Newspaper of Evening Star, May 31, 1855, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 31, 1855 Page 2
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fvfining star. '' A CI T Y: THTTHSDVT AFTE&HCOB May *1 The following persona are authorized lo contract for the publication of adver tisements in the Star: Philadelphia?V. B. Palmkk. N. W. orner of Third and Chestnut streets. New York?S. M. PcrnNOiix A Co., Nassau street. Boston ? V. B. Palmib. Scollay's Building. 23^ Advirtisbmkkts should be handed by 12 o clock, M., otherwise they may ?">t appear until the next day. sptbit cr ihs iLO-isma pk^ss. The Union contains tbe following letter from Moses 11. Qrmnell, of Mew York, taking back that gentleman's imputations upon Lhe oourse of the lion. Senator Fish upon the Pa3 Mcger ship question before Congress at its last session : Nxw Yokk, May 24, 1855 Dkar Fir : In the observations male by me %t the merchants' meoticg held at the ?x eaange in February la-t on the eubject of the " passeDger bill," then j ending btfote Cor gress. in condemnation of the course pursued by you in regard to the measure. I u^ed ex pressions imputing to you insincerity towards myeif ar.d the other gentlemea who bad re cently o>r.ferred with jou in behalf of the in terim involved at Washington. My ovn strong impressions of what had passed be'ween us, and my warm interest in the -ur.jjot suggested at the moment terms ot expression whicn a more deliberate judgment w*u'd net have adopted Subsequent reflsc tlon and intelligence from various sources ot your different impressions of our interview and finding that a letter addressed to jou by th^ commi tee while at Washington had no: been sent in season to reach you. h ive ?a is le l me that it was urjjrt f.?r me t<> assume yrur view of the facts of the case rnu-t B*ce?sa ily coincide en'irely with my own recollections Oa the contrary, your known public and priva'e character should have given m? ccnfidcc?e in the uprightness of jour intentions and integrity cf your conduct With tbe?e convictions, n.y own sense of ?!ght imfHa me to recall the imputations, in Jai>ua or Ji-respectful, to yourself personally Included in my remarks on the occasion re fer e.l to. acd to express my sincere regret that I should have niade them 1 write -bia letter wi>h the desire that the same publicity should be given to it as was given to the speech maae by me at the " tx "beige meeting " Respectfully, yonr*, M U (IRIKNRLL The lion Hamilton Fish. The IfteUigmetr republiahe* an nrtiole from tbe Richmond Whig, in which thatj>a*? Hal, which confessedly abandoned its time honored Whig principles Jor those of the Kcow Nothings, jokes in good humor over its ftoent defeat in Virginia, and sayr, in cot clusion : "To each and every Kaow Nothing in the State we tender <>ur sincere condolence ami sympathy. remarking merely th?t ttey de Serve 1 stc c s. Jor they woritcd ii!ie betvers acd did Seine immensely tail bravgin^ Wo are rot a lv sed that tho V\ Lig p'Tty vr..8 io the eon tea' at nil th< ugh we ell gave wha: ui acd con.tort we cru'd to our irien-Ja (f be Ameiicaa part , ar d shall chtarluliv d > si <'fcg ?in whenewr the conflict recurs bctw-r-n them and our ancient enemies " Wi h this arie'e as i tex>, the Tnt'ihgencf moral te? over the steadiness with which the great m<;? of tho people of Virginia reject what ttey bsl;*ve to be dan^eroua ten leticies in newfargtel political doctrines. The edi'or attribute* it in a measu e to the vivavoer vote whioh prevail'there, of which he s;ys : ? W * ccke trese brief ?uggestions to account for the d fficuity < f effecting political charge* in Virgioi i. The v v * toe system tends to f xel nea< in their politics; but we do not quar rel with it on thai recount, for in truth we have a bigh respect for it, ind believe that n.u-h can he urged in its favor; nor shall we a'tenrp- a? y d s-ertation on the peculiarities of the \ xgir. a political sjstem generally. of which we would only ?ay that we w.">n 'd g'ad ly tee reator d much that th- hand of m >lern reform expunged from he: old cjuuiLution." The Waihiagtaa ail 5ew Orleans Telegraph Lin-;. It lecms to that the gentlemen who op ?rate and manage this lin. in Washington and Virginia are bein; very utjuaily censared by a portion of the Northern pross, fjr their fail, tra to obtain cewa on TLuraiav sight last of the reiu'ts of the elaction in the different coun ties of Virginia. We were nece&iaritj In acd out cf the ? ?5:e in th!s ci;y a dojea times be" tvian dark and 1 p a of that night, tad wit neiirl the eamestnau with which the opera te, rj wa'~bt i f r opportunities to seed and get me?? g's ofrcr tha wires, which were not in working crier, owing to the fact ihat the at mo-pjere was ^urenargtd with electricity The dupatchc received on that cig'it hare, were f^r *he m at part addresaed to Mr. Wise, ?oma eommg to th* Organ newspaper on thoir private Account, a dlub to pay fjr their prcoure msL'. ?zi reception having beec made up amoDg tae :peculatcrs in the accuracy of cur talented neighbor a judgment. As waoocceived that our telegraphing *rraagement with the agent of the aa-o.n<it?.i press jua:ified us in ex[ec'.ing to re ceive ri'i-ui aa fast aa they pasaed through Wa^hi r g' on, w(j made no outride arrangement whatever As mittara turned ou*, if wo had been f^rrsd to de^ar.d on that ao^rce for our di?p.tcae?, we -h.uld hive been left in the e-Citi7e; f,r toe a< nt of iha asscoiated press at this p..!nt furm?hed u? with hardly more than -t a cagr* uupa'ch per uiem during the th-teda\sof tho excitement on tho sutject. F?.r:u-< a'y Mr Wise placed his uispatchea etour Cijr caal. which enabled us to publish cm lo acd