Newspaper of Evening Star, October 26, 1860, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated October 26, 1860 Page 1
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I " 4; . '*.. Aliening $ter, 0 "J r?c > "*" ' ' " "' 1 i ^ v^- XVI. WASHINGTON. P. C.. FRIDAY. OCTOBER 26. 1860. N?. 2.400. J 1 HE EVENING STAR J F UBLISUED EVER T AFTERNOON, (SUNDAYS EXCEPTED,) AT THE STAR BUILDINGS, Vvrntr of remi.iyfvanva avtniu and llfA H., T w. D. WALLACd. PftKT* Mnred in paekatet br oarri*ra it |4I jfi. or 37 onti pec month. To maii bmoTibot* t^9 prioo i* a r?r, >* euiramct, 97 for tlx moctfe*; 9t for tiiroe month*; and for Iom than auaih* it titer*:* of kmdU a week, SiDflo cop???. oni csxt; in wrapper*, two cuits. IL/~ADVRai?txM>*T?snoBl<t be sent to the oAce betore 12 o'ciook m; otherwise they ro?j sot )?nr i ?<itil the nsxtday. - ?a?? The Oold Dollaks ?We are a little aaxioua to know something about the fate of that coavonient and popular little coin, the gold dollar. It Is w!d to b* In disrepute at headquarters, and conarq i^ntlT it la to be converted Into coin of a largvr denomination. If this is the caee, we cannot but tvlicve that the testimony against it lu ex parts Iinu unjuai, i<>r it is i general lavoriie waerever the experience and tendency of the public miad is f ivor*ble to Mfe currency for small denominations In Maryland and Virginia, where wo have actually succeeded In relieving the circulating medium of small paper, and where the manes, everywhere. have become familiar with and atU'-b'd w?. the gold dollar, Its withdrawal from I circulation will l>e a yreat drawback We s:?w n statement the f>ther day that the Mint In Philadelphia was engaged npon the recoluage of some three millions of gold dollars from the J*nb-Treaaury of New Yo.k. and that the wovk^ was in progress by order of the Secretary of tbe Treasury; and thit they were to be recolned into t?-n and twenty dollar pieces, notwithstanding the offer of parties to Kive the lvgercoin In exchange for the dollars being melted np. The purpose, therefore, seems a determined and oretneditated er.?* to vritodraw the gold dollar from circulation, and, if so. It ia certainly quite unaccountable For thl* little coin la just aa popular now aa ever it was. and vastly morr m?fnl and indiapenaabla thin at first, inasmuch aa It hu ?o generally aup*ra*tded the one dollar notes, which were always a nuisance Id airnll transactions The thorough and universal appreciation of the gold dollar in every community wh re notes of a less denomination lhaa Ave dollars are p.oblbited should at Ileaat preserve the cola from auch an absorption aa would cause a scarcity of U We hope never te feel, from any pause, the necessity for a r< sort '.o papfjrcf the lower denominations, especially on a< nunt of the retirement of the gold dollar by order of th? government. rhe demand for the coin it as general at It ever M.-iv and should any other State, as is very likely, particularly the State of New York, prohibit tha < IrraUtioa of note* of the inferior drnomi nations ?that ia. under live dollars?the demand for the ?"'.4 dollar will proportionately Increase In Alarrland tt is so highly esteemed in all the | unifier tran-artioiis. as to be almost indispensable. and our citizens would feel the inconveulence of A tts withdrawal very sensibly, and resentfully, as w ?ii unnecessary privation In shopping it is the I romrnoi auxiliary, and to the purse an easy and I ^racef il Instrumentality. While for the transI m of smill mma h* mail it 1? the Ufa liable and substantial representative of valtie A* wf have no reason to believe that the Government of the United State? would capriciously 1 mpair the convenience of the public with regard to an v particular coin, we trust that the gold dollar " .11 be suffered to remain a familiar acquaintance r{ the people, and perform its useful service, as heretofore, as a small but very convenient member of th* United States currency?Baito Shh. ThK COMPLITIO* Of COX!*1CT!0> WITH Ltschbcr<? ?The railroad bridge ovtr the James river has been completed. and the track of tbc Orange and Alexandria Railroad laid across it into the citv of Lynchburg During tbc week the Orange and Alexandria train will enter tbat enterprising city, having heretofore bee<i compelled f'-r wai.t at a proper bridge to remain on the ther ? uc vi IOC r. ?rr, opposite i.yn :QOurj{. I ma >mpletea the couatructlon of this great work, and leavra no )>re*k in the connection between Aiexa dria and tbe ^reat aouthweat We are now I ked with Iron banda to Lynchbnrjj, Memphis, the >Ilaai*i.ppl, and the gulf, and placed in airect romamuication, by tbe Posy exprca* and overland ma>* line, vitb the great Pacific ocean The c-.>n>plrtion of any link in thla great highway at nations la of world-wide interest Before half a century ro'Ji by, such ambassadors as Baron Oros and Lord Elgin will p>M by to me auch route and moat probably th's very one to China; over It will coru?. following the revolution of the earth, the A <* ,? ? ??t1 . % ? tha* * M?4 1 ??? ? ? ? - ? A ?? * 6 ^ ^ win Haur n>ia win p piii au. iim Aiurri'ja w into tbe boaam of Europe ' i'is no m?ia achievf nwnt to accomplish, even tbe bridging of & river, that rolls iu tide on tbia pathway. Especially in a i ? *l p?int ?f view !? th:? enterprise of momentmis int rest to Alexandria. It opena up to the ent?rprt?eof her clttiena tbe most fertile valley* of V-.rjlnla and Tennessee, and completes a continuous Iron rail, one end of which 1* laved by tbe l'otomar. while tbe other la washed by tbe waters of the Aliasisatppl. In 1973 a convention i assembled in tblscitv, undertook, under tbe lead 7 ership of Gen Washington, to Improve the naviI gat ion of the tipper Potomac. The moat sang nine only of th;m looked to a connection between that river and the Ohio Tbe wildest thought of that day never looked forward to what is now accomplished?a connectim of the Potomac at tide ?... ,m;?l *i >j i ' 1 s .4 * * - - ? ?> nu wifcu iuc ti.