Newspaper of Evening Star, August 13, 1860, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated August 13, 1860 Page 4
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F THE EVENING STAR. Thi Crops is P*i*cb Giorgi's Cocmt? I C?1 Oden Bow!*, of tuat county. writes to the Serr^tiry of tbf Maryland Slat* Agricultural Society. aa follows: I regret to be compelled to put the crop of Princ George's at fc'trrely, if any, mori" than one-third of an average Tills is owing tnainlv to the unprecedented r.vagt-s of i and jolnt-wo in, which, in scm? Instance*. I an oiintM to a ti?tal des'ruct on of the entire r.roj* I know of s *?r.w farmers who scarcely made their e?a i c iouic Jl- Ms wfrc rraprd, and Id mv own criip. J p.owt-U up a)M>ut 50 a re? the first week lu June, arid plant* d it In corn I have re- J liable sad accurate information from auch p?rts of 1b" county asl have not visited in person, and while ti.e grt-.i: buik of the rounty is as represented above. I know of no field (riving even an average, much lea a first-rate yield Tba quality of tiMguin is ia many cas-s al?o very detective. The c?rn is si.iferiiij{ from, for this season of the year. unprecrdcnt?*,t drought, which has also effected to&acco v?rv injuriously?preventing in cru? cases anything like a full crop being pl m'.ed 1! r At thf? lnt#? Ampriran Scientific Convention J ? ? - - ? ? - ?" ?" * - -- - - ? " "** """ I Prof John l.*Conte r?w< 1 a paper on tup phenomena presented t>y the "Silver Spring" in Marlon county, Florida Although the optical phenomena of this spring had been greatly exaggerated, yet h<> found, on paying it a visit last December, that it was suiticiently wonderful. While it was report.-?d to be iwo hundred f'-et deep, a car*f'il measurement showed it to be only thirty feet On clear and calm day the view from tbe side of a boat :* beautiful beyond description Every featu-e of t i?s i>ottorn is a* clear as if there was no water al*>ve It. but only tue clear air The bottom It thickly covered with luxurious vegetable growth, developed bv the lar^e amount of sunlight wbii h penetrates there Oi?j*cta beneath the surface ct 'L? vrater, viewed obliquely, appear surrounded by prismatic hues The beholder etuis to be looking down from some high pa'.nt upon a truly fairy scene. Tbi Bbituh Navy ? Donald McKay writes to the Boston Commercial Bulletin some of the results of his observation* In tbe British navy-yards. The Government Is new builuing S3 steam wai vessels of various kinds, carrying 1.733 guns, or nearly as many as the whole I'r.ited ? navy. By tue middle of yext veir, when tbe sh!|>s now (on tbe stocks are completed. the British fleet will count 785 vessels, with 17 WW guns, and 132.7S6 horse powtr. or about elgLt tim-s .is many guns as our navy. over ttiU.Olftf men will 1* required to man the vessels The French navy is lit guua only a little over half strong a.i tb? English. I a?t or the Kve.nimo Ocs ?Tde old practice observed in .lew Orleans, of tiring ranuon at the hoar for slaves to bo at home was '-arried out on Julv 30th f*>r the last time On th? 1st iust.. al thebi-U connected with the Are alarm telegraph truck one tap to mark the hnur of l-> at noon today, and at ^o'clock p m., nine taps, asthe si ail for n^tcrues. and to mark the ho ,r likewise rom the 1st cf Ootobwr to the 1st of April the overling hour wlil b? signalled by eight t.j.s at o'clock P "> Wages OF A StHOOSBR A5D Lo?a OF H FR CARoo.?The schooner Corinthian. Capt AlcClanahan. l?den with 1,100 bushels of whwet belonging to the estate of Rol>ert H .Montgomery, of W estmoreland county, Va , was overtaken by a sUr.n one day last week and jut into Wycomico rrft-k for safety, but bilged Thr vessel and cargo were both ioat _ ITT 'Partant pour la 9vrle. the national eir of h ranee, under Lows Nap Wn, rouiM m very appropriately i jst now, when the French goveminrii? U about sending its tro<>{*? to Syria, to "intervene" in the di?'.uro-Mic*s there The last report, however, Is. (but this it doubtful,) that the Forte bat prote U.d against French Oreat Yield vr Wueat ?A few d*ys ?go Mr Rb?inhauiii:er. residing in f'ark county, Indiana, threshed Ave acres of wheat which produced sixty-four btisiiels and f.?i;rte*-n pounds to the acrs One of his neighbors Ind a forty acre field near his &vr acr- tract which yielded a fraction over forty-three bushels per acre Hj"The Doug'asites ir. portions of New York having formed clubs under the title of "Little Giants." the Breckinridge democrats of Syracuse have organized a club of several hundred with the name of-*'iiant Killers " 1J7"The ladies of Aci. in f*idlf, hive ?ddreaird a letter to lien. Uaribaidi, announcing that tn?y intend to forward him a sum of > uuf'l , v.-t,ich tci?*v had intended for the purchase of their summer dress iKKI'/ALS AT T1IE 1IOTKL8 NATIONAL HOTEL.?J B e*ch Tenn: J A A?n:orJ, Ark, f>r C B Nr!?oU Md; Aon k ? Ne> ?uu, ' a. J er., Md: J F .*>u ?v*ri NO; J Oecust, b ;T K Shu. oros* Va: A \V;I ains aixifaruil , Ala* *>V II til , S?i?;W h \Vao?- >, \Voo<', K i -imth, W i-. \Vaite. H Hatl.orn. J i',oi..p,.. . ?>f Alt. A A 1 imm'.tDij, M K J< hi. son '? ?\ l'il , KI D r..r?-? - M .1. W XI I V * ? - * M Jl M?", VI >! U ? *1 J UilliBl'I.l 1 ? ' '' ^ IOU, 1 a. f Pi! , aC. J Ferrnrson. Mass: l? Sir-tlO'i. lo?s:CC v% apaon, N Y; 0 M Kb' i, H&. .! Hg*. > V; J - Do., Kow C Ffcr*h ?nl I v)v_ M i St- Jolicmn. Ct; ? \V Svmps ii; V a; f 5 . 0<>: J A Asniord, do: F \V iMiard a..d .ady O*; Mit> ih i*if, d ; >ira Hu<ti?s. l.a; J ?? n<t<'n \Vi;MHfn?|,A?. WC Ou?, 0;J A Craig and (\ mi'. Ark t H*piiJ*n. J C Th"mp*ot, P :?***< , J M Bai... ?r,ot Va; W S Gregory, N V ;J(>iiu.o Mim; ?* '.it', r F?; T Hornby, hng.J ?: r^o', iUKt: ii I' *. n?ttdler,-N Y; S t? do; \N r .Nft'Utn?i:d Al?; SO feenuatl, Ky; Mn ABd a. i , a. A 0 Wimu and laUj, Midi, Mi>i whit\M ajohi.aon, J K Ao**, of N ? : ?'ol ? l-orb-a. Mrf; S H?-rry, do, K Ford, do; W Flii Texa*: 4 K H?wkiaa and faic iy, Mis*; K H Clifford. SC. BRO WN'S ^OTEL-J Ardinicer and ly M : ! H .-i a:.<l Ij, \ a; a Potter v>ira ?J A Sue f?> , O; JT ?<>a. Mil; J Al'sr?'i. a^a ly, Mta?; H buo i n , G H*TOd, C(N; h. do <j? err, N Y; M Var< .? >1... f ft a .d rtanjcht >r, Va; H I rwbue. La; JO Fi'z?atriek, >ld; \\ tft-ard. N Y; G Stit:i an i fat . Vi i A !