Newspaper of Evening Star, November 6, 1860, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated November 6, 1860 Page 1
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w % (fitting $>kx, ' * * ' V I * ''' 'ail ? - 4 ?, f*l V V2k. XVI. WASHINGTON. D. C.. TUESDAY. NOVEMBER 6. I860. N?. 2.409. ^ < THE EVENING STAR rUBUSH&D HVBRT AFTERNOON, (SUNDAYS EXCEPTED,) AT THE STAR BUILDINGS, Corner /PtnnrglvmU avenus mnd 1U4 Ml W vmr a ? ? a #in ww Art ww A l*llll? rayers Mrrsd in yaokftfan &T nrrtm tl < ? year, or 3J onto p*r month. To mail enbooribori the yrsoe r? |UI a year, * advance; fl for six moDtn?, 91 for three months; aad for Iw U*m thr?*? months at the rat* of MomiU a week. 8u?l? oof i*?, oxccskt; in wrappers, two can, ID" AortBTimjf *!*t? soonid bo Mat to the oftoe before 12 o'o.ook m ; otherwise they aay not ifHar nattithenoatday. The Prlice'i Vlitt to Watklagtoa?Imprea? sir as of fcaglisli Obwrrrri. [From the correspondence of thel^ondon Tiroes ] WA5HI5QT0JI, Oet. 4 ?The Prince has arrived at this ?trar^e city. whose streets of illKnilf h iinai Annns*r?t tha mrwf nnhln nnhlir building*, a ad where one hu to admire the eity as n city always in the fnture tense. It will and muat in history be one of the greatest capital* that the world has seen, bnt as jet it aoems to want a deal of building, alterations, and improvements, before it can be a worthy legislative center of this great empire. Another hour, however, most suffice for recording my impression of this great, strange, anequal city, for I have barely time now to do more than jot down a few iaoidents of the Prince's reception That there was a great crowd at the station may, of eourse, be taken for granted, but it ? -was well railed off, and no hustling, as with the mobs of Detroit and St. Loais was allowed any time. General Caea, Secretary of State, 4MH.with Mr James Buchanan and James Buchan, o a an Henry, nephews of the President, were on the platform and received his royal highness , as he alighted from the train There was a v very brief pause while Oeneral Cass, on the ? - * -i- - .a pun ni intj v/uiui .u.i^iauaio ui uo t uu?u States, eordially weloomed the royal visitor to Washington, ftud a few #ntroduotions took j^lace, bat there was no ceremony or delay of any kind, and the party at once entered the President's carriage and drove to the White House. They arrived at the Executive Man-, sion soon after -i o'clock. The President, as regal and as venerable in his appearance aa any king who ever wore a crown, stood juft inside the portal of tbe White House, and as the Prince stepped forward shook him by the hand with a cordiality of welcome that was unmistakable. It was more a meeting between private friends and gentlemen than a really historical reception given by the chief of the greatest republic to the heir of the greatest monarchy in the world. The President led his guest at once to tbe blue drawing room, where he introduced Miss Lane, his niece, and Mrs. Ellis, niece of the late Vice President King. But beyond these few facts I know nothing, except that all the guest* at thaWhite ti - :*L t .1:4.. 1 nuusc arc staying mere wiiuuui i<;rmniij auu as any other party of distinguished travelers whom it might please the President to entertain. Only one exception is made to the general rale of affairs at the Executive Mansion,and that ia while the Prince stays it is no longer an open house to all, but police are stationed ur>uud it, and none but those invited are allowed to enter. Many members of the royal euite, who eould not he accommodated at the President's Mansion, are staying with Lord Lyons. This morning his royal highness went over the Capitol, and visited the Aer.ate Chamber and the Chamberof the Hall of Representatives, with some other of the macnifi cent public buildings here. Afterwards there was a levee, at which everybody came that wanted, and to which many came that were not wanted, if one might judge from their