Newspaper of Evening Star, October 25, 1860, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated October 25, 1860 Page 1
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m _____ " 1 r11 ' ' 1 " ^?l IIII HI I Bill Queuing Siar .- , ! < . - * . , ,, ' 1 ' 1 1 " ' v Vet. XVI. WASHINGTON. D. C.. THURSDAY. OCTOBER 25. 1860. N?. 2.899. J THE EVENING STAR" M U I PUBLISHED EVERT AFTERNOON, V (SUNDAYS EXCEPTED,) I AT TUI STAR BU1LDIMG*, I C*rn?+ 9/Pmnrylvauiaavenue and UtA tt., I" ?T W. D. WALLACU. l^Tvdd ia paokAcM by camara at ? 1 f*v, ?r Si oaata par month. To ukii aabaenbera U? prifl? t? faJ? * r?*r, m md*<uu?; #3 for ?i* aontfca; #1 for Uraa nontha; and for Imb Una I three aaonUa at the rata of t8 mdU a ?ml IU|I4 pies, 011 ;nr; in wrapper* TWO cnrrs. H^ADTBKTiaBXMTs um!<I be Mat to the oAoa btlon 12 o'oioek m., other*lit U*r may not a*v?ar anQithe ne?tday. PRINCELY TRAIIMG [From the New York Evening Post ] Whau King CJeorg* tbe Fourth was Prison f Wales be a<xjnir??d the appellation of the First Oentleman In Europ?. la the grandest acceptation of '.he term this was clearly a misnomer. A grua* sensualist, a perfidious friend, a heartless libertine, a bud husband a prodii gal. a man who had not the slightest regard For the obligations of a promise, the Prince hud scarcely one moral attribute essential to the i composition of a true gentleman. But in the ordinary intercourse of a princo wilh the titled ladies and noblemen of his father's court, and I the foreign minister* and persons of distincticn who were accredited thereto, there is little to betray the baser qualities of the heart It is sufficient that hie inunuen be unexceptionable and his tut supreme to acquir* for him a spurious renown, and in this respect Ueorge the Fourth waa unrivalled. No one bowed with a better grace; no one could mile more fdfably or say the pretty thiu* in its proper place witti greater readiness He had the art to make strangers feel themselves at home in bis presence. and their interpretation of his uffubility was the key to the enviable reputation he acquired. We doubt very much if the utmost display of such superfluities would have profited a Prince of Wale* on his visit to this country. Tbe fatigues, surprises aod occasional annoyances incident to long journey in a strange country and among a people of distinctive habits. alien to court sycophancy, would have thrown him off his guard, and the infirmities of his disposition would have forced themselves !_* _ i a .t 1 _ * I who prominence iu aenanoe 01 me panopij oi manner Her*, more than anywhere elae, the b? metal must have become apparent. The filagree of euurtly deportment oould sot hare survived the friction incidental to a republican contact and the desagretastis of travel. The triumphant manner in which youag Albert Edward has passed this ordeal ha? demonstrated not only that his natural qualities are axealjeat. bat that he has been subjected to a moat Excellent system of training. Education, in its mo?t enlarged sense, is a result We do not look for iu illustration in dotail any inure than we expect that a man s physical vigor eh -11 be estimated by the viands and other articles of diet on which he haa been reared. The intellectual regimen should be apparent in the masculine, yet polished bearing of ita subject. In this sense, we repeat, the young Prince wno has just left our shores carries with him Indubitable evidence of a rare and judicious cultivation. It U infinitely to his honor and to the credit ot" those who have moulded him, that not <fee single instance has been recorded ^ of a breach on his part of the courtesies of life I or of Um slightest display of unbecoming tem(per to any one. His demeanor throughout haa completely realised the fair flower of the state. ilL # 1 I I ? - laeeriui, antoie moaeat, and quiet, be hu nevertheless exhibited all the mauly qualities of a cavalier. A superb horseman, he outstripped his oompanions ia bis Canadian gallupi; a good shot, he bagged mure prairie chickens lhau the mtxsiturs of hlB suite ; en-, thuiiastic in the ballroom, he was the vdmiration of all the votaries of Terpsichore who were witnesses of his bojish but well-regulated delight; princely in his liberality, he always A did the right thing at the proper time, and ^ left everywhere, where humble service was reM quired, striking proof* of a thoughtful rnunifi cence In no part of the civilised world has Queen Victoria been held in such profound I respect as ia the United State* of America, I where a regard for the virtues which adorn the I feiu-tle cbaraeler rises naranownt to all r>oliti c*l prejudice We did not believe it possible that the British soterefga could kave increased the admiration with which she is everywhere regarded in the New World. Bat the bearing of her son ha* proved that we had not taken the full measure of her worth. The Queen ha* governed her family a* admirably a* she hu governed her kingdom, and of the heir to the British crown we may now say with propriety: " England did never own so sweet a hope." Articilatux?A writer in the North American Review says : '-As regards articulation, the Aaerioaua, we think, bare a natural ad aatageover the English in a superior delioacy of structure of the vvcal organs. Very many Jvngiwhiueo appsreutly have to contend with a thick and unmanageable conformation of the ?i|alluf speech, which occasions the splutterJag rail m-athing so common io their public poafciug. Tbat the Americana bare great natarAI facility for olear and fine articulation, is shAm by the readiness with which they acquit the pronunciation of foreign tongues, aad by the fact tbat, with proper early trauilac and care, thar do attain tn t^r? e of utterance. It still remains tma that cry maoh more importance is attached to articulation io England than here, that mora puns is taken in training the young to habita of elrar utterance, and tbat oa tbe whole the lagHsL is more conscientiously articulated by educate.! persons in England than by tbe same claM la tkia country. We mean by this to say, thatVhe consonants are more distinctly and duly attered.?that, for instanoe, 'shrink' and 'shriaa' would not. as with as. be softened into in'iiad snn*. 