Newspaper of Evening Star, June 8, 1855, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated June 8, 1855 Page 2
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W A> H f N(jTON CIT y: FRIDAY AFTI*?uO* Just 8. $y AnviRTiMMwrre should be banded in by 12 o clock, M., otherwise they may act apjiear until the next day. SPIRIT or THE PSlJjA Hie lnttllig?neer says of tha prearranged shameless frauds committed upm the rights of ciiaens of Washington In the late election. "ill Lira Elbctios?Allegbd Pbacds. Ac ?Wa yeserday had ocoaaion to stare that at the late elaoMon in this city. Mthe Commis sioners of Election in every W ard, in tha ex ercise of their judicial fuiiotiona. diaregarded tk* decision of tk* Circuit Court, and re fuitd to vot'3 of surf,t naturalized ttnstns a? havr beam' voters tines ths 31 st ef l)trtmb*r last." We made this statement, not in a partisan apirit, bar as an item cf lo cal intelligence worthy of record, aa being in timately connectad with the arguments before an I the decisions of the Circui; Court on the eubpc-. which barf been pre7itfu*Iy recoried; ai a alio aa neces-ary to a proper undent at d' ing of iba fur bar legal proceedings whih aie threatened in relation to the aame matter ^ e racur to the subject to day because tha AmvicanO gin of yea erdav evening aenies tb* arcurecy ?f our stateineut its denial be iLg couched in the f.dlowtLg leraa: lbe lijta ligencer ia in error in its ftata ?eT't that the Commi-ai ners 'ditre^.rded *be d?**i i(,n of the Circuit Court.' Ths Cir ***t Cowt mide tto derision We had cup posed tcia was a fact known to eve-y citixsn of Washington, as it has been puoliehed in several of the city papers, including we pre sume. tbe Intelligencer itself ?' The Cour. aid d>e dt that the Commia slones were the sole judges of the Qoalifioa tions of e actors; and opon tbia decision the (.'?*??? oners took the- r- sponsib'it ty of it jrtmg ail applications to to e which were not aa-h used by the eity char'er " It win be perceived that tha last paragraph of tLe Organ a mita that tha Commissioners 44 l< ok he responsibility of rejecting'' tha: olasa of v >'ea alluded to by us; bat it doea not da-cribe them and expre-sej its own opinion. In opposition to the opinion of tha Court, that foch Totes ?? wee not authorised bv the eity char er Ihero ia, then, no disagreement between us as io tba *ej-ction of these vote-? To su-tain what we asserted on tba other point, th t thr Cvurt d'ruled thim to bt Irga.', we are also willing to adop: tha anthority of the Orjjan itfelf, Mnd wo respecfully ask its E if?r's attention to his own account of the deci-ioo of tba Court. tvan which nothing could r<e mora conclu?ive It appeared in tbe Organ of Mud^y evening, June 4th. and we q jo?? iberef om tha two material paragraphs, aa fol'ows: Tr.a c >urt room this morning was not ao densely c;0wdad as on Saturday, although a res; ectablo number of our citiiena were pro ?ant a: 'he dbcisio*, which was delivered by Jujtioe Dunlop u The first question ia, whether paraona who have been naturalised ainea December 31 jx sse^sid all other required qu tlifica itns cf tbe clarter to vote at (he pending election This depends on the construction of the fifth saa'i n ot ihj charter >1 1848 1 ha true ro.i strumi* tha court supposed to be, that the wo d reci ienoj did not oor nrot itself with tha word oitisao, ao as to lequire 'one year's resi dence as - citissn,' for that would make the foreigner ra ida hare si* years before entitled to to e. it stead of five as provided by law 1 Be CuHCLUSioB ON THIS QUESTION IS. that any person *ok j tcjs o white fre- m il* on the 31 *t of U'cm'.er, and tc/to ha* natural iZ'd si- re ih't time, has a bight to vot* " This ?t- tem^Qt of a f^ct. c.pied from the "Org^n' of Moc lty, ih directly ot.| ts:d to tba consttuciiiu a:aumed by the " Organ ' cf Ikar-dyy * Wo we- a infirm ad Isat night by Mr James P MoKni- on? uf tha Coutitis^i mers of tbe Fourth \\ ard, tbit the Comuii?aioners were kept in igr <? ranee of the abova decision of the C 'Urt (*b cb waa gi<en ab ut the tim<? the polls were first - pt ned) until si* o clock in the ?v?nirig v-h^n one of hi* eolleagues obtaiaad bo aver iTg p*p?-r io which it was announced Tba ?amr K?nt]rar>an fur her stated to u- tba* if tho Ci iii'LUtiirart Oad been officially in f'iiu*' cf ifae decision it would h^ve been obeyed not ouly ia the Fourth Ward. hut. ts he believes, in all tbe other wards." * * N >w. wo h;?Te to say tb ?t copies of tbe doci lion of the court ahovu refer-ed to were made ou?, and ware signed by the judges, to b<s taken to the 2f?tm:?a!oners of tha election at the dif ferent pol s for their guidance, by oider of the court; ail(j tj,at wer? prevented from reachirg their iestinati n by tha interference ?f an active leader of the Know Nothing lodges of rbia city, atrogglirg to bring our municipal aJiirs under the authority of tha oath bound, aecrct, proacriptiva political ao eiaty, by aatting at defianoa the authority of tha United Sta'as Court to that end. A mea larger bearing ona of these copies, dispatched by tba court, was aotually on hie way to tbe First Ward polls whan, ho was overtrken by an instrument of tha l->dge leader above ra farred to, aad wa? made to give up bi4 ehurire, the purpose evidettly being to i.fbrd tha Know Notnirg Oommistionera tbu flimsy P'e*e*t of prate ded ignorance of the eo< rt i d?ei?ioo, for their violation of tha rigbta cf their fallow citiains. The partiea thua da fran*eu of their right to vota aro prepar ng to vluaicsta ves by suits for damages against th< se who illegally refused their