Newspaper of Evening Star, October 19, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated October 19, 1860 Page 3
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LOCAL NEWS. i Ip- Tteutfk Turn *11* ta printed on tbe foateat learn pre* hi tt?e rmth mf Baltimore, lta edition U to large a* to require It to be pot to preaa at an ew+T bour; Adwttaementa, therefore, ibould b? eat ta before 12 o'clock at.; otkerwtoe tbey may wtA appear until tbe next day. *OTici ?Dtatrlct of Columbia AdTerttoementa to be taaertod tn tbe Baltwoii 80* are recel vrd at and forwarded from Tax At a a 0?ce. v.~"~ , ' i -i Rktcblicai MiiT'M I.ast Nhjut ?TW Orig inal Jacob'*? Tkt Middlg-Af'd tkt Im'ttau Jacob's all on M*$U?SpucK of Ho*.t zir. Kilgmrt, of Imluixm. ? There ?u another big and lively meeting of the republicans at the wigwam" last evening. On the Secretary's railing for the candidates for membership to come np end sign the constitution, there waa auch a awriuing about the table the Secretary waa obliged to request thoae who bad got their names down to back away and give room to others. One hundred and twenty-three membera whose mires were printed at the last meeting were ele tf*d, and eighty additional application* re ceived ... The Glee Club waa present?including Knight -iid violin?and helped to keep the steam ur> bv some humorous campaign sciig* of the avenge ?To,;j?rcl merit of sucti composition*. Tbe fcall wu crowded with member* and neophytes and tLose "almost persuaded," and tbere waa quite a uprinkliny of lookers-on. Among the spectator* vre noticed Tbeopbilas Flake, Kaq , editor of' The Criiii." The President of the Association, Major B B. Fmich. who has been abaeut from the city Tor sev eral wok*. attendant on tbe Fair of toe t" S. Agricultural Society, called the meeting to order. After expressing bis great pleaewre at again meeting the Association, and under such fkTorable ansp'ces, and congratulating tbem on tbeir won derfnl success and Increased numbers, be aaid tU?t be felt himself placed pretty much In tbe same position as tbe man at the insane asylum in New Hampshire. This man Imagined be knew everybody. When be was introduced to people ?n<l asked If he knew tbem he would remark, * Ob, to be sure. I am ?e'l acquainted with them." l?u ?>ne occasion belnic introduced to Hon Jerrv Mnson. of N?-w Hampshire, a man some 6.^ feet in bright, he looked up and md, "Ob, vta, I know Mr. Mam very well, very well indeed; but -od Lord bow he bu grown since I k*w him uwt!" He couid uy that of this Association, ??ood Lord, bow It bad grown since be nw It last." [ laughter } Since that Mine ne bad been abroad In our coun try considerable, having visited Maaaachuiette,. New Hampshire and one or two of the western StaUa. He bad not bad ntucb to do wilb political iritetlnga wbllr away, bnt he had seen a great deal of political matters, and be could not forbear saving nerc that be eongratula. *d them, and con gratulated the whole republican family through out the Union upon the glorious prospects that \? ere bef?we theua T he people were' wl de a wake" everywhere [Laughter and applause ] Paring bis sojourn at Cincinnati there was a procession vf ide-Awakes there so large in numbeis and ln-pcs"u# in appearance u lo be worthy of a sprcial visit to witness. lie believed It was bow pretty well ascertained that tb.-y bad to take "Old Abe Lincoln1' aa their President on the 4th of March next. Manifest ( destiny had written It down In ciphers so large that all the fusions in New York and elsewhere! coi:ld not nib it out ?that be is to be the next i President of the United states. And notwith standing all the talk about "disunion," h* was one tuat didn't believe in It at all. AU th< se present lived here on the borders, and if there was to be anv ti?r ut or disunion, they should be thr Hnl I <? ?- * ' - ,v utw? ,v m.v ?*, */u* ur uifin an sarc on ib it score fie saw that they Wire getting up of "Minute Men" at the Sontb. *s an offset n tbe Wide Awakes" at the North He hoped that wbrn these two bodies of men met in Wash ington, it would be ss friends, and not as foes; acd th*t each would be willing to give the other accrdiaJ shake of the hand Lie bad no doubt >tit that such would be the case. I Tbe Hon. Mr. Kllgore, of Indiana, being La the room and constnting to address th?r as**: aUon. on motion, the usual order of business was dis pensed with. In order to afford the association an opportunity of bearing him Mr Kllgore felt proud of the republican party and ef 1U r>ri nri n? "" " B r? ? .?v ?u? nw IC IUU Oil llili was necessary to make the principles of that party universally popular,was to have teem fully under stood by the American people. If the principles n t.d purposes of the repnblican parly wtre men aa their |*>iitical opponents represented them to be? aggressive. and hostile to the preat interts's of the *outb?rn people?then, lnde*d, would the South have iuucu to fear, for the party waa a greet end p-jwerful one [Applause ] But. as he bad be fore remarked, lae principles of ttie republican party were conservative and national. 1 hey em braced all the great interests of this greatcountry. \V?Hild tbst he had It In his power to say as much for bis brethren of the South The great nilsfor A i . .1 v ? # W K A 1 mmo/I I n cw *? ^ * ? ^ * * ... ..wanuirii UI toe POUID Was that they had always been sectional lath^ir views anU BBeasuxea For the talents of JoLn C. man liTing had a hitter regtrd than himself; yet, un / rtuuatcly for tbat great man, his political vision was circumscribed by the peculiar interest cf the ?outh Hi? great mind had uot been taught to comprehebd all the interests of this mighty peo ple. Had that Uave been the rue. be would not only have been one of the moat talented, but one of the moat distinguished men of thla nition tie resetted to say tbat from the foundation of the government up to the present time, the policy of toeir southern bretoren bad been (elfish and not national To demonatnte this he referred to the opinions and acts of the founders of this govern ment, all of whom, he said expreased their vreat aotioreuce of tbe Institution, regarding it as a great evil?a moral, religious, and political wrong. They bad called into requisition ail their talent for tbe purpose of devising aoaie plan by which the country couid rid it*elr of it. Had the opinion of ur father! been cherished by the ioui of those worthy tire*, this vextd and troubltsome question would not have been railed up to-day to annoy and distract tbe council* of ttie American people, a fed to inhiirte aud incite the one section against the other He tfcen briefly referred to the action of our early leg)?Utors In dedicating all the territories that this nation then possessed to freedom; the subsequent prohibition of tbs African slave trade, tbe prohibition of tbeir introduction for any other purpose than tbe uae of the actual settlers?they were to be in no manner used a* an article of mer chandise. No one attempted to controvert tbe power of thia government *o to act nntil about Is4?