Newspaper of Evening Star, June 2, 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated June 2, 1855 Page 1
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THE EVENING PUBLISHED EVERT AfTERNOON, (EXCEPT 0LTTDAYJ At the Stv Building, comer Ptnnsyl+etmm mvertfe and Eleventh street, By W. D. WALllCH, Will be arr*- d tn rnlwcribers in the cities of Wash ington, Georgetown, M??xandna, Baltimore and TliHadelphia, at SIX AND A QUARTER CENT8, paynblp weekly to the Agents. To mail rabecribers the mhscriptioa price is THREE DOLLARS AND FIFTY CENTS a year in ainmct, TWO DOL L*RS for SIX MONTHS, and ONE DOLLAR for THREE MONTHS. copies on C?WT. >*wr MBre 1 tf - w \i VOL. V. WASHINGTON, D. C., SATURDAY, JUNE 2. 1855. NO. 753. Treble patent improved e^^let ma CHINE. Fir*' petent?combined on one stock Second patent?self feeding with eyelet Third patent?patent improved fastener, riveting both sides All parlies in want of a good Eyelet Machine, are strongly recommended to use none but LIPMAN'S PATENT IMPROVED, which is decidedly the best ever brought before the public, possessing numerous advantages, via: It is strong, durable and not liable to get nut of or der. It punches the hole well, and te fit the Eyelet, and in one operation clinches the Eyelet on beth sides. It saves tim**, as the papers 8tc., need not be reversed or turned over to clinch the Eylet a se cond^time, as is the cam with all other Machines. It is iseful to the Merchant in filing away paper*, ai well as to the attorney or Conveyancer, the shoe maker, Tailor, Milliner, and numerous others, and is a very labor saving Maehine. Sold by all the principal Stationers and Fancy Goods Dealers throughout the United 8utea. Agents for Washington. TAYLOR * MAURY, mav 11?tf Bookstore, near 9th st m A CARD. m. Economy t* tk* road to Great Reduction in the price of Hata 4 Caps rp H E undersigned, having made arrangements X with a New York Hat Company tn be con stantly suppliej with the very be?t Moleskin or DRESS HATS, got up In the latent style, offers tliem at Um unprecedented low price of $3,50, worth from f->er to five dollars; second quality, $3, worth from $3,50 to ?4 ; and a very good fashion able Hat at $2,50. worth from $3 to *3,50. Also, Be*be k Co*s Hat?, at a math less advance than they have been here toforc sold in this city. First rate beaver Hats $3,5 >. All kinds of ssft HATS and CAPS very low. In order to sell at the above low prices the cash tystem must be adopted ; consequently those whi purchase will not be charged from fifteen to twenty fire per cent, as an offset for bad debts. ANTHONY, (for nanv years in the empb*v of Todd 8t Co.) Nrs. 3, Columbia place, 7th st., ap 13? tf 3d door north of Penn. avenue. LOOK HERE!!! MORE BOUNTY LAND TO ALL who served in HY war since 1790, whether as Officers Soldiers. Sailors, Marines, Clerk*, Indians, Cbap fains, Wagon Masters, Teamsters, Landsmen, (or >heir widows or minor children) who have cot yet receivwl fall 160 acres, and have been in service 14 days, will do well to writ* to us. pottpcid, and their Land Warrants wir! be forwarded to them for the alove quantity, aud no charge if they do not get it. LLOYD ?i CO., Claim Agent'* Office, opposite U. S. Treasury, \V ashmgton City, D. C mar 6?3m SOMETHING FEW U5DEB TEE SUN. CHARLES WERNER, Ptntujfliania aiemie, opposite Brown*1 Hotel. HAS fitted up the commodious hall over his Res taurant as ? first class L.AGER CEEK d\ LOON, havin* promred a supply of every luxury and ccmforts found in first class establishments of the kind in the Nortnern cities. His RHINE WINES and French White Wines, as well u his Clarets, Segar*. Lager Beer, German, Italian, and Sweitzer CHEESES, and indeed < f ev ery other appropriate luxury in such an osiablish ment, is unsurpassed in this country. He solicits a call from his friends and the public. may 13?tf DENTISTRY. RB. DONALDSON, Dentist, late of the firm ol . Hunt k. Doualdson, conUnues to l manufacture and insert those beautiful' Ccelain teeth, with or without gums, specimens of which (made and de posited tij the late firm) was awarded the first premium at the Mechanics' Institute Fair, 'ecently held in this city. r~. These teeth are carved and -haded to suit each particular case, and their resemblance to the natu *ral organs is so perfect as to deceive the moat prac tised eye. Particular attention also paid to filling and pre serving the natural teeth. Charges moderate and all operations warranted. Office southwest corner Seventh and D s*s.- en trance on D. mar 21?6m LAW PARTNERSHIP. Robert j. walker ana louis janin have formed a co partnership under thu firm ot "Walker k Janin," for ths management and ar gument of cases in the Supreme Court of the United States, and before the Court of Ciau?s at Washing ton City. . ? _ Addn-es Washington, D. C. nay 1U?eoC:n S. P. HOOVER'S IS01I HALL BOOT, SH0F, AND TBU.TK EST A ELISME-. T. JUST received a large assortment of Boots, Sho?