e-tiafaotory accounts of the pro g'e=a of the great event. We cheer uily bear Us ia cj to tLe fact that the operators at this poi_ t Ml thoir whole duty during the eventful three d-iys and nights evincing a meat coin mandable spirit of pa.icnoe and accommoda tion, acd laboring earneat'y and with fidelity. J3T The p^l:;ical friends of the Hon Henry A. ^ l?e tiovernor eleot of Virginia, are re qaea ed to meet a. the United btates Hotel, a; b o'cl .ck thia eveLicg Mal^x Politics ?The kn^w H-jthicg State Convention, a derpatch from Danger Me., ot yesterday **ji, having fct#n in session there the two days previou-, adjourned without ma k-Bg n^mioa ions for irtat? ? fiicera The mem bers of the order are Ie'r :<? vote according to their individual preferences Strong auti sla very resolutions wa;o passed, a:.d delegates to the National C^nven'ioa. soon to meet iu i'n.l adelphia, were appointed The proceedings were haxmonicus. Pasrar roa a Loxo Siaoa.?-The Ecg lidh Consul General in Norway had, about the l&th of April, oloaed a contract with Mr fkruek, a merchant of Chriatlana, for dO 000 wuodenhuti for the Britiah troops in tbe Cri mea, to be oompleaed in a very abort apaee of ?!*? WASIIUCTQ* HEWS HP GOSSIP. Botch!?The deie&t of Fl urnoy aod the consequent proof of the falsity of their system of bringing, is inducing the Know Nothing newspapers to gay a great many false and foolish things. The following said by the New York Mirror on the subject, contains, per. hapa, as mmj misstatements in that connec tion as we hare yet fton strung together in ?s many line? : "But. notwithstanding the boastful jpeerh of Mr M 1*0 before tte rst-blo at Washington, claiming fo havo met tho bltck knight with fcu visor down ar.d de?It bin a biow," we are not q"ite sure bat th? Virginia cock is crowing before day-break. Only about eighty counties have been heard frotp. and thero are one hundred and thirty seven in ibo State; and ?be majority f.r Wise lags far behind that for Pierce ;n 1852 But we confers we ha.*e little hope of cheering newg Irom toe back, woods A i cricanism flourishes best in the ligt-t of day. It has no affinity with the owls and bats of darkress and superstition A State that la^k! roads and telegraphs by which to forward its election returns; a State whose probable Uovernor el*ct once boasted in Con gress that he represented a district in which no newgpsper was published; a State that contains more white people uuable to read or write than any other Stare in the Union, will naturally be the la*: to yield to the all-sub duing spirit of Americanism that is destined | soon to melt down all opposition; nnd, purging the whole family of S;at.-a from all tectk.nal dross, fuse it into one bright and beautiful and everla-ting amalgam ail tho better ele ineDts of the republic, litersl!y consoli latin - the confederacy and making it the E Pncni bl'8 Lhlm of nations." In the first plaoe. nine-tenths of those (in. eluding a large proportion of Know Nothing?) who attended to hear Mr. Wise, on Saturday night last, were not 44 rabble," but the very best of our eitusns, and tho men who enjoy most of tho respect of their fellow-citizens in Washington cn account of their intelligence true publio spirit, and utility to society. No public meeting was ever befjro convened in this city whereat so large a portion cf tho?e woo are most respected by the community were present. The 4 rabble" who were there, were skulking friends *f the Mirror mau who, having little interost in society, can inert afford to Tiolato its laws and its rules of con; i:y, which quite a thousand respectable Kncn Nothings, who were on the ground, *ere us anxious to upho'd as an; of their opponents Neit: The Mirror's aspersion on tho e -ri cultural portion of Virginia is evidence of the extreme ignorance of him who wro e it. All who know aught of ice real character of the people of our country are aware, and admit that the sheet-anchor of the hope of the pres ervation of American liberties is our agrict 1 tural population, among whom a much h'gher tone of principle in political, as in persona!, affairs exist-", than among tho mass of ;bo i_eo pie of our cities Their 4- ignorance,'7 so much harped on by shallow writers like the man o; the Mirror, is bat ign ranee of the wajs o the vicious and corrupt. They know enough to to, as a clas*, the happiest, parsst C.U ! mo.t prosperous people in the world. anJ toemselve of every incident of pr.^rcjs ?. a v. fist eacu,/h for s-tfe'y 44 Americanism"'(ov which term the M rrur's writer means Know Notfcingiem) dees /,ot fl >arieh best in light of the lay, as he allog ; ; and >; /:ut 4* tffiaUy with tne owls and* <_t darhr.esn an i super Btition.,' The man who essertstothe contrary mu?t fancy that even jet no one out of '? the oi der auoKS of i?s fearful cahs to eecresy. azd cf the midnight gatherings of i s conspirators against the rift*h:s of all who refuse .or f i! to conspire with them This unTuthlul boa?;tf the Mirror xazn that Know Nothingism 1 ?vc the light ct the day. ccnvt-ja a rebuke cf !? midnight conspiringj atd a pa pubic adu U~ sion cf the disreputable and dangerous char acter of its uc e unu aims, lie is right in eoming to the ocncluiion that it oaanot make headway among suoh a. populaii <n as that cf rural Virginia in Richmond, a city with nearly ail t '.ues and ba i habit j of anv American city cf it* ei*c. Know Nothing.sns has 11 .unshed as cticwhere arnor.g like p .pu lations. In Bcg'on. where people are perhi.p as unprincipled a* ar.y o:her people cf the name number who now live in one city. In New York, whoee population is ns vicioes as it is possible for .ho people of an American city to be. and indeed in all other Am-.ricau citie3 to which vice and crime resort for the immunity resulting frm the cro*d cf portoL.i there dwelling each intent on h:3 o?