Newspaper of Evening Star, October 31, 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated October 31, 1860 Page 2
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IKK KVE1N1NG STAB. WAi-HLNGlON CITY: nEDXUUAV Ikwktr 31, 18M \piru ti ine The CWtttfwt.M further treats ?po? "Republl cin CoMervatiain " The lt> 'llig'm'fT qnotes from the Newberry (8 C ) ConttrcAtitt a dt liultion of the difference be lytm arceeaiou and miUiienilon, M follows: Pre??r4cm innh r*? vkoit ComstUmtim; nulllfl f *Uea g?*s only te annul a portion tf powtr rfht?r*<t hv the other fwtl?-s to tbe iustrument. JrMtr y< thf Constitution: nullification tmnrU i?? ab?ratlon? '' UTr" A R? pnUfoan club, numbering one hun dred tot-n, h '? been farmed la Portsmouth, Va C7" iVntTor Wade spoke it the w1gwm.n of the R..eky Mountain dnb In Brooklyn. N V., on Moedoy night, beforo a very large audience. JUT" The man that forged a check In the nomo of Bonner. of the Ledger, In New York, has been sentenced to flee year* imprisonment. Qj* 1 be abork of an earthquake was aenalbly felt by rbousanda In Rorheater, N. V., on tbe eve ning of tbe iftth Inat Divld R. JHchlaon, former U. S. Senator l>om Mlaannrl, baa taken tbe aturop for Breckln ridga and I^ne. He la bitterly hostile to Mr. Donglaa. The Hon. Jra?.? D Bright baa written a letter deny lug that he voted the republican ticket at tbe I nt election la Indiana, as charged by some of tbe DougUsites UJr-Mr. Van ^rbairk, tbe broker, who failed In New York on Saturday, was tbe confidential stock-agrnt of tbe Douglas men Tb> Ir losses are understcod to be enormous Tbe failure Is at tributable. no doubt, not to any disunion panic, but to tb'- unpromising prospects of Mr. Douglas. In New York a plan la in course of comple tion for a renovation of tbe borriblv locality of the Five Pnlnta By tbe sweeping expedient of constructing a new Park In that neighborhood, It ts stippoard to displace all the sinks of corrup tion which have made It tbe St. GllfS of New York A number of wealthy men are concocting the scheme, and will apply to the next legisla ture Un authority !o proceed Th* plan ia to raze all the buildings which now occupy the block boond^d by Kim, Grand, Mulberry, Croat aad Pearl streets. and to convert the entire area iDto a Public Park It ia thought that the increase in the value of property which 111 follow thia change will operate advantageously upon busl neaa, and that new and elegant lines of wars houses will occupy the quarter In which there I* row not a descent building except tl e two Mis sion House* Personal Capt W. T. Reynolds, U. S A., la at Kirkwooas'. Hon M R H .Garnett. Hon A R Boteler, and Gen. W. H. Richardson, of Va , are at Brown's Marshal Rynders has teen arrested In New York charged with a violent awault upon Mr. Wm Barney. - Capt Wilton, of the brijr Minnie Shlffer, tailed on Saturday from Boston for Mobile in bit gallant little craft. Mr. Pauleea, the celebrated cbete player, ailed for E jrope on Saturday, and will no doubt have many a game with the beet continental plavrt Some of hit frlendt are tang nine enough to think it not lmpoeelble that Mr Paolaen may return with a reputation equaling that ot Paul Morphy Thadderw Hyatt, who for aeveral weeka patt baa lieeu endeavoring to obtain a postponement of the extendve land aalct in Kantat on acconut of the inabiiitv of the actual aet.lert to comply with the termt of the tale from the general drouth of tbe Cit teaton left here vetterday morning for Baaton ralee a fund for the present neeecaUlee of tbe tarvint; population of tbe Territory. It It known here that Mr Hyatt b<ia expended large turns from hit own puree for their relief, the retuit of which baa been seen la the recent shipments of grain and E'0*ialon? from some of the western states for antaa Mr Hyatt baa laid before the Adu.inis tratlou a rolurae of statements. under oatb. show ing tbecoudition of tbe population of tbat Ill-fated Territory, In tbe b^pe of obtaining a postpone ment of tbe land sales, as well as to Induce some farorable abv Congress at an early day during tiir approaching s-?s,on Dmiciirios or Slavic Valc*.?A correspon dent of tl?? ChwVstan Courier, from Washington uv;. There is a considerable Arvrrr of alarm >nii ruontiiollou among si-iveholders !n Virginia, founded upon a sens: ^depreciation of the market value of alaves A Virginia in mber of Congress, wLo was here a day or two ago. says depreciation amounts already to hundred dollais a head on an average. The cawse of this depreciation, aud also uf the stringency of money matter* in Virginia, is variously eiplsilijed. It is referred, not only to the probable success of the illnck Republican psrty. but the fear th?l the Cotton Sta'.i-a will next wiuter eas. t laws prohibiting the emigration of slaves from Virginia Into those states, and thus force Virginia to remain a siaveholdlng State It has been suggested that, in case of the ela tion of l.lrwoln and the establishment of Republican ascendency In the Federal Government, Virginia a net other border siaveholdlng States would be gradually abolltionized, and get rid of their slaves i,j ira an erring w.ent to mesouin Controverting leglal it ion, on the jwrt of Cotton States laaerioua iy apprebeudtd There la not to tnncb sensation on tbe subject in Maryland aa in Virginia. Politic#o? VikuiSi*Studkmt* ?Tbe students of tbe Uulvenlty of Virginia held an Heftlon laat Saturday evening, and the following ia tbe reauit: For Breckinridge and Lvrne 24S votes For BH1 and Kverett ...Xfi " For Douglas and Jobnaon 26 " Total number of votes.. 5iej Plurality for Breckinridge........ 