> , L?, J 6u! Ij. La; L 8 l ennla, Pa; 1' Chvn'wrn and fam, I>x I) l.i tie. *>a J u \\ lute, 'C, VV ''a'liain.Va M .ViiN*oe?nd ?ti ,i t r, >? ; \V D J ioiioia, J %?Brlee, V t%: J P P *' J v\ Co en.a i, Te 'U, T W liil ?'<) a t Uv M Ha i>-da), A.a Mr. Ha*he*, l.a; J Ma t r. T?na; i K* , ?*C; R M-'roll* and iam, Mia P N\ >vf ?fiw Clutt er, .Yliaa Mncheh. Misa Fer*ua <l A a KiRKWOOn HOUSE.? ' Woodruff and ly, S A Smit i,!* M John on, J S H?rm?n. NV;C H # ley.KI; C Haaa, Vi; R H Purler, L aoi, M" J \Vi Tuoaer, I la: J Thornton, Va; A Mi !er, Ca; W .Nott. Va; J Z?eh*n??, Mia* 0 A ZaoaArie, La, A Cortnaan anu .y, Mum WASHINGTON HOUSE ?T P Moore. T?ta, p 0 isl.-vem, Jo; J C 1> , Mies, tY Duinm, l:i; l,>, Conn; T>r Uurt?r, La. OCEAN S TEA MERS' SAI LING DA YS ' Fbmm thk United Status. tinmen. for. Days. t An*. . -New York_. Liverpool Aug. IS v-.?w York. Hamburg .. Adj. IS I Gr??!k?"?n_.New York.. H*l f?x, Jto Au<. !? < >- i?o? Albert N-w Vo'k *>?'.w*j. .. Aug. !r? I K?.u?r'-" New York .Liverpool At>g 18 i A"** New York Havre Aug. 18 Europa PWw vor* Liverpool.. Auk. 23 A l'lat; j N?w York Havre ? ?Auc IS < Persia.?New YorL.. Liverpool....Au?.23 < From El-bop ? , A1'iat>: Pouth'pton Now York.. .Jn jS' I K4iui>argta Liverpool... New York ..Aus J'l-ntn Liverpool.. .(Sew York..Ac<. 7 i 1 he Havana mail etrarnera leav* New York on th* 2d. !^t l, nth, and ?Tth of ??on ruoath, and ' Lbwleatoi on the 4th ami IDth. I'tte California mail ?te<"n?ra ieave New York on ' tSe Hh and ? hi of ixki' month. rV'OTICE TO NORFOLK AND POTOMAC , iy TRAVKLKHS! J Pis by poist. poist lookout, old ? potxt, norfolk asd portsmouth. _ The commodious am nwift ?t?-amer BALTI- , MltfK, * -f a tnor nil j ii 1 ove , u *! and if fit ted with i.ew Smg j ?r? arul ir.achioerj,&?, will p hoet. on at/ova nuto MONDAY,the 9th of j l : , a. o ood'i uue durn g t:i? t.arhin* geaaon, nnak ii.i Mini w-ilw trip?. leaving washington MONDAY* aid T H f RSI) A VH ?? i - - turning wi'l Im>* .Norfolk on TUKt*l>AV9 and ' FRIDAYS at J o'o ??ok p in., rinKing ail ti e river landing* going and retnrriitg. Fart re >I%rtinr?'? $1.'" P pe'? Creek J?2 ?*? 1 Pandy Point. 1-4 H;acki*t?n->'*. 8 0" Uuat.UO" H!uff P> int.. J.n> l/lva'S'j<>i Point.. 15 Manilla ? t'&r.llon J.tO B"Td> Ho e . 2 TOl Pin<*y l''?iijt *.'*> Matthia- Point. . JtMj Pent Look oat... 8.'*' To Ol4 Potat aod Norfolk Ji. iao'ndiDg moaa. | lwa< tHp ttrtiti toft* ro?!t IM Point good ' forthe?~a?on #8 Children under ten ?ear?,and e-vanU.haifra e. Fref oo ored f?r?or.i Freight* J at u?uai ai*?%?d must be p-ep&id. Th* ?t amer Baltimore tx-ing the ta?te*t boat on the Poroiuao. wiii oonvey paaaeii2<-it to Point L?n k < ut in * boiira n.ftVir.g the trip down tin* \ f?eaut>fal rivar 'fajrluht. 1 Cihtitk-t? and farther tnfjnaatioaapply ou l>?'?rd to Capt CHaS. E. MiTOUK L. or at tae Coin jaiy'a " oe.oorner Penn avenue an; Sixth atra-t. > unier ma nation*. Ilolrl 1^"' ache* will ca.l at any p aoe in ttte oity lor ?*<c?ntera and b&g??<e. > ^ GEO. E. MATTINOLY. I General Tick*! Agmt t & * 3t Potomac Steumt-oat Coinpary. f\T I No. 6?S1 >><?TICK OF IriE KKMOVAL OF THE 1 AM' OKKW K FROM HCDBON TO FAU 8 ' OF t*T <*ROIa, IN THE STATE OK WI8CF^!*IN. Id acoordacce with the proriaiona of the aM oi Coi>?rt?e futit.M "?n%'t autlionaing ehangea in the location of land effio-e," improved .Va-olt3d. 1PSJ. it la hereb? d<o a ?J and mad- km wn that the ( (fij? Uf the MM <>1 land* at in the State of Wnooniin, will be removed t?> FaII.h or t Croix, in Mud St*t*, at at tarty a ptttod at i praituablt. Fi'tn?r notioe aa to the preoiae time of o'onns j the < ftoe at Hudion. preparatory to removal | and of it* opening 'or buaiueaaat Ka'l? of8r. Cto x. wii.' l>e givn try the Regi tor and Receiver lor the land diatriet r.iven nn<1?-try h .nd, at the City < f Washington, 1 tr,i? u irtieth clay of Jutie. A 1) , 1*0. 1 Bj order of the Preaident: 7 JOS. 8. W!I HON. i Commieaioner of the General Land Onioe. jjyitwQw MISCELLANEOUS. jj F F I C I A L . LLECTRIC TELEGRAPH BETWEEN THE ATLANTIC AND PACIFIC STATES. Tbka?cby Dkrartvfjsr. July 10,1W\ P BopotiAL* will be reoeived at thm Dfpvtm^nt i>n< iI tii# t*"th rtny of Sepuw'tcr next, pursuant to Ue following act of Coiigrcsa : As Act to facilitate coinmunioation b^tw^en the A t ar.uo ar.d Pacific S'.Mes by ?>ieotric teleiraph. P* ?' *nat'"l by tkf and Mouse cj Rtprefiratn 'S o' t*r L'nitui of Amtricc \n Con tr <i a:jt'bat the Secretary of tne 1'r-a* u j, uiiu-i uio uiiouvh>n vi in#* rrppi i#*nr oi inft UmW ?tat*s, is hereby aut*onied and directed to advertise for aeaied proposal*, to b.? re?eiv?d fWu'days aft-?r tne passage ot this ao?. (and the ful bltnent of whioh aha i ie s.ia-ai,tied by responnble parties, as in the ease of bids for mail 001 tract*,) for the uae by the <ir?v<?'-nmei t of a line or Iiiini of maxnetio teie<r*ph, to beoonstrueted with in 1.wo year* from the thirty&rat day of July, eight eri hundred and aixty, from som ? point or p linta on the west line o| the Statu of Missouri by a?.y roire or routes whion the said a> utraator* ma> sflr-ot toouneoting at such point or poi t? by with tue cities of Washington, N 'w Orleans. N- ?r York. Charleston, Philadelphia. Host >n.aid other cities in tne Atlamic. Southe'n. and YVest-rn Stales ) to the city of San Francisco, in the Sti.te ol California, for & period of ten yesra. and shu 1 a?ard the oootrart to the lowest responsible birder or bidders, provided tuoh proffer does nut ret lire a larger amount pjr jea from the United *'?.t<-? than fort* thousand dollars, and permission s hereby grafted to th? said part e? to whom eruu 001. tract may be awards 1. or a inajoritt of t , ?u<: their assigns. to use until tlin end of the **nf t>r n, such utoocupied puKio lands of ti;o L nited ^Uttasux may be neoesaarr for the ngnt of way anl for the purpose of <<Ktah!i*hin( stations lor re| iirs along said line, not rxoeeding at mm station one quarter eeetinn of aml.auob atations noi to rx e<nl one in fifteen unit's on ivn average of the *r '?le sistanoe, un!e?s >aid lands fhall be required by the Government of the United S*ta?