Newspaper of Evening Star, June 1, 1855, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated June 1, 1855 Page 4
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EVENING STAR.1 Govsrsbc* MoRuti. of Morrisannia, a gao t!?m .n cf birtb edn cation. a&d tha moat lofty bearing on baisg asked for hit definition af J 4 A QenJeman,' raplied by repeating the psalm: 1 " 'Tia hf whw every tbou?f>t and de*d ? Ry rule of virt?^ trove *; Wfcoae e??t rou? tongue <lisdain? to Tbe thin; bu heart disprove. u Who nevrr did a blander Torre, IIh i.eijhhor'B fxm* to wound ; Nor Up arte* to t<*fee report, By n alice wbi^terrd round. - Who vice, in all its pomp and newer. Can trt-at * nh iu.?t nogject; And pi~tv, t'.iou^h cluiiied in rajs, Ui iigioorty re?p? ct. ** W'hft to bia p'isbtcd word and truth H as ev??r fi mly Mood ; And though ??<? pr-?mi*e to hi* lots, U?- makis It 14 promue good. " ?Vlm?f ? ml in a?ury disjoin* llw ir?*a?un-4 u> eir>pk>>; \\h <ut im> rew ir.U can ever brioe Tji fujltle.-* t-< d^sucy." It is stated that thw psalm w?s copied by Tbrrraa Jeffjraoo, in tha eiaalleat hand ana cca'est uitnner.into a Common plaoe Book, uhich he aaain tha habit of frequently oon fultlng. A French Woman.?The Frcnch wo ma:>'3 characteristics are p-^nerally that ihe is uneiceptionably shed; that she w^ars inimitable gloves: that Bhe has a toilet cf two colors: only with a distract-1 iofe way cf wearing it; that her manners are bewitching?full of small grades and delicately shaped coquetries, and never wanting in the nicest appreciation of ex ternal proprieties, to which her flirtations are always subordinate?that she has a marvellous facility cf walking clean vLrough the dirty streets of Paris, and as marve'lcus a knack of holding up her drc?=s with one-hand over the left hip; I that she has a bewitching habit of mis taking her friend's husband lor her own. These are popular characteristics, andj few people allow her any other; but those who know her know that other thoughts besides dress and flirting work beneath those smooth bands of glossy hair, which) look as though they had taken a life time to bring them to their present high condition of and intricate arranvje icct.t, an J that the hands in their close iitting gioves can do something better than imke up caps and crotchet purpos es; that she is not only an agieabie wo man of sccicty but ?':so a ra-eful house keeper, an a^'cCt:ouate mother and a sub missive wife. A French woman cleans gloves, li^ht boots, silks and laces, and at the cost of a few c^nU and with a sur prising sntrces?. Thiy pass lor new on mnv insptcu.r. but the closest, and are) wcrtLy to do so. A Frenchwoman nev er buys a lining for a new gown: she cuts up her clJ guwns and worn out petti coats instead. Sue unpicks and stitches I up again, turns irons and renews, until every inch of the .-UiT has served & halfl a dozen purpose*?, and there is not an un vorn thread in the whole garment. A rrench woman is always noticeable for her clean linen?culTs and collars al ays wnitc irtsn; bat then she works' them herself, a^d thus procures another lur.;e feminine luxury at sma1! cost. It1 ishe same with her table linen. Nap kins a', breakfast, napkins at dinner, and: fresh table cloths or supper napkin* con stantly renewed. A Portacle Batii ? An ingenious j Frenchman, a lesident of San Francisco, has conceived a novel expedient forcarn ii-ig a livelihood. L.e nJ^s around through the outer streets of the city upon a spe cies of water cart, to which are attached several zlac bathing tubs? the whole bc irg drawn by four stylish looking horses. He knocks ai the door of every respecta ble house, and inquires if any of the in mates w ish to buthe. iten he receives an allini.ativc answer, he detaches one or j more of the tubs, carrie3 them into the Louse, nt d fills them with waterfroinhis cart. Do then waits until the liathis' ever, a?d, having received his pay, re-ad ju,ts the tub3 aud starts again upon his route. 2aO \ E511X IS Or OCEAN STEA31KH& A.rma. L*>it+ For Dcm. tw N* * York ...Liverpool....May 3<> | P-ific .Li?t-rpoul ..New ifor*....May 19 ] JJ f-' Hii _.N?w V?k.Jh| 19 r.'hi. jjtca ....Br oi- n Ww York.. vf?y iS j A n, a L wpcw lio=tca ........May Jo QC'Tite Caiuoicia at lanera leave NVw Yu4 on U l Ji ai.d u<tii oi each im-oili. AKiaVALS AT PRINCIPAL HOTELS. National Hotel--a. n. vriuit J 0 P^rtin* Ala J L O'Neal. Pa k T? omS, lady *. d<iucU 11 W aca-on, Ct tor, l.i UBH >^art, 3AU 3 \Va.T??. do M Cohen, do P B- J, M?: J Dov. it ort Sr. laiiy, Va 'I a; lor, MY Mr? C U pjr:, do Mt? P lluitncb, Md C It Rn*s Md H Wlf'niiA, do M N ewwdrn.ilj ii It Baden, Ct K P SuDpoon, l.Y Oraoaa' ?. a x axowa. P, M BasUersrt, ITg.V J A (M?m. \ a If flami in ft lady, N Y VV G Aim h1. O u T ;V<?o.l, 111 J J t>?Bri. li,\Y II \ TMrp^tnn H Coe,Un?.c iaoitik it k^o, j >1 m M T- m^ imi Ca I PTrtild h lady, O \V V Wr.ti.t. Va T L Knurl % tai^iiy J Milt ^ n a. f :nn.y T 1.1"!*, MJ Mr* euib.u-, 5J.1 C E VVUfe-, M=.f Willarda' li tal?n. a. a t. c. wuaU T B N?i.- y. DO f II B^nriit, Mu JI T oata)!^; a daufh VV l> I.n<*a^,uo i?f, Ua H B*H, >M J WWftUr do J W Tillman, NV W K O-bcrt^, NY PC*1 it i.??n, do .% Ei do U I. fUw fc lhaiily, O Mi#? L'y, d?j B<?J ? S tiravy, Mii-i C K Hie <>*U>. ?*0 Mw Bugles, Va V C Traiv, Cal J B IIpwIh t?. ti Y II Atwntr-r, Ct W B Oiljrr, Va l.'cn i i* I'neKwtP, do B U itaoids, Md W U PtiUruiau, l'a KlikwuAd lloait-J h a a. a a?-.*joo * NY *' C Trye, Havana BSn.Us, do JF Trye, do ? St?*ari.?, D Pfiiti, Ml>i B I" I>vr< >o?l, do t? Hlojima *-. iady, NC kV i Melt i, ?.o C C Lcc?i?, Aid r >ti J F Porltr, Visa A W Kiiior* h. iidy, dC S C?? n?ll^?li? W ? ail?y. Pa T II l.c*)t, Md L Il!g2it>*. aw J. Ujileuicr, SA t'loi- d Mattt liotal?a. c. BirniT. T>r F V\ Ch^nr iij, Mik* T R Hanfshergrr, Va II VVa!^er, NY F *1 I.avion, uo J l*ur>trb, Jo S M B<-wiuan, do J Ko, V* Dr J Christian a tatniiy, j Miuli-ii, M4 I ltd 2 ti &?'??. do Mrs J C Wa!k? r, Va \V C J' ???". do K M M?r?'bai:t ft ladv,do A Nf? l< .1 K ^ b?'>ln ft ton, Md VV* W t>>on, NC H Ma daU, do Caution ricwac, Alexandria, Vft. a. aawioa, raoraiaTua. * Gold, Md 53 Croi a-Vldar, Md l.cZL A M.M. 1- Wi.l an:' Ia: *? <2 1? K Wo-.d-i?