13 The Virgin aStudents gave B?U 16* votes. Breckinridge 157 " Utkfliti 14 u Total number of Virginia voter..333 Plurality for Bell 5 About 120 students did not vote. All the Vir finia students, with four or live exceptions, voted fter the result of the election was announced, speech** were delivered by several students T cere was considerable excitement while the poll# were opened. Every one was hurraing either for Bell or Breckinridge, now and then a cry of "Douglas." A Pawtc Amoso ths Tailoks i* New You iuc.1. I r.xprta 01 .Monday evening says: The tailors la "Dutch Town" (Sixteenth Ward, Wil liamsburg) are getting alarmed at the d :liana of their trade which at this season of the year ought to b? brisk. Thla locality la inhabited by numer ous German tailors who work for wholesale doth' lug establishments In New York city Their earnings are at the beat but small: but even that little has gradually fallen off of late, various bouses Laving partially stopped their work Thia circoinstance appears to be regarded by them as one of the forebodings of s K?*ml business panic in eofcsequauce of the coming political crisis; and thev l?ave accordingly c?l 1?d a mass (netting to be beld onWednwday, at the corner of Mmserole nd Leonard streets, lor all tailors to come to the rescue in devising a remedy against this lament able state of affairs. _ ' C7"The trial of the young men Indicted for ravishing w" 6 uuiwuug v.auicriue jlHimnli, la Utlca. baa been pat over, in conaeqaence of tbe decision by the Court of Appeal*, tbat tbere U ?o law fur punialilng murder In tbe flrat degree. ocri DE ft. U. DAVIDSON'S LECTURE nttk* AsMiabl) ktwonis, I ouiaian* avenue, adTMtiHd for !?a??siii>i{. wm poaiponeJ on le count of the tncun.Mi ?v of the v.nth^r. The f re wnl bedenre cd U1\tj KVh-NlfrO. It f|^AXrK?mo,?.KNIGHTS TEMPI AK. lL5f Tbe oltccra auJ m^HiiHira of Wnaluagton roniinnnjIerT, No. I, will n*??n>ble h* their tell T?lSlW.d-e?daT)KVKN!\S,?t7 ?'clock, for dril Hp OfiOf of tbjj K. Coniirn.iier, It J F. I. McCLKHN uoul Vol??W#r? THI>< W.<iae*<ia? ifcvK \ I N(j October Slit." 7 ?clock, at if hail oftba Jtokaon Democratic * M->cia'l B '1 h? member*. ? > ( f V?kl. g to Ucoaie inemfcora. are reuue.ted to \mj ? ?? i 'ulJ i? att ndaace, ai Lxisibeaa of iwportaaca Vi i t>4 truwct?L Br order R. OI.EARY, PrenJeut. J. II Gl.NTT. ?a;r>Ury. if rry-THK LADIES OF TAB ISLAND BAH UJ TlbT CHl'KCII will bavaa Festival at l?l mJ Hal , commencing on TRURfUAY EVE fsove be- Ut Kver? iu ftt?a vil k ?ivon to make tha oc?a ai< n i- %*ant. ?>**?*ra ??r.d ?? fa #rary atyU / duiit.aiioa at 111- <*ww K) ceata. yc>>-?* rr*~ iiFMPSEV A O TOOLK Lk-2 WtOMkii AM) TislTINQ Jmyortor* uf Si" WElljlNb W&JblSG LNVELOPKfe. btAutifnl ft)U r.'fi Pa. Av., I#m Ma <U, / 1 ? '.A It J ? './ U <j * fj A f-CMH WA9HINATON NEWS AIVII OMftlP. Til Ti*n ?The firat effect of the cnrrent atti tude of ao many throughout the South with refer ence to the diaaoluttou of the Union In caie of the electlou of Lincoln on Tuesday next, which all see and comprehend, ia the dlaeatroaa condition of the stock market, that has witbia Ike pact week depreciated the value of the property of Northern capital lata, for the moat part. m*qr mlillaaa of dallars There la do doubt whatever of thlt fcet ] The Republican party pwea feariag lest It m*f endanger Lincoln'sahanc^f carrying New York, are doing their best to poob-poob It; alleging that the disunion demouatratlous are manufactured to order, to defeat their party There la na truth wfcatevee la tbat allagatlon. aa Northern capital will And out to Its sorrow If Lincoln be elected, unless ka promptly steps forward to allay tba storm In tba only manner In which tbat can be be deaigaa aaakiag a conaervativa Whig admin istration, rather than tbe Republican abolition administration bit Northern and Eaatera support ers demand at kia bands. \> iiiie we ao not believe that ir the naked qnes tion of seceasloa on account of his election, or no secession on that acconnt, be left to be decided by a popular vote of the Southern State*, the Imme diate secession project would receive the sanction of one f ftb the voters, we are sensible that in nearly every Southern State the dlsunlonsts per * have the control of the machinery for effecting State and popular action, and can only be pre vented from using It as they please, by sacb ac tion on Lincoln's part as wasuggest We have no fslth whatever In the power of the so-called Lnion party of the South to stent the current of the tide of affairs there, unaided by such a demonstration rrom l.tncoiu himself They are not a litre party,and posaew a veryainall share of the popular confidence Hundred* of thousand* gard their leaders as being really willing to sub mit to the auccra* of any conceivable scheme of abolitionism, sooner than risk a dissolution of the Union, and therefore regard them as being almost as dangerous enemies of the South as ibe abolition leader* themselves. The Immediate danger lie* In the fact that matters can be precipitated in some two or three Southern SUtim vithmit nhmlttlnu ik? to a formal vote of the people; and that If force be used by the General Government to compel those States to submit to the authority and laws of the Union, all the rest of the Southern States will be drawn by degrees Into tha quarrel 011 the side of their section, even though at this time a lar^e majority of their several populations may be de cidedly opposed to secession on account of Lin coln's election. The sectional disruption of the Democratic U?lll k. 1 * - ? !?> ;, i> nm ur rcuiriuuercu, grew oui or iDe ac tion of the AWbama Democratic State Convention. That body adopted an extreme portion, and in. (trueted Alabama'* delegates to the Charleston Convention to withdraw from it if their action waa not accepted aa the basis of the future position of the Democratic party upon the question of alavery in the Territories. It Is safe to say that four-fifths of the Democracy of the South, how ?? ?in.cicij> mty mny uire relieved in ue abstract justice of the demand of the Alabama Convention, were decidedly opposed tothescbrnie of making a test of the Alabama platform. Nev ertheless, on coming together it Charleston, and getting into a muss over them, not only Alabama, bat half tbe balance of the South withdrew from affiliation with the northern Democracy?to be followed at Baltimore by all the rest, with excep nona ao insign:ncam as u> lmpfOM oa the mind* of all the fact that the whole southern Democracy had taken position with Alabama Now, If South Carolina and Alabama prrpare to leave the Confederacy after the 4th of March next, what power but one to grow up in their own mldat will Dre*ent Fl?fi?l? ... w 1 ?