bal lota; whila tbaaa who wara defrauded through ?uch means, of tha certificates of election, are taking measures to have tha Circuit Court rula that the votes thus illrgally refused shall ba counted in their favor, and these aa againat them, illegally reoeived, thrown out. Ihe Union oontaiaa a la tar from tba lion. Wm. Preston, of Ky., declining the anti Know Nothing nomination for Congress in the Louisville ditriot, the g.'st cf which we extract as follows : " The old Whig party by which I was elected IS dtrbandad A new organization, which vrrp?.res to introduce questions of religious belief as cntenons for < Aca, and to repeal the nature is-.tion laws under which we hare lived fr\?in the begioniog of our GuvernmsDl, wi b the siLgle exception of tho federal inter regnuru utder Adams, when they were ex tended to fourteen years, baa arrayed Itself in tbe field of politica. In addition, we find that tfie new party maie'aina an omioous alienee iu i?n to the rights of the southern States which shocld fill every patriotic haart with fear I hive ever bean, and yet am, inflexibly opposed to auch principlaa. The regularly nominated Democratic ticket la the only opponent in tha field against this new party It is clear that it cannot achieve auroeea unless, as in Virginia, by the aid cf hona-t and fearless wjuibern Whiga, who will not ba abaurbad m secret fiatarnities, and who dMtrano ??biguoas alliance with northern V K* if *id 6,8 *iT#u :h? lu mi?? t0/ D?W P#rty *Dd *nnthilated it* pres-nre of victory. ? ? # # ti J> and itaalf my ehoioa i but 1 ,e#I ^ 1 boat c?u all an* i?i " an<I relieve myself from * *ttb# ti-b to support (b? principles of ^ I dee me its honsrs. All that I Mk U tbe nriv T t0^Qtt?D hy m* wis# ?reat atd nobly literal principles upon which r koow tha republio is founded, and bv tu ?J I?i .hton , TL ?.cf,UaV'Ln ? f ?oc!41 "t?? I'dit o.1 l'jr of tha nation can alona ba secured .. F#r?lt to "?urn my hoart-ralt thanks to thoea f. tend , both frhigs and democrats, who have so generally cferod to givo ma their ?aia au^-p rt. I remain, wit* raapoet, w hwtif DaBowa Kbvibw -A oopy of tho Jane auaber of thi? valuable work haa boon laid ?? our labia by Mr Fruk Taylor. WUfiHGTflK WffS GOSSIP. Uodect ?1" Tbi Co*miHinosm? akd tho Elxctio* ?1The nommisiiouiri of election of the Third Ward desire to know of W. D Wal lach, editor of the Stnr whether he includes them in the category of denunciation which the editorial* of tnat paper of the 5th and 6th inn. oontained. und*r the beads 'The election yesterdat,' and 'What are we oomiog to?' and whether he is disposed to make said charges distinct against them ? ??The commissi ners of the Second Ward hav?? served a similar no'ioe upon the editor of tho Star, with the above, whioa is the sub stance of a notice served upon him by^ the ocmmist.onera of the Third Ward'"?From our ta'int'd, nm'ablfy enthusiastic tnttr taining ingenuous, truthful, and knowing neighbor's columns Ycsterday. after the oopy for oar paper of tb9 day wa* prepared the communications referred to above, parporting to come from the commis sion e; 8 of election for tht Second and Third Wards, cama under our ro'.ice We hare to say for the edification of car interesting and knowing neighbor, (ride the 'winnings of its friends cn the Virginia election,) that what we have written and published on the sabjsct ot the recent election is not susceptible of being misunderstood. We have avoided in the Star, as far as possible, and intend to avoid personal attacks, but we do not intend that the freedom and Independence of the press shall b? impaired by concessions to any such demands as those to whiah cur talented enthusiastic), high toned, courteous, entertain-* ing, ingenuouj, tra'hful and knowing neighbor refers, the object of which is apparent. We commented, in general terms, on the con duct of the Know Nothings of thia elty and their leaders as we deemed just, and are con vinced that we were oorrect, as will be appar ent in the legal proceedings designed to defeat the consummation of the frauds perpetrated by them in the recent election We specified no individual, leaving that to be done in the legal proceedings to which we refer above. If those who address as in so perem tor; terms, or any others, think we did th*vt in justice we cheerfully offer them the columns of the Star in which to disclaim their partici pation in the courses we intended to stigma tise, or for a proper defence ot themselves ? tnd we shall be gratiGed if they will make such use of them in a proper way The commissioners of the late election were acting in responsible public trusts, and*if we were to allow ourself to be deterred from oom menting on the manner of their fulfilling them, we should be recreant to our duty. If this course does not satisfy our talented, cour teous, amiable, entertaining, ingenuous, truth ful, and Know Nothing neighbor, and others feeling themselves aggrieved by anything in this connection appearing in the Star, we cannot respond otherwise, though its columns to them, or to ther irtels to which our so-tal ented, entertaining, courteous, entertaining amiable, ingenuous, trutbfu1, and Know Noth ing neighbor (vide the Virginia elec.ion) re fers Insufficiency of Ou ? Postal Treaty with Or at Britain ?As the rule now practiced in re?