Newspaper of Evening Star, August 27, 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated August 27, 1860 Page 2
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. THE EVENING START WASHINGTON 01TY: MONDAY Aiptt 37, 19M. Spirit ml the Mtralii Frew. The Conitawtin compares tb* present and paat doctrine of Mr. Donglss on sectional and regular nomination! The same pap??r baa an article on 44 Flunkeylsm," aa Illustrated In the case of the reception of the Japanese and of the Prince of Walea. The InteUiftnctr thinks that it does not become the Republicans to denounce aa corrupt the coalition brtweea Douglaa and Bell in New York, when they (hemielm have juat combined on their electoral ticket \Vm. C. Bryant, for more than twenty yeara the oracle of Radical Democracy, and Jamea O. Putnam, formerly a strong Whig and American. CC7* In Missouri the republlcana have not elected any membera of the Legislature outaide of St. Louis county. U7" Advices from Honduras say that Generals Walker and Cabanaa will probably meet at Co ^mayagua. when a general government will be established. * |?7~ We have received from the publishers, Messrs. Wm. Hall ft Son, 543 Broadway, New York, a fine piece of music, entitled "Old King Cotton '?the words by Geo. P. Morris and the mnsic by Wm. H. Morris-. |p* Tbe heavy rain storms of the past wee\ have done much damage. They appear to have steaded far to the N orth and W est, and hi some cases were accompanied with hall, doing serVoM Injury to the growing crop*. Tobacco suA:red much la the neighborhood of Palmyra, so aa to be scarcely worth catting. \J~T The United States vessel that was sent from San Francisco to Washlugtou Territory to view the eelinae. on the l-ih uit hu r?tiim<>d jn,i n. ported that their observations were entirely successful. The varied colors of the sun before obscuration were most remarkable. The Indians in that region were wonderfully frightened at the phenomenon. Qj" The following present members of Congress from Pennsylvania have already been nominated by the people's party of their respective districts. Thaddeus Stevens, Edward McPherson, and John Covode. From present appearances John Hickmaji and John P. Verreewill also be renominated, says the Philadelphia North American. ' ||T Correspondence from Mayaguez, Porto Rico, says thatcoolle labor is not so satisfactory at uu urea, uwiug u) ice introduction of negroes from the weit coast of Africa, against whom the coolies manifest great antipathy; and that, m there is no probability of this hostility ceasing on the part of the coolies, it will become Mcevary to Isolate the negroes until they can be disposed of, or exchanged for coolies from Cuba. t?7* la New York, on Friday night, there was a meeting at the Metropolitan Hotel, of the opponents of Lincoln and Hamlin, embracing the friends respectively of Bell, Breckinridge, and Douglas. The object was to concert arrangements for a mass meeting to be held in that city early next month. There were present also gentlemen of influence who only vote when the Union is in danger. It is said there was a free Interchange of opinion, and that committees were appointed to carry out the object of the meeting. C7~ Governor Banks, of Massachusetts, has declined the henor of a nomination for reelection t.. Ih? hir.K ?I, I-v. # *' ? wt wuh,u jui aouie loree years nr has filled with marked ability, lu order to accept, at the expiration of bis present term, the Presidency of the lllinoW Central Railroad, a much more lucrative station, which, it is Intimated, the Governor will accept in justice to bis family, as enabling him to make more ample provision for them than could be expected from his continuance la the political arena. The Governor will take up his residence In Chicago. The pay of the new office is from $7,500 to S10.0U0 a year. Slavb IgcKZASK ?The new census will probably show the number of slaves in the United States to be over 4,U0(>.U0<>. This Is on the computaLon that the rate of Increase will not be less than It was from 1340 to 1^50. The addition to the numbers within that period was 716,756, the rate cf Increase nearly 38 per cent , more precisely 2H.sO per cent. At this rate of Increase, which Is not likely to be less, computations have been made of the future numbers of the slave population, within s few ysars. The figures are, i tdeed, startling, from their magnitude. It is very certain that within the first quarter of the next century It will be at least 50,000,COO. rsnsaai. " Among the arrivals In Boston from Europe, Is Mrs. Cushman, mother of Charlotte. Hon. Jno. M. Landrum. La , Judge Totten and family, of Tcnn., are at Brown*. -Among the rscent arrivals at Bedford Springs are Augustus S? bell snd Edwin Croswell, of New York, Geo. W Riggs, of Washington, and Jos B Baker, of Philaddphla. The President is still here ?r??AN ADJOl'RN ED SPECIAL MEETING 113 of the YOUNG MEN'S CHRISTIAN AS SOolATION will be held at tin ir Rooms THIS iMoixtAv) tVK.N 1NG,at 71, o'clock A* action ta t? betaken in reference to the communication received from Mr. Johnsop. it is earnestly hoped that there will tw a full attendance ol the memliers. It SaML. MiELWeE, Jr., nw'j pro tern. rrTP?ATTENTION, FLOYDGUARD- Meet IL3 at your Armory on TUESDAY EVENING, 2Hth nut.. &s business of importance requires the attention of every member. All perw?r.a favoral.e to the cause are respectfully invited to attend. B> order of meeting. __ aup it J. A. WHITE, Seo. ry-gs?l)EMP8EY ft. O'TOOLE. ^ IL? WEDU1NH AND VISITING CARD HNtsHA VERS. Importers of fin* WEDDING STATIONERY, WEDDING ENVELOPES, the most beautiful styles. 3)16 Pa. At., between 9tu an<1 loth sts , au ?7-6m Washuigto!!. _ _ _ > ? u # n V ivc* ' -1 D fjjW UUI( A I 1A5SO* LL2 CIA HON will meet at their headquartera. (near th? corner of Pa. ave , ai d 4>* atre t.) on MONDAY EVEMNti, the 27th mat. A full atfw uca 1a requeattnl Several addreaaea will he n.Mie. COBNBLILS BOYLE. Pre*. au 25 2t VV.M. J. DONOHOO. Sep. rr-g?WASHINGTON LIGHT INFANTRY.? LLs ATTENTION, BATTALION !-Compauw A, B. and C will meet on MONDAY EVENING.STth inatant, at# o'clock. Buaiaeaa of importance to the Battalion will be preaented. By onlnt aa25-2t* P. J. ENN1S8, Sec. TOONZAGA COLLEGE. HE Scholaatic sercnaa of tbia Institution will be reminiei! on ih? i?* - "?* " ? .uwuutf; 111 rWBveniiw. mfl-if' W. K. CLARKE. 