Newspaper of Evening Star, June 22, 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated June 22, 1855 Page 1
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'HE EVENING STAR ? ^iftSDED EVERY AFTERNOON, (EXCEPT SUNDAY,) At tk* Star Building, corner Pennsylvania mvtnv* and El*x*nth str?*ty By W. V>. WALLACH, W'ul be *nred to rabacriher* in the citie* of VVoh |H?on, fi?iiptnwn, Alexandria, Baltimore and ftidadHphia, at SIX AND A QUARTER CENTS, payable weekly to the Acents. To mail rabscribera the wib?eription price is THREE DOLLAR8 AMD PIPTY CENTS a year In advance, TWO DOL LAR3 for SIX MONTHS, and ONE DOLLAR fx THREE MONTHS. Cry-Si*?L? COPiia oki ccirr. ?rtMRTHTTfa Itw TTV1W-B -rav e-tm mm VOL. V. WASHINGTON, D. C., FRIDAY, JUNE 22. 1855. NO. 770. i THE WEEKLY STAR. Jul?I om Thia riuJ?*1 TuAjp ud 1f? taialng a greater Taring ot can bv found in any otfter-Afc pat4i?brd oo Hatnrday Bin^e copy, per *Dtiunj... to nni. Five copiee..^.^^.^.. Ten do Twenty as .1500 0Q- t'iia, iNTiiuiiLT m ADr^irt. W" 8infle copies (In wrapper*) can be procured at the counter, imondiatHjr after the MMie of U* paper. Price?t?mb cmrra. PovtmAVTKac who act as ifmts wttl be aio* 4 a Commismon of twenty per cent. A nrvat * -r?? ? s CHARLES WERNER, Pennsylvania avenue, opposite P mm' Hotel. AS lilted up the commodious aali over hi* ken taurant as a first claw L.AGSR BEER SA ?N, havm* procured a su.ply of every luxury and comforts found in first cViss establishments of the kind in the Nort'.tero citi* *. Hi* RHINE WINE;* and French White Wine?, ii well as h:s Clarets, Setar-i. La^er Beer, German, ItaJian, and 8witzer CHEFSES, and indeed ?f ev ery other appropriate luxury in such an ,.*siab)ish Bient, ? unsurpassed in this < ountry. He solicits a call from his friends and the public. m*v 19?tf dentistry" RD DONALDSON, Dentist, late of the firm ol , Hunt h. Donaldson, continues to , mauu'arture and insert thorn beautiful/ porcelain teeth, wnh or without g'uns, for specimens of which (made and de posited by the late firm) wa? awarded the fin-t premium at the Mechanics' institute Fair, recently held in this city. These teeth are carded and shaded to suit each parucular case, and their resemblance to the natu ral Hjiiis is so perfect &5 U> deceive the most prac tised eye. Particular attention r?l*> paid to filling and pre ?cr/in* the natural teeth. Charge* moderate and ail operations warranted. Office southwest corner Seventh and D rs.?en trance on D. mar 21?6m LAND WARRANTS WANTED. THE undersigned ill p*y the highest price for Land Warrants. Slocks bought and sold on Commi-ision. HAMILTON G. FANT, No. 42A Pa. avenue, Washington, miy JQ?lm (Inti-Union) ICE-IUE?ICE! CHARLES WH.R51EH, on Pa. avenue, opposite Browns' Hotel, will keep throughout the season an ample supplv of Pettibone's b"st ICE, which he wili sell, on call, in any quantities, at the lewest possible ra?es miv -29?dt!*ep30 PLEASURE TRIPS~ THE WHITE HOUSE PAVILION. The-Steamers GLO. WASH -TXOTON or TIlOo. COLLYLK can he chartered for public or select parties to v:sif the While House Pavilion, Mount Vernon, Fort Washington, or other (daces on the river. The White Hon*e Pavilion is now open for visi tors It is a beautiful place for pleasure trips; it has a fine Ball and Dining room , also, a new Tcu Pm Alley. jj^- For particulars arp'y to *he President of the Company, or the Caatai's ct the Boats. Mr. WILLIAM COKE is fumis'iint refreshments on the l?oa:s, and is prepared to furnish parlies on the be?t wdfc an 26?2m _ PURE SILVERWARE?A MAGNIFI CENT ASSORTMENT. MW. GALT k. BRO. ca'l attention to their ? unusually large aa?o.-Uuent ot Silverware, consisting of? s*olid silver Tea Sets, complete Silver Pitchers, solid Silver Casters Silver Cups and tfaucers, Gobi- ts silver Fish Carvers and Forks. Cmmb Hcrapera Cane Kniv s, Fruit Shovels, 8ug:.r Sifters J^ly dpoonj, Cheese Scoups Pickle Knives and Forks Olive 3poon->, Salad Tone*, Vegetable Forks Fiuit Knives, Ice Tong-?, D*?rt Knives Soup, Creatn and Gravy Ladles Ice Cream Kniv??, San Cellars Napkin Rings, But*, r Knives, Tea Strainers Tea, Table, and Desert Spoous and Forks of every variety Breakfast and dinner Cofi^e Spoor*. Ac. Also, a very !arg* assortment of Fancy Silver ware, suitable for wed-ling, birth Uu>, and other piUMH. The abova is all of our cwa u.anufacture and is warranted to be pure. M. W. GALT k BRO., Ill Pa. ave., bet-v. 9ih and 10th su. car 31?tf NOTICiC.?I received litis day a new assort-1 ment of SLEEVE BUTTONS and STUDS,of ihe latest styles. Al*o, a variety of other new Goods : as Vest Chains, CUaldains, Brace lets, Pins Earnngs, Rin*s, etc. Great inducement* offered to purchasers. H. SEMKP.N, No. 330 Pa. avenue, bet. 9tU nr.d 10th st'. Q^.Veic Point* put to Gold Peiu at short notice. Dianoads remounted, and Jewelry made to order, mar if PROSPECTUS Pit publishing a morthiy Musical WorJi in tht city of Washington, THE ur.d?-r-i?Tird, at the solicitation of many ot their ottcoed customers, propose publishing a moothly Musical Work, entitled The National Monthly Musical Magazine. The Magazine will eomain from our to su pages of Music, selected from the best European and Na tive Composers In addition to the Music an extra dieet will be added, contain!