Newspaper of Evening Star, October 15, 1860, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated October 15, 1860 Page 1
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* alTHAH .9JJAH to Had moil sia*ijll*la) ? kiuT ?*a?? 1.1 cm -^w c"! i.:--;aS A ^ i :?S o? *f?Y w-R ?| u?a w?it??A ?dT *???* x*b?i * 'WW TriKT^iilil -*H) M.HjO * - - r,| tN f A ?J? O' '? > tc.i?TM rf?J y, t ., bis / tun .. nr , J.* aS ' ? .? > <*? 0 ? v *.,? C' h *' ^ ??- < ??, '' 'wta *?*!' v f ' , , # ?? * ? V *r;f ?** I ??i fttfffft % 'i fl i; 1' 4 * , ^ J _ , JTJ ] |?!*> > T % fs^l * * ./ If- fjt y* O [* -*%*f t. iW^S .? [>&* 'T I *n??' Af !<' * ** -. r f . V%. XVI. WASHINGTON. D. C.. MONDAY. OCTOBER 15. 1860. N". 2.890 ? riUMM[gNIIWj8TAR j fJijtusiiBD xthAr AvrAk.-Miotoj (WKBAY9 RXWTKDj *'f | '' At fUX SVAR -i- | Cort?T #/?U UtJk *. t w. D. WALLACH. t7 oMti ^tfcOWth*" T? Mu|^?b*orU>?< 4 ua >nc? u ? f?r, m ftf for ci* auawiK #1 for'lfcrw nontlu; Mi tor lan UM nr?*aoattiit tk?rtMof!mdU v?tk. 8in*i4 oopiM, v>sicmt;U wr&irN*. two cnn. (17 A t> riBTt*nnt*? aooaU bmt to t(M o?c? batora 12 o'oiuok m ; otharviaa tkar boat mot ?? . anpl the ?xtday. |w?irrm* ro* tib ota?. A DITCHliS IN TtttlBLK. A Ikk Sketck. Oae afUraooe. about a year tine*, I wu comfortably Mated, after a hard Jay's labor, keels over the grate, and eigar in mouth, thinking of matters and things in general and of the fair partner who danced "that last set" with we, in particular, when my privacy was intruded upon by a short bat stoat indi ridual, habited io coarse shoes, corduroy pants, of ample pattern, and "a braes ooat with blue kattona." Imagine to yourself the owner of these habilimeuis, add to his outfit a very satell eap and a vary largo moustache, also, a pipe, with a crooked stem and a bowl capa cious enough to oontain a half-pound of fine out at least, and you will probably arrive at the same eooolusioo I did, namely, that the intruder was of the Teutonic persuasion.'' Hs appeared to be aomeivhat excited, and without aay unoeeeaaury formality, removed his pipe, end broke in abruptly with "Br you der man what brints dor uewsna?er ?" ' Not exactly," Mid I, "bat if you wish to frror the public with a eommanieation on any subjcot. I will perhaps be able to aocommo date Tou.': "Yaw, dat is goot;" said he, "rell den, I dells Ton. Van I cooms to dis gun try I works on a Urin dirty miles. One tune der old mac" sends mit me to town some dings for the m?r ket-haus, ant I shtope to der tavern round der ? 4 1 * * - - * ? % gut u?i iu gci aviuo iinr, udi aere i aupoxe mit a lnifly Meriean fraulein. unt jjets it luff mit her, ant Jells bar I got a goot farm dirty miles, ant ax her if aba luff ute aomedianes, unt aba uj yaw; not I (fits married mit bar una time next weak. Dat is goot. Yen she f;o mit ma to der guntry unt fintt I got no *rm* aha get mad like touaaod devil*, a?t galls me a Deutch boombog, unt dalU ma !l caunot sleep mit bar room, and dreata ine to bad I della her aha don't luff ma any more dimes. Den I goes lika tam fools unt shpento eighty tollars mit good clothea unt Drin? hum? nut dings, aad all "der time# ?he don't luff me yet. bat goes erwuj in der night dimes while I shleepd oat doura mit der barn. Next day I cooms here in der wagon, ant I meet* her on der road rera the giu tired mit walking, ant I dakos her in, unt ven aha rides she luffs me Dome mure. Bat Tea che cooma to der tarefn mit me the langhs, unt ealla me greeny, tint tfujri I uiigUt gu home unt aat aume mure sour kruut. \ ell den. met a Goto. I nu nul mit her." ! ' * No doubt," Mid I. ' my friend But what do joa expect mo to do in th? matter ? If gfce hu made up h?r mind not to 1ot? j.>u after spending eight; dollars for hoops and things,' I don't see bow it can be rtmfltd." ' Vail, dan." Mid ha. " T dolla ?<vn T?~ brint in d?r baper dat nopody draau her any non time* tuit me, ant I bay* no mora mon eys Van I gets him, her?*' " What ia yotr dum said I. ' Where do you want a paper sent ?" ? Yoo send him to Hans Schniederwiadt, in der post office, unt I gets him." I tir?i>tnd th? nnllu ??? ' :? w!? ?J ? ? ?? -? ?? ??) a - h v uiuif uuu tnioJ hiiu a dollar, without eliciting auy other comment than " Yaw. dat it goot I shpandi one oder dollar, bat gita married mit a tain Yankee frau do more dimes; Main Gott." He tiien taok from bis capacious rest pocket ? v iteb. lighted his pipe, and took bis depar ire smoking with a rigor which I bope eon - lei him. 11 iw te fc'njay Uf lprli|iattd Star at Uasne. ne Southern Literary Messenger gives the ; .>t>*ing directions by which the a bore named i may be obtained. The experiments cer litly would oost little, and it appaars to ua j1 I *urelr prorc successful : W uirc St'L*HUR ? Tie a roll of brimstone rnler jour nose, and drink freely of tfciek ?aria water. Break some doubtful eggs in >ur pocket, and run round till you are ox aiuied. Proeure a soo?nd-hand diabete*. hinge your linen six times a day, and strut "oftily under a tree. Olt> Swxxr.?Qet a large tab, and put soma whit* pebbles in the bottom. Sit down in it a*- and blow soap bubbles. Drees your best, and don't know anybody. Uc? Swaar.?Obtain some iron filing?, paint 'em red. pat 'aw in a tin pan or pitcher, and Ivk at 'em in solitary silenoa. Ki?t much mft tou. ?ud go to bod early. Whisky jalip eight j? times a day. Salt Svlvuvu.?Call yourself a South Caro linian and take things easy. Lire well. Star tasflb one place a long Ume. Tincture of brim , Moue occasionally. Mo.xTtiOMERr WntT*.?Wear a loose saek coat and look at mulattoes frequently. Eat a great rariety of raw meats aud undone roge tabtes Play at faro and draw-poker. Ykllow rii'LrnoR.?Get good liriug on tba top at' a hill, where yoa can't sa? anything whatorer. Itominoes, draughts and backgam mon. Allrchast ?Sit down in a hard ehair in a deep, hot hole, and drink citrate of magnesia tk ami Epsom salts. Gamble soma with dyspap ties. Gotskr's.? Take the Lynchburg papers, and g?se with melancholy pertinacity at the ride of a naked bill. Waist and religious tracts. RoCKBitiD<3B