-s end Trunks, perhaps the largest stock in this city, from whieh to make selection. Ladies Slippers, 50 to 73 cents Do Gaiters, 75 to $1 S5 Gents French P Leather and Call Pumps Do do do Walking Shoes Boys', Misses' ind Children's Shoes iu every va nety and ?tvle,Hliicb I will sell at the lowest prices. S. P HOOVER, Iron Hall Boot, Shoe and Trunk Bstabm't. Pa. avenue, betw. 9th and 10th streets. may 19?satWft ? DO YOU WANT FIRST RATE ICE CREW ? GO at once to ARNY. Bridge street, Georgetown, hs was awarded a MEDAL by the Metropoli tan Mechanics' Institute, lor ICE CREAMS, WA TEE ICES, and CAKES. may 25?eotf PLEASURE TRIPS TO THE WHITE HOUSE PAVILION. The Steamers GEO. WASH _jn*GT0N or TH0S COLLYEK can be chartered for public or select parties to visit the White House Pavilion, Mount Vernon, Fort Washington, or other places on the nver. The White House ravilwn i? now open for vi?i tors. It is a beautiful place for pleasure trips; it ha* a fine Ball and Dnung room , also, a new Ten Pin Alley. 0^ For particulars apply to the President of the Company, or th* Cantaias ol the Boats. Mr. WILLIAM COKE is furnishing refreshments on i he boats, and is prepared to furnish parties on the best terjn*. ap 36 ? 2m GREAT BARGAINS IN LADIES', GENTS', MISSES', AND CHIL-1 DRENi'BOOTS AND SHOES.?The^ sfc-* subsonber being compelled to remove fromBH I the ?tore he low occupies, offers his pre* f Ml ent well-aaaorv?d stock of BOOTS AND SHOES at peetly reduced price*. All persons iu , want of tUe arucle will find it to their advantage to | ? all before purchasing elsewhere. A. H. SLOAN, No. 304 Pa. av., near 10th st., north tide, ?ay 1?if | REESE'S EAGLE"PLUMBING AND GAS-FITTING DEPOT. THE subscriber respectfully announces to his tnends am tut public in g?*ierai that hs lia? re ceiv?4 the n* lot of the celebrated DODGE'S DOUBLE ACTING SUCTION AND FORCE PUMP, wfeicti i?-criv? d the SILVER MKDAL at the late K*ir of u?* Metro^olnaa Mechanics' ln>*tt tutc,a?4is how to furnish all who mat favor Una wnu .? His stack <>i UA4 VIXTC*EMRS are unjur V*s??e.l in the District. h ^ mir of e<MnP**et workmen he prides r aaSvt-XIF? ,n PLUMBING AND * M,r' w'th promptness and despatch, done warranted to give complete JOHN HEBSE! _ssay 3?tf W. With ? and Pa ave?ne._ NEW AND OLD PIANOS. WE'r:: "?W ln Mof* tbe largest assortment of riA.V -d ever offere in this city, from Hal C* K*v"n. ^ Ki.abs, ?ha to. , celebrated manufactories. Then 5^2?tee, and sell upon veiy easy ter n<? **2'1 Pl ** used only a few months, which hZJT? * ?he ?ow pnee ot f?U cash ; a second l.and Piano by Andre iHien, for f7j. -?I. hand Cbickering Piano for |al^ or reat at a bargain. OM Piai.o# taken in eichangs for new. Always on han?i, 8toois, Cover*, Violins, Guitars, Flutes. Aeeordevns. Music, kt. kc. John ellis, ' 306 t > iiiiMytvama avenue, m*y 10 bet. tfth and lOtli Ur> > u. K^Jfclr I * DARt !_A Brft Wall*, very IV^wutat r u^mners, coaip^d end dedicated W. Humer. Puhftal^d tad tor s?jr at HLLbL'S a UlTj&'t} Uu^ic Depot. ?? oaraei Pa, ?y. gjtd ILh ? Auction Bale*. By J AS. C. IcQUlRE, Aactiontcr. VERY DESIRABLE BUILDING LOT at Auc tion?On TUESDAY afternoon, June 12th, at 6 o'clocx, on the premises, the subscriber will sell, by vinue of a de?d af trust from Basil Lancaster, dated September 22i, 1848, and duly recorded in Li b?r J. A. S., No 1, folios 380, fc<*. one of the land records lor VVfcluogt> n county, all that piece or pared of ground and premises designated upon the ground plan of said city as Lot No. 36, in Square 197, having a front of 49 feet nine inches on lSlh st. ?e*t, b<'tween north L and M streets, running back 197 feet to a 30 feet alley, with a 15 feet ailey run ning the full depth of the lot on the side. This lot is situated in a rapidly improving part ol the First Ward and is very desirably located Terms: 9150 iu cash, the residue in 6 and 19 months, with interest, secured by a deed of trust on the premises. A11 conveyancing at cost of purchaser. JAS. H. COLLINS. Trustee. JAS. C. McGUIRE, mpy 11? 2awfcds Auctioneer. By J. C. McOUIHB, Amotleitaar. Chancery bale of valuable and el igibly situated improved and unimproted Real Estate, consisting of Dwelling Houses and Lots, va cant Lo's, and wharf?By virtue of a decree "f the Circuit Court of the District of Columbia for Wash ington county, made in the cause wherein John A. Fracer is complainant, and John Walker, Lllcn S. Fraser, and others, heirs at law of Simon Frascr, deceased, are defendants, No. 889, in Chancery, the subscribers, trustees appointed by said decree, will sell at public auction all those pieces or parcels of ground lying and being situated in the city of Wash ington. and knows and distinguished as being Lou Nos. 1. a, 3, 4, 5, ?. 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 19, 13,14,15 18, 17,18, 19,20,2i, 22, 93, and *24, in the subdivision made by sai.1 trustees of Square No. 412, fronting respectively and variously from 18 feet 1 inch, to 30 feet 8 inches on Aih and 9th streets west, and E and F streets ->oath, by various depth* to an aile*, with the improvements and appurtt-nanccs, which con fist, of a commodious and well and substantially built3^ story Brick Dwelling House on Lot 8, and a comfortable and well built 2 story Brick Dwelling House or. each of Lots No*. 