Newspaper of Evening Star, June 22, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated June 22, 1855 Page 3
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EVENINGA R. Local Intelligence. Those among the Know Nothings of Washingtou who have any pride of r*7. 1 charaeter left, are to-day mourning oyer their ratification meeting in this oity night, whioh bid* fair to damage their eause in this region quite a3 much as the 111 uisguned efforts of our amiable, entortainini* and enthusiastic neighbor to bo'cter up the anti-slavery cause of Wilson, Colby, JtU!e, Colfax A Co., under pretence of beiag at the fame time #n adyocat* for the maintenance cf tae constitutional rights ef the South. Ex traordinary efforts were made to drum up a large meeting. Advertisements, long in ad ?ance, a hind of muaic, fire works in profu ston, the drum and fifo transparencies unre /^Lae(lllceD8e from lLo K6?w Nothing police of Washington to the rowdies and half grown boyt to rob their neighbors of their property in to? nape of dry goods boxes, barrels Ac., for horning, and the importation of a choice Jot ot frothy aud unasiupulous stutup orators Jor the oocuion, comprised those mean . It ug some two thousand persons. Know Noth ani anti Know Nothing*, litt'e bo*s negroes, and grown men, , were duly ool lected last mgat in front and in the neighbor hood ol the City Hall, thoie ro-ddicg hore who appeared prominent ou the occasion, ba teg Lie well knoeu Ui. app doted l>emtcratic ouico seekers, haters of Catnolics on accoont of the way in whioa they worship the Kverliving Uoa, preachers who do not persona ly enjoy tha respeot of their feltow-citixena, faro deal ers, aspirants for judge-ships of the Circait Court whose claim* aro oa their readi nosj to disregard the obligations ef law, tratb and eummon non-sty in tbe work of defraud ing their neighbors who differ frcm them in politics, of their legal ngbtj, grogshop, loal ?rs, ani ignorant tanaiicj, who remind the work of deuouncmg and per.-eca'.ing ihoi-e ot ?:her christiau oreeds as their nh^.c duty to (sod, oje holders under the corporation??uoa were the W ashington managers lor t e evening. The speakers, a:l foreign* rt to Wasuingtoa In toe m si cf our talented, iDgor.uouj aad anowicg neighbour, when denouncing the ngat of free discussion here in the ca-o of Air. W ise, repeated their late harangues made in l ork, Pniiadelpbia, and Bait mjra. Ct>u: mencing with protestations of their deration to the cause of religions equality under this Oovernmeut, wbish is at thj filiation of *L its constitutional guaranties tney duly il lustraied the siocerity of tbose professions by yillifying, black guarding. anu falsifying ibeir ta'hclic lellow cui/ens; denouncing them as more dangerous to the future cl rLe United States, than their own political brethren, who swarm around tuem on nu3h oc :a*iond frcm the gambling homes, grog shops, and stc*? vf the cities Nevtr, in Ktg and. where a Sta e religion eceourasjea tne persecution cf (bote of the Uftthoho f*;tu,irere iiioretou'-iiiGuihe i Mau ders agiin*t the ch ?racter and patrio i0m ot thai class of American citiaens uolchea f-irtb id a sin*lo evening. I heir ls j ji prttftg ion3 of disinterested acu, too. wtra proiusely icat* tered around, m^re especially tj tli6 ?|,ti cians of the Ltwis C. Lovin sciiool, who have for years been repudiated ty both parties at hjme. The work cf Messrs W Jjon, flsie, Colby, Collax & Company, was attempted to be carried out to tho letter. That is, " the party was pronounced an unit; though all thesa who know anything, know tbat it it re united, id ^uuthoro \iiog tro to be mere heirers of wood and drawers of water for the Northern?msprity, anti-slavery win^ Ihe only rigrethbie feature of the p o;eedi:>g? was tne presence of ?uch a man a:? A1 bert Pile, tow a resident of Arkansas, in such a cro* 1. tie Is a high toned, liberal gertlcmnn in all nis pnrato relations, and, a a a man, doubt iHi. teorns to a-sail theconsti utionalor other rignu of his lellow ci iien3 who are GV.Lolic ? a man of chivalry, genius, and real ioul, aud by no means au cfiioc-seeter by traue, like most of those then surrounding him. Jie ****? koweter, br?d in the heme of bis infancy. ?Jew tagland; and wo can only sccjunt tor the political company in which ho is now roan^ through the itliuence of that fact. <iuj fstkun, and every other Lm, is the disease ?f'he rcgioa of his tir.ii, which, at tifcss. shows iUeif in almost all transplant*! No* Eoglaniers. as surely as Southern sentiment shows itself in true Southern born and brei men, to whatever latitude they may emigrate We repeat, we arc grieved to liod >lr Pike in ?uoh political campany, so foreign to his manly ?a-:acter, and believe sincerely that it aid not be many months before his oyei ate epened to the fact that the political y of PP4"1*. i->?mocratic effie oeckarj, ignor ant !an4i;cs and bigots, ambition* pardon who reject their ua:y of teaching love to ail man as not beicg '-taj:" enough lor them in in we Propitious umee, profaaeiyual gamblers, rcwdy I-jaters, pettifog^icg lawyer politicians, Aa , is by ne means congeuial sociecy fcr him One of the conductors of the Baltimore Republican was complimented with much perronal aba^e on this oocaaaon?highly complimentod-inso ttach as the fe^ciry exhibited toward him proved that thepo ?ef of h's efforts to b.-cak the force cf the imposture.sof Knew Nothingism was duly appreciated. A n,t?Horthy feu?;n' Of the aflair wa* the oontr&ft between che number present and that which assembled oc posite Brown s liotel to hear lienry A Wite after the Virginia elsotion, only upon a throe line announcement in the Star. Ibat mee?ir e numbered OuO koulafTtL*, notmjre this 2 0^0 An >ther notawortb>sies^r?e is the fa-t that though nearly halt of thoss cn tni ground were anti know Notfcingi. ;fcc right cf free ducuscon was roipi?cted by them as it Lae tever been respected by the koow J things ta this city a word was uttered by an opponent of the meedng ; not a siga of inter feience was made by tuem with tiie rithts of Uoa*holi?i(iiii,d the a5*eoiblag? together ktill another noiewortby UktU4C wai eb. fence of all enthusiasm. The shouts not withstanding the mu*ie Sre w.rhjrand ex erable punched bofore assembling, being few and far tatw?en. and resembling the peculiar crowiag ol a brood of hdtf grown bhanghai chickens, ra. hor than the luity ehoeia of men wi:h their hearts deeply ecgaged in aa henest and