d to rub^crib^r* in the cities of W ash fcutnn, Georjmown, Aleiandria. Baltimore and Philadelphia. at SIX AND A QVARTER CENTS, p\yable weekly to the Af*>nt*. To mail subscribers ?e robscription price ia THREE DOLLARS AND riPTY CENTS a year In advance, TWO DOL f LARS for SIX MONTHS, and ONE DOLLAR Jhr THREE MONTHS. Q^Simols corua orb oairr. VOL. V. WASHINGTON D. C., FRIDAY, JUNE I. 1855. NO. 752. XR,^hVnf;patent improved eyelet ma Pirs? patent?combined on on<! stock ^ %**** ?self feeding with eyelet ^ P*tent?patent improved fastener, nvftlnj .tK til sides ' * All par lie* in want of a g*v?d Eyelet Machine, are ?tronjlv recommended to u*e b<m,c but LIPMAM'H P\TENT IMPROVED, which in decidedly the best ever broatht before the public, possessing numerous r aJvantage*, via : It u strong, durable and nntliable to g<"t out of or der. It panche* the hole well, and to fi: *he Eyelet, L oiid in one operation clinches tb?* Eyelet on both fc fides. It Mves time, as the pnpers &c., need not bte revers-d or turned over to clinch the F.ylet a se weond[tim<?, as it the cas? with all other Machines. I It i? useful to the Merchant in filing away papers, r * wrN as to the at?ori:ey nr Conveyancer, t'ie t'hoe niker, Tailor, Milliner, and numerous others, anu m a very lanor saving Miehine So'd by all the principal Sra'ioners and Fancy Goods Detler* throughout the United Sutea. Agents for Washinjrton. TAYI.OR * MAURY, may 21? tf Bookstore, near 9th sl? . JW A CARD. r* I hconnmy ut the read to wealth." "Great Reduction in the i>rice o: Ilat? 4 Caps ffflHE undesigned. hav.n* uiide airancKn^Mii X with a N;?w Yor* H it Company to be con sfintly supt>liel with the very best Moleskin or URESS HAT:<, |tot ur? in tbe latest sty!-, offers Uiem at th? uupr*?cedente.1 low price *of $3.50, worth from l'">ur to flw dollars: neco;H quality, worth from $.1 50 to ft; and a very rv?l fashion able Hat at worth from $3 to Also, Be'-be <fc Co'<? Hats, at a m?i*h le>? advance ttoa* they have been here tof >ra told in thu city. First rate beaver Hats .<J3,5 All kinds of Mil H \TS and CAPS vrry low. In order to sell at the above low price- the cash system nust be adopted ; consequently those w'ao purchase will not be charged fr >m litieen to tweiity flve per cent, as an offset for bad Sehta. ANTHONV, (for many year? in the employ of Todd k Co.) No. 3, Columbia place, 7th st., ap 13?tf 2d door north of Penn. avenue. LOOK HERE!!! MORE BOUNTY LAND TOJJLL who served in awt war since 17!?, whctlier ns Officers Soldier*. (Sailors, Marine, Clerks, Indians, Chap lains, Wagon Masters, T<- imsurs, Land-men, (or their widows or minor children) who have not yet received full 160 acres, and hive been in svrvice 14 days, will do well ti. write to u*.pottp<r.H. and their Land Warrants wiH be f.irw.vdetl to th.:m for the ?Love quantity, and no cfcsr??-: if thev do not get It. LLOYD & CO., . Claim Agent's Office, opposite U. S. Treasury. F W aahiagton City, D. C mar 6?3m SOMETHING NEW USDEE THE SUS. CHARLES WERNER, Pennrylrania arriw, opposite Jtr.iirns' Hotel. "TTAd fitted up the commodious hail over his Res XI taurant as a first das* L.AG dR BEE It S \ LOoN, having procured a supply of every luxury and comt-Hrts found in first ciass establishments ol U>e kind in the Norihern cities. His RHINE WINE* and French Wbite Wine., as well as bis Clarets, Sesars. La^e.- Beer, German. Italian, and Sweitzer CHEESES, and indeed ? f ev ery otner appropriate luxury in such an jstabfish luent. w unsurpaned in th? country. He solicita a call from bis friends and the public, may 12-tf dentistryT RB. DONALDSON, Dentist, late of the anu ol s Hum fii Donaldson, eona;:u^ manufacture and iri-<=rt those beaut ifnl y porcelain teeth, with or wuhout g,i!iis,'*ik22^! for specimens of which (made ai.d de poMted by the late firm) vras a war led the first preiuiom a( the Mechanics' Institute Fair, recently ne!d iu this city Tbeae teeth are carved and ^hade?1 to <"iit each particular case, and their resemblance to the natu ral <?rgans u so perfect aa to deceive the most prac u*ed eye. Particular attention also paid to fiiiing an1 pre ?ervmg the natural teeth. Charges moderate and all operations warranted. Office southwest corner Seventh 1) fs.-^u trance on D. mar 21?6hi NOTICE. THE WHITE HOULE PAVIL Jion. &c . ha? bson r-ntwl for U?e aea.x>n, anu is teady tor the reception ot^ visirors. Large a d small parties can be accouiutoda.ed with Me?ls, flic. For particulars app'y to WILLIAM COKE, on F, between 21st and streets. No Excursion parties except those already en gage-1, can furnish their own caterer except paying eftra for the us<- of the house. By order of the MANAGERS. pay 21?MWfcFlm PLEASURE TRIPS TO THE WHITE HOUSE PAVILION. Th? Steamers GEO. V.'ASH JINGION or Til OS. tOLLYEK cau be chartered for public or select parti-s to Visit the White House Pavilion, .Mount Vernon, Fort Wa*hirstor, or other i lac? s on the river. The White House Pavilion is n??w open for visi tore. It u a b> autif^l place for pleasure trips; ii has a fir*' Ball and DnuCj room , also, a new Ten Pin AMey. (J^.For particular* app'y to the Pn .ulcnl oj' tbt Company, or the Caputirw ol Uie Boats. Mr. WlLLIAM COKE is furnishing refreshments on the boats, is prepared to luruun paru -s on the best terms. ao 26?2in I -> VUJli ffi GREAT BARGtALNS N LADIES', GEVT^', MISSES', AND CIIIL DREV*' BMOTS ANU SHOES.