8 J.. I'rea't. \LT MISS 9. FISHKU TV ILL Resume the dutieaof her School on Mon day, September 3il. at No. 100 Masaaclmaetta av , befwegn 9th and I'rth ?tg. mi 27 3t A CARD.- SMALL DWELLING HOUSESAT AUCTION ?Attention i? reape tfully callt-d to til* Traateea Sale of three two atorf Uriok Dwelling llouaea and Lota in the alley in the r?a of Temperance Hail, to take p.ace on TUESDAY AF I"KR NOON . ath, at 8 o'clock, on the preoiiaua. a*. 27-tt J AS C McGl'IRK A CO.. Aiicta. W GEORGETOWN INSTITUTE ILL lie reopened on Mono*/ next, September 3d. Cireulara may be procured at S ar Uftce or Srandell a bookstore. 1 he Prmoipala iray be a< en urm* the week at their new building, Dumbarton t. opposite M. K. Church. THOS N. CONRAD. > - . JCHN 8. CONKAfi,' f *Tincip*l?. an ?7 lw F?or a s?hokt time O&LY^?DBAFyESS 1 AS it KOISKS IS TH* H MAD.-dk. c?l *TO ?. member cf the Royal College of hur|?oM of Knc lat,d, has arrived, and Is ?o* prepared to apply bis new and estraordmary treatment by wh.cb he was binm^if cared after eleven years iatens* suffering. Pa tioulars for sell-cure sent to any address for postage; consultations datl> im>?i 1*>?ill 4 o clock free; reference to handreds of persons cured Adilres* No. il'2 Twelfth street, WKehinfton, D C Nervous persons should read *" V ita. ?. alios" for self cure. Sent free to any a I dre?s for 1* cents in stamps. au 27-1 w* mm/k havk hnmhkd taking an ac U COUNT OP STOCK. an3 wilt t?wmfte to lay <Mondaj, Aug 1.7, > to offer ve<y great bar. - - - i.ibrimm Dtrfc BU?a, Bilb Bobea v Wll Moaaj*l*i?*. MttfiW, Cataawts Ch*.'eja. Moa?a*l?ine Kot??a, Pin* Lun Kn:brai?4;ri'?, Po?k?t Hftudl^ehiefa V.' bite (iouda of avoty Mauri atton Hb?:?r). Mro'a and Boja' War, for (VI and witter Iriab^oa. Tab!# Damaaka. Bbaetinga, Sbirtin?a, ko. W? m?iu a-i in want of food barmuoa for ca*b ti.jivemaaal. : ir Tb. *< av *T#" a,ii( e in itor CLAObTf ? MA Y 344 PcBn. ?v.f fret. 9ttt aud 1Mb fit. " * 4 1 I WASHINGTON RKWI AND GUIftlP, rinmiLTiiiu.-Tbe last ten days hare witnessed s manifest change In tLe Presidential chances in Pennsylvania. We are now derided!y of opinion that in tbe end there will be but one electoral ticket In tbe field in thai State against Lincoln. Tbe arrangement of the Pennsylvania Democratic State Committee Is fair and honorable to all parties. It Is no fusion or compromise, but a test of strength. Tbe candidate who receives the largest vote, whether Breckinridge or Douglas, is to have tbe electoral vote in tbe College, if the ticket succecds. It is simply a reference of the whole matter to the popular will; both sides asrtpi ncr tn (he HM*iainn nf the mimr(tir within the Democratic party. All shade* of tbe party, with tbe Bell and Everett vote, will be united oa Foster for Governor. If he should be elected, as we now believe be will be, Lincoln trill never get the vote of the State. Tbe result in 1^545 forma the basis of this belief of our* In that cbnteaf Mr. Bnrbanan received 230,0(10votes, Fremont 147 WO, and Fillmore 8X,000; so it will !>e perceived fbsrt the distinctive Raoablican-partr ticket was in a minority of over 150,0(>0 votes in the State. The Bell men say thev can command Fillmore's vote of 82,000. If they can east onehalf of it, the Demoerata are aafe. In all subsequent elections, save that of 1837, when Wllmot was a candidate, the Americans and Republicans have united, as the People's party, and have carried the State. Now, they separate; and the Democrats can scarcely fail of success. There is no danger as to the sincerity of the Bell men; they have no other resting place save with the Democrats ; and they dare not penult Lincoln to carry Pennsylvania; for, if they do, they will for ver after be themselves politically " under water." Exrmston orHowi's Siwim-Micnmi Pat I kit?The teatlmony and argument in the case of EAaa Howe, jr., making an application for the extension of hie patent for improvement in sewing | macMnea, has been laid before the Commissioner . of Patent*In printed term; but from the pressure of other oflciai matters, requiring Immediate attention, haa not yet received the consideration of that oUlcer. The declaton will not, In all probability, be rendered until near the expiration of the period for which the present patent was granted ?the 10th of September next. Mr. Howe, in his petition, bases his claims for an extension upon the following grounds: 1st I That the half million of dollara that the inventor | has acquired aa profits thus far is no consideration I for the actual advantage derived from th?? n.? the invention, ~d. That new branches of Industry have been ercated by its means. 3d. That by it* u?e products have been cheapened and improved, and hours of labor lessened, while wages have been increased. 4th That it was the first complete machine which could be applied to the common art of sewing. It is estimated that 386 patents have been granted by the Patent Office for improvement* in sewing machines, and 41 for guides and hemmers, many of which patents are represented as being engrafted upon the Howe patent. The greet objection urged to the extension of this patent is that by an alleged agreement with Messrs. Singer & Co., Wheeler fc Wilson, and Grover 4 Baker, Mr. Howe cannot grant licenses for the use of his patent to other than those parties. This would of course effectually prevent other improvements Irom being Introduced to the pub| ilc, inasmuch as they could not be used except I U?? v.? - I upvii i?ii uvwc cuuiuinauoD, ana iM public thereby compelled to purchase the machines offered by the assignees of Mr. Howe, or do without them. Removal of thi Akciskt Sakccphagvs from thk Patent Office.?The old limestone sarcophagus, which has so long been on exhibition In th? basement story of the Patent Office building, an object alike of curiosity and nations^ Interest to all Americans visiting that Institution, is about being removed to the Smithsonian grounds, to be placed among the many other collections there of a somewhat si miliar character This sarcophagus was the repository of the Roiian Emperor Alexander Severus, and was brought to the United States in 1839, on board the frigate Ccustltution, by Commodore Jesse D. Ulliott, who intended it as a resting place for the remain8 of Gen. Andrew Jackson. This distinguished individual, however j ... v v , * v w w m m m W VVVA4CV tvil J W 111 IC expressing bit appreciation of tbe kindness of Com. Klllott, and acknowledging tbe bonor in' tended to be conferred upon him, declined i'a