Newspaper of Evening Star, October 6, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated October 6, 1860 Page 3
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LOCAL NEWS. J?T"rni Sta? publiabe* the Ll?t of Letters rrmillUv ! tkf Washington Citv Post Offlr* or naklnv rr?u^<-in?oto U atb-ad >olut* of t"' cltlzaM of Alexandra and KairJHf0 v* .M tfce Fall'* cliurch next Wedi?M - tfc? 10U. la?t, m wrUlcft oc??lor? U KKaln ?nU bo W arrant J.iuaguitUed jH^^aUeffMO of VlrglBl*. * T ?.?**?, ?Witbm' *??4 tortiwded tbo of^L?r"f the Nauo-al* ulKht, a* Ibelr cwnct <HKI o7 Ute liliad l^'.aoopai ^Pfcwt ta Mottef column. 5 i tan/- vrfiieb Vu covered witti red cloth On tb? arrtrslof tbo distinguished prtr ass) nte of VI gaM ?m lied frum Um Arwul, which was resp uded to bjr a like number from Um Navy Yard Tbe prince was eacorted to tbe gaagwny W tbe stemier by Maj>r Kiuwr, Cnnrimandaet at tbe Arsenal. I uno-dlately om ember be pro rvd*4 to thr (unrnrAdack and nwigol la eanint aad lirWy ronrersjtton with Lars SL Orrsalne The erowd was UiuS afbrded an excellent op?>ortuititv of getting a farewell view of the future fci.-ig ft Ku?U<td The T?ast-I loosed he* rooorlit,;* ?t precisely II oYiuck, and proceeded dewa the wkili Potomae amid the ptaodtta at thevaft ? eoawOMrtr tasembied, and with tbe British enal/v I AmMag dt Uer f^emast aad the Ajg?ticaa at the iu. ii? Erum Aesoeurrow ? Tbe Cea. Its' Ueil ?n?l Evsrett clufc met at thri/ rooms oa , ?H?eatb atraet last i.lgm for tbe transaction ?t |,.?MflBa?o*. Vfulle a large crowd was unseat, sad MlHidersble business consented with tbe Prsaf(TdAtfl'l eaavaes was transacted. metting of the waa called for next Monday Bight, for tba < U? ricuptloa of a wbilekit. Hlicoit wMc'loielv Mt ImUanra iu Urr?t Krituluou* etylr, and la button-bote of tfc* ku>? wai a beautiful roar and a 'i-ilm Uaf, dooUtiraa mm> gift of aooie fhlr lady. ^|Tut carriage of U?? Prinee, followed by those of mmberi of thf Cabinet. In wblrh wore thov SyAfifm. with *o*e left the Mansion about Tf-^^t-paat ten. aurrotiuded by aunieroiit v?b.< l~a ZTZJ-'d a Ur?<> rou d of pedratrlam, eagerly gaslng ,ifl ? the Bvor Tbe of carriage* drove 4lowly Peaaavlvanlaavenue to Four-and-a-half at., raalkd tbeae* U Uta a?a?l. wlnre a large crowd or M%p?rtator* wu gathered oa the wharf. wb?? lay ^ ?tte Hi-amec A plank footway had been laid from the e?mway of tbe Moaner rot asm yardtdit tue last time before Li* departure?mlgbt be gratified About twentr minute* to tea the Prince and suite took an aOWtlonate leave of tbt* President and M'aa Lane. In tbla final Interview mutual regret was expressed that the pleasant hours that Lul been paswd at tbe Whtte House during the 5yrioce'a sojourn In this city should be soahortly :iud wlahea for tbe future health and prosperity of the Presldeut and his niece, and tLe tt fcueea and tbe Prince, as well for tbe prosperity i*had Uannouy uf tbr two respective countries, wrrtj ftutually expressed " * This orer, the Prince was eecorted to the President's barouche drawn up la front of tbe Man^ aion, by Lord Lyons, and, lu company with the 0 iXike of Newcastle and Secretary Ftosd, took poslh MUoa therein. The Baroa was dresM very much S th* cum* as wh? be first arrived In tbe eitv. with HBV.WBiCU "7 ?? ?? ? " ? i in ivwmiuw apoavev himself and party to Aquia Creek, fmtn ^jMrvcc tbev k? la a special train of car* to lllcbiipT ii I 1b anticipation of securing a glimpse of mm he Baron aa be should make his ?xit from the * Kzecutive Msnsiou. targe number* began to uK-mWf about the White House at an early honr; aud It ?ru not long before the crowd bad ao augmented that tbe Mansion might well be aald to titvr been liter illy l>e*i?-grd by anxious and cur1o??spectators Larue uumi>ers had alio aaaembled on the portico oftiLe Treasury, and At differ ent potuU along the avenue. Not'vltbstandlng these various spectator*, tbe majority ef wboui were ladies, bad assembled some time prior to tbe appearance of tbe Prince, no impatience was manifested on their part, all seeming willing to await patiently bts approach, if by s* doing th?ir desire of s<*etug him?some for tbe flrst and ethers for afl?r Uie Uec* was ueura ior aancintf l^ara Keiifrrw opened the set by dancing with Mlu Line and */>rvr?rd* led out the Ml urn Slidell, &].** Gwinn. s;id Viaa l.ed yard. and entered fully Into the enjoyments of the occasion. The trip up the river wai thill rendered a mostenjoyable one to all ou board, and at the Instance of ths Prince, the apeed of the boat was slaokefced to give more dancing time, which account* fur the late return of the party to the city. The ateimer reached her wharf at & o'clock p m , and the distinguished r)t party entered the waiting carriages and proceeded M at mi re tu the mansion of I.ord l.yona, where the 7 President, M las Laae, Baron Renfrew, the noble? men and gentlemen of the Baron's retinue, and ^ the members of the Cabinet dined last evening. * DIP11TC1K or BAROH HXfRKW A.1D SOITB. k The anxiety on the part of the public to obtain s *Jvlew of bis highness aoems to have undergone no ^%batement as the period of his stay in Washington ^shortened This was rlearly evidenced by the fcin ats'?which assembled at various points this IAfld|talng, aaitoualy awaiting the sppmac h of the '"'Mk*An his way to the U 9. at earner Harriet ^ * (Ko A taaiial larltwo# in r<Mu)irtosa sltctoui deed* aa warrior and atatrauian have won for bla memory the veneration of all nation* of the world, impressed the royal v'.aitor and hla noble retina*; and simultaneously. aa they approached tbe tomb, ail uncovered tbeir heads in obedience to toe common impulse. Tbe illustrious party tben proceeded through tbe ground*, examining everything connected with the estate with mluate interest and returning to tbe tomb, a aolemn dirge was played by the Marine Band, while all stood with uncovered beads An interesting lac)dent connected with tbe visit waa the planting of an acorn, close by the tomb, hy the Prince; and he announced a purpose to plant aome ef tne same acorns In tbe Royal Park at Windsor. Bidding adieu to tbe scene hallowd to every American by the most patriotic of recollection*, the party reem barked on board the cutter, and partook of a collation which had been aet out in . the caloon The order was then given to proceed on the homeward trip, and immediately there country. Arrived opposite Mount Vernon, the Harriet I.mne dropped ber anchor, and the steamer'? boats having i.?en lowered, the party prepared to proceed to the ?t]ore The Prince stepped Into the first laanch. Immediately stationed hlmaelf at tbe stern, aud sailing the tiller ropes steered tbe boat as bore in s ullar like style, which showed Liui to have bad some experience in that way in the boat with him were the President and Miss Lane. The other guests Allowed in other boats, and in a few minutes the whole company landed on tbe sacred shore of Moant Vernon At the wharf they were rereivnd by Geo. W. Kiggs. Ksq., the Treasurer nf tbe Ladies' Mount Vernon Association, Mrs Rijjgs, Miss Beaton. and Mrs Merrick, the itdy of the distinguished Aiaociate Jndge of tbe Circuit Court