-The sxi isViber beiai( coiiipeii J tw remove from ; the ?tore he now occupies, r tfers hi pr- - | ent well-aasnr'.ed st'ick of BOOTS AND SHOES at greatly reduced prices. All persons m waut of the articiu will it to tn"ir advantage to call befote pu/chaai^n Usewhere. A. H. RLOAN, No 30# Pa. av., near luth at.,nirth side, may 1?tf TAKE NOTICE. NEW SPRING AND SUMMER GOODS. PW. B ROW NINO, Tailor, under a the United States Hotel, baa juj> received :? lar^e supply of S^r:r( -iid Summer Goads, aud is now prcpar d to offer ^reat birgiiiu to all in wan: of guod <uid laabioaatola ciotbiii^. Hw 44 Ready maA.>- Clothiiij " will be sold at the foli^wmg low prices: Whole suits, Coat, Pantaloons, and V-aT, of thin cloth ur casaiuiere, fir $12. Fine Black YVark and Dre^a Coats, frota 3?0 to ^id. Good Business Coat* for $7. Blaca and Fancy Pant*, uorn $1 to ^7. Maraeil. es jnd Kilk Vests, from $3 to ?j. He keep* always uu hand ? lar;e assortment ol fancy articles, sucn ia rjhiris, Gloves, Cra. au, Liu brelias, lie. ,4dole A?ent for the sale of Scott'* FatduonJ.' mar li??tj. REESE'S EAGLE PLUMBING AND GAS-PIT TING DEPOT. THE sulMcriUer re>p*-ctiuliy aunouncM to hit triend? and the public in g> that he has re reived L?e h *t lot of l* e eelebratrti HODGE'S Ih?UKLE ACTING SUCTION AND POKCE Tt'MP, waicn recuved the SILVF.ll Zlr.DJlL at U?? Uic Fau of uie Metro^oliuia M <,hanic?' In U tuta, and is now prepared to formal all who may favoc him with a call. 11 ?* .loch ol gas Hi rilitS ?re uniur passed iu the District. With hu our^j of i-untr.' tent workmen ha pride* bun-If to fill cny ord.-rs in tiie PLUMBING AND GAa-PI'TTIXG line wun promptnv.s and despatch ? ?"All work C <ne warrari ed to eive complete ?atislVtcuon JOHN REESE, - "'ay 3?tf for. Plxtb st. anil Pa avenue. NEW AND"OLD PIANOS. YV EJ*?** BOW in store the ltr^i-si aas irtmcnt ol . ? v PI AN? ;0 ever oflere . in city irom Hal r ' ki k Bacon k Raven, aud KnaiMi, aehie fc. Co.'ii celebrated m anu lactone*. Tli ?? Wf guarantee, and ?? II u|K:n vety ea#y ter ns ?. tr' * no U4,;J only a few moa'.hs, which we oir-r M lhp ,?w ^ ^ rMMll. a ?rM>< band Piano, by Ancre Hu. n, !.* %75. A very fine second haaU Cbickerini Piano for ?l?orr?it aiabQrjH.n. la Piano* ukeu in exebanfe for new. pi?^3'*011 ha,",? rt?'?ole, Covers, Violins, Guitars, Pin?w, aecorteon., Mnsic. kc kk JO!lN f. ELLIS, 300 Penr.^lvsDla av?i?U?, may w b*i. 2Ji and loui ttn -.W. l^I'S ME IT VOU DARE !? A new Walta, very *~^*wuaS'* ^ beginners, compowd and d.-ncated to "T ? ?*l*' orretowu, by Trot. W. Hunter. Pabbahnd urn lor ?ate at HlLbCS k. HrrZ*S Music Depot, W ?"* CorW fa av. aud Uih ?u TO ALL THAT VALUE THEIR SIGHT. PPACTIG AL.OPT 1CIA WISHES i< call the attention to all that suffer with defective sight, caused by nge, sickness and particularly f. om el imm injudiciously selected, to his superior SPECTAf LF.S an !CI.A8SES* care fully ground by himself to a t-ue spherical accuracy, ami brilliant transparency, *ui ed rreciaeiy and ben eficially to the wearer aecordinsto the concavity or convexity of the eye. Very numerous are the ill ef fects caused to the precious organ of sight from the cr>mmetieem?'nt of using glasses in not Heine pre cisely suited, by the use of an Optometer; and the practice of many years, enahl -g Int.i to measure the focal distacce or the eyes, and wb glasses that are absolutely required will be furnished with precision and sati-fa-tion J. T acknowlM?f?i the very liberal encourage ment already obtained, ?nd lurther s- licits tfe pa tronage of tbo^e that have not y* t availed themsel ves of his aid. Persons that cannot conveniently call, by sending t*?e glasses in n?e, and statins how many inches thev can read this print w.ih t'ieir spectacles, can be supplied with su^h thai will improve their siiht. Huuui'rable testimonials to he seen; and refer ences given to many wtio have derived the greatest MM and comfort fioiu hi > glasses. Circulars to be had jratis, at his office, No 513 Seventh street, three doors l'roui Odd fellows' Hull, up stairs. NoRroLK. Sectemb"r 7,1854. Sir?The Spectacles you made for me suit very well, and seem to have improved my sight more than any other I have lately tried Litt. VV. Tazrwell. I have tried a pair of Spectacles obtained from Mr Tobias, and find th?*m of great assistance to my sight, an-1 corre?pondirig with his description of tiie focus. I recommend h.ui as a skiillul optician. Hekry A. Wi?r. Mr. J. Tobias: Sir?The pair of Spectacles you furnished me yesterday are particularly satisfactory to me They ar?* very decidedly the best I posses*, and I am the own*-r <?f eight or nine pair?, carefully selected in different places and from opticians rwosrimendcd to me on account of their professional standing in Eng land, France, and the United States 1 have been also piea-ed with your remarks and directions on the treatment of the eyes, for Uie purpose of pre serving and iHH.rovin? the sight. Kcspeetfuliy you.-3, ('H?H CALDWStt., Professor of M. C-, Louisville, Ky. Lyrchbcro, Nov. 10, 1851 Mr. John Tohias ha ving furnished me w;th Glaa ses, by wiiicti [ have be-n greatly aided, (my vision having suffered greatly Irom reading at ni?ht in my earlier life) it affords me <he highest pleasure to say that I consider him a skillful practical optician, nnd well prepared to aid those who nay need his protes sienal services. Wji. B. Roczib, Elder of Methodist Conference. Whjumotox, S. C., Jan. 