*? the lao-st Musical Jfews, Musical Notices, *c. The Magazine will ke print d on the best quality Mas * paper,and will be printed from engraved plates, in the neatest wan* mt. The fint number of the Magazine will Le ready ?bouithe 1st of July, liiSi. Mr. S V. Notts, the Agent for tlie Work, will solicit subscription from ae citizen* of th<j District of C HUTnliia aad ?how a apetim?*n number. .'tin II. Bcana, No. 1J0 Bridge street, is the >gtat for Georgetown. H1LBUS k IIITZ, Music Depot, cor. Pa. av., and D sta, Star Bu. diii-s, VVa.-bi?gton, D. C. jne i^tf t* A CARD. jm 0^" Eror.omy ts the road to wa Bre&t Redaction in the price c? Ezti & Capa niUE uiuler&igned, liavinz maUe arrau^emenu | with a New York llat Company to be eon ftintly iur>i??sel With the very best .%olesiun or oRESS DATS, p>l up ill Ibe late-t s>tyle, offers Uiem at lb? unprecedented I jw pnet of $3,.V>, worth from frur to Qve w secoud C|Jality, $J, wortn from f to >4 ; and ;? very * > 4 fa*iuon able Hat at w jitli troui to AIw), Be be A Co'* Han, at a mo'U le*. advaooe tkan they have been here tot .it sold la Uiu> oily. First ts.te beaver Hats f-,5 >. All Kimis of ^?lt H ATS and CAPS very low. lo order m sell :a the above low prices the cs^h lysum must be adopted ; cocfrequently u.oee who purchat>? will not be ('hjrg*:d from fitteen to uvcaty h??: art cent, as an ^JTset for bad defc j. ANTtiONV, (for many years in ibe i mploy oi Totld k Co.) No. 3,Coluii.ti-i; ace, <th #u, gp tf 2d door north of P?-nn. avenue. flne watches. Having made a comsideraUe adaiiim sty ?fKrk of ?olo icmaa r - tikt uvn% ? and la oil 4' wiirHM Of first quality, Ik.ivy 16 carat. Also, SILVER WATCHES for br.yg. I off' r thrm at erewtiy reduced prices. The movements are selected with gTcat care, usd every Watch ts tMrraatel. Persons in want *>f a one timekeeper are invited to examine my assortment. I! 8 EMKEN, No. SSO Pa. aveaae, bttw. Ihh aad 10th st?. 30 REESE'S EAGLE PLUMBING AND GAS-FITTING DEPOT. THE subscriber re pectiully anuosBCM to hi* friends and the pul;iic in general that he hrsro eeived the first lot of the celebrated llODGEtl DOUBLE ACTING SUCTION AND FORCE PL Mi', which rew' .?*? 4 tbe iHLVER MRDJIL at lt< late 1'ui of uie Metrofolit-in Mechanics' Instl late, and is now prepared to turnish ill who may favor him wiUi > call. His stock H UA? KIXTL'HJT.B are uasur pasi?d in the Di^inct. With his corps ot i omprt^nt workmen he prides himself to fill any or?ier? m PLCMtUNO AND GAS? PITTlNt* litif witli pron1.^ini'sti aiu despatch a#-AH work done wurr<ui*e<l tu give complete nusfaruoa JOHN RSESE, way ii?tf cor. Sixth -t and Pa avenue. DO you WANT FlllSi RATE ICE CREAM) GO at once to ARN V, B.i?li;e street, G<-orf?>iown. he was awarded a M?D.-\L by the Metrupoli taa Mechanics' Intitule, for ICE CREAMS, TBR jCEd, aud CAKEai n*n> ILVIR WORK. ORNAMENTtS o( Hair, sack as Bracelets, Chat elains, Chains, Brea-^pnis, Earrings, Fuige Rai?s, msde to oriler, of any deeired dcsi^a. AH orders faithfully atiended to. Specunen? mty be seen at my store. II. SEMKEN, No. 330 pa. av., between 9lh and 10th sU, |um cx,aov*>al?l,.l MANTILLAS at low PRICES. Mantillas at$i so, Mantilla* at $5 30, M ah til la* at 90 50. Mantilla* at .$7 50, Mantillas at .?S 50, Mintillas at$i0, he. &c. Beauilul styies of Summer Mantillas (new designs) in Lace and Silk nt ail the above v-ry reduced price*, put received, and now rpen for inspection in our Mantilla ro^ni ? second story?entrance through tbe sl-we MAXWELL * BRO., je 90 - co3t 328 PenusjIvania Avenue. Dr. L. B. WRIGHT'S ~ UlfTAILISO " SCROFULOUS ATITID0TE," For the Permanent Cure of CONSUMPTION and all otherform ?? SCROFULOUS DISEASES. 1>HIS Medicine !=? prepared by an eminent phv>i cian of cijhteen years practice in New York city, durng which tune he has constantly used it with th'f most unbounded success, and created for it a reputation in private practice, uneqnalled in the history of medicine. It acta immediately upon tbe b'ood, cicans'ng it f>on all scrofulous humors or im purities, r?-nova'in>j and. by its mag'C powers, IN VIGORATING THE WHOLE SYSTEM, in proof cf w ich, hundreds of respectable witnesses f:oin the doctor's private practice have given in their t? s timony, and entreat those sufT*Tin^ from any scrofu lous affection, to tull upon them a d satisfy j,our stlM*. A Treatise on Scrofulous disease* can be had gratis at PRINCIPAL DEPOT 409 Broadway, and at D;Ug Stores ecnerallv. C1IAP.LE- 6TOTT & CO., Age at* for Washington. OB. L. B. WRIGHT'S ' TASTELESS "LTQUTD CATHARTIC," Oil, FAMILY PHYSIC. TI1IS ,s tlif It EST. CHEAPEST, and MOST EF FJClfcNT C%TliAKT1C EVER OFFERED TO THE PUBLIC. It ii TASTELESS, (thereby avoiding the nau ea ting ? <T'"ct of P>lbs, Oil, S.naa, fee-.,) and p?odacir.