acceptance, a> being Inconsistent with bia ideaa of republican simplicity. Dkath ot a Navt OrricE*.?Tbe Nary Department bai received official Information of the death of Capt. Henry W . Ogden, U S. Navy,who died at New York on the night of tbe ;i5th. The deceased entered the Navy in September, 1811, and was promoted to his present grade of commission February 5, 1848. He bad been in feeb!e health for a number of years put. He was about 65 years of age A*mt Intelligence.? Hospital steward William P. Blair has been directed to proceed immediately to dan Antonio, Texas, for duty. wcuuu i.icuwniiu jsmci H. Hill, having been appointed regimental adjutant loth Infantry, has been relieved from duty at the headquarters Department of UUh, and been directed to ieportto the headquarter*of hi* regiment at Fort Laramie. Th? Weatrii.?The following report of the weather for the morning la made from the Amer lean Consolidated Telegraph Line to the Smithsonian Institution. The time of observation la about 7 o'clock. August 27, 18C0. New York, N. Y pleasant. Baltimore. Md clear, pleasant. Washington. D. C clear, wind N \V Richmond, Va. clear, 7*?a. Petersburg, Va. clear, 75?. Norfolk, va clear, 75*, wind 3 Wilmington, N.C clear, pleasant. Columbia, 8. C clear, warm. a ^ - * -i_- ii~- ?"*** 1 o pICUMIll, . oguata. G*. clear. pleaaant. Sarannan, Ga. clear, HO', wind 8W Macon, Ga. clear. i Montgomery, Ala. cloudy, pleaaant. riOH TUB WEST Frederick, Md clear, warm. Hageratown. Md clear, warm. Cumberland, Md clear, pleasant. Grafton, Vn clear, cool. Wheeling, V* clear, pleaaant. Parkersburg, Va..... clear, pleasant. Clnrtnnatl, O .....clear, pleaaant. Plttaborg, Pa clear, cool, 80?. Barometer at the Smithsonian at 7 - . m . (corrected for temperature,) 28,011; at noon 29,fee3 Thermometer at 7 a m . Bfi : at nn,.. fa Maximum during 48 hours endhng 9 a. m. tominimum 02#*. NOTICE.?Ono* more we have Co oali th? attention of tho*e wlio are indebted t<> u? for n'?t*? fa-itdiieaa ' foraeoeuou retdered the ibt ol July a d p evi -u* to that "ate, a< <i we beg ot a I to come forward and par a* without further delay. CLAUKTT * MA>, 394 Penn. if., bet 9th and I "lit eta. an '.7 m w r 3. Metropolitan ! STEAM FLOURING MILLS, Near 12A iireet and Canal, C. L COLTMAN, Proprietor We have now on hanl a aupcnor lot of our HX- I < TRA FAMILY FLOUR, f eah (round, from a rut < quality white Wheat. A1 u,? new lot oi our old itaadfd EXTRA i?U P t. rf IN E, which alwaya rives auch general ?a lal'ac'ion. Ai?o, C?>UN MEAL. RYE CHOP, and at: k ml. of Mli.L i OFF A L lor ?ale cheep f->r ca?h. The attention of the public is leape (fully .ohcit d bcf re pu chantc lee where. Th* nigheat caali pr c-*r pmd i L>r_Wheat, Rye and Corn. au ^7-e. at" j 4?6 seventh street. j A beautiral aaeo-tment of 60LU papfcks ! With ra i d at. ok of madinm and low prlcfd { ?ood#. r I h K 4?0 a K !>?. points, pic 1 ure8. cords and tassels, ao., rrincaiita ot lew art- d Pa pers, with a hanOMm* took of window shades, at ?reatl* reduoed pMC?e J Orders l?ft lor PiPkbu?M.,ifc. u - ' - _ .,*??? n.ivii iior F fill VV J ^ * I>OW 8H \DF.8 i'jr ejtoa'i d with eki'l J ?nd diapaUiii in aitv or oountry. f eu?|iv? mci 1 Mil. ison't forget the number. JNU MAHKRITKR. No. 4M MNN et.. 8 ili ori above M| odd F-l'ow?' Hall. J TO 80UTHERN A WESTERN MERCHANTS, t RODKWiLDk IINDALL, J C IMMISSION MERCHANTS, 1 AID DItLIK IN INDIOO, 8P1CB9, SOAP, STAR' H. SODA i A*MVbS?&?S?fc's?S!i?lft' a? ( UKAPHII)K BALTIMORE, J invite the attention of Meroha U viaiflog thia city t to ft* txammaii' n of their ito ik. wmoh in variety and me i? not iirfUMd either la thia or any of i ?0lWU<l ft ad fiMttihUy ' . Mw-im* 11 a. I. Oar Waterlag-Place Ctrrfiy?4ia?. Fac^cier }?pkii??*. Aug. 24. IWiU. Oiasd Fancy Drbss and Mam}(!bbadk Ball at thi Facqcieb Whits Sclphbb Spbikgs? NaMSS OF TKl CHaACTiai-W aihimtoi I'iMii, Ac., Ac. Editor Stmr .?This celebrated and fa Tori t? watering place la now enjoying the full tide of popularity, having one of the largest. gayest, and in oat social companies of visitors to be fouad la ibis country. Owing to its proximity to Washington city and Baltimore, a large number af the citlxens of those " interesting village*" have taken up tbeir abode here, and as a natural consequence we have plenty of real "life" and enjoyment. All tbe uuests are loud in tbeir praise of tbe efficient landlord and bis competent assistant*, Messrs. Robblns and Coleman, who spare no efforts to make their visitors comfortable. Tb? whole concern Is managed like clock-work?no wrangling, fighting, dissatisfaction or disturbance of any kind Among the six hundred people topping here we have yet to *ee a dtabrderly person. All meet and mingle together as lsdie* and gentlemen, and all are entitled to the name. Tbe great "event" of the preaent season was AW- -J ? ? -? ? * ... iLie grand laucv arm ana masquerade ball ou Wednesday ntgnt last, which wu pronounced by competent judges to be the most brilliant and anccessfnl alTiir of the kind that baa taken place for Tears. Upwards of one hundred ladles and gentlemen appeared m the dresses being furnished principally by Messrs. R Marshall & Son, the well-known costuraera of Baltimore, whose reputation for producing tasteful and beautifal dnsses is too well known to require laudation at our handa. As may be Imagined, the Federal Metropolis was well represented among the faahion and beauty on the occasion, her daughtera here well sustaining her reputation for all the qualities generally admired In the "softer sex." Prominent among the ladiea in fancy costume was the brilliant and fascinating Mtaa Jennie T?r, daughter of Major T., of Washington, who appeared in the character of "Follr," In a dress or many colors, covered with hundreds of little bells. Miss T. Is a graceful dancer, has a perfect form, and the prettiest little foot in the world. Her appearance created a decided sensatlon, and the honor of her band In the dance was eagerly aought by a score of ardent admirers. Miss S. S?r. of Waiih'notnii ma a itHultsna ?l was universally admired for her magnificent beauty, stately bearing, and elegant manner*. Miss P?r, ana Miss H? y, two more of Washington's lovely daughter*, appeared a* "Scotch Lassie*," and were deservedly admired. Mrs. K? r, as "Parthenia," and Miss Bettie T?r, a* a ' Flower Girl,1' added fresh laurels to the name of your city, for both were ladies of surpassing loveliness. Mis* C?y, of Alexandria, as ''Morning," a charmingly beautiful and graceful lady, played sad ha oc w th the hearts of the beaux. Miss C?li, of Winchester, *s 'Pocahontas,'' looked tt? character to perfection?an elegant and beautiful lady, much admired by all. Mis* F n A nt Itin,/,.. im O ?