Newspaper of Evening Star, August 31, 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated August 31, 1860 Page 2
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THE EVENING STAR. WASHINGTON OITY: FRIDAY AifiK ?1. I?. |J~y Thmt ral u?bl?* and popular family journal, the Wiiilt Hta*. foil as usual of Metropolitan newt and gossip, and choice literary reading, la now on our counter ready for delivery to tbe public. Embraced In lie entertaining contents are the following article*: Tbe Children'a Hour?a poetic gem. by Henry W Longfellow; Uncle Phil's Remedy?an interesting storv. by T. 3. Arthur; 44 If My Father will hold the Rope;" New Inveatioa: A Sketch to the lift*?a poem. Dr Hall on Gymnasiums; The Great Elevator; Political Ambition and ita Rewards; Tbe First Locomotive Trip; ' Young Man You're Wanted." Dress of tbe Japanese Women; The Congretaiunal Apportionment under tbe new Census; F,fleets of Music on tbe Sick; Sam Grows intern pirate?an original poem; l^ady Franklin; The Prince of Wales; Life in Svrla; Tbe Zouaves of the Revolution: Tie Last of the Atlantic Cable; When Parsr-n Brownlow will join tbe Democrats; The Bladensbnrg Dueling Ground: The Great Meteor of Jaly?vlsws of Prof Henry?remarks of Prof. Newton on its apparent path; Operations of the Patent Office; Census Statistics of Washington, Alexandria and Georgetown; ReaalBlscencas of the Methodist Pulpit in tbe District of Columbls; Rowdyism; A Hor. for aged Women; Meeting of tbe Jackson Democratic Association an Mnnrlav evening?Dresentation of a banner ?Speeches, Ac ; Riot at the Park; The Pastoral LetW of ArcbbUhop Kenrick, Japanese ' Tommy" and the " Blue Maiden" of Washington, Interesting correspondence; The Ancient Sarcophagus?tt^n. Jackson's refusal to be burled In It, Ac.; Correspondence on the subject. Interesting Letter from "C. S N .," while on a Northern Tour; Our Watering-place Correspondence?grand fancy dress and matquerade nail atlbe Fauquier W bite Sulphur Springsnames of the characters?Washington ladies, Ac . Ac ; Letter from on board the U S practice-ship Plymouth, at Cadiz, Spain; Our Rio Grande Correspondence. avtUfhM Summer Travel?editorial correspondence of the Star; Pennsylvania Politics; New YorS; General Apathy; Visitors In Washington; Department News; Editorials; Washington News and Gossip; Local Intelligence, Ac., Ac.; Late news foreign and domestic, by mall and telegraph; Interesting Personal ltem?; And a great variety of choice literary articles, hofch nrni^ nnt\ nnMrv Inn nnmproiii to men tion. This Is Just the paper above all others for persons sojourning In the National Metropolis ft end to their friends at a distance. Price only three cents per copy, or SI.So per annum; postage prepaid by stamps when so arranged. Spirit ( the nsrstsi Press. The Cmstitutim treats upon Mr. Douglas as a supporter of a republican administration, as it claims he Indicated In his Norfolk speech would be the case with him In the event of the election of Lincoln and Hamlin. The Intelligencer mentions as a curious historl cal fart In our legislative history, that the Senate of the United States originally transacted ail its business in secret session. (IT* Judge Douglas Is announced to be In Frederick, Md , on Wednesday, September 5th. fl~7" To-morrow, S^ptt-mber lit, is the day fixed upon for the Taney and Nelson demonstration In St Mary'scountv. Md. IE7" There were 130 deaths In New Orleans last week, hut not a single case of yellow fever. The people are in high glee over th's latter fact. Q7" They are t>orlng an artesian well at Prov Incetown At a depth of an? hundred and fifty f**t they find the same kind of sai>d and the ume kind of shell as is now found on the surface. IET The full official result of the census efl Cincinnati Is at length ascertained, and the city prwvea to have a t?ta 1 oonulitmn nf i/m >i"i h?in<, I an Increase of 43,416 In ten year*, tbe aggregate in lttfO having been 115,435. fT~7" It is gratifying to learn that Lord Kigln. the British Minister, and Baron <jros, tbe French representative, are endearing to settle the existing difficulties with the Chinese without a reaoit to force. ID* Mr. T Brady, the eminent lawyer, has accepted the Brtckiuridge nomination for tL? office of Governor of New York While be accepts. however, Mr Brady de lares his readlntss to stand sside In case a union of the entire L>< nocracy can be effected. |jy Kansas correspondents give a gloomy account of the condition of affairs in that Territory, resulting from the long continued drouth. I'p to the 30th of August. the inhabitants had been endeavoring. by renewing the seed, to Insure some semblance of crop*, but they had been unsuccessful, ever.thing being dried up aud killt-d aa oft^n as tbe trial waa niade The season la now too far advanced for ih ?ni to hope for su<-cesa, even should there be rain, and a great amount ?f suffering is expected to result. r We are Indebted to the publishers, T B. Peterson and Brother* (306 Chestnut atreet, Philadelphia) for aendlng ua, through Mr. Shilling, ton, Vookasller. of this city, a ropy of their justpubllahed "French, German, Spanish, Latin, and Italian Languages without a Master. By A. H. Monieith, Esq s republication of an English work of much merit and great present popularity It will be found not onlr of much service to the student who is without the assistance of a master, bat to him, whs hsvis* * '? b ? w j woiica w quire Tal liable Information concerning thegeneral philosophy, or rather phraseology of tbe languages It alma to txptoli to tbe learner. Dsatx or the Uramd Drcns?s Ansa or Rn la.?Tbe Grand Due beta Anne of Russia died at Elfussiw, near Berne, on tbe loth lnat Prim ess Julienne Henrlette lluqui, Diicbeaaof Haxe and Princeaa of Saxe Coburg Gotba, tbe original title* of tbe deceased, was born ?ept 'J3, 1781, and waa a daughter of Frnest J, and aister of King Leopold tb? ralgning King of Belgium, and Princess Victoria, afterwards Duchess of Kent, tbe notber of Qimm Victoria, snd cousin to tbe P(lnceof Wales gbe wai marrlnl ti? r?..i? ? ^ vusr v/imiiannHP of Russia?who renounced bis heirship to the throne of Kuala la favor of hi* brother Nicholas* ! 