Newspaper of Evening Star, May 31, 1855, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 31, 1855 Page 4
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EVENING STAR. ** AHOFL 0? FATIKWCK BT VbOBBlVCB PSBCT Beaide the toilsome war, Lawly tnd sii.1. bv :ruit-< ?nd flowers unblM. - Wtiiuii my woni itread sadly, day by day, I.ongiog in vain for rem An angel softly w*lk?, With pal*. ?w#et face and eyes cast meekly down, The while from wintered leaves and flowerlcse ?taika ? r?ha weaves my flttirg crown. A ?we*-t an?? patient frare, A look of firm endurance tru" and tried. Of suffering meekly borne, r^ata on her face, *k/ pure??o glorified. \od when my fainting hean Despond- and murmurs at u? adverse late. Then quietly tho ansel't bright lip- part, Murmurm? -ottly, ?? Wait!" ?'Pa'ien<*e!" she swretly mth? -;The fatherV mercies never come too I at*-; Gird thee with fitient .strength and trusting faith, And firm endurance?wait!" Angel J?behold?1 wait? Wearing the ihomv crown through ail life's hourn. Wait lilt th> nand shall ope the eternal gate. And change the thorns to flowera. HOPS. What is hope: The beauteous sua That colors all it shin?-s upon? The beacon of life V dr ?ry sea? The star of immortality ? Fountain of feeling? >f??rg an.I warm? A day beam bur-ting through the storm A tone <:f m?'o!y, whosr birth l<, i ! t o rich, too pure, f. r earth? \ hlos om of that radiant tree Whose frail the an'?H> only see? A beuty and ? charm whone p;>wcr Is iwa, enjoyed, confessed each hour? \ sem' lance at that world to conse When earth and ocean Meet the last o'erwb- lining ilcooi Artistic Anachronisms. ? Tintoret drew Jews in the wilderness with guns. Breugh, a Dutch painter, drew or.e of the Mag, in a surplice and spurs, presenting Chn>t with a model of a Dutch seventy four. Paul Veronese drew Benedictines at the foast in Canaan. Another drew one of the thieves with a confessor hold ing a cross; in a college chapel, at Paris, was a picture of Napoleon and his aid de-camps visiting a plague hospital. Wh<n the Bourbons came back, this was altered to Christ and his Apostles : but Christ has on Napoleon's boots to this day. A statue to Charles II. erected at the old Stock Harket (present site of the Mansion House, London,) had been ori ginally made for Sobeiski. with a Turk under the horse. The Turk was changed *nu> Oliver Cromwell, only his turban was forgotten. Wool from Pine Trees.?In Bocalen, in Silesia, an establishment is in opera tion for the manufacture of wool out of the leaf of the fir and the pire. The re sinous substance is d'ssolvcd by ?ome chemical process?the fibres arc spun and woven into different fabrics, some of which fcas been tried at the hospital at \ i' nna. This species of blanket has. "been adopted by chat institution, by the penitentiary of Vienoa. and by the Char ity Hospital and Barracks at Breslau. An oil extracted ia thi3 process, is found to be serviceable in rheumatism, gout, and cutaneous diseases. Useful Receipt.?A ccinent, which gradually becomes as bard as stone mav be made by mixing twenty parts by weight of clean sharp sand, two of lith arge, and one of whiting, and mixing th?m into thin putty with linseed oil. for seams in loofs a cement may be formed of white or red lead, thinned with boiled 1 nseed oil, into which some sharp, dry, white sand is stirred. For the joints of water and gas pipes, white lead ce ment is the best. MOVEMENTS OF OCEAN STEAMERS. Lean For Deis. Raitw New York...Liverpool....May 30 Pacific Liverpool ...New Turn....May 19 v nit Star Havre New York...Ma'v li? Washington Bremen New York...May u3 Africa Liverpool....Bo-ton M<?y 06 fcy- T?:i California steamers leave New Yorlt on t ?e 5ll? and iJUi m e\ch uionUi. AUxtlVALS AT PRINCIPAL HOTELS. >AtlOM*l (lot*!?t. ?. waiiKS N H Herbert, Va S W Ficklia, do N P Frederick, NC T Owens, DC F Adam?on, 111 J J R bt>ir.s, vfd M V* lileo*. Pa 8 May, d . 3 rj <a>..n, do W W McCail, Fla II C Jan. it, Md E G>>odtellow, UPC8 Mr* Li?U gstor. and !ady, NY Mis" THIatroos, do B r dtreei & la>iy, Va A B Cooley, Pa Or J CaMerwood, La T Misses, Norway Mr Iglcbart, Md M.s- Waddell, do J A D-.unless and lady. NY O K Hillard, do Miss E Rider, Md C M Dougherty, do J Ebl?*-rt, J!! C II Powell, Va J n C!?*?, NY S Baxileu, Ma* W IVhiuiiore, do Ciijrt M<teoa, Md Sletsl?t r. t a. tssr*. G 8 Mmer, Va S M Hamilton, M I J Coule, jr. do I. t;ar iner, T? nn W J Va C W L >!&ruii. NY C M artiii. do ill* M ' ?-'i, d CW Martin, do A TBella, Va D H Easby, do r Y Scott, r!o i Ns n, NY ? ? M M H?re. NJ II Hoblejr, Lug \ ll*li?l H lady, do * II llu. J, Ma>? L J La>?iaa & lady, Li>g Mnw t>, NY J W ration & iaily, Pa II Hancock, do Miw ti U lncock, <!o I' A VVat*oo, Va llamas. Mo J M liami.wt-ll, 8tJ .MlBH vVll.MUl-, d*? Mim Van VIeel. do J O Knox, Va J *ndr?-w, Pa Miss I'ursons, Eng Mis? New by, do H Ray, do W Winston, Va ? 'apt Shillen, LO i>r r'r^lry WtUardi' Ilctal T t Krur NY J Pizziiu, \ a Fnt W r'vjRs h. ady. Mats Mirt> m. do I M l.'lutuheni. NY J B Gray, V ? J O Taylor, 1>C t' U S^rkmailKr, ill \ L i .-e, n M A Pryor. Va r \ Fx Mi? V Pizxini, NY Sliti# M Pitaini, do Mi>i K PiSZini, do Mias* K A Kaatwick, BC ?H- A. S. J. c. WILLAH0. Col f William'. Ky Mr Urinwel.. O U K Sage h lady, do K Pirk a lady, NY C M Motiinco, do W C ? anka. Mi H A Guthrie, Va G A Clack. Del N Orr. NY S N Hull y. J CI ck i. lady, NC s Manderao.: a lady, Pa Mrs Gorgu* and daughter, do G W Child, do S B Niille, DC Kl' k e :>??! ilftait?j. u. k a. Kiacwoob. G C llumjl ries ^ C Mudge, Mas# M*j !-'tavy, do Mrr Trorie, Pa M Wtntx, Md W Wetitt, do J r , V<* D VV Parker^ do J B Strong Si lady, Va N A Hotmail Si 2 ladu.-, do T E 3and, Md K T Dangertield, do II P Carnsworth, NY Mr Williamson, Pa J J Langdon, DC V n'Ult Slttll HoUl-&. C. Qit lHT, ^ B Ediiitiiorp, SY M En-M il, Va C C Ui.llio, NY Ge G Kmi, Va J W Miii"i , do G Brown, du ? K McCurdy * lady. Pa Ktv ' C Adam.-, Md Mr- F M f'ootijt k family, Mo Min Coolie, Va Mi's Kenmnn,do K D>-?taway, do G W Valeniint' and iativ. NJ " ^anilKD Hatiii Alexandria, Va. A. XIWTP , f. trKiXTOR. R Hall, Md G L Gordon fc lady, Va d D Brady, do ?' Carter do i T Brady, do f J Tibbn, do C Herud u, <ig J M Jwf.i.eoa, do A C Lcturdiou. du D Huaie, do A fiauiiiton, Md Mi* Gbidner, do x J Cockealie, DC J A Waahirgton, Va J C M tmaar, DC <. Highlauii. Mil Dr Cohen, uo i M HuniliA, do Dr J R Walton, Va K E Scott, do W Y Meech, NY ?' H lluuton, Va Mr? Ilunton, do V J Uite, do < ' J Siovir, do J E Jonea,.to J T Hughef, M.I L Lewi*, do W Doiman, NJ FIRST PREMTUM PTANOS. JUST reem-ed. several Pi^rjinfrnni the ?