'suggest' into *u'arms1 I latajhi< Oa the other hand, there is a tend Depi this ooantry to moi*e distinct syllabiaatioo and more marked secondary accent in TU. P "J- .. .. IIVWK wuiue. i UI fjQgUSO say 1QI rsung, *eir oMt'noe,' -diction'ry,' tripping lightlyover 11 th? syllables after tbe ace?nt, articulating pltiily all the oousonanta. bat almoot eliminauaw.the vowel*, while we pat ? eeeondary tecctt 5>n the penultimate syllable of long wor4l, ind give to the other aa much stress aa to ?a*eo?nted syllable* in short words. It is tfcis peculiarity whioh brings upon Americans the ^argc of drawling, and whioh ooeasions the M*ri of foreigner* that they ean underlUavM American more easily than an Eng| WVat's i* a Nami '?A few days since the wife of one of our dry goods jobber* thought to Mtoaish her husband by her exquisite uate in I nUA{ * drew Appearing at the breakfast I table id a new wrapper, she exclaimed. "Don't I you think this a beauty, and only two shillings 1 a yard?breach?" reach !" explained the v fcashand. '-dial is an American print, whish I 4 am selling every day at 9i cents!:' K A similar scene transpired at the ' I 8t Nicholas Hotel, New York. A couple vf m distiu&it* ladies appeared at the breakfast tablj with what they snppoe*4 to he beautiful I French calico wrappers. A mutual acouaintV mot% in conversation. remarked that he was I astonished at the improvement made in Am*r I. priDU of years. enforcing bit remarks by ealltrg the attention of the two ladies to tfe* q?A}ity of their dxaaaea. ''Oh ! theae are f?lC' they exclaimed. " I assure yon, aaid tha impertubabla gentleman, 'that your drewes are Manchester prints." I The Udhi did not faint, but their elegant Freoeb prints paaaad into tha handa of the (t-jaafcft folty whieh compels the jabber to Ax JMflrh cords to his American prints, and keepadoWn the character of Aiuertoac manafae<itr?C(lAmerica puue^aa the taoaoa and r*-;il Ia I t>Atfl VBfttH 1 "*' " ?? ivivigu uuBQinei in mi leelWe vf Terythinf, if we?xttpl*i?h UkKfM*wheB oar wtrea c?u? to blaah in vwiflHulpf Antricu fabric, Immum it It Ab4M?.M?u will o?r manufacture Mtaa* tk? ?l??*rrM-C<rm C7*W*1??? u* *?t num?foui about Molunk?. Aror?u?k county, Ma , abort tb4a time, a id ha?? l*ly cooimlttl?t erioua deprvdatixia k amuo* tbe afeeap ia that ylrlaity. Alxaoat ewry tWy may b? bawd from the atapa of lh? 1 M*t4||ua V.ttbance. ma kin* Bight hi deoua with Lsssftfc .?? .rvsr - * -atr sss.'~ f fMa4"lf\he itr^ta of Cincinnati, brartne tbe marts of tl*+ distinct daggtt wounds, about tbe fcM4M*afU X. R?a?h Bf|lu1i( el Ik* Himtbhi. On list Friday moraine an athletie young farmer, in tba town of Wayneaburg, took a fair firl "ail bathed in blaahes" from h?r pareata. and started for the ftrtt town ac row tb? Pennsylvania line to ba married, where the cere oiony could be performed without a license. Tl?e happy pair were aoaxnpanied by a sister of the girl, a tall, gaunt, sharp-featured female of souae thirty-seven summers. Tbe pair crossed the line, were married, and returned to WeKsrille to pau the nigbt. People at the hotel where the wedding party (topped observed that they conducted themsolves in a rathar oi n ?n1 a f m innar The hneKa?<l ?' -J I u k I. V > tWKWioa ?M<*MUVt JkHV UU JVIkUVI WVU1U take hia sister-in-law, the tall female aforesaid, into one corner of the parlor, and talk earnestly to her; gesticulating wildly the while. Then the tali female would "put her foot down" and talk to him ia an angry and excited manner. The* the husband would take his fair young bride into a corner, but he oould no woner eomn fence talking to her, than the gaunt suter would rush between them and join angrily in the conversation- The people at the hotel ascertained what this meant by about 9 o'clock that evening There was an a proa r in the room whieb had been assigned to the newly-married couple. Female shrieks and luasouline 'swears' startled the people at the hotel, and they hurried to the spot. The gaunt female was pressing and kicking against the door of the room, and the newly-married man, mostly undressed was barring her out with all his might. Occaairmailv oKo nrniiM VirtW oivu?ii/ wvswsi* 1\IV & IUO UW1 i?r MNVKI open to disclose the stalwart husband in his gentleman Greek Slave apparel. 11 appeared that the tall female insisted upon oocupying the name room with the newly-wedded pair; that her sister was favorably disposed to tee arrangement: the husband had agreed to it before the wedding took place, ana wa* indignantly repudiating the contract. "Won't you go away, now, Susan, peaceful'" said the newly-married man, softening his toice. "No," said she, "I won't?so there.'' " Don't you budge an inch!" cried the married sister within the room. " Now. now, Maria," said the young man to hi3 wife, in a piteous tone, "don't go to cuttin' up in this way; nodon't"' ii I'll /litt nrk ' ' ? T ? ?? -1 a ?a u?cv u|f m IUUQU D X WBIHOI BUt) sharply replied. "Well! roared the dofperate man, throwing the door wide open, and atalking among the crowd, "well, jest you two wimmin put on yonr du?'s and go atraight home, and bring back the old man and woman, and your grandfather,who is nigh on to a hundred; bring 'em all here, and Til marrrj th* whole d?d caiiuudle of'tin, and we'll all sleep together The difficulty was finally adjusted by tbe tall female taking a room alone. Wellarilie ia enjoying itaelf over the aensation.?Cleveland ill ? ? xianuitaier. Kis?i*g ?1The New Haven News and tbe Hartford