*c5i jjui, at a puini oux <*i reaco of joterrtipt'oi froin low water. We hear that tbr- event, toe celebration of which wm intended last .winter. will be ceiebra'ed by a ?rent railroad demonstration at ?nn;e tim'* betvr-en this and the annual meeting i f the Orange and Alexandria Railroad Compafey ?Air*. Oaxttte. CnaBLB* Dica ass's Coumr Hum*?It ft aiwonnc-d that Dickens it about to dispoae of Tavistock flonae. London, and retire altogether to h a pleasant retreat at Gadahill. The latter residence has been the remote cause of all the great ovelist ? domestic woe in his boyhood, Dickens lived at II oehester, Kent, b!a father being then' ?-mp)?yed : o the uavvyard at Chatham, contiguous to Rochester The scenery in the immediate r.ei^hborhood had an unspeakable charm for j/xim nc awnnn pornoD 01 it in an early chapter of the Pickwick papers At be advanced J? ' in life and be-ame acquainted with t?h*kspeare'* Jt ^eiTJT lv. Hadshill, in the vicinity of Rocheiter, *<-q??tred a.spe<-,al interest in his eves, and he W rezirtered a ?o* that, if ever he became rich, he ? woitid build a bouse th<re. But by tbe t me he ( k?<l obuint-d possession of the means of reaU*i*g I tk< object near bis heart, Mrs Dickens had beI csinrsu attar bed to London life that she positively I r.-fused to go into tbe country It was in vain that \ B;tk-ns rxixwtuljvted, entreated, and explaiued I taw difficult it was for him to write in Loadou 1 ?at:iterrtipt"dly, expoaed, as his popularity render rd turn. to frequent visitors Mrs. Dickens J inflexible Ultimately Charles Dickens went 1 to tbe new country house, accompanied by one of f hit daughters, and frr her sake invited his sisterf it-law and a meritorious young act/ess to become I tsmates rf their dwelling. II was r.o! lon<; be/ fote this *rrar.g?ment became a subject of ?erious I ?Mfttine?s t<> Mrs i>tcke?s Tbe sjreeii-ey?"d I iHntrr" It to have possfed her, and tlience j irHr tooae serion* misunderstandings whach led J tO ft dijiolutilMi of th*? mifBl u aa -* ?J eoaoplete seversnee of Dickons from London life. The Charleston (8. C ) News cooa?nti u fkCows on the late elections in Pennsylvania and tte Northwest: "It is admitted, even by the ReptMican journals, that Lincoln, if elected Presi 4*Bt.v*:ll have adverse majorities in both Houses ?ff Congress W>th the popular branch nullifying Ills budget, and the Senate nullifying his nominations, he will have neither money to conduct his Administration nor agents to carry out his ris, ualeos the Treasury estimates are such as come recommended oy national considerations aad ecoaorcy, Id the'view of tho Demscratte party having Congressional ssceadaacy. ,1 Huch a government would be without example la history at the commencement of a great ad1/ nlnl^'ix l..?l? D ? *- ? - ... ....... icmuTiTUl* Will M d .ippeloted la realizing the frulta of her defer lion tan ronaerYatiaoibv the protection of her iron All the plana of the Lincoln leaden are deaUood to a alutilar failure? huaiesload bill, agricultural college*. aa well u tariff. W? should not be ajroriand If Lincoln were to retire in dlagutt after the f rat year of hla Adanioiatration, having neither power nor patronage." ity The track of the WUmtnginn and Atlanta nafSued waa waaoed away bf ram, in the night, ^ nat-iaag **o. a ad a little hoy dieeoeertng the 4aB?ge, walked ap tbe track and atopped a coming ??a<u Hi time to prevent a dreadful cataatrophe. T?a little fellow la to be aent to tbe Georgia Mllltnrjpyuw, attt? r,pMa? qC,UM> *ut?. ; fr*? pt t|? *tr? nm. irb > are flghlfn^for tbe Tii?,^on* lire Italy; Ipok Itee fb<*^rv/?m?B : nfcd tfce lit Oalanluom* ; |Sm<*ihi?4?0*? ?Tbe Philadelphia excsrPtUaburg to Chicago 4* cm wbkb la built wholly of lro?. It wva muat <dJRf ?t l*itu?.ttfK, and is prolMbly tbe firct one inr fmi| on MY Anerlcaa track. The excursloarailroad meo at Chicago are highly mlm?4 with It irf * Hamburg left#* atales that tbe last mall ?..iu Af-ktt baa brought the aad new* of tbaaaurrtrr mi M . RoMhtr.ofWll city. Uw AfrtM ? a #l?r H? bad MMkfd tkr l?kr? to th< ?w ?f m. ^y.anatbv, wh?n b?w?i ktU?4 In hla tent by twn Who >tot him with poisoned arrowa l\ A km namm CoYtlte, who r*c??7 *>op?d . trm* uiiio, wKb * roanj: woman of teaviag a wlP? and two children, W w?a?*-aW*r"il (4 Utltiy diva linfm^onnwnt la. a f |M*on. orderM to be Ird on brrad and water, I t*4 mulcted In a lac of #100. a dz ad womas comk* to lin?a fcj??*al Spoil*?.?A woman wns taken tick on Tuesday last, and after much suffering was reduced to ?o low a state that her case was considered hopeless. Some of the neighbors took turus at sitting up with tbe dying woman, hourly expecting her dls solution On Friday evening a newly uiarriod sister ef tbe sick woman and a young girl wer? acting as watchers in the grief-clad chamber, and wire sitting by ths bedside. After giving the Siek womaa her medicine, they sat quietly sewing, the suffsref having apparently gone to sleep. The watcben. ou looking again at tbe supposed sleeper, became startled at her death-like appearance. and eiarained her more closely. The body was rapidly growing eold, and tbe puiie had apparently ceased to beat A looking-glass was hastily torn from the wall and placed over the mouth of the prostrate woman, but no breath stain was. Visible. She was evidently dead. The watchers lelt the room to nrocura assist anre An elderly neighbor was tent for lo " Uy out'' tbe bodv, and tbe mrupngfr, meeting thivndertaker, already notified, told him of tbe clrournstance. He proceeded to tbe house, arriving about tbe aame time with tbe neighbor!, who had been summoned, and all the part in, after discovering the nature of the fatal disease, and talking over some of tbe funeral arrangements, prepared to enter the chamber of death In order to perform the last sad offices for the deceased Tbe young girl went first into tbe room for tbe purpose of making It ready for tbe rest to enter. She had no soooer entered where the body lay than a succession of piercing shrieks struck terror Into the visap* nutai/fo T*h?t? I ? J ?* ! on the floor in a fainting fit. A glance around tbe room at once ex plat ned the cause of her terror The d?