Newspaper of Evening Star, June 22, 1855, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated June 22, 1855 Page 4
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FISCHERS BAND FULLI U80AN I7.ED. HAVISO now - omHefd all mv rmnrtmmu* for* first rat?> Kit ASS and COT 11, |. ON BAND. I nn a^ain at the nervier nf the pnbllc to attend F!?.-um.?n Fart**. Exhibit.ons, rar*de*, Pie Nie?? Ball-, and tferenad**. All those in favor of* ettixen's band are respectfully invited to cocourac; our enterprise, here in Washington City. _ a P FIHCHEft, Lender, if I Band, under my directiou,iMregiilariy nniiorni^d, and Imm a practice over twenty years I Cjh pre satitraction to every one. Residence, Pa. avenue, north aide, bet. Vlh and 10'h streets. first door w?st of Iron Hail. _?0p^ Wl,h **?*" Hilbu? X Hit* punctually attended to. may 14?231* JOBM ft. ELV.VMS. WILLIAM THOMTSoN KLVANS *L THOMPSON, DI\LUl IN HARDWARE, COACH TRIMINGS,&c.. , . Wo * P?n*?flriBU?T?Bu?, bHvetn ^l1Uk atui Ten'h street*. Wnkimtcn, D. C house furnishing hardaake. Britannia, G :nnan Silver, Altata and Silver l'lated Tea, Table and liesert Spoons Canrrrs and Forks, Steels, Knives with ai d with out Forks Brass Hrit.tnnia. BloekTin *1.1 PlatM Candlestick* ? .. iront, S d Irons' Masiin and Be'l M.ul Kettles, Furnaces, Gridiro&s Oven-, fcc. ' BUILDING MATERIALS. liural Cottago, Uowt, Cupboard, Chest, Til!, Tad and Tmtlt Licks _ Shuttle, Door, and Blind Hnifes, Screws, Cut and V\ rouebt Nails, Bolts Iliad s Sbnuer Screws and Stabbt, Duor Springs Mandrill Screws, Door Knobs Bell Pui!;, Door Sheave- and Rail, ac. CABINET MAKERS' GOODS. Hair Cl'Kh, Curled Ilair, Moss, (iuiip-, Sofa and Chair Springs Yenitian Bimd Hooks. Rack Pulleys, Roller End*, _ R a< *?*!??, Furniture Nails ' Clue, C ffm iUndies an-1 Screws, Dramoai Screw CARPENTERS' GOODS. Plan^*, Saw*, r)r:rrin;r Knives,?|ickf?havc9. Chis ?:!? aitu Crn|fp, Plane fror.* Augers, Braes and Uitts. Boring Machines, Ham mers, Hatchets, Devels Bevils, Squares, Gu.^es, Axes, &e. RLA' KilSIiTH AND COACH MAKERS GOODS ji'ack and Bnghi Springs, Axl-s, Felloes, Spokes, Iiuhs, Bows. S.lalts, Poles Sieijh Runners, Silvered and Brass Bands Stump Joints, Stunib l oiiors. Top Props Curtain I rimes. Lamps, Inside Linings, Lini3"? M.'ks, Dania k, beaming Cords 3 TuP.*, Ta~eU, Putt.ns Tacks. Tringcs, Lacei, an.! Plain and Lnf*mci!ed Canvass Russia Imck. Enamelled I.. atber, Dn-h Leather *c. EL VANS k THOMPSON ' J? 1~6"? 3*6 Pa. avenue. FOR THR CURS OP Asthma and Consumption. DTEIV AND VERY IVONDbRFUL'" HYGEANA Brought t-aie to tbo door of the Million. A WONDERFUL discovery his recently been J\ made by IV. Cur^i of tiiii city, in il;e treat ment oi Cousmupnoo, iistoma, and a<l di-ea-es of the Laags. We re!..r t<% Dti CURTIS'S liYGK ANA. OR INHALING IIYGEAN VAPOR A\D CHERI1V SYRUP." With tkis n*w Method, Dr. C. has res tor-,] in^ny afflicted o^es to he alt "i, as an evideTsce ot fUicu lie has innumerable ct-rJdeares Snt^tkiuz of th?- tr-.i?in?'nt, 4 physrcian remarks, "It is evident that iuiMliug?cousuintiy breathing an aaree^ble, Leaii .^ v?f?or?llie naa di-iBul prop-.rtie^ n.a>i cu?i" :n *>u .ct conia< t with t^e whole jrr:al ravine oi uie aad tiiu^ escape the p.nd varied ehaitgcs prcd?c?:d i!j?:i them wiif.n intro duci d int?the si -iiiHcu, and nuOj ct to the proce* "idijesiioo " Tfie >? for sale at ail Dru^g.-t'* tiaruugiuiut tiit coaaU/.?A". York BUci of Jar.. 14. Tee lnha:cr i? worn on the brrart und- r tl.e linen wi:.V) it L ?; leait ineonven'.-.-nrc?the her.t of Uie bo,iy I e-jrjf sTitf?< ii-nt u> ?*v?p?)rate the f!nid. Hun ?2rMs oi cu-> a ui cuits, hkc the foMuwin^, might he nameii. Or e pao'.-tp" of t' ? Hy??ari baa cured me of the Asuiiaa ot" ->ir. yt.'r-i' standing. J F. '.vKtsBt&ar, P. M. of Duncaiinon, P?. I ara cur. d ot th<* A- nmu of ten yeai^' standing by Dr. I'unu'j li>g- ana. MiidA?tT Eabtoj. L.t>oklyn, M. Y. Mn. Paal, of No. i IlancHitn! ftreet, N Y , v an cure?l m a severe toat ul Lrunchttu jy the lly ge.'iia. My jijier hr..-i b? en curri? of a ditiresnnt cough of .stver.;! y. ; r. ?'?'?adi. :?.!!.] decided to be incura ble by the pbysi ..xns. tlic. wa-? cured in one month by the Hyjera.a. j. H. Gaibibt, P. M Richmond, Me. The Rev. Dr. Cnzrra, of New Y ?rk, testifies cf ?"?cr aiedicine in tiie ioil<>winc iansuag- : N*w Vobk. Nov. 15, 1854. !? it $.(?I tliink highly of I>r. CurUi'? Hyfeana as remedy in diMases of trie tbroat and Lens- ? Having hart seme opportunity to te-tify ih ethcacy, I an convinced that i: is a inij-t excellent nierti, botii ihv; Syrup and the inhaling application to Ihe cheot. r'rof. 3. Cxktkr writer us a- fo!lown r Gen.leoien?I have recently had occasion to ten your Cherry ^>iup and Hygcan Vaprr, in a case of chni.uc sore throat, that had refused to yield to oth er torni? of ueauuent, and the result ha-i satnaed ?ue that, Wnattr vi-r ni: y be tSe coui|x>siiioa of your preparation, it b i.o jupfltotinn, bur an exeeiicnt r. ai> dy. I wi.-h, for the ssice of the alHicted, that it lu.^Lt be biought Within Uli' reach oi all. Dr Jottks. r^ie of the mxt celebrated PhJsjciai.? in N 'W York writes a< follows : Dr. Cr?ns?Dear H-r?Havin* witne^-ed the e*. crtlert effects of you' llyseana or uihahng Hvt^au Vapor and ? berry t*vnip, in ease of Chronic Bron chi, is, and besce much in favor of counter irritation ?n uB?.'cuona oi ihe throat, Bn>iic!nal tube^andlun?;s I can tiii retore cheerfully recommend your .Medl cated Apparatus as being the inr?t convenient and eff?ctual inoii^ of applying anything of the kind I have ever ?.'en. No doubt, thousands of pertocs may be relieve J, anu many curcd, by using you* medicine*. I mu?t h<-re he allowed to confess that I tun op posed to pre^e.ihlng or usin2 e-;cret comp'iflnds, but litis hltle nently contrived article, and it' iCi*ft3 in the case above alluded u>, have lu.luccdlac tospeai In its favor. V <tu are at hberty to use this in any way vou tnay think prupt Rcspectiiiily, yours, fiic. C. loans, M. D.. r v No.'Bit Houston street, N. Y. Tnce tnrce dollars a package. pS'',d ^ c,\nllJ^ t BOVD A PA' U No 149 Chambers ttrci*!, !V. Y. Four packapes sent free to any j art of the United mates tor t--*n doilam N. B ?Or. Curtw's Ilvs^aha is lie i^Rin vi i jnd ONLY GLN CINE WcLK; l?a e imitations, or vile and injurious counierfeiu Shun tbeui a.< *<>u rv oti!d POISON. *'? r sal; in IVadiingtou hy CUAELE J ?^TOTT Pa. s venue, near 7th cL'eet; an J J. 11. .ViOORE, ,n' tuv li.-i V> d, J. l.iay 22?Cm DE N TISTRY. DR. 3.L Nf>ON rt .^ttlHliy calis puMie attention U h; new patent.and CREAi'LY IllFBOVED tnod u ettmg AniftcUj T??th, v..:.