(jrv, CSA Maat Slctrenry, do 1/ k C A* bi r, Va ?? L I^tiou ft, aoo, do j H yr.w, T s HaM, ao K fmt-rwi-v. V* W A towt?, dt> li, n VV C k wt, lo y R?l?-n, do T U B^>?*vrd, do J VV: li ?, do ? apt A P?u.<au,do J Horner, do A s? i.ray, ?.o A B Jobii?'0, do 'I' N't a wan. do Col E II Jacob*, da TI) Taliaf. ro, ik) U Shu;;.atr, do 1\Sir>rikdw Mi-j Kenan, Md V,0 o,ri.!l dnldren k **-<? C?<ona, Mo ??-iv ;i?t, do ? t? Ciinxs, \ a I. McWklnu, do PL fatuarr a job, Pa VV S./.??ei\?, !',t;o G if Tuhhaek, La 0 XC'A Ud?>LLi. FIRST PREMIUM PIANOS. TFST received. several Pannafrooi the celebrated jj factory of 9fiDW*y fc Sons, New York; one In Louh XIV etyle I'.inni ere in every re spect the beet now made In th? United States; ihey received at the late Metropolitan Mechanics' Fair the first premium (a silver medal) for each of their Piano* exhbfted. Every j*r*m adndr^d the volume of tone, as well a* the w<>rkn*D*l)ip of their instru ments. Tb?*s?;, in addition to my other stock of Pianos, farms the bm and larjwt collection s?witb of Mason'a ?rd Dixon's lire. The p'iblie ar? respectfully invited to call and ex amine before they purchase elsewhere, they will find moderate prices and reasonable term*. PiASOS to rent always on hand, and second hand Piano? ialt??n in part paymen' for new ones, at my Piano Wareroom, No 498 Eleventh st, above Pa. avenue. FU. C. REICHENBACH. may 14?eolm* FINE WATCHES. HAVING made a considerable addition stock of OOLD H0TTIFO FAT*!Hr LI V SIS, and u*Diss' watches Of first quality, heavy lb carat! eases. Also. SILVER WATCHES for boys. I offer them at gre:.tly reduced prices. The movements are selected with great care, and every Watch is varrartted. Persons in want of a fine timekeeper are invited to examine my assortment. II. SKMKEN, No. <30 Pa. avenue, betw. 9th r.rid 10th sis. mar 30 CARRIAGES?CARRIAGES. I HAVE row on hand, nnd constantly finishing. a verv large ass >rtrr.ent of Pleasure an<lo*3HMH,, Family CARBI AGES, of the lat- st fash ionr, which I will aell as low as the nine quality of work can le s?<M in any of the principal markets of the United State*. The Subscriber is now .lealinz exclusively in Car riages ol his nwr. manufacture, and all work ?old hv hiin will be warranted, and comparc favorably with any work in this market. As I always keep a large assortment, I invite purchasers and others to ex- 1 amine my stock before purchasing elsewhere. Carriages built to o'der Old Carriages taken in exchange, or repaired at the shortest n< tice. THOMAS YOCNG, Pign i>f the Golden Horse, No. 409 Pa. avenue and \)i street, may 1?eo3m NOT1CK.?I received this day a new assort ment of SLEEVE BUTTONS and STUDS, of the latest styles. Also, n variety of other new Goods: as Ve*t Chains, (Jhatelains, Bracelets, Pins Earrings, Riti^s, etc. Great inducements offered to purchasers. if. HEMKRN, No. 330 Pa. avenue, bet. 9t.i ami 10th st*. New Points put to Gold Psnj at short notice. Diamonds remounted, and Jewelry made to order. mar 29?tf STo. 267. WASHINGTON STUVIj MiNUFACTfiRT, S. E. corner of Pa. at. and Eleventh street, Sole Ag"ncyfor CHILSON, COULD k CO'3 Winning aa ! Vealilatin; Apraratns, M POND ft CO.'S (of Bo.ton) Union Donblc-ftvtii?ookic? Range, J. L. MOTT'S (of New York) INViNC'BLE DOUBLE-OVEN RANGE. Coiftnilly on hs."d, ar.,1 r cei'nnr LATROBE STOVES, for hearing'w.iRtorics; P.-.rl'jr and Cham ber GRA I ES, Ennm> I ed nnd Japanned CooKins, Hail, Parlor, (.'iiaiuber and Diniiis Room S ? OVES; Plain, Tiunkd and Enamejie'd Iron HOLLOW WARE; B.oek Tin, P;auu>hed and Japanned WAKE in great varietv. All of whi<-h will be sold at the lowest possible rates, ttant will compare favorably with any Estal* lishmeni south of Nt w York. An elimination of my stock is earnestly solicited, ap 13?i>?u J\S sk'i'ivivn DENTISTRY. DR. MUNSON reapectiu'iy calls public attention to his new. patent, and GREATLY jrrr? MJPRO VEf) in t.iod of getting Artificial jfadEj Teeth, wub Contiu Gum-the verv^*"? PERFECTION OF TI1E ART. Thiastvle ofTeeth nas?he follow:-n; adrautae>:s over nil others viz Snrn?T VfJ'WT,;LEAVLIVESS. COM-' KT,and BEALTY, viei:i? wiih Nature in thc* respects, and in som- others excelling. Public in spection is respectfully solicited. Please call ai.d see specimens. CAUTION.?No other Dentist in the Di-nrict ol Columbia naa n right t*r make thin sty!#* of Teeth. N. B?Teeth constitutionally healthy, plugged anrt warranted tor life. " OSck and house a? No. ?98 F. street, near the comer of Pennsylvania avenue and 14ih street. ap 24?;f PAINT~AND OIL ST0RB~ M. T I'Ali KEtl ??nr?;tSJv ? 4 PAINTEB, I OUISIANA avenue, between Hixth and Kev J_i enth streets, No. 60. R^Mence No. 30U C srreet, between Sisth and Seventh lias cdd-<t to i r? ,he sal? of PAINTS, OlLSf a,ll! ^ y> ',l Sfttall or large quantiiies _ 'j, j Mti-ntion of t.ous^ie.?[*?<?:? is peruculariy called to the conveni.- n^u of i>m, arrang -mcnt as vmTri!'til1.1--J',n,e? pr0, Jre UEARTH and other Jj SKSftH: "pAlirret' ,taJy lor i^aWoi'aiis. a"d -jsar PYlSirD ??*> I>AdTOH ,}P THE EXETER STREET, M. E. CHURCH?A ?tfon? dun;re to be.ient tlie afflicted indoces mm thoa io cer ilv. \V?, chal- ear- any other t::edicine ? pres^; :> s.'cli a uhl~- ot t >.iun)iiy from gentlemen an. Iad;es ot h:ch of our own well-known ?' curci of COUGH, BRON LUirjd, RHEUMATISM. DTSPEPdlA' he. January 24iii,ia5.\ 03nsn. Mtrifwirr if ilou-Wuy: I tak- pi. a?ure in sa- in? to yr.n that I !:ave use.i > '?Hainptoe'? Tiuttur.:" witn very great rrofii *TOH? a affeeti m, m, general hea!Ui hul become very much impaired, wl?a I com muicpd t.i u.-f* *? IlAmptoaS Tincture." I found its effects upo:. my gerier l tie:Uth im^t salutary.? J*y <UUl dW^tiVC QfJfllld fMJOQ ri:fht ?*i up under its ust?. I have several tirnea r.coatin?nd'Hl it to my mends, ajid in f /ery case, aa tar as 1 have baen in tonued, they have use it with <uccu?s. Yours Irs'y, Joan Lahahak,Pastor Ot Exeter M. E. Church, Baltimore. bLLLDING OF THE LUNGS. s* . R*L*:on, N. C., Feb. 8, IBM. tlBs/Ti. Mortimer ?V MjUhjT ty: 1 do here y c.-ruty uiat i?^ut twelve months ago l v/as taken with a severe hemorrhage of the Luncx and had lour nttacitsof it I was advised to try Di. uampti.n's Veg. iihie Tincture 1 procured one uottie, and after tafcins which, 1 was satisfied that I was uiucn Lett, r; and ihat, afi?r taking the fourt i borur, I was entirely v/eli, and now 1 enjoy m good a*&li'.i as ever I did ?n my life. I can, and do. with ?3t the .rant b.