Newspaper of Evening Star, June 22, 1855, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated June 22, 1855 Page 2
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EVKSTNO ST AH. WA jiiiNflJON 01T Y: YE IT) AY AFTTKNXm Jaas 22. AGENTS FOIL THE STAB. The loliowiug persons are authorized to contract for the publication of adver tisements in the Star: Philadelphia?V. B. PALirra, N. W. corner of Third and Chestnut streets. New York?S. M. Pktinoill. k Co., ? assail street. B:>??f.on ?V. B. Palhlr, Scollay's ftiiidiog. (Ty* Ai>?KB.Tis?MsyTS should be banded in by 12 o'clock, M., otherwise they may B'Jt appear until the next day. 8TTT.IT OY TS^ M02ST53 PXE85. The Union argu?3 earnr*tly and elaborate ly to f73T9 that th ? South has beon betrayed an J the La ion imperilled by tho Philadelphia Know Nothing National Convention; and treats Mnj>r A J. Donelson to a blurt notice, whereiu is U declared that hi* griovanco against the * dune is trail on is on account of disappointment concerning ofiice. Tie I>it-.j.igeiicer republishes. from the Charle' ton Merrvrp, a postbumocs letter from Air Calhoun to Parcy Walker, l'nj, of Mo bile, b-.anog date October 2'\, 1347, wherein that great and clearsighted man urga? the irn por.aoce cf making the final i?cue with the Korh on the slavery qiestion without delay; ?o that when it oime?as it must, sooner or I ter?it could bo maie without a dissolution if the Union, whi?h ha was anxious to avoid. There is wisdom, as w;ll as true patriotism in his ad7Ice and clear reasoning, and it is to be tincere'y regretted that up to .bis time the S;uth has noted in accordanoe with his vfews lu this matter. I he i.vue must be mo sooner or later, ai.d every additional moment's delay tends to encourage the anti-slavery dema g gueo of tbaScrh ia forcing a dissolution cf tlio Uuioa on the o-.uth js htr on'y remedy tor the entire proration cf her co equality in the confederacy, under which the can not and ought not to live in it. The plaform adopted by the nominal south era delegates of the S nth ia the Philadel phia Koon N-.thirg National Convention, so ramy of whom were but counterfeit southern eri?New England Yankees, foreigners to her r gbts, p-ineijles, a:id interest*?not to tho sou.hern minor bori\ shows that the appre hensions of Mr Ciihoun are fust being Mil lied. Ti-e tore cf cur talented, gentle, and lngenuoui neighbor in ad\ocatirg the plat, form, as iubsirviautly to the behests of the nnti elaveryliej, as even the >cw York Tribune or j\'tnun al Era, ciaiming too, with so re fres ir g impudence, that it speaks ior the ?on:h in to doing, is but additional proof cf ] the ea.1i oi ca of cause for the warning and ap peal in (hi- patri lis letter from Mr. Calhoun's pen New Ht'fcic ?We have received from John 1" tills, i\o 105, Pennsylvania Avenue bo tneen jiine^h and isnth streets, the followirg pie:es cf nrw muric: Alma Mater, C! an Americ .n student's soap*, being one of a ?et ef fi.a jast issued by Richard Storis Wil'.ia My d-earns are still of t;ee; a very pretty song by J. fieri Nones, T.-q. Dearly do I love thee; by Col S rau;l is. Davis, of Ealiitnore, music by Colm-a. The Portsmouth Poika; hy Prof J.J frnhus. and dedicated to Shang hai Club of Pert-month, Va The Union Iu faat.y Wal z; i r p-sed and dedicated to the Union Ia'aztry, lj Mrs. ?. b. F-agg cf Wash ington City. ST Always prvtifi?! tc promote the inter ests of ocr patrons, and never happier than ween we cau eopj lata oar column frcm other papers editoi.a's fivcrab!e to their pursuit, we clip with pleorure frcm the editorials cfthe ??toeton Mt entile and Marine lnteh'igen t?r" the folic i. it g notice: 4iGovrr.*M;:"T Claims ?Upon the manner in wfcirh tte-exoatters *re presented and urg*4. we kn >w, frrm ?xperi?io:e. there is de pcutiae Tni tiuio elapsing f.-om thi first to Ihe ste.e of thuir prosecution is ertenJed or otheraiaa s=s 'he vigilance of the prose:utor jj a?ake or a?te?- ; tanee we take great pleu* sua :n rrc-mmetUing Mr Joseph C G. Ken ne'iy 'f Wa hngton, 1) C , whose and oa'.ifi. ~ ac iou may be relied upon with Utmost col? i?n -e Jia if a geritlem in eai>. r.en ly distl-g iohsd 1' rbi^ energy, pcr-ever unce and ahinry. lie h ,s been for a long time in pnbheoffi?e at Washirg.o a oloceoi-sarv er. a careful man. upright t:.d bon?rald? in his des'.in^t; in short, be ij jut the m^n for tie bu-ioe. . v e commcud him, Leazt;ly; to the pallia." Coy^oroRK rut.?Tie reader ^ill 2nd en cur lira psge much interee irg mattor eon. cernltg tl.L ^ai!ar.t and cccospiished o?c:er, who s acdi so deservedly high in the respect and nUiotiio if Lis e-untrymen. Aportionof j the matter in q ;es'ion, the tpeech of Governor IIopj in, Lsfi not heretofore sppcurel in print ia this region. Pr.cnitiTioy i.i If.MBois.?In all the coua iie? in this S ate, return? havo been rccoived, whitu shew a majority of J-1,000 ag" the prrhifcitory lienor law The total vote was Jrt7 :i^5 being T.J o la ge:t \ote ever polled ia ??heitato i he returna may vary the Cgwre* ecmr^hat. Cir" C^ptala vi \7. Thrift, of Mobile, Ala bama, and frmarlyof Fairfax ccctty, Va., (?t< ppir g at the ILiitwcod iiox^e ) will please accep. ooi thanks fev a tie of the latest south ern papers r?.v norori.uj burglar, who hnd just ff.ved iu? a t?rm of iasj in the G>iu.jby (Ei' jail, applied to tho author Jiie- 'o ba- e i...piofeitioaui tmjUtments re cured io him. rxrcuTic.i (fa Pai<iiic:db n Misstbstpp! V'm 1'rei Carr. convicted of thu murder of Lis fetter, ia if !me?V)lle, Mus , was exe cuted ?n thu bib i >st. il j cduitted having ecu:ii.itted tnc deed, tut raid he thought the gun ?ith wbich Lo fi.ed at his father w?i eaipty. PP*Saltacu have l oea in the market hero fvi seme d ;v? j &a; 'Jhey are purebarable ?