Newspaper of Evening Star, June 16, 1855, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated June 16, 1855 Page 2
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r.VENINfl STAR. * A.sH1N<4TON CITY: 8&TT7&0AT AJTEKHCOJI June 16 377" Advutibbmsnts should be handed ii< by 12 o'clock, M., otherwise they may r. ?>t appear until the next day. AOBNTS FOB THE STAR The following persons are authorised to contract for the publication of adver tisements in the Star: Philadelphia?V. B. Palm*, N. W. corner of Third and Chestnut streets. New York?S. M. PrrnxaiLL k Co., Nassau street. Boston?V. B. pALXKa, Scollay'g Building. THE WKFXLT STAR The number for this week csntains its usual variety of interesting item*?domestic, foreign^ and literary; c ilou'.ated to enlighten and edify all claries of readers, and forming an excel lent substitute for a letter from Washington' to be sent to a distant friend. Prioe, per annum, $1 25; for a single oopy, three cents SPIRIT GY THE fcc^KLFQ FH.S56 The Inteiligencer oompliments the Wil mington, North Carolina, Journal,(Democrat) tbe Si Louis Missouri, Intelligencer (Whig,) and the Ne vbruryport, Massachusetts, Her old. (Whig.) for their conservative and eoneil liatory virws on the ques'ion of slavery in Kansas, which it republishes rAe also Sod in the lnt-lligencer an account of tbe proceedings of the Know Nothings in National Convention in Philadelphia, subse quent to those published yesterday in the Star, from whioh we mate extracts by way of keeping our reader* posted. Thus the :ol lowing was the vote, b/ States, on the adop tion of the platform: Aies ?New York. Delaware, District of Co lumbia. Virginia. North Carolina, Georgia, Sou h Car l>na, Florida. Louisiana, Texas, A1 abduia Mississippi. Missouri, Arkansas, Ten nessee. Kentucky. California and Maryland iVo?? ? New Jersey New Hampshire, Maine, Verm at, Ho ode Island, Connecticut, Michi gan. Illinois. Ohio, Iowa, Pennsylvani ?, Mas 8scbu?e t>, Win:onsin. and Minnesota It will be perceived from this vote that our talented, areiable Courteous, ehivalrie. enter taining m?>d*:t, enthusiastic, ingenuous, truthiui, and knowing neighbor, barked up the wrong tree, yesterday, in congratulating itself on the assumed fact that Pennsylvania and New Jersey 'lid not stand on the platform ques'ion with the res; of tbe North The following ij the protest of tbe Penusyl vania delega'es and other; against the plat form aforesaid : The undersigned, citisens of the United 8tates and resident* of the States set opposite their names, soeiuily protest against tk. i?,? troduction of any question cooiected with slavery in*o the plattorm cf principles of tbe American party, being convinced that no such were intended to be embraced within its purposes and ubiw- , Tnai ?? oelieve in and suail defend the right of freedom of op ciou and di^ou.-sion on that and everv of**1 sutj ct not intended to be embrace'1 l^e design ol our ?rgan leaf1""*' Tnat if tbe question of slavery is to be passed apon and maae a part of our aatiunal creed, then in that event we cannot consistently act, with fiJelity to our principles and fo mer pro fessions. with any national organisation whose actioc on tbe question of slavery will issult in endorsing the Kansas-Nebraska act, and which relumed its .-anc:iou to the principles of the Missouri compromise act of 1*20 That we beiieve that time honored compact was an honorable and fair adjustment of the question of slavery We desire to place tbi* protest upon the journals of the Coiscil, that in no fu ure time the undersigned may be charged with iBfrac tion of expressed or implied faiih to their fel low members in failing to support the majo rity resolutions *.? Johnston, Pa. R M. Guilford, Vt. J Bowman Bell. Pa. Evelyn Pier pout. Vt D E Small. Pa Geo D Hat3b Vt. R Coulter Pa. Rich.'d Clements. Del. John A Priehet, III E. 8. McClellan, N J A. S Livingston. NJ. W. D Danenhower,111. Jos. li liarreit, Vt. David B. Booth, Ct. Horace Kinsley, Vt. The plattorm which was adopted by the majority, which was unacceptable to the se eeders because it failed to go the whole Aboli tion figure, may be summed up as follows, vis : 1. Acknowledges the Kuler of tbe Universe as presidit g over the councils of all nations. 2 1* ges the cultivation of an intense Amer ican fee icg 3. Urfce? tbe maintenance of the Union as the primary object cf patriotic desire 4 Urges obedience to tbe Constitution i iLvi'e* the imm'gration of the honest immigrant teeking an asylum rind protection, but condemns the importation of felons .nd pa.p?s 6 Recommends a n >difialion of the natu ralisation laws and a repeal of all State laws which allow unn>turalised foreigners to vote 7 Declares hostility to the corrupt means by which party leaders force upon the people ascites, political creeds, enmity against the system of rewards for pelitioal rubserviency, and disgust for tbe wild hunt after office whioh eha-acterises the age. 8. Declares resistance fo the sggressive pol icy of the Roman Catholic Church by the ad vancement of those only who do not owe civil allegi-nce, directly or indirectly, to any for eigt Power, civil or ecclesias'ical, and who are American* by birth, education and train ing; American^ only shall govern America; protection to all citisens in the proper exer. ci e of their civil and religious rights and privileges; the maintenance of the right of every man to the full, unrestrained, and peace ful ei j-ijment of his own religious opinions and wort-hip. and a jealous rtsisianoe of all attests by any sect, denomination orohurch, to obtain ascendancy in tbe State by speoial privileges or exemptions by political combi nations of members, or by the division of their allegiance with any foreign potentate or ec eleaimstie 9 The reformation of the National Legisla ture by selecting therefor pure and unselfish ?en 10 A restriction of Executive patronage. 