-?s for rail road or other purpose.:, and provided th-t no riylit t'i pre ompt any oi said ianda und' r the iaw? of The Uiiiet States shall inure to smJ co npany, their Ag nts or s-rvar;t?, or to any other p?r*on or per a whatsoever: frovidtd. Thai nr> sucn oor. traot sha'l be trade until the raid 'uie snail h"? in aj ia; oparation aud pa^nr-nts thereun<t?r shall cause whenever the oont actors a to oomplt with t i<i contract; that the Government hel I, at ail times r>* ?; til ?<i to priority in the use of tne line or lines, ani shai. hav? the privilege. wh.<n a.ithor ze?l l>y a'v, f connect ng tai l liu?orlr#a by telegraph with ai ? military pmitioftlie L'niied to use trie s? nr for Gover m 'lit purport: Afl fro vul*d also, 1'hat said nue or lines, except auon n nil y he constructed by th? Government 10 connect av 1 ine or lines -*ith tne inihtarv p<>8ls ot tii ? UliiteU States, shall Ue open to tne use of ail Oiti x * i? of the I'nited Sates ouriug the term of slid o? it act, on payment of the regular diaries !or transmission of dupat^he^ And yrovtded. *l>o, T1 \t men oharges shai. nifl oxooed tnre* dollars foi aMnr.e dispatch oi ten words, with the usual proportionate deductions upon dMpatciies of g'oater )e:.gth, provided that n*tb<ng her-in onnLv iiotl ana. oo for upon the paid parties anr ex vuaive right to construct a telegiai'h to tlie Paji fic.orfie ar the Government of the t'n;t?d t?t*tea |ri>n# ciantinc. from time to liir? unvlir i" ?.> eh;t*s and privileges to other parties ;?o. i. An-l be it further rnaeft. That the said oortraotors, or their assign-, shall ha^e the right to noastru^t and maintain, through ar.j of the Ter ritorie? ofthe United States, a branch line. t.o as to o nn-'Ct their aid line or lines with Oregon; and hilt tne? shah have the permanent right of way f ir *aiii line o. lines, uuder, or over, any tinapproP' it ni public land* and waters in the aaid fern to." es by any route or routes winch the said con trtctor* may sei'ct with th?- Iree use during the sa d term ot such lands, as may be neces-arr for th'* purpose of establishing ?latlons for repairs aloug said line or lines, not exceeding, at any static a. one quarter section of land, suon stations not to i-xceed one in filteen mi es on an average of the whole diFtane?; but shou'd any "f said quarter Aei-tinns be deemed essential by the Government >r any oompany aetiug under itn autii >r 11 y, for .i road pu p the ?aid ooifiactors shail reu.n'.nsh theoocupan y ot <> much as may be nec ?*?ary f?r the railroad, reouivi < an rnual amount of an I for lik* us- in .is st?a . r-ec S An<l h* n furin?' mart'-l. That if, in an> yevr during the oootmuanoe ot tt.eanid oontract. tin* KnainAM f - i : .. ? -?-t k m (/?? !' rn U'iiio >'! kllD lillCMll }W t>e'>re m^atioiM tiy ?uuii uuii: . vjtor.*, or thai' ijai!. a! tii* oritur' r* rnt? of chf.r<i\s <>r pr;vae the prioo oontrao'-d to t>e paid at af 'eea'.d. the S'oretAry of the Treasury shall, upon said account* bemr duly authenti cft'.ad, cert'fy the amount of au>jh r>x est to C. u r ??: FtovU'I. That 'he iiho of the line lu Riven a* any tune, f of oc*t. to tne Coant snriey, the n itimoi iai. lnMitution, a;.<i the N vtiona' Ob?er vatory, for scientiho purpo?e*: A^dprntdti furiktr, 1 nat me>*at e? reoe.vt'd from any mdinitnv, company, or oorporafon, or from an* t?ie<rapi ilk. e oonnrotln* * ith 'his iine al Either oI l's t-riaiui. snail bo impartial y tiaiimnitied in th* order of ti?ir reception, rxr?eptir,? that 'he despatohe* of the Government ?h?ll have priority: And pro fpriMT. That Con*re>i? *t a!' at any time ha .e tne richt to alter or amend tms aot. Approveu June iti, ISt?". The lc>vr '>?t otfer for tt.?u?eof euoli telegraph f r the public service, wili l--? acct ptod, provided tr>^ Mr1 ft. '.li >-Ui ,i: i fi. ?r *. <? * n ? ? ? ** * - k - ... - ... - a f ' co I I iUC f , . i>e fully ??*t torth Knit ?!ipu!atet in til" propo?ala, which mntt t?j accompanied by a Bjara'it"*, in ooiif irmili- with ta^iTld B?*.ti"n of til" ri.ct I July . I-"*". itf regard to mivi>, to tii? fffjctthat th? in i or ti.'.e* sia'l b-? "oinp et<*l vitiiui lh?- time pre orif*^, and that tli? guaranto' thall then mi1^ mt) ohtii>ti<)ii l? th? llaiMSlit lor :i* oer iuria?ice of the service for t> e tiovernmen', hi ;e- 1 ttot. at t:ie ratesoirurt-il in the p'"po?a!a. ~ J oh *uara:.t:?? .liny on in tin* form: " I'ne u, detained rraidiiu ht , in tn" State f , undertake an.) promise tiiati' th-Secre 'ar> of the Trta^ory *ha acoept th" within pro p-t\r, under ttie afltof Jure 16, IHfio. the lm? or in'i of ma^neti j teif urajih ?hvi he oi.inpi?te<! ard put into (ipti'^'mi 011 or t.cfo.e th-* time ?tat?d iu ti.e a^'.aud that w? will then ei-?ouU? witn the "aitie* miiir.ic tf e 'vithiii propnfH.H an oblira tio . to !!?.? I ii.t?d S'a'..-**. if; d'.i ? f >rm, r.n cure .e* for t?>e performance of the aervioe, a~eordin* 'it the trrma ana condition* contained . u suoh pro po?als " Iiatfd at . I hi? a^iove nuarante-'muit M acioinpaule-l with tti* certificate of a L'nited Status di triot attorn*. >r dia'riet jndce. p-aiia* that h - is acquainted with ail of the p' r?on8 n* the guarantee, and kmi them to he rn*r. ol wutftoieat property to make go '1 tjeabove guarante?. id piwp niiu *u!? ani e must oo ' n n up ^a<l rtir?v tMl *o "tti* Si ort-ta t of tji? Trfasu'j \Vi?h>B(ton, I) G ftuii ci:<li>-e;o;i "Proposal* for t* ffr*ph." HOWKU, CM)BH, jv II ^av.'fti.W AS. {Vyjreta-rj of ?ne Tccn^iiry pR0P08AL9 FOR SKALING WAX. PO?T OmcK Drpartmsnt, JB!J 2t, U?QPkai.kd : * posals wnl ><o r?-?> i e<l at this l)< pai 'ment ui.tu ihe3-i <tay f *-pt*rnf ?*r n?;xt, at 12 u'oi"0?. noun, for fiirnmntnc :-<>? Wax, for ti.e ust of th? t'ost Offices in the Un.t-<l Statae. f.-o n :lie thar. t;ie coutraci ttieref r .f a!i !*s execut":*! to !.tJ? 3 st day of L?eoenit>er. i:?'A. Th 1 Wax to lw J*iiii'fr"U, {' ? of txp?r.h?, at tli- ti ?:i aKtuoiufl of th:1 lJ' ?t Off; Oepi tiimnt, at IVr.shiQjct ,n, L> C., N<"w Yo-k r:tv and CinniEnati, Ohio. I n. -?. ..... ..... -.< ? m - I ii( ?\ \< <f uauill J " 1 ?? rX Jk. J T" lj I I CIS /VI (Vl"y n ag?-noj >r*r r la tpfoifiod b?low. Oi^TETrT No. 1.? H'rtJhi*t'on, P. C. |.irt poun.ia oi Scarlet W hi, of riwhI quality , Tor ordinar* u?*e. I>iaTX!CT No 2.?At ,V?rr York trig. so< (nun ? >-f frariei S?&Iiijs V% ax, crime aa for il.atuct .No. 1 4 UiSTlicr No S.~*t C imonrmi, Ohio, 4<i jjiiuiiOb of l?'