'i7, 1854. Mr. I. Tonus: Dear Sir?I am happy to say that the Spectacles wnieli I obtained from you last week are entirely satisfactery. From an inequality in the visual range of my eye^, I have heretofore found great difficulty in jetting glasses of the proper focal distances. I t affords rn?- pleasure to sta'e, that by The aid of your optometer this difficulty has been happily obviat-d so that the Gi^ses you furui^'ied me ar?* decidedly the b?st adapted to my eyes of any I have ever jet u-td. Very re*pectfully^ours, f*. B. Drank, Rector of St. James' Parrh. Department of Interior, May 7, 1855. Trorn r>i;ural defects a>id t!ie unequal range of my eve*, I bave been compelled to use glares for seve ral years. I have tiled different opticians witl out obtaining g'-tsse? perfectly fitted to my eyea Four moutiis suice Mr. Tobias made two pai'a e^pecally for mc, wnich I have fouad to serve me perfectly Rv the u?e of his optometer he ir- enab'ed to adap' G'asses wnuteiy to the eye I laojt cheerfully rec ommend Mr. Tobias to all having occasion to use glass*-*, and bear my testimony ns to his skill as an optician. Hshry E Baldwin, Assistant Beefy to sign Land Warrants. mav 16?tf FOH TUB CUKE OP Asthma and Consumption. NEW AND VERY WONDERFUL!!! HYGEANA Brought heme to the door of the Million. A WONDERFUL discovery has recently been made by Dr. Curtis of t!iis city, in 'lie treat ment of Con-urnption, Asthma, and a'l diseases of the Lungs. We refer t? DK CURTIS'S HYGE ANA. OR INHALING HYGEAN VAPOR AND CHERRY fYKIJP." v\ nh this n?w method, lir C. has restored many afflicted ones to he tl|i>, as an evidence of which lie has innumerable certificates Speaking of the treatment, a physician remvks, "It is evident that i haling?constantly breathing an agreeable, bealieg vapor?the mdicmal pr-parties must come ia direct contact with the waoie icrial cavitie- of the lungs, thus escape the nnn> an i varied changt* produced upon ilo-m wiicn intro du??d into tfco st'.mach, and subject to the process of digestion " The Ilygena is lot tale at all the Drugg>t'? throughout the country.?*V. York DuUU man of Jan. 14. The luha'c" i< worn on the breast under the linen without the least inconvenience?the heat of the body being sufficient to ? ?ap>>rate the fluid- Hun dreda of cases of cures, like Uie following, might be named. One pr.ckag^ of the Hyg*ara has cured me of the Asthma of six yearn' standing. J F Kkksbkrrt, P. M. of Dun cannon, Pa. I am cured of th e Asthma of ten years' standing by Dr. CoiUc's llygt-aua. Mar?abet Castok, Brooklyn, N. Y. Mrs. Paal, of No. 5 Hammond street, N Y , was eured of a severe case of Bronchitis by the IJy geana. My sister has been cured of a distrcj-ln* cough of sj*veral years' standing, arid derided to be incura ble b? ti e physicians, the was cured iu one month by the Llygeaua. J. 11. Cavbert, P. M Richmond, Me. The Rev. Dr. Cuietei, of New York, testifies of our medicine ia Uie foiloA'ins language : Niw York, Nov. 15, 1854. Dear Sir?I think highly of Dr. Curtis'* Hygcana as a remedy in diseases of lh? throat and Lungs ? (laving had some opportunity to testify its efficacy, I am convinced that it is a most excellent mcdi ?Ine, both the riytup and the inhaling application to the ofcect. Prof. 8. Cxrtzr writes us as follows: Gentlemen?I have rece; tly had occasion to test your Cherry Syrup and Hyge.m Vapor, in a case of chronic sore throat, that lia.1 refused to yield to oth er forms of treatment, and the re.-ult has satisfied me that, whatever may be the corapo?uion of your preparation, it is no imposition, but an excellent remedy. I wish, for: he sake of the afflicted, that it mi^ht be brou^i.1 within ike reach of a'l. Dr Johns, one of tho nio*t celebrated Physicians in New York writes as follows: Dr. Cruris?Dear Sir?Having tvitnepecd the cx ccllom (fleets of your Hygeaua or inhaling Hyge%n Vapor and Cherry Syrup, i;i case of Chronic Bron chitis, and beiii? much iu favor of counter irritation in affections of tii? tiiroat, Bronchial tube*auditing* I can Uiereio.-0 cheerfully lecommcud your Medi cated Aj.paratas is bring the moot convenient and effectual mode cf app ytng anytblog of the kind I have ever seen. No doubt, thousands of per ons uiay b*j relieved, mid many cured, by using your medicines. J must here be allowed to confess that I am op pota-ti to prescribing or using secret compouHds, but this hitlc neatly contrived article, and its ?ffects in the ca-e abow alluded to, have induced me to speak in its favor. You are at liberty to use this In any way you may think proper. Re?pectfully, yours, fcc. C. JOHNS, M D., No. 803 Houston street, N, Y. Price thres ilollars a package Sold by CURTIS k PRUKIN9 and BOYD k PAUL, No 149 Chambers street, N. Y. Four packages sent Iree to any port of the United States for ten dollars. N. H?Dr. Curti-'s Hygcana is the ORIGINAL and ONLY GENUINE ARTICLE; all o??ers are base imita*ions, or vile and injurious counterfeits. Shun them as you would POJBuN. For sale i:. Was-toiugton by CHARLES STOTT, Pa. av- nue, new wuotl { and J. 8 MOO HE, in the Pit at VV ard. may 22? CM skljcs lU^KISRi Architect. tPo. oneiass, lerr^'i aid EUvtrUti W_ . *'AsmKeroii, d. o. ill. contJuee to ftirnuh Plans, de^tdl working Diawipjp. and aprt iflcations of buildings (M ' ueecripuoujajid also (u?u^rljitend their tree Auction Bales. By JAS. C. ?eOClKK, Auctioneer. VERY DESIRABLE BUILDING LOT at Auc lion.?