extremely negligf costume. There were plenty of ladies there in bonnets and shawls, and some individuals who sauntered into the room with their hands in their pockets, and who otherwise conducted tbemselves in a way which, certainly, as far as I have seen, is not n?ual among American gentlemen, who unfortunately do ch?w tobacco. The President did not remain in anjAtecial place, or take a prominent part in thereception at all Like his chief quests, he was drewed in black, though not io full <ir*.44?II anrt nf ilrmi.h,tittle whirh (iiiitu sufficient for the occasion. l'eopl? passed in, Sized at the Prince, bowed to him and the resident, and then passed out. In fact, it oeemed le?i a reception than a mixed deputation, from which ladies were not excluded. It was not a good time of the year in which to give such a lovee, for Washington is almeet empty now, oompared to what it generally is. There was a total absence of formality or restriction as to dress or person of any kind, and yet, as a rule, there was a quiet decorum of manners.which, considering that all who chose to come might do so.would have done honor to any gener*! assemblage in Europe, llere and there could be seen something very outre, and as I hare intimated, even offensive; but these were the rare exceptions to conduct. The dresses of very many certainly showed an utter disregard of the ordinary usages of society on theee oeca*iona; but mere dresses make very little diffetence, and, after all, it must bo remembered that it was early in the day. A Ctiairr ( Iatereata. The wisdom of man never devised a more perfect form of govornmeot than tliat under whioh the American people have lived for ore than seventy years. No country that the sun shines upon is so fiued l>y nature to continue great, prosperous, and happy as the United States. The unexampled prrxress we have made has cot been the result of mere accident, but, under Providence, the legitimate effects of geographical and natural divisions, in soil, climate, production and occupation. U"*d New England remained wholly* Agricultural, her prosperity would have culminated long ago. Her commerce first, and then tier manufactures opened her way to wealth and greatness. It has been said " England is the workshop of the world." The remark is less true dvw then when it was madt-; but if England is the workshop of the world, New England is the workshop of the Western Continent. The Southern States have paid little at ten- ! tion to manufacturing. The rieh soil and ready market* have left her no temptation to fceeome otherwise than striotly agricultural. She sells the products of her soil to foreign countries, ana with the money becomes the customer of the Northern Manufacturer, Merchant, Mechanic?of Northern Colleges and Seminaries. The great West is Agricultural, as well, but raises different produotiona, and these are for the Home Market?for New England and the Middle States, and the South. The Middle States are partly agricultural, partly commercial and manufacturing. The iron and ooal of Pennsylvania, the iron of New Yoik and New Jersey, are great elements of wealth, and are destined in time to give employment to a thousand fold more capital and labor than the* do now \'?? Y.\?W # ? ? - ? ? * ?? * V*Y ! lUf I groat Commercial Emporium of the Nation; t he distributing centre?the heart, so to apeak, that i?odi vital currents to the centre? and extreme#. and keep* th? whole Nation in healthy and harinonioui aotion. Here are four section! of the country, dis tln*t in their products, varying in climate. ? and all unlike io many of their social fo?titutions, habits. local interest*, and political upinfoM. They were than distinct and unlike when the Government was formed, awl hare so remained But for more than a life-time , they have lired under a common Constitution. In one Union, and under the s.ime general laws. When interests have clashed, as they have, and the war ef opinions has wared