-- ? s . v*?v>, v* wuitiuiviC) as kuc " VJUCCI1 l/i OlMI II? ' * thought by many to be ihe most beiutlful ialy a id most' becomingly dressed of any jrs-iit Miss K?y, of Rappahannock, as "Rebecia, the Jewess"?a brilliantly beautiful and accomplished lady. Mia Alice H?t, of Culpeper. a* "Helen McGregor"?a lovely and charming lady, of perfect figure and elegant manners; much admired for her graceful style of dancing. Mrs. S?tt, of Fredericksburg, as "Mary Queen of 9-otts" ? a majrgtic and queen-like figure, admirably suited to the character. Miss Fanny G?n, of Fauquier, as "Dianna"? a bewitching little beauty, with eyes of such depth and brilliancy as to oe positively dangerous to the sterner sex. Mrs 8?d, of Warrenton,as "Night;" Miss H?, of Georgetown, as "Aurora;" Miss S?t, of Georgetown, as a "German Girl;" and her sister, as "Autumn;*1 Miss S?h, aa "California," and many others, were tastefully dressed, and looked more beautiful thin we can find language to represent. Among the gentlemen were several admirably sustained characters, among which we will mention the following: Dr. J?s, as Charles II; Mr.C.. of Frderlcksburg, as the Japanese "Tommy:" Messrs M?, of Washington, and G?, of Richmond, as the two "Dromioa:" Cot S-am nf t?.? Wnrrenton Whig, as "Toodlea;" Dr F-i P-k, of the Rappahannock Southerner, as the "Prince of Cotno Mr Ritchie (j?n, aa "Paddy Ml lea' lloy;'" Mr. G R?as, aa "Sir Ruper';" Mr J. L L?, of Washington, as "Alonzo;" and Mr.C?11, of the same place, as a "Live Yankee;" Dr. G?k, of Philadelphia, an "Dr. Pangloas;" Mr. J?h, of Alexandria, as the ".Count of Monte Chriato:" "Zouave," by Mr. B.T?r; "Metamora,*' by Mr. J. M. McV?uh, of Alexandria; "IWihoe," by Mr. J.J?, of N. O ; "Peter the Great," by Mr. P \V 8?a; "Hamlet," by Mr. C. T. G-k, of Fredericksburg, and numerous otuers whom we cannot remember. Yours, Fur. Reception to Joh.i B Gough.?Among the piasengers In the Arabia, whicharrived in Boston >n Tuesday from Liverpool, were Mr and Mr*. j u uougn. wr (iougb. it will be rem~ml>ered, has been aoscnt for (tree years in Englaud, laboring in the cause to whiuti he h&a devoted his l|fe, and now return* to hti adopted country for a p r.od of rest, and to relume his effort* m the cause of temperance here. We learn, says the Journal, that he wa* waited upon, on hi* arrival, by Rev. H M. Dex'er, of that city, who presented to blni a Mtrr of welcome?conveying the expression of their cordial esteem and love, and inviting him to a public reception in Boston, signed by four hundred and iiirh!t/ cl?ri??m#ii nf ,, , nl ? denominations In Massachusetts. The reception will take place in the Tremont Temple at some convenleut date. Ifjr" M r Harrlr, the American Minister in Japan, ind written a letter to the American Consul at Kanagawa. in reference to the arrival of subject* of nuo-tretity powers in American vessels at the opened ports of Japan. The Jaj?aneaeauthority* have notified the American Minister that those subjects would not be allowed to reside therein. SUPERIOR SHIRTING COTTONS. ?3 We open to-day, August 27th? 1 case "Ark wrirtit" Shirting Cotton, 1 oase "Lonadaln" do bono nmet-lflir' Co 1 cue "New York Mills" do 1 case "l.anoaater" do The ab-ive are all celebrated h anda, and we confidently recommend them at the very Mat ahutiriK* made in thia courtry. We ah&ll tir>r tliTri a: a very amall ail vance (or caali. We have also juat reoeived? t*h 'eting Cotton a, Pi low Cottona, Cotton Check Plaid Di>m*ntica, B own Meetings N w fall rtylo Calioo's, Ta!l Mouaselinei Mariners' StrjMd ahirtiaga, Boys' Wear M&rmheater Gingliama, men and boya' Enjliah Ha f Hose Ladies' Hosiery, inn doxen pure Linen Handkerchief a, itt ?1 ><? jer d< z-?n Towelling < f 'liferent ku da, ho. We ahail anil auy of tue abo*e Gooda very aheap foroaah, in 1 w* invite puieliasers from all aeoli< n* of the city to inspect our atock and prices. HjT The lowest cash price la marked ou every artisle in the atore. CLAGETT & MAY, 3s* 4 Penn a v., net. 9th and 10th at*. anyy-M.w.ryn THE OffLY PEEPAKATIOH worthr or rVrVTRflll finvurr.pvnr. . _> u vvii t iL/LJVTi A AUtj FOK STATESMEN, JUDGES, CLERGYMEN, LADIES, qimI GENTLEMEN, in a.l parts of the world testify to the rffnaey ot PROF. 0. J WOOI^ HAIR RESTORATIVE, and <entlem?ri of the Prena aro unanmou < in ira praise. A few testimonials only can ba here civen; >eeri cuiA.r lor more, and it wi.i be iinpoacible for you to doubt. I 47 Wall Stkrkt, Ntw York, D*c. 20 18'4 Gentlem n: Your note of th* 15th inatant baa been rtcived. Mying that tou had h?*ard that 1 had been benefited ny the uae of Wood's Hair Restorative, at> ' req ueotmg my certificate of the fact if X had no objection to give it. (award it to jou ohee fully, beoauie I think it due. My ace i? about 5" yeara ; the ool?r of my ha r auburn, and inclined tocirl. Some fivJ or six ream nuoo it began to turn fay. and the aoa'p ou thnc-own of my head to loae its senaibi ity and dandruff to form upon It. Each of these diaagree |lh 1 i 111 s*m ?"4k * * ..v?ru wmi nine, auu anout 4 month* ?nce ft fourth was added t > them, by hair falling off the top of my head and threatening to a*ake ine 1 bal i. * In this unptrasant predicament I waa induced to . try W o<>d'? Hair Restorative, mainly to arreat the 1 fa'iin* c ff of my hair, for I had really no ??xpfctation thaigraj bairoould ever be restored to its original oolor exempt from dyea. I waa, however, K eatljr nurpr:a d to find, after the nae or two bot _ tics only, hat not only vm tne failm* offarreateJ, bu'. the oolor waa estorcd to th? gray hair? and j lenmbi'ity to tha seal p. anifandrrff o?aaed to form , tin my h?ad, v? y much tn the gratification of my J wTe, at whnte aohoitation I was induo d to t'y it | For tbn. among the many obligations i eve to t-ar sex, 1 strongly reoontmend all imsband* who ra.ue theadinirati n of their wives to profit by n X example,and uaoitif growing *r*.? k? . _ - .? ? W -- H -??! ?? " ^ Ven ree?'ctfu!!y, Has K Lavbndkb. To O. J. Wood Jt Co.. 444 Broad way N. V. My familr ?r? absent from the city, and 1 am no onger at No. 11 Carrol F aoe. Hiamasto*. Ala , July coth, 5# 9 ? To Pmof O J. Wood: IMar tir : Your "Hair i