Newspaper of Evening Star, August 28, 1860, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated August 28, 1860 Page 4
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THE EVENING STAR. I THE PEOPLE. Some love the glow of outward she w ?ume love true wealth and t'y to win it; The l ouse to me may lowly be. If I bnt iik- the peopl? in it. What's all th?- gold that glitWa cold. When link'il to hard or haughty fee inga? Whet e'er w?'r? told, the nobler gold. Is truth of h. art and manly dea* nga. Thjn let them seek, whose mind* are woak, Mere farhion'a amile, and try to win it; x The honse to me may 'owly he. If I but like the people n it. A lowly roof may jive ua proof 'i hat lowW fiowera are ofier fairest; And trees who** hark is harsh and dark, ?J'*! yiehl us froitand bloom the ra est. There's W'-rtn as sure 'n?ath carmenta poor. As e'er adorned a loftier station; Anil miuds - ju.-' as those we 'rust. Whose claims is bnt of w aTth'a creation. Then Jet them s?ek, whos? in nds are weak. Mere fas) ion's smil?, and try to win it; Th? hoa?e to me way lowly be. If 1 but like the people in it. Hicks (thk Pieate) Still Aliv*.?'The New V ?t- I a - 0 a \ aeiL ? ?? I ? i vn L.raurr ui me ?ay?. iucnr i? HOW no further use In conc-allnsi that A W Hicks, who was ostensibly executed for piracy on the 13th nit., is still living, though in a dangerous state, but likely to recover the full use of his faculties and limbs The sight of hi* left ev? is gone and his loft arm sud leg continue paralyzed; hut, apart from t^f-ae Injuries, he woula appear to have suffered nothing." It la said that Hieka was pulled up only 2% feet and suspended only 13 minutes, being afterwards restored by the electro cLeoilcal bath. How to Clba* Mattimo ? It Is not proper to scrub It with soap and water, as It causes itto turn t.> an ugly yellow, and a brush wears it out very rapidly A large coarse cloth, dipped into a strong mixture of salt and wa>er,and rubbed over the matting, will remove ail the dirt and not Injure either color or texture. It should be carefully rissed afterwards with clean cold water, and then dried by tying a cloth over a broom and weeping it bara. A Wart-cosditiuxad Family?According to the census returns, there Is now residing In New Bedford, Mass , a family consisting of fourteen persons The father of the family Is forty live years of age, the mother forty-oiie, and their twelve children, all of the same parentage, are from one to twenty-one years of age. all of tbera rrma:kable for their quick intelligence. There have be-n n > deaths nor sickness in the famliv. A W AB313Q.?The Harrlsburg (Pa.) Telegraph ayi' A taily bad been In the habit of picking her teeth with pins A trifling humor wai the consequence, which te minat a in a cmcer. Tie brui und quicksilver used In making th-se pus will acconut fur the circumstance. Pins are always pernicious to the teeth, and should never be used for toothpicks |?7~The first payment of the indemnity due 8pain by Morocco?about 1,'iOO,000francs?arrived at Gibraltar on the 27th ult., and is in the bands of the Morocco Consul at that place. The Commis sloner sent in chargeof the money?Ha^gi Achiu^t Habouba?died iu a few hours after the steamer arrived at Gibraltar, probably of cholera. JE7~The Vine Growers' Convention met at Aiken South Carolina, on Tuesday last. It was attended by many prominent gentlemen of the South, principally from Alabama, Lousian-, Georgia and South Caroline. CI/" Alexander Dumas arrived at Nice on the 3d inst., from his visit to Garibaldi. As he cams back In the regular packet from Messina, it is supposed that he has sold his yacht to the dictator. 'IT Who were the first newspaper subscribers mentioned in Scripture! Cain and Joshua; for Cain took A Bell's Lt/e, and Joshua ordered the I Sun. IT^Rogers, the sculptor. Is in Munich, superintending the bronze doors for the Capitol at Washington. CP" The population of the United States's supposed to amouut to upwards ot thirty-two millions, according to the census now in progress IT^The mayor of New Orleans has issued an order prohibiting the police from taking an active pert in political affairs |C7"The United States Convention of Univer alists will meet in Boston on the third Tuesday In September. 1X7"Do not be deceived by a facile exterio'i Tender men sometimes have very strong will*. fJjT Parson Brownlow says he never will join the democrats. We should hope not, Indeed. ET Receipt for making pantaloons last: make the coat and vest first. ARRIVALS AT THE HOTELS. NATIONAL HOTEL?G Hlllman. La; \V C Rannenaau, Cal; M A Pratt <*.nd lady, Miss; A dm Zerman, .Mex, B M Uletneni, Mo; 6 W Buell A lady. Ky, (Jea Anderson. DO; W H Mitchell, S J 1 bomnaon and lady. Md; Wm Bruce, Mo; L)r HR Buck. La, J M Windsor, NY: M S Cba-1wick, 2 Cbadvrlck, Va; Dr D J Meim, J \V Means. K T \>tt and lady, Ala; Mrs Edward Mr frtiDBon, \\ M Bra ton, DC; Hon J Taylor, 0;(iPU Iffln, NT; J D Mayes, A H Bowmtn.C |t Harrison. La; U Solomon, Mr Jones, NV; Ed Montague. Va; D K James and lady, XV Lease A lady, L* L Mattilr, Fla; J A Medley, Md; J R DOKK. NY. BROWNS' HOTEL?B Davenport and fa , Va, C Hays. Ala; Dr J Davenport, Miss, W Higg?-s. Md; J Whalson, Va; W Richardson, La; G \V HoIm-? and ly, R Wade, Ga; G Jordon, Miss F Lew s, AU; Mrs D Valle;,\Y; E Lackland, Mo; A Lerrin. J Cullin, Dr Berthlot, La; J WhitHeld, Miss M Feoe;, Miss; W P Cooper, Va; J D Frierson, Ca; 11 Butter, H T West. Pa; W Martin, Md; W R Gibbs, W H Gibbs. Miss; B Ilud: son, W H Basa-.'ttand ly, La; Dr-J Mvnhartand faui, tis; Judge J G Shorter and fam, Dr TLornton tind ly, IFShorter and fam, Ala; 8 Moore and daughter, Va; J W McCutctin, J B McCutcbin, W Thompson, La; G Clltherali, J M Battle, Ala; S Silley, Md; W We?t, C Sellers, Pa K1RKWOOD HOUSE ?G Campbell, Md; M Prldman, A Jones, Pa; J Solomon, NY; E Plem lag, A Hunt, W E Hudglns, Va. orRA NSTKA nrnf?x> tt rjvn n Ava ? rom thx i'hitbd states. Steam* i. L*ave. fm. Day*. Rereia?.New York...Liverpool,.?Ann. ? ammonia.......New York ..Hamburg ? pt 1 Arabia. Boston Liverpool....fc?pt. h Africa _..N?w York ..Liverpool Sopt if From Echopb Africa .. Liverpool.... New York...Aug. 18 J nra.... Liverpool New York... Aug. 21 Fulton .South'pton.. .New York... Aug 22 New V?rk .,*o?ith,pton.. .New York... Aug. 22 North Union .Liverpool Quebec Aug. 23 Canada - ? Liverpool Boston Aug. 25 Boiiauiiau. ?.. .Liverpool Portland Aug. 30 Tin H*var.a mail steamers leave New York on the 3d, J2th, ITU*, and vtn of ?aoh month, and Charleston oo tu > *ta aud 19th. The t'a.:: .mi* mai. v??w tW? Wh *n^ titii of ? "* month. JMPORTANX TU HOUSEKEEPERS. E. K. DURXEE* CO.'S BBDECT BPIOBB. Guaranteed not only ABSOLUTELY AND PERFECTLY PURE, tat ground from Irejh Spvoei, aeleoted and cleaned tj u* rea*iy (or tha purpose without referer-.oe V> c ?t. They are beaatiraily packed in tinfoil, (It.ed with paper, f to prevent injury by keeping, ?r.d are fail weight, while tfee ordinary ground Hpioee are aimoat invariably snort. We warrsat t:.9m, ib eoibt of atrengta acd richness of flavor, IJEYOND ALL COMPARISON, M a eintie trial will abundaatiy prove. M an uflao tared only bj r? IS-if.PA i ?i" piaH Ni^r^VV "PROPOSAL?