18 and 18, in said sub rlivi^io.i; lot No. 4, in Square No 388, fronting 95 on F sireet *<>utb, between 9th and 10th sts. west, by 125 feet deep, with the improvements aud appur tenances, which consist of a 2'*< story Frame Dwel ling House; part of Lot No. 3, in Square No 730, fronting 40 feet on Pennsylvania avenue, running back to 44 A "street south, wrth a width on said 44 A" street of 43 feet 7 inches ; and part of Square No. 472, fronung 44 feet on Water street, at the termi nation of 7th street west, with the valuable Wharf thereto attache and belonging, extending to the channel of the Potomac river, and now occupied by George Page and used as a steamboat wharf The -ale of the several Lots in the subdivision of Square No 419, w;th the improvements and appur tenances, will take place on Thursday, the 24th day of May, 1855, at 5 o'clock p. m., on the prem The sale of Lot No. 4, in Square No. ?''SS, with the improvements and appurtenances, will take place on said Tnursdav, the 24th day ot May, 1855, at 6 o'clock p. in., on the premises The sale of part of Lot No 3, in Square No. 730. will take place on Friday, the 25:h day of May, at 5J4 o'clock p. ui.j on tae premises. And the sale ol part of Squure No. 472, with the valuable Wharf thereto attached and belonging, will take place on Tuesday, the Ii9th diy of May, 1855, at 5'4 o'oioek p. m , on the premises. Ttie above property is all situated in desirable lo catiotH, rapidiy enhancing in value, and offers to capitalists and others a most favorable opportunity ?or ;nve-tinents or procuring a desirable residence. The terms of sale, as prescribed by said decree, will be one fourth of the purchase money t:i cash, and the balance in six, twelve, eighteen, an.1 twen ty four months, to b? secured by the purchaser's bonis, tiea'ing interest from day of sale, with secu rity, to b?' approved by the Trustees. Upon the full payment of the puichase money and iujerert, and the ratification of the sale or sales by the C'.urt, the Trustees will conve> Uie property to the respective purchasers in fee. If the terms of sale are not complied with in six days utter the sale, the property the terms of the sale o< which are not so complied with will be resold at the risk and expense of the purchasers upon one week's notice. All conveyancing at the expense of the purchas ers. CH AS. S. W \LLACH, ? EDW'D SWANN, f rnmaea. JAS. C. McGUIRE, mav 2?eoJtds Auctioneer. (jj- The sale of the several lota In square 412 and lot 4, in square 388, with improve ments, is postponed, in consequence of the raia, until TUESDAY, June 5tn, same hoars. P. S ?The sale of ihe valuable wharf property at the foor f Seventh street is postponed until THUIUJ DAY AFTERNOON, June 7th, at ft oVoefc, on the premises. CH AS. S. ?VALLACII.l EDW'D SWANN, JTru 'eca. JAS. C. McGUIRE, copy 25?eo&ds Auctioneer. PURE SILVERWARE?A MAGNIFI CENT ASSORTMENT. MW. GALT k. BRO call attention to their ? unusually large assortment of Silverware, cons.sting of? Solid silver Tea Sets, complete Silver Pitchers, solid Silver Castors Silver Cups and Saucers, Goblets Hilver Fish Carvers and Forks. Crumb Scrapers Cage Kniv.s, Fruit Shovels, Sugar Sifters Jelly Spoons, Cheese Scoups Pickle Knives and Forks Olive Spoons, Salad Tongs, Vegetable Forks Fruit Knives, Ice Tongs, Desert Knives Soup, Cream and Gravy Ladles Ice Cream Knives, Sait Cellars Napkin Rings, Butter Knives, Tea Strainers Tea, Table, and Desert Spoons and Forks of every variety Breakfast and dinner Coffee Spoons, he. Alfo, a very large assortment of Fancy Silver ware, suitable for wedding, birth day, and other preseu ts The above is all of our own manufacture and Is warranted to be pure. M. W. GALT k BRO., 3*4 Pa. ave., betw. 9th and 10th sts. mar 31?U* Pair of BAY MARES, 7 years F I X? old next spring, well-bred,sound. stylish, gentle, spirited aud capital goers. They axe^f^v well-brokru and perfectly free from tricks, aud will p rticularly suit any gentleman who is fond ol di.ving. The owner parts with them only because his purpose is to retrench his expenses. They can be seen at Southron's (late Birch's) Stable, on 14th street, south of Pa. avenue. For terms, or an op portunity to try them, enquire at the counter of the Star office. Tbey wiil be sold a baigain. ap J?tf IIAIR WORK. ORNAMENTS of Hair, such as Bracelets, Cbat elaias, Chains, Breastpins, Earrings, Finger Rings, made to order, of any desired design. All orders faithfully attended to. Specimens may be seen at my store. H. SEMKEN, No. 330 Pa. av., between 9th and 10th sts. Mar JU ICE CREAM. AT the old stand, corner of F and 9th street, can be had the best quality of ICE CREAM, J WATER ICES and CONFECTIONERY of^ all kinds. All orders promptly attended to. I have opened my Saloon for the reasons, where nothing but the best quality shall he kept. AH wish ing a good article