^ i* ntinnons Gnru~the very PERFECTION OF THE ART. TLisstyle orTeeth ?las the t'dl.;'.r:i!j alvantJijes over all oth? f viz ? GREAT STRENGTH, CLEANLINESS, >OhT,iuid 15E.\1 TY, vieing With Nature in tl:e?e re?,"*cts, and in "m* others excelling. Public in specuon w x< spe.Uuily solici^d. Piea^e call and *.e? ?pe.""in ."n. CALTtOW?K - rthtr D-ntift in the District of Ccium jia ba>: a tight to n-.ake this style of Te ta. N. B ?Teett consututioQidly htaidiy. nluciied nrJ "zmitled tor h'e. 7,1 " 0? ice ai d t. . c ,t No. HO S E street, near th*i raruer of Pena-' ivaieia avenue and i l'.h etteet. ip'i4--:f HIST< 'V.Y CF THE COICPJ OP EOYAL S%P l?er- :i'i?l Miners, by Ctrfiolly, Unai4eru:aster fe'geaat cf the Corps, 2 vduiue*, Lcnuon. IuXj bif 1! w .rd Iii iiijliss on N"**al Opefatjcns in the Black .^oa, p ni.phlct. London, 13:5 Tfci Ai j'1' i'? ;-i Army aud Militarv Hi tory in the E% l, by Captain Kafter, 1 vol, Loudon, ltoi (t'B, rue's ?l Ant.uai aad Alu anai for 185^ Ca^ibrMy cf ^ hi;j. by A hcrton, ChiefEa psv' r, Woolnich, 1 vol. London, l:Ca Jei boii ausck aa?l def?.uce of outposts Otile?V Histor> *>' Keaarkable rinses Bora's ^'ival auu Miiityy T-:clinical Dictionary, rB'ilifU Cam^ Ii'i lie uonzry ot Military Science Gntbta a M lit .iy Layv Le? h*- A,optnegnM?# N'a o'.> m -ervu on the Kifl.- mu-ket Botieiicr oi. llir KiA^ ?fha.-k^rny's Piflf- Firing ? aiUai.d's U?t". :*ra?uci; RibwlscS R?-> ruits Krasirmki's Russia and Europe And M.dtary Works iust impcrnd i?v ^ 16 FRAN UK TAYLOR. (?HEAT BARGAINS TN LAriE3% GENTS*, MIS:-E^', r;i) CMIIL DU V-'BM.r:- AM? .5L? >i:s._T';e ^ ^ ??it>- rifxr c .in; ' d f> remove firoci] ? r he i; ? occuj:ie . rs i ? nn 1 ? r?t W? :i :s-sir;r.| .tue"! of UO(?l3 AND SHOES ;:t jfe -riy re?-.eed pr; ?*.?. All pe.rsons ir wai.t ol ine pr !?? v?'iil it i.j th?-ir c ivantage tt call before purchasjig else?? here. A. H. SLOAN, No 304 Pa. av., rear 1<kh it,rortn tide. may I?:*in DR. THEOD. HANSMAN Keep? t:i? >><ti "e notir- from n?bi t?> tea o'clock a.m No. ft O S Nc.cnM *i , 9ff. Odd tclUtm Hall, .Hi v FRENCH HAIR DRESSING AND SHAVING SALOON. TWP. nn4ervifn?*d respectfully announces to Bw citizen* of Washington, that he has openc# a Gentleman's Hair Dre-sing and Shaving Saloon, on Pa. >Tcitn?, b?twMO lUto and 12th street?, where he ii at all prfpuM to accoinlnodite |n *'? branche-i of the toneorial oprrmion. Hair Juttlnft performed in the very latest styles. He would call particular attention to nil Wigs, Toupee*. Braids, FWtir*, Whiskers, Mustachois, ic. and is prepared to fill ail orders in the above line'at the diorteM notice. A good assortment con canity on band He respectfully solicits a call, fcehrg assured th3t he cannot fail tn phase all who mav so favor him. j# B?eoltn JOHN I'.F.RBOBN. 6 POTOMAC PAVILION, > Piney Point, St. Mary'i County, M?rylanii. * r|MHS desirable place for health and sea-bathing i will be opened for the reception of visiting on the 15ih of June, with nothing left undone that Will promote the comfort* of it? ^uest. Many improve ments have been made since my last season. A Lunch Room has beea built tor the accommodation of visitors at all reasonable boors, oay and night. Stables and Carriage Houses have b^en built to accommodnte tliose at at a distance Billiard Table. Pistol Gallery, Shuffle Hoard, Ten Pin Alleys and Rath* have all been improved, and arc free to i-isifcni only I am thankful ?o the public for their patronage the last two seasons, and hope to see my old Iriendi and many new tace* the coming season. The Pavidon shall be clean and well kept. Children v. ith whooping couch or measles will not be admitted as boarders. terms or board: For single day 52 00 For three days or less than a week, per d^y.. 1 50 By the w?m k 10 O) By the month, p;r day 1 2o W. VV. DIX, Proprieior. Letter Boxes have been placed on all ihe Steam ers lor the accommodation of visitors. je 5?eolm A CARD.?LOOK llfcRE ! ALL ye loverti of the good things ot this life, and we will tell you where yon may obtain atlerst some of them. Thanktul tor past favors, I would respectfully ask a continuance of the same dur ng this Spring' and Summer. I aw prepared to furnish I ail who will give me a call with the sweet and cool mg Beverages in my line at short notice. Such as Ice Creams, Water Ices, of all flavors, Scharlotte Reuse, Blancmange, Sic Cakes of all kinds. Also, foreign and domestic Fruits ami Conte.cuonery, gen erally kept iu well regulated establishments of the kind. Particular attention will be paid to furnishing Wedding or Bride's Cakes. Also, Parties, Balls, Excursions, Tic Nics, Ate., he., and upon reason able Urn?. Call at the old Hand, Massachusetts avenue, be tween 9th and 10th streets, Northern Liberties. X. 11.?Bett quality ICE CREAM sold at $1 ZQ per gallon. may 7 c?3? JOHNJVVLRIGHTST1NK. LAW PARTNERSHIP. Robert j. walker a?d louis jaxis have formed a co partnership under the Ii mi of *< Walker A Jann," for the management and ar gHmentef ca?<-? in the Supreme Court of the Un led Slates, and before tlie Court of Claiivs at Washing tou City. Address Washington, P. C. may 10?eo3in MOSAICS ! MOSAICS!! 11. ?-KMK.K?, Jeweller, Wo 350 Pa- nvenn?, MAS leccived this day, direct, the largest assort nient of magnificent Roman and I hsrentine ?A1C JEWELRY, which has ever beeu offered in this city. rt>e patterns are of the very latest style*. The loi, bcisrr rather large for the advanced s son, will be sold a? extremely low prices. Magnificent set* of Pir.s Ear Rings, from up to g50. Admirers of this style of Jewelry are in vned to examine this assortment. je 11 M. WILL1AN, LADI23' DRSiS AHD XlliKKiyO STOtliJ, Pa. avenue, hetuuecn 7th aiuldtk *trftU. MW1LI.1AN would respectfully announce to ? the Ladies of Washington, that he has ;ust j received trom ihe Northern cit:es a comph w fctock ' of GOODS, among which may be found? New style French Dress Trimmings Fine French flowers and Ribands A large lot of Bonnet-, in silk, crape, a id straw, of the latest patterns And an excellent assortment of handsome Embroi denes tf all kinds. Dresses nude in the latent Paris ftsiiions at rta sonahle i ates. Picking and Flotins and Kid Gloves cleaned. Ludies Mimlillas, ready made, and iul !e lu ord-r. may 3!?colm CARRIAGE S?CARRIAGES. I HAVE now on hand,and constantly firislvrj. a very large ass.?rtment of Pleasure r:n Family CARRIAGES, of tiie lal-st fash ions, which I will seil as low as the twine q.iaiuv ol work can be sold in any of the piincipal markets of the United States. The subscriber is row dealing exclusively in Car nages ot his own manufacture, and all work sold '>y him will be warranted, aud compare favorably with i any work in tins market. As I always keep a large ' assortment, 1 invite purchasers and ot'ie.r* to ?x aniine my stock before purchasing elsewhere. Carriages built to order. Old Carnages tak^n in exchange, or repaired at the shortest notice. TIIOMAS YOUNG, Sign of the Golden Horse, No. 490 i'a. avenue and sueet. may 1?eotfrn THE MUTUAL FIK'4 IHSURANC* COKPA | N'/ OF THJt 1ISIRICT OF COLUMBIA. ("^IIAKTERED by Congress, offers to the propeiiy j owners of tbe District saf^r &jiJ cheaper metr.s of i<isun*nce than anv other Company. ULYSSES WARD, President. CHAS. WILSON, ge^retaiv. MATHEVV ?i. E>1 ERY, Treasurer. XlNAOKRS. Ulj^sc? Ward Joh.