* POR IKON RAILING, CUP* Jr l.>U. tc.POB KSf!i nilNnn?. . o _ ? , _ , V.-.W VI tw li Orvici or Coxaiuiomt t Public Puildisos.I Au|ud 18, ( Bbalbd PioroiiL* v,ll be reoei *ed at this oflioe up to 1< o'clock. at , 38th iiutant, for the folio* ing work for the improvement of the oirele at the intersection of Penna?!vani.\ and New Hampshire ar?g??: On* tHon?aad feet, UftM i??t.) more or less, of AVroagh'-Iron Railings. (post* 6 fret apart,) with three uagle and oae doable fat?, tne cause and >sts t? L>? included in the prioe par iin?al foot. One th asand lineal feet, (1,000 f*et,J more or less, of Circular Oranttc Coping 9 by 16 inches, in pieoee not lets than sis f*?t long Also, one thousand liueal tect.t MM) f?et) of Briok Foundations, 1 foot 6 iDcnn by 3 f e'. deep, including excavation and removal < f sa/tA. Finns for railing to ba seen at this ffioe The I'M* tor Railing, Coping and Foundation to "be separate, and narked "Prop wtis for Raring for the Circle " or'"Copiaf,** or^'roa"dation." aa JNO.B Bl.AKK, as i? ' tak'haa Commissioner. Jl HT RKVKiVKD. aad for tale SIR J A". CLARKS' FKMALK PERIODICAL P1LLB. REYNOLD'S SPECIFIC for Gout or Rkeumatiaui, by 8. C. FORD, Jr.. PtairBMMtUt, a* 14 2?r aoraT nth ?t. and Fa tvt. TAKE N??T CE. 1 HOMPIONK CELEBRATED MEDIriXE?% I.IKE PRESERVER,ul CORDIAL, for Ml*. wholesale ami ratal 1. by 8. C. FORD, Jr.. Pharmaceutist. _ ?u M 2w wrwr ltth ?L and Pa ave. PATENT FRUIT AND VEGETABLE I J vRS-li?u b?n ant oheaaaat artio)?iauM?iwl aiH aoa. Alto a apply <?f Coxt'i Gelatin* Bora* tt'? Coeaiaa; Brovu Gingai; W>K*th*r wttl a fr.-afc U>tofJkl*diein*?, *o. Ju?t raceired at MoOME>> Waat Eud Drag tjtora, au lo Tw II* Pa. ava. ri'HRKK BKAI-TIFIJL UPRifiHT OR COf 1 't ?GE KlANOtt lor rau by th* va*k o mont'i. JOHN P ?LL1?. ?n? Pa. ?mi?, bat. mh aad loth ?ta. Chmkanm A *<>na' PiaaoaataH >n?a. jy ? A ?r.r , nil a, dr y KN OCTAVR PIANO h* iui l%<m ik ?? ?hort ttinv ?'r M w i .aoriftna t?r c?-bhB| *? u*rt'? l>?in* a?>rojM?lift<l to fe?v? UhHTll I Bi Jtt, oar oar ffc ?mi? im bleventb at. M a \ MISCELLANEOUS. SUPPLIES. Orrict o? Abut Clot?i!*? axd Equtpask,/ PHILADELPHIA, AUgUSt |7, 1840. { Hkalid Proposed* are invited, and wil ha re o iveii at thie office, until lOo'olooka. m..ofTnu clay, the fourteenth day of t*eptemt>er next. for furnishing hrontrMt the following Army 9upe,i?? and Material*, deliverable at the United Btates Clothing and F.quipace Depot, (Schuylkill Ar?<*nal,)iu quantities as reqaired. ti? : ? &,noo yardf oioth, dark blae. (indigo wool dyed) Tor cap a 54 iaohea wide, to weigh about 14 ounces per yard. 40,000 yds kersey, dark blue (indigo wool dyed) twilled, ?4 inches wide, to weigh 22 ounces Mr yard. A.OOOarmy bla kPts.wool aray, (with the letters U S , in black,4 inohea long, in theo^ntre.) to be7 feet long, and 5 (act 6 inches ?idj, to weigh 5 pounds each. 30,000 yards of flannel, dsrk b'ue (indicowool dyed) 54 inches wide, to weigh 1?> ounces p jr yard. 100,0000 yards tiannel, whib> (ootton and wool) 31 inohes wide, to weigh 6K ources per yard 80,000 yards Canton flannel, SI inohes wide, tu weigh7 ounces per yard. 90,000 yards ootton drilling, unbleached, 77 inohes wide, to weigh <?K ounoes per yard. an,ooo yards ostton drilling, unbieaohed,36inohes wide, to weigh a ounoes per yard. SO .000 pairs half stockings, gray. 3 sizes, properly made "f good fleeoe wool with double and twisted yarn, to weigh 3 pounas per dozen pairs. 15,000 tarda Rrssia sheeting, 43 inohes wide, D?st quality. 3,000 yards, brown linen, 3t inohes wide, best quality. 10,000 yards ootton muslin, nnbleached, 36 inches wide. 10,000 yards blaok sileoia, best quality, 38 inohes wide. 1/00 yards buokram, best quality, 40 inches wide. 15.000 sheets dincwad. oottou. 3U.UU0 yard* tape, white X and X inohea wide.SS Silk r- ii. whit', yellow, gr*?u aud L!ue, for flags, per yard. Bilk twist and aewing silk, best puahty p?rpound Linen thread, W. B No.3)a40,per pound. Dj a.? ?iue, liu. -*> a ?u< wo. Do do assorted colors. No. 3) a 40 per lb. 930 do??n spools cotton. 500 pieoes webbing, 1 and inch. 30,000 yards cotton duct, 2u>* inohfs wide, to weigh 15 ounces pory?'d. 20,000 yards cotton duck, SOS inchea wide, to weigh 10 ounces per ya d. 30.010 cotton duck, 33 lucliea wide, to weigh 10 ounces per yard. 150oorde and tassala, for trumjeta ar.d bugles, assorted colors. l,0ffl yards K inch ailk laoe, aborted onlora 10,"X) rarJs H and \Y% laches w >ra*ed la :e. do. 17,100 nit cords, wor?tud, a?aort*d colors 3-16 inoh diameter, with a tasael at each end two inchea long. 15/00 blaok felt h%t?, beat qcalitr, made of "cotoh and Kng li*h ooney and Hu?*i% Hare?. I**,^black ostrich i*ath? a, 12 inchea long. l7.>? b-asa eaglej. 2i<*> brass crossed camion. 5,00 d? bu$t?a. 3f>0 do do aabrea ion d<' castles 6,'xiO do kuaps&ck trimmings tots. 50 do spears A d Isrules for guidons, and colors. 8i? gross buckles, iron roller, \ and V4 inch best quality 5 gross buckles for nook stocks. ltv pAirs N C 8 brass scale . 30) purs Sa.-geint's br&8s, and 25 pair bronzed scales. 8,0QG pair oorporai's and privatos' brass, and 15" pair bronzed soalei. 7,no.i gross cat buttons, best quality, 2,5f) gross shirt do do 2,'iun gross suspender buttons, do 15" nugles. with extra mouth pieoes. ISO trumpets, do do 2^' fifes, B and C. 30 drums, complete, artillery. HO do do infantry. aot do heads, batter. BiO do snare. 