Jowrtlitt" has done in* hair to muoh food unoe ' i o nnrrieiiotfd the ui <>f it, that 1 ?i?h to n%k* ' mown to the public of it* <ff?ots on the hair, wh^oh ire great A man or woman ma* ben-arly dep<iv> d , >f hair, and by a resort to your " Hair Rmtoraii?e he hair will return more beautltu than ever; at east this is my experience. Believe it aU Your* truly, W*. H. Kikim. P. 8 ?You can publish the above if you i-k* By ??bti?hick is ur 8outh*rn papers you will *st a >re patiouag* s^ut.i. 1 s?e several of yourea* jtioates iu the Mobile Mercury,a strong S< uHiHn taper. VV. H. Kimdv i WOOD'S HAIR REfcTOK ATIVK. J Pan*. O J. Wood: l)e?r Sir : Having had the ni(fortune to lose the best po tion of ray hair, from t he effects of the yei ow fever, in (\?w Orleans la -51,1 was inauctd to nake atrial of yoar prepara- < ton and found it to answer aa the very tetng i isded. My hair is now thick and glossy, and no I rords can express my ob!igat<oas to you in giving i j the ivtfliotod ?uofl a treasur . Fim by JoHSSO* t TJ?? Rratoratiye lapat ap io Uottlaeof threa ( ri*: large, medium and ama.ll; the a mall bold half ' i aiot, aud retaila fur oae dollar par bottle; the me- J Ifum hoida at leaet 20 per oeat nwr? in proportion ban the small, retaila for two dollars per b >ttle ; bo large bold* atnrt,?? per oaut more infropor- < a'TOoD It'ltf . Proprietors, 444 Broadnr. New York, and 114 Market atreet, tit. Loaia, I bf ?U foodOr?f?MUaad Faao^G^oda | 0 0 J EXCURSIONS, PIC NICS, 4c. AFTERNOQI4 AND MOONLIGHT EXCURSION. . RYLAND CHAPEL CHURCH will |ir? an Kxcureirn down the river, stopping __ at the Fort ? lime. and then proceed <1?wn the lirtr, and ahuutlOo' THURSDAY, Aucustan. leavinr Hth St. wharf, \V?*hin?on. at SS o'clock. Refreshment* on board at rea?ou?ole rates. Good ma*ic will b? had oattie oooMion. eatl^iaw'a tickets ?n oente. BmSnchildren ft " an 2T-3f First grand prize pir. nic of the zol'AVF. club, at AR-^rjv,^-*^ lington rnrn tit" djifllr f DAY, S^ptomber ?th. twwy*j* teventj-five Prixes, consisting of Watches, Gem* A ?. will Ka *??? The full Mil iae Band Km l*en engaged for the occasion. It in the inteation oPthe Committee that <hii shall t?? th* Pic Nio of the nekton, aid that the atMcte-t ordervitall be preserved Oinrihuaea will leave the oomer of 7th at. and Avenue every boor du inr the day for the Springe. Ticket*. for gentloiuen, y> cents ; Indie*. 25 cents; o' iltlren free. au 2'-td THE SCHOOLS ATTACHED TO ST. DOM1 INICK*S CHI RCIT, Island.. preparatorv to th* returning of tli>i|yeg~v atudiea, will meet in feative ranninn uw ? >"*8" on MONDAY, September the admiralty arran^'xt and mo t attractive pleaaure ground known aa COLUMBIA SPRINGS. The Ladiea of St. Dominick'a wi i ananimoualy favor the occaaion w th tlieir airul<ng presence; and all loveia of innocent mirth and patrona of sound primary education are kiwil* That uniur>MM<l musiciai. an<l accomplished gentleman John Esputa, supported by hi' w -II se Tected cocnsany,(the best performers m Washing ton,) will dispense the glories of mnme. an 27-2t pRANR COMPUMKNTARYMOONLIGHT EXCURSION will be given to ^ the WHITE HOlSE on WKD NESIMY EVENING,ZKh i..|?nt,*"*" complimentary to, and benefit of, the Second Baptist Church Choir. The Phk*ix will leave Sixth street wharf, Island, at 7 o'clock. R acilen'ii wharf, 7H o'clock p. m , touching at Alexandria going ami returning. Omnibuses will he in attendance at the wharf on the return of the boat. Music, vocal and instrumental, will be in attendance. Get.ts tickets,50cents; la<1i?*,2SoenU. Refreshments on the boat. Supper at the Pavilion, 25 cents. Comin itte* Win. Sanderson, Phillip Bohrer, IttlULs. Ii'tilwi a I a fell? Charles Wright, John Clemmonda, Fred. Enienck, George Garidia, Steavon Coster, J. H.Spicor. au 25 it* T KXC^l. R^ION TO GLYMONT! HE ISLAND BAPTIST CHURCH AND SABBATH SCHOOL will civean -IP**. EXCURSION to GLYMONT on FRIDAY, AuruatSI. The apl<*ndid steamer St. N'cholas has been enjcaeed. Withera'a Band will be ia attendance to enliven the oooasion Refreshments will be provided. The toat will leave the foot of Eleventh street at 8)< o'clock a. m , touching at the Navy Yard, Alexdria and return at 7 o'clock p. m. TicktU Fifty Cents; children ha'f price. Omnibuses will l>e at the corner of Pa avenue and Seventh street to oonneot with the ltoat. au 24 31* POSTPONED. THE GRAND BALL ASD DISPLAY OF FIREWORKS At COLUMBIA SPRINGS, la POSTPONED TUESDAY EVE*"lNG, August 28th. Proaperi'a Band will be in attendant. Ticket* Fifty Cent*. Poaohea leave the corner of Seventh a'reet JH and Pa. avenue ac 4,5,6.7, 8, and 9 o'clock Returning leave the Sprinta at in, u, 12, andfaMb 2 o'clock. A ooach will leave Alexandria at 7 <?Tirk: returning leave the Springe at 2 o'clock, au 24-4t J^OOK OUTFOR FUN! The NATIONAL CLUB will rive a FAMILY PIO-NIC at ARLINGTON SPRING, on TLKSOAV a.i....?^-? * 38th. Withers'* full Braas and String Band it engazed. Refreshment*, dinner, Jtc., furnished by (he proprietor. Tickets Fifty Cent*. Ladies, children, and servant*, free. Omnibus** will leave the corner of Pa avenue ai-i Seventh street The ?t?am*r Otto W. Rigcs* will leave Fourteenth *treet hridgeand the steamer Flyixs Clocd wi il leave the Aqueduct every hour dunne the day. Br order of the au 23 eo COM.OF ARRANGEMENTS. Grand railroad excursion and PIC-NIC! S*wtk1a( New, Novel, and Attractive! The YOUNG CATHOLICS' FRJEND SO^I F.TlKS <>f Wathinict'in and lialti- morn will ???M nu iKiii ' 1 C1AL IMC NIC the B*antifol??^^^^?^ Grove at the ANNAPOLIS JUNCTION, on otAugnst Th? occasion will afford an inviting opportunity for the interchange of friendly greeting* and civil tio? li?!v?i>n the member* and friend* ? f the two Societies,and ample arrangem -nt* have been made to injure unalloyed pleasure and delight to all who nay participate in the featlviuea of the da; and e\emi. The proceed* will be devoted to the charitable purpose <>f the two Societie*, which are to clothe and educate poor and deatitnte chi 'dreu. The oonrtcioii?>ieKii. therefo e. ol contributing to a noble ohaity will give additional zest to the icnocciit pleasure* of the occasion The friend* of both Societies in Washington, Georgetown, Aluxand.ia, and the carrounding country, are cordially invited to ah&re the pleasure* of this attractive festival. Wither*' celebrated Bra*? and String Band ha* been engaged, andv in addition to their unrivalled cotillon mu*ic, will give a choice lnstrum n al Pn"na ?