*rd to tnrufiiriently p-epaid letters in the I'ui'ed States and British mails Las boon il>e pubjec" of much discussion and complaint ii this country, we present britfly a history of the cue thai th * public may see how the rule complained of came to be enforced, snd also understand that the British office is alone responsible fer the oensure and complaintc 30 justly and universally expressed by correspon dents in ihis country und Great Britain. By treaty stipulation, the riogle rate of let ter postage between the two countries, (lo<-:ud ing the United States inland, tea. and Biitirh inland postage.) is twenty four cents, prepay ment optional; a single rate being coargt, hbls on letters not exceeding half an ounce in weight; doublo rate on letters over half an ounce, but not exceeding an ounce ; quadruple ra'e on letters over an ounce, bat not exceed ing two ounces, and sj oa according to weight, charging two additional rates for each cunce, or fraction of aa ouace over the first ounce It is also stipulated ?' that it shall not be per mitted to p^y lee* than the whole combined rate," which was originally construed to mean a single combined rate of twenty-four cents and the practice of the exchange offices of both eoontries was made to eonform to that c instruction, by crediting eacft full rate of twenty four cents prepaid, and dieregardirg fractional parts of sing e rates, ODtil the year 1S52 a' which time information was received from the British ('doe that they construed the provision differently, and that le'tera prepa d a single rate, and liable to one or more addi tional ratei, should be treated as trAo//y un p*id, the partial pre; ay meat, even when it amounted to an entire rate of twenty-four cents, being ditregarded, and entirely lost to the sender. The British office at the same time proposed to modify the treaty so as to give credit lor alt prepayments, even the tmallest fractions of single rates, which was declined by our d? partment, because of t&e impracticability of crediting each country with ftt proper proportion of the postage in such cases, and the consequent complication of thesecounte; and also, beoause the addi tional labor and embarrassment resulting from such a ehange, would fall almost exclu sively upon our exohsnge Affixes, as a very large m.<jori y of short and improper prepay ments are made in the United States, on so count of the large number ot postmasters, and the impossibility of keeping them generally and fully instructed in regard to the rates ef foreign postage The British oflee then insisted, as it were, by wy of retaliation because their proposal was not aoeepted, that the rigid and illiberal oonstraction of the clause above referred to, should be strietly carried out, and instructions were accordingly given to their exchange offices to treat all letters from the United States, partially pre-paid ia the same manner as if they had been wholly unpaid. This rule has been enforced since that date, and the British office is alone responsible for snob an illiberal regulation so ja3tly oomplaincd of by correspondents and unwarranted by a fair and oommon sense construction of the treaty. 8ait? Commenced ?Some twelve saits were commenced on Tuetday last by persons de prived of their rights as citiseos of Wash ington on the previous Monday at the polls, by the Commissioners of the Elections We understand that some two hnndred and ninety more such suits are about to be insti tuted Before the agent*, in oarryisg oat the resolves of the seoret proscri.itivo political oath-bound society, get to the end of their tether, such of them as have any thing to lose by setting at naught the decisions of tho Cir cuit Court of the Diatriot of Co ambit, to de. prive oititena ef their rights under thl char ter of oar Corporation, will doabtlscs realise that their eenduot amounts to playing a game oostiaf far more than it comes to. Intareating f.-om fun FrancUco ?We learn | from a let^r from Sin Francisco, dated May 16th alt., that tbe new oaftom house there ia rapidly approaching completion, being in a Tair way to be ready for oooupancy as early as the let of October next, and it is expected that the new appraiser's store will be com pletod bj the 1st of January next. It is ?idly needed, as at present the govern ment accommodations for the inspeotion and appaisement of good*, and more especially of Chinese goods, in which there is already a Tory large and rapidly increasing commerce at that port, are wholly insufficient except by and through a heavy and otherwise unneces ?iry expenditure for additional olerieal and other la^or. The principal amount of the revenue cf that port is from duties paid on spirits, wfces and segars. It is expected that when thelgovernment officers get into the building tie government is oansing to be erected then, the expanses of the customs de partment a\ that port will be still further and very greatly reduoed The mict provee to be inadequate so far to eoin all the money wanted thfcre for business circulation, that still being, for the most part, the bars coming from che three private assaying estab. ishments ia operation there, ?ot long since, toe mint slopped work for a week, owing to the failure! of its contrao cr for furnishing the aoids required to be uted in the establish rnent. Thi mist should be capable of turn ing out at Voast five millions of dollars monthly, to be as efficient as it should be. American coin, at the date of the letter from which we obtain these facts, waa worth a quarter per centum premium. ? he Kinney Expedition?The Union " by aulhorit r," contradicts the statement of Capt. Graham of the steamship Uni ed States, that he was < naouraged by letters from members | of the Ci binet to engage in the Kinney scheme, being in ormed in the said letters that the Gov ernment saw nothing illegal or improper in it. This eta jment the Union declares to be false The