hot, there has been Wisdom and Patriotism sufficient to invoke the spirit of Conciliation and Compromise, in which this Government was formed, and threatening clouds of danger hare k - been found te wear the silver lining of Peace. Ttoe Eagineer knows the oomnlex machinery f ha aaaagiM, in all tta parts and all its niceties. He has studied and comprehended it all. He knows what it will and what it will not bear. A r* - -* ^a - - *? .u.Siv jmw ui?j mi ma BIM wtth alarm, while ten hundred paseengera may fed the suae iar, and tbink no more of It thm tbe^ would too dashing of a ware. Washington # understood the machinery of this Got* m meat * IT* had a hud in patting its parts tgether. Je *r*>n, and Madisoa, and Monro* understood it. Tha men of a later day?Clay, Web**r,' and Benloa?had studied it deeply. All of tber* m?n were men of Cfompro^ilea. Jcg They never suggested tbe thought that - V iluTerniaent could endure as oar Fathers made ^ it, part free aad part alart. They nerer hinted 'Mhti .'J - the thought that between the North and the South there was an " Irrepressible Conflict." These men, alas! for the country! are do more. A race of statesmen have succeeded them who oom? before the people of the North, aaking them to abandon all their old notions about Union and Peace, taught them by Clay and Webster. They ask them to join in a crusade against the Southern people. They invite them to seise the Government of the whole country, and initiate a Revolution. With everything to make us a eontented. happy, and prosperous people, we are asked to take a step in the dark, and that step on the brink of destruction.? Troy Whig. I A Perseaal Sketch af Abraham Ltacela. A correspondent of the Boston Transcript, writing from Springfield, Illinois, gives this pleasant description of the republican candidate: " I confess that my objeet in tarrying here on my journey to St. Louis was the gratification & I li . j . ? _ a % a. ui nui uuparuunaoie aesire 01 seeing Aonnim Linooln; a curiosity which I find is indulged in bj a large number of my fellow-oounUymqn, whose names are on the hotel registers. Some of them hare important suggestions to make with reference to the next administration ; others are foreoasting for certain offices in the gift of the President, and desire forthwith to make Mr. Linooln's aoquaintanoe, remembering that it is the early bird that catches the worm. "They keep good bours here in Springfield, and long before 8 o'clock, breakfast being over and every body astir, I was promenading the principal street, looking in at the shop-windows and examining the daguerreotype specimens on the door-posts. (I have a curious theory respecting this department of art, and its relation to society, whieh I will withhold until another occasion.) A well-dressed citizen, who was gaily smoking his morning cigar at the street corner, remarked to me. seeing that I was a stranger, "There goes the next President of the 1'nited States." I looked across the street and saw a tall, ungainly figure with a slow swinging gait, and a oostume which looked very much the worse for the wear. This was Abraham Lincoln, going thus early to the department in the State House in which he receives the calls of those wh desire to see him. If I had met him in the uttermoet parts of the earth I should hare known him for an inhabitant of the great and glorious West. "Later in the day, through the medium of a letter of introduction, I made Mr. Lincoln's acquaintance. In personal appearance he is midway between the litbograpBi in the shop windows and the poetic renderings of his countenance on canvas which hare been given to the public. He is neither to very ugly as the former, nor so good looking as the latter, but seems older than either represent hia. The truth is. he is a plain, unaffected, awkward sort of a man, with as little regard for his personal appearance as he probably has for the criticisms of others upon it. He has a