-ariet Ss&libg \\ hx, nan.n a? for iia:riot .No 1 Tli' o -ntract wil! boawaHed to f'e lovatam) l e t !er, the beat bid to be iltttnr ir.?"d afl i a curofu minatior. for the purpoee of a^arta'tnn;; vr ioh i)id wi I, in Ha praoUca; roauita, b* moat adT<tnta lor aa t:> tna l>-[>artinei>?. ii the Dlatricia ahucid be r?-oc?trr.ct(>d, or in3ie''a'?i in nuipior, ?h* Healing Wax anah be rteivsrn ar hocIi p a?e or p.a"** a1 t*ia I'oatma ter ?r*l aha! <tefi?ra e, at pro rati prio*a fta nol^a of the r-ee.!in;: \\ ax rpquirfd to b* furriianel can b? ?eeu at. ?r proeurrd frcm, either oi lae above named atTiriea. K?rh bidder rouat furr.inh, with his p'op^sala, ev idei < ? i f hit a!>i'ltjr to c inply wit-i h;a fclJ. Two hufhoi*nt aeouritied will be required to a jnr tract. Fa; ur*a to furnun the s** iur vi n cont.*a-?te<l for promptl), or furniahmc an article iufetf>at < ontraotod for, will i>? o n 'lderfd auflijie t oaua? for the f<irf*i:ore of th* oontraot. H-d* Lot made in annonlanA? with th?.? - rill rot bs onaiderwi Proyoga'p must be irarlcH. on the outside of the ?nvi!"?p*. "Kropo'ata lor K*alin* Wax," ami the <*?t r ooitaunc* tnern addressed to the Fir?t AalUKiit I' >atruaater L?t>_e;al, \\aahinzton, D C. J. HOLT. jy W Hw4w,Th P.-.atmMter General. Rsotick KGl'LAR CTEAM PACKF.T LINK BE ' K?N BALTIMORE AND k kV 1 N8TO N.-Leave Coin- F ner > at. wha*f, Baltimore, aa fol ^~ owh: The St NicboL a every WEDN K8DA Y, at 8 p. n. Columbia, every HATU R D A Y, lit 6 p. in Leav* K iley'a Wharf, at the fo?t of 11th atreet >Vathing ton, aa follow* : Colombia, every WEDNESDAY MORNING, it 6 N;choi.m, every SATURDAY, at 6 a. m. F:>r freight, *0., apply to THOS. W. HI LEY, A*ert, Riiey'a Wharf,at Lhefnot of mar 18 TftTSin 11th at. waalilnctna PBORGE H SLCHT \ Cd.'S ll SUPERIOR SEWING MACHINES. FVf il rrwmiwn atrttrdfd at 19 our nf Stati and County fair*. The cheapest immI l> Sown* Maoliino* eror mr?nlH<l are universally a !mitt?.1 to |.? those inauuft.-lur<-i! I>> O'oriB B S!?>at t. Co..Philadelphia. El iptic^fcnd Shuttle Machines $5? to Fane* Eilipue, Walnut or i a-<o?l. U'J SW>. Toilet C??eii, Walnut or Mahogany, $7SainJ f&V Tl>??e Mac in ?* ar? of ?up? rior wotkrnanthip knH rui're olal.ornte fini-h ari i J3 per oe-t cheap"' r*?- an? other S- wh k Mm Ilia* ma uBMttnred in lie Uniteil Mate*, (''all nmt ihern at MAXIVFI.I. ?* Kane* tore, 3i2i? I'a. av?nue. jy XS-eo6t J THU.VA8 MaXWF.I.L, Ajent. IA.COH REED, 9 MaI?C?ACTTT*IT* Of MILITARY CLOTH I Ft , fWl?THKAftT Co*!?KK SECOND AMP SF.iCei 8t?., PHILADELPHIA. M IIITA KV CLOTH* FO RJSA lb. la?*_fm * YELLOW PINE LUMBER. i\|(L Deacriptioua of the aKove Lumbar, foi >ui ling purpojrt*, embraoiaeSOl' ARE. HEWN riMtfpfc BFAMS. JOIST PLANK. WILE IiiaR D^.aiil FLOORING (dr???e<l or undre?aed) u ii ?Ded oi'?o< from the southern mill* by JOY * M KTCALF, 70 Smith's Wharf d*S Sm P"?t* ?t.. M? limnro. Md Daily receiving f'*?h ami?wi?et, iu G-mhen paokicer. Al?>, Ohio Hotter, at loji and 12,'s cent* * ELLICOtT A HEWE9, jj ? 50 Exchange F.aoe, Baltimore. TBAVELEKS' DIRECTORY. (V CAPON SPRINGS*. l'EW and improved route viath.1 Minimal liap Rai! Itoftil and the S'tra.abmf Mid '"upon 'I'urnptlo.MM on i 16 mile*of-Uuin* >v?>'*?- * ?*-^rTW* a ootnior table and s-afe road. L^ave Alerandri* in tho t?r*n?? arid Alexandria Tram at 7.18 a. rn., take the Ma aee-.K onr? at the janoUon, arrive at Capon l>y 5 o'clock p. m h are from Alexandria to Capi>n From Washington to * n? For infnrma^on enquire at th? Rail ?o-ti<?t of Sixth at. and Pv *T.,'n Washington. *nd Rt th-* Tic?*t Office on Union at, Alexandria, T*. jy l3-dt2WhAm nALTlMOH K AND OHIO R A11 < K O A i>. WASHINGTON HKASCH. fig UM HP m Oh a.nijk ow Hours. 0.N AND AFTKR WKDN WJDAV, June UU?, WVv?, train* will run as follow*: 1.t'i'.d Washington at C 2" and 7.v> a. m. L?*ava Washington at 3J0 and 5..V p. in. On t*un>1aj at 3 2" p. in. Leave Baltimore at 4.25 and e * a. in. L.?ave l: ctinmrf at S.l&and 4.2H p. is. (?n ??uR<tay at 4 25 a. in. Pa?4?ngers for the r.a-t will take tram* at 6^ an 1 7.4" a. m and 3 2" p m. For the West at 7 4" a. m. and 8.8" p. m. For Annapoiia at 7.4^ a m and 3.20 p. tn. For Norfolk a' 7 4" a. Hi. On Saturday evening the 3.20 p. m. tram foen to Pat!vioiphi* only. iw 1.1-1 T H. PARSONS, Ak?r.t. NEW ORLEANS I.TNT THLFIBJB DAYS WITH THR CHOICE OF THREE ROUTES. ALl. RAIL ROUTE, Via /A_ * ' " - ijrange ana Alexandria liailroad TO LYNCHBl'RG: Virginia and Tennessee, East 'I enn'tsee and Virginia, East Tennessee ana Georgia, Nashville and Chattanooga, Memphis and Charleston, Mississippi Central, New Orleans and JacMson, TO NEW ORLEANS! MEMPHIS ROUTE: Memphis Ij R a'I, thence bv Fust o.aos rackets to Now Orleans, MONTGOMERY AND MOBILE ROUTE: Montgomery by Rail, thenos to Mobil* by First class Paoketa. Mobile to New Wriaaus by Lake Steamers TWO DAILY TRAlNR-S*n*r>ATP I*rLri>?p. Leave W ashington at 6 a m and 6 p m. The Steamer ti KOHfi K P All F. h?r ?k?ri foot of Seventh street at SAg * m. at;d 6,^ p m. and o?>uneet> at Alexandria with the Or&ageand Alex anuria Trams r>r th? S rithwe-t. Offioe?penn?nvania avonue, corner of Sixth et. 3AGGAGK CHECKED TnP.OrfiH TO 5RW OR'^RAHB Lynch'-ur* $7 V Memphis .... 931 on Bristol Atlai.ta...^ &'m KuoxvIiIa 500i! Maoon ?h f?i Chattanooca .240" roinrntms 31 V Da I ton ....... J*'*1 Montgomery Si t*> Hur.tsvi .'/I i*i ) va MeinDhis.<2 y iraurf J unction 30 <?|N. O.J- via u. J n'nc *1 V? Nashville ..25 fi"i \ via Mobile.. 45 on THIS ROUTE IS ENTIRELY OY RAIL 'J00 MILES 8HORTKH ,'? (! *24 HOURSLK9? IN TIME thaa any other the l.ynchburr Extension being now oorupleted, as al?> the Mississippi Centra'. making it the Q U1CK FST A \1> MOS T PI. t' AS A VT HO VTF. FOR SOUTHERN TKAVEi.KhS ' It is pruvidcxi with Firat Oiftss !*.eeprng Cers! ( To New Orie&n* 7H Honrs. tiwi-' M?mph.s 54 tlo. 1 Mnri^.nnAn <lo. \ do. fr^Tha U.8. MAIL An<l ADAMS' EXPRESS rue i&ken over this New Lino. Tirkets onn t>e obtains! at the ?>>uth Western Oliice, corner of Sixth street and 1'eunsjivariia arenu", to tne foLowin* points: L.tnc^bnri, Brmtof, KnoxviHe. At anta, Cnatianoora. Euntisville, Gram! Junotion, M toon, N&nhvilie. Dalton. Columbus, I Montgomery, Mobile, Memphis, and NEW ORLEANS. Jf7" THROUGH TICKETS TO THE VARIOUS VIRitIXIA SPRINGS. iL^Mmnibuspp * '.