2?t do snares, sets. 2 0 do stinks, pair3. GO ilo cords, oi ita lan hemp, 110 do tlinga a"0 teiit pole*. wa'l sets. S<o do servants' do 2,ooo tent pins, hospital, small. 2,000 uo wall, large. 5",<>on do mmmon 1?Voo tent buttons, (wo >d) small. 20 <00 tent slips, do do li?garriao.i tt\g hal.iards, of Italian hemp. 150 recruiting do do do ao 2,0i<0 pounds colt*, n sewing twice, 6 and 8 strands. 15,0)0 pounds .Manilla ter.t cord, large, medium aod small, best quality. 15,oco tin can teen * with cork stoppers, 3 pints, to weirh 11^ ounces 4*0 iron pots wrh bails. 3 000 iae*a pans, sueet iron. 2,'on camp kett es, do 3 sizes, in nests. 1 ooo piokftzes. 2 ?!Z9?,to w<>iglif>* and 7 pounds 2 0ii0 felling axee, oa?t ?t Jol, b-??t q uality, 3 siaer. 10 0 pink axe handier, best quality. felling do do <10 do 2 <)0o oatnp hatchet do do do 2 i?<o spades do do Kit 1 iLivfli fiir WiKIp* t?nt. JO chains for Sibley tent*, sets. A1 i the abo* e mentionrd article* must co-form in ail respects to the sealed gtas'lard patterns i this office, where they canheex*min d, and any additional information in retard to th?m will be furnished, fainple pattern* of the wooleu aid outrun clothes will he sent by mail to bidders; it i* do-1. able Uat the artioles be 01 domestic manufacture. The privilege is reserved by tha United Mates of decreasing the quautity one-fourtu on ths acceptance of the proposts, and of increasing it froui one third to one-ha.f at any time prior to the com pl'tion of the contract, by giving tne contractor thirty days notice of such desired incr-a*e; and of rejecting any proposal which may be considered extravagant. The manufacturers' establishment or dealers' place of bu*ine*s must be specifically stated in the proposal, together with tne names, address, and iesp?>n?iflinty of two p-rsons proposed as securities. with the ackcowled* menti i.f n?-.<>n that they wilt be suoh ?ec"rity or will be roipousible that good security be furnished in case a. con traot is obtained Bids trom mtnufacturers of, or regular dealer* i. the will be prrferrrd, aiid contract! will be awarded to the loweat respon*ib'e bidder, wno xhall fur tah the required securities for tin performances thereof Diiiven-a to(omm?io? within forty day* after the acceptance of the proposal*, and one half of the quantity contracted for must he delivered in equal monthly proport'ons within four months from kaid data ofaoceptai oe, and the remainder within three months thereafter in monthly or greater proportions, as the oontraotor may find ocnvenient It is to bs distmotl* un lerstood tt at oontiacts are not transferable wit out the oonsent o! the proper authority, and tnat an* aale. aaaignment, or transfer, without suoh eonsent having tewn ob taiu d. iexoept under a prooess of law,) will b? regarded as an aiandonment of the e ntract: and the oortraotor and hit securities will be he a retpor.sibie for all loss or da > age. to the United Mates which may ari*e therefrom. Payment* will be made on each delivery. Ten ' oer cent, of the amount nf ?*y-h ?;ii ?? rataired until 'he contract shall bs completed, which vill he forfeited to the lli.ited State* n case of defrlca:i n on the part of the contractor in /ulfilling 'ne contract Forms of proposals and guaranty will be furnished upon appl'oitton at this office, and none be considered inat do not conform thereto. Proposals will be endorsed?"'PropoNa's for Furnishing Army Suppl;** and Materials," ard t>- addressed. CHS. THOMAS, Colonel, au21 StavtSU Ant Q. M. Getl. U. S. Army. L? r OR M VTKRIA'. FOR THE APPROACHES hKTHk -outh wingofthetreabury extension. TaiAsrmr Depaktmkst, i Bureau of Construction, August 10,1860. S Proposals vill be received at thia Department untii 12 o'clock m.,on the 1st day of September, 1660, for the delivery of the following artiotes, vix : Prepared stou'-s lor Oe'gian pavement soffinent to lay down superficial fret of pavement, .'60 Imoal fe?t of curb stones for sidewalks. *o . in 1 rgth nut lea (than seven<7)feet. anJ? inahes thiok hi lYlichea <leep; tie top edge hammered straight and true,8 inches returned down 3 inches on one s'de, S inch ;s on the other, and have their ends properly j 'inted A n-j 6 quarter circle corner piroes in a single pirce of a radios of 2 feet outside, ar.d of th? sa'ne thiol n -ss a:.d depth, and tame returns dovn the sides as the straight ones; and aUoanother quarter oi.ol# in sieors of not ><ss than 5 feet in length, of a ra iius of 23 feet outside, of the same depth and return dovn the side* as above, and 6 inohes thiok on top. 1QS B1 lAAR t f Kin* Nnrfck D t WAV P! A * * _.*?( m*?i IM|IU| * ioov uy o fret 5 inches 1 0 pi*c?* of biue North River Flagging 4 feet by 6 feet 3 inohee 4? pieces of blue North River Flatting 4 feet by 6 feet 55 pieoei of h'ue North River Flagging 4 feet by S lo?*t 3 inohf an1 less. Bidder* >r u?t n'ate the p'ioea for rough flag, of mootb flag, or dreia'Nl flag, of each of the above aixes ol the beat quality, per sups ficial foot. W hatever kind la se.ectrd muat t>e prepared in a perfeot'y proper manner to be laid down.ano to b. 4 inahea t ick, with their edc?a joint*d square, u wn at iea*t two <2) incbee from their fa*e. Ail th > articiea U be delivered at the Trea?ury Kxfnaiuu. where they will be uaed as may be direoted by i the proper authority. The proposals ? ual he aent nnder oover to t^e HeerKar* ol the Trea- ury, etui oread "Proposal* for Material for tkt Tuasury Kxttmion " and will be opened at I o'olook p. m , ol the as' day rawed for re eiviog the same, in the pretence of the bidders, ifacy ohoose to attend. S. M. CLARK. Aoting I- ngineer in charge au 13 2awtSept i Treasury Departu ent. /^iKPIf L'OIVn 0/\at?t aarrvw ? ~ a 'Uil/n nl.<u OUiin >Y UltLU KfcVv uowned PiANOS.only far ?ale by ti,>-. mm auba rtb?r, at whoee ext-?naiYe warerooiii?