troth is, that Qraham went i^to the scheme < a speculation upon the representa tion of p rties previously in it, and has lost money b; ? the operation. The story about hi* being en ^ouraged to go into it as above ex plained, * evidently trumped up to satisfy the inecbanidi whose wages for labor in connec tion with the preparations for the expedition are not forthcoming. As for the distinguished bead of the affair, on the same day on wbi^h the Government received a telegraphic dis patch announcing that a bench warrant had been issued far his arrest, his bail having been forfeited, he was again arrested, and the court, on the representations made by his ccuntel, released him on his own security to appear the next morning. The morning came, but to Col. Kinney was forthcoming The ?ecoad bench warrant for his arrest will hardly find/him, we presume. The Philadelphia Conspiracy ?The New York ll-rald ol yesturday gives what it vouches is a list of tho Know Nothing deie gptcs in the great secret Sanhedrim now hold ing in Philadelphia. The abolitionist Wilson, of Muuuchu'atts, is amongst them and many others of bis kidney. Mark?Wilson said in his Vermont letter he was glad that Mr. Wiso wf.a eieciod, as it would abolitionists the Know Nothing party. The list is a curiosity. The delegates are, it appears, the fag ends of all ia;rs, defunct whigs, abo;itionists, disappointed odioe seeking Democrats, defeated candidates, disgraced jud^e?: "? no.loo iliis OOUC t ave is composed of some who, as anti rntison*, a few years ago denounced sr.cret to oieticf as horrible. Ac , Ao. We should not be surprised if some of the Southern men in he bjdy sold themselves, carcase and soul, to Wilson A Co ; but if ths abolitionists pay ronch they will get cheated. Such a precious *et of political scape gallows's have rarely oodactei together in this country, since tbe toiies of tbe revolution held night meetings in | secret places to plot the overthrow of Wash ington and our foreign allies that were then lee of liberty. A Noteworthy Incident ?One of the Know No'hing commissioners of election on Monday, last, while refusing the votes of hi* follow ci iiets declared to be entitled to the right of ?uflrage here by the Circuit C urt, having re caiv? d without question the ballots of the very lime men last year, when acting in the same capacity, received and placed in the ballot bo* the vote of his own Know Nothing son, who be must have knowu not to be en titled to vote, also, according to a decision of the court. This is a specimen of tbe outrages | ordered by the lodges to be perpetrated upon the rights of the citiiens of Washington legally entitled to vote in our recent munioipal elej. tion, which will not go unwhipped of jastice by our court of law The Milwaukia Custom House?The Treas ury Department have now under consideration the various proposals for building the new Custom Douse, at Milwaukie, Wis. The con tract will probably be awarded immediately after the Secretary of the Treasury resumes the discharge of the duties of his office. Tho fecretary of the Traasury ?We un | lers.and that the Hon. Secretary Guthrij is ?xpeo'ed to return to Washington to night, from his reeont visit to his home, in Louis* i ville.iKy. The Gurreal Operations of th* Treasury Depar rnont.?^n yesterday, the 7th of June, there ware of Treasury Warraats entered on the books of the Department? For the Treasury Department.... $5,807 00 For the Irterior Department 12154 78 For the .. 63,002 21 War warrants reoeived and en tered 22,089 SO War repay warrants received and entered 12,903 49 Interior repay warrants reoeived and entered 22,089 30 Kor covering into the Treasury from miscellaneous sources.... 1,920 00 On aooount of tho Navy..... 92,472 00 tlTWe are indebted to Mr. Parades, charge d'affairea of Ne* Grenada, near the Govern ment of tbe United States, for a oopy of his resent work entitled, " The Coast of Musquito and the Boundary Question between New Grenada and Costa Rioo," printed in the Spanish language. The author says in his preface. " The general interest manifested by the press in the questions relating to the Mosquito Caaat, and the want of information on the subject, displayed by soma of those who have- written upon it, when, at the same time various suggestions have been made to deprive the States to which they belong of those ter ritories, show the neoeesity of elucidating the affair in a serious and aanselantious man Her, so that publio opinion may become en. lightened and exercise its beneflolal in* ?? PKB?OttAL. Hon W. S- Ashe, of N C , if in this city, and shopping ?? theKirkwoodHouse Hob John Kelly, of N. I., U at Wlllards Hotel. 9enor A. X. Ban Martin, oditor of La Cronica, (New York,) h? issued a circular ftatirn; that, in consequenoe of hi? ill health, he is compellei to dieoontinue 'he publication of that journal La Cronici *a? the organ of the loyal Spaniards resident in thii country, and has been edite i with considerable ability .... An effigy of Neal Dow was found yesterday morning suspended by the neck on the tele graph wiree. opposite the Russell House, Main street, Chariestown Massachusetts The fig ure was dressed in blue pints and snuff-colored coat, and in the right hand was held a demi john, and on the left arm was displayed a copy of the Maine Law. The name of Neil Dow was printed n large letters on the back. ...In Princess Anne county, Va, last week, a negro, who had become desperately enamoured of a " ooal black rose ' on an ad joining farm, was so mortified at her refusing him, that he committed suicide by drowning himself in the Elisabeth river. .... It is reported that the small pox is kill ing off the Oswego Indians to an alarming ex tent. During the 6pace of two weeks, near two hundred died When taken with the d>s ea-e they immediately get into the water, and there lie until death ends their lives. .... A publio meeting Is cal ed in G reenoas tle, Ind , of people favorable to the nomina tion of J Scott Harrison for president?