$ no grioin^ or other painful effect*. Unlike nil oth er j>urgat!T?w. it i-arehes to the bottom of the dis ease, tbo'ou^lily clean." ^ t'w stoaiach, and leaves the bowels entirely fret* from eostiv.'ne*". NO FAMiLV SHOULD BE WITHOUT FP. Children drink it rr^dilv and without forcinr. and NO MEDICINE IS MORE HIGHLY RECuM MENDEI) by the MEDICAL FACULTY Give it a trial and then judge for vonrselves. It can be bad wholesale and retal at E. H. STA BLER * CO'S. Baltimore, or CH ARLES STOTT 8l CO., W.t.hincton, D C. I'R WRIGHT'S PRINCIPAL DEPOT, 4 00 Broadway, wh?re the doctor an be eon-ulted daiiy on diseases generally, Ironi 12 to 2 p. rn., without charge. je 13?Cm Copartnership. WE have this day formed a copartnership ur.?!?'r tnr firm of Neal &. IIavknnkr. for tbe sale of Wine? Liquors, fi^ars, &.c., at wholesale and retail, at No. 803 Seventh s ., opp. Centre Market. J. T. NEAL, ma? 25?er.lm O W. HAVENNER. KTo. 807. w1shis5ibs sv9tk uncpict iBT, S. E. corner of Pa. av. and Liei tn/A street, Sole Ajency for CHILSON, GOULD Si CO.'8 Warmins and Ventilatin? Apparatus, M. POND fi CO.'S (ot Boston) lTnion Double-Oven Cooking lianw, J. L. MUTT'S (of New York) INVINCIBLE DOUBLE-OVEN RANGE. Constantly on bar. J, and receiving LATROBE STOVES, foriieauna two stories; Parlor and Cham ber CRA! ES, Enam?-I ed and Japanned Cooking, Hall, Parlor, Chamber and Dinins Room S ! OVES; Plain, Tinned and Enamelled Iron HOLLOW WARE; ISioek Tin, Planished and Japanned WARE in great variety. All of which will be Mild at the lowest possible rates, that will compare favorably with any Esiab Iishment south of New York. Au exa-mnatiou ot iny stock is earnestly solicited ap *3?Jm J AS. SK1RV1.NG FOR TIIE ORANGE & ALEXANDRIA AND MANASSAS GAP RAILROADS. THE Subscriber^ Coaches will call for Passensers wishing to connect with the above _ _?ll ,M Railr&als. My ?> cs connect -' tbe Stearaern Titos Coi.lykr or Gkoroe Washing to*, which leave Washington at 6 a. m. fuj^- Meals furiiislMtd on the boats. Persons wishitig the C'jaches to call for them can leave their name hud residence with Mr. Jonn T Tillman, near ths CjpiU.I pate; Mr. Butt's druc store, corner <!vania aveitiie and 12th streti or at Geo. & Thoe. Parker (i Co.'s store. Coaches can be iiad for Pleasure Trips, may 28?2m WILLIAM WIIALEY. Fans, perfumery, toilet articles, &e.. fcc.? We hav^ now in store a large vari **>' of fine ar:d common Fans, Harrison's and Lu bin's celebrated Perfuaory, Brushes, Combs, I'ooth Powders, plr.} ng and visiting Cards, One Portmon i aies, Cigar Caser. rar:l Cases, Baskets, Canes, fcc,4c., a'l of which we are selling out at low prices to ?uu the uines at the Piano. Music, Sta tionery, Perfumery, or.d Fancy Goods Store of JOHN F. ELLIS, 306 Pa. avenue, bet. 9th and 10& sis. msy S3?tt New books received at SHILLINGTOM'S. Tbe Watchman, will he found a lilting to the popular and simple stoiy of the Lamp lighter Harpers' Magazine for June?commences a npw volume The Missing Bride, by Mrs. Southworth The Two Guardians, by the author of Heartsease Blanch Lcrwujd, a tale of modern life Virginia, Harper's Story Book f<?r June A Book r>f 'l'houshts, Memories, and Fancies, by Mrs Jameson Peeps from a B- It'ry, or the Paris 8ketch Book Leaves from a Fam ly Journal, bv the auth <x of At tic Philoanpbi r in Paris Joy and Care, a friendly book for young mothers, by Mis. Xutbill. ' ' All the new fcooid pabhsbed received iiumedia-e ly afterward*, and every tiling in the stationery lint; (or sale at SHTlLINGTON'S, ? Bookstore, O.leon Building, j* I Coxner st, and Pa. av. ilOIl E BA R G A IN S ~ JOE! V (I. SHOOT, Bri die tfreei, \outfi title, near High, Georgetown, HAS iust rect-ived a further supply of seasonable Go?ms, aiL"Rg-t which will be found ,ri0 ptcces good st> Irs fast colored Lawn* at 12}^ it) do plain bJ ick and white and black do. .*) do rich p.aid Ginghams ?: .t Cicgliaiu Lawns ;?0 do dott? d and rich tmb'd Muiluu 50 do plain Swiss and Natueook Ho 40 do Jaconet and t'arubric do 'JO do piaid and striped do 25 Gra>- Cloih Skirts iW corded and damask do White si?i colored Waters 1 Mortens 50 pieces light pu tty styles Calicos 10 do Barege de I,nines at 12l?c 2 do Buff shade Linea With an avxirt.nt-nt of scasonablo styles of G!ove>, Honrry, and many othrr very desirable Goods, ui which ihr att-niion i>t ca?h or prompt ci^tomers is iavitbd, as we at? ci<u>tamly receiving iisiw goods, and are selling them at prices to suit the times, may 29?tl J. H. 6M0OT. PKRHONS WITH DtFKVTl V)l vieion are inr.tcd Ui examine my ci'.riisive slocU >! ;.!) iiuds ot fePECTA-j CLES and EYE Gf.ASSES. Glasses^ of any kind, such as Cataract, Par?bola,' Perisciipic, Double Concave, Double Convex, and Colored Gla?scs, put in at short notice, with gn at care, and persons in want of glasses may be surt* to pet those wbicn benefit the eye. Circulars "Deleclive Vision," gratis at H. SKMkEN'S, 330 Pa. avenue, b? tw. 9th aud 10th sts. mar 30 PIC NIC BASKETS?lust opened a variety ot Pic Nic, Traveling, Card, Office, Work, Schocl and Toy Baskets. Also, a lot of Fresh Perfumery, from Apollcs, St. Harrison and Julca Hanel, Philadelphia. Comlm, Brush *??, Fans, Playing and Visiting Cards, Card Cases, p..rv Moonate:;, Jet Goojs, Pocket Cutlery, Cages, MujIC, Musical