* tr>? At-? ? * * .. ?ius vi'vifci inn granu old wood* with their matchlessconcord i f *weet *ound?. An excellent dinner, and refreshment* of the choicest kind*, will b?< furni*he<l at reasonable p. teen, to those who de ire them, 'y the courteous proprietor of the J unction Hotel, Mr. FitzMiumoas. Tickotn for the round trip, inoludiug admission to the grove, 75 cent ; children between 6 ana 12 years of a?e, half price; no charge for children of les* age. T ain* will leave the Washington depot at 7.40 and 11 40 a in , ard 3 2" and 5)ip. in Leave the Annapolis Junction at 9 3) a m , and 4, 5 and V o'clock p m Ticket* (which should he procured liefore enter ing the cars) may !>e |-a>l at the following plac??: O E Diiffey's Book and fc'ationory Store. No ST6 7th *trcet: John F. KHi*'* Music Stor?. Pa. av , between 9th and 10?h sts.: Dr. F. S. Walih'* Drug j Store. Navy-Yar?': Dr. D. B. Clarke's Drug >** > e, corner Pa. av an<l 4,Si * re?t; !?? Kidwelr* D-ug I S ore. Georgetown, and of the offices and menil>er* of the Y' ung Catholic'* Friend Society. au 23-T -M VV4t IS ate*, Intel, ami Con. St each ] T MOONLIGHT EXCURSION [IE Congregation ?>fGraceChurch(Island) propose giving a MOONLIGHT EX- k CURSION for the benefit of [hn^QnB^ I Ch'.i connected with the Church, FRIDAY, AugustSI. 'i'hey have chartered the steamor Phrmx, which will leave Eleventh (treat wharf at 5 o'clock p. m , precisely. Withers'* Band has been engaged for tho occasion Refreshments on the boat. Tickets 50 cen ; children 25 cents. i Committee. I S. E Murphy, C. Jacobs. P.B.Taylor, W. S.Y?atman. i W. S Roberts, R. F. Bertie, J.N Gordon C.H.Hancock, an LS-eo HOOP SKIRTS! , HOOP SKIRTS New supply just received of all the new I r L<adies and Children, from 2b csnts to ?$. H fGAN, ' au2S fit 5*11 7th st. and 3a 1 Fa. avenue. , FD. L. MORRISON *. CO., I LOUR AND GENERAL COMMISSION < MERCHANT*, < And wholesale dealer* in 1 MILL FbEl>, CfJHN MEAL. <-r., *e., Corner of 12th and B street*, Washington oitjr. IHT Cash paid for all kinds of Grain, au 25 6m FLOUR7 MEATLT MII.ITFEED~kc ~~ i Just reoeived on oonsir nmern? ' HO lihls superior brand of fresh ground Family, \ Extra ?im1 Supeifine Flour, ! 30 bhls. No. 1 Rye do., * F.esh ground Cora Meal and Mill Feed of all kinds cous'antly on hand, for sale low in lots to suit. Ill M C.? "? ~ i/. La. WUMIISUIM * CO. A LBE?T WOOm.EY'8 RESTAURANT, j cx l'A.A\r., BiTW 17th ajid 18th 8ts. ' A. W. b*?i moat resp-'e*fully to toform his Yiends that he is baok again at his oMA . ? A i.and, in tlir First Ward, whereIm hopes. ?* keeping every thine ?>f the beet quality i . > have a share of their patronage. < Yours faithfully, ' au3.-?? ALBERT WOOPLKY. ? \f R8. A. R. BEI.I.'S SEMINARY, ] LT1 Corm.r of L and Te*tk sis., Wa king ton city. 4 The next tcssion if this school will commence j September 3>l, IWt. The yout g ladies of the Insti- < ution are paitieularly requested to lie sunotual ia I i'ten<ta oe at th-> openiag of school, ana all others I rho wish to become id* tubers of the same to make i arly application, as the number of pupils will be tmilaa. Terms, Ao.. given on application. an 85-(t3"t eotUct 15* ^ Rkd ash coal, . WH1T>. ASIL COAL. *, LYKENS VALLEY COAL. J OAK WOOH, PINK WOOD. ?wed and Split Woo*] in quantities to suit, for low I), R. W. BURR, i an -3 at* corner of 7th at. and Ma?, av. t |N?TRUCTION IN DRAWING and PAINT- . Mr WM. MACLEOD continue* instruction in , ,he varioa* bran he* of the above art* at hia olaea > oom.Nfc. IT l.oui?iana ar*nue,a few door* eaat ! >f Perry * Brother a. Collejea, seminaries and <1 ichools attended, aa heretofore, with but little in- t erruptin to other studies of papiU Apply aa ib itc on Wodnesdavs and ??inrrl?. - 0 noon, or through fh# Po?l OA'?. * ''ait g'-ooS*"** ^ f^NE punch?on*pure higif flavored BAY BUM. ) 1 u?t received and for ?alw t?r ? au tt-?oat MIUDLKTON * BEAL.I,. U|7 HALTS' W U ? ? Vf.Sk. ? ? * L i SHI PA. AT., BIT*. 11th AKB 1*T? On* < SW Wtarf &&??... % just received a1 mm. its ud st.' ONE CASK FINE AND PI RF. IRISH L Alao, Si Dosen FINE LINEN CAMHRIC viw fa: I HAVE IIST RECEIVED A LARGE SI BIT rHur.??nd will be constantly rerel*1 ag m PkM call and examine, \t N*. ?1 Scvwlt at an?5-?t 'r A TTPTIAW b A I tKJ IVtl V )/\ IJIit ) Br J. C. MoGUIRE * CO..ANU<nMn C^OVERNMK.NT ?*Al K OF HORSK.-TO MORROW MORNING. AUI'I Milk. ?* M o>i<<ck, in front n th* Auction Room*. tell ell for aeaouat of tha (>or?riiia? One (ri; Horae Trim ocsk. an?T It J. c. MeOriWF ft CO , A??. Br A. GRHKN. AaotiouMr. Household furniture,china 6u? inn Ciocim Wake at Abctio*.?Oa TUESDAY. th'BKfc'<sTo?k ?- m , I ball aril, M my A notion Roou.tiHwtliMrtmMitof Hoaaa-farniahing Goo4* It A. Of BEN. An*. By WALLA BARNARD. AooUooaara. CTOOK OF DRY GOOD*. STRAW ?? ODS. MiLLi5**T a?(d Fahct Goooa at AcerioJi ? On-TO MORROW MORNING. 9Mb iaat . at o'o ook, we w?U Mil, In front of tk? Atcttoa Rooma, a lute biortmeat of? Dry Uooda. Straw Good*. MiHinary. fancy tto?<u, R ibltoM, Rncliea, Lseee, Giovaa. Mita, Bonneia. Flat?, Emt>roideri?a, Hoops, &o , to. Trrmi cub. It WA1.L k. BARNARD. Aaota. By WALL it BARNARD. A?cUod*m. Gtt&U&JKVBfflTOVW ING, 29Ui, ?S o dock, v? trill adl, at No. 44T ttovoaik iUMt, c?r tha oornar of G, a wittj of? Grooenea, Satar, Cofaa, T?%, i*oap. Candida, Ac. Wood and WiHow War*. ^ w?i(hu. Count* re, Shdnar and t ixtaraa. Tarma: 8JO and undar caata; o*ar #11 a credit of 9> and 69 day a. an 27-2t WALT, k BARNARD. Auota. By J. C. MoGUIRE A CO , AaeUonaara. Handsome furniture and kefects at Pcslic Auction.?Wa THURSDAY MOK WIN tf, Au^uat 3tib. at I* o'clock Lat tk? re< iuoiiuc ui n. d. honmkf e-M no- ** norm K atreet, between 7th and tlh itrrMi *Mt, we Mil ell tne Furniture and Effect*. oomgrieing? Suite oJ Walnut DtmMk oototsI parlor FinltUT-e. c?mtri*ing 2 if** Sofa#, Arm Chair,Ea*y Chair an1 6 Parlor Chairs, Indies' Walnnt Secretary and Whatnot, Roi'wood Mar Me top cc ter Table, Fancy Table., Two Walnut L>ama*k covered Sofa*. Easy Chain, tf lit frame Mirror*, C< ma VMM, WindowShadec, Rush seat Chairs, Bru*3el*, Parlor and Stair Carpet*. Oilolotb. Matting, Ingrain Capet*. Mahogany Ch?ir*, Rocker* and Fo H Stool*, Do. Secntarj sn>1 Bookoate, S deboard, Cane aratcha r*. uounr*. Bedstead*, bureaus. Wardrobe, Waahstand*, loiiet Sets, i.o<>*ing GiaMN, Mattresses. Bolsters and Pillow*, B aaket*, Comf >rt?, Oounterp?n??, Cooking ard other Moves, Refrigerator, Together with a general assortment of KitehM Requisite* Term*: 925 and uo.'er cash : over that sum a eredit of 6? and 9" day*, for satisfactorily endorsed notes, bea ing interact. au27jd eGl'IRE A CO., KnoXm. By A. GRKCN, Aaotioreer. Household furni hhe, china. gl*?