would do well to call. aiay 24 - 12i THOB ECKARDT. KRION1 WITH DKFICtlVE _ vision are invited to examine my, extensive stock of all kinds of SPECTA-j CLES and EYE-GLASSES. GlasMa1, of any kind, such as Cataract, Parabola, ptjri?copic, Double Concave, Double Convex, and ColoredGlasses, putin at short notice, with great care, and persons in want of glasaes may be sure to get those which benefit the eye. Circulars "Defective Vision," gratis at H. SKMKEN'S, 330 Pa. avenue, betw. 9th and 10th sts. mar 30 ~ M. WILLI AN, LADIES' DRESS AHD TBUHCIHG STOKE, , fu. aetnur, between 7lk and 8<A itrett*. M WILLI AN would respectfully announce to ? the Ladies of Washington, that he has lust received from the Northern cities a complete stock ol GOODS, among which may be found? New f4}Ws Freueh Dress Trimmings Fine French Flowers and Ribands A Isrge lot of Boanets, in silk, crape, and straw, of the lainst patterns An J an excelleat assortment of handsome Embroi deriete ef all kinds Dresses made in the latest Psrls fashion* at rea sonable i axes. Piakmg and F uttng and Kid Gloves cleaned. U,M|?* p Annulments. GRAND PIO NIC or THE irarau LiiiiTiis' mi co. The northern liberties' fire com pany respectfully make known to their friends and the puWic generally that they will give their first PIC NIC. on thursday, June 7th, 1856, to the WHITE HOUSE Tha Company wi!l spare no pains or expense to insure satisfaction Tha Ref.cshmeuts will be served by an expe rienced caterer, Mr A. Columbus Visiting Companies will appear in uniform Tha boat will leave Georgetown at 1 o'clock; Waslangton at 2; Navy Yard at 2>f ; and Alexan dria at 3 p. m. Ticket* ONE DOLLAR?admitting a gentleman and ladies?to be had of any of the Committee of Arrangements. Committee. E O Evan?, II Knight, S Culver well, 8 P Robertson, H Keenan, R Warren, J T Halleck, C Matlock, A Columbus, J H Goddard.jr T Dawson, J Slatford, Mid 8irkhe?d, L Newmyer, J King. H Taylor, may 12?eotd GRAND MOONLIGHT EXCURSION AND PIC li IC OF THE T NATIONAL GUARD, AT THE - " WHITE HOUSE FAVI LION, On MONDAY, Jam 11th 1859. - a-tr-^Tha Company take great pieat iMSHBHLttre in announcing to their nu merous friends and the public that they have char tered the Steamer George Wellington, and will give a Grand Excursion and Pic on MONDAY, tire 11th Jane, 1655. Te Company pledge themselves that no pains or expense shall be span-d on their part to give satis faction to those who may honor them wilh their company. The very best brass and cotillon aiuric has been engaged for the occasion. Refreshments and Supper will be furnished by an experienced Caterer Omnibuseti will be at the Wharf on the arrival of | the boat to convey passengers to ilic Navy Yard; fare 25 cents. Other parts of the city 12.1$ cents. Tieketo ONE DOLLAR, admitting a gentleman and ladies ; to be h*d of any of the Company, and at the Wharf on the day of the excursion. The Boot will leave Georgetown at 1 ; Washing ingtoii at2; Navy YarJat2tf, ami Alexandria at 3 o'clock. Committee of -Irrang'mentt Lt Pumphrey, Sgt Johnson, Sgt Drew, John Tucker, James J. Anderson ]? l-n'tex $50 REWARD. SERVANT girl Sara'i left the Marshall House, in Alexandria, Va , on Monday, the 14th instant, and has not since been heard of. I will pav the above reward if taken up out of thu State of V irgin la, or $*20 if taken up in the State and lodged hi jail so thai I can gather again She is of ache-mut col or, about five feet high, stout built, and has a pleas ant countenance when spoken to, and is about 20 years uld. I purchased ht-r in Charlottesville, Va., in October last. FELIX RICHARDS. I may 24?eotf ICE CREAM AND SODA WATER. CREAMS of all flav'Hp, such as Vaadla, Choco late, Lemon, Strawberry, Pint* Apple and, Or ange. Also, Gerrnr.n Creams, Water Ices, Blance Mange, Charlotls, Jellies, &c The Sod* is of the best in the city, on ths old principle of manufacture with Pure Fruit Syrups without the usual druz mix tures. ?t CAKES and confectionery of all kinds dent to aay part of the city. Creams f2 per gallon?^62# ccnts per qt. N. B.?Ladies Saloon up stairs Parties supplied J. G. WEAVER, Pa. av., No JJ47 opp. Browns' Hotel, may 24? 2w* MOUNT VERNON HOTEL, Cape Itlay, Mew Jersey. 'HE abov* Ifousi ha? been completely finished and ftarnished, >-n4 will comfortably accommo date 1,300 gu-kts. The house is Mtuated within the city, standing by itself on nn^ably the best beach for bathing in tlie world The house is upward of S00 f?