|MHM )??n will find alwayaa l?r|??ti>olif.oinbriio-?Wi *? f ing evnrv variety, atyle, price of Pianafor sale upon easy Win* or diaoouut lor oash. Piano* alao from other goo-l a akera. Piaooa for hire. JOHN K. KIJ.1S, Piauo and Maaio Dealer, 300 Pa av , between 9tu and loth at*. Mu-up asnt by mail free of poat. Mudoal repaired. jy 18 W. HAMILTON PAINTER, and * DEALER IN PAINTS, No. **2 Tth Stiutjmw Odd Ftilovi' Hall. au > tf PUTTYls DOWN. HO. HOOD baa now on band a very large aU><'k of filiiultrH ttil.VHB Wiufc ! an of b*? own make, that he will eell as low u any i ol til* Northern Wares are sold for, and at the uune bin* will warrant ever jthn.f to be standard IW Pa. avaaaa. j* ? AVKN. BACON A CO *3, AND STEIN WAY ; A SONS' HUNOS*'* only t>. ha__? f?e, U at the wareroom* of W. G MK T7. ImQM Kk U r f. Parsons in search of a reliable MI mil Piano are requested to oall and examia* beforaaur-1 w-1 ???????? MEDICINES. gCROFULA^ KINO'S BT1L, lift constitutional i)imu?, a corruption of the blood, by wbioh this fluid becomes vitiated, weak, and poor. Being in the oiroulation, it pervade* tha whole hod?, and may burst out in diseateon any partofit. Whatever be its origin, it it hereditary in the oonsti'ution, descending ''from parents to children unto the thi'dand fourth generation;" indeed, it teems to be the rod of Him who says, "I will visit the iniquities of the lathers upon their children." One quarter of a'l our people are Sdrofuloas; theii peisons are invaded by this lurkinginfeorion, M.d their health is underimn led by it. To cleanse 1* ..? ? *UO o;o??ui *o must ICUWfBVC hilO UiOOG DJ an alterative medicine, and invigorate it fcy healthy food aud exercise. Such a medioine wa supply in AYER'S COMPOUND EXTRACT OFSARSAPARILLA, the mo*t effectual remedy whioh the ir.edioal skill of our timaa can devise for this everywhere prevailing and fatal malady. It is oombined from iha most aBtiva remediate that have bean di-covered for the expurgationofthis fool disorder from the blood, and the resoue of the syitenn from it* destructive ooa?equenoea. Hence it should be employed for the cure of not only scrofula, hut also those other affections wnich arise from it, such as Kruptive and Wkin Diseases, St Anthony's Pire, Rose, or Krvsipeias, Pimples, Pustules, Blotches, Illain* aaa Boils, Tumors, Tetter and Salt Rheum, Scild Head. Ringworm, Rheumatism, Syshilitio and Mercurial Diseasaa, Dropsy, Dyspepsia, Debility, and,indead. all Complaint! arising from Vitiated or Impure Blood. 1 he p"pui?r belief in 'impurity o/tht Blocd ' is founded ui truth, for scrofula is a r1#GTP an, aiinn nf IKa HIa/iaI TK* ! - ? v. Niv a 11V pai MUUICII parpUBO and virtue of this Sartapanlla is to purifr And re eenerato this vital fluid, without which sound health ii impossible in oontaininated constitutions. Prepared by DR. J C. AV ER * CO., Lowell, Mass .and sold by ail druggists overy where. au Hx'lm Helmbold'i Genuine Preparation. "HIGHLY CONCENTRATED" nOMPOUND FLUID EXTRACT BUCHU, A Positive and Speoifio Remedy For Di?eaa?? of the BLADDER. KIDNEYS, OKAVKL, and DROPSICAL SWELLINGS. TUU OTCOiciuo luuioaowB ? ?;?. . r,i..Jl' and exoit*? the AWO JBKNTJ) into.MjKS: whioh the WATERY OR CALCBROU8 oppositions, and all UNNATURAI- ENLARGEMENTS are reduced, as well as PAIN and INFLAM MATION, ardus rood for MEN, W'jb&EN, OR CHILDREN. HELM HOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU, For Weaknesses Arisinr from Exoesses, Habits of Dissipation, Early Indiscretion or Abase. Attended with iktfoHowint Symptom* >lnduDOsition to Exertion. f.n?? of Pow*r 1.Has <>f Memory, Difficulty of Breathing, Weak Nerves. Trembling, Horror of Dianaae, Wakefulness, Dimrws* of Vision. Pain iu the Bftok, Universal Lassitude of the Mnaoular System, Hot Hands, Flnshing of the Body. Dryness ?>f the Sitin, Emotions on the Faoe, PALLID COUNTENANCE. These symptoms, if allowed to go on. which this medioin > invariably remove, soon iw potency, fatuity, epileptic fits. In Onk of Which th* Patikjct mat Expi*k. Who can sa> mat they are not frequently followed by ?h<>8? "DIREFUL DISEASED" "INSANITY AND CONSUMPTION. Many are aware of the cause ot their Buffering, b ut none will confess. THE RECORDS OF THE INSANE ASYLUMS And the Melancholy Ihatks by Contumwtton Bear ample wituec s to the troth of th? assertion. THE CONSTITUTION ONCE AFFECTED WITH ORGANIC WEAKNESS Requires the aid of medicine to strengthen And Invigorate the Systom, jthiek Hmlmbold's EXTRACT BUCHU tatariably dot*. a trial will cosvmci ti1e most sceptical. FEM A LEB-FEMAL ES?FEM AT.ES, old ok younljj single, married, on rUHTHMri.ATIXU MAKKIAGE. IN MANY AFFECTIONS HiCULtARTO FEMALES, the extraot Bucha i* unequsllwl bj any ottvr remedy, as in Chlorosis or Retention Irregularity, PamfuiniMs, or Suppression ofCua toinary Evaluations, Uloeraied or Scirrhous atate of the Uterus, Leuoorriiaa or Whites, :*terillity, and for a 1 oomplainU incident to the ? x whi-ttier arisinc from Indiscretion, Habits of Dissipation, or id the DECLINE OR CHANGE OF LIFE. skx symptom* above. NO FAMILY SHOULD BE WITHOUT IT TaMt no mort Bnlmm, Merrury, or unpltasant Mtdirme for unpitasant and Dangerow Oiftnut. HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT Bt/CHU cuke4 8ECRET DISEASES In all their Stages. At little expense; Little or noohanietn Di-*t; Noinoouveniucee; AmA ?to Vrrmn +!* * It manses a fr??nont desire an! gives strength to Urinate, thereny Removing Obstructions, Pravontiu? and ouring Strictures of the Urethra, Allaying Pain and Inflammation, ?o frequent in tiio civs of diseases, and expelling all i'cusanout Dittasrd, ant! worn out Matter. THOUSANDS Ul'ON THOUSANDS who have bk*? the victims of quacks, and wlio h%v~ paiu hetrvy f?es to t>e cured in a short tims. bsv* found they were deceived, and th.*t the ' POISON" han. by the nse ofrowKHTOL astringents," been dried up in the system, to break out in an aggravated form, and PERHAPS AFTER MARRIAGE. Use Hei.wbot.d's Eitract Buchu for a. AffeoUona and diaeiaoMif the URINARY ORGANS. Whether existing in MAI.E OR FEMALE. From whatever oan*e nriginaMrr* and no matter of HOW LONG 8 IAN DING Diseases of these organs reoni re the aid ot a Diwrtti helmbold's extract buchu IS the ureat diuretic. A nd is certain ,tn_h^ve_tjie_d/sire<^ efleut in all Dis euon run vvmium 11 JB kkUUIMMKMJKD. Evidence of the most reliable and responsible charter will accompanr the medicines CERTIFICATES OF CURES. t\om 8 to 20 years' standing. With Namk.? know* to SCIENCE AND FAME. Price 91 00 per txttle, or tlx far S3.00. Delivered to any Acltir'si, necurely packed fro obeervai'on. Dkscbibk St*pto*? im all Commuhicatioim. Care? Guaranteed ! Adrict tintii!! AFFIDAVIT. Personally appeared before me, an Alderman thecitjr of Philadelphia,!!. T. Hii.MBoLD.who heinf duly iiworn, doth ?sy. his preparations oo tain no narootio, no meronry. or o<li?r injurious drnce, butarerureif vretasle. H. T. HKl.Mnni.n 8?orri and ubaoribed before me, thia 23d day of Nov?mb?r, IBM. WM P. HIBRERD, Aldtrmaiu Ninth atreet, above Race, Phila. Addreaa letters for information in oonfidenpe to H. T HELMBOLD, Chenuat, Depot. 