of the District of Columbia, by whom tbey were escorted through the grouuda The Baron. followed by bis retinue,^ proceeded at once to the tomb ef Washington, where the scene waa deeply interesting, and not likely ever to be forgotten by thoae who participated In the trip. The exceeding simplicity of everything connected with the last resting place of him whose lie Incident at tbe wharf In connection with the arrival of two barges loaded with insane people, inmates of Ui?? Government Asvlum arrow ttie river. They lay the cotter Harriet Lane, in the str?im, and the eraxv people made no particular demonstration nntfl the Prlace appeared, when on#* of the woven waved a green botigh q'lite vigorously about her head, and called out hi a shrtH tone, "How do you do. Mr. Prince?" I Mr. Caa here explained to the Prince in whispar | who these unhappy t*ople were, and the latter stepped to the eage of th-> wharf and g97.rd upou toeui with great apparent Interest and sympathy for a considerable time Itoubtieas it was a ton solatlou to him to know that he wag not chargeabl> with turning the brains of ik**r people The trip down the river was a pleasant one. and the royal partv expnas* d much admiration of the arenery of the Potomac, and of It as on* of the most beautifal streams they had seen in this 1?'UT TO ?KI THE PRINCK?Alt K X PI.* S A TIO.1? I H* Tmir?!*tkhk?tiko sc**i* it Vnsoi ?Tub Paixca Dascm? Lie? Littl? Ohvii n? c?t.u vuk ? Moii"-Hi la Accommodated? Hi? Dvpahttbic risM thi City To-uat .?la ?dr dltlon to the detail* In yest*rdav'a8tsr we append ?jm? lnU-reitlng particulars of the Print's *?sit to Mount Vernt>n Not a few of our citizen repaired to the arsenal wliarf yesterday morning to mtrh i ?iw ?( tbe Prince on bia embarkation Tboee on foot, hnwwr, found titemaelvea abut out at tbe araenal ground's entrance bv the sentries. who said tbeir orders were to admit none but those in carriage*. Mth? mh?rlralinn thpfi? vac an int#rMf. I U ao huge aa to require it to he put to prew at an early boor; Advertlaementa, therefore, ahould be aent In before IS o'clock m ; otherwlae they may not appear until the aext day. That Valuable atd Family Jorj?hal, tub " Wimr Stab," full aa uaaal of Metropolitan ?ewa and goastp, and choice literary reading, la bow on our counter ready for delivery to the public. It la Juat the paper above all othera forclt z^na and trangera eojcurnlng in the National Metropolis to read cm Sunday and Bend to their fnenda at a distance Price only three c?aU p?r copy, or ?1.2S per annum; poatage prepaid by atampa when ao arranged. ?-?-? i^I?> l?OBT? rbimbw at MoPXT VeRSCH?IKCTm1t* at the \viiaef?thbj'baet Folbb tbb1 ?nd*r tb? proriatooa of Um U* directing ibem to be prtnVd In tbe n^wipepw boring the largeot clrenlatlon Tlthia tbe delivery of tbe oflre. It? totA dally circulation U more than double that of any other Dally printed In tbe Olctrlct of Columbia. ^ mmm ? UjT Tboogb Tu* St a.* la printed on tbe lfesteel ituni urea tn me math of Riltlmar* Its edition La.dim, the cheapest, finest, best, aiM lmigesl assortment of l*ee?, t* e sets. lac* collars, euibroideries, rlbbuns, all**, hats, bonnets, lowm, butUrra, trlutinin/t, rntfies, and worsted Knoda, of all kinda, In tbls rltv, are to be found ai Mrs H- U. Klohlaou's, No. 13 Pennsylvania avenue, Mweta EltffctfeN* Nt#Ui to*** i oj |. Mcotia^ wma 01 use ion kmwd aiaong we members u a grueral class meclin;;, but generally I known as an experience meeting. The tveui ug was pawed very pleasantly. Wit dox't tbt Police enforce the law In relation to the placing of signal lights at the termini of street excavation*Cootractors for laytug water pipes are digging hole* la many of our wind pal streets at the present time, and never think ef hanging out tlgaais to prevent travelers from falling Into II* inaa traps they thus leave eipneed. The other night a gentleman drove Into oqe Of these pU<e? st the corner of Fourth sUe?t a?d Mah?a< hu?o?i arena*-, Inflicting great damaged hi* horss sndtltnaalf. Why don't t^e Corporation afford adequate protection to the cltlx?it . How hi #as p?p ?We hear that Harvey was on to tarnish a heavy snare of the lots of fine thing* which the President f<*d the Prince of Wajea and ble suite this week; and that, anticipating the ahaolute necessity for such a call upon hlin, he took due ?aro to store his toe box;* with the ineet display of ttsh sad oysters ever Seen in thin market He will probablyfhave a few more A* Iks MX IM> M bind aest week rm hitiyal ? mi maeiiagi k uie Memoaiii l'rotratant Charch,Ninth *t., have been Increasing In latere* during the put two week*, and la*t night the aervtct* were particularly latereatfng. Rev Wn T. Wright, of Frederick, preached an effective dlarourae from the text. "Oh, wretched man that I ana, who ahall deliver me from the b'>djrof tlila death?'' After which the aervioe at the hilar wo* returned, and a number of penitent* pr?s*eated Utemaeivce for proper and Instruction. The service <4 the aerie* of meeting* waa resumed in the Mrthodtat Church South laat night The nig < i mo mi am w,n neia at tbe Hmitbiio>tian Institution this morning, ntlOoVI'k There wu a rery fair attendance of members present. The see rets rv re*il the lt?i of officers Heeled at tlMr last Meeting. a* follows: President, 7. Richard*; Vl?* President, J H.CuinU, Hec rstary, J. S. DeHsrt; Provisional Committee, Afescra B K. Detrlch. i C. Loomts; A. C. Klebar.ts; Treasurer, G H Twlsa. Tbe committee appointed to make irrangement* with Profosor Henry for a course of lectures before ?be association, reported tbat in conaeqnence of tbe absence of that gentleman from th?eityno detlnite unitratandlu^ had been brought about In relation thereto The asaoc'ation was then entertained by a cdilcltm from Mr. Detrich upon an elementary work ou gnotogjr recently published. WW mm >v *uv VV4? iuii^c u? UII*UV*riCU kUai I B<i Uf | 19 Fenny wa? u prisoner Tom at once determi oed to release t'je beautiful prisoner, and went to work with that purpose. He succeeded in breaking ofl' the lock, and was just making off with the released captive when the guards discovered him, and he was again taken Sack, and this morr.iu^ he wis scot aowu for 00 days An ?The late Darius Clagett was very fend of rare and beautiful flowers and trees; tnd Lad a number of them at hitcpuutry residence, where he died Among these wt?a yoka plant, to which he was particularly part al Frolnbly he designed to ascertain as near as |>oaBlhle the periods of Its blooming Opinions rtwpectlng it are varioua making the period 7, 14,17 years.Ac This fine pi ?nt bloomed seven years ago, and sipce th-n It had received mu' h attention from Mr. Cl ieett It has just bloomed :igatJi, making t*lce in fourteen years; but the venerable owner did not Use to witness this last blooming Tbepr?tty flowers began to burit a)>out the time be was t <ken ick, and wars In full bloom upon the day of his death The blosseinlng branch was taken from the plant by a son of Mr. Clagett, and brought to this city and attracted much attention this mornlug, though the tlovrers were fast fading. Tkachsrk' Association ?The monthly meetS / iL- ? ? ? ?