+on of the late Gen Harrison ....Gov. Herbert, of Louisiana, says the Baton Rouge Comet, id to be put in nomine, tion for Congress from that district ....The Boston Post rays that the Mayor of P*rtland is oalled Rewdy Dow. ....A boy, aged 15 years, named Slaughter, living near Princeton. Ky , when returning torn ploughing, last Wednesday, bung him lelf with the plough lines to the limb of a tree, and was found, soon afterwards, dead .... A Scotohman named William Maclure, gays the Toronto Patriot, recently deceased, le t the bulk of his property, valued at $300 - 000, to be appropriated expressly for the pur. pose of the diffusion of u-eful knowledge and instruction among the institutions,.libraries, clubs, or useful instruction of the working clas-es or manual laborers of the United State* of America. .... It is related that one of the ladies ef fashionable sooiety in Florence, Italy, is an Italian Marebioness, in whose marria e con tract waa inserted a clause to the effect that, if after the birth of a child, she should prefer some one else to her husband, the marriage vow was not to stand in her way, and it is un derstc od that she has profited by this singular privilege. . GEORGETOWN CORRESPONDENCE V Georgetown June 8 1856 Another ve~y pleasant bond of union be tween the North and the South, was pealed yesterday by the Rev Henry Slicer, (who cam* on from Baltimore for the purpose,) at the mansion of our fellow citizen J udson Mitchell, Esq , in the presence of a large and brilliant company The Rev Mr S beiag a enion man in every sense of the word, it is needless lor us to say that his part of the interesting ceremtny wa- performed tn the most pleasing manner imaginable, and according to both the law and g <spel The happy couple t) this onion were Mr J Ea^lind of New York, and Miss Mary El'en Mi'ohelt, daughter of Jud?on Mitchell E<?q , of cur city. The Georgetown-College cadeta turned oat yerterday in faigue drasa, and after pa *ding through several of our streets, headed by a | fine band of music, went out to th<5 villa neir Tenallytown, where thev spent the day. On their way out ihey halted in front of Mount Alban. where the yourg ladies of the Kev. Mr. Clark's seminary were spending the day The Command from tbeir captain to right ! about face was quickly responded to in regu lar military rjle lfce band ffrnol: a lively air The young ladies reviewed thorn with a shower of sweet unile-. ?v?;oW tbcj marched on. On tbeir mjrch buck imm the Villa, and just as they had reach-d Mount Albans, a heavy shower of rain commenced fallir.g (which, doubtles*. they considered j very fortunate lor the growing crtps ) They | were kindly invited in, ar.d entrr.ained in a manner which will cause them long to rensem ber Mount Albans with emotions of a very agreeablo nature j The ccrgrega ion w. ich usually w rsbinsat the Dumbartou street Methodist Church will doubtless be highly gratified t learn that their great favoiite. Professor Liar man. of Bal timore ts to preach for them on next Sabbath morning, at 11 o dock Our City Councils meet this evering, when the tax bill reported by the committee of ways and means at the last meetirg, will he con sidered The ra'e proposed to meet the cur rent expenses of the Corpora ion cannot pos sibly be reduoed but we think it more than "f-Vikely from all we can gather that the arnoun' p to pose I to bo levied for the benefit of she Metropolitan Railroad will be considerably lowered. At Drovers' Rest this week the supply of beeflu&ttle Jas been more than equal to the demand, and pr'ces bave r nged Pom $3 75 to on the hoof equal t?> $7 50 net, which $5.2: show ; a decline iu p ices since last week of at leas If he $25 a fcl $1 50 Old sheep and lambs $2at4 per Veals 5*51,^068 Cows and calves 535. iw market firm at our prices of yesterday; Wh? i $2 45a$2 50 for red and whi'e. Corn $1 0 ?$1 10 No sales of moment of either of the above since our last, and but little airiv ing7 Stock on hand light. Spectator. 4,A subscriber," (whom we euepeet to be some narrow Q^nded Leech) asks us why we advertise Dr. Ayer's Pills, and we will give him our seven reasons lor so doing. The first, seoond and third are that we are paid for it. Tha fourth iB that we know them by ex perieneo to be good. Tha fifth is that Dr. Ayera preparations being recommended by better men than we?by physicians of the high ? est talent and the deepest learning in the land, we are well sustained in our own convictions of their value. The rixth is that they are oheap as well us useful. The last but not least is that tney have done and aro doing sn amount of good in this community which our old fogy friend, if he could repeat himself tan thousand times, might never hope to equal, and wa trust by making tham known, to ren der some service to our readers as well as our selves.?Christian Herald. From Ecrope.?The lows by the steamer Washington, which arrived at New York, on Wednesday night, from Southampton, is nor so late by three days, as that by tha Africa It appears, from the flies received that affairs in the Crimea appear to wear a more encour aging aspect for the allies, end the appoint ment of Gen Pelissier has proved immensely popular with