-et in length, the dining r.m; is 450 feat. A1 together, the MOUNT VERNON HOTEL affords me coolest and most delightful retreat in the world. Families of six pe rsons and upwards can be ac commodated with private tables, having I heir meals furnished at any hour agreeable to them Ar ordi nary will also be set at regular hours for those who art not in parties, and who may prefer a Table d'Hote. A large nnmbertf private Dining Rooms have ihis season been added, for parties desiring to be strictly private. An Artesian Well has been bored nearly 100 feet in depth, and furnishes pure soft water throughout the house. l*arge and commodious stabling have been added. Phe Hotel has every modern improvement, in deed, every thing has been ordered to give comfort and pleasure to the guests. A full Band of Music will be in attendance during the whole season. Letter- addressed to tha proprietors, directed to Cape Island, Cape May, N. J., will be promptly answered. SAMUEL B. WOOLMAN fc CO., may 25?2w* Proprietors. STEAMBOATS CONNECTING m - ?fr With each train of Cart arriv dfirtSOkflBirgin Washington or Alexan dria.?jne Dreamers THOMAS C O L L Y E R er GEORGE WASHINGTON wili make the above connections, leaving Washington at 6 a. m for t> Orange and Alexandria tars, and connect with' j same train on their airival. Meals furnished on the boat*. The Boats connect with all the trains from Bal timore. SAM'L GEDNEY, Capt. may 17?d TEN DOLLARS REWARD. STRAYED or stolen frc.m the commons of Wash ington on the 16th instant, a white and^U*^ dark colored Cow, with horns, black eyes,l?9^ and a collar on, marked I. Hill. The abovejQHh& reward will be paid on the delivery of the cow at the wood yard of ISAAC HILL, near the Centre Market, Washington, may 30?eo3t* Fans, perfumery, toilet articles, ^c., tLc?We hav- now in stjre a large vari ety of fine and common Fans, H am jon's and Lu bin's celebrated Perfumery, Brushes, Combs, 1'ooth Powders, playing and visiting Cards, fine Portmon uaics, Cigar Cases, Card Cases, Baskets, Canes, kc.,kc., all of which we are selling out at low prices to suit the times at the Piano. Music, Sta tionery, Perfumery, and Fancv Goods Store of JOHN F. ELLIS, 30? Pa. avenue, bet. 9th and 10th sts. Bay 23?tf HOUSE-KEEPING HARDWARE. f|''HE subscriber begs h ave to inform the public 1 thai he has opened a store at 490 Seventh st. between D and E streets, whera he has a general assortment of Housekeeping Hardware, Cutlery, Silver Plated Brittannis, Japanned and plain Tin Ware, Wooden, Willow and Cedar Ware, Clocks, Bird Cages, Feather Dusters, Brushes, Brooms, Baskets, Mats. Also, fine IVn-ket Cutlery, Raaora. Scissors, Combs, ' ' His goods are entirely n< w, and were selected from the latest and most approved styles. They wero bought for cash, and tvnl be sold at the lowest possible prices. Persons wishing to puri'ha^e are invited to ex amine his stock and prices, as he is confident he can offer them greater inducements than they will bb? et wilh elsewhere in the city. map23?tf GEO FRANCIS. NOTICE. ? ^f^HE Undersigned can accommodate parties wilh I COACHES for pleasure trips. Alae, to make trips to boats arriving j after night from the White House." ? For term-apply to Mr. JOHN HOLBROOK, at the Slave Stand st the Capitol; t<r orders left at (?. & T. Parker * Co.>s Store. WM. WHALEY. may 16?lm* ICE?ICE?ICE! CHARLES VV KRKKR, on Pa. avenue, opposite Brown v HouLwilj keep throughout the season auMole supply of PetUbone's btst ice, which hiaMAon call, in any quantities, at th lewest puasIWBWes. may?-<ttSwpW rpHlfi are row working ? the Stone Quarry formerly occupied by Major Wm B. Scott, and are prepared to furnish 8TO*B at the umisI iiistkej rates. HUMPHREY* * WlLlilAMH. Goorgetowu, Hey 15?lm* V VENING STAR. THE BfBLS. Great Book of Books! My bolitce to all hours ! God's Holy Word ! Man's Life and comforter! How poor all volumes, when eompar'd to tb?e ! Earth'* wi?d >ui is tie ieeblc taper's light Beside the biaze of tby celestial san ] Tie cobwebbed volumes rf the elder world, Ot dusty alcoves and old cloistsrs > iro, The parchment wisdom of a darker age? How pale iheir light, their strange mysterios* lore, B-side the broad effulgence of thy rays! M tn'a spirit in his high imaginings, Its soaring, like the eagle in the sun, Can pluck, while on tlie Empyrean height, No spark, to blaze through aii ages an* all time. Illumine the broad irack of centuries, Like that which glows within tby page divine ! His loftiest pinion* droop, when he would gra^p The signet of Jehov. h. and transfer Its glorious impress to his feeble page. Yet on the humble and the contrite heart God stamps bis word. The towly worshipper Who doth unve I his spirit to Iiis eye, And pray for mercy from His throne on high, Hath all thy mysteries?an.1 be may teacb Philosophers what they would never learn, With all thdr divinations and th-ir lore. THE TWO 0A6UEBBI0TTPE8. CHAPTER 1. Jim Scroggins, though in the main an honest, peaceable, quiet, harmless fellow, had a beastly habit of getting drunk whenever a fit opportunity presented it self ; and, unfortunately, because "where there's a will there's a way," the oppor tunities were both flt and frequent. Jim owned a comfortable homestead that he had almost paid for. Mrs Scrog gins was a " real worker," and no doubt did her full share in buying the home stead. She was endowed with a great deal of energy, good judgment, and peo ple were so malicious as to say she was the smartest man of the twain. Be this as it may, Mrs. Scroggins was an industrious woman, and took a good deal of pride in the little place