>r-itau .. reconsmf-ad the Tincture to all pcw.aii JSictdd la Lay way. G*o. VV. Wsailxt. CUES FiTS?BSAD! Hara to t.,e Hick Lian Gold.?From one ol tllu tuo*t rupcouUle D. u^is^, in S .uih Curoaua. CnstLidio*, B.C. Sept 21,1853. *e?.rs. Mortihs* & .Mowbsat The *ale. t.1 .3ur ii;anpton's Vegei ibh- Tincture is incree*.n" overy day, and every bnttie *i!d i.-commends this .le mcmcinc to Uic afflicted. Several of our auicra have tried it iu different cases with a*.ton 'Oiig succe<;s. and ere j;etung it by half u^rens. It has been founU to he iae greatest rem-dy for rheu matic affecuons, and n wondorful care has been performed oa a nejru hov, .utl. ring from Fits. I wtl. lurristi you w;ji a i.uuil>cr of certificate* if vo'l wish them. I am, gantleme? youw, W. 0. Trott. Cnll ar.i j(t;i ctHU^ uijd cur-s (?f Cough, Bronchitis, Kir uuisuici, Neuralgia, Dys oflpe.u, Nerv/.i.wicsa p.n. General Weaixe*E. Aj a lemale medi.;i.-.e or for dUicat-r chll:.reu we bv.iuve it uneijqaUed. &*ld by MORTI1IEB i SSOWIIIt.W, 1-10 Paltl aor? st.eet, Baltu.icre. ai:d Ja-i Br<iaUwg?, N. York Case. Stott it Co., S P.. B. Claizs. Clahki K i;t-w:iN,-?; |-u.f.T, r.nd H. I?cP?ra ?os, WasV igtOR ; ?!??>, fcy R. B. F. Ui-aiL,Cenrg? town , and C. t. Bskav, A.i xundru., and Ly gjsts ev. rvwher. . fe;, oj TO THE LADIES. 1'HE ur.dcr-i.ned i- prepsre ' to eiv* lea^r.n^ u> dies .Jul ciii dre;i hi all i:ini!s ot' eruhtoid(>ri<g I.air and tine need!.- w -rk. Atso, in Mantillas, Col lars, Rjd Vlj will oa bromntlv to order, Stamping and Drawing done in nt at rty>. MRS. P. ZOLI.ICOFER, aaT Maryland av.nct.Bh and 7t.? |<nH I, FISCHER S BAND FCJLLY OKGAN IZZD. HAVING now completed all my rrrangem^ntf; for a first rate B.?ASS and COT 11^1. ON BAND, 1 am again at ihe service of the public to at'end Eicursicn Parties, Exhibit ors, Parades, Tic Nirs, Bnlls, and sierenades. All those in favi^r of a Citizen** b>;iid nre rt.-pectfully invited to encourage our rn erprise, here in YVcshinrt u City. P FISCHER, Leader. ?j ?This Rand,under n.y direction,isre-ulariy upilorm^d, nnd ironi a practice i.ver twenty years I <#i? *,v,, ???'?faction to every onw. i P*- ttvenuw, norrh sido, b?. Uui and <'**'?**?? <* Iron Hail. ^ Ms?ra Hiibu* h U it ptraetuallv auends.1 r?. ma f i4_, ' FfcRRV 'a AN'b iJfLf.u'fT^ VT~Ei7pFSr^TS variety, n .ughi h, (K-rson fr mthe manufactu^ rrs ..j the undariigniwl. tn this v.-av tecurinc?*M ti en-ss, as wsll as the bes: quality and finish, tf each brand. FRANCE TAYLOR. I may 30 J PROPOSALS FOR STATIONERY. Post OlTTOi DWAMTfEfT, Mry 10, ISM. SIALVD PROPOSAM will b? r*MiT?d at tt* Po?t rfHoe Department until ths 11th d?y of Job* nut, at 3 ?Vrtock, p.m., for turnishlng th* flt?tim?r> for this department for four twit* fr->m the brat day of July, 1855. TW? uaacctepeaiwi by sailc'astory testiraon aUof ability to fulfil a con tra *t will not be considered. All the article must be of the very be?t q?a'l?y; sam?!** of which, containin* attest n Mini of ea*h ktc.d af paper, murt accompany the bkiff; and the dopartmsnt reserves the ri?ht to reU:n and pav for the jam* at the prists stated in th? otTer, or to return ?h-ra, at Its option. No b'd will be consi w>d where the ar'icies acscmpanjirg it are rot of the kind and quality requ'ied bv th* department anl spuriona articles w*'ll ?ubject*th? entire fci j to rfj-r tion at the plo:nure of the depir'meot. Th? su> j'lined list specified a? rearly as can now be done th- amount, quality. and da* rir tl?n of ea h of tne kind* nf trticles that will bs wanted: 10 r??Bs folio pjst, aitin re pUln floi h, faint lined, and rimmed, to weigh not less ^ than 17 pounds p^r r*.r.m 10 do flvhcip, handmade, fainMiaei, and trimmed, to weigh not less than ?2 p-unds per re5 m 40 do foolscap, plain, rr-rchlne, fainMined and trimmed, to wcUh not leal than 12 pounds per re uu 10 da loobcap. b unlaid, hand-made, faint lined, garienpattrn,commoi ly known as dw-patch or consular piper, to weigh not less than Id pcucdi p r roam 150 do quarto post, hand-mad*, plain, iaint liced thiee sid*s, per ream 125 do quarto p-st, machine, plain, faint iinel three sides, per ream 4 do be ?t hnud mads sup srroyal paper, p'sin, per ream 1 do be;t hasd-Otde royal piper, pliln, per ream 4 do bfat hand-made d?ml pap?r, plain, p*r ream 4 do besthini msd? medium prper, plain per ream 8 do be t band unde d.mb'o cap pacer, p'aln, per r: am 10 do note pa:er, gil\ per nam, larq.? s'za 5 do note p*oer, p'?do,per resm, Urge tiae 10 do note pnper, gilt, p-r ream, an all sii* 5 do note pa* e?, pla:n, p?r ream a'.za 100 do eiiToiiipe paper, yell.)# or buff, royal, per 20 do blott ng p^pof, royal, par r?am 25 d.zea eaid* terry's b ?t m?fHlHc peas and holders, per doxen carls 25 do Cardiff alt ether iaau:.foctares in use, p r dc zin cards 41 gross mataliie p ns, psr gro?3 2 do l?ig? barrel pjn handles, rosewood, per gto.s . 2 do ?m U barrei [en handles, rosewood, per j gross 6 do steei-t ppad pen handles, per grcsu COO opaque quhi?, >'o. 80. |.er m 26 dosen C^nt e's besc black l?*d pencils, gradu ated, per doz'n 25 do MotWh or other manufactured, grad e?ed, per dcz -n 10 do bett red !?;??? pencils, p?r doaw. 20 do folders, ivoiy, 9 inch do 400 do red linen fate, averted do 10 do sila ta to. colors anl widths, la hanks, per dtien 1 do pource cosm. oceo^, ter doaaa ?0 do paper assorted t o 1 do beer, cot 1 pe^a do 12 do sandbox s cf co*os, par dua 15 do wafer stand?, or bore?, cocoa, per d> s:n 0 do erapers. Roiters -i f on s, ivc.*y hai.diai, genuine, per doz3u~ 8 do pm'iniTe.*, Ko.1^?-ri 1 gon'j, four blade*, tuck horn h^n?ii-s, g???niae. p^r <Jcr?u 6 Jo waf r-t'amps, irory h-indl-s. p-r doien b do \rafe- rtam?s, lignumviite han(il-s; per dozen 4 di effl -e fibeirs, 11 inches, per dozen 4 do office scissors, per dcz-ja 12 do inkstands, Diaper's patent, xnorable tt?ps. per d*x?n 4 do ink-tacd3, cast iron, lar^e, double, per dozen 2 do inkstands, ca?t iron, large, single, per deseo 2 do brt^nz-sprinxtoo inkrtands, per dcten 2C0 boities ink, b'acfc,MHyiard&N'oyes's, in quart b .ttes p.-r boi i' 75 d*? lok, t> r p?r k Pfciilipi's, or equal, per quart bolt!