-i Van Ri-wick Thomas Blagaen !'? W. Browning V? Howard, MaUiew G. Emery. J. C. McKeiden, Office, Colutuica Plate, corner Louinaua avenue iiitl 7th street. Offlce hours from J t > l? o'clock p. in. feb'Jfr-eotf ORGANS FOR SALE. A SUPERIOR lon-'d CHAPEL ORGAN; and a fine Rosewood PARLOR ORGAN, Isith now on exhibition ai tbe Metropolitan Mechanics' Tair. They are from tlie m tnuuicto/y of HENRY EUBEN of New York. For terms, &.C., npply to Prof. RI'HCEL, on 14th street, north of P. HENRY ERUEN. teb 3l>???<??/ NOTICE TO THE CREDITORS OF IIALL a. BROTHER. B^BUOH HALL, surviving partner of Iraac Hall, having, on tlie ii nay rf February, lfe&.% ??si^ned to the undeisigned all the i-tock in trade and debts ot tlr? firm of fft>ll & Brother, to be apt>lu.*u u> the full saii lacu-m ot cer.c.'n d. lus, lia bilities, and eag%g; aients o? ihe said iir. j of llall ii Bi-other, and the surplus to pay and di-'nLute rate ably Ha<oi:g such of the rciuauti;:g crecitors of said firm as >h?!l within six moutlis from naiil 3^th day of February, 1355, and deliver to said ISu nich Hall, full and ubsolute releases of .ill indebted- , ness to them re?|s etively Ly suij C^rucb Hall, sur vivi.g partner a? aforesaid. Notice is therefore hereby given to nich creditors ofsaul firm of HjII 6l Brother,or gaid Baruch flsll. surviving p:irrn? r, as ruay dcsi,. to particinai>' in the Lenelit ef assigitihent to eaeeute and deliv er to said Baruch Hall, full an.l atsolute releases as aforesaid, wrJiin the period of six months fiom raid '28ih day of February, 1855. RICHAi D WALLACE, TiUstei?. je 11?eot Aue'idth FOR POOR AND LABORING MEN* SSIALL BUILLINQ LOTo of 10 f-et tr mere, Is various pt-'td c? tc? Cicy, and Oocr^ctowu, ??' vricw, aau ursu to suit. LLOYD * 0C-. 1111 L 1) 1 14 d UTOXK, 7cv i?.it j.'uble st ths Cancl, cr Whiuvse is Wa?id.i?&2>, tt^ar^town, or Aiazurdrl.. lil/J/D L CO. l&iu ? f?>% ep^.Tr-.iweury _I? "-J T>RESIDENTS MuITNTED GL'\UD QUICK >. STEP.?This excellent piece of Ma ne of the p-'juisr coui^ci, Mr. !>'>'b rt Heller, has just been ^uuirshed by tLe subscriber*. Tuo title page is ii.? I eh(^iiUy ecihetlished. lilLKUS & HITZ, M j'Ac ?ub!i.?her?, Depot in Star Buildings'. j? ?? READY-MADE SUMMER CURBING KAVING wi'hin the la>t few days in ad e z* at aildtu *< 'ooar former stock of &eady-ui<ule Cl'iibm^, we <u-c tow pn |sired to oifcr gei;tlenien every induct m j: in pri 'e and quality i<> visit our er??*a.-4ve sab?<o n;s liefore mik:i:gthe.r selections. Our assortment ol While ?? nd col rul Shirts GtUir, uen to, slljv an J C<JllJli UadeisiiuLi Linen aud Cotton l)ruw?r* Summer Stocks, Cravats, Scarfs,Tied Coilurs, G.ovt:j, Hosiery, &c., Is very la/,;0 Uil*' complete, making our prceeni sUK k oue ol the Bioet dt sirable to srieet from in pri cesand tpialio to Le found this title nf New York. Wall h. STEPHENS, 343 Pa. av., ni it door to Iron lliil. )e 4?tf (News) ^ a LkXANDHIA POLKA *SCH? ?TT1SH?ilans Ji V Krummacber's rew piece of ihe abo;e naioe, dedicated in MHw Elix"\ J- DeCimp, offhisci'y, just puUished and for Mie at t^e Vi?gie l'e;eti of je 5 HILRI-4 8t HIT/. "V^OTIO^.?Our cusu.mers are n^KlMlll m formed that on an.1 alter Uiis date, until Sep t'-oiber. we shall close our store everv evening at 7 % o ckKk. 11(1.BUS K IIITZ, yt $ Music Depot. Ba [No. 537] Notic* of M# diaoontmuanc* of tke Units* State* land offices at Fittest in*, Qui7iOft Ed wards v iltc, Chicago, and Dixon, //*?? mis UNDER TUB PROVISIONS OF THE 8ECOND section or the act ol < 'ongre-ss approved June IS, 1840, which declare "that whenever the qnantl ty ot public land remaining unsold in any land dis trict shall be reduced to a>?r of acres less lhan one hundred thousand, it shall he the duty of Die Secretary of Ihe Treasury to discontinue the land office tor suefi district; and i? any land in any such district shall remain unsold at the time of the dis continuance ol a land office, the snme shall be sub ject to sale at some one of the existing land offices, uiost convenient to tbe district in which the land office shall have bt:en discontinue!, of which the Secretary of the Treasury ?hall give notice and inasmuch as the 7th secitnn of the act approved 4th September. 1841, authorizes the Secretary of Uie Treasury to continue any land district in which is situated the seat of government of any one of the States, lit twithstanriing the quantity of laud unsold in such district may not amount to one hundred thousand acres, when in his opinion such continu ance may be required by public convenience, or, in order to close the land system iu such State, at a convenient (H int, ur.der the provisions of the act on that subject approved June 12, 1840; and inasmuch at Ihs duty above required hat he'.n devolved on the Se cretary of the Interior by the '?act to etla/duh the home department," approved 3d March 1849: Noticc is according!? hereby given that in view of reports from tbe bind officers at Palestine, Quincy, Cdwardsvtlle, Chicago, and Dixon, that the vacant land in each of ^aid districts is reduced below one hundred thousand acres, tbe Secretary of th'. Intcri or has directed that the land offices at Palestine, Uuincy, Edwardsvill*, Chicago, and Dixon, in the Siate of Illinois, be discontinued, and the laud^ re maining unsold at the lime of the discontinuance fa* made subject to sale at the land office at Springfield the seat of government in said State Lands remaining unsold, and unappropriated by law, and subject to private entry within tbe limits ot the districts now discontinued, wilt ceaje to be subject to entry as heretofore at those offices from the date of the teceipl of this notice hy the registers and teceivers thereof, and the landoffieers at Spiing field will give public notice of the day on which tbey will be prepared to receivc tpplicaiiona for entries of any such lands at their office. JOS. S. WILSON, Acting Commissioner Gen'l Land Office, je 12?law6w ?PROPOSALS FOR STATIONERY. P War DKP.VRTMk.vr, Washington Jans 9 1855. iROPOS ALS will ba received at this d partioent until 3 o'clock oi Patuiday, the SO.h of June inftant, for suntLing tie stationery describe! in the icLe lule below. The Stationery mu?t be of the best qa.'tlity. Sam ple? mutt a'c;mjiany ths Li is. Tke saccesslul biMer will b? required *r gir, bond, with approved sureties, f r tfco fa tbial ful fillment ?1 his contract, and tbe deptxlnsot will re ser?e 1h* right to order tbe articles at such tini-, acd la suc'a quantities as it may de'r1 proper, and to it.create or diminish tbe qusntitif.