>f el?ven pouidi v i ;ht for ibree doila'3, at the j r?ceDt lime. V. e learn that a company ol tavo gone down 'he liver with all the uirbr.r tud vtaimeU requisite for the cap lure, pr.cKiT g an1 traLSbipuiei.tcf this luxury to ih? tnitta S ates by rielway iroui thio city acd Alcntieai.? MtriurytJutie 14. Avrnic^u National Co-ivjcntioi*.?The Kn.?w Nc Lit.": Ccuneil rscontly held io th t city, provided for a Na'icnal Council to t>e bei.1 lit Ptil ir i.hia, ei i^^.ericin,? on the 221 i-'tLruu.y next, tote eet caididu rs for Pre 1 d m and Y?re Prefidert of .he linited States. '1 be are to lit f:oru ea-^h State, c^ual la numler* i ? rr4 rese-tfc'i.'n in buJx braeeh e- of the Coined biates C ngie^s, and to be ?&?. n by Imc Ccaucils, two being from the b |t 1 as^od ?^no from eaoh Con u+l ditftxivt.?t'kil- JVgrtfi American, WASHINGTON J8WS A^D GOSSIP. Ths Model Bcrathtrn Journal ?Our talent ed. mod0?t, coujteoua cotboaivtio, entertain ing, cnivalric, scrupulous truthful, and know ing neighbor, indignatea the ?tar ut a ttrri. lie rate for calling public attention to the fact that it i.?, juat now, rapidly giriog evidence o/ the true value of its late protest itioni cf de. votion to the rights of the slavsholdirg States a a involved iu the slavery questions now in i*?ue. We wanted no prophet to asstiro us that whenever it might ecem likely to pay better to come out in its true antUlaveholding State colore, our honest neighbor, established as a money-making speculation, partly on the funds cf notorious Abolitioniata among tn, and also parJy on the funds of othert, who do tot hesitate to avow their disapproval of, and opposition to the icatitution cf slavery, and conducted by a Vermont Tylcrito, would sure ly be lounl doing battle in defence of the anti alavery views of tho Northern wing of Know Notbingism, which has no avuilable strongth except when it hoisLst he black ilag of abolition ism It distresses ns e'en amost to dcaih to find our amiable neighbor receive our pbysis with tnch wry faces as in its issus of yesterday, wherein it losca ita temper auiid a hailstorm of epithets bestowed upon us, such ae is its wont to bestow on those who have been hon ored wi.h their country'aconfidence. lint our gentle neighbor s ire and choico language, when bettowed on us. uffects us about as much as that of the New lerk Ilsrald?a journal, in point of integrity of character and standing in the estimation of those whose rcspect is worth having, about on a par with our ingenuous and good tempered neighbor itself. The Htrald, however, has the merit cf admitting that it is conducted without tho least regard to tho principlo of moral honesty, ?nd therein it teaches cur ingenuous utighbo: a lesson by which it migut profit. If our neighbor had rot felt tho force of the Htrald' j graphic bird s eye fketch of its own character as a journal, and had n?t realised that public opinion endorsed the tiuth of thai 3ketch with almost unexampled unarimity; and if cur talented neighbor had not felt tic lores cf our comparison of ita late ultra pro. slavery professions, with its moro recent un blushing efforts to strengthen the abolition wing cf Know Norhingi-m at the South, it* equanimity would net have been disturbed tc t^.e extent of raving agiina; us in terms br>r ro?ved rrcm the tone of the letter of some ore ita charming coterie ?h-catering i>ur lifo, pub lished recently in the Stir, instead of es=ay icg to an?wer the points we mode against it. But our neighbor is i?:t exiting its own character without our he p; lor its leader cf yesterday, of two and a halt' columns, was little more than a plea for the propriety of the view? of Wilson, Ii.i!e, Colby, Colfax, 4j., upon the slavery qnes ian. ihe New i. oik 1'nb'iue i'e?lf ne??r pub lished a moro earnest appeal against alaverj in liic(M. Its reasons far so doing are in a nut shell, as fallows : 4 Let it not be forgotten, that in Iho North ani Northwcat, the icnole population?with Hcarceiy an cxceptj^n, nre opposed to tje re >,o?l ot the ilii6?ijri Compromise?that our caieKDs there are commit'ed .o its rtftvranoi tns.t tse e will be no pe-aaeti:] thai point ehai. be adjusted?and that without ita rirtnai re toration?1:3 restora ?on in j>r<jet re, if not b* law?11 u eccaiicj in wfcolo region, will triumph iu tUe coming eleotioua." TL? Koow No:hinsri of too .Sonth? wao are not immeliatly interested in the rolution cf the question?who thai I be printer to the next House of Reprotcntati.ct?will nodonbtappre ciate the msntacf the bargain by whi?h cur neighbor evidently design' selling tbem ba-^ and fcaggaja?;-body ani Lreechcs," Col Latiton expresses h.m-e!f with more fjrcc ill"-, ele^ivre at times-to Wilson, Colby, U.,;c. Colfax A Co. Oar neighbor 11 cur especial little pet; eo we si*-ill L;.re to continuo to physio it, pur^f if, blutor it, s.tcat it, cup, letch and bleed it as occaji<.n muy require, though tuxrtiig under our d,stoiiug, i; continues to call u* Eiu~a^y names ad units*urn; for wo Lave an inuiuiact recoil&ction thai it bestowed chcice epithet upon en- lisnry A. W i.'c with even a more lavi-h ptn, than on us, and that it found foola among i.i epecirl ooierie of note-shavirtg and blataer-skising, preaohsrpolitician?, pro f^sijnal gamblers, di.apj.oin;ol Drmc-.ia'.i.' offi:0 aiekjrs, ani grog>ory loafora, to risk -cmc seventy five tiicui^nd d. llar: of ocme body 'a money cn the accuracy cf ita (our neighbor's) views ccnccroing Mr. W. p r fiora'ly ani pohiio&l'y. Oar neighbor, now that it hrj turnei out-and out anii-tlavery in its polilie;, can hardly hurt any one in tLij occlion by resorting to enmi^iguai black guaid.fia tc broac the force cf argument. Oar I^geuuo-oa IToigLbsr.?It will le 10 