* 100 do ink,rtd, Arnoli'sJor.-<iU.iJ,la J4 pint bot tle, per fcoltle HO pound* waf tj,ce>ui roadif, rtd, p^r pouni 75 do, be^t extra rup:r?ne, sc?f l?t, l>er joani ?o do Ijiu'H rub ber, pr?pared, par pcun.l 5 do ir,dii rubtHr. nrrsjaied, p;r pound 3t:0 q Ma:k euud per quart 20 cuncea jounce, pt-r ou^ca 4 O pounds twine, iinou. pjr p >und 100 do taine, cot'on ^?er pound 0 dca?n ruiers, aahoga'y, round or C^t, por d Jiea v 2 do do iijnutavitRi, rcuni, per Vjzen 5 p unl? stocge b*ar. per pound 10 do gam irabic, bjst, p^r ^?>nnd 5,CC0 ex ralarga : wfaitai-diie ire eovslores, very amoo h tnd thick, VJ by ii inches square per hundred 25,000 loa^ buff adh^t-i^e ?nrjlopes. very hskoUi acd tb'ck, by 3"^ In ;h-?s per hucir d t 2>,000 lorg wh ie or buff ulh-*ive enT.jL pes. very #?? ncd thick, for lct ?rn anl circulars., ?V4 by 8'}? inches, rer hundred 3,000 l.uif or \%Lite*ada?biTe letter envelop**, vrr/ emoitb and th?;k, per hundred 1,000 iE ill-piz'? white envelope', p-r huudre-1 2,000 l.r^e s;ze whi;e note a<Ihu3i7? envelopes, ptr hundred 3,000 !ett.-r a.?j widto tdheel?e enrclope^, per hua drcl The adflf'sire envelopes inu;t bo ttick'y gummed a fourth of au inoJi wi<le, round the :*pj <.1 ?. K-ch Md-ler muet fa?'>'th with hi- prrpoeal.t a ?ample, ard but oae sira*>l>, cf em h article bid for. ??ch article must l>? bid for, hi.u i.o more t_*c on-? price nriajej f r any one rtije. M b not fiidy oonrorm'ug to the alr<:r'.L-ement wi'l not be con driered. T^e t?rmi and ondi'i'nsof th# adfertiaem^nt for EtitiTery, are to b- iocorjorate 1 iu th- c u rr-ct for st?\t:nnery; and 'he he?.d uf tne depart ment will, ia alt cases. j ;d je whether the a'tio es tj'derei oy th* contractor a:e ot tho quality ro quir-d by me co tract. ihe contract w 11 be awarded to the lowe't and best bk'd-r, anl bond a^d ?o;urity wili bo required for its taith>ul ferforrc^i_ce The a .h'un-ry is to r.? furniehed as it may be or dered by tba depirtmcor, and at the coutractpri- , c^-s, whether the quantities exceid or lall sbori oi ihose estimate!. iiuch proposal mist bo s'gned by the Individual or firm making it, sa.l must aoecily a price, and \ but on*.p:ice. for wa^h and e*3ry articlo ntia d i*? hi s-Ledul9. Hhould any articles ce rtqairod w.nich are not enumerated, they are tobr lurnishel iit th- lone t market prices, if ti e department shall tt to or ler ttiem from thacootnotor bavin; ?he * ntra .t for ?i&liar crticl's; and if the cotttr.ici> re | and tha depariio'iit do n&t agr ?. rhm the d-pirt m-at may have th? articls turn sli d by at.y other rerjon ot p?rson^ who will fumii-h it a pr'ce 1 .wer fiaa that d man led 1)7 the oontract r. ltlink :0 ms for prcpo^al^ will be farrd-bed *t the dep/.rtiaento psrsous apply ng for them; and, ai nithout uni> lior uity th-rein the d'partmem wou d finl H difil colt to mase a decision, tone wili be taken into con Kid ration unless substantially agre-i-g t: ere with Ibe d. par.m-nt res?rTej to itsalf th? r ght ot or dcricg a greater or a less quantity ofe&ch andevery , artr.le coutra ud for u tha jublo serviM may re-j quire. Tae head of the department w'll In all qvbs de- ; cids wbftber the ferma cf the oontiart have he^n ' joir. ptied ?iiL, and rw erves tbc pow>r to annul the <" n-rao: upor any failure to oompiy in a reasona ble tims. Loads, with approTel a^urity are to be given Ky th'.- per'on or persons c-ntr?c i .g; and iu case of tailur- to eop^ly th-art!c'e?, the contractor and his sureties sh?li beiiebls for the f rfeitur - BjKciflid in acch bond as 1 quid, te t d?m<ures. Th^cootrarr. wi'l be a*ard <d to the ljreet and beet biddur, the best hid to be determine t after a i oar<fal 'samhiMtp n for th- purpose ofasoertaiciog I ah oi 111 wilt, in i's practical results, fce most ad tanteg ous to the d-p rtinant 0 he depar m?nt rreerv^eto i*self the rivht to re-, J -?t ??cy k d where it is apparent that a part or th? arti.-Je Kr? bid tor trt verf low a?-U a p^rt at v.^iy fel^hia ea, with ut prop" reg.rd to tia> fo^tof rm h. for the purpose ol aff<?;titg tin Fggre.-ata cf tho tldi under '.he esiiaiate pmiuth I -,a ihe auvar ti*;mict. JAvifl:? CAMPMi- LL, way 11?lawlw i'osta iBier Oeneral. FOR POOR AND LABORING MEN. SMALL BUILDIItQ LOi'-< of 10 feet rr more, ii various parts of tbafMty, acd Q?crr?tcwn, a' '.?K prices, and term* to euiL I,LOVf> k 00. BIILDISV 3TOVS) for tale, deliverable at tie Oanal, or Whane* h ^Afhington, ueorgutows, cr Alexandria. LU)VD k CO. lath street, opp. "rsamr/ Departaant fv tR?*r NEW POLKA. 1>HE CIIEVY C1IA9K POLKA, corap^eeil for ami deuioatnd t: Mm Hallv U. B. adley, by J. D. Fauudfra, Esq.. of thu city, who-e coinp'?9ltiona have alMnya nm with t.ach gr.-at pnblic fmvor The mentaoi the pincr are.ucb as will iatroduoe it amOajf all lovers ot music. Pi ice 25 cents. Just palihahcii and for sale by HILBUS fc HH'Z. The rreaident's Mcwntod Guard Quickstep, conv powe-1 t y ttie aocoinpii.<b?d Pianiet,Mr. Bob?rt Hal h-r, wfll ?(>p<-tir in a lew d.ira niav 13 x. h Sates, " POLICE MAGISTRATE, FIRST ST.. yEAR peana. .ipejwb; ?? i Voavcv?ocUg aad Bounty Land Claims attended to 1 soay ??lm Private Medical Treaties PHYSIOLOGICAL TMW Of MAttTia^ ?. B. LA CROIX. ?. O. albant, jr. r. 160 Pftges and 180 *1m Plata wd Ooloted Lltfao graphs and Plates. oar Prlw oaijr AS Ceats. -fBt 49?Bant free of postage to all parts of the Unlon^y CUKAPKfiT BOOK KTKB PUBLISHED, md containing ?early d-tfble the quantity of reading matter In that of the FIFTY CKNT8 OR DOLT,an PUBLICATIONS. Tt treat* on the PHT8IOLO OY Of MARRIAQ*. and the secret l>8nsltiM and disorder of youth and maturity, re mitting from exosws, which destroy the physical and me? tal powers, with obssrrationi &n marriage, its duties and disqualifications, and their rem?