Alcw.?Select soma o?es a cancer on the f?ce. with a few neeks serofu lonsljr raw, and din* with them daily ob indif ferent *ictuali. Than c*tch the drippings lrotn the eavee of a rerjr old bo us*, in a tin cup with a long handle, thicken the dripping* with powdered nntgalls, and drink threo time* a day All-Hbaliso Springs. ?Throw a green blanket in a shallow pond, and wallow oa il Cut off a atrip of blanket and clap it to yoar ribs P?ead old novels and talk to nloas old ladies about death and chronic dinun of the i digestive tube < Warm 3p*i*o>.?Diet yourself on tho una daller?t*d juice of tb* tea-kettle. Hot Sfrisqs.?Wear full Bait of motttrd i planters, and walk about in the sunshine at < noonday, swearing yoa hare fot the rheuuot Berkklkv SpBiiiaa ?Keep your ahin clear, tt hi J 1 .V!? r' - - ' jhuu ruuh uukuiu|( vui oiiumort MD-piu. Peaks or Uttbk.?Climb a high pole on a cold day at aanriae Shut your ijm and* whistle Wain's Cat?-?Qo into the cellar at mid night? feel the edges of thing*, and ikin year fhiu# againet the coal-eenttle. bit down oa a pile of anthracite, with a tallow candle, and Old Point Comfort ?Build bog-pen in a mad-puddle; (111 it with oockle-burs and thU ' tl?t. and call it nrf-bathing. Drink bad l< randy. L?on t sleep. Lie down with your < ?v.n4ov? wiiie upon and noetothing on. Com* home wuh a fuhbone in your throat, an vyater Mnell in yoar hand. pain in yoar atouanch, and ten thousand mujquito kites in your body. Cap* Mar.?Penetrate an immenaeorawd of i malo and female rowdiae, drop wine salt water i ?b boih eye# Shoot piatoU. Kat mom tea*ream ' mnd atarnl Hil urirl nn nn? ?-k>?* ? ? vuv vaj iVVB?b *1 f eight. K-ire y>un?e\f iusulted often bynlg^er*. At midday smell of u o*en with a dead pig is it Fill joor pockeu with eut glaw brokeu ? into minute fragment* YlMM WaTIRISU PLACnt UtlKRALfcV.? K-?p a ftale eodft'h under each ana, lira oft onions ?o?i pumpkin*, go In strong 6* tba Union ?utl freMotl. and d?no? tbo ruaod dance* in big brwx-ho? I . inrThe In titration I a to tin- afitra of the 1 >rn?-r ran CoiwulittP ?t Honolulu 1* reported to be < Vr/laif tolJ/ut an oldandthoroughly-orgwitad ' * of abuaea It app?**r? th*t lb? uu t~d 1 Drottu of ib? ? ottsul. Hoipttil Pbyalelan and Sur- ' *-%- r of tbe Port of Honolulu h?veaveraged mora < tti Stu.uuO p?r annum. or mor? thin three tlam i , u. tbey cotld Uy mouldy bav? be?a. J. ? - *4 1 _ Tbf Qmyi mi the Prlaet. When -very young ahe wm ricketty tad weak It Um anklea, but waa recovered by hmltby training. Ska waa brought op at the sea aide, at Ramagate. her ankle* pumped on, and a*a bathing reaorted to. She waa veay benevolent wkaa aba rod* abroad, which waa on horseback, and often. b? purae always returned empty. SUe bad and stift base good appetite. Her mother carefully Incut cated in her aleve for the Protectant religion. She learned (>?rm*n. French, and Italian perfectly, knew ? little Spanish, and waa an accomplished inuaiotan and vocalist. At tbe age of 18, on June 'JO, 1837, she became queen, in consequence of the dciath of her uncle, William, IV. Lord Melbourne and the Duke of Wellington proved excellent ad visers to the young qneen. They dln*d with bar every day, and being oldrentltmen, would some tlmee drop aaleep over their wine,when she would tickle their noaee. Very Boon Lord Melbourne tLoaghtahe would b? married, and, oa bta aWt log It 1* diplomatic language, alio did not under attnd him, and replied : " Let me Lava tbe Duke of Weillngton!" Explanation! being oflVred. he objected to her couatna of Cumberland and Cambridge, and auggeated " poor Albert." It proved a happy choice, aa the young prince made aa excellent liu abend. It waa aaid that the queen liked Lord Elpblnetone, but be waa tent to Madraa. to get htm out of the way. The young couple atarted lu life with a mutual Income or Sti5o,UJ0. It waa not too much, they brought up their family on it, without calling for a aeparate allowance for any of them TPU - ? -? ? * * * i ue uueeii rises si nan -pa si six la summer, and . Ten in winter, and always walks abroad, re turning to morniajr prayers and breakfist, at whtcb she eats heartily, and subsequently spends hxlf an boar in the nursery. She next receives tbe master of the household and decides what In vitations *houId be aceorded for tbe day, and then visits her aviary, menagerie, aquarium. or stable Sue is passionately fond of horses, and is a good rider. At eleven sb? receives tbe secretary Of war, tbe borne and foreign secretaries; at twelve, general visitors; lunches atone, and drlnka Alaop's g?le ale. At three she rides In her carriage or on oneback. either visiting or on some errand of charity Returning, ber majaety dines in state, which Is rather a dreary affair, no conversation being allowed. Out that over, etiquette Is dis missed; In tbe drawing-room tbe queen plays up?n the piano, and luaulgea In Oerinan games At eleven she retires. The queen appears fond of American ladies. Tbe Prince of Walts is neither dull nor stupid, but a youth of the nobles* dispo sition and apleudidly educated. Like his mother, be appeared rlckeUy and delicate In youth. He oarrles hie bead a little on one side now. He speaks French, German, Italian and Spanish with fluency, besides being a good Greek and Latin scholar. He is well acquainted with law and the floe arts, a good s >ldler theoretically, and a good horseman He dances enormously, like most of the Kngil?h youths of the day, and always chooses the partner he likes best. Adsbbss or mi Republican National. Com mittbk?The Dutt or Republicans ?Tbe Re Cbliea.i National Committee issues the follow jj address: Republican National Cox. Room.) Astor House, N . Y , Oct 10,1*00$ The Presidential contest is concluded, so far as tbe opponents of tbe republican party are con cerned A Congressional district In Missouri was tbe first to expreaa its approval of tbe actlsn mt the Chicago Convention by the election to Congress of a member of that body?an able and gallant representative of tbe principles of the re