11 The education of youth in echools com mon to all. without distinction of creed or pary. and opposition to every attempt to ex elude the Bible from tbe schools. 12 Tbe slavery resolutions which have been already publi-hed. IS The foreign policy of Government should be to exact justiee from the strongest and to do justice to the weakest 14 The principles of the Order to be hence forth t.peuly avowed and each member to be at liberty to make known the existence of the Order and his membership, and that in future ther* oo ooQceilnt&t of the plioet of OftMt lag of the subordinate councils " We pro ose. as soon as we caa find time, to illustrate the good faith of this platform by reference to Know Nothing examples in our own midst, which will afford us an opportu nity of presenting to our readers a rich chap ter, indeed. The Union deprecates the spirit of disunion existing North and South, classing the Charles Ion Mercury, and thoee who think with It in the ease category with the ultra abolitionists ef the North. The Umien also jokes over the misfortunes and fa tut pae ef the Know Noth ings la Philajelphia, and publishes an extract frona an ami Know Mothin* manifesto of Sen ator Jonas ?>f Teaaeeeee. WAgmWeTBN yiBWS A<B GOSSIP. A Rpnttstatin Van?Tke Entertain aent to whieh the 3o?tk was Invited ? Know Nothingism. shortly after obtaining the victory in Maseaohusetts, over which ita 4?. votees in Virginia and other Southern State* glorified, elected General Wilao? to the United States Senate Mr. Fessenden to the Senate was the result of its triumph in Maine So also wai the ohoioe of out and oat Abolition ist? to the United Statea Senate the reenlt of its triumph in Iowa, Illinois, and Wisconsin. All these Know Nothing victories, ao react ing, were shouted over by the Know Nothings 'ho South iantil their throats grew hoarse. Not iheir victory in the Spring election in New Hampshire was the cause of their great est rejoicing Gallons of execrable whisky were duly punished by the confreres of brothers Ward and Evans, in this city, in their liba tions to the health and long life of New Hamp shire Know Nothing!sm, on the occasion of its so remarkable victory. The Know Nothings of Virginia fairly went crasy with joy over the remarkable event, also. But the "buther-milk has come out of the stir about " The victorious Know Nothings of New Hampshiie have vir tually elected their representative man to the United States Senate, who proves to be no ether than Jack Halk ! Was it for this that the confreres of brothers Ward and Evans got s> joyous, and the Know Nothing party in V irginia bellowed themselves hoarse in shout ing long life to New Hampshire Know Noth ingism? Our talented, amiable, chivalrie, interest I ing entertaining, courteous, enthusiastic, in 1 genuous, truthful, and knowing neighbor ha* been preaching that Know Nothingism was war on rotten and unprincipled political hacks; and it sends Jack Hale to the United States Senate by way of proving how ven truthful our neighbor always U! Now Jack, when at Washington, of late, has been an ex member elaim agent by trade, and the very worst specimen of the elaas, which embraces individuals some ot whom indulge in practices in the perpetration of which, a tombs' lawyer would shudder at being caught. Juok was notoriously in the market, endeavor ing to sell bis alleged personal influence over the Abolitionists of Congrers in behali of any claim or scheme whatever that promised to pay well. The election of Jack to the Senate by New Hampshire Know Nothingiam pravea, to a nicety, what our neighbor meant when it inaisted that ita party intended to give unprin cipled and hacknied poli ical managers "fita " His election, too, over whioh the Washing, ton and Virginia Know Nothings bellowed themselves hearse in advance, is a specimen of the nationality of Know Nothingi*m, of (.which our neighbor has preached so such But the truth is, Hale is emphatically a rep resentative man. That is, he represents pre oiseJy the politics of those over whose triumph "*"*r Wells, our ? j Virginia Know Nothings got so glorious not long since. So also are Wilson, Fessenden Duxk'fl, and the Iowa and Illinois abolition K*^w Noth ing Senators elect, representative uien men who honestly and truthfully repre eent the Knjw Nothing party at the North? f .e party, to meet whose views on the slavery quejtion, the conductor of our talented, amia ble, courteous, chivalric, enthusiastic, enter taining, modest, ingenuous, truthful and kn^w ing neighbour labored, in bis compromise resolution deprecating and denouncing the enactment of the N ebraska bill! Cutting it Fat ?Our talented a Piable courteous, enthusiastic, entertaining, ingen uous. truthful and knowing neighbor treats the -squash up" of the Know Nothing Nation a' Convention at Philadelphia in a very min cing way. It cannot perceive that Senator WUeon's party of seceders can possibly mean anything more against the rights and interest* of 'he South, than to go for a restoration of the Missouri Compromise For it aays of their ? platform, ' whjgh we published yesterday wference * thii P'atform, in another column, our readers will perceive that its c,*in feature is a demand for the reeoration of the Missouri Compromise-tha* it does not de mand the abolition of slavery in thia District nor aliude to the subject of slavery ia any other reepeot. . ' It is fair to presume that our neighbor de signs going off with them; as, in tne first place they carry off with