185S?February 'M, 1796, and aasuuied the name of Aans Fsodrowra. Tbe marriage waa brought to pass by tbe grandmother of the Duke, but it aoon after proved that tbe partiea were too young and the Duke eccentric, passionate, and turbulent No children were born from tbe marriage, which was by no manna a happy one, and tbe Young pair aepaxated by mutual consent at the xplration of foor years. Madams Anna Kisbop has recently been robbed of s valuable lot of jewelry at a hotel where she waa stopping, in Wisconsin. Secretaries Cobb. Pin?i , ?, ?! i uompaon, -with their families, spent Saturday last up the Great palls, survey la* the tnaM Ire and beautiful works They pitched a tent and spent the day In high enjoyment - laaac V. 1 owlet. aays the New York coriwpoodent of the Charleston Couri er. writes to a n lnttOMla friend In that city, apeak)ng In grateful tarim of the effort* made in h!a behalf. He hope* ooce Bore to return to hla dear "New York," mad enjoy the familiar comforts of his fevorlte hotel. ^ Tu Political Coxmitths ? Occasional," mt the Philadelphia Presa, gives the following account of the various National Committees In thli C'^Prt4w KtW. chairman ?? ?-- - UM Republican I National CoanmlUw, In hie full autt of brow* I Ilmo with hi? long coat reaching almea* to bl? I m*T be aeen carrying bU tmmeaae weight .T-T- tbe avenne at tfsted boon, exhibiting a* I X artieitr a ad xeal aa & young man of twenty I a v. hVis tfce vital spirit of 0i?- K-pubiloaaa ? toil, night and day la tbe eauae of Lla- I ???? Ha-Un Katlrely c?n?dent of aocc?a, bVlUma to bare no other object but to provide disaster aad to puab on tbe calunan Hon ifuSrTavlor and tbe Wicblifca, IWbar and son. 1 have cLarue of the Douglasorganisation, and are 1 ?7L a v? d?U ofwSrk the BrecUrldgera, 1 a Four-and-? k-ir ? Imkno la tte accoad ilory of a apaetous boat*, ud e^?y y *4vantag? ow the other* on^woiint |??tv ?rr n?Mrta|etl by irton Alexander E Betapopijarltr." * 7 1 *" % x W4IHIKSTUN IVICWt AND flOUiP. " All 8k?3* Fail m Dat Wiithii "-The New York Htrald la positively anre that the late elections la Southern States indicate the defeat of the Breckinridge cause there in November next. That journal, it trill be remember ad, was aa positively sore that Wise wonld be tlected over Hunter to the Senate of the United States la the last Virginia Senatorial contest, snd that th? vote of Virginia would be cast for Wiae ovrr Hunter In the Charleston Convention On these occasions the aigna-political of the times justlled the promulgation of auch opinions on the Htrmld't part, tar more clearly (though not worth a pinch of an 11 IT, aa we at the time took occaalon to ahow) thin the Hirmlrt's rnrr^nt atgnv Jtwtlfy ita judgment ia the matter on which it now thus venture* W> give an expert'a opinion. It baaea that opinion upon the mytb of tbe exiatenee of a Douglaa party at the South; which myth ia utterly baaeleaa Outa'.de of a handful of diaappolated office aeeking politician*, for the moat part, In every Southern State, notoriotta for oppoaing the organization of the Democratic party for yeara paat. and a handful of ex-Know Nothing and former Whig leadera, who not long aince perpetrated what they nowaecretly regard aa the faux pat of nominally identifying themaelves with the Democracy, Mr. Dooglaa baa not even th< ahadow of a party In any alave. KnMlnflr Qtnfn 1\ WaI ? /* an/l ?? ?W- 1 hw.?>n6 * m.v?c vnviuugci me iucitsi of tbe Breckinridge cause there, than tbe running of a Breckinridge ticket in Ohio, Maine, Ver. oiont, Wiscomiii, Michigan, Massachusetts, or New Hampshire, would be likely to endanger tbe ucceaa of tbe Lincoln ticket In either of these very certain Republican-party States. Officers or the Richmond ?The following ia a Mat of the ofHrt-ri rn far ? nrH?n/l <rf th? i United States sloop-of war Richmond, now being fitted out at Norfolk as the tlag-shlp of the Mediterranean squadron They are to report on the JOth of September : Lleuts R.H.Wyman,A F Wsxrley, 8. Livingston Breese, A. Boyd Cummlngs, F. E. Shepperd, and W. G. Dozier; Passed Assistant Surgeon Jno. Ward; Chief Engineer Jas. H Warner; Parsed Midshipmen J, M Prltchett, Edward Terry, Byron Wilson, and Clarke Merchant; Acting Boatswain 1. T. Choate; l*t Assistant Engineers Vir^inius Freeman and J. W Moore; '2d Assistant Engineer E Hoyt, jr.; ana ia Assistant Knglneer J. L. Butler, J. P. gprague, Wm. Pollard, and B. S. Herring. Appoihtxknts at THi President ?Tbe Preside lit baa made the following appointments of Postmaater* : Joseph Dowdall, at Columbus, Ohio, in place of John Dawson declined. William G. Boggs, at Springfield, Ohio, reappointed. Joseph C. Guild, at Tuscaloosa, Ala., in place of Wm. D. Marrast deceased. Hpnrv Snvil#?p nf U?lHnr?? w j j ?- y va wKjiiiuict uaa urea oppuilll* ed special agent, in place of J. L. Maguire der eased The President's Reception or the Pkince of Walk*?During tbe sojourn of tbe President at tbe Soldiers' Home tbere has been considerable rt pairing, refitting and refurnishiog at tbe White House. It is said tbat a ball is to be given in tbe Kast Kooin to tbe Prince of Wales, and that suitable apartments In tbe Presidential Mansion are to be appropriated for the use of the Prince and for that of tbe chiefs of his suite. j Detached. ?Lieutenants R N Wwm?n ?n^ v J ? ?? ? K Shepherd have been detached from the Naval Academy at Annapolia; Lieut. 