*? i?brsted fac:o.-y i.' Stt inway Pons, New Ytik ; one in Loais XI\ style 'JV-e P i>rf in ? rrv re spect thf He*( now ||?< ?? fj,,- U'ited States; ?ney received the late Mctroisilits't Mechanic*'Pair the (a silver medal) tor each of Uieir Pian* eUvbi'ed. Every person ad iretf the volume "ftuw. ? #t;|| :> (he .kinansitip of ih^ir ln*tiu iiudu. Tbes?, in adj.; ion to my other stock of Pianos, farm* the he.?t and large-t collet tion south of Mason's md Dixon's li^e. Tlie p sbiic are respectfully iuviied to call and ex amine before they purchase elsi-where, they will rim! moderate pri^t * ai d reasonable terms. PIANOS to rent always on hand, and second hand Piano* taken in part payment for new ones, at uiy Piano Ware room, No. 49 8 l'leven?!> st. above Pa. avenue. . TP.f HEICIIENBACII. may 14?eclni* FINE WATOHES HAYING male * considerable addition to my .-stock of sold Ht:*rmo patent i.rvkrs, and LSDIES' WATCItKrf Offiul quality, heavy IB ca r.:? cas?-e., SILVER WATCHES for l-oy*. I offer them at greatly reduced prices. Tht movements are selected with great car ?, U3i; cvt'r* Watch is warr'inlci. Persons in want of a fine timekeeper a;t- invitea t > examine inv assortment. ?1 S EM KEN. No. ISO Pc. avenue, betw. 9th and ICtli s's. mar CARRIAGES?CARRIAGES. Ill AVE now un hand, and coustunt'y finishing. a very large irtment of Pleasure andrvBD&j^ Family CARRIAGES, of tbe la:.;?i f.t.-ii ions, which I will sell a? low r.s the sam* hi i!itv of work can be sold in any af die principal mark) u of I the United State-. The subscriber is now dealing ?xc!usiv? ly in Car riiges r.t Ijp own manufacture, and all work -old f-y him wil' be warrant/ d, and c< mparc favorably with my work in this market. A- I always keep ;; large assortment, I invite purchasers' and other- M rx amin< my stock before purchasing elsewhere. Carriages built to o*d**r Old Carriage-* taken in exchange, or repaired a! the shortest notice. THOMAS YOUNG, J*1 :sn of :h" Golden Hore, No 4U9 Pa. av nt;.- and 4;^ ctreei. may 1?eoOm NrOTK-fc ?I p ceiveu t!..? day a new as-ot. I menl ?f SLEEVE 5;;JTTONS and STUDS. < th" latest f.yka. Also, a variety of ?>t?r r new G"->ds : a* Ves,i Chain*,' "hat? l;-.o?s, Bracslf*', Pitt-1 Earring;., Rin?% etc. Urea; inducements offered ?o pure hitlers. it. SEMKEK, No 330 Pa avenue, bej. Hth a , ? lt*th Srw Poi.iii put to Gold Psn- at -b rt no ic . Oiamon is rem unted, ami Jewelry m:u?e t>? ord-r mnr if tf No. 287. W'AMM-!,-?!! SWT! S iJlDFJfT Ki, S. bl. ?oritur \if Fa. ar. iirji Urvrnlh itrect, Sol? Afencv ibr I'HIl.SON, GOULD 4 OO '.S Warming aij'l Ventilating rpnratns, M P(iNIi ^ t;o.!S ^o: ?f>?ion) Union Double-5')Ten ?ok n* J. L. MOTT'S (of New ? ork) INViNCIBLE DOUBLE-OVEN RANGE, Constantly on ha.-id, and receiving LATROBl; STOVES, for lirati?;j? tw -torieb; Parlor and Cham ber GR \TES, Enam< I ed and Japanned Cookinjf. Hall, Parlor, Ciiamber and Dinmq; Room S OVES; I'lain, Tinned and En ur I'.ed Iron HOLI.OW W ARE; B:o?.k Tin. PI uii.-m d and Ja, ann-J WARE in ?reat vanetv. All of *.vhich *ii!l tw; sold at the lowest p n^iMe rates, that wii> coniuire f.ivora! ir v;ith ..n> 12. tab lishm'-nt -outh of New York. .Vj ;ta nmaiioi; f n?- i-? am*?'!y -tiliciied ; apTI 1m JAB 8KIEVI.NG DBNTI8TRT. DR. MUN^OX .*? -p? ctfu.* v , public niteniM tohir: a w parent, and GRC VTj.v llPliOYEis oietlir?l of ?"?'?ir.4 Ai'dioislJ Te. th, wil. Continuous Gur.i v> r PEBFIICriON OF THE ART. hl-v/le of r. ?. hasth. f llov.i!!? a!v;.i :-e.- r..-r nil oth-r^, viz: GREAT STPCNGTII. CLEANLINESS, COM FORT and BEAUTY, v ???* with Vi'.ur* 1:1 r ?pectj, and in some o;l> rs cir. ;ini?. I'siblic i : ,(?? I't'on i< respectfully >? iieit.'i. f'iwa c ?.a.'' :r -ee ppciuiens. IJ \ I.T[f)N. -No other L'< i.ii-i i.i thi lii^lriet C?'hi?ibia !>;??? a r?7ht to r.-.ake ?ty!e o? T-i tii. N. B?Te ?:!! ..'i:i.itituii('::a!'y i;. altliv, ploi". ar. l -vHrrantrd f?r life. Office and !,ouw: at No 49 H E >;n - i re ..r : i. corner of Pennsylvania avenue an I 14-h ?rr< t ap 24?ti PAINT ANlToiL~STUR>r~ T HA KEii, HOUSE, BIGfl 4 OR^AHLSiAL IOUISIANA nv*-r:i:-?. betwerti SiTth }??:?} p. \ i enth streets, No 60 Re^ . jtce h'.?. 3^y < street, between Sittli f.nd S.-venta fr> ai!d?d t; h;f present business ibe Mle of PA'NTs. oU.s Gf. ASS and PUPTY, in ?ma!l or lars" quantities Th?' attention of housekeepers i^ pariieul.. I?. called to th?? .^onveniei: e of tMis arranceiecnt i th-v can at all Miues proc ure HEAHTH aad otl^. MIXED PAINTS ??:"all color* w?de readv for t?? by a PRA< i ICAL PAINTER. Oiders pi>>iopt!y attended io and rmncrtfullv so hefaed. fttlBAP For i'AS!!. mavQ? lm ULV. JOBM .ANAHAN I AHTOB ?)F THE EXETER tU'RKET, M !1. CHURCH A swjitijt desire to b^nelit th? aWicted indnees kun. tiiup toeerii,. We chal-e.ijre any other n-eJinin* to present wch a maiM of testimony fr-mi m siiil ladies of h'gh standimt of our own wel!-krowit citizens, who temfv of cures of COUGH, CHiTIS, RHEUMATISM. DYSPEPSIA, &c. K? i riMf.R?, Jcnuary 24th. Ifcfi5. Menri. Moriincr 4* ASoufrray: I ts>k. piesuure in saurig to you tiiat I have 'ise.! y ^ir -iiampto# -! Tincture" with vrrv j;reat pi*>rtt. k roiu a serious throat affection, my general henUh uud become very much impaired, when I coin uiiincei to usi} ! Hampton's Tiucture." I fon::d it effects upo my K?*ner ;l heaitli mr^i wdutarv.? My nervous syat< iu nnd dige?Jve organs ao;.a ; c ed u*> under its use. ? have several times rccoaiiuendei it to my tnemib, siiJ in every ca*t, as ur ar I have. b.. r> .u th::y have use it v/ith siicc-sf. Yours tmly, Job* Lakahan, Pa^jr Of taey tt., M. E. Church, Baltii::or>:. BLEEDING OF THE LUNGS. RtLctoH, N. Fib =, Idi>. lirsri. .VoriimcT * Mcv,!>rav: I do here y cntify Uiat alxiut tweivc months ar. I was taki n with a severe hemonhage ot the Lc:.k . and had fe::r attacks of it I +, :?.% advised to trv f )?. Hampton's Ve^ table Tincture I procured* one boitle, and at>er '.akint? which, I wa- satisfi?td that I was much better; Rnd that, afier takins the fourt; bottte, I was ?'iitlrely well, and now I enjoy as goo.l h?n:Mi a:; ev?