ccllecltd that oar iufte -aoua tel/hber by w >y of criaritg the impre?fi?n that i. had acme thing tubaUutial to cry over when lamenting the rccent rcmotilcf Mr Wil3on, avshoment and active Know Notuing p.liti:ian, from a situation in the Navy Yard, quoted Mr Hunt, the chief engine: of the Yard, in justification of its whiningTn that occa<i>n. Mr. Hunt, who waa abse;it at that time, hav ing returned to th:3 city, bai tddrajiod tc na the following letter: Wasbixgtsh, Juna ia, 1S55. To the Editor of the tittr: Mil: I waa just on tho eve of departure on buB.nsss in Iteming. Pa , when my aitantiou **scn!!td to the publication ia the " L*uiy Org ;n;" in rela ir.n to tbo diaaiaaal of Mr. Wilson, late foremat of the machine shop, Navy Yatd. W ant of time thou presented my not.oing it as I would desiro now, through tnu medium of your paper. Although I foei much reluctance in my name appear in any public controversy, yt>t as it h.;*i l)?t*n l.eely u.-ed in thla case without my knowledge cr consent, I ieel that jjstice. uot only to n-yreif but to the cauj* 01 truth, claims a lew re ! marka. First. I never remonstrated rith the Secre tary of the Nnvy against tho removal of as was riatcd in the Organ. SeoocJl^ Uafore Mr. linght waa appointed foreman, "lu? u^eorablc Secret-jry ?t;n for mo cod inquired wheiii-r be wou.'d answer in Wilton's placj I re-plied, I 'h -?ught hoirculd? that he was a good mecb^nin, and thcrsfore reccmmended him I knew itotbit z afcnut his creed?e.tber religious or poliueal?aud noth ing wu> said cu lsat tu? j ?t abou* him Thirdly. In conversation with Mr. Wilson, i he informed me that hia dimicSi! placsd him in v?ry eicbarratairg eircurtistatiCea ; tiiat he wait net ;<b>e to remain long idle; and that, in order to f,et employ men : ekevrhtre, ho desired ii,e to givo him a letter certifying to hii com peteney, ard t.> arti't him in proc iring e n ploym^nt in other shops, i g&ve h ra r?c3rifi oate for that particular pmrptM*. which was ej;d ,ri?d by Cipt. i'iuldir.jr Letter cf that eharjctsr are suj josod to te of lc oee exodfi to bo pre:ented t.? tho person* to whom they ? i;>lyfor employment, and which I intended 10 be the ca?? with the one I him. Mr. Wi.'eon ku< w, or cnght to htve known, that reltber Can P^u'vitug or m,>SQ)x had any ether ieelinf cr motive id thecua th-n to i?j Mst bim ro get emplcjmont ; he knew, or ought to lure known, that if we bud even sus pected the letter wou'd have been published ' tor political illsct, it would never havf been i given him; he also know, or ought to have ?cown, thi- in publishing it in the manner io which it wa? published the parson* whose namn wore attached thereto would be pieced before the p&blio io a wrong pesl ion, wbleh t"iey never intended. 11. Hot. Our ingenuous neighbor yesterday moaned lugubriously over the more rcocnt removal of three Know Nothing employees of the Gov ernment, Messrs riarlio, Uatton, and With ? ' * era. As it happens that all throe of these per son! are members of the secret organisation, oath-bound to bring about the removal of every clork, messenger, and laborer in the Government employment who fails to en dorse Know Nothingism, a sensible public will easily understand bow much of its sym pathy should be excited by our ingenuous neighbor'* whining over these three cajes of folks dosed with tho uiedioine they eoek to oram down the throats of others. A Russian Inquiry?We received the fol lowing pertinent letter yesterday: Sir : It has been asked by the British press why the Americans should sympathise more with Russia than with England? Allow a Uursian to answer this question by asking a few others. Russia has always esteemed the cour^go and respected the American people She'has never sscored at tbtir gr?ud traditionary pol icy of tho Monroe doctrinc; but, on the cob <rary, admits it as "the just and noble corela tive of tbeir independence." 1 ask is this trui of England? Russia haj never ridicnlcd and defameitbe Americans because they have accepted acqui jitinns which were suitablo and advantageous to tho grandeur of their nation Cat what ?in Ei gland Bay cf fur part in Texas, Oregjn, and California? Russia haa a largo territory on the Pacific coast. but she has never made this an excuso tor throating her interferonco or opposition into the line of policy wnicb tho United State3 may think jus*, and proper to partus on tbeir }*n continent. llii?si i has never usurped a post or harbor on American soil with the view f obstructing or controlling tbeir commercial prosperity. Ru'sia has never maligoed tho motives and cbarac'er of tbe Americans to in jure their irj-ute and lose??a i Leir moral weight .imong o her nations llnr-sia has never threatened to '-give our Yankeo friends a les ?on/' Has England been equally friendly. ?r even courteously neutral iu thete matters? What reply do yoa receive from all tho coun tries of Au.erica ia which England encounters he United Stnt*C? What value or construc tion should etatefmen jbee upon too cocapatioaflf the Ruatan leUttd-t, the Mos quito protectorate, the Afr.caniz ition of Cuba, ihe inierruption cf 'ho United States treaties vith the Sandwich Islands, St. Djiuingo, and Ecuador? fiaaily, Ru-sia has always received in genious Americans r.i h distinction, and re r/a-dnd th?m with liherah'y She honors with enthusiasm tbe enlightened industry and be resistle-s enterprise of American genius, ?bile some other nutnns effect to deri le it as i >;did in motive and selfirh in re.n't. If there a nothing in this to incline the hearts ot the Americans to their Ruffian friends, nei her is :here anything in it to excro an a?dent and inclusive sympathy for thair coinnon oppa. .ent. A RisSiAa. W. D. Wallace, Esq. Another Cock