104 South Tenth at., bet. Cbeannt, Phua. Tjkware op coumterpeits and unprincipled dealers. Who endeavor to diapoae or theik own" and "other" article* ofl the reputation attained Ilelmbold'a Genuine Preparation*, " ' Extract Buohn, " " " Sari-aparilla, ** " Improved Rose Waah. Sold by S. B. Waitz, 4'iS Seventh atreet, and 8. c Foki>, Ji. oorner Penn. avenue ai>d Eleventh atreet. ASD ALL DRUGGISTS EVERYWHERE. AUIf PAD II L I If U<U l\)u 'I' * tri' ai/\ i >am i wn iiiili i?vlil/ ?? A Al&ri U ' ' A HE*A>? Cut out the adverti?? ent and send tor it. AM) AVOID IMPOSITION AND EXPOSURE ap ? ?r?W XJ Oa H? vfc T?? ^Sfc? a HUMETTELL'S UNIVERSAL COUGH REMEDY, For all Throat and Lung Complaints, from Common Coughs to Actual Consumption. HUNNEWELL'S JUSTLY CELEBRATED TOtiU ANODYNH, The Natural and Sure Remedy for all Nervous Complaints, From Neuralgia through & 1 caaaa where Opium was Aver used to that ofl)"Iirium fremena, and the common ohief cauae of Diaetteo LOSS OF SLKEP. The Tola Anodyne, though containing not a particle of Op:nm, produoea all the requirement* of, and may be used in all oa?ea wherever Opium wa* ted without pro^uoiog anything bat Cure*, and leaving the patient in a perfectly natural a ate. The Universal Cough Remedy, (freed from aW tho common obieotion of <'ough Reintdiee, which pr> luce nausea or proatration,) may be considered theoommon ecemytoa.l Throat and Lung Comp aints. and uaed with perfect impunity Aakiug all to court from proprietors or frienda the most severe investigation of hotb KemMi"*,and reading of our pirnphtets to be lr>und with all dealers, ana more particularly to purchase only of those who oa i be depended upon, we wait in ooufidenoe the decision* of Pati*nts and Phvsioiana. "Prioea within roach of ad." OKflKU AGIlfTI, J. W. HUN5KWKLX. & Co., 7 and 8. Commeroial Wharf. Boston, Uro. Hchnkwell, 144 Water at, N?w York, . Under th<* special supervision of JOHN L. HUNN E WKliL, Chemist and Ph&' in&csutint, Boston, Milan , whose signature oovers the oo ksofthe genuine only, ana to whom addrcm ail oommunioationi. !*oid br all respectable deal era everywhere, and all the Druggiata in Washington and Georgetown. mar 20-eo.r I. |. e. UNil. 1.1. KOVT. r. L iini. Holly SmiM, Miss., Will practice in the HI eh Coort of Krrora and Ar seals at Jackson, the F??deral Court at Pontotoe, lae Court* of the Seventh J udicial District of Miea.ppi.and will attend to the Collection of Claim* kwatbMltka NortK MtMIMml a* It-*# D| UPO^T'S GUNPOWDER, For sale at manuiaoturera JOHN J. BOG UK, GioMKOWK.b C., SoU AMtncy far tkt District ?/ CefcmM*. A large supp.T, embracing every variety, alwwa on hand, no delivered free to ail parte of the Diat lot. Ordera oan alao be left at the offioe of Adam* Kxpr??~ Company. Washington. D. O. fe S-lawlr R~KCF.IVED AND FOR 8AT.EBROWN'S ESSE Nil EOF J AM Air?a aim GBR. UM-m f OT8 OP FIANOS FOR RENT AT LOW L< rate*. Piano* for sale oa the moat^esSiM reasonable terma. Great bargains ia oldfVW^VV Piano. ; alto, ia Gnittra, Violina, Ma-iTSTif lodaoaa, Aooordaona, Ao. 1 Ml* Ml*atMtfor CkiekariocA f V ^ TRAVELERS' DIRECTORY. rkAILY LINE OF NEW FOUR-HORSE U COACHES TO UPPER MARLBORO', farrvtoc I As U. S. Mati. The undersigned are now running Daily, (except Sunday.) Four horse Coaches be- . twecn \V ashington and Upper Marl boro'. as follows: w y ir^y^* Leave the Steamboat Hotel, corner of Seventh street and Pa. at 7 o'clock a. in. Returning leave Upper Marlboro'at 11 o'clock a. m.and arrive ia Washington at So'clock, in time to connect with tlie&20j>. m. t ain for Baltimore. The Coaches are new and commodious, the teams first-class in the hands of oareful and accommodating drivers. Fare to Upper Marlboro. JOoents. To Long Old Fields. -.. .25 " To Centerville .38 * Freight and packages in proportion. au is-tr OSBORN A CO , Proprietors^ Baltimore and ohio railroad. WASHINGTON BRANCH. Chanob or Hour*. on and after wednesday, Juno 18th, 180", trains will run as follows: Laave Washing Ion at 6 30 and 7.4? a. m. Leave Washington at 3.29 and 6JO p. m. On Sunday at 3 20 p. m. Leave Baltimore at 436 and 140 a. m. Leave Baltimore at 3.15 and 4J0 p. in. On bundar at 4 25 a. m. Passengers for the East will take trains at &30 and 7.4" a. m and 3 2D p. m. For the West at 7.4" a. m and 3.20 p. m. For Annapolis at 7.4<> a m- and 3.20 p. m. For Norfolk at 7 40 a. m. On Saturdat vsnin* ?n > ?> ? !? ??? * Philadelphia only. " *" ie 13 d T H. PARSONS, Agent. NEW ORLEANS IN" TEJEIUB DAYS WITH TBS CHOICE OF THREE ROUTES. ? Orange and Alexandria Railroad TO LYNCHBUROt Virginia and Tennessee, East Tennessee and Virginia, East Tennessee ana Georgia, Nashville and Chattanooga, Memphis and Charleston, Mississippi Central, New Orleans and Jackson, TO iNEW ORLEANS! MEMPHIS ROUTE: Memphis bj Rat), thenoe by First class Packets to New Orleans. MONTGOMERY AND MOBILE ROUTE: Montgomery by Rail, thenoe to Mobile by Firstoiass Packets. Mobile to New Orleans by Lake Steamers TWO DAILY TRAINS?SUNDAYS Iwcmtdxd. Leave Washington at 6 a. as. and 6 p a. The Steamer GEORGE PAGE leave* her wharl foot of Seventh street at 61* a. m. and p. m. and oonneotn at Alexandria with the Orange and Alexandria Trains for the SouthwexL Office?Pennsylvania avenue, corner of Sixth st. BAQ8A6K CHKCKKD THROUGH TO 1T*W ORLBABI. Lynchburg >7 5? Memphis >31 on Bristol 1500 Atlanta .*00 Knoxville ..8<?0(t Maoon 38 <*> Chattanooga 24 on Columbus .31 50 Da.ton ??24 (O Montgomery 00 Uuntsville .?..27?0 ) via Memphis.42 SO Grand Junction ?30 00 N.O.J viaG. Juno. .42 50 Nashville 25 Ml \ via Mobile...45 00 TI11S ROUTE 18 ENTIRELY BY RAIL ami is 300 MILKS SHORTER, and 34 HOURS LESS IN TIME than any other l.iae? the Lynchburg Extension being now oompleted, as alio the Mississippi Central, making it the QUICKEST AND MOST PLEASANT ROUTE FOR SOUTHERN TRAVELERS! It ia provided with First class Sleeping Cars! {To New Orleans ?. 73 Hoars. Memphis .... .54 do. Montgomery ...... 