genial frankness and heartiness of manner that are -prepossessing, and after seeing and talking with him one does not not wonder at his nonn larity here. Hit neighbors, who know him beat, says he is sincere, truthful, honest?and he seems to be. "Mr. Lincoln is the recipiont of a great deal of advice just now, from patriots in all parts of lb* Union. Yesterday he was favored witn a letter from Alabama, in which a suitable Cabinet was indicated, and the proper line of policy set forth. Presents, too, bepin to flow in. An ox-chain, cut with a jack-knife from a rail, hangs in his apartment. It was sent as a del- j lcate compliment by some industrious admirer 1 in the Northwest. After the 7th of November advioe and presents and visitors will doubtless 1 be forthcoming to any extent." Tnc 0ami or Eccbrk and Lir*?An Arkansas FatherAdvice to his Son.?There is a genuine humor in tbe idea that an Arkansas man !*? *- **** ?~* ??? * 11<'i i tu? uivBi uaium exprension, even o( parting advice to his son. in the language of the card table, . ml the manner in which the 1 terms of the game of "euchre11 are there fitted to the game of life is ingenuous: "Bob, you are about leaving home for strange parts. You're going to throw me out of the game, and go it alone. The odds is against you, Bob, bot remember always that industry and perseverance are the winning card*; they are the bowers. Book larning and all that sort of thing will do to fill up with, like small tramps, but yon must have the bowers to back 'em, else they ain't worth shucks. If luck runs agin you pretty strong, don't care in and look like a siok ohicken on a rainy day, but hold your head up and make 'em believe you're fladh of trumps; they won't play so hard arin vou. I've lived and traveled some, Bob, ana I ve found oat that aa soon as folks thought you held oat a weak hand, they'd back a*in von - - ?? J f?So, when you're sorter weak, keep up a bold front, but play cautious, be satisfied with a pint. Many'* the hand I've seen euchered 'cause they played for too much. Keep your eye* well skinned; don't let 'em 'nig' on you; reeollect the game lays as much with the head as with the hands. Be temperate; never get drank, for then no matter how good your hand, you won't < know how to play it; both bowers and the aoe won't save you, for there's s*rtin to be a miss deal or something wrong. And another thing, Bob, (this was spoken in a low tone.) don't go too muoh on the women; queens is kinder poor cards; the more von hare of them the worst for you; you might kare three and nary trump. I i don't say discard 'em all; if you get hold or one that's a tramp, it's all good, and there's sartin 1 10 d? one oat or four. And above ell, Bob, be honest; oerer take a men's trick wot don't belong to joo; nor 'slip cards,' nor 'nig,' for then yon can't look yonr man in the faee, and when i that's the eaae there's bo fan ia the game; it's a regular 'eat throat.' So now, Bob, farewell, remember wot I tell you, and yoa'll be sure to 1 win, and if joo don't, serves you right to get 1 skunked!" ( Gamilins in Pabi??The police made a de- J er?i.t the night before lest on a clandestine gambling-hooee Kept by a female who calls herself ' Mme de Marseilles. The apartment, most sumptuously fitted up, was frequented by the ladlea of > the deml-monda, actreesea of the minor theatres, , whose presence attracked young men of fcaily, , foreigners, and others, who were made the prey of greeks and professed gamblers. When the , Clio* entered the place a large party were assem- j d and, being thua taken i* /sgr??f? ielitf, the . lady of tbe house wsa arrvsted, and the stakes and all the the furniture 1b the room seized.?Gf?lignani. A rather singular episode took plate durlnv ! a ttoriu on the menagerie of M Herbert, the natorallat, oo the north Jetty, at Havre. A fine royal tiger whtrb had been for some days in out of the cages, bad conceived a strong affection for a macnilesat lieu, and