-* wu no n?an u> prevent ma inauguration lint tiuuid Mr Lincoln attempt to vioLde oue provision of tt>? Constitution, though be would not advocate disunion, he would b? Tn favor of banking the traitor In tbe Union. And they would do it too Tbe speaker frequently Interrupted by applause. Csxtbal Gcabdhousk Cisin ?John queen, an Irishman, wbo bad been indulging a little too freely laat night, lo?t bis way and wandered lo'.o tbe canal, where he Wdi found splashing shout in ttui rpud and water He was extricated and wrung ont. and placed In tbe guardhouse to dry, after which pr'**ess had been completed be was dismissed Hiraui A lien, drunk and disorderly; workhouse ft) days Robt Tate, colored, drunk, sleeping in the market, do. GO days Robert H. King, arunk and disorderly; ttu? and costs,S2 1.5. Isabella Fenny, do.; do 82 15 Thomas Ratlitfe went in as a lodger, tbougb "a little tight " W hil* in 11 ih i>oll saniru luk A I" .1?1* ? [Laughter ] He tben proceeded to review the doctrine* vowed by Mr Douglm, and contended thst they were all of a fatal tendency H? also paid hi* respects to the Hell party John Bell, aald be, waa determined to save the Union Was the Kroacrlptlon of Roman Catholics and the dlsanchising of naturalUed citizens the way to do tbla' And yet this waa avowed by tbls party as its leading doctrine He wouldn't 'rouble them by saying anything about tbe freeaoil doctrine and a lot of other nonsense. He waa not afraid of Lincoln'a election; but even if he should he. be waa no aeeeder; he a? hi ai uc uuuiu prevent 11. any innnpi ui overthrow It Air. Douglas 1 will not aay much about, Inasmuch as he h<u already suffered ao much abuse Vm, be would let Stephen pass tie was mall potatoes anyhow. [Laughter ] If be i| a giant, be la bat a little giant [Laughter.] In nis county be didn't think he bad more than six or eight adherents A word about bia principles; he never could come back to the democratic party again?the gull of separation la so wide that little Stephen'a leira are too abort to extend acruaa MV ? saw oiuiw TWVHOTVU8 ?UCCItlie . The President next Introduced the Hon. Tboa. S. Bowie, of Maryland. Mr. Bowie, after extending an Invitation to the Association to be present at a grand barbecue to be xWeu at Marlboro' on Saturday, the 13th of October, commenced the delivery of a very Interesting speech lie regarded tbe Constitution at tbe United States as In imminent danger. It had been assailed?-by whom? Why, by Ab? Lincoln, Johu Bell, Mephen A Douglas. [Apfilause J When he found three foes before him. t made but little difference to htm which of those three mtght be right, when they were all agninst the Constitution of tbeir country. Be stood there In the naiut: of the State of Maryland, to vindicate the Integrity, tbe strength, and tbe power of tbe Constitution of bis country; and come what iulj^ht, he did not intend to permit, tbroxta; but l?t nte su^ar it with a coat of popular sovereignty; so they pet it into their stomachs. You kuow the result la about th? tame. Aa be supposed there were no sympathisers with Mr. Linccln present, he would not detain theai with any remarks with reference to them. lie concluded with an earnest appeal to the democracy of the District to be zealous in the great cause, and to render them in Maryland all the ass-. stance in their power by the distribution of documents. Ac , kc He regarded the vood old State of Maryland aa safe for Breckinridge and L*ne. Ha Pft rme\ ?mM */w? I ?a ?? <* Of Mr. Everett. he had not much to say. All admitted fcim to be a acholar and an orator; but lti what manner and on what occaiion bad he ahown himself am a statesman or a friend to the South ? What had he ever done to item the abolition c?rreot in bis own State? Echo answered what? Hewns particularly severe upon Mr Douglas and his course But while he would shoot down the leader, be would be willing to spare the rank and file, for be thought tbev bad benii misled? deluded He denounced the doctrine of squatter sovereignty as most fatal to the best interests of the South. What was it In effect.' Why just this: Mr. I>ougias says "Stand back, Mr Lincoln, this pill of aboiitianisin wtiich you are giving to tbe South is too bitter, too unpalatable to Southern C\ ? ? HW* M Wl ?v ?UV l"?l l?IV-?? record of John Bell, in order to show hi* utter inconsistency. To sustain himself is tbe assertion that Mr Bell was inclined to abolitionism, Le alluded to tbe varir.ns votes which bad been ?iren by hlin In the Halls of Congress on various prop* ositions relative to tbe extension and prohibition of slavery, Mr. Boll nearly always, being voting in company with Jobn C^aincv Adams, Sumner, Hale, and others of that class From this published record, he asked from them, a portlou of the great jury of the American people, the nnlfonHuinii*tinn nf Inhn Hall The speaker commenced bv eulogising the candidates supported bv himself and the members of that association, and claimed that they only were the true and ftithful representatives of the national deraociacv. and as such they shonld receive the adhermee of every democrat. He proceeded at some length to speak of the candidates of the Constitutional Union party, characterizing it as merely a resurrected element of the defunct party of know nothingism This dislike and dis?ust of political platforms was a legacy derived from its parents; for their necks were Woken by such, and therefore the offipriug were warned by this fatal result to beware of such In the future Up rafstrroH tvt otn 11 1a nalUlitjl Mmrm ?r rvi Jacemh (BKacxnntisei) DiinetiTR A ? oct at row La?t Etmim?Tb? called meeting of thU aaaorlation last eYpninj? waa largely attended and much entbnslaam nivnIfetted. An excellent band of niu*lc waa in attendant*. and at iatervala discoursed inanr of the roost attrr'ng and petr: >tic airs. After the t ana action of the piwMnn^ry nreiim'D*rv business. an invitation ?u extended to the North Carolina Clnb.wbich was then in session in another portion of tbe city, to unite wltb them on this occasion. The President (Or. Boyle) announced that the Hon. Lewis Lowe, of Maryland, wbo it bsd been announced would address them that evening, was detained from the meeting by indisposition. He then introduced to the meetiug Mr.J.S. Franklin. one of the electors of the State ef Maryland. styline him tbe ?4War-hores of Arundel county." This announcement was received with enthusiastic applause. Suddenly, on the 9d inilu*. in the Sd year of bis ago, WILLIAM E. RIDG WAY, eidaet eon of the late Henderaon Kidgaray In thMcity, on Friday afternoon, the5th iaatant. of ofi.*uinptioR. 