Newspaper of Evening Star, June 21, 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated June 21, 1855 Page 1
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VOL. V. WASHINGTON, D. THURSDAY, JUNE 21, 1S55. THE EVENING STAR PUBLISHTO EVERY AFTERNOON, (EXCEPT ?mfDAY^ At tfifi Star Builil'-*?, fornur Perjutylva*** avtri"* R'err-'th itrett, n jr D . WALLAfH, W'll >e jHirv' d v> mbKribfrs in the clti?s of Wasb In^on, Gc?wtowf, Ai? xandna, Baltimore and PhriadHpMe. at SIX AND A QUARTER CENTS,' pnynM* weekly to the Agents. To mail subscribers the subscription price is THREE DOLLARS AND FIFTY CENTS a year In France, TWO DOT L*RS for SIX MONTHS, and OXE DOLLAR fx THREE MONTHS. fcJKSmoLi con*? on ??XT. SOMETHING NYW U *DER TEE SUST. CHARLES WERNER, Pennsylvania avenue, op write Brown*' Hotel HAS fitted up the commodious ball over his Rer taurant as a first claM L.AG2R BEER 8 \ LOON, having nnvhred a supply of every luxury an Acomforts found in first class establish Ments of the Kind in the Northern cities. His RHINE WINES and French White Wines, as well as his Clarets, Se^ars, Lager Beer, German, Italian, and Sjreitzer CHEESES, and indeed rf ev ery other appropriate luxury in such an *?tabiish meet, is nr.surpas.--rd in this country. He soli'-its a call from hfe frii nds and the public. may H?tf DENTISTRY. RB. DON MjDSON, Dentist, lale of the fir? o< ? Hun- k DmI 'son, continues to manufacture anil insert those beaijtifnl porcelain teeth, ??r without gums, GJ for specimens of wbich (made ai.d de posited by the late firm) was awarded the first premium at the Mechanics' Institute Pair, recently held in this city These teeth are carvcd and shaded to suit each particnlar case, and their resemblance to the natu ral organ? U so perfect as to deceive the most prac tised eyr. Particular atten'ion also paid to filling and pre serving the natural teeth. Charges moderate ami all operations warranted. Office southwest corner Seventh and D s?s.?en trance on D. mar SI?6m LAND WARRANTS WANTED. THE ?iidenigiied will pay the highest price for Land Warrants. Slocks bought and sold on Ornnmi-fdon. HAMILTON G. FANT, No.434 Pa. avenue, Washington, ?ay 29? lm (IntalTnion) ICE-IOE?ICE! CI1ARLKS W k'RIXrt , on Pa. avenue, opposite Browns* Hotel, will keep throughout the season an ample supply of Pettibone's bi st ICE, which iie wilt sell,on call, in any quantities, at the tewest possible rates. may 29?dt:*ep30 PLEASURE TRIPS TO THE WHITE HOUSE PAVILION. The Steaiaer3 GEO. WASH INGTON or THOis COLLY Eli can be chartered for public or select parties to visit u<t White Ui>use Pavilion, Mount Vernon, Fort Washington, or otiier places on the river. The While Iiou^e Pavilion is now open for visi tor*. It is a b**auuful place for pleasure trips; it has a fine Ball ami Diuing room , also, a new Ten Pin Alley. (Xf- For particulars appiy to the President of lb? Company, or the captains ot the Boats. Mr. WILLIAM COKE is furnishing refreshment! on i he boau, and is prepared to furnish parties on the be?t terms. ap 2i??2m PURE SILVER WARE-A MAGNIFI CENT ASSORTMENT. MW. GALT k BRO. ca'l attention to their ? unusually large a^oruaent of Silverware, consisting of? Solid silver Tea Sets, complete Silver Pitchers, solid dilv r Castors Silver Cups ami Saucers. G< b!els Silver Fish Carvers and Forks. Crumb Scrapers Cake Ktuv s, Fruit Shovels, Sugar Sillers Jelly Sp .on?, Cheese Scoops Pickle Knives and Forks Oiive Spoon?, Salad Tongs, Vegetable Forks Friiii K nives, Ice Tongs, D -*sert Knivc9 Soup, Cream nnd Gravy Ladles Ice Cream Knives, Sh t Ceilars Napkin Rinss, Baiter Knives, Tea Htraincrs Tt-a, Table, and Desert cpoone and Forks of every variety Breakfa-t and dinner CoTee Spoon.-, kc. Also, a very larg* assortment of Fancy Silver ware, suitable for wedding, birth day, and other presents The abov* is ail of our own manufacture and is warr-intea to be pnre. M. W. CAT.T Si BRO., **4 Pa. 2ve., betw. 9th and lOtii sts. mrr 31?if NOT1CB.?I received this riav a new assort ment of SLEEVE BUTTONS and STUDS, of the latest styles. Ai.?, a variety of other new Goods: as Vest Chanu, Chatelaine, Brace lets, Pins Earrings, Rings, etc. Ore at inducements oSsrcd to purchasers. H. SE*KEN, No 330 Pa. avenue, bet. 9th ami 10th st?. 0&- New Points put ?o Gold P? nj at short norifv; Diamonds revested, ana Jewelry made to ord *r. mar tf PROSPECTUS Fir jruMishing a monthly Musical Work in th.4 city c f Washington. THE undesigned, at the ?olicitation of many ol thru- esteemed customers, propose publishing a monthly Musical Work, entitled The National Monthly Magical Magazine. The Magastne will eoiiinin from 'our to six pac*:= of Musie, selected from ihe best European and Na tive Composers In addition to the Music an extra sheet will be a?H d, containing the latest Musical News, Musical No.ices, kc. T!ie M igazine wi l be print- d on the best quality Music paper,and will be primed from engraved plates, in the neatest man ner. The first numbei of the Magazine will be ready about Uie 1st of July, lso5. Mr. S. V. Nov**, the Agent for the Work, will solicit subscription from the citizen* of the District of Columbia a id show a specimen number. Jakes II. Brass, No. ISO Bridge street, is the ?gent for Georgetown HI!.BUS k BIT'/., Music Depot, cor. Pa. av., and D sis, Star Buildmss, Washington, D. C. j?ae 4?tf m A GARD. m Economy t.t tLe road to wealth.'1 Greet Redaction