Instruments, Stationery, tie JO iN F. ELLIS, 300 Pa. av., bet. 0th aud 10th sts. JeBetf All bTiiA :%r? h.its visiting the Ciiv should see IIunter'i Catalogue of tli? Cur km tit* of the Patent Office. Also, his Desi-riprion of i'owell's Gr? at Picture. HUNTER is to be seen at 456 Ninth street, ma/ 31?Jui* Auction Bales. By GRKKX * SCOTT. Auctioneer*. TRUSTEE'S SALE OP HOUSE ANI) LOT AT ?A"!"1Uon ~?n FRIDAY, the 29th June. 1855,1 ???nil sell in front of the premises, atfi1^ o'clock r. m , by virtue of a deed of trust from Henry W. Ham. i ton to the subscriber, bearing date the sixth day of February,L ' a rtl*d l(,r recor<' 12tl> February, irir l ' p,PC,f or rarCf>l of F?und, in the city Washington, in the District of Cdunibia, knowri as Lot No. 11, in Square Nu. 4<W, together with the Hon"J'*rnt*' Wh,Ch *" * gU?d UV0 8lor* Bri<k w fSte47b?Vr, d?*rihe'l property fronts on 6th street we?t 47 reet, between I and K streets sooth, ran feef aaC tl> 8 ' a"#y' conU!!5ing 4,200 square Terms: One fourth cash; the balann in6.12and i? mouths, the purchaser to give note* for the de * 1 j paymHnt,, bearing interest from day of sale. A deed given and adeej of trust taken CRAVEN ASH FORD, Trustee. GREEN 4 SCOTT, _ . _ _ Auctioneers. ii n o'elock, ?*me evening. we 1 * amt Shop, iit'jnttd on 6th street, ! immediately opposite I.-lariii Hall. ' Terms ca?h. GREEN & SCOTT. je i eofcds Auctioneers Gy J AS. C. McCUIRK, A.Hdo.u?ri. \rA!.I7ABLE HALF SQUARE OF GROUND at Auction?On FRIDAY afternoon, June 22d I ? V 4?C? ' To !he ' shall s. II Lets No?. I A J, 4,5, 13,14,15, and 16, in Square No. 159, r?|,Pect>v?'y Rnodc Island avenue, 17th and Nona Pf streets The whole forms half a square, containing 119, i 00 square feel. and is one of the most Hwat?d sif ?ulioiis iu tiie city, at a short distance from, and in lull vi- vv of, the Public Buildings. Teims at the sale. . ? JAB. C. McGUTRE, _Je 9?eo&ds Anninn Auctioneer. Ily JA8. C. BcGllHK, Auctioneer. /^HANCERY SALE OF VALUABLE improved V./ *teal Es-tate a> d Mark t Gr.rden ? Bv Virtue of . . ??cree of the circuit Court ?,f the Ivtri.-t of Co wner^n Mi??*bmglon county, made in the c use w m'. n'll, lr3!li,[ a"<l '?? ir at ari 1 ii i n ?h \t Moore'?*?c?a?d, is co . plamanr, and Ilai.nah Moore, and J.mes IHoore, and Laura Ann Moore his wi'e, heirs at law of iwid Thomas Moore.i.ecesseil, lire defendants, No. 1,067 in chin ? ?:ry, the subscriber. trustee appointed by said de cree, will sell at pubiic auc? on. on TUESD 1Y the 10:h ..ay of July, 18?5, at G o'clock p. ra , on the premises, the whole of square No. 30.1. in the city W ^lnncton, tronnrrff 310 fee on each of 11 th and laili streets west, and 202 f- et 2 inches on each of \ an.; \. Greets n nh, and containi-i* about 62,6.2 square teet of ground, with buildings, improv. mints and appurtenances, which con<l-t of a well and -ups antially built two-story brick dwelling house ami frame stable, 8ic. The above property is eligibly situated and rapid ly enhancing in value, and has been occuoied and cultivated as a market garden for tinny years, is in an excellent condition for that purpose, an.! with in a very short distance of either of the city mar kets, and offers to persons d^si.ous of obtaining a valuable market garden or making an investment, a rare opportunity. The terms of sale, as prescribed by the said de ctee, will be one fourth of the purchase money to be paid in ca-h, and the balance m 6, 12, 1H and 24 months, to be seemed by the purchaser's note beaung interest from the day of the sal-, with seen, riiy to be appioved by the trustee. Uix.w the full payment ot the purcha.-e money and interest, and the ratification of the sale by th# Court, th- trustee Will convey the property y? tlm purchaser In fee. If U> teims of sale are not eiimj.iied with iu six day* aiter (lie sale the property v.ill be resold at the nofie exfMiUl,,; 01 ll,c purchaser, iif>on one week's All oonvtyancing at exp^nsr of pureliaswr. CllAS. S. WALLAL'M, Trustee. ^ , JAS. O. McOUIRE, eoAdg Auctioneer. T By J. c. UIcQUIHIl', Auctioneer. RI'STEE'S SALE OF VALUABLE IMI'RDV ed Property in the First Waul.?On MONDAT afternoon, June 25th, at o'clock, in liont of the premises, by virtue ot a deed of tru^t,duiv recorded, Ac., the subscub.-r will sell that vaiuaMe piece of properjy situated at the cr rni r of Pennsylvania avenue and 10 h streets. The improvements con si?t of a large and rornmrkij.mH three ?t- ry brick .Iweliin'1 house, with coach house, and o her out buildings. Termscacii. W. A. MIX, Trustee. , . JAS. C. McGUIRE, V Ig-(i Auctioneer. By J. C. BoQUlU*. Ans11 oii^7rT~ SUPERIOR FAMILY CARRIAGE, FRENCH i Plate Mirrors. Sundry piwmfHufcww Fur V.'m1/.' ;?^Tt'ei^,u Wilch Cow, 4c., at Auction.?On v\ LDf.oSDAY, June 27tn, at 12 o'clock M I shall ~eil, at the official residence of Commodore Pauld ing, \> ashington Navy Yard, the lollo4ing arucles, viz ; 8 ' Tliiee larg- and handsome French plate Mirrors, in rich gilt frames One Egyptian marble top rosewood Table, hand soniely carved Ten Geno^s.