Post seem to be vtry nearlj oat of other busineis, and have lately gone into a diacusdon of the science of kiasing. Aa tbe editor* seein to be differently aituated as to domestio affairs, probably they are like Qeorge the Fourth's two opposing lawyers?both right. Tbe News has in* first paragraph, with the short and sweet heading, " Kisaing." Babiea kias?children kiss?mothers and fathers kiss, and young people?thej kiss too? and in fact we all kias, and it's pretty good fun when you're kissing the proper lips, and in our mm they are those of the lady who keeps htjute for as. To which the Post rejoins : Ok', pwwp! Is that so?all you ?ay?brother ' looal ' It's better than orange peel, isn't it? If your statement*are true, there can't be any harm in kinsiag. Alfaright; but would you advise us t? kiss "the lady who keeps bouse for us,'* 119 you do? Perhaps your example isn't a sate one to follow. We don't know bow you are situated, but we board with a "widder;" we don't fe?l like it?shan't do it. To which, again, the News makes replication: Why didn't Jack -jet his supper? isa question .LUk t.- I l * - - * nunu Uu ucou asaeu irotn ids earnest days of the oldest inhabitant. The tommonly acceptcd amror unay perhaps be applicable in thiacase; who knows? Pshaw, man! Get a housekeeper of jour own, and onr word for it that, if you behave yourself, and go home before morning, she won t decline any overtures you may feel inclined to maka. If there is anything a womai detests it is the habit aome men navo of staving away over night. Tbe N'ewi might have added that they have sottnach more liking for the hublt ?omo men nave ol staying out late %nio the night, and that expecting a rery ileepj woman to kisf or be kissed with any great vivacity, u oontrary to nature. Dobbs' First ' Mono*."?Dobba, daring hie first session as a member of the Legislatare, waa caught without a apeeoh. He was rem-trkable for his modesty, and his thirst for "red eye." Gne unlucky day the proceedings being ratner dull, and Dobbs bemir r*Lh?r 9 *?-V ? he concluded to *o over to the hotel and take a drink. As Dobbs roee to leave the hall, he caught the Speaker's eje. The Speaker supposed he iutfeudod to address the home, and announced in a low voiee? " Mr. Dobbs!" Dobbs started u if he had been shot. The .aeMtabled wisdom of the State had their ejee tixed upon hitn. He polled out his handkerchief to tripe awaj the perspiration, and feeling it aeoeseary to saj something, thundered out: '?Second tbe motion.-' "There ia no motion before the bouse," laid tha speaker. Then I?I?'' The ailenee was breathless. n J " Dobbs eould not think of anything to say. But r bright idea eane to him, and he finished with? ' I move to adjonrn." The motion didn't go, but Dobbs did, and nothing more ?u aeen of him that day. Hek Rip."?Capt Kilmer, of the ship Othello, tells a good story of the time when be wu going to California with a gentleman crew, at (jh? time of the gold ferer It appears that hia crew waa composed mostly of atndents from some callage in the interior of New York State?all intelligent yoong men. and of WaalthT faniillaJ 1' " ?| mm www rvry tllllT DJ th? captain and his offioars. Vf hit* off Cape Huro* on her puugi oat. the ship encountered 4 very beery gale, aooompanied by hail and now; and after lying to for many boon under nothing but close-reeled maia-topeaU, it became aeeeaaary to take in evea that aail. All tbar'boya" were safely stowed below in the fort&itie, whan the mate went forward and ?ui|g out ''Coma on dcok, all of you, and furl tbU main-topsail." Surprised, after the lapse of few minutes, in not seeing the crew ooine up, th? mate again % ent forward and said, "If yon don't come on deck soo?, tbe top-sail will bloer away." "All right, Mr. Sherman," was tba reply, "plaaae tell the eaptain that we hate concludod to let tbe topsail blow away, and we'll pajr Car it." JET Four men la Jail at Nebraska City were, en the ltfth, taken out, and notWog seen or heard of I th?sn saaaill aW??i* *,,u? * ?.? iw uieieaa Doty of PhQtp Mrliulre WM found suspended by the uack from the ll?b oT ? tree ##?r that plaeo. Pinned gMg his vea? vh card on which vm written Ltu^rd fur his many raaealitlee." The other mra?natnea not learned?are yet mining, and strdng a?ept?ions ar? aatertalaed that they have met with the same fate. ITTTbaDtr?nport (Iowa) Democrat uvi : "If anybody wafftrto see potato* by the eord-^reod tetaure?let them atep down %> the Uve There a ??e?fh at this time aa the Upper Miaataalc->( to move them away aa M aa tbey aecmaalate M tI7" A. iMgreas. apeaklng of her children, aaid of ane who waa lighter colored than the reat: UT nebber oould bear that ar' brat, caae he show dirt oeaay," AUCTION SALES. Br J. C. MoGUlRh & CO.. Auctioneers. Elegant antique carvkd paris 4aDs Cabinet Fchmtckk, splendid Gilt ar? bbonz* ?inm clock, candilabhas and ClXtLUTlCU tu Match, i.d1 'iEKEN amd Gold utl ->kt !*khv;ce. HOrlXltX olah Will, Fhk.ich China Dinner ahd Coffee Ware, Ga? ? HAHUILIKAS. MlKROKB. CaBPKTS, UeDDINS. Ac. Ui I'HURHUAY MOKMMU, Novtmbtr 1st, At 10 ?/?looi(, in Uie sp*oios? fca'esroom of O. WoodV&r 's uui <1 u*s. three t,oor* w*st of the auction rooms. (?iier? the article* have bono srraaged for oonvemenoe of tai?.) w? shall sell the Furniture a (1 t- tftois oI >irs. TaeoJo'ia StrotUer, was all purchased in fans, oompritiMK? suit of solid Osk A'tique Carved Library Furnittro, ooDsi-tinj of bofa,, two Arm and lour siJe Chairs, two, Writing and Conmil? TAllU*. All ??? ?T ?' ? VWI T eu 4 auu UUIt Satin Utuuk Covered Easy and Fancy Chairs, Well.m Moroooo Cove;ed i.inii'K Chairs, Out Cane-seat Din nc aod Hush seat Chairs, Ko^vood aod Walnut Marb - top rabies. Four olegaut (it.t Fraine Mantoi Mirrors, Wne very targe Pier Glass, Paintings and Engravings, llaudtiuine Uo??vo-xt and Waluut Secretary and Writing De?ks, Wl.atnots, Mirrors. Krou. Wa;d ol>?, l)re#fint Table, Spieudid Gi iGa; Chacrieie.