8ALL1K, aecoud daughter of Richard K. Burr/In the <Jd rear of her a<a 1 The friend* or tbe family are requested to a:tend th? funeral, n-om the house of her fatti*;, earner of P and 3d atraeta, tomorrow (Sunday) after noon, at t IK o'clock. ' v At aea, Mr;. MARY DYER,aatireafDovon, . tore, L<-*land,a*i?d ?8 years,2 tonUe.afd* day*. J Her f. i?nd* a^d aoquaiqta naee, and the frutnaa of Uim fninil), ar? r<Mp?etlully invited to attend.her ; iu nor at, on to- mo rr o w, 18u 11 d a y,) atS o'e'ook, from . tta&sjmasS, ??,sa! i bind*. The prices ringed from *&5 to 95 cent* per 100 ponadr, R *lic?General Wtahtngton't harptlchord, now tue property of tbe Mount Vernon Attoelttlon, baa been rerarniabed and repaired at tbe Menu Grean'a Factory, Alexandria It it a tin{;ular looking affair, about 10 feet long and varyng from 4 feet to 18 lnchet In width. It Waa taut down to Mount Vcraon yesterday, for tbe ; frlace of Walet to tee it. Pr**<?wa within^ to get good Oyatert and all otber dellctciat, la teaton, can do to by calllug at beater's restaurant, corner of Thirteenth icreot and Pennavlvanla avenue. Hit eating bar i* always applied with tbe bett tbe market affords, aud bit llquort aud aegara are taid to be unturpatted anywhere. * G*ac s Chcbch, Alexandria, it to be contecxtted to-morrow by tbe Rt. Be*. Bltbop Jobnt Tbe venerable Bishop Mead* ia alto expected. a?d a number of otber clergy. Bitkop Jobnt, it It *id, will preach tbe nrmon. 7 MAKE1U. f In Baltimore, on the 4th tmitant, at the Cfca l*t feiree'. M. E. Churon, by th* Rer. Thomas flSvttt. HKNK V C. EVANS, of Washington city, to mARV E; GARRKTTgON, of Baltimore. ! DMCD, eye wu pointed out to them, and upon close examination, all were willing to bear testimony to the fart that th-ar.lfltialevewas the most natural looking of the two. It (a wonderful to retlect what art can attain.?Petertbtrrg(Va ) Bulletin, mf S?pt 7. Center Mm?r -The market space was literally crowded this morning with wagons, horses, Stc , belonging to the dealers, who were more numerous than for some time past. The supplied in the various departments were ample, and the quality creditable to the dealers. From the opening to the closing, the gangways were crowded with purchaser* from all sections of the city. The demand wh active and saleq brisk at tb? price* Quoted In the Star of yeeterday. Th? hay market was largely supplied, and there was a demand which soon lessened the auantitv at th? wu re'eased upon security, bis counsel to wtinm be prouil*o<l trn dollar fee becoming hit charity. Wooster disappeared and left the Iaw\er fee-leas The Him as Evi.-W'e were pawing the office of that eminent opticl m. Dr. Woolfson, a few day* since, when our attention was attracted bv a crowd of persons collected around bis door. We stopjwd 1 n to lenrn the The Doctor had Just put an artificial eye hi for a man who had one uood eye and one sightless orb, which disfigured his personal appearance verr much The perapns assembled were trying to find out which was the good eye and wblcb tbe artificial. Rome confessed tbelr inability to say which was the natural or which th#? artificial ?vi>: hntwh^n ihA mem iiutey nn^a Aiier gelling lOein on, he put bis Landi on hU pocket and exclaimed, "There! I've left my pocket book with ff^38 at my boarding house f" and started in a hurry as if to set it. He was followed by the merchant, who discovered that he bad been fleeced, as the fellow did not go in the direction of tbe boarding bouse he mentioned, and escaped from bis pursuers sight. This morning he w^s discovered 011 Seventh street and arrested, and was committed to jail for court Wooster. it seems, is no stranger t<? the police and Independent ?tiWrs. One recognized him as one of lb?"Kuucks" that br?akfa?U<t under the porch of the Bank of Washington yesterday. Atid the Justice recognized him as the individual who about four weeks ago was sent to jaii for breaking into a house on S.ith street. In tats last case tie fyUtlBU... .9 71308447 Umpire?Edmund F. French, of the National Club. Scows?R. B. Irwin, for Potomac; A. P. Gorman, of th* National Clnb, f? the Pythian. A* Umpire, Mr. E F French, of the National Club, was prompt, quick, and correct; and we heard no dissenting voice from the general praise of his discharge of bis rather unenviable duties. Skkt to Jail ?This morning, Daniel J. Wootter was arrested by Policemen Klopfer, and brought up on the complaint if tieorve Bergllag, Merchant Tailor, and taken before Justice Donn for a bearing. The case was stated substantially IN follows Last night Wooster went to Hireling's store, where be had ordered a suit of clothes valued at 931, and tald he was prepared to take Outs Runa. Outs Runs. Johnson, 2 b..,3 4 Fiaher,e 3 5 Taylor, p 3 4 Whiting, 3 b. 4 4 Clayton, c 3 3 Pope, ITj 4 S Newton, 1 f...3 4 Maai,2b 1 0 Colt, lb 3 4 Hines. p 2 5 Flaherty,a 4 2 Woodley, a....3 5 Dodaon, 3 b ..2 5 Bailey, 1. f 3 5 Wayne, C-f ..3 2 Callan, r. f.....2 5 Mclntire, r. f..3 2 Ogden, c 3 30 43 Rnoa In each Inning. I. 2. 3 4, 5. <? 7. 8. 9. Potomac...3 11 2 5 1 0 1 4 3 on?t nine, c&ine c H on the lutt.-r's grounds on Thursday last. The day whs awful, and a greet part of the game was played In a line drizzle, wtich developed Into a beautiful shower towards the close, yet the whole nine innings were played, the crowd looking quietly on, and the umpire bearing his ducking with a nontknlane* decidedly 1'Winch. Owing to the day, there was sorae rather mulfy riaying on both sides; but the battint; was excellent, and the fielding quite "tollybur" Pope, Hines. Maal, and Fisher, of the Pythian, all did their parts remarkably well, and l)odson, Newton, Colt, and Faherty of the Potomac, showed excellent and sprightly playing. We should say the former's excellent play on 3d base, and his good catching?after a change, which Is always trying?would entitle him to a place on another nine. We append the score: Pjtntffar Putk mmm tectioh For It is frequently tbe <ase that weeks and probably months elapse before the action of a grand jury can be bad in those States to make the necessary demand for the rendition of criminals Tbis does not correspond with the action of the authorities in Maryland, who recently remanded to this city a German who robbed his employer of ?G00, notwithstanding efforts was made for his release. It fs to be ho|>ed that more congeniality of opinions will exist between our Circuit and Criminal Corn s, as it has long been u byword in this community that what is law to-day will uot be law to-morrow, as Is evidenced by the decision of Judge Crawford in August last, and the decision of Judge Merrick (bound by the decision of the Circuit Court majority) of to-day. Should tbe decision of the Circuit Court judges stand as ttie law in the District of Columbia, this Federal metropolis will be the receptacle for thieves to a greater extent than it now is for runaway slaves and free pauper negroes. Evxa Justice. Potomac vs. Pttbmx?a game of base ball between the Pythian first nine and Potomac sec property subsequently made affidavit before the justice as to Its ownership. and tbe justice retained It, subject to the order of the owner; and the defendant wm detained, expecting that be wonld either voluntarily go to tbe State of Virginia, on or before tbe day of trial, or that a requisition would be made lor him by the authorities of Virginia. Ai above eta ted, the defendant was brought before his honor, and after tbe bearing of testimony tbe jndge ordered bis dismissal, not that his own opinion favored that view of the case, but that, in full court, a majority (Merrick dissenting) had ao decided, that for an