-dieH; with lithographs, illustrating the anatomy and physiology, and diseases of the repr* Instive ortKDs or both sexes, their strusturs, osm and functions. A popular and comprehensive trea tise on the da dee and ca?uaJ*las v f single and mar ried life?happy and tndtrnl aJ'iaa^es, mode of sc ouring them?InfcT/utvua a^d infertile ones?their otrviation and reiLovfci?important hie La to throe son tempi at : ng astrictcny, that will overcome ob lections to it; cons, however. should take this Im portant step w*'bcut first consulting its pagee? ocmmentaricQ on the uiseases and medical treatment c! fomiler from iuiancy to old age, each case graph ically illustrate.! by beautiful lithograph!? plates? nerrons debility, its causes and cure, qy a precew tt once no sinple, *afs ani effectual. that tailur* i? impossible?ruW for daily mtniK?m?c t?an ecs*y cn ftpormatorrhxa with practical observations on s safer, and more suooeasftal mode of treatment?pre rauticnary hints on the evils resulting from empiri :al practice?an essay on all ourst-si arising from Indiscretion, with plain and Biuple rules by whict ail persons can cure themselves without mercury? remedies for those self inflicted miseries and dlsap pointed ho.w so unfortunately prevalent in th? roung. It la a truthful adviser to the mar -ted and those contemplating rcarrlege. Its perueal Is par ttcularly reoommend~d to persons ectsrtaining s? :rct ticubtc cf tii -ir phyakU condition, and who art oonscicus of having n<*atrded the health, hsppino* end priv:;egej to which every human being Is en titled to. Price 25 eents per capy, or five ocplss for ons dol lar. Mailed free of postage to any part of the Uni ted Slates. N. 13.?Thofis who prefer may consult Dr. La Cnon upon any of thtdlseoHf-s upon whioi hit book ?ither r.ereonaliy or by mail. Medicine Bent to an; part cf the Cu5ra according to directions, safnl> packed ana csrrfblly secured frcm all obeervttioc Address Pr. M. B. LA OKOIX, No. ai Maiden Lacf ar Post Otflce Box 679, Albany. N. Y. m&r Office o*:~r, daily from 9 a m to 9 p m, and ot, 3uudsy from 2 until 5 pm. Office U?atov?d from No. U Beaver st to SI Htldsn Last, Albany, N. Y. dee 7 "proposals for stationery. T??asc<!V Dira'TMisT, Mar 12,1385. SEPARATE PROPOSALS for furn^hini? the sta tionery roj nired by thl' depi tmen daring th* flee&l y?ar ending June 30, wi 1 be :eo?:.ved until 12 o'clock m.,on fhe3jth?lsy of Junonsxt? Those unacccmp??nj<d by sat'gfa'tory tettimrnia's rf ability to fulfil the contract will not be comid ered. a !l the arii.*!e< must ba of the vjry be t quality? foutte-a s*mple3 ot each articlo ~ust ae<v.irpany the bid The sample of the p?rtv to tbom the C2n'ra:t u:iy be awarded will be paid for by th? de p.utin*iit; the others will be re turret to the r?-] speonv ? p irlieg t-o bid w-il bi coHKi-ier-d when the a tides 8cermp?nyitg it are not cf the b-rt ] qua'ity. and saitei to the wa -tn of the derartment: at d inf?rlr.r, spurious, or imi'atioi articles will putje< t the bia to rtjection at the pleascrs Of the department. Ea"h proposal mast be signed by (he firm or In- ] dividual making it, and must trtc'.fy a price, anu but one priw, L?r each and every article coitained in the echedule; and. a? without uniform! y there in the department would it difficult to mak? a d? cision, none vill b? taken into consideration nnlnss 8Ut>et?nti?>iy agrreing therewt h. All the articles to l>e furnlehei must be of the best quali-y, snd delivered without d?lsy when or dcrf>d, to tb" sat suction of the head ot the offioj for which th?y ara required. Thti department rtwerves t ? itself the right cfor d'r'ns a ;?r aie? o- lejs quaatlty of each and ev?*ry irticlw o >uUt*;ted for, as the public service may rr qui e. Supplying an inferior ar'icle at any time will be leeuiwd sctTicient causa forthwith to snnui th^ o a tract Bond*, with ftrprovol s'curity, to be given by the or p^rit>a? c <-itra tiag; and in caps; of a 'all ure to supply tbe nr^iriea required, th3 cmtr*ctcr and h*s mi-etitu ^h?ll be iiab'? fjt the forfeituie spAc:fMl in such bond as li juidated din'ipt. Tha subjoined 11 t .-ppcifi-^ as nearly d w can be doae, the amoan', qua'ity, and de?:-iption cf ea'-h of the kinOs of nrtie'e-; required : C8 reams fulio tost, sat>n or plain finish, faint linoJ, and \rimmed, t? weigh not les> than 17 lbs per rt-am 140 da fooU<-ap, htLd iuadv, fnlnt-ila'-d, and triTD)?!, (o wei^h not lcfs than 12 lb< p r ream (3 do fools-af. machine, fair.t lirtd. and trim- | c.<-J, to wci^h not hss than 12 lbs per j resm ' 11 do foolfcnp. plain, hand-male, fairt lined and trimn-eS, to we:gh net lsss than 12 | lbs per r ain 6 do fcrl'cap. plain, machine, fa'nt lir-vd, and tiiirm-d. to wai^h not leas than 12 lbs per r-am 00 do fool can, Mu? 1*1-3, hanl m*d% fain* iin'd.garl-n pntt-rr, commonly known a.-i Vppat-h or onnular pater, to weigh] not 'esi 'han 1?3 iUa pt?r ream 31U do P?!t? hand-made, plain, 'aint lined three tide*, pr?r ream ?3 do quarto p'nt, machine, plain, faint-lined j thr-e s.des. per ream 11 do quarto po<?t, hand-mid;, plain,faint lined j four sides, per ream ft do qnarto post, machine, faint Mn?d four j sil^s, p--r ream 17 do quarto t-ost, tronrh, ftiint lined, three | sid;?, per ream 27 do LO'e ppper, gilt, per ream IS d> d> pliin do 2 do m?d um p *par, for bx>k3, per rwaa 62 do eo:>ylrg paper do do 40 do envelop > paper, y. Bow or bufl, royal, per ream 7 do do do flat sap, white cr blue, p?r ream 3 do Nrne crown envelope, per ream 5'J do blotting p^ner, royi-1 d > 877 doaan card* Parry's hnst metal is p?us, par Cos n o*rd* 01 do do of a!l cth^r manufacture in ui?, per ii.')a?n car da 78 irro?P m ti'lle pens, beat ouaBty, per grou 12 M quill 4. No 80. p^r M 1 M quilie, Ko 70 d? 6 dozen ever printed PiWar peneib, with goll pe:s, p^r d*x*n 10 do g Id peiis, Prowr.'a or equal, pa'd'??n 0 do silver e^.se > (or tfce j?er d^seti 8 grors oi leadj f?r ev??r point <1 p.-no' U, snorted its s. per 3T 8^ 217 doa n be<i: black leal panrilf, p^r dozan 10 d) ifd-lead pe^dlp. p r i( a?n 15 do fcld-rs irory, 0 iceh. per dos->n 8-0 do red lin?n tap*. Ms-O'ted. per drzen 75 do ei'k t^r-te, assorted colvrs anl width", In hanks, per dram 4 do poarce bcxei, of ivory, per dojss 1 do do do coe-JM do 8 do eand boxes do do 1 do do tin d) 0 do wife ?-stands, or boxes, o:cu, p?r d">an 17 do eraser*, Itod^ers A -ou'e, Ivory handles, genuine, |>?rdes-n 3S do penknives. Redeem A 8on>, or equal, 4 kladop, backhorn ?>r p?arl handles, g. n uins, pi r doa?n 11 do wa'er tumps, ircry handles, per doaen 1 do do do li^uum-vitso handles, per f?ozen 4 do ofllo *h?arn, 11 :nchea p? d:ssn 4 do otBo" Bofsscrs, p?r do?cn 11 do lnksta tds, cat glass, reeiitly H vented fonctaln, movNbla tops, o?r dwen 4 ?