-ad woman was Bitting up In bed ! At flrat tbe eatire party fled, screaming from tbe room, but soou collected their senses and returned. The dead woman had returned her recumbent poaition. and was so far from being defunct that ihe i inquired, in a weak voice, the meaning of tbe strange scene around her. It seems that she bad fallen into a short trance-like slumber, seemingly like death itself Just as tbe girl entered the room she had partially awakened, and moved her bezul Thesh-ieki of the terrified girl thoroughly awoke her. and she sat xp in bed to learn tbe caus* of tbe screams Restoratives were immediately applied, and tbe " defunct one" is now In a fair way of retnrnlng to bealtby existence. Tbe climax of the disorder had passed ? N. O. D'lta, 1? ih. Thk Cbiqcitt or Patshts?The Scientific American, is noticing a new patent bier for lowering cofflirs into graves, Indulges in the followj iug strain In reference to patents ?The life of this age moat assuredly move* on patent inventions The Infant m wrapped In linen which has been woven on a patent loom, from yarn spun on a patent frame, and be draws bis first drop of nourishment from his mother's breast through a patent nipple shield. The girl fondles a patent doll, the boy whirls a patent top or plays with a ball which is made unaer one of the most valuable patents of the age In later life we put on a French yoke shirt, which, with the rest of our ?1 V.1. . ?? * - - ? l/iu?ur?, IR ?BW eu on a patent macmne, wiin a I patent thread, with a patent needle, which comes enveloped in a patent wrapper; and our very boots are male of patent leather. We rise in the morning from a patent eltptlc (print: undo the I patent fastenings of our windows, roll up our patent turtains. open the patent locks of our doors, which wern constructed b^ patent ma I chlnery, and go down to our cofl^e, which is made in a patent "Old Dominion" coflVc pot. We write with one of Morton's pens, which we into patent ink in a patent inkstand. Thus, rrounded by patents, we pais our life, which is filled with gorgeous drew in* of making a splendid fortune oy some patent invention of our own, til; at lait we are placed in a patent burial Vise, and low^rpf) fpnm """ fl ? ?_ . ? ?. . * l"*"kCM* WiCI t U I" VU( UU4i place of rest The Oil Region or Pesnstlvabia ?A correspondent of tue Bo?V>n Post, writing from the oil works of Pennsylvania, says:?The hotels are crowded, people often sleeping three In a bed, and one hears nothing talked of but-'patrolmen," "intfoM indications,'' "boring." "territory," "pumping," Ac ; laudlords, doctors, lawyers, ministers, blacksmiths, and almost everybody, has an Interest In a well bored, or being bor?-d As to th? election, it Is entirely forgetten In the eagerness of securing a fortune A politician drove up to old Father Raymond s Rural House lnl-rankiin. (the old man has two wells pumping fifty barrels datly) and after getting his dinner, commenced pumping the old gentleman by asking. "How is nolitlra*" "!! >? -? ^ r L'wx niiun any *U'.h well around here," replied Fatber Raymond. ' But," nyi tae stranger, wbat Is the prospect for Douglas or Breckinridge ?" ,,Oh,"?av? Boniface, "I don't know, It all depends on whether tbflre are any surface Indication* " "But," con' tinnea hia guest, " will fusion go down among you oil diggers " "Fusion." exclalma tlie landlord. | "w?U, I don't know; some of tbes* chapa called geologists says that there must be fusion below, but tnv opinion la that tbe d?1 baa something to do with it down there before we get it." "But," says tbe politician, ."are you not "in favor of squatter aovereignty in the Territories.'" ?4i\'o; 1 will ahoot anybody wtoo darea to squat on any of my territory, and I own four miles on 9andy Creek. ' "Give me ray horse," says tbe stranger?*nd vamosed I ' ... A Hakd Cavk SroaT ? It is reported that a rave basWen discovered in Ah?fc?? ????,? " * * ? ? %/%.?* ???j, i luuin, which la dearribed aa larger than the Mammotli cave of Kentucky, and aa liaviiiu an ancient Latin Inacripllon on the walla, which ataUa that u party of Darj?* had vialled thia cave In the year IhOo. and that a prteat who accompanied them had left thia memorial of their vialt. The nam* of thia priest waa Marcua Poleua It alao atated that thaae bold atvigatora had embarked on a voyage of expl-wa'iou. and bad l>etu driven far aoutL: alao that they had vtalted many lalanda, and finally had landed In a (thickly populated country, wh-re the people had received thein kindly, thinking ihen auperior beinga; that sever*! of their ntim u^r, wgeinar wim ?ireek artisans bad been left mere a colony. lu this a relic of tlie party that the Mexican* My visited them 400 years before Cortes Unded, and taught them the arts of clvi1: zed life, or is It a humbug' Probably the latter. T>'h!tk Mount aim Minks ?Several of the mines bis section sre now worked with success The old Franoonia iron mine, in which the ore was a magnetic oxide, has been reopened and furnaces , have been erected About 4 tons of charcoal Iron, , of very superior quality, worth there from S4U to .'jO a ton, are turned out daily. At Warren another old mine has bee a successfully reopened, the or J there Is an agentlfereus galena, and ts found in large quantities, about 8,000 tons have been got out At tlrst tremollto and copper pyrite were obtained. and below this occurred the lead ore Over three pounds of silver, on the average, are on mi ilea rrom a ton of ore, worth SdO a pound. Beside the greater value of the lead, this ore In Mexico would be considered worth working for lis stiver alone, and would be rumunerailve even with the rude apparatus of the miners. Pusctcatios.?The following inscription was con pied from a beautiful and costly marble tombstone, which etanda in the cemetery of Genesee, in New York: ' Bless rrt are they that die In the Lord for they rest from their labors. Eternal rest give to him O Lord and Let perpetual llirht ihl?? upou blm from th? gates of hell, deliver hlaaoal. O Lord may be rem In peace O Lord hew my prayer and let my anpplieatlon come unto thee. Amen/*' The Inscription la partially relieved of I to ambiguity by intrenching the deceaaed "him" with a ptrtod, commencing the word ''from" with a caf itai letter, and removing the comma whtch la pUnted against "the gate* of hell." Th?s Troy whig truita it will be done. So do we. Few men ooald real In peace under the weight of aoch a ' fcuoUire A Diaxom W MBDiae n Bt Lovia ?'Tharta**' haft a diamond wedding In 9t Loula. "The occhu?*. *** - -r?- T -j y?aeaamni*??a or the beailtyf brwath, itaa Cubloa of >t. Louia that kail rnf wo w?gmgntdaftdet ?e root. The groom vrm Mi. Dtmik A tmbmw, a necwfa" merchant, and the bride Mtm /ulla Churchill, a Kentacky befit. Tbt Jenlnwof the 8t. Lout* Denju rraH, after a.coItunn of Interne description alfbe fi?b! oaable compaaf tad tL? aceoe 1a the church, gi?