which had been bought by their mutual industry?and the thought of having it wrested from them by a cold-hearted creditor, was in the highest degree disa greeable ; but to such a calamity her husband's infirmity, as ihe good min ister of the village called it, seemed to point. The habit grew upon him, as it almost always does upon those who are in the habit of imbibing too freely. Tha mis eries of the drunkard's wife had been too often presented to the good woman's un derstanding, to be regarded as simply creations of imagination, and she looked forward with alarm to the prospect ot enduring them, and losing the little place. But what could be done ? She had exhausted her eloquence upon the infat uated man, without producing anything but a temporary effect. She pointed to him kindly, the inevitable eft'ect of his indulgence, and Jim promised to do bet ter ; but alas for the vanity of human expectations, he got tipsy the very next day. Then she appealed to his love of money; to his satisfaction in being the owner of a cottage and ten acres of land, and warming up with the importance of the subject, declared that she would not en slave herself any longer to pay for the place, and then have it taken away from them to pay a rum bill. Jim listened to the good dame's elo quence, and, as usual, promised to do better; but also, as usual, he came into house, the very next day, tight as a fid dle-string Mrs. Scroggins was in despair; "what W do she did'nt know," as she expressed it to Parson Allwise, who was a sympa thizer with her in distress. She had en treated, she had scolded, she had threat ened, all to no purpose. 44 What could a t)dy do ?" Parson Allwise himself, though he made it a point not to interfere in the domestic affairs of his parishioners, was at last moved to try his powers of per suasion on the poor fellow. But Jim, unfortunately for the success of his appeal, had but a poor opinion of ministers in general, and of Parson All wise in particular; and as good as told the worthy Pastor that he had better mine his own business. Mrs. Scroggins was shocked at the boldness of her spouse in answering a minister of the Gospel in such a pointed manner, and was led to believe that the case was now hopeless indeed. But woman's wits are equal to almost any emergency; and though she had con fessedly given Jim over to the tender mercies of the devil, she could not help thinking it would be a goad thing if he could only be saved from himself. One day, a circumstance seemed to con spire in favor of an experiment which had suggested itself to her lertile brain, and she immediately carried it into effect, with the most happy success, as the se quel will show. CHAPTER II. Jim had been cleaning out the pig pen, and as the operation was rather a disa greeable one, he had fortified his olfacto ries by drinking an inordinate quantity of vile New England rum. The filthy stuff, happily, did not take effect on his brain till Jhe job was done. The pig pen was cleaned out, but Jim was in a condition which better fitted him to occupy it than the neat, white doored kitchen of his cottage. But Jim did not realize this unpleasant truth, and leaving his shovel and hoe in the sty, staggered to the house. 44 He was a sight to behold," S3 Mrs. Scroggins told the minister. The job he had just completed was essentially a dirty one, and Jim, as we have remarked, being prudent, he had prepared himself to perform it without any detriment to the neat garments he ordinarily wore, lie was dressed in a ragged suit of clothes, and on his head rested a shock ing bad hat, with the crown stove in, and the brim half torn off. As the liquor began to fuddle him, he moved it over from its perpendicular position, so that it rested quite jauntily on one side of his head. ^ira settled himself heavily in a chair by the cooking stove, looked silly, and ?coined disposed address himself to ~ -J. . iil?w C*< J c: 'UU. si timber, his usual resort when ine briated. Mrs. Scroggins was mad at first, for it was only the day before that .Tim, for the hundredth time had premised never to drink another drop, not eve? in a case of sickness. Bat what was the use of getting mad with such a poor, silly imbecile thing as he was at that moment. He was not in a condition to appreciate a regular mat rimonial blow up, and she wisely re solved to reserve the vials of ber wrath to be poured out at a more convenient season. Sbo looked at him and thought of | losing the little place?of penury, degra dation, and the poor house. ' A lucky thought aros?, like the Phoenix from the flames, out of the contemplation of the dark future: and fcfter a few moment deliberation, she put on her bonnet and cloak, and hurried over to the village not half a mile distant. For a week previous a youDg daguer reotypist, with a portable saloon?a kind of overgrown omnibus?had been de lighting the villagers by giving them the semblance of their faces, at prices vary ing from mne shillings to thrue dollars a head, depending on the value of