-4A when Mr Calhoun called it dirretly in qaestiou by bis slavery reaolutious. which wtrs at the time deuounced by tfce depsrtrd Bcotou as being a ttrebraud. and who avowed the doctrine thftt latffAn# ? " ~? * * iup fiuwcr to ifgniate on ?ia?ery ouiaide of the territory But tbe Ameri can was 4 progressive race, and upon that subject their southern brethren hid prog re?ft rapidly He then referred at tome length to what be termed lie selfish demands cf the ioiit>?orn people at rsriona periods In onr country '# Listory, and claimed tbat they were in favor 0/ protection only where It waa to tbe Interest of tbe South to have *j?_h. a::d opposed to It when the North required it for tbe Interest of l's commerce, Its nianufae taring establishments, or agricultural pursuits He spoke of the origia or tbe Missouri compro mise line; claiming that it w.ts a southern measure, sad oae witb which tbe North was at first but l '?l? pleased, jretwhen forced upon them by their Quioern Vfiey became reconciled to it, and were willing to abide by U la good tilth, Loping thereof l?eace could be secured to tbe < ouatry t?ut ine Se<itb, wbe# they bad occupied t Mt tuare of tbe U*rltory wbtcb tbey bad claimed u their own, then cau<c for wa d and denounced tfcls uwrc of their own making u unjuit, and Hi oily ?njo?t, but wicked and unconstitutional, and deinai tied 1U repeal. It was repealed, and wVit bad bren thr consequence T He dilated for tome time upon tbe docttlne of HiuatUr sovereignty, stating that when a number of peaceable emigrants from the .North bad gone to Kansas, with tbelr children, hnraes. cattle, and ferflstag utensils, for the parpoeeof settling In this beautiful country aud maklmr It their uoum? tbaa practically cnrrvliMf out that tortrine? IW) were Aeaouai td m abolition!*:*, apd either mur dered or driven from the Territory by thoaa wuo bad gone there prevltualy Iron the Soutb. When li ww that advantage was to be Ukrti of this ixi?cipU of aquaUaj aovtreignty by qolet aettle#? from the North. then it (ranted llle a bafcbte. He md *wrtl extracts from the Richmond Ko qulrer, Ui ?bow that Ue doctrine ai an Bs conflict between the North and ?outh bid Inception in the mind* of leading men of the gouth, and It was from them Mr beward had con _ . ecL?cd Una idea The sentiment* eoataiaed la the 1 artlea Which L?a>:o(Ml. nMtUlmlu th?> til? preamble conflict,' were, be Mid, f>rta??cend?rr.t la boldness and fearlessness to anything that had ever beeu tuouactd by Mr. Seward. These ei traru were published three yean before Mr. Hew ?rd noted Rocbealer speech. In which be first promulgated the doctrine There wu no people tn the world who bad bee* more abased and vilified by aouthrrn speakers tfaaa the freetnea of tbe North. Tbejr had bee* led small-fisted farmer*, greasy ?eet?nlCT, operatl vet, and were held to he unfit to as* with the body servant of a southern gefitla f Laughter] He waa one of tbese small (iiBcts. a liham --j ?- ' - ? ?? ?<i mc mi 01 i , and be *u proud of It. f Appiauae 1 He ny to U?em. tuau, U?at tim ant iaw book r owned, he pure baaed from a part ef tbe maA* of bi? labor on a fum at S3a week He ptp- sptit more r?tta than would fear* to tb- Dis trict of Columbia rieorhter]. at ? eer.ta i ban 4red. and, notwitUatandia^f, he cooaidered bin self aa irtod tc any aoatbe i gntltvn [loud ap piauae]. bete of elaewhere When be talked ?bout tbe operative* and tbe unan-feted farmers * 0f tbe North aot being 8t aaeoclates fo* a loatbern J Stodemaii. be iBclnded blm a&oogat that *' &,r Mc woald aaaure tbeoi tbat be felt b 91 Hodeman. be i?cl bar. Me wouM aaa 5aSniW? mmm* _ blmMlf >a. be cawd N#t wtiera fc? rata* Sot only. Ike all, bad they Wii denouabeA tflrr Ibli faahloa, but they bad been atandered la 1 a gr?at many other raapocta It bad been Mid that tbev wet* going tp abolish *la very wherever It eaialed; that they were goinjj to pot the negroes upon an equality with the white man, and I don't know but what they charge ua With the Intent on of marrying the waaebta [Loudteu^hur J Thoee preaent who lived In the mldat of slavery bad the right to be abolition lata If tbey <?beaeto b<sbat men who bad no alavery to abol'ah bad no right to be political abolltloniata Let the men at the North preach against slavery aa a sin, and pray for l?B aba)ltlen if thay aaw proper to do so He could tolerate that But a political abolitionist fn a ftw State, wbeir he could not ttmth the la st! tuilon, he loathed aa the meanest of God's erea tarea. [Applaaae) Bat ha did natwtab to be HMuuurraviuu Dflirrilljf mil IT WOdlQ DC I Or the good of his race if be owned all the negroes and could at a touch of his pen wipe It out, be would do It, because he would be afraid of their being disposed of in such a manner after his death as to be a curse to the country, and therefore he would desire to get rid of them as soon as poasible. He did Not believe the southern people could in justice to themselves turn loose their slaves in their present condition, even If they were dis posed to do so; ft would be very imprudent But whst they could do would be tnls : if they have such a dread of this irrepresalble conflict, which they announce as destined to take ptaee. let them eit down and consult with tboee ef the Horth like brothers Let Central or South America, or some such country where the negro can live and labor profitably be purchased, ana then let them extend in him thp nrnWHnn th*t *K?w Kn?? ? ?? - ??? ?MV J UU * ? VCCI lnj{ to the Indian tribe* in their weakness, and send those who are free there. He did not want to Interfere with the slaves; he had no power to do It; and consequently haft not the wish te do it, nor had the republican party. [Applause ] But they were In favor of procuring a country for the free blacks, and when this was done he knew that there were thousands and multiplied thou sands of men In the slave Stages who would send their slaves there. [That's so ] But it was urged by some that the negroes would dwindle down Into a state of barbarism. Well, If that was their ultimate destiny, It would not be their fault. They ceald feel easy In the proud consciousness of having performed their duty to the best of their ability. With regard to the extension of slavery, he would say that the republican party was opposed to It nnder any and all circumstances; and no Dred Scott, or any other kind of a decision ren ur-rcu uy |Mt>ru court, JJOJ jp lor IDe purpose of making such decisions, could drive tbe repub