*o lr be end?, cast iron, p r doien 5 do Fr neb nnmp China ink s^nn Js, p?r doson 13 gallons b-et in*, black, tK0 dep?rtm?nt to hare ch ic- of the market, p>-r ga'.lcn 5JU bottles ink, black, ill* department to hsve choio? of tt:c mark't, p r quart 8 quarts ink, rad, th-^ d-partroeot tj have chciw of th? msrket, p?r quart 48 bottles in* blu% the department tohavechciee oftb-? narket, per qu .rt bo tie t27 do lok, red the department to have cho'cn of the msrke^ la pint bottl's, p?r bott'e 5K)s> do etrmine ink, email tls*, French, cr eqaal S?r b til* ' bH copying, In % pint bot'J.s. pw bottle ' 1000 wsf r?, lafgewd, t r d?p*rtment seal, per M lf? poundn waters, omurn s-ae, red. p?r p und 117 do s^ali' gwax, be?t extra superfine, scarlet per pound ^ 1 'o do black, per pound 84 di India rubb;r, prepuwl, per psund 1 do do unprep^rid per pound 118 quarts black sand, per quart 2fl ounces ioanoj. per ousc< I doi^n. oimeVs hair p-neil?, a*s rted, psr dosen lid p nnds t?la?, Hr en,per pourd ?. * d0 ,Cf,t?0:j. P? P?un4 141 M pocke. envelrpes, rf whi ear ye'.low paper, i, a. taches, ptr buiidrtd ^ ' II dosen rolers, maLogany, round or flak mt do?en ' 44 do -1 (Sd J pen-bolder^ Alden'e, per doaen. may 14?law7w DR. THEOD. EANSMAN Keeps ei?*)tfi-,o hours from eight to ten o*doektJM? No-? O,? SeverOA opr Odd idiom umll. may 23?lm* CSLBB&ATID ?etmcm Bitters, niuin ww D2L C. M. JACKBOH, Phflad'B., Ft, will irrmcrvkhiT rtnt? , LITER COMPLilHT, DYSPEPSIA, J1UHDICR, Chronic or Nerwou* Mililff, Due*? cAe rWaeys, and all dimate* aruing from ? dis ordered L\v*r 0r Stomach. 8uch as Constipation, Inward Pilee, Fullnc?. or Blood to the Head, Acidity of the Stomach, Nau iea, Heart bum, DhfM fw food, Fullneea or weight in the Ptomach, Soar Eructations, Sina int or Fluttering at the Pit of the Stomach, Swim tnmg of the Head, Uurr ed and difficult Breathing, Plu.ienng at the Heart, Choking or Suffocatwc Sensations when in a Iving fOMH*, Dimness ol Vision, Dote of Web* before the Sight, Fever and Dull Pain in the Head, Deficiency of Perspiration, Yellowness of the Skin and Eyes, Pain in the Side, Back, Chert, Limbs, he., Suddrn Fiu>he? of Heat Burning in the Flesh, Constant Imagin ings of Evil, and great depression of Spirit*. PI^HE proprietor, ia calling Uie attention of the 1 nubli<* to this preparation, does so with a feel hig or the utmost confidence in its virtues and adap tation toth^ diseases ft* which it is recommended. It is no now and untried article, but on* tMt has ?toad the test of a ten years' trial before the Ameri crn people, and its reputation and sale is unrivalled by any similar preparations extant. The testimony in its favor given by the most prominent and well criown Physicians and individual*, in a'l parts ot the country is immense. The following from North Carolina is respectfully submitted, referring ai>| who may still doubt, to ray "Memorabilia," or Prac tical Receipt Book for Farmers and Families, to be had gratis, of a I the Agents lor the German Hitters. Principal Office and Manufactory, 190 Arch at., Philadelphia, Pa. TESTIMONY FROM NORTH CAROLINA. Certificate of Dr. W. Smith, of Pine Htil, Rich? moiui County, N. t . Pink Hill, March 4th. 1*54. D*. C. M. Jackson, Philadelphia?D?ai Sir: ? have been a subject of Dyspepsia, in Its worst f >rm, for the last five years. Such was my condition for iwelve mouths that tiie physicians and all who paw me raid I mu>t die. While in this condition, I was carried to the waterins placet in Virginia, Tennes see and North Carolina, but was not benefited by any water lo which 1 was taken. While on my wnv brine, i stopped a week at Ruthe r fori ton, a smsMlvillag ? in North Carolina, to try the M}"?rt of some Chalybeate water in that place. About the last of the week, I went into a drug store to get some medicine for my child and mywif. There were several of the villaae physicians in the store, and one of them seemed to take some interest in my case aud. after asking me some questions, said he had been a dywpepuc, and had been greatly bene fitted hy the u-eof"Dr. Hooflind'" German Bit ters," prepared bv yu, and he insisted that I would try the BiU?r* He also called the next day at my room, and insi-'ted so much that I would try them that I a?ked him to get me one bottle. He did it, and f commenced taking it as directed, and I do say I was more benefitted by it than ail the water and medicine 1 had ever taken. After reachinc home one of my neighbors came to me for a presetiption and mediem*, (he a d*?i**p lic,) and i eflve him nearly ai! the Bisters I had left, winch effected mu'- h eood in his ease. He has often ?jailed on me for iaor? of th? same k nd of medi cine, saving he was more benefitted by it than any other he had laken, but I have not b??n able to ?ei lay more for him or myself , ,, thori* ?H"e, please ship me a d-xen or more as soon a* iioe aible. Pespectfully yours, W. SMITH. D. R. HOOKER, Roger* Store, Wake t;o., N C-, Ortober 34.1353, says:?<* llavine experienced very benefit from the use of " Hoofland's Germsn Bittfira," in Chronic Dysentery and functional de rangement of the Liver, snd iia concomitant evils, I nm dtairoua of obtaining a quantity of it fur the benefit of my community. You will, therefore, please send a lot, Ate. fee. CERTIFICATE OP WX. J. AT WOOD. IIUNTSYILLK, VaDDH Co , N. C , NOV. l?t, 1 tJ&S. Dt. C. M. Jackson?Dear Sir: Allow me to ex press to yon my sincere thanks for your discovery of a mcdieine 'which, to say the least of it, has ef fected a cure that all other medicines, ihut I have uikeu. have entirely failed to do. "Htsdland's Ger man Bittera'' have sured me of th? mo<t siublotn and ajcravaied case of the riLts that, perhaps, ever fell te thn lot of mail. My case is not a stranger in tins community, as I am well known in this and the -itrrouiiding co'untiea, and can truly bav that my re covery Las astounded all my friends and relations, as I had tried everything reooennended, and nothin* did in<: any good until 1 wu prevailed upon to try the Bittern. You are 'it liberty to rake any nse ot this communication, for the benefit of the aJ2iCt? d, you may think proper. Truly yours, WMi J, ATW OuD, These bitters are entirely veretalle. they invigorate and strengthen the system, newer prostrate it, and can be used for infants as well as adults. For sMe by respectable dealers everywhere, and by Z. D. OILMAN, Wa-liington; J. L. K1 DWELL, Georgetown; and J. R. PlBirPONT, Alexandria, mar 1?lv GARTER'S SPANISH MIXTURE. Tha Great PwrlEer of tb? Blood S Not a Particle of Mercury la It 4b trs?.LLX2L? Rxxkdi lor frrrcfxua. Blip's Fvil, Rhuusx&tisra, Obflin&te Cutanecns Erapticrji, Pimelea or Pustulsa on the face. Blotches, Boil.?, Chronic ?ore Byes, Hiiig Worm or Tetter, ftoalJ Head. Sriarreoent and Pain of the Bonea avd Joints, Blubbcrn Ulcers, 8yphilitic Disorders, Lutr.baco fpinal Compla nte, and all the diseas** aris'ug from an Injudicious use cf Mercury, Im prud ?!!