- Reception Chairs Rosewood, crmis plush covered Arm Chairs t.r.m on and purple damask covered Rockers !J>lt Chandeliers, with carcel Lamp? Mahogany Hall Stands, Arm dining Chairs AI.SO? A fine family Carnage, bui t to ord<-r by Wood. I om I logon U Co., New Yort, cost .S1,0<J<J Lnamelied leatkei Carriage Cover Xc (?B.; very superior Milch Cow 1 erms: $50 and under cash; over that amount a credit oi sixty and ninety days, for notes tatisfacto nly endorsed, bearing interest. , on , JAS. C. McGUIRE, J" J)-d Auctioneer. By K. s. 'WRIGHT, AuctloneerT" GEORGETOWN. Frame house and lot at auction.? On FRIDAY afternoon nerr, the 22.1 instant ht o o clock, I shall sell, in front o:. the premises . 'V1 ' .'i'"I i| riireldkt Id's, from 1112 JiJ fpet on Sg^itad f%eet, by 150 deep, with the i in proveinuntM, ^ng a comiortable two-story name House, with i*ck building. Terms : One 1*1! cash ; the b;dance in bii und twelve iaonlh?, with interest. . M . E. S. WRIGHT, _ je 20-dts Auctioneer. By (ilUKM A SCOTT, Aucttoue.ri. \VALUABLE BUILDING LOT ON NORTH L street, between 4th and 5th strsets west, hi Auction?On MONDAY, the 25th instant, we shaii ?ell, in trout of tbu premises, at 6 p. iu., Lot No 23 iu bquare No. 615, having a Iron* on north L, b. tw! !l.!'a"d 5(h streets west, of 60 feet, rubninz back to a JO frvt Alley. The above described property is handsomely lo cal. d in a rapidly improving part of the ciiy. Title indi>putablr. Terms: One-third cask; residue In six, twelve and eighteen months, for notes bearing lot- rest. ' A deed g.vcii and u deed of tnist taken. GREEN A. SCOTT, )c Itf-d Auctioneers. By J. C. HcQlIRE, Auctioneer. VERY DESIRABLE DWELLING HOUSE AT Public Auction.?On TUESDAY afternoon, June at 6^ o'clock., 011 the premises, I ehail sell part o! Lot No. 3, in Square No. 421, situated at the corner of 8U1 street west und M s.reet north, with the improvements, consist.ot a substantial aud well-finished two story b ck building, contain nig in all two larae airy patios, dii in^ rooni, aud kitchen on the fir,t lloor and six tood chambers sbove, together with a stable and wood shed ut the rear of tl.e lot. This property is delightfully situated in oue ol the most pleasant and healthy part" of t';e city tor a pri vate residence ; a row of snade ttees surrounds the joi dit.g-, a pump of exc. Hen* water is near by aud .i.any other advamagss, rendering it a very desira ble residence. Teriiii.: 1'ne ibir.l c.isb; the iiljn ,r, ]2 18, and 24 months, with interest, secured by a 'de.'d of uu*t on the premises. . ... JAS. C. McGUIRE, 18~d Auctioneer. i?y UlLlLkZN SCOTT, Auctioneer.. Handsome two story and attic Brick House and Loi ou the nonh side of K r.i/e-et north, next n? the corner of aGiii street wi^t. ut Auctioa.?On TUESDAY, the 96th instaa', we s .all Bel , ai 6 o'clock p u.., in front of the premi ses, the ab^ye describ.-d property, beiii* Lot No. 2 m Square No. 4, having a front on north K street of ?>0 feet, runnit.g back au equal widUi li'j ibet 11 in.; the house contains nin? good a.nd couveuienUy ar ianged roonvs and kitchen. The above described property u handeomely lo cated a utile west, aud in the i Jimediai^ viciuitv of the Circle. ' ' Title indisputable, Terms: One sigih cash , balance in 1, 2, 3. 4 and J years, the purchaser to give notes tor the deferred payments, bearing interest from the day of sale. A deed given and a deed ol trust taken ? GREEN h SCOTT, Je -C~"J Auctioneers, EVENING STAB. PRESENTATION OF THE TESTIMONIAL TO COlf. M C PERRY. A correspondent of the Providence (R. I.) Journal, writing from Newport, under date of the 14th instant, furnishes the following particulars of the interesting ceremony of the presentation of a testi monial by Governor Iloppin, of Rhode Inland, to Commodore M. C. Perry, U. S. N. The writer sajs: "This boing the day appointed by Governor Iloppin to present the testimo nial voted by the General Assembly, at the January session, to Commodore Perry, for their appreciation of his ser vices to his country iu negotiating a trea ty of amity and commerce with Japan, the ceremony took place at 5 o'clock, p. m., on the balcony in front of the State House. A largo number of the good cit izens and strangers assembled at the ap pointed hour, embracing the beauty and fashion of Newport. Many beautiful equipages were also drawn up in front of the State House, while the windows of the adjacent houses, filled with ladies, showed how deep an interest the fair sex took iu the ceremony. It was proposed to have a military display on the occa sion, but with the modesty and good sense which marks every act of the dis tinguished oflicer who was to be the re cipient of the testimonial, he preferred that the ceremony shou'd, as far as pos sible, be confined to the civil authorities, particularly as the members of the Senate and House of Representatives would be piesent. Unfortunately, a shower of rain fell while the people were assembling, but it was of brief duration, and was succeeded by a bright sun. "On the balcony stood a table, upon which was so placed the piecs of plate to be presented, that it could be seen by the assembled