43 do. Kasnville . .46 do. fETThe U.S. MAIl/and ADAMS' EXPRESS are taken over this New Line. Tiokets can be obtained at the Sonth Western Office, oo.rctr of Sixth street and Pennsylvania avenue, to the following points: I I) , .l U- . .11- * ? ? u; UVIU'UI JL? 1 mvuit OUVATUlCf miAUIAt Chattanboaa. Hunlaville, Grand Junction, Macon, Nashville, Da! ton. Colnmbua, Montgomery, Mobile, Memphis, and NEW ORLEANS. \rr THROUGH TICKETS TO THE VARIOUS VIRGINIA SPRINGS. ft7* Omnibuses and Daccago Wagons leave the oflio* at 6 a. m. and 6 p. m. JAMES A- EVANS. Ticket Acent, ma 23-tr Corner Sixth at. and Pa. av. I^HE STEAMER JAS. GUY Will resume hei 1 trips on TUESDAY, SHet of February. 1800. Will leave WASH INGTON ever? TUESDAY FRIDAY, at6 o'clock a. m.,and ALEXANDRIA (it half-past 6 o'olook, for CURRIOMAN and the intermediate lAndine*. On her return trips, ehe will leave CURRIOMAN every WEDNESDAV and SATURDAY, at 5 o'olook a. m. LUCIAN 8. PAGE, Proprietor. NATH'L BOUSH. Ac't, Alexandria. fe? PFQR NEW YORkT" ASSAGE,__I??C1jU DING MEALS AMD STATEROOM, ?7.i0. Th? New York and Virginia Screw Steamahlf Company'a ns* and elegant steamship MOUNT VERNON,CapLT.C.Smilh.^MfE will leave the Corrpany's Depot, tern Wharves, atllvj'clocka. m.every WEDNESDAY, and the Company's Depot, at Alexandria, at 3 o'clock p. m. sains day. Passengers from Washington and 6eorgetowx oan take the ooachea connecting with Alexandria teamhoata or railroad, which leave the oorner ol Tth atreet and Pa, avenue hourly, or they oan leave on the atoamer from the Western Wharvea at 11 'clock a. m. State rooma oan be ansaeed on application ta Messrs. Morgan k Rhinehart, Weatern Wharrea Fraig ht will be reoeivod ay to tbe honra of d*t*r & Inanranee will be aftotod on all goods bj thisnne at the oAoe of the Company at X per oeat prenuam. The accommodations for paaaengera by this lias are in every res poet firat-o aaa, and every effort wil be made to render this oommanioation with New York an agreeable and healthful one. For freight or passage apply to FOWLS A CO., Agents, Alexandria. H. B.CROMWELL * GO., ael-ly 86 Went at., oorner Albany. New York. R NOTICE! EGULAR STEAM PACKET LINE BETWEEN BALTIMORE AND JIT1"*. W A9HI N G TO N.-L?&v? Cotn-ft^^^ tnei-00 st. wnarf, Baltimore, m fol-"**"***-* OVI: The St Nichol?? eveir WEDNESDAY, at 6 p. m. Columbia, every SATURDAY, at 6 p. m Leave Kiley'i Wharf, at the foot of 11th street Washington, as follows: Columbia, every WEDNESDAY MORNING, at6. Sr. Nicholas, every SATURDAY,at6a. m. For froislit, dte.. apply to THOS. W. RILEY, Aieot, Riley's Wharf, at the foot of mar 16-TA.Tflm 11th st, Washington NEW YORK AND WASHINGTON STEAMSHIP LINE. . The Steamer MOUNT VERNON will laa*? Alexandria and Washington for New * or* EVfcKY WbUNESDAY, at )?in? o'olock p. m., and New York for inztou every Saturday, at 3 o'clock p. m. Passengers can join the ship at Alexandria at any time before the hoar of the steamer's departure. N. B.?In the event of the steamers inability to oross the bar in oonseqnenoeof low water, all tooda will be promptly lightered to and from the steamer by the undersigned. For freight or passage apply to cM-B.MATtr T PROCLAMATION! O THE CITIZENS OF WASHINGTON, GEORGETOWN, to. Wkrrtaj, At the present season of tho year CHOLERA MORBUS, DIARRHEA.> | DYSENTERY^ DKB1L1TV, 40m prevail to an alarming extent: And whereas, F'RST CONSEQUENCE """"^'""ITemedy at onoe So/i, Speedy, and Efficacious, OR. MONTAROE, ov Paris, offer# h,5(IRACULOU9 PAIN KILLER m the mopt _ CERTAIN AND KFFECTUAL WMWREMEDY FOR THE ABOVE COMPLAINTS In order to THE PUBLIC . , , M that no imposition i? intended tn the aa>? of this Great Medicine. THE MONEY WILL BR REFUNDED in (HI caim when the medicine la.ilu to *ire entire eatiifaotion. ilk, then at u; Dm Stare Tor MIRa88'loUS piPtfllLiLBE, take ae direoted, a ad if not perieotly eatieiod. Return to our Azeat, D. B. CI ARK. ESQ.. AH Street and Ponnay I vaaia Avenue, who will refni d your money. Prioe?84 and to Cente per Bottle. Por aale at all Drug Store* ereryrkna J AH. MannNMKl.l. MAPLE BUGAR. nio? lot of MA^LlT SLGAmf jut n JT* K1N9 4 BURCHSLtu MISCELLANEOUS. // V 4? SOOIOKT! V\ V* A j f /^ DISPATCH! ^ <9 )I \I^vSau the Pieeei! At mmMmtt will kapr*n, ??m to iw^-rnil?iwt , families, it ia rery dosirtble to h?T? ?ora? oh ml* 1 and oonvsment v?y for reptirinc Firutar*, Toys. Crockery, Ac. SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE m*rU *11 aaoh rmercAuoiM.Md no household ni afford to without it. It ( ?Jw*y? r?ftdy ?nd up tn th> .tiokix. ?*?V? i. '? WW W>?v wavniuft fviiifel A UVi O KB HV iV/UK ?I itT for limpiag ohaire, aptintered matra, beadleea dona, Md broken cradle*. It la joat the article for o*> ne.ahell, and other ornamental work, n popular with ladi?a of refinement and taate. Thia admirable preparation la ?aed oold. being ohemioally held in solntion. and poaaeeeing al. the v&Iuabie ?uahtiee of the heat oabinet makera' alee. It may be uaed in the place of ordiaary maoilaga, being vaatiy more ad heal ve. M USEFUL IN ETERT HOUSE." Prut. 35 oenta. N. B.?A Braah aooomparuee each bottle WkoUs+l$ Dipoi, No. 49 Cedar street, New Yort. Address HENRY cTsPALDINO A COBox No. 3,600, New York. Pat np for Dealers in Caeea containing Foar, highland Twelve Dosen?a beautiful Lithojraph<o Show Card acoompanyi&t eaoh paokage. ot spap** iflnm/wLVi win mve iep ufflM iu ooat an onaliy to every houeehold.-ZTl Sold by all prominent Stationery DragfisU. Hardware and Fnrnitore Dc-aiert, ttrooera, and hftncj Store*. Dijflrs'PREPAttEli OLOE, when ??kTnc*?* their li?t. It will ?tand any olimate. fe 10-1y ( M.'VT IC^^L ma ; ^ A ifif y t r H u MM/?rt?rra ?*/ - W ^ ' <fl ^ Vl , f ?' ?'? ? *? ('*? <"?''? l>ut>Urr m U M I ' *i? VmlUy if tkr JCmmmM,) /? Jf ?g?)0 , >A? #??< bf jf ? if] ^1 mA ijfcmittptiul ?/v? Mini ?M>r? ? ? /?< , a**-? Iinh.ii< f?.;r, tn<s*r..,' ? If'* '* ** lj* Soil ' M/t, Itfrt. " TjiP T???i>?rW * li< # <? MwtniM in' f ^f! & *i Cm<m * t? Um Mcd*u*i , 1 ?H I <&?$$*? i j25? Bolel?rojpr^!-tor.^ |$3 ' / t(3&M)) / \//i' CAUTION. PURCHASERS SHOULD BE CAREFUL IN PURCHASING THt VALLEY WHISKEY TO SEE THAT IT 19 WITH THE SIGNATURE OF ON THE LABEL. ALL OTHERS ARE AN IMITATION AND A COUNTERFEIT OF THE ABOVE WHISKEY. WM.HJDALY, SOLE PROPRIETOR 19 SOUTH WIII1AM SI MEW YORK. FOR SALE IN WASHINGTON BY j 7 ly BARBOUR A 8EMMK8. fREEMAN | SIMPSOKJ ..QuMnmiul, We offer for ealf the fcbove ct&Dd&rd brand of fnA T\.U-4 &f.u^ D.^ WW.