in the price of Hats ft Caps fl'U E undersigned, havin? maile arranuem* nts i with a New York Hat Company to be con eiaatly supplied with the very best Moleekin or 1>UE8S HATS, got up in the latest style, offers litem at the uuprecedentej low pnee of $J,50, worth from fsur to five dollar3; second quality, w?jrth from $J,.r>0 to .jl; and a very good fashion able Hat at $2,5", worth from f3 to $1,50. Al?t?, He< be A Co's Hal*, at i iuu?h less advance Ulan ihey have been here totire ?old in litis city. Fir?t rate beaver Hats ^8,5 All kinds of suit H ATS and CAPS very low. In order to sell at the above low prices the cash ?ystem must be adopted ; consequently those who purchase will not be charged from fifteen to twenty Ave per cent, as an offset for bad debts. ANTHONY, (for many years in the employ of Todd k Co.) No. 3,Columbia place, 7th St., ap .'3? tf 2d door nortb ot Penn. avenue. FINE WATCHEa HAVING made a considerable addition to my stock of ?old nrvTiss pstbitt lsvsis, and labis?' watches Of first quality, heavy 18 carat] i\l?, SILVER WATCHES for boys. I or-1 them at grei?lly reduced pricee. The ?wibuiii are selected with great carr, and every Witch is warranted. Persona in want of a fine timekeeper are invited lo examine my assortment. 11 SEMKEN Ny. S30 Pa. avenni*, b. tw. 9th and K?h su. JO REf^E'S EAGLE PLUMBING AND GAS-FITTING DEPOT. THE subscriber rerpectfiiNy annoitnces to his friend* and the public in general thai he has re ceived the h>st lot of the celebrated DODGE'S DOCBLE ACTING SUCTION AND FORCE PUMP, which received the SILVER KKD.iL at in* k*ie F*Uof the Metropolitan Mechanic^' lnsu tute, and is now pet pared lo furnish ail who may favor him with * call. His stock.ofOAS FIXTURES arc unsur passed in the District. With bis corps of i.ompet^at workmen he pndt-? bin.^if to filliiny order. in Uie PLUMBING AND ' ' ,J'!* 'J"0 Wllb proaiptnvts and despatch. e^-.\ll work doue warrai;!e.l ui give complete sati*jaction JOHN bM^E; may 3-tf tor. Kith st. and Pa avenue. DO YOU WANT FIRST RATE ICE CREAM ? GO ai once to ARN Y, Budge street, Georgetown be was awarded a MEDAL by the Metropoli tan Mechanics' Institute, for ICE CKKAHS, WA Tg? ICES, mm4 CAKES. may ?6?ioU HAIR WORK. /'ORNAMENTS oi Hur, such as Bracelets, Chat V/ Plains, Chains, Breastpins, Earring, Finger *bj2s, tn<*d(- to order, of anjr desired dt-sign. All or4ei< faithfully attended to. Hpec"w^ns may be lew at my store. II 4CMIfVN No 330 Pt a?, between 9UJ and lWi ?Uf ?*/ M JOBH R KLVA58. WILLI AU THOtfPSOB. KLVA.SK * Tfl MPSOM, OKALKHS IN HARDWARE, COACH TRIMTNQS, Ac.. Mo 3Si? PcnniyIvauU iv<nui< between AnUh and Tenth streets, Washington, D. C. HOUSE FURNISHING HARDWARE. Britannia, German Silver, Albaui and Silver Plated Tea, Table and Desert Spoons Carvers and Fork*, Steels, Knives with and with out Fork* Grass, Britannia, BIockTin and Plate 1 Candlesticks; Shovel and Tongs, W'affla Irons, S id irons Maslin and Bell Metal Kettles, Furnaces,Gridiro..e, Ovons, 8tc. BUILDING MATERIALS. Rural Cottage, Closet, Cupboard, Chest, Till, Pad and Trunk Locks Shuttle. Door, and Blind Hinge s, Screws, Cut and Wrought Nails, Bolts Brad's Shutter Screws and gtubbs. Door Springs, Handrail Screws, Door Knobs Bell Pulls, Door Sheaves and Rail, &c. CABINET MAKERS' GOODS. Hair Cloth, Curled Hair, Moss, Gimps, Sofa and Chair Sprinzs Veniiian Blind Hooks, Rack Pulleys, Roller Ends, Brackets, Furniture Nails Glue, Coffin Handles and Screws, Diamond Screw Plates, flic CARPE NTERS' GOODS. Planes, Saws, Drawing Knives, Spokeshaves, Chis els and Gouges, Plane Irons Augers, Braces and Bitts, Boring Machines, Ham mers, Hatchets, Devels Bevils, Squares, Guages, Axes, &c. BLACKSMITH AND COAt H MAKERS GOODS. Black and Bright Springs, Axles, Felloes, Spokes, Hubs, bows. Suaiu, Poles Sieigh Runners, Silvered and Brass Ban U, Stump Joint*, Stump Collars. Top Props Curt run Frames, Lamps, Inside Linings, Lining Silks. Damask, Seaming Cords Tufts, Ta-isels, Buttons, Tacks, Fringes, Laces, and Plain and Enamelled Canvass Russia Duck, Enamelled Leather, Dash Leather, Blc. EL VANS a THOMPSON, ja 1?Bin 396 Pa. avenue INHALATION FOR THH CURB OF Asthma and Coasnmpticn. NEW AND VERY WON D HRFUL!!! HYGEANA Brought heme to the door of the Million A WONDERFUL discovery has recently been x\. made by Dr. Curtis of this city, in (he treat ment of Consumption, Asthma, and all dis?a?w>9 of the Lung*. W<- refer to DR CURTIS'S HY<iE ANA OR INHALING HYGEAN VAPOR AND CHERRY SYRUP." With this new method, Dr C. ha> restored many afflicted outs to health, as an evidence of which he has innumerable certificates Speakin? of the treatment, a physician remarks, "It is evident that I haling?constantly breathing an asree able. heali. g vapor?the medicinal properties mast comf in direct contact with the wliole srial cavitie of the lunn, aad thus escape the many an 1 varied changes produced upon them when inUo iluct d int. > the stomach, and subject to the process ofd;:; tion" The llvgena is for sale at al; the Dra-ai-t's throughout trie country.?iff. York DuUK. man of Jan. 14. The Inha'er Is worn on the breast under the linen without thi least inconvenience?the heat of the l> dy being sufficient u> evaporate the fluid Hun dreds of cases of cures, like the following, micbt he named. One package of the Ilygana has cured me of the Asthma of six years' standing. J F Kiefbcrry, P. M. of Duncannon, Pa. F