patriotic cause. Pcblic School ExaxiaanoHi?Primary School, No 2, Senior Department, under the entrge of Miss A 11. Lowa, wij examined ye?terday. dherj uere pre-enr. of tho trus tees. Mr. Msg'U<i?r, Mr iialiday. of the late beard, and tne Secretary; of the touchers, Misses Hilburn, Middleion, Wells, Moore. Bi ker, Lee, Mrs. Coale, Mr Thompson, ani a large number of the mothers of the children. The sehool is admiraoly situatod. easily ao eeasible Lvm all parts of tho Ward, kept in a lofty and spacious apartment with plsoty of air aod light, furnished with the best of Shat task school furniture, and evidently, aj the examination proved, under the oaro cf an ex perience'! and fakblul teachcr, ?Lo had taken an wearied pains to discharge sausfactorily her arduous duties. The first imprcsaicn on catering the room was pleasant, 'lna children *ere dresied with great neitnt?i, and their intelligent and buoyant looks shjaed that thej had been in a healthy a'mosphcro in ?tead of breathing the poisonous g-.csbs gen ersted in some of tbe celtar school rooms. The puptls were examined in reading, spell ing, writing, exerciseo from dictation, geogra phy. mental and written arithmetic, grammar, aod Parker's Juvenile Philo^opuy. In these ?*?era! studie?, they acquitted them-elras to the satisfaction of tno B^ard. Special atten tion h?d b*eo g ren in drilling the pupils thoroug Ily ia Xhe ether elements, in notation, numeration, pcnctuation, the arithmetical taoies, the s unis of tha letters, spelling, men tal amnmetic, ic , g0 preparing pupils wail fur admusion itto the district schools, aud tor raptd improvement in higher, not more isiportant. blanches cf study Considerable attention has been devoted to neeaework and em^ idery, of which there areeonie well execu od piece exhibited Ihe examination waa very creditable both to 'e^b and received the eommenda Sro*~or ^?'kius. of New Ycrk, wbo y llle whool, and of the :ecrcta?y and JV- iboiarK)n, the teacher of the fourth di* sefcxi. singing waj uncommonly M A:noBg the vuitora we were pleaded to (.w. Ma;omb, who has always ?n a deep interest in the pnblie r.hools of 43 *i of all other benevolent ia ?UtUUOuf. 4-t thee^au jaationof primary school No. 2, district, u?re were present Messrs. ? w , taues, Ktijht and Magrudor, t;usteeSj Mr. McCutche'*), Oottndihntn of th? Third W *rd. and quite a rumler of Uiehui of other school*. Too elimination passed off well, mceh to the satisfaction of all present. At the eloie Mr. Polk addressed the sohoot in a brief, neat and appropriatespeech. The earn est attention of the trustees to the various schools deserves, and no doabt receives. the thanks of the parents ef the pupils. The* em contribu e much to encourage teachers and s:holar?, end where it ia done the improve ment of the schools is sure to follow. The children sang, in excellent style, a very pretty bailed called ''The Flag of our Country," which greatly pieced all present. Primary No 2, Third District, was*examined at the school room in the basement of the Methodist Protestant Church, in the Sixth Ward Ihi' room is well fitted for the pur* pose for whi. h it is use. and is kept in excel lent order. This school is in charge or Misc Ashdown. who has only been at the head cf the school about one month There were pres ent Messrs Bacon. Hanson, and Pearson, taastees; and Miss Uecshaw, and Mias Acton, teachers, and several ladies, visitors. The trustee* icform us that the examination was an excellent one, much better than could be expeoted from a class that has so recently been plaoed under a new teacher. 2 Examikatioks.?The following public school ex iminations will take place on the 26th iosV : Miss II K Raker, senior department of Pri mary No. 3, fi-s' district?basement of Luthe ran chnrch, corner Eleventh and H streets: Messrs. Bennett, Polk, and Bates Mrs E. Myers, junior department of Pri mary No. 4, second district?Methodist Church Sooth, Eighth street; Messrs. Bacon, Dickin son, and Pearson. Mrs E Clerk, Primary No 3, third dis trict.; Me?n Daris and Knight. Mrs. Skidmore, Primary No. 1, fiurth dis trict, C afreet, (Island.) near Twelfth ; Messrs. AtLee, Magruler, and llanson. Who Sbbs to it??Wo have been informed by s-mo residents in t he First Ward, that the pump at tho corner of L and Eighteenth streets is in bad order. The neighbors thsro are forced to walk two tquiros to get a dr nk This is very inconvenient, ir.doed, and wo thick somebody should try to liavo it repaired We are told that aa officer, formerly employed by the Corporation, used to attend to such things. ??? DnTrRBANCK lie the Market?Th*re was quite an exoitement, 3ester-ay morning, in contra Market, in consequence of a fight be tween two abandoned women Dndson and Ma tiida Bailey Ir lasted but a short time, and resulted in the latter's receiving a severe blow on the forehead. They ware immediately ar rested, ard. after an examination before a ma satiate, L'odson gave security for her appoar ance at court. I*rrr>E!?CH.?Visiting the murke'a, follow ing re.-pectaLlo lajie* and staring them out of countenance. R*medyt ? Arrest fcy a police tfhser, or a cowhide well laid on the recreant's limbs. The latter not improbable; and the well-known cCender h 'd better practico de cency or be prepared for the onslaught. Focrtii Ward.?A frioud sendi us a com munication, in which he says: 'T do net know That harm tho peopls livir.g on D street, be tween Sixth and Seventh streets havo done. Ths attention of the Commissioners of the ward has repeatedly bean called to the filthy condition cf the gutters in that neighborhood, aid yet he is, apparency, indifferent to the removal of the nuisance." Ths Coscebt to right ?We respectfully remind one readers that M ile. Deiioye'ii con* cert will take place to right, at Carusi's Sa loon. As we have heretofore spoken in rora m^nda'ion of the proposed musical entertain inert, further remarks are rendered unnecea sary Criminal Court.?Tkis morning, Jeremiah 0 Leery was tried and convicted on the charge cf larceny?steoling from u bather, near the Washington National Monument, a pockH book containing two or three dollars. A Se&eradr.?Last night, qnito a orowd ?"f nor*ons collected on tae corner of Iwelfth street and the Avenue to listen to the perform ances of two gentlemen upon a flute and a guitar, 'lcey wore serenading a lady in th'tt neighborhood. Jh* perform-mces were of the moat brilliant character, consisting altogether of piects with variations. Professor Kirsyb. who, with his family, is now performing at Odd Fellows' Hall, ad vertises his exhibition by means of a, (driven through the stieets.) covered with pic turos and letters, giving seme Idea of the in teresting performances to be thero nightly witcessai. Tn> Salk or Raeb aro Valuable Gin Pairtisos ?MciJuire, auctioneer?will take place litis afternoon, over Farnham's book store. The collsction is truly beautiful. Watch Kxtcrxs ? There were no trial cases registered at the guard house this morn ing. GEORGETOWN CORRESPONDENCE. Gkgrqetowh, June 22,1855 An unusual dagree cf excitement occurrcd along the line of Bridge street, yesterday evening, alout 8 o'clock. The report having been circulated through the town that the Know Nothings intended marching to your city to attend ths great pow-wor, with music and tran?