the two lived together on friendly terms. On the ntght In question, whether the animals beromed alarmed by the violence of the wind, or whether some cause of quarrel had arlaen between them, is not kaown: but a Ight took place, as when M. Herbert entered the place In Ue morning he fonnd the tiger strangled, and the itoa walking aroand the dead body with all tbe trlurrpofa conqueror. ICTln Philadelphia It la proposed to reorganise the Are department by reaucing the amount of apparatus, rearranging tbe districts, and enforcing discipline. A report and ordinance em body lag three chsnges are uow before the City Council. The new United Statsa Arsenal at Han ??uiw,'iexM, laorugreaatng rmpWly Tkemi|~ I azlne, ju*t flnlihed. has capacity or algfct tbouaaud cohAc (act for amauinttloa. {fjr The Vmaoat Legtatature are dlacu?siiur ? tb? propriety af a mew law of divorce Mr. Field, | of N?? faoe.dealrea to utkehafcUaaldniakennoea a grouad of di*oroe. I ; CT The drjlair?poftdr?akdtoetaae4a*ala- , able coil bed In Clinton, Douglascounty, Kama, , and a bed of pearl clams, from which 4u* pear la , have been taken, "*? of them quite nluabV 1 H7" The aaaeaaora of the city of Lynn. Mas., hate eomawaoad a ** ptactle* there, that of tax- i lot aiialater'aaalarlaethataxeead t?X> to taxation, , hat exempts thoaa wha do sot. IC7" Two 8?edaa, aflat two oaoatha oa Fraaar I threr, hart returoed te Victoria wftk W W, I *' J c?! fc a fir> ML S" ** * VicissiTtroas or Romi akd an Poras ?Tbe Papacy U not so near its end as many bop* and expect. It has survived many a tug as bard at the present. In 1SS7 tbe combined German and Spanish armies of Charles V. stormed and sacked Rome, enacting in its streets the most diabolical cruelties, burning, torturing, robbing, ravishing, and destroying for ten days. Some six thousand of the Inbabitanta perished. 10 000,000 crowns of plunder were collected, and Pope Clement VII. Cld 400,000 ducats for his own ransom. Luther t>ught that the end of Rome bad come. But It has survived and recovered. Sixty yeara ago It was in tbe hands of Napoleon, who seemed to hesitate whether to crush it or not In 1W20. 1KH and 184S It was a prey to revolution, Garibaldi hlinaelf. at tbe last date, expelling ths Pope, who escaped in tbe disguise of a footman on a coach box. A republican government was then e?tat>ltsbed, but another year aaw him back again, and now be looks for support from the despotisms which would themselves trembleat his fall. His ta?m rw\?s 1 AnmI *? 4 ? ? ? A * * -w? fw. WWUI1IIIVU may UC CfCH HOW 11 fllUj UUl that dominion is really bit weakness, not bit strength; and wben be Is well rid of It be will reign as bead of tbe Roman Catholics with more substantial Influence than for a long time past.? English paper. Pkobabli Clxakakce or a Slavi*.?The bark Romulus, recently arrived at Cold Spring Harbor, and was fitted for soa in rather an unusual way, the lower hold being filled with casks of water, Ac., while ostensibly she was to have been used as a whaler. From time to time while she lay at anchor, small steam tugs arrived during tbe night (probably from New York) and delivered articles or persons on board tbe bark At last on Wednesday nlgbt last she slipped nut into the Sound. where a steam tug was waiting for her, and after a long time spent in shipping or transhipping cargo, she started for sea through the Race. No doubt remains in tbe minds of many who observed her movements that she bad gone on a slave trading voyage. It is said that tbe Custom-bouse officer at Cold Spring is a decided old fogy?never without a piDe in hismonth ?and that it is no difficult mutter for any vessel to get "papers" from him.?JV. Y. Sun. UU" In ita leading article of the 1.1th ultimo, the London Times says: Victor Emanuel will, a few days hence. If the f*tes are not very adverse, hold the Kingdom of Italy by the aame title by which Napoleon III hold* the empire of France If, a* there can be but little doubt, as matter* now stand. the question to be put to the population of the Kingdom of Naples on the 21st lnsunt be answered Tn the artBrmatlve, Victor Emanuel will be seated "by the grace of God and the will of the Italian people." Garibaldi has published a proclamation In which, after announcing the approaching arrival of Victor Emanuel, he says: "Let us be ready to receive the man whom Providence has sent 11s. There will be no more discord. I jet I'ntted Italy and King Victor Emanuel, the Galantuomo, be the perpetual symbols of our regeneration." I\ r Thp trihl? war. -? " u r ?