-s and Fixture*, Walnut Elizabethan ana Jenny , ind Bedsteads, Hand?ome Full ?iab Dressing Bureau*, Washstands and Commodes, Feather Beds, dair Mattresses, Bolsters and Pil 1#W8, Blanke's, Sheeting, Toil?t Sets, Beautiful Da.i ask. Chintz and >aoe Curtains, Cormoe. Shades and Fixtures. Solid Oak Extension Lining Tables. Marble* top Oak sideboard, Ktagere, Superb (ire911 and Gold Bohemian Glaaa Dessert Servioo, oust f??), Hands >moly Decorated F.-e-ch China Dinner Dm ?e; t and <-otT*? rtervioe, Rioh Crjstai cutGl&sa \V?ro, Silver piatoa Ca?turs, Waiter*. Caatora, Cake Baskets, T a Seta, ri(M?ou? and ^ orka. Elegant Browse Uowi. Can i esuoks, Caii? scat chairs, l ounces, Vat tftt. Bruitela ?nd Throe pit Carpet*. To/eth?r with a ssneral assortment of Household Requisite*. Terms: 940 ana under oath; over that sum a oretlit of60 and 90 days. lor iatis?aotori!y endoraed notes l?ear :d* interest. 8.?Catalogues will He issued afew days before oo'2t-d J. C. MoOUIEE A CO., Auots^ By J. C. McGljiRK 4 CO.. Auo'io .eers EXTKNSIVK 8ALK OF FIJRMTURE AND Errgcrs of Camparis'* Hotkl? On MOMimv ilORVINC. - ; ? , . .... v.uuvi Sj . % uuilim^UUlLK til 10 ./olook and o< Lticuu* uut.l the whole is ?liiof. v<> nhall sell the entirj Furniture and Etfecti o' "Casparis'* Hole:, ' on south A tre?t, opposite th* Capitol Hark, coniprisicg the Furaiture, &o , of fort* rooms, vis: . Mahogany hair spring-seat Sofia, Hookers. Arm hair* and Parlor Caairs, Marble-top Centre, Sofa and Side Table', Mahogany Card, Breakfast, and Writing Tables, Gilt-fiatne Mantel and Pier Glasses, Damask and Ckiuts Curtaius, Lace Curtains and Coruioe, Cane-seat Chairs, I.onnge*, Easy Chairs, Rush-seat Chairs Fanoi Tables, Walnut, Mahotany. and solid Cherry Frenoh Bedsteads, of Braoly's makf. Walnut an i Mahogany Marble top Dressing Burr aus, Mahogany and Tainted Wardrobes, Washstands, Superior FVatuer B ds. Hair and Husk Mattresses, Bolit rs ai,d Pil!ow? Exoelleut Ilia- keta, lomforta, Sprea^a, l^arce quantity of SUeetiug, Table Clothi and Toweia, Bruiaala, Three ply, and Ingrain Carpet*, Oiloloth, MatUne, Craih. to , China. Glaaa, and Crocker; Ware, Table Cutlery, Hlook-tin \Vare, Caatora, Waitera, Refneerator, !*t >voa of variooa kinda, Alao, one v?ry nuperior Billiard Taola, Bar-room Fixturea OJir.D.e'e, Together with a itrge * a -rtment of Household Lffeet* not necessary to snnmsrate. P ?. Tu* Houae. whioh la one of the moat oonplnte for ita aizj in the sity. ia lor rent. Inquire on the premises or of the AuoUoneera. oc24 d J. C. Mut.i IKK * no.. i??i. Br J- C. McGUIRE k. CO.. Auctioneers. SUPERIOR ROSEWOOD SEVEN OCTAVE t-IANO FOHTK, HANLSOMK KCkMTl'Rk AXA E^faCl* AT PDBL.IC AUCTIOK ? MONDAY M(>K N I Nfai. Ootot/or Sinn, at 10o'o-'k, at the recideuoa of K. J. U?<key, Esq . No 1*910 ktract. between >9.h -nd 2uth ?t? . we shall sell hi* I- urmturo and Houm lio'il t- if.-uis, comprising? Superior Rosewood seven-ootave Piano Forte by Keiohrnbsek & Son, El pant suit of Walnut Parlor Furniture, finished in Blu? ai.d Gold Itroo t*ila, and oo:.? sti g of t Sofas, 2 large Arm and 6 Parlor Chair*, Rosewood and Wa!nut Ma'b!e b p T?'i>s, Two sets Daiuaek au<i Lao* Curtains, Cornice, Gilt Mantel Clock, China Vases ar d Ornaments, Gas Chandelier, Walnut Whairot, Gilt Frame Mirrors, Mahogan* tiookoaae. Mahogany Secretary, Corner Bookstand, Do Hair saat ar.d Rnsh ?f?t Chars, Velvet, Meda'lionan ! Brussels Carpets, Hall Hat Tree, I ania>k (.ocnee. N eoiiuing and Kasj Chairs, Stair Carpet.*, Mahoean Sidtbnard. Extension D'ning labia, Oak Frenoh Dining and Arm ? hairs, pMMh Ch>f<a Dtnlsr and Te* r*?rwi/,? Tab * Cutlery, Waiters, Ca tor, Ao. Walnut Jenny Lmd Bedstaad. Marble top Dressing Bureaus and Washfctauds, Walnut ward-obe, Iron Bedstead. gnameiled Set. Shades and Curtsin", air and Hunk Mattre?*^a, Bolsters acd Pillowi, Kefrig* at.i , Co^k u; Stove and Pixtarea, Open Urate and Air tight 9tovea, Together with th? u*uat assortment of Kitohen Kfquutue*. Term*: #30 and under oa?h; over that lum a ?r?d.t of 60 and 90 days, for sati faotonly endorsed no ?. bea'ing interest. P. S.?The Uoutt* is for rent. Isqairaofth?A?otioaews. 00 23 d J. O MofttHft F. ft CO., Auots. By CLEA K ? A GR KEN. Auo'ioneers. POSl riVK SALE OK BOOTS AND SHOES, Sto*k Futcr'S. Ac, at Aoctios. ? On THURSDAY MOftNINA ? shall sell. at 10 o'o.oo*, at store No. 393 south side of Peun avenue, hetweea 4H and 6th atreeta.tmmeataUiy under the U'CCKinndgo Association Rooms, a'.a-ge and fine assortment of Bouts, rthoaa, Jto., oasiating of? Bf*n and Boya' fine Ca f a- d Patent Leather Boots, llo heavy Hoots and Shoes, Yonths' fine Roots and Sooos, I adi-a' (jaiters, Boots, Shoes and Blippsrs, Misses' do do do I Children's do do do Together with a general assortment of fine Fanoy Shoos, so Boot and Shoe Drawers, made in the bast man4 Ckai heiiera, doobl* burners, 60 yard-. Uiloloth, on floor, i ot of Glass Door and Casea A'so, two fine Show Windows. now ereotaa la front of II.- Burns'sSho? Store, on north aide of Pvnti. aveno*", between t.l? and C'h sts. r*rmt: Mliatmundnr $50oa?h;over Jfifla credit ' f and CO day?, for note* aatUfaotorily endorsed b-anng interest. oo2" H Cl.KARV A GRKKN, AuoU. By WAl li* K4KNARO, AuotioD??rs. rpRDSTKK'SHALK or VALUABl.E BUILD 1 iwo Lot oh A strbkt, fycami East or thi CaFitol. at Auction ?on KK1UAV AFTfaKNOON, ia?th instant, at o'o'ock. by virtue 01 a de?*l oftrast dated 12th October, 1S59 and duly reon'ood in Liber J. A. S.. No. 186. folios 40. fco., one oft(ieland records oi Washington oousty, t>. O., 1 will ?e l in front ofth* premises the east half of Lot 24, square 728, fro- tin* .3 i*et 11X ir>oh?? on A s?re<u,anu ruiiuiuy back 127 fo t*>i mch*s betwaea nO'th Capitol anil A strops to a thirty-foot alley. MVrmt: One-third oaah; one hui.U?d and $fty do lar?of ?hioh muit be paid on tnaaroand i?m?mediately after the ?a ; balanoe in 0, is, 18, and 34 moLt;i?, r>eari>% interast, and secured by Ua#d of lrx*k**? ri/.fftm; v. ufiK Rl.