<>n TUESDAY afternoon, June 12th, nt 6 o'clocx, on the premises, tbe subscriber will sell, by virtue of n deed ef trust from Basil Lancaster, dated September 221. IMP, nnd duly recorded in Li b*r J. A. S., No I, folios 380, Sir. one of the land records lor Washinjrt. n county, ail that piece or parrel of ground and preinitcs designated upon the L'n und plan of said city an Lot No. 28, in Square 197, having a front of 19 feel nine inch*-* on 15lh el west, between north L arid M streets, running back IDT feet to a 30 feet alley, with a 15 feet alley run ning the full depth of the lot on the aide. This lot is situated in a rapidly improving pari of tin: First Ward and i3 very desirn'-'y located Te-nis: $460 in cash, the residue in f> and 1*2 month)!, with interest, secured by a deed of trust on the premise*. All conveyancing at cost of purchaser. JAS. H. COLLINS. Trustee. J AS. C. McGUIRE, may II?Sawlkds Auctioneer. By J. C. ScQl'IKV, Auctioneer. Chancery sale of valuaule and r.l igibly situated improved aud unimproved Heal Estate, consisting of Dwelling Houses aud I.r.ts, va eant Lors, and Wharf.?By virtue of a decree of the Circuit Court of the District of Columbia for Wash ington county, made in the cause wherein John A. Fraser is complanant, nnd John Walker, Ll!eu 8. Fraser, and others, heirs at law of Simon Fraser, deceased, are defendants, No. 890, in Chancery, the subscribers, trustees app-tinted l?y mid decree, wiJ: -? ll at public auction all those pieces or parcels of ground l>ing and bfingsituat- d in the city of Wash ington. and kn >wn and distinguished as being Lots Nos. 1.2, % 4, 5,f?,7.8,9,10, 11, i2, '3, 14, IS 16, 17,18, 19, 20, 2!, 22, 23, anl 21, in the subdivision made by said trustees of Square No. 412, fronting respectively and variously" from 18 feet 1 inch, to 30 teet 8 inches on 8th and 9ih .-treets west, and E and F streets south, by various depths to an allev, wiih the improvements and appurtenances, which con sist ot a commodious aud well and substantially built 3,i< story Brick Dwelling House on Lot 8. and ?i comfortable and well built 2 story Brick Dwelling House on each of Lots Nos. 18 and 16 in said sub division; lo? No. 4, in Square No 388. fronting 25 on F strert south, between 9'h and lOtli sis. west, by 125 feet deep, with the improvements ai.d appur tenauce*, wiikh consist of a 2 < story Frame Dwel ling House; pa;t of Lot No. 3, in Square No 730, (rooting 40 feet on Pennsylvania avenue, running ?^ack to "A" street south, with a width on said "A" if*:*, of41 feet 7inches ; and i?rt of Square No. 472, fronting 41 feet on Water street, at the termi nation of 7?h street wust. with the valuable Wharf thereto attached and belonging, extending to the channel of ihe Potomac river, ai.d n >w occupied by George Page and used as a steamboat wharf The sale of the several Lots in the subdivision of Square No 411. w th the improvements and appur tenances, will take place on Thursday, the 24ih 'si of May, 1853, at 5 o'clock p m., on the prtm 1*4. The sale of Lot No. 4. in Square No. 388, wiih the improvements and appurtenances, will take tdace on said Ttiur*dav, the 24th day ol May, 1855, at 6 o'clock p. m , on the premises The sale of part of Lot No 3, in Square No. 730. will take place on Priday, the 25th day of May, at 5J4o'clo;k p. m , on the premises. And the sale of part of Square No 472, with the valuable W/iarf thereto attached aud belonging, will take place on Tuesdav, the 29cii d ty of May, 1855, at 5V? o'clock p. in., on the premises. The above property is all situated in desirable lo cation', rapid:}' <idi.ii.cing in value, and offers to capitalists and others a most favorable opportunity tor investments or procuring a rfeurabie residence. The te::ns of >aie, a* prescribed ny sard decre*, will be one fourth of the purchase money in '?ash, and the balance in sir, twelve, eighteen, and twen ty four months, to be se ured by the purchaser's bonds, bca'ing inter* ?t from day of sale, with secu rity, to be approved by the Trustees, Upon the full payment of the purchase money and interest, and th- ratification of the sal*; or Miles by ?he Court, the Tru-tees will cmre. the property ta ihe respective purchasers in fee. If the terms of sale are not complied with in six days after the sale, Qie property the terms of the sale oi which are not so complied wuh will be resold at th? risk and expense of the purchasers upon one week's notice. All conveyaticing at the expense of the purchas er*. CH \3. d. W.\LLACH, i ,,rt r? EDW'D 8WANN, I J Ad. C. McOUIRE, mav 2?eekds Auctioneer. (^-Ths suit ot tike several lots In rqi.are 412 and lot 4 in square 388, v.-;:h improve ments, is postponed, in consequence of the ram, until TUESDAY, June 5th, same hours. The sale of part of lor No. 3, in square 73^, will take place this (FRIDAY) afternoon, at 5J( o'clock, on tiie premises. CIIAS. S. WALLACII,1 EDW'D SWANN, f Trustees. JAS. C. McGUIRE, may 23?eoids Auctioneer. BY J. C HcGUIRE, Auctioneer. TRUSTEE'S SALE OP VALUABLE BUILD ing L t near Railroad D pot By virtue of a deed ol trust baring date on ihe 4th day r.f April, 18 <4. and recorded in Lib -r J. A S., No. 38, folio* 181. 6ic , the sub.ciil?er will s?il. nt public sale, oil FRIDAY, the .'5:h day of June, lc.%5, Hi 5Jtf o'clock p. in., on Ihe premises, all that j it ce or parcel of (round lyiuc iind being situate in the eitv of \Va h inuton, and b ing part of square No C3o, beginning at a point on New Jersey avenue 270 l< et from the rior.hw?