* v vi iiamciiwui iuc man '.on of the late Mr. Tborndike, of Boston, have been told under the hammer. A large part of the articl** In the collection were purrhaswi by Mr Thorndlke In Paris, at the tale of the effects of Louli Philippe, and most of the ware contained the initials or that monarch, and the Sevres porcelain had the royal cipher and date of manufacture The dinner, dessert, and tea service were very large, comprising nearly 800 pieces, and including the mark of the Chateau de Trianon and Coinpeigne, and the Palaces of Versailles and Pontainbleau, with the Sevres marks, everv piece having the initials of Louis Philippe ana a crown Tm services were divided, and the first dinner service brought 11306. and the second S4&5. The first dessert service sold for $125, and the second for 8110. Cask or Uxjust Suspicion ? A somnolent pas x-ngrr on uoaru a lair midnight train from the Weat, was jerked Into consciousness just at the moment wtjen the train pas?."<i over one of those fragrmt little animals that go abroad of nights The aroused person glared wildly about him for \ moment, then seizing hold of his nasil protuberance, filed his gaze with much severity upon t sleepy young gentleman occupying the same eat. Believing that he bad discovered tha eul prlt, he gave an energetic expulsion of breath from his nostril*, moved to the farther extremity of the seat, ana again sought obliviousness In slumber. Passengers In the vicinity who appreciated the current of thought Indicated by these movements, laughed tome. CD" Count Arrivabere, who rode forward at Garibaldi's call for one hundred men at the crisis of the tight at Volturno, wrs for some years an Italian refugee In London. II* ?? naturally enough, by Bombalina, of being d iaffected to the Neapolitan rule, and to save the *>\rri trouble on bit account, Arrlvabere fled to London Tber* be subsisted by giving leewna In Italian and by delivering recitations from AIfleri, under toe patronage of sundry of the leading ladles to English aociety who sympathised with the persecuted. On Garibaldi's call for troopa he wai one of the first to Join the expedition f j Sicily. \\ hat Gov. P?ttu? will so?A New FoVKTR or Jclt ?The Breckinridge States-right men of Mississippi bad a large meeting at Cclumbus last week, and Gov Pettus made a speech The tenor nf his remarks led some one to ask blm If the Union should be divided what disposition he would make of the interest he bad in the Bunker Hill monument ? He said ''be would give up his Interest to the North." " And what." said his interrogator, " will you do with the South's interest in the Fourth of July 7" 41 Wt toill make a new wai the reply. d/"" A Degress In Chicago astonUbed the po? * olllce louugers, a few days ago, with a series of most agonizing shrieks and screams SUe had just received a small package from Marion, and nn opening it a green adder was revealed to her astonished gaxe. The bystanders soon dlspatr.bed the reptile, and tbe woman showed tbeni a letter which her husband bad written, urging ber to "kiss this dear little pet for me, and take It, and ileep with it for God's sake." He also Informed ber that be was going to get a bill of divorce as ?oon as possible. Jealousy waa of :oarse the origin of this domestic escapade. SlMVLAK P**S*EVATIPX O* PBOPBETT AT NIW ?? ?