*n tbjacts and taking little no'e of tnose cf ths inuiviJ ualo by whom he ia furrcunded, Ku w No thin^ism flourishes, as it fl -urishes nowLerf cl.e, af'er rural populations oiecover its reai charactwr, toudonoy, and aim?. XXerolo ? The three Kno ?. No'hing Cummia sioners cf elee'ion fuf the lhird Ward s.eai greatly in?a!ted by the adoption of a reso lution by the Board of Aldoriaen, reques ing them to permi; s _no re.<pcctab!o an'.i Know Nothing to remain in the r.-om while they may be counting the votes on Monday night text. Ifeey deem it aa imputation on their hon^r I Dey oaould h ive looked nearer home for ilut imputation. Their own friends in the Councils by their acts avow the purpose of aff >rding an opportunity for the commission of fraud* at tho election. They deny their political opponents a single rep?-e?enta ive upon the election commissioners boards in four war is of the city, for the first ii:na Washington, sinjc its corporate exigence, and th-y refuse to direct or even to request that the ballots ro caivod bo mide of reco;d, so tha: auy on-? inclined may, after the election, verify tvj fact th*t. he has been fuirly dealt with ; ar i they chose these three individual members m their becret oalh-bound poiitica! fraternity ns their iustruments for carrying out whatever may be the purpose of the Krjow-N othing majority of the Councils, in this election If suspicion attaches to tij ki, it ia wholly through the ur.just and unusual course of tneir poli'.teal friends in the Council iheir appa rent indignation expr-ased through the col. umns of our talented, amitble, courteous, entertaining, knewin^ and truthful neighbor, will by no means prove sufficient to inducc men of common sense to forget that thcia whose purpose it is to deal fairly and honesty in all things, seldom shirk giving their o; po nenta every possible opportunity for the fullest investigation into their acts. We repeat, if their intentions are viewed wiih suspicion by any portion of their fellow-citis^us, they mav th^nk tne action of their political friends in the C-.ty Councils, and their o*n eff jrt to excuse themselves from an o en Jischargeof all thsir duties as Commissioners of election, unit, thsirsetransparent plea of indignation against i toose who are oontending foi but naked Jos i tice and thtlr cwn unive*<?.J!y acksowl'.dged | rights. -i ?*k eubterfsge ?Our talented, amia ble, oourteous, knowing, !ngennous and truth. ! ful neighbor, on the day before yesterday, 1 essayed to apply the terms '? rowdies and rnf- ? flaw" ac used by ua on Monday last whea ! speaking of the blackguard violator* of the right* of their fellow eitisens under cover of tho night, to the honest, law abiding and cor rect mechanics of Washington. that application ia the work of our neigh bor, (not ours.) which thus oasijs to shield the gang of loafing bullies who aro kept by our neighbor's coterie to put down the public ex I p e.-?ion of anti Know Nothing sentiment by i people of this city. That coterie uaed tho I blackguard gang in question on two occasions j at Carusi 9. and when Mr Wise delivered his speech on Ninth street, some weeks ago, ere venturing to use thorn in fr,?nt of Brown's hotel oa Saturday night last. As for the idea that any man who really reapects 'limrelf nod tt>e tights of others waj so engaged on Satur day night, it is preposterous. Loafing ex pectanta of office under Know Nothing rule, oleaned-out gamblers, pocket-book dropped, led on by men who, though fannying such as?o oiation in politios, profess, some of them, to be members of Christian churches, with a good y assortment of such boys as delight to run with the engines before they are of sufficient age to be admitted into fire companies, composed the set who availing themselves of the shadej cf the night and the praotical connivance of the police, were the foul mouthed braying regula tors of the ci'iiensof Washington; notour city's h >nest, industrious, and respectable mechanics, upon whom our talented, amiable, know ing, corteou*, entertaining, ingenuous, and truthful neighbor would thrust the pcpulsr ollum growing out of this affair, to shield the preachers of questionable reputation as men. professional gamblers, broken down office sfekers, and notorious bruisers, who, as the espscial coterie of our neighbor, asek to main tain in their preaent position thoae city officers who on Saturday n;ght last aided and abetted the outrages perpetrated cn publio and pri vate tights. An Interesting Letter.?The following is an extract of a letter from a careful and ob , servant correspondent at Stettin, in Prussia. written cn the 3d of las: month, (April :) 1 he political stire of Euroue and unccr ta*n neutrality of Prussia, and the German stales proving tenable or not. could not tail to bavo a prejudicial ir;flucrce upon the trade of Prussia in particular ; be.-ides which, all Ue runny had to contend wi<h unoommon high ! "ru- 3 ?t' grain ?*n i victuals Tbe Pru?siau II ig being oonaidrred uneafe, the shipping in erest has suffered materiallv, particularly in 'he trans-Atlantic parts The effect of the war will also be felt this year in the ?imbcr tr^df). f.?r want of men nnd cattle in much of both having beou required tur the army, so that a great doalrf timber t.itended for exportatii n will remain in the forpb . al hough the qaantity is considerably lo s than formerly as tho Prussian merchants considered it dangerous to invent large sums in Poland. ' The question ab<ut the Sound dues Las been ugi ued every whero: tho Chamber of Commerce here eicjuraged b. the s'eps taken by the Unite! Stares, has distributed the en close.] pamphlet in the French, English, and 'Titian language nil over, 3r d it is constantly bopc 1 th?t the United States ^:ll rot relax ?ut ac i?