them nearly every vote which Know Nothingism has in the next House of Representatives of the United Statea; and in the next place the veritable conductor of our talented, oourte^us, chivalric, entertaining, sntbuMastic. ingenuous, truthful and knowing neighbor was himself the author of the series >f resolutions introduced as a compromise "Therein the passage of the Nebraska-Kansas aill?new the shibboleth of the ail but unan mous aoath?waa deprecated and denounced, [n the third plaoe, the gentleman to wham we efer ia an original Vermonter, and not a Vir 'inian, as more or less green uns at the South lave been led to believe. Upon the strength f the secession from their convention, beoause he men wha represented States wherein tnow Nothingism has no effective strength at he polls, would not consent to let the seoed >rs (who represented States where Know No hingism ka> strength, for vietory, at the polls) aake a platform to snit the abolition proolivi ieaof all northern Know Nothingism outaide f New York, our ingenuoua and knowing leighbor aaya: South, then, having been abandoned >y tne Morthen Democracy, has no alternative >utto ilant itself up the National Pla-form idupted yesterday at Philadelphia. Unlea* he South takes this course, and gallantly sns ains its Union-loviog and conservative breth ren in New York, Pennsylvania, and New ersey, the danger is imminent that Seward r some other unscrupulous and unprincipled free Soil demagogue, will be nominated ai he Presidential candidate of the Northern usioniats, and be elected by the united votes f'he supporters of the present Adminfetra ion. and ike original f.iends of Seward and nemies of Henry Clay."!! ! Now this is, indeed, " cutting it fat." We ?resume that our neighbor, by ''Northern )emocracy," mast mean Senator Wilson and lis brother seceders of his Philadelphia Con ention It cannot be that he has not seen he aoeounts of the recent election of a Ne braska bill Democrat to be mayor of New laven, and another to be Mayor of Hartford; f the defeat of the Know Nothings in Wor eater, Mass., and elsewhere in the North eceutly, where Nebraskaism never before "rried the day. Wileon A Co , beoause South Carolina, Virginia, Alabama, Louisiana and ??? or two more slave-holding States would ?ot applaud the Southern poees of our neigh, w seondaotor'stwo horse a3t, (denouncing ?f th* **krMk< hUl, to.,) se ' ? fon??? ? Mw Know K.tklng ?r. iulMtta. wl.k nuud AbollUonlm f", it. .uii or fonndatloD, ind ??, >m|,Wt on. two:. ontba'iMtic, .nuruini,,. " truthful and knowing neighbor 00olly I turns around and says?" There, now! we I told you so! '.?don't you Me that tho North* ?rn Democraoy ii deserting tho 8oath!!" Oar neighbor ii Indeed a fanny fellow?a ?try fanny follow, indood?and essentially a logiottl reaionor to boot. Isn't he t Isn't ho t | Tho Booodort ? Oar Interesting neighbor la I in error In flattering itself that tho Know I Nothing delegates in the Philadelphia Con tention from Pennsylvania and Now Jersey have refused to go off from tho old Know Nothing organisation, to tbetnow. Wo loarn I from that oity that they have pledged them aelves to address a circular to their oonstitu I oats, as soon as the Convention closes, taking and enforcing tho groands laid down in tho I platform of tho aocodora, who oomprioe nearly the entire delegations from every State in tho I Union, whoro Know No'.hingiam has really I available atrongth to carry an important elec I tien. We foar that oar neighbor, of whom we I are the so solicitous guardian, on looking close 1 to its own affairs, will find that in thornshing, palling, sweating, ooazing, swearing, Ac , re* oently going on in Philadelphia, and ending I in the secession of all Know Nothingiam'a I available strength in the United States, the I suspender buttons of its hopes, iu connection I with tho next House of Representatives, have I been rubbod off. We really pity our neigh* I bor?we doao. A Utter from Commodore Paulding ?We I have received the following letter from Com* I caodore Paulding: Navt Yard, Wabbihotow, Jane 18. I To tk? Editor of ike Evs-itug Star : My attention has been called to the publi I o tion of a oertifioa'a, given by Mr. Hunt to I Mr. George Wilson, to whioh my oonour I rence is appended, together with the remark I of tbe editor of the Organ that I had " re I monstrated with the Secretary of the Nayy I igainst Mr Wilson's removal." this assertion of my " remonstrance" is I without the s.ighteat foundation or excuse, I and. in connec ion with tbe publication of the I eriiflca'e, never intended for publication, is I au outrage upon propriety and oommon jus I ice. The certificate to Mr Wilson was given I with no other view than that of enabling him I o obtain employment; and without my con I ?ent and that of Mr Hunt, he had surely no I <ijht to permit it to be used for a partisan I purpose. W bilst I claim to hav - exercised my author* 1 ? ty here with humanity and justice to the I wo Lanics and others employed in theyarl, I without regard to parties or politics. I have I iot been forgetful of what was due from me I is a subordinate officer. As Mr. Wilson's suocessor is spoken of in the I Organ in disparaging erms, it is but justioe I to Mr. Bright to say that be ia regarded by I Mr Hunt a9 a akilful mecbanio, and oapable I of filling tbe place assigned to him in a cred I .table manner. Respectfully, yoar obedient servant, H. Pauldihg. Emphatic illy againat Proscription.?See I our ingenaoua neighbor's jeremiad of yester day. over tbe removal of a door keeper in the Treasury building. It moanB aa exorutiating ly (over tbe left) aiitdid over the prosorip'.ioa \.j u.o Know Nothings last year, of every