ard Bull Story ?The ll*rahlt )f Now York, on the day bo(oro yesteiday, de ailed wit'u amusing particularity ad the plo a )f tit o President and Secretary of State to jompass the betrayal ar.d execution oi Ram^n t'mto and Estrampca, ani the diseovery, to Ui ? nocart them, of all ih? plan* of the Cnban Junta The result his proved that the Ad liioistrfition did di3cha-ge its whole dufy with rsforenoe to tho efforts of the Junta to violate ho neutrality laws of the United State?, and iave the warm thnnl-.s cf ftll who are In favor af the due execution of cur laws. As f<r the Herald'* roorback concorning tha trip of an American Oavernmort agent to Cuba, after ivorming himself into tho coLudorce of tie Junta for tho betraral cf its friends on tho aland, it is neither more nor less than a bald 'a!3ebood, manufactured not with thaexpocia :ion that any ens poaeeuei of an ounce of brains will believe it, meroly by way of aaring something io the shape of a wonder in ihe paper of the day, the news happening, just then, to be very scarce, indeed. Mileage of Army CflicEra when Tramport L:g Sp.cio ?A Paymaster hired a convoyance it the expenso of tho United State: for the transportation of public funds, out did not avail bit^self of it fur his own transportation, for rchich Lo claimed the unal allowance It was held that any c?:er in charge cf pub lic money, who hires a carriage or other Buit able eo:veyarc9 for the transporte d an cf the money and while ha can u^e it fyr his own 'rac-portation, has r.o claim on the United ^tntts for such transposition if ho ohosts to travel by some other mode. Clerical Charg;? ?Samuel Reeve promoted ta a aecond class clerkship in tho Rfgiater'e flics, vice Edwin Dibrell, removed. Selary ?1,400 per annum. Willium Porter, cfPencfylvfinia, appointed to a first clasa clerks-hip in tho Register's :Gi:e. Salary $1,200 per annum. Charles P.'Wannail, of the District of Co lumbia, appointed to a firei>:la*? clerkthip in the same c?ico Salary $1,200 pe; annum. llabid ?Our gentle neighbor broko out in a Troah plaoe yestorday. It ealls the Nutienal a somi effleial organ of the ad mini8tratioul Verily, wo shall have to pre i:ribe a ctrai^ht jacket, next, for our gentle neighbor Appointed in the Revenue M?rino Service Mr. Pnilip N. JacLeon, of N ew York, has bean appointed to ba a Third L:autenant in the United States Revenue Maria: service. United Statea Rev?nua Marino Cffieer Or itred?First Lieutenant R. K. llutchius, U. S R M ,lias been ordered to superintend the instruction of the tbrco new r?venua ootteia to be baiit at Portsmouth, Va The Current Operations cf the Trmuty Departnsent.?On yesterday, the 2i?t of June, there were of Treasury Warrants entered on the books of the Department? Fcr the Treasury Department.... $22,143 9ft For the Interior Dep&r'mont ..... 42 l?4 to ??.r L? Citf-toms2*4 C44 20 War wairants received and en tered , C9.U22 06 War repay warrants received and entered 67/J71 03 interior repav warrant* received and entered 20H 69 D.awn on account of the Navy.... 29,744 69 Bbttisg o* Sebastopol ?We have heard of bets between sanguine iutjec<s of Victoria a d.nco-sympnthis'ug Americans on the char* netcr of t&?? ne xs whi:h the Asia would brin?. The E??ti- h ?'Bulls" brt that tho Asia would bt>nr$ news that tbe Allies >were in possefsion of tue town of Sevastopol. The Aaetiean "iieara" bet that she wuold not. and have won. Tbe saina ' Bulls" als.a effsred to bet th?t the Allies wculd be ocrop'ete'y triumph ant io the Crimea before the nrat nt July, and the "Bears" disgusted the-n by offering to de liver ft certain quantity of foreico wins?irre fL>ctlve of 31 kite Law Prohibition?if tbe Allies Lhouid be succe^efui vrithia atteer from day they first landed in the Crjmee.-^iV. y. Sua. l>?K<lOIVAL. .... Henry Two Quaa (Ha j*-on-gnoo,> head ohUf of th? Seneca cation of Indians, a<red 75 yean, dial at the Oafcarauns Reservation, N.Y.,on the 17th inst. TwoGuns was a *tep aoo of tha famous orator Red Jacket, and was born within tha limit? of tha now oity of Bnf. falo. He was engsgel in the war of 1811, espousing the oause of hia great father, the President; participated in the battles of Bridgewater and Chippewa, and for a long aerlei of years exorcised a controlling infla ence over his nation. .... Hon Francis Thomas is named in the Frederick (Md.) Union as a suitable candidate for Congress. .... Hon. D. C. Glenn, Attorney General of Mississippi, one of the most talented men of the South, wto was recently accused of having become a Know Nothing, replies in an able and eloquent letter, in which he score? the libellers with dne severity. .... Thomas G. Logwood, committed sui cide at Richmond, Va , on Wednesday, by jumping from a third sto?y window. .... Rev. Mr. Sawyer, who is about 100 years old. preached in Hebron, Conn, has na tive town, last Sunday. He left Hebron 67 years ago, and returned on this occasion to Sreach once more in the place of his nativity, [e said : " It is n..w ninety nine years since my good father and mother brought me to the meeting hmae upon this green to give me up to God in the ordinates of baptism. I have come back, after almost a hundred years, to administer the same ordinance to some of the children of the same church, and to inquire 'Is it wall with you?'M .... A young girl named aiollier, whose pa rents reside in Covington, (Ky.,) oommltt'd self destruction on Friday night, by throwing herself into the Licking river, from the sus pension bridge. The ciU30 for this rash act is unknown, but id buppo^ed to be unrequited lo?e. ....0. B Matteson, la-e member of Con* gress from the Oneida district. N Y , has pur chased a two hundred and forty aore farm near Burlington, Iowa, paying $21,000 in cash for it. .... N. H. Aspinvrall, of New Vork, arrived yesterday, and is stopping at Willard's Hotel. Lamentable Kvknt?EnRstsa of the Latt bbl Factort ?We regrefvery much to have to stato, that yesterday, cbr.ut 1 o'clock, p. m . this large ar.d extensive Factory was entirely destroyed by fi'e?the whole building, inclu ding machinery and a large smouut of ptock. was consumed. Total loss estimated at $150, 000 Ineurance in Kistern cilices to abou* $50,0C0. Bv this aid event, besides the great l:'8s, some 250 operative" hnvetho' been thrown out of employment The Laurel Factory vrns situated in Prince Oeorgo's county, 21 miles from Baltimore, and near tbe Washington Branch Railroad. The establishment was one of tbe most extensive and crmplete in all rn sprcta in the State of Maryland, and was in most succes-ful operation up to the time of its destrue'ion Welenrnthat it is already in t?mplarion to rebuild on the same foundation. Halt. Pat. o r Thursday. ? THE JOURNEYMEN TAILORS OF Waiihin*ton a id iu vicinity are hereby notified that Vi.ora. Owen Hugh*:*, and flinmn'r Shops are no longer reco.niz -d bv the Society, cor aequeniy no member of the f-aibe is allowed to w<>rk for said sbops JAS. LACKEY, Sec. je 29??dw2nr Jft?^^^'lETROPOLIS II \LL ?At a mcetinx of | Mte Managers of the Ladies B -n? v. lent Society cfGr*ce Churrh. June lb, lfc5.r>, the follow ing was unanimously parsed: R'w/i-of, That our thanks are earnestly dne ti Mr. Riehar-l Hill, nwier of tropolis Hall," ad joining the Stjr Build 115?, lor its sraluitous u?e during oor Ire Festival, aud that w.- do earnestly r. coinrncnl said Hill ti our <rieni? and the public generally :i> iltu most central, ?parious, and t??st ?'? ntilated i:i rtii- C.ty ; tr, th" rmne-oiuadvaniagea it which wk a .tribute mauly tke gra:ilyi;ig succe.-s ot'our festival. Ky order of TIIE MANAGERS, je 2i? LNIOJV U11 ^R'i.t.?T'.c members cf the Company arr i - by 11 -ifi- d to meet t I.ieu , teoar.t Hr fr V,on S VHTRDIY UVCM\G,| _ Jim-23J. :.t 7 o'clock. Putctunl attendance i j required, as busmen ot particular importance is to transacted. J. SHEA, Secretary. ie 22 2t TICKETS TO M LLE DB f.OYE'S cK^? Concert .'or sale at HlLliUS 4. HllZ'd Mueic Depot. j,. 2i_ ft-^^TtiE WASHINGTON HIGHLANDERS take this opportunity to announce to the ?'itiz? hs of W^liin^ton, both m<'l:iary nnd civilians, that they will yue ? grar.d n:?d musnifleem Etcur ? ion tottie Wliit?? Hous,- I'aviiibn on THUESUAY. the 2d AugijKt, 1^55 See future advertuement. P S.?All nn:mheri 01 th? rnn?ter rolln will be punctual in thru attendance oe MONPAY EYE- , NiNC,1he 2ith instant, at the h*H, as bastaca* of laiportance will be bro.uht bef.i'e them By order ofihe Loiumandiog OtTicer. GEO. W. FLOOD, je 20?3s* Sec. pro. tem. No. 3,1). C. No. 197. C. A. (fl F ) c A.?THE MEMBERS of ftVa-'i'riL'toti Cir !<? are hereby notified tti ntiend a special *es-i?Mi of the i.'inle a' the Hail of Potosaae c.rele on PRfDAV EVENING, J.ine 2Jd. at 8 o'clock, t<? elect delegates n attend a Conv ca t:on ot the Supreme Circle, to he held i*! ths city of Baitim ;re 011 MONDAY, the 05 h in?tnnt A. \V. rR!N?K, E VV. II. S- K. F. W. St Ol?is, C. \V. J,: 20?3t* ;~i.,TrIE rNnERSIGNEI)GROCERY Ml R in oni.-r to give time tor recrehti' 11 to the elprfes in their employ, riming the warnittt of the Summ -r months, li< rebv n^r?-e to close their re spectivi- store* at ? isht o'chck p. m , (Saturday rvemi gs excepted,) from thin dntc until the first day of Septem* rr next GFO. K TI105? PAttKF.R k CO., bamiil:l ' acon at co., MURR \ Y 3t SEMMEfl. HAMILTON' 4. LEACH, B. F. MORSELL. BARBOUR A. SEUMES, E. E. VV *' n 12 & CO , ED HALL, SHEKELL IlROTTIEBfl, BERRY k UOlVtE, MIDHLETON Si BEALL, JESSE B WILSON. tVa>:hinaton, June 11,18i5?2iv MANTELS FoR SALE ?AS WE A RE ABOUT to move our fhop, and wish to rii?posenfa fo-tion r.f the ?ock, we h ive ? number of Vain tal.a" Man:eU, which we rtf. r for falo. They ore iuUh'd ia the Audsc |>oMiL2?# Hyic, and will sold very cheap. They can be seen on I) street, thu 3J bouM from 1 ih,nnd opposite tit ?* Kirk wood House. It JAMES MAXWELL k SON. REWARD?Strayed or sloleu fiom the eub i>c:iberon Saturday, the 18:h instant. ?\ agra ? Horse, with a few iunrk> 011 his hip?, cituscd by the harness, and wind galls on his hind leg*. He is aUout 9 or 10 years old, with a I l'mg tall. Toe above r> w tA \\iil given ifre turnc't to toe. M IIASTECGIN, jc22-2t* Ko. -VI North Capitol street. ri>0 ALL WHOtf IT MAY CONCERN?WK ? shall issue, as usual, our q lard tly accoasti during'.he comini; week, and re?pectfully req iert that prompt atteniion may be civen to ihe tetlle lu^lit of the Skuie on or kefore the 1st July. ELVAN8 k THOMPSON, aae l'a. avf nue, bit. 9.h and 10th its. je 22?3t (Orj?\n> *^J"OTICE?The biiW of our ciutoni^rs will all be made ? tr up lo Monday, the 25 h instant, anu rendered on that day. M W. G \LT fc liKO Je 92-3t ACCOUNTS READY.?Cur ru>totners havirg book accounts with us are ri sp^ctfully noiifi-u that tfcev are ri"w r?