* below stuted Papers mad'' of linen tU Jc. 2 reams folio post, ruled. am h'ue ta&ie, weigh ing 17 pounds, pevre^m 30 reams singln cap, raJed, machine made, weigh in/ IS pound*, per 133 reams quarto post, mind. iua?sl ine made, wc:gh ing pounds p. r ream 20 reams quarto pes*, ruled, band made, welch ing 9% ponds per ream 20 reams nofe paper,per ream 6 r? ama eapTfng p*pcr, per rvan 6 reams bio'tiag paper, per 10 reams Crane'* machine made baff enrelrpe pa w, per ream 20000 envelopes. (70 w< ighin^ono pound.) yerl 000 20 down ?-ard* Perry's pens, pir dozen carJa' 100 dozen cards o ber metallic pen?, per dozen cards 2000 quillr. No, so per l.noo 80 dozen C< nte/s cr Fator'fl lvtd pencil*, par dozen 1 2 dozen ivory Iblderp, plain, p-r dozen 2 dozen erasers, ivr>ry handles, par it. >.cn - 1 do7?n ivory wafer ttauips, per dozen 1 dcz.jn oocoa sa?d boxes,p*rdozen & dozen 4blied knives, Rodgers k Son s, per t'oz*n 3 doz-n lnkct .nd, '2 itch cu ? glass, p?r doz n lodczea Cocj- t L I'biilip's, I'riLcc'j, cr o.her fcl.tck i> k, Ir. quarts, per d- ?-n 15 dozen French cirmice ia^', in ounce vials, fer dzen 1 dozen copying ink, prr dozen 2 0 wafers, Lr/e, lor de> rtaie it seal, p^-r 1,000 SO pounds wa ers, common w ze, per pourd f-> (o^nd< sealing wf k, fcsrlet, p?-r pound 10 poundj India rubb r, prepared in piei'e", p?r posni 6 ounces pumice, pe- oane? p??ck.s black 9*nfl, per perk 20 CiiZtin t.i b*, auortcd, |>!-r doz, n 10?J dcz<'n r?.-l tap*-, a arrt^l sizep, jor dozen j?? li?la\f3w&30Jon? WASHINGTON AQUEOU-UT. Orrtr* WtsttmaToii Ao eodct, 1 Washington, March 7, IK"j5. j PROPOSALS arn invited for traduction, si ine mid briek ninaonrv. dams, tunnels, and other works of the Washington Aqueduct. Proposals received un to the 8th of May will opened ai noon ot that day. Maps, profi'.a, and specificationj of the work will b< r?::uly tor examination on and after tiie -Dili day ot April next. Propo-als will bo rrcejrcil for the work of particu lar culverts, bridge*, fcc., as described in the pi ana and specifications. Portions only of some of thw works can Ue com pleted under the present appropriation, but nil the contracts tor unfinished w.i.k wnt be subject to fu ture appropriations by Congresa. The Kn?yni*r n> ^erves tbe right to prescribe tiie amount of work to be don? and rate of p,..greM under euoh contract for each appropriation, and, in cunt of t!.e appro pout ion not holding out scffioi cntly, r-> eer?J?te when and what worUs shk.ll be 6tc;;ip<d u;iulfunuti Luconie available. in ca-e of the en'ire rtoppa?e of any particular work for want of funds, the reserved ten per cent, will be pud, if, in the judgment of the Engineer, the work has been properly executed so far as it has |oae. Payments will be in specie cI:p<*h coon t.'ic United fi' uus Treasury, upon tbe monthly <>sl:iQates of the Engineer, res/'rving 10 percent.; ar.J it will be a condition ofall contracts that the workmen tball be ;>aid their full wagtrs monthly and m .ipecic. ?\ll bids should be -eale-1 and endorsed " Propo bs!s for work on tiie Washington Aqueuuet." 'I*he United 3t.iter reserves the riglit ;.<> rcyect my or ail ti?? bid? should they not be do. iuod advaii mgeeut;, and to make such arrangement* a. n.av be considered most conducive to Uie pro^rtsj ot tl.o work. Every offer must be accompanied Ly a wniten guarantee, signed by one or more te?pofuub'.e per son*, to the effect that he or thev undertake t!iat the bidder or bidders will, if his or their bid be accepted, enter into an obligating within ten cays, with ?ood a"'? sufficient sureties, torthe completion of tke work undertake.'!; eanl guarantee to be accompanied by tbe certificate rtf the United States district judge, United Stales ilit*:ict atiamcy, navy agent, or some officer of th3 Genctal 6?>v?.*rnment or individual keown to tne Engine r or D3p::rt.*aer-.t of War, that Uie guarantors are able to make ^in*l their guarantee. Hid? will be ?p? ned in presence of bidders if any of tncin choose to bo presenu Potm of QuarutJme. To Cupt. IS. C Meigu, U. 8. Enneoetj: We, the undersigned, residents of in the State of , hereby, jointly and sevcruJiy! cove cant with the Unitrd Stales and gunrsnty, in ciiseg t:?e foregoing bid of Ue acceyted, Uitt he or' U'n y uill. wuh.n ten davs after taa acceptance of ?iid bid, uzecute a contract lor ue taice, with ^L-od and samcient suretim, to petionn tiie wcrk or Iarnisii ih?j articles pre.jioticd, in couloi'aiity to the U'rim of UiC advertisement under which it v/m made; and, in c:ise tiie said should fail to enler into contract a3 aforevnid, we git&ranly to make good tbe difference between the offer by the said ? aad ihe next lowest bidder. A. II. \ C. D. I hereby certify that, to the be rt of my knowledge and belief, the above named guarantors are gi?id and sufficient. E >\ M. C. MEIGS, Captian of ?i.gine?rs in Charie, mar 7?notMayS&wtf KEW AND OLD PIANOS. TX/-E ha?*e now in store the largest assonmcr.t of f 7 PIANOS ever offcrc.. in this city, from Hal let, Davis & Co., I'acou i Raven, and Knabe, (taehle Sc. Co.'j celebrated manufactories. These Pianos we guarantee, and sell upon vet y easy terns. Alw>, a new Pi no u?ed only a few months, which we offer nt the low pries of $200 cash ; a second hand Piano, by Andre Stien, for A very tine second hand Checkering Piano for sa)r cr rent at a bar^.tin. Old Piauoa taken in cxchanga for new. Always on hand, Stools, Covers, Vialiiu, Ruilnrc, Rutes, Accordeous, Mu5ir. Uc. ic. JOIlV t\ ELLIS, 300 Pennsylvania avenue, may 10 bet. DUi and 10th streets. P~EHHY'S AVI) (JILLOTT'S HT KL PENS in variety, biuglil in person from the manufactur ers by the uudentgaed, in tins way sccuhng genu ioeiii s<, a? well as the btwt quality and finish, ot each brand. FRANCH TAYLOK. may 96 SUPERIOR. TABLK AMD I'OClilLT Cutlery, Raaors, Scissors, Slc ? A large assoit wnt, low?