llrjin party from that position. [Arplanse I He then proceeded briefly to snow what be claimed to be tbe deleterious effect of slave upon free white labor. What did the democratic party propose to do with the free laborer? They told them that they loved them. [Laughter.] That they were the white man'* friend; that they loved him because hewu poor, [laughter;] and in order that thev might always love him they desired to keep him poor, [loud laughter;l ana the very moment he became rich they would ceaae to love him, [re newed laughter;] aud the very moment he learned common sense they alirost hatrd him, [laughter,] beeanse be might then set up for himself. In reply to tbe charge that the party was opposed to tbe enforcement of the fugitive slave law, he said that though there were some objectionable features in that law, which even southern men admitted, yet so long as It was a law the republi can party was in favor of its enforcement [Ap plause ] The action of South Caioliuawltb re gard to the treatment of certain agents sent by the Massachusetts Legislature to confer with the authorities of that i*tarte tn relation to some negroes who had been raptured and held there, Induced the Maasarhueetts Legislature In retaliation to pasa a law nullifying its effect in that Stat*-. The South had no one to blame but herself; ar.d It was only In accordance with the doctrine of tbe democratic pertv that '-the people have the right to regulate their own Institutions in their own wav. ?nhi?rt only to the Constitution " [Laughter ] He concluded by sarcastically referring to the various threats ?.f disunion, which he ftitd had been made bv sotithern flre-eaters On motion, a vote of thanks was extended to Mr. Kilgnre for hit address, which was followed by three cbeeW. ? The Secretary of the Association, Mr. I^ewis Clepbaae. then read a detailed report of the proceedings of a large republican meeting re cently held in Baltimore. After the meeting be stated that be had been Informed during the day, by a gentleman from Baltimore, that, from the numerous accessions weekly made to the republi can ranks in that city, there were strong hopes of Lincoln and Hamlin carrvlnc i? v?. v ember next Mr Henshaw sifted that the republican! raid ing in the Fifth anrl Sixth Ward*, bad id eich of thoa- aectiona of the city, organized a republican association, toco-operate with the parent orgnn izatir.n. Ttaey numbered about one hundred. He thought much good might be accomplished In this way; and hoped it would not he iony be fore every ward in the city would have a regular organization The Association then adjourned. 5alv of thi Sxakk Show ?A few weeks ago a snull menagerie was opened on Ninth street, opposite Center Market, one of the greatest at tractions to which was the wonderful feat of Pro fessor Brooks, who wculd swallow any '-llvin' live snake, copperhead, or horse runner that could be brought to him." This wonderful feat soon won for the menagerie tee title of "snake show." After a considerable length of time spent in exhibition. It was discovered tout the revenue would not equal expenses, and the result was that a creditor. In order to suture his claim, seized upon the animals and fixins of the concern. The state of att'alrs has been very unsettled, and quar rels and almost fights have grown out of it. Yes terday the matter was brought very near to a final settlement by the bailiff. A. E. L. Kees?, posting a notice at Justice Donn's office of a sile of the following good* and chattels on Tuesday morn ing next, at half-past ten o'clock, In front of the Bank of Washington: One wolf, one owl, one racoon, two wild cats, three tame cats, two mon a v. a ? - - - viiv k*vuiu AtumcflQ squirrel, eii^Dt three pictures, two white mice, one drum, and one onrang outang. It is expected that there will be spirited bidding at the sale, a? the parties who were the securities of the proprietors seem to be much interested in the s.le In fact, it is sug gested tbat one of tbem will be the purchaser and s?t up on his own book, adding to tbe attraction lectures upon the Hm of Germany and America. Cibcdii Coot ?Yesterday, in the injanctlon case against the Land Office, brought by on tinsel in behalf of Wm H. Gaines snd others, heirs of Beldir>g,tn enjoin the Commissioner from cancel ing the preemption title under which said beirs ciaim 10 ooia me Mot Springs in the State of Arkansas, after argument i>v Mr. Brent for com plainants, an?l answer by Hon Joseph S Wilson, tbe Court decided in favor of tbe respondent M r Krent took an appeal to tbe Supreme Court of the United States To-day, tbe appeals from tbe judgments of tbe Criminal Court in tbe cases of VY m. Marquise, convicted of keeping a faro table, and Henry Turner, convic ted of stealing a one hundred dol lar bank note, were taken up and argued. The appellanU were represented before the court by Messrs Carlisle and Bradley, Sr., and tbe respondent by District Attorney Ould The Revival ?Tbe protracted meetings at the various churches did not appear to be as spirited a* before during tbe past two months. The In tereit has not ceased, but the long iucessant labor of tbe members of the churches bus had tbe effect to wear down tbe r physical strength, and they do not enter as actively upon the work. At the M ? Church South, Rev Mr. Procter, the oa* tor preached an appropriate discourse There were no penitents mt the altar. At the N P. Church, Ninth street, Rev. P. Light Wilson, pas tor. preached an Interesting discourse upon the Christian's hope; after which, considerable time was spent In singing and prayer with n penitent at the altar. The meetings will be continued. Police Matt***.?2>./orf Jvstitt Don*.?Last night It was expected that a case would come up for trial bef?re J jsUc Dona which possessed many of the peculiar features of the "stamping ground" fights. Ulgbt o'clock waathe hour set, but the prosecuting witness, Mr. J. E. Dunawln, not appearing, the case was dismissed. W. McCafferly was arrested by oUlcer Donaldson for belag drunk and disorderly. He was fined Sd.94. ,, uuu iiiiniT us ? rat* ? xne last night Dot one of the ?tiy of.thls troupe, who have played to far with good luccess, and ar? now about to leave us We would advise those who have not seen tbein to pay them a visit at Odd Pellows' Hall. We see by their bill that this week will positively close their engagement In this city, as tbev have engagements Tn the North next weak. Take the family to-night. Aaaivio at Carter's wharf (foot of Thlrteea aid-a-half street) schooners Motive, Rosenbroek, from Philadelphia, with 176 tuns af coal, for Messrs. Chapln & Rro.; Elate, Faceinlre,front the same port, with ItH tuns of coal, for Mr. Geo. Bogus; . Heatoa, , from the sama port, with 210 tana af coal, for