-0'0us!y md decisively in thii mat er Caamber-, now fitting at Berlin, have r Is> taken up this ? ibjact. ine inee'in^ of the ZjU Vtrein h?a been >t httle importance, eitiier in prinoiple or ia tny m iterial point, except that the duty ?n ti'l :ow has b*ea reduced from three to o^e Prus.-ia.i d_d!ar." ITatur i.zi'ion Puptra.?All our foreign b*rn frillvw citiiena who contemplate voting jU lay n?xt, should remember to take their naturalisation papers with them to the polar That couraeis abajlutcly necessary to 'iis jre them their rights as matters now stand V, o bcicerh al! of them ?o remember to do this ihoeevho being entitled to naturalisation p pj-."6 and 'info net yet taken them out, should by ail means procure th<jm this afternoon or to-morrow. Mr. George McNeir, whose tfice ,5 ? t: the acu'h side ?>f Pennsylvania avenue, over Israel s furniiurc store, in tho first house eat of Marble alley, between Four and a-half and bik b ffrccte, will a*'end to procuring oku. al E iti'?n p 'pcrs, free of cr.y charge tv h at 0- r for uty persona entitled to tfcem N) Tpoi Air /nli-Know Nothing Meeting i Ms Afternoon?We are requested to say that tie call for an open-air meeting this afternoon >f !Lc anti Know Nothing? cf Washington, u the c rcer of Four and-a hn!f or Sixth streets and I'd r-cyl.ania avenue, which appeared in tof yesterday, ia a mistake?no .such m.r-ing being proposed to be held. We *re ria l cfit. a-d trnrtthat our fiiecas will aT-dl t * practioa cf holding meetings ia tho open a:r, waich now give rise to cofiduot cn the p-rt cf rowdies and ruffians in the Know Nu. 'hing ran'ss which d.sgreoe ocr city, by de j'royits reputation as a la<v-abiding and ie?peotabi3 community. Land Warrants under the Act of 1855 ? We understand that the Pension bureau will, t '. morrow, commence issuing land warrants under the law of the last section sending out about one thoueaud on that day, mostly one fcutidted and twenty and eighty acre warrants; and th?E, for some time to come, about two hucdred per diem, until the cleiioal force en fta??d on that branch ef the bureiu'a business o*n be increased. There are now on file in ail, perhaps, one hundred and sixty thousand applications for land nuder the law of 1855. Be e*re to Pay your Taxes '?We earnastly antreat every anti Knew Nothing voter to ob ?ain to morrow his receipt for the payment tf a;cb tax as he must pay bef re his vote will bo received on Monday next. If this is put oil on the day p.fter to morrow, the rush in the Co lcc'ur d offioe will bo so g-eat as to compel thvso applying to wait for hour? before they c&n be atterd?d to. The Naval Setiring Board?is to he finally letormiued on this afternoon by the President and Secretary cf the Navy, we havo evr?y rear-on to believe from signs &round us; so we shall probably find it in the Union to mcrrow morning, as the list can hardly be completed ia time for us to procure it to day. A Clerioal Bsaignation ?Mr. J. M. Clark cf Virginia, a seoond class ^$1,400 per annum) clerk, in the office of the Third Auditor of the Treasury, has resigned. A Light-Home Keeper Appointed ?Elijah Knox ha? been appointed keeper of the li ;ht \ouse at Craney Island, at $450 per annum. 'Ou Ccrrct:4. Oyor-t:o?>? of tfa* Treasury D, pai irenl ?f;u yesterday, the 30th of May, - w^recf Tre-.iury Warrants entered on '.>ie fcocKJcf the Department? For tee re<Jemntio;i of stock $44 432 53 Por tho Treasury Department.... 4 527 12 for the Interior Department. 2.592 05 ^or the Custioja 70,274 71 War warrants received and en ured 27,001 73 W%r rep ?y warrants reoeived and entered 7 544 49 For oovering into the Treasury from Lands 813,333 40 PEBMONAI.. .... Major Burr Porter, of Newark, New Jersey, who left that city tome months ago to pin the Turkish array in tbe con tail with Rus sia, is now serving in a regiment of the Hal tin's cavalry, at Eupatoria, and commands one thou and men i? considered one of ?.he bravest and most efficient o( the foreigners in tbe service of the Sultau .... A young printer, named Speccer Da\Ir, shot himself in the head with a pi?U>l, at Lo gan sport, Ind , ou tho 18th instant, because a young lady in that place would not return hit love far her. Ala-)! tbe impression of the fair one upon hi? heart caused him to fall prm f of bis affortion by the improper em ployment of the shooting stick. .... The President of tbe Cbickasaw Nation recently issued a proclamation, fixing the 19'.h of M-iy to be observed as a day of fasting, hu miliation and prayer. ....The Hon S A. Douglas has bean in vited by tbe citicnn* of Nebraska to deliver an oration at Omaha city on the 4th of Juiy. It is expeeted the oomer stone of the Capitol will bo laid on tbe occasion. .... A young man named William (Jsorgtl of North Chelmsford, a student of the Militnry Academy, Norwich, Vt., while engaged at shooting at a mark with a rifle, on Thursday last, accidentally dischargsd it, the ball en ,terin; his forehead, causing almost instaLt death lie was about 13 years of age. .... Catharine Withers has recovered $l:300 d3ni"v;3< at Lancaster. Pa , of a young man for briach of promise of marriage .... Tom Thumb, the celebrated little great man, was married at Webster on Thursday last to a Miss Vinton, of Bridgeport, Ct. An attempt was made to keep it from the public, but F* uiehow it leaked cut through some of tbe company who were a little indiscreet after im bibing pretty freely of ileidseick which Dr Kirkham had provided for the ocoasion. GEORGETOWN CORRESPONDENCE Qeoroetoww, May 31,1855. From present appearances the number of buildings which will be ereo'ed in our city this season, will f?