publican party Tbe free States of Vermont and Maine, with characteristic patriotism, responded to the action of Mlvouri, and now these great and Dower fill m**mhs?r? f\t th? D -' r- -- WU4TWCIVVJ X CHiU J 4 vanta, Ohio, and Indiana?announce ves in favor of the republican cause, and tiiua mure liaUiumph In November. We shall be pardoned, while we disclaim In advance, aa we ear neatly do, any Indulgence |n an offenalve partiaan spirit, for pointing to thus* manifestations of a wholesome and salutary pub 1 ir sssllnsl rrlth unmlud pleuurt But while la la certain tbst the nominee rf tna Chicago Convention la to All tbe bijfb otbceof i'reaadent of tbe United r^Utea, tbe duty of Re publican* la bv uo ineiua discharged VV bea be occupies tbe Presidential cbnir, tbe responsibility of inaugurating and establishing a wise and bene ficent policy for tbe purpose of Securing good ifoveriiment will devolve upon bim He can do nothing wttbout a Congress wbicb ta kindly dis posed toward him. To secure such a Congtess, let uo Republican believe, for a (Ingle moment, that be ta entitled to exemption from Labor until the closing of tbe polls In November As tbe representatives of tbe republican party of tk? 11 s%4 nn i?nA? ??- - -1 1 - ?**' ...v ,, W|A?U WUUIU HI*3 CUOUUCi ol ililH CflDl* paign haa devolved, we heartily congratulate you upon tbe happy results already ?rcured, and wr rarneatly exhort you to renewed and unceasing rftorta until our triumph la complete?a triumph rhteb ia onlv durable because It will give LH?re wad proa parity to the country and hope to the *'Ofid Uy order of ike National Kxecutlve Oommlttse. Kvwim L? Momoait, Chairman. Grobos O. Fooo, Secretary. DinTRoriTiNNim Hsrxit ?The McMlori rtlle (Tena ) Now Ere announces the death on the 23d ultimo of Danl West, the well-known rf the mountains, at the age of seventy-eight. tie had lived for a number or years in the hollow of i large Americaa poplar tree, in the opening of urlili-h he had fitted a rude door, (n the cente of lets hollow be would build his fire In winter and for eooklng his plain meals. This hollow also terved as his sleeping apartment, and It is said he ilept In a sitting posture, realising against the wall of his house Adjoining or near to tbl> tree be had a rode abed whfnh be need as a workshop, where be manufactured chairs, boxes, cider mills. 4c He was a North Carolinian by birth, and eras a soldier In 1312 He was at the iVloblle station when the battle of New Orleans was fought, and beard the hoomieg of the guos when his old Utn eral was whipping the British. CMnrs Statistics o* St. Man's Covntt, Md ? In lb60 there were 1,612 dwellings in tte cvumy? in icw me number amount* to~l,819, an increase of 307, or <0 cent Tbr numkr ofhrmi, In 1W0, was 813, by returns of the late census, the nnmbfr runs up to a ear 1,1(10, an Increase of 187, or about -A) per cent. In l&'iO, tba prioe for agri cultural laborers, with board, was 95 per mouth, now 91*) per mouth, wltb board, la the average ?r1?? It Is believed that the agricultural pro acts of the county a] ace 1850 have increased at least 10U per cent By returns of the present cca. ins. we, that the ages of several slaves are let down at 100 years, sad the age of one negro woman la set down at 110 years. The age of no white person In the county exceeds ft) years. ITT A daughter of Abd-el-Kader Las recently arrived In Parla for the purpoee of enterlut; tbe order of tbe Gray Slaters. When the Emir, ber father, resided at Hroussa. be sent tbe young lady to Coustantlnopte to be educated. There sbe oc casionally met with Christian women, and was so (truck wltb tbe self-devotedness of tbe Sisters who attended th4 hospitals during the Crimean war that sbe determined to Join their order. Her father, who la rapable of appreciating tbe benev olenre of Christianity, contented to her Wish, aud he is now la Parts passing ber noviciate. lTT"Tbe bodies of an old man named Qeorgs Hank and bis wife, residing near Marlon, Ind . wrrr a few morning* ago found amid tb# ruins of their dwelling, which bad been coMnmed during lbe nlpbt. They bad been robbed and murdered. Mr Hank was i German bjr birth, served seven years In Uonapa'te s army, was In Spain ander .Marshal Ney, fought battle* in Italy, and tarversed the whole continent of Europe to Moscow as an Infantry soldier. trr-Col Hogh Forbes, whose name figured so extensively in tne paoeis during th? Jnh? ? excitement, and who latterly, baa lx-?n in tb? employ of Garibaldi as commondpr ?f MetMO*, In Sicily, la aald to t>e out of ofllce once mora. II* xvu found to U* Incompetent and Impracticable, t dlabirim of tb? |**ce, and an opprraaor of the officer* under blai, therefore, he baa ?>een super icded, and now ^o?a about Sicily denouncing Uarlualdl and Victor Emmanuel. K'Th? "KorUeoa of the IIat Old Point tdv bccaamnewhat r?novat?d. It mount* a u?M?ry ?i pru^fiii. wblctt coo all'a of more than W ipm, ciptible of tbrowln* la.417 pouuds of Iron to a Ion* diatanoe. The Kip-Haps is approMhiag completion. It Is to hny? luH tat Mick Coiunablada, M fbrty-?wo pound ttUiia, I, rmwtrl. and 8 un-lncb Colamblads and 46 ue-lush Columbtuds, all embarbetut l?7" A aether abolitionist bes been detected la rtiarW-aton, * C. A man named J. O Battle, balling from Maryland, was suspected by the Uliiuiealon authorities A detective waa aet to watch blur The odirer rssorted to the lowest ar tifice te accomplish his purpose He made Battle feat.ewe that be too was aa abolition 1st, thereby In dating the unsuspecting mas te confess bis ?<*r?t|. meats, after which the dsteetlv* Urnsd afouod ft*4 amsted uim, ? V 1 P The Commissi oners of St. Mary's county, have appointed a patrol in each election district. It la their duty to visit their reaper tire districts at least once a week at night, aad at ether tines when neceaaary, and to 'vigilantly watch all negro meetings and disperse the same, and to arrest and bring to justice all abolitionists and other persons who may be found violating the lawa of the State on the subject of slavery." Cotton Grown in Maryland ?The editor of the Ragfater, published at Middietown,Frederick county, Md , has received from Mr. Henry K. Youug a stalk of native cotton, grown on the farm of his father, n?