*. ? * ? " i okk ?us mursaay riernoon, during the eonration attending the departure of tba ateamsblp Bienville, a trunk containing 9600 worth of j wflry slipped from the shoulder of the porter, and, itrfklng the wheelhouse. was broken open and the contents acattered in the river. Two officers ?f the steamboat aquad, at the risk of their lives, ieacended to the surface of the water and sucseeded In recovering nearh alt of the property, rhe jewelry being attached to cards, floated about until picked up. ? A Vkssbl Piiuit baa Cbsw.-A letter from Panama, dated October33, says: "Theship Lucy L>. Hale, with a cargo of guano, la supposed to lave been set on fire on the Oth Instant by the ;rew,whoare under arrest on board the United States steamer Wyoming. All the upper deck. K'Tc au? main rigging, wu Darned. It la aatd .bat her cargo will be tranahlpped and the veaael :ondetnned." A N'*w and Important Dicuion ?The Supreme Court of Maaaarbuaetta have tuade quite an Important decialon, to the effect that a cltlaen and tax-payer of a town la not liable for using worda that are, of themselves, actionable, of another peraoa la open town meeting, If the word* apoken jr?w out of the aubject under dlacuaatou, unless ictual or expreas malice be ahown. Wced*n Dxath or a Wide-Awaki in Peo:*aaioN.?Mr. Samuel Gladlng, of Newport, K. I., who accompanied the Newport Wide-A wakes Lo a demonstration at Providenre, on Thursday evening, fell while the pratseaaion waa marchiag, inddled almoit instantaneously, either of apoplexy or disease of the heart. ICT A oar bellt wholly of tree U now In viae betwsea Pittsburg and Cleveland. Itwillbemuch lafer for passengers in case of a colllalon, aa the material resists cruahing, and will be entirely free iron splinters. me manuiaciurera Intend to raa It over various road*, for Um Inspection of the public. (XT' The pablie lands enuring to the State of Plorida embrace 565,9*3 acres, applicable to the construction of a railway from Jacksonville, oa the Atlantic, to Pensacola, oa the Golf of Mexico. The Company are now negotiating a loan of 1500,000 In tba North. iLT Tba Russian Government baa ardored the PeEsb clargjr not ta urge tba people to total ab tineeoe, btoaoao the raven am from taxes on Xlrtta may bo diminished Tboy are. however, lowed to enlarge In genaral terma on th) blrstInga of temperance now iliai per?on? *T ootl*??th*t 30IW0 uL?7!iEf*y"4 ,a "* of tbe Klttm pi? V?J5a,,!U1 ?*>*>rk?dexcoedt ?7?0,S.r'.j^Lof tb? cott?n consumed to KKgUod?900;goo,uoo pooada la Amrle*, ? ? ;v. ^ I * i ? ' >W" ^k??? r*?v -' l t3Mr EDUCATIONAL. PA. 8. DtVILLIERS, ROFE9SOR Otthe FRENCH and GERMAN LANGUAGES, 317 Eighth strrot, betvMn Land M, baa the honor to announo* to the publio that he has resumed h *. leasona in the above ItnjuMt'. and haa openn^^^liaa Wood a s?min\rv. *94K atreet, MfOfPW and 13th ata , a French C!a?a iu which young ladiea will be admitted. Thia ola.a will ine-?t three times a week at half-past 3 p. tnTorms: ?5 per quarter of lOwueks Satiaf otory arrangeiu-nU made for leaaona given in schoola. Mr de Viliiera offers the best references a* to his zeal, ability, Ac., Ao oc 24-lm T FEMALE EDUCATION. HOSE Parent' who wish their daughter* to reoeive a thorough and systematic education, where theirphjaioal training will reoeivedaily and special attention, under the moat approved ayatemof Caliathenio*and Gymnaatica, are reapectfully invited to viait the Union Female Aoademy, corner Fourteenth st and New Ywrk av MR. A MRS. Z. RICHARDS, _au 88-tf Principals. L" KM ALE BOARDING AND DAY SCHOOL T ALEXANDRIA, TA. Mn. 8. J. MoCORMICK, Pimciriu The thirteenth annual mmiod of this Institution will oommenoe on Tuesday. September tilth, in the bouse recently occupied by Sylvester Scott, Esq.. No. ISO King street. The course of study pursued will comprise all the branches requisite to a thorough English Edu oation, and Mosie, French, Latin and Drawiag, il desired. In addition to day scholars. Mrs. MoCormick is prepared to receive a limited