=ady for dt Itvety, and will be prCEC-iiled by 'lie 28ih inst nt, when we earnestly hope th it all pernios so it de-.ted will uke pleasure in paying the same prorrptly. WALL & STEPHENS. . avenue, next door to Iron Hall, je aj-ot DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, . ^Yasiiikoton Coorrv, To wit: 1 hereby certify that Jj.,1, B. Fiirell, of the Mid county, broug t before me, a? cstray, UefpaaMng on hw enclosures, a $p. ckled giay Mare, nbcut 9 y^ars o.d, twelve handa high, uud ebod before, and has h*'"!! marked in gear. ' pr?pr?y'.10ty ch*rSv? nR<l ??ke her away P Je 28 ?jf jOHN BULL FRiZELL. GOAL?GOAL. WE have now on tne wav n cargo of r?rv sure jlorWniTG ASH COAL, which w? Sil deliwfrQM tha vessel at 48 SO prtTou, All orderi left at th?j office, Green street, Georce. town, opposite ?ie g?j house; or, |u Wa-hington corner of I and 90th street*, will be strictly aitended je*2-3f BARUON k STOVER. NOTICE?Came to th- Mhccriher'a oa \V*d n<*day last, a i-nnii colored GiRL. at>pareatl? not of vary enoed mind, clad in * dvk atriped (roc. ??d Mc'ting apron. She 1? enable ?o five any ac count of herself. her nam* or where aho e*r?e from. no aaore tktn that ber motb?r'< sunt la Ma ry. To? owner or parent*, by cullini; on Mr. C. H IJHiejobn, li ner for the Union Line, or nt No. 15C OritlfA atreet, Georgetown, and paving f * this ad vertl-e?en?, will ut informed where to find her. |? VZ -3t MRS. SMlTH. CHILD LOST. J A SMALL colored firi left the r-tlden'-e 01 Mrs Wiison, on 12th etr et, near P,on Wednemfct last, and is supposed to be lust. Having mi imped imfnt in her speech she cnnnot |>oesibly tell where ?lie belorr* Any in'ormition concerning her will be thankfully received and liberally rewarded by ap plying as above. je 22 - T50LI8HTrBiriPS& EUTA BAQA SE?DB. THE undersigned has Just received direct from the grower*, a well selected sock of the following: Bkirviug's Livrrjool Swede or Buta Baga, Lang'r Improved do , Grven nnd Purple topped do., Whut Gl? ht, A bite and R'd Tankard. Orange Jelly, Dale Uyhrn], Whitfl Norfolk, and other fide! Turnip* Eaily Stone, Early ScowbaU Si* Weeks, Pin* Dutch, Purple topped Strrp !e*vrd Gardna Turnip*. Kariy York, Large York, Plat Dutch, Drumhead. Heart shaped with m*nv new and G?d CUbbagea. all warranted fresh, of finest quality, and are o fcred at very mrd-rate prices. JOH HAUL, )? 32?eo6t* corner 7th and H streets. MRS. GEORGET LATE from England, wi?hen to inform the ladie and geutlemen of Georgetown and Washingtot that she can be consults! on the pan, present am: future events, at her residence. No. 25 Pirn street, between Potomac and High streets, a few dooit from Forre?t Hail, Georgetown Ladies 25?Gentlemen 50 cent*. Prom 8 in the morning until 9 o'clock at night. Je M-2w* _ GRAND EXCURSION GORSUCH CHAPE?L SUNDAY SCHCOL TO POUT WASHINGTON, WEDNESDAY, JDNK 27, 1855. wTba Committee of Arrangement* l^have much pleasure in announa inc t? I heir iriend< ?n1 the public gem rsl'y that their first Excur>to(i will be given as above, if lot weather proves fnvorab'e. 1 he Committee p ed<e themselves no effort on their part wili be spared to afford a'l vho honor ?hem with their ptesrn.e, a pit a-am and agreeab!* time. A superior band of Music has been engaged for the occasion. lUfreshmenta will be on the ground and aold cltv prices. ? The pr< fits aris:rg from the Excursion will go to ) the benefit r.f the School Tickcts lor a lults, 25 certs?Children half pr'ce Tha b >at will leave Png?*s Wharf Alexan dria at 9, and return at 7 oVInek (.ommitt'e of Jtrronremer tt G. J. Hall, G \V. Gariutt, G it. Vermillion je 22 ? NEW MILLINERY. < I?3 THOMPSON has j st opened our fourth l\L lnv ice ot aprl.tau. Leghorn, E"g iiKii straw. Lace. r'rape. ani ?-thcr 8umm.-i| Hats I a.lii's who hav : not already support* ill* mselves ere invited to cull and make their selection'. A Is >. Just received a choiee lot of Fans. Bi'k V.itu. fi ?e ^ilk G'oves, Hosiery, kc , together with a variety o urnc'.esnot necessary to enumerate, and to all of which we invite attention. HUTCHINSON *. M1NRO, Fancy Dealers, No. 310 Peana. Je 23? PROPOSALS F0* L1VS OIK FOR BIZ Sli,AM r.LO< P2-0F WAR. ir jwinn | @SB W NAVY DEPARTMENT, ) Bi;ria.c or ConaTP.rcTioH. E<icir"T. &c. >. June '22, lfe55. i OE*LED PROPOSALS fir delivering one or 0 more live-oak frames of a sloip ol war?one to Ne delivered at eaoh 01 the navv vardsat Pentatda,, PbilsdHptoia, New Voik, Bo? n, and PorUmoulh, N H.,?will he received at thii bureau until the 3r September, 1^55 These proposals must enJ^^sed "Pr >pot~lt for L:>e Oak," and address* J to the 44 Bureau of Con struct on," that they mnv 1m? r'imneuish.d fnun ??tlier business l-.rt# rs. Tli ? offVrs mu-t be f,jr the whole 01 one frnme. estimated at thirtv thousand 1 cubic f.-et, and, a< required by law, rou?t b- acco.n parried by a suuaolw cuarjntce, tli?; form of which I ts htretvith civen. KU'eties in the full estimated ?iiioiiMt will be required 11 Mgi, tn?. contract, ami I as ad litiinal rim collateral security, fifteen per ' cent, will ?,e wit .held on the amount of each deli*, cry mini the c< inraci iu fu.'ly completed. In Ell de- I uveries of the timber thrre a:net be a due proport-oii 01 the mo^t dun :illl i?ars i,f tiie frame, and r f the | principal pieces; otherwise there wiil be withheld such furtiser aiiiount in a ditirn to the fifteen p.r e? nr. as may fee ludt-ed exp dient ti secare the i.uIk lic int? rest umil such pnncipil pieces and diAoult portions shall be deliv- iej The remaining eichty live p-r cent or other propro-ion of each bill when approved in trip i;?te by the commandant of tfce 1 yard, wi.l b^ p??d by Kuch navy agsnt as the con tractor may name, within thirty da\s after iu ora sentation to him. *** It will be s'.lpulated in the contract thit If default be made by the parties of the fir-t pait in d?liverinv [ the timber m-med, ?.f the quality and at the time ind phc- provided, tin n, arid in that case, the con tractor and hii fur.Mi.