<1 i^r^ce Wstonj leave tho oflic# at 6 & m. jA.MKS A F.VAN8, TiokMAwnt, m%23-tr Corner Sixth Pa. %t. IMIE STEAMER J*?. GUY Will r?mnne her tripn on TUESDAY, 2l?t of -it E^jrnnrj, 18W. Wii j->^vo WASH C^*' INGTON over* TUESDAY FRI DA Y, ?t 6 o o!ook a. m.,*nd AUEXANDRIA it hvf pustfi o'c!<iok, lor CURRlOMAN the ictnrmMi&ti-L&P'linx;. Oo her returu trips, the will lev/c CUKRiOMAN every WEDNESDAY w;d SATURDAY. at 5 o'olooi n. m. LUCIAN S. i'AGE, Proprietor. NATH'L BOUSH. Ac't. AlmAudria. f??t PFOR NEW YORK. A3SAGK, INCLUDING MKALS AMD STATEROOM. ?7 *0. The New York ata Vlrnuia S>crew Steaoirhlf ?,~t? m,.A -,1 .. -? 1 -- " *> ?n* u?w a.?'i uick?l,v '."TVIi JUID ^^'24^ MOUNT VER NON, Capt.T. ^nUi, mil leave the Coirpany's Depct, Wet t*rn Wharves, at ll?o'oloclt a. in every W KDNESJJAV, and the Company's Deput. at A ?xandria, &t 3 o'olock p. m. same day. Passengers from Wruibiugton and Georgetowx can t&ko the coaches ooncecung -with Alexandria *uair boats or railroad, wliicli leave the oorner ol Tth sti'*et and Fa. aveune hourly, or thoy oan !eavs ontho steamor from the Western Wharves at 11 'ciook a. m. rooms can be engaged on applioation u M.?*srs. Morgar A Ktinehart, Westoni Wharves Freight win Uo reoairod up to the boors of depar are. lnscrarce will be eff'ssted on a!: goods bj tuTsiifce at the ofloe c{ the Company at X per oent | 2 ViU lUIUi Tus w~ominodi.tir>r? for p*?reac*r? by thie ltu? are ir. every r?8r<?ci. firat c ase, and every of'ori wil i.e made to render t.'.ia ceir.muciyation with New York a>4 arraoableand fcoaltkfv one. Fcr frc:tht or p?i8ise a?ply to FOWLE A CO., Atec^s, Alexandria. II. B. CflOM W KLL * CO.. wJ IT West ?t., corner Albany, New York. DENTISTRY. Di>ental notice. II. M)OMIS H&k olon<*d his offioe for the unaan i will ??o t, u*ual, durjnx the ?'jm rue' inontln ; will r?* nrw piiu-tice *!>out tlie lnt of Ootcber, of wnich further notice will Imj given. _jy 10-tf Ddk> rri< *. K. HlLi.8. after a pra'tioa'test t>f two year? feels that lie w,n w:tr. roafide xe jeoora moi d the Cheop.astie Process for in?<*rtin artificial teoth It f!?6 the advaritA<es < sireai^ii, i-eauty, oieaulinens. and efce&pnecg. Fn. up?or *>ta laeeited for 3-i. Parltai m froforton. Office .106 Pa. aveane. ee 7 I? IRE, F I K B. * P /I T <1 J?f A r* TU A V T? D i -/ t v/ it i a ? ?? /i i on. I Km tili en;a*ed i n the PLC M B1NG aud '?A8 FITTING BUSINESS at my old Hand in Phuhar(Tionio Hall. Tus advantage of hav:nt a plentiful upply of water tm readily ob*erv?-d at the fireo t-itUtrdajr. ai? I am veil ?ati'fi?d I iihoold have b?-*n birned out but lor the bountiful supply upoi my p enii*<?* and th't of ray neighbor* A1! order* for the introduction of Water and Ga* will lie prompt attemied to. Term* a? reason* baa* at, j plumber in the oitr. Jv 3 C. PNVnKK \\ NKW GOO IB. *? K Hpit? jnit re<>?Mved a arge rtook of Dleaohed an<1 Brown C< ?TTO!*8#f the hu?t mall'-* Ai*?, SHEKTlNGS, TABLE LINENS, NAPKINS. I'OWKLINGf*. IRISH LINENS, ?ar * I A^NS, from 8 ?entn to II>4 : Ht>8IF.K%, G i.OV KH. GAUNTLKTTS, WHITE. R ED, BLUE a&d GREY FLANNEL* in vaiety. We have a few rich ORGANDY ROBES on h nii winch we have marked Ht* than o n. j, 3<) TiVI 11y 1. Ui'Tnni jnw a t ? w >iu i n inv;.1 {?"* K A N C I S H A K P E R, HATING orun A FAMILY GROCERY ASI) FKED STORE, ('emir of iV?tc York nvnue ami T**'K ttrett, H?*nj>ectfullj solicit* the pabrou&ge of thotc who ma? bo in WBi?t of an> artieff in the a:<ov>- line II10 endeavors ?hall bo to p!<*a?"t and b) a strict attent.on to ttio wants of tlio public, he nope* lament a K^are of their patronage. Him took consists of ever* article usually to I# found in a class Family Urooery and F*?d rttnr?v _ ma 17-tf "VI |? WILLIAM BRADLEY BKGS* TO inforin tht inblioMil hit friml* th*t k* has on hand * lar?e *to<!k of Marble Mantel* %<jnile a new *t>! >. A??<? Monument HeM Stonea. Table Tnpn Ac., which he has to dispose t?f at prices to Lit t(t<* times. Also, Urown Storm constantly k?pt on hanJ. Plumbtra' work proi.iptiv attended to. mn22-3ineo Pa. av., b?t. Ulh and l'.tth kW. H OCTETTE** 9 rOMACU BITTERS, Mrs \Yiii?!ow'? Soothm* y'lr >p. Liquid Ken r.*<t, fpa!<iinj'? Glue, Mustang i miiuent.^H Atr*'fc MndioinM, Hruck's I'anao a. An , wi'.ti a frush supp y of purt> Medicine*. at MOORE'S \Vcat End Dra| ?U?r?. 113 Pa avenue, south side JJ37" Freeh Blue Liok and Con* ess Wa'.er as shove Al*o, improved Fruit and Vegetable Jars. jt n tw MAGNOLIA HAMS! MA9NOI.IA "AMS!1. We have iu?t revived another ?u?plv of our N Ml No LI A HAMS, which ha?e ?i*en such ?atsfaction for several years f.\?t We guarantee every one to be of the hsst qua i|?; KING A B<'RCHELL, jy 2H Corner fifteenth ?t. and Vermont av. ' M1KFK BEAUTIFUL UPRIGHT OR ?OTI T.\GE PIANOS for rei.t hy the week or month. JOHN F El.I IS, <tn?i Ha. v?n?f, bet nth and loth s's Chickernn A Sons' Piano- at ?.U nnpeg j* 26_ Maple bugar. MAPLE 'VGAR. A r?n niM l?? ofMiPIV ?l ? ? ? . .# v. ^rvvrz\i\, Jim ro | oaire'l. 1 ]J an KIMS & BURCHELLm MEDICINES. SEE WHAT AVER*? j*AR?APAKlLLA POKS* H>R DEKAXUEMEST OF THE LITER. 8tott'? C*<>?nsa, * T?l!?d? u Co., A.ft , Au< ?. ?.< Pr. J. C. iti'T. LftPrll, ,V?s,-(?ir : 1 ta*e mj peu to t?! Ti.'U whftt jou- ART L.A ftiif. CATH \ KTIC Yl !,L> hive dore for n>e. J had beet: ftffi d with Liver Comp aint f>>r nx inti, durine which I was never wpl'.and inicfiot tne time v?ry sjok. ,\|t l,i??r ?m sore to tie t<>ucb, and. th* doctors *aid. was o"n>.'i?Ufd. I suffered Irom severe oostiveness *rd ?Hftrrn?*ft a.teruaf |* Mj ikn vm o amm ai d nthr&.thr : mi e?es and kin often yellow, Ooc??.ona!;* I n-Kl ft vi ra-jious appetite^ Irot generally none at all A dretdfu sec -in on rr t *<? r s^.i, witr a.,*a- r an-i a g <>omy aonaatmn of'?ioknea* Ml ovf, kept me in anruieh. Y?n can- >t know how mco'i I ??lf fert-d from an inde?orit*M" 1? 'iio| ol diet rem Tr>e long coutiii"a?-o? of th:? condition, with' ut relief, ha", worn mo out ao 'ha* I never expected to be better; bat reading, in the Christian Advocate. of your i'arafvpaniia, I commence*; taking it, with oooaaionai amall <<o?oa of toor Pil ?. to regulate the bowvta aa you direct had m->re effect tipi.u my i)i*order than I cuppoaed anything o uJd hare. 1 regaineo mj health rapidly, ana n< w. after eleven wefkn, entoy a? fi>?d rpalth and a:iength a? an? other man May the "Dupenaer of all good" shower bleaainga on you Jnn\ W.Stott. Prepared by Dr. J. C. AVER & CO.. Lowell, Mas*. jj IS-*oIbi TT. O. n. cto T. . IinVNEWELI/S UNIVERSAL COUGH REMEDY, For all Throat and Lung Complaints, from Common Co tie fa to Actual Consumption. HUNNEWEI .I.'S JUSTL.V CKLKURATED TOiiU .aJNODTOB, The Natural and Sure Remedy for all Nervous ComplattitSy From Noura!