<* in ' ifa, or Impurity of the Blood. I>1113 valuable Mrdicina, a hich has become e*?Ie? bxsted frr the number cf '-xtraordinary cures, ?ffecced tbrcugh its ?/eacy, has induced the propri etors, at th? urg- nt miuest of tbelr friends, to offer I it to the pubiir, which they do vitk the utmoet son <iden>? in its virtues and wonderful curativo prop- I iui a The fuilnwiag certificatea, relec;?d tiom a ' I ,fcrge number, are, however, et'.-onger tee'lniouT haa the mere wo-d of the proprietor*; and are a*i roc: (rsntlsiaen well kuown iu their iooaniifr, uaJ Df the hl^he 't reepec'w.? aity, many of them ras dii? iu tbe city oi uichmoia- Va. P. BOTDLN, Kr-i? cf the Exchange Hotel, Rich mond, known everywhere saya he has seen *he a!od? Wq? ualled SPimsn Mixvuai. adminLtered n over s. hundred casm, in neariv all the diaaaaee (or wMchU Is recommended, with the most aston ahiu^ly good results He eays it la the moci ex iraarJmarr medioiae he h&a ever ceeu. ASCk' *ND Pk7*R?GRSA.T CTDRX.?I hereby certify that fbr uuwe years I had * sue and Fever of the mot-t violent deecr'ption. I had several Phv Jdanr, to-jk l*rg^ quantities cf Quinine, Mai vurv, and I '>e]>eve all the Tonics advertised, bulall with jut pcnctment relief. At Uvt I tried Carter** -ipaniah Mixture, two bottlaa of which effectually wured me, and I am htppj to cay I have had at.u:ei chills cr ierera ainca. I coceider it the be?t Tcnie In this world, a&l the only intd'vne that tver reached uv cms. JOHN LONGDkN. Hxkvtr. treoa, ucar Rishnsotid. Va. C. B. LOGS., Ido'i., now ia the city of E'rbraond bud for manv years la the Poet 0&oe, iuus such a:r>Sden&> in tu e.-toc'cLi^z e^fi jacy of GarUr'a ipvaiah MJxtui*. that ha Laj lo^ht u-war la cf 6c trttlec, whiol-. he has given away to the afl .led.? iir. Luck ?tva he ku tcrer known it to Ml when ta^ea i-JonfoBg to directionc. Dr. WING a, a practltioA Pbycician, and formerly of the City lio:el, ia the city of Richmond, t tyt ht had witnessed in a number of instances tba effects ol Car'cr'a Hpauish Mixture, vhieh were moat truly turptislng. Ha aayo Ik a eaee of Oonsumption, da pendent on the Liver, the good tffecU wera won derful indeed. 8AMDXL M, DRINK1B, of the firm of Drinker Jk Morris, Richmond, was cured curad of Liver Oca plaint of three v ears etanding, by the um of twe octtiee of Carter's Spanish Mixture. QREAT CURB OP 8CR0PU LA.?Ths Editors of the Riohmond Republican hid a servant employed in their press room, cured of vioLrnt Scrofula, otm bined with Rheumatism, which entirely disabled him from wcrk. Two bottles of Carter s ftpanisl] Mixture made a perfect cure of him, and the Edi tor.- in a public notice, say they "cbeerfUi. v reenai mend it to all who are afilicted with aay usmw oi the blood." 8TII-L ANOTHER CUES Of BCCOTULA ?I!_c.i a very valuable boy cured of ftorcfula ty Oartrfs Spaii'-h Mixture. I consider it truly a vfclcsbVs cie^ielne. JAM2S M. TAYLOR, Oor dcct> r on the S. It. and P. K R. iU> . Richmond. Va. SALT RUJCUM OP TWINTY YJSAP.3 SZAHTIKQ CUkRD Mr. JOHN TKOM1'80N, residing in tt.e tity cl Richmond, wss cured by thro bottled cf Ctrcar's Spari^h Mixture, cf Salt Rheum, which he had f. r atarljr treaty years, and which all the phyekiaits of the sfify oculd not cure. Mr. Thomp*cn is l vel knows tttishant in the city of lilchmonuf hk is mail ovarkable. Wit 4.MATT12RW8, of Richmond had a aerrant jured e4 RyphilLs, in the worst form, by Carter's Spanish Mixture. He says he ch-erfnily re com mends it, and oonsidera it a very invaluable medi cine. EDWIN BURTON, oommheloner of the revenue rave he h&a seen the good effects of Carter's -pinUh Mixture in a number of gypnllitio c&eee, and says it if a perfect eure for that horrible disease. WM. Q. HARWOOD, ef Richnond, eured of old Sores .iui Ulcers, which disabled blm ftem walking Took a few bottlee of Carter's Spanish Mixture, ai.d was eaaMed to walk without a crutch, in a ahurt time permanently cured. Priaolpei Depots at M. WARD, CLOSE A Co* No. 18 Maidaa Lane, New York. T. W DY01T A SONS, No. 182 North leeond sL, PhUadelphia BKN*OSTT ft BEERS, No. 12k Main street, Eich ?end, Va. And fcr sale by nHARLES 8T0IT, Washington, D. 0; HJtNuY PEEL, Aiaxaodria, and Vj Druggists everywhera. Pnw $l p?botfKor*i botflest>r|K WkM^'lLv^ME CUyKrrEatf o^ hlIV JJJL sfngtue, b>;R. B. Madden. M K I. A., 1*1 TBJQiQiL TAVLOE. TRAVELERS' DIRECTORY. ? Y rime betweoa Waihinfton aad WkMllaf bat 17* houn! Hunting t??w brim** Wa*k?ngUm mud Ctnctnmati 27 hours !! Through Tickets and Baggage Ohecka to be had in Washington !!! THE BALTIMORE AND OHIO RAILROAD Having ru>7 improved it* western connec tions d*iw c><!Vr, the fulle?t inducements to Lravelera between Washington, Baltimore, aad eU portiona of Ike West, the Nortnwe?i and Um South The connection between the train* from Wash ington and the tr.iin* bound we*t from Baltimore la ilwaya promptly made at the Washington Janeliou (lately called the Relay H?>a-e) 9 mile* from Baiti ioore. Tlii* i? the only rhanve of care r? quired fce ,weec Washington anrl the Ohio river. ? checked through to Wheeling at the Washington -taiion, and n-cbecked and transferred there, (w ith ?.he paw>?