*r I did in mr life. | can, lnd'do.with out the least hesitation. re.?omm"*:d ??e Ttieture to all person* ifl!!icte>f in ny way. Tsmrs, Cm. W.> CURE FITS-READ! M'yretcl'ie Sick than Go LI,??rom rne c! the uiot; itepcctable Drae<nsts in South Carolina. Chak!.ssto<?, S. C. Sept, 21, lirJ. MetMrs. Minima & Mowbray:?The s^lo ?? f jr.iir HamptonV V< getable Tincture is increase; every day, and every bi.ttle sold recommends tins vr-Juu -ie uiedicine to tbe atHictcd. Several of ? ur plintrr.i have irieii it in different c;;si s with aslen ishin< success, and are peliins :t by half dozens. It has been foand to be the gruau-st temedy tor rheu matic effect'Ons, and a wond?-rful cure ha^ been performed on a negro bov, suffering from Fits. I will furnish you with a uuinber of certificates it " .v.i wish them I am, gentlemen yours, W. G. Thott. Call and git pamphlets gratis, diid see cur*-s cf Couch, Bronchitis. Kheumaiicm, Neuralgia. Iiy# pepsia, Nervousness and General Weakness. As a iemaie medicine or for delicate children we bvlirv ? h umnualled. Sold by .MtiRTiMER & MoVVBRAY, 140 Balti more street. Baltimore, ami 3o4 Broadway, N. York Chas. Stott Sl Co., J. i;. Moors, D. B. Clams r, Clarke 4i. Bowuse, W. Elliot, and H. McPhir sos, Washington; al#?, by R. S. F. Ci-asL, Geo^-e town; and C. C. ^srry, Alexandria, and bv Du.? gists everywhere. feb 21?tr^ TO THE LADIES. 1M1E undersigned is prepared to give lossnus to la dies and children in nU kinds of embroidering hair and ine n?-i die work. AI?o, in Mantillas, Cof lars, and Sleeves will be embroideri d promptly to order. Stamping and Drawing done in neat ntyie. MRS. P. ZOLLICOFEtt, 55i7 Maryland av , bet. 6:h and 7ti? st., Is'and. HSCHER'S BAND FULLY ORGAN I7.ED. HAVING how completed ail my ?'rranjremenu for a firs: rate B.\As?S and CO'Pll. I, ON BAND, I am again at the service of she pubic- to attend Excursion Parties, Exhibitions, Parades, Pie Nics, Balls, and serenades. All those iu favor of a citizen's hand are respectfully iuvited to eucournge our en crpnse, here in Wasfuneton City. I* FISCH Kb, Leader. P S.?Thi.; B-tnd, under my direction, is regularly uniformed, and from a practice over twenty years I can give >atist leuon to every one. Residence, Pa. avenne, north side, bet. 9tli and 1" ti Afreets, first d<Mir west of Iron Hall. 1 'rder* left with Messrs Hilbur- it ll:tz punctually aitf aded to. may 14?lm* PKRRVa ami utiLOITl IT JL penaia variety, biught hi i**r*on from the mantifactur eis t?y the undcrsigiieii, m thi* way securing g< nu it.eness, as ue|| n. ,f,( tj^#t qUaj,t? an,| finish, of each brand. PR A NCR TA YI.OR. may % [W? Wl] Notice of Restoration a>id Withdrawal of Lard* in Railroad Grants in the State of Arka nns. VTO 1 E is hereby giv*:*. *b?t, in ccmplia <v> Xi with the requ"*t of the gevermr of \rkausa3, the President, by his orl. r beertoie dite the 5'h of April inftant, had directed thai the lands sitaa'ed in the townships hereinaft-r "numerated, which were heretofore withdrawn from market anl r rervd frjai .^aie or entry, *xo?pt f om pre-emption?. ?s ymg within the probable. 1 a-its of the grant for t- ? Cairo .1 ,d Ful on Railroad 1 d j its branches, ?n t e itateof A rkan?u<, fhail hi restored to n ir k* t and tLat certain other lands situated in town ? hips named belov , with n the probable limits oI the grant, s<r rding to the routes as fixed by th ? recent a?f of the fctate Legislature, Fh3il be aldel to thore he-etofr* rererved from sal* or entry (p e rmption claims exvpted) uotil furth-r orl?rs: Therefore ere the v.tcaat landn eubjvt topa!?i'-t the s<-vt ral land .-file1 htrjiMaftermentiiced which t>t? eu- j v* tr. private entry at the d*tecf thdr *? ithdr*?a< from rsrket, aud which have ft be* n pr^emp'ed, in the folding townships, will a;a n n* sn'jft to pr rate en'ry on anl after Mo'.da;;, the 18th day of Jane next, to w;t: In :fce d strict of lanls subject to sale at Helena : Vrrth of th' base line and ens' of the fifth priicipal meridian. VotTi^hip 1, of rarges 3, 4. 5, and 6. Township 8, ol ranges 3 an 1 4. Township 9. ol ratue 7. Sov'h of the base line and ea'.t of the fifth principal meridian. Toiraahips 1, 2, 3, aai 4 o: ran^-s i, 2, 3, and 4 Towns", ips 1, 2, and 3, of range 5. lou'h of t'w. est line and twst of the fifth principal meridian. Town h:ps 1, r': 3, f.ud 4, of ranre 1. Town hips 2, and 3, of range 2. I a the dir-trict o! Iand3 subject to sal* at Little Rrcs: Xorth of Hit bale lint and weft of the fifth principa meridian. Townships 3, ar.d*4, of range 17. jiui'- of f'.e base lins and west oj thrfifth principal meridian 'IV.wn-hlp* 2, *nd 3, of ranges 3 and 4 Towrtfhip 3. o' range? 5 und 6. Town-hip 5, of 13. I t'?e district cf land" sutj* t to sale at I?.v??> vi LLC: .V'.i th rf the last line '.nd toes', of the fifth prineijul meridian. " wnehip 7, of retg?sl nd2. -.?> n'hip 16 .*f rtn-e 4. 1 ??n?hipl4 of r^n^e 5. la t*i? district of landa eubj&ct to s-le at WA3HINU to : i"( <f !'.e base lir.r en ' ? fit of the fifth principal m'ridian T . n.hip 2. ot rir/c 19 '".wcshlp 3 of r*iig?j 20 Tovush<; o* rt?cg^21. T. wrships 5. 4ud6, of rsnge 22. Towual ip 6, <: rarge 23 "riwo-h;p? 7,16, s.i-1 17, o' rang-- 24. *ips 8. 17. 15,19. ?nd 20, of rnnge 25. /.a biif- IS, 19. 20, of range 26 " VLihip 19 aid 20 <1 -a ge 27. Townfii" 20, of r.'.ugf>2S a l r (HsUktof Irfuda sa> jsct fo cnie (.iClakm vil'E : S. i '.i oj thr bait, lint and toest of the fifth principal meridian. To 11 l.'ps 1. 2, ?, trd 10. of range 18. ..-li hit's i, 3, ar.u iO, of r*nge 19. . ?snif-bips 2 *t'd 3, cf rants 20. ' ownch!p 1. if rnn;e 21. T* irn 3 and 4, of ranges 22 and Q3. roW'.*lips 4 ?'ij \of if* 21, 25. 26, and 27. vo"vi.9h:p< 4.5 ar5 6, of rc.nge 28 Toansnipa *> an 1 6. of ra? gas 29 and ^0. T wnship 0. ci rangt'R 31 and 3^ ALSO, all h" andj fiitiiatel in the sa*i Etaif. in r hfe 1 n=m^d towicbips, iu addi ion to the 1 .>>ds h- irivf re r-s-TTed aud not above rest- red, he rfS-rrul from .-ale tr ?ntrv (exo>-.pting for , r ? mptin ? * r the purpose a' cva jp?c:fia<l until tarihcr en! rs. :r ti * ti:e:ric: c.1 i-^nd subject to rai e at Satis V!Lta: W'jTth of 'he batt line and east of the fi'th principa menc'ian T -rr. bip 10 of raug-a 1. \ %? rih of the best iinr. avd taut of the fifth vrincpal meridian. | -v ? llip : ?" f lti. 1 It thf liri : c f Knds ?ul j*(t to sali! at Little j j'.ock : | V r \ of ihe base line ard w>jicfthi fiflh jn-incipal mridiai. T wn?h;p 7. of rang# 11. . S'utl: of tie Mt-' line end west of the fiflh prin&pid merrdtar. I Town' hip 9. of rar*?