-Xli TON.'Tra*tee. (4 17 WALL i BARNARD. Auot*. By A. GREEN, Auotooneer. GOVFRNMFNT SALE OF ONE VOKE OF oxuta* auction?On TUESDAY, the 18th 1 day of November next will be sold at the Wa?bHKt'Ui Navy \ard. at 13 o'elock m.( one Yoke of I Oxen. Terai* ca?h in *p?oie. The oxen aan be Men pan application at the Navy Yard. Bj ord -r of the Navy Asent. I Tenn?ca?h. oe 17-lawfcd? A. GREEN. A net Fy A- UK KEN, Auctioneer. rnRtfBTEK'fl SALE OF YALUAUbB Buao1 ine Lot* n? Tni xajtkrh part or th* cttt at Awcti.'H.?<?n KKJI>AY, the veth day of Oetober, 1804, f ?hal{ eell, in fn-nt of the premise*, at paUic aiotion, by virtue of a deed of Unit to the ubeenber bearinf date the 7th dey of April, US9, and r?oorded in Liber J. A. S., No. ITS, folio* 438, 490 431 and 432, one or the land reco'd* of WaefciBff vuu ouuuij, in me insirieifi uo umMi, the foUovin mentioned property lying and boing in the city of Wa?hi gt<.n. Omtriot aforesaid Tfie s*Je vtQ oonsn.enoe at 12 o'eloek m , on th* first named prop erif, rii: Lota numbered liztMn uvd seventeen. <16 and 17) in <*?oare aunriUred tau Kindred and Mfhtp uii (l.ftK,) Lot numbered fifteeu, (15.) in feinM* >? brred ten hundred and luoety five, (IA*,; L-ota timbered two and four, (5 and 4.Mn Square nam bered ten hundred and ninety-seven, <1,007.) Lota numbered eix and ?even, (6 and 7.) in Square namtiered eleven han<1red and nineteen,<l,ll9,)oont*inin*.37JB2, square feet, more or lees. Terms otsh. All eonveyaocitig at th* oost of the n> tsrma are net *6mphed with in five days I the trnet** reserve* th* nrht to rwelt the property at tfce nsk andjxgmi* of;^e firttynrcaasef. , E. v. tAKRIilQTMN.TiM4 . ^pqtsd^da :\Vr A. 94II in 8MITH'8, I EDUCATIONAL. rp . FEMALE EDUCATION. I HOSE Parent* who wish their daughter* to r?ooive a thorough aiH systematic edocaiton. where their phT??a?i i(airun< wi ir*r*ir?daiU and special attention, uagler tne most approved s<r?temof Calitthemc< an<l G.?uina?ti ?. are respectfully invited to visit the Uruou Feiiiale Aoa*iauiy, corner Fourteenth at. and New York av MR. h SIRS. Z. RICHARDS, au 9) tr __ Principally f"j^KMALE BOARDING AND DAY SCHOOL, 1 ALEXANDRIA, VA. Mrs. S. J. McCORMICK, Principal. TllA ?. ' " . ..V7 .,..1 k?uhi B iiiuai besMOQ OI lllis institution wU! comment on Tunsday, September l#th, i' the honw r?.*oently occupied by Sylre*ter Scott, Esq., No 1*0 King street. The courso of study pursued will oompn*aall the branches requisite toatitoroufh English Edu cation, aud Alu^ic. F.onoh, Latin and Drawing, d desired. In addition to day ??ho!ars. Mra. McCormick is prepared toreoaivea limited number of pnpits as boarders, who, .onsti tutin* a pari of her own family, will be ui der her immediate care and supervision. She w ill endeavor, as tar as possible, to surround them with the comforts aud kindly iuaueitoea of Home. Keftcnc's.? Rev. Geo H. Norton, Rev. Dr. Eha* Harrivon, Rev. D F. S*prirf, W#?m H Fowle, Ks<|., F.:1?ar Snowden,| . Edmund F \Vitm?r, F.mj., H?nry ,\lart>ur>, Km , L<-wii McKt-nse, Esq . Ruliert H. Hunton, Es<j . \V U VVallaoh, EditfTr Evening Star, Benjamin Water*, Enq.,Jaa. EntwisK',Jr., Esa ,Col. John W. Minor, Loudoun, Messrs. Blaclciock k Marshall, Messrs Cone Brother*. Tnis. Hoanl, with Tuition in all the English B-aaohos, ?**tfor iho annual session?payable semi-annually, iiiadvance. Muhic and Languages at Profeesori* price*. ?TJ~ No extra ohargea. an 88-tf CHOOL FOR SMALL BOYS, No. 277 I st? *kt. First Waed. Vis* ANNIE E. PKCK, Tcacher. NumSer of pupils limited to twenty, oo 16 eojm TVfRS. M. E.KINUSFORD'SSEMINARY, 1*1 41* E St.. Washinot?*, L?. C. Tne next aesiion will oommenoeOetohor tat, 1880. Tera:s. Ao.. forwarded on aj>Dlia&iion. an ia tt WOOD AND COAL. JMPORTA.NT TO HOUSEKEEPERS! THE PIONEER SAW BILL A JD FIREWOOD FACTORY, I IV TIIK Hr.tT* Pun Sum I Seuth of the Can!, Bmr 7 th ?lrf?t Bridie, Will furnish, *t the ahorteat notice, FIREWOOD, THK BEST QUALITY, Of Ant Kisd, Cut and Split to any Dimmritm*. CHEAPER THAN THE CHEAPEST! With full meaaureaient guarantied. JCT Renumber. T.m Blu* Flag Staff, weat aid? of seventh atreet souU of the, and opposite the Center Market. GEORGE PAGE, A sent. IT7" HICKORY AND OAK PLANK or TIMBER'of&Qjr *iz>* or dimensions) SA W ED, POSTS o* JOISTSRIPPED, or LOGS SAWED, at th_shorteet notice f&~ sm&il jobs of BLACKSMITHING promptly fiaon^> above ?e27 t q q q q q UlflOU FIRE-WOOD !I1IL.L>, Cerur ef btTcatb at. tad Caial. W O O D of all kind, manufactured to order, any 10114th or aixe, ready for uh, COAL?CO A*.. We hare now on hauti a heautifal lot of COAL, both R*J and White A eh, different size y^Wo&re now, and will be receiving C^al for the next ten (f&ys, which we soil, delivered from th? vessel,at a redaotion of 25 oents per ton. aena your ora?rn early. I MoKNEW A MARLQW. Prop; iet?r?, ?w 27-tf Corner Seventh et. and Canal. WOOD AND COAL m.ivered to all porta of the oily, at the iovett pcMibla rates. T J. A W. M. GALT, Office 399 Pa. av? l<etwcju lltfe and I2tu A* . tnt 17 tf L north aide. pOAL! COAL!! WOOD! WOOD!! I am (iaily reoemug iar*e suppi hs of COAL fi'Otii the very b*?t Pen&ayTvama mine wiuo^. 1 w.ll *<'1! nt i fa>o.iali e p ices A!-o, th? be-t tiuivlitr of Oak. Pine and Ilioiory WOOD, outand tiplir.aJlj^rigUia. Call and leave your order*. R. W. BATEti, Wood and Coal Dealer, e 17 (8tata?) Cor. C and 14tb au., bom Canal. i i . . N O T I C E! N O T I C E!! ^ Mrs. HEELER InviUa the ladi*? of^R^ Waihinetun and vicinity to her Grand Opening of Faehionabe FALL and Wl.xTER BOWNtvTS, on Fridat and Saturday. 6th and 6th inat&nt, when be wi'l be ba^py t > have ladle* oon.e and oiauune U -.?