-*t corner of -? d square, ami running thence eastward!* at right angles to New Jenry avenue 121 feet I % inches, thence due south 2:j It et, mom >r less, to a parallel linx 22 lit el from the fir.-t tie cribed line of this p.ere of ground, ar.d ruiinirgpur allel with said iuie we.'twardiy to New Jersey eve nue 118 feel i>< inches, thence northwardly On New Jersey avenu : 22 feet to the nnii t of beginning. The above propeny is eligibly situated near the Railnind D^pot and adjoin'n; Foy:s Hotel, rapidly enhancing in value, and offers a tuo-t favorable op portunity for investment. Terms of sale: Half cash, and ba'ance in C, 13, and 18 months, f>r notes bearing iut rest irmn t'i? day of sale, secured by a d-.-d iu trust Uf*on the property. If the tcrtrs of rale are not complied with in six days alter ike sale, the property will be re?o d ui Lbs risk and expense of the purchase r. CHAS. S. WALL A CI I, Trustes JAS. C. MtUUlKE, may 15?roStdn Auctioneer. P>; R K O S ?? WITH DEFlCCTlVk v.tdon are i:ivu..;I to examine !ay_ (jxtfir.MVe stock of all *i;tds ol SFECTA-" ULES and EYE-GLAnSES. Ciassi-s' of auy kind, such &* Cataract, Parsbola, Pensco|,!c, Double Concave, Double Convex, nnd Colored Glassy, put in at short notice, with great care, aad persons in want of glasses may be sure U> get lie>se whicA benefit the eye. Cuculars "Defective Y^ion." gratis at II. SrlMKEN'S, 330 I'a.avenue, betw. 9th and 10th sts. mar 30 ~W ILLAllD'S UOTEL, Old f'olnt Comfort, Va. This splendid sea shore house is NOW OPEN. Board per day $2 00 B 'arii by the week, per day 1 50 Board by the month, per day 1 25 Baths free (or the guests. may 10?liu C. C. WILLARD St PRO W ARK, PIjATKI) WARE ANDFINE rANCV QUO 1)8.-Silver C^3ec and Tea Bets, Sugar Bowls, Cream Jugs, Gohirta, Cups, Sj?o<?ns and Forks Aiso, a great variety cf magnificent Fancy Stiver Ware, Euiuble tor presents. Plated Coffee Sets, Castors, Basket?, Spoons and Forks, on best Albata. Tne articles are warranted as represented, and will be sold at a small advance. H. EEMKEN, 330 Pa. avenuo, bet 9tli a^d 10Ui rtreeta. mrj 29?tf \TEW BOOKS KECLEVED AT i> . SHILLIXGTON'S. 'I he Two Guardians, by the author ui llear^casc and the llelr of Redcljff Ladisr' National Maeazine, lor June Bailou'.s Maganue, lor June New York Journal, for Juua Yankee Notions, for Juue. All the N?w booki and every tiling In the Sta tionery line, for saie at SlliLLINGTON'S Bookstore, Odecn Buiiuinj, car. 4^ at., and Pa. av. may SI? DRAWING BOOKS fioai Paris and London, im ported direct by the undersigned, of various kinds and description, Landscape Drawing, Flow ers, Animsl Lila, tim Humau Figure, Perspective, Arcniteciurai Diawiug, &?. may 21 FRANCK TAYF.OR. I'OOLSCAP WRITING PAPERS of ihs finest an J also of the cheaper kinds A larga supply Just received direct from itM m?m Ufacturers. fur safe at unusually low prices. may 10 FRANC* TAYLOR, Amusements. GRAND PIO NIC or Till rpHE NORTHERN LIBERTIES' PI RE COM A PA NY respe.-tfiillv make Known to their friends and the pnMic generally that thev w;M give their first PIC NIC. on THURSDAY, Ju?e 7ih, l&id, 10 the WHITE HOUSE Tiie Company wiil spare no pains or expense to insure satisfaction '1 be Ref eshni<nts wit! be served by an expe rienced caiere-, .Mr A. Columbus. Vwitirg Companies Will appear in uniform The boat will leave Georgetown at 1 o'clock; Washington at 2; Navy Yard at 2^; and Alexan dria at 3 p. tri Tickets ON2 DOLLAR?-admitting a gentleman and ladies?to be bai of any of the Committee of Arrangements. Committee. F. C3 Evan>?, H Knight, S Culver well, ?? I' R ibertson, H Keenan, R Warren, J T llallerrk. C Matlock, A Columbus, J II Ooddara,jr T Dawson, J Slattord, Mid Birkhead, L Ntwmyer, J Kin?. 8 Taylor, may 12?eotd 850 REWARD. SERVANT girl Sarah left the Marshal! House, in Alexandria, Va , on Monday, the 14th instant, and has not since be n heard of. I wili pay the above reward if taken up cm of the Stat^ of Virgin ia, or ,?20 if taken up in the State and Indeed in jail so that I can gft her sjain. Sheisofache^inut col or, about fivn f?et hi^h, stoat built, and lias a ptoas ant countenance when spoken to, : n J is about 20 years old. I purchased h<r in Charlottesville, Va., in October last. FELIX RICHARDS, may 24?eotf >pilK UNDftRklG.^lKD arc now working ? the Stone Quarry formerly occupi< by Vfajor Wm R. Scott. and are prepared to fu uish STONE at the usual market rites HUMPHREYS N. WILLIAMS. Georgetown. Mar l.S?lin* FOR SALE.?A Pair of RAY MARKS,7 years old next spring, well-bred^ound.stylish, gcr.tle, spirited and capital goer*. They are /Wv well-broken and perfectly free front tricks, and will p-irticularlv suit any gentleman who is tond of driving. The owner parts with tliem only fwcause bis purpose is to rc:reneh his expenses. They can ! bo seen at Pouibmn's (l?fe Birch's) Stable, on 14tii street, south of I'a. avenue. For terms, or an op portunity to try them, enquire at the counter of the Star office. They will be sold a ba.gain. ap o?tf HAIR WORK. ORNAMENTS of II.iir, <ucb as Bracelots, Otal elains, Chains, Breastpins, Earrings, Finger j Rings, made to order, of any denired design. All orders faithfully attendet to. Specimens may be seen at my store. ! H. SEMKEN, No. 330 Pa. av., between 9th and 10th Kta. Mar:? ICE CREAM. AT the old stand, comer of F and 9th street, can be had the hot quality of ICE CREAM,1 | WATER ICES and CONFECTIONERY of' i all kinds. I All orders promptly attended !o. 1 have opened my r<aloon for the f easons, wh< ?e I nothing but the best qualify shall be kept. AH wish ing a good article would do well to call. I may 24 -1H TUPS ECKAfDT. j ICE CREAM AND SODA WATER. CREAMS of a!I flavors. su< h rs Yamlia, C'iioco late. Lemon, Strawberry, Pine App!i a id, Or I aiige. Also, tieruian Creams, ater Ices, Biancc M inge, Chailott", Jellies. Jfcc. Tha Poll i? otltte ! b?