am cured of th c Asthma of ten years' Blinding by Dr. Cuttis's Hygeana. Margaret Easton, Brooklyn, N. Y. Mr?. Paul, of No. 6 Hammond street, N Y, was cured of a severe case of Bronchitis by the Hy My sister has been cured of a distressing coujh of sev- years' standing, and decided to bo inctira We b, the physicians, the was cured in one month by the ilygtana. J. H. Gacbht, P. M. Richmond, Mr. The Rev. Dr. Chkiver, of New York, testifies of our medicii.e in t;;c lollowiug language: New York. Nov. 15, 1854. Dear Sir?i think highly of Dr. Curtiss tlvp-ana as a remedy iii diseases of the throat and L.;:t;gs - H ?v had opportunity to testify its efficacy, I am convinced that it is a most excellent n.ed'? eine, both the Syrup and the inhaling application to the cheat. Prof. S. Cent** writes us as follows: Ger.tlotnen?I have recently had occasion to test your Cherry Syrup and Hygean Vapor, in a case of chronic .ore throat, that had refuse,! to yktd to oth r* lorms of treatment, and the result lias satisfied me that, whatever may be the composition of your preparation, it is no imposition, but an excellent remedy. I wish, for the sake ofcthe afilieted, that it tii'jht be fcrou:?h' within the reach of all. Dr Johns, one of the moat celebrated Physicians in N-.'w York writes as follows: Dr. Curtis?Dear Sir?Having witnessed the ex cellent efiecls of your Hygeana < r inhaling H.rg;;an Vapor and Cherry Syrup, in case of Chronic liion cii:tis, and beinc niach in favor of counter irritatioa in afTecooiis of the throat. Bronchial tubes and lungs I can therefore cheerfully recommend your Medi cated Apparatus as being the most convenient and ??f?.ctual mode of applying anything of the kind 1 have ever seen. No doubt, thousands of penons may be relieved, and many cured, by using you/ medicines. I must here i?e allowed to confess that I am op posed to prescribicg or using secret com|tounri*, bat this little neatly contrived article, and its effects in the case above alluded to, have induced me to speak in its favor. You are at liberty to use this in any way you may. think proper. IleapectftiJly, yours, &e. C. Johns, M. D., No. 609 Houston street, N. Y. Piacc three dollars a package Sold by CURTIS A PEKKINS and BOYD k PALL, No 149 ''hambers street, N. Y. Four packages sent free to any part of the United States for ten dollars. N. II ? Dr. Curtis's Hygeana is the ORIGINAL and ONLY GENUINE ARTICLE; all others are base imitations, or vale and injurious counterfeits. Shun them as you would POISON. For sale in Vvaehington l>y CHARLES STOTT, Pa. av*-nue, near 7th street; and J. B. MOORE, in the First Ward. may 22?8m "dentistry. DR. MUNSON respectfully call* public attention to hi < new. patent, and GREATLY ^pi^^ IMPROVED method of setting Artificial JEdflK Teeth, with Continuous Gum?the vcry^111-17 PERFECTION OF THE ART. Thisstyle ofTeeth has the following advantages over all others, vir : GREAT STRENGTH, CLEANLINESS, COM FORT, and BEAUTY, vieing with Nature in these respects, and in some others excelling. Public iu spection is respectfully solicited. 1'lcate call and bee specimeus. CAUTION.?No other Dentist in the District of Columbia has a right to make this style of Teeth. W. B?Teeth constitutionally healthy, plugfod and warranted for life. Office and bouse at No. 998 E street, near the comer of Pennsylvania avenue and 14th street. ap94?tf History of the corps of royal sap pers and Miners, by Coaolly, Quartermaster r-ergeant of the Corps, 2 volumes, London. 1855 Sir Howard Douglaas on Naval Operations in the Black S?sa, pamphlet, London, 1855 The Anglo Indian Army and Military History in the Eart. by Captain Kafter, 1 vol, London. 1855 O'Byrne's Naval stnnual and Almanac for 1855 Capability of Steamships, by Atherton, Chief En gine.r, Woolwich, 1 vol, London, 1856 Jebb on attack and defence of outpoats ? Ottle>'s History ?f Remarkable Sieges Bum's Naval and Military Technical Dictionery, eu'argea Campbell's Dictionary of Military Science Griffith's Military Law Leach's A^cpth^Kins of Napoleon Jervis on the KiQ< musket Boucher on the Rifle Thackeray's Rifle Firing Naitland'a Ball Practice Robertson Recruits Krasinski's Rusaia and Europe And other Military Works just imported by je 16 FRANCK TAYLOR. GREAT BARGAINS IN LADIES', GENTS', MISSES', AND CHIL DRENi' BOOTS AND SHOES.?^The subscriber betng compelled to remove fromBBsI the store he now occupies, offers his prea W i^j ent well assorted itock of BOOTS AND SHOES at greatly reduced prices. All persons in want of tue arucle will find it to their advantage to "11 before purchasing elsewhere. A. H. SLOAN, No 90# Pa. gy. near 10th ?t.. aortb aide. awy l?Ju 1,1 1 SELLING OFF. WE have concluded to quit the fancy silk tra le, and in order ?o reduce <^ur large stock we j?a'1 00,8''t-'nc? to day selling i ff owr entire stock rn<nrC? Sr?CddeVP,8,id an,, StriPed. Col'd Silks at LUbT, and many for l?;ss. Aluo, all Printed Bareges, and thin Dress Goods at por Cfnt l?fs than formrr prices. LaiJie? and purchasers generally are invited to FXantde our assortment before making their selec tions, as we are determined to < ffer greni bargains, v ??,a COLLEY k. REARS, ? io ^ Seventh st, 3 doors north Fa av. Je 13? eo2w Dr. L. B. WRIGHT S UFIFAILIITO "SCROFULOUS ARTIDOTI," ftrr the Permanent Cure of CO*SUMPTIO\ and all other forms of SCROFULOUS DISEASES. I'HIS Medicine i? prepared by an eminent