em ployee under the corporation of Washington, however engaged We presume that the re moved person, being a member of our neigh bor's party, and therefore sworn to labor to bring about if possible the removal or dis charge of every man in the se vice of tbe government, mechanic, laborer, messenger or alerk who has no affinity with K iow Nothing* i-m, is too manly to whine, because in play hg the game he has elected to play at, he bas received the blow before he was able to strike his antagoniata. I ho laval Engineer Board are still in ses sion in Winder's boildiog, in this city. There were some thirty oandidatos "entered" for ex amination for admission into the Engineer oorpa of the Navy?about twenty of whom, only, presented themselves for examination before the Board. About thirty in all have been and are yet to be examined for promo tion. Tbe Board will not be able to conclude its labors at least until the end of next week. The Burlington, Vermont, Custom House ? The award of the contract for tbe eonatraction of this work, has been postponed until tbe 17th proximo,and new proposals are to be advertised for. We presume that the "ause of this post ponement, ia the fact that no acceptable bida were received, all of them being too high in the estimation of the authorities of the Treas ury Departmrat. Help Me, Casaius, or I Sink'. "?Our neighbor made a pathetio appeal, indeed, last evening to the South, to come to the rescue of i's cause. Why did'nt it say, in retarn for its anti-Nebraska-bill resolution in tho Phila delphia Convention ; and if not for that, then in gratitude for New Hampahiro Know Noth ingiam'a act in electing John P. Hale to the U. S. Sonata ! The Original Knemi* of Hanry Clay ? 3ur ingenuous neighbor is in a bad way. It is apprehensive that the original enemies of Benry Clay may triumph as the reault of tho iquash-up of ita affairs in Philadelphia. Our neighbor and John M McCalla and tke reat >f that class of ori ?inal friends of Henry Clay ire, of ooarae, distressed and indignant at any iacb thought 8eoretary McClelland ?This gentleman re urned to Washington last evening, and was at lis poit. in the Interior Department, this morn* ng. A United States Marshal for Georgia.?The President has appointed Daniel H. Stuart, Esq , to be United States Marshal for Qeorgia, vies J K Johnston, resigaad. The Canent Operations of the Treasury Department.?On yesterday, the ltth of Jane, tbero were of Treasury Warrants entered on the books of the Department? For the Treasury Department..., $61,627 38 For the Interior Department 32 948 04 For the Customs 21.179 39 War warrants reoeived and en tered 142,188 39 War repay warrants reoeived and entered 10,439 39 On aooount of th^Vavy. 169,404 60 Finals Medical Collbgb ?We have re seived a pamphlet, entitled "The Sixth Annual Coxmenoement of the Female Medical Col. lege of Pennsylvania/' located in Philadel phia, bj which it appears that for the session of 1854-'65, there were thirty five studentsj aod that in Mareh last, the degree of Doctor of Medicine was conferred on six ladies. Mad Does have been rather numerous in Sew York daring the past week. One was lulled on Thursday in the Eighteenth Ward. Be was pursued for half a mile before he was mrtaken, and daring his farioai course he bit several dogs and raised an immense ex* rttement Tn Kiow Notiixo Natioxal Covtmtion, it Philadelphia, broke up this morning in a blase of glory. 3*e transit. PRRNOIV 4L. ... .Governor Jf9"der, accompanied by his private secretary, G P Lowry, E^q., passed through New York yeaterday, on hit return to Kansas The journey. it la expected. will oca ipy about tan days The Territorial Lag lalatora meets on the 21 of July at Pawnee, bat will probably adj mm to 8bawoee Mission, some SCO miles this side of Pawnee. .... The New Hampshire Senate has oen ourred in the ohoice by the House of Repre sentatives of that State, of Messrs Bell and IIale for members of tho United States Senate. ... .Ex Governor Tat well, of Virginia, who ia now over eighty yeara of age. appeared be. fore the Mayor of Norfolk, on Wednesday, to anawer a eharge of permitting a nuisance to remain on his premises. After thorough in vestigation, and a learned speech from the ex Governor the warrant waa dismissed. The o recreated quite a sensation. ? ? ? ? Rossini is in Paris, the recipient of great attentions He rteadfaatly refutes to go to the opera, probably because bia itatue adorns the peristyle. ????Prince Metternioh recently celebrated hia 83d anniversary. ? ???Geo Law, of New York, contributed $1,000 last month to the American Coloniia tion Society. ....The Rev. Henry Lobdell, M. D., Mis sionary of the A. B C F M at Moral died in that city on the 25th of March laet. ? ?..Col Jo Shillington, of thia city, ia on the eve of departure for Europe. ....The Hon. Mr Phillipa of Alabama, haa arrived in Washington iy*Tbe atatement that the Samuel Apple ton had arms, among her oargo, says the Bos. ton Advertiser, has been explicitly contradiot ed by h?r owners, Messrs Cunningham of this city, merchants of the first reapeotabllity FoRiSTi or Ldcifbb Marcus ?An En*', liah lecturer, speaking at Sheffield, on the im portance of the trade in luoifer matches, said ? fiteiy: Tha extent and importance of tbe mat?li trade will perhaps surprise yon. Messrs Dixon, of tbe Newton heath match works, in the suburb* of Manchester, purchase entire districts of forests in Canada, fo- tbe purpose of conye-tiog the Mmber into nntcha*. Axothkr Degrke Nfeded.?Somebodv suggests that the American party, to render it perfect, needs a fourth degree, under which members ?hall pledge themselves not to seek office The Boston Atlas is of t"be opinion there would rot be much knocking at tk >t door Such a principle, incorporated in any i party creed, would soon decimate tbe ranks of the party 1 ?I?E. ASflEMHLY'a CHURCH; con,r, m. ? oui 6i. and Ma*<-&rhii??"ta avenue Rev /I TH' ol 'rt,va' wi" preach to marrow je lfi lt"1 '1 a" m ' Md * ?'c,?