-t in th' city, on th" old principle of in.'ir.iii'acitrrc WitU Pure Fruit Syrups wiJi ut trie u?ual druj; toU turos. CAKES and CONFECTIONERY of all kinds sent to any psit of the city. < 'reams per gallon?68ccr.ts per qt. N. R.?Latiies Saloon up jfiairs Parties supplied. J. <?. WEAVER, Pa av., No. 347 opp. Brown.;' Hotel, may 24?2w* MOUNT VERN^flToTEL, Cape Mny, Firw J?ri?y. THE abovt House has been completely fiaished and furni>hed, "lid will comfortably acconme - date 1,5 0 gurus. The house is situated withn he city, standing hy itself on probably the best Uracil for bathing in the world The house is upward < f 800 feet in length, the dining rocni is 4f.O leet. Al together, the MOUNT VERNON MOTEL affords the coohst and most delighitui retreat in the world. Families of six p rsons and upwards can be ac commodated with private tables, having their meals furnished at any hour agreeable to tli< i:i. inordi nary will also be set at regular hours for three v.-ho are not in parlies, and who may prefer a Table d'Hote. A large number of private Dirlr.g Room* have this Mason been added, for parties dcrorii g to be strictly private. An Artertan Wo'l has been bored near!? 100 feet in d<pth, and furnishes pure boft water throughout the house. Large and commodious stabling hive been added. The Hotel bats every modern improv ment, in deed, every thin; ha? been ordered to giv.; comfort and pb a-nrw to the guests. A full Rand of Music wiil be in attendance during the whole ?en*on. Letters addressed to the proprietors, directed to Cape Island, Cape May, N. J.,wili bse promptly aniwered. SAMUEL B. WOOLMAS fc. CO., mty 25?2w* Proprietors. STEAMBOATS CONNECTING ..fp"'"j. With each tram cf Cars arriv ,ir>g ia Wathingtoa or Alexan. ii?ia.? ) oe i-r^amers T ll O M AS CO LL Y E R er OEOROE WASHINGTON w:li make tl.e above connection#, leaving Washington at (5 a. ni for U? Orange and Alexandria tars, and connect with' a some train on their airival. Meals furnished on th? brats. The Roau connect with all the trains from Bal timore. SAM L GEDNEY, Cept. may 17?d TKN DOLLARS REWARD" L^TU \YE1? or fcto'eu from the cotnni'ins of Wns^ O ington on the 16.h instant, a whrc and ,1 unrk ci l ired Cow, v.ilb ho ir , black ?>es,i and a collar on, tnaikad I. III!!. The above j reward will be paid on the delivery of the Cow at the wood yard of ISAAC HILL, near tbu Centre Market, Washington, may 30?eo3t* 1.1ANS PERFUMERY, TOILET ARTICLES, ' &.C., &tc.? We hav^ now in et ?re a lar^e \aii ety of fine and coinmaB Fans, Harti tonand Lu bin's celebrated Perfumery, Brushes, Couibs, I'ooUi Powders, playing and visiting Cards, line Portmon naies, Cigar Cases, Card Cages, Iiasktt*, Clues, &e,ctc., ail of whicli we are s iling out at low prices to suit toe times at the Piano. Music, Sta tionery, Perf umery, and Fancy Hood* Store of JOHN F. ELLIS, 300 Pa avenue, bet. Uui and lOui sis. may 23?ti _ HOUSEKEEPING HARDWARE. ? H E subscriber begs leave to inform the public that be has opened a store at 4 00 Seventh st. tetween D and E streets, where he has a genarrd assortment of Housekeeping Hardware, Cutlery, Silver Plated Brittrnnia, Japanned and plain Tin Ware, Wooden, Willow and Cedar Ware, Clocks, Bird Cag-s, leather Dusters, Brushes, Brooms, Baskets, Mat-. Also, fine Pocket Cutlery, Raxors, Scissor*, Combs, Sic. His goods are entirely n?*w, and wcra selected from the latest and most approved styles. They were bought fur ca*h, and wul bejold at the lowest possible piices. Persons wishing to purchase are invited to ex amine his stock and prices, as he is confident he can offer them greater inducements than they will meet with elsewhere in the citv map 23-if ;EO. FR ANCIS. NOTICE. THE Undersigned can accommodate part'es with COACHES for pleasure trips. Al**, to make trip* to boats arriving, ;ifter mghi from tbe Wh.te House.4 For tcrois apply to Mr. JOHN HOLBKOOK, at .he Stu.e Siand at the Capitul, or orders Itfi at G. & T. Parker H. Co.'s Store. WM. WHALEY. may 16?lm* ri 'HE MISSi.NO BitlDE, b> Mis. Southw-iUQ J[ Dicki-ns'# New Stories, 1 vol Pickwick Papers, 50 c?nts Kaie A\ lesford, a novel, by C. 8. Patersun Afraja, by Theodore Mugge The Inltlalr, new adluou Stanhope Burieigh, by Hel*o Lhu lngenne, by Alex. Ilamaj Price of a Crown, by Eugene Suo. may FitANCK TAYLOR. 