{arenoics, c?t the whole town agog for a v.-Lilt, a&d from all direction! crowui ware s?en wending their way towards Bridge s'reetto get a peep at the hitherto unseen dueiples of Sam. Vp-on the part of a larg? portioa of the crowd, however, there appeared ? o be a much greater desire to seo who vero Know Nothings than how many were going A little after B o'clock, a portion of the our ran: began to shape its course towards Wash iegton, minu-, bowsver, the music, &e , acd not enough In any cne group to entitle it to the appellation?procession. There was a gocd?y number in the current, we acknewl edge, but they certainly seemed to laek one important element in ail well organized par ties, vis: eches.veness iA.s electricians would say, every little squad appeared to Le positive to the others, which caused a gensral flyir.g off at right urglns J be largest number we saw in any one group was tweoty three men and a boy, and that was pointed out to us as the procession. Probably they returned in beter order, we can': say, as the lateness end da: kcoss of the bour prevented as from seeing W e hear it rumored that the Onmittee ol Waja and Mear* to vrhem was referred (some two months I .e message of the mayor ia relation to tha .Metropolitan railroad intend submitting to the councils this evening for their uc ion ono of the moat important reports which bus bean before them since their elec tion We c.-unot say what the eject natura of thi< report will bo. but from*all wo ean gather, it will fully endor-o the vie wo and sug gc tions contained in toe messages of mayor Addijon. heretoforo laid before the eounoiW. Tbe mo?t important of which is, that the mat ter rhull be submitted to the people for their decision before ;he second installment to the read shall be met by our corporation The exhibition of Trinity Institute will coma eff on tho 11th cf July, at U o'clock a. m., iu the old church edifice on First street. This institution is under the charge <T Mr. liuntor, and ia la a very flourishing condition. f The solemn ceremony of confirmation will be performed by Eiahnn Whittingtam, in St. John s church, oa next Sabba'h morning, and in Chri?t church ia the evening. No news worthy of noteintnc fl>ur or grain markets. Both buyers and sellers of the for mer article appear to be disposed to hold elf. It is held at $10 62*j$10.76 per bbl. SrECTATOB. Thh Crops ?We continue to receive the most flattering accounts of the state of the crops thiou^hout Rimost every part of the Uoion. We are told :ha' the wheat crop in Lliaols will prcbably be 25 per cent, greater than ever before grown there?whilst the fruit crcp 1, "tremendous." Ttse accounts continue to be cnooursging from all parts of Georgia, Alabama, Ali-?i&ipn!. LouislaBa, Ay Accord ing to the latest acUieus from New Brunswick, oil tl.o crops are ia a very prosperous oondition. The Angunta Banner says : "Maine never had ?o much seed iu the earth before, at one time, and the proapeot is moot promising for bounti ful croj>s."?2is*. Death of the Boatswain of the tJ 8. Steamer PowhaUu [Froex the ytrlh Chins UeraU, April Tth.1 The number of sailors recently ran ewe; from merchant vessels in the harbor indcond the oonanl of the United State* of Ameriea Robert C Murpby, Kaq to request a suitable force from Captain MflUluney, of the United States warateanser, Powhatan, and send them under charge of Mr Whiting, with a warrant countersigned by the Bri'.bh Consul to Woo 6urg. on Saturday last, in order to bring back as many of the sailers of Amerioa and Great Britain as coold be discovered in the places of concealment they resort to, at that Tillage. On Sunday morning Mr. Boatswain Whiting (a very tru.'tworthy and excellent officer, who. for his good conduct has frequently enacted the dutiea of a Lieutenant upon an emergen, cy,) went with his men to a house known to be frequented by runaway sailor*, and demand ed admittance; this was refused, and Mr. Whiting ordered an entrance to bo forced with the tutf end of the musket. Unfortunately tee door being slight ard the blow heavy, the gun went through the door, and catching the trigger, fired off the musket, and the ball struck the boatswain nnder the belt and killed him instantly. The men brought back the body of their offioer to Shanghai, and on Monday it was interred at the cemetery with all naval h>nois The United States consnl, Mr. Murpby, Capt. McCluney, bis officer! and men. attend ed to do honor to the melancholy eeremony, and the fine band of the Powhatan performed at intervals A large concourse of foreigners al?o paid their tribute of sympa'hy on the mournful ocasion. The Ilev. C Keith of the Protestant Episcopal Church, United States Navy, performsd the service. We are glad to learn that the party sflnt d^wn to Woosurg succeeded in securing atv enteen sailors?ten Britieh and seven Amen, o ?&3?who have been delivered up to the au thorities and dealt wi'h according to law. [V-y?OLP HORTK, rLCKBS, iN'n AU. EK1.PTIOSH and ' alt dl*eH?ea arising from mii impure anil depraved *l*te of Hie blood. S?e the ei.trnor.Hnni y enve of Win. O. Har woori, * highly re?pert.tble oit!/.en of Rlrlinv by (inter'* SpanMi Mixture. lie ulcers iu4 **??? vnrtt description, *nd finally s"t *o In J, he wa*WVibl?t<> w*tlr exrnpt on I'liitrliH. A bottle* of CARTER'S S P A XI f It J11X11 UK, the greet blood pririfl-r. cured him, <?? tt In* rrred hundred* of* who have suffered \?itli r'>*nnmti*m. had eilect* of inert uey, aud pains and nlc*r* cf tin* bone* and Joint*. ?a'aee advertisement. T"^*Z P. OILMAN, Drnifglut, haa removed to 821 Seventh ' rtreet, oppoMU, to the Patriotic liai>k, end 1* now pre pared to ill! all order* for Medicine*, Paint*, Oil*, aud Olas* on arrominoUeiiin term*. Strict attention will bo (.bid to phviMan'* preerrlntioti* at all hours of the Cay and night, lb* mghl bell U oq the ngut of ilia (tor* door. *;? It ?lm A PUffr-JMENA IS MTOIOIN* ?Ronehltts. Conjth, ? Py-|w>*ia Liver r.