<-? u*a ml mite ar count of thobtlde'adrea*. and add*: "A magnificent brooch, campoatd a cluater of a eve a teen Ur?? dlamonda, the fUtairt alone V ,Iued at ?1.?U0. aparkled upon the frorttlaplece of tb? berth*. corresponding rich diamond earrfn"? refloated Ue Wl colored ray*of the rainbow, aa the fall wearer moved *p the alale." IT7" In New York, on Monday evening aboat *oVlockr a. young v*imi mmei Mary in* Johnion. aevente^n yonra of age, waa attempt!if to B'U Maid Iwpt whM the con ten It caaght Ore, burttioe bar so aawaly that aba dl?i la a few Boa* afferward. 17* ^M* Joaea, don't you thing BiarrUga to a ?><*" ?T,?rnee*" "Certainly; anything la n< meant of grace that lea da to repentance " Exit Jones, working In the lend of a oreom hnndlo. EDUCATIONAL. Tpbmalk education. HOPE Parent' who wish their daughters to receive a thorough aprt systematic education, where their ph? ?ca; t.ainmz wi.l receive daib and special attention, tinder then.ost approved i?j?temofCalinthenic > and Gyiun*?tie?, ar??-re?pectfully invited to visit the Union Female Aoademy, corner Fourteenth at. and New York av. mr. x mrs. z. richards, au3Mtf __ Principals._ Female boarding and day school, ALEXANDRIA. VA. Mra. S. J. MflCORMICK, Principal. The thirteenth annual session of tb> ? Institution will eommonoe on Tuesday, September 18th, in the house r*o?ntly ooonpied by Sylvester Soott, Esq., V r, Ion Ifi? >.??. a ? -*? w mm? u n ?-? The course of study pursued will comprise all the branches requisite to a thorough English Education, an<l Music, F.eucn, l.atin and Drawing, il famed. In addition to day seholar*. Mrs. MoCormick is trepared to receive a limited number or pupils as oarderw, who, constituting a cart of her own family, will be uruler hsr immediate care and supervision. She will endeavor, as lar as possible to surround them with the ooniforts and kindly influenoes of Home. Kt/ermct.s.?Rev. Geo. H. Norton, Rev. Dr. Ellas Harrison, Rev. D. F. Spring, William H. Fowle. Esq., Edgar dnowden, Esq , Rdround F Witmer, Esq., Henry Marbufy, E?q , Lewis MoKenz e, Esq , Robert H. Hunton, E*q . W D. Wallach, Editor Evening Star, Benjamin Waters, Esq.,Jas. Entwisle, Jr.. Baa.,Col. John W.Minor, Loudoun, Messrs. Blaokloo\ 4. Marshall, Messrs Corse Brothers. Tkxms. Board, with Tuition in all the English Braaohes, 42t*for the annua) session?payable semi-annually, tu advance. Musio and Langua 's at Professors' prices. irr No extra oharges. au 2?-tf PLAIN KIEL!) ACADEMY, (Ntii Carlisle. Pa.i Twenty ninth session (20 week*) com"-encn No vember 5th. A family school for Twenty-five Sood boys, for whose comfort and improvement le time and energy of the Principal is devoted. Entire expense 9*5. C roular* at Star Office. To (111 a few vacancies caJI at KTrkwoods' from 3 to 5 p. m.. October 18 and 19; or address R, K. Bl'R ?!*, Princpal and Proprietor, Piainfiela Cnmberland county. Pa. ge36-eolm ^KORGelTOWN FEMALE SEMINARY. *j (Fubmerlt Miss L. s. English's.) A BOARDING AND DAY SCHOOL. The dutioa of this Institution will he resumed on the fir lit Monday in September next. The course of instruction embrace* all that is taught, from the rudiments to the most highly fin isnoil education. The corps of teachers, W>n in number, are enitSentiy qualified awl experienced in their several epartraent* Lectures Friday evenings on the Natural Bcienoes without oharge to the pupils. Circulars ma? he obtained by addressing the Principal, MissmTj. HaRROVER,Georgetown, D.C. au g-eoSta Mrs. m. e. kingsfords seminary, 416 E St.. washi>gto^, D. C. The next aesamn will commence October lat,18G0. Terms, Ac., forwarded on application. au 15 tf AUCTION SALES. By J. C. MoGUIRE k. CO.. Auctioneers. Elegant antique carvkd paris Cabinet fuasitfk, spuhpid 6ilt Aiiu uRV.IL, B n A.ITIL ULOCKt l^AIfSKLABKAS 47VD Caillisticks to xatcu, (jrisen and Got d Dk??KRT ?krv1c?, Bokkmiaji Ul.ass Wilt, Feeich China Dinner ahd Coffer Wari, Gai I'htii'iliirit. Mirror*. Carpbt*, On THURSDAY MORNING. November 1st, at lOo'olook, in the apaciou* (a'esroom of C. Woodwar ' Uui d ng*. three door* w?t of the auction room*. < where the artiole* have been arranged for ouuvanionoe 01 f&.M W? snail Mil lilt I*'umitur6 and h fleets of >1 rs. Theodosia Str other, whioh was all purohased in Paris, oomsrisiog? Suit of solid Oak Antiaue Carved Library Furniture, oonsittinc of &ora? two Arm and lour JMdt Chairs, two Bookoaeee, Writing and Consolo Tables, all exquisitely oarved; and oost #1,500, Sitii; i>anark Covered Easy and Fanoy Chain, Waln?t Morooeo Covered uining Chairs, Oak C&ne-seat Oin ng and Rush-seat Chairs, Rosewood and Walnut Marb e-top Tables, Four elegant Giit Frame Mantel Mirrors, Oua very large Pier Glass, Paintings and Kncravmgs, HaH'isome Hosewo<id sal Walnut Secretary and Writing Desks, Whatnots. Mirrors. Fron. Wardrobe, Dressing Table, Spe,.uni Oi.t lias Chan ie'iers and Fixtures, Walnut Elizabethan and Jenny i ind bedsteads. Handsome Full ?.al> Dressing Bureaus, Washstands and Commodes, Feather Beds, Hair Maitresses, Bolsters and Pillows, Blanke's, Sheoting, Toilet Sets, Boautiful Dan ask. Chintz and uit Curtains,Cornice, Shades and Fixtures, Soli:! Oak Extension liming TaMes, M ai ble. top Oak fidetioard. Etagere, SuperbGreen and Gold Bohemian Glass Dessert Service, oost jJ8uO, Handsomely De< orated Freuoh China Dinner Des seit and Coffee Service, RiohCrjstal out Glass Ware, Silver p ated Castors. Waiters, Castors, Cake Ba?k?U, Tea Sets, Spoon* and t orks, Elsgant Bowl, Cand estioks, Cm i a vw?av Vll?l I f 4 l-WUIII, OB , Velvet, Brussels and Ttiree pir Carpet#, Together with a general Assortment of Household R?qiiut?i, Terms: ?*) ana under oath; over that nmi oreriit of60 ami 9o days. lor satisfactorily endorsed ucte* toariu* interest. P. S.?Catalog ues will be lesuej a few days before sale. op 81-d J. C^MoGUIRE A- CO., Auota. By J. C. MoUU'RK k. CO.. Auc'ione?rs. I^X rF.NSIVK SALE OF FURNITURE AND J K r r ac r x or C*hpaku'.? Hotel ? On MONi?aY MORNING. Novembers: CJmm-noinr at 10 o'clock and o? ntinu'nr unt:l tho whole la disp<t}ed of, we ?h*il ?