the Army, and inspired fiesh confidence Gen Canrobert, it was rumored, had refused the oommand offered him by the Emperor, and insisted on accep:ing only the post of General of a Division. The agricultural prospects In England were very far from encouraging, and the season had proved backward both there aid on the Continent. f The Steam Fire Engihes ?It oame out in I oidentally in the Board of Aldermen yes'er day, tha: there is an injunction on fhe" steam fire engine. This ia why it has not been out at the fires When the private history of the contraot for and purohase of this engine gete out if it ever doei?tha publio will learn that soma thing* are done as wall as well as others. Button lei , Wvdntsday. The Journal says: The ?team fire engtna remains at the eity steal et, neglected, and a rooeiing pi use for Jhe 16,000 which tt oost might at well kayo been thrown into the sea, so fu as any benefit is likely to be derived from it in the preeent portion of Mbist T?* Barittm Ba?t Show ?The K T. Her eliaayatnthe coarse of an article on this antyect: "Am^ng the aingle candidate*. thepriae boy attrMt?d tbe mmi intense intare I To thi# young gen'lennar?Mai er Charles Orlando 8oott, of New York?tu awardrd tbe lira? priae. one hundred dollars Master Soott vif immediately sifted on' from the baeer hard, and pat in a cage, all bj himself on the ae oonri atoey. Here he aat on hia throne under a canopy, with a buxom matron by hii side? "opon hit baby brow tbe round of aovereiirn ty " Winfieli Soott, entering the city of Mex ico, Napoleon after Ansterli?*, Gene-al Tay lor afar Buana Via a, probably felt elated; bat Master Scott oertainly eclipsed them Id pride. Ha ia a good lookiDg boy, frvr years and a half old, bat nothing extraordinary. There are several finer children in tha exhi bition, although it i? not brilliant, by any mea ? Next to the conquering hero above man tioned we notioed a native American demon stration, in the shape of a young gentleman IS months old, son of Mr. S Duffy, of thif oi'y. He i* wrapped in the "Star Spangled Banner"' and has a spreade^gle,embroidered in silver on his manly chest Master Duly is got np entirely regard'oes of expense and taste He is, however 'as pretty a piece of flesh as any in Messina.' " The first steamer that was ever at the wbarf at Lawrence. Kama*, arrived there or the 19tb ultimo, from Cir.olnnnti, Obio, and had fif'T passetigers. >31 RAWRERKY FESTIVAL FORTHI benefit of St Vincent's Orphan Asylo will be h?lii in Franklin It'll earner ot 9Jt and I streele, on TUBSD ? Y EVl XI V'G next. Tbe ftllhds of ibe orphans are invited to attend. je 7-4t ,A CARD.?Tin* undersigned would tak> ibis opportunity to return his sincere am heartfelt thr.nk* to the citizens generally for Uieii eff?ns to a>ve his property from destruction by fi'? on the morning of the 6ib inrt uit, and e*pccia ly ?? the nirnibtn* of the Pcrseveiance Fire Coa>pany. who, by tl eir noble ant! untiring exertions, pr vent ed in entire destruction, an I he khmU respectful!} assure the mem'ers ot that company thai their t-f f>rt? in his behalf sh: II not soon be forgotten je 7?It* AI.EX RUTHERFORD. NOTICE?All legal voters rejected b> 'the judges at the lare mnni>'ipal election will meet at Harmony Hall on FRIDAY EVEN ING, the 8ih ins-t, a! 8 o'clock p. m je 7?2t r-=?FELTIVAL AND CONCERT.?The ladxa >3 of the Congregation ot St. Domintck'-Cburcl. (Island) will hold a Strawberry aid Fe'reshmeat Festival, cumaieiiciif on FRIDAY EVENING, June 8th ; and to lend additional attraction and v? riety to the occasion, a CONCERT wi.l toe given. Sevual Professors and Amateur* of Vocal and In strumental Music huvtng kindly tendered thetr aid. The Festival will be held in the basement of tb? cliurch. Tbe patronage of the public generally is solicited. Doors open at 6 o'clock?concert commence at fe o'clock. k Je 7?3t THF. PRESIDENT'S MOUNTED 'GUARD will give an Excursion m 28th of June. 8. W. OWEN, Sec. je 6?3t ^^GI.ACE CHURCH FESTIVAL.-THE ^OSL La-lies of Giace (Church, Island. Rev Al rr?D Hol?e*d, Rector, will open their Festival, in the new Concert ila I, adjoining the Star Buildings, oil IVEDNESIiAY EVENING, at 8 o'clock, to be continued through ?he week The proceeds are |o be appropriated to the payment of tbe church debt je 6?4t THE UNDERSIGNED, HARDWARE 3-OI2. Dealers, in order to give t me for recrea tion to the clerks in their employ during the warmth of the summer months, hereby atree to close thei' respective Mores at s? ven o'clock p. in., (Saturda) evenings excepted) from lii s date until the first day of Se piember lit xt F.. TUCKE1 at CO., E. V' HEELER a CO., CAMPBELL tt. COYLE, ELVANS fc THOMPSON, johns<>n, guy *. co. Washington, Jnr e 5,I8i5. je??3t (-?tgan) ?1 ?VO *MANO* tha* hi-e been in use for a * few months for *$Ie u, on very che.i.- and rea eon?bie terms JOH.V F ELLIS, 306 Pa. nvenut*, bet 9 h and 10th sta. Jc 8?tf R' Mftl AN AWAY frr-ni my residence, No. 145 \j Wes* s r?'et, Coorwetnwn. I> C.. "" 1th ?? it, a ncnt mulatto Gitl. n&m^d Hannah Rhodi -, be-ween fifieen ami sixteen ? ears of ag<* I berrbv Iteliid aiy pernon or persons receiving or harboring Kf i'l girl, and will pro^toute ary one doing to the utmo t penai y o the law. je 8?It THOMAS BROWN'. THR SPECTATOR. ?"I HE first number of The .<p eta tor, a weekly * literary, iinscellaneous and hewn paper, will be issued to morrow morning. Tlie table of contentu pre>ent nn agreeable anrt'at'raeiive variety. It will be for nale ai the Periodica! Ftore^, and can be had of the nrwsboyn. Single copies 5 cen a. Subscrip tion by the vear ?ayal.U- in ??dvatic?? Othce 3d story ofF?