- ?? rr* > '? ??? and Texu from joining them within three month* afterward* * There la but a alngle hope left that ach a power may grow up there. That hope lies in the generation of a confidence throughout the South that Lincoln's administration cannot fail to be conservative upon the slavery question; and Lincoln, only, can generate such a confidence. The first gun tired to the end of subjugating seceding States will anlhllate every prospect of a Union pnrty In every Southern State. 7~=?NIOHT SCHOOLS FOR THK BENE 'L? tit ofjoung men and joutha will be opened TtTl'RSt. AV KVK\ 1 N?i. November I.? ? ?.' > ?* wv?i tmued four months, in tne four District School houses of ihe resp *otive district* of the city. These school* will be under the instruction of the principal* of the re*pectiv- district schools, and in hem will l>e taught all branches necessary or um fa! for youB( business men. T.ust es will be in attendance to issue tickets of admission. Come, young men. now ta jour time fofr improve meat (oc?-3-) THE TRLPTKE9 rr^="UNION PKAYfcR MEETING will be J. J? h.ideuevery day tlnawe?k in Kev. Dr. Fin fie s Churo*>, (German Lutheran) corner E and i-wui tU, First Ward, to onmieiioe at 4 o'clock preciaeiy. ?:.d to be continue use hour. 00 2H A TTE.N TIO N. HEVENTH WARD -tihe L if Seventh Warrt Repub'ican Association will hoTd an adjourned meeting at Potomac Hall, o -r ner Maryland av?nue ami 11th street. on \VKI> i i..-ua i r. ? r.i> i .->u, in; liihi., at 7^ o'clock, wbeu a:l who deaire can have an opportumt) of juiiiiOK. B) ord^r of GKO W. GARRETT, Chairman. GEO. CI,ARK, Sieoretary. oc 3D 2t* |?1FTV NEW AND t?TVLIHH r , CLOAKS, Op?u?d to-day, ana at ruaoh le?a than former i ich I?iuiiea v II leaaaaall and make their ao roiiona at uum, if tf?e? vantjbs bejt atiUa j. W. COLLKY * co , oc a|-st 8'i3 gevrtti tt., above Pa ay. T~othe citizens or washington.-i have jn?t reoeived ard will commence unload ing to-uu>rrow a cargo of the very best Red a?h COAL(e?K and utove aizea) ever brought to thu maiket. which 1 can ?end direct from the veitael if lour orO#r? are left unmad.ateljr^ bates, Wood and Coal Dealer, oe SI Corner C and l+th tU . near Canal. I? A IM C V SILKS! I\ ... _ FANCY SILKS I! Se'hn* off, at {rmtljr reduced price*, a large lot of i>ra*a Silks from anotion, which waha-e marked down at jreat bargain!, to which we invite thela die? and pnroha?*r? (eneraJlj to alanine bafora making taeir aalaouoni eleewhere J W. COLLEY k CO , oo M-*t MJ8?wth at., abort Pa. av. Dancing academy, . . ? At Fbarkli* Hall. Prof L. G. MARINI has tM honor to inform his friends fcad the public in general that he a* wiM open a Dar.einc Ao&dfmr at Franklin Hail, corner of 0 ana Vth eta , for t|ie benefit J|A of those who wish to perfect them wive* icM| this g acelu'aocompliahment, on Wednesday. No Tew her 7. Days of raition, Mondays, W ednasdays and Fridays, pom 3 to 6 o'clock p. ra for ladies and efeildren and from t to 10 for gentlemen. This u to oartifr that I have been gome m a de c'me for more than two years. I was (rat taken with a dnll pain in my ncht side and ay my baai to My stoou.der blade; my bowels sot ooetfra. and 1 woe id get si ok headaches; tben hare to take sods Uir( to work it off. a a would feel better far a uoriumw ?* n*na?er iwnnld takeaeold I would other dar? would hare to lie in b*d hat for the time, i Last Fan I took another 00 d which eetUed on i?? lunca 1 eoujhid day and night and alt the tuae 1 lakias aetiiaine, bat nothingwonld do aar good. I | Mi away to nothing but akla and bone ( had pain fa or ri*bt b ent. ?aia oniler my shoulder blade, n.y ?to?rach woald get fUll of wild ai d awe)!, my , > petite was ail goae, asd 1 oonld think of nothing 1 tn*t I 0 uld eat. 1 woald have to lie on one aiue ah tiigbr, or would o*?fh my self to dea h. Some days Iwou.d feel dull, drowsy, low seuitM aad scarce entra? enoash to ?*? -? - L-1 long while to got pepua, with it I alay on mi a to 1 my a to _ _ -- m ?mm ? jr vh?iii n?U I creeping ahifle, uight ivMt>,ud is bot, every body tl at knew ma thought I tu far goo* la Con antuyiioa. 4 Htarint ao much of Dr. Soli?nck, I thought the next Tharaday. heing in Baltimore, 1 would go duvo and a*e him, and have mveelf examined with hie Reapirumetor; ao, in February Mat, I oa led on him. and va* examined. Heaaid my liver ( waa ia an awful condition, and that my right 'ung waa af.eted all the wav down, or the tabea of the lunge. I oonld not Aurly understand wha' he nailed it. At all evente, he gave me to nndaratand that I * had the Conaa^pUon, and aaid he did not knew wh?tk?r I coald be aared or pot. I oowmeood taxiBf all thrae of hia medioinee? the PaSmoaio i fvraa, the8aaw*<ft Tunie aud the Mandrake Pill*, m Pill* ard foaie took right ho*d of air liver aud stomach, hat my ooagk did net atoy ha 1 a*Ho|ed it woati i woakJ go us to aae him every ?M or , two, and he wonld tell me I waa better, and I knew 1 ivMkiibat tiM m??I - U1UIITI mu. MrS. u ?' <> st iktViuSLl^lK' ? ?ii iBiini, ~ -., vm nuMH of MCk ?*k. ... '.. , DEPARTMENT MEWS. Met mm or Two Whit? Pniom by Ihduiu. Two letters were tfcia morning received at tb? 1 ndten Offic? ftwn Annt TwT?t, of the Upper Platte country, N T , firing In the on* a detailed ...^ 1 ?r>k?ainti(u ?