-* 6 V ^vnsb'p 10, f rarg- 17. | lo hed strici cf laudsubjKt to sail at Wash ; ING'-'OS: I -f t'-e t"-"- iine and west 0/ fhe fifth principal mertdioTi | T wnsLi 1^ of -an^r 21 Tjwnch5p il, of r^ng' 2*. j wn L.ip.. 13 an- 14. of range 30. ? }i<? district of Unds subject to M?e a-Cham ps'.sol* : ,it <>f the. l:of line and w.rt of the fifth principal irteridian. > ws'-bip 1',of rat k-s 18 and 19. ""owcPtiip 12, if 20. I*reempti n cbmiact: entitled to hay cf tLe -> ve n-f.-tioii' l Ui.tls to Ikj ie?tor?i to market on M i..y, t '.e ISM. day ?*f Jau? n?-xt on sett em-r.t? hlr : ly in id ?, cr which maj her?*f*er be, It in tiiife'- lj i -i. u!d g.vo noticed their claims, and li ? ? ? pr ofs w.ih the lind officers bsfore 'lie day ? p^ li-t ? i fo r-storKtirn of th- Unds, bo ai to iiro -ct thtir e'.aims fr. ia private eat ry on ?n l aft*r Vt I y. ht..I pro > nt much difficulty anl delay; : < :?in)-' t.^ ucd*r the t-cz of i7th Msrch, ;8/.4, >n<> I CI* their {.r^ofi und make payment before thu lay r.t r*- oration, rr the saw-1 will be fo frlted r-H-*n uadcr ^.y b??n J, at the General LabdOfBc^, the city of V.'axcingtoa, this thirtieth day of -prij, Anao D.-icisi ^">e LhcutOind eijht hundred s: d fifty f.*e. ? 7 orJnr of th; Fr?c: l?nl: JOIN WILSON, niiy 3?law6w Com mi gioner. [ So. 63S ] Notice of th* establishment of an additional /amidistrict in ike State of California yjkTliiliti'AS under the pr-vi'ioog cf the a< t cf ?? C ngre-Mi, 4ppr ved Match 3, 1853. entit'od, ?A*i act to provide for the ?urvey of the public !an1 ia ?li or.-.ia," Ac, ths rr>*?iJrnt of the Unit*! -ta:e. is authorised at such time or t?mKS m in his : 'idgnect tbe pubdc in'er?4t may to imp-ratiyly e<i'jir?, ? * * to divide the ,itat* <<f C?|ifornla into ;?ro or ihrfte separate land fi-trict', two 01 whioh districts were established un i-r s*'d act hy pubis; notice, dated 21st March, l-?3 in I wheroni the surveys and s?*tt!em-nt^ aave *>xtecdad in (^alifuraia so far that the ccnTo ui iic^ of tbe ?et?lers anl the public Interest require t ?j ?>t*Uinhmeo of the thiee districts authorised b/ the act. cf 'he Cd March, 1853, aforesaid ? y.osr, therefore, he it kaown, that under, and by ?nth r?ty of the sail aot of Congress of 3d March, 1853 the President efths United 'tat*e hasdirect'd tint the Ktate of Calif rn'a shall be divided info separate land districts, the boundaries of *hich ar^ as fol'owp, vjj ; All that psrt of the ?tite, e'mm'ncicg on the Pa* ~:.?a coast, lyiDg ncrth of the line between tov n Lii?- ^e*en and eif<ht (7 and 8j north of Mount Di ,ble base line, tbenc ronnir g east on ssid line to t^.^ Ui? ria'.tn. thence -oath on the merdian line to the 1 r; dividing t- woships three nndfour (3 and 4) a.'/rth of wiid l asa li e, th-nce ea3t on s^id line bfa ?w en tovmhiiB three and four to the eabtern Loar dsry of the St*te, will form the "I'ppfr Tia trict," the iaud office f. r wLich h^a been estah.iihe<i it "farysviUe All tuat j art of the Ftat- lying south of 'he above l-?.:rite 1 limit' and n rth of the one dividing towc| -h ps t*?nty i?nd twenty-one, south, (or fifth stand ard south) will firm the "Middle District," the of ti e fir *hich ih ut fienicia;. ai d ail that part of the State lying soa'h of the firth standard paralM the Lowe* District.' as herrtofore organize >, the office tor *?bich is ea abli^bed at L01 Angetos; and in view (if the sMd c'irection of the Presid*nt of the United J'taUs, under tbe act of Confess afore'aid, the % "ucdaiiui eh ve mentioned fh<il< in lutare be r?*gcrd?i as tbe limits cf the said iand diitr.cts re spectively. Gi^un undar tzj hand at the o!ty cf Waabingtoc, thi^ r.fnrh d*sv of April. A D. 1855. I'.y crder of the President : JOHN WILSON, Commissioner General Land Office, ap 12?lawl3w 7or poor and laboring men. hUILDlNQ LOTS of 10 feet or more, it O vnrio*j? i-arU of tbe City, and Georgetown, a' w prkes, and ternu to suit. LLOYD k 00. liUILDI m a 8TOJIK, evr sale, deliverable at th? Oanai, or Wharree it ?? c, Qw. ?' Swv u, cr Alexandria. LLOYD & CO. IMA Btr?M, 1 pp. Tr^ajur? Departuient ly W?\r NEW POLKA. THE CHEVY CHASE POLKA, oompf?a^<l for aud deuicaicd 13 Mies' Sully D. Bradley, by J. D. Saur.iiiT'. Eim]., ?t thiH city, whoae coinpiMitions have always met with such great public tavor. The merits ol iht piece are such as will introduce it among all lovers ot music. Pi ice 95 cents. ? Jn-t published and for ^ale hy I1ILBU8 ?c HITZ. Piie President's Mounted Guard Quickstep, coin |. ?r? d by t'u accomplished Pianist, Mr. Koliert flel ler, will appear in a lew days. may 19 E H BATES. POLICE MAGISTRATE, FIRST ST., NEAR PESSA. AVENUE, | ConviAancitg and Bounty Land Claims attended to maya^m UN TED STATES MAILS. Tost v^ffic* Ihpartx-kt. M *y 15,1855. PROPOSALS for carrying th? mills of the United Statas from the l^t d?v of Novsmhar, 186% t*> j th? 30tb day of Jue? 1**8. inrlntfve, In th*> Stat# of MICHIGAN, will b* rec -lvtKi at th? Contract 0' ? Fo? oC the Poit 0?.'c-? iXpar'.m-nt, Id 'he city of] W.-?hiBg'0!3, until tbe first day of Auguit next, in cla#ire, to be decided the next day, yn the route ind in the times herein speclfl?d, 12164 Fr^m Carp Rirer to K?*wanaw Ray, 75 miles ard ba<*k, once a week, daring the fu pension of navigation, -ay !roia November 1 to *-!ay 15 in each year l^ave Ca'p River Mon 'sy at 6 a m Ar'ive at K-?wcnaw Bay next Wfednerday by 6pm Leave Ke*-*enbw Bay Thursday at 6 a m Ar iv? at Carp River cext 8iturd*y by 6 p m 13187 K-ewen.w Bny, by Pnrtag- En'ry, Ilonghton C.ifton. Kag.eK ver, Fagle Ilsr^or and North West Mina to Fort Wilkin.', 77 miles and back, once a week Leave Keewenaw Bay Thar'^ay at 6 a m Aniv ? ?t Fort U'ilfeins next Saturday by 6 p la L -HV3 Fort Wilkin ? Monday at 6 a ni ATri e at Ke?wenaw L'ay next Wednesday by 5 p m 1GI8S Reoweaaw Bay, by Alionquii), Adventure, and Roe Unrt, to Ontoaa;on, 60 mile- and bick. o ce a week Le? ye Re*wenaw Bay Thursday at 6 a m Arrive at Ontonuon next Saturday by 6 p m Leave On'onagon Monday at 6 t a Arrive at Kefwecaw Bay next Welc?sday by 6 P m For inctructi >ns, with conditions to be embraced in th* c-intrset--, see the advc rtlsement for mall pro posals d'.ttrd F?bruary 10,1855. JAMES CAMPBELL, m. y 17?l?w4w ri?taa*ter General WILLARD'S HOTEL, IMd Point Comfort, Va. rpIHS SPLENDID SEA-SHORE HOUSE IS 1 \0\V OPEN. Boar<: per day _$G 00 Board by tin; week, per day I 50 Board by the month, per day 1 25 Bath* tree for the gnests may 10 -lm C. C. WILLARD & BRO ^rivals Medical Treaties on ru* 'SY'IOKWIOiL TIKW Of MARP.IAG*. 