_w ...i. -1- - 1 ' u"i muv niA* & v*:ry nanus^lli ?W>ok of FEATHERS, FLOWER6, DRESS TRIMMINtfS. HKAO DRESSES, CLOAKS, SHAWLS. EXTENSION SKlRTS, CORSETS of si! mj?? aud prioet, atul u. very large stock of EMBROIDERIES. Ac . &c. om No .14 Market Spac?, bet. 7th and 8Ui eta. EN FREW HATS. IN NEW COLORS, ,w mm J I'ST OhENiD, ruo* N. ? Oik. By Jpjf K* Our weortraent c>f HaTS ana kKI S, for GonU, Young Men, M 23 Yi'U'.U*, Boys, Vunaee.&nU Oiumca, never van so varied a? at present. wQnSp An earl* call i* ?olicit?ii. No trouble to ?hi>w goods. B H. STINEMETZ, 00 13 336 Pa. av? near ooruvr ttth bt. ? MUSICAL NOTICE. HAVING B?en mduoe.4 to aco<*j>t the pnai'ion of organist at St. Aloymus Church m tiiie oity, tflfv I have determined to remain during the en?u-4SEf ing winter, and ithall t>e happy to render uiy?i^ Brolessiooal servioes to those who may require lem. T. S. CAUI.FIKLD, Professor of the Organ, Piano l-orte, and Siogiag. For partiou!ars as to terms, Ao , inquire atlhe Music Depot of JOllN F. EL!.Is, I'onuavIvania avenue. oc 3-lm* N 0 T 1 C E! B-g(B I wish all gentlemen V. to bear in mind that EX the plan which 1 ?_fiOH^^idoptftd, six rears ago, of selling ^ ^^^pilA'I'S and BOOTS at icrwatly rc daoed prioes for oash is in suooessful operation. Just received a full eupply ol the latest New York styles ofDKESS HATS The very fcaest Hat 9350; a firvt rate fcat S3; and very good, fsshio-able Hat $2 50. All of the Iat~ at styles or eofi HATS and CAPS,at the very lowest prioea. 1 nm aiinii'iaH wa?H ' '- ? , ... ,.j DU.j. ,vu -mi t? oi j iai |o svuct Ul those fin? DRF.3S BOOTS at f3.75-vhich 1 have be<?n filing for many years?a? well a* the vary best qoal tv of Pat-nt Leather QA1TF.HS At $3 90. Ft?e French Calfskin Gaiter* from $2 to ?2 5n. Term* aash; no extra charge in order to offset bad debt* ANTHONY. Agent for the Manufacturer*, Seventh street, second hat store from the don er, opposite Avenue House, No. 640. M 14-3m IAD1ES', MISSES, _ AND CHILDREN'S HATS. The most el ejaiitand tar ^estktook ever t"? offered, ^ ail El opened to day. "y'jgWEgj oc 15 2 c comer of Sixth ?t. and'Pl. av. /^\UN!ON KKSTAI'RAM vfX fmu) By JACOB RIIPPLl, CSt fW Corner of Wth and H at*.. k\liJf XSwir fur iloora loutH of Pa. nr., Pmmtr'a oid (tauii, Pirtt Ward, Washington. Hit Bar i> owUntty nfpiiod with the aboioeat Liquors and Cifarj. beet Fried Oyster* in WM^inft.m can b?obtained tt hi( pUee. Pstniliee (applied with Oytt'" ib?t?rj stylo, and at r*asonabl? pnees. ? li-nwi gALTiMOR*BuTTwi HOU8J5.? t NM R??fcniM? gtm*SSSfSi ' |iOOD LIGHT! U C""P"0BKF?U?BT! ? g _ A?? W ifrgfc HATCWML01T8 INIMITARLK H4TR DYE mv* KT>u ?i> nr?v o ui iuiiot Artio.dt. lor s&t? at I GEORGETOWN ADVERT'MTS 4 R4D MANTLKS: A _ , A*ABMAMTLW! DWMCT mOM JLVCTIO#, i'UCB 6 WB S fuLLAH. Rein* few TV%n ? n?t oi Alpo, MveiU lota of KRAI. UlMPURK C?U LA ?i?, W, 75 and kl Mi ll, worth d??b!o Coni toiaier Ki.I Glove*. At 75 o*bu a par. A rery oil !i?t of Eoibroidarrd Tri minima. uiiih P*',>nrin 1'an^j !?> ? ?- ? ...w. . ? >/ - ? IICIUU3| vaniJiio Edfinxa and fniwtirifa, IN KNuLESS VARIETY. ? Totethw with a jooj &?aortm<?nt of 8b?rt Front* at oar.ti, wtiicu ii ti??> graataat t*ar<aiu ?r?r ofttMk A ?o, a {i-?l toeic of Ladtaa' Praaa Uood*. Man'a Mxi R-r/W Wear, ud a creai vari-ty of oliier foods eQua W as o< eap. Call at taa rifht piaoe?No. 117 ?i?uuth aid?J 8 a"'"u>*"- dc*e. uvtmaw. 9? 98 L Q W E S T P R 1 C K * ! ! flpll Af 4 \ Mr Iir^lT Qta n ,A~~ ?a ?? , ^ %? m ? . * a | * < ? t*' iujt ki cv 11 UOV W ocii Washington and C??nrr#?s, ar? noir pr*pa'??l to phov th?ir well aeleot* d ??ocU of UK E<*J" OOUftf, DOMESTICS. *o. Their nuru < the old ?t\i?l of ri. K. Berry ) havinc be a ? modelled and fitted up ia the inust thorouin, th jr o<.??p?8 factli ties uuequaM m tno Dtntrirt lor th* p oeecuti n of general Drv Gooda tii'?ir ea?. Th<?r reapTtfuliy invite a call from the evttaen* of G*orir*'?wa an-1 vioiniU. o<?6-iw JU U?T KECKIVKD10 hh.1?. prime Porto Rioo SUGARS, IV> bhla.. ,d Rye \VHI*KY, iSObbla RERftINO and ALEWIVES, S6 bbla. ?'ru?hed and ReSn->d >t'(>ARs, an hag* Rio and Java COFFEE, 10 lihda.ilt>w prioedj MOLASSES. For aale br JOHN J. BOG UK. ae 10 f 'H.A1MUHLU OPTICIAN, V No. Id* MrvUt at., (/itriilMM, Hm oon?UiiUf on & tarn* aaeorUneut of Fn?Bch Near-eighted, PoriacoBio. <s-' .? m i . or a, Bad al. other SPECTACLES, o t?e boat 4ua.1tr.iD ?:!r?r. etaehand German ailcar frarrisa. N K. <>;.! I'mooa Repaired km n*rt um a?t in them toonlnr. no l?-ly \fA89E Y.COLLINS * CO.*S PDILADEL1*1 PHIA DRAUGHT ALE.-Weare oois.iaBtly reeaivtn* {"-reali ecpelie? oftheal?oredeiicJitfB! h#*erac'.ami innte all taraona who w&at a (.ere us adnu*ratad A.e. In give it a trial. ARMY A SHINN, AgetU, frl aT RrMD lt? Dr. J. II McLEAN'S STaENOTHENIHO CORDIAL A*I> BLOOD PI R I Ft KM THE GREATEST REMEDY in th' WORLD, and ths moot ?v ^ Delicious axd W+M HP I IfiOTLMTf W i/c?^iuii i r t<ii jt ffivfj '.jJ H i* ?tiietl? a Mi- ^VrB JB JkUvl Vjjr anuflc and tIfiu yM|i bi? Coaiponnd, nro Sk^B eared by th* dietiila- B^^B| tiou of rMHi, kerb*, H |n nd barka. Ytllov ^ Ha \Kl5k Black Rjw^ Bara.paJtSFjV Bark, and Daodtlioo SB /EmiMw catara uiiu iu con- Vi Iff Tb* tMir? aeiiTt rr- ? a Jp rtntadiai principle ??|KLj of each tug redicut ia Before Utu4-?,^;!!,bL' ?EK}Mw t?kiag. dietiliinr, f?ro4acinff a deticioua, U.Uarauar tp4rtt, a< ike Mt infallible remedy fur renovating ih? 4umii? ijtuia, lud reaumag th aiek, auCerug, and debinutad iavaiad to hialtL and 'renf*vh Me LEASTS STRKyGTHEA'/.VO CORDIAL Will effectually core Ll??r Complain:, Drictpaia, Jaudif i, Chronic or Nereooa Debility, Dteeaiee of the Kldntn, and alt dieeieea ariaiag from a disordered Liver or Stomach, ftyepepeia, Heartoaxa. Inward Pilta, Acidity ar Bickaeae oI ttia Stomach, Fallueae of Blood to ih? He id, Dali Paia ar C .L. 0?. 4 D. ./ -1_ _ rr mm , vai?niui| in tn? nt*?i ? ?ipn?u?ii W UlC niif, T~ IlilOlU or Weir'ut to the Stomach. S??r Eracutiena, Chokiar or Seffaet'.i-if P??Ufif vfcec ' **> ? 