-! je k. W itheix' Bank Build ings. AUG. F. HARVEY a CO je 8?It PuS!iahcrs. CiT iATKD t WAY from the hou-1 o- ,th? ^ FUbHcnbi-r about a week since, a *mall dXMf&Bt siie brindle COW. having dark epots about # ?- r ? ' 'he eyes, the rest i f the f ce b^n? white ^m and it is beiived lhr->e small white streak* *>n her back Any pert-on tvho will be kind enough to tive infoimation of said Cow shall be ^.itablv rewarded 8TEPHE.* P HILL, S3T H st, 3 doors ea-t Lafayette Square. je %? if SCHUTr^R & KAHLERT, ARTISTS, Freco, D cor at re, and erf i y It ciit lion of 0)lMAH??TAL t" A 1 M T 1 N O Orders left with Baldwin and Venning, Archi tecte; will b^ promptly attended to. je 8 din* IMPORTANT TO PEPSOVS BRt^AK 1NG UP HOUSEKEEPING, f jESSONS reinovins from the city, ard wishing 1 to dispose of th'-i' Furi.iture ami H' usefceep ing Utsneils. ae , without the trouble of s< ndinc them to public auction, can do so by calling on tin at our Store, 317 Pa avenue, corner of Ninth st, as w are prepared to buy al! such goods a? may be offered Housekeepers and o;h*rs will do well by calling on u?,as we will pav the hignrst cash pric> a for all such g ods. W.iLL, BAHNARD a CO. 7?9m 317 Pa avenue. PIC NIC BASKETS?Just openel a variety of Pic Nic, Traveling, Card, Office, Work, School and Toy Baskets Also, a lot of Fresh Perfumery, from Apollcs, St. Harrison and Jules Hanel, Philadelphia. Combe, Brushea, Fans, Playing and Visiting Cards, Card Cases, Port* Monnaiea, Ji t Gi?o a, Pocket Cu lery, Cages, Music, Musical In?rruuieDtr, S aiionery, kc JOiN F ELLIS, 306 Pa. ar., btt 9th and lutb au. je 8 - if NOTICE HAVING purchared a large quantity of DRY GOODS at tbe first ai d fecrnd auction sales oi Hall a Brother's sieck, I can offer the greatest bargains ever heard of, consisting in part of. via : Maid Silks at 50, 75. and $1, tormer price T5 ceats, ft 35 and 75 Brocade Silks at 63, 75 and %\. former price $1, til 50 and $3 Figured and -atin plain Pereg"* a? 18, #7 and 37c., former price 37 ^, 5J, and 87# cents Beregr de Laines at 10 l.-> a- d 18 cents, former pri ces 3", 37, and 50 cents Raw silk Plaids at 31 cents former price $1 Best quality French merino* at 63c. former price, fl 35 Bombesins at 75c and $1, former price $1 35 and $1 75 Black Alpaca at 25, 37 and 50c, former price 50, 75 and fl Lawns at 10 and 18# cents, former prices 35 and 37# Shawls, Mantillas and Hoaks less than half ( rice One eet Brussels Carpets at 85 cent*, former price ? 1 25 Centre and side Cord and Tassels for cartains, ha f price 300 yards best quality Eng'ish Oilcloths at 75c, for mer pr ce f 1 35 The goods will be reta-led oat at the atore former ly occupied by Hall It. Brotuer, 7ih st.. for a abort time. a J. NEALB. je 8?It* FANCY GOODS, PERFUMERY, &c. A T HUTCHINSON a MUNRO'S ean Iwfound /\ a g eat variety of Fancy Go da. such as C?bas Work Box?s. Tiaveling Cases, Fan , Pone Mori nates, Card Cases, Writing Desks. Gol P'r.s and Pencils. Pocket Knives, Sna-ors, Haxars, Shaving Cases, Shaving fSeam, C?mi>?_and Bruanea in great variety. Perruroes, LuNnV Piver*, Harrison's, and o'hir choice e*traeu, all warranted genuine Po Blades, Leon's Ka>bairrtn, Ha'rv'- Tr c. perons, kc. Also, Gloves, Hos ery, Handkerchief*., La- es, Embroideries, Ribbons, French Fl >wera, Fonneu, aad Millin n Goods generally, to which the atten tiouw'tbe ladies Is partlcnlarly iavit-d. HUTCHINSON k MUIfRO, 910 Pe, avenae, bat. M and 10th sta I' >??-* EXCURSION TO TBI AND WAT EH WORKS ? an.. M< rrm. to leave t?r regular mm* ?lher ?JXr ?he.*ri ' ?tkf M ?*c? ?? BUtttu? June 10th, atSoMoek a m, to al*?d ?er?oI * opportunely of v. iMnx the Great Falla ofthTtJ* m-c a-d examine the W* hnr i Aqueduct Fare for thr rovnri trip, 60 cento?._ lady 75 cents *< R*fre?liment? can be '.ad on board. The Boat will l? are Ji WTarf of W H |g, RIfer, Bear the Market Houte, H -mnua_ __ o'cl.cka n - ?-.?! A biai will be it. waiting at ibe i'alla in -m,. Hinriate uio>e who may wi*h to c.osa the r.ver^ Should the *r?ath?r prove unfavotah's it NL ptwp^nfd ami] the f. llowinc Suites-. je 7?3t District of C'olnnabla, i T WAarn* .to* ? opktt, HEREBT certify iba* Peirc 8b.? ?-?ke?. of u 4 county, brough: before me. a? retray, ir?w? } in^ on hi. endoaure. ? dun MA11E Ml^LE. - t * ? nty-fivf j-eare old " Given un<W liaad of nr, on* r/tdc Justics* ,k? ia?'a* 1,1 ***d ?*??*>? tM? 6th ilav .< y*. ^4,?rvu , - PKI1CB SHOEMAKER J* T~** At P, ir ?e's Mill. nnRoc? Creeg. n?or hale a RMurorhuvaK * . Dray Hon*>?, mat arrived fro,., Wa-nnwi?. ~ ' Pa., and will be -old at a fair price.. Can b# at WM. SPRUG'S STABLE o. Bndlc^tf GJ??reetown. D Q je^Jj.^1 RAFFI,* ?Tbe r?fl- for the [ laonr and Wrtlng De?k will take place on FRIItiv i" morrow) EVENING. atfjf oyiock. Subscriber* will pleaae au> .d. }?7?t* Baku y** trk opheroci fc, ~ *erving the hair, removing ?c?rf. dandruff a ?<"-?leat LAMMoVl) s? ?*', Je 7?3t ' I AMD WARRABTM WASTKD. ^ I will pay the hi;b> at. ash price for Lkitd War 'a la Address me. at the Aator Hotue, New Yort <h at York, Pennsylvania ? Je 7~** ALPX AVDrR HAY. LAND WARRANTS. JOHN D CLARK, Agent l??r Claim*, No StT ?J Twelfth street, will live ibe highest mark* price in pild fn> Land Warrant-" Je 7 j|,. PAT* ICR CKKA1 KREtt, ERS Ice Cream M<wide, Jelly M-uld- Mein Mould*. Rice Mould*, Padding Monlds, Puddm, Pana, Cake Paaa. Patty Pan*, Cake OatMLii? Housekeeper's Furnishing S'ore. 7ih7tw?t Je 6 G FKAN< 18, SUMMER MILLINERY. VET ILL be opened o? SATURDAY, the *h im ?* over th? Dry G'>oda Store of Goo F Allen, a hand#ome a^aortmeni m La die* BONNETS, of the Isf* ^tvle, Incladinf yH|f fjr^t vanc'y of N***pol.tan Bonneta. at price* wO* to rl?;ai.e. to which th^ lartie- of Waahinft"i> anO tta vicinity are rear>ect(blly invit> d to examine Mon l?urcha.