phvsl 1 cianof eighteen years pru-tice in New York city, during which time he has constantly used it with the raw unbounded sticcees, a?i<l created for it a reputation in private practice, unequalled in the history of medicine, ft act* immediately nrAn the b.ood, cleansing it from all scrofulous humors or im renovating and. l>v its imgic por/ers IN VIGORATING THE WHOLE SYSTEM, iu proof of w.iicb, hundreds of respectable witnesses from the doctor's private practice have given in their tes timony, and entreat those suffering from any scrofu se/r?8 l? COU UP?n tfle7n a fl SXh~'fy l'otir" A Treatise on Scrofulous diseases can be had gratis at PRINCIPAL DEPOT 409 Broadway, and at D. ug Str.res gencral'y. CHARLES t/J'OTT li CO., Agents for Washington. DF-. L. B. WRIGHT'S TASTELESS "LIQUID CATHARTIC," OK, FAMILY PHYSIC. THIS is the BEST. CHE APEST,and MOST F.F _ the PUJl?c?.t,iartic evefl offered It i--TASTELESri, (thereby avoiding the nau ea ing t fleet of Pills, Oil, Senna, 8ic.,) and pioduciiiu no griping or other painful effects. Unlike all oth !LllUr.laUTeV.t *e,arehea to ihe bottom of the dis thoroughly cleanse? th? stomach, and leaves tije bowels entirely tree from cos*iveness. ^OFAMILV SHOULD BE WITHOUT IT. v<v" ,r^ad'i>r m"' without forcing, and NO MEDICINE IS MORE HIGHLY BECOM MENDED by the MEDICAL FACULTY l?ive it a trial and then judge for yourselves 'tJr?n be had wholesale and retail at E. H. STA i! J?: |{altiir-o'?:, or CHARLES STOTT & CO., Washington, D C. DR WRIGHT'S PRINCIPAL DEPOT, 409 Broadway, where the doctor i*an be consulted daily on diseases generally, irom 12 U>2 p. m., without charge. jel3-6m WASHINGTON STOPK MlNUFACT:RY, S. E. corner of Pa. av. and Eleventh street, Sole Agency for CHILSON. GOULD &. CO.'S Warming and Ventilating Apparatus, POND & CO.'S (ol Bo*ton) Inien Double-Oven fookin? Ranse, J. L. MOTT'S (of New York) INVINCIBLE DOUBLE-OVEN RANGE. ^3*nt'y (!n hanJ> an'1 r' ceivin; LATR03E , V,n^.'.X?TI^a,m?tw,)3,cr! 'st"' p*rtor and ChHM . .'.^1 fd a,1<1 Japann;d Cooking, Mall, I arlor, Chamber and Dining I'ooiu S I OVES u'pE,?:?mell?l Iron HOLLOW ARE; Block Piu, Planished and J:ii>am;pd WARE in ereat variety. All of which will be m.I<1 at the lowest Mile rates, that will compare favorably with any F^.-tak hshment sooth of New York. An examination of myst!>'?!; is earnestly solicited. ?p 13?3m JAS SKIRVING Fans perfumery, toilet articles) *c.?We h&v? now m store a Ur^o vari ety ot finean.l common Fa?n,'s and Lu bin's celebrated Perfumery, Itri'Mies, ( 'obiIk I'ooth Powder*,, playing and visiting Cards, fine Pcrtmon nues, Cigar Case*, Card Cases, Ba-kets, Canes, ftc , S c., all of which we are selling <?ut at taw prices to suit the times at ifcc Piano. Muric, Sta tionery, Perfumery, anil Fancy Gonds Store or JOHN F. El.LIS, . 300 Pr*.. avena , bit. yih and 1<>U? stj. navS3~tf N'EW^OOKS RECEIVED AT . .. SHILLIIVOTOrs. 1 lie Watchman, will be found a fittieg companion to the popular and simple sioiy of the LarnD lighter v Harpers' Magazine fut June?-commeacen a new volume The Mi.-sitig Bride, by Mrs. Southworth The Two (.'uarrlians, by the author of Heartsea-c Blanch Lorwood, a t.-Je of modi rn lite Virginia, Harper's Sto-y Book for June A Hook of Thoughts, Memorite, end Fancies, by Mrs Jameson Peetw from a Belfry, or the Paris Sketch Book Leaves irom a Fam ly Journal, bv th-j author of At tic Philosopher in Paris Joy and Care, a fri.-ndly book for vouiip mothers, bv Mrs rfuthill. ' * All tlie new bfx'ks ptthli-h^d received immediate ly afterwardgj an*j every thing in :h? stationery hue , tor ,a!e SHILLINGTON'8. Bookstore, 0 :eon Buildiug, Je * Cotncr*t, aad Pa. av. MORE BAR G AINS. ?ion S ?. SIROOT, Brvlge ttreet, south tide, near High, Oeorjriovti, HAS j?st received a lurther supply of seasonable Gof>js, amongst which will be found vO pieces good styles fa3t colored Law ns at 12U 10 do plain black and white and black do. 30 do rich plaid Ginghams ami Gingham Lawn* ?<0 do dotted and rich cqib'd Muslins M do plain Swiss and Naiusook do 40 do Jaconet and Cambric do 30 do plaid and striped do 25 Grass Cloth Skirts 3<i corded and damask do White and colored Watered Moreens pieces' light pretty styles Calicos 10 do Barr-ge de Laines at 12Wc 2 <io Buff iihade Linen With an a^sorUnent of seasonable atyle: of ^Io?m. ?*'many other very desirable Goods, to which the attention of eaxh or prompt customers is invited, as we are constantly receiving new goods and are selling them at prices to suit the time". ' may 29? if j |j. *MOOT. Ornct Clkbk or Hobbe ok Bars , U S , > JuneG, 1B55 J SEALED PROPOSALS will be received at this office until 12 o'clock m.. on Sa'iirday, 30th of June nrxt, lor furnishing for the usi-of Hie Hou-e of Representatives two hundred tons be*t ANTIIRA ClfE COAL, white ash. The coal must be purs and clean, 100 tons of large egg use, and 100 tons in lumps about the size of a fourteen pound Wiight. 