><npiaiut*, r*crotula. *c.?For all dlieaiee of tiie Ki-ma'e By*teiu it aland* preeminent A Utbrgf i>ud Just Inform* a* it had cured h*m of Bronchitis of a de?? le-ate rh?ra<-ter?v>artt<n'arn hereafter. HAMPTON'S VEGETABLE TINCTCEK?iSy it* ra'.l 1 ac tion on the atoinacn, liver and kidney*, will onr# Pyepep ila, Oou^h, AMlinia, Bror.c'nal and I.nng AfTectlnn* Pain* In ths Hiv k. Side and ilren't, Cou*nmptl?n. Scrofula, Bhtn mattsui, Oont, Neara'cla, Fietola, Bowel Compla'ntii, Pile*. Wortae, and Xervoos D-ibllitles??with all dl*e>??e? arising trora Impure hi x>d, and 1* the greatest female medicine ev er known. 'I'M* tnvalnaMa medicine la work!Ui( wouder* ayCBtbsliurcanframe. Soeadvertieementto-<lay. mar? "p-PR. POO-/LAN1V3 CXLKHRATFD GERMAN PIT THUS.?Weak, nervous, depressed !n *p'rlt*. *ud a prey to innumerable m-ntal, us well *h physical evil*. Die ? it tlni to dyspepsia, i* indeed an object of rornrr>I?Keratlon. Yet it I* abtnrd for hiin t? dejpair. We care not how we.?k low, nervor*, nnd Irrltibielie may be, the cordial prop-r tleaof HOOFL.\Nl>'3 UER1IAN BITTERS, prepared by Or. C. M. Jai'k'on, Phlla 'eliihia. arc etronK^r iliau tb? many beaded mon.t'ir wliich preying upon bi* body and mliid; a'id if be chooae* to try tiiam, we will Ineure a speedy cure. Uoe *>lv*rti*?tneiil. Je7?Jm T~r" PRFMItMS A7 THE FAIRS.?WHITEHUEST'S (till In the a.tcendance.?Tlie J?rie< of e?ch of the Sate fair* at iialtlu^r*, Bli-htoond, *u.l New Vorli awarded their Mifhact prom!am* to J. H. W. for tlielr (upeilorlty of Pho to ;iaph*, Hterco*cop?i and Dujnei reotvpe* exhibited. Mr. 'W. f?l*o received two Medal* at tue World'* Fair, Lon don, and a premium at Cryetal Palace, New York. Alao, the tlrat award* of the Maryland Institute for three year* pt*t. W,.itehi,i'at'* Gallery lu t'ui* city la on Pa. avenne. betw, t ^ and 6?b streets. feb 17 ?Tr?Si)AH WALKKR k CO., Marble Hall Hothln* Stnp*, auder llrown*' Hotel. reefwKtfully annoome t!i?t tLtir display of SprliiK and Somoirr Clutlilng I* now r?<dy fnr 1n*p*c.|.mt comprUitit an assortment of CukU, Ve. U and P*ut*l on* of the t>ewe<t and richest de?1(C?H In material, trioim'uK ?nd work>oa>i?blp. To Keutltmen vDn stody asc4llbkc? with e,-unomy In fa*hioio*ble article* ol dre?i an cppcrtmlty for sele tl.i:: Is oC'ered from oneofMis lari<est and most r.itricilva i.:w,i( of goods atisi rfivrtd lu Uils ctt; at a very red a cod sc^le of prices. ap II MORE EVIDENCE.?We h. vejurt l.e*n Informed by a gentleman from the country with a Uie'- fnmily t'rnl IV h'-s 1. d a j;ie?t n. ?:.v or 8nmaitr (,? mpi*inr, but rw?t in one in-tnio-e i'?? lie filled In ni tkir,^ >? perfect ? ure iu 1*51 than 21 hi ar?, with HaKKK'S PKEMH'X BITTERS.? bell 'im tbit <00 world n??t Ii?ti. palj hi* dix-for'i fill wi.bont tlie l.itt-r*. lie tay* be i ?ter Intends to do tritiiou" it in lii* fan;ilj Hi iiiame wili be u-e.| if leqtiireit, .."but ii..| wieiiiliit It pniiHheU. Prb-; &(. i enfi p?r liottle T.? be )|?<1 off HARI.ES STOTT k CO.. WanMnrtmi, P f-, PAN BY X HATCH. *>ti ! St. Ill S. HANCE, Baltimore, and by Drng<ii'tS every* ,ier^. eo3t t ?Ll'NOS.?We reler cur i c-ader* to an sdvtr t1*etueijt In another colnmu. for fell pa'licutarit con cernini the H VGF ANA of nr. Curti*. It U *ald to be oni of the mo*t reuierkable < ur?* for all do*crlptlcn of di*ea?e< ol the luiiK* evjr d!*<*>>?rt<!. It* virtues ha\e !>een testified to by hjndrtii, who h??e oblHlne-l tlitir knowledge by the be.-t of *11 tencbere?experience. CAt'THlN.?I?r. Cl'K'lid'S HYOEANA Is the original and oniy ge .nine article. ioay Jt?lm fflARlllflD. On Uiu v!0.h invtant, by Rcf.R LCTia^hiell, U'M. n. lit A I.E. linj , to KviKLIN'E, (iitu^hter of Jain' i IS. Phi lip*, K 'j. all of iltix ci:y. On L'it 21st in?iant, by the Hm}th Pyii'4, C ?n inoJ. rt; UUEESK, IJ ri. Navy, to K.M YfA, ditugiitcr ol the late Thos. Luvetr, of New York. DIED On '.he HI infant, MARY ELIZABETH, infam diughter of Clnrles j. aud Uizabttii Eckli ff, aged 7 UH'trtn and 2^ Urvs. The funeral will take place to morrow afternoon at 4.^' o'cl'Hik. The tricisd? of the family e.te in Til"U. On the 20t!? innant, WILLIE,infan: sen ol Thou, and Mary VIeGill. On ilie (lib instant, at st a, WILLIAM, youngest ho i <if Williani M. and Aiarj NI. iinyce, ol Ciorgc t iwn. At Ta>?e!!t?, Oa.. the resi'ence of C >1. -"palding, on tie 25tHof May,KANI?OLPil BI'AEOINO only tort u Li'Ui II. N. iiarriBoii, U. ti. Navy, in ilie bin ye ir ol iii.> aye. To the bereaved f.imd* of (hi* ino?t priniiiir j bo? Tte ca i only aov, mourn not as tbore without h >r?e, hut b.^ml in ?tikrnissfon to that divine hand that hLs only taken luck the loan made you l?r a liuie. 'I here waa need of ihi? eliertshed fl wer tor the ctleMial ra>d<i), and iu met cy It was removed ther* ere it f<It the cluiiiii" bla*U of a windy woriJ. 44 'J"heie in the better bud, An] haih' d in radiance thru around th' tu springs, Thy loved one'i wins- eipand A - Willi the cbciriug rlniiubim lie gingx; And all the glory of that God can n-e Who raid on earth to cbildrcn, comu to me." ? Want?. WANTED?A VOL'NU WOMAN WHO UN tlurtC&iidB culling and lilting dresses wi?hea a situation as a HeatiiMie&M. Ilm no ? bjectioa to (jo i to the country < r trav I with a laJv Uefereiice K ven /ddrt-fs "L," at tba ofiiee of tne Hiar. Ja 22? It* l*r ANTED? ItY A SMALL FAMILY, A ni"e Vw little bju.-e, c>)ntainir:( tVom 4 to ti r.xniis. with kitchen, garden, fee. Location on Capitol Kill nr in the direction of the Navy Yard. Address, tVouKh t^.e Fcbt Olfi:e, DAN. UONULEI', Navy Yard. Je ?->* Y*; ANTED-A PARTNER TO WORK A V V tStone Quarry and cont-aet for sale of Stoue to Government and nth*?, tliere bein^'sow gieatdn tnand for atone. Tlra Quarry i? immediaiely oppo site Ge??ri{et -wn. Large shanty, blacksmith shop, r.nd every implement ou ilie spnt. TI is quarry tur riHhen tii?? best and Inrgent truck 8ioae, ke. A chniice u now oli'eied. Call or write to LLOYD ?t CO, Fifteenth street, oppo. the 'JVearury mty 3?tf V?TANTED?EVERYBODY TO KNOW THAT f Ifiey can get n lot 24 foei front by 130 feet deep, for tfco low prio?* of 75?payable .