53. E. LA choix. H. D? ALBANY, N V ?" t-i tnj i3j I'Juin and Colored L'th' crachj &e1 Pl&tsa. ?,?? ?rl:? o* ? y !s9 ' a j? t a *2T"S-nt fr? ;f postage to all p?rt? cf the Union-** CHEAPEST LOOK EVES PURMalitD, and csntKiniiig ooriy d ubi* the quantity <>; xefc '.ing matter in tr at of thf FIFTY OEMS OS T-OLLAP. '4 1 &\ .W* IV.HLi*J v i-ION8. 11 treats ca the PHYSIQLO GY Of MARRIAGE, snd the ije rft iajtositiajt ?ma JiswJ-r of >oath and -uaturify, r*. suiting from excwes, v>hwb destroy the pbyrical ard rr?u tal i-owTf. with obRam'!'?i ."?*! aj.r.m;.ge, it..- duties a Mi dtsqualia^tions, th?ir rented!*?: v\ih litkcinphe, i;.Icrtrf.t:?i?j ti ? ?ieu \ j >l. ?{ .ii^cai-1" of the tej r i? trr-n : rfraoB s>'i? eei ofl. tfc?>r ftruoture, rs*? *' u A ojsxila-ard* trtv tif ? on the du-.ks m:. wraaJ*"! -. f rarjia t?nd war ri"-.! life?happy ?od ftr??it;u'. fcl'ia-_v3, mode cf r *rrir.;j t'rjpxn ?mfeHcitf i': -? Y.* .n>?itlle one.i?tirii 6>vi..iioa ari ret'?0 v?_l?' i.s t hie id to th-1 ? co7>teiap'-tir? raat-ic:* ny that will overvms oh jectxas .o it; cc> b=T.:vor. should t??c ih'? II. porra..: w: 'uctt !irft consulting jti ptc-> *^a-su'ur!?fl o: tlie aJ?.-ar?s aud medical treaSarr.i nt fsmfcleH frcro irlancy to old awe. ear.h raae grsph leally il'ustrat&i by b^ctifu' litrc?r*pr.;c platen? n?rvo?f debilfty, its cac--" and care, bj a rrocett ?t once -o siwvl^, -nfe nn$ ?f?cc*i;al that lailure is jspo^sible?ru. -s fr-r dal'y ii;ai %j?flie?t?an e^7 t?c r:p- i it.rrhcea ?1th ; ebe*rr?tjQM&i ? tofev, uuE.'1-f ?ucc?es:*al Liole cf trratc?ect-~pT* isuticM^ry !un'.i nil :h* eri!,; requiting liCta arnpu". 5*1 practlcs?emy en all ai'tlnjr ^an ic'l'^ rtli.a, v^itb plain atii Lizaple ;ul*c tj* -..hici 4 perevna c* a ca:e -.hpiaai .-efl *-.;hout uerrary? fcr tl.o e aalf infJnted mlecr'e* and tlLap ?clr.t?' h pi UJl"crr;;2..trl7 prevalett in tbe 70uct,. It is a tmtfcf ;l a07l^r?? t* the marri#i} ??ij Uujsr sontesio^ i~5 ir?nrla^>. It.1 ji-raia! Is %rix !!?; 'tArlr tc pt ^ns eBMrta!.:lng ee :h >ir rkyjjcrleoniiti?n, and wr..i ar? of d: vir.3 hurl'": :bo honlth h?npluwe ? 1 pri7:.'*5r?? t-> haan fcrrr; i). r-r:-.- *i6?ent3 r'ty-, f-T f fe copJ? f>r !c", U . y ailed i<.; c: ??*? {?? to ecy yKt ??/ ti* Lr.'r te1 N. B.?Tb-si - jo ?r?'.?r Ety coasn c Tv LtC Vi Oj- r tay ?.{iheii^s^s u;.en w^ieh Iti* bc :k tic.' r %?rtec e:?rr ..i;.- by rjai.. Idedioi4f ft'-ni to *c) oevt ??!. li,<* 'o-JUiii K'joomiufj to "ifa'j pvisu an i ? *c ?*d?:oc ail f b8er?*.:.0't. Address Dr. LI. i>. LA ChOIX, Nc. cl 4l?.'(len .- -j or ?ort 5 c- 57?, AJVuar- i?. V. ?"?r' <? pen l?:iy frca 3 a ra t.- 3 jc, lc! c-a ilcr.ciav .. jr< r U o r- ra. ?9r* iTfp* frcn i?o. 54 Leatrret, iiol Late. Albany, It. Y. 'ire 7 Triasfey ntPART*tj*T, March 5, 1855. NOTH^E IS HEREBY GIVEN to the holders of stock of M;e United States dcr.cnt)cd in the fol iowing notice of 3d Janaary last, that for the pur pof^i of completing t!ie purchase of the amount therein named, this department will continue to purcbiij", uj>"n the terms of eaid notice, to the ex rent oi lire residue of the sum prop^^eed not yet oh tau'ed?say .?Jl,158.585 05, if said stocks are offered and received here prior to t'?e first day of June next: Tax a a cry Uei'artxint, January 3. 1855. Notice is hereby given to the holder* of the fol lowing described stocks of the Iliiiird Stales, that this department is prepared to purchase, at nny time between the date hereof and the 1st day of M?.r h next, portions of ihotte stocks, amounting in the ag gregate to $1,900,000, in the manner and on U:c tei uis hereinatter menuoned, to wit: In case of any contingent competition, within tne amount ?tated, preference t\s'l be g ven in the order of time in which said stocks may be offered. The certificates, duiy assigned to the United State? by the parties who are to receive the amount tnereof, must be traa.-rf itted to this department; upon the receipt whereof, a price will be paid compounded ol the following particulars: 1. The par value, or aLiount specified in each cer tificate. 2. A premium on 'he stock of the loan authniif d by the act of July, 1846, redeemable November 12, 1856, cf 2% percent.; on the stock of the loan au thorized by liie act of 1842, redeemable iilst Decem ber, 18G2, of 10 per cent.; on the stock of the loans nut horned by tlir acts cf 1817 and 1848, a id n-df ein able, the former on tli-= 31st December, ltd7, and the latter on the 20th June, 1868, of 16 per cent ; and on the stock of the loan authorized by the act of 1850, and redeemable on the 31st of Decernh-r. 1864, (commonly called the Texan indemnity,) b per c^nt. 3. Interest on the par of each certificate from the 1st of January, 1855, to the date of receipt and set tlement at the Treasury, with the allowance (for the money to reach the owner) of one day's interest in addition Payment for said stocks will be made in drafts of the Treasurer of the United States, on the assistant reasurer at Boston, New York, Philadelphia, as the parlies may direct. But to certificate will be entitled to the benefit of this notice which .-hall not be actually received at the Treasury on or before tbe said 1st day ?