2,240 pounds u< the ton, and delivered free of extra charge in the vaults of the Capitol. Also, for furnishing for the use of the House of Representatives, two hundred cords of first quality seasoned HICKORY WOOD, twenty five cords to be sawed twice, the balance to be sawed once : the whole to be measured, sawed, and stowed away in the vaults of the Capitol at the expense of the con tractor. Both W'">od and coal are to bo delivered on or be fore the 15th of October next, and to be subject to inspection as to qualify, weight, and measure by a person to be appointed en the i>art of the House of Rej resentatives j. VV. FOBNEY, Clerk House of Representatives, U. S. je 7?Th4t * PKRION9 WITH DEFECTIVE vision are invited to examine my extensive stock of all kinds of SFECTA CL.ES and E\ E-GLASSL^. Glasses of any kind, such as Cataract, Pambola, ? ? Periscopic, Double Concave, Double Convex, and Colored Glasses, put in at short notice, with great care, and persons in want ?f glosses may be sure to get those which benefit the eye. Circulars "Defective Vision," gratis at H H KM KEN'S, 330 Pa. avenue, bctw. 2th and 10th *U. mar 30 I)'C NIC BASKETS.?Just oj>cned a variety of Pic Nic, Traveling, Card, Office, Work, School and Toy Basket*. Also, a lot of Frtsh Perfumery, from A polios, St. Harrison and Jules Hanel, Philadelphia. Combs, Brushes, Fans, Playing am) Visiting Cards, Card Cases, Porte Monnaies, Jet G-o !s, Pocket Cutlery, Cafw, Music, Musical Instrument-, Stationery, he ? J?"N F. ELLIS, . ? , 3#6 Pa. av., bet. 9th and 10th sts. je Bgtf ALL 8THANGHKS visiting the City should see Hunter's Catalogue of the Curiosities of the Patent Office. Also, his Desenprmn ot Powell's Great Picture. IIU M'UI is to be seen at Ninth street, may 31-3n* Aactton Hals* i By ?T, c. flcQUlREi Ane(lanttf< RUSTEfi'S PALE OP VALUABLE AND EL igibly situated Real E-??te on the Island.- By virtue ol a deed of trust, bearing date on Mir 6th day of Mine, 1655,and recorded in Liter J A. P., No. 3tf, fol?ns 1J6, 4c . the ?u scribe r will sell, at pub lic sail.*, oil T!I(JK8!>AY, the 21st day of June, 1855, at 5% o'cl?K*k p. nr.* on the premises. the north halt of Lot No. 12 and the whole of Lot 13 in Square .543, the whole fronting 70 ieet6 inehCs ci> street ^ltwec'n K an,l L streets south, and running back li)? feet to an aifcy, with the btilriingc a>-d im provemenu. which .Ir*; two two story and cue cot tage built Frame Dwelling H'rMei., well and sub stantially built, or so much tliercu! ej h? necea sarv to satisfy suid deed of tru;t. The above property j* situated in a rapidlv im proving part of the ri;y, and offer - a favorable op portunity t< persons desirous of obtaining a residence or investing. The te?ms of sale will be one fouith cash ; residue m 6, 1-2,and 18 months, fur notes bearing interest from cay of sale, secured by a deed of tru-t upon the property. If the terms of si'e are not complied with in .-ix days after the sale, the property will be resold nt tlie risk and expense ot the purchaser. All conveyancing at cost of purchaser. CHAS. S WALL \CH, Trustee JA8. C. MGI'IRE, j? 15?d Auct ?oneer. By GRICKR SCOTT. Anttlonc?n. VALUABLE IMPROVED PROPERTY NEAR the Navy Yard at Auction?-On THURSDAY the 21st instant, at 9 o'clock p. ni., we shall sell, in front of the premises, part of L't No. 3, and *11 of Lot 4, in equare No. 881 it being the prop-rty be longing n Mr Samuel T. Little, siiuated on >-r>uth L, between fith and 7th streets east, and near the Navy Yard Market. On lot No. 3 is a go d, sub stantial, and conveniently arranged Crick ''welling (louse. Lot No 4 has a fr nt on L street,<f 5u fw, and will be subdivided to suit pnr<"ha-ers. on a part of which is a good brick store h'*se or office VVe de iu it unn? cessaiy to say anything relative to the desirable location of the abovo described property, as it is wli known. Title indisputable Terms: One-sixth cash ; balance in 6. 12, 18, 24. 30, an?J 36 montiis, the purchaser to give n^ites for the deferred payments, bearing interest from day of sale. A deed given and a deed of trust taken. GREEN ft SCOTT, je 15?d Auctioneers. ?y GRKKI* <* SCOTT AncMon?*ri. TRUSTEE'S SALE OF HOUSE ANl> Li >T A f Auction ? On FRIDAY, the 29th June 1855. I shall sell in front of the premises, at 6}? o'clock in , by virtue of a deed of trust from Henry \V. Ham ilton to the subscriber, bearing date the sixth d.?v of February. 1855. and filed lor record 12lh Ft bruary, lb55, all that piece or parcel of ground, in the eiiy of Washington, in the District ol Columbia, known as Lot No. 11, in Square No. 49'?, together with the improvements, which are a good two story Uriel: House, Stc. The above described property fronts on 6th street west 47 rrel, between I and K streets south, run ning back to a 150 feet alley, containing 4,200 -ou.ue feet. Terms: One frunh cash; the balanc! in 6.12and 18 months, ih? purchaser to give notes for the de ferred payments, bearing interest from day of sale. A deed given and ade.-d of trust taken. CRAVEN ASH FORD, Trustee. GREEN & SCOTT, Auctioneers. And at 0 ?r?.!o- k, ?ame *vti?ln^. w? shall sell a good Pant Shop, situated on 6ih street, immediately opposite Island Hnl'. Terms ta^li. GREEN ii ^OTT, je 7?eoStds Auctioneers. By ?1AS? t'. MctiUlHR, Ancflvn?*ri< \JALUADLE HALF SQUARE OF GROUND at Auction?On FRIDAY afternoon, June 22d at 6 o'clock, on the premises, I shall sail Lots No?. 1,2. 