-s wilt forfait and pay to the I Unit d Mat'?, na liquidated damcgeii, a sum of| in-ney . qnal to twice the amonnf of the contract ' !?rice there arr. ed upon as the price to be paid in msr ef the actual del very ther*of, which I quidate.l damages may be r^covere.l or retained at any time T"" ,a'J parties of the first part or either oi l inem. f . ' ' ? timber must conform to drawings an<* in-true-1 ?!? n? with which the contraetor will be furnished and work to moulds and bevelling* with which he' will be provided fn m th- United States navy-yard at Philadelphia. The whole must b? cut from tree* ?rowing within thirty miles of the sea. of which the eommandant of tne yard will requite satisfactory evidence. J The frame timber may be delivered in tke form ot nr. miscu. -h t m'.er-ihat is Hide,! straight ard fair, but rough-hewed the L-.r.?,| :inr n-,y, ghowing a e . .V? "* ,h'* f',iRf 5 'ha 'inrber need not be b ve.led, b-it niuft b^ cf suffl ier.t ?xe to work the shape ofthe moulds and hold the bcvellinrs eho?n on the b>.veiling boards In the measurement, thefull mmldin?mze msrked on the mould a (which is one and a half inch larger than wilt he worked in the abi^) w,11 be allowed, provided tht pieces will hoH thai^ae; but no ad ditional si*e beyond that mark- d in the moulds or in the instructto s will be pa?d f?r The tidine of th" stem, apron, fore deadwood. I ol^mson, dcadw od knees, stern-post knee, and I k?el*ms must be 1-^ inches; tbe stern post ,nd ;<fi jr deadwood to ude 29 inches iut lie target place I and the hoo ,s to ? d- 14 inches. The ?4iug r!, the I froaie timber must be 13^ to 14 tncbas, ai d of the prcmiscu< us limber, one fourth pan must sioe lk I tar bos, an.l the lemsiuder inches "he tlir<?at of th- floor timber to mould 17Vi inrh. es, nt the lloor he; d 14 inches, and at the nUuik shear 7 inchss 1 " mid-hip or draJ flat floor timber haa a curr* of inches in 2-3 feet; the fir t furto?k 4 inches in 17 fafl the tweond tuttock 24 inth-s ln 13 f?Mi th? tlurd futt ck 27 inches in 13 f et; the fourth futiock 4 tnchra in 14^ fjut, auj the t >p timber 10 inches in 17 reet. The entire frame nt each ship to ba delivered at the respectii-a yards at Uie ri-k and ai??nse 01 ihc contractor, s;ih,eet lo the usual inspection to ih<> entire approval of the Lur?au, and ail t? be' dehy ered on or brf ire the 1st of October, 1858 Person.! who m*y be disused to offer for more than one ihip will make a separate proposal for eacli FORM OF OFFER. I. , of the t?tatecf^ hnrehu ????> m I furnish and deliver at the United States uavTy.rd t . . I'tl,e J*'10'* r'f 'he use oak timber for one ' P' nt thirty thousand cubi,- feet, be the ' or**?>'? oof .rmity with tha acve rtiiJ %uS.S.?ilLsS ilj" "f ?f Uw d.le or Stems, apron, stennoo, d?a 'woods, stern post ?uses, deadwood kueea, keelscns, and hooka csumaud to contain? 3,090 cubic ft, kt ? per rt?* Frame timber of ? all other kinds, estimated at i0,4:0 cubic ft, at - par ft Promiscuous tlm b"r, amounung 10 6 cubic ft. at ?? p?r ft? Total amount 30,030 *""" Ll?ti,,Tahl, r b *''''1? 'n worda ) ^.n'y ?ffer,b?. I request to be ad n' tn" contract forwarded to Die navy agent at ? or to me at lor aim a lure and certificate. ' ^ (Date.) (Signature.) FORM OF GUABNNTEE The undersigned, . , f > io the Pute of ??n" " ? of ??-y ij ilm $tate of ?, hereby auaranty that.iu case the foteg.iing bid bo accepted he or iliey will, wiU'in ten days after tbe receipt ?f ihe contract at the pos: named or navy agent designvtej, execute tLe contract for the same WHh cood and tufll^'ient KUreti*a; in case said ? ? shall foil lo enter into contract as aforesaid, we guaranty to make good tha difference between the cfier of the said and that which may be accepted. EifOitnra of two guarantor, j J ? (Data.) Witness 1 I bertwv ceruf/ that the above-named A B unit D are known ti me as men of property, and aUe 10 make good tlKlr guarantee. (Dale) ... (8ignaturn) iTo be tigneihy the United 8ta'es dxn-.iri htdte, U,ii'ed UuUt attorney,*or, or narv a ten*, and no cthtrt J June 89-}aw?* PROGRAMME O* MTLE W. DE BOY*^ OONCtir Potiiivuly t# take plae* on FHIDai T**a IP?. Jic? 88, at Canu.'g taiaot MOT N'o MMpOMmeit on rcrouot of i r?iT i. 1. Grand Dun Snrata n D. Piano, M'.lt De Boye?Violnnrelln, Prof AhrnT 2. Vri?u?r? Brilliant. Hok> clarionet-puX * Wqt?r 1 J. Pantasis Favorite on Tb-an de Beethoven 8elo violoncello, Prof. Alirend 'w 4. Cavalina Pan-file ie Afstba, frrnn Der Fr? ischutz C \i** Vf>u MlleR. Schmilt. Violoti -eiio ob.,gau>?Pr* Ahrrnd 5. Grand Fantasia mr If Serenade ft le Minn< t de Don Joan Polo piano?Mile de Boye. parr u. I. Grand Trio in O Miner Br thovm Piano, Mile de Boye? Vioioneelio, Prof. Ahrea4 ? Viotui, Prof Wagner. #. Aria Favori.e e Oratorio Elijah Mile B. Schmidt. 3. Caprkr?o oa Ot.giaal VMnacHIo solo- Prt f. A bread. 4. Grand Concerto. G Minor pour ie Piano avec Q.aru-t .rpt rU,JN*,,lr dJ VioWelio, rref. Ahrrrt l.t \ loltn, Prof. H ntner?2d VieUa, Prof. fVeb? Tenrtr?Mr. Goo. Anh. Tbe cmi grand Piano u?? d on this occasion < one or Steitwav k S.?nV pre* inm iastruner, k:n?'ly furnished by P. C. Kcichenbacb, E?q >L A-eot * Tickets nt admi?-i-n 50 cents; to le bad at all ? the principal hnHs, inu?ic nrd bonk-tores, at>< tbe door of tbe ball on the tmim of the Concert. Door* open nt 7?Concert to commence at SL o'clock. SAM'L V. NOYES, Awou je -O?3t EXCURSION TO PINKY POINT-" THE MEVBKR8 OP VIRCINM ^TENT, No 3! 8, I r dependent of Bechabitr-s, would inform the citizens of Ger?f?>. "?wn and %V?rh>n(ton. that thev puqioar r wnr i GRAND PIC NIC AM) COTILLON IXCT1 SION to PINLY POINT, on MONDAY, tte ?Ui inHMit The splendid steamer Auri C. Pun has l*ea chartered, and Fischer's Cotillon Band ei.gage? f r the occasion. T.ckua admitting aGrntlefnan and two Lad>e? ONE DOLLAR AND UPTY TEN r?, can be pw ch?=e?| at the b *t on lb" n>?raint of the ? ica-aoa Ticket can be bail at J-bn Mills'* ?h->* ?*. St v? i th strrrt, a few door* b?-ln?r K. Washington ? an 1 ?' the lijat on the morning of thi* excursion The boat will if arc ih - Seventh ?treet wharf a: 7 o'clock, and the Nary Y?rd at Refrephmonts of all kind* can be had on the boa at city prices. ' Je 510?4t I7LA8TL: RIBBON POR UNDER8LEBVK8, _j Ea*u: cord for Bracelets aup? nor Needle*, La?l<?