oflVnae committed ia a foreign jurisdiction, the party could not be held here, unless a demand was made from the place where tbe off nse was committed Tbe action of Judge Crawford in similar cases coincides with tbe opinion of Judge Merrick, and differs widely from that of tbe majority of tbe Circuit Court, as is evidenced In remandln? back to tbe custody of the Marshal for three weeks, to await % requisition, a man named KpUraim Halleck, who was committed to jail by Justic Donn, for having in bis possession a negro man supposed to be stolen from a gentleman In North Carolina The above decision in dlst harglng Sutherland from custody, although stolen property was found In bis possesion, and proven to have been stolen from Virginia, is fraugnt with many disadvantages to tbe citizens of both Virginia and Maryland, as it will enable thieves to escape to thia Ditirlrt with fttnlpn hnntv without of Ha. ????m? Who Suu Decide warn J*dom Duasmi ? Mr. E^lor: A WfK of habeas corpas was this morning returned before Judpe Merrick, stttinj in chambers. In a caw which wn still pending before Justice Donn, wherein a man named James Sutherland was arrested bv members of the Auxiliary Gnard, bsvlne in his po?srssion a quantity <?f sleH. tbf value of which was about g70. which sa'd ?tt*el he and two others were offer In e for sale, ; b#>ft?r* davlight. for the mm of *14. Tbe moee menu of tbe parties with the wagon containing the steel, and their anxiety to dispose of it, so M to leave the city before sunrise, ear I ting tbe suspicion of the g\:ird. caused tbe arrest; and daring the examination before the justice the defendant admitted the taking of tbe steel from tbe tarn pike road In Fairfax county. State of Virginia, on tbe night before the arrest, at ten o'clock, and broegbt it up to this city for sale, and that be did not know to whom it belonged. The defendant was sent by the justice to Jail for further examination, and forwarded information to tbe authorities of Virginia, which caused the arrest of other parties concerned In the theft, whose trials were set for Saturdsy, in Alexandria. And the owner of the ' oo4-8t 414 P?. >wau?. bot loth >ad 11th ?|?. [^1 i-7 DRESS GOODS. ,ixr M> RM-nM STELLA SHAWLS, Jut opened, and very cheap?rtuigm* in prices from ??? H3S?twUiU,?*jr?tA.?v,. BALE? A n?w two-atory-and-basement " BRICK HOUSE, containing .*> rooina and eell&r.mtuatedoa 11th at north, betw??a I, and M ata., No. 37$?within 5 mintHea'walk of rn? Norttern A till Vk * * T* profUHW, Of 10 fllOnffiinEii LjAIlfV; DALE, corner of Pa. avenue and 7th ?C i- - FOR RENT?Poaveaaion on the lat of October, The lAVKLUN4i HOUSE No. 43S P atreet, i M W"* ??cupied by the Rev, JUf. Butter, and next door to tn<i re?ideaoo of t.?e aovertiaer. J, M> CARLISLE, N. B.?It will not be let for a boarding house. ae 18-tf i I NOTICE. nRREBV Respectfully eall the attention of my ouatomera and the public in general, that I have ri-oeived a large and. well selected atock of Fall and Winter CWItoiNO, andGENTLEMEN'S FIRNI?H1NG GOODS, whioh I offer to sell at aatoqufciofly l?wpno?a, Y Call and examine before purohasingolaewhere. ' A. STRAUS. ?* PaeMenablc Clothier. vi ? v f win' ?w w r loiun tiuuscB ill] uatad south of the railroad, u?-ar tbe depo}, f >r or.* or m?r? veftrg.' Par fu*tli*r iniarmstum call on ALEX. H. YOUNG, Ouy Post Off. <e * HKNKYCORr, oc 4-7t* Jefferson. Mary luif. POK RENT?Three-etory FRAME HOUSE, I on Twenty-second Street between Fa. avetne and I at, < near the Circle.) Apply 336 Fa. avenue, onorwt K and Mth eU. 008 CAKM FOR SALE ?A highly Improved Farm, oontaimag 113 aorfts, with two-story frame dweUio? and Ml oonvemeat out hou?es; ?ae orchard, excellent sprinr, 4 c., situated oa the Little river turnpike, Fairfax county. Va., 7 mile* (mia Alexandria Terms: #4,0tw? one-fourth o*?h: the balance in 1, * and 9 *ear?. Apply to LOL1SA SOMERS. on th? premises. oc 1 3w* RENT?A' BRICK STABLE on Twentyrtt street, near F, with room enough for eix e ftrt tw o e*rrifl*ee; wenid suit ft Ua??man. re of w. HTDOxJWAL, 9?org?*own, D. C. oo 3-eoflt* ___ oc? lawsw bxeru'xo: hnocii Jttoreiand. rfOK RF.NT?With or without Board, to a *inf I * ut-ntlen-iai, * nonrir.>rt-.l>l(? ?u! ver? convenient tack PARLOR ROO*i, <?u Kiev-nth ?tr*?t, not far from Peun. avCi;u<?. TI?? faualjt aro quiet Ami th^reare n ? small children inth* house. T-mia I will 1* mario very moderate an* eve ry atteMion paid .o the renter's comfort. ForadJress apply at the ;*tar Office. oc6 lw IP OR RENT?Three neat RRJCK HOU8KS, a uith largadry jardi, a'lev? W-k an* front, 4c., on Second st., I>??tw????n D ami Virtifia ??? Inland. Rentlow. InquireatH. AloCAFFRKY'r1 Or<>cery Store, corner 2d and 1> its , Island. oc 4 3t* FOR RUNT OR SA?.E-A oouple of uew brick HOI SKS, (aix room! each,) situated on Tooth ftr<v\ netwem O and P ats. Apply to D. T. CISr^KL, No 304 L street, between Oth and 10th sta. oo5 6t* IT* OR REN T?A aea'ly furnished HOUHE tu (ha F First Ward, on If. tut*"?# iCUi and ldtu sta, N<l 2'J7, o?.ntunine adoubln parlor, 5 or 6 chambers, dining-room, icitihen, and pantry ; with ga?, cold or hot watT. bath-room, Ac., Ac, Apply to CH\S. C. t. BARNARD, n ittioor east. oc 4 gw F^OR RKNT-I will >ent my 9QUAKK OF i:UII:Mll wit.. _/> 1. -- ~ LI a on 111311 Mrrer, near nrH, Oeorgetown. One of the store* hax b<>en fitted op for ? Confectioner y Apply at the Hook and Faney Store opposite. oc 6-3t TWO BKK'K HOUSES FOR RENT.?One on L ?tre??t, between ?th and lOfh sts., containing 8 roomi; the other on Tenth, one Ujor above L ?V, containing lrt rooms, with tas in xvery room. Inquire of JOHN Ml'RPU V on (he 006-at* VALUABLE MARKKTOARDENfok SALE, 9 mtualort at the junction of the Seventh ntre-t and Finey llraiich roads, about <? fioin tlie citv, containing 2 acre*. With iroot. dwelling house. Frir? low a id titl? in4ispu!ab.e, APilyto CHAS 8. VVALI.ACH. Attoruer at Law, No. 7 Iu.liSuft avouue, opposite ffitT Hall * VV CAROLINE MOKKbAND,; Imoi iwr.. HKK KHY Forewarn all ?er#on? from harboring or trusting my wife. Mart Virginia Sheree', for I am determined to pay no debt* she may contract. R? she left iny bed and hoard without cause. JOHN SH KRZKH, oo 5-3t Locvloun county, Va. f| 0 TilK CURIOFS OR ANXIOUS.?Madam * D , so well known as the most successful explainer of the Past, Present and Future evo- in Washington, continues to l>o consulted weekly l>) hundreds anxious to know of things at pr?s?<it hidden from them. Her consultation fee, to both gontlemn and iaiiies, is extremely moderate. Call at her house, on the south sn!e of Mas-achusctts ar , l>etwi<en 17th aud 18th its.?the only house there, e I Mm FOR SALE AND RENT. [ Far oiktr "For Salt and Ktut" advtrtisimtntt, ie$Jjr*t P*K? ) f^OR_RKNT.?Two STORK ROOMS for rent A CO NINTH STR EKT.?Persons returning to TtlO the citv from U?eir summer r??8orta will find vacant several desirab!# roome, having the conve niencea of gaa, water, and hashing closets, at 443 Ninth at , ona door sonth of P; suitable either for fanuliea or single gentleman. Table l?oarders accommodated on moderate terma. se5 4w PERSONAL. P('R."