-r th:in nt any other pla"ein the city. For ?ood art it-1? s and low prices always call at the Housekeeper's Furuirhin;' Siore, 490 Seventh sU may 30 ~ O. FAAN>MS. Land wabrams wamtku, tor which tile highest prices will be paid by C1IUDU lllUiTIICUS, may SI?it (Intel) opp the Treasury. WIIKATON'S ELEMENTS OF INTERNA tional Law, new edition Atiaini' Eqwiy, new edition, with American note ^ i FRANCK TAYLOR. WE WOULD NOT GIV? A DOLLAR For all the tincture hampton ev er MADE.?Thas spoke a wi*e and pod man, but mark the change ! Let the afflicted hear him, and then decide whether to suffer on or be made whole. Ye professional m?n, with ruined health, hear! Rev. Jam* W. nnwmcirr, the talented and inde pendent editor of that highly popular and eTtensive ly read paper, the Christian Banner, published at Fredericksburg, Va., in his editorial ot the 18th of May, 1&5. Hum speaks of HAMPTON'S VEGE TABLE TINCTURE* "Some time ago we merely aPuded to Hampton'* Vegetable Tincture, with a promise of noticing ?tore particularly ijtie great relief we have ourseif derived from its use During our collegiate cours-e, owing to sedentary habits, we became <|?itedyspep tic, and were very much troubled with vtrtigo Far more thun twelve years alter leaving college, we were laboring under the?e two afflictions In the spnng of 1853, our general health became so delicate that it was with great difficulty we could attend to the ordinary duties of our profession Everything we ate immediately turned acid, our digestive or gans became wholly deranged ; losing as it seemed to us, all their activity and vitality; we were con stancy depressed in spirit, our energy almost for sook us, and nothing but necessity urged us on to action. We had taken stmng medicines, observed great particularity in our diet, and all to no purpose. We had despaired ot ever recovering our health, when a female friund of ours importuned us to get a bottle of Hampton's Vegetable Tincture, assuring us that we would find great relief from its use. We briefly replied, "we would not give a dollar for all the Tinc ture Hampton ever iruufe, so far as our own individ ual health was concerned.*' We had no faith in it nor anv other medicine in effecting a care on us. In the kindness of her heart, however, without con suiting us about it, she sent and got one bottle an-l urged us to accept of it, and Tor her sake, as it could not possibly injure us, to use it according to direc tion. For the hi?h regard we had for her and her act of kindness, we promised to do fo. And with out cxageration we can truly say that before we had used the contents of one bottle wc ielt like a new man Wc used, consecutively, from ten to fifteen bot tles. We were afraid to give it up, fearing our old diseases might return. Smew then, our digestive organs have been uniformly correct, our head clear, and so far as our labors, toils, liabilities, responsi bilities, and worldly cures will allo^r, our spirits hare been buoyant, and we eat what we please, and as much as w-: please, and when we please? and all is well. For the sake of the afflicted we make this statement, hoping that oihets mav find the same relief lirom its use that we have. It should be hept in every family. No tamilv should ever be without 11 A M PTON'8 VEGETABLE TINC-1 TURE." Lawyer), Doct>m, Bar.k're, Ministers, in all ths Departments of State. Ladie.* and Gentlemen in the hig'ie^r walk" ct'l'fe, as well ns these moving in the mo*t him.Me spheres, speak of the cures oa llieiu ,?elv< s and irieuds by this wonderf ul article. Call and gel pamphlets ar.itls, and see cures oi Couph, Bronchitis, Rheumatism, Neuiuh'ia, Dva pepsiu, Netvoasucs* and General Weakness. As< Reniale ruedii :ne or for delicate childieu we believ it unequalled. Sold by Mi ikTlMEU & MOWBRAY, l'.O Baiti more street, Baltimore; und 304 Broadwnv, N. Votfc Cms. Stott b. Co., J. B. Moorx, I), b. cYarki Ui.irki & Bowlim, VV. Elliot,iind H. McI'qeb sow, Washington; al-o. by R. P. F. CiSfcXi., George town, and C. C. Barky, Alexandria, and by Drug {idU everywhere. REV. JOHN LANAHAN, PAETOR OF TIIF EXETER STREET, M. E. CHURCH.?A eitroiiK desiie to benefit the afflicted induces him thus to certify. We chaS'en?? any other medicinc to present such a of testimony from gentlemen infi iadies of hi^h standing of our own well-known citizens, who testify of cures of COUGH, BRON LHITIS, RHEUMATISM. DYSPEPSIA, \c. Kai.timork, January 24th, lti55. Messrs. Mortimer 4* ftlcwbray: I ukc p'cAsurc f;i saying to you that I have uxeci ?.<ur "Hampton's Tincture" with very great profit, j From a serious t.ircat affection, my general health rirui become very much impaired, when I com menced to use *' Hampton's Tincture." I ibund tr. effects upo.i my general health most salutary.? My nervous system digestive oraar.s hooii right id up under its use. I have several times recommended it to my riends, and in every cksc, as 0*.r as 1 have been iu ormed, th?y have use it with t-ucces*. Yours truly, joHK Lar&iiam,Paster Of Ezeter ft., M. E. Church, Baltimore. BLEEDING OF 1TE LUNGS. Rai.chih, N. C., Feb. 8, 1833. Uissrt. Mortimer 4 Mowbray: I do here <y eeiafy tnat About twelve months ago I was ssf-en with a severe hemorihagr: of the Lung? inrf had four attacks of it 1 waj advised to try Dr. j tlan ptt-n's V?!fetal?le T?isetuie 1 pr??ciir?*(t one x.itic, and after takia* wiiicn, I wru uatislied that I w :e murh better; and ihit, tifier taking the fourth irfrt'le, I wtu entirety well, and now I enjoy as eood smi th as cv*r I diti in my life. I csn, and do. with jut the least he itation. recommend the Tuicture to s 11 person.- aillieud in my way. ru#1, G?0. W. WCAZLITi CJURE FITS? READ! M'trslotTie SLk t '-^ar. GtjLi.?From ons of the most rtsptciai-le Drucsists in South Carolina. i:? *R.',*eT ik, S. C. rtept. 21,1653. Me??rs. Mortimaa U Mowbray:?1The aale ef pcur ilampum's Vegelahle "1'incture is uicrraei:i^ every day, c.;d every bottle sold recommends Oil?] raltiaMe mcdieine to the afRict-H. Several of on j planters have tried it in d.ffertr.t ci s with aston- | tailing success, ar.-.l ere getting it by half dozens. It iias been found to be the greatest remedy for rheu matic affections, at.J a wond?-rftt! cure has been performed on a negro bov, suffering from Fits. I wiil Airnifh ycu with a number of certiiic&Us ii you wi^h them. 1 am, flfcitlemen. yaWa, W. G. Trott. Call and get pamphlets gratis, and see cures of C'JUgh, Bronchitis, Rheumatmm, Neuraij-na, Dvs ^psia, Neri-ousnesa and General Weakness. As a feoiale medicine cr for delicate children we bdiev it unequalled. Sold by MORTIMER h MOWBRAY, 140 Balti more street, Baltimore, and oi)1 Broadway, N. York l'has. Srorr * Co., J. B. Moork, D. B. Cr ap.k*. ( LARttr &. Bowlino, W. Elliot, and H. McPucr ?on, Washington; also, by K. S. F. Ci- sit, George tov/ii; and C. C. lizRav, Alexandria, and bv Dma gists everywhere. feb ?1 ?? Private M<sdical Trestioi ci t;:? PEFHCLC-GIC1L VX1W OF MAURI A fin, U. u. I A Ci?. JI3:, at. D? AldBASt? N. y 250 Pt^ffl 120 *iur? P!