Measrs. Castlemaa 4 Wo Ladiis in want af nny kind af millinery will always find a select assortment la that line at Mm. Hills', on the south s'de of Pennsylvania aveonr, between Moth and Tooth streets Read bar ad nrtlwm*ntlntka4l? ??? "" - ? ? ?w aci emu. Th* rucm to fcur clothing, we should judge* from the mtnicr lu which be advertise*. is at J. H. Smile's. No 4tiU Seveath street, opposite the Post Oftee Department. Read bland v?m?einent?, in another column, tod droparound thft wry, J >1 New fancy goods, of the most erq jlsite ttvias* just received at Stevens's, ttW, botween 9th and Itlth itMCU . _ " RECKIViM DAILY. rtPVT SUppllM Of ffclley goods ot the latnt ttyle?, at Steven??, 336 between 0th and loth sUvMi. *t ,t0CI1 04 MW g00*14- Jo?t re ' J ib. 9. PftBftfcfftllA*) AyVOB ? Bsc?rf ifcty.? Daring thtj morning session of the synod, yesterday. at Brldtfe-sfrrrt Church, George Ewn, Rev. Dr. Scheack, Synod oi Philadelphia; e*. N G. Nortk, Stood of Miaalaaippt; Rer E. VV. Blttiaijer.Synod *f Worth Carolina; and Rev. Michael Mutineer were lnrl'ed to ait aa corres ponding member*. The houra for n.retln^, ad joumlnjr. fcc , were fixed,asstnted jesterdav. *nd it wa* aiao reaolv*d that there t>? preaching rick evening, at 7% o'clock. The Prrabjrterlal statistical reports were railed ioi, rrsu, ana nmaca lo the itated cltrk, (Rev. Dr. GiMpV, of Washington ) On motion, First Church of Baltimore wu ? - lectod m the place of the next meeting of tbe synod, and Wednesday after the third Tuesday In October, 1(301, at o'clock p. mn as the time. The Moderatorit..en appointed the usoal com mittees, after which the ay nod adjourned, with prayer, to 3J{ o'clock p. m. * During the morning tension, an hour was set apart for devotional ex*rcists. and an able sermon waa preached by Rev. Mr. Darla, of Carlisle Pres bytery. 4 /?.? r - - ....... A/HUHm .njjioji?a paper on juaiciai Busi ness wa? read and referred. There was a very Interesting debate oe the sub ject of appointing a synodical evaeaelist; and eloquent addresses were made by Rev. Dr. Bocock ead Rev. Mr. Cro*. each in aupport of bis own vi?w?; bat the subject wu not finally acted ea. ** On motoen, the order of the day fbr Friday eve ning was made the consideration of the Interests of the Boards of the Church. The report of the committee on the records of Carlisle Presbytery was reed and approved. Ad journed. Rev. Mr. Samp'.e, of Carlisle Presbytery, and Rev. Mr. White, of Winchester Presbytery, ars the clerks of the body. The last-named gentle man kindly allowed us to examine the ststlstieal reports of the Presbyteries, from whtch we maks up ibe following lntereatlng luminary: The Presbytery of Carlisle reports that It con sists i f 31 ministers, and haa u?der Its care 50 churcbet, 4 licentiates, aud 4 candidate*. - During the year received 3 minister*, Installed 3 pststors, dissolved 3 pastoral relations, dismissed to other Freabyterics3 ministers, and organized the church of Mecbanicsburg. Rev. James Black has been removed by dnth. The Presbytery of Baltimore reports that it con sists of 39 ministers, *29 churches, 3 licentiates, and 6 candidate*. During the year ordained none, licensed none, received '4, dismissed 1, In stalled 2, and dissolved 5 pastoral relations. The Presbytery of Lawes reports P ministers, 1? churches, 2 licentiates, and 2 candidates Tbev have received I, licensed 1, elected an evangelist, and dissolved *2 pastoral relations. ~r in ? i . ' - m. mv a icoyj ?ci y u? ?? lUUUCHCr FCpOHB I?J TT11II liters. 22 churches, 5 licentiates, and 5 candidates Received 1 minister, dissolved 1 pastoral relation, and organized tbe church of Barton, which Is now under the care of Carlisle Presbytery The Presbytery of Potomac reports 17 ministers, 15 churches no licentiates, and candidates. Total 101 ministers, and 131 churches. THIRD DAT. Synod met at 9 o'clock. The minutes of yester day's session were read and approved. Absentees from the laat meeting of Synod were called for explanation of such absence, and tbe Clerk was directed to ascertain from absentees of two years the reason of such absence, and report to the next meeting of Synod. A standing committee was appointed to attend to the department of absence, In order to save the time of the Synod at It* regular meetings The committee on devotional exercises reported an order for the exercises of to-night The committee of bills and overtures reported that an overture had been mnde froin the church of West River (Potomac Presbytery) to be trans ferred to the Presbytery of Baltimore, and recom mended that tbe overture be accepted and tbe transfer made. Some discussion followed bis recommendation as to the advantages of such transfer, and It wss urged as an Important reason for it, that the church in question is missionary vrouud. and that tlie Baltimore Presbytery la not supplied with such ground. while the Preabytery of Potomac la over burdened in thia respect. Finally th? transfer wai ordered as per overture Th* committee on the minutes of the General Assembly reported, through their chairman, which report waa adopted Item by iUm. The untlniabed business of the last aeaaion, the report of thecommlttee upon the au'nject of avnod lcal, prt-abyterial, and congregational evangelism. w;ia called up, and after some remarks thereupon, the whole aubject was referred to a new commit tee, to be appointed by the Moderator, consisting of three m'nlatera ana three elder* A letter was received from the Preabytery of Winchester, transmitting a resolution passed at a session of said Presbytery, requesting to have their relation to the Baltimore Synod removed to that of Virginia; and also requesting that the Baltimore Synod interpose no obstacle in the WAV of fiirh fpmnvil Feuding notion upon tbe uint, tlie Synod took a recess of ten minutes, prior to entering upon the devotional exercise* of the morning. Ckstsk Market ?The price* at tbe principal market have been but little changed during tbe past week. A few articles are beginning to dis appear from tbe stands becauce or tbe change of sexton, and a few others are taking their places. Prices remain ahont a* follows: i>ucks. V pr 5?@75 Ueef, fresh, V ft H212 Salt do ??u> Pork 11% 12 Milton 10?12 Lainb, qr I<tal2 Veal t%15 Snap beans, pk... 20 KggplanU,each.. 2&10 Okrn, pk 75 Tomatoes, pk.... 25 _ Cucumbers, doz.. 12 Sausage, V ft... PiiCelery, bh Lard 14; Apples, pk 25(g?i<) Beef tongues... 5'>(275Sweet peppers.... 50 Bacon hams.... 14gl6jRoll butter 20^25 Sides 14 Phil'a print 37 Shoulders 11^12^ [Cheese 14(Sl6 Jowls 8@10jKggs, V dor 16-ijlO uri"u 14 Chickens. V pr. V2Q&I I rlah potatoes, pk 2o^3T Swwt (rotator* . 2o Corn, ear. Vbbl94@4 5o| Coru. shelled... HXaOO Beans. Vhush.. SL75 Rye, Vhush, ... 