<iri( daewber- GEO F ALLEN, i/ g?3t? Pa av owe door eaet of 10th'? a^HE GREAT QUESTION?Will yoU coaa>a? ? the aub t-ct of Peraoaal Reliaion .? By Hrnn A Bonrdman, D D TLia volume ia not above the compter,Mm ?f quite young perrona It ia a plain, aimple. arna tural exhibnion of the ain and anger of mrtir?-r*r-r or inconei emtion en the aobj ct <>t Religioa Ta the S-Math achonl teacher, aa well a* the parent and pa?tor. it wii| furniwh a most a*a$w>nable a>4 powerful aid in impreavng and erfornng ihedviyof attending at once and in earnest to the ?oul't wel fT. o. GRAY It BALLANTVNE, Je 8?3t r.ookw l.-ra, 496 7tk at IAD1B\* WORK BAfKRTI.- Card j Ba^keta, Travelint Baaketa, K-y Baakes. bnif.- Bask-to, Cigar Baaketa, Market Barkew l.cihca Ba>keta, a large variety, very low, at tlx Housekeeper "a FuraiahiBf; Store, 490 Sevmh ????? G. FRANCIP. J*; 6? RESIDENT'S M 'UNTED GUARD QUICK STEP ?Tliia excellent piece of Music of ibe prpn!ar compoaer, Mr. R<?beit Heller, ba? juat beta published by tb? Fub*cribf-ra. Tbe title pair u most elegantly emkelliahed hil^us at ritz. Muaic Publisher*, Depot ia Star i.oiidiaga. J' I^URNITURE SALE?T HE ARTICLES IE tnaining unaold at the recent *ale of Furanare r.nd llou8ekf>?*pii g Gonda at Ihcttore of J. R Mc Wre?or, 395 Pennaylvanta avenue, between 4U and 6th atreeu, aomh aide, will be aold off at ereatly reduced price* during the next ten da\e aa the aob *cril?er will pos tivily cloac up hia buMneaa wi bit uiai time. rm, 'nd under. ca*h ; over that at'ic a creoit o. 30 and 60 riaya, for approved endoraed aotea, bearing internet. Dealers arc requeated to call and examine iha ^ J- R McGREGuR. OLD POINT COMP^m-T T^HE H< ?l EL at thi.- favorite watering place ia now open for the reception of guexla f be e? tire entabii-lnncnt has been put in fine order ai.d greater faoiliu?!? have been made for landau mi ?enter*. * r A small ateamer haa been chartered to ict u tea ser upon the larger mail boat*. ?..?l ai?o to m*ke ad. trips to Norfolk and Portaaionih, irHofing t^? tri.aon Sunday to and from tho?ec<uea. thmbv affording an opportunity cf m plcanrt cx-um or nad '?joy the eea bathing The boat will b:akc fiUurg exeiirsiona three days in each we- k. COramunicatiotia "should be addret*e,i to WILLARD k BRO., Proprieior*. Je 4?9w Ol Pmnt Onarti<rt, PROSPECTUS For jntblisKing n monthly Musical W*k is ih* city of Wa-thivgtQn. THE undrr*igned, at ihe eoiic>tauon ofmurof their esteemed ciiMomera, pro;:o??? puMi^bicr a monthly Muaical Work, entitled Tho Fitiosil Monthly Vtuical K'iguiii The Magaame will contain from 'our to s.x papet nf Mofic, selected from ihe be?t European anJ Xa t ve i'om-xteera In addition ?o the Mu?c an extra ? heel will be added, coa air ute the Mu^cal N- w^, Muatcal No ice?. be. The MAgarine wi'l be j'tiiit d on the b^-t quality Mu?r. |iai*er,a'.d will he printed from rngrav?d plate*, ib t.' e o.iv nor. ?? The first number of the Magazine "aill be ready about the Mof Julv, 1*55. Mr. 8 V. N<.?s, the Agent for the *Vork, wi]l *!r jffcU; "rriPt,on ^ro? ill* citiaen* of the Dtatrtct of C.-iuclaa and ahow a specimen number. f* H. P.t aaa, No. 160 Bridge street, ia lha ?gent for Georgetown. M ^ FILBUS k DITZ, Muac Der>ot, eor. Pa. av , 1th and D rta, lune 4-? f Buildings, Washington, D. C. LKSL.IK'* LADIKI' OAZXTTBOP Paiia. London and New York Fa?hi n? for Jai* ia received and for sale at _. _ SUILLINGTON'S Bookator* The Watchman, a companion to the popular to ry of the Lamplighter Talea for the Marine*, by the author of Loa Cl? fOS ^*rP*r', Magaaine for Juoe commences a aev volume rheM'?nng Bride, by Mr*. South worth ... Vw1.Guard,an9? hy Mthor of Heaitseaa* All the Magaainea for June All the New Books and every thing ia ibe Sta tionery line, for sale at SUILLINGTON'S Bookstore. car. 4){ at, and Pa. ?*. NOTIC W.?Our customers are respectfully ? formed that on and after tit is date, until Sey tember, we shall cloae our store everv evening H 7* o'clock. HII.BUS fc HITZ, Music Depot. READY MADE SUMMER CLOTHING. HAVING wrtiin ihe last leer days made great additions to our former stock of Ready-made Clothing, we are now prepared to offer gentlemen every inducement in pn *e and quality to visit oar extensive rilmro ins before making their selectiet* Our assortment ol White and colored Shirts Gauze, meri-o, silk and cotton Undershirts Linen and Cotton Drawers Summer Stocks, f'ravau, 8carfc,Tiaa Collars, Glovrs, Hosiery, be., Is very large and complete, making oor preseat stook one of the most deiurable to select from ia pri cm and qualit v to be fouod this side ef New York WALL k STEPHENS, ?, 319 Pa. ave., next door to Iron Bail Jed?tf (News) FOR THE ORANGE k ALEXANDRIA AND MANASSAS GAP RAILROADS THE Subscriber'a Coaches wll call for I wifbing to connect with the above . R- loads. My <'oaches tmmm1 win J ih?: Steamers Taos Collvcb or Gaoaot WasBiae tow, which leave Washington at 6 a m. Meals furnished on the boeu. Persons wishing the Coaches to call for them eai leave tlieir name and reaidenoe with Mr. John T. Tillman, near th? Cxpitnl gate; Mr. RuWa dra| ?tore, comer ^eansylvania avenue and 1M bub* or at Geo. It Tbos Pnrker k Co V store. Conchas can be had for Pleasure Tnoa may 98 2ui WILLIAM WH'LEY. SI PKHIOH TABLE AND POCKK* Catlary, Uaaort, Betas or?, kc - A large ???* tnant, lower tbao at any other place la the city P" food arJcloa and low pnees always call ?? ?? Houaekeeper'* Bmn, *90 Sevaiik * ? Q, rum*

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