3,4,5, 13.14,15, and i6, in Square No. 159, fronting respectively on Rhode Island avenue, 17th and North tl t trcets The wboh-forms half a square, contair ins 112, 000 square fset. and is one of th* most elevated sit uations in the city, at a short distance from, and in full vi?w of. the 1'ublic Buildings. Terms e.t t!ie sale. JAB. C. McGUIRE, ir 9?eo&ds Auctioneer. By J AS. C. flcUUIRE, Auctioneer? CU1ANOERY SALE OF VALUABLE imnr. v J / Rta! E-tate a-id M.trkt Garden by vinne of a i ccrue of the Circuit Court of the li-iriet<J' <"o lu:cbia f?r Washington county, made in the r use wnerein Mary Hoffman, adm nistratrii und h' irat law of Thomas Moore, deceased, is co i plainant, and Hat nah Moore, and J tnes Moore, and Laura Ann M ;ore his wife, heirs at law of said Thomas Moore, deceised, are diLndanu, No. 1,067 ineh.n eery, tne subscriber, trustee appointed by taid de cree, will sell at public auction, on TUESDAY the 10th .?ii> o: July, Iff 5, at 6 o'clock p. in , on the premises. t??e whole of square Nr>. 303. in the city of Washington, fronting .10 fte on each of lltliand lith streets and 202 feet 2 inches on each of V a?> i VV .-tre< Ls n ith. Mid containing about C2;6"2 square feet of ground, with buildings, improvements and upp'irtenances, which consist ot a well at:d f'Ups antially huilt two-sU^ry dw iliug l.onse and fiatne stable, &c. The atH.v<' property is eligibly situated and rapid ly enhancing in value, and ha- been occupied und cultivated a market garden for many yea s, is in an excellt lit condition for that purp t.-e, and with in a very short distance ot either of the city mar kets, and offers :o persons de'irous of obtain n* a valuable market garden or making an investment, a rare opportunity. The terms of sale, as prescribed by tin; said de ciee, will be one-fourth of the purchase money to be puid in cash, and the balance in 6, i2, 18 and 24 months, to be s*eu;ed by the purchaser's note bearing interest from the day of the sale, with secu rity to be approved by the trustee. Upon the full payment of the ptirci.ase money and int< tc ;, and the ratification of the sale by tb? Court, the trustee will convey th'- property io th? purchaser in lee. If the terms ol sale are not coiuplied wltn in sii days atier the ?ale the property will i>e re?old at the risk and expanse of the purchaser, upon one week's notice. .Ail oonveyaiicu>g at expense of purchaser. Cli \S H WALLACH, Truitee. JAB. C. MCGUIRE, je 15?eo&ds Auetii.neer. Br J. C AlcGUIRi, nUi'tton?tr. TIIUSTKE'S SALE OF VALUAISLE I Ml Rov ed Property in tae First Ward.?On MONDAY afternoon, June 25th, at o'clock, in front of th' premises, by virtue of a deed of trust,duly n corded, ic., the subscriber will sell that valuable piece of properly situated at the corner of Pennsylvania avenue and 19ih streeu The iuipnn'enieuu con sist of n large and ( omtnodicus three-at; ry brick dwelling house, w:th coach house-, and o her out buildings. Term?cash. W. A. MIX, Trustee. JAS. C. MeGUlRfc, Je 16?d Auctioneer. By J. C. DKcGllIllIC* A utHou.-tr. VERY DESIRABLE DWELLING HOUfcE AT Public Auction.?On TUESDAY afternoon. June ^6, at o'clock., on the premises, 1 shail sell part of Lot No. 3, in Square N<>. 421, situated at the comer of 8t!i street west and M street north, with the improvements, consisting of a substantial and well-finished two-story b >ck building, contain ing iu all two large airy parlors, dining room, and kitcben on the tir?t floor and six food chambers above, together with a sublc and wood shed at rear of the lot. This property is delightfully situated in one of the most plehsant aud he .ltby pirts of the city for u pri vate residence ; a row of shade trees surrounds the building-, a pump of exc> Rent water is near !<y and many other advantages, rendering it a very desira ble residence. Terms: One-tbird cash; the residue in 6,12,18, und 21 mouths, with interest, seuurtd by a desd of trust on the premises. JAS. C. McGUIRE, je 18?d Auctioneer. By .'A8. C. IScGUlHE, Auct louder. I RUSTEE'S SALE OP VALUABLE HOUSE and Lot on the corner of F street rwutJi and 3d street west.?By virtue of a deed in trust from Jno. F. Tolson and wife, the subscriber will sell,at pub lie sale, on THURSDAY, the 28th day of June, 1855, at 5^ o'clou't p. in , on the premises, purls ot Lots No*. and 25, in .-'quare No 139, fronting 45 feet ou F street south, by 66 feet 6 inche* on 3d rt. west, with the buil lings and improvements, which consist of a wotl built two story frame house, with brick bakery attached. The a-ove property is eligibly situated on the Island, at.d offers a favorable opportunity to persons deriring a residence ot to make an investment. The terms of sate v* ill be ont-third cash, and the balance in 6,18 and 18 months, for notes bearing in terest from tbe day of sale, secured by a dted of trust on the prop riy. If the terms of sale are not complied with in six days after thesnle, the property will be resold st tbe risk and expense of the purchaser. AH conveyancing at expense of purchaser. CHAS. S WALLACH, Trustee. JAE? C. McGUlKfc, je 5?eofcds Auctioned. EVENING STAR. ARTIFICIAL SIOffK MAHUFACTURE. Meetings ?re being held in New York with regard to the newly discovered mode of manufacturing a substitute lor building purposes. Prof. Mapes explains the quality and composition of the arti cle as follows: "We have here a mixture of the ordi nary plaster of Paris, sand and blood: in the mixture of which, it is natural that a hard and compact composition would b.