*ll far 6hort of what it has for several years past. TVe presume the prin cipal cau?e cf this is to be found in tbe er.or m'u ly-high price* of living, aad the general inactivity tn (11 kinds of business, both mer cantila and mechanical At the present rate of w^ges tho mechanics, who ere generally for* mo?t in m^.ktng private improvements, findi it a difli -ult matter to keep square with the butcher tbe baker, and tho proce-. At this time we know cf but one building o' any moment in coutseo? erection, vit: that of Mr. Charles Myers, on First street, which is being orectcd by T"r. ulumpet, of jour city. 'iho fast-b"?y'? Sam" continue* to be the FuVjict of many good humored jokeB, laugh ter, ard merriment. Sirce his desperate ef fort and failure to ca-ry by storm the Old Do minion, ;h- iand of steady purpose', and cita del of Dem^racy, there appears to be qui'e ( a contrariety of opinions in regard to bis whereabouts at tbe present time. A gentle man, who had just returned from some of the uppir counties of Virginia, stated yesterday hf ernoon that he was there informed that he bad the Potomac, ?nd ((one heme to tho land of his birth at the North. Ano'bor stated thnt that was not en; tfcat he had been see* to p^B down the river by out wharves, r.nd go into Washi 'gtoa by way of the canal, whore hem; lying in ambush until text Monday, when ho intended to raako another desperate effort to repair his broken lance, within the wails of u. citadel already in hi^ own pO!?se?Eion Some are also beginning to hint?with what drgroaof a??ura-y the ballot box mu" tell?.hat from this point also he will be iikely to have to try a* 4 in his skill at swimming, unless, perchance, 'ome kin*J friend shcnld convcy him off in n balloon, or by telegraph, as he never travels by the '?rui niry methods of conveyance used by common f e >?le The ladies fair an-.I festival at Forrest Ilal! continues to increase in interest. The com pany every evening is lart?e and of the rncs* a^ree^ihio character. And. ob ! fu<>h lots cf l-ewitchiig ?miles, lovely ladies, and swee* sivin^s, onou gh to completely mesmerise a fellow -.vho ha? pry tss'e for the beautiful, and causs hiia to wi-h that each evening wer? a month long Tois evening is expected to be one of the m st interesting they have he 1 jet No sales of flOiT, since our la?t. worthy ol" no'o Holders are asking $10 87i^S11 Th?re is an impression among dopier-, tnat the for eign 'jew , together with private dispatches f om the North, received this morning, will nniett f; the market, and cause les* firmness, if not a decline in price.- Wheat?Sales sinco our las* cf 1.700 burhels at $2 4fla$2 47; a cargo of 2 000 bushels from Iowa is on tbe market this morning, but rot old at theclo.-ing of this letter C m?$1 06&.$1.03; small sales yesterday at tl 07 The ship Leland is now at our wharves <?i3 clia'gin>? ?i c.?r?jo of Peruvian guano for Mr. Coyle of Washington Spectator. A New Gamk ?David A Barker was arres ted on Sunday afternoon, by one of the poliee officer- of llohokefi, end conveyed before .Jns tico Crane, charged with practising the ring, or micia'u'e g<me on the ground* of the Ely einn Fie'tls. The way in which this gsme is play-d i^ ?a follows: Five stick* are placed about twenty-fi7e feet fr.m the player, who ha* a number of rings similar to a quoit. He then endeavors to threw them over theje stick", in which, if ho is su.oes^ful, he wics whatever a rount of mODey has heen staked on tbe game. Rarkcr w:is fined five dollars ?iV. Y. Eft. Post. The Mooers II^dkb ?The suieide business has commenced, for the season, vver a: ken. Bu-iLose in that lino has been pretty brisk ot late. A man poisoned him-elt, attLe Sybil's Cave, Thursday nigbt. and another biew his brains out, at the Elys-ian Fields, Sunday. There is hardly a stone, or a tree, or a t<hrub, in all that region, that does cot 0<">mmemo-ate > tragedy of its own. If the Bpirits of tbe dead evor walked the earth, what a ghastly crowd of gibbering ghosts would be all along tbe river shore, to be sure! N. Y. Paor.Rms or toe Subuarinb Telegraph The American Telegraph Company expect to have telegraphic communication frr.m Europe, via St. John.-, Newfoundland, to N<jw York, before tho olo e cf the station. The company is prepurinj to lay down, under the Atlantic, a submarine eable. from St. Johns to New foundland, for wh'oh purpose a contract has been ma<Je with some French and English op erators to complete tne same within three years. In 1S58 London and New York will communicate hourly by telegraph. ?? j A CARD?I take thi* opportunity of re turning in*' sincere thanks to ihotr lYw p rrione w!io have made ill* msnlve< so very officious io myaflui's and ti. Itiosn fiiends ot" t>vo years I ??atinot t< ( I ioi> |>ratrful; ami if ley will call on ine they fhbll leceive oi!e ccrt for Jinr v.tmLle ?cr ice, F.ltWIN A. BTTI1LR. Wnthnsfon I*???"? 'J'.* jfcr--^>?'K<;!WLNTAL BALL.-Th.- executive S^O|~s Couimitten o: tfie Regimental Rail will meet at Flint's Ibnel on FRIDAY EVENING, Uie l?i Jur.e, nt n o'clock. Tiie Conniiitt. es from the different Con.t)ani"s lioli'iii ? <<? - * ? requeued to make their rtiume to the Trtv.-ur- Ci! or before that time. W.M. H CLARK, may 30 3i Chair Ex. Com. HERE WILL ?E A PUBLIC DEBATE e ven t?y ihe Irving Lyceum on the even ing of THURSDAY,the 3!et instant, at 7J% o'clock, at Academy Hall, corner of Now York avenue an?f Hth hi reefs. Question?Are tne influence* which tend to per p tu-'te e*-r than iliose which tend to difc-ol ,e th?' l.'nion of the St iten Artirmutive ? Ed. T .M.,thews, Jno. M. Wilson. Negative.?B. R R:or,ian, B A Jami-on. By order: CEO. TH(U3. COX, Secretary, itiity ;tO?2t G?