# 1 i_ iibb a ut ?u? wuiW UlSHi AI1U in (DO other ?n? of the murder of a boy by the Onepapa and Blackfeet Sioux of tb? Mlnouri. It B?pe*ra Odwif foar or five eoldiert.Wb? bad feeen disc bawd #om Camp Floyd, If. TM werf Iraavcliag pBB State*, and on the < of tka 4th ik?T w*ra accoated by three 1 who (took band* vrtth fboca and a p pea result frieodly Aft* rtttflff In company for time, the Indiana rtde ahead and diasj W Lfn the white men approached the bin the Platta, they aaw the TMBiane partly cou _ in the attitude of firing upon them. They at tempted to t-acape. but unfortunately were ao near tbem that mm m too wbite mo* was pi erred with two arrows, and the horaeof the other waa wound ed . The Indiana luhwaiiMtl* ? -v dliMet. It ibe tpiktub^o/mker wfcllt men; but i afterwards returned and captured the borata and aurnved but twenty-four houra after receiving tbe wound. The next day tbe war party of theae nme Indiana murdered a boy of Lou la Ganarda. at tbe Mormta Croaatngof tbe North Platte, thirty mile* abava tbla part. and atole four boraea at tbe north Platte Bridge, live miles below tbe Mormon Crossing. Tbe murdered boy waa at tbe time holding boraea for bia father. Indian Dipaktment ?The Department la In' receipt of a letter from tbe U. s Indian Agent, W. P Badger. Kanaaa Territory, in wblcb be atatea that on tbe evening of tbe 16th inat., Peter Cadne, u. S. Interpreter for tbe Kickapoo tribe of lndiana.waa thrown auddenly from hi* bor?e, and received injuries from which he died on the fol lowing morning, Wedneaday, October 17, In the 71at year of bia age. The tribe having been pre viously called together for that dav to receive their annuities, and in consequence of tbe death of the Interpreter, by request of the Indians. John C. Andrrsou was appointed U 9 Interpreter pro om for said tribe. Mr. Anderson Is a native Ktckapoo Indian, 23 years old, and can read,writ?, and speak tbe English language quite correctly. Also, a communication from United States In dian agent Twits, L'pper Plate, In which he writes that a Sioux Indian called "Big Mouth," who killed a white man at Cache la Poudre in September last, has surrendered himself, and re quested special Instruction in reference to his < aae. The case was represented by whites who were present that there was a drunken brawl amonit the white settlers on Dacbe la Poudre. and that they gave the Indian whiskey, (the Indian says be was drunk,) and one of the white men struck the Indian or gave some offence Afterwards, in tbe night, the Indian shot a white man by tbe name of Jeangr<ts None of the white men have been as vet examined, as thev are br-vond the reach of the Indian agent. Naval Okapuatixo Ci.ass 15 1861 ?On Satur day laat we publlahed a list of Naval Citdeta of tbe fourth rlaaa courae will conclude In June, 1*64. We herewith subjoin a liatof tboac who will graduate next June?lHtl. They are at follows : R F Armstrong. Ga ; G. M Barhe, Jno NcKar lai.d, J. F. McGlenaey, H. F. Picking, \V. F. Stewart. John Welduian, Pa ; T C. Bowen, A. Dexter, T Stuce, O ; \Y. W. Carnea, J F. Ho! den,Tenn ; J. H. Coiratock, Aik ; W. V.Coir stock. La : B J. Cromwell, N. T.; W. B. Cusb lnjr, C. K McKay, E. C. Merrliuan, Loyd Pb<pnlx, J. W. Philip, VV. T. Sampaon, N. Y : F. O Da venport, Mich ; J. E Flak, Vt: G. W. Ilayward, Wla ; W A. Hlcka, Mia* ; A. G. Hiidjliia, Va : J. H. Inirraham. S C : C K K mo I) r u ! ' Alullan, K T.; F Rotfera. J M. Spencer, Md.; 0. P Ryan, A. T. Snell, Mm ; S. G. Stone, jr., Ala.; T. Sturdirant, N. C.; Jos. Wilson, Fla. Award* for Ixdias Good*.?After a careful examination ot all the proposals for merchandise for the Indian bureau, the following awards were tbla morning made; Class No. 1 ? Dry goods and blanket*; Croaln, Neuxthal it Sears. New York. Claaa No. U?Ready-made clothing; Charles Barnum, New York Claaa No 3 ?Hardware, agricultural imple ments, Ac ; Poultoey & Trimble, Baltimore, Md. Class No. 4? Northwest guns and powder horns; II. E. Leiuan, Lancaster, Pa. Abxt Ijitblliqbwcb.?Brevet Flrat Lieutenant William B. Hazeii. eighth infantry, has been di rected to r?port immediately at Fort Columbus for duty with the troop? to sail for Texas on the 31st inat., aa far as San Antonio, where be will avail hi mac If of his unexpired leave of absence. Titlb Apfbovbd?The Attorney General has appioved the title of the Dutch ebarch property in New York city. Tbb W fATBii ?The followilis report of the weather for the morning la mcde from the Amer ican Consolidated Telegraph Line to the Smith sonian institution. The time of observation la about 7 o'clock OcTOBBB 31. 1800. New York, N. Y rainv, mild. Philadelphia, Pa. cloudy. Baltimore. Md,,,..cloudy, u; rv /S ? ?* ? * WW Ml! IHgfM. 1/. V" Richmond, Va.... Pcteribtirg, Va...., Wilmington, N. C. Columbia, ?. C... Charleston, 8. C... Augusta. 8a...... Savannah, Ga...... Macon. Ga. Coiumbua, Ga Montgomery, Ala. Jackson. Ala Mobile, Ala New Orleaiut, La.. ciouuy, wina 3K cloudy, 08J . cloudy, 70? cloudy, mild, cloudy, cool cl?*ar, 63 , wind NW clear, bWnut. clear, u3?, wind N E clear, plaaaant. clear, plraaant. clear, pleasant. clear. clear, pleannt. cloud v. ?lu. wind W rBOM THB WKST Clpyeland.O baif overraat, 6d-\ C?*dar Kaptdj, low acloudy, .'fc- * * Yesterday at *2 p m , ball atorm from aoutb Barometer at the Smithsonian at 7 a. m , (tor r ft ted for temperature,) 30,113; at noon, 30,tu6 Thermometer at 7 am, 65*; at noon. 6b'. Maximum during 21 hours, ending ? a. m. to day,60^'; minimum 62 . Amount of rain laat night, balf an Incb. IP YOU WANT to ra( food Clothing, Kurnuk lnc Uonds, Hat* and Capi at low irioes, coma to SMITH'S, No. 400 Heventh it'e^t >>c au 1 in m UP n U ? - - - ? ' 1'Bb biir..irL9i rl.a* is lu buy i< othtnt, h'urnisliing Wood*, Hate and tap*, te at smith'S, No. 460 Seventh htreet, oppo?H? Po4t Otfi ooBii lm Everybody ?h<>?ide?iti?toUie people's clothing STUKK. No. 460 Sevrath street, to bay Clothing, Furnishing tiood*. Hata and Cay. . oo an-lm FOR sale?The STORK, STOCK, and FIX TURES at the eornar of Ninth and M atreet* north. Any perann wiahinc to oureha'e will ana mo (or theintfelvas, a* the oooupant intend* to co^inanothur busineat. oci?-?t* 17ROM BO?TON.-Th? packet brig A- I ?w r renoe haa arrived, and ia now ditoharg A"&1tlKY * BRO.. oo?)-a 99 and 101 Water it. rm THE NEWEST STYLES OF SOFT \1 HATHnnniW "" In all oolori, for Gentlemen, Youths and^^ Children, may be found at lan K'S Hat, Cap, and Gentlemen'* Firniah'f Store, ooan St 4 94 Pa. ay., near at. New yoek djulyE krald, lo! TWruSr. Co to FRENCH k. RICHSTEIN'tf, oc yi 4t 378 Pa.ay . bet.l'thand l?th. d courvoisier*9 OVES, for gentlemen, ia all oolora, at . lane's Gentl*men'e Furniahinx store, 0010 ? 