people. Governor Hoppin stood at one side of this, and Commodore Perry, in full uniform, on the other. Lieutenant Bent, of tho Navy, Sheriff Lake, several Senators and other State officials, with many distinguished citi zens and strangers fillel the remaining space, while the other Senators and members of the House occupied places near. "On presenting the testimonial, Gov. Iloppin addressed Commodore Perry as follows: "Respected Sit: It is with great per-' sonal gratification that I accept the hon-1 or to become the instrument of convey ing to you a token ot the deep feelings of respect and interest with which the Gen eral Assembly of Bhode Island have re garded your course in the late difficult negotiations with the Empire of Japan. " They have watched the whole* pro gress of this important enterprise from its inception to its happy termination, with lively interest. They felt the sin gular embarrassment of your position? the more so from the fact that the honor of your own native State was involved in your success. They had no fear as far as yourself was concerned, that all things would not be accomplished with characteristic faithfulness and wisdom? but under all the possible contingencies of so great a movement, the vast compli cation of the details, the distance of the scene of operations, the rivalry of other nations, the total uncertainty of the bar barian mind ?they could not but have great solicitude. That solicitude is now past. The object which was every wav worthy of its dignified origin, and of the energies and sympathies of a great and enlightened nation, has been achieved ; and achieved also, under God, we believe, mainly through your own perseverance, sagacity and skill. " WJjere many might have failed through over much boldness, or cver-much fear, you seem to have pursued that golden middle course that conducted to perfect this success. " That which has been accomplished is held by the General Assembly of iihode Island to be of the greatest mo ment?both in the view of the commer cial interests of land, and the general interests of humanity. "The Island of Japan, stretching across fifteen degrees of latitude, and containing, probably a* many inhabit ants as the Luited States, who are gifted as a race with no common degree of in tellectual force and industrial talent? these islands, closed to the world for nearly two centuries, and never entirely opaned for benefit, or to be benefitted br other nations?have now unlocked their gates at the touch of power clothed with kindness. This was a new kind of tri umph. Military power, even while car rying the sword" at its side and the thun der-bolt at its command, yet choose to employ the weapons of reasou and of love. " The General Assembly of Rhode Island sec in this a certain foreshadow, ing of a moro wise method of settling international questions, and of recon ciling all diiTerences between govern ments. " The results cf the Japan Expedition have proved that there need be no lack of firmness, and no lowering of just de man?ls in the exercise of the utmost spirit of concil ation. The material advantages to be derived by our nation from the treaty with Japan may ba seen at a glance. What Holland by her jealous intrigues, has heretofore drawn from her commerce with Japan, in a very limited degree, will probably, in the course of time, be turned towards us in a mighty stream. And the boldness and wisdom which have secured for us the first place, will, as iu the case of England with China, fairly contribute to enrich us, while shutting out no others. But Ja pan, as a stepping-stone from our Pacific coast to the coast of Asia, lying only tweu.y days from California, afl'oiding a new depot for the track of Asiatic coin* merce, and a new place of supply, seems to promise to oonnect America and Asia together, as they never hare been con nected before. And there are, we con ceive, still higher views of the results of the treaty ot amity lately concluded with Japan. The cause of humanity has made a decided advance with that treaty. Not only will the unfortunate mariner, cast upon that merciless coast, now be as sured of kind treatment, and the dead from foreign lands now receive a decent sepulture, but the heart of this great peop e will be softened from its stern fe rocity, ita manners will be gradually ameliorated and elevated by contact with a Christian civilization, and the oppor tunity will be given for sowing among them the seeds of a pure religion. The fact that an Empire, twice sealed up by its own idolatry and by its former terri ble experience of a nominal Christianity, may now be slowly opened for the intro duction of the religion of tho Gospel, is a fireat and glorious fact, which it must be pleasing, sir, for you especially to con template. 