<* P "> *-^5>8URSrR|PTION COVCERT M'l I F w. " 'VE'a FRIDAY EVEN ?' < arusi's Saloon, havfn* to be m - ,?' h y PJ'^tponed by ihe impossibility of Profes iaiaill! * attendance on Monday evening, 18th Tickets 50 cents, to be bad at all the pnnciual hotels, music and book<torf.? 16?3t i ?--^^JEREMIAH HARRINGTON WOULD if^Set a7ZKi>T"y Tem'n ,lh? >"1y who lost Hi iir.ceiet at the Excursion on Thursday last that he h KdtLy.rh;r^d (in,th"Baji r??m auhe wbi,e riouse) that he had found it, as can be Droved ht mauy ladies and e-ntlenien ?ho were i.rwnt ftn.t wierTv rllT U' ,ie Wl" retU,n i! "?? ?ner by calling at lux residence, No. 260 Filn, Z',???7'nL - "? - **?? ? lo?It* ] MEMBERS OF THE COLUMBIA i totSTWeSH^Hnpil!.y rtlurn thfir s,nrere tn.h- p L. J.">e Cr,inPany for use or Hose, and II fhp r ' ?,nPany for * supply Ol water Tu^..Xr:B?ia^tWten 4 h and 5lh r ree"' on je 16?-If JAME-* McDERMOTT, Sec M' 'ONLIOHT EXCURSION and Pi'- Nic. The Cool Will Club h. ? leave t") into>m their friends and tbe public in e-n-1 Jl*'y will give tbeir First Grand Exca^ion DAY,*J SyS 865* HOtt8e f>avii,on TilUEd- J Jel6 21,iVI*,1TEK ?F AKRANGEMENTS. _ ^-^T"E UVDERSIGVED GROCERY MFlt . chant*, in order to cive time for recreate n to the clerks in their employ riuiing the warmth nf ?he summer months, h. rebv agrea ? cloi t?fr ? ?pective stores at e,fb, o'clock p. m.^ntu da^ ZZTfZ. eicT,d') ,rom lh'? unul the fir?t day of September next i GEO. It THOS. PARKER k CO SAMUEL BACON St CO., MUKIt vY & HEMMEH, HAMILTON k. LEACH, B. F MoRSELL, BARBOUR & SEMMES, E. E^WMiTE k CO, ED ?lALL, SHEKELL BROTHERS, BERRY fc BOWIE. MIDDLETON k BEALL, JESSE B WILSON. Washington, June 11, 1855- 2w I" OST FROM THE UPPER WINDOW of m J J dwelling, a Silver Vu^, marked J amen (' m ??r- J'V: a"'ler ot whi'h will rece?^ a rewnrd of five dollars by leavin" it eithf, ?pw'ird 'Te^fet ? C.VgWI0'1 L?ST_2? Fri !a-' avening. in Georxctown he et7alid MrWJnorPHt'?(0n ^a8hin?tf,n "r Br'idjte I oi "'no* "? Smoot's store, a bunni^ Black Silk, 5j{ yardt>. The finder will be puitahiv Smoot1 ! n riaVni U at ,he More of Mr- JNO- H je 16-'^" Stree:' Or?tl0WD STOLEN FROM THE SUBSCRIBER LAST evening, a brown DOG, of ball and ?ii?? "r:!r,hr::d: ?' . . ? " ?? "?? VVUMI M1UH7I a r (I: - ?S1^^ Ihe taid collar may be found upon *'r L. MALONE, V d ? . L street, i.etween 6th and 7tb. 'a,!" p'?'fd "i."" P10* L E?PROM FOUR TO FIVE HUN I mat work Superior WHITE SAND, fo, Also, three hundred bushelj of WHITFflR a vh or wukj, wi,, to ?i u > no i North Carolina HK&RINGS 60 boxes scaled Herring*. Ju?t received, and for sale low by WM. M. CRIPPS, 61 Louisiana avenue, bet. flili and sts. Je 16 -3f BROOtOl A IK A t or the Controversy between Senator Brooks and Archbishop Hughes, with an Introduction by the Most Rev. Archbitthop History of the Life and Institute of Saint irnatius; a translation from the Italian of Father Bartoli, by Madame Ctdderon de la Harca A large aasoruu< nt - f Prayer Books, Bibles, and standard Catholic publications, with Beads, Medals, he., are for sale at the Catholic Bookstore of W. A. KENNEDY, Je 16?3t* 498 7th street. A CARD. MBS. CAMERON in'* her friends and former patrons that her health being entirely restored she his resumed her former business, and has nn hand a general assortment of Dr. Banning'* AB DOMINAL SUPPORTERS. Her long experience nnd success in applying the Brace is well known. Ladies requiring particular attention can be accotn mod a ed with board ? rooms are large, location healthy,and a pleasant walk to the Departments It is needless to speak of the benefit of the Brace to tbe afflicted, it has been too successfully tested to require comment Re ere nee given if required. Address No. 539 Fourteenth street, near the Monu mtn. je 16,21,9S?3t* PLEASURE EXCURSIONS FOR THE FOURTH OF JUL*. m - ^ The Steamers GEORGE WASH JhbSSBSKINGTON and TflOM AS COLLYER will mak* r guJar trips to the White Hnuae Pavilion, Mount Vernon, and Fori Wasbinitou. Persons with ng to spend the rfay at Fort Washington will be landed there, aa each boat will stop at the Fort. Prices will be made to suit tin timei The time 0/ starting and other particulars will be given In due time. Fort Washington grounds is ad?-lightfui place for schools or tele t parties f> ?p?!nd tbe day. The White House Pavilion and grounds an net surpassed tor pleasure by any place. The Boats have a cate rer tha' cerve* up refreshments in good style. job corbon; 1 ? . je 16-* SAM'L GEDNKY, LIST OF LITTIKA He^aining in Ike Pit Oflre. Washing'** ,D r, J*me 16, 18r?5. [Ordrre 'to atlvertij*AIn the " Evemim *TaB.' agreeable to the folUwint lection of the Pit OjUn fjiw?U hr>ne the newtjxiper karing the largest atrru lotion of anv ilailp paper rnMUheJin Waehington: Srr. 5. -And he it further enaeterl, That the list o< letters remaining uncalled for in nny poat r.fflre ir unv city, t<<wn, or village. where n wrapapsn ?hnl be printi*d, (hill,h?w?nfr, b? puhlinhM oace nnh in the newspaper which, b?inc issued w*.