8. Livingston Breese from the receiving ship at Boston ; Lieut A Boyd Cuminlngs from the receiving ship at Philadelphia; Lieut. A. F. Warley from the Observatory, Washington ; Lieut. W. G Doiler from the receiving ahip at Norfolk, and are under orders to the steam sloop Richmond. Naval Okd^es ?Assistant Surgeon John J. Gibson has been ordered to report for temporary duty at the Naval Hospital, New York. First Lieutenant James Wiley, U. 9. M. C., has been detarhed from tne barracks, Philadelphia, and ordered to the steamer Powhatan. 9 Army 1*tklliqexck.?Capt. C. L. Kllbnrn, C. | S . Lis ??een ordered to turn over his subsistence funds and commissary property to Brevet Lieut. Col A C. Myers, acting quartermaster, and then proceed forthwith to Camp Floyd to assume the duties of cotnmimry of subsistence. CoxoiTloa o? tbi Tkkasuev.?The receipt Into the Treasury last week were SI,'216,000; drafts psid,#1,104,100; auiountsubjecttodraft,fM ,330,000, being an increaseof 9'21S,U00 over the sum on hand the previous week. Tm Pacific Wacox Road.?The Interior Department has been informed that since the defeat of the hostile Indians, Col. Lander's wagon road operations have been prosecuted with vigor, and that they will becompleted by the first of October. Dkath of a Naval Siboeo*?The Navy Department baa received official Information of the death of Burgeon 9. R. Addiaon, who died on the 2rtth Inatant, at the Naval Hoapltal, Chelsea. Aivv Obdir ?Brevet Lieut. Colonel W.H Emory, Major of firat cavalry, haa been ordered to the departmenta of California aid Oregon, ob a tour of inapection. Rksignatioji Acciftku?The realgnation of Third Araiatant Engineer John 9. Plumby, who hja recently returned from the ateamrr Sumpter, coaat of Africa, haa been accepted. Nivi Boatswain Appointid. ? laaac T. Choate, of thl* city, haa been appointed an acting boaWwuin in tho Navy. Y5?l. O O. F ?OR AN U LODGE-An ad Jsj journed m?erin.r ?>f the R. W. <? rami LoJjj dTC. ? II Km h?l.( ? I f-i'"?' L * _ ?? m wiiwwb a mi, <111 bi royi? un MONDAY EVENING, the 3d of S 7H o'clock. JNO. T. BANGS, an 31 at Grand Secre'ary. r^r?YOl'NG CATHOLICS' FRlKND SOCI Js,.? ETY.?'The monthly meeting of thia Society will take place in tta school room attached to St Patrick's Church, on SUNDAY AFTERNOON 1 n< xt, at 5 o'clock. The a nual election of t fTicors will take plaM, and a full attendant ia earnestly i requested. ?u 3i P. J. McHliNRV, Rpc. Sec. S?l. O. O. F.-GRAND ENCAMPMENT.An adjourned meeting oi tlie R \V. Grand mpraent of the DmMct of Columbia will be held on F M I DAY EVEN. NO. the Slat mitant -? o-eiocx, at the Hall, on 7ih at. Patriarch* 'are r -quested to be punctual. au?J 2t W.M COOPER, G.Bcribe. [V??NtW HL II.DING ASSOCIATION.?The IJkjS third monthly meeting oi the United Build iat Asso tation fur th* pa> uient ol dues will beheld on MONDAY EVENING next. September 3d. at II o'clock, at Potomac Hall, corner or.Maryland av. and llth st. Persons wishing to take stock oan do so at this maetinc without the pay ment ot premium. auy 4t CHAS WILSON, Sep. rr5?l>EMP8EY * O'TOOLE. J3 WEDuING AND VISITING CARD KNGHAVKRB. Importers of fin* WEDDING STATIONERY, WEDDING ENVELOPE!*, the most beautiful styles. 396 Pa. Av., between 9th and luth sts , au?7-6m Washhiotos. VAN DEM ARK'S PORTABLE FENCK. L 7 Any one can secure rights for this RE Al.l.Y ClIK A P a ad uuriTaIN Fence, of Agent L. W. FA l/l'O.N . corner ? u nue. where the inoUels can be seen for a few days only. Call up gentlemen and before the rights are all mix Agents wanted. au J9-\\ ,F*M9t* |MPORTANT TO OWNERS OF HORSES. PASTl'R A UE can be had by applying to fry . MR.R A INKY, at Joan G. Atoll's &UMe.*U59k I formerly Lakenieyer'a,) near the corner Seventeenth and 0 sts. auSllw* A SCHOOLBCOXS FULL AeJ complete aiook of all the Books used in the public and private schools, at the very lowest prions Teacher* and retailers supplied at New York Wholesale pries*. by WM. BaLLANTINE. 498 Seventh st . au 51 3t above Odd Fellows' Mall. u notice. SIMPSON HOUSE. Corner Tenth street aal P*?? avenue, will reopen on >ATUR-1. . A DAN. l?t of SrpUmtx-r, baring been tlmr-flfMY oughly reft tied. The bar is *uppte4 withloHLL tl^cho.oert Liquors, and the satin* Ui BB C .... U wun Ml th? market afford*. _imi si * \VM. a ?1MP^O*. Proprietor. dB5BS3IS$S$E ^AltJSSOBSS!! rrta ik? Ortat Eutni n her Kitiri Voyage. CorrtipondtHC* / Tkt Star. ^ At Sca, Aug. 18, 1800 I wrote you a tew hurried liaea from the Astor House on Thursday, before coming on board, and aa I know you feel aome Interest in thia good ahlp, and as we shall touch at Halifax this afternoon, I aeixe the opportunity of letting you know how we are getting along. We had no diflteuKv on turning round la tbe river opposite New York, and none whatever on getting out to aea? We wtot ateadily away at about 11 miles per honr, and have gradually in* crmau a* uuia ??w, w urn W^irf |(?ing UirOtlgD the water at the rate of 16 I hope the will not lay long at Halifax; ao that the whele passage may be a abort one; though I ronalder It a oanplete lota of a day to go into tbat port. No doubt they will gradually increase her speed after leaving Halifax, and though I find from her head en gioetr that there ia two mi lea per hour loee of a certainty, from her bottom being foul, vet ahe will doubtless make a quick passage from Halifax home. If we get away in good time from Halifax today, I think It Is likely that the Cuoard ateamer of this day week will bring out the news of her arrival In England. But of course a greet deal I .i?, ?. n.