>f March next. JAMES GUTHRIE, mar 6?dtJunel Seeretarv of the Treasury. PKRKO * if WITH DLFtCCTIV? vi-ion are invited to examine my, extensive stock of ail kinds of SPECTA-' CLES and EYE-GLASSES. Glairs' of any kimi, s'.:.:h as Cataract, Pambola, -?? Periscopic, Double Concave, Double Convex, and Colored Glasses, put in at short notice, with great care, aad persona in want of glasses may be sure to gK tho^e whicU beuefit the eye. 4^" Circulars "Defective Vision," gratis at II. Sh'MKEN'S, 330 Pa. avenue, betw. 9th and 10th sis. mar 30 A CARD.?LOOK HERE ! ALL ye lovers of the good things ol this life, and we will tell you where you may obtain at least some of them. Thankful for past favors, 1 would respectfully ask a continuance of the same dur ng this Spring and Summer. I am prepared to furnish all who will give ine a call with the sweet ani cool ing Beverages in my line at short notice. Such as Ice Creams, Water Ices, of all flavors, Schariotte Reuse, Blancmange, &c Cakes of all kinds. Also, foreign and dementi.: Fruits and Confectionery, gen erally kept in well regulated establishments of the kind. Particular attention will be paid to furni?hing Wedding or Bride's Cakes. Also, Parties, Balls, Excursions, Pic Nics, Jic., fcc., and upon reason able tttrms. Call at the old ;tand, Massachusetts avenue, be tween 9th and 10th streets, Northern Liberties. N. B.?Ben qunhty ICE CREAM s*ld at $1 50 per gallon. may 7?eo3m JOHN W. RIGHTSTINE. THE MUTUAL FIKX IR8URAHC1 C0*PiU MY OF THK IISIBICT OF COLUMBIA. CIHARTkREI) by Congress, offers to the property J owners of the District safer and cheaper means of insurance than any other Company ULY8SE8 WARD, President. (?HAS. WILSON, Secretary. M \TUEW G. E*1ERY, Treasurer. MAiuaaas. U lyase- Ward John Van Riswick Thorn** Blafden P. W. Browning ?* , Mathew O. Emery. J. C. MeKehlen. ^*1 Columbia Placr, corner Louiaiaaa avenii and ?tb street. I Ofllce hours from 3 to e o'clock n. m feb 26?eou DOCTOR HOOFLAND'8 CELEBRATED German Bitters, nnuiB ii DB. C. M. JACKSOV. Philad'b., Fa., WILL KFrSCTTALLT CCH* LITER G0XPL\IHTf DYSPEPSIA, JiUHDICK, Chronic or Asreows Debility, Diooatm of &? iTidniy*, and all d*$ea?et artting from ? di+ irdtrtd L\t*r or Stomack. Such as Constipation. Inward Tiles, Fullness, or Ulood to the Head, Acidity of the Stomach, Nau sea, Heartburn, Disgust for food, Fullness or weight in tli-Stomach, Hour Eructation*, gink ins or Fluttering at the Pit of the Stomach, iwim ming of the Head, Hun ed and difficult Hn at hi rig, Fluttering Rt th?- Heart, Choking or Suffocating Serrations * hen in a lying Posture, Dimness M Vision, Dots of Welts before the Sight, Fever and Dull Pain m the Head, Dt ficiencf of Perspiration. Yellowness of the Skin and E\es, Pain in the Side, Hack, Chest, Limbs, k.c., Sudden Flushes of Heat Burning in t he Flesh, Constant Imagin ings of Evil, and great depression of Spmts. TUIE proprietor, in calling Lie .-mention of th? public to this preparation, does so with a feel ?n? ot the utmost confidence in ik> virtues and adafe tation to the disease* frw which it is recommended. It is no new and untried article, but one that has si'ed the test of a ten years' trial before the Amen crn people, and its reputation and ^ale is unnvallci! by any MmiW [Reparations extant. The tesiun"ny in its favor eiven by the most prominent and wtll cnown Physicians and individuals, in all parts ol the country u immense. The following from North Cai< lina is respectfully sub i.iu .1, referring any who may sui! doubt, to my "Memorabilia,"or Prac tical Receipt Book, for Farmers and Families, to be ha<l gratis, of all the Agents tor the German Bitters. Principal Officc and Manufactory, 130 Arch sL, Philadelphia, Pa. TESTIMONY FROM NORTH CAROLINA. Certificate of Dr. W. Smith. of Pine HiU, Rick ? "Owl County, S. C. Pink Him., March 4th 1854. Dr. C. M. J*r kson. Philadelphia?Dear Sir: i have been a subject of Dyspepna, in its worst f <nn, for the last Ave years. Such was my condition for :welve months that the physicians and all who saw ite said I must die. While in tftis condition, I was carri-d to the watering plac-s in Virginia, Ter.ncs see and North Carolina, but wa? not benefited by any water to which I was taken. While on my way home, 1 stopped a week at Rutherfordton, a -mifll village in North Carolina, to try the effect of some Chalybeate water in that place. About-.the la-t of the week, I went into a drug ston* to.grt some medicine for my child and myself. There were several of the village physicians in the store, and one of them seemed to take some interest case and, after asking me ?ome questions, said he had been a dyspeptic, and had been greatly bene fitted by the use of " I>r. Iloofland'a German Bit ters," prepared by yu, and he insisted that I would try the Bitwr* He also called the next day at my mom. and insuted so much that I would try them that f asked him to get me one bottle. He did it. and I commenced taking it as directed, and ( do say f was more benefitted by it than all the water end medicine I had ever taien. After reaching home one of my neighbors came jo ine for a prescription and medicine, (he a dyspep tic,) and i eave him nearly all the Bitters I had left, which effected much good in his case. He has often ile.i on me for more of the same k nd of medi cine, *ayins he was more benefitted by it than any r>*r??>r he had taken, hut I have not been able to get ?:iy more for him or myself there fore, please ship me a dozen or more as soon as pos ?r.fcle. Respectfully yours, W. SMITH. it. R. HOOKER, Roger's Store, Wake Co., N. C., October 24.1853, says:?" Having experienced very great benefit from the use of " Hoofland's German Bitters," in Chronic Dysentery and functional de rangement of the Liver, and its concomitant evils, f am desirous of obtaining a luanuty of it for the benefit of my community. You will, therefore, please send a lot. &c. Olc. CERTIFICATE OF WM. J. ATWOOD. HlMTSVILI*, V A DEIS Co , N. C.,Nov. 1st, 1853. Dt. C. M. Jackson?Dear Sir: Allow me to ex tiress to you my sincere thanks for your discovery r>f a medicine which, to say the least of it, has ef fected a cur?> that all other medicines, that I have aknn, have entirely failed to do. "Hoofland's Ger man Bitters" have eured me of the most stubborn and aggravated case of the files that, perhaps, ever fe:l t? the lot of man My case is n it a stranger in ti?u community, as I am well known in this and the surrounding counties, and can truly say that my re covery has astounded all ray friends and relations, as I had tried everything r?oommended, and nothing did me any good until I was prevailed upon to try the Hitters. You are at liberty to make any nee ot ? communication, for the benefit of the afflicted. \t;ii may think proper. Truly your.i, WM. i. ATWOOD. These Wtters are entirely rrsetdUe, they invigorate | and strengthen the system, never prostrate it, and I can be us*d for infants as well as atiulis. For sale by respectable dealers everywhere, and :?y Z. D. GILMAX, Washington; J. L. KIDWELL, G orgetnwn; and J. R. PIEKPONT, Alexandria, mar 1?lv CARTER'S SPANISH MIXTURE. rh? Great Purifier of lb* Blood * Not a Particle of Moreury In It in I.fBalutu Rnut for Scrofula, Kltj'i Evil, ttv.