*ar that place, containing several holla, well matured The frost somewhat delayed Its growth, or It would, it ia believed, rank with that ralaed at the eitreme South. Mr Voung has a stalk left containing twenty-one bolls. tf~7" The Turkish bath has been introduced Into Loudon with great success this season. and It ia thought Its establishment will be permanent, ss some of the very first men in the medical profes alon. Including those who have inade themselves most faaaoirf for atudy of the skin, hive zealously and unreaervedir given in their adheaion to the principle* of the oath. 117" It ia a sign of the times that the members ef the ronl hmllv ?\f ? 1 ?1 " ? w U..6i?i<auiii ?a?ci win-it uey please. and that at th? present moment so many of them should be purantng their journeys Thus, the One*n is in Germany, the Prince of Wale? In tb? United State*, and Prince Alfred at the Cape of Good Hope. UT" At Philadelphia, the pipers say, the Prince exureased no dealre to visit Independence ,|Hall ana it was regarded as Indelicate io In luvlte him thither, on account of the historical associations connected with the hulldlno ?? th? ni?o? of V* ?MV signing of tbe Declaration of Independence. (E^Clty rallroeda In Cincinnati are aubjeet to adversity The question of the right of the rota rtniet to the use of the streets has been revived our members of the council enter a protest against the grant of way to the Fifth street line. Dscka?bd.?John Brlce, Esq., a defender ?f Baltimore lu HU, died at Annapolis on the 5th Inst The mother of the deceased wis a daugh ter of Thomas Jennings, Km., Attorney Oenaral of the tben Province of Maryland. A MRS. WIXSLOW, M Kxperlen ed Nurse and Female Puraiaiafc, preeenta to tike attention cd motiier*. her SOOTHING 8VKUP, Far Children TeeUIsi, Whisk ftaally fael.uaiaa tba pr?saaa of tatthiof, k? aaftaa lay tba fatoa, nflunj til inlanmaUM?will lift7 ALL VAIM uI?pUu?dlH(itJi.,liid U SURE TO KhOVLATE THE BOWELS Dapaud mp*o It, SHhin, it will j!? |?11* jaaraal*aa, tad RELIEF AND HEALTH TO YOUR INPAXTS W a kava f?t ap and aald Oil a arttala for a?ar tan J??ra, iad OAS I AT, IN COfiriOBNC'B AND TB UTH of It, what ? hata **T*r kaaa abla f 1 af any smis Mii1iw*-i>I?u A IIKDLI llt rscr a eras Nt'tr did wa tM* aatiafacuan by m; ika tammy , allara Sr SXATlOiO, and Mil*. WIX4LOW8 MHITIMN6 SYRJP, HAS IT failed,!! ITARCI TO ?? vkan tlmaly ajad aa iMUnca af dia ai.a vfia uaad it. On dalifbtad vita Ita aptak 10 tarma a.' kifhaat ear*n;and?tlau af ita nn leal aTaau ind luaJie&l Tirtaaa. Wi apaak In J?U ruUlf " whit VI DO E50W," tftartao yaara' aipariaoca, AHO niU Jl on (iri'TA tiow >'oh th? r?Lra?iinr or what vi hbks di clakt. In alaiaot lof tram p?Hi **4 aibaaatian, raltaf will La fomnd iilftm artwam? mtnmi J?ar iba ajraf .? aoinimatarad. Thia ??la?b!? iraparmar ? iht prtacnpuao af ana af iha Ml irilllKCISuii! HILfUL Rk'KIl la Naw Ell* Uad,udk4i t<M uid with MBTM-Pailirs iuccMi la THOUSANDS Ot CASES. It Mwl; ulitTH tha ?Wi'l fraio iwviii, bai latiftnui tht ilMuct *i.d kivilii carraeti iciilty, ?r.d (mi iwiuil tntrgr ta Ui? wt?!i ayaiaui. h will tlmaat ioMao'lj nUri Oeipin* r< tbi Bowkls and Wind Colic, l**?re?T'i* (tniilntDi, whlcb, M i?l apaadUy ranadlaa batiaaa u lit* Birr MY in tba won LI* k?Tiirul di4fi rnj, whaihar n or fratll 10 7 aihat od in diitb. Wa tKDlCIUTtlM- KOfl mi all ciiii af Dt?- CHILDRKil uwmi ii? cmil- TEETHING. Srt;r taatrlliir caaaa. W? w*i? -f'.o ararT e.a aar wn.. baa a ?L;ld akf f?nu/ (ita. u; W dl( uupltlsU-DO HIT lit roui riuubicu.niii tni riuubh it mw uthiri U?d batwaan yaar aafarlng ?lnH and Iba ralial lUal will ba <llll-iw, iliilLiJTIl.T IVWS?14 fallow lb a tia af lb i? ll??l- ?..J ? -" -? ' Mainour turh b.,iu?. Ncm rtnaina ?< tha rat-aiinila CCATia ft t CUHINH, Naw V?rk, U M. lha ckUtd* *w%frt Um'l k? Pragfiati Ihraurhaal lha warKl. Frirei^tl N?. II Cater S.raai, M. T. fitaa tali M Caito pit BMOa. m IMtvlf Furniture Warcrooma. WALL 4~BARNARD ar? now roof iTinf, on oonftignmont. nr Wn;?r luoii. oorner of C % their _ and Ninth struts, (:n the rear of th~eir auction roomaja. v*rjr lar^o tnil general aanort mentof FURNITURE, OA KPKTS, ami HOI SK KEEPING GOODH geucraHj. which tlioy mvlti the attention of peraotia fu-uiehicc to exiwnme be fore m'Chasing?ainmg which ioa* L<* fund; Parlor Suit*, tn BrooaW.e, Rep**n.1 Hair Cloth, Maiionauy an I Walnut bu'aa, Teta a teUn, and lor Eaay Uhairs hugauy and Walni Tabloe, in gr*at .ariot? Mahogany and Walnut Ma*hle too and other Mfub'e top Oak painted Cottage Seta Walnut and M'.hoganj Alar bio top plaia afcd other Kureaue Cane and vvu ?i aeai Rocker, IMulng, Offioe and otlr-r Chaira Handaouie (Jilt and M/vhogany Looking (? aaaea Mahogany and Waluat Cvttage and other Had - ateada Cabinets, Ft&gerea, Whatnots and Deaka Rruaaola, 3 ply. Ingrain and other Carpets; Oil - oloUia Marble top. Walnut, Mahogany another Waah ?ta*t1a and Pinka Hair, Shuck.and Shook and Cotton Mattr&aeea with a feat variety of other roods not here men tione?, whioh will be sold rery Vrw. WALL 4 MARNARO, Aovtioneera. soalu aide of Avenue, aeSS eolrn aornor Pa av. and 9th ?tr?et NOTICE! f wish all gentlemen to fct-ai m ?iad tnat Q9 the psil which 1 ^ - six ynri ago, of selling yHfSWBF H ATS a:id BOOTH at greatly re duoed prioee for oath is in suooessful operation. Just reo.ived a full 'upply ol the latest Now York styles of DML8S HAT8 Tne very finest Hat #3*>; a ftr?t rate I at <3; ami very cood.fashio able Hft. #250. All ofthe fak-etstvles of sob HATS and CAPS, at the very io*est prioes. I air oouUnUv supp ledjrith a very large stock of those fine URF.SS BOOT? at #3.7V-irhish 1 hare '.e?*n selling for many y?