- i - - - - i u^pciiu* upiFH mc uuic wc icatt lO-ni^bl. 1 would not Lave misaed the opportunity of cross* lng In her on any account whatever. Somehow or other I do not realise that I am on board an ocean steamship, going at the rate of 16 miles an bonr, or rathtr mart. It la more like b?lng In the St Nicholas Hotel, on a flue Indian summer day, with no sickness on board; sometimes a long;, gentle roll, at other times wlthont feeling you are going at all (nay. I have been twice to see If the engines were going, thinking we were standing still); the accommodations are so superb, the ventilation so perfect, the fitting up ana furniture to suit; Indeed every comfort th?l can be desired for ocean travel Is so complete, that I feel that 1 shall take badly to anv other ves ?! mK.I ? ?I 1 1 ? ? * ? - nu^.. ictuauiii?. i uopr 11 may oe my gooU fortune to return hom? in her, however. Ifeel sure no v?sk1 that floats can compare with her for safety. She is a wonderful combination throughout We have only about10j passengers, one half of whom leave us at Halifax Thereare some ladirs on board, who appear to realize the comfort very much. Halifax, Nova Scotia, 4 o'clocx * m 1 merely open my letter to say that en arriving here, about an hour ago, the enthusiasm of the residents is unbounded. The day is beautiful. I How proud and glad the people are to welcome this ship It is renlly astonishing. Everybody appears excitrd and happy. I see a notice put up in the rooms, saying that tbe Oreat Eastern will leave Halifax at 6 o'clock to-morrow morning. * * * /-\mp Uii? nvnunnu KU? SfKKCH CAfER just received; will 1m mid low for o%ah. BI.ANCHARD * MKHl'N, an 31 corner Eleventh ?t and Pa av. WASHINGTON AQUEDUCT OFFICE. Warhixotoh, Aurust 3?, 1^60. Skiltd p?opo*al? are invited for compMiujj the brick work of the high-service reservoir of the Washiagton Aqueduct, at the comer of High and Road streets, Georgetown. Pians and pacifications can bo seen at thia office until Thursday, the 6th September, on whioh <1av, at noon, all p oionala received will b? opened in presence of bidders. Proposals nhould be endorsed "Proposals for Brick Work," arid addressed to Capt. H. W. BKNHAM. U.S Engineers, Chief Engineer Washington Aquoduct. au 31 dtfigep ri* FEMALE EDUCATION. 1 HE Attontion of p\ren?s and euaiditns ia called to the advantages offered by the "Metropolitan Collegiate In titute" for the education of their daughters and wards. 1st. A thorough course of infraction in the various branches of female education. 2d. The limited numburof pupils, thus securing to each the direct personal superintendanoo of tha principals. 3). Th extensive and w<dl shaded grounds, af/ witn* the best possible facilities for proper physical training. 4th. The unsurpassed Vcautv of the location. For fur her par.lculars call on tne principals and i rxsmniH uie arrangements. ?f>4 K street, between I (ita and 7th streets au 31 3t H. STINEMETZ, U3? P*. Av., bit. 12th *.!?r 13th St* , Having just returned from New York, is now opening a complete assortment of ggn^ goods in his hueol t-a:le? Sf iSI iENTS' DRESS HA'lS, various & G| BEEHE'S VENTILATING KB DKESSHATS, CASSIMERK DRESS HATS,%Si^3# sweat proof. PRINCE OF WALES HAT, for young men, A beautiful assort rent of CAPS for yojng men, boys, and children. Fine Calfskin HOOTS, sewed and p*gc*d, $3 75, Calf GAITERS, good qualities, low prices, au 31 JUST RECEIVED^ hue" stock of K ALL CLOTHING, Prmoe of Wales Hats, Jti>anm? n?u, ana a.i mnd* or Hats. at the PEOPLE'S CLOTHING STORE, No. 460 Seventh troet, opposite Post offioe. auSMin MERCHANT TAli ORINO. EW FA1.L STYLES of CLOTHS, CASSIMERS. a N u VEST1NGS. WALL. STEPHENS A CO., 3*'i Pennsylvania Avenue, have just received a large variety of now Fall Good*, to which th<;y invite tho attention of their friend* and customers. au 3D tf GREEN TURTLE. MONSTER GKEEN TUKTLB, weiichinf 3U<i pounds, wnl bs served up at 11 o'clock (TLmt To MoRRO W,31?t instant, in steaks aiwlMg?9? soup. We invite the lovers of Tur-le to mvh us a call. j. Gibson, au at>-2t* Po?t Ofhce Restaurant Bnew music. ELL AND EVERETT POLKA, DOUGLAS SGHOTTISCHE. LINCOLN POLKA, BKECKINRIDGK POLKA PRINCE OF WALES POLKA, Each with a oorr'ot litho* raphio likansaa on th* title page. Just recuiveu at JOHN F. ELLIS'S Piano and Music Store, n <i w. ncfcwurn if in ana inin ?tr#H*ti. j^chool and college outfits. Youths' and Boys' Clothing for School and Z)r?ss Wear. Parents and goardians wishing to furni?h their ohi'rfrenand ward* with Sohooi a* d Coll'ge Outfits for the coming season, are invited to exairtis our present large and extemive BOYS' CLoTHlNti, wbere they can tit out their children of all tizes in a few momenta with even description of Ready made Garment*, of substantial and durable quality, at very moderate pries WALL, STEPHENS ft CO.. au y tf 3il'i Penu. avenue Department of the interior, Pkkmon Ofpici, Aue 27,1880. Sealed proposals will be reoeivt*! at this ?tfice Ulltil 12 0'f*l?w*lr RJt nnnn 1rt*L J ** * w. ..