the case. All the people of the town had teen da guerreotyped, and the omnibus man was the most popular man in the village. All the dames and maidens bad been taken, and every Jonathan and Jehial who could boast of a Susan, a Ruth, or a Sally, was taken with her by his side in the picture, his arm thrown lovingly around her neck, and looking unutterably affectionate. But Mrs. Scroggins was not sentimen tal: she had got over all that long before Jim took to drinking. She proposed to put the skill of the daguerreotypist to a more practical use than that of getting the good-will of a lover. She entered the saloon, and though heart did beat a little I at the tegrada ion of exposing her do mestic matters to an entire stranger, she demeaned herself with all the firmness becoming the trying occasion. Fortunately for her, all the people in the town had " been taken,'' and it was a dry time with the artist. In as few words as possible she stated the case to him., and the young gentleman readily promised co-operation. -Taking his apparatus under his arm, he accompanied Mrs. Scroggins to the cottage where Jim was sleeping off the effects of the villainous New England. The inebriate sat in precisely the same position in which his wife had left him. He was asleep in a high-backed chair, which kept his head up, so that every thing was favorable to the sitting. Io a trice, Jim Scroggins's old hat, raggeu clothes, long beard, dozing, drun ken expression, and all were transferred to the plate. But the picture did not suit the artist; he thought one taken when the sitter was awake would be a more correct represen tation. Mrs. Scroggins thought so too, and when the daguerreotypist had put in a new plate she waked Jim up. ?? What d'je want ?" asked Jim, with a yawn. 44 Wake up !'' and the lady gave him a smart pinch, which opened his eyes, giving out the true expression of the drunkard. The a: t was prompt, and in an in stant edf >n second of Jim Scroggins was on the plate. The original, not being required for urtber use, was buttered to sink away and complete his nap. The pictures were put into a frame, and Mrs. Seroggins produced her money. 44 Nothing, ma'am ; I shall not charge you anything." 44 Bat, sir. I am able to pay." The artist shook his head, resolutely refusing to touch her money. Of course, Mrs. Scroggins was grateful, and gave the artist an invitation to take tea with her, which he accepted. In the course of the meal, the daguerreotypist told the story of his own life?how he had been brought up in the midst of intemperance, and knew all about it. His father had died a drunkard, and leaving his mother penniless, he had suppcrted her from the profits of his portable saloon. Mrs. Scroggins of course sympathized with the young man; and readily understood why he would not take pay for the pictures. But what was better than all, the young artist took quite a fancy to Jim's only daughter, a pretty girl of eighteen ; and, after tea, insisted on taking her da guerreotype. And the sly rogue pre tended that the first was not a good one, and took another?one of which he took away with him. The tea things were cleared away, and when he did go, the poor girl's heart fol lowed him, and half the night she laid awake to think of him. chapter m. Jim Scroggins recovered from his de bauch, but the first thing he saw when he came into the kitchen in the morning was two daguerreotypes, which lay upon the table. He picked up one of them, and started back in confusion, when he recognized his own distorted features. He examined the other. It was the countenance of the first, with open eyes, and looking ten times more hideous than the sleeping pic ure. 44 Good gracious!" exclaimed he, udid I ever look so infernal homely as that ? " and he proceeded to scrutinize the pic tures a second time. 4t Blame me! if I thought I ever looked so confounded mean as that, I'd go down and jump into the river." 441 have seen them, though, that looked just like that are," continued he ; 44 but them was drunkards?now, I ain't a drunkard, though I sometimes gat a little sizzled. I never lit my pipe at that time, though. Howsomever, them was taken for me, though when or where I have no kind of notion. There's Ike old hat, and there s the old coat?no mistake." The footsteps of his wife caused him I to drop the pictures, and he out of the house to avoid the tempest w h?cb ? -*4.