$3 a moiilii w iiiio it inters t. Apply at the Union Laud Olhce, ?th Ml., abovs Odd Fellows' Hall. ap2!l-3m JOHN FOX, Sec. Bearding. nUARDli'lO.?Boiudii-g may be had at 473 I > Bixtlt ft., between ll nnd E One very larg? airy a(>artuit!nt, with g>u?; also, fccver&l oth"r rooms'. Je 80?3t I^OARDIMQ,?Pvaannt rooma for aunimer, > with boarding for families or Kindle per??nj cr.n be hid by eaily nppMcauonat KING'S, 3 03 noith C Ktreet, between 3d and The house ia de lig'i lu'iy situated, nnd has u?t been thoroughly ren ovated and refurnished. Meaia furnished to lanii ben and day boarders accuiumod&tid on reasonable t ruts. Je4-ln.* tOTIC IS.?-Ft-iR KENT?PAKLORH AND Cb'tmhers, with board. Altio, table end iran tient board, with a balbiitg mom and shower bath* and aveiy attencon to render it m<jst H^retable to berboorae s. Mrs. P. G MURRAY, l^itner Penr.*yivai.Lt avenue and ?t. ip33?3ri BOAKD, *c.?MS3. BATIi^. ou U? cr*utli weet corner of Pa. avenue and wb s'rewt is pre pared to accommodate geutlemen wall roonn, with or without board. Every effort will be made to ren der th we comforuble who may faver her with their patronage, ay C?tf For Bale and Rant Furnished rooms?sev?m good rariowj and Chambers, ia the unmeant* vieiniry 01 U>2 ' general Post Ofiiee and Patent Cflice U for rent, cither mi'h or without frmrd. Address this office. je M?3t ? FOR RENT?THR THREE 8TORY HOUSE situan d on I, south side, between 6;h and ?>h streets. For paiticulars inquire of CHAS. KEF. NE.V, Collector for Gas Company. The rent shall be about $180 per an num. je 21? 3t* FOR 8ALE-A SM\LL FRAME HOUSE and Lot, No. 50 Louisiana avenue, Washii gton. It presents a rate opportunity to a person wishing to j make a good investment. If not sold noon it will be for rent. A!so, a three story Prick Mouse and Lot No. 57 High Mreet, Georgetown, Lot 26 feet front by 160 it. d?ep. Will be sold low and on a long crcdit. Warned, a few shares of Georgetown Building As sociation Slock. Apply to E K. LUNDY, No. 128 linger street, Georgetown ; or, No 400 E street, Washington. je2l? FOR SALE?A TWO-8TORY BRICK HOUSE, on M. between 13th and i:tth rtreets. The lot on which th- same is built fronts 24 feet 7# inches, by 135 feet deep, tunning back to an alley of eight een feet. ALo, a lot on L ftreet, extending from L street to Ma~s chu-ftt* avenue, 150 feet, fronting 26 feet four | inches on L and Ma3?achu*t tts avenue. Apnl'cation to be made at the Grocery S:?re, cor ner ot'l2:h st.eet and Massachusetts avenue. Jc2I?3t? IJOR RENT?A HANDSOME NF.W BRICK House, situated in the most ncai;y part of the | <"ity, on the corner of Massachusetts avenue and lOlh street, containing ten rooms, with cellar and a g.icd pump of Water in the yaid. The rent will be mod< rate Apply on L street, between 9th and 10th s s , No. 504. GEO. T. LANGLEY. Je 16-6i* AL \RGE AND ELIGIBLY SITUATED corner Lot, containing 14,000 -quarc feet and fronting the Capital Park, for sale on accommodating term* if immediate application b^ made to HILBUS k HITZ, Conner Pa avenue and 11th st. Bning so i>ear the Capitol and but a few minutes' | walk from the Car Depot, makes it motiadvatuage ously situated for a large public House. jc 5?if FOR RENT?IN ALEXANDRIA, VA., THAT large three story Brick House, well known as the best stand in the city for a hotel and restaurant, ou Cameron street, opp-tsite the Market Hou-e and now occupied by Mr. McGoncgal. Po.-s*es>ion eiv en on the first of July. Address LLOYD &? CO.,| Claim Agent, 15th st, ojip. the Treasury, Wa liing ton, D. I*. m'iv HO-j-rf Rents reduced to suit the times $150 a year will be received for the rent ?i those new and convenient cottages at Kd:idail Green, with two acrcs of ground, stable, wood shed and other conveniences attached. Pumps oi pure water are near the door, snd cominniucat on is had with Georgetown by way of H and Seventh ?treets and Per n. Avenue, morning and afternoon, at the usual fare, for the accommodation of clerks in the department*. To secure the advantage of this treat rednction of rent immediate application must fee mad-? to the undersigni d. either by letter, or at his house at Kenda'l Green, after office hours, where the keys may be had and the houses inspected *? any time. Several of these residences will be soid on liberal terms. WM SPICKNEY, No 4, Kendall Green. N. B.?-Rents pcid quarterly in advance. apr 9,1*&5?tf Building lots and dwellings?For sale, Lots on Third street, near the City Hall; on F, between Third a-td Fourth; on E, between Fir-t and Second; on Seventh, between L and M; on >!, near Tenth; on Third, m ar L; on Sev^n'h, between Land M; on K, between Fourth and Filth; also, opposite to Franklin Square; Massachusetts avi nue, between First and N. Capitol; First Ward, G near Twenty lir<t; Virginia avenue, near Twon'y first; N. Hampshire avenne, bstwcpn H and 1; alto, two frame dwelling* on Fourth between F and G, w ill be sold low lor ca-h. Island property?Two small frsme tenements on I. between Four-and-a half and Sixth; al?o, lots on Virginia avenue, ami a variety in other par1* ol tl.e Island and City, ail of which will be sold on terms accommodating to suit purchasers. Enquire at No 337, Pennsylvania av., opiiosite to Browns1 Hotel. may 28 -Imeo DAVID MYFRLE. \V4LIrABM! LOT FOR i*ALE. O.N C ST., between 13Ul and 13}^ stroels. Title iudi?put aide Size, ^0 bv 69 feet. For terms app'y at the corner of 13th and C st.'., to Mr. PLANT, j* ?0 - eo3t ,p tit HALE?A LAHGE NUMBER OF LU.'LD lne Lots, |.>cat<.<l in ati parts c.f ih.: city. WILLIAM H. PHILIP, At? >rney a' Law. Olhcn, 4 3* Pa. av., betw. 4>j and Ctii ttreets. may 3">?? oJw KEAL ESTATE AT PRIVATE SALE.?ONE Frame Dw? liitig Hou?a aim Let en Oit, be tween Gtb and 7th ;tr e'.s west, containing fix good rwmis, nearly new. One two and one three-story frr.rae DweJitns House on Miissachusct s avenue, between 4th and 5;h stiPtts. Two two-story Frame Houses on Washington st. Also, a very comfortable 1 .welling House on Deal! street, Georgetown. s Ail the above property is nearly new, and will be ?old ou accommodating terms. Enquire of FRAN CIS WHEATLFY, Lumber Dealer, No. 3T Water street, Georgetown. may 23? eod'm F~"nOlFTlEVr?SEVERAL HANDSOME PAU lors and Chambers, with board. Also, T ible and transient board. Inquire at Mrs. SMITH'S. 333 K street^ bp 9 HOMES FOR ALL.?Keauuiuliy arm jieujuitiy located Buildirit! Lois, 24 feet front by 130 feet deep, on graded streets, can, until spring, be bought at the exceeding low price oi $7o, payable per month. Title indisputable. Union Land otnee, 7ih st., above Odd Fellows' Hall, jan 9?Bin JOHN FOX. St-creuury. NOTICE. OUR customers are mo-t respectfully notified that their nccounts will be presented to liwn r>n the 25th in&taut. To all t ho?e who will have the kindness lo caJ ar.d se'ttc their r.