#nra4tisrB, Ohatisate Cutaneous Eruptions, Ptmvles or Pustules on tne far*,. Blotche*, Bolls, Cnrr.aii Sore Eyes, t;i^g Worm or Tetter, S-a'.i Hsa l, *.c:*rg*m.-ni fc'.J Pain of the Bonw and .* ,nU., Stubborn Cl;-:rr, Syphilitic Disorders, Lurabf.go. Spinal Conn la'ct*, and all the diseHs** arising frrtn an injudicious use of Mercury, Im pend nr* in ' cr Impurity of the B'ood. 'I' IT!8 Tain*1;";* Medicine, ishieh hi? b?*?B?* *!?!? I J bn.ted for the number of vxtrai rdinary cures. '?T">cted ihrongh its induced the proprl t' re, at the urg nt retjuest of their friend.., to offer t to Uif public, which they do with the utmoft eon jirnch in its >irtu?s and wonderful curetire prop vU 3 I'h? fti'-crriag certificate, eelect?l trora a 'arr? nnmbr, are, however, stronger testlmonj' h*n the mere word of the prccrWor-; erd era all 'rcci gentlemen well known itfah'lr locaiitiee, ?nd Law highost resp.vlability, many cf tt^m res:diE3 u tae city ?>f ii' "Va. F BOYDJSN, Sai?c.f th? Exchange HoW, ? .:h ?ne t d, known eTarrwiem s*ys he has seen t he hl'i" called Cartis's Spanrs-i Minra?, adm:niitered t-. ever * h'_udr?d ca*?, in nearly ?U the dl#e??Mc ?or w'-.iohit Is rwmmen'.ed, w|ih the most astou ?rhingiy goo-i redulte He cays it Is tfcvmoetex trasrdinarv tralic.ue he has ever seen. AQCK AND FZVXK?GR?AT CUHS. -I hereby certify feat for three years I had Ague srvl Feret rz'.'t-1 violent d-scrlpticn. I had several Fhv ?lfJtcii, tooi large quantities of Quinine, M?rcuiy. tJad t txl.ove all the TouW adveitised, bntr.ll w:Ln .?nt v^rmama'. rel'et'. At list I tried Cui-'i*! ipwciah Mixture, two bottles cf whieh effect 1^117 curad s?, and I am h*ppy to say I ha?e had neither liiiTs or fevers aincj. i oenaider it the beat Tcnio !a thb world, and Ilia ccly medicine that *?er vear-bed TOT<*C3. JOHN L0NeD?N. }>sivaa biroM, s??r Richmond. Va. C1. 1). Lt'OS, to>}., now in the city ol Richmond :.nd tor maej years in the Port Office, bos auch vcaaeror in the astoainhing e?&cacy of CarterV sjtnitii iliiture, that ha has Locght npwnrds of fci: bottl?s, which he, haa el^en avsy to tha afflicted.? Vlr. Luck sajt he u?var knswn it to fall when taken according to direction*. Dr. MING*, a practising Phy.^dan, and formerly ;f the City Hotel, in the city of Richmond, eayt he ha* witnessed in a number of Instances the aflbeta ot Car er** irpanish Mixture, whioh ware most truly >mr7-rlsing. II* aaya In a caee of Consumption, de pendent on the Liver, th- good effects were won uerfsl indeed. SAMDHL M. DKINKXR, of the firm of Driniar A Horns, Richmond, wac cured cured cf Liver C'^k piaint of three y earn et:icC<ng. by the cbc ol vwe fcottlee of Garter's 8r.eni-h Mixture. GRKAT UURK 0? SCROFULA ?The Editors Of tha Richmond liepubilciLn h?d a aerrant employed i? Lbolr preoj room, cured of violent ScrrfuU, com blued with Rheumaiirm, which entirely disabled him from work. Two b- ttles of Carter's frpanisb Mixture made u perfeet cure cf him, and the F.di torn !n a public not;se, gay they "cheerfully rer.'-aa menu it to all who are aCLioted with any dietacc ol the blood." J.TILL ANOTHER CURI OF SCROFULA.-i had a rerv valuable boy cured cf Scrofula by Carter SpanL-h Mixture. I ccnsiuer It truly a valuable medicine. JAMS8 !I. TAYI/>P?, Oonductcr on the B. F. asi P. R. R. Co- Richmond. Va. HALT R/IiiUM Oi" TWENTY YEARS ST All DING OUilKD Mr. JOHN THOMPSON, reeviing in the oity of Richmond, waa cured by three bottles of Canar's (Spanich Mixtuns of 8*lt Rheum, which he had for nearly treaty rsara, and which all the physidann of tha eSlj eould net cure. Mr. Thompecii is a well knovc j jewhant in the city of Richmondf and his la mart MRarkabie. VMS. a.MATTHEWS, of Richmond had a servant cured cf flyphllis, in the worst form, by Garter's Spanish ftiixture. He say9 he cheerfully recom mends 't, and conrfder? it a very invaluable m?-li cine. EDWIN BOSTON, commissioner oi the revenue, wye he has seen the good effect* of Carter's fpanlsh Mixture in a number of Syphilitic caees, and save it Ifl a perfect eure frrthat horrible disease. WM. 0. HARWOOD, ef Riolimond, cared of old Sorea and Ulcers, wh'.ch di?nbled him frem walking. Took a few bottles of Carter's ?p*niah Mixture, and waa enabled to walk without a crutch, In a abort time permanently cured. Principal Depots at M. WARD, CLOSE A Co? No. S8 Middian Lane, New York. T. W. DYOTT t SONS, No. 1M North Second rt. Philadelphia BENinrrr * USERS, No. ltt Main street, Rich mood, Va. Aui for sale by CRARLE8 STOTT, Wafhinaton D. V; HENRY l'ESL, Alexandria and by Lrajwieti everywhere. Pri? $1 bottle, or Six bottles tor $? v EMohis -rtifcrtbi/s or (ihron, byTl. R. Madden M. R. 1. A^, twn PHWGK TAYLOR.5j TRAVELERS l IRrrTopy. B1 KAILKOAV) DIRECT TO :im? between WMhi&gtoa and Wheeling bat 17 i boan! Kunming (iw I'tWrm Washington and Cincinnati 27 hours!! Through Tickets and Baggage Checks to be had in Washington !!! THE BALTIMORE AND OHIO RAILROAD HAVING ereatiy improved its WeMl connec tions now offers tbe fullest inducements to travelers bttwern VVa*hi..Lton, Baltimore, and all portions of tike Wert, the Northwest and the South west The connection between the trams from M'wh ngt-JD and the trains bound wrst troin Baliimo-e is tlwava promptly made at t!:e Washington Junction (lately called the Rrlay Hou-e) 9 miles from Balu .uoro. This i- the only clianec of cars required be wcec Washington and the Ohio riv* r. Bge**e ie hecked through to Wheeling at the Washington -tarion. and r? checked ai.d tran-ferrcd there, (with ilte passengers) Without cliarje, for those holding thr>ueh tickets for points beyon*. The ronw cling tr?.m Uave Washington daily at 8 a. m. and A% p. .a. On Surrfays at the latter hour only. At Wheeling dire A'ion is made with the train* of the CENTRAL OHIO RAILROAD, run ?iing from Hellaire on the < :hio. near Wfe<etlng, lirough CMrubndge, Zant*viile and Newark, to COLUMBUS. These train- connect at Newark ?rith ihe cars of the \> wark. Man?fi>-ld and Sandue ny Railroad for 8*eJm*y, Toledo, Detroit, Chicago St. Loins, etc. At Columbus the C. O. P.xi'rond trains connect wuh the fart trams of the Ijtile Miami Railroad to X^nia, CINCINNATI, LOUISVILLE, etc. At ATenia (on Little Miami Railroad) connection in Kiruied with tlie trains through Dayton, to INDIAN APOLIS, Terre Haute, Lafayette, Chicago, Rock Island, St. Louis, etc. Passengers holding tliroueh tickets lor Mem /this Vuktkurg. Nat eke*. New Orleans etc., which art- also sold at Washington-are transferred at Cin cinnati to the Mail Steamers on the Ohio. Ticket* tor Ev;tn?v:lie, Cairo, and St. Louis are sold by thia route. ?