1 EVENING STAR. FREDDY DIDHT ELOPE Freddy was in love. My gracious! wasn't he in love? And what was wo;8:, he didn't tell his love, but let con cealment, like a worm in the bud. prey on his damask check?and faith ! Fred dy's cheek was damask encugh at that time. He was a rosy-cheeked little fel low, was Freddy, some seventeen or eigh teen years of age : a clerk in a railroad office at the magnificent sum of S400 per annum ; and it was the size of this sal ary that caused Freddy's concealment of his love; for although he wasn't very well skilled in the knowledge of this wicked world yet he Lad learned enough in his eighteen months 44 business life " to know ihat if he should fly to the father of the object of his affection, and, falling at his feet, should tell him that he loved his daughter devotedly, distractc lly, and wished to share his fortune with her, t come weal, coma wee, that that hard hearted monster in human shape would I coolly enquire wha* was the fortune t! a he wished earnestly to share?and when I the truth came forth that all his 44 visi-1 ble nuans cf support " were the above* I named enormous sum, it would be 44 all I up"' with Freddy. I An l so Freddy was miserable?miser-1 able in the cilice where he distractedly I made so many errors that he called down I upon him the wrath of his superiors;! miserable in his room at night, to which] he never retired without feeling convinced I that he should pa>o a sleepless night, and I where his head never touched his piilow I without his filling instant \neously asleep, I and never waking up till morning. 1 lie saw the oij-ct of his atlection I at a dancing-school, wecre he fell in love I with her before he ever knew her ; and I wl.en he was introduced, and dmccl I with her but once, he dated his existence I from that dance; all before it was a I blank. j ?She was a 44 bread and butter Miss," I fresh from boarding school, where, novels I being strictly forbidden, the girls read I nothing else; and so she had become I deeply impressed with the importance of I having a lover, and Freddy presenting I himself in that guise, was at once ac-1 cepled. I don't mean that he at once I 44poj p?d," but he saw her home froml | dancing-school, and singing-school, and I i called very frequently. j J Bat, though having a lover was very! i pleasant and romantic, and all that, yet, I |being engaged was much mure so, anal | she wished that Freddy would propose I | long before he did so ; for Freddy, being I (of cou^e unaware of this state of feeling, I I was afraia to ask the sjmple but import I I ant (question, and so she sang the song I |44 Why don't the men propose ?" at him I [to no parpen. Three times he camel j prepared and nerved?three times he left I j his cap and courage in the hall?but the-1 i fourth time, frenzied by the attentions of I -a rival talier than himself, by at leas'. I an inch, and symptoms of a mous-1 : tache, he fell on his knees in the hail. I when on theve of departing, and wasl blest. I Fieddy went home and passed, fori [once, a sleepless night; but when thel gray light ol morning showed itself at I the window, he fell asleep; and when! the bright sun shone in, it shone upon a I happy dreaming boy, dreaming of a| pleasant cottage covered over with hon*j cy^uckle, where he and Helen lived haj.-l pily?where neither care nor sorrow I entered in, but where a 1 was pea:e and I love. ; Freddy was lato that morning at the! office, f r he had t<"? oidcr his engage-1 ment-iing; and when he fitted it on that evening, it seemed as u the cup o! his happiness was brimming over. But e very day has its night, and Fred dy's n ?;ht was a tlarL oae. lie must be married somehow?he could'nt get m^r rieel without her father's knowing it? and neither he nor she dared to tell him?and Freddy's night was very dark. But at Iwngth a gleam of light s hot across the darkness. Au elopement? that w&a the very thing. When he pro posed it that night it was received with rapturous bursts of applause. Helen had read of how the Count Leonard del Tabonni had borne the ltdy Ang lica del Parodi d?.?wn c rupe lae.der seventy feet in height, and aft'r cutting his way throu-h seventeen of her father's retain ers, armed to the teeth, had rowed her sixteen miles in less than an hour to the chapel Del tan, and there married her in triumph; and although she scarcely expected Freddy to do such prodigies ol' valor, and had some doubt as to his ability to perform thaliLe aqua tic feats, yet they might be closely pur sued, and it might get into the newspa pers headed 44Romantic Elopement;" and, in short, 44 take it for all in all," it was just the thing ; and co it was settled that they should elope on the next Thurs day night at 10 p. m All Freddy wanted was a friend to ex plain his absence from the oliice?anl why he selected Mr Jackson for that friend he never could explain?unless Providence sent him there. Perhaps it was because he was quieter than the other clerks. Perhaps it was because he had been kind to Freddy, and had taken him to his room, and had taught him something of tha noble art of self-defence, perhaps; but at any rate Freddy did go to him, although Mr. Jackson laughed at love and all that sort of thing." After exacting a solemn pledge of se crcsy from him, he told him his plans. To his surprise, instead of laughiog at him, Mr. Jackson became grave. 4,IIow are you going to support your wife after you get her ?" said he. Fi eddy said that her father was rich, and would soon be reconciled when he found that hs could not prevent it. 4> Uut you don'* know that he will/* said Mr Jackson. 44 buppose he don't!*1 and Freddy, who had never ocnt'.mplated steadily such an alternative, was fain to confess that in that case he didn't know THE WEEKLY STAB. ? CO AO , ^****? ? j Q&~ Ca*b, utt^kiablt ?? iPYuicu. ft?