*ia throned a ! cases where Opium wai ever used to that of D'virinm rreirets, and tfle omini'a chief cause o} I. urate I.OS8 OF SLEEP. The Tola Anodyne, though oonUuomn n?-t a par tie,e of Opium, produoes ail the requirements of, acd may ha u.vxi m all sai?8 wherever Opium va* used without pro'noitig anything but Cur^.&nd Imvidk the- patient in a perfectly natural s ate. The Lniversa.1 Cough Re mealy, <freed from all th* common nh<ent:oi. . .f * 11110 h HttidKCiAi vhmh pr 'duo* t!ati6f& or prostration,i may h? oonsidrred the o'tminon enemy to fel Throat and Luui Ooinp.fui.U. and used with perfect impunity Askinc &>. 10 court from proDriftcs or friend* the most severe investigation <>rhotn reading of onr pamphlets to he found with a!i <l -a era. and mi-re p>rtml*rly to firthM* rait wf u.os- wt o oari l>e depended upon, we wait in oouAdenoe ti>* decisions of Patients and Phvsieians. "Prices within reach of a 1 " G^NERAl. A.iRSTS. J. W. Hr!t5*wKLL ft Co., 7 and * Cr mmem?l \\ harf, Boston, Qbo. Htsxewei l, 14i Water *t., New York, I nder the special supervision of J? ?H)k> L. HUNNF.WKL,UChemist and Pha m?c?utis>. Boston, Mass . whose sisnaturn o?ver* the eo ks of the xenuine oniy.andto whom adJress all enmmunioatioai. Soid bj all respectable dealers evervwiiere, and all the Driugisu in WiMhunton and Georgetown. inar .8-en.r Helmbold's Genuine Preparation. ? HIGHLY CONCENTRATED" COMPOUND FLUID EXTRACT BUCI1U. A Positive and Specific Remedy For 1> ?a*ei, or the BLADDER. KIDNEYS, GRAVEL, and DROPSICAL SWELLINGS. TL .. *f ? . : * e A - I :i ? ?i II ; >? > ? ?;> f .w*r ?>I I?l*i**"lon i > %nd rxcit * th? AH-'OK HI- NTS into I,?a'th? action, by whioH ttip WA IKR^ OK CAl.CKROL'8 d?r>osi'i"t)?. acdah l.NN aTI'K Ai F.N'LARliK MKNT3 nr? reiiu ??d,aH veil ?? FAIN and JNFI.A M M A TIO\ R' d?i? eot*l f.>r MEX, WuMEX. OR CHILDBM V. HKI,MBOLD'S KXTRA' T RICH!'. For W*aicn<??p<?i Ariainz from Kxc*?*^s, lla:>.u ?>l IhrAipabon, i.nriy iadmcr<tion or At u?e, Att-ndd ikf /choiring Synptorn* lB']!bp< *iti'>u to Kxertion, Lokb if Pnww, Memory, Diifiouty of l!u*t tag, Wp?,k .Verves, Trembling, Rurror of I>i?f>a?jp, Wakeful new, Dimrwm of Vision. Pair, in t!i? Bark, I'm* en-al S.a'tt.vun rs of th? Mu*o?i nr Hot Hands, F!u*liir.t of the Body, Orjaeea ?>f th*> Skin. Krtiptiona on tlio Faoc. FALL11) COUNT KN ANCK. Thru* symptoms, if ailowH to k" ?n? **hioh tiii m^lioin? rfitiovi, ?oon f.^i iw* IMPOTEXCY. FATUITY, EPILEPTIC FITS, | l> l?SROI WHKB THK FaTI KIT M At I.X I'TRK Wiiu can *av ttisttiir?y are not fr qu<*utij f-licwed by thou DIRKFUL, 1MSEASKS " "INSANITY AND CONSUMPTION. Many are *T?r? of tn? nayse of th?ir sutTering, BUT XOXF WILL COXPESS. THF. RKCORDSOF THf. INSAN h ASYLL'MB And the Mtlantholy Deaths by Contumption B?ar ?vajpl- witneta to tbe rruth of tii? assertion. THK CONST1TI Tl<?\ ('NCK AFFKCTF.D WITH ORGANIC WKARNKSS r? : *i : j i - ? - - - - n.?-?(uir? r> wie aiu i>i iif'jiciil" v<i Pirnngmen Ar.<l Irvig'Ttitw liw "?v8tom. Which Kkl*bold'8 EXTRACT BUCHU inrmria blvdc*. A TRIAL WILL COHVW K THE MOST SKEPTICAL. FEM AI .ES-FE MAI. Eft?FEM AI E8. OLD OR YOl'ytt, SIKGLF. M A H H I ( U, ON n>XTE$pLATiy* MAUHIAOE. LN MANY AFFECTIONS t-Ei.'LLtAR TO FhMAi.bti, lh? extract Burhu i* ui:*-q bj at.y oth?r remedy, us in Chlorosis or Retention lrr?iru.arlty, Painfulnnsa, ?>r Suppression of Cue tornary Kv&cuatior.s, Ulcerated or Scirrr.<>u< state oftn* Uterus, I.cucorrhcea or Whites, Sterilhty, and for a ! complaints incident to the s x whMher arising from Indiscretion, Hat its of Dissipation, or in tn" DECLINE OR. CHANUB OP LIFE. SEK SYMPTOMS ABOVE no family shouud hk without it ToJr no mori Balsam. Mercury, or M?ri'-n< Htdxcttu f?r vn p.infant and l>am trrout ! HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BWCHU OVERS -4 8KCBKT DISEASES f ? st II a*m - 1 ;u |(W VU(/II W U? . IX I i I VI t ? i P?UIPj Little or uocUUifcein D:?t; No lnoo.iveuience; And no ErpofifTt. It c?uk<?s & frM'ient deair? & i *ives utrenjrth to Urinate, thereby Removing Obstrvetiona, Preventing and curio* Strioturr* of the Urethra. Allaying jf'&maud InfKmrr.ation, m> frequent 'D the ciars '?r di(i?'as-'!? ar.'l xp-'llinc aU fouonovt'il. and worn out Matter. THousAyns upoy thousaxds WHO 1UVK BS.KH THE VTOTIM8 ?>F ijriCH, ar.ct who hav? pai<J k art.Of s to l>? cured in a ?h?rt tir'i*. have found tli-r were deoeived. and that the ' POISON" ha?. bjr trie u?e of"r?w??fCL a? teisobnts," been driest i?p in the (vstem, to brer.k OMt in an a**ravat?*1 form, and r krhaps after marriage. Cee Mklmbold'* Fxtract BrcHrfor a, affection* auH nire%Ke? <>f ?h* I KINAKV ORGANS. Whether exii'ir.e in MA'KOR FRM&LR. From whatever oau'o orifiii.a'iire and no matter of HOW LONG STANDING Diseases oftheae orcan* r'uuir~ the aM r.t a V'ttrefi HKLMH* 'LP'S KXTRACT BlU HI IS 'I HK fiR FAT 1X11 RKTIC. Ana is certain'? have the rWtred otf-: ti: a f??s*wp.i F<>K WHICH IT IS RRCOVMKNUED. Evtrfiwu ol tk' moti rtliabh ami twvktitle ehtrUr will aoo'intpnnT thi CERTIFICATE** .ip CUR KB. From 8 to 30 y?ar*' iui/Umt, With Nave? Knows to tCiENCE AND FA M E. Price 81 00 per bottle, or tlx f?r HA 00. Delivered to an; Addr**s, securely packed fro observation. DfcACBIBS PtMFTOMS IH ALL CoMOTKlC *TIONS Curst (innranteed : Advice Gratis!! affidavit. Personal)? appeared before me. An Alderman theoitjr of Ft>! adelphia.H.T. IIilvbold.wIio Heine duly sworn, doth Bay. his prrpara'ioue eo.tain n? narcotic, no mercury. or o'n<*r li.iarious drugs, but art? purely v potable. H. T. HELMBOLD. Sworn aud subscribed before me, tins 3d day of November. 18M WM. P. IIIBKKRD, AirUmian. Ninth street, above Race, I'hila. Address letters for information in confidence to H T HELM HOLD, CWisU Depot, 104 g-)u?h T^ti' ?t, bet. Cnesnut. Phi a. btWARfc oW^lilVTKBPKITa AN t) UN l'RiScii*Ltrn" DKA K*RH. Who ?nd?&vor to diapone or thkib own" a?d ' othkr" article# os the bkpcta.tioh attassbl bt ileimbold'a Benuine Preparation#, " " Eitraot Nucha, " " Bara&parilla. * " Improved Koae Waaru Hold hy H. B. WilTl, 4'J8 Seventh atreet. and 8. C Forj>, Jk , coruh. Pona. avenue and Eleventh "'"/vh ALL DRUGGISTS EVERYWHERE. A?K FOR HELM HOLD'S. TAlE NO I'THER. Cut out the advorti?e>?