->!l the entirs Furniture and Etfeota of "C?sparis'i? Hotel,' on south A street, oppoaito tlm Capitol Parle, comprising the Buroiture, to , of fort* rooma, viz: ah'>c%ny hair aprinr-eeat Solas, Rookera, Arm hairs and Parlor Ofcairt, Ma'bla-top (Centre, aad side Tab'ea, \l%hogaoy Cord, Breakfast, and Writing Tables, Uiit-frame M ant*l and Pier Glasses, Uafn*ak and Ciiiatz Curtains, Laoe Curtains and Cornice, Can ?seat Chairs, I#our.ges, Easy Chairs, Ruati-aeat Chairs Fanor Tablea, VVa'nut, Mahoianr. and aolid Cherry Frenoh Beds'eads, of Braily's make. Walnut and Mahogany .Varble top Dressing Bureaus, Mahogany and Painted Wardrobes, Waahstands, buporior Feather B da. Hair aud Husk Mattrtsaea, Bolat-ra and Pillows, Excellent Blanketa, Comforts, Spreads, Uarct quautity of bbeeting, Table Olotka aad Towels, Bras?*le, Three fly, and Ingrain Carpeta, Qiloloth. Matting, Crash. Ae . Cm .a. Glass, and Crookcry-ware. Taoiei;uti?ry, Blook-tin Ware, Castors, Waiters, Refrigerator, Htiv?? of various kinds. Alio, one very superior Billiard Tablet Bv-room Fixtures oonrioiefe, Together with a lar*e ate >rlm?nt of Household Frfeots not necessary to enumerate. P Toe Hunae. whteh it on* of the most oomplete for its sise in the oity. is for rent, lnqaire on tin premises or of the Auctioneers. oc84 4 J. C. MettUIRK * CO., Aoota. By J. C. MoCUIRE k. CO.. Anotioneera. SI 'UPERfOR ROSEWOOD SEVEN-OCTAVE ' Piano Font, hikmomi Ft*mmi i?d ochskold krricts at PrBLIC Acctios ?Ob ONDAY MORNING, October ?th,at 10o*pi'k, at the rasidenee of R. J. I a*key, Esq . No 191 (i street, between 19th and 2uth ats . we shall sell bia t urmtur# and Household FOota, opmprieinj? m^uvT a??awm MTn-oouTt fiano Forte by KMohrnbftok k Son. Elegant ??it of Walnnt Far!?r Furniture, finiahed in Bin* and Gold Broo- telle, and oona aticg of 2 Sofaa, j I arte Arm and 6 Parlor Chaira, foaawood and walnut Marble top T&'ile*. *o aet? Oamaak an-t* Cartaina, Cornioe, Silt Mantel Cloelr. Chira Vase* and Ornament!, ** Chandelier, Walnut Whatnot, Gilt Frame Mirror*, Mahogan* Bo- kcaae, Mahojanr Secretary, Corner Bookstand, Do Hair-Mat and Ruah seat Chain, Velvet, Medallion ani Breaaela Carpeta, Hall Hat Tree, uama*k Lounge, Kaolinin* and Eaay Ch*ira, Stair Carpet*. . Mahocan. Sideboard. Kxteaaion Dining Table, Ow Frenoh Dining and Arm Chaira, French Chiva Duupr and Tea Sarviea, Table Cutlery, w altera. Ca?tor, fca. ,? ,; Walaat Jeon? i^pU iiedauad. <r Enamelled Cottage Set, Shad? and Curtain*. Hair and Husk Maktr?faee, Bolsters and Fillowa, Irfrifwato;,Cooking Stovaaod Fixtures, ., r Open rate and Air tignt Store*. Together with tha aauai aeeortment of Kitohen Term*: ?*> and under oa*li; over that ?um a or edit ofWand 90da}?. foe ?ati-IhctorUr *i.dur?*4 bo>v bef'infintereet. ,, . P. S.?The House it for rest. Inquire of the A??"SSI" 1. O. M.8UIKB A CO, A?H. WcHSe2S? ejl othenr rbSiiScsngsififfsWIW ike year It19 and ha* made and east out oyer M,nM Ifianoa. if tou want a reliable Piano oalt aed look at the??. JOHNP. KL.L.J?, oett ana p< ??>- ? ?? ?-1? SMITH'S. Bwnth at. i CARRIAGE FACTORIES. WASHINGTON CARR1A6K FACTORY, " b Strt*I, Bitiet.m ?fA and 10U Struts. We h&v? ju?s finidiftd a numNr of firtt olMt CARRIAGES, auoh U Litkt Walnm. P 1 BL-. > " T 1 " .. ? f 4 * X rfl771 UV * tail!, <mu< But net, wluoh we will Mil itJCaC ? ver? unall profit. fcnipi practical mechanics in different branches of tlio busiuesi, we fl&tfr ourselves that we kno* the styles and quality of work that will five sAtf faoUon, combining lightness, oonifort and durabin Repairing promptly and oarefnMy attended to U?<t snorteet notice and most reaaocable charges. WALTER, KARMANN A fiOPP. Coaohmakers, succossors to Wm, T. Hook. ap 87-dly T CARRIAGES. HE Snbseriber nannj made additions to M iaoioiy, making it now one ol the largest^JPafeA in the District, where his facilities fmsBwR jlinutneturmr CARK lAfi K A WAGONS of ail kinds oannot be surpassed, and from uis lone eiferwnoe in the Justness, he hopes to rtv* general sr.tiafaotton. itii rinaa ?i otrri*f ea &k4 Light Wifoia ktft > UA4. All REPAIRS neatly 4?n?,nninU tritri ;r?H 4 nttecdnd to, K?c?n4-i*n4 Ukmisexohftue !ora?v ?f*. ANDREW J. JOYCE, * H-H MTMrtf MUud Rata. DENTISTRY. \f TEETH. 1*1 LOOMIS, M. D., the inventor and patentee oftlMI M IN Kit AT. PI.ATI.-. TEETH ?? . tends at hit olfio* in this citj fTgJ Many person* can wear these teeth who*** ' TJ canB<>t wear o'hers, and no person can wtar others who cannot w*ar these. P*rsous calling at my officeoan be accommodated with any style and price of Teeth th?y may desire; but to those who are particular and wish the puwsU oleanest, strongest, and most perfect dentare that art oan produce, the MINERAL PLATE will be moronity w?rrarted. Rooms tn this oitr?No. 339 Pa avenue, between 9th and 10th sts. Also, 907 Arch street, Phiiadet plua. oo lS-tf D DENTAL CARD. *. M"NBON Has returned and returned hit profession. ?'ffioe and honse at 463 E third door east of Sixth. In addition t MSSv every o'her approved style. Dr. M. has sei^*'''p teeth on vuloanite Base for the last th'ee years and, from exp?yip,,ce> knows it exoe.s all others. a~d i? oce-thfni leg* in price than gold. His old Catrous of \\ a<h>agton, Alexandria, and George">wu are respectfully solicited t'? eall. mi 25 eoly D DENTISTRY. R. BILL9, after a practioa: test of two years feels that he nan with confidence reoom-^a^ mend the Cbeopiaetio Process for insertingfl|fl?9 artificial teeth It has the advantages or?*" strength, beanty,clean.mess, and cheapness. Pal i.nn.'.J. , f? m> -- - -rrv< rcrnai in proportion* Omoe 308 Pa. aToana. Ml JUST RECEIVED, AT SMITH'S. A lot of GENTS'S UNDERSHIRTS AND DRAWERS, from auction, whioh he will Mil very low. oo 18 lm PIANOS. PIANOS?The largest as?orttnent of Piauoa, Mo.ixieona, Guitar a, Vio-wwta lina. Bangora. Best Italian String*. Ac jT u JW eordeons. Fiutina*, Cocoertinaa.Flniea.' ? ? ? Ft en, Flageoi'tta, Olai lonett*. R-asa Iratrumenta, Dra na.and every variety of miulcal ware, atao an immense f too It of Sheet M u*io, Mn?io Hooka and Operas, for ??verv instrument at the Muslo St<>re of W. G. MF.TZKROTT, eorner of Pa.av. and Uth street, bole AK'nt of Stiinway 4 S<>n'a Baton Raven k. Co 'a and Knabe A Co.'a Pianoa. 00 2i tf STOVES! STOVES!! STOVES!!! 1 have on hand a largo a*aortinfnt of Cooking and other >tnv?a whi?K I will *u~? ^ ? . ?, w ?(ii *cn uncopci 11tail an? other house in the Diatriot. as it ia inj <7^ intention to cloae them nnt. Call and aee.