*i?tciivn accounts on or before the 1st July, we bhall bo exceedingly obiig'd. We have a number of nccounts rendered on the 1-t January rer?:ainirg unpaid, and wi;u!d say to those indebted tl;?t, unle:s we receive Ihe money f< r them bv the let July, we slmll be compelled to place fucIi bills in tiir IrocU of an otfic*-r for co!lec:ion. CLAGETT, NEWTON, MAY &. CO. jc21?101 MOKEDUV; a ta.c?claiming to be by fir Walttr Scott, 50c Abbott's llutnry of Nnpoleon.Q vols, octavo, $5 Constance Herbeit, a novel, by Mi?s JewsLury, 37c The Con rov? r-.y between Senator Brcoks aud Arch biahop Hughes, 25 con*-, je l(* FRANCK TAYLOR. STEAMBOATS CONNECTING Ik With ench train of Cars arriv r^nMHUbfi1 P in Washington or AlAxan. Una.?Tne r?rrpmers T IfO MAS COLLYEKir GEORGE WA>iilNGTON wili make ths abovu ronnectious, leaving Washington at b a. in for ll' Orange and Alexandria cars, and connect wi.ii' a same train on their mrival. Mcah lurnished on the beat*. The Boats conueot with all the trains from Bal timore. SA.Vl'L GBDNEY, Capt. may 17~d I-JOR SALE.?A Pair of BAY MARES, 7 years ; oiduexlspring,v.-ell-bred^ound,stylish, gentle, spinted and i apital goers. They are veil broken and periectly free frna* triekM, tud will particularly suit any gentleman who is loud ol driving. The owner parts with them only because f is purpose is to retrench his einenjftit. Tucy cuu Ui seen ut SouUuron s (late Birch's) Stable, on 14:h itreet, south of Pa. av?nue. For terms, or an op portunity to try Utera, enquire at Liie. counter of the Mar c.l(ice. They will be sold a ba. rain. ap 3?tf "STEWART'S QKYLIGHT DAGUERRE\N GALLERY?We are ma*;ii:i: splendid pictures lor lower prices than any other Ga lery in the city. They arc p?;r t'cctly liie-lilve, a-id silisfaciion is always given. Gallery directly over M. VV. Gait's Jewelry Store. Pa. avenue x je 1?lm AT MOM R! PEr&K SHAIfOHAI HAS HETTTllSID, And iiavir.g taken up his abode at HYDER & PLANT'S, Will be harpy "?'? his old friends at thoir es lablishmeni. No. 4 00 Seventh ?treet, opposite Odd Fellows' Hall. jc 15?tf CIGARS?CIGARS. SUPERIOR HAVANA CIGARS.?1 have received twenty thousand more of those choice Opera and Concha brands. Also, other brands of One Ci gars. FOBT. I>. TWEEDY, Fa. avenue aud 13th st?., south side. Jt 16?lw ATC11JCU, JEWELRY, SILVERWARE tSe. M. W. GALT & BSO. are constantly receiving larvc invoices ol tho above, and offer article in their line, at the r<itei. GOLD AND bILVEU WOSR of every descrip tion. made to oroer, *uch as TESTIMONIALS rieltiy emb%llish ?d, u nh appropriate] des', H1L? VER TB\ SETS, DINNER SP.kVH^ES, fcc. Precious Stoues s?t in every siyln however elab orate. A3JIS, CRESTS, MOTTOES, fcc. cut on rtooe. M. W. GALT * BKO., 34ft Pa. av.. between 9Ui and Hkh sts. )? .. W Auction Bales. For otker Jhtctom Sola tee fint By CRKKH dfc SCOTT, A?ctl0?Mra. HOUSEHOLD AND KITCHEN FUHflTURE at Auction -On WEDNESDAY, the 27t1 la stant, we chall se!l, at 12o'c!ock tn . at the re?idenc ot" Mr. Samuel I. Little, on south L, b :tween 6th and 7th streets ea*t, rear the Navy Yard Market, a good assortment of Furnitore. vit: Mahocauy So.a, Parlor and Rocking Cbaira I?o Paid, Dining, and other Tables Dreading ard other bureaus and Toilet Glasae4 War'robe* Wa?hstanJs Cane seat and other Chaira Feather Bed*, Bedding and Red*tf?a.]s Window Curtains and Venilian Blinds Clock, China, Glass and Crocket)ware Rill frjtne Mirror* Carpets, Oilcloth, Ileirtb Ru*s and Vailing brass Andirons, Shnvvland Tones, Fenders <*'irst rate and nearly uew Cooking 6u>ve T-rce Franklin St<n?i With many other articles which we deem unne cestary to e< umtrale. 'ieims Cash. GLUES at SCOTT, je 23?d Auctioneer*. By 6RKEI * SCOTT. Auctioneers. Large and valuable brick house a .id Lot, and vacant Loir, at the corner ofl3.U aui H ?fteets, on New York avenue, st Auction ? On THURSDAY, the 2?ih instant, * e thall sell, at 6 o'clock p. n., in front of the premises, that large anl valaab'e brick situated at the corner of I3ih at west and II street north, on Now Yo'k avenue, wiih the lot nr. which it ttauds, it b i-g fart cf I a ta Nog. I and 30', in Square No. 250. bavins a iioni on II st of >25 feet, running with ti.e line of 13ih street 104 ft. T.i?. house is a three rtory brick, nearly new, con taining seventeen food and conveniently k rarged room* and ce lar, wuh wid?- parage through i)m hou-?'. One of the rooms is occupied aa a gioeery sto e, ar.d m eil known to be one of lite bent bam.ess stands. Also, the vacant Lot adjoining on the west, bav in# a front on II street 25 feet, running back In a wide ailev, containing 2 474 square feet; and part ?>f Lot No 39, adjoining the above on the norih, front ing on IJtn rtM-t, runnine back to a 30 feet alley, conta.ning 1.1^4 square feet The above described property is tnnds~me'v lo cated. and considered one of the most desirable and valuable piece* of property now for sale In Wa?b melon. Title indisputable Terms: 0>?e fourth catdi} hnianee In 6. 12 and IP m mthfi, the purchaser to civa n ?es for the deferred payment!*, beaiii.g interest from day of sale. A deed givsn and a deed or trust taken. GREEN 6l SCOTT, J-*22?d Auctioneer*. I By ORXKH * SCOTT, Auctioneers ^RAMB HOUSE AND LOT AT AUCTION.^ _i_ On ? A i UiiDAY, the 23-1 iiirtant, we snail sell IT. front ot the prem se;, at 6)^ o'clock p. in , part r.i Lot No. 29, in Cabot's subdivision of Square No. 725, fronting on n ?rth G, between New Jersey ave nue and North Capitol street, wuh the improve nient?, w licli are a good two story frams Un.*c, containing four r<w?d roams, 6tc. '? ule indisputable. IVrmn: One third cash; the balance In 6 and 12 months, the purchaser to give note* for the deferred pavnviita, h.-amig interest from the day of *a2e. A deed given and a de<M of trust taken. CUBE* h. SCOTT, 21?<1 Auctioneer*. By GKKlfi3 ft ^C<)TT, A ucl loueer* 'siWO N'E\RLV NEW FRAME MOUSES ANM I Lois at Auction?On WEDNESDAY, the 27ih in=ta::t, rre shall *? II. in front of the p'eiais-s, nt o'clock t> id lot No. 37 and part of lot Xo 38, in Square No. ?00. with the iis?roveim nts, which are two two Story franc houses, containing t>ur cood fcized rooms each. They will !