-In ?,ai Colcr^d Utifr {n?ph? srd Plates. .sir Jrlii tRty m c?ats. WTBtOit 'i-M of V?'.1 r trts of tie Unlc.n-?* w CHUAPilH? fiO-OK 6 ''Q\ FUBLIBUUP, md contain!*? ?. nearly d nible tba quantity o: Fit,'TV Ci^NTa OH DOLLAP PUF.LI0ATICK8. the PHYSfOliO CtV 01' M AIlRIAd" the I 4?vtret L2.r.ultiese,nd d!i.or?let of vcath t.r?d n:^ru*ity, re ^rltlisg ?"roia rros^wj, wLIch domoythrphyietj hoduLsn tal porrtrg. with ch3crr*ti.*.ci fn Tiirrlagj, iU; dutj?sfl aati diS^uuliCcfttioni, hoJ th-iir ian-.editii; vlth litkojta^hs, iliCt3trr.;iag th? ?n:.t;my end phyilt-logy, and of tlie x?pro inctivn crg<i33 of Lot i erxee, tb?ir str acture, ted fancflonb. A ;>or.u'v Ac i c.irprwhtnBive Ufa tiae oa iLs datl:-3 ani vmj.'''- ? t' ain;lTj sad nai rial llfj?hajpv rati fru.*:t '? mds cf fb curing tlwra?LiiiiKMiopi ?nHf. tl!*' CiiM?theh cVniutl' a bad roz-owi?;E-: rtfpt ^r?tg to fitter costezDplatlng nati>c.r^; 'uut vfil o*?ioouie ol? jeci-U.ns to It; none, ho'.ve^r, enauM tt-j tills lm port?Lt wllhco't 2?t cini.ultirsg 1U? paiss? tomaentcrWa oia tot ar.d satdlcal tieatci?nt ol f?Oki6d froK. tclin;y to old r.r?, cacii ca?? icr>.pli loally Bluitrat^i by Utho^rephkj iiat?? Lances l?baily, iu care, tj a proseis ?t once ro nixiiptf, ?a?s wai sKcctutl, u!!u>? i? lupocjlblo?rul-s for d?ilj ?wyitBt?an r8i*y an BpormatiJiiiioca witL ciict!:al cbMrvatlona on a iiiB;', fc6d ii auccbsafal aode of ii?itc.ent?pre eautiouary niuui os. the oylis ragultlng fro a tmpiri ctl prucdce??n euuf or. ail <UiCiP.ia Acm LtdLx-iutlon, nii-h plwm cnJl fcLnpIa i^et by which ||J *r V ?'nc*?irul trr-J '? nmidlM Doilllod ? _ - ?- - ?j w??i v ui ? u vIaC fcu*ig. It^ ?trathftd advisor to tiia ui??ri<d aa<J thoM ooatsmplatlng ia?rla<a. 1U peru?a! U par tiralarly reactameD-i'-d to pan&n? eAtertaislng m er?t doubts of tc-rir piayeicAlcoalition, and who arc aon.idoPB of 'oaring haaaided ths ha?ltb, h?p?io?* ?n4 U) w'oich orery buutan being is ea titled U. Price af itiiit n* ?''cry, cr f >e orplM for oze dol br. ?lai)?i uee o! pcetsi^a to any part of the Uai ted States. N. I:.?vrha ;rt"ar may conHaltEr.L:.CiOT5 Open k-J oltLe Oat-ITU av.oa which hli bock tiesti e'.tnei .e/soa illy pi by malt ?ne Btnt to an; part of the Union u?ordin? to dir<?etioas suSl) ctvci ii\ and car^faliy fcjntM flroia all ohfsrration. Addrsst lit. ill. H. La UH.0IX.ivo 31 S!ald?c L?as or Poet GCloe Box 67P, Albas j. N. ?. 4SB" OXot open clxiiy froia. 'J a la to 9 p ta, i-.J o: Sunday from 2 until 6 p sa. M* OhW R?m?>vid from No. U. Sai.vsr st. toil Xaldta La^t, Alfcrry, N.Y. 4w T L. J. BlIODLKTOX, DEALER IN IOE, Office awl Depc t south side F, next to corner 12M it. ICE KEPT CONSTANTLY ON HAND AT THE OFFICE, which can bo bad in large or bmall quantities. {?? Office open from 5 a lu loOp. m. m 1?eoQm TWO PIANOS thai have been in use for a few months for tale upon very cheap and rea ?onable terms. JOHN P. ELLIS, S09 Pa. avenue, bet. 9Ui and 10th su. Je S?U , DOCTOR hoofland s CBLfiBRAIBD German Bitters, BT D*. C. M. JACX80K, PMIad'#- P*. ... WW* *?ntOTDALtr cvmm t UTCB CMPUOT, Dl'WEfSI?JACIBICE, ?<???< Ziwr or "t fr<m. Such as Constipation, fnwnrd Pile*, Fu'Jness, or ' Blood to the Head, Aridity of the Stomach, N?u sea, Heartburn, Dierast for food, Filling or Weight in the Htnniarh, dour Eructation*, Sink ing or Fluttering at the Pit of the Stomach, Swim ming of the H? ad, Ilurr ed end difficult Breathing PI uttering at the Heart, Choking or Suffocating Sen*atinns *lien in a lying Posture, Dimness n? Vision, Dots of Web* before the Sight, Fevt r ana Dull Pain in the Head, Deficiency of Perspiration Yellowness of the Skin and Eyes, Pain in the Side, Back, Chest, Limbs, Ac., Sudden Flvhn ot Heat Burning in the Flesh, Constant Imagin Ings of Evil, and great depression of Spirits. THE proprietor, in calling uic attention of the public to this preparation, does so with Ifeel hig of tiie utmost confidence in its virtues ami adap tition to the diseases tor which it ii recommend* d. It is no new and untned article, but one that liar sfjwd the test ol a ten year*' trial before Uio Amen ccn people, and iu reputation and Calais unrivhllc-' by any similar preparations extant. The testimony in its favor gi%-en by the most prominent nnd well known Physician* and individual.*, in all pan* ot liie country is immense. Tie following from Nort> Canhna is respectfully submitt-d, referring anv who may ?iill doubt, to iny "Memorabilia," or Prac tical Receipt, Book for Farmers and Families, to Le had gratia, of ail the Agents lor the German Bitters. Principal Office and Manufactory, 130 Arch at., Phdadelphia, Pa. ' TESTIMONY FROM NORTH CAROLINA. Certificate of l)r. V/. Smith, cf Pine Hill, RicA Inerul County, N. C. Pihw Hill, March 4th, 1R54. Dr. C. M. Jackson, Philadelphia? D?-ar Sir: I have lwen a subjt- t of Dyspepsia, in its woi>tf. nn, I for the last five yt-urs. Such was my comiitif-n tV>r twelve months that the ptiysiciana and all who siw me ?aid I ma?tdie. While in this coniijti-r*, i ivti carried t ? tl.e watering places in Virginia, Tenne*; see and N-?rth Carolina, but was net benefited b anv wattr to wnieh i iva? taken. W hile on my | way home, I stopped a week at Rutherfor.iton, a emi!) village in North Caroluiu, to try the effect of some Chalybeate water in that place. About the last of the week', I went into a dreg store to ;?? ; some medicine for my ch;ld and uiyseif. TJ.'rc were several of the village physicians in the store, and one of then seemed to take some interest in my ease, aud, a-rier a?k:i.g me ecme questions, said h** ha.I been ? dyspeptic, and had been greatlv bene fitted by the use of" Dr. Hooflmd's Gertnan Hi :?th," prepared by yon, and lie insisted Thi* I wot.ld try the ltittxra He also called the next day at ra. | room, and insisted mi much that I would try them that I asked him to get mc one bottle. He did it. and I commenced taking it as directed, and I do say I more benefitted by it than all the water and medicine I had ever taken. After reaching home one of my neighbors rameto me for a prescription and medicine, (he a ?lys;?cp tic.) and i gave him nearly all the Sitters 1 had left, which effected much goo.i in his case, lie has often called on me for n:cr- of the same k nd of mcdi eine, saving he was more benefitted by it than any other he bid taken, but I have not been able to g?-t more tor him or myself ei?