-. a. 11* jn W 'i I. ?d) THE WEEKLY STAB. aWf*Dty ?C^CasM, IRTiUtllT m A?r*MC*. *7-?in#e ce^w (I* writers) c* ki at the counter, unmMiaiHy lAn tkc tara? of Vaa paper. Price-mat cnn, * Pomnrriu who act as qtto wffi 1 a cmnrnterion of twenty per cent. he thought his wickedness would call down upon his head. It is a notable fact that be omitted his morning dram on tbts occasion, and his wife took courage. Like a prudent wo man, as she was, she did not say a word | about the occurrences of yesterday, and permitted him to eat his breaknat in peace He g^t through the day without drink* ing a drop, but on the following day the old appetite clamored for the usual cram, sod in the afternoon, while hia will was in the sitting-room, he went td the cleMt where be kept the bottle. Bat the first thing that met his gase was the two daguerreotype*, resting against his black bottle. There was Jim S:ropgins, drunk?ssleep; and there was Jim Scroggins drunk?awake. "Themdsrn'd dogartypes!" muttered he, starting back in oonfasiea at the mis erable looking object they faithfully shad owed to him. , Jim stopped to think. lie fully re solved never again to be the loathsome being they represented Jiim to be. Tak ing the blaek bottle, be went to the door with it, and with a right good will burled it on the door-stone, where it was dashed into a thousand fragments, and the de lectable stuff irretrievably lost. "Hailo, what are you about?" said a young man just entering the yard. "Smashing my rum bottle, said Jim, ;rith admirable coolness. "You are the dogtype man, ain't you?'' *'I am." "Walk in, if you please," said Jim, ushering Mr. Shadow into the sitting roots, where his wife and daughter were. "Wife," said he, "you had them pio ters taken." "I did, James." "I've broke tbe bottle, and as to look ing like them things again, I never will." '-Here is the pledge," said Mr. Shad ow, who was a temperance man in prac tice as well as in principle. "I'll sign it, by Mighty!*' and Jim did sign it. '?Now, wife, will you rab them things out?" "Certainly, James," and Mrs. S. went for the pictures. "And now," said the young man, "Mr. S^roggins, if you will walk over to my saloon, I shall be happy to take tbe real man, as God made him." ??I'll do it: and Betsy shall come, too, and Susy." ?usy went with her father and mother, though her picture had been taken. On the way, Mr. Shadow walked by her side, and said a great many silly things. The daguerreotypes were taken, and Jim was surprised to see the difference between the picture of a drunken man and that of a sober one. lie drank no more liquor, and though this incident happened three years ago, he is still a sober, reputable man in the village. The little place is all paid for, and Mrs. S. is superlatively hsppy. Susan, in less than a year, beciame tbe wife of Mr. Shadow, who, notwithstand ing his name, is s man of substance, and loves his wife all the more because he was instrumentsl in saving her from the degradation of being a drunkard's daugh ter." Cuke fob Palpitation op tdb Hurt : Marriage. Other cures have been recom mended, but Dr. Francis says this is the only one that can be relied on. IRUIVALS AT PRINCIPAL HOTELS. Nat ional a. a. wn.Laaa Mr Johnston, Md W A Appleby and lady, A K 8l? ke, rta NJ Col B Hamb ?ton, do Mr* Dr Sim* R cluldrea, ? Wt Her, lad Tei G W Tubman, Md Miss Srm?, do L W Hanaon, do Capt, NM G Gborpenny, C?l J Bowei, MS J O Middleton, Md J H Slaudfard, Va W Rice, Pa 1 " Kenaard, do II H Er.lman, III J Kirk, Pa T N Gitliugs, L H#rrt4? , D C Digged, do O D Beiuen, Ky Col J J Hug^?, do EG Ryan, Wu A A Marshall, do (J C Clarke, Va J Smith, 111 Browai1 II otal?t. p. a a. aaowa. E Diffenderfer, Md L L Duocao, Ky L Wuite, Ga J N Wert, La C W Gedde*. U8N W 8 Vaughan, do A Rench^r, NC W J Burner*, Va 0 W Steele, NY DC Small, Pa W K Sands, NO Mr Wilmer, Md B F Hook do W R Wilmrr, Am L Powill, Va H D Morgan, NY H Carroll, Md J P Cowherd a lady, Va A Winchester, do Mr* Newiuv, do 8 K Crainpton, NY Mm C Hen?l??w, Ky T Dunham, d? Mim J Henshaw, do A II Roby, Pa CP Molinra*,Pa R M?rrisnth. Ky Hoa P McMuUin Va J G Stuart, Va A V Chaftn a lady, do T VVooJrowe, jr, O MmM E Ohaffin. do Mim. Woodrow, do Mias 8 Penaiaginii, Pa Willardi' Hotal?a. a. h i. c. wiutxaa, P Y Laro<ieaior J Mears, jr, Mm J II Moore, NC E A Dammell. d?> W A Uuincey, do Hon R M McLaaa, Md R E Giililand, Trnn 8 AI'onto, Cuba 1 J d? Castillo, M?x M P Ptrrer, do H de Cour?ey, NY EFCoake,NY Hoa P King, oo J A Bullivan, do Hon J Bowen, do T i Graves. Va Col C A Watte, U8A Min A E Reid, do Wisa F Wright, NY C Hnffoey Mira 1 Abufl, do Mr Bptigg, Md C T While J C ? image a lady, Man FMadao. Mara G Gay a lady. NY 8 8 Seewy, do D Jneqaes, Md Mih Buggies, Va W O'Hara, do W Prixe, do T L Nornf, Pa W Green, Ky J A Bttllivan Dr E Cliampiin, NY Kitkwood Ha?a t. a. a ?. aiaawoo a W 8 Mason, 111 J C Williams, Md Capt A D Peck, NY J Head, Mass L lupton a lady, Pa CP Jadd, do GWSewell, Del G K Bm:ib, NY J M Blandish, Va Calud Stataa Hotal?a. o. ucmr. J P Hodgson, NC W C Thompson, Va A Wheeler, V? J Rell, RI DF Carter, Md A MUtor, ill B F C&rheart, fa C Goings, NY C La?rlo, BY Kaaiioa Ho ma a, Alsxaadrla, Va i, nwToa, raorairroa. J R Jones, Md U Herkm. Va J W ftttit, NY G c Bactham, da R T White, Va A B Burton. fa ttf B 1 ?graai, So WEHaghai, I C Howard, jr, da J L Fraiafcw. MS J M Johnson, de 8 BUeary. Maas [, II Randolph, do Miw L Powss, ?o UHfc* fiW, NY Dr A i Henderson, lady Mi* Biadi^nJ,do child a servant, do I M StaMtsh, Md Dr K * Loaiax, do JVCax?Va j Mri 1. WathliiKUtu, Uo Mr tfcott, do Mr* J Waamaiten, O; hi ?V j Bktt scl

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