-W- ?? W ? - k uo w/ra - ir i mi tsu - raw uw n mat;, iu w rels &n<f balf-barr?la. As it la of our own distiila tion, and highly improved br ace, we oonfrdeutly recommend it m the FintBaT ar..l boat Whiaky that oan poaaibly J e diatilled. We aJao offer our OLD FAMILY RYE WHISKEY, aiid other brand*, from the largaat atook of Fine Whiakiea in the United Statsa FREEMAN t SIMPSON. Phoenix Distillery, on the Sohuyikili river, Phila. Ofioee?96 Wall atreet, Nav York; and 109 South Front street, Philadelphia. mar 8SMy ARAFF1NE OIU THE CHEAPEST LIGHT ENOWN' We are now reoei vine Paramne Oil direot from the work* in weaWn Virginia. The quality of it la excellent, prodnoinc a ateady, bril.iant and beantifal light, and more pieeaant to the ejea than gas light. Thia Oil ia fro* from adulteration, and very mnoh more economical than many of the Coal Oika asad at thia time. IET 't ia in no way explosive. 1 "Pi.'A?. ,MprorW IIV1VI UWHfl,KU.|l'M I'llI UlbK MilB V/ll. KINO & Kl. Rc HKLLt Agents for it* sale for lh? Dmtriot of Columbia. Cnrc^r fifteenth st. and Vermont ar. Great Kanawha Coal and Oil Company, ma It HWWE'S IMPROVED WEIGHING SCALES These Scale* are offered to the public a* the moat Kirojle. d arable, and reliable Males ever vat ia ase. First class premiums hare been awarded then by the United State* Fair and Virgiifia Agricultural Society; Virginia State Agrienltwral Fair: Franklin Institute Fair, Pennsylvania; New York State Fair; Vermont State Fair, ko., Jto. Id ?r?ry ou* wtr.? exhibited they nave reoeived first olaee presume For aa e at ft* Louisiana arenas, Depot of Siller's Chilled Iron Safe*. de Il ly B* C. PATTISON, Agent. WASHINGTON SEWING ROOMS. Tr IM Stk itM (*? doori ntrtk */Pa. iw. Nova the time to set SPRING awl SUCKER SHIRTS aadeaji to order. The ?jit>scriher is preparecMto ma^e SH^JITS, p^AWE^^to., atj-ht Fire, fire. POTOMAC WATMR. I am till eacared in the PLUMBING ud GAB FITTING BUSINESS at my old stand in Pfiilharmonio Hall. The advantage of harinf a plentiful apply or water *u readily obeervtd at the fire of reaterday.aa I am veil aati?fied I ahould have been burned out but lor the bountiful supply upor my premises and th?t of my neighbors AH order* for the introduction of Water and Gu will be prompt'; attended to. Term* aa reasonable aa any plumber in the oity. Jj8 C.8NYDBE WG A 9 FIXTURES. E Have in atore, and are dat.jr receiving, 9AS PIITVRSS of entirely New Patterns andDesif na and Finish, superior in style to anything heretofore offered in this market. We invite oitisena reneraJ ly to oall and examine oar stock of Gas and Water Fixtures, feeling confident that we have the beat eleoted stock in Washington/111 Work in the above (ine intrusted to our oar* will m promptly attended to. ' MYERS * M06 HAN. UU-B-tf 3T? D atroet. A One at 25 oenta for month On* at 9ft do. do PIANO Oneatfl dft. One at *190 do. FOR One at ?2 do. On* at #2 30 do. JIENT. irtl Pa. av.. botwoen 9th and ath ata. 12,000 4ss tn* attention of the p? blie to oar Wee tad wall aa looted a took of Champagne aad Crab Apple Cider, whioh wa gaarantoa to 5a para Jaioa, aad wtu h? old on returnable term* in order to make room for oar *pnnj atook. bive ua a ?lh^t U?? fct w. >T ftr?o ?t.. AtnrtMovt. NO WILLIAM BRADLEY TO O inform the public unci Vn? frirnda thai ho bu on bud m l&rc* atook or Mnrlito Mmtela.juito ? new style. Also Monument Hp Ail Stone*. Tnbio Top* Ac., which ho hu to di*po?e of *t prion* to nit ti?? tiiBM. Also, Drown Stone eonetalifljr ke|* on hand. Plunhora' work prunftlT titonded to. nan 22 3meo Pk. it.. Ml lnh nndjwh at*. Persons DooUn?n?Tio*itoofi?? Of m&ytewiaiffisar&i aiK? ? twmuQaM8wwto,BUOBLY* MKDIC1NKS. n&. I91MTVN. Is Biinaou LOCK ROftPITAU H*M DU?*U tlu ?* l/Ktui JtmUy Ml UU lr?rtf, FOE ALL DISEASE* OP IMPRUDENCE. LET WO FALSE DELICACY PRETEXT. APPLY IMMED ATELY. A CURE WARRANTED, OR NO CUAMOE, IH FROM OWE TO TWO DAYS VtUim af tfca ftaak. Iimiiiw AliilnaWlM Bfcin u4 ia?4ar. luury bar<um;, *M?n' DiMlHy, RirfNMMt,U> t*u.U? k?V(W fMN Wlda.a. Fa.pnataa ?w Ttiw Wia^, Diw.ui(fli(ttar iiMuNt, D>m?m af i*a TWms MI ar Mia, Ata>-. W tka Lm, ? aaato? Ik?< TimkU Pmt^n trawf Itm Mittiy l?M? af YaaO?ikaaa DfltMl u4 Oirrtcu'* Pnci tat vktck ra?4m Mirmp tapnakli. m>4 aaatray k*M >a?y u4 BM TOtN MEH lifMlalli vkaktfi ktMmiki icuaaaf Mattury TIm, U*: 4raalfal u4 4aauacu?? k>kM vtuck aaatalia a waa pa M an taumalv f??i ia?aa?o<ia af Yaaof Mai. af t&a Mai aaaiiad lalania Uv4 krfllaai mtalUet, vha aihai ?aa ha>a aaiirutal iHlaato* Saaatat wKk Uatkaniara afataoaaaaa a* *Ui4 u aaataay Ua Hrinf Ifra, at) aaA vnk UaM4aa?a. ?Uf ? * Ikfwu! TKkaiaa. ataaakT^S&daa da /ar?r.tua*~ 4c., apaadtlr toil. a *h? fUcM himaalf mIii ik? Mn af Dt I. m?y nunWMl j canlJa m ha k?M u a fj? u4 iuMwiif Mf pau hia (till m a pfcyaiciaa orricK ? t aom rKiouicinuir, lafl hand aidar??| flaw Iduawt WN, Ha dura hmm iki cami. ndm uttmm mmm< iiaka. Immn mm N paJd u4 mull a luay ml joamroa, M?>m af lha >ayal Call a f afl?ry?aaa, t ??4i?. mMiM fm hi af the mm maiM UllifM la (ha kiul l?li% ud III rraaiar pan af vhaaa HI* fiaa Mn apaat la lha kmaiula af Laodan, Pana, PtnUdalhhia aad ataaa Mra, baa a* facta d aama af lha Baal aataniaitiiag carat thai vara aaaa knava; au; traahlad with ruiftaf la Iha haad aad aara Wbaa aalaaa, graat ainwniii, haaaf aiar*ad at aaMat aaaeda, haahrelaaaa with fra^aaat hlaaVinf. aiitWH Mai vtlh iaraaf aiaani af am d, vara car ad I?jaa4iahai*. task rAteciut nonet. aruio prTctica iada.f ad ia wlaa naai-t ha hit frafaaail) laormad fraa a?i! campaMana. ar at aclaal iha afrni mi vkiek ui fiKttn ?kw ultif. aarad. rwiin inftwMt, u4 liw?|i Mt *HI mm kadr, abaaid apply uia?)Ua<i!< Tmh art moii of lha md too xilucM; tliiu ?ntoi?< ky a?rl? hakiu / vit I WHk?M of ika Pact >< link*. raioa to tka Naad, Dianaaa af Sif Lw of Millu IS war, Palpttauao ( *? ?.n?HMf. Narrata Irntata*Jy, Dara?.f aaant af iliiOi|HUM faoctana, ?.?ra| DaMIMy, tvmptama af C<xaa<j*uon, 4c. MITTALL Y ? Tt %faarfa> ificu m lk< Blai art a?a ?a ka dra?dad ?l?oaa of Mamar?, Coafaaion af Ut?, Itatraaa.aa af Sptitla. Kvil r?rkrit ifi t-trtita rf*T-ittr fn'Tiii^ ka'ial Saliiada, TikiAUt, ate., ara aaai af tka a*lh paa: HERTOV* nUlkfTT -Tkaaaaad. aaa M*|a<p atol to lha caiM af ikair daeMairf ka.iik, loan g tkair ka laamf tiU, p?la, narraaa and aaalku4,\an*| a(liptai appatraata ator tha ayaa, caa|k or aywpiaan af iiwfUn DlSfeABM or iMPSUDKNCK. Wkaa tk? aia|?id(4 an* iwprvJaai ?aaij af ftauan U<1 ka baa iniMkad tka uada afikM Daiohl riiaataa ? a lk? u lU-timad mm* < iktai *r dr??d ?f it <n?ri kiut fraia appirutf u> ihoM ? ha, fi* adactuaa u>< raapaatakiltar. ???