*a' Dm.?d Protectors, Fcls-om, Gift Cup? ?- r. ^lucerc. Pocket, Cliecker, and Cbeaa Board* at ti? Ml Sevintb st. LAMMOND. ai-:*t LAND WARRANTS. WE are pavmr the prtcea fer LANU WARRANTS. J M. CLARKE k CO^ corner T^nth street ar.d Pern'a aret ue, over Wa^liinfton City SaTtnj'a Bank, te 90?7i* DI E NOTICE ?Onr cu^iotnera are re?p?-rt fullv notified that their rff-p^riirr accounts are tn-tde out and reaoy lor d<4ir^ry. Ttiow wbo do not witili to have them prns nt? d will pleaac call and receive tnem previous to the iSth instant, at which tioih ihey a ill b? -eot out. W? eaineatlj request our fnends |i be prompt ia resj>ondini5 to our call nnd settle tbetr respectivs bill* either by cash, or notes at ahort oatw?tb? casii greatly jtcierred. BURNS k rrKTBRAN. je 90?3? 400 Pa. avenue. MAO A ZIS K h im July just received G?dey's Lady's Book for July Ladi'a' National Mataziae do Ballou's Dol ar Montlily do Holiday Pictorial picayune A*| tbe new Books published received immediate ly afterwrj-ds. Ever) dung in the Htatinnerv Line at 3H1LLI * GTON'ri P<Mikstore, Od<^n Building, cor. Pa. avenue and 4sl {e 20?3t (Newt) LAN I) WARR AN TS. JOHN D CLARK, tor Clnmi, No. ft?7 I'nellth street, ?iM cive Uis highest maraet taice ia tp.ld i??r Land Warrants je 7? THE POTOMAC R1VFR STEA^ll OAr COM PAN VH STEAMER ALICE U. f RICE, CAPT ?AMUFL i'.AKEU, _*?in WILL LEAVE WASHINGTON ? 0't:n?CK A. M., AND AL LArtM)nl/i AT 7 O'CLOCK A M. ON TUESDAY MORNINGS tor?Mattel, Cor riomau, L. Maclio<4<?c, Piney Point, Kin^ale, Cone. ON FRIDAY MORNINGS for?Chanel Point, Wicomico, Leonanltonn, Piney Point, J*t. Mar) 's, ?one. ON WEDNESDAY (r.-tuminr) leave Cone at 4 j'click a m., t??r?ht Mary's, Piney Point, Leuu ftrctown, Wicomico, t'tiapi I Point. ON SATL'iiDAY (retu>nirc? leaving Core at 4 D'cloek a. m , for?Kinsale, I'mey Point, L. Mncbo loc, Cunioniiii, Mattox. Calling at the uscal lanJiog-* on tbe river wbn ?ipnals are made. By order ot tbe Board: J AS P. SMITH, President. .Alexandria, Va., Juue 1,18ft5. Je 15? tf PLEASURE EXCURSIONS FOR THJE POUETII OF JULY. The Fteantera CEORGE WASH __^gaCl\nTON and THOMAS COLLYUK *.n mdK- r *ufar trips to the White Hou^ i'avilijn, M' uut Vernon, an?l Fort Wasbinzioa. Perfcoa* ?vish ng to spend the .'ay at Fort Washington will tie I inded there, as each beat will stop .it tbe Fon. Prices will be made Jo nuil tlin times. The ume of Ktirting ar d other partlcnlsrs will be piaen in dw l ine. Fo.t Wa'iiingiou croundt, is a dtl ghlful plarc P?r fc^o<-lls or w?le t parti?"a t*> ^p^nd the day. Tbs W: He licuse Pavilion and gr^urd? are n i surpaserd for jilearure by any place. Tbe Bouts h <vt a cata rer that serves up rrfr< shtrenis in good r!\le. MM*l!'oEDxfer. }<*?? Je 1(5?Or ICE CREAM ihe beet qnality_del.vered to faBilies, paiiie^, Fairs, kc , at 3IK lancy moalda or pla n treezer*. Excursions and Pic Nica lurrasbed at $1 25 pt-r gal.on. Give it a trial M T. MARTINET, Tenth street, between D and E street*. Ie 19?Iw* s \TI?W BOOKS rece veil nnd for ?ale at i> SHILLINGTON'S Bookstore. The Lifs ol Napoleon, by Abbott, complete In fi vols. The Winkles, by the author of Wild Western Scene? Cone Cut Corncra, tht Experiences of a Conserva tive Family Tnles lor the Marines, by tlie author of Los Gn?* go#. Misrin* Bride, by Mrs. Souifcworth, a tale of the Twtlve liundred and Tea, by fir Walter Scott, Ita't PaUou V Magaxitie for July. All the New Books anil t-vcrj' tblr.g in the SU aonery hue, for Rale at SHILLINGTON'S Bookstore, Oiiocn Building, car. kx/A St., and Pa. ar. )fl 10?? I r GLEN WOOD CEMETERY, Cffics Ho 292 Pern are , corner lOifc (OVIR TUB SAVING'S BANK.) rOIS CEMETERY is UU ?ot on the plan of tb? celebrated Greeoworxl, of New York, and sua ute-d on the hi^b ground dieUait cnt- and a qnarfl miles north uf the Capitcl?Ncrth Capitol sueet l?a ine directly to the gateway. This Company have Kcured a charter from ( oa gre.?s, appropriating tlicir ground tor ever to banal purpose*, making n fee title to ?he ptrcha?er, and p.ohibitiiig all encroachments from lefislatn-n or otherwise, which is of v.i*t imp'rtanceio those wf^' v.'ksh tbetr dead to repone wherathey b^ve p *<eJ tbcm, for it has become a custom in all otb? r cities, wh? n the Lurial ground beroaisi valuable for ether purposes, lo sell it. and throw the dea<l pron iscsuv l> into one larre pit, and le*al mra??'es cannot pre vent it, as no titles are given i? the groee*. N B - P.unt lile s wuh n e?sPi ?he charter, "?? bv laws and a'l other ietonsafK>*.cf h* ii^. ?II order"'or interment* left at at be p Vo. 4lO Hevenh street, m Hiv iihrr iiMertsker, will be promptly attended to. nil Oftc?^ 10 to 18 ? je miTaoVIKKk.BPK IIK.?Persons wkb X ina 10 purchase sup- rior Table tr Pi?ckci Cae ierY heavy Silver p'.at.d t?r B. aania Ware, 4*? iana?D'?<, ^"e* Tra;,a or Toilet Seu. ae eacUeni Llock, Feather Duster, llal Stand, Enameled Ket tle, Sane* pan, G.avy Strainer, Tea Bell, or anr of ibe hundred and one Hide etceteras needad by every tiiuaeiteper, are inv<te4 to call on G. PRANCI8, j? 18 ? . 490 luini ?t. NOUCK.?We shall as nsuaf issue all unpaid bills from our hooks up to Saturday, the a* u'lim t. We re?.peertully request thet nil to wy they beitncwdl promptly settle ih?m on or belors the 1st of July. . ... All wbo ?wire to lisvn their bills be lore being sent nut will find tbam reiidy at cur oeek. je 18?dtjyl CLAGETT, DOD8QN fc CO-^ r adiiiTwobk ba?kkt?.-c?J I j Bosket*, T^nveltne Butketi-, K' y Bsskets, Knife Baskets, Ctgsr Itaskeu, Market Ba?kei* Clothes Bs-kets, a laiee variety, very lo*,aM>? Hoasekeeperv Puri.i:-hin| ?w, ??? Street. w? IkA^viw

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