-klv. ?t oftener.tAali have the lareett circulation within th? rancorthe delivery of said office,to be decitfod bj the postmaster at such office.) S^Parsonaapptylnc for lsttsa ta the fallowing l<*t. wti pi*ase My they ara adtbstwbd. LADIES' LIST. Atherton, Hn C G Andaraon, Mary Andrews, Mr* IT A Adam*. Susan M Allea, M r? Mary A Bru"t. Xn Mary P H??t. MIm M>r(trM Ball, M m Alllc* B?ll, Mri Fanaie Harnett, MUi 9*ptMm Browa, lira Miriam Brown. MIm Aon I Baall. MIm BUm ? Brown, MtM Susan Barber, MIm Mary A Bryan. Hn Sarah K Cox, Mra Eliza Ooulon. MIm Catliarla* Caiien, MIm H<*1? Ana Chapline, Mra LouIm Colbert, Mra Johanna Camfcell, Mra Mary Cnlhean, Catrtnla Craven, Mra Rebe<-ca 0 Cramer, Mra l-ouis Cabill. Hanorah Carter, Mra Sarah A Dade. MIm Margaret B Dash I ell, lira R L Dotiahoo, Mra H Oalmaaa, Mra Ella* Deary, MIm Johana Durrant, Mra Elizabeth Dixon, Mian Pridlla Donnelly, MIm Sarah Jaas Dixon, Mra Llzala Erkert, Mr? F.pelbriiKge, Wilhelmlna Evan*, Mra Amss Groves, Mra Willi* t Gardner, Mra AIUI Gripsley, Mra M C Oarrlner, Mra Goldatx'ironch. Mill J Gilliam, Mra Lucinda Gawlee, Hannah Ann Hall, Mra B J Hnrdla, Mra 8uad Hanar. Mra Hodgaoa, MIm Julia Ban ly, It at* Batching*. MIm MargarW Hartnatt. Ronora Harrison. Mra A M Manila. MIm Halaa Jenloa, Mlaa Anna Jones, Mra El lac C Knight, MIm M Ear by, Mary Lynch, Mary Lm. Mary P Lwefcy, Jnlla McCay. Leaner More, MIm Mary Aun Mill*, Mra 8a*au Marahal, Mra Mlaarva Mardan. MIm D Maximilian. Mda D Orma, MIm Bel o U'Harah, Mra C Pa**, Mr* Hophla Pier a. a, Mlaa Madeline rbllilpa, Mra Mary H guiicley, Mra Mary Kock, Mra Angelina Head, Mlaa Harriett* P t Suter, Mra Henderson Eenliaux, Madame EmttLaoo, Mlaa Eliubetb Semonr, Elisabeth Swallw od, Mr* P A True, Mlaa Fanny Tn"ker, Fanny Taylor, Mr* Maria Wblta, MIm Angcllue Wood, MIm Jaae While, Mra George Wilt. Mra Rachel M Wlllaon, MIm Miranda Wiariall. Harriet H William*, MIm GENTLBME3H' LIST. Aadercon, Martin Atkinson, John Armstrong. Jama* Anderson. Horace Allen, E F Ardiaaon, Charlea Abforn, Alex Galea. John Groen, Jobn Groan, Dr J C GreenloaM, J* C Gardner. C F Hndeon. Tb?>a D Hardie, Thomai Anderson, G*n AleiHazlett. 9 Brtttala, Capt W P Harris tj. Patrick Huhn, Klcolaus Hlnoaaoa, Sor D M Htnl, L C Hotzachnh. John Brawley, W H Bowl*, "Val'er Ball William Boyd, Thomas llayley. Sirruel Boiirk. Patrick t Mourke, Michael Birch, John C Baron, Joseph Harnett, Jimei Barker, Jacob llrown. Jam** L Brnwn, John M Brawley, J Porter Bngga. J W ISaltnelii, John Halle*, J G llreaenalian. Hntb ilia'-kwall, Dr Goo Brooke. P J Bruudigl. Edward Hrnndlge, E L Bartltnir, E Baldwin, Edward Houlton. E T Belt. A Sidney Bnumaln. Auzuate Cock, William Crook. W Ilium Carrie, W 0 O.rlan, W W Corbltt. ThomM Coleman, S S Clemeua, 3 Cihll. Patrick Calvert, M Cole. J no T Oniu'lly, Jno L Clement*. J .rr.ea Co'nlvall, Jo? Wm Lear, J 8 Pickett, Mr Plereon, Jacob Park'naon. J B Pack, Jao P Pryor, Gao W Parker, Geo 8 Pmn, David E rAltoII, C A Phelpa, CC PirollI, Bastlai.a Pike, Albert Pollard, A J Pew, Jao Hlcka, Capt Jobn T BaUim?nn,Wllh<*liM Henry, Capt Jubm Bead, Theodora Herrell, J E Balloran. John Hall Jneeph Hobey, J M Hetidaraon, Joaepb H"hman. Jacob B Hilton, George B Botnxerllnc, 6 Hawley, Clear Howard, D 8 Hamilton, Chaa O Bill. Hiarlee Betzal, C and B Bnwe, Capt Botchkiea. AVE Hoagh, A V Hlrht, Mr Jordan, W H C Johneon. William Johna. John 8 JennliiK*, John Jonaa, Joaeph N Johiiat^n, J.,hn P Jane*, John Bay. B H Km*. John Kiauon. J C W Knowlton, E T-awrenre, Z 1 Lambert. TUoa Lamb. Ihao L Laman, Theodore Boney, R Riell, LtBU Rider, Mr Refan, Joa Raed, Jordoa Rlnnold. J 8 Rutledge, I.t Jao Badgera, Geo Rlrharda, Elward Robbln*. ("apt 8aarnea, Tlioa shaacren, Jno Bavoy, T Stawart Thna S^'tt. Wm Small wood, Wm SchneMy, Wat Salt, Jno L Snyder, Jno Smith, Prof J Law r?nce Salllvan, Jno Salby, J T Schafer, Jaoob Smith. Henry Hnellinc, Gao L Sherwln, Gao B Stephen, Geo Stone, Gen E W Stone. B M 1 8? IIvan, Dan'l Smith, (Jii1 T CrowMi, J T Candy, John 8 Chorpennlng, Gao Clark, K W, A Co CUytnu Unocb M Cabl'e, Matt Clarck. B A Campbell. A D Delaney. Tin maa Drony, Thomas D.,y. Samuel E Doyle, PatHok Downing, J C Dale. Jobn R Doran, Hngh Drelr, Henry Dyer. Horatio Mufllii. F Duff, Franr!* D"li?rty, Edvrard Kntwiatle, W J Kill*. 8 P Hvana, Samnel Kdif, John James Kd^lnton, Charles Kren ienu-rger, M Placher, Win Pawkea, Capt S * Ford. Mr and Mi* Pryera, Jesse Kitzpstrick, IMw Fit*. CbarlM Falls. A J Flnyd A Geo; Re, Capt Z W Goodier. W H Green, Thome* J Gray, R H Gorraley, Phillip ? Jrilflth, Philemon Gildermeinter, Mr ? ioocb, JamM Gray, J B J una It Lansdale, Dr Philip Stewart, Cba*. Jr Smith. Marlon Swarkbamer, C Sherman. CI 4 Smith, A M Sawyer, A Lea, Jno L Lincoln. Ezra Luke. Eari.Mt M Lee, Dr D . . Layette, Dr Adolpb Swett, Amoa B Ladoux, A S Marrtea. M Mendenhall, W P Miles, Wm Mills, Wm Mackay. W U Ii Marbury, Wm Murtough. I'at'k 1 Maa<m, X C Money, Michael Morgan Mlrhael Martin. Luther Morlarty. James Mi>orhead. JamM Miller, Jas Jackson Mitchell. Capt G W Msrt'ri, Fayeit* Moffat, Dan G 1 Maitland, Capt Myers, Chaa Mahon, Chaa Mlrh*l, A Iron Smith, Abner femtth, Anthony Tboiipaoa, Wm Tack, Hon Mr ThomM, Lewie Trumble, J an son Tynan, John Turner, Henry Thompaon, H ThomM. Gibb Taylor, Geo J Th<>mpa<in, Geo W Thompaon. C T Wells Farxo A Oo Weeks, Wra H Wills. W T Wlae, Wm D Wall, Thoa Wiae, Tully B Winters, Richard Williamson, Lt R 8 Welle, Morrlce L 1 McSweeney. Dennl* Wellman, L M C McKnight. Jno Wagarraan, L McUabla, Joo Wallace, Jno McMurray.M^tchall Ward, Jno H 3 McCormick, R J McCanslln, Wm Nell. T J Nails, Jno T 1 Norrla, Jno Newman, Franklla WlliUmson, J Weston, J D Wlllaon, Jno M 1 Wallace, JamM D Wale, JamM Walll* la Newman, B N Nlcholl, A S O'Byon, Mr O'Carroll, Denis O'Byon, Dr D Pierce, Rev B P*riy, Com MCI Wetmora, Henrv William*. H 0 Wlllaon, Henry Walters, Gao Winter*, Geo Warren, U 0 K Wlelaude, August JAMES G. BEKRBT. P. M. SP. IIOOVEK, e Trunk E-tah?tohment. Iron Hall Boot, Sboe, and I have received, this ?1ay a large asriOMnerit of Genta French L. Patent Leather and Calf Boota and dhoe*,f ' which I will sell cheap. 