>??? sold separate. The above described property fronts on south If, between 4V{ and 6th streets wei-i, and scar the cor m r of 4>i st. The lots run b?ck feet io a wide alNy iad'"aj,urable. Terms: Oneiifth cash ; bala-.ce in 6.12, and 18 rnontlH, l?r notes bearing interest from the day of the Ml a. A deed given and a deed of trust taken. GREEN & SCOTT, Jeai?d ^ Auctioneers By GRKK^l A. HCOTT, Auctlnntir*. irALUAHLE PROPERTY TWO SUUARE3 y East offe ?;naitol.<?n Enst Canitnl >trcet, at Auction ?On WEDNESDAY, the 27th ins ant, we sh ill sell, in front o{ t!ie pn.>mi?e?, at 5 o'clock p.m. iliiee trains H'Hues, P'tua'ed at tbe corner of East I* ipitcl and Third sireew ea?t, and the lot on which they Start \ bein^ l.ot No. I. in Square 7*!?? One of thi' bouses in a g<><>d business htanJ, and n> opcnjiii d a? a woe* ry ftorc. Title iedirputable, and the owner liirn 6< If ;u pav i-JI co-t of invesrg?ting ih- title if it should prove net n be so td lerms: One fourth cash : balance in 6, 12 and IP month?, I< r notes bearing interest from ihe day cf iho sale. A deed jims and a deed of iru*t taken. GREEN it SCOTT, jn 21?d Auctioneer*. By J. C. RctiOIRE, Auctioneer CIE2USCE COLLECTION OV HAKE AND VAL i uablo 0.1 Paintinss a; rufclic Auction.?On TUESDAY nltem-on, June 12ch, at o'clock, at the Saloon over FariiSiam'a ISie^kstore, corner oi IItii ftreet anii Fa. avtnue, I shail ?ell a collection c-f rare ami vhluabl* Oil Taiutincs, s< lected with jr?-ai eare by H. N. Barlow, E.-q., from vaiiou- gal I'Tic* on tiie Continent. Am<mgst them will be ?'.'Und speciaren-j ol D imerilchin i, Velasques, Sir (?'?<Jtrev KnOler, A. Van Willies, John Wilson, tia.n boro', Murilla, Vernei, Poussin, Shayer, jr., and (uhets. The Saloon uill be open and the Pictures on free exhibition until the safe. Catahvies may Us obtained at the saloon or at the auvtiou rooms T rin?: $100 and i:n<1er i?ash ; over tha' sum a r r,-dit of sixty and ninety da>s, for notes salief.cuiti ly endoritd, b.aiii,g intereat. J AS. C. UcGUIRE, 6? d Auctioneer. i5?" Thi hb>v< ??!? la p??tpoa>;d until TUESDAY afternoon, June 19, ?ame hour. JAS. C. McGCIRE, junc 15?d Auctioneer. The above sal* fa farth?r poa' p uii-d In c. iisequercc of the rain, until Fu I DAY a'"terno?,n, June 22J, same hour, o U ;.la ??t that time without regard to wi ?taf, JAS. C. M .GUI RE. je 23?d Auction ear. l.y OHUKN & SCO ? T, AutllontatV. 1 ?DILDING LOT AT AUCTIO.% ? On I UES DAY, the 26'li ins'ant, we atial*, at ha"" paj-t six o'cl< ck p m , on ti?e premise-, Loi No. 33 in sjbJi^isiun (f tvjmre No 569 I aving a front on an alley of "JO feet, ?uauin* back 51 feet, containing 1,6-i0 iquare feet. Terms cash CREEN flt SCOTT, je 20?d Auctioneer*. "y ?IB-tO?f *? CO | Baltimore. OMN[?Us COACHES AT AUCl ION?Will b : offered nt Pabiia Sale, at the Citizen's Line Si ible*, corner ?u Uib-on (r.ow Eu aw *ir~rt) atid Hoffman streets, Baltimore, on SATURDAY, the ?10:h Jure. ir*taru, commencing nt III o'clock, if fiir, or if not fail, on tbe Monday Icliowmg, at the same lmur? 15 noi fc se-ond hand Oint;ib f'oachca Several rets llarness, lot o! Tools, he. Term* of Sale : One h ill' cash; the bainncu for nuti s, with approved tndtrserr-, payable in bmonliia with interest, WM. T. STEIGER. Traata*. ja lt??d GIBSON & CO., Aacfs. l y GRFEN it SC< >TT, Auotioktkfs T.'.iiUK VALUABLE BCD.DING LOTS in the /. Northern Libcrtie?at Auction.?On MONDAY lh? 2."t i ii:8ia:it, ue sliall sell, in frout ol the premi ses, commencing u: 6 o'clock p m , F^ots No?. J3 and 22, in Square No. 512. Lot 13 fronts ou 5th at, and c- mains ?,141 square feet. Lot 22 fronts en north O street, tnd cou nins 7, 'JM feet. Also, Lot No. 20, in Squire 513, fruntin? or. :nrth N etreft, cn1 c< ntains ti,oVG And ekj-t half of Lot N?i 4. in Square No 515, on which the hale will b?! coinmenced. This lot tronu on north K street 2t) 'eet 6 inche?, bwtween 4ih and 5lh stre.'Ts west, runioiig buck to a wide alley. Titlu indisputab'e. Tt rms : One ihird cash; t-alance in 6. 12. and 18 months, the pur^fcascis to give notes for the deferred I payments, btaring interest troni d tv of >a!e. GREEN fit SCOTT, je 19?d Auctioneer. Br GREEN at 8COTF, Atctioxhiu. Handsome new three story frame Houseant Lot on Maa.-aciiuse'ts a veuve, at Auction.?On FRIDAY, the 221 inbuilt, we aha'l sell, at 6 o'clock p m , in Jront of the premises, part of Lots Nos. 0 and 10, in sq uare sou It of Square No 566,fronting on Massachusetts avenue, betweim 2d and 3J streets west, running back to north H street, with tbe improvements, which are a new ihree story Frame House, containing seven conveaieutly arranged iooms. Title indisputable. Terms: One fearth cash ; balance In 6,12 and 18 months, for notes bearing interest from the day ol the sal*. A deed given and a deed of trust taken. GREEN & SCOTT, Je 1C?d Auc i"ii -era ;?y OKKKD * SCO'JT. Auctioneer*. Handsome square of ground?iA?e licn.?On FRIDAY, the 2id instant, we stall sell, on the premises, nt half pa;t 6 o'clock p. m , a beauiir'ul t-qu tre of ground, containing over 10,000 *?im:re net, bounded by New Jertey uvenue,2J aod 4ih and nenh O streets, li b?ing equate 32J. 1 h-. above d.*? Ibed property is bea?itifaily locn ted on un elevaied pouuon, a.. J in araptdly L*prov? lmr purt of the eiiy Terms: One third cash; balance In6,1?, and IB months, for notes bearing Interest from the day of th* sal*. A deed given and a deed of trust tak> n. GREEN & & OTT, ic^4 Aj?uoat?i. TELEGRAPHIC. eztobtep roe m DAILY EVENING* BTAB / msrican Mui Meeting at Easton. Ti Eastov, June 22 ?The American meed a f her#, last n'.jbt, one of tbe largest ??? held here Dr. Samuel Sandt presided A series resolutions were adopted endorsing the Phils* dtipbia platform, and acknowledging It a* a political creed Ibe Americans preeeni piWg d themselves to stand by and battle for tba a teresu of tba country in opposite to all tj ranny, either civi! or ecclesiastical. Tfco resolutions deprecate emphatically Ibe Mietoari, as a breach of sacred ootrpsct between the North end the Sou h, and sssert that the 12fh section of the pUtfo m does not endorse the Misscari outrage, as has beea alleged, but refari slavery to proper leg Ulation. Baltimore Xirketr BaLTiuona. Jnne 22 ? Flaur?Howard street baa declined 25 cents Ssles of Howard street and City Milts st 910 Wbeat has declined? ssles of red at $2 a $? 