95370 Oats 33^40 Me*l bOlgW) < >y?ier pianu, t)U Onions Cabbage. V bead lleets. bunch ... Carrot* Rock, bunch.... Perch, do Halt wat-r Taylors Large Rock .. Widgeon 4 37 2&S 3 5 *5 25 25 50 cnora zu|Teei- 75 Shipatutt's 25&60 Rook 37 Butter beans, qt. 1'2| Central Ucabd hours Casks ?Bridget Riley was drunk and disorderly last night, and this morning was ordered to pay 92 15, fine and cos's In consequence of a lack of financial ability to do so, Khe was permitted to go the city farm to work out the amount?the time required beln< 90 days, i Mary Brown, a colored belle, got drunk at a dance, where abe was invited to add to the pleasure of the company, and where she became au annoyance. Sue was taken out of the hall by the police, and gave the officers considerable trouble on the way to the ttuard-bouse. She showed fight, and was roughly bandied, and thta morning was ordered to pay 66 15; but being fundleta and frieudless, she also had to take a trip down for 9U days YVai. Adams waa also drunk and disorderly His fine and costs were asaessed at S3 15; and the term of 00 days waa given him in lieu thereof. Pat McNeal, do. do ; 90 days. A SrrsKY Boy?Wednesday afternoon, about 3 o'clock, three colored boys, ranging In age from ten to twelve years, were engaged In taking in coal at the residences of Capt. L. Towers and Mr. Wm. Towers, adjoining houses on New York avenue. They got into a quarrel while at their work, and Win Towers's boy finding the others physically too much for him to contend with, ran Into the house and got a loaded gun, and came out and fired it, shooting both his opponents, one In the face and the other In the arm. The gun waa loaded with small shot, and the wounda are nntnruillnir?iu,> ? uviigu ?uv j |>fcavuic irguDlt to pick out tne shot It is probable that % sound thrashing WM teach the spunkyone not to meddle with loaded gun* hereafter. Limss and gentlemen, the only tewing ma chine worth buying It Grover k Bakrr's. It hat been thoroughly tested for years, and found want ing In no particular Examine it carefully before making a purchase. We explain with pleasure the great advantages and simplicity of the ma chine at Stevens', 330, between Ninth and Tenth streets. f* I?anixs, the extensive Improvements In my store being now complete in every department. 1 shall uae every effort to keep my stock well aaaorted with the moat choice gooda of the aeaaon, and offer the ansae at the very lowest caab prlcea, and one price only. Call at once and judge for your elves. 7t Fob your bonnets, hats, flats, ribbona, French flowers. feathers, dreaa trimmings, embroideries and real laees go to Stevens' fancy store, 330, be tween Ninth and Tenth streets. 7t Btbvkhs, sole agent in this city for the celebra- 1 ted 0 rover & Baker sewing machines, 330, be tween Ninth and Tenth streets. Prices from *50 to *150. 7t drew bat* for ladleaare exquisite Go at once to aee them, 330, between IS lntli and Tenth atreeta, 7t r**r _ r#J m*m > .M 4' i-IL, altr. ?I*P, . On the 1Mb of October, at ?< o'clock, of tTjhoid fr*?.UNE LMLNJs-K, wifo of G. P. BURCa, ritad to attend her roui her late reti i atreet, between P and Q. * (Alexandria saeeri oodt.I On the lttk laetant, at ? o'clock. JULIA V1R - daachter of Baruoh and Virginia B. G1N1 A, infant daagh Hall, aged tl montba Tba relakivee and The reiatieee aad friend* of the family are re ajaetfUl 1 t inv i ted I Jly uiTited to attend the funeral, this eve aUc.CM 1Kb, at? o'clock, from No^id H atre^t, betveea ?tk aad 7th. wants. "" ' * - i fir? i WANTED?A WO TV ifon. Apflf At -4 F IW ;?hJ "SJ2?t2i VVA.NTET>-A WHITE GIRL m hiid'inurij*. Non* bnt thoM ?xporie-0?d *nd well rrcota m*oJei D?*d appiy. JOY'S Bofcrdiuj an ?th ?t. tnd ft. ? . 11 WANTED? Br a youn; woman,*SITUATION at chill i mud, Can do plain aewiag. Reo 'win**4utioaa, if repaired. Addreaa Bo* 6 at th?' otfcna. uc It 2t* L URVITUR K WANTED?Parsona havi-* ra ,1fPf*ct*b]e Hou?eL<>;d Furniture to diafoae of iriil hear of cash paroha>or? altar the 38th laatant by add racing J. B.. at t*ia ( ffico. ?c 19 ?t* Wr ANTED? By a re?p?ct*ble, aettlad woman, a SITUATION aa nurae and chair.barmaid. Reference, it repaired I^uuire at No. 2*3. ?o?th w?at corner 18th and D ?t?. oc !> St* \I7AN TED-A SITUATION aa ohamhermaM or nursa, by a raspac'able amer ran girt, who has rood roo<inmiandati.>Ra. Plea** addr??a Box No- I a. Star Office. and aba willoall. 00 18-6t W7ANTED?A MAN and WIFE, or a " Woman, accastomeJ to all the duties of a dairy form. A neat cottage will We forni?n*d. Ap pl? at the residues of Mr. ELLET, on the Bights of Grorietnwi. oo 18-St WANTED-A first-rate WASHWOMAN, to do " the light washin* and ohamberwork of ? fam ilT residing on the Hightu of (jeorg'town. To ft competent one a permanent silua'ion ar-d #9 por month will be giten. Apply at Tudor Place, on Congress st., Georgetown. oc I 3t* _ A YOUNG MAN, now employed in a N*w York homo in the capacity of assistant bookkeeper and collector, would like to obtain a similar equa tion in Washington. Can furnish the bent recom merdations from his present employers. PWa?e address W. A. 8MI I'H, Washington st, New York. oc l7-3t %I7 ANTKn IMMBniATKl\'_P AC " ? woVth of'SFdo??D-'H A NT>"fiTr \T Tl'RK of all kinda, for whicli I will guaranty to par the higheat price*, and, aa u?ual. at the shortest no tice. R. BUCHLY. Dealer in Furniture, Stovea, Sec . PC 9 409 7th tt.. het. G and H, east aide. V|7 ANTE P?All kinds of SKCOND-H AND w FURNITURE,for which I will pay the oash, at 3fi9 Seventh atreet, b*tw?*n I and K. oc fr-tf BONTZ ft GRIFFITH. WANTED?To have everytNtdr know that they oan find a fine and well sei*ctrd stock of FALL and SlNTKK CLOTHING. FURNISH. INO GOODS, HATS and CAPS at the Peoples' Clothing Store, No. 460 Seventh at., opposite Post Offioe. iw a]m V17ANTED? A CLEKK, who ta aoquaintnd with " the city trade, for a Jewelry Store. Best of references required. Addresa T. II., No. i, Star Office. ne 14 mi> CATV A VH DfVP r v?i n/i nnir null 1. [For other "for Salt and Rent" advmtittmtnt;, im firtt page ] IT'OR RENT-A*m*Il BRICK HOUSE, aitu r sted on Ninth street, betwpfn New York av. and I st., west side. For pirticulars inquire o:,e door south oc lS-2t" FOR RENT?A BRICK HOUSE,containing 12 rooms, with ail the modern improvements < Po tomac water and gas,) situated on I street, hatwe^n 13th and 14th, opposite Fra*klm Square Inquire at WARDER Sc STUART'S Woodand Coal Offio?, corner H and 12th sts. oclHtf T~HREE HUNDRED AND FIFi KEN ACHES in Fairfax count*, Va.. in excellent order; w II timbered; good buildings; a f rown stone quarry. A railroad csr shop and water station must he erected on the farm. Also, a new Steam Mi 1 in Loudoun county. A purchaser can get a bargain of G W. BRAY, Agent, 516 Seventh et.. lVa?h iBfiun, u. L. oc i? I in" FOR RENT?A new and desirable BRICK DWELI.INO HOUSE in a ?!e???nt looaluv. No. 396 I, "trfct, near Fourteenth. Inquire of C. CAM MAC K.21'i F ?t. oc in FOR RENT?Three RRfCK HOUSES < r the haadsome Row on Ninth, between M unci N streets. with km complete. Rent ?la per month? ooniidered the ch*ape?.t homes in WMhlncton. Applv to FRANK HERBfcRr. No. 407 Twelfth street, between I and K : or to Mr. WfcLL3'Shoe Store, eppomte the buildings; or to the underiigneJ, No. 393 r? avenue, between 4?4 and fth ntn oc l&.eo2w WM, 11. CAMPBF.I.I,. FOR RENT-The HALL of the Fr&nViin En gine Company will be rented for concert*, co tillon parties, lectures, 4c. For particulars Inquire of W. H. FANNING. oo>S-eo2w_ t^OR RENT?A large antl desirable DWELL ING-HOUAE. No. 444 Twelfth street, between G and H at* , containing li rooms, with all the inod ci ii iiiifirovHiiieiiiB r?