>ais?as well as the very rwtuual ty of Pal-if t Le? titer Ci A IT K.K& at *3*1. iue French Ca.fakiL. Gaiters fn,ni to $2 &>. Term* cash; no extra oliarre in order to offeet baddebts ANTHO.nY, Agent for the Manufac turer*. Seventh street. second hat store from the ooriier, opposite Avenue House, No. A40. e U Sin OLD MICH, MELLOW AND PUKK BL'H.NSIDK'H MOXONGAHELA EYE WHISKEY. Cocsaientfoasly disulifd by Mr James Burnside, of Ailenany Coauty. Fenna., in the old-nshionea hone* i war, fro>?i the choicest and most carefully selected Rye, and in no ease ev?r offered tor aale aatil adapted to wholesome use by age It is at once the ino-t pala' it i" emphatically oae of the purest beverages in the reach of the puMio. To the veil as tn th>?* .? oominnnda ttaelf f??r Ue unn railed qaa'itiea u a atiraakant of lid aafett. *ur?tt. and moat benefioe't iJeaoripuon. and many of the most diatinguiilifw* phyeioiaas ar* tunic it in their praotioe with tha n\p?ie?t reeuita. OL.BKV * 9T<VCKDA!,K, Proorietora. 338 Waiaut ?tr<wt. Philadelphia. WM. C. CONOVEK, Agent for the Hrop'ietore. 924 Pa. av , M 84-flm oppoaite Willarta' Hotal. ^JCHOOL AND COLLEttK OUTFITS. Ifouths' and Bofi' Clothing for School and XtresM Wear. Parents and gaardJam wishing to farnieh their ohiidren and wards with (*o!tool ard Ooll'pe Outfits for the coming i?\<on, are iuvi'cd t* examine unr P'esont &rs? and extensive Msoituieut BOV>' ' cL?'THINtf,wMr? they hd ft rut their children of *11 sixes in a few tuomecU with even deeorip tion of K?adf made Garments, of substantial and durable q uality. at vary naodorat* enoes WALL., STEPHENS it OO.. au 3D tf |i23 Peon, avenue. rVTOV D POT i trn i *rm _ frw doora ?oiitk of Pa. av., Favi*r'a okl aland v F?rat Ward. Washington. Ilia Bar la cmaUnUy aup plied with the ohuioent Liquora uul Cigar*. Tw o>at Fiuwi Oyatara is Wa-ihin*t<n can beob'aiued at hupiaoa. Families aupplied with Oyaterein ?va tj atyfe, and at raaaonabl* price*. ae 28 eo6m pARAFP.NE beautiful artiola, Miuai in appraranoe to patent ap*rw, (bout* clear aad poiahM.) And at mooh ieta oat. KINO * Ht RCHK-i-L, oo 10 Cornar Varmout av. and ifltb ata. 30 itt ^?8' naw*L?r *' 9> sort. <Hh ano V*<h IF YOU WISH TO PURCHASE CORSETS loaa thaa tba uaual prio?a. call at _ ott<t qiBSoS-S. 399 ftyvrnth at. yOl'AVE SIGNAL HORN. Prioa ?!&>, jua m V" *utW:KkT^ao^. EDUCATIONAL. ACADtMV OF MODKRN LANGAUAGS*, is. tWiiiiMTox BriLoiaoJ ra itlUHI, Comtr Of Stftntk St+Ut. P*itat* larrmvcTioTtt rwrfcxitcH ixrSruiTtH. DAY AM D KVRNlNO?vLAd8Ks4 THAK8LAT10X9. < A M. Di MONTiiLTtRY, ProfaMor of Modem Un<<MMud Literature, hM th? honor to an nounce that he will rcaume lua ClaaMaatul Private Leaaona oo vCedneaiUy next, the 19th or Septeia her, in the Above Academy. tie i? prepared al?o to tire, in eohoula and private familiea, a Course of Leeture upon the Frenoh I.iterate re, from the Mr ueet Formation of the ?? ,k* u?* ' ZUM. For terms and furtherparticular* inquire at t ie Aoademy, where rrof. De Montliurrr will bo iu at tendance daily from # to 11 a. m and m>m S to 8 p. in. e 18-lm T female education. hose Parent* who wiah their daughters to re ceive* thorough and systematic education, where their physioa! training will receive daily and special attention, nnder thetnoet approved vgtoin of Calis thenio* and (i rninastics, arw respectfully invited to visit the Uaiop Female Academy. corner Four teenth st. and New York av MR. A MRS. Z. RICHARDS, au 80-tf Principals. Female boarding and day school, ALEXAXUKU, VA. Mrs. S. J. MoCORMICK, Principal. The thirteenth animal session of Uais Institution will oommeuoe on Tuesday. September 18th, iu the house rsoently occupied by Silvester Scott, F.sq., !M? i ?r> v,? -?? The oourse ef study pursued will ootnprite all the branches requisite to a thorough Eaglish Kdu cation, and Music, F4enoh, Latin ami Drawing, if dtfsired. ?n addition to day scholars. Mr?. McCormick is propared to receive a limited number of papils a* r>?ardw?, who, ronetituting a part of h?r own fam ily, will be noder ln?r immediate eare anil supervi sion. She wH! endeavor. as lar as possible, to sur round them with the ooiulortaaad kitidlr iotiuecee.i of Home. K%fer'ut'?.? Rev. Geo. II. Norton, Rev. Ds Elias Hftrrison, Rev. D F\9prfgg, William H Powl*. Esq., F.dsarSnowden, Eaa.. Edmnnd F Witrvv, Esq., Henry Mar bury, K?q , L?wis MeKrnse, ? <) , Robert H. Huuton, Esq . W. D Wallach, fciiitnr Eveuing Star, Benjamin Waters, E(*t..J?s. Entwisle, Jr.. Esa.,Col. John \V. Minor, Loudoun, Messrs. Blactlock 4. Marshall, Messrs. Corse Brothers. Tan. Board, with Tuition in all the English Branoh<w, fjonfor the annual session?payable serai-as avail). iu ad vanoe. ?usio and languages at Professors' prices. T" No extra charges. au 28-tf Metropolitan collegiate inbti TOTB POR YOUNG LADIES, 464 E St., Bitwiin 6th aud 7th Sts. The fourth annual session of the Institute will aoinmence on the first MONDAY in September. Application* should be made -arly, as the number of pupils ia limited. Kor particulars Me oiroular* or apply to lite principals, Mr. and Mrs. T. H. H A VENnER . at the Institute. au ?-tf ^ RS. M. K. KINGSf ORITS PEMINARY, _ ... ti? t?T.. WAIHIS#TOX, U. C. The next unaion will coummOctober let. lMu. Terms, Ao., for wauled ou appuoatiou. au 16 tf MRS. A. E. BELL'S SEMINARY, Comer of L euut Truthst*., wa kinfion tt'ry. The next leimua of this school will commence September Sri, l?n. The your f ladies of Che Insti tution are paiticaiarljr reqiweted to lie punctual in itteudanoo at th-? opening of sohool, ana ail otftcrs who With to beo?>rue members of the aauie to tutkf *arl? application, ae the number of pupils will be united. Terms, Ac., given on application, au 25-dStAeot?/ct 15* T WESTERN ACADEMY. UK Exercises <.f this school, under tke charge >f Dr S. L Loom is, and the primary Dej ar:m>>tit jnd?r Mi*s Axsib E Pvck.viH !? re?um?*l Sop ?ml>?r 3d. Circulars c&n be obtained at the book- ' itores. (Int.