^gaV and then judge for yourae.ves. C. 8NYDKR, mc <* Ne?t door to tVa Star Offioa. JJ MUSICAL NOT.CK. HAVING Been induced to acoept the posi'lonof or*amat at *t. Aloyuun Charon in thiscit>, )S(j I have determined to remain during the eiiau-feBg ins winter, and sh*ll ba happy to render iny?a? Brirf*asionai aervices to tnose who may require lem. T. N. CAU1/F1EI-D, Profeaaor of the Organ, Piano Forta, and Sing in*. For particular* as to terras, A<s , inquire at the Music Depot of JOHN F. ELLI3, Pennsylvania avenue. ocS-lm* QjQg NOTICE! NOTICE!! aww .lira. rii,i,i.r.n. i nvue* inn ol WiiKtunetun and vicinity t<> her Grand Opening of Fashions'i e KM.Land WINTER BONNkTS, on Fri'laj and Saturday, 5th and 6th instant, when she wi'l t>e happy t > have ladies noine and examine her *tock ol (jondt, as sh? ha? a v?ry handsome st..ek of FEATHERS. FLOWERS, DRESS TRIMMINGS. HKA? DRESSES, CLOAKS. SHAWLS, EXTENSION SKIRTS, CORShTS of all sixts and prices, an] a very large stock of EM BROIDERIES. A.e .kc. oo 4 No 34 Market Spao*. bet. Tth and 8th ata. HATS AND CAPS. 1 have now on hand a oninplet* assort-^^ mant nf tf/uuU in flirt Krti?a Iisia ?-l- -l- * : ..v... v,, ... ...v I/VTV nil", ?v WIIIUU I IDVIie th>* attention of my patron* ami the citizens of t.'je District genera!1} Great care liavmc l>een ta!f?n in th< selection, I oan present to my cuklotu*rs thw greatest variety to b? found in the city. The ?tock comprise* every fctvle now in v<?i;ue in New Y?irk. Al?o, Mhw?' and Chrdr<*n's FANCY HATS of entirely new shape*. Ladie*' RIDING HATS. Children'* CAP* of every <l?>soriptio<>. Gentlemen's HATS and C ? PS. A'so, a fine a* sortment of UMBRKI .L.AS. Wj I-KI!f ? CANES, Ac,, Ac. J AS. V. DAVlff. Kvter, oe 12-2w (I?t ? Con ) late To.1J & Co. rnsFmm notice! E2?\S I wi?h all fentiemen tl \ to bear in mind that ftjEfV the plan which I ^ RIZ ymrs ato 0f itellioz at BOOTS si *i y re nuoea prices lor eaah u in successful operation. Jnat received a full ?upp!y ol the latent New york atylea of uk ess Ha is. The very fine?t Hat 58 50; a first rat* ?<at *3; an?l very (ood.fli'hin able Hat 425ft. Ail of th? latfiit style* of soft HATSaud CAPS,at the very lowest prioea. I am constant* supplied with a very lar*e stock ef those fine DRESS BOOTS at ?3.7^?which I have heen selling for many years?a* ell as the v?ry heat qiHil t* of Pat nt) .e?U?er G AITKRS at 5354, Fine French Calfskin Gaiteri froin 52 to 52 5it. Terma caah : no extra oliarge in order to offset l?ad debts ANTUO.NV, Agent for the Mann faeturera. Seventh atroet, bat store from the oorner, opposite Avenue House, No. d40. ae 14- 3m , | A DIES', MIS8F.S, I AND CHILDREN'8 HATS. The most el- _ ecantand lar geat?t?okever 5^ J > *jffl offered, aii Kr^ ap^ mw an<i jnst >%it>-" opanadto iiay. r*-^*"?; Parents will K&m.--<--jrilM, find it to th?ir i iii4 '^^3^ m in?'Mt to oMl f and xamiue ijg- x!mgW5!^MWB ?iy "tock.aa I z? hall Mil at UU*1L t''1, ' mall profits. """ , v **" HOPKINS, oo 15-2 7 oornor ef Sixth it. aed Pa. av. 10ft BA^K8 COTTONJ-APV ? ror sale at factory Prices. 5" pair fin* Bed Blanket*, all ?ii*s, ? 2i)0 pair Viae. Brown, Grey and White Blaakets for servants. Sf> piPce?6-4 Fulled Cloth* of the best kind, an do plaid Linsey, all wi<Uh?, _ 1(10 do Blue and Orange Osnai>urj?, Calijo. With mtny other desira'ile goods, all. of whjoh will be sold *t the very lowest pno?i W'e solioit a call from all persons ta want of Dry Good*. WAL ft. Rlf.EY A BOTH KB, No. 4? Central tjtores. Between ?th and 8th street, oo U-lOt Opposite Center Market. NO TIOR ; *t*oyAL.... n?r?DT noiur my oo?iemer? and Ike aiilitv-in feitaral th*t I h?*e r???vji to .No 349 Seventh vttoet. Cttv*? door* from M?*. av?uue.) where I ?4i^J4 keep eenetantl? on hand * 1*1 e assortment of FOAbION Mil DO M KITTC OJRY GOODS. HOMERYTP'ANjCY AETICLK&, ,MlLLLl??R^.f.p.. Nev Good* received 'wfceklf. . A^rfewi .> M.o?..hi.. io vnifl;,AW, B. HALL , ISRAELIN?. _kM1, v:' Wheleaalaaad R?-eil D?ele?sia fine KAMILY-' OROCEKlKa. TKAS, WINES, and ehoiee Lf(JUoESof elf kiada. A fr"?h i*f^k JlJ* 'XT^i S cxt JSUfftr 7 oentc per pound. C? 1 at I?? *34 7tfc f Irect, between D and Looimanaav. oe k-tf h*RCHANT TAllOniTfO. EW FjSi**vtbfeVZf^NGST1 WALL. STAMENS A Pwm*TJLvt"r ma Avenue, tave ju*t reeetv^r^.kw*? with ef /^I uM* urin on tin k w n a*noi * * i? CArTnov' nirTA A41*/ vv?ij oaii t W* on hand; ?] ?, mide to onler at the ahortMt ooti?e HEir wor* r*pwr*d or taken in exoii*n??. oo 3 3m GEORGETOWN ADVERT'MTS A?aB MANTLK8! A?ABMANTLK8! UlHKI T FROM A VCTlOy, J'kick 6 am?) h Collars. H?iiik Le.?? Tfcaq <'o?t of Also, sevt.sT lot* of RRAI. tilMPL'RK C?LLA RS, fit 3', V>. 63, T$ and n o?nt?. worth 4oaM? Courtou;er't owcbrswd Kul ttlores, at 75 o?nu a pair. A very ch*ap lot of Eoibruidsrrd Trimmiscs. eacn a* Cawbrio UauJ?, Dimiij Bands, Camnrie Edgings and lnc*rtinrs, 1 IN ENDLESS VARIETY- ! Toc?th?r with a rood aaaortoHiot of 9hirt Fronts at 1HX OSEt*. Whiata ia rn# *r*ai?at h?*.la ? < offered. A.ii>i a i' tut su?ok of Ladies' Dress Goods. < Men's and Boys' Wmt, ami a great variety of ' other good* equally si ete^pfail at the right place?No. 11T (south aid*) ? c-B...utman, j 98 BfeiWm'sn 98 ! L O W K T P R I C K # * 1 S PI L.MAN * UUN T. 98 ttndc* straM, M*?m Washington and Congress, are now rrrsa"?1 to shov their well se.ect-d stock of DRE*8 GOODS. DOMESTICS, *o. Their store <the olii stand of H. K. Berry) having bca remodaliad aad fitted up ] in the most thorough mauner, th?y possess faculties unequaled in the District lor the proseoutKn of a general Drr Goods Business. They respectfully invit* a eall from the oitiiens oi Georgetown ' an'* vicinity. oc8-'m JUHT Rh.OKlVK.D10 hhds. prime Porto Rioo SUGARS, ISO bbla. ti,d Rye \V HI:- K V, asobbls. HERRING and ALEWIVES, ! 60 bb:s. <"rushe?i and Refined "UGARS, 30 bags Rio and Java COFFEE, lOhhds.ilow puce-h MOLASSES. For sale hr JOHN J BOGI E. se 10 CEANDBLL. g; Has constantly on iiacd a large assortment of Frvcch Near-sighted, Pariacopio. f"t- ?- ? ?? ar?d. *.nrt a.1 nlh??|lPPT?(f ia ? - ? ?, ?? ? ? - wuvi w m. M-M v/ a * > uCiC| UI the t e*t 4u&,itr, in cold. ?ilTer. eteel.aad Gentiac ilver framed. N. B. Old Frame* Repaired and htcmih ?et in them to order. no t?lj \f A?