4Im>, Boya' Youtha, and Children's SHOES of all descriptions. All in want please call at 8 P. HOOVER, Iron Hall Boot, Sboe and Trunk Eittabllalitfieut, between 9th and 20th rU. Je 16 EBENEZER SABBATH SCHOOL l PIC NIC EXCURSION of the lEbansBsr Sabbath 8ehool will Like place on TIII;K8DAY, the 2ln In^vant, tiiufine Steauier GEORGE WASHINGTON hav ing been chartered for the occasion. The Boat will leave Riley a a harf at o*cl*k, a. m ,and the Navy Yard at 8 o'clock, mucking at Alexandria, Fort Washington and the White llou^e; then proceed down tlie river aa far aa Indian Head; return to the White Hou^e, and arrive at the Fort about 3 o'clock p m., where dinner will be provided at 50 cent- each. All persons and families desumta day trip ahould avHil theinaelvt^ of tliia opportunity. Tickets can be had of any of the teachers of the School? 30 cents each; children 24. A select band of inueic will accompany the Ex eursion. Je 18? TRUSTEE S SALE. BY virtue o" a decree of the Circuit Court for Prince George's county, be a Court of Equity, passed in a cause wherein John B Webster and Hilars are complainant*and Chailea B. Calvert and Mbers are defendants, "? underaigned, aa Trusuie, will expei-e at public sale, on the premises, on iBXDAY, 22nd of Juna, lift5, it the hour ol 12 o'clock, m., if fair, if not, on the Irst fair nay thereauer, the Real E?taU! ol whu h he late las G. Web-ter died seised and puflMsaed, taowu as part ?f "His Lordship's Klndneas," eo? laining an ACfm:?, u....c v.. itth?which wiiu L.HIU1 will be c/Tered for sal subject to the widow'* right of dower, which has been laid off. This land lies in Prince G?orge'? county, about two miles from Centreville, and about six miles from Upper Marlboro*, and adjoins the lands of David Barry, John Kingsbury and others. The s"il is *a* c?'ptible of improvement. There is an abundance a of woo* and water on the place?? Dwelling Hnuo and other out-housas, and a Tobacc > H >use. With a t-mall outlay the place might be ninde v?ry productive The term* ot sale as prescribed by the decree are as follows: Two hundred and fiftv dollar* to be paid on the day ol tale, or ait the ratification thereof by ihe ( ourt; and the residue ot the purchase artoney to be pud in equal instalment* of one and two years, with interest Irom the day of *aJe, to be eecured by the bonds of the purchase' with securi y to be ap proved by the truste-. And upon the payment ot the whole purchase money, the undersigned it au thoristd to convey to the purchaser said real estate, free, clear and discharged of aU claim of the parties to said cauee, or of any persons claiming by.frcmcr under them. SAMUEL H. BERRY, je 18? eou Trustee. History or the corps of royal sap pers and Miners, by Conolly, Qua'termastcr Sergeant of the Corpe, S volumes, London, 1855 Sir Howard Douglass on Naval Operations in the Black t?ea, pamphlet, London, 1855 The Anglo Indian Army and Military History Ea t, by Captain Rafter, 1 vol, London. 1855 O'Byme's Naval Annual and Almanac for 1855 Capability of Steamship*, by Atherton, Chief En gineer, Woolwich, 1 vol, London, lflvS Jebb on attack and defence of ontpoeta Ottlet "a History of Remarkable Siagee p. Burn's Naval aad Military Technical Dictionary, Campbell's Dictionary of Military Science Griffith's Military Law Leech's Apopthegnw of Napoleon lenria on tie Rlie moeket , Boucher on the RMj Thackeray* RiBe Firing Naitland's Ball Practice Robertson Beemlta Rrasinski*9 Russia and Europe And other Military je 16 Work* just imparted fev FRANC* TAYLOR. GRAND HOOJLIOHr ?XCTJ?-8I0K AND PIC &I0 ?f TBI MARION R PLES, at mi WRITE HOUSE PAVILION. On TtTK.<*I>AY, Jane Ittib. IM|, ^rr*KThe C mpany take gnat plea* ?feSN?4Lareln ibbM' ctof to tbeir a*. met* u* friencsand tbe puW?e a-uerallv th?< ihry hire chartered t!ie Wfimr (JR'.'E WASHING TOW, and wlf gire * ?rand Pieur?oa rod Pic Nm on the l?ih June, 1?5 The Company *l*o pk'Uc ti.? mseIves that as pun*, expense, or labor ?toll be spared on tbetr part to give f at i*t action to those who may boat* .hem wnh th-ir n moauy The very b ai Cotillon Music hai been engaged for the i cra.ion. (fe7? Refrerhments and stipprr wifl be furntabai by an experienced caterer. ?a" Onimbu?e< wi I t?* at the Wharf on tha ar rival of the ?,oat, to cm vey passe rgera to the Navy VTd and <>e rgetown for 22 cents; to other pari of the city 18# cent*. Tickets ONK fcOLI.AR-almitf'ng * gentleman ?nd ladies; to be had of wr. member if ibe Compa ny and at t?' wharf na tbe day oi ibe nciiwoa. The boat will leave Ucurtftoim at 1; Wasblag ton at 2; Nary Yard at Sjf, and Alexandria at S o'clock p m Con -rittet of JrTan?r<mm b. Sgt J L Poiwell, ' Lt *? Lv*ns, Priv Kent Howard, Pnv H Reefer, Thoa l-aker, U' Mr H Morcaa, 8 M Spencer, Pnv Geo Bell, W P Turner. Tboa Thompson. Je 13?4 >N WCDNESDNY (i>i?n>int> leave Cone at 4 lock a in , lor- St Mary'*, Pmey Poiat, Leon towr, Wicomico, Chapel Point. _ THE POTOMAC RIVER STEA.<lliOAI COVPANY'S STEAMER ALICE G. p*iCfc CAPT -AMUPI. RAKER, WILL I.EWE WAt>H(NOT(? \T # "'CI.IK'K A. M . AND AL . . AT 7 OVL< CK A M ON TUESDAY MORNINGS tor? Mauox, Car rioman, L. Macbodor, Piney Point, Kinsale, Cone. ON FBI DAY MORNINGS for?Chapel "stat. Wicamico, Leonenilown, Piuey Point, 81. Mary'a, Cone. r ON Vclock ir-Uowr, ON SATURDAY (retu'ni-ri leaving Cone at 4 0 clock a. m , tor- Kin*ale, Piney point, L Macho, doc, Curriotn in, Mattox. Calling at th" uaual landings on the river v bet <i<mal* are made. ISy oioer of the Coard : J AS P. SMITH, President A?exa< dria, Va., June 1,1R56. te i$_tf TIMOTHY HAY Pive hundied bat<f Northern TIMOTHV II *Y, i?; lot* to ??n mm ~a*er* For sale by ROBT D. TWF.KOY, Coiner Pa. avenue ar.d 13tb at, south aide. ."e 1 j- Jt FOK HIRE-FOB A TERM OF YEARS, A Colored Boy; is simric and able 10 do the wart or n man Inquire nt 1 IB Pa avenue, bctw. ltU f?n(l 90:h sts., over Moore's Drug stcre. jff 15?3t* AT HONKI PETER RHAR0HA1 HAS BETURMD, And h?vin( taken up hi?