~FOR CLEVELAND, and tria Cleveland to ruled*, Detroit, Chicago, etc , ticket* are eold, when the Ohio is navigabn- between Wheeling and iVellsviIlc (forty miles) where a connection with the Cleveland and Pittsburg Uuilroad is made. Traveller* are requea cd to notice tha' wkile this is the only route afl-trdins through tickets and checks iii VVa.-hinf on, it i? also the shortest, mo?t spee ty, and direct to r.early all the leadin? points in 'he great West. The distance fr m Washington to Cin cinnati is hut 653 miles, being about 100 miles short er than b\ any other route I PARE BY THROUGH TICKET FROM WASH INGTON: To Wheeling, .f* 50; Columbus $13 ?5; Dayton, $15 50 ; Cincinnati. $16 ; Louisvil ? by railroad $1865, by rfeauieriroui ?'incinnati, $18; In dianapolt.-. $17 50; Clevelan 1. $12 15; Toledo. $15 80; I) troit. $15 20; Cbtcam. 65 ind $19 50; St. Louis, $36 50 and $i5, Memphis, ;?*?; New Or nas, $.*H, etc. < OR PBEDLRII K an.l II IRPElfS ! ERRY MARTINSBURG, BERKELEY S-BI SOS. CUM BERLAND. BEDFORD SPklNGS, Piedmont, Oak land, and F.'.irmuuut, |>.^sscng?-rs may lexv?' Wash inrtoti at 6 a m or 4'-? p. in. Por th?- n inor way stations between haltitnore and Wl.eclinj, ukt 6 a m train from Washington j$&- For trims to and from Baltimore, Ar.napolis, etc., sec special advi rustm nts. further information. thr ugh tickets, he., apply to THOS. II. PARS' ?NS; Ag nt, at V ashing to': Station. JOHN H. DONE, Master of Transportation Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Baltimore. rr.uv 3?tf 7. ASniNGTON BRANCH RAILKOAIX CHANGE ??P HOURS. ON and after Mondav, the 23d instant, the train* will Leave Washington at 6 and a. m , <tnd 3 and <)jpm On Sunday at p m Leave Baltimore, at 4* and 9? a m. and 3 and 5# p m fin Sunday i" 4it a u> ap 23- tf T. II. PARSONS, Agept. Mott Bedell a Line. ->ti NKl\- YORK, ALEXANDRIA. WASHINGTON CITY, AND DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA PACKETS. fpHIS LINE OF PACKETS SAILS WEEKLY I trom pier 11 Eiist River. New York, and cflener if accessary, and arv comp-jsed of the following first class vessels: >?-w *ehr. A. F. beJcU) B?flell. marter. New schr. Mott torMi, A. V. IredwdL Schr. Ann D., Wm. Oliver, mast?T. ScIk. Volant. L. A. Sm th, master. Schr. Commander in-Ckicf, Wogl .Dl, master. Schr. Groei ray, Wilson, master. Hiese veaeels are all fa.- t rulers, and the maatera men of experirnce in th' trade, and the only regu !ar lin^ ol Washington Citv paeket". MOTT BEbELL, Wall street. If. Y. S. 8. MASTERS fc SON8, Alexandria, Va. TIIOMA8 RILEY, ? feb 1?^rn Washington and D. C. 0RAB0X AHD ALKXAJfDBIA RAILROAD. On and after Tuesday, Nov. 7, 1854, *T UK Csr? :??? A Vs-r.tdria dally for Gordon* .1. rille ?rd ic"?rra<Mli^te - ta'ionB at T X c'tiock, *. ra... cr- tfct ^TT?Tel cj th? b^at from WashinfUm, piTiiig ampin iim* fcr breaku^t oa board. Con ?KtJnr at *dinas?M J cnctl*n a train for Ptra? borg, at Weneator* Ja- ctton with a traia for War rantor., aud at a^rdonsriU# with th* trains r-n the Virginia Cantral Railroad far Richmond, Charlotte* riile, ukd Staunton. Th* cars leave Cr.rdonsvll'.s daily for Alsxandria intermediate stations, at y* bafore 12, a. m?, on tbe artival of th:- tr?inr ot the Virginia Oentral raff :rsfi :tco Riots:'*!, Obarl^ttctfrliJe, ani tUunton. T^ROUOB TICKETS yrcra Al^san-iria to Warreattin...-.^ $3 CO * " Q:rJoo?vBle..^........ 3 60 44 ** Charlottesvilie 4 tt u F us an ton i 90 ? *- Btracbuig ?a to - * Lynchburg * * Wbch*atsr-~. 8 ?0 " ' Luray 4 36 ** * Nsw Market 6 00 ? * HfcMMan t 25 Wo.* Lytrhba?<?i ?-'-sr.scUng with the ctagea at vttrkiteJTuie, on 5&oaaaya, V?lne-iay?, and Fri itn I t-r Lnrav and New Market, connecting with tba ? ae,"? at CuIpeisr.cnTa^javs.TLnradays.and Sat urday. For Wine barter dally, ccns*odng with the ataget at Piedmont For Hvidlebur? daily, ocjinecting with tha atagw at the Plains. I'ar order: W. B. BR00UTT, Agent. nov T?dtf FOB MOUNT VERNON. On TUESDAYS and FRIDAYS. '.Fare round trip $1; from Alex andn* 75 ~&ts -Ihe THOMAS COLLY Kit ieavaa WaKhlnjtos et P unl Alexandria at 6^ o*doeh. Coacl.?s Isa:e tbe Capitol tor tkaboat at o'clh. Cuoh fire '0 cents. wishing tha Oraches will leave their raat dance with Geo. ? Th oa. Parker. Ueft*eEhtaente cn the bo* . est 28?dtf &AVTL GKDNKY. Capt HIK RKW YORK *. LIVKHPOOb UNITED STATES MAIL STEAMERS. I^Iil EHIPS OOUr'fiISl?.'G THU LINI A III . TIlK? ATLANTIC, Oapt. Wset PACIFIC, Oapt. Nye. BALTIC, Cart CWn?stock, aDUAHC, Capt. Graftom. There ships have been b&ilt by on tract, azpraea ly for Government service; every care has boea taken In their construction, as in the Engines to insure strength and rpeed, and their aooommoda* tiona for paaaengere are unequalled for eieganea and comfort. Price of passage from New York to Liverpool, In first cabin ?????????? ?ea??????????a????*????????????????? 4190 Second Cab.n..................... <0 Czelusive ui?e of extra eiae sia'e roocs 808 Prom Liverpool to New York ??'*) and ?20. An experienced aurgeon attached to each -hip. No berth can be aecured until ptid icr. For ?re?jht er paaaa^e appiy to IDWAaD K. OOLUN8 A CO., M Wall street, Ne* York. BE0WN, SHIPLFY * 00, LtverpooL I. 0. R0BKLT8 t 00., 13 King's Arms Yard, Lon^om. JOHN UUNROX A CO ( 2<1 R?te Notre rJime d?<s T1 -toires, Pari*. GCO B DRAPER, Havre. The owners of the*e ships will not be aoeocotable tor gold, silver, bullion, sp?*e. ieeelry, pretdoM atonee or metals, unless bills ef lading are signed theretor. an 1 tbe value the.*of therein eapreaead. nov IS?dl . BAJTRIRO H0U8R OF PAIRO k K00RSE, OffnnU L'rntrd Stele* 7Vaaswy. no.Niirt, Stocks and other eecwNMW pavehaaed i? and sold. iBtereat at the rate of mi yrt u; a^num al lowed on deposit- when left Un 91 daya ov taaSe. )anu* * '

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