*EY. COLLINS A CO.'S PHILADELLtI PHIA DRAUGHT A LB.?We are oon?tantfy reoeiving freeh euppiiM of the above delight fa' beverage, ami invite all ptmni who want a pore in adalteiated Ale, to iive it a trial. ARNY A 9HINN. Agenta, fill AT firm Bt.. Georgetown. dr j h McLean sSTRENGTHENING CORDIAL A>I? BLOOD PlHiriEK THE GREATEST REMEDY i* the WORLD, and the moat Delicious and ?* ^ CORDIAL k irietlj a aciJBIU1 \jr fruit and vtftw LgjJjTm bl* Coaipoiii4, proiQJxJ '-?r?4 th? diauila!jV. U" 'f mxi. Mrb?, H.< ^ BgvV I'<1 h?rk< Ttllcw Mi TB ~V9Mk Pocl, 84-*>d Root, fHK B'ick Ro/?t, (impi tilU, ?rltd Ckfrrf VP ?V|f B>rk. and Dandelion I muri luto iw cp? im . Tat *oor? aetir? c \ r?rotdi?l pria'.iplo WoretaIdBft?;;%^^^?Ukiig. i diatiliinc, prodacmf ? itiicloM, t ?hii.r*tinf tpirti, *od tb? moat infkUlbU rfm?lT fnt "i.o*?Uuj tfet fmuit ?r*t?n, tud rotorinf fh? Mtk. i?ff?n?r. ?< dobilitttod Invalid ( kidth a>d HiHfOi. MeLEANS STREKGTHEfflKQ CORDIAL j Will ccrt Li?tr Co-npUint, Dynu^ii, Jaaa- , diet, Cbroaic or N?r?o?o Dtbihty, UiMwti of Ut Kidnap, , ana an ataaataa anting 'rent a oiuraerad Li<tr or Stomach, . Ojtpfpaia, HiirtMn, Inward Pilet, A-iditr or SieknaM of tht G'onia, Fallnttt of Blood to lb* Head, Doll Paid or Uwimrnlng in tht Hca4, Palpitation of th? Htar', Pall:, tea jr Weight in tht Stomach. Soar Emcvuoni, Oofctng or SafTocaung Fctltne wb?? Urine down,Drynaaa or YailaWutta of the Skin and Eyea, N'ighlSweaU, In ward Ft*era, Piin lu the Small of lb* Back, Uhett, or Side, Sodden Fluah'a of Real, Dapraaaion of Spirita, Frightfal Dr t anat, L-ngaor, Dttpc1.Jt1.c7 nr tar i.traoua dittatt. Soraa or tloi'hn on tht Skin, and Ft?er and Ague (or Chill* and "T'r ) OVER A MILLION BOTTLES ha?t baan acid daring tht Utt til mootht, and la so io tanet hat it failed in r"?inf court ta'itfactioo. Who, then, J will aclTer from Wckaett or Debility whit McLEANU STRENGTHENING CORDIAL will care you 1 No Imrwf can con?er an adaqnata idaa of tht lmiaedi ate and almoat iriracaloo* ehanje prodneed by taking thie CoHisi in the dneaeed, debilitated, and ebattered nervosa e yet em, whether broken down k^nciN, vuk by nature, or laipairad by cckoua, the relaxed and naatru&f MffauiKUas ! restored to in pr>etine health and eifor. i MARRIED PERSONS or otbera, eonaeiooa of inability from whatever cam, will od MCLEAN'S STRENGTHENING CORDIAL a thorough regenerator of the ayaum; and all who ma* ha?e 10 )vr*4 then-eel?ei by improper indulgeneea will ind la Una Cordial a ctrma and apeeay remedy. TO THE LADIES. ' McLKASfl STRENGTHENING ( OKDIAI. a ?^ tlln ud ?p?i4; cart far Incipient CouilnpUM, White*, Obstructed or Dtlfeill Menetraation. Incontinence of Una* or lnTolBiitAry Discharge thereof, Fniliif of Ik* Womb, ' Gtddiueu, Fainting, u? ail dututi incident la FtatUt. 4 THERE IS NO MISTAKE ABOUT IT 8uffer 119 looker. Tike it aceordmr to direction*. It viM < eumelnte, etrengther, ei.d invigorate job and ?ih tt? ( bloom of health to moont nil cheek ifiia. ?verj bottle ia warranted to g'*e aatiefnetion. tOR CHILDREN ' If roar children are eicklj, pour or aflictad, McLJCAN"S I CORDIaL wilt make tLero health/, fat, and roLuat. DeUy not a ui?>i??uti UJ it, and job will ia Couemced. It ia <t- I licione toul*. CAUTION. B?war* of drncflu* or dealer* who may uy to palir ?P'? , you aoine biuer or aartaparilU tr?ah, which they cm toy cheap, b? M'inf II u ) ? u rwd. Avoid sue .*!.. Ak . for MCLEAN'S BTRENUTHEMNli C0RD1A>L, and tale J othiof ale*. It is lb* im.1t remedy that will portly liie J Blood thoroughly od at the lnn< time *tr*nfth*u the On* teaepooiilul taken e' ery rnortiinjj faauajr it a certain preventive for Cbclera, Chili* And Fever, Yellow Fever, or toy prevalent dieeaa*. It i* pn: tp In larre bov.lee fnce , only 91 ptr bottle, or 6bott:** for ?5- f. H McLEAN, Sole proprietor oI thu Cordial; aloa, McLean's Voleaiuc Oil Liniment Principal Depot an the corner of Third and J ii.e luitu,St. Uoait, Mo. McLean's Volcanic Oil Liniment, J (THE BEST LINIMENT IN THE WORLD) Tht oaly safe and certain enre for Caaeera, PUra, To- I mora, Swelling* and Brooclula or Cotuo, Paralyaia, Nearalpa, Waakuaaaof the Muaelea, Chronic or Ini ? aarm-lacy I j Rheamaiiioi, Stiffneu of tbo Joint*, Contracted Maecle* or Lif amenta, K?r*che or Toothacfce, Brni*e*, Spraina, Freak Cot*, Worm da, Ulcer*, Fe?er Sore*, Caked Bread, Sore Nipple*, Barua, Scalds, Sore Throat, or anv iuAamnatio* or Cia, no difference how Mirer* or loof the due*** mat ? <? <! Mi l.KaKl f-ri r.Warrn i iv:?vct t certain remedy. Tk'wutl of hiaug biiifi have b?cn eaved a life of die 4 crepttuda and fmecry by th? m? nftha ianluMi remedy. McL EAN'S VOLCANIC OIL LINIMENT , Will raliare pa la a I too* t inatantjaeoaaly, and it vUi cleaa, ' port/7 and kul the fonleat aoraa la aa lacradibta ?*ort uai. FOK HORSES AND OTHER ANIMALS. . McLEA?fS CELEBRATED LINIMENT ? Ik* nh 1 and reliable remedy for the care of Sparia, R ncboaie, Wiadfal'a, RpMnte, Unnatural l.caope, Nodaa or 8?elllrn It ?inr foiled to ear* Bi; Haad, Pellevil, Piitili, ifld . Running Soree, or ?w?tnj, if properly applied. I'or ' Spraica, Bruieea, B:rafkn, Cracked Httla. CWta, Saddta or Collar Q^lta, Cat*, Spree. or Wocndi, itiaaa infallible remedy. Apply it aa directed and a car* ia certain 1a every Then tnle aa lonjrer with tbe quay verthleee Uuintafi 4 offered to yoa. Obtain a aapply of Da. Mt l.CAN'G CELEBRATED LINIMENT It wirt cure yoa. J. H. McLEAK, Sole Proprietor, Corner Third and Piue eta., 8t. Loaii, Ma. J CHARLES HTOTT, 376 Pa. a*., ewle areui in W .taking tan; R, 8. T. C188EL, Georgetown. eeMDAWly GC HOOL AND COLLES K OUTFIT*. Youth*' and Boy*1 Clothing for School atid Dress Wtar. Parent* and mardian* wiahiM to famish th?r 1 ohiidren and ward* with School ?rd Coil'r* Outfits for the coming etmaoo, are invi'-td to examine oar J present large and exten*ive aeeortment BO YK* CLoTHINtf ,Vttere the; ou fit out their ohildrei of a'.I sixes in a few momenta with ever* deeorip , tioc of iU?dr inad* Garments, vf ? betaotiai and ' durable ?u?lity. at ?ery moderate pncia WALL, STJRPHINS * co~ an?-ti a?? Peaa. anaw. QoUeKKBKPfNG AMD StoSg^SSroSffwi affisst. T krU-frnaiMaaot to wry iiM-0?bam, tt?? t> P >ine?tif*. 61* it ham-, Pillow C*?e uiitoaa and Linen*. DnnnarA. Dickinaan'*, Bar hi we. Otiari?> ? k Co *ai?