* AXU CbocKKKY Will AT Al'CTIOH.?On FRIDAY , the91st iu^iant, at OoVook a m.. I shall ell, at my wa'etn>uee, -n '?*tr?-at, I etweenSth and 7th ?u , on aooomt of wboaa it may oouoern, a i targe lot of Furnitu e. viz: mpiivfBHi c?'i?i V/Uajfi ftitO w n&rnot, Wa nut < ent r TiblM.tmt/b'clci ) RBod'tstditnd Wuh 9iDki, Book Case* and raster cnair*, Maho mi) Drestint and other Bureau*, Louniea, Cane and W..<d iMtCliwri, 1 tf afoot Kxtereion Tabla (walr*\) Break f\?t, Ha'.oon and olli-r Table*. Frtithir Bade, Bo at?r? and Pilow", Hair, Ci?t^?nf>!? and Hu*k Ma'tre**??, Smile and Double C< ttar* J any Land Bedataada, Mahogany Offioe Oesk and Chair*. Blaukuta, Coiuforta. Shecta too Cuw, Plated Casters. Kui/ee and Pork*, Do Tea Table ?ud Forks, 1 China Tea Set, *4 iieoci. 1 Granite Dinuer tet, (complotv) Stone China i'ishea, Ki m Bowl* and Pitcher*, Goblet*. Tumbier*. Wine* and Ci.ampagno*, Toi et Sets, white a- d oolored. And many otner article*, too namerou* to enumerate. Term*: A'! auira of an! under. $26. oaah;orer #25, aceuit ?f 2 and 4 mont ii, ( < approved enuorsexi not'*, beaiu.R iat*re?t. ai.i7 _ A. GRKF.N. A net. By J. C. MoGl JRK A CO. Anetioneers. R US f Kh'S SALE OF TH R K K V A LUA Bl.E 1 o: * at THxcokMi i r Fik*t St. wi*T A?CD SOITH G M-on FRIDAY APTKR NOON . Au*u*t Slat. at 6 o'clock on the premi*e*. br virtus of a deed <1 truat dated Septeinbar l?t. InSB, and duly reoo.ded in Liber J. A. S . 15S, folio* 435, eto , one of the land record* (or Washington oounty. in th* Diatriot of Columbia. I hail aell lota numbered ? ?. i< ai.d 3),in JameaC. McGaire's aubdiviaion of Sq tare 624. Theao LoU front each 23 feet 4* inehes on Fi at street w*t. be' ween G and H atreeta aortk.aad I rsnninr b ok 15*t fiwt a incti** ?> ' ?? -1 - pettier with th<- improvements, ooB?is<ing of small two-stor* brick hoases erected on the rear of Mid lot* and froiitin* on ike flay. Terms: One fourth oash, the residue in ?, IS and 13 month*, with interest, secured by a deed ot trust on the premises If the t#rm? of sale shou'd not be complied with in Eve days thereaf er. the trastae rea?nree the right to resell at the risk and ex pease of the da iaulting purcha*er. All oonveyano njr at the expense of the para baser. THOU J. FMHER.Traetae. au 27-d J. G. MnGLIRE A co.. A nets. By . GREEN, Auctioneer. Extensive balk of liquor ehtabubhmbnt at abctioh.?On MONDAY, the 3d duv of September, at 10 o'olook a. m , 1 shall sail, at the store of John Frederick Oerecke, on fans, avenae, between 4K and 6th streets. No. 3M, the whole of ma slock and fixtures, viz: FineCograc Biandiee. Diff-rent brands of \V hisky, Mo.lana Gin, Port, Madeira and other Wiaee, Champagne, Hook Wines and Absynthe, Wolfe's gehiedam Bskussa, Bitters and Viaagar, *?? l cwwn fvaiiiy, Imported cigaraof a'l brand*. Aachoviea Mid Dutch Herring*, Two Show Window* and Store Fixture*. And manr other artiolee which we deem it uneoeasa; y to ?gum??t#. The attrition uf dealer* i* particular!} aalled to thi* *ale. a* bargain* mar be expected. term*: All aunna under oa*h; over ?3' aad n >t?x **e?iinp .$5", a ere it ol 3'day*; over $vand not eioeedmr ?IO?,aoredit of 90daj*. for approved siid^r*e?i notA* Br order of tb* Kx ecu tor and Kxrottriz. _*u JTd A. tt K KKN, A net. Br A. GRKBM. Auctioneer. DESIRABLE IMPPnVKD AND UN1M paoviD PaorKBTT it Public 8alk ? For aale lit tho Auction Store of the uiMieraigaed, oorner of S*v?ntn itrMt WMtandD atreet, on VV KpNhSD V V. the 12' h of September next, at 5 u'cock p.m., the fol'uwing Lota: Lot 5, in Square V*. Lot 29, in t^uareiM L 110, in Square 1. 27. Partol Lot IB, in >uuare729. froatiu nw mche? on Kaal Capitol ?t.ret, improved b) two imail tenementa Thi? propert* la within th? propoMd extenaion of the Capitol grounds. Tit 0 porf ot. Term? : On* fourth ouh; th? ra?HlMiil,Uta< IS raontha, aeoarad by deed of trait. AM oeaw uoi?( ?( theooatof the p?rohaeer. If the terma >f aale are not complied with within ire r'ava from lay of aate the property will b* reaold at thaeoat of paroh*e?r. _ aa n Staw3w*4a A. GRBKN, i?et AN ARTICLK TO REMOVE PAINTS, oila.or greaee of any kind, from ailk, wool. or paper, without injuring the artiele in oslor or texture, haa at iaat bi*n found. It will alao elean kid tlov a without leaving any nnpleataatodnr. That wticle 1a -MOORE'S B ENGlNE." Prio<> 15 oU.. SO oenta, and *1 per bottle. MOORK*S aa 2Mt Weat End Drag Store, 114 Pa. n. ENGLISH HHUITING PRINTS. HAVE Juar received one oaae o< Shirting^Printa of extra qoalitj ana width, warmnted ... uuiui*, M lao. per jar?l. H. EGAN, au gjt <ttt 7Urt.,?ii3<lPt. a?. WTO THE PUBLIC. E Call the attention of our friends and the pubic generally to the fin it that we have oMk a irst ina'itj CLOTHING ESTABLISHMENT on the sorner of Seventh anrf E itreeta, Waefcinftos, rhere we have on hand a large stook of the above 3ENT^'FukNTf>HI NG GofjDS. ^urr8?irti?n? j ndeeri a superior kn d to any heretoforeeold is this )itv for the prices. By Fair Dealing nod Low Prions which haa always hewn oar motUi) we hope toob;ain a liberal ?hare of patronage from our frleads wnd the publio. au 21-1 w BAR 4 BROTHER. T NEW FALL GOODS. I 1ST Reoeived in; iret euppty of now Fall Goods, on*mting of Cloths, Caa?imers, Caeinots. Flantels, l>e!ains. M^nuos, Alpaeas. Poalies, Merrimac tod Eagish Calioos, Kentuoky Jeans, Tweeds, ileach??l and Brown shootings and Bhirtiage, Colons, Irish Linens, *e. v \ A ?? m a-6t 331 7th ?C. aod Stl Pa. ar. fCOAL olu U8T1 wtrrf frop Virata? Oil Coaaaaf 0 barrel* 'imePAB.AFINE COAL OIL VkM ?virrMtM?^Ml to tM Now Yoik or Buntotail. fhe trade ma M eutplted oa the t?ra| M a ord-r to di?eo?? of my eatire atofk of Kn'i aad !W STRAW HATS treat ladEww^wtilbe i(Tared m<Ul the cloee of the eeama Faehwnafcle Rat aad Cm fu>ra, ae ? lm Pa. w? aear Foar-aad *-kailjC_ _ ?2.5o rj^?Ci'?At?";VK* i, ?? ; n fwi' ' > .m.. - *. -.^ P R. BRICE HALL'S. ~~ k NTMtk Street, IN EN MM] * K C?v* ANDKEBCHIEP*.? NCM n?X LL GOODS. 0PPL\ Or DBY GOOD*. for Urn Fall TrO?, W. W. TKPWTg. AUCTION SALES. THia aftrrnnnN a r*Z~Sn?mTZm By J. C. Motil'IKF. * CO., A u?'tsfi swisJa vLftr&ta S&vrsja A^rwiMMiitwNM ?in plMM tfck* aotar*. +m *'***' J. g WftUIKK A CO . A??. Er A. OKKRN. AMHMMT. O HANDSOME TH*BK-f>TO*Y FIAMF. Mil in front of tk? pruni**, at? o'elork p.m.. part of Lot Nn.t 11 i^??r? No. *?. wWj H>?? in CanSTViUi t*ot *Hfc OMtJioiac atclH or ? jSiaaswa^ > t tt, l?. ?