4'j4 Pa. tvetiue. ooar *t & ;t: tut FtEf v?t 87S AM65, *E ingle and double teamed, 4tock oomplete in every department. Call ?nd * imine. Prian mod?i?U, ?l LANES GenU' Formatting and Hat Store, oc 30-3t . 4U4 V%. av? near 4>^ ?U THE NEW YORK LEDGER for Nov. loth now ready for delivery, and the New York Heronry for Nov. 10th. Frank Lealie't IUuatrated Newa.Harper'a Week ntwiH rwomirm auoaonbera for all the above, ind wyn?* onei.M th?r are pahliahed, and d? ivar thf free of charge in thie city. KKRNCH * RlCHBTKIN. oe314t 378 Pa. ar .bet. 11thand 12th. the wtMtf&vmimnm'* OF RICHMOND, | 7a?H Capital.?............?fSOO.OOO, Inturee againtt ioaa by fire. HEAT?* INOWLK*. Ajente, oe to-fr Oi?*. oyer Bank of Waahinttow. QOODHUE ??6^%Y*?ECOMPANY OiiR Capital ....... '. f 300,000, T< e Iaaa red participate m the profits without in mrriac M7 lialxlitT whatever. * HKATH * KNOWLE8, Amenta, oc 29 tr Q>ee, over Baah of Waahmtton. ^RIMMING *, BUTTON#, TASSELS! To. SO Market Space. near atti at., at New York '???**'* *' ' T. MUBl.lNomiig. 200.k?Si, wiSfKS 5482 sssa mcftsm? s 'tefKSSKVBSRAT" Jfe * ?. ? I .?. Tk? Iccttml lidUant From all quarter* note* of alarm are being raised In TitW Of the thrcitsmnir iinvt of nnlillril affairs, and the moat phlegmatic and conservative are now constrained to admit their aorioua fears in lew of the prospect ahead. Wt appwid some particulars of the political flurry, glsaaod from various sou row: I Wuat rap Govnaioa orlnmcn Wiu Do. It la rumored thai Goveraw Magoffin, a{JKen tuckT. has azprtsssfl his d^tsnrl ? the Mats Guard. to prevsat tba Moil Mnirri Maw.?'The Wavnesboro Sooth states that the young men of Burke county, Georgia, are forming a coir pony of Minute Men. Sbcs*?iox Sea* ?The Montgomery (Alabama) Mall declares that "every true-hearted Southerner is of opinion that the only hope for the slave sec tion Is Instant secMllon on the election of Lincoln." Thi Govamwoa or "South Cabolima Dkclhibs lowing letter from Gov. Gist, of S C., In the Charlt-stou Mercury: Some partial friend, over the signature of " A Citizen/' In the Mercury of the 17ta Inst., having nominated me for United States Senator "If no dissolution of this Union should take place upon the election of Lincoln to the Presidency;" on the next day another writer, over the signature of ?* Many Citizens." Insists upon the re-election of Senator Hammond. To remove all difficulty and silence diacusslon on the subject, I have oo hesita tion In saying that I would not serve, if elected Senator. In the contingency alluded to; because 1 could not truly and properly represent a State that submits to blsck republican rule, and all an prehensions of rivalry with anyone 'may.tbete rore, be dismissed. Wm H. Gist. Momkt Mattkr* at thi South ?The St. Louis Democrat of Friday contains tbe follow ing : From the South we boar rather unftvorable re ports, both by letter and otherwise One of our heaviest traders, just returned from a journey through Teaaeaaee and Ml-sisslppI, retirements pecuniary matters in a wretched condition much of tbe country so afected by the drouth as to be unable to produce enough tot present necessities; and of course rendering the commu nity too poor to pay tbetr indebtedness for an other year. Tbe cotton fields, particularly wi the high grounds are short, and more resemble be*ns than cotton Katber a bad condition In which to be while disaffected to the North and Its poll tics. But there la an abundance of breadstuff's and provisions in tbe great and prolific West snd Northwest to supply both the South and tbe North. Black Rkpcblican Ormiox.?A great danger at this moment exists, la the opinions of the btark republicans?an opinion everywhere Indicated by HKir ana toeir speakers?that the South will submit to their role. Unfortunately they have been encouraged to think thus by the declarations of southern men. Let our press of all parties quickly undeceive them Many, doubtless.would prefer to wait longer, but they will uot be able to control the inevitable destiny. Lincoln's election will be separation; and this cannot be prevented, even if many of our people should oppose It In this city some of the Douglas and Bell men favor remittance to Lincoln's inauguration A majority in Georgia are for resistance to his rule The minority will easily yield Let the North know thts iu time. The South is composed, but the sullen murmur of disuuion is passing from county to county. The North, and the North alone, can avert it. We appeal not to her fears, but state a stubborn fact. If she wants the Union preserved, it is in her power to preserve it; If she wants It destroyed, let her go to the polls and elect Abra ham Lincoln.? (Ua ) Democrat. All Parties in Georgia in Favob op Dikso rni r r r~i *? i,viiu.i.?aii immense meetlug, composed of cit izen!. Irrespective of party, was befd In Buena Vista. Marlon county, Ua , on the l?th Inst. Tbe friends of Douglas, B*ll and Breckinridge were numerously represented, but partisan preferences were laid aside, and all concurred In the neces sity of Immediate secession lu tbe event of tbe election of Lincoln. Notwithstanding that a union ticket, sat sfac tory to both sections of the democracy in Penn sylvania baa been agreed upon, the Philadelphia Press keepa up Its cry In favor of a straight Doug las ticket, in order to make tbe State aure for Lin coln. The following advertisement appears In lta editorial columns Persons d??lring straight Douglas electoral tickets, can be accommodated, by aendlng tbelr orders, with tbe money Inclosed, to the office of the Press. Thi Coxing Commercial r?i?i?