- Single cojrirt (in wrapper?) om fee |mw ? at tLe counter, Immediately after Lbc hM of '.n paper. Pnee?tiui cum. POfTHAtTIM Who ?o| n ?pm wg| ^ ? commumon of twmty prr cent. how hs would be tblc to support her in the same degree of comfort which she now enjoyed. " Now look at it in another light," said Mr. Jackson ; -*you say her father, being a widower, does not pay much at tention to his daughter's friendships, and so is not aware of bis daughter's attachment, and that he has invited yoa to his hou>e because you are a stranger here, and he knew your father. Now wou d it befit a gentleman to take ad vantage of his kindness, to induce his daughter to do that secretly which she does not dare to d> on^nlr. for fear of his displeasure ? Wou.d that be honor able conduct befitting a gentleman?" And Fready, nonplussed a second time, but for having been called a gentleman* would have cried. Then Mr. Jackson told him tliat hit better course would be to go to her lather, and having told him of his love, his plan, his revoking that plan because it seemed dishonorable, beg him not to judge him harshly. All of which Freddy would like to do, but dared not. Therefore Mr. Jackson told h:m to go home ar.d sleep over it; and hiving dismissed him had a quiet iaugh to himself for fifteen minutes about the lolly of premature attachments, and then took a boxing lesson by way ot re storing him to gtavity. Freddy spent another sleepless night, but the next moruing he told Mr. Jack son that he had determined to follow his a Iviccd, and received his congratulations thereon, " for plain dealing is the best way to get along, you may depend, Fred dg, my boy." Oh ! how F.eddy's knees knockcd to gether that morning when he asked for Helens father; and when closeted with him his heart descended incontinently into his boots; but he commenced hin story, although something seemei to rise in his throat to try and prevent it; and, having once started, he presented a vivid example of " accclerated motion," for he went like lightning over his love, hit fears, his plan, his revocation of that plan, and ended with a burst of tears, thereby reducing the old gentleman to a state of pjtrifiction. When he came a little to himself, he made Freddy repeat his story more plainly. lie was a man who, since his wife s death, nad paid more attention to his business affairs than his household ones ; but he was of a generous mind, and Freddy's candor touched him, and he called Iitlen up. After a long talk, a compromise was determined upon. He agreed not to break off the match at once, (and break two loving hearts, as Helen pathetically said.) upon Freddy's consenting to lay aside all idea of moon light flitting without due consent. When he had dismissed the lovers, Helen's ia'her coaldn t help being afflicted some what after the manner of Mr. Jackson's ittack; but Le instituted a vigorous s arch into the source whence Helen drew her intellectual nourishment, and hovmg made a grand auto-dc-fe of all the noveln in the house, he put her upon a more solid course of diet. He did more ; he kept a watchful eye over F:eddy, and in a year offered him a vacant clerkship in his counting-room. Freddy accepted, and having a double motive for exertion he entered into two copartnerships?one wi h Helen's father, one with herself. Mr. Jickson officiated as groomsman to the latter firm, ani Helen's father and nimself had a quiet laugh that evening over the manner in tekitk FrtdJy didn't dove. A Xy^Xhere has just died in the village of Ktiudo: fF, in France, in his 75;ft vear, a veteran of tho French army, AI. tVter Kltsa, who, at the battle ci Austerlita, on the 2 1 of December, 1805, was struck by a I us^ian musket ball, which lodged in his lefc temple, just above the ear, and remained there to the day of nia death, a period of nearly fifty years, without having caused him any pain, or at all affected his intellectual faculties. After the death of Mr. Klein, his family, to whom he had bequeathed this ball, to be pr*served as a souvenir of his cam paigns, had it extracted by Dr. Backe, a surgeon ol B nn, who performed the op eration by trepanning, so that the ball remains surrounded by a ring formed by part of the skull. The ball on the side which touched the brain is covered With a Lard skin similar to that on the out side of the head. The brain Lad not been at all injured, uor was there any ap pearance of any fracture in the skull near the spot where the ball had lodged. The medical men express their astonish ment that a foreign substance could have remained so near the brain without the intellect of the person being somewhat affected. CCa*The Crystal Palace, at Sydenham, is constructed almost entirely of iron and glass, the panes of which, if laid end to end, would extend 242 miles. The bwld? ing covers an area of nearly 000,U00 su peificial feet, and rises in the central transept to a height of208 feet: consist ing of a grand central nave of 1008 feet in length, two side aisles, two main gal leries, three transepts, two wings of 574 feet cach, and a colonade of 720 feet. It is a structure which, for grandeur and magical effect, for union of strength and lightness, of ease of erection and capa bility of endurance, throws the farnoua ruins of Thebes, Baalbec, Palmyra, Nin evah, Susa, and Perfcepolis, the Parthe non of Athens, the Vatican and the Loq* vro, into the shade. iCT" Smith and Brown running oppo site ways round a corner 6truck each other. 44 Oh, dear," said Smith, *' how you made my head ring." 44 That's a sign its hollow," said U. 44 Didn't yours ring t" said Smith "He." 44 That's a sign it's cracked." XT We learn a little of God'i War*, but very little of his purposes,

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