^; V.M thero rf;re, please ship me a ti>?.;en or more as soon aspr. sihle. Respectfully yi.u?s, VV, SMITH. D. R. HOOKER, Koger's fore. Wake Co., N. C., October 24.186-1. ray:?4< Having experienced v-iv great bi n fit from thr> use of " I?oof?and\; Geriaiii Bitier-. ? in Ciironic^ Dysentery and functional de rangement of the Liver, and its concomitant evi'-?, I nin desirnns of obtaining a -lua-ttity of it for the benefit ol my community. You will, tiierefoie, please send a lot. 6tc. fire. CERTIFICATE OF WM. J. ATWOOD. rtrmrsvilli, Ya?rm Co , N. C., Nov. l?t, t?53. l)f. L. JiickiOii?Ivear 5^ir: Allow 11:1? to **x pr^ss to you ray sincere thanlu for your iliicoveii >? a medicine wiiieu, to ?ay the l?a<tof it, |ia- e'i lected a . ure that all oUier roe-i.eines. thtU I have ;asen. have entirely failed to u <. "iloollaud's Gir man Hitlers" have ?urej me of th? mo.>t stubbmr. and a.5T'ivst?-d ease; of t&e that, perhap;, ev-r le;i f* the lot of mall. My case is n;: a Ptranger :n commninty, as I am well known in this and the urrouu'lmg couiitii-s. aud can truly wv tliat my rc cov..ry ha? a?n>uii<|ed all my friciu'ig and reJatittn-', a? I had tried everything recommended, and uoi'iii ? did me any pul until I was prevailed upon to tr, the Bitters. You me at libeity to piaWe any use ot this communication, for the lienefit of the afflicted you may think prop. r. Truly yours. WM. J. ATWOOD. Tbes" hitters err entirety they invigorate and strengthen the -yst' ift, never prostrate it, and can be used for iitfan?-= e w^Ji a.- aUults. reipeciaWe dealers everywhere, end by Z. D. OILM AN, Washington: J. L. KIDWELL. Georgetown; aud J. C. PLEUFONT. Alcx&iid/ia. mar I ? lv OAKTKR'S " SPANISH MIXTURE. The Qref? Pur>l*?r of th* Ltiood I Not a Particle ot Mercury la It 4njM?i^<j Eivdt inr ?r-cful^, Klc^e FrlL P-Leamatua, Obatintts Cutknorcis Xrcnticcs! Pimplss or Pus;alts on tim tixe, It;lotents, Bolif Chronic Sore Ejes, iling Worm os Tetter, Seal I Re?J, hnU.-c-sjeii and PjJo of the Boaec *1,4 Joints, ?tub.;orn Clors. PrritiHtic ?'*or?#rfe, Lumragc. Fplnt1 C^saplvtts* s.a-J ail the disease anniaff: from an iajuolikms ui? of Merrury, ig. PTTid ?ne^ In 1 if*, or Imparity of thf P^ood. 1 \HxS \ ilic<??e, ?hl;h ha- b?o- res (ys]?* L brated for the sut ler cf ixtrarrdiuiry cures ?3ccted through it,, i.^aacj, h? - iai-ced the' proyri* 1 ^ ,vr? r:1 requ?t cf Uieir friends, to offer U to Jie paV.>*, whiii tr?j <Jo with the utiaost ocr>- 1 Cd?cc# in its vir'u-* ?ocCerfUl ca^^.rr prop- I' ?rti'B Tile folloaiag ?sl^eurl 'r.-m 1 | f noir^-r, hPe>ever, stronger te?t!jjf,rr thaj the iD?rs wori of ths proprietors; nn J a i Iroc K--nMemen Vc!l keown it t*. ?r lo;ulitie?i. ?>* the higie.t rvpecubility, aaaT of t">m rw?iii ? in the citj of XjphtcO'sd Vt. F. B0fD*N, ?Ki? of tb? Xiehange Kotrf. Bich inoad, karrs rxciy -*t?.re ea/^he has ma fhs acu oine cahed Ci-rsa's grirrtsu :5c?:tris.?iiaiiiUt?reJ InoTerahuadir^oaac^intitkriy ?U the uiwwes lorwkichitlr f*on:iaeaded, uita th? aotc dtcon f'iun^.y gtod rcrjlti. Ha r^vs it jj tv? mo^t 11 tretr iinur' mMJtiar he haa er?? p?*a. AGUJS AND FjiYJtlfc?UlUfi.ll CtfiZ.?1 herebv wtlfj tL?t for Uxrej yiara I Ud A.-at ual Jevr of tne mot, Ti-.!ent description. I hid -evaral PLr riciikn*, took late* .^usntitiefl of Quinine, Meroory tnJ I i>eueve all the Tonics advettkwd. bcti>i-sri v. cot penaaneat teller. At last 1 fried OttteA MUtara, t?o totrles of whiah eleitufcily cuioJ s;e, and 1 s.?:. to eaj 1 ha?? baa neiLLtr uiIim oi f t^ts tlnoe. 1 coraiier it the bsat Xoalc la thi-i vo.-ld, aad ta< oaly tieditir.e Last ?r?r t?ached iev >;#te, JOHN LONQCXN LtiVir. i):*-ait, r.?ir a' hjr .nd. Vs. 0. B. LUCK, i., l-y* ia ths city of BJohiaad ?nJJpr doty >wrs Ic the Post COoe, ii? 6ucl. AJC^etec m tj* aawalidiies tZ:*vj ot OurvrV Ppraith iiiitarc, that h? Lai LauKht wprhiii of be bc-itlea, rh.ah ha iias fc.ire-i a??j to the utll'oted.?? Ur. Lack tn-; he hu never known it to tall xihac U^~n accruing to dir^otlcra. J>r. IIIMG?, a p7aitl#5njr I'hys-'.diT. t5l) fenztr-r of the City Hotel, in t3fc city <>f Hkhra&r.d, nri he Las wiuic-?*<} ta n nutoer of tasU^OM tha e??t8 ot ft ^",1' ^'*tcr% vhich v.'tie most truly ?arrr!slng. Ha says ^ a c^fs cf GcasucinMoa i.L L'"tr' aAMHjuL M. DpniKJB, cf the fira r.f Erlci-r A ^'?f'?haC -"s ?orM of livsr Cota pla...t of thrr.i \ears stan llnj;, by ihe uio of twr bcttae of Carter's Spaai h Miat^ue .v ??|T 0TJ?a 09 BCaOFULA.-Ths BdllOM of KepnbUcfcn h-d a oerve/.t ea:- lo/td In tkeirpri :i room, cnrel of viohut C utft-lh. otm bined wltli Kheu7a?'.ii2}, ?}ijr*a entlMly dhiAltd him cc*i Tick, tsro bottla* rf Carters Mixtors nude . j>?;ibet cars of Ida, zai ibe Sli! *?ta V.? r,l?bL4 uouoe, 8i.y th?:y "ch'-jirfttl' / ^iwr ri ?iu. ^ a r 017112 09 MBCIUULe?I haj nJ,J77\?~}l9 koj cured of J?croMla iy Cartsr'i or4EL?h Mixture. I oonsider it traly z TK?a*ble mediae JAiliW M. TAYr/)R, Goaf K" ?? 0e~ liiohmonl. V. ? OF TVVKNTX 82AlTDif t ? CU r ?]) BiKT' T7I<MPS0-:t reiidln^ In tia ?.'i?ni Richmond, w*j cure-1 by three bctlaj -r r .- j Spanish Mixture, of fcrvlt iihsuiu, whi^h lio tSd fV-.r "?? vh?K physidar Of the H* wold not cure. Mr. V iMaaseai!a Vmi kno#s> itj the olty of hicLmo"4f and fie Vb mc<| *rk?bic. ~ a servant ? ^Tehiae, in '-he worst form, by Carte-'f ^tUre'.. 5* h? chi^rfuiiy r?.om ^?nda it, and consider? it a very invaluable meJl .-..EnL^T' RURK)N> wmi'I^ioner of the irrenne, M>a he a as <een the pood effects of Carter's "peniib Mia^ire in & number of ^yphiliUe enses, and says it * nr? t^r that horrible B, HAft\V0*)D, sf Rwhaiond, eared of old r^1"k *-loirs, which disabled hi? fr?m w?lkiu(|. ?' ok s f?-v bottle- of '.'arr^r's ; pauiah Mlature, tml was eui^-ie-i <o walk without a a short time pfemanea'ly eared. PriBvip*1 jtpot^ ?t M'A-RD, C LOflB * Co? Nc. w Mtloeii Lane, New Ycrt. T. W. DXOTT A SuNo. Ko. 182 North Second it-, Phdfklphl^ USWb KT? A FCZSS. No. Ui Main street, Rich Bond, Va. And fbr sale bv CHARLES BTOTT, Waahlngtrn, D. 0; HKNRY 1'KXI , Aisaan.iria, and by bra,?ists everywhere. rrio* $1 per bottle, or six bottles fcr |i; MP 11?It KMOOttf UP THE CDUNTBtH? Ql^l.K^ . siogtvn, by R. K. Madden. M K. I. a., two ?^?1 WUNUK TAYLOIL T&AVEIJUU?' DtKIOTOKY. BY BAn.ROAD DIBBCT TO T in Iim? between Waihlrgten and Wheeluf bat 171 houn! Running tint* b?twn Washington and Cincinnati 27 hours*! Through Tickets and Bvrgmge Checks to be had in Washington !!! THli BALTIMORE AND OHIO RAILROAD HAVING ereatly improved its WfPifm connee tiors now ofl?r* the falJert indue* mwu to traveler* bfturtfii Wn?lungton, It alum ore, and ail porttvxu of tkv West, U?e Nortbwnet ai.U tie Sou h west. The connection between the train* from Wash incton and the train* bound mrrrt from Bai.lmo.e u always promptly made at the Washington Jnnmno (lately called the Relay House) 8 mile* f oni Baiti more. Thu i? the only charm. of car* r< quired be iwftc Washintion and the Ohio river, baggage i? checked thmuki) to Wheeling at the Washington -taiion, and recheckc<{ and uan>ferred there. (with the passengers) without Lhar^e, for those holding iimmgh ticket* for points Beyond. The cor.ixcttng tr^in- Isave Washington daily at 6 a. m. and 4U p. oj. On Sundays at the latter hour only. At Wheeline rfire.f connexion is made with the trains of the CRNTR AL OHIO UAILROAD, ran ning from Bcllaire on the Ohio, near Wheeling, through Cntabridg*', Zanf-mlle and N?