44 Were this the occasion, and would time permit, many highly interesting ad ditional facts relating to your personal history in connection with the mission to Japan might be presented. The unwa vering faith which you had in the suc cess of the expedition, akin to that which animated the spirit and fortified the cour age of the great discoverer of this conti nent?the extraordinary discretionary powers confided to you by your govern ment, and the wise, humane, and benefi C' ntu-?e which you madeof those powers the memorable and delicate consideration manifested by you in the treaty stipula tions for the just rights of the Japanese women, thus recognizmgin that far distant land the appropriate influence ef women in all the important aftairs of life?the great moral power of the course of policy and rules of conduct which you adopted, es peciaily m declining to receive or make visits of ceremony, or to negotiate on the Christian Sabbath?thereby presenting to the minds of this intelligent and ob n^rving people, irrefutable proof of the respect and reverence of your nation for that great commandment of the Al m'?hty, which is enjoined upon us all 44 to remember the Sabbath day, to keep ? ??~^iese an(* kindred topics afiord rich food for thought and invite to ex tended remarks; but I forbear. Permit me now, sir. to present to you, in tlie name of your native State which cherishes, as among its most price less possessions, the name and memory of yeur heroic brother-this piece of pia.e, voted to you by the General As sembly of Rhode Island, in such terras as must give you gratification. The plate is altogether of Rhode Island fab ric: and from this circumstance its slight intrins:c value may be increased in your estimation. . 4< 1S least, sir, a sincere expres sion of the respect and approval, of your fellow-citizens of Rhode Island. They rejoice that the name of Perry is still a word of strength to your profession knd country, 'lhey rejoice that the olive leaf of Peace is entwined with its unfadine laurel. ? 1 receive, through me, the con gratulations of your friends in Rhode Island, and their earnest wishes that your life aud usefulness may be lonr nrc served." ? * The following are Commodore Perry's remarks in ieply: ^ ut r Excellekct ; It is impossible or me to ej press the feelings of grati .ud<i with which my heart responds to e "altering expressions you have this moment uttered in your capacity of Gov ernor of the gall aw t little State of Rhode Island, and as the organ of both branches of its legislative body. *ou ^ay well imagine my pride and satisfaction in being permitted thus to stand before this assembly, and upon a spot sanctified by the most agreeable as sociations. 44 It was in my earliest boyhood, be fore the intioduction of steamboats or railroad, that I often watched upon the shore for the first glimpse of the gaily decorated packet sloop that in those days annually brought thu Governor from Providmee to this town, and witnessed with cliild-iike delight, in sight of this very edifice, tho pomp, parade, and fes tivities of44 election day." 44 Since then I have traversed almost every pait of ti.e globe, in the prosecu tion of the duties ol a profession of winch I am justly proud; and now, after a lapse of nearly half & century when in declining life, to be called b^ the Ren reseiitatiyes of my native State back to tneso hallowed precincts, here to receive from the lips of its Chief Magistrate the commendations of my fellow-citixens, is an honor I little expected, when, as a boy miushipman forty-six ycars ago, I first embarked upon an element then and al ways the most congenial to my aspiration lor honorable emprise. 44 And should I not feel doubly hon ored in finding my public services asso ciated with thoso of a lamenied brother the memory of whose heroic deeds has st> far been, and I trust ever will be, fo^lv cherished by every true hearty Rh0/e Islander. " Is conducting the mission to Japan, whicn a confiding government entrusted to my sole charge, I was fully impressed with the magnitude of the responsibility imposed upon me; and true to this gen erous reliance upon my judgment and discretion, was the more ambitious to ac complish an objcct which to many seemed unattainable. You have just now, sir, told me how these services are appre ciated by those of my compatriots who are nearest and deaiest to me?and I am satisfied. 44 The valuable testimonial, rj0W prc. sented with so much cloquep.ce and erace shall bo prewired ia ?y heirloom, to commemorate an event to rdMy V1 Wh? lnaJ ** allied fimV t if ?k ??^ to the grateful re cipient, who begs to tender to your Ex cellency and all her present his profound aud heartfelt thanks." The testimonial consists of a magnifi cent silver salver, of unusually large di mensions, massive in weight, and almost elaborately chased. This salver is oval io form, 28 inches long inside the handles, and about 36 inches outside. It weighs 319 ounces. The embellishments and de signs arc entirely in the border, which is four inches in its greatest width, the cen tre being left plain to receive the inscrip tion. The opposite centres of the bor der midway between the handles, are oc cupied by the coat-of-arms of the United States and of Rhode Island, in bold re lief?the former supported upon a clus ter of flags of the I niNd States, and th? latter surrounded