20 s me choice lota al f 2 25; white $2 20 a $2.25. Co-n is firm; sales of white at $1 04 ; yellow $1.03. Hew York Markets. N?w York. June 22 ?Ibe eot'on market ie unchanged Flour bns dec'ined 6 ets per bbl. Ovj.' l Ohio $9 37ta|J 40; Southern isfirn ; rale* at $l0a$ll. Wheat in dull, with a dko iuing tondenov Cc.rn is firm; tales of western mix ed at $1 00s$l 04 Pork baa edema***! M>n. per bbl: ne* mess $19 50; P'ime $15 624 B:ef Is firm L^'Jisdull Whisky ?Ohio is upward; sales at 37*3. Few York Stock Ifarkat. New Yoke. June 22 ? Stocky are easier. Money is plentiful. Sales at the first board of Etia'e a' ; Cleveland a&l Pittsburg Rail road, 52|; Cumberland Caal Company. 22; Heading Railroad, W2i; Canton Company, 28j; New York Central RailroaS, 102J; Ohio Life Trust company, 102. By .IAS. C. McUtlUK, Auetlosaeer. '| RUSTEE'8 SALE OP VALUABLE HOUSE | and Lot on ibe c orner of F etrr?i . ouib and street west.? By virtue of a deed in trim fn-a Jno. P. i oUon an?l wife. tn?> subscriber will sc|i,*t pub lie *ale, on THURSDAY, the 28..h day of Jua*', 1855, at 5J<$ o'clock p. in., on the p;enu*e?, p?ru of Loit< N<>?. %4 end in Square No f3tf fr<utuig4~? feet Ou F st'eot romh, by 6t> f<?et ? incb< ? mm 3-1 Ft. west, with the bud ing? and improvements whirls cr.n?itt of a well but't two-etory fr house, wu!k : rick bakeiy atiached. The a oee property i? elipHy a'tuated on the U'.Hr.d, and offers a lavorable opportunity n persona de-inns a re?idcnre oi in make un invettmeM The terms uf sale ?? ill br <>n?--ibird ra*h, and the balance in 6, 18 and Id months, fernnte* b aring a u<ret>t Ifnu the day of sale, secured by a deed of t-u*t m the prop ny. If the terms oftaie are not complied wKh in **E days after me Mile, ihe property will be r*eo*d at the ruk and exp, n?e of ihe purchaser. Ail cenveyancinj* nt expanse of porrtn?er. CliAd. 8. WAL.LACH. T'uatee. J A3. C. McGUIRE, le 5?eokdu Auctioneer WATCUES. JUST received, a laree assortment of Ladies'and Gentlemen's fine GOLD IVATCUEi of tverv size, s >1- and manufacture The a'x-ve is by far ih- bent and cheapest ever ot feted to our customers. M. W. GALT k BRO., 334 Pa. avenue betw. #Oi aud It> h eta. je ai?tf I^INl! ENGRAVINGS.?We have recently re ; c. ived a i irj-e lot ol fine French, E. Rlisb. ?>n<l American En^ravin?-, which we are aeltiug tff at eiceedir.glj low ra:es. JNO. F ELLIS, |e 21 3I<6 Pa Mvenue. TEM D0LLAR3 REWARD. OTRAYED fir.m th.^ suK-rib. r. PfJt'R COWS, i^ o:-?- e l-rp. rc ' Vow, wit^i spot on tf.e f >rrheKi1. ??lt wtut** *'reak 0:1 th-- bn? k, sn<l wfci.e about ^^0NS the bic, laipe b*>rnf>, set wide apart; -mJAmA anil criull ear marka. f>m* laree reil and white F.nfTilo, to have a small piece out of one of her cars. One *hort-lerg'*d brindle Cow, wiih horna wido aet and ear marc*. Had a op> eroui d her neck. O.I?* small Hrindle, not in 5<>n?t conlltiea; borre se'tinc forwnrd toward the iice. The root of h< r untiMia'ly ttaca, white ftret and belly, and h?e ca< mark*. The atx?ve rrvrard will be paid for their deiiewf nt ray hou?e, cr in proportion ii r any one or more of them. CHARLES DYSON, Corner north D and Second aueets. Je 21? COPARTNERStllP. THC under?nn<-d hive this day entered in'o a eo p.irtneralilp under the name of MILLS Si BIH SOEAR.-5, fir the purpose of carrying on in* tio?.t and Shoe in all iu kSSfh^*. We will manu fncture to order every style of BCCTS and SHOES for ladiea, e- ntlcmeu and children. All measured wutk warnntcd to pleare. S. C. MILLS, T. N. CH&SlfRARS. Call at out atorc, N >. 355 aouth side fa n venue, one door e .M of Jackson k Uro'e G'.?cery, between 6th and 7ih ?ta. (Newa) )e2i?fit SP.HOOVKI1, Iron llall (loot. Sh< e. and _ . Trunk E-tabUfcl'.Cieat. I baye received ( thia day a ' irgeaeawtueni of Geuts French] Paten; aod Calf Bi< >ts and t51i>e?,l which 1 will s' li che^p. AlfO, ISovs' Youtl.a, ar..! f'l.ildrc ^HOESofal^ daacriuaoui. Ait iu want pieia* call at S P. HOOVER. Iron Hall Boot, Sh<?e and Tnmk Estsbluhaten;, buiwcen Uili and 20 b su. je 16 DIPORTANT TO PEBSONS BREAK ING UP HOUSEKEEPING PEUSONS removui? from the city, and w shing to dispose of tlieir Furm.ure and Housekeep ing UteuciU. &c , w.thout the trouble of ?? nduif them D f u:iiic auction, cm do no by calling on ua at our Stoie, 31T Pa avenue, comer of Ninth *t , ax wt a ie prepared to buy all such goode as uiay b? ofierfd. Hcu>:ekeep''tj and otb ra will d3 wtll bv railing ou Uj?, a? ivc will pav the liighi nt cash * for ail such g iod.4. WALL, BARNARD V. CO. Je 7?2m 317 Pa. avenue. PROSPERl'S CORNET BAND. 1'HIb Band is euit.<b;?: for any and all pu'poeea, and i?warrant( d to give nati?fvction to all tho?e who may be pleased to < ng^e them, either as a Brass, Reed, or Cotillon Wand. Any number of musicians to be had at the alvarv cat notice by applying to FREDERIC PROSPER*,, Leader, at TuluvuliV Sicre, oppose the Marine Oariackn. N. B.- OrJere IcA at liilbus a IIjU's Ikituic De pot, will be promptly attended to. may 25?4m ~a TAtta MRS. 1?. PI1?LL.1PU, Nc- 401 Sijtb ??., betw err C and If, de^irit to iu'inm the cili send ot Wh'.'ui, gion and vicinity, that ah?: it now prepared to give instructions on the Piano Forte. She has taught inasie in ?ome < f the principal itlea of the Union, and ha* testimonial* ?hoMini that the is felly competent to discharge the duties of pro leMinn to t^ie sati-factioa ot tbo^e who may f vor her with tb? ir patrona^*. Terms : $10 tor 24 loMon* at her rcudettcs, os )12 at 'he resilience of her pupils. y. 12?eo3m* W ATEK COOLKUV something new, aa excellent article. DOUBLE ICE PITCH ERS, dilierent at? ie* and ?iaes; Brittanma Pitchers,, o^en ue.d covered ; alt kinds ol Britiannia and Block Tin Ware. For *alr low, at the llounekeeper'a FiirniKh ng Store, 4 90 Seventh et, may W O. FRANCIS. SCHUTTEa a KAULERT, ? T I S T Freico, D eonUtrt, ami every) de nxflion *f OKNAilKH't'AL PAIKTlfO. Orders Nt with Baldwin sn-1 \caning, Archl tec'j; wrtll be pmmptiv auended to. jeB-dlm* P^ILADkLPUIA LAGEB B?BR DK?01, 381 I'd. Aienue, le w. m 4% and (UA tU. WE have at a), nm- ?the best PHILAUEL.PHIA L AGEH HECK on haud and offer It now for aa'e for %3 |?er k< g, and in quart bottles for 01 50 per doa en We send ibe beer free of c t? to all pans of the city. 49* Mengr rhy-ictan# b%ve recommeeded ible toer as one of the be*t lemeuiee for woek stoaaciu te 18?Im* PATRIOT ICK CIIK A 1*1 FHKKZ ? ERS. lee Cream Moulds. Jelly Moald?. Melo*. Mould-, Rice Moulds, Pudding Moulds, Pudding Pans, Cake Pan?, I'atty Punn, Cake Cu'ters, at th<j Housekeeper's Fumi=liaig Store, 4 00 7th street. J? H. Q. fRAKCldt

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