-fi- ci~ j omm B'forr ?We call the attention of our readers (aava 'he Philadelphia Evening Journal) to tfie following extract from a letter dated Savannah, October 16, I860, from lu correspondent there to a leading cotton house In this city. At? time when the idea i? inculcated that secession is not the popular southern feeltng. but Is advocated only bv extreme orators and newspapers, It is well to observe Its mercantile expression, and where the first shadow of the biight falls : 1 think the North, particularly credit markets, dangerous points to ship to, for In case Lincoln is elected, there will certainly be trouble "Minute Men" are forming In every district In North Ca? ollna. and here the excitement Is commencing, xnd the military are preparing by drills, ke. South Carolina and Alabama are pledged to sue. ceed as soon as Lincoln Is elected If they do, other Southern States will follow. The past ' flashes in the pan" must not be taken as a crite rion for the future: If the North does, It will re pent of its error when too late In case the above should occur, what would be the effects on trade and credit) I think It best to ship to Liverpool In the present state of political affairs, and do nothing with the North until this question Is settled. Since your State has gone black republican, Lincoln's chancea have bright* en eel ? ilurknrd would be a m^re appropriate word- 1 do nof wlih bp an alarmist, but think as above witlleti AMUNKMisiNTS. yyashinuton theater. Sole Lessee and Manager 9 W. gi ro*. this establishment Will positively op n for the regular Fall mid win ter 5foa?nn on tl.e ..f saturday', Novkmbz* 3d, laft). joseph JEFFERSON, The Comedian of the Age, will commence an en casement of tweivd Nights on MON-. DAY, November 5th, and will be followed br the most brilliant stars lii the Theatrical Firmament. oo 2E BALLS, PARTIES, &c Thr memhers of THE FRANKl.IN ACTIVE ASSOCIATION have the g% pleasure toannounce to their friend* a d the JH public that thejr flret COTILLON party wni take p ace on thursday, NoveinbcrUMk Ut, at the Hall of the Franklin Engin? House, D t. near I3tn. Tickets SO oents, admi ting a gentle man and (adieu Best ootiilon music engaged. By order Com. of Arrangements. oe Sl-3t* IJMR8T GRAND COTILLON PARTY or TUB ft* PAWNEE club, M To be siren at J AVACOSTIA HALL. Iforv Yard. QR ruroamv tui/wivn c? - * On TUI v? mm ? i? v i*wi/n m u ? I'i* 1 i^l V f ilWOIIlDflr Bi Particular* in a futuro advertisement. By order Com, of Arrangements. It* IOOK OUT 4 FOR THE SILVER CUP ! The members of the OUR CLUB give a Grand BALL at Foikut Hall, Georgetown, on ft* TUKSDaY EVKNING. Nov. A Silver Si Cay will be presented to the Club having the largeet number of members prevent. LA '1 ick> te Oue Dollar. oo SI St* LOST AND FOUND. LOST?On Monday, 29th instant, on H tr*e>, Vermont avenue, or Lafayette Square. a black J ace VEIL. The finder will be suitably rewarded by leaving it at this ofioe. or with Maim *iNr.* HUKCHKLL. Grocers. oc 31-3t QQA REWARD.?Loet, or etolen from the ?uH 'JttU toriber, on Saturday evening lut.ft POCK KT HOOKior BuokekiiiPuree.toontaiaini between 980 ami ?90 in cold. The above reward will be paid oa Uie return of the earn* to me oe 30-it* FREDERICK PASCO. $3 REWARD?Strayed away, on Monday wv inornng, a email black and tan Ter ner SLUT ; weight about 9 pound*; hak. a scar on right fore leg ; had on a black glazed collar with ailver-Dlatad rriiea. "JAMES'T. LLOYD, oo SB 8t* Wo. 4T* Pa. av., bet. 9d and 4K at*. LOST?On Satur^T morning, the 27th instant, either in Getma> ' store (11? Bridge atreet) or between there aari Smoot'a dry goods a to re (next door.)a PORTKMONN ME. containing two $20 gold eierea and aorao email change in ailrer ; f r which a liberal reward will be given, if returned to Gay at. Georgetown. oo 3t)-3t CAME TO THE PREMISES OF TflE BUB acrikor, on theSCth oi October, a me dium-iMzed wbite'aod red COW. with very (Uf* white horns. The pwaer will please comeAsJbe oo30-3t* . 1st farm to tha le/tof Woikhause, ie |fder,wiij ihm. w iiLlAN'Vi It lUrktt 8fMt. oc 29-St ?7C KBWARD.-Rutwtr from the uudar mtsrM v*rr hfiefc flfti with kin ft Mack aut among other thiaca ft black fieurad silk ra?t, rar? food Wil?oa la iiUn delicate, very black, and haa alao, I tfaiuk, ft black anit No marke or acara remembered Both boyaatftmmer aad tatter vary tadly. I Will give the above levard for theiTfta Mftlnaioft.orfS for either Ad*reaa 90 fc CO UPTON, Port Tobftoo* AUCTION SALES. Cy*For Otktr Auction Sal**, iw Jirst yyi. By CLEAR V A GRKKN. AMtmii#*r?. poSITIVB SALK OK BOOTS AND ?HOfcft. A??lP*I Fiji rn?S, *.c, AT ArcTIO? -Ol l tiuBBUAt XHNB8, No Temper l t, w* kail tOo'tlaak.atiore No. S9S eoatt etde of rma ?r?e*a, fce*wosn?tfand?U airaeta. fliatatf audrrtkeSreckinifftre A eooiafcoa R >o?, a laTjl and hue MKrtm??t of Boot*. *koe*. ft*., NeBaBd'soye' Km Calf Mi Patent Leather Boot*, Yok'.-B^u^lpr5^ jjpi|UM>ir?. D.H>i*,?ho*t and Slijjert, CkildrM'i l(o do do Together with a central a*aorta*at 01 6m Faaey Bboea, M Boot and Shoe Dravera, made ia the boat man ?inamwiw, ?b?m? fmrnm, Gn ytrd? Oilcloth, on floor, A ut tVWsw IK>or and Omm " AUo, two tine !*ho?r \v:ud?wi. aoT*rMt?o la front of R. Burnt'* Sbo? 8to<?, oh north aia? ot 1 ?fMi and so atj?. for noMu Mtufro*?>ruj utlurMii b aring IntorMt. , oe ?> d CLBAKT ft GRREN, iNta. IE7-ON ACCOUNT OK MR. BURNS NOT bmag >bl? to rmo?? to hu w flsn. th? tkott W. ta ?ixt?unt-<l until lurther UHiot, wtiiaii will i ven m the tifciiT p^tiri oc 31 CI.EAR V ft GR? EN. ?noU. Uf CLKAKV k URKtM, Anctionwrt. 406 Start lirtM, ?<TO<'K OP DRY GOODS, FANCY A*TI C5 rt?*, Boots aid Svu j?? at AttcrM??.? B THURSDAY MORNING. Nu^nbti ut, Ml* o'oiock we ?h&il mm in iroUof o?r A notion Rooui, No, 306 Ninth ?trret.? <Mt?i<>t? ? rue; and yuirtdtr Good*. hxt-rry.olotx, wwl?>r eiita. iimwiii, b'kilrto. Nn'i, wi?u'i, mih?',m<i Cb.Mrw'i buota, mkoat, t>ail?ra, mibftona, suppere, Ao , Together with many article* nvluoNiw; loan uml oe*1 It clkmtv k qwben, awub By A. ttuktn, AtiboMtr, Administrator's BALK, by order or thiotriin' coot, or Motiu, C??r, Fbbd Waoon, vimt, Ktxnn uun rob wieoi, kbki> Stand. flirrobm ScAi.aa, 2 woi.a Focntairs and appakatrt, Ac.. 4r , at Acctio*. on SATURDAY, the Sd day o? non^btr. i a Mai i ?!', b? order of the OrpBaoa' Coart, >a fro .t of > Abouod lOo'oloek a m., ik* parhnuai mi t ot? of Phillip H. Vanarada'e. d rMitd, Tit: 2 HoriM, i Co?r,l mw Feed vn'aivs, 1 Duggy, 1 Running Gear. 1 P all rm toalas, 3 Soda Fountain a and Appa rataa, 1 lot <*f oiar^d Window Saah. lot of o!4 l~aaaber, L?ot Joiata, 2 Btorea. lot Tim Cana, ae, Ao. Alao the noma, and a Fe?