*K.with tee! c!a*p. with about $4 in mouoy in it The finder -will receive the above reward by leaving it at the Star Office. ?c?-St* QOa REWARD?f.o?t,o?i theSl October,either O &\1 in the Center Mark'-t <?r between there and Farmers a'.d Mechanic* Bank,Georgetown,ONE HUNDRED AND Fi'lt I Y DOI.LaRS*, all in ten dollar notes of the People's Rack, Halt-more The finder wi*l receive the above reward by retnrniiu it to the subscriber, three dof rs east of Farmers and Mechanics' Bank, Uoorjutown, or Uia Stall at Center Market. oc 4-St* J. M. CRU1T ~ boardingT j _ _ _ wuiw v/u?? , wjin lunft nornf, nna ? n^n y w ~ on: witii hr&ts knob on the ri?(ht horn. The^BvJSw finder will reoeive the above reward by returning her ?o No. 318 Sixth street. between M and N. oo 5 -2t* f OfcT?**trayed away, on fkiinfay la?*. TWO I.J COWS-one small mis bnudie oow the other red. with red and white and wb teback *5 reward will he tiveiiHv^xi t'> ttie finderjhrbrinfinKt^emto |)A VID J"*"""? HARRINGTON, on (J it rent, between North Capitol mi l 1st sta. oo 5 $t' Q| KK\VARD.-IjOst,on the 24 instant, in an O I omoih'.m, or in Kettin* out of it at the corner , of N i net sent h ?t. and Fa. avenue, a nurnle silk ij ? 4it)?n ii n, wrm is acquaint*"*! wun v? the e?ty trad*. for a Jewlrv Store. Bunt of refarenoeg required. AdJres?T. H.t No. 3, Star Office. BO U %1|7ANTED?Br a steady and mduxtnous man. a TT SITUATION as collector. Host of ieo<>m mnndatioua given. Addresn M. O., Star Office, jy 12-tf LOST AND FOUND. ~ fOBT?Last nicht,( nppoe*d to have dro?ped in t a hack.)a POCKKt book ci ntainin# a!>otit 945. The finder wiM l>e liberally rewarded on returning it to thig office. <>c5 3t JT RKWAR D.?Lost or minlaid on the night of (5J October the 4th, between 2J and 6th street!. Fifth Ward, a doub'e-harrol BIRD GUN, in aid on the barrel, representing a wan ghoorint ad^er; Man ton maker. Any peraon returning the same ro 016 Pa. avenue will rooeive the above re war" and thanki of the owner. oc 5 3t* A * RK WARD ?Strayed or etolen from the eobv?j srribor, on the 9Bth ultimo, a red and mi'i ? UU- n/\w :*L 1- 1 ? _ l .1 fc'* *? hKS ft IMoGHAN'S. Non? Kut a first clana work man need apply - oc 1 \JLTANTED.?I would like to puroh* se the ha f c-f f* t'10 stock of a well es'aMnhed <>n oer? and Liquor Store aitun'od near the Aretifr. If ] conlil not agree upon terms I might enter into an a*p-ement of a p?r centage on the gross am. unf of ?-a'e?. I have had eig'.t yi'ar?' **piM jeno* in th business in this city and am well acquainted wi'h t e trade. Address, through the city Post Office,"Merchant." oc l 6t ' . \]|AANTEl>?To have everybody know that the* *' can find a fine aud well seieott d >-tock i f KAl.l.aid -vINTKR CLOTHING. FURNISH* 1NG GOODS, HATS and CAI'J* at th* People*' Clothing Store, No. 4GO rteveath gt.,oppo?it* Post Otfioe. ?e 38 l>n IITiMTPn a ni uuir ?i-- ? '? ...... . .. .|,.IV,|P.|| s Ull-CK V avcuoi Kvom, Ninth ttreet, on? door from Fa. avenno. oc 6-er 6t __ WANTF.D-At No 4??4 K ?tre-t, between 5th and 6th its . a WOMAN, to do the oookmc, washing, ironinc, and assist at ceneral housework, of a family of three persons. German or colored preferred. Recommendations required?none need apply Without them. oc 3-tf ANTED? A HOUJK of medium siio. wit1! ww modern ooQvenieuoes, situitxl b^we-'n 13th and 2nth and F and I xtroe'a: for which a lil>eial rent will be given. Address A and B., SMar Offic?. oc 2 t f \VAMTBI>-A Pl.UMiKR. 1 numre at MY f > WANT8.U WANTED-fq* TTrr^MAlCERS. Noa? but ro<V h&rd* n??l iiiCi?. roc S 3t M. WILLI \N,A>%'K*tSpac. ? A\TED-An "VimJs 'of' SKCoWII.W? Ft RNITl'RE.for which I will pay th*ca*h, at .1' ?> Seventh street, fcetwef p I a'd K ? oft-tf ' HK.NHV ROXTZ._ VVANTED_A fir?t-clan MILLINER. To a ! " good hand corstant emp o? n*nt will be jiven. Icqui.e at 46 Loitiaitna ar. It' F. LKNZRERO WAITED?Several APPRENTICES to learn dreismakinr* None need apply but good and iiwif ii>*eri. Call at No 375 Thirteenth street, n jar I at., between the heart of 7 and 10 a. m. Mid 5 and 6 p. in. It* WANTED-*5.nnn worth of SKCONil-HANP FURNITURE, for which tVe highest ca?h prices will tie paid Address, or inquire for. O. T. i LmrriTu r<i.? ^ > - * " - trouble of rewinding thethrend m |t i| taken from the >*o<va. It h?? no bf\ta to nr? trouble, and will run UacSwsjdi M wOl u fc>n??4s, and eUll Nfi s?raiJK over it, it ib thrown out of Bear. In fbot we have no heaitatius Ut rwjomm^udiua it aa the But Family Sfwmt Mackme in ut*.^ JCKrMvlt WUKBTKDtt. ?ad FANCY ?ARiETY GOODS ol every deecnpUoa. Onr aeBortment ib u complete Md varied ae any in tin Dmtrict. Liuties oaeneoted with benevolent or outer Boetetiee wilt fcnd it to their advantage to eall be??re parehajtmt nuewhera. oe l-eotf Mr*. g. E JARVI3. T|| HK UNOKRSIGNKD CARPENTER AND BlIll.UKR o if are his eemoee to tb* rabUo of Oeo'j'town, VVaehingtun, and vioinity, aad will lor.or aaperinUnd the oonatraetioa of pob io end private buildiaga. Plana mud apeciftneujii will be fnrniahed at abort notice. Uftse eadahoe on Conaro?a ?t.. Georgetown, lnaiMdiaUly nonh of the Poet Oftoe. auj! S nop HKNRT WrNGATB. j P?R SALK- A ftae yon eg GRAY HOR8H wo-kB well m harneaa. Apply ?t FT.K VMINfi a frflV'ii ar.Ki. rf-V?w Utaevr^s, Merino Piudi, French Mennw, Valen cias, Black Bombasines, A pacras, Ac., Ac. Cloaks; Tj nan. Klectro anil other Shawls; Blanket*: Men's and B<i)i' Wear, a assortni-ni; Men's and Woys' Merit o ^htrts and Draws'?; I .a dies' and Misses' Merino Vnati; Kid Gloves; Hooped Skirts: Corsets; Piaia. Bordered, Hems'itched, and Embroidered Linen Cambric Handkerchiefs; Rint>ro*iterte?, v?rj eh-ap, ar<l no humbug; Hosiery at<kttlovee; White (ioods; Yankee Notions, a fa i line; Lins-y, Osi at?urg Caltoos, and Servants' Wear in abnxJance; and many other thiags, whiuh we will tell jou o4 when /inot'l at the Brown 4 Wlute 1'ost wore. AH of which we will sail as ci.cup m tUe ohuapest, *'?r any other mm." Come early, and don't forget the place, se ? iw HARRIS' IMPROVED . _ JjOUBLK THREAD Boudoir Sewing Machine. This Machine, an mprovement on ttro?er A Baker's. ia simpler than theirs, and for ita reliability in amabiiity ia not iur parsed. A child twelve veara old can ran it with eaae; ret it will aew fnias the coarsest oioth to the finest Swiss, There ia mo ???! T IV.IU IJl PC Q'HU I/IIK SAI.F..ON THK MO^T RF-ASONABLK I tr)riu?,?t UOl'CH KR'8 Yard ,a !.<autiful lot of v?rv m|K'ri r Canib^riand l.ump OOA1. from Cieo Crt?*k. Alao a mce lot of Red A?h and VI hitc Aah < OAI.,an<1 anuperioriot of Hickory, Oak and fine WOOD Offioa*?At 1>iui Hrown'g, on Holy Hill, and at tb? yard, ou the eanal. adjoin iar Ray'a coal do?k. oc ft-eoS* FOR KF.NT?In fi?org*?own, two fcrnt-elaM MOUSKS, tiiwUed on Weat ?tr.?t, one ooataimn* 16 iO< rna. and ihe other 9. with ran and bathlooms complete Appi^to H. L. OFFUTT, No 49 High at , Georgetown. . oc 5-ln? I/OR NK VV VOB K ?The packet schooner Hami ilt n. Captain Osden. Ii&n a-rived and wi'l Mtil aa above wirti dispatch. For frenht^^kappl> to McCOcJH A 1>?)L>GF., oc 4 63 WHw aueoL WE WISH KVKRY ONE TO KNOW That DK V GOODS can l?