-wark, to COLUMBUS. Th?'<e trains connect at Newark with ihe cars of the Newark, Manhfi* Id nnd Sandus ky Railroad for SanJu-^ky, Toledo, Detroit, Chicago St. Lmus, etc. At Coluiubus the C. O. Ra^road trains connect with the fa^t trains of the Lrttle Jfimu Railroad to Xen.a, CINCINNATI, LOUISVILLE, etc. At Xenia (on Little Miami Railroad) corn<-ction a formed with rhe train* throogh INDIAN APOLIS, Ten* Haute, Lafayette, Chicago, Rock Island, St. Lout*, etc. m~ Paseenpera holdiuc through tickets lor Mem pkit Fldbtwrg, Xmt>Ket, Xcc Orlecm, etc., which are also sold at Washington?are transferred at Cin cinnati to the Mail Steam re on the Ohio. Tickets for Bvaneville, Cairo, and St. Louts are told by tbu route. ?*rPOR CLEVELAND, and via Cleveland to Twk-d*, Detroit, Chicago, etc., tick' ts are sold, wliea the Ohio is navigable between Wheeling a?d VVclleville (forty mile*) where a connection witb the Cleveland and Plttsbure Railroad is maie. Travelers are requested to notice that wkile this is the only route aftordmcthroitrh tickets and checks in Washington, it is al?o the s'lort^st, mo-t speedy, and direct to m-arly ail the leading points in 'he ;$r? at IVed. Tiie distance from Washington to Cm ijunati is but 653 mile*, being abcut 100 ui Jee short er than bv any other route t FARE BY THROUGH TICKET FROM WASH INGTON: To Wheeling, #9 50; loluirbus $13 65; Dayton. $15 50 ; Cincinnati, $16 ; Louisville, by rail, >ad $le6.V by steamer from Cinciunnti, fife; In liLnapoIif, .$17 50; Cleveland, $1-2 15; Toledo. .?15 ?); D troit. ?!5 iSD; Chiea^ i. %JU 65 and $19 50; St. Louie, 50 and $25, Memphis, $^6, New Or ean-i, $JI, etc. KOR FREDERICK and IIARPER'S FERRY VTARTINSHL'KG. hr.KKCt.KY fPRINGB, CUM BERLAND, EKDFORDSPRINGS,Piedmont.Oak aiut, and Fairmount, |>a?*-n(**s may leave Wash ington at 6 a m or 4-,? p. in. Por the minor way nations betwe- n Haiti more and Wheeling, take 6 i m tram from Washington. For trains to n.i J from Baltimore, Aat.apolis, Stc., see special nts. 49?Pcr further information, thrcuch ti< k?ts, Ac., jpp y to THOS. H. I'ARSONS; Ag nt. at *Vashing .on Station. ? JOHN II. DONK, Mnrter of Tranb|M>rtation Baltimore and Ohio Railroad, Ba.'uinorn. may 3?tf WASHINGTON BRANCH KJOLROAD. CHANGE OP HOURS. ON and after Monday, the 83d instant, the train* will Leave Washington at 6 and a. m., and 3 ard p m On Sunday at 4^4 P m Leave r.aiunrjr-; at 4^ and 9i( a m, Vid 3 and Sl? p n, ?in Sunday at 4* a m. apiS?tf T. D. PARSONS, Mctt BedeU's Lino. ^ NE1V YORK .JILF.XJ! V/)RM. WAS MSG TO 9 CITY, AND MXTKirr OF COM'MB IA pjtae*:rs. This line of packets sails weekly from pier 14 Ea-t River. New York, and oftener^ f nece<-^iry, and are compo^d of the following first j ;lass vcHMels: Atw schr. Jl. r. BeSell, B< dell, maner. New schr. lictl B.cieti, A. V. Trad *etL Schr. Jinn D.. Win. < Hiver, ina^t?-r. S? Ik. f-'ol^nt. L. A. Snaitii, Sclir. ComtMiuier-in-Ckuf, Woglum, master. Schr. Greeniray, Wilson, master. Thene vo?<>els ar?- all fa?t sailers, and the makers Tien of experience in'the trade, and the only regit ar line ol Yt'aainncuin City pack<-ta. MOTT bEDCLL, Wall street. N. Y. 8. S. MASTERS Si SONS, Alexandria, Va. THOMAS RILEY, fell I?Gtn Wa.ihington and D. C. mL'&QJL AJfD ALXXAI7D&IA EAJLSOAD. Oi and after Tuesday, Nov. 7, 1854, rlUK Car* ls?v? Alsxacdria da>Iy fur 0ordon? viiie and intsrnisdiNte i^tion* at T ^ o'clock, i. r; , on ths nrrira! of the beat from Wa-hio^tan, ^ingatap'4 tin?5 for breakfast on board. Con* iscti.n~ at Manar< aa Jacclion with a *r*is for Strw** mm, at Wcrrentcu J a- "..or with a train tor Wt> *u'ou, and at Oce-dciu\ills *.ith it* train* on the i irg'ibU Central Rnilroad for x^-hmcnl,CharioUon r-lle, ?ml i'-auaton. The ears lea^s GciiouSvlUo daily f-rr Alexandria md intensc&flto sU.ti;a^, at yK betcrs IS, a. a., on its arrival of ihe train- et tbs Virginia Central rail 'oad Loca d, Cliaruttssrlllc. tuii Btaanton. OTRCUCH TICKET8 r.-ia Aieraadila to 00 * *? Ooraon^rli.o...... ...^. 3 M u ** Charlotte *iL? ......... 4 26 M M Staonion 6 96 u 15 Btraahurg S 60 u 44 Lynchburg..^ 6 76 ? " Wu.rhoiter C M ? u T,r"e a 21 aJv. . M t ????????oooo*??????? *o ? ?? * u New Markst 6 0i ? ?? a.'ld ^fcvnrjr S 9ft Tit ?oU?.?< ziug with ths stages at u^:ict.iAjVllle( cn ileniaje, ifodiiomlafa, aud Vr^ laj*. Per I.nray a-:! New Llarkst, scnn^'tlrg with the I ajsa at Ouipe;er, on 'i'aeauayt.Tbar^iaj*, and Daft J-or \n^:h:?lcr connaiUag w!_a th?i it rieuai^nt. lor ifl-iliabcrj diL'j, c 5SJia:iinfi with ti* i it ta* Pli-ltj. Per oi^tr: K*. B. HHOC^ITT, Ageni. acv T?dlf FOB MOUNT VERNON. On TUESDAYS and FRIDAYS, [lTar* round trip |i; from Aiir ilria 7? cantr. ?The TQOllAS C0LLYKR leavaft r?'a?LirS'tc n at 2 ani Alexandria at o'clock. Conchas \fi\vt tks Capitol 4; tLahcat at 8)^ o'clk. /etch tare 10 P*rK-n? wlahiiifr the Cotchw will.lcfcT* tkoir ttdk i.-cce wich Geo. a The*. Partsr. llrfrRiLintnU on the hca^ not 38?dtf BAll'L GXL:; 17, Ca*. ??? XJEaW YORK ?fc L.1VI?UP001< UNITED STATES MAIL STEAMBKS. rU3 PULPS COSdriUBLNG THIS LLN1 TCE? ATLANTIC, C*pt. We?t PAOIVIO, Curt. Nye, DALTIC, Cant. Gjm?tr?ck, Capt. Orafrcn. 1T??? th!n hars bsi a jaiirW^traat, exprsa* T for Gcsr rem flit service; ovWy ears hat boon xiun in their couftraction, u in Um tn^tno* t* ijsre str?^:h and rpeed, aaJ their twaoole .itn* for faffrayer* aro nnsqu^JleJ fcr alegaao* Hid ecitrJcrt. P.-iao of piaaage frosi New Fork to Liverpool ? ftrst (?bu - ? ? ^v! Seoond Oeblc.. ??? Ji ens ofsxirs **??****l~~ Frora Livtrpocl *? ^ . An e-.pericuo-l *arg*on atAched to?ach ship. No berth *J*n l>* sweor?! uctL paid for. For freight er pa^ro apply to AKD K. COLLINS A 00., M Wall street New YoxkJ B&0WN, SHIPLKY * 00, Uf?M X. 0. EORKTiTS A 00, IS King's Arm* Yard, London, JOHN MUNK01 A 00, 36 Rne Notre D*oe de* Ti -tcirsa, Pari*. GEO. B. IiRAPUR, llavna. The owner* of Ihw ships will not be nooovntakft* for gold, ailver, bnllion, ?t>eck, jewelry, prerten# it ones or metal*, unless tails of lading are sifMd th?r*fre. an1 the vaine thereof thorem uprnw new It?dlv ^ BANKIKS HOUSE OF FAI?0 ft SOUitt OmtmU UtaUd State* TVnowry. . BONOS. Stocks and other eoenritae* parchtf* and sold. .. lull-rest at tlie late of six per cent per aannn ?< lowed ?4t <b [sfciu witen lei) lot H 4mm nt tong*i ian?H?tw

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