>?nt and eend tor It a ?. * . twn , . . *. - * ' '* n. * v a v ynu uuruBi i iu.i tAI'DSIJKK ap4 eolv Q?Q T. POTENTINI, *3 I IMFORTMt CW 6*VJIJ Pa. Av*., FORK I ON FRUIT8, Pa. Ave., .H-4-11 iknt. OONFIvCTIONK WiU?rir,k?4L PATE*. PRESERVES, GONDlMENTS.fcaU#H le^ve to oali the attention of laa friends an* the oubiio nenorally to hia Now Store, under WUiar<f* H'>te|, just opened, in oonbexioc with hit o!d establishment, where he wLl bo ii&ppr to re eetve a.r, > ordara for euperiorCoufeotiona of hie uw? importation. Alao, ml order* for Dinners, Suppers, Ball a, and Private Parties, whioli will Im aftrred up in hie inimitable atyle, with tbe saiua promptnea* and die aatnh whtnb h? hue hitherto kKowd. oe a DUPO NT'S GUNPOWDER,F'ir *ale at manulaoturern prieea, by JOHN J. BOG I E. GaoRaitTowt. D. C? Sole Agency for Ikt Dittrtt* of t"olumb\m, A lar*e supply, Mnbraoina every v&rirtj, i wt>i on hand, *na delivered free to all parte of the Diat in. Ordeta oan aiao beleflattieoffioeof Adama* R*pr??? rnm?*ni, Washington. f> fV CH| HICK' KINd ft SON*' WORLD KEnowned PiANOS.onlj for aale by a'<e >nber, at whoae ext?n?ive waretoorn>l|HBHl f? u will find alvayaa larieiit >ok.embrao "* ** * ins aver* variety, atyle, price of Pvaoafo' aale upon >a?f term* or dit^ount Ijr eau.i. Piai.oe alao from otaer good n akore. Piano* f >r hire. JOHN P. F.I LI8, Piano and Muaic Dea'er. 306 Pa V; , between 9tu and loth eta. muMC s?nt by mail lr*e or poit. Mw?io&l m?trunwnU repaired. ' It 18 PIANoS.-GKEAT BARGAIN*-On* Romhkrnu!E Pifcn >, la t*??t order, lor $7One ui dot?v? G&els Piano for U?V A;i Rw9 1 T#ry Kood Prtno* Molod*onfor?3H. rcm* ? ' on ftooommodatinc term* at tha Mr. to 8tgr? I W. 6. METZLROTT -i!?LI "g Mmncirivwrna I MWVUUUOA1 ?VV V* / ^ 1 *V\ ?' \ / -V ^ ECONOMY! * V \ /.< ^ * <* \ / "C <?? oispatch: <: ^ \ | V ? I ^z*" Sa*c Ihc Piecci! X> < < < ?#'??< ?nu *or*'*. tv*n ??* HI-mumiiW f??nWi??, It ic *? d*?;r%6ta U? U? v" torn* and oonver.irnt way for repa-r:r.g Furniture. Tor*, Oreo*pry, Ac. KPALDnfl'S PKEPARKU OLl'K meets all soeh em?r^<?nci?s. and no household oar afford to be without it. It in aiw**s r- ady and up t<> the stacking point. Tnere m no loD(*r a doom sity for .impirg cha'rs, splintered rer.e? r?. b(^.! m? io s, a*.d broken It is i?st tte art'iol* for i o oe, she!!, and other orra-p - * ? 'k. so With !adi?s of refinement an?t taste. Tms admira! s preparation is used ?o.d. beir.f chemical!* held in olntion. and a., trie va'uahie qualities of the i^est trakers' t ue. 1 It n.ay boused in the piao? of ordinary muoi.a?e, being vast r more adhesive. "USEFUL jy htery houser Frit*. 25 oents N. B.?A Brush aaoompsnie* each bottie WKolts+l* IMrd. No. 4% Cedar street, New York. Addrea? HLNRV cTsPALPING ft CO.. Bos No. 3.600, New York, j Pat np for IV-a.ers in Cases containing Fo?r, I Klf ht. H'i ! T UTf'v* hr??n ? ft 'iMHit'tn! T it' lit ftBh 'c Show ?'*rd Moonipttr.y oc ea< h p??k**e. tr?- A ?inr> bottie of .??PALP1 ,WS PliKP AH F P 1} l.VE will nve tet times it* oo?t mnc?l;y t<> ?veri household _/~ll S<>:d \<y ?!1 prominent Stationery l?rac? ?t?. 1 Hardware %i;d Furniture Dm..era, Orn^ri, ai- i Fancy Store#. Country in or--hart* shooid inak ?> % note of 5 PAL D!WS PKFPARFU Ul.CE, wh?i msk.nt up thfir lint, it wi 1 *?an<1 a' y c,,Tiate. fe ( l? X1'I / >A\-JJAJ3rSlST r kL^A R ? 3JAl^cT^J (P ^ j ft Tin M A?.?Ai .i - J* G %/ * !* i'* >? ku (rt* ?,'> < Ci'*1-'.' ? mL ^ t < f1 ff '*? riJr. e/ f i, ,Y-? ..yoA. J im jj y?QO ^wai*. *f *??% r--r? ff J/ yf!</ ^ITL, ?r"" "> ? ?*J?s ^rr?fiimiafi4i I r i%'*-< J /?] ?n Jf**+ ?.rr>? OHi-rigm\*?* #V . ^ ^ Jt *'4>M? f|/? fo? i A# I'?. V ( '^ tlv C 5 > A1'' * ** r .Ww**'^!'/ A <1/ /f?r i?'v * p* vjr ti* f V- ??* ' Jf?<iY *W % f $$$'*& r!" , ^5^ jjj; f? olelMpmtor.| ^ / if ;; / ^ CAUTION. PURCHASERS SHOULD BE CAREFUL IN PURCHASING THE VALLEY WHISKEY TO SEE THAT IT IS n A T. V c AROMATIC VALLEY WHISKEY WITH THE SIGNATURE OF ON THE LABEL. ALL OTHERS ARE AN IMITATION AND A COUNTERFEIT OF THE ABOVE WHISKEY. WM.H.DALY, sole: proprietor 19 SOUTH WILLIAM SINEW YORK. KtH SALE IS WAS HI StiTOS BY ? 7 U BiKHOL'K A PEMME8. ipAM A; SWS0Q f hacholiMMACHOUA \WM ISK K t HI ^ I-. >: V We -(Oer i"r tn? a>?ve ti\i. \ ' -\n'' >! fine Copper Distilled Mn-tw Rj? Whisky, in barrels and ha) f harreis As it ta of our own disti t'.on. and highly improved b? ar?. ? ooiifrlei.? y rMf mnnid it a* rbo prn?T an?l best Whisky t?ukt cat powubly b? distilled. W ? a's<> offer our OLD FAMILY RYE WHISKEY, and other brardw, from tii? arjest : >ok of Fine Whiskies in tbe fiiitod State* frkfmam & SIMPSON. Phcpcix Distiller*, on the So hay kin river, Pm.a Offices?96 Wall ??r(w?t, New York : "n?l H?9 So^tli Front street. Philadelphia. 29-ly r ightningT !- LIGHTNING!! LIGHTNING !S Ii T;mb >f Pzack. PtiiFaax rca Wat* F. LaBARRK. Scvthtff r.ointr if Ie:4 ami C st>~. .AlArSUrACTC3oi* ! I'LATINA-TIPI'KD i.l<?ri . NINO RODS. Refpecflu'ij anii>>uuc?? to tu?* 10 of VVaahicg ; ton and tioimty *liat he l? piepare*: to execute ad i orders for electing i.iehtuin* Conductor* on the mop' approved ?cientifio pnuoip < ?, c- t?truoted of the ve-y he?t ?.f material*. on v*ry n><d?ri'? ernw. Ail >':atlia !ij>p-d P";r.U wSioha'e iik&r:ui*ctur?d by tits wi'l lie stamped xrita try nnine. W?ather Vane* o;' any .let. in marie to order. tV 9 In. PARA.FK1NK OiL, - THE CHEAPEST LJiiHT A.VOITV We a?* now receiving Pa &(? ie Oil direct Iron the wcrk? weetern Virgir.ia. The ^ua!it? of it i? ?xr- .-nt. prodnemr a *tea<* *. hril lan* and ' tvjul.fu light, and m<>re pi?e?.act to thf eyee than tu lirht. Tni? <*ii is iro* fr.-mfcriu U rat'on.nnd verv munh more economical than majy of tfte. C.-aJ Oi tied at thin time. IT~r It ta to no way ex?ioaiv?. we ke?? r'?o a nupp j of the mo?t approval Btxle* of Laiups, 4o? for tmrnin* th'? Oil. KING A BURCHKLL, A?i>i,ti f?r it* m s for tiie Dmtriet of Columbia, Corner Fifteenth st. and Vermont ar. Groat Kanawha Coal and Oil Compauy. ma II HO W E'S* IM P RO V K D W E16 H1NG RCA 1.F.S Theee are offered to the public as th? most simple, durable, ar.d reliable ever vat ia use. First class premium* have bees awarded thea br the United States Fair and Vircioi? A* loultural rMruiwj, ii ciiiin. owiir Agnttu term- rair; r ran*, in luit.tulo Fur, P?Mi?T.v?r.i?. New York rt?tp Fair; Vermont State Fair, Ite., Ac. lr. ever? Mae where exhibited they uave reoei v*<] hrat oiM* premium* *3 Vnnl8,RC* aveaae. Depot of Si.ier t Chilled Iron S%fe?. ?