4o?n, Drynena or YtllaV- . ucit of the Skill and Eyee, N'ipnt ttweau. Inward Ferart, < Pun in (he Small of the Back, v*hant, or Side, kiaddac Floahae of He u, Depreetion of Spirit*, Frig fctfai Draaiua, Lmf'toi, Dttpot de:.:y or aay uer?on? due-at, Sorei or BtotaSee on the Skir , *nd Fe??r and Afue (or Chilli and fitir.) OVKR A MILLION BOTTLES ha?e been anld doni-p the lait ait nwi'.ki, and in no last, net haj It failed m enure aaiiafacuoti. * ho, th?n, viil iaf>r from Wemtu or Dabiluy nrhtn McLEaNH BTfcENiiTHENINa CORDIAL arilt cart yoa 1 No lo.ifuofe can co?*ejr an xdeqaate idea of th? immediate and aloioet mracnluoe prodaceu by taking ihie Cordial ia the diaeaaad, debilitated, aod ebattered ninoni Jiivni, vnciutr uroitu uuwo oj hcmi, W(kK By QKtSrc, or iai|?irtd by lieknui, lb* riliud tad iniuuii trfuiwliw u restored la it* pritttne health and vigor. MARRIED PERSONS or othen, eor>eciooe of inability from ?li>tf?tr c?(, will ted Mi'LKAN'S STRtNUTIlilNINU CORDIAL a thorough regenerator of ifce eyeum; and all who m-* bar* la Jored then.eel*ee by improper ladalgeucee will fnd ta tkie a certain ?nd epeed/ remedy. TO THE LADIES MrLEAN*3 STRENGTHENING CORDIAL ie a eovereira and epeed^ ear* for Incipient Cociacmption, White*, Obtlracted or l)i*cn.t Mebitruaiion, Ucootinet.ce of Uru.e or InTolaoUtr^ DUcharge thereof. Falling of the Woab, Giddinese, Fainting, arm *11 due^iei uicideat I* Feiaul** THERE IS NO MISTAKE ABOUT IT aSer so longer. Take it tcoocdiag la direction*. Il ?rlll e'iraolate, etrfn?t>>en, and invigorate you aad case* tbe bloom *f health to mo nut yoor cheek afua hlrery twuie i* w*rraut*d to gire aaliefaCttou. FOR CHILDREN If row children art eiekly. pony or eflheted, MrLEANt CoRUIaL vtll make them healthy, fat. *?d iobaai Delay not * rooiueulj IXJ It, and you will be confuted. It i* detUidki t* lake. CAUTION. Beware of drcggiita or deaieit who ir?y try to palm upon yoa eoiue bitter or etriipartlla which they can boy i'j nriug ?i ?? (u?i ? rrwa m*uiu men inca. All far McLVaNU BTRKNUTHENlNii cordial, aad take nullanr alee. It U the only remedy thai will rerify the Blood (horoUfhly tae IMi tin* treoptfcen the lyi'.eia. On# te^apoonlul uken every morning fieliiif U \ ccrtain preventive for Cholera, Chilli and Pever, Te!low Pi>ir, or my pr?riJ(it<i<wM. li lar|< fnta oafy )1 per L>?ttie, or 6bouIea for 95 J. H McLEAK, Sola proprietor of thie Cordial; a!ao, MrLeen'a Volcanic Oil Luiirnent Principal Depot 00 the corner df Third ud Pine atraau, Bt Loom, Mo. McLean'i Volcanic (HI Liniment, (THE BEST LINIMENT Dl THE WOELD ) Tha or.Iy aafa and certain eura for Cancan, Pi I re, Toot on, Ivellinp an4 Bronchi I a or Goitre, PnraWata, Neartlgta, Weakutaaof tha Maectee, Chronic or hiiawur; Rhtwmauau., StilTaeteof the Jon.u, Conuaetrd Moaelee or Lifaiaenla, Ear'.cLe or Toothache, Braieee, Hprajna, Pre ah Cuia, Wosnde, Clean, Fever 8?raa, CakeJ Breaet, 8 re Nipplea, Burna, Hcalda, Bart Throat, or tuy inCammatiea or Kin, no difference how eevrra or loar the diae^oa a??a r? aimed. McLEXN* CELEBEATKU UK1AJEKT ta a certain remedy. Thaaaande of haman bainya hare been eaved a Ufa of die crepituda and mieeijr by tha naa of thia lavalaabie rtmlif Will riillM pais almoat inittnbifoaiiy, and K will tltu, puri!y ud heal tha Men aorta mi au inerodtbla aho? uaa. FOR HORSES AXD OTHER AXIM1LS. McLEAN S CELEBRATED LINIMENT U tha o?J? aafa u< ratiabl* rinidi for ih? cur* a< Spam, RgfMi, WiadjalU, Splinta, Ua?M?ral Lcrapt, Nodca or Bvclhan. It mxi bttti to cor* Bt* Haad, Polltnl, Fiatala, Old Running Bona, or Swacny, if properly appHtd. Par Bpraina, Bruitaa, Scrmt'hea, Crackad ftoal>, Uiafaa, <UddU 1 or Collar uallk, Cau, Borta, or Woauda, UHaii u.falhbla rtmady. Apply it u dlrtcud and a Cfcrt u cartaiu 10 ??ary tMtMC* Tlo lri<> >, !? rtlk <W. ? -- _.k! I 1?i? off.r.d to jow Ubtnm a .utply of THi MCLEAN'S CELEBRATED LIN1UXNT H em m. J. H McLEA*, 8ol? rrefrtew. I Tkiri u4 Fin* ?u., Sc Uw, Ma. i CHARLES RTOTT, III h.if.uU umi ir W 1>IU| f>i R-.E- T.CUWEL,Omptm. -M-PtWly S'CHOOL AND COLLEGE OUTFITS. J outfit' and Boyt' Clothing for SrAoW asuf _ 2>r?/ Rrar. Parents mm) cuardius withiag to furnish their children and wards wiUSsAoolard ColW.e OnUfits for the oonun* season, ar# invited to exauunf our resent large and extensive assort mart BOY t*' CLOTHINtj, wtoere they oan ?1out their oaiTdrm of all flies in a few moments with ever? description of fUady-mde Garments, of substantial and co. aw 3" ti Mii Peua. iwiim. UOUBKKBEPING AND " mm 3(.nvaiire- uuuub. We hare now on haad a well el?ot?yj *tock; of he above coorfa. auo& aa t?be?tin?iP Table l.tnana, Napkma, Towetinf a. Lm*e< *, Fall Cloth*. Ban keta?from ooanot to rerr fine?Oanaberct, B 1 Domentic*. Ginrham*, Pillow r*?o Cottoae and 1 Ljaena, Dunbar k, Diekinaoii'^ Bark lie*. Ciia-W?t ' A Co .and Riokarriaon'a Iriah Linen* in alf quailUea. all of wkioh we will tfispsaa of oa Ue beat tar mi oa H TAYLOR * HUTCHISON. HW. HAMILTON j PAINTER, DEALER IN PAINTS. Ma iU ? ajj m_.i > .. PUTTY li* DOWN. i P"APFmE 'VffiffpVm.ClNMJU, ', .. A b?*ut^fal^fcrUa^JM|?^ i y to p*^**t j ???? Cwwt V^^t?r^>!ail|<tkia?- | ?T0?0 AX&".co4L I ' Ml Fa. At., Bbtw. Htb a.hb Uth North *td?. MilHuM Wharf foot . ** ' * ** MMMkr - THE WEEKLY STABi oiaif gi?*? nrwlr ?C t?*irM*i?t m<l? than c*a be foawl U tmr Hbw-u f?hltaM m ! 8 teJTSisc.?~?rz ilS fiKffsiSs&as s,ri?<s~n?L"3 ^g^lSJSp^ jsrssssysvia ??? "?? CARRIAGE FACTORIJCS. Wm bur* inn fintaM <* *wt*ie * fiSUE; rimt>,*Md limit***, wl^ck w? wiJ mU a vef' mmiijioit. ^ . &<**? *r*uo*. meoiau: ? la dtCW?at fanaefcoa oft* ?< iiimu, w# flatter t?r**.ve? UnU w? ktu? iL* and qvtrtty of w?>r* taat ^rl ^y? km. fasti*)*, (wKuwt Iff Mmos, aoiafartMi <t?r?tan Ta?raiiin; ?r7">ptly *0^ ?ar?f**r attended to the ar.ortMrt n> ticoftrd <*? ww*MJ? JlfU*' vvaltlk, karman> a bofr, rroaohmiikara, Hiimnn to W?. T. Book. M T?K Uttbw OARRiASL^ u Jrofn* hi# l#l!l kMutSXttifM to ti'? ?