^u vk vno iwj ui oepwm- | next, for furnishing, for ibe una of tiiis oflio*, ninety cor flu of best dry hickory wo d and ten cords lM??t l>alc<-r'? pme wood, lour feet in length, to t>e delivered and corded on the Magging on the west front of the Patent Office Building on Ninth strre?t west, on or befora the first day of October n?xt. Proposals should be addressed to the Commiaaioner of Pensions, and endorsed " Proposals for Wood." GEO. C. WHITING. an 28-diS?pl<? Coiniuisaioner. The union wjl' stand, no matter . WHO'S PRESIDENT! Consequently I ahall remain in Washington and continue to snraue ray occupation < ( HOUSE, SIGN and ORNAMENTAL PaINTING. Gilding J? ail iU branches. Old Glazing promptly aiteraod to. Painting and Ornamenting Cottage Furniture in the beat stile I alao, call attention to the Painting of Roofs and Hriok Walla. All of tiie above 1 will do aa oheap a? the cheapest. I therefore aolioit the patronage of my friends and fellow citizana of ?he Piatnct. Punctuality strict y observed, and work done in the beat manner. IT - " * i ou win piease mind your stops and atop at M. T PA RKKK'r* Painting Kiisbliahinent, N<-. 83' .13 !! A3 !!! Louisiana av , north tide, between ?h and 7th sta. P. 8 Signa put up frea ef charge, aa usual. au 3 >-3n> Tcoixkok text books. HR Fol owing new Book* for cl&sa e\l aahools have juat been published, to which the attention of teaohera ia oalled : Virgtl'a Aeuaid. with explanatory notea by Han ry S. Frieae, Professor ol i.atin in the Stile Uni varaity ol Miohican; 1 vol.; price f I 25. Plato'a Apology and Crito with notes by VV. 8. Tyler Urave>, professor ot Creek in Amherat Collage; piioe75oenta F.xerci?es in all parteof French Syntax, arranged afia. Poitrvin'a "Sj ntaxe Fra^oalie,' by F. TP. Winkelatann; 1 vol; pnoe 91. A New Method of Learning Spanish, after tha System of F. Ahn. For sale by blanchard & mohun. an *> Eleventh at and Pa. av. Ttake notice! HAT EMRICH Keeps his Keatau ant at corner of Pa. avenue and llth street, in th?R > . A European Hotel, where GAME in ?ea-VA^V son, the best of LIQUORS, excellent CIGARS, and LAOhH BKKtt, which ho asaurea tne pub it is from the Urewory from which he has cot it for aaveral years when at the place which he kept before moving to his preaent location. au 29 lw _ SUPERIOR SHIRTINO OftTTnw? O We OHB to-day, August J7th-~"?* 1 cm* lArkwri^hV' Bhi.tirr Cotton, 1 OAM ''LonsdaTV do 1 eat? Water-Twist'* do 1 tut "New York Mills" do 1 mm " Lacea*ter" do The ab ive are ail celebrated b ands, and we confidently rKoamHd them u the vnrv boat sbutiujs made in this oountry. We tlu.ll cffur therri at a * ry small ad ranee for caab. We ha7ealeo just received? Cottons, Pillow Cottons,Cotton Check Plaid Domesties, B own *h?etinfs ff-w fall trie Calioors, fail Mousseimes Mariners' Striped bhiruncs, Hoys' Wear Maaahestor Oinfbams, men aud boy*' English Half Hose 1 .^...1 u?i ? * uwio. auiinr, n? uozen pur* Linen _ chwfc. at #1 w per dowon nmoaictr Tow*IJIm of difnreut kit dj, Ae. Wa shall seli any of the above Goods vmn '? _ f p ?? JNPEOTINE; PERSIAN FEVER OHARM. K > L l ? l Ma FETBR AND AO UK EXTERMINATED. THE HUMAN CONSTITUTION SAVED PROM WRECK. THE PRETENTTTE AND REMEDY , TOE ALL I ? * . W ^ r* ** ?jgL2g_3Lj INTERMITTENT AND BILIOUS FEVERS CUKES INSURED IN A DAY. v ?? NATURE'S GRAND RESTORATIVE ' ft INPECTINE, INPECTINE. INPECTINE, INPECTINE. INPECTINE, INPECTINE. The terrible malady known as the FEVER AND AGUE has smitten hundreds of thousands of parsons throughout the world evory year, and has never till uow been met by suooessfol saedioal treatment that has not prodnoad severe MEDICINAL DISEASES, whioh affect the lungs, the spleen, the liver, the heart, or other parts of the human organism. The IlSPfcCTINE is the natnral antagonist of all ?vera, and when it oomea in oontaot with the akin, ia absorbed by the interior orfans. which resist easily miasma and all tandanoira towards those maladies which prostrate the mind and body with fever. Fever and Acne result from numerous eauses. No p'.aee ia exempt from tha oaus js wkioh womote tiie existenoe of tii? disease. That bein( onos seat od in tie avatem, induoee depreeaion of apirite, laaaitude, languor, p&ina, ohilla, fever, and a long train of diaagreeable aenaationa, depriving the pa tient of all energy, and reduoing him or her to a condition of EXTREME HELPLESSNESS. Why will any one euffdr the horrore of a debililatlng Intermittent Fever, when by the uae of the INVALUABLE 1NPECTINE, OK PERSIAN FEVER CHARM, the eminent medioai and magioal^uaiitiee of whioh in>?aa?l> k.n.k..! IVIUtWUUJ IUIUIUCUI ALL TRACES OF DISEASE MAY BE ANNIHILATED IN A FEW HOURS, ' SELF-CARE IS BETTER THAN PHYSIC. NATURE IS WISER THAN ART. EVERY DISEASE HAS A DIVINE REMEDY. THE WISE APPLY WHILE THE FOOLISH DREAM. BETTER PREVENT THAN STRIVE TO CURE. DELAYS ARE DANGEROUS. TH? IMPECTME, Ol PERSIAN FEVER CHARM, Hit oared thousands of both him of the most dreadful Fevers. Read and retieot. WONDERFUL EFFECTS. Lemuel Bones'I. of Pittsburr.for two year* nee lees to himeelf and society?a martyr to Chills and Fever?cared in leee than three weeks, and improved in eicht hours. Mary K Belknap, Stndnkr, Ohio. after almost losing her reason as wall as strength by Intermittent Fever, with Chills, restored te health in twenty hours. J. R. Tilton, of Belgrade, Maine, bronfht from d-ath's door, having suffered for four years, made wall in fire weeks, end improved in two hoars. Adulphe Mon^ro, of Kranoe, relieved in one hour, while travelling in the oars of the Fort Wayne and Chioago Railroad. He was apparently dying with Chills. Ellen R. Benson, nf Look port. New York, rescued after aevea years' suffering. A perfeot oure. Thousand of other oases prevented and oared every month, and not a sincle oomslaint of the eftoianoy of the IHPECTIHEf ?