^ formed, although the articlea them selves do not vary from the common ar ticles of commerce: but In their admix ture they undergo several chemical changes, which entirely overthrow their single tendencies, and form the substance such as I bold before me. Blood contains a large amount of pot ash, which seizes hold of the sand and renders it soluble, and it is to this silicite of potash formed that the stone becomes of its apparent quality. It h?s a strange power when it meets with the albumen, which is one of the constituents of .the blood: but if the albumen of b'ood meets with the silicite of potash, a chemical process takes place, ?"id it is then not soluble from the action of water. But when it is diffused through the mass, as here, the chemical change is slow. The albumen is divided into infinitesimal pro portions, and if it be caught in the me chanical {osition, anc there becomes coagulated, it forms a kind of binding matter between these parts, and if tbese parts be not soluble (in which state we already have shown them to be) you have all the requisitions of stone- for you will find a hardness and strength, as in the proportion of the escape of all gase? by time, aud a more perfect fragment grows by age. Tu the blood, also, you have a quantity of Iron, which, diffused throughout the mass, forms an additional strengthening component, as it is the better mixed into the substance. lie went on to explain that time would ' add to the quality of the article, although too early exposure was not advantageous to it?he would recommend that it bi laid aside at least for a few days, and be coated with an insoluble condiment of some kind, which would protect the in | terior during the process of hardening. He looked for a new era in the art of de sign as growing from the int-oduction of 1 this artificial stone, which, on examina tion, he found could be manufactured at small expense, in a short tin.e and ot 51 eat durability. ARKCDOTE OF SHELLEY. Shelley took great pleasure in making paper boats, and floating them on the water. So long as his paper lasted he remained riveted to the spot, fascinated by this peculiar amusement. All waste paper was rapidly consumed, then the covers of letters, next letters of little value; the most precious contributions' of the most esteemed correspondents, a' though eyed wistfully many times, and often returned to his pocket, were sure to be sent in pursuit of the former squad rons. Of the portable volumes wh;ch were the companions of his rambles? and he seldom went out without a lx>ok? ;he fly-leaves were commonly wanting; he had applied them as our ancestor Noah applied gopher wood. But learn ing was so sacred in his eyes that he never trespassed fuithcr upon the integ rity of the copy?the work itstlf was al ways respected. It has been said that he once found himself on the north bank of the Serpentine river without the ma terials for indulging those inclinations which the sight of water invariably in spired, for he had exhausted his supplies on the round pond in Kensington liar dens. Not a single scrap of paper could be found, save only a bank note for fifty pounds. He hesitated long, but yielded at last, lie twisted it into a boat, with the extreme fineness of his skill, aud committed it with the utmost dexterity to fortune, and watching its progreas, if possible, with a still more intense anxiety than usual. Fortune often favors those who fully and frankly trust her; the northeast wind gently wafted the costly skiff to the south bank, where, during the latter part of the voyage the ven turous owner waited its arrival with pa tient solicitude. Selections feom Punch.?Short Lec ture to Young Ladies, llave a good piano or none. Bo sure to have a dreadful cold when requested "to favor the company." Cry at a wedding. Scream at a spider. Never leave your curl-papers in the draw ing-room. Drop your handkerchief when you are going to faint. Mind you are engaged if you don't like your partner. Abjure ringlets on a wet day. It's vulgar to know what there is for dinner. Nuts aro bad if you are going to sing. Never Bee a black coat as long as there is a red one, and always give the preference to the elder brother, (iet married at St George's if you can?at all events, get married. A Noted Truth. If " every man has his price," as gome human appraiser has said, so has friendship. And, in many cases, an enemy is only a friend returned dishonored for want of funds to meet him with. "A Quiver full of Daughters." Happy is he who?according lo Lord Granville's new version?has a quiver full of daugh ters ; and happier still, if all that are in the quiver meet with the proper bow. Scientific Definition by a Young IVifc? Economic Botany. Buying three bad ge raniums with the price of Frederick "s second best vest and trousers, that frock ;oat, two hats, a pair of Wellington's [they did want soleing), and the horrid lough outside great coat you always bated to see him in. "Bbnepit of Clkrgy."?Rev. W. W. Dakius having been seized for his wine bill, the English Court decided that his being a royal chaplain secured him from ufrest. THE WEEKLY STAR. Thto eicflleet Family and New* Joweal??* twiunc a p?m rarirv of tacrorttaf n?ada?f Mumi ?ao be f?UBd in any otber?'* jmMUhrd oa Su?H?r mi*. Bitlflf CJp]^| pHf KIHIU III 1 rw ** *WM< Till winm l?m t w??? dO.tim ?>?n>ffw i?h?? ? ? .? ?.?? iinMnnti W 0*?" Cam, tunuiiLT m iDv*?n. ffij~ Sin** eopfc* (in wr?|?pm?) can b? pnvanA at the coutil-r, inuB?U3toiy allot th? nwr of' J* papei. Prior?thui ?bmt*. PorrBA*T?? who act a* will be aMow*4 a e?T?mw?ifin of twenty [>^r e? nt. 4> ALWuYS CABBY JET MONEY HEBE ' We have often laughed at tha illustra tion)* which we hare had occasion to en counter of the truth of the poet's coup let : u Th<r fruit* of our ureitb^r* wi h ?reeJoni we Mam., Bat tax i-ct our?i!