>??r*M<>n |ivn .^ovefT' r>er 1, lfi6>. Kor t?rm? apply to JNO. ALEXANDER, Mo 940 Pa.tveniK oel5en3w For ren i-a hi i mtt pwkluw.on e atroet, between ^>th and 6th ata., near Judiciary Square. The house m new, in excellent condition, am!,, to a coot) tenant, term* :nvle easy. A lao. for salo, a House on C atreet, bstween llth ami 12th ?ts. If imiiiedia'e application be made, it will be aold on arcornmodating terms. Apply to ?*. W. BKOWN1XO. oc lS-aotNofl rT'OR RENT?Furnished? a comfortable BRICK DWELLING HorSE.of m-diwn a pleasant and health) locality, within convenient uistanoe of the Public Offices antl Penn. avenue Rent moderate. Apply to J. B. MlTNRO, <10 Pa avenue, between 9th and loth wts. oo 10 eotf FOR RENT?In theFirat Ward,a DWELLING and Ft RNISHED APARTMENTS. That deairab'etwo ato.-jr Brick Dwelling, No. 266. on II, between 18'h and 19 h atrecta, containing seven rooms and kitchen. Also, for rent, furnished or unfurnished, a part or the whole of the Dv- lling No 110,c >roer of Pa. avenue and 20th at , north aide. A pp y at No. 110, corner Pa avenue and 20th atrert oo 3-eoSt* DAVID HINE** FOR R ENT?Po**?sston on the 1st of Octol?er The DWELLING HOU8E No. 438 D street, at present ooeupied by the Rev. Dr. Butl+r, and next door to the residence of the advertiser. J. M. QARLIBLE. N. B.?It will not be let for a boarding home, se IB-tf BOARDING. ROOM8 AND BOARD.?Board, with a fine Front Room, or oth?r Rooms, may be had at No 45s Twelfth st., letwoou G and II?a most de lrabie oca ity. oc J8-lt* C^REAT REDUCTION IN PRICES W or Carpeting* Oil Clatb, Curtain Material AND ALL OTHBK KINDS OF FURNI TURE DRY GOODS. In Tisw of the latn event which dissolved th* late firm of C!apett& Dodsou, the business of wkieh now devolves on the turviring partner. it ha* determined to run off ihe entire *>t<.>?k of the fttm at cost for th? cash. Having just rep'cnished the stock with a large and fiPsii Mipp'y on the moist fav-o able terms possi ble, i' is confidently believed that hou:"'keei><>r? /u.d others in want cf i'arpetin j* in all their varieties. from the 'owest priced up t?the finest for par.ors and drawing rooms can be eupp'iod. CURTAIN MATERIALS in splendid variety and at distinguished ttjles and qualities, with all fheir l?e!<>ngii>g *, OILCLOTHS, DRl'GETS.inborder*and without, RU?S, MATS. MATTINGS. TABL.E a.d TOILET GOODS. In a word, all inch DRY GOODS as are required for the comfort and u?e of housekeepers an<! lodgers will now lie sold at the whol?sale price for the oash. But one price will I* asked; no more and bo less. Persons wanting Carpeting or Oilo.otlis will nlea- e provide themselves with their measures. either in diagrams or otherwise, which will Bare much time a no trouble. There ma* be found in the stock - Elegant Velvet Ca p-tings at 91 5>, worth 92. Do do do at 91 Si5, do 9115, Do Tapestry (English) at 9i> c*".. wortli 11^5. Thre?-ply ar?i and 96 ets., worth $1.12>a anaSl 25, Ingrain at 75 cents', worth 95 cents. Do at BO do do >7 do Do at y, all wooli worth 75 oents. J. B. DODSON, Surviving Partner of the lata firm of Clagett it Dodaoa, oc 9-eo6t No. 4 Market Space. & N 0 T 1 C E! N OTICE!! Mrs. HELLER Invites th* ladies of^^T Wasnington and vioinity to hor Grand Opening of Pll I ?nA IVK'tPB IKlV V lVj on Friday and Snturdav, 5th and Gth instaat, when he wi'l he happy to have ladiea come and examine her tock of Good*. u ?h? h?? a verj hamUomp of all mzes and price*, i EMBROIDERIES. Ac , oc 4 No H4 Market Sp - _ ?' *0?* V#ry ?tofsi' I m.,-?3p*owr * -r?, * ???sT' ?^Q-*si>jtb tt. io?? biuv a rvci i.fl'ereii, ail new aad ju?t opened to day. Parent* will find it to their inte'est to eail and examine my ftock. a? 1 ball acll at mall profits. HOPKINS, corner of Sixth it. and Pa. ar. NOAH WALKER A CO.'fl SMHirr'a Avmt, AND BUY YOUR ? OOA ' rANTa, r a DP n /IVPDOA a VESTS, ... ""oVE*?#J^5'BS9 coats. . ?*^CK tflT*. BHIRTS, undeSb!*^ rpRAWB*9' TlE9, GLOvA, ^ T^&UBLE; lC" 1"U ?t?. , ?,,, J<*! ? ?"Ml GEORGETOWN. ' * C?rr**pondtnc* / Tkt Star. 6*oR*rrow]i. October 19. IB* Th* meeting of the BeU ?r>d Everett aiaocia tloB ?t tbelr hall on the corner of High "** Gay atrerta last e*?nlntc waa one of the meet Interced ing which h*? bwn held IW?. The rooao was well filled, an.i although maay edhereata of the other political parties were present, order and genenl good uature prevailed Col. Whltely cf Maryland, Introduced by Mr Tenneya?d de li vered an address which vraJ conceded by bit bearer* to be ene of the ablest efforts of th? cam piing We cannot t *? (lee an abstract of bit remarks without making thla report too Ionjr Us denounced fanaticism aud sectlooehsm whether at the North or at tbe^octb, charged tbe Democratic party with producing the present trouble*, and said tbat to defeat the Republicans those oppo*4 to tbe electloa of Lincoln must concentrate on Bell and Everett. He was warmly applauded, and a vote of tbauks to him waa passed bv the association. Mr Wm J. Geary foor former townsman, now of Virginia) being ioudy called for, cams forward and was greeted with be?rt> applaass. He spoke ia bis usual racy style, or rather excelled himself, and kept hla audience ia a roar of laughter Tbe Democrats and Republi cans in tbe room conld not resist his rood natnred hits, but were oarrlwl with the rnrrent At th? conclusion of tan remark*. Mr. Tenner propoard tfcreeeh?wr? for him, which were given with a wtll; and the Association adjourned until arxt Thursday evening at 7# o'clock We regret to learn that the Rev. J. F Aiken, aaaisUnt pastor of Trinity (Catbollc) Church, la atill so ilia* to be unable to aiteud to bit duties ; but add, with pleasure, tbat be Is abl? to walk 1 out when the weather la tine. Rev. Mr. Blxlo la actlne as assistant to the pastor Rev. J. H. Symmes, of Cumberland. Maryland, preached to a large and intelligent audlesoe laat evening, ar.d his sermon was a most impressive one. To-night Rev. Dr Schenck. of Philadelphia, and Rev. M. Backus. of Baltimore, will deliver addresses on the subject of Domestic Missions An interesting meeting ia expected. GEORGETOWN ADVERT'MTS For ntkfr li tor rf town .??? Jit it p+g* IYf FAJ*MJONABLK MILL1 \ KRY. $ 1?1RS A WOliliAKU Will open on "?tur(!?T t t.e ec? assortment <>f rail M ?i?t?r BON NETS. oompriaing all of the latest acdmoa'J eleeant atyl*a at very moderate prices St:aw. B'-nneta and Flati dyed at a ahoct nonce oc 18-St No. 91 Bridge at^Georgefowm. LMIRRENT-A HOUSE on Fayette atreet, bar * ing been -n the occupaoe* of D<\ l.asrreno* for the last seven yeara; aSoat 100 yania from Tnni'y Church and &*>f'om the convent; roorni and cel lar: pump ol the lie?t water luthe vard, grape arbor and choice fruit tree*. Apply to T. A. NLl'MAN. oc 17 -3t FALL AND WINTER GOODS. RS. A. YVOL1.ARD Haa jo?