&?i}U MtikfiMtioa. A J ki^Ut ol C*rr'.?*ea IM Lijkt WirMI Uy( M IIH. Al R Er^119 nattiT ^M.U4?11 trim r*B?< r it^w to. Dentistry. \f TRRTH. 1*1. LOOM IS, M D , the invrator and patmto* of tho MINERAL PUATK Tf'&TH, t> r. l? por?o'.fc !y at t.ia < A?? la thia eity 9*f9VVP niMi; perron* 3*U Wtar U)*ee te*ltt WfcO^* ' ' ' ** ear.aot wi*r others, and an person oan mr Hfcw who caaa<.t ww these. i' <riubi calling at ray ori.oe oan be ao<voir.modataO with ?'it style and prioe of Teeth they may -e, '?ut to those who are particular arn wiih the panel. o<*anaet, strongest, and most perfect e?i,t?re thai arteab f.olaee, th? MINERAL PLATE will b* more fair warranted. Room* in thia out?ne 999Pa avwiabinwi 9t and 10th sts. Also, 907 Arch sUeatTPhiiady Dr. MtSsONEhM^itoratf e?l re. uMdkM Rrofooeiun. ? ee aeri bos** at 491 K tird door east of Hixth. In addition t<MM very o'ber approved style, I>r. M baa set^*? ? ** teeth on rslosmte Base for the laat three years and, from exserienoe, knows it exae.s all others. ?' ?1 is ose-tbfM lees ta prioe thaa g<b>i M patron* of Washington, Alaxanuria, and Georaatowt. are respectfully solioited to atll. aa Reoly dentistry. R. after p, praotia* teat of two yaara feels ti?at he can with ooafidesoe raoraa mood the Cbeo^.astie frooaas for maortlaiB^^B r^uoiu Mwfl u ru ta? unotMM oC^Bm ? uauf th, bwntr.Cieu.iDMS^Mid f*?l ?i per Mt? inMrted for $M. Ptrtik la jrimtw, Ofto? S06 P*. ?r?nne. Ml JU8T RECEIVED. AT *M [TH*** A lot of OKICW* UNDERSHIRTS AND |L>K AWhRS, from uoUob, which fe? will MiTVvrT PIANOS. PIANOS-Tl?? l?r5??t*? ortmrat of Pitnoa, M?'odeona, GnUft, linn, l5U(ori Bf?t It?:i?a ?trin*a Ao ffWWI ooTdeoo*. PintiiiM. Coti<?rtniM Fitea, FUfW 'tu, ?.!?<ion?tu7#atruoaonta, D'dui. and evw; varifty of mnaioa! war*. alao an imin?D*e atook of Sheet, M??io Hooka n; ws& fir. and lit* atreet. ttoie Ai?wt of 4 Soa'a Uaxm Jlavan 4 Co.'a and Knat* 4 Co.'a ft?a*a. ocU tf STOVES! STOVE SB 8TOTIIK I have en hand a laff e aaeortmeat of Cotkiaf and other -tov<>?, whioh I will ?fll cht-aaar than an? other hoeee m the Diatriet.aa It la my Int-Btion to eioee Uiwn not Call and MJBn and thea jud?e for yourae.vea. C. SN YDK4, oo t Nm< door to U> 8t>r QmmHATS AND CAPS. I hare now on hand a a^mplate Maori ment of good* in tna above line, to which I invtia th? attention of my patron* and (ha oitixana of tua Dietrict general'? Great caret having bean tak?n in th? raleettoa I oan preeent to my aoatomera the treat?t vari*t* :? be (bund in the city. 1 he et?ofc ootaprleae every trie now in vogue in New York. Aleo. Miaaae' and Chi.dreoe FANCY HATS ?f entirely new *hapee. Ladiea'RIPlNG HATS. ghtldran'a CAP>* of every d??8ription. entlamen'e HATH and o PS. A m, a ioeia orttnant of I'M BR El .LAS. W A LK IN?? CANki, Ac., Ac. J AH Y. DA VI*. Hkm, oo Lfr-2w tint.* Con.) ialo T xlu A Co. inn BALKS COTTON LAPS, 11PU P*r So If mt Fmttory Prxctt. 90 pair fcna Bad Blankata, all eisaa, AO pair B na. Brown, Gray and White for aervarta, 8* pT*oeaS-4 Fulled ClatKa of the U?*t kimi to do Plaid t.insey.atl wi .th>, 100 do Blue and Orange liinabu'ft, Ca.ira. With mm* other deeiraMe (oud? ail of wh?e4 will be "Old at tn? rery toweet P'io'? VV e eollcit a No. 3* Ceiitr*r8U)r-A, Between 7th and Ktt oo H-10t Opposite Center Marfcet. p,jV.L STS? Ao 964 O strut, %uar Treasury Dtpcrtrrmt, in gratefully aotn?wtedf mj the tifenu pnimnu* which ba? heretofore fcarabeotowed eaou hie? *> he to pieaee hie pMrooa, be*e Mre to latirm ti>e otn sen! of H'MkiactoD awd tteu'K*w>wa that beta now prepared U> eiaoaUt with neainee* ? nU dieatteh all ordete <n liie'ine of bu?io*>e?; auob a- the V? iOX) Pitting and l.srinr Down oz rrw Carrete, anj the 1 a?inj l?own of old <*arpet? ; m* Banrinc or Curtaina; theCoveriof ? f LoBare* ? o | t*? M&iebotareor RauovaUea of MatuWeee. Plllwwe. / * ?.k - ? - vuaiuuiir, < !) Mr tin v would aleo oall tj.-wi' atU&Uwp U? hi* Patented Carpet ftretciier. whi'-h eu.'oUs him to put down Carpeu with unprecedented miuik nm and rapid it?. se js? eolni* INSTRUCTION 1 IN MUSIC. A. F. LITTLE, PROFESSOR tifMVsrr, ' ha? rpturned to the city and returned the dn W>j r tiea or his profes*>oa Prof L.1TTI.F.. ks? kJtm lag charge of Masieat I>epartw>ent at Alawi jfclaf . aad Pleasant View Seminaries.and brine ensured four da> s in eaoh w?*-s at theee Institution*. has e <ns??ue*Ur but two UAts in ?s*k w?< k I to private u.etrucuoa of pupils, or to a >iaiit< ea raiment in another laMitutioa. Thoee de?>ria? his professional seme** will please make app'ioa tion at Dr. Hunt's.9\Q Pa. aveane. m< lnw* T* MOKR NKW OOOD8. * . HE Uaderauaed have jest e.>mpi?v?d iMr stoek of Coeds lor Ue Kaliaa*! U inter e tr.p>i.;iw ciXT h?. ... lii^ ' ? ?W lijCII.WC, W1VTI \'W %l*?t tfyke* of M?t*n?! w?r Host no* ??|!?, i?r ttiUi % v? iMy of GKNTl.KWf.N* Pi HMftRlW HMJDtS of ih* bo?t quality, to whjo0 tfcyy r* I; iiriUUeUMUon wi iWtf tiiMit Mthtam N*v+i **d Ciitzmt' Mtrrkmmt TWn, o? 4-ooltn No. t L OOWK*8 ORIENTAL BALSAM, L'^ BALDNLb* A$L>*YEAOACM*, * This aev d'soovt ry fcM ?rbdnc?d M*obl?v fur r# alts in earing btWi.fM ufd tt'?inr fi-? ' tUlia< off (t r?RK>T?a 4?n4mr *1! *ru?a ? ?f th? skin; It MrUti mi for t **4 4*. inblfs witud pmrf jb>? P<io?a?*?au. F?r?*? 11-oolm* NOT,CB- RKMOVAL. No S4? 5?v*nth ?tre?t, tt*r?? doom Irom M?m. irons*.) whw? ftbim eOMtatu ? n*~<i % ? ?-lw* 8. VTinui% 1 b hall - (Jo?d ?*ur*r7 0?T>t? ?er pound. C*1 ?t No iMTOi ?tr?t. hafrg? P ?*< LBWIIM* ?*. ? I m?w rfs^a^sssh <=?- "1 WALL. 8TKPH KN9 A OO- jjaTfr? -?"* SSSr jouvin-8 *trr ?uautt olotpW?K*y? t??tr?e?i*** o?rF%.. rm^o UkU f. J?f KID GLOVB?.f* !*> "*? >S5 <at of Brudi, Owli, fmHmVkW^. ?., ftotr on ka*d; *Im> m*d? to nl" ?' h >Ii ..( totiM Imt Work nfw^i w tu?4 u>^? b*A NlH

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