*iurcr*) without cb.trge, for thoae holding through tickets for points L**yim<l. The eona?cting train- Uave Wa*hinron daiiy at 6 a. m. and p. tn. On Sunday* at the latter hour oaly. At V* h'-elina di*-e.4 connection i? made with the trains of the CENTRAL OUIO RAILKOAD, ran uing from Bellairc on the Ohio, near Wheeling, through Cambridge, Zane?ville and Newark, to COLUMBUS. Tiie?e trains connect at Newark with ihe cars of the Newark. Man*fl>-ld and Sandiaa xy Railroad for Sanducky, Toledo, Detaoit, ChicafU St. Louis, etc. At Colouibua the C. O. Railroad train* eoanect with the fan train* of the LUlu Miami ilailromd to XeBia, ?CINCINNATI, LOUISVILLE, etc. At A'enia (on Little Mumi Baihoad) connection m i.irmed with the trains through Dayton, to INDIAN APOLIS, Terre Haute, Lafayette, Chicago, Rock Island, St. Lr.ii-, etc. Pa**enjer* holding through ticket* lor Mem iiku VicksixtTz. Nat ekes, A'w Orleans etc., which are also sold at Wanh.Dgion-are transferred at Cta cinnati to the Mail Steamer* on the Ohio. Tickets .or Evaiiaville, Cairo, and 8t. Loui* are sold by this route. 0&-FOR CLEVELAND, and ns Cleveland to Toled?, Detroit, Cbicaco, etc., tickets are Mid, when the Ohio u navigable between Wheeling and Wellsville (forty mi Iff) where a connection with die Dcve cud and Pittsburg Railroad i? male. Traveller* are r*quea e<i to notice that wkile this ia the only route all -rdinp tlirough tickets and checks <n Washington, it 1a nleo the smartest, mostspee?y, and dir?-ct to nearly all the leading points in 'be jreat Wm The distance fr*m Wa*hmg'on to Cin cinnati ia but 653 miles, being about 100 miles short er than by anyinher route ! FARE BY THROUGH TICKET FROM WASH INGTON : To Wheeling, $9 50; Columbus $13 65; Dayton. .915 50; Cincinnati, #16 ; LoumviI a, by railroad 91865. by steamer from < innnnau, 918; In rtianap^w, $17 50; Cleveland, $1*2 15; Tol?-io. $15 m0; I) troit. $15 120; Chicago. $2u 65 and ?19 50; St. Loui?, .$9B 50 and $25; Memphis, $96; New Or leans, 9-?L mc. ?- ?" OR FRROERirK and HARPER'S PERRY MAKTINSBURG, HEKKELEY SPRINGS, CUM BERLAND, BEDFORD SPUI\GS, Piedmout, Oak land, and Fainnouiit, p^-M-na rs may leave Wash ington at 6 a iu or 4V? p- m. For the n ioor way -ution? be tween I altin ore and Wheeling, take 6 ii m train fro.-a Washington. (T For trains to and from Baltimore, AnnapoMa, etc., see fpecial advertisements. ?^?Por further information, through ticket*, h.c., &pplv to THOS. 11. PARSONS; *g nt, at W ashing Urn Station. JOHN H. DONE, Master of Transportation Baltimore and Ohio Railroad, Baltimore. may 3?tf WASHINGTON BRANCH RAILROAD. CHANGE OF HOUBS. f\S and afler Monday, the 93d in?unt, the trains V.I will Leave Washington at 6 and 8)^ a. mn and 3 and <Jlpm On Sunday at 4}{ p m Leave Baltimore at 4* and 91f a m. and 3 and 5* p m On Sunday a! 4# a in. ap tf T. H. rARSONS, Agent. Mott Bedell'a Line. SEW YORK.ALr.X~1 SDR 1.1. TT-f SmSfiTOH CITY, jlXD DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA pjicKtm. This line of packets sails weekly from pier 14 East River, New York, and oflenet If n"ce??ary,and arc composed of the following first class vessels: *ew sclir. JI. V. Bedell, Bedel), marter. Nerr schr. Mott BcM'., A. V. TredweU. 8chr. ?fnn D., Wm. Oliver, master. Selr. Volant. L. A. Smith, master. Schr. Corfn^ndcr-in-Ckuf, Wogl jm, master, Srhr. Green Lay, VV*i!*on, mikUer. These \ease|g are all fast uileia, and the masters men of expt nenoe in th^ trade, and the only regu lor line of Washington Citv packets. MOTT BEFELL, Wail street, W. Y. 8. 8. MASTEIid a SONS, Alexandria, Va. THOMA8 RILEY, ftb 1?6m Washington and D. C. 0RA1T0E AFD ALEXANDRIA ?ATT*nipt On and after Tuesday, Nov. 7, 1854, THE Can leaTfl Alexandria daily for Gordon vlile and lu^rxaf^diHts tatiors at 7J( o'clock, a. m., or. th* arriral ot the boat from Wach nfc-ton, tiring amp1? tima for breakfart on board Con utctlag at M.naMafi Junoti<n artth a train lor 8tra> bnrfr, at Warrenton J a ction with a train for War r?ntoo, an J at Gordocariils wti'i tLs trains on ths Virgicia Oucral iUiirnad rrr fn^ri^tttt ?ille, and st.untca. TLs cura learn Gor imrri.l* lally for Alexandria ani Sntcmsdiits a-iatSon-% 1: U'c.r* 19, a. a., lh? arrival of the trains o' U.e Virginia Central rail road ttm Eiefcmc* 4, Gharlotlbrrllis. aad Stauatca. THROUGH TICKIT8 Ircm Alexandria w Warrentcn $3 00 ?* OordcrFtille...^, 8 M " Chariottesvills 4 9k " iUaatrn A PO " Strssburg S U> Lynchburg 6 7ft * WlcehaaUr t M Lu?7 4 ?1 I * New Markst t 00 Mlddlabnrg ...T- ...... J 24 mOT OG^DKtilj With th9 ftwtfl it ifliiulctujrllla, Oil Maodaj^ Weinbiday*. Wri days Laray and ITew Tdaitet, faunae ting arith the s ugej at Cul?>ci>er( on Tuaadaya, Thursdava, aaV urJay For vnu.kiatar dally, u-aaactkyr v 1th ths it Piea&Jiit For Miad.^bur; OaL'y, conaatUax with ths al the Plalus. W. E. EiOGiJTT, Agaai. FOR MOUNT VERNON. On TUESDAYS and FRIDAYS. Fara ruutd trip fil; from Alaz aadria "ft oeiits ?The TliOM .8 DOLLYRB leaves W^rhinglcn at 0 and Alexandria at 9U o'clock. CMvhb* leav* the Capitol tor ths boat at ? jg o'elk. Coach ?ars '0 cents Persoct wishing the Ocaclies vil^laare thair rasft dtiiee ?iih Geo. i Tbos. Parker. LelVeahmsnts on the boat. ot: S??dtf SAMTi GXD1STY, CapL VII1C IKW YORK k L1YKRPOOL UNITED STATES MAIL STBAMER87 TBI 8H1PU OOHPRLsLNG TOIB L1N1 TUB? ATLANTIC. Cspt. West PACH'IC, Gapt. Nve, BAi.HU. Oapt. Corns took, ADRIATIC, Capt. Oratcn. Thses chips have been built by contract, exprsap* 1y let Govcr'Jinent Mrrine; every care ha* bean taken in their oon>traction, aa la the Engine* to inrcrs sl:< ngth fcod spead, and tb^ir aooe mmoda* Lkjae sct pauen^ers are unequalled for a lags ana and conJbrt. Pries of passage from New York to Liverpool, In first c*bi n 4190 8eoord * abip........... ? -1111-1 TO Sx<-luxive use of extra ?1se state roeans Itom Liverpool to New York ?30 and ?90. An experienced anrgeon attached to each shi> No berth can secured until paid for. Tor freight er js*ssge apply to RDWAJLd K. COLLINS A 00., 94 Wall street, New Yocfei BROWN, BHIPLBT A 00, B. G. ROBXRTB A 00, IS Klng'a Anra Yard, JOHN MUfROB A CO, M Rne Notre IHune dee TicMre^ 1 geo. U. D&APaR, Cavse. The owner* of theae rbipe wlU not be aeeoantable for gold, stiver, bullion, cpeeie, iewelry, pren-i4<i ?tones or mot*Is, unlee* bills ef lading are alfaaj j therefor, and the value thereof therein sfpi awsd. u. nev 14?41v X BAJTZ1NG HOUSE 07 PAIR0 4 B0URIR. Offwiti United a>~>~ -m. Stocki B?. NOH, Stocks and soid. Iwttreat at tli? rale of rix pes *tm tOi annuna at low.,j onc^^iu wti?a left AaMiOMac j^a 'iv?b? - ?

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