> oticlit oleap at UK OWN A WHITE*? No. HO ( Nohih S>nml Uau*jk pitlit, Georgetown, DC. And to oonvinoe jouraelvoa of the (act, call and SO& thos6 ! Hlack Sijya,_Priiit?d and .Plate D-la i.e*. Poil De which has not b<!t>n obtained on or previoun to the tune stated, and if not paid, byrthir with the additional charge, ? hen deina? dad by the police, th?*y aredireofa by law uunie< Irately to kill and di*poie of th- ammal, a?d re made utywct lueiuaeirea to a fane for neglecting to do so. WM. LAIRD, Clerk. September 3<. I860 ae ib eotOet\Q QO LARGE STOCK! QO yo 1JU8T UO<iD?!l if a f. O W K * T f R I C R SS! r-PILMAN A HUNT,?* Bri je etreet, between Wa?lm;to.i and C nirw?, ar? now artri>a >"l to Bhoxr ?h?ir welt aele^-t'd stock of DR E*;* GOOn??. 1K)MW ri', Their Btoie i th? old ttat.dof H. K. Brrry > havine tx*?n reiuodel'ed and fitted up in the <noat thorough manner, th'y >o???h fi*o:iitie? uiiequaied in the District lor the p os-culi a of a gone ml Dr* Gooda Buur.ea?. They reapdotfuliy lnrit? a e\l! from the citiaent of Georgetown a n<^ u inini^w " " * ? I " v/ ms.?l. ? oji.? no?.iii p?"Tnuni 'I.? whose lioenses from the Oorpo-ation of Georretown expire on the 3' h instant are hereby notified promptly to take out t' n Mim? under the new license law, approved July 7th, last; oth-rvrme they will subjoct themselves to a fine, and the law U eonipii!?OT) upon the proper officer* of the Corporation to enforce sail tine *;&in*t all delinquents. \VM. LAIRD, Clerk September 24th (1MVV *e aS-entOctlft fy-^? NOTICK.-DOff LICENSES ?All dog i I < licenses in Georgetown are due on the M Jnv of Ootober next, ai><i. if not paid at the Clerk's Office on or l>efo'0 the l?tn of said month, the ?uthoritT will then be exclusively Riven tathe po.ic* to collect them, with an additional cost, by law, or 25 ci.t ? to the owner of each dog the license for turuugu ?paiurT, or wvcni imCKIlt or Cloth, without a change of needles, and with a perf<*< t stitch Mr* Jarvis has, also, as complete and varied a sto-k of wsrttHli and fancy dress and cloak trimmings as can be found in the ct, the proof of which ia that n.auy Washington ladies call on her for theae fancy articles, which are much sought after on account of their beauty or novelty. See Mr. Jos. \V. Boucher's advertisement in Georgetown column, liis lump coal is prime, and his pine and oak wood cheap, and of excel lent quality. Messrs. SSplluian A Hunt are atockln^ tbe'r new store, which was described by us a day or two since, with new and beautiful goods. See their advertisement About 75(i beef cattle were offered at Drover's Rest yeaterday, of which 7<JU were s >id to speculators and butchers at 92 50 per I0U lbs The remainder lay over We have been ask-d by those who notice the decline of prices of beef cattle in our weekly reports, how it is that a ro^st or a steak costs a- much as when the whoit-saie price wes nearly double what it now is. Porhaps the butchers can answer. GEORGETOWN ADVERT'MTS Fm other Utorzetoim advert item* nts fit/ir *t p*tr? v t \ t i r* !- / n- v mtmmm an property belonged to me estate or the Ute J -me* Tbecker. There will b* a grand pic nlc at Analostan Island on Wednesday next, th- proceed* to be applied to the purpose of erecting a monument over tLie remains of Mr Wm 1) Kerr, wlio was so favorably know to frequenters of that pleasant resort this season We hopethecuterhili<meut?lil be liberally patronized The attentlou of our lady readers ia railed to the advertisement of Mr* !*. E. Jarvis in the Georgetown column. The sewing machine advertised is perf?-*-t in lis operation, and tt simple thnt a child can n.unage It. ltse wroth rough tissue paper, through ordinary materials, aud V 1 *1 ? * * ** - horses, tbe iron T on the end of the Unique broke, allow::i^ the wheel* to run upon tbe l.orsta, wbl - h frlgkUurd them and c^iised tbent to Mart at full speed. Tbe colored driver wltli commendable courage keot bis seat and bis bold upon the reins. , and turned bis team up Congress street, when a young maa seized oue of tbe bor?e* l>y tbe bead and at iinmiuent peril to himself checked tbe dangerous speed of :be frightened animals. The young ladies. who had preserved their presence of mind through tbe whole of this trying scene, were re*cu<4 without receiving any injury. The I'otomac l.lght Infantry bad an out-door drill one night last w^ek. which was witnessed by a large number of ladles and gentlemen. The comments made ou thei.' ptogies* were very f tvorable to the corps. Mestrt. Barnard At Buckey s< !d at ati< tion tliU week a small unimproved lot on Water street tor At Mr J<s-"pb Libby, purchaser They also *nid two small brick bouses on Clierry street to Mr. Samuel Cropley, for Sl,o<5. Tbe last named Protracted wet-tings of great Interest have been in progress at the Cong reas street I SI 1' ) church for two weeks past llrv K. S. Morris will prancti there to-morrow morning, at II o'clock, and Hev F. Vntii Ritsc in the evening, at 7)j o'clock. Mr R?ese will preach the sermon ut the dedication of the lulhsion < hi pel In the First Ward of your city, at 3 o'clock, p iu., as announced in the S ar yesterday In our account of the accider.t at Hay's eoal dock, two nam** were incorrectly printed Justice W. A. King was transformed Into W. A. Key The suflV er's name Is L**wis H<*s. In addition to his other Injuries. It Is found that Lis jaw-bone was broken, but he It quit* comfortable, and it is hoped will recover. Yesterday morning, while tLe carriage of Mr. Poe, containing bis two daughters, was com.tig down Uridine street, drawn by a pair of lar^e bav wasinravor or rfee latter. The association adjourned to iueft on Friday evening next, at 7 o'clock Why did Karon Renfrew and suite fail to visit our ancient end respe* table city, which is named after bis creat ^rsndfatber' V\ > have be re man v objects of Interest to Intelligent strangers, sneb m thr Potomac Aqueduct, tbe Alexandria Aqueduct, our venerable College, tbe romantic Oak Hill Cemetery, the beautiful panoramic view from the Hlghta. 4c. Perhaps the distinguished strangers were waiting for an invltatioo froui his honor tbe Mayor and oar city fathers Our corporate authorities Lave acted more sensibly, however, than some others vrho mode then.s.]v?s ridiculous by.alUy apeocbes. W e bad a squint at tbe Baron and pronounce him at first sight to b? a good-looking, nnassnmlng, well-t>red voun^ man, and every incb a gentleman, if he did have the misfortune to be born a prluce L'.;u visit tl* bv all inMni on Me return GEORGETOWN. Correspondent* of Tk* Star. Oxnmcrrown. Octobar ?. 1W There wo a mrrting of the RepuhUcaa Aaaorlction it th?ir Hmlt An tK- ? ? - * " * ? wiurr 01 tna | Gay treats. ?.*st evening, but the itte&dmtrf wtis not na Mi ? nuul A IHtH- (1'?ciwio? mi thf mrrlti of dfnia racy took place among tUe u?*tn ben, aoine expr.a?i?g their senttmenu of diaaent from U>e deinix ratic party principles in tbeatronve?t trnni. and one going ao far on tLe otbci aide Ba to aar that Democracy waa "the ctMWt good of the greatest number" and he did not join tbe repoblicans to show hostility to or gratify fertiags of revenge against democrats, but because he ~THB LATEST NEWS TELEGRAPHIC. a *h*? T i IIIAO^J ?? - ? - <irtw Ntw OiLitn, Oct & ?The storm of last Ta? day vru mv d<-?