>t received fM?ni New York a great varir.ty <-f Wi ter Goo'iaj French Flower*.Fea hera.Ribbons. h ochea] Worated Gouda, Combs. Bmshes, Ft-' fumery and e*.ery article that is usually fouad in a first clans Milliner? and Fancy Store M m oc 18 3t No 9" Bridge tt.. Georgetown. Bonnet ribbons, VELVKT RIBBONS*, BONNET MATERIALS, french flowers ard BRIDAL WRRATHS, feathers.STRAW BONNETS,BEAVER and FKI.t hats. pattern HONNKTS, FR A M es and R U^HKS, BON net VKLV ets, sii.KS and blonde laces, embracing every thing rioh and new in the Millinery Li?e. at o? prices. e. Gl TMAN, No. 117 south side Bridge afreet, oe 18 3w G??ri?to*?. D. f*. L'OR new YOB K.?The tackfrt oolwoner Fair ly fax. Captain S Mott, will be re?dv tore ceive cargo fin-th? port on Monday. 15th ink t. For fre.ght apply to OO 1* iM'CUBli * IMJLXiE, 13 M removal. 1S3 CL*\TON Ha? removed her place ??f business to No. 7 7 Bridge street, four doors ?**t ?f the Farmeri and Mechanics' Bank, where the hu received her FAT.I. ri'RCHASKS. corsistint of carlr everr thin* hsiihiiv kept in a first e'ass TRIMMING and FANCY STORK. She r?,nests an* examination of her stock by those t-> pnrehaie Tnmininrn or Fancy "Goods for fa i aai winter wo\r. Thankful to th?M?e who have patronized herdorim the pact, the solicits a continuance cf the public favor in the future. ?c 13 6t* New stor e : new goods mrs. M. SIMSON Inform? her ct:;nerous fne ds ard the piiblte (ten erftlly that she i# mow established at her Neir^K Stun-. No. lit Bndro street. G??rcctoarn,CBv ?wo ?lo?>rn ?l>ov? tt;?o;d rtaud, wn?re rm? b- ^-/Nv found a? u*iia', a larse a**ortm*ftt of MM.I.IMO KV dry IHIODS, HOSIERY, Ml KM KKOID ER1ES, at the very lowest market p.ioe*. oclS-lm Arab .mantlks; A * AB MAN ri.EU! DIRECT MOM A WTOY, Pair a 6 ASt * Poixsaa. Being Than fort o! Alao, soveral lot?<f RKAL (JIMPl'RK f!?L I, A RS, at 3', V', 62,75 an<l 87 eerits. worth rtoub'e Cmrtoisier'a celebrated Kid Gloves, at75 cenu a pair. A very cheap lot of Eirbroider'd Triraminm, soch as Cam!>rio Hands, Dimity Binds, Cambric Edgings and Irwtings, in KXOLES9 VARIETY. Together with a <ood a?sortm*nt of Sh'rt Froots, at lw*? uCLts, which is the greatest bargain ever offered. Also, a g"od stock of Ladiea' Dress Goods, Man's and Boys' Wear, ami a great variety of AtfiAr prwwla AAiiallr a.iM? Call"at the\i*ht place?fio. 11T (eouth aide) Br:dre ttreet, Georgetown, D. C. ocl6 2w E. GUTMAN. FOR RENT?In Georgetown, two firat-clMa liol ShS. ailuated on Weat street, oae con taining 16 toixnk.&ad the other 9, with ras and bath 100m# complete Apply to H. L. OFFl'TT, No, 49 but) *t'. Georgetown. oc Vim ? HEAP EST STORE! SAVR YOTR TIME AND MONEY, A \n nn i vn on u r I] iwL' n 11 u DRY GOODS AT THE CHEAPEST STORE. 335 SEVENTH STREET. <fc?? Side.) between 1 and K. oc 12 1m MATTHEWS A GO? I'KB INSURANCE COMPANY or mm STATE OF VIRGINIA. o? RICHMOND. Capital - - |IW,fO?. IhrefloT'. Wm H. MacFarlar.d, Pres't Farmer* Mask A. Warviok, firm of Wanrtok A Harkiiia e WmG irenahav, firm of Cr'Oohaw ? Co Wellington GodUin, Arm of Goddin A Apporooj T. W, Mc?'ano?, firm of l)ui l"p. Vuncore A Co G. A. Bark*daie, firm or Warwick A H?' kartell J?m*i H. Grant, Tobacco Manufacturer I. U. Cr*nahaw. firm nf Haxall, Crenah^w A Co Joh? I.. firm of B&coi: ft: W*?k?rvili M. B. Hax?il, fir;n of iJai&l,Crenshaw ft Co John Cuni-*, Jr . Ship Owner Win. B Wa'wiok. firm Warwick ft Barksd&le J&e A'fred Jones, Attorcey at Law f'.C. Eilett, Ktnlger F. <? RnlTt'i, A n iouHuritt and Manufto??-er K. W. MoGro<l r, firm of!S. MoU ruder ft Pons W. W. Crnrpp, At'orcey at 1 aw Jaa. t'onlop, firm of On..lop, Mor^ure ft Co. n < t i i t ai ?4? it ~ n I>Vl.L>inU ?, ItAAALb, rtM'l. O. F. BRK8FK.fec,r. H r:\rn /t K^OWLKS. Aieeti, ()ffio??ov?r B?nk WMhicftOD. ft""*!*. oo 15 U.r A T EST INVENTION! LAUD. WEBSTER * CO .? Tight-Stitch Sewing Machine* AtJANNEVS BOOT ASD SHOE STORE, 348 Pa. AvicsirB. nfij mo mc mv i emi^iT. They are the ?tron.-o?t. T!iey are the aur^xt in their operation. They use a atraicht needle, (Curved one* are of noaooocn*.) ey have a feed wheel. ejr are oapable of doin|( any kind of work known?they make the magi* mine without as; at rack menu. Call and examine? c_ MEDICAL WORK8. J^Tl'DENTS will find a rood assortment of mkdical WORKS At the Very Lowest SHF.PHKRD'S, oc 13-1 w corner Seventh and 0 iU. B. HALL israel'dkming, Whele?le and Rfail Dm.era in fine FAMILY GROCERIES, TEAS, winks, and eho.ce Ll UUORSof til kiodi. Afresh atook just opened. Good Sugar 7 cents per pound. Ca'l at No. *34 TOi street. between D and Louiaiaca a*. oe i-tf (MIBBS' wig, BRAID AND CURL MANU ll FACTORY, ?4tf Heua.a?enaa. recr the oor oossm O T 1 C E. REMOVAL. MBHP^ No 3?9 Sj.v.MhW-1, (thrM <W r. fr^T>W reuse.) wt?r? I (hall keep aoosUctl* oa k*.od & ttK-WSJ^&I^WPSSMSt P'?S.?-mc Iffl*f?!NHP?.'Vjr'N?? fa<xxi? rrceived *i6i! AM SWEDISH LEECHES. , SU PPLY Jnrt r?o?Tct^.bo on bM?l, $t?f tortl'iOhT? T?r *n<i Iron and S*iphur p. ?d*r?, asSs?:fSi %.?&? JS.K# SSV"^*^ scop omptlf attended. oc s Tw TELEORa PFTTn Ik* Frtoee tn i, Oct 18 ?The wtMlMi 1* dalightful. and the dfnonitnPwi l? benor of tbe Princ* are elaborate and lmpos' pg Public baldinga are deoorsSrd and tbrt?f?d About throe tbooaaad mea, Including cilery, caralrv and Infantry. are ?e? ?