>* bafnaad km. foil* ha iki ku4t ( Ifnmni i>4 d**if>. icf wiuwttn, vb*. mun^U T cartnf, tl?h fei? p*e*f>i?ry HMniti, kttp Lt? tnn| nth iliar mot :h. r Im> u lit ?* )> < fr ?: ? kt ah Uun?d. aod la da*p?ir l*a?* ti? vttfc ratnad haaltk ( nr% t?ir kUnlbaf dit?pp?6tmtPt; ar by tk? in W (hit dmv* patMa, M*r???7. krataa lha aaaatua-iatgi i^ituhm ( tku latnkl* lm?M,iiiku iticudiirfikt Run.Tknu, , km .Ac.. pTwrtMitf with fnr^tfiI rap.diiy, till d**tk p?t? a nW ta hi* iraidltt ?r?riiifi by if*4ii>| kin la Mi u IkMTirti Mwtr; frorr. vkxiMcrM m tra**)*r riwm IML JOUIOIVtE)1KnT rnR OH?kU)C VIIIIMI A?n IMPOTBHCT. My tku mil u< ihmhiii r*a?<r ?*>kr*M ?f ia* atfiH ui *p**dfly (Wd and Mi *i(*f raatarad TtMaiadi *7u? act aarvaa* and dak.i.iaiad, wba bad laat all fcapt. bay kaae lanidltUl; ralf***d All Inptdianu ta Mim>fa PfcyatMl at Maaia. IhiWak aauat*. Laaa af Pntiatud Pawat, Harvaa* Inlltklh) Trambhrj and Waakaaaaai Kxkaaaoaa al U* MlfatrTl klad apaaadlly carad. KNnoaaEKKJrr or tbe mm. TIE MART TMOCSAN1 ' carad althn loaoiadaa vIlMa Ikl laal aaraniaaa ion. aad Lha aamraaa inaMtui lam Ml P*rau*n< k; br J?lia??a, viiawid k; S* rittnin af U>? p?p?n ud Mk?t Mnui, muiii d n>cb bar* i(n>?ir?4 *|ala and af*m tanri ika mMk, Vtlld*< hit iundu| aa a pillwan af tbtmUi ana r?Mul Mill}, ta I puuui U Ut |aaW-i* JOY F"R THE HI 'K AND J??'FFF.It JNG. LET ALL WHO ARE AFFLICTED P KAD! APPLY THh REMEDY R EJO rrE W HEAL TH. Friead, do you *utf r? Are you the victiai of My of those nnroeroua *i'm?rt? which a troai m purity of tha blood? Wbat are ?her. do yon aak ! Rather a?k, *h%( are ?hey ro'f The blood it the ouroe of lire and heath and it i? the 6r?t e ement of cur biding to recprnd to a>.y caoa? whioh IT eta tb* >|ltNi,M the pul?e info liw* atteata The erer prevailing Neuralgia. the irritating I- rye pe a? the aubile Sorolula. the agonising K r.euin vtiam. Nervona Dehili'j, Dy ?p?p?ta. Liver< orrf ia;nt with iti torpor and d<-jeuiob. and the leas uia that fl?bd ia heir to,derive heir hideo<ia origin from th* blood. Deal kind j the* ar><' jtei tly with the blood. Ua? the vitalitinc rea nroei of nutor* l??r ita aid. And ?uff"-T ui tn o nmi'tid to yur eorfidei.oe a'kd use that tru y v? n*W? inwlioiwwat known aa MKS Af. CQrS india* vegetable decoction. With repard to thin ftionit infallible i^wiia popu'ar for tiTiit haa ?p<>ken in d*oide<l ttrmi, and the Mldtnofl of thia (rwt r&oary kr? tamed by c^natant av>ti;i of ei.ratire ?ffaet? tul th- hap?.' rwaulta from lU uae ar afer all rUier retnediea and the t'?at nedioal akili hav* fared. Let aa aay, la oonniaaion, th*t certificate* ol core* are not aou<ht from th* illiterate and ni??ficia . hut they ar? volanteered f an tk* ?r?( r* peotabla aou'oee tni ja*tify the highest te?rua in vhieh it la |?oe?ir.le t<. o?>m??end a<> \ainab e a *P'c f>? to pih i? approval. We may add aiao that the eu rati re properties of the medicine are equalled only by it* reatorati v? effrcta, the aut^m re<htminr fromdte<aae wi.h 'enewerf eonatitat><>aal r1?*r. For eat* by aJl marketable Drufriau I* thia oity. and by tn* proprietor, MR* M COX. <one rename anleaa her narr.e la b.owa on the bottle and her e?al on the oork fT7- Prioe #1 per bot le. an bottle* for >S. v Wkolea'* * g'*t. R *. T. CISSfel.. Dregriat. - it a* va i- - - ? . r? * ? ww auipwiir IUT ibv U\m trio', *rd wi 1 aopply the .rad - at my pnoaa. an 1? tr DR. J. BOVEEDOD'9 IMPERIAL WINE B ITT WHS, . Art now being nsed from Main* to the liml Ml Late. ml Ui? aniveraa. wertJiot of all who aee ti.ern either u a mWk?m or m a tmrwa. m that they are nnaurpaaed in the WC'U. Ur. l>od? uMi them m coiifuiW in hia Bract; oe for ? year* before we purciia*ed ofh;n thcaoie l|M to mauvtectar* and present toem for sale to the eab.ic. For Ue on>-a of InoipieLt Conaaniation, IndjaeeUoa, Dy?pep?ia. Pile*. Natrona Unea ee. h emale Com piainta. acd all oaaea reenmac a tonia, th?y art beyond doubt a moat invaluable ren-edy. AaideiTom I their medicinai prop*rfcea they are a p?re, whoto ome and delightful Beverage. producing all the yleaaaat exhi>*atir?* effeeta of Brandy or Vue 'without their uuariona raaalu. I rt all hw4i af humanity aud alt adrooatee of temparanoe aaaiet ue in aat>aiitBing these vainaoie V. get?l>le Blttera for the mtnrrm.1 pc tonj a> d aihUttrmttd Ltfuiri with which the covntry ia funded, and thereby ef reo*nvly eJMti ban ahing Lnaraee and Pmnhaaaaa trom tbe land. CIJARLES W1DD1FIRLD 4 CQProp nature. T6 Wijitaw a tree t. Naw York. J. BCHWARZE. A rent. wMRinrion, u. u PR. J BOTR8JK?W IMPERIAL OJN BTTTKBS. For Dinun <?f t)i? Kidneii. U adder aid Uiimr? Organ*, and M^NWlr Featl* Ooetruotiuo*. never fail to on re, tad are nrnnt<4 to |lv? ?tU *i'HARLM WIDDIF1KLD * CO., Proprietor*, 7 ? Wi.liamet.. New York. J. ttCHWAlZK, i?l lW Agent. Wutno(tnn. D. C. Hue: u. Ho?pita.?. I .>?tr*ateato or Kie??-*? tbflttall and, ifdtepowid toprofctbv a; export Me t oou Witb ituii aoaloted, addreee, ib perfect eonl TKI wsssrayr^ 279 JSBSKT1* 206 Pi. in.. rflBKlAM?BFlTB P. ? ? Beta Iwn to mji tkelttra^M^iki frieadsm4 the puti.ic (MMlil) to hia New Mora, iidcr wUaaiva an#croera for itf?nor CocfaoUona of ku ava importation. 4lao,all order* lor n.Eneri, Sappara, fnnUPvtm, which Will be aerved gf Labia uImi table ptyle. with Ike a??? aron.>tn*aa iai die Mtob whioti k*M? hiUwto above EfOBTBTTER'S STOMACH BITTERS, Mrt JU Win?,ow'? Soothing Sirup. Liquid Ran ^ tna, flaaldiaa'a fllne, lt!uiUn| Liniment. Ayra'a MacioHiM. noaek'a fanao a, to , villi 9 a freak aopp'T of para Medioine*. at MOORE'S Wmi Kad Drag Store. .. . ? 113 Pa avaaaa.aoatk alia CTFraah Bine Lick ud Coureii Water a* above Alao, improved Frait a-vdVrgetabia Jaia. jyair A W*l* DOVE tOO. HPl'l .NiSlSlS, j^TEAJI FtTTlN# rrr Store on 9th meet. 'Si door* aortk af Pi. JACOB RKKD. u NimicmnM MILITARY CLOT HI *?, Bomiiii Cotm Sacomi ^Mlbci Bn^ PHILADELPHIA. HIUTAHV CLOTi* FO? ?*I.K A IANGK AgeoRTMKNr Of A J,, wwt, wmr ot Pk ?* V>< *.! *? b k.mTTT1 i?? w. u. MKTZKMOTT. UNMBBM tiTWlwpaJa^p^ tj 'ir^Milf. sETi

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