<d gtaau id Center Mar ket. fronting on s??fntn atreet, whioh will be si:d preoitety at 11 o'oloeV a in Terma: All ?uma under #23 ca*h; crer RtS a eredit of6" and 9" rtava. for aatia aotonly et do reed DOUa, bearing inter*at. W. J. remteake, Adiuiaatrator. o?3l-3t A. OWEN, A Bat. By A. GREEN, Aaotioaeer. Trl'STfcK'S SALE or Vai.l'ablk build ISO_j-otb OS tk*TH STBtBT wht, bbtweb* 1? AND I* ?T?*KT? WORTH. AT ACCTION.?Ol ?A I - UKDaY, Nove.nix-r 18b0,1 el-all ttli m Iroat 01 the pr-otiirt at 4 c'cluot p nr> , by vtrtee of * d?ed of tr? st to tk? ?ub?criltf>r, b<aring dat? thf SI day of April, 13o0 and recorded in Libar J. A.# , No. 1^2, folioa Ac. oo?cfthe lai.d ?or Wft?hin|ton o'unty, in th? Dutuct ?f ? o n?>? i*. the fallowing <1e?orll>ed prop? tr, lyn g aid Ixing in t*ie eit? ol WaahiCKtor, Ihatriot iforMid.v.t: All thai puce or pare 1 f gr?<?r:d kuowi; and l?;d d.?wu on the p!at of ?aid oitjr a? the b<>rth ka>f of Lot numbered twelve,* 12, > iherouth ha f nnnbred thirty n, (11.> lit kqnare utn b'rtd ilt'ee hnnd'ed and seventy eight.CJW,) and eoinfiaed ict-.efol lowing inet?? and bound*, to wiu i( for tii* said haff lot numbered twelve at the norttaw- at corner of *aid lot. and rounirg theoeo south witii thslme of Trntti ?t *et wtt* twenty fivefcet aix A. ,1 m. hall i t o Sax / * fau?t CU i?-4 ... ..... i ?w? *uvu??|? v one hnndr?d and seven f?*t two itiohea (1*7 fact 2 inches) to the r?ar of aaid tot; th*nc north twenty - five f.? t tux ar.J a *a:f .20 f-et f>? lrahcalto tno p in ofc;iTt?ioB between >a d lota twelve n,d thirteen; and ther.ou w?*t with kaitf uirisiou itiw o.i? hundred and ?even f?'t two lachea < 107 feet 2 i..chea? to Tenth ?t eet weat and p'ac* o! b cinin?; a io Injnmuf for t*a aaid part of I ot IS at*he *?uth> VNtoornar of aaid lot, on Teeth a'-ree-. we t, ted runaiut thaaoa north with tli? hoe oil to ?treet went tw*ut< in fjet. <?> f-et,j ui-icia eaat dm hundred and at van f?*t two luch a l<7f-et2 >nohaa) to the rear of aaid lot: ttiai.ce eolith twenty Ire (25 feet) to the point ofdiriatoa, between aaid U.tali and IS; and thenaa weet with eaid diviaion line one hundred and eavenfeet two i< ofceel 1?7 ieet 2 inehee i to Tenth atreet weet and plaoe of > iainf, with the imerovementa, which are a Mick dwe.hng houae, he. Term* of aale: $ ,<**> cut; the remainder in aix. twelve,and eighteen nun ha; the peechaaer to live note* for the deferred paymenta, beariuc mte'e** from day < Y aa e. A J. ?j * ven and a doed of true* tak.m. All oonveyariciuK at the uo.? of the par otiaeer. ShouM the u?rraa uut oe oom plied with in fiva Hftva ?W? T*na#A^ ">??-- -;-L* *" '* . . v taw M l ?I??W > CBVI ? ? VU*" t I| III IO TflfU the property it tae risk and <*o*t of th*purchaser. t. C.CARRlNfl>ON,fr??tM. oo3'-dAda A. OREBN,A?ot Br CLEAR Y Jt URF.KN. Auobocfsrs, 406 .Yta'A ftrvt. Thrustf.e's* sale of moupehold and ^P Kitchki*k, Bak Room Fiitti** ajid I iqco*s at Aicrio*.?By virtue of a <Jeei of trnat (torn Jaoob fclitudt to tha und?mfB*o u trua ?e, I ahai( troo??i to tell, on mon Da V , the Utn day cf &i?iv*maar, at ?o o'clock a alt Ui? HouMboia and Kitchen M.r. Uure, Luaor., tar Kooni FixtariB. Ae.. bemt in 'he houae on rtiiti street. b.nween Louiaiana avenue ao<1 r atreot In the c.ty of Waahirifloa. lately nccapied by Jaoob Schmidt a< a Reataarant, anch it? Feather Brda and Mattr<?aa-*a, B-d'toa la, Bedding and Pillow#. Wmlrnl?. Mi - l- - .. (p. wiup Ki ui ) k wi 'L AMnf Ptotnrtv, Ucrea'jls. Cmmu, All {be l,:quor? and i>*r Room KIxIhtm, fetov??, and ratiy other fcruolaa too nuutoroat W mention. Ter??? ofe?!?ftr? for aM iitni under fan cash; orcr that ?um a credit of !|) a?-d K tl*> , for uotM atialaotuiiir endorsed, b'aunc interMt 1h?1UaS W. BERRY. Truktao. Cl.EARY * GREEN, A acta joe SI-Nov 8 5,8,9 lo&d* Hf J. C. McO Ul R*K A CO. AuobonMn TKUSTKK'H SALE or TWO-STOIY BbicK Housi and Lot oh im Uland ?Oa rfll D\Y AK'l'fe KftOoN, November ** ?, at4 o'ei'kt on the iiranMiw. h? ?r - ' * 6*records! in . ,bX J. A 8., Nn. 1?6. folioaats, et ?e< . on? <<f the land r?o oid? for Washington ooun??. I) C... | -ha'i ??il | X Nf-8'.??? N??r. No. a67, at i he ?aro? > Yd i.,Vi 2.".!^ t-OUU'1 *'At or *'*u *>' "rn Wiy. locaUtcr wit.ii mo iiupro?a--i<i;l?, eobaiaUOf Oi ttvo ?l?ry lirick Pvelhng liotno. Term* oMh. _ r. *. MVERS? T.uitaa. J. t. MoliUIKK A till , ai.ell. oo 31,Nov 2 >A'/9 St WANT8. A WOMAN WANTKl), to do tultim and oik)king for a atiia.ll f&ntiljr. Apply at G ?tr?et, one door from 19th. oo3i-V* WANTED-A KL'KNISRKD ROOM luapri vate family, for a Mnrl?) genll'ntan, on C at. north or 4>. at. Bn-tef refrenoea given. Aridr>*aa Bo? 919 City Poat Office. re 312t* WANTED?With Board, for a small lazily, a " auit of veil formatted KOOMH, on tM n 1 floor, and where there are no other Itokird re Best of referenoea civen. Gen'eel private iainilie? hay int more room than they reauTre might find it t<? their advantage to addreaa, through City t*??t of fice, S K. B. oc Si If Am lady going to California dmum to find a reapfetable and eomp'tent Woman to take care of two children on the voyaje. To auoh a peraon (a?-d one who deeiraa to toi a rood oppor tunity ia offered. As a oompeaaatioe a he will pay half their ex peine Addreaa immediately .with place of reaidenoe and refereaoea. "California," ?"ity PoatOfcce, Waahingt n City, oc?-3t*^ WH antrd-By ayonntfirl^aSITUATION aa chambermaid and mm. Pleaee addreaa Hm II, star Ultoo. ocit$t WANTED TO EXCHANGK-A -good Piaao luriHorwudCvr>t|tor Biur, Mtt*>U or together. Adtlreaa A. B., through the Pomt Of fioo. oo 81 3t* 1*7ANTED?By a rMfMtibU man, a SITUA '* TION M porter in a store or MM Can jro a) exoe lent tettiiuomaia from former Maeiojerm. r?n Hoi lO.gtar Uffioe. oc SI a* UTANTED?Aa American or Freach GIRL, f" from 16 to JO year* old, to aarae and aew. in a family where ahe will be well treated Antwer ia writing to G ,8tar Office. oc31 5c - cubCHt ** V.U h uurw?UQf WTO 18 !) &] thy ud capable of taking entire char*# ofaninf>at. None need apply without unex option able refer enoe?, at the north wast corner of F and 19th it*. oiM* WANTKD-Twogood HORSES, between 6 aid " 1 year* old. from 16 to 17 hand*, and perfectly eound. Apply Box 13, Star OAce, with pnoe aad where they may be e?o. oe ? X WANTED TO RENT?A SMALL PaRM, The aubeenber wuhea to rent O' bar a smal Jaoe-the entailer the better-from 1 to 5 mile* from Washington. Sue of honae not important. He WMt* it for garden or dairy narposea. References will be given or rent paid in advano*, rf deal red. Address, jtating rent, location, dietaaoe,*c.,4e., B. Y. 8., Georgetown. D. C. on ??