* au I7-eo2in WOOD AND COAL. IMPORTANT TO I10U8KKKKPKRS! THE PIONEER JAW MILL I*D FIREWOOD FACTORY, (Siok or thk Uluk Flao SiArr.) lentil ( the C?ul, near 7th tlrMi Urld(r, Will furnith, at the ehort?nt noUae, FIREWOOD. TII K B K ST QUALITY, Or Art Kind, Cut **4 Split < any IHmeni-itnt. CHEAPER THAU THH CHEAPEST' With fall iiMMaramant Fuaraati"d. JO*" Ketn?nb?r, Th? Bi.ui Fi.xa Staff, wa?t dim u{ Seventh ftreot. toutk of t)id C?: al.aml cip th? Cor.tar Market. GEORGE PAGE, Agent. K- HIOKORV AN1H)AK PT.AMK or TIM (oraM ix? of ^iwantiona >*A WKl?, POSl'Ji >r JOISTiTjlII'PfcTj.or LOOSSAWrb, at tha iiio i Ujtt noUoa ICT HioaJl jol*of BLAGttS.UiTIIlNJ 1 exe<rf#?d,a??aVtvH ae/j t qTq~q~q~q UHIOH FIRE-WOOD MILL, Oaraar ml I?. Mlh it aad Cuil. W U O I> *f kind, r;i&nti6iotured to orf'w, any length or m, j for i COAL?<JOAI?. W# hut now on hand a bc%?.iti:al lot of COAIi, x?th Kt?< nti'1 Whit* Am, diierenl nu IlTW?4i? oow.amj wili be r*??iTia< 0>?' for ;lte fcfxt tea Jajs, whioli we ?eil, 11viW ir. ui iho v*?? a roduotiou of55 oents par ton. fttiiul your order* early. MoKNBW Jt MARLOW, PfOnrlAbiri m TJ-lt Corner Seventh ?C tod Can*'. WOOD AND O O A L Delivered to all ptrti o? the oily, it the luWMt tOMibia/Moa. T J. A W. M. HALT, OSim 21U Pa. ?*., l<?tw?on 11U anU LSlh ?t* , in* 17-tf aocth tatlw. POAL! COAL 11 I' WOOD! WOOD!! I am i!a?ly roo?iviu| large ?uppl e? of COAL from he very b?et PenuijTvem* miuua, srLicli I will ? ?!! kt rMtorsb e D-ice? Al?o. tlm hAat r.n?f;i? r?r< tol 'me mid Hickory \VoOU, cutanrf iplit.alVlengtUa. 1*11 and k?avt) your ordar*. R .W. BATErt, Wood and Oua: Deal?r. Ml7 (States) Cor. C and 14th ata.. near Canal. r ROYAL HAVANA LOTTERY. HK Next Drawing of tfee Roya! Havana Lot wj, oondnoted by the Spanish Govorn*.i??:it. under he anpernsion of the Captain ttnani 01 Cuba, nil lata piac* at Havana on SATURDAY. October SO. mi. SORTBQ NUMBRO M4 OKUINARIO CAPITAL PRIZE ?I00,000. pnxa of .?fUMM fn priaea o{. fljwo do ?,nOft hi do M do )0^W 1M do W do 5w*? ttapprox. rVhole Tiolrat^1 O^O oartcra, ?3. Enxaa caahed at sight at s Mr onnt <n?oonnt ilia oil all aolvoat Dank* taken at par. A drawing iriii ktfervantM u aoon aa the reaaU leinoa or UokeCi to be adilreaae " pON ROURI61 KZ, fit Oltr rmrt. CliartMton. fc. C. O ooS-tr rt FOR STAMPING JO NO |?HAR6E A fACKKT OF PAPER, AND BNVELOPB9 TO MATCH, at the METROPOLITAN BOOKSTORE. PH1LP k. SOLOMONS, Attnls far Lmwmtt'i " Mttro?"'"" m34 ly mtrmei't t*Ubmtui Linm Par# ropoluan MtUs," ft., <"? 334 P*. ? .. b Jt.ft" and l"th ate. W. HAMILTON PAINTER, DEALER IN PAINTS, No. <93 Tn ttTKBKT. *?ar 04d PtlUm*' Hmll. PUTTV IS DOWN. '? ?T?nu?, nave jum r? oivwj a mrt* vanet* 01 ijw Fall Co?Mfc,to vbiak Ift?y invito the attention * th?ir friond? Md witown. au y. tf >rioo?.at !<Ml l M>, **** . . .... Mvs 40y tfcvtku at. GEORGETOWN ADVEBT'MTS JUST RfeCKlVKD- . 10 hhd?. prime Porto Rioo SUGARS, 15o bb!?. ..Id Kre \VJhR?kV, SW bbii. HEK RlNuand ALE WIV E9. V bblv. Orarhw and R?8n tl ?LQARV, ' ? b<*? R<o mi4 Jmva COFFKK, 1? hhd*(tov pri?odi MOLAH^KS. For ?U?br JOHN i. IMXiLK. ? U> ^*A.N1)BLU , _Hm constantly on kMd lkri? M?or'ment of Fr?iioh Nonr-atrfeted. hnmNc, ry>n r?d,?ml?i. oU,?r dFKOTA?Ti?Ed, ol"^-rf *2> the tail qu&atf, is coid. ailver. steel. *ad (ieriu*L liver IraiuM. N. ?. Old Fut.'M Replirod aid B6W [ IlkM COt ltl them to ordltr. Mill. WAH*HY, * OO.'S KMIUA DEL PHI A l)RAl UUT ALE.-Wctr?ounitaaiy r???TiDj fre# u u?um of the above deUjiitfai b?v ert^e, acd iavite au persons vho trant i pure an adn:tsratod Ale. to fir* it a trial. AFNY * 8HINN, Af*Bt?, fe ? AT at.. Ami?*U>?ii. J_ OB. F. LilHCH, UNDERTAKER, Cor. Bri4*? *n4 Jr.ftrton ttf??e>Tirrfo*r*. Havine Riven tnr pemnnal attention to this b>aned of mr >>??ine??, I e-in prepared to attw,<l Ui nil eaus with promeUiAea P??r*on? from adiatar.o** c*n r>e?i?p pUod at a nr. net**' notice. aa 1 fcave a large a??o, tment of COFFIN8 k'.myt on l.ana Partjoular attention paid to the removal of the <X< ad from the old t.? ue new iurial f round*. Hearsee and Horsee for hire. ap TO-Om FOR SALE AND RENT. pOR SALE?A email FARM of ? acres, ettuated at the Lttt'." Fai.s, having a ooiafortable dwelt ir.hlin BA AAm.Vii.iaa ??" ? J - ? ry ..uoovj WW M U U>'U?Ut M L<lUI?| U U | OH " ICIin^i and watered ; within lour mile* of Washington ; IS ?r?a tn colti nuon, the uaiauce in hamiaoma wood land. It la fami.i&rlf desirable as a oour.try real denoe, being petfeotnr healtl.y aax: n?o??romantical ly tltuatM : ajtoel'<?r.t 8?hihg and hcnting. lnanlrc of Mr. MARRIOTT, bridge keeper. Chain HMrtte. Little rail> h- - L^OR RKST-Three RKiCK ?Ol>r.S-Ui,fli.i, i Twelllh street, Mtwn 0 and D; one on tlia corner of Twelfth and M its. : and one or. H, He twaca lith and 13th ata. Inquire of JAM Kg W tiARRKR.on H itre?t, hetweeu 11th and 12th, So. 41$ ? '* JjHIh KKMT-i'MHK!"!' fLWh u.fci V lug immediately nppoatte the weat am* of ti t Citr Hm.. rwOontly oooapiad by Chaa. V. Wail&L.. an oftlce. Ajso tiits Xroi?t room is the aMut d atory and the tauu ? ?or ofthe tame lankin**. F<* farms apply to RlCiiARlT WALLACHTno. 'J Louisiana avenue. ja IS tl Dr. J. II .MrLKAN'B STRENGTHENING CORDIAL ASI> BLOOD flHIFiUH. THE GREATEST REMEDY in tlu WOULD, and the moat &rt iy?biV!UL3 A.tu UELlCiHTFL'L CUKDIAL EVER TAKES. It ia atrictly * Ht auuia u4 VifM blt Coeipewd, wra curtd k; tka diauiha UM af hartw, and hartal. ?ai!ov Dock. H.jod Iwot, Blici R?<h, htufa rilb, Wild Cherry B*rk, a?d Dandelion (atari into iu cam poaiiioc. To* at Ura acuea C#1 iedial t>ri.:iplej of e.cto uifiadiai i u ? ttoroJUhl, ?*uacwd^ftff tflkinc. byty new mathodof diatlllinr, prodncinf a dinciMW, cit.i.araung ipirtl, and tf.? ua*t in(*lliW? remedy for renaeating tka iTaeaaed ayattrr, aud reatonof tha el Ik, enflV rio f, ai.d debUitauU iaeilit to health *ni atrcofth. McLEAfTS STRF.NGTHRyiNr, CORDIAI Will effectually cure Liear Cowplami, Dyapepaii, Jana ilitl, Ckrttiieer Nereaaa D?kil ty, Diaaatea'af the Kldnaye, and all diaaeeea iriaiag fr?-n a dtaurdered |jT#r cr H'uieiac'i, llyepepeia, llaaniiain, Inward filea, A~iditr or Sick at ? of Ill* titoiunth, Knlln'aa ?l Jtiood t* tha Ha?d, D?ll Pu:, cr " Kwniurii.g iu the H.