< r istown, D. C , May 22, 1855. We, th>* undefBijned, dry go^M^ mer chAnU,->f Geiirg-lown, D. C., do hereby ir.utuallv ; ure- t.? cl-t" ?#ur ttort-i on and after the first of June n?it, uut 1 ttt** li: ot' September, 1&>5, at 7V% ?>'clock i,i?ci-ely, (except.ria tiniurd^y night) tor the p.irpo.? of allowing Ui-^s incur ?-mp!oy t'm? for rtareaUi a. WM M K. OSBORNB, MAYFIKLD h. HHOVVM, JOHN H. SMOOT, R. W. 6MOOT, t. E C^R I CR, W. R. UUItDLE, ?ay *-ft III. R. BERRY. I T ,THE RAFFLE AT TAYLOR It MAIT RY'S?Th* list being nearly com *dete fi r the drawing of tlie Water Color Pictur?-?, tit* -::h srrih?rs are informed that the Raff! *IH tn\e i?l <<"' on SATURDAY EVENING next, at eieiit ????-! ? k. Thnun who wi*h t> fecur? ohance* will ?iav? to d<? %o in.m'*<Bai?ly. TAYLOR fc MAUR\ i m-jv 30 fl^oh^torc. n?nr P b -t 0*T?On Ta^diy, ci her on hoar I '!?? ?t n-. , i l*? rt Oniric IVns|.in?toii. or a* '!?<? W' alii ihi!? ;i:y ? r Ak?n(!rii a M- m^rardum P "?k, w taining some fish accounts oi no u-? to a <y otc hn' mvuK. A suitable reward will be yi\ n ifI*fiat tlrs rfflee, or no ?ee sent to me so that 1 can get ir. may 31?3t* LO" T?A gentlrmcn left a blue Crape Rot n-1 in a rtor in thi* < ity recenty, wl ich store he coe* not remember. Who has it will he so kind a^ to bave it with M. WILLIAN, Pa. avenue, b?twe?n 7th and 8th sts. may 31?It LC^ST?A CHECK drawn by Me*rs. John T Given k. C<?, on the Washington City Ssvint* Bank, for the i>iim of *96 71, No 39, dated ?0.h in stant, and made payable to me or bearer. As :ts payment has been Hopped, the finder *iil conler a lavor by leaving it with Messrs. Given *. Co., Con| Dealers, corner 14th ami C sts may 31?3t JOHN DICKEBSON. WAS TAKEN PP ESTRAY nathe94*h inst., a smrll r?*d and white Cow and Calf. Tb? owner is requested to come forward, prove proper ty. piv charge*, and take them away. Enquire o; the subscriber, No, T3 Frederick ft ^ Georgnowr. may31?3t R H. TRUXNIL 4 LI. STKAROKR9 A visiting the Citv should see Hanter'sCatalogn ? of the Curiosities of the Patent office. Also, hi* Description of Powell's Great Ptcture. HUNTER is to be seen at 456 Ninth street, may 81?3m* LAND WARRASTS WAKTKD, fcr which the highest prices will be pail by CHUBB BROTHERS, may 31?tf (Intel) ow? the Treasury. MOONLIGHT EXCURSION TO B08EVALI. AND GRAND CONCERT. 'pHE Conceit given a short time since for the ] erection ot'a Baptist Churcn at Rladensburp will, bv particular request, be repeated on FRIDAY EVENING, June 1st. Professor W*. Mine* w'll conduct the Concrrt and Pref. SrHtcL will prer-ide ai the piano forte. Pat" A tram of cars Will star; from the depot a! * bef >re 8 o'clock. Fare 25 cents Concert 25 cents. This Excursion will be one of th" most plea?an? t'rat ha* ever been offered to the citirccs of Wn-h ins'on. ii.hv 31 - 2t EXCURSION TO THE AND IV ATE ti WORKS. WV-Ji ?... ;V Th?- Canal Packet Boat C O N R E S S, Cap ain Charles Merrill. Wiii <i aKc da t.ieursion rn SUNDAY, the 3d June, a 7 o'clock a. in , to afford persons an', ?f vfeitin* th- Great Ellis of the Potomac, and ex amino,g the Washington Aquetuct At the s licitni'n of many citizens the proprietors have been in.lucid to mak" ihe above eicursio... an ? will {ut the round trip at 50 cents ; a gentleman ai:tl lady for the round trip. 75 cents. Refreshments can be had on board. 'J he b >at will leave the Wharf of W II. At. II G Bitter, near the Market House, Georgetown, at ? o'clock a. in. A boat will be In waiting at the Falls to accoin trodate those who may wish to cross the river, may 31? M.WILLIAN, LADIES' DBE3S AND TRIMMING STORE Pa. avenue, between "7tk and nth Units. M WILLIAN wr.utd respectfully announce to ? the Ladies of Washington, that he has u t received trom ihe Northern cities a complete ftoct of tiOODS, among which may be found? New (-tvle French Dress Trimmincs Fine Fr?nch Flowers and Ribands A large let of Bonnets, in silk, crape, and straw, of the latent pattern!! And an excellent a-iortment of h&ndaoms Einbroi den re (fall kind' Dresses made in the latent Paris fashions at rea sorable rates. Pinking and Fluting end Kid Gloves e'eaned. Lames Mantilla:-, ready made, and made to order, may 31 ?eolin PURE SILVERWARE?A MAGNIFI CENT ASSORTMENT. MVV. G\LT Si BRO ca l attention to tbeir ? unusuuJIy large assoitmeut of SUvtrw^rt:, ct.ns srir.g of? Sol-d silver TcaScts, complete HilV' r Pitche-s. so'id Silv r r'aj(ors Si'ver ('upi and Saucers. G Llets >ilvtr Full Carvers r.nd F< rk?. Crumb Scrapers Cafce Kniv s, Fruit Shove's. Sugar Sifters J. !ly Sp on--, Ciiee^e Set ups Piefcle Knives and F?irb< ' 'live S|?oor?, Salad Ton**, Vegetable Fork* IVuit Knives, Ic>* Ton^s. I> *ssert Knives Sr.up, <;r^am and Gravy Ladles Ire Cri am Kniv? s, Sa't Cellars ".'apkin Butttr Knivef., Tra Strainers Tta, Table, and D 'sert Spoons and Forks Oi every variety Breakta t and dinner CoTee Spoonn, he. A'-o, a very la^M assortment of Fancy oilvf r ?arc, suitable tor wedonw, Linh day. ai;d other pre tnH The abo\v> i< all of onr own manufacture and !* war ran tea to be pure. m. w. gaitt a bro., J84 Pa. ave., betw. 9Ui and 10th sis. mar 31?tf RESTAURANT. HW'IN'G bought out the establishment of II .race Rit?er, on Penns.Ivan a avenue, between 11th and ti*tli Mr?eu. which I have completely renova'el, I can ac c."?n,mo'late n>y trie'ins wiih r^al Tl!R TLE SOUP, OYSTERS in every (-lyle, and the benot LIQUORS, CIGARS, lie. Al! luxGries and t'tlicacies in ser.son. n;ay 31?Iw RiCHAKD ADAMS. ORKAT BARGAINS CAN be lint in the follo%in< namrd goods, rvs we have fully determined to clo?? out the rcina n ?Jcrofi ur sprint; ??na summer di with *- bttle delay as possible; and as ih>- quicker and surest way of accnmplishiaK that object is to nlfrr at a ?r?