>ru< lire Om ftftyc?l boak wrrf avunptd, !<? SI60.90U Kleeen mile*of tor Jm kt?>n railroad wererrrpt *iv and many bouaea and llfrt ww lost, topi nallla dnlroyrd. and croam damaged. The brig Ktnea. (*) from Vara Crux, aabore at tbe Ballip. coalrma the Am! eoodemadoa aad contUraUon of tbe barque Mula Conception Ob receipt of thtanews tbe 9pani?h naval commander threatened a bombardment of Vara bat wui <wi n cmmmmm um muw, us tsli aq n ad roe, with oaf eieeptio*. rsiuraed U> Havana. A Conducts of ft .900.000 fbr Tampleohad taw aelzed by On Drgoltdo, and, It as bfllf*. wouldbe wa#d to support hit ripsdiiloa agaiast the Capital It was stated that Doblado bad effected a I of f&O.WM for the sane purpose The Vaipnrd of tbf l.theral army bad arrived at [tel?grapL-.callf ] Taeutya (*) MhUI| sf the Bsard sf A. U. C. F M. Ho*to* . <><~t 4 ?Ttw Board has boea oorupled most of the dsy with Koqoent addnaan ur*>a* a s-r'es of resolutions from tba Prudential mltu*. appropriate to tbe imsent jubilee period A l<e.mtiful bd?lr?as was i? tfc- " ? John Kwp, one of the ??nlv two survivor* of the Association that formed the Board. The returned miaalon.riea from Africa and Hrria apoke, the last de?ribinir the areuea of murtrre on wbi -h fee bad looked. TLe l<ord a Supper waa admlatatered in the afternoon in four churrhea Aftortluaaer vice the ollicera of the pa?t rear were re-eie'te4 The Hon W . 5*. *o<utt. worth w?aadded to tU Prudential Committee. Three addretae* were m de in the morning by othcer* reproaeatiiix oUter mlaalonary aoc etiea. all lender! 14 ti?eir avmpatbv and concrat4ilatloM to the Board at the pr^aent atage of tta career The Over laud Mall Fout Smith, Ark , ?>ct 4 ?Tbe Overland Mill from San rran.-iaco, which left on the 14th of Septeml?er, arrived here l.iat evon'mr at eight o'clock, with lee paaaenfera F.eerytbln^ ia re rcrted Q' .et alonL- tLe rente The nam** of tbe men mil Meted bv * parly of Mexicans at liollnndvtllr station, near l.m AnU? loi, the Hrcumstanrr* of which wer? pwftoutly report*^. ire J L Willi 'ma. late of Mtlwaukle, and O. W l.nngtey, of Hebr in. I-i^kin^ iountv, Ohio. It did not appear thit robbery waa the object of the murderer*. for nothing was carried from the premises The unfortunate men were in the servlre of the Mall Compaay at the tine the detd w&a coaim'tvd !H?Trmeiti *f Jud|(e Donglaa. Chic ago, Ort. 4 ?Senator Douglas arrived at 10 o'clock to-night, two hour* after programme tine, lie wu met at the depot by tbe Itouylas lirlncibles. to tbe number of 2.<IUU, and serorted to the rrraiont House,where be was welcomed borne by T B Tsylor Mr. Douglas briefly responded, arkm wiedginp tbe bouor done him la this may nificent reception. The streets in tbe vicinity of tbe Tremont House wer* densely crowded, tha number iu attendance be n? estimstod at from lO.UKt to 1S,MVpersons. B?lee Douglas addnesta a mass meeting of tbe democracy to-morrow. Ke K ia VirfinU. Ricn*o!ft>. Oct. S ?Tb* iMate Eiecntlre ConiniKti-ftor tbe two wtnjr* of tbc democracy held their COTftMirr bw to-ifjr. but took no atrpa toward* effecting a f???lon The Doaglw <-o?mittV*e repudiate the ld?-a?f withdrawing their ticket, and ft fa probable tbnt no fiition will be accomplished The ??vrrsl parttea will be addreoaed to-night br Senator Harter, A M Barbour, and Timothy Riwa. eatraee of the offirrp? of the Slaver. Bostos. Oct. 5.?Tbe officer! of the ?'* bark O'lonwere sentenced to-day Capt Morgan to p-iyaflne of f2 000 and to be imprisoned two years; Byron Chamberlain, flrat mate, to be Imprisoned two year*; William Dunham, second mate, to be imprisoned twenty-oae mouths. The ladlctmeat ( Jackal**, the Cklan* Pirate. Triwton. N J.. Oct. 0.?Fin bilk of indictment against Jack alow were returned this morning by the grand jury of the U 8 Clicatt Court, for murder, robbery, and running away with the veMel He pleaded not unity. The third Tuesday in January was Axed for the trial. Fatal Railroad A cod eat Wilminotox, N. C . Oct At 6 o'clock yesterday evening tbe up freight train run into the up passenger train on tbe Waldea road at Reeri ttavi 11* and W i 1tka > ? * * "? ? iimm ?M oru? rr.ndu. Uir I.:itpryrr*a leg He la no* expected to live. TUrf MU IKI uUilT dhBM?f done ( aptare ef m ( #aa?*rlMft?r. Niwui. O-t 5?Oforf* W Wlbaa. a itotn rinna counterfeiter. wb? fmn jail In tLla ritv. laat April, waa raptured In Philadelphia on Wednesday *nd bronght hark last evening There are fourteen rbargee against btm , # Flertda Electiaa :*av*:?xaji. Oct 5?Tbe following return# of the Florida elertion have Ws received :-Nmin ro-inty gives 25U majority for Milton rBreekinridtft) for Governor The JackaoaviUe papers estimate Milton's majority la tbe Mat* at 8,0HU ofPl#ul ACClufBl* Moiai, Oct 5 ?James Anderson, (who has a family residing in Philadelphia, it Is beiiewd,) a machinist employed in this city, last an am today, by being caught ia soma belting His coo dition is precarious Daath of aa Artist. CHAVLrsToa. Ort. 5 ?Charles Fraser, artist, died this nfwnoon He wn* a distingntsbed miniature-painter forty year* ago. His a^e wu ?lghty. sitra at the ArerdTA, Oct. 5 ? P**eneer? arrived h#pe report a urvTr+ ?t..rm in the lower portion of Georgia and p<?rtU.nt of Florid* ItrMh ( Iklymitrr. Sav*>-rah. Or?. 3?Capt J H. L'gUtbonme, of !be bark Hatiie Jackcon, died here tUti morn *?R- , Itiltiam Hartai* " x Oct 6.?Flour quiet. fteadjr. Wheat Arm; red ?! JlMf 1 3#; whit* ?l 4?a*i ?k) Can flrir; yeUow 6f?a7-ir ; mixM (K.tOQr Frori quirt; ???? pork 919.50; prime *14.75 CoVt-n tirm ?iwl n?/?Kaa<ra^ Vi KlaW? ? ? 1' ~ Haw T?rk WarkiU. Yoac Orl I ?Floor firm; mate ?5 lit 5 SO; Obk> 6.70*6 75; Sontbern *5 75?ft WhMt If. higher. Corn Arm; on tied ?8a70e. Pork dull, I^ard quiet and unebaaged W biaky (toady. riaaartal. N*w Von, Oct 6 - Stocks are lower, with a fair buain?aa ; Chicago and Rock Island 71 jg; liitaoU Central abaroa M a, do. bond* V7k, M?? ?ilean Southern 4J-K; New Vork Cantral 80 Jf; Heading 46\; HixUon River K R. 64; Canton Co. 21; Alo ?'? 7?*. F. S. GA.ITHRR _ ^Rnifctlnlir iiifvnai th? eittf*m ?f m " a nin*u>n irm ne dm im*b m iwu? A I A and Prescription Store at Ihaaoraar of J fcrxl rt street*, where ha will k?e? a w?u . icci d mkI awrtad utMk ofpure MEDICINE*, ad OHKM?04L8, Hi;ANDAJH> F A M I I, V MEDICINE, TOILET ARTICLE*. PERFl' M EK V, 4e . *c : and lioim?, by corals I nttention to buiikNt, to obtain a h*r share of tto public SLB^Jtrict personal attention giren to praaeription?. m oe l->w 0u??.o?,j.jW#wtvr.. MON0N0AHELA RYE WHISKBT, Conaoi?tfaaa\j diatilird by Mr. Jaaaaa Bnraside, of Allegany Coaoty, Penna* in t*e fcahtonad honeai wnv, fro ., tba choicest nnd tao? carafe 11 y ae eoW Ryo,and in no aaee ever utarai far aalo until adnpuu to wfcolaaoao uaa W a?o. It is at onoe the m<i4 paia'able.aailu aaaMaa>M? om j??c.iipU<iu. &?<J iumi of ti<e nMMt dteti*rei?i.wj 11 ** ^*lr rwtwTrtttuii ??><" No. 4ft0 ??mt> it YV o O Dt " WOOD!! f STO VK uk KINDLING WOOA,?t tt? I COAL OIL. ~ bS ISPs! mi a * O. PP?PY.<??P?.??. H.8PE1K, ( g||| ei,!,,! miil% * PIANO TUN KMAND &KFAIRK1. U* H" *"ni"fi tV^

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