<eU-lT R? C. PATTTSON. Aiert. PHI RK OLD RVK WHISKY.?Ob band *< vn brand? of Pur* Old Rre \Vhl?ky. Copper Die tilled. mt.1i> hy the moat reliah e dietiliera in Perm-' ayivaeia, Maryland and V'rcii.ia, warranted pur?, Alao, Imported Hr*ndiea, H*nn**c*. <Ward. Dipuy * Co.. Jules R?bin?, &o Aleo, Peaoh and Apple Brandy, pare Holland Gin, o!? Jaiua.oi ar d St. Croix Rnm, and Winee t.f everj variety a.l, of etandard brania A choice lot of C'cara and Tobacco. YOUNG A KF.PHART, Atent#, *p 14-1y >**?<? re av.. hetw <Wh an.i |i*h ate 1.1. a. nail. > ?n*t >. l/""*'MWT* ""WJkM n at law Spftins. Miii., WUI praetloe In tfte Hich Coart of fcrrora ud Ap evaat jMk?oD,tke Fadera! Court atPoctotoe, theCourta of the 8eventh Judicial IMatnct of Mie?a?i.acd will attend to the Cc iMtios of Clftoa T^VwavHnw* Nnrtt' Mm>N ? < M II t( A ! One %t 25 o*r?te p*r I! onth One nt d<>. do PIANO One at A1 do. One at il SO do. FOR jOneat*2 d?. One at fx 5' do. RENT. Uud iptofr* ?8.1o. JOHN F. ELMS, jy 91 Pa. **., between ?th und Oth ata WASHINGTON SKWIN6 ROOMB, K<t it* It., >W* i?or/ IVorli of ft. 4m. Nov ; the time to jet SPRING and SL'MMKI rtfllRlS maue u? to orter. Tne au Men tor it p:? pared to make SHIRTS, DRAWERS, ke.. ut On ? aT ? '1 * - 9?ui ihhiop. Q e*ori?uori? of t**v .1 . *. I SHIRT BOSOMS. COLLARS. hos WXJS7 BANDS IMkt atiUkM. w<ti> ? n IO AAA GALLONS CHAMI'AGNK ANl> 1?.UUU CRAB APPLE CIDKR.-W* inviM the attention of the i>> to oui ;?ri* md w*il *> iMt?d (took of C barn put ne nud Or?l> A ?* ? vhioh we ( aimnte? to lie jure ?nu l? Rid on r?XMon?ble Urtni lu order to uiMfOon r our tpring stock. Giro a* a o*JI at tfi? 1 Union Battling Pl|l>? fe No. ?7 tf reec it.. 6?ur !*>?n. I ^ I MEPJCINKK I I it MlMTttR. ni i LOTI M<nriT4l, M N+t ik. (>t?? S^M ?f ? < t ?? '?? IT?r|i, FOB ALL PISKAUfcW ??F IMrm !>? VT ifr >'?? tAisF nn rrAcy rnvror AIM LV IM.Mt.l) A r? L% A CTHE WAKKAVTFD. Oh \ ? CHAh*** /> FHOM ' VK TO r* " L'A > S k totr * 4 K t t4*r, luIV l>? tarfii Lni e-n ri . M? Ditilii*. Niiitwrui, nn i| -i"U > ^>H #f l>f>*>lp rtltflhllfv. ' rt .?? -y T'?' ? f hi ??f Hi . A f ki?m mt tM ktij*. 0C*m >cl? mv??? ih??? 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S?r??<l * drvudfa ?uf r1 r? ?>j iff cr ; .ha z% <.e? .try (t*hu ro4.r ? r?t?v L>R JOHNS It k* >1M?\ PORniiUil'.; * 1AMIM AUD lMP<HTK!i< T I* fr??i tnd mzij**r:? r riottdt v??lr?M ' !* *r#iM f rartd an- '#1! f*r r?? ?r?d Tv*l??<i4? ?m|? r??? ur??i r 4 ttM H1 mi ail ?*?4. A., ii 11* M?rn?f? PhviiUi ' Minitl Pitati ?' * *. m, Lmi vf 1 'C ' * PovtP lir.iikitty Tr n;M?r g d 1 i^fc ?i? ?i E*H?. mci fetrta Irtod ?p0??<ii w car?4 tNDi ?rnr pmm TfK MAf V THOlf A>f 0 clM '.I' m inftMMii t^tfeiP ih# i v* r? ? inirMi ttnpfUM #t>|? ui r?r*u*o? prfrru'f ! if I>f vit d fcf r?r?r ?r? of it i r %rj '.A?r I H?*? *rP* *f?? *' <5 |h? hi Marr .if ?.i |?n;iirM ?f ch?r*?t?r ?r.fl r i>w,4 i UK. J. BOVFF 1X10*8 I IMFF. RIAL WISE FITTWI^S 1 Are n<iw yin( - "I tr >m M* n?tntlif (irwt 1 \ ? 1 t em ?*lt uer * a wr?*/>rui? i>r ? % i? V ?' i are u. i.-jvs*. e w r 1 Jp t i i , . u .. ; _ . -t - i e ^ i w?- purcii* (*1 of Iiun fir n<.e \|lit ?< mauafeotiir* ~ n:.d pre#?i.t tli'* f.-r ? ? f<> t.,,> put> ic. 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ISDIAS VEGETABLE VFmrTlON. J It u w?J kO"tu tuft' n Ike Spring ft p.e ar* more apt to ooatraot di??*??; t^a a* ac* oth?r period. *nd it is **u? * w? kL. wr, trat tii* waj 1 to v<!. IT difvtsf .? u- ke^p the Mood pura. for A "a: the; ? t!:v Ol:, m heir t.>." ar.M (r.>?, ,n<p?M I ! f 1 i?; . 1 mur. Ct>? '.m *,f =11' aiu"a...M *. It if. thmfutr, important Up*: r>at the irn'.wu fcou d * ? OxToi-fh'T " ^'.'1 pur;fi?xl ar } thu ?U he d..n? in t..e s? t?"? *m 'i' if I mrs u. cars iMJiiy lf i COrTtQX. th? t< m-dy diao?iv?^l Tor tae fv "*? ofdn-a-ea of ?"k } t.- R>. Pori'fi. a Rh' ui tiim, Nwr?ui !>" . .:y. f>re ? <-f diff?-ent k 'ia. f>)?p??*y< I.;vcr Co. piamt, a 1 a ?tfter 4t*ee?e> ar:>.' i. :"f iti mpeuty ol Lie t> <??d. It ; a* efl^ot-.i th* stoat rema'ke e curoa, a* -an !w> aiipwr. ? oertifcae:** from perroi.a of the b. respectability. aid ia r.?ooirn.ep.!e<l h? &.' wiio have uc?4 it a* the r.o?t inva^uabi? remedial a#^. t of i ? 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N'?. > !:*? er.t:r??.j nsrp \r,t?\! t^ie irjn-ioaa ae* of ??rt?ttr?, therehy \n*rriuf to t>e .tderer ape^r relief, di.fe.-nii,* a, imp.nUea. a.?l root'Dc < ul tl?e I TRIKfcKM \ H No?. i .Jiaa-J 5 v? peered la t k. forir, ?'f * if.*-, arv 1 I wi/?M ? d oeu be carried 11 the enit.t.-at poefcaC Ho d m tJ? o%ft*p, and litVidod ixit> ifp?r?if iIiwm^w Mnunn t?r<x* )>? Vai p?.?, La R ox, R.oori. Ac. P- oe #^e?ch, or f< or for which #J m l ix. ?/7 ?mn whereby :o*re it a in , ur ?' A*. V T<? *>e had. wholeealeaja 1 rete.;'., t>f Dr. BA H to"'. 194 fi'.eecker atre?*t, fa?r d?K?t? below MeDoacu tre*t. New V'orfc. liriJijodatwiT oc reoelnpg a re mituanoe, Dr. Borrow will forward the Tne<*irAT to an* .art of the wori4, aecurely paekad. anJ aacoordina t<i the !T>.?r.oU>c. of the writer. d aleo U A. CALVKRT FORD, Jr., Wa*b | lnctoc. D. C. <te 4-Ciu C SWINDLING WtA .-KI*. ACTION !?wracks;??he.r Rook., Oer?!ia.a. 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DfRKEE * CO * 6EL.2DOT 8PIOES. lii'titntMt not oii.y ABSOLUTELY AM) PERFECTLY PI'RE, bat tronr.J from freah t*pie?t. aoiacteo ?nd o.e+i,~< by ? ?ixp?e*?> f?r the p*rp< ** vnri"ut rajfeeano* to o??at. Ti??y era j prokef! in tinfoi;, (lined witi. paper.> tu preverr. iiwur* t?y ke-ruc, and ere full weight, wNle tbe ordinary rr<<ar*J r*pioet are ttnonuwiiMi tUort We werr%r? them, in eoint of *treu?th v ?! riohri?e? of flavor. BEYONI) ALL C??MPAK !SH>S. at a atncle tria: will a>?au<iautiT prove. Maiiufkotured only b* fa IS f.DA ifl PL* **! \\S'o?fc. A a A I) <1 L' A tlfii aU'Ctl I? M M ... Ai.nn?r. *i <i| rumi, A ^>?|(. at?>l Karri:. Ha.">n A l*< ? Pi *Nt?9 I>aa JUM |M ?b r?oei v?l at the ?oi It , oorn >i of P*. a*. ? .<1 tjevao' b etTTTlTl I JL" y.CMv.l ZKHOTT A mmmm -

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