*at s icriflce, we have concluded to adept that %-ery plan in ord?-r to dispose of cur large stock of? Plaid, str'pr and plain Silks, black Silks Rich tijured Berrges Beragf Robes. Jaconet Robes Org iiuiy MusliiM, 1-rcitch i.awns Brrace de Laines, Chaih y da L unes Fij;i:red Challeys, Gik(f!i;.ins, Ch:n z * French Jaconets, plain Btrafes, black Berages iliac k Grenadines, b uck and colored Silk Manii Ua Lace Mantles, La^e Points and Shawls Beraje ShawL and Scarfs Crape Shawl.', Pa asols Large lot French Work Corded and worked Ski t.? Pocket Hilkt>, Glovee, Lace Mils Hosiery of all kinds Men and boys'wear Gauze Fiann?! Ladie? and fienilemen's Gauze Merino Vest? Ladies thoppinj; for any of the above named goods may r? ly upon getting great ba'g ins by c^Iimi ear ly, as the enure stock must be so'd before the 1st of J,i!y. CLAGETT, NEWTON, MAY Si CO may 31?6t Tj'-'IE FAIRY TALES OF THE COUNTESS D' I Au'noy America arid the Americans, by W. E. Baxter, Esq. Trans-Atlantic Wandering?, by Captain OJdmlion, R \. The Pride of the Me--, by the author of Cavendish Haini Hoik ol [k)ioi(ifi(? Medicine Smyth's Lectures on Modern History, 9 vol? lUiid Book of proverbs Memoirs or l*h llip de Comines, vol 1 C rvatr's Exemplary Novels James' L-le of Richard Coeur-de-Lioa, 9 vol? Demosthenes on the Crown, literally tran-iat.?d K l has. K. Kenne ly. may 31? FBANCK TAYLOR. ( BK,DE' h>" E- D. EL N. South I, 2 vols, price ' ?, VV, Harper's Magazine for Jumc * ^ Harper's Story B^.ok No. 7, Virginia P. tnam's Mas-azii?< for June Godey's Lady's Book do ?? Graham's Magazine do ^ tionsatuTWtMklv'pn*"' CbtaP P"tlic? "l ' ? , . 7 received as soon as pub and .or tale by E. K LUNDY m.ay 3l_trN?" 138 5"Jpe street, Georgetown. \ BALKS MOSS t/ Just received and for sale b\* ELVANS ?t THOMPSON, ?33? l'a , betw. 9th and 10th sts. may 30 ? 3t (Orgnn) WAFKft COOiiEHH, something new. an excellent article. DOUBT.E ICE PITCH ERS, different ptyles and tizes; Bri tsmia Pitcher oi.enandcoverej; all kirdsof Brittannia ar.d Pol' uhed Tinwtre. For salt- low. at the Uousekeeoet'd Furnishing Store, 490 Seventh kt. UBt*e#iP?' - niav 30 G FRANCIS./ WHAT THE SOUTH THINK OF Ii EVrf Ohio -r-d c'l>,fr0Q1 T, x'" I" "<? br.rd?ii cf the Ohio are se> ding in their orders for GAUTIER'd SPAfcKLING SUOAR rt is tound to be liidispensibie in hot climate^. . ,,U?PREPARE PoR THE SUMMER ^ i .k t ln iR ,aPP:y delicious beverase, Mrnich i? equal t . th?? bost Hoda Water cheaptr, and more convsniaoi. nay ^ , ELECTION NOTICES. Flri ?iT WARD U<|OW TICKET. ForCoBrcw-KOPT J KWHI'. F<?r Register?WM J Mr'' RMICK. F'if SurffVO'?'' T. ABFRT For \'d? rmun- WM P. MAGRUPER. For Common Conned ErWARPH FULLER, CHARLES ABEBT, JNO D TURTOJ*. tray 20?A'.f. SRrORU WAHD UMON TICKET. For ? TUfH MILLER For Common Ce-uncil?WILLIAM ORME, FER' DIVANI) JF.FFEKSON, THOS J FIHHEK For Aw or?WM. H CLAM PITT may .10?te [IntclkUeiorJ II DIKP WARn UNION TICKET. J For Collector ROKER T J. ROCHR For Register? WILLI ?M J McCORMICK. For ?'nrrfvor?" T- AHERT. For Alderman?I>r. A. V. P GARNETT. Fnr('?mirpnr noeil-TROt. R E*TWI?LE, F.RASTUS M. CIIAP1N, KiCEARD II. LASKEY. may 23?If* WAP. I> ?OTH!?.-An Klrruon _ will be held on Mond;y, the 4,h day of Jure next, lit the bnil-irg known a* the Old Capitol, for Register, Collector, mid Sarrrjwof thr City; also for one m^mb.-r of the Pra-d of Aldermen, and three members of the Board of Common Council to rt present said Wa"d. WM. P FERGUSON, F. HARRY, J?S A. BROWN, Commissioners of Election for Fifth Ward, may 23 -<Ue SKVaXTII WAHI)-UNION TICK El. _ For Alderman?PFAMRORN R. JOHNSON. F?>rrMmm?n Council?hAMUEL Pt MPHRLY, SAMUEL S. TAYLOR, IIENRY A. CLARKE, ntav 4?te F OK lilh K?An excellent male COfiK, col ored. Address "L M," B< x No 84, Geo.get*i?. may 30?4t* IO*T?< >n Saturday night, the \ffth in i j ?tant,near 'be I'r'^ident's Square, ? la-j d^es'gold WATCH and CHAIN The find-l er will be piid a suitable rrwiid at GALT & HRo's, Pa an-nuc, between 9in and 10th >i*. may &9- 3t* Co! 1?etor1* Oftle*, > City Hall, May 2*. 1855. / IN order to avniJ a? much a* poaa bis the burry incident to the payment of tax?-a on tbe day of t!ie election, tbe unier?igned will remain in tbe of. ace from 0 o'clock a. a unul 6 p. m, for the itm du<! of the week. K- J. ROCHE, Co.lector. m^v 29?t<l j STUAVkD OR nTOLKN from the t-ubJ ecrilx r on Saturday night, Mr.v 26th, a w h ack llospe, with a abort bushy tr*f ASF forward and b'ind in his right eye. A r?*warii ol $5 will be ti^en if found witlun th" c'ty limita, or 010 if found rlicK here, and rt turned to the owner, on P, between IU acd 6ih i-'j , Iflard. ?way 39-St* TRAVES EVANS. \\T A'JPISflTON C OK POP.ATIOK 6 Vr per cent. (stock f?r sale by mavi9-2w RIGGS k CO. I "WILL PAY A FAIR PRICE FOk BACKNUM b rs of Mechanical Patent nffic? Report*. The next number of tbe Cuba Taken will be ?a sm d next Saturday, when the discoveries in tbe in on will he further cevel >p-d. H')i?k - bought and soil as u -ual. ALFRED HUNTER, tnav29-3t* 450 9th street. LAND WARRANTS WANTEdT" rTMIE undesigned will pay ibe highest price for i Land Warrant#. Stocks b mglii and sold ??n Commi??ion HAMILTON G. FANT, No 43? Pa avenue, Washn*?ton. may 29? lm flnt^ Union) % 'HE LAST CREA r AMERICAN NOVEL -The 1 Missing Bride; or. Milium, ibe A verger, by Mrs Emma li E. N. South worth, author of the Li?t H>iiFcf, the A ife's Victory. Cur^e ol Clifton, :he Discarded Daughter, Retribute n, fcc. Complete in one volume ot 635 i?a?ea, bound in cloth, lor one dol!ar and twenty fiv?