* wpuI at 3*9 oo ANTED-AII kiitda of SECOND-HAND FL R.NITL'RK, for which I will Njr th*(-aah, ?? Saraath str??t, b?tW0*n I aad fc. MT BONTZ 4 M3lPPITtL BOARDING. HOARDING AT No. ?S3 NINTH STREET. D one of Ik* moat d?airaM? Roona, with water, jaa,*e., ta Bj^^^22eeeimed?V diatil *"* j?" ACOOMMODtTKD Rooma at tit t iaoaabta tarH tan*nt?ao.|*4 w ? *?<*" B? J. C. MoGI'IR *, A CO., Aict:<ii.Mi PUOANT ANTIWl k. CAKV U r*JUS JCi ?*? Cabirbt F>l?hrit, iiintn ?ic* AM) HIOMSI -A*m ClWI 4MB C?*1LHT1HI tv aTCM. Ill biu? 4J>I Oou Daunt Mnri, o uuf Mmi Kai. FiwciCiiiiDmu f>? C?rrii ?? abb. Ou I ? J Mv.r .f?u3 V\jl,* T???jU?r viU * ?l? Term* ?? KM under c? W: orer tt at redit of?) and ?' day* for UtiWl jiority ?< toM* beanac iitMMt. T^?-?Caialaca* wUlbe iitadilMteri I ?*4 J. C. SleGUlRK A OO., A? Br WALL ft BAKNA.RU. Mmmm ftnMf .VtaiA *t. Mi iwU lli( h ?. ?7 XCKLLK.NT Kt'RNITUMK. CARPE1 E* Mikiwk*. ? mm asd Cl*?? Wui at! Tios-Oa THURSDAY MoltNINO. No*?. t, at It o'eloek. w* vi I Mil. M ?be eo,???? Room, tk(Fl((lUr* k?d IbiHkoM of J B- Eirtlaad, Kit|, roaoml for mitimimi ?c tit* i T?ttv?ouD|t, uU firlor Ckuri, apfcol tered in orimaoa ?.k <2ama?k. g.oe*wqod R?o?p;i'?r., Fmcj Laxceaatl < I Ana Hau-aiiu Kmt,ChMn, Roirwood Marble-toe C?Iff Tabe?. Gilt Frame Kretiou rlaie Mirru*, 7C by at. and BriakM, Velret and B utt*;* Carpets, Rip, Dama?k Car t4ini ted Hmtt Solid Oak Exteaeioa Table aad Dtctf Chairs and Sideboard, _ KOMVoaa hmth.M Ho t O.lclotfc, ^Wr:-,teK.'SSysrKi n~u+ tl?b HorMDi and WMhitotdi. Walmt &od Cottac* B?J?te?a?, Wukitiadi, and Toilet 9eU, _ ? Sfnnt Carkod Ut r. 8t??ok. ud CoBot MH Frooloh Ch'aa and GImi Ware. Sioth and kitoitM I- urnitur*. k o. 1 8??inx lficMn*. Trnia: f T o??h ; owr that momI, a arajil of ^0 and ?day?. fort^roml ntori^ bum, b?r "Se'UT*- WALL k. BAENAtD. AieU. Wi'l b? added to the above 40 Rolls Bra mm, Tbroo-pj ud lag-aia Ca ryots, lv pairs WimIo* Shadoa, A Alia n.l? 5 Roll* HwyOt'H oc28 WAI-L k. BARNARD, u. r URKKN i| 1 FRY EXTENSIVE FAWN BROKER'S " Sal* o? cmkbkkmbd fLinen, at acctivr. OiTHI R?DAY. NoTwebr lat.M Hi ?Wki. a., I Btell Mil at mj AicUm Rwoum, BumIt treet. ourM D atrMt. A VAry late uUMiiNM LrMl(?ra?] Aorapr Ainc la Mrt fortrA Sr?Sr. d ?n<i ?i'r?r BibUdi CtiluU Ur?r -- < rith.JIF R(?kM Do FimGo.4 Neck, Foh,A?<t VmCtuu. 6tnU' Dttaoad, u< otkar Kfiut Fim, LkdiN ?L|>^ri?f Uold PiMlK Ew Riigi.Riagl* ftiry Finn Aw] Fa nor Fin?r Rims. o(#t|i?r witt an iiuuin vatim* aI SuohM ?3srs^.?i ntber St-avU. ?M'k aud V lnt u)? Ul?u O^**,mm C??l . Silk ai d otlHx Kara. Ocf?. * a.. Aa.. Gaut VMrinf , well u Onranb, ?k and press, do Pacta, Vmu aatf Fu a iuj Good# is rraat varta?y, Also. Revo'ran. Matiea! iMtraiaanta, Two np?ii? KlaUt a ad a large y%naty of otkar irty'ta too MwroM to enamarata ia the liauta ofaa Unrtmaiait, 80 TOTHl^rtelfSlS*' oo 71 A,. UIIkN. AaoC FUTURE DAYS. Bi BARNARD k BUCKEY, AacUoi D. C. ? ^111 omi, OB uie rnriiMi. Lola MMd K5, of HotMAd'i A^diUui to vaortHuvo, froatiic oh 15 iMt od Noith feet to an a ley. TVrmt: Oc. UiirJ oa*U; btluot iaC. 12. ud it montha, with int?re?t, a*?arrd by dmd ol tmat on ?o? ' BARNARU A BUC1EY, AmKl l CLEAR\ Jk OBKHN, AietiuMtri. _. M? fttnth tfrrrt. HlliUV AND HaKNKHS ?r AIT TioN ?On SATURDAY MORNING, U?ad BotmmImt. ? ehail bell in Iroat of oar AaoUou oom, '?Ofi Ninth atreet. at lo o'e <>ek. a im4 Vwrk tad rtdiac Hurie, ^erfwotlj geBtle. will Work mi 10 aiagleor doablr haroeat, aold fur bo lu( Alaii, a *oo?l i e<ind haad Kai(? ta good mm] pia4e br Hook of Um* city, fa!* posit ve. oa9u CLKaRY A tittKi.N. A J|OW HANK THK l.ADltS VOTM> ' Ki.ia* Hows, Jr., of Buatos, who ta the mvulor of thf "ioak-autjk uxmJ by th > prineiM. mvii< nifliinet, result's tarora return Lj be tuaJa to hi in of the Bomber aold bjr eteli somfU), u J otiliKr* fh#in to ^ him a he?nae for ? verV iitaohiM* ( | MM. The following aUktrment la copiod frotn Mir. Howe'* pul?ii?u<4 r<*?ort? for 1UM ai.d laatt. it will ( besea' iW * IIKfcfl.KK A Ull.wu # ?KW INti M aOHIN K i? fr- fened b> ait uumaraa at Jorilr of tha ladies, m *f teof Uic i-fji It of later . eaUa aartiea to tajura ita a&le. 1?WW. 1M9. WkMler A Witaoa ?.l*l MJK Orover A Baker.. ? kiW I. M Siueer A Co ...Wl ?.?? L*dtl A Webcter ??> X,.Ud A. li. M-iwe HI ? ! ti _.i- _l? Harmon JOO 7<7 l,?fcvitr 4 Oi 7S M Pinkltk I y Mi Allotk r? (Oi Tlit \\ kveler ft Wi.ton A fney it M No S4# fn( All oth ra. _"kt vvWtl , ? Petinky 1 vau:k aveuu*. Pric ? rang** frtn |&1 to ?15 roll instructions given to nrchsMrs, ml ikrtr 4umttt. Stl*, Cotton, N*rdiM, Ac.. lor ?J?. P. J. *TKER. AfMt. ., ? ? . , ,*4*f P?BU?>!* ?* ?T?HM N. B.?Scad for > ( l'Ciller. oc 35?wif p VRI! p una s I with to call tba tttMUoi of my U>? public m i?n r?l to tit* toot that 1 kav* fitud up, in the rear of Fl'IJE CWM.T8S sErar to ur4*r. ?<i _ lat??t INI Bivst hrtiwiibl? ?t? I* All of m? rtook a?h'aTh? lo??*t oub pnoa. I ?H offer py [r?Ml ?td M Cm?r?oB?o| ta* lar*Oft aad hart >MNlMaUe that hi* ?r*r offered la Wa*kia?toa. A mJI i all I -? M 17 Mt* Corsw 8,. .of ^ATUHT IN VEN T I O N! LADD. WKKTU k 00*1 Tlfht-ltltch tewftBf At JANNEVS BOOTAHD SHOE STOMM, M? Pa- Atuil They are the mo.t i Thoj ?r? U??? HWMMt. Th ? ar? Ui? mmA im umt They use ? atr&ixbt noodia, lCinMOMiN?r loueout.) Tlwy hareafcS wBm7 They tra mfktomt Map Mt ktai ( Hwl kiova-tktr Mk? tki nn rtM ?itko#iMr CtilSWl uuui? oe 13 1? 1IH V. I1UCU. **. W. IKMiTBL HEW FJEM FRENCH * K1CHITK1Ni4 < hwtimri to ITm. F. Aar'v-) -A WkotwwUaol fcataii Damn - BOOKS. STATIONERY, An PKKI0MC4SA No. ITS PnimTUii

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