by a wreath of palm leaves. The handles, which a*e large, and composed of scroll and shell work, are so arranged as to form a portion of the border, by which means the awkward appearance of detached pieces is avoided Immediately beneath, or inside of each hindle, is a large eagle, in bold relief. At the quarters, midway between the han dles and the ooats of-arms, are four com partments, formed by the arrangement of the scroll work, containing clusters of fruit from all countries. The olive branch, bearing fruit, is entwined among the scroll work. The handles, though very large, do not have that appearance, ow ing to the great width of the border, and the manner in which they are connected. This salver was designed, modeled and made in every particular in the establish ment of Messrs. Gorham A Co., and there is no doubt it has the heaviest border ev er manufactured in this country. It was designed and modeled by Mr. Wm. Clark, who is in the employment of the man ufacturers. The centre was engraved by G W. Babcock. The case, which is of beautiful workmanship, is of solid rose* wood, in the form of the salver, and mounted with heavy plated trimmings. This was made by Messrs. Wm. C. Mil lard and Co., William street, and up holstered by B. A. Norton, Westminster street. We may confidently pronounce the whole one of the most exquisitely beautiful pieces of silver work ever exe cuted in the United States, reflecting great credit on the taste and skill of the firm by which it was designed and ex ecuted. The following is the inscription: '?Presented to Commodore Matthew Calh&aitit Perrt, in the r.ame of the people of ;he State ef Rhode Island, by their General Assembly, in testimony of their appreciation of his services to his country in negotiating a treaty ot amity and commerce with Japan, and in ac knowledgement of the honor he has cc -1 ferred upon his native State, maintaining the renown of the name he bears, and ad ding to the triumphs of his profession hose of humanity and peace. February 28, 1855." Satire is a sort of a glass wherein the beholder sees everybody's face but his own. viOYEMEN IS OF OCEAN STEAMERS. A'cm*. Leave For Data. Ariel Havre New York..June tf Quaker City New York..Havre June Union New York..Havre June JO OJ- Tne California steamers leave New York ou re 5Ui ar.'i fifth ot'cacb month. ARRIVALS AT PRINCIPAL HOTELS. NfUlosal Uatcl-1 ?. waiiu J S Spencer, Md Col J Cunningham, SC VV J Talbott, do 11 VV Sallord, Pa H von Gromnj, Vi AC Gowen a lujjr, do H GrHVerniide, <!<> \V 11 Myers, NY !1 L liar., Ga C J, Mo G U C< :t, do 11 Sprar, Va C M Mdl?, d-? L J Barnes a laiy, Pa VV t&bble, NY CM Libiutlal X lainiljr, JTD<vy,do NY G. n T F BuUie, Md II Winston. Mich M J Bowling, do linn 11 C Murphy, NY A M Harrison. USC3 lluu I Brown, Pa V Rotbinn f*. lady, Mois J K P II >uld? ii, Md J Bocardu*. NY VV Adri an, do G G Hyile U lady, DO W S Crowley, do Mik O t'? S G Spier, d# Vul It Kidsiy, do 11 Moitun, do J Ii Ludu'if, B F llaiwn, d> (I P GntR.h, Telia R S Uenry, do s R do A Pike. Ark Ucn K Ray^or, NC B i o * a?' ?1OUI-T- ?. a M. Blcwi, S! Firldtr, Ky OR Salomon, NY T Y Bieut, do II Canm, do il F Kcwn.u, Pa P VV Brawncr, aid tltsa E i Gay, Nil J Marslullin^ur, do 8 a Bueil, Insl G k Wh.-at, a laiy, V?t I E ?!ar<ken?lup, Va Mr Mitc^l], Mil J R KlJby, do II Sui^ner,do E Emery, Q a %#sbitt, do Miif Lee, do Vv' Brown, do J K Piper C Clendem, do W C Km wo, \C Mis* II lliadman, d) Mrs VV 1? BiidleMiuo a R Neabnt, do cbi'.d N P Blake, Tet S Lewis, Va U'lllaidi' Hotel?D. a. a j. c. WiiLa? II F Thornton, Va C Kearney, U C C Fitzhugh. tlo A Engle i lady, La il ihauacey. NY G R Barney, 1 Tr^N VV H Aspinwall, do Mr Moore a lady, NY C Ann s, do Miss F. Moore, do i P Gill, NJ VI is* F Moore, do A C Sinners, USN J Moore., do Cap A H Bowman, USA J A Snn b, il Yeovil, Ci N C Can;, a fc rfv, do M<ss J Scovi!, do Miss !?? Carry, do J Ma.'Uire, Cal E Carry, do A II Given* 4 Brake, Ala II Palmer, US A p Brake, do C Knap, Pa R Y CUrko, Pa R C Hill. USA Mr Johnston, Md Miss P Johnston, Md Mr* Johnston, do Klrkwood Iloaia-j. b. a *. nuvaoa A L Thomas, Tex D P VVnodbury, USA G W Leonard, Min J 11 Welt, O BDabney, NY Or J Jones, La VV ltaixludge, KM US Darli*, NY G Steers aiatly, NY Gen A Oilier a sen, Pa vi rs M' rcer, do J Patrick, do R II Herbert, Va J W Bryc?, NY VV J Turner, do J VV Ash'ay, Va VV VV Ache, USCS D C VV00.U, Mo G E Mar.lngly, DC I lifted states IlotaV?a.acican, J VVeet, NY *7 R Alexander, La J J Marlett, do H Morton, Va C W Hammond. Pa BP Henson, do W Carnenter, Ky J Rogt rs, do A A Amos, Va ? Va. A.. KKWTOM, raoraixToa. J Thnrmin, Va J T Davy, NY K M Scott, do I* 8nydi r, DC Capt V O Randolph, do D FiU' usn, Va * Cryle, DC H Fitxbu?h, do. C <? Q I* Gordon, do B Edeiin, USA IS Gibbons, do J II Hunton,Va VV C Norris, do M Sauer, do Mrs Hodgson fc neke, do W M Johnson, do J II Payne, do A J Smith, do J Barbour, do VV B Uraueer, do A Grayeon, do J T Maxwell, NY Mi s Grayson, do A L Wood, V a Mis* Ro?e, do C ToJtcbiudoa, do B Edwaids, Liverj ool

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