- emu; or in two volumi r, paper cover, for one Hollar Ju*t received and tor rileky -'Ad H. BURNS, ?it his Cheap Bookstore, No. 150 Bridge street, Georgetown. Al?s ?, A?ent fr.r a'l the newspaper*, which will b* arrrd a? tbe dwtllii jrs of the eub* nbers. ftr.d in your nam^a may 99-lw MORE BARGAINS?" JOHN fl. SHOOT, Bn-lf ?fr?[, k.hIA rirff ruar Hi;*, Gnrgftctm. ju,t received a luither supply of eeaeonabic GoNdff, amm^t which will be found 50 pieces food <l>l< ? fa-t colored Lawne at 12^ 10 iio plain black and white and block do. ?':0 d-> rich piai.l Gir-eha ?.? and Ginrham Lawn* ? 0 do dotted and rich 'inh'd Mu lies f>0 do plain SwIm and VtiLNtk 4a 40 do Jaconet and Cam brie do 0 d'? p*aui and Ftripcd do 25 Grass Cloth Skirts 30 corded nnd da:i.n?k do Whit- ei>d colored Watered Moreen* 50 piec?-s liah; !>reity stjles ("alic<?s 10 d ? P.r.r?ne ?:e i.aines at 12^c 2 ?lo Buffhhade Li'e? With an as!>crtai<>iit<ifMa<:rnaMe styles of fil'm, Hosiery, and rnniv ?ib, r very desi'ab'e Goods, ta which th<* attention cfca-b or prompt ccftcaers is invited, a- we rr? eon<;atitly receiving n^w goods, and ar?- >? ili:i^ thitn f prices to suit the times, n.av 29?tf j || ,-M'XJT. LIME. |F the bo*-t qua'iiv r.f pur< ly wood burnt, can bt iidd in arv qu-infuy. at all tinns, and at mode. rat?* price, at SEELY'S Pater.t K:ln, corner of Vu fc'iriia ave- u?> and Cauil street, Island. mav ?8?4t* O' WE WOULD NOT GIVE A DOLLAR IM?R ALL THE TINCTURE HAMPTON EV ER M \DF ?Thus *pt ke a h iite an ' pood r an, but mark ihe chance ! Let the efRict*-d bear him, a?id then decice whether to s'lfTer on or b>" made wi o'e. Ye piofes6io'ial m.^n, with rained heal b. henr! Ri v. JiMts W. nrwuirrT, the taN nte:) and inde pendent editor**; that highly popular and extensive lv read p ip-r, tb?* Christian Banner, pub.inhed at Frnderirkabure, Va., in his editorial ot th< l~?h ot Mav, 185f> thu- "-peaks of HAMPTON'S V Etit TABLE TINCTURE: "Some time a*;i wa trer?!y al'ud?d to Hampton's Vegetable Tinfii'tr, with a promise of i.cticinf more pa'ticuiariy the great r?lief wr have onr?eii derived tfO,i> iu use liurme our collegiate coursf-, owing to sedentary habits, we became quitedyrpep tic, and wer-; very iiioch troutiVd with vtrtigo F?i more than fa?l?c years after leaving co||? j?e. we w<*re laboring unler these two affliction* In tlie sprsi-.g of ISM, our tern r il health became so de.i -ate that u wa.> with gr??t difficulty we could niter d tu tve otdin.MV duties ??f our piofe^ion Evervtbmj we ate immediately turned scid, our dig? >uve or can> became mholly deranged ; lo-n.g a- it seemed to us, ull their activity and vitality ; we were con stancy depressed mi spirit, our enersy almo-t ter 800k u?, and nothing but necessity urged us on ta action. We hid taken strong medicines, observed gieat particularity in our diet, and all to no purpose We had de?paired ot ever s^covering our health, when a female trund of ours importuned us to get a botte ot Hampton's Vegetable Tincture, assuring ua th 'i we would find grt-at relief from its use. W#- tri< replied, '-me would not give a dollar for all the A'f lure Hampton ever made, so far a* ear own individ ual bealin was concerned." Wc had no faitb in it nor anv other medicine ir effecting a cure on ui. In the kindncs? of her heart, however, without con E-ulung us abcut it, she sent and got one bottle and urg?d us to accept of it, and for her sake, aa it cou d not p< Bslbly injure us, u> use it according to direc linn F<-r the high regard we had forberandlur act of kindness, we promised to do ?o. And ?-iih out ea?g> ratton we cau truly fav before ?c lia I used ths contents of one bottle we felt like a r.< w man We Used, eon^ecntively, from ten to fifteen bot tles. \Ve were atraid to give it up, fraring our old dlsen.~c? micht return. Since then, our dicoiiuve org ins hav? be?-n uni'ormly correct, our head il< ar, and so far h- our labors, toils, liabilities, responsi biliries, and worldly cares will alloA-, our spirits have b?-en buoyant, and we eat what we pleare, and aa much r.s we p|ea?e. and w h? n vve please? and all is well. For the ?ake of the i.flli<*ted we make this statement, hoping that others mav find th' same re lief from it? us?- th;it v?e have. It should be he p: in every tnmilv. No familv should ev? r be wi hout HAM P TO N 'S VEGETABLE TINC TURE." Lawyer?, Dtctori, Ba-k're, Miiurfm, in all ih* Depaitments ot Stat?, Ladies and Gentleman in ihe bigli-st waiks tf life, as well as th"*e moving in the most humble spheres, t-peak of ih"* cures on lie m stives and friends by this wenderfal article. Call and gel pamphlets vatls. anil see ^ Cough, Bronchitis, Rheumatism, Neur.uria, Ova pepeia. Nervousness and Gen- rai V*- eaknc s. As a ale medicine or for delic-te claldica we yc icvw it unequalled. a-H Sold by M'tRTIMER h. MOWBRAK . I**' more street, Baltimore; and 304 Broadwev. ? Chas. Stott fc Co., J. ?. Mooaa. I> 9. clsr CLaawa h. Bowuao, VV. Et.i l H. W ? "? sow, Washington; also, by R. S. F. t.iasii'--. town. anJ C- C. CaRar. Aleaaudna, and u?< *? - a . % m TV ?u f mv n 1,11_ ? 11HE MISSiNO BRIPF, by Mrs. Southwerth Dickens's New 8?ori?-s, 1 vol I'ickwick Papers, 50 cet ta K:^te Ar?"le?ford, i, m.v . by C. i Peteison , - Afraja, bv Theodore M-iiyje The Initials; new edition Btar.hope Hurleigh. by Helen Phu Ii'gfnne, bv Alex. Dumas ' Price of a trown, by Eugene Sue. msfiW- FRANCE TAYLOR SVpkhiok tablk and pockkt Ca:!ery, Razors, Scissors, a.c - A lar^e avoi^ uient, lc?rt i than M any oilier pla-ein the city. F> r go.-wl article* and low prieea alwava call it tM Housekoeper't Furnishing Store, 400 Srventli* m?> ? 0. FRANt'li

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