* abide at RYDER A PLANT '8, WIP l r harpy to ?-e his dd friends at thair *t tablishmeni, No. 4U9 Seventh street, opposite Odd Pi Mow#' Ball. je 15?if DI?80LUTI0Jf OP COPABTWBBSHIP 'l^HE part er*bip hereto!ore exit-line ao<ier the I h.m of S. C Mi'!* k Co , ha? been ihic day dissolve All person* indell'd to tl?e la'* firm urt requerted t. make (Myinent ?o J Mitxe, hy whom the hu^inefa wi I be continue ; and all pemona h-tving cliums ngainet tlte late firm will pie*< nt the ?sme to him for settlement. P. C. MILLS. Je 15?8t JOHN MILLS CIGARS-CIGARS. SLTERIOH HAVANA CIGARS.?I havere:e:ved _ twenty thounanri more of those choice Opera dn-1 Concha b and*. AUo, other brand* of fine Ci fu'd. Rf)BT. D. TWEEDY, Ta. aveuue and 19th 't? , eoutn aide. Je 16? Iw PKKSON A L? ?Imormation w anien ot Thom as ltrulj??n.aiit, a ehoe cutter by ir.ule, ?tio ten Albany, N Y., on or about the 1st of January Ian, for VYafhiii^ton city, in search of employment. Any person; <>i t.i' herefcbout^ will c??i?fera tr.^at favor upon hi* ?-iB*er, Mary Arn Bridfemant, by Rri'1reM*ing her at the Star office. Je 14?Jt IOST?On Wednesday. June 13th, at the xteaT.* j b at wharf at the foot'ot" 11th street, a BLACK LEATHER TRUNK, with a smatl atri . of iroa oc each end, and boumt ac.-oss the top with doubled rope. The leather on the top of it has buraied by b'-inc wet with rain, leaving a ?mall place of naked wood The tinder will be liberally rewarded by leaving it at florae)'* Livery Stable, 7th street, be tween 11 aiul I ftreet*. for ELIZA ART 18. r 14? TYKD .LL&tC-Tu K V* A H U -HtrayM V 50.000 O ?tref?t?, on the 9C?!i u'!i:i?o a -mail ^arkj bri die Cow, w ith crumpled f:??rr?, ? iihoutj mark* of a*e. Neck r.ppear* to ha*? been ca>, and hair rubbed o(T; ear* *!it. The ab.ive reward will be paid on the return o* the said Cow. Je 14?.It* ATCHbS, JEWELRY. SILVER WJIRE, A. M. W.GALT k BRO. are constantly receiving laree invoices oi the above, and (iffcr every article in tb<-ir line, at the lotrest rata. GOLD AND SILVER WORK of every descrip tion, made to order, such a* TESTIMONIALS richly embellished, with appropriate ded^aa, SIL VER TEA SETS, DINNER SERVICES, be Precious Stones set in every styH bowevei ?.ab orate. ARMS, CRESTS, MOTTOES, kc. cut on sitae M W GALT k B^O., 914 Pa. av., between 9th and 10th Ms. ja 14?tr KIC0AH8, of ranooi brands, pan prime, will be sold low to close coa aitfnmenu HALL k HENN1NG, ;e 14 - 3t 810 8ev? ath at. LIME. OP the bestqaality, of pur. ly wood burnt, caa bt h id in any quai.uty, at all timas, at a reduced price, from SF.ELY'S Patent Kiln, corner of Vir ginia avenue and Canal street lelaud. Je 14?if JUST RECE VED AT MADAME hELARL E'S, a beautiful assart meat of new Moire Antique and Gause Ina inings for dressy, Bonnet Riband*. French Em broideries >me Laces. Also, Dress Hat*, fine Plow ers, and a great variety of Straw Bonneta, frest Perfumeries, kc. A large aascrtment of Stamped .Mu-l.ns, such as Infant's Dresses. Chemiseu, Rand and Collnrs, of which (owing to the great qaaaotj sold) the price ha* been reduced. 988 Pa. av , bet. 12th and 13th sts Madame D *olicits a continuance of the UbtraJ patronago eriended her by the ladies and for wbicb she return* her mo*t sincere thanks. je 14?3t? Dr. L. B. WRIGHT S U5PAILI5G " SCROPULOU8 APTIDOTJ," >br the PtniuinarJ Cure ?f CONSUMPTION ?4 all otke, tonus of SCROFULOV8 DI&KJSEs. TUHS Medicine i* prepared br an eminent phy" JL cian of eigLteen years practice in New Yrrfc city, dunng which tune he has constantly used u with the mo*t unbounded succeas, and created f'* it a reputation in private practice, untqmalled in tb* history of medicine, lt acts l^nedistely upon '! ? b ood, cleansing it fVom all scr^ilou* bumor* or im purities, renovaune and. br its magic powera, IN VIGORATING I HE WHOLE SYSTEM, in pr<* of w iich, hundreds of respectable witnesses fr?? the doctor's private practice have given m their timony, and entreat those suff> rin* from any *crofa lou* affection, to call upon tkem a d ?<rfu/y yovr A Treatise on Scrofulous diseases can be hsd gratis at PRINCIPAL DF.PCT 40B Broadw?>. and at D:ug Storss aencrally. CflARLE-i STOTT k CO., Agents for Waslungtoo. DR. I*. B. WRIOIIT'8 TASTELFSS ^LIQUID CATHARTIC, OK, FAMILY PHYSIC. THIS Is the BEST. CHFAPEST,and MOST EF FICIENT CATHARTIC EVER OFFERtD TO THE PUBLIC. ... ? _ It is TASTELESS, (thereby avmdlng the nau ting effect ol Piil*, Oil, Senna, kc.,) and piodaeivl no rripm* or other painful effecta. Unlike all otb sr puraanve*, it -earehes to the bottoaa of tbe rase, tbo-oughly cleanses the stomach, and les*w Lbe bowels entirely free from coativeneaa. NO FAMILY* SHOULD BE WITHOUT IT. Children drink it readily and without f'urinc, ?"? VO MEDICINE IS MORE HIGHLY REC\)M MENDED by the MEDICAL FACULTY Give it a trial and then judge for yourselves lt can be bad wholesale and ret* 1 ar E H- STA 1LER k CO'S. Baltimore, or CH AR1.ES STt^TT i CO., Wa^hineton, D. C. DR WRIGHT'S PRINCIPAL DEPOT, ??? (roadway, where the doctor an be can-ulted dai'y n disease* generally, Iran IS to a p. m . without harge. ^e IS?4m PHILADELPHIA LAO KB BUR DKP0T, 881 Pa, aia?r. Uiumtn 4k aw<16U ti* WE tavr at ali tim^s ihe b*? PHIL\ AUE1 PHI* LATER BEER oa hand and offhr it now ale tor 93 par keg, aad la quart bottles tor f1 ^ ?er doceu We send tbe bear free af c at to all iparu o< Jtr- > ihl# Maay pbyaaetaaa have racomur^nded ^ i aae of tha beet laeedHs ftw Je 1?? i

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