-.4, PtlpltH**i of the Heart, Koltne?? or wt\fht in lti< 8to?m<h. * >cr Etacutioaa, Cbokiuf or | bif ocauof F<?hrr- .hni lay Jowl, Dryuoi or Y<l aW i.tu of the Skiu mil eft*, NijV C?mi, Inward Fi<iri, | Pain la the Small of ihc 3. l , Ot-n;, or Bide, Sc Uro k*t(Mh?t of He*:, llepre*?u>n of Spirilt. Priftitfal Dieime, l-an jfur.r, Hairon-lney ftr aiy ntrvooa dtieiaa, Purea or Ttlo-.'haa on the Bkin, and Farar and Ajoe (or Chilla and ",r ) orkh a million bottlf.s < bare baau aoUl Jurir. f iba lut all raortba, and in nr in luatl t.aa it faiia l la ri?l?f anure aatia/actu-n. W I e. ill .. will aalTcr from Wt-ikurn or Debility whan McLJtAN'i ] tfl KENOTHENINO CORDIAL will cure you 1 . No Iai<roafe can convey ac ldaqnate tde< of the ! J ata and almnat miracnloua ehanje prodnead by taking lim Cordial in the U:?e*?*d, debilitated, and abattared errTrue ijrtltm, whither br'ken down ky firm, *e.J by natare, or impaired by aicknaa<, th* r?l?ie<? nnr.iunj nrfam aa'jon K reatored to ita priatlna hea'tb and vigt>r mah hied pkr&O.xs, at otbera, eoneciooa of in*! ility fr?it vtMa<ar rjinae, will Ri.d McLRAN*S BTRKMOTIISKlNa CORDIAL a ?!> - f roofo r?f(D?iaior w ui> ijiuia; ana All w .? m*iy Uiv? lu lurid then tclrti by kraprupar indclgmCM * ll! Itail la luU a Mrwl? and "lutd/. TO THE LAU1KV McLKANV bTKKNUTHKMN I CORDIAL la a K?r urn i>4 ifltd; em kr CanapUM, V litri, Dbatraet?* or DiCcait Maunn attou. ln-aattacaca of L'm.c n Iovwluuiary Di?il.?*gr t?ai*af, KaJ'.Ujg of Ilia Vml', jiddm.u, f turning, uit aii mcid.ul to F(tul? THERE IS NO MISTAKE ABOVT IT Mfr no l*tig*r Taka it ataortHug 10 dlractijfia. It will lUianlatt, atranftl-en, ai.d ta'tgnrata y?o aed oatrar tht ikoon af baa Itb to iao?i;t yrmr elttak gain Erary bottla n varraatad to gf aauafactioa. FOR CHILDREN. If ynmr tMMrti ar? ?ick)jr, p?n? or adlicud, McLEAKV :oBDUL will uak* ihtm ka-iluiy. fat* and rvbnat I>al-y tot a nin.aiii, trjr it, and?i)l b? cmaiaead It la Uo lutkatauki. CA FTIOA'. Biwu< of drugglata or dealaca who may try to pa'a niv*u roo a^na bitiar or axraiparilla tr.ab,whkc!i >? j ?..u bar baas, k? earing it leluet ai e ood A?oid aucb auk. Uak or McLSAS'tf TRKN.iTllkMNfi COB1MAL. anJ taka I'tthiu ale*. It ta tL? only rtiuady itai will tut.fy tba B1 . 1 IBoroujhW a ad at tba aaioc tirar airco ?'keu lb* ayawrn. Om toaapnciiful taken trtry ucrnir.g UtUig M a certain ^r*?coU*e (*ii Ch.'ara, Cbilu aad fnir, Yillo* Pa*?r, or LBjy ?reaal< ut djaaaaa. I: la pot *j> In large bat-laa hr.t hij f i p<i vuiw*i w ? wiuci lur f|. J n LtA> lolt proprietor of ihM Coidial; alar. Mc'a Volcanic Oil Usineat Principal De pot ?ti tha kirtif of Third and Pine tut eta, Bt Loait, Mo. McLean's Volc&nic Oil Liniment, (THE HK.8T LIKIMtXT IN THE WORLD ) TUi oulj k(i ?uJ cftuin cut lux Cutiii, Pile*. To. nor*, Svtlliafi aed BremeM * or C?tr?, P.riWui, Net. tip*, W?aftu?a*of iM Mikim, CtKOtiic or kiwi**lorjr Ihecmatletr, Btiffnrta of the Jir.ta, Cr.utraetel Mucin .r -! j?iotnt?, Earaaha ?r TuoLacht, Drvuti, Bprnina, Freeh "on, W Mia da, Ulcrrt, Fteti Hrea, ("abed Brexit S ,re Hirplta, Burnt, 8ealdt, Sort Throat, or an) iiifiammati a or lain, bo difftrtnct ho*- Hi>ri or tht dittaaa any ia?t tiiattd. Ml LEANtt CELEBRATED LINIMENT ia i certain remedy. Thouaaoda ut hamlan tMiaft ha?t Lata aavtd a lift of du rtpitadr and mittry by tba aat of U.?a ia*ala<bit remedy McLEAK'S VOLCANIC OIL LINIMENT If ill ralitta pain aliautt lottaati aaoaaly, and it wUI cltai, >arify aad heal Ut (anltat aoret ia aa lacrtdiMt ahort tuna. FOR HOHSKS AND OTHER ANIMALS. McLKAN V CELEBRATED LINIMENT is tbt only aafa r.d itltatlr rttatdy for tht cvrt of flp??tn, R nabarie, *Kdf*lla, Sp'iuta, Catiaiaral Lamp*, Nvdet ^r 8 velliat I oattr failtd to core Big Htad, Polltnl, Piitala, (fid Lansing Bortt, or 8watny. if properly aapliad Pot Ipraint, Brauta, Scrat'tca, Cracktd He tie, Cliaftt, !<!.? r I'nii.i r..u. r.? a?.. -- M ?. ?? ?- v?v?| ?v? ??| w> >r? wtwiua, II W ?i ?' i** II Ui( trotdy. Apply it u tiir?et?d ui4 a ?urc u (t/uu in ???ry iiuaei. Th?n ml* bo looftr with tb? mmj ?orthl?M Ltaimtuu e?r?d to yon. Obtoia i tr.rpW of Dl. MCLEAN'S CKLI UtATED LINIMENT It w.fl core joa J H. MCLEAN, Proprietor, Corner Third and Pier ?., It. Loots, Mo CHARLES STOTT, hi Pi. >., toll attat in mi; R. 8. T. CiaSEL.Osarf towa. wMCmiy \KF1CK OK INSPECTOR AND SEALER J OF OAS* METERS, W ashimgto*. J?!y 18,18?. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVE#, That.a^ts .bly to the provisions of the -v dinanos of the C?r orftticD Approved Ms; '2* und?rn*ce4 it low prspa"*1* "?h*DSvsr rysnired iu writing. Snfl >n pre payment of Ui* fee of Uft> cents, to irsptct xamia-<, test, prove, \l.c ascertain tbe aoosracj <.1 *tist ration ofsar fas mrtnr in q?? in ttif? oitj * ivory meter, iff >aiid inoorrect, will be ooi.d>tt>K><l, ,ad another, scaled and nia-k<-d as tree, wM he etini'? place. If proved to be aaoarat* in i?s Rsasnr. .i.sut of *as, it will be cea!ed aooorJn.f.y, ,nd acain>st is posi-ios lor ?. Utnoe ?<o ?1U B*ve?tb itrMt.leHr OH F?>: owfc' a^liAV^>ES>r(V?t' CI^nVn?JhaM. Jy 18 tf lufKbr aao of t?*? M *U r?. FLOUR U*A\DMERA L c8jkMIt*r*!ON NT8. HILL . ft.. Corner of lita ud B ilmli, vinkiacio* c.t?. inr Rwb P*ul frr *11 ?>f QmUi in Sr> ?m balzac's new noviu.. HE Gr*ftioM? mkI l)?oUMof Biro t??.rd. obi U*Xrauoh of Honor* d? Balno, tr*b? Mod 'K* w?nia?4?BV?o?S'*L ? 14 OTP*" Kioynth ?i. M l ??. ??OE SALK.-A p??r of CUAC u HOKShA* r jonni ud fMt,?>.ld for no tnult, th?rv_ Tsy hfivinx no use for Ikeuu. Apply "L-%V V. H. UFFEKMAN'S Grooor*,on f tun rivftiuttvsmiK. totw#M M and <K ?t? *? 8-if x Stor?, No. 4?0 li>iwU> m otftmU Pjjjtnf ? . ** THE W KKKi. Y-j STAR MEDICINES. ater a sarsaparilla la a *on?tt%*?4 ?iwm( ?f tMuwH't, > eoafcin*d w?Ui otW utwttaMi J?T ?U1I mMr ? t? * ito p >wer utoif ord mi *f -#tJtnttdot* for thf n related ta ?r? tfuefc ?t9m? j ia Mir?'.v n*u4 by U?m who Ml [?r from StiuinoM ocuiptiilU, and ttelom wklefc wi!l lusooroplirt ttwir imimi xrtiM 10 Ut. mn ?yi ?twiliy^ .,,1. ..... 14, ? MM * " w? r V? ..... V Nipi'iM Wlu ao it hu be*ii proTM it eiaarnnrct aiaay of U>e vorit om to ki Ibirl 11 tha fu ki* u mo, pi* DU : Scrotal* and So- Vent Coma alatv Rmptioaa anJ Kruptive hihmm, L'lNri.