* PERSIAN PKVER CHARM. . >? TRY IT, PROVE IT, KNOW IT. And make known ita wonderful powari and rlttuw, that tboM who auffT, or vku> ara thraaUnad vith (uffdrini, ur ba lad to >h aiinpla, innoaioua yrtfwatian, itrniabad by tka field of Nataiafer MAN'S BLESSING! IXPBOTINS] IS SOLO BY ALL DRUGGISTS AND MEDICINE DEALERS IN AMERICA. PRICE ONE DOLLAR, Scat bj mail to Mr yvt of tko (Jaitod SUtoa. S T9 ? ? ? ? It ia not Uktn imnllr, bat is oatvardly. Mwrtiil ta limtioui *U?k imoiihw mh PMkM*. MANUFACTURED BT JOHN WILCOX * cm., 1M MAIN mtR, RICHMOND, VIRGINIA. BRAttCH OFFICE, No. 8* BANS OP COMKnCB BUIL1MNG, Uftw IUKK PITY. I 4laMMrtla * EXCURSIONS, FIC NIC8,4c. FlftBT GlTifi\\Tf'frlC NIC _ _ oi T?t Zouato Club, of WatLififton, AKLlfiOTOr SPRINGS. On TUESDAY, Sajfr'w^r Kb. !? >. Tba beautiful Oifti conmt of 4<fW" r* ?f Tbftfull Maris* Band tea b??a *i m*d fr>r die Net<i>>t. ^TVl*lr* Naw wine* h?re h?aa *r?pt?d, tha tell room ia conipl?t? nrdar. and the (round* in food order, and, in fact, ryttiinf to hIith the riaitora d?rii| tkt day. Oirn lbusei will la*Y?7th at. an J the Arena* avary boor for th? Sprinia diroct. Ticket* for (i?nllemon, V? cacti. " Tadiaa, 25 Children frw?. *u >' 4t_ jy|ONDAY, THE THIRD OF SEPTEMBER! PROMENADE CONCERT AND BALL. AT TM PARK, S*v*n'k Str.rt. Tbt nndareijcnad bnta laara ta aaaounea to hia ?iTriaiida and th.> i ub ic in genera. that, (through the kind aaaiatanca of tha Sine- I '?r Societiee "Mannarchor," "Sae?|*r band," aad "Liedertafeland the fall M? Hi tart Band, h? ia anaM?d to ci?a a fraud VOCAL.AND IN-TRl VTKNTAl. CONCERT. I On MUNUAY. th?Si1 ?**pUn.h.*r. At which the following program mo wi 1 be executed: March from "The Tannhaueer," by R. _ , W agne' Orcherter "The Myihty Waveeof German So ' hyjEohm - Lniietf Singing Club -The Church Belli1." br Becker . Maanne-xhor 1 "The Warrior's Night Song," by IVred*... United Singing Club and Oreh^W I "Wine Tnal." by Tollner ^aeugerbnnd tiuodlibet from LA S?oitu ambula." arranred by Christian On*h??ter 'To the Fatherland " by Krmitz r . I?t?dertaf?<l I lit - i ? ? *1? n 1 " *? * * L?uu|in| iui iu? niiuie, i" '* exor United Sinjing Clubs After ?he Concert, GP EAT SI M MER BAM. By Fall Orehester. Th? Concert commence* at 2 o'clock p. m. Admi??iOu 50 cent* for one gentleman ant laliei. au ?v-3t T. CHRISTIAN. Prof, of Mo*ta. C^APITOL ASSOCIATION MOONLIGHT -/ EXCURSION, TO THK WHTTK HOUSE, MONDAY EVENING, September 3d. The iteamer Prnfrix will leave her wharf at 4 o'clock p. m. Omnibasea will leave r*" ^ corner of Pa. avenue and 7th it. for&?5jataE? .the boat at a quarter Iwforu 4 cotillon music ha? been pngag'd. Tickets, admit ting a gentleman and ladies,Vi cent*. an 28 5t_ MOONLIGHT ~FXCURSlON HE Cengresation of Gra'-?> Church(Island) proeoee fivmc a MOONLIGHT EX- jpi-k CURSION for the benefit of the C'v i' conooctod wit'i the Church, FRIDAY, Augu*t3l. The* have charter<<d th* steamer P*i*u, which will leave Lleventh atreet wharf at 5 o'olov k p. u , preciaely. Withera'a Band has bean engaged *>r the ocoaaion Refreshments on the l?o*t. Tickets an cen.a; children 25 eenta. Commit ttt 8. E. Murphy, C. Jacobs, S. B. Taylor, W. S. Yea'man. W. 9 Roberta, R. F. Bartl". J.N Gord m C.H.Hancock aul5-eo AMUSEMENT^ F.OPENING OF CONCERTS, mt Mmdt't I fortntr'u S Km***"*** " *> ? I ? A T I' R D A Y V K NYN G".' *ThCM exce.lent and much I vore.i Trio Concerts m ill fake pile* KVKKY 8\TI ROW KVKN ING her.alt?>. Th? l#o%t i %^?-i B:-or iri town, and other rood thinca. wili lie s?-v*J up. TIir put lie is respectfully id vi tad au 31 2t* CHARLK* M ? DK*?. W I M A N, The liglciai and TcntrilMBlit! SIX MIGHTS ONLY. AUO, WEDNESDAY aud SATl'RDAY AFTERN'NS. AT ODD FELLOWS' HALL. NEW TRICKS! LOTS OK FUN t au 31 8t A S li I N G T O N THEATER. Sole Leuee and Manager S W. CLW5. THIS ESTABLISHMENT Will oprn for th? regi/ar Fall and Winter S*a?on on the uight of THUKSDAY. Nov***** lu. JOSEPH JEFFERSON, The Comedian of ttif> Ana, wil commence an engagement of Twe ve Niyht* on MONDAY', November 5th, a..<J wiM be folow-d bytie moil BRILI.UNT STARS I n th? Theatrical Firmamer t. Hj~ Commumca'.ion* if a<klre?v>d to S. W. Glbnx. "'Old Bowery Theater," New York, will meet with prompt attention. au 18-if EFRKK COMi KKTSI! RNST LOEFFLER, Now Y?rk Utwti? 1st and 'id strils, wou'd reapectfully flb ,h. t.kli. IK. ? A I . A V.? .V T m ww? w v > vii v truiriiv LUCkb A WITV/TilV I Ul O^K SELECT MUSIC will be jiven ever* MON DAY and THURSDAY' EVENINGS dunn?,the season. at hia Pavilion, commencing at S o'clock and ending at U? p. in. Previous tn the Conoert. the Saioon i? open to thoee desiring to wtule away a few hour* in the maiy dauce. ICE CRE\M WATER ICES, and every description of CONFECTIONERY alwaye ready at eity prioM, Parties desiring the Gardens for Pia Nie parposfs, are requested to give a day or two notioa. je It 3m C D L. MORRISON & CO., P t /\irn a ar t\ fi*- ?-? - ? - - - ?? - ? ? - ? ~~ & iiuu n. Ail ij > r-K.^L UUMJUISBIU.'M MEAOHANTH, And wholct?ie deal era in MILL FUEL>, rORS M FA L. ft., #?., Corner of ivth and B streets, Washington city. rrr Cash paid fnr all kind* of Grain, an 25 6m Flour, meal, mill feed, *o. Just received on conew ninent? 