%*?*? ihru;U we practice the ?-mo." A friend mentions an amusing circum stance corrobcrating this, of which he was himself an eye-witnes* : I was standing, he said, in the railroad depot at Cincinnati, just as the train was preparing to start. There was a great crowd, as usual, in the building, and all at once a man, who had put his hand in his undercoat pocket behind to take out his pocketbook to pay his fare, exclaimed, his face glowing with excitement: ?? I've been robbed! ThefP are thieves ibout here! Some villain has taken my pocketbook with over a thousand dollars in it!" 44 Where did you carry ycur pocket book, sir ?" "In my undercoat pocket, sir, be hind !" "Then, sir, you can scarcely blame the individual who has taken it," replied the other, in a very pompous, self-satis tied, patronising rnanrxr, and in 4,a voicc of warning," intended for the cars of all the bystanders. 44 Yes, sir, you oiler, if I may say so, a temptation, a premium. >ir, upon theft by carrying money in I such a placc. Now, Fir, I always carry my money Acrr," he continued, putting his hand into an inside breast pocket of his coat,44 and there it is always" ? 44Safe," he would have said : but he suddenly drew out fcis hand, as if he had been bitten by an adder, exclaim ing: 4- Why, my pocketbook is gone, too! Thieves ! thieves ! thieves ! L;t no one go out of the depot!" The adfrice was acted upon, by doing which I )th were found upon the tioor, where they bad been droppexi by the adroit thief, who then mingled in the large and promiscuous crowd. The fault of both had been a lack of personal watchfulness in such a place. Lach had 44 practiced the same," as the sage Dogberry says, they were t3th 44 in a case. "?Rochester DcmocrcU. A Very Extraordinary Disease has lately made its appearance in a few fam t ilies in this city?some of them eminent in wealth and position? which has con founded our physicians, becau-e of its novelty. Atlirstthey classed it under the head of e:rysipelas, but as it would not bear that classification, some of them have given it the name of 44the plague." It appears at first in some discolored spot, say on the face, and extending, without suppuration, it soon destroys life, as if by a general mortification. If suppur ation takes place, it passes off; but if not, death is sure to follow. There is no con tagion about it, and it is not epidemic in any form. One or two physicians have icsorteel to the knife, and cut out the plague spot on its first appearance, and so havesaved life. Fever and delirium attend the pro gress of the disease, if 4'the spot" is left to spread. Such is our information; but as have seen no case with our own eyes ?and if we had, should not be able to describe it scientifically?what we say must be taken with this understanding. It is not the plague, for i*. is not con tagious, or epidemic. But what is it? The plaguo may be imparled, nay it has been imported, into the south of France, Irom Turkey; but it may be some new disease, which, like the cholera, is to de stroy the human race. We should be obliged to some medical man for some scientific or more specific account of the disease.?N. Y. Express, June 19. Sad Scenes in China.?A letter from Canton, under date of March 12th, says that the Rebels had been entirely rout ed in the neighborhood of Canton, and that the main fight took place near Wham poa. Many of the Rebel boats were cap tured, also a large number of prisoners. The executions, for several days, aver aged one hundred and fifty per day. 0:i the 11th a party of foreigners'witnessed the decapitation of one hundred and for ty-seven. also the cutting to pieces of three others, who were leading men among the Rebels. Towns which had been under the rule of the Insurgents were fast going over to the Imperialists, and trade was beginning to revive. The writer adds: 4The French have not again attempted to attack the city of Shang hai. Thev are waiting for reinforce ments. The French have lost many val uable men and officers in their foolish at tacks on Shanghai. Reduction of Fare on tub Central Railroad?The Directors of the Central llailroal, at their reesent meeting at Buf falo, adopted two important measures. They reduced the fare to $6 00 to Alba ny and $7 50 to New York?a reduction of 81 50 to Albauy, and $2 00 or $2 50 to New York. They also decided on % second class train, connecting at Buflalo with the boats arriving there in the morn ing. On this train the fare to New York is to be $5 00; to Albany, S4 00. These arrangements are to go into effect in a few days, and cannot but prove accepia blelo the wishes of the public.?A. Y. Courier if Enquirer. [Xy Eight sections of the iron column if the Clay Monument at Pottsville, Pa., have been placed in their proper (K>6ition. The cap of the column and the iron statue of Mr. Clay alone remain to be raised, on the coming 4th of July the monument will be fully completed and will be inau gurated with very interesting ceremonies. L>n the 4th of July, 1855, iMttsville will be the only place in the United State* possessing a completed monument to the memory of the illustrious deceased. f?7* Elder Adams is playing Richard III during the week, and preaching oij Sunday a at l^ruiuoutb, N. U.

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