* the Common br G?WMr Ranka, tie frtw, *?d ? numerous and brilliant staff Ralph Parnum mt lntrodooed to the Prior* this morning. The !aterrlew was quite Interest lng. RrrilatlMWT Anniversary. Bait moat. Oct. 18 ?Tbs anniversary of the battle of York town and tbe Druid 8111 Park inauguration ara Wing celebrated hat* tender weather ts inclement f Although tbi* weather ta Inclement th^re tan rent turnout of civil and BQllitary srirt""? he public aahool children art being ceavered U tbe Park by thousands Tbe Cora Eirkaagi and Stock Board hart ad journed over till to-1 dot row, la eonaeqnence ?C the demonstration " Pennsylvania Pelttir*. PmiiDtiriii. Oct 19 ?The Douglas 9ta?n Central Committee last evening withdraw their straight-out ticket and pled*red Utemeelvre to sup port tbe Reading electoral ticket Tbey bowev? endorsed Dougfai and J ohnson aa the nomlnrea of the party An attempt to eraar the Breckinridge electors fpAtM H/ 1 *-? Ball U th? Officer* ( the Royal POSTLAKD, Mt , Oct W -i |IU<1 Ml WM given to tbe Commodore and oictn of the royal niiadron at tbe City Hall, and waa Uie greatest affair of tbe kiadtvw Ki*'" >? tklaeltf. Six hun dred persona, tbe eiiu of our cltlaena were pr*a ent Tbe Engllab oflren were la fell uniform. Tbe ball was apieadidlr decorated Tbe ateemer Styx arrived iaat algbt. Tbe Nile ia ?ot yet la eight Later Irta Calitarata. ?t. jMirn'i, Oct 18.?'The eipreaa of the Mb ban arrived here, but tbe new* It of but little Importance Tbe crippled itrtscr John L Stephen* bad ar rived at Panama It waa believed tbere would be no election by tbe Oregon Legislature Froai Havaaa. NiwOblkan* Oct 18?Tbe ateamer PUr of tbe Weat baa arrived from H ivmna, with ?dv1eea of tbe 15th Sugar waa quiet; etor a 190 000 boxaa Veneiue'.a advice* of the S1*t ult atata that tbe Spenlab Miniater had demanded bit paatporta The barkTrieate, from Rio on the 20th Attfuat, haa arrived. Coffee waa firm. Hangtag af Harae Tbtevea. Foax Smith, Arkanaan, Oct 17.?Two vonn* mm. late of tbia rity, known aa Frank Riveraaad Colonel Montgomery, were hung near Man Anto nio, Texaj, on the 13th inataat. fur bona eleallac n ? ? - ? i\ iver? wu lormeriy tUc pro; '.rter of a aaloon T* ttii* place. ladiiu luu Fair. HdianAroLia. Oct. 17.?Tbe State lair baa been a complete aurceaa The dtaplav at all ktnd? of atock. macli'iuery, etc . e*c*?da Ihit ot anv other f-tir held io tlita State. Tbe nuaaber of toraca entered la over 6'.<0. and the wboic number cf en trie* aaaouata to over 4,000 Naval PoRTfMorTB. N H , Oct 17 ?Th? ftew lag hip of tbe HumedqundroB, tbe mi i iM Cumber - land, went In rominlaaioa bera to-day All bee offlrrm, rxcept two harr reported Ma will aall for New York In a day or two BtlUatrt <ltrk*M Baltimore, Oct 19?Th? coni nrh?m? aod at>?ck Itoard tdjmtrnrd over I'Mitr Th?* trill consequently be little or no butlnaaa transacted R*w Tcrt ntrktu N*w Voti Oct. 19 ? Flour hNTy; fttat~ *6 33* VS 45; Ohio 9sS PSatS *5; ^otiilirrn nnctikn^f^l. Wheat l?i<- lowr-r Cora Ann, mixed TlaTl^c. Provlalona dull. Whlaky dull at 24Jfc. FlaMital. Niw Vftti, Octo er 19 -Worto are doll and lower; Cblcpo and Rock I aland 71Illinois Central abnrea HV; do bonda Michigan ^ ?athern l.>\: N>w York Central F?. Cool Co. 83: Re?dlng Hudson RlrerR. R. #2, Va 6'? 90; Mo 6-a7**. \JjjfC Stiiit, Back or t?h% WiiUKToi Bum.. Th* unt!?ra<>.->?(1 tskea pleaaure in informing bi? frienrta ami th# ptiMie in central that he hae re modeled and reo<>vat?<l ln> ftar, which la now well supplied with LI(^l'OK8.WIXEA,k? .? f ohmc at IirauJt. OlliAKs of ruperiar quality. U&ME, FISH and al the delicacies in anaaoa. which wi I t>e nerved up f hi ? cuA*ts at tie bar or u private f'? m* OYsTRRs 11 wrr Oyatera for f\n?iijr uae aent In any part of th* e?t? Tl?a ieputa tion of th a wei!-kr.owa efctaMi*h?neat i.r?dt no euonnuuin pained upon it for ita prompt itu.e aid <?nt*rl deportment. The Ka'inc Room will be upon every SuiiUay, from I a. m. to li p. m oclMW \VM. F. BfcNTER.Prop'r. '1'IIJS sgiAKC WI4WLNO CARD, 1 So Neat and Faahioaabia. See specimen*, at DEMPSEY 4 OTOOLK d, oc 17-eogt Pa. ?y? Wtween 9th and I th at*. fMRE: fire:: fire:*: fioo reward I will utr* the abore r ward for Ui? Mid onvietion of the peraon or p? aona who ired th* o*rpei?t*r*a ahop of H?*r? A Hr<>th?r o<i rii? uiiht r<{ the lilh m>tMt t?eir all waa d??tnoy?d. tij* scneroii* and nm^lliiiinf public will be?al!ed on r ?r aaroail aioujot to auabio tnein to rMama Uieir former UaunoM. io 16 isaac BKKKS 1 CLOAKS J-CLOAKSK have Juat ri>wivatI,dirMtiruB thainanufac tnrere, larto and i.Mdaoine aaaertiMnl of UJ m' CLOTH CLOAKS of all tho new atjlea Ala?. handaome aaan'tment of S*t?Da Bo tiered and other <lliU'i > r*m (i 1- . 1 ? ? ? -j ?-? v* vu<t ?* uci vwt t?i 11 a a tni ID? 6 st choice- I. EGA ?. oo 13 t>t 637 7th at and 421 Pt tv. W~ NEW CLOAKS. K. Hftv# thi? dar reo??.r?a from N?w V?*rk o t?m:U u of cow ?ty!o foil tod vvi? t-r clo\ks. 8U?*h s? th* Ara'i. zoutw o?d other ?tvc4. in Ha k an J r?acfi c.-itua. *lao Ploia Mid Ptntoi Clutn*. ?!i o> whioh or? off- l?w. oo la baylor a btTchiqon. | ' rocerlet* : GROCERIES ' U w 4 ^ GROCERIES;* <? .his w u?r'w <1 tny 01 !jroc?n?i. to to tnibe me to ran ova with * ti'ti? ?< ok on ha-?i %* possitiia I will ooni.nfuaa thu to aall anvUigf in uiy line Moou Im c%?h air. Mt >to<k I* large. aad. a 1 brunt fr*?ti an I pure ?ood?. I ?i- ta a cltano'J aaMom n ot w.ti> la La jour winter etock ai g'eatly rajuotxi pric ** abNRY c jpurdy. oc 11 2w _ No. 4** P> *vnw. UtRMAN HI.411, II UPHOLSTERER, a'e t61(/ ftrtff, ?t??r TVra.'wrf Drr*rtmimt, in cr*fr4?!if ao?nowicd?m* *tee ib-r?l ta? ?'<iac* wtiiea i.a. haraiof -ra l?aer ^ortd p tu ln? if . U to p:e??? hi* p%Uon?, bf? Imm to itT'-ro t a cl t saua of Wrat ir.?too ai<4 4?ea<rr-t??n h? i? ni IW tn ??Artiita *-i'K ^ ,,_ a -fc. .. , . w -? " ??- ?? >!<'? r ? ? |r~ [QH a , i>r>t?un to lua nne - f l>u?>n- ??: ??oi *? the Sow ing, I'lttiug and 1.%'iu* U??nrf ?*w Cari*t?, ami the a>ia* Lova of old < rt" Rktidui tif Sartaiiu; tht Cowering ' f Loan* ? Ac ; t??a snufvsttire or Renovation ofMtttnni.Pillowe, Cnahioiu.&o. Mr. Bi>r voild aJeo ca : crcn' attantior to hi* Patent*! Carptt Straioher. wn??k *?(>.e? l:ini to rut down Carpet* vita aaprajadaetad i?o h oa?? aod rapidity. Be 39 ?olm* r-a HATS AND CAPS. I hare bow on hae<l a eamplete aeeort ment of gooda in U?a abova liae, to which I mrito trj-? attention of mj pa.roaa tad lie ctu*?ba of uw District genera;1* Great oare Laving been takrn in th* *el*oUo*,| can prweut to tny cuitonwt th* *raate*t van -t> to If funixlin ta? out. Ih" ?t?4 ooiufitfM ?rmry I* fuaou in tue ou%. ? h? ** eo.i^nto* ere TSiffliSttttU&AXCT HAT* tsfeflsawsw _ Children** C AP"? of erer* d??anpt?on. oc I2 2w (let* Cob) late Todd 4 Co. P U * * COUNTRY MILK. pamiliM oaa be supplied with para Milk oa n*xi e at* terms by leaving Utatr addrwee at B s No. *0, Star Oftae eeMnla' \\J aSHINOTON If t\ - i C MaOUl**, 6. D. HANSON ,mTW._ ^ MMa* A*mtu mnd T*ntk i j^OOD! D ? STOVE Ud UMDUN6 wo%?& M. OA.LT, ?? T. J. ? ? P*. ?*-. *th ROUGHS, COU^ggAUBNbt* A*. COMPOUND SYRUP OF G CM ARA MJC Tnm u4 jm ?u!k- C ?ga ft, ? ,f, hM o tow knowt iM ntfMivfij u*4,nM 'N*t ?i h??> bt?OH l??l i?r?:UiU'l ?o ie*nf- Itow bi k*4 Will U" pni? wl 4>M iM??d ?? a ? M |MAw4i. * 386 B K H86 ICE CREAM Hd VVATKE ICKP fcr?? ? *:? fe >.il ?MMH' f'M, kt JO*. f.Ll? * t. rtiMl. Mvohi ?* II p?iti??. vMdii|i, wto , supplied ?<tk 0*Km JKLLlfcS, ORNaMENTS, ICECREA ' on th? nmt r?MOB*WI? nrn*.

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