470 bbis mperior brand of fresh (round Family, Extra and Superfine Flour, 30 bbls. No. 1 Ryo do., Fiesh ground Ccn Mea' and Mill Feed of all kind* constantly on hand, for sale low in lots to suit. tug 6ru D L. MORK1SOX ft CO. THE ONLY PREPARATION WOUTHT or UNIVERSAL CONFIDENCE A PATRONAGE * FOR STATESMEN. JUDGES, CLEKG YMEN, LA DIES, and GESTLEMEN, in a.l pirts of the world testify to the eft aoy of PROF.O.J WOOD'S IIA1K RESTORATIVB, and gentleman of tiie Pr?ss are unanitnon* in its praise. A few testimonials only can be here giver.; eeci euiar for inora.aad it will be impossible for jron to denbt 17 Niw Voii,D?oH) li'i (ientlrm-n W?r note ol the 15th instant has been r*o-ived. saying that y<u had hoard tlat 1 had been benefited by the use of Wood's Hi r Restorative, an * requesting my certificate of theiaot if I had no objeotion to live it. laward it to you chee'faliy, beoauee I think it due. My ace is about W years ; the eolor of my ha r *ubarn. and inoiined to c.irl. S?me ftve or eix rears sinoe it began to tarn (ray,and the soa'p on thecown of my head to loee its tensibi ity and dandruff to form i^?g it. Kach of theeedittins. abilities inoreascd with time, and about 4 months kino* a fourth was added t > thtm. by hair falling off the top of my head and threatening to make in* bald. in thisnnpieasaat predicament I was tadsoed to try Wood's Hair Kestorative. mainly to arrest the falling < ff of my hair, for I bad really no expeota tion that gray hair oould ever be restored to ita original oolor except fron d?e?. I was, however, K'aatly surprised to fiad, ifter the ne* of two bot ties only, *nat not only waa tae failing oWarrested, bat the o -lor waa ?astorcd to the gray hairs and aaaaibility to th* aoalp an.ldandruff o*assd to form on ay head. ve. ? .nuch to the gratifioatioa of ny Vifa, at whoa* solicitation I wap indue.d to t'y it For this, amonc the ma* y obligations I owe to bW sex, I strongly reeotnmtnd all msl*w*< who van* the ad mi rati n of thair wive* to profit hrny xampla, and a?e itif g.'owinz gray or g?tUa< ba a. Very resprcrfnlly, B*h A Lavxkdxx. To Q.J. wood * Co.. 444 Broadway- N. Y. My faailr are absent from the uty, and 1 am no longer at No. II Carrol P aoe. f iamastor. Ala., July 90th, 1H To P*9?. O J.Wood: Dear Mr. vosr "Hair PMtorati v?" ha* done iut l air eo muoh good ainee eummeioMl the as* of it, that 1 aidi to Make I known to th* pnblie of ita < facta oa the hair, w|ri*h are great. A manor woman oa> be nearly drp^irrd of hair, aad by a rasort to vonr "Hair k .?> the heir will return mora'beauUfu. than ever ^it t least this ia bct expenoDoa. Beliere it all Yoara trulr, W*. H. Kewidt. P. 3.-YOU ou pabliah the a?x>ve if you I k* Bj puUithiEK in car houthfru papera ?*>? ?ill (M Im Mvtnl of yoar oa tifioatea iu the Mobil* Meroary, a ?troni ?ouUi?-rB paper. w. HKinkbt j WOOD'S HAIR RESTORATIVE. Bir.O i. VVeoD: Dear Sir Hiriut had the riune to loai" the beet poitioa of tuy bur, ft on the rf**U of the pal row fever, in New OrltMt ta I?61,1 wae m'uoad to make a trial of yoar preparation. and /bawl It to answer m, the rery tLiag needed. Mr hair is now thi?k aad (lossy. ami no word* can express my oLiigaUoas to yon fa [Inni to the afBieted tuoh a treasar* Pi jtlby Joa.iau* The Reataratj *e ia pat ay ia bottles of three aiaae. vix : larce. medium and amal; U? .? sinai hold half a pint, and retail a for one dollar par bottle; the medium holds at leaat 90 per oeat. more ia proportion than the small, retails for iwo dollars perV?ttle; thf lar^e holds a aaart, ?0 per aaat more ia pro^artioa, and ratal la ror *3 * _ " ^ .old by all food Dnigglata and Panc^ Oocda l?OR A SHORT T1MK ONLW-DKAFysss r AND NOISES 1.1 THti H-AD.-OK. COL tfTO - .member of the Royal College of Surgeona of Knclfttid, ha~i arrirad, and ia now prepared to Mply ??? nev and extraordinary treat a* Dt by wiueh he vaa Linndf ??red af?er e>ren yaara lataaae aatfuriRf. Pa ticuJari f ?r aatf-aara wat to Mr artflreea for ao?tj*e; eoaauliattone datU fro? grJKs: | IPlNfcSSififi* , ' *, to'-.". v 4' _ * UCTION tULBR. |jrf?f mtkar AmtH?B*Us, in Jkrtt pyi. THIS AJTEKNOOX $ TO MORROW Br J. c. MoGLIRE 4t CO. Awtii rrtlSTKK^SAi.K.'KTHKKKVAi.UABl.R 1 B?t? mkh a* Tairotm tr hjirjp. WKT AM? KoftTM 6 PT ?On KRll'At 4FFIC1NOON AKUtflllUi'1'"^ n?'t? ? b? vi'ta* ISM. MM 4m'J rrco d?i in LttwTT A.b , 1M. foliaa <36. !?, ( tk? 'tnd fWotdt tor V\ ktkiMto* OMkb.K Ik* Did'itt *(Cul(?k?.l MlntlMi nr:?-1?. ? m4 ? . la Jmmm c, MMiim'i nkd,TK??i ?i2?front?* ok SS Mwt iaokat oa Fl at itmt VM. I**** ? 1* H Mr?4*t Mrtk, m< ItfBlilK ttliMKMilM U. *? iMt litoi !? Iatbar wiU tb- iui?rov*4u?-?U. oo of mm%ll wo Itorr briok boaacj cr?rt.?i om lb? rt*r U m*4 m4 fro..i o? ?>* i ha a t*r. Txw: Oaa fovrtoi ?Mk, the rawda* la ?, It *a4 U monlba. with iataratt, aaaa aJ by a caad M Ira.l i oa ?h? pra*u>*? _ If tha ?*rni. ?f aa'? afcna'd not ta a->n y' ad with in fiva day* tLar*?f Ita iraataa r?a?r??" iba t i<b( to raaall M tha nak ?W aiytM ?T Um da lMltixg yaiekMtr. Al. toiv*ru? DC at Ua aiMiu of Um aarcbaa r. TUvif J UMIFH. TrSataa. aaJT-d 4. C. M*01 IRK 4 OoM Amu. By WALL* BARNARD. AaoUoaaata. TJ08I ri VK ?\LK OF TWO VALUARLS K I#oTa >?C1I0II Wit wort iMiki ra hliffr-OB FB1D IT AfTflNO'J!!, S at , at i o'a!u?k. i* fioat of the ynnim. ? ?iii a?U. two lM>U lror.tin? trwlr f ?4 <?ch oa north C?^ Ivl (Irvrt, botvwi K ?u<J F I'fU itd HUM I Ml ni) byro ad and twan:y fori riti- pMi?ct Tar n* : a* fea f caah; haianoa in Saad iMitki. bfacng utaraat; d^aJ at axpanaa of tba parcha^ar, aa 33 d WALLA BAKMAID. 4lo'. ~ Hi A UtUN. AMtinww. AIM GOODHACRAT AUCflON.-Oa RATURDa\, Um lat of 9 ptaahar. I .tai miT at m, A-iotioa Room*. aoraarJMvanth and l> atraata. at lu o'e "ok a m.: I goo4 Hack Tarma Mad* kaawa at aala. j^n?-2t A G R KK .N. A nat._ By J. C. McGLlRF. A CO . Aaotionaara. HIBlANDBOMfc: AND NKAKLV NEW FAMILY Ciliuai AT Ar?.TivM ?On SATI RMA Y MOK NING, Seatembar lat. at Ho'nTock i? front of n?r A action Room a v? aha!. aaM.wttfcntt ra aenra. a ha .daoiaa and naariy aaw oaa feoraa Faar. i - r*. IIIUWIIM*Trrms: Om third oa.h; the ro*,due id ? and M data, for aauafaoton y eudoraed notaa. U*rii| in urtat aa M-4 J C. Mc9llRK A CO.. A?to B? WALL* BAK NAN D, Auc*ioa?e-e. f AR*E STOCK OF FANCY AND BTAPI.K b Dm? Good*. Millibbit, Sctri.Hiii Birnb?, Ac ? >11 J* \ i L K L> A Y M?> K > IS ?, Wt Se? i mbar. we will eMI in f.nntof the Auoti jb Ro4.bc. a lar?? itJOk of L>rj o oda, Mlmery, Aa., ?