>iaiiH,ltoMM. Tumor*, S*?t iK'.rum, Soad Raad, ??abulia ai d S*phiuuaAf otitNi. MeieeriaJ Jkeaaee, jBrofay, Neoa |.a or Tie Doaoureiix, D*ulity, Pyapep aia and ipdtcaatirta. fcrr?i??iaa, How or Bt. ai thom'a Pir-s and. ludawd. U? ?> *? afoiaa mt mtm plaiutaanaisf from Imparity of tba Blood. Thia oompound will N? fr.aai a rraat promoter af hea.ia. wbao take. 10 the apr ni, to axpr, thefha. huinora wb'oh latter iu thp l> <><*. at IfcjM ?**aoa or the ?ear. Br nn? timely aaphleu c or tbem tnaar r?nhtii?* dwo^ata are itlppel in Cba tad Haiti tudea oan. I y toe aa i of tu? rein<dr, qpare U?ao? aelva? front the endara' oe or f -a! araptiona and ai ?#roae aorea, thronth wmoh ibe r??t??wi aril 1 atrira to rid I to* f of aorrupUona. if aot Beat a ted lodelh.a through tba ataral ohann*U of the b"d> an al terative medicine. fleai a* oat the vlliaW Wood whenever job Am iU iuip?riUe. aaratiac taraa?h tneaain in ain,pe?, erupti >in>, or aare.-, e eaaar it when yru Brd it la obeliaatau ar>d a'aitiah ia tha T'lua: cleai.i e u whenever it la foe aed your foe lata wi.l feii > >? whan fc>en where bo partioaiar dieordar ia Wt peoel- e*)ey better h*a'th aa<! OM oarer, lor o.raa?iar th-? Mood. Kaep tV> Mood h*aJthi,ano a'l ia w?l.; bat with thia aabalum of if? rfieotd?rVt there can be no laatfog i ??3th. Hoooer >tr later eo M?-ttiia? meat go wrong, Mid ine great n aohu e. y f lif" .adiaoideredor ova.throw-. I'orv.f lua j?*r? pel lie har* taan n.iaiad by a-ge hott ee pr?t?n iff to gira a q aart of Rttraot of r a-aapari.a for oae dk.1%'. Moetaf 'Ine u>a t>*ac fraud* npou tha *iok f >r tb -y not ou'? a< ntai3 little.ifaiiT *?r*epan la. ! otoftearoowratltrapeop rt ea wlta eve--. Hn.-? hitler Md pamfai dlaap potBtme-t i.a- fol'owed the u?e of ti.e varioa- e* f PAraajparilfe * iiu h flrwo the market, antil th? name iiaeif . jaet.y deepi**.!, aLd l>aa l??>oi'? a* nuu) uionn ? f in p->ait>on acdcliMU 0Ci. we oa.I tr.ia oomrouixl So-aepa-i!!*, a d lat aa to aavriy auoh e a? ?i.?t e*?ue the name frorr (). 'oad of which ra?t? up?i: it. ami we thli k d for !>elie inc tl b*a v rt?*a which are irreeialible by tha ordiaary raa of the d ???.a< ? i: ia intended to oare frcp?'? i?t t*r. J. C. AVP.t ? I kl... *< -^i *l*?r . M I IV V fl fW UUIlSOi lift V<*IU9* It <N>?? fMl #5, Mlltoltt: Helmbold'a Genome " HIOHLV OOHCKNT1 ATKIf OUMPOtTlp FLUID EXTRACT UUCHU A Pontive an-' !?p*c:fic Remtdy For lm?ft.H, tna K .aDUCK, Rl^NFYR, liKAVf:...?uit bit' ,PMOaL B*r BI,L,I >8r. Ton Uedioib* iuor*??a in* ?cver <( IDtreati* n, and ex^it ? tti- HJ ,\ t!> iwj*> h?* in* tion.^y whic t*i* WATKBi OK CALCKR'" 8 d?p?ain"na. acd ai lTNN A PUR AI. F.NLa KG Y - MKNTS are r??<}aood. aa wall aa PAI.N au4 |N PLA.V MATION. a?-d|iBB04vi for UKX. WoMEX. OR CHILDREN. HELMBOLIT8 KXT*A^T ?rrRD For W?Uoh (knainc from Kxenaaaa, Itatxu ut tAr y 1 nditeration or A hnaa. Attnuud wuk Uu/niitwma to KxerUon, ^ b o^Memorr, OiAonitj Horror of Piaa?a, [>inn*M of Viaioi. Pain In I Uni*?ra&: L&aaituJao the Mnaovttr ?# ^ IM > !> h taaMaf of da |Mf, K7"- "WJ.'.fif-oovN^k'TOif Ta??a? avmptt>:na, ii aii<>w(<6 to ta pp. vhM tkla rm^no.c-' ill vTiria'H* m*0? !*>!,? tMPOTKNCY. FA TVfTV PPILKPTiC FtTS, I* ow* ut Which th? P<tiht m?t K?hii?*. Wh~> can tii?t u??j *.r* :.<?t ir-auo&i:/ MkiwwI >7 tfco?> "DIREFUL LlSKA&Kl "1JWHNITY aNDCCV^l'MPTIOK. tfany arc *w*r?> of t # ca: at* t>' tii* ; aiffaria?, BUT SOXB WILL CONFESS. FHK RKooHr?*<>PTfiT lN>\NK A*VLUlia Ana tkr M'lamrkoif L**tk* K B?*t ? r?i? witofta to tb* trirtb of th? lM?rtu>jL rHL CONSTITtJ 1K?N I'NCl. AFFfcCTBI* WITH OK tiA N lO W?-AK.Nk*S 10^?ir?a the aid of inftrftoinom xtf-nrt/i?a And Ibh?i;i?i? tw "jroir, ITitcA Uxlkbolo'i F * T'*? ACT bLCHl m**r+ telal will cos?**:* UC MO*t MLBFTlTAf . r K M A LE&-FE MAXKtt?FEM A UK8, ILL Oh YOVltU. SISULE. MAK*,ON COSTS*!PLAT!\V MARRIAGE. IN MANY AFFECTIONS I'SCUI.MU TO "EM\LfctJ, A* exutot Bucha it auoqurl.d by fnj o'!i?r a* in CkwoaU or KMwbu* rrofc a-itr. Panuu'ao?a, or PnFjrraaiuu nfCua winarj E vacua!., ma, U'ci-ratad or t>?irrUoa* ftata ftlii Uteres. l?*ucorri.?r. o< md for a ! ooicp ainu iiiOMO*t to tli* a?x *fc#tli?r kruinc from lu > Itorctlun, fltMta <>1 0.aai#%l.tu. >r in ui* DECLINE ORCHANUK OF LIFM. *0 FAMILY* *t> SflfCTIff "a IH?) (T IT 7fefc< no '*ort EtLi"'n, JHarrvry, ar wy M-mU ?KCR B all U??ir 9U????. At Itttl* ?umt(; kittle or ao oh?3(? i: lhet; No Inooi.ractebM; -A?<1 no Exptfw*. t RtDMi a fr^avgnt desire a\: {irf-i imaftli to Jrioate, Uierer>? Rwnorr^ t'bBtruyliooa. PrBr?\tlii* R.r.a ?HinL( fctnoO?rc? of the Vrwthr*, Allayiif >Aiuawl Influrbaton, ao tinvj t m p? utMi or riianaaen. ami ex^Hlinr nU .'?>nn>j t'J if?r ?mt Mtnur. TH0VSAXD8 I'POX THOUSANDS wto HAV* 3*SK tub TTCTIKi Of orACt*. nd wko bar* pa.)^ k*mry fits to M opr?a in a rt>ort iin#, kave foufed th *y w*re deoeirM. ? ><! tta tie poison** has. by tVe n??- of**?ow*trrj, ab~ BitMSiira," been dried up ib tbe freak at in at arrmv&twl turvn. muuS PERHAPS AVTEM. MAER1AQE. Un Hk^mbolq'b l nnici Bum for a. afleo ou aoJ ui?>?t4?- ti.? I'KINA&V orqana. V aether exiBti'-ciii MAi.K or ffvalk. ,o? - ?K^C5^gfS5}4j-y -? ?' ,nd In certain to b sre IV o-e<r?-d ??. i ma'. Iw? aaeePOR * mich IT IS R Li "V Ml .NDtf j. of the mtf r, 4"Ui nnj n'pontitl* chat. !r will a< ? >Ml???>'? th? CKRTIF1CATFP OP CLRBtS. hru-m m?t?i twrt' tfmehm? , With Na*b? krowm to >0lKN'.:F AND PAMK. Price SI 00 p?r Milt, *r tlx Ur II *? IMiw.-m) to any AMrw. (cetrd; paokoti uo Dssrvaxion. + D*?cbibt IW all CniMRClTltfm. wm p. hibrkrd, A> Ninth ?ti??t. iltov ra letter* re* uuruwn : A<?i> crttit !1 affidavit. pwnoml't *?(*? .. ?*i bet^rvjm.m aumnrwfca leoity i'i ph. fcrfetpiua.h t 1i7 aworn, <oth mt. ki? >? ? tali. d6 8?tm sm* nbaeritmil mora m. tiua ?t mi ?i Add and dnp_ rko rttjm .or to >T*el" akiiclaa oh imhold'g gee ulna Boid by - B. Wait*. S^TMitk r>4 S, Fo*.r, J?.. ovrvi Pea*. *?nw mM kfc\ mA fi hLMitm.iy*. tflKBtll.. h hsk mm A ftolv rktGiMwnor i?4?? i &r,i m %j^j^rsr.:i ar ,( 5 Cor?r W?w th bL u4n ?* oltk?AlH.<?. i?ta? )> Afi.' ? * _ H>K riANOfl FOB MST OB !UyU. ssisraaztti; ?*. sSSE, C?

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