< M noatha. for not* taariag ml?f?ti from 4m ?f hi* AM|iv?ui?Mo(lrutl?k?t.TiU?"* a.oreen. ami ie7-the above salk 18 poj?tp?'nrd oa Moomtof ths incunont wMth*r wai.l FEW %r K-^rawa. ictthf above 8m.e ?s?t?ll fueth *r >oat?oDMl, on aoooant o'lk* ra;a. until MOtfd (v.u?e2tth iul, mmi twirk^ilm*. m?-4 a. preen. aaet FUTURE DATS. Mr BARNARD A. BIKKEY; 6?>r(ctovB. OOHT1VR 8U.E OF VALUABt.E AND a Dmiiiii HriLDtwc Lor i* 6iotsrmwii. J>. C-. at Fcblic An no*.?Oa Tt R?UAY A F TERNOON,?Ui >ui,Uili o'oM. in fro?? of Ik* prenuaaa, that reluct ud amt daairaba Lot, ov*rd by John Caaain. K?h . ud *i<aatad oa the northwe?t earner of Proapoet Bad Fpto? n rtrMli, is GMTfttowi, D. C. and fronting ifty four f?t mor* or Im?, on tba former atract m? Binet? IrtrMt mora or leaa on tha latt-r. jhtle indupBtahle. Tar ma caah: and ifl? da tar a of the piNMP money to ba oa Ua gioand. or tba property vill be wadnt*1; raooidT Ptiaaaa ai?n ciTea apon omrjlurca wit* aaid t?rm?. aatt- BABBLE l) A BUCKKV, A?a. By J. C. McGt'IRK * CO.. Auotioaaara. DEBIHABLE DWELLING BOUSB ON NoBTB \. BTBBIT lirwm HTH BTBBBT wi>t< ii"> Vnmmt Auku Koa Itu ?On FRIDAY AFTEMNOON, Augaat Mth. at aix o'c'ook. on tbe preouaoe va ah all aeli part of Lat B, in aabdiTiaion of aa uare No. ttV frontier *! fort oa north L ft'? t between 14th atraet and Varmoat avacaa, running hack ab at US feat with a front af lSf?et on Vermont a?aaae. Wig ether wiU tba MB proremer U. eonaiating of a thraa atory bac* fcfiHmg, ron'aiof aix room a, aad atandiac t<aek from tha boildi at i na a boat? feat, and adjoi oad oa eaah tut- uj a wnaioM urw-tnn briok Mbn bou*e. The location o aaasoeptooaable for a private rMidiMi, and the property ?*I daatiab* M a r*tidMN for *uuUI famly. Trtnt: One-third ouli; tM reel due la 6, 11, aad It month*, with latarett, spoored by a deod of bast on the premiaoa Title perfect. aa 20-o J. C. MoOLTrE ft CO., A. eta 0T?THK ABOVE SALE IS POSTPONED, in ooneeqaeooe of the rain, antil WEDNKW4) AFTERNOON, *ar 29th, tamo hoer aad p ao*. au J. C. MoGFlRE ft CO.. Aaote. Br A. GREEN. AaaUoaear. HOU&EHOID AND EITCHEN rURNI run, P awo Foars, Ac., at Arcrios.?Ob WEU.>K?DAV,th* 29tfa in*t.,I*hal eel . at the r?iid?n?? of Mr* Maun, oa aorta N. be*wee? ttUi end 13th street*, (the Am will deeicnate the hoa?e. > at 10o'tktk a. m., aa notUntaeaortataot oftat ditare, *: Mahota^j Sofae. Rnekiac acd other Chaira, EMarblo-tnp aad Center Tablee. Bureau* aad Wa*n*ian<i*. Card, Side, Dioiag, ar.ri othar Tab!ee, Piano Forte. Jenny Lind aad othar Bedetaade. gr? Cottage IW, Loanga. Whatnot, aad Iron Hat tr?*, Seat he- Beda. Bo ate ra and Pillowa, air an 4 Shack Mattreaaea, E q? Taaeetrj and other Carpata, a>l and Stair Oi'coth, Chin*, tj a?a, ard Crocaery Ware, Co. king and other stores. With ? go?<l lot of Kiohen Requ'Ufa. Term*: AH iubi aadar t& oaah; o?? that earn a credit n 00 and 9" da??. for uitM aaUafaetorny audoraed, beating ittereet. an tvd ?. 6RF.KN. Aaat \| A RSHAL'S SAI.F.,?In virtue of a writ of 1*1 fie-i faciaa laaued from the Clerk a Oftoe of the Ciraait Court of the Diatriot of Columbia for th' CountT ol Waah.nftoa, and to me directed, I ill expose to publio aala, for oaah. in froatof Ue Court H?uae diorpf said oou-ty on WKONKi* DAY, the 39.h daj of Aarat next. Iaao, at It o'oloek m. Alt daf-ndant'a right, title, e'aim ami ta'areet in aod ro Lot No 6. la Star* in. in the City of Waahington, D.C , together wtk all aad atagalar the im^rnTemart* ihereon, aeited aad levied ayon aa tha p'oaerty of Joha F. Dyar, aad will he aald to aatiafr judieiala No. W. to October term UN, ta rs?. U.S. Mankal fnr tk* TV.?r,~* -r c.i ? >17-dtl " ~ ~ \f A RHH A1,*SRALE.?lavirtaaoftvnto of n i"I kMM from th? Clark's oft?e of t?? Circuit Ct>*rt of *Im Diatriat of Colaiatm, for tka oownty of Wwhiiiitnr, and to me diraotad. I vill axpoae to aaMie aale, for oaak. in front of tk# court houM door of Hid ooiat;, og MONDAY, tfcc lu da? of Amiit next, lMn,ai H o'clock ? , all defcadut'i rig ht,tit>.claiir and intaraat irand to Lot No. 15, in Saaara No. TS. in tke oity of Waahinj'on, D. c.t togatker with ail and nanlv tka f?roviwint? theraoa,aaiz?d aad lavrd a pen a* tto aroaart; of CkiaTif Van Pattfri^d will ba sold to uaift Jadioiala Not n and 7*. to Ootohrterm 1M, It Ikvor ot John W.Tbonpaon aad Z. PSilama. Jy U-dta (J. 8. Marahal lor Diatriot rfCo.itint>.a ( fiyTHF. ABOVE BALE 18 POSTPONED niiUl WEDNESDAY, tha **h ia*C. aiaa boar and plaoe. _a?j _ W.8ELDKN. P. ?. Marakal. Br A. GREEN, Auctioneer. Household and kitchen fueni tcii, PiA.)?oToaTK, Ac, at Arcnow.-< >n THURSDAY, tke ant* in>t, I akatl eel I at the r??Kt*noa of a gei'tlemaa ce? lining hoaaafc?f>ng. on Ma?aacba?Hta av?nut, botveea 4th and M ate.. No. 1", at H o'eloct a in , an exoellent aaaort mart of r ?rri??re. ? g: Eoeew -d Piano-fort . Stool and Corar.a food Intronent, Ma i?< r Sofa, Parlor and otKer Chairt. Do Baraaaa, Walnat Extaneioa Pining and other Tabiea, Parior aad other Looking ftlaaeem, (x>?0 and Baadd Chair, Cotiaf* aad otker BMaiaida, aad Mattraaaaa, Fine Bmeeele Carpet, Oi r oth aad Matting. China Ula?aaud Croakarj Wa? ?. Cooking, Radiator and other Storee, with a f?oc lot of Kitoboa Raqaiaitaa. Ta ina: All anaia under fts, caak, orer #?. a credit of K> and >i day*, for no tee aati aiaa ton.i an doraed hearina intere?i A OKFEN. Aaot. Bf BARNARD A BL'CKKY, AaoCioDMri (iiorgnotm. D. C CTOCKOF A RETAIL GROCBRV. FAINT. D Oil, mip Biwu, in Pwi Vont Mm AMD UVIMM WiOOK, AT ArCTiPH. IS tuwk.-Oi fHL'RSuA ' MORNlNte. tkm ?N i-ut. at 10 o'clock. *? tha'l m?T at the fttoro ct J. ?*. Johnson. No. 97 Wmot otrooi. a l?rr? atoek of wrin. Liqaora Parnu. Otka, VirMik, hum, TW, a?d T?T**Un?. boiac kia Nt r* atnqk. Aiw>. Br WALL* BARNARD. Auofco?.a. ?>Ot*ITl VE BALE OF TWO VALUABLE L v&it&r M 6 O'c c-ck. IB froat of tha prmrimi. wa anil w>i . *,L TtnMI ' M Wfc&lh, balUM uaw? WMUl. ??T THE BEST." TH0K80V8 CXLXBEATKD 8 K UTS. NOVRLTIKI rn llTl'MN, 1M4 Tk. i I- ?..u n... ?* CmUimUb" filry. * P?rUiaa Tnla. - Ttpkrr S?aod*tM f>o? Um MnI rvinti 4M(M' MuifMU'^ loMr by M fro* T>inrt Nwl 1t?tH Cornu*M 8fn?|i mm* IdimimM* Wt(U* E>?n >W*? ?>* wrt> ?r?> Mi Ua4* Mit, Um Ctowm. For Mrr*k??. W S. tC.M. THOMSON A CO , mbunru, N?w Ym. M? MfcTttrt9?*Cttola A 1UM Viioi <iM~fcl)10Pfc,\y Rr?ivC

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