* jUS?rd*aa?? Irish itfneaa ta ail qaalt- | tiea.ailof *in*k we will ttiayoee mf an the h?et J IfriM, * i OC 16 <TAV1X>? ft BWCiinnn. a ; . and t 4 DEALER IN FAINT*. t 1 M4t. Tth gTE??T. m*r Odd FtUtms' % HniL Mt-tf - FITTTY If* DOWN. > '*? i A b*Mtiful?rticl*,??ual liinrtriui tepatoat j ?ii-tr ndjo itMj Kndit mmi I WOOD aO$P5?bl c u a l ?. ??8 PA. AT.. BkSg WOUTI WUh \ J^WUrffco^j1 THE* WEEKLY STAB Tkii nMUMt Family Mi Nm JovmI-m aumi&c ? crtaUr rartatj of laUraatiat r^flag ikaa o?a ba foaad la aay athar-u pabtutad as Tuat-OuA, fa?ari?>?,? atfraau. I _^=====? ?aara%s?g|g ? 9) Mr * * ?f 7%t wmMtBfc?r will 'sznzsz to t?n?nlli Uaou(ko?t Ut? 00?J*7. FOB SALE AMD BENT. cortAtaiiu rooflM. wit* ni. rlMMWi aitaAM^ on Hth ?tr??t north. b*tw??ti M Ml N atrMto; r?M rSfeB^yafes Wh awj l3th?tr??U " W FOR A ?*..? AK.M ftl tt? Litti# Ft. h*Tip4 a ouiuiv rubic^vcUinc-kobm, eorn bo?mi. t?Ww, 4c ; wli h?o?< n?d wmtcrw!; within frmr mflw of WMkinf toa ; M urN In o?Itiration, U* ha law? in h>n<iw? woeiIwl" E'OH KKMT-Tk* FIRbI KLiOOK <A Lk? tmu*nitr. wsfi^agryas g?a5 LoikukMHM. - ? - THE OVLY PMPAJLATIOM WOBTBY Or CNIVEIISAL CON FIDSNCE A PATRON AOS FOR STATESMEN, JUDGES, CLERGYMEN. LADIES, mmd GENTLEMEN pkVrW ind (6aU?m?B of tM Pr?u v* iiuiiboci is lU praise. A few ttfstTmonluls only eti be km fHr}? Meoi'oai&r for iporo. ?n4 it wi.l bo im?oaait>ia tar 1 ou to doubt. r Win smiT. NFW Yoti, D? ? iMR. (i ml It mm: Voir not# nfth? 19th iiittat kM to rati r*. an 1 re^SMtlM mi oortlhoat* of (MM if I had do objection to (in it. 1 award It tojoa ohao'faUy. b?cauM 1 think tt da*. My M? > 30 Tear* , tfca oolor of mr ha.r aabarn, and taeliaad to oarl. Boaie In or aixvoar* amoaat be can to tarn cat. ana Lh? aoa'p en tb*<m>wa of ay tiaed toioaa lta ?en*ibi ity aad daodrafT to form upon It- Each of thaa* c aac'* a'u.itiat inorwaaad wit* tima, aad a boat 4 a*agth? mo* a fourth wai aaaed to them. by hair famine off the top of my head aad threateciaf to aUi ia? bald. In Una aoplr&aaat pradicaaaat 1 we* lataaed to try Wood'* Hair R**t<>ratiT?, maialy to erraat tha failiBf off of hit hair, for 1 had really ao ?x.par<ta tion that (ray natroou d rr?r ba raatorad to ft* original oolor excoat from draa. 1 waa. kn??? greatly eurprieed to fend, after the tit of two be* tlee oaly, 'bat nut oalv vae tne feihnc off arraeUd, hut the o?Ior vai eetored to th? fray hair* a ad enaibiiitr to the soalp anidandruff o*ai?<l to form od idt head, vary much to Uie f^aiifccetior or lay wife, at wfcoee eolieitatioa I wai iadee?.d to try it. For thie, amoDi the many obligation* I ova to her sex, I troDfly rrcorr."ieriJ al! eaaband* wfco va.De the ad mi retina of their viva* to proftt b* ary example, and nee it if fro win* gray or c?CtiB' natd. Very reeeeotfuiiy. Baa. A. I.i'*. Te 0.1. Wood k Co.. 444 Broad way. N. Y. My fkmi'y are abeeut froa the oity, and I aa ao IflBCir Ht Nft 11 PArrnl P 8iamA?Ton Ala., Jaly Vth, 1K9. To Pn??. O J. Wood: Dear St* Yo?r "Hair Restorative" baa done my natreo maoh tood hum [ ootnmenoed the a** of it. that I wish to aaka known to the public of lU effeou oa the hiur. wfeiah Me great. A man or woman ma? be nearly deprived of hair, and by a resort to your ?Hau llMtorMr*1 the hai r will retom mora beaetuai (*aa arar , at least thia ie my exparieaoa. Believe it ajj 1 Yoara tnilv, Wm. h. IC*FrrT. P. 8.?V'oa aaa pabUah the above if yoa like Br pabliehing in oar 8oa*bern papen joy will (at Bore patron&r* 8oath. 1 eee eevera. of roar oar U boa tee in the Mobile Mercury, a etroac Bovtbara paper. w. H Iikkt. WOOD'S HAIR RE8TOILATIT|L Prnor. O J. Wotd ; Ziwair Ktidi ud tba misfortnne to loae the beet portion of ay hair, frof the elfaota ol tba yeliow farm, i* haw Oneaee ta L*6l, 1 wae inCnoed to make a trial ofroar preaara don. and found it to aniwer ae tba vary tttac leeded. My bau- la now thiok aad gloaay. aM mi rordi oan expreea my obiifatioae to yoa In flvoaf io the affl 10 tec each a traaaara Fim.rr J own on. Tke Raatorattve ia pat ap la bottiaa tfUM aip. ris : targa, inadiuai and am*:!; the aa?aii kioM kali i pint, and retai l I->r one dollar par bottiej tha aaaIfum hold a at laaat m par ?eat. more ia propnetioa Kan the amall, retaila for two dollar* par b *tie ; he larire ho da a a*art,?0 per oent more ia propor ion, and retaila for #3 O. J. WOOD A CO., Propnatora, 444 Braairay, New York,and 114 Marketetreet. AcLoali, do. And aoid by all good Drug (lata and Faaar Ooo4a Paalera. ?? W ?olTVa XT. O. FL^?tJ T. . HT!WBWLL>? UHTVEitbAL COUUA JU&KXDY. For mil TkrotU and Lung Complaints, from Common Coughs to ActusU Cwmnifftaa. HUNNEWELL'S 1IIITLV (V r. > * a a > Tht Natural and Sure R&msdy for all H?r~ vow Complaints, From Neuralgia through all hum vkMOma m ever need to tk?t of Ti ??, MM 6 womoi ohief ouh of OiaeM* LX)S8 OF SLEEP, The Tola Anodyne, tLouth cvi.'-v .ug noliwae.e of Opium, produoee all ti?e r?fiirMmt? of, ind iimy h? ued in all oun whimw Qriu vm land wii;. 'iit produoing anrtkiBC bat Ciim, hi mviae the patient iu ? per i?*euy lateral iiaU. The X'nivwaa'. Cough KemeKjyTilreed from ?U iie pommon obiection of Oongk Remedies. wklon ?rod ace nausea or proetimtiocT' mar be twarfirM .be oonimon enemy to ail Throat aad Leaf Coallamta an/) ?-* wii^ aif?nl I an an nif* luia? ill to oonrt ^rorn proprietor* or ^fnettfa Um toon tevere inveabjrntion or both KemediM, nnd nmiic ?f our pamphLpU to he fnood with nil f?If. %*B Dur? partiraTar^r to p?rohnae our of thoae who ?b he dfpo&dod upon, we wwt in oonWIN th* leotaiona of P?in?tt and PnTetemna. "Piiom within reneb of a.l>' J. W. Hmiwu!ilHb<^?uiI S. C?uNnMl IV Barf, Bo?toc, 6 bo. HcmwiLL, 144 Water it-Sew York, I'nder the aaeciaJ anperaaioc ofioB^f L.. IHIVEWBLL.Chrmiot and Pfcarmneentiat, Boatoa, Hul,wIiom lunttv* ?n?wi tw fo'kaoflm [ niiM oaij, ud to whom nddmaeail wiiAtiOQlt hoidbjAll reepectabln dealer* mirvbw*.and Ul the Dracfiata In Wanhin<ton and Oaorietown. MrM-aM * T PROCLAMATION! O THE CP17KW or WASHINGTON, OBOEflKTOWN. A?. ZHOLEEA MoiW?.1"""1 *mmnm * ^ Tmr ^^.ouo, DYBENTEEY, rVSPE^SIA. DkBlLITY,4?.,*?? prevail to an alarwunc ax test: And ?ckrrtat, P'EBT CONSTEQUKNCB toarar? 'Tt?I"|uSKDY at o*oe 8V?, Spm4?. KMwtmu, UK. IIU.I UKUE, ow Pan, >f"T* k?iuuCULOl g, PAIN KILLS* I KM E D ? F OR1 T? In ordor to M?h U* no HrHt Medicine. THE MONETWIL1. RE k EFTNDED whm the mo4ioin?%Lu U>y? mOt* ?1'-ft1t~ "sratiSSrEsr* ?r ? rwrtm BMH F?rMl*al?ll Dm H?w ww j ?twfc riooa U?HTI * 5^iS??i5S?ts HF555$S35^a h?1? N?. * ? ?.

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