*mjrtrin*? t ir.e CMilMTfl and Ca?*inrt*. Croae barred and other Moaaaelinea, Fia? luah and Frea? ii Liaona, WootM Tab aoloth* aa I All wool Mariaoa, White aud Brown Cotton* and Ticking, S-lk, I ir.en Handkerehi* t aid t<a>ui, Saraaola, U Iotm, Uom and R ibltowa, ait' a i. Cotton*. Room. Triuuit*,ta Hair Br jahee, Smh aau waaj otaer r aaoy ooda. T'riai oaah aw ?ra WALL A_BARNARD, Aoota. By WALL A BARNARD, Auctioneer HH()K!*K FOR salk-On SaTI'RDAY MOR *INU next, at 1? o'eioefc.*? will a?ll, ia front of oar auotipa rooaa. one Hay Horaa. ao 4 for lirary fxpara*. Sa'a po* tire. Taraaa oa*k. All mtoraatod wi I take aotiot. aa?J WAU A H arnard. Aa?a. FUTURE DAYS. By A. OREKN, Auctioneer. UOUBEIiOLO AND KITCHKN Ft RN1 *1. tcrkat Auction.?-On WON l)A Y. the 3d day of !*ert?int>er. at l? o'e '< ck a m.. 1 aha.ll a*I!. at the re*ideoee of a len'lemoo dio n.iai iioaaakaayiaa, oa the weai a<da ef * ourUi street, botwaea I aa4 K atroeta north aiaWauuitaMituI Houm Fnraiaiin< Good*. Tit: Mahogany JWa*. Chair* and Foot Stool*. l?o. Ma bie top Cenirr and Faaay TaMaa, n.. IU....... .. j u. i?? Do. iteniaek oov?r?d m fa# and Eur Chair a, I^O??D<J Other CurtaiM, (illt <tIm? CtilU VUM. M?k?>ia.y >.u>?U * d and Dres?ir.g TaUea, Cane, wood seat Ch%ira aad Loang'a. M^1 ?te*d?, Burnaoi an-I Wardr<>bea. \Vathata;.U*. TmlatSJata, Towei Raska. Ingrain. Ma.r and othe- Oa p?U Hair, Cotton top atd Huak Matt-eeae* F?itb?r Bedt'ri lo?r? and Bo B a ik?t<, ?'omforta a and Oaaea. cooking. Air tight and other St-vea, Together with a general aaaorUa?_t of Kitahac Requiaitea. T mini: A I iima of and nn<ler $M oaah . over fi25 a credit of 3 and 4 moLihi, for approved en caed i.oua, baa-tag intereat an 28 d A. GRKR*. Aa?t. By THOS. DOWLtNesGtorfatova E. 8. WnaiT. Salaemaa. QQ AAA LBS- brown soap, tallow, U MAmu, Cow a? ,itAk Tt-ji.?On MONDAY next, the 3d of*epLe?oar. at ie o'clock a. ni . I ahal! aa!i, at the tea lory of Um late Jamaa O'Uonoghna, ob Firat e'reet, by ortar of the Orp. ana' Court? 22,(00 lba Bright and Dark Soaa, l,u(?ib?. Rendered 1 ai ow, Soda A?h, Aahaa. Catting Boi, Ofcce Farn tu>e, Ac., 1 aupenor y? uug Cow and Cai'. Term* ofaala: #*) and ai der oaah; orer a cred 11 ol 0n and f> > cay a. for approrad and oread aotaa, bearing ibtereat. Hfc.NJ. SMITH. ACiniuKtrfcU.r W. A. *u?-Ct? THUS. DOWLING, AneL Bt A. 6rkrn, AietioMir. EXTENSIVE BALK OF I ICtlOR EHTAB Li lithmrxt at avctioi.?Oa MONDaY. Um 3d dA> ui S?pt*rnt>er, Al lit w'elrck am,1 afca.l m , At the atora of Johr Kreienok (i*r?ck?, oa P?u. avenaa, hetvoaa ad?1 6th etreeta. No. Ml, U? whoia of hi* took and fixturaa, vis: Fine Cofrao Brandt**, Diff'rent braoda of W hiaky, Ho.Iado Gin, Port, Madeira at.4 othar Wiaaa, CuAiapacue, Hook W i??a aad A bay a the, v\'olfeTseh.adam SchLAfp*. Bitlcra And ViDMtr. p>covon wiiut, lmp-rWHl Cigars of all braada. Anchovies and Utuch Herrings, l?u >>how Windows aad Htor? Fixturea, Ant' T>?ny other artiolee whiol. we dee* it HM??*?*ry t/? numerate. 1 ha 4tUi.liuD uf dea ers is particaiarly oaiied tm this al.e. as bargains M| be expeoted. terms: A!! sunu aider |} dab, over fr and a trzoewlicc fSO. aorauitots dtys; orer )ji>aa4 not rxossdisi fKKacreditof M4a;a, for appiored end ?rs#d coiu Br order of the Ex eon tor aad Executrix. aa t7 d A.mBN.Aiet Br BARNABO * BUCKET. Aaaboaeara. POSITIVE BALE OF VALUABLE AMD DE s:t able BriLDiKe Lot ta Oi' loirowj, DC., AT Acctio*.?On Tl' ESUA v AF'I'fcKNOON, tha Win mat, at m v'aluot, to froat of tha yrsaiiis, Uat valuable aad most daei table Let. uvaad fcj John r ass in, Ka< , and ulusUd oa tha north ve at corner of Prospect aai Potouiaa stree'a. la George h>vii, and f ouUrk iftj-foai feet more or laaa oa the former street, aad nuelj tea leat more or laaa on tha latter. Title indisputable. Terms eaah; #51oftheparefcaae nonn to he pud on the C'oaad, ar tha property will be t nun *d lately rreold. foeaasaiaa given upoa oompliaaoe with aaitl urma. aa St rfAKNAKU A BL'CKEY, Aacta. H7-IN CO>SF?UKNCE or THE IAIN, the abjvs mi* i? p .stpon*d to MONDAA AFTK R MOON, Sept. Sd. s?me hoar *?3> BaRNARU A BHCRKV, Aals. Br A. GRFKN Aaclioaaer. C?ALE OF FURNITURE Ae.. AT AUCTION. ? On TUF.SuA Y, the 4 h day oTS*itMib*r. at 1? o'clock a. m . I shall a?ll,at!f?. ??o Penn. ar*?u? 4S and 6*it tutMt, i th< tia< wtii dsatgaate the honae) id* follow: Q( a'holM. vis : I,arj* Mahogany Marble top Hidebuard. Fii* Oak do. 4* 3 large French Plate Mirrors about tn foot kick, L?arg* Oil PaiBtiags and other Pietar**, 4 larg* Gas Chandeliers, 1 fine Oak Hf?r?tary, I Wataat Kitowion, r?rr Km, Mm ud o?&er Cs'tatss. Brussels Carp ts sud Oil C'.oth, Conk Range m < Fixture*, l<ot of Kitchen I?s?iiit>(, And many ctbor artioies too nasroM IsstsMrate. Tersse mad* ksova oa day of sale. aa? d A. wRKEN, a?t By C. W. BOTELk* * SONS. Aaatmaaa^. HOUSEHOLD AND KITCHRN FUBNIJLJl T??. 0!" l^K> o'aC&\ra wVaaU.'atUjareeidwN^?15ft5 WililMaa. Na^tfS h^ibtVelfwiU ]?<??? DliiU. * Mt Plato, Oowt sad Ptaal, Gtlt-traaw Claa*. Mar Mr top Pt?r TaWa. 0i t-Trama bmra?in??, Mattel Oraaaiaata, Br?a*<4a, Tare* r<7 a?4 Carpeta, Hall Olla ?Kh, Stair Ko<l? au<l Ktm, lisdftcada. WaahfUaAa^M Dri?aia? Baiaaaa. ns^^riS.'iS.'nsvm..^ Bat E*ak, Straw Matui*. Caoa-aaat <Ckairt and Bookers, Window SbadM *ni Cartau a. Kit*r?eioi< Takln Waiaat Dtaiac nta Ckain, Ka^.ator and utw Su?T?a, Iwrj Haadli Kaivaa nod Forks, Croukarr awl 61a** War*. F"kW. BOTELBK A SONS. &MU. I^OLD AND flLVKB SPECTACLES.?Ha* VI ioj had mi.?h aittrUnM U*\ vtrraaUii ia hmi( th\|| kiONtiM * * %ll li?M thvt Will lllltk* WW, ni M tiRMMatfiiumKio ?ow ? rn? im all tin I Sir"""j'iESi'ia*-J ^ I I I , ?. ^aH

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