number of papils as boarders, who. constituting a part of her own family, will be under her immediate care and supervision. She will endeavor, as lar a? possible, to surround them with the oomfortsand kindly influences of Home. Kfjtrtntrs.?Rev. Geo H. Norton, Rev. D-. Elias Harrison, Rev. D K. Sprigg, William H F?wle, Esq., Edgar Snowden, Ksy . Edmund F. Witmer, Esq., Henry Marbury, Esq., l><awis McK?nse, Esq , Robert H. Hunton, E?q . W. D Wallaoh, Editor Kvenicr Star. Benjamin Waters, Ksq..Jas. Entwisle, Jr., Esq.,Col. John W.Minor, Loudouu, Messrs. Ulacklock 6c. Marshall, Messrs. Corse Brothers. T*k*?. .Board, with Tnition in all the English B'anches, fxwifor the annual settion?payable semi -annually, in advance. Music and Langnages at Professors' prices. ITT" No extra oharges. au 28-tf 1 cinunni. rfiD sun r unvo . ^ w u * U??l t? U li L?? ? I ? "* ?3 No. QTT I &T*KKT, Firjt WllD. Miss ANMK E. PKCK. Teacher. Number of pupils limited to twenty, oo 16 eolm CARRIAGE FACTORIES. YJU ASHING TON CARRIAGE FACTORY. " D Street, Fttvrten 9tk and 10IA Struts. We have just finished a numoer oi first class CARRIAGES, such as Litkt FaWfJUniB. Wagons, Park Pkeatons, Kamxly Car-BgCBR riaxts, and Butrits, whioh we will sell at M iLi S vert small profit. Reins practical mechanics in differeat branches of the business, we flatter ourselves that wo kpow &e styles and quality of work that will give "Sta stion, oombiuinc lightness, oomfort and dambin ty Repairing promptly and oarefally attended to the shortest notioe and most reasonable oharcea, WALTER, KARMANN & DOPP, Coaohmakers, snocessors to Win. T. Hook, ap 27-dly T CARRIAGES. HE 8 s been be r harms made addition* I# kl taotory, making it bow one of the l?.rr?nt. it, th. ls,i " '' 11 N? NtV A/tDM IVt^ WIIV?<7 Ui? ItWIMUn manulaotarirr CARRIAGE A LIGHT-*!^^^ WAQONSorall kiavl? oannot oe surpassed, a&4 from tua lone exporienoe in ths buuMM, he hopes t? tiro genera! satisfaction. All kinds of C&rriAfM aui Llfkt Wagons kept? V: RKPAin?nsat:r <ens,aadaHs-4ert prompt I if attended to. .zz'""" aMusmannfTlwar* * >?- ?? wmr mt 1Mb utd K its. "dentistry. M TEETH. LOOMiS, M. D., the inventor and patentee ofthe MINERAL PI,ATK TEETU, at tends personally at hi* offioe in this city J>fg.T7' Msny persons oao wear these te?th who'** 1 * eannoi wear omere, and no person can wiar other vbo cannot wear these. Persons cailiiif at my cftoeoan b? e<x>omiro<!ated with any style ami prioe of T?*ih tii~' may desire; hut to those vbo are particular and w;ah the purest, oieanest, strongest, and moft perfet" dectnre (hat art oan produce, the MINERAL PLATF. will l-e more fu'ly warranted. Room* in this oity?No. 339 Pa avenuo,between 9th ami lotii sts. Also, 007 Arch street, Pluladel plua. oo l& tf D DENTAL CARD. R. M'JNSON Has returned am' resumed his Brofeasion. ? flioe ard hnueo at 463 E urd door east of Sixth. In addition t? mt? J every o'her approved style. Dr. -M. ha? se(^-* teeth on vnloanite Base for the la?t three yean and, from experience, knows it exoe.s alt others. ar.?i is one-third leas lit price than sold. His old patrons of VVanhinjctnn. Alexandria, and Geor** VUWU ID IO?fTOMUIlJ KliWMa W<MUI. Ill & SOlJ D DENTISTRY. K. HILLS, after a prftctioa: te*t of rro yean feel* that b* can vita oontdenoe mend the Cbeoplastto PnxMssforinrsrtacftflMp artificial teeth it iiu the adnuitages 01**" 1 w strength, beanty,oieasiiDess,a?d cFi**pnees. FeJ Offer t*U lcoer-^d f?r &*. Partial la proportion. Ofioe 300 Pa. avenae. aeV c. t. rowlra...JOH5 w wiii...h,wm bivkkidgx. CHARLES 8. FOWLER 4. CO.. IMPORTERS, Wholesale and Retail l>ealers in I CHINA, GLAS8, AND EARTHEN WARS, Fioo Cutlerv. Plated Ware, Roll Metal Goods, Block Tin Goods Tio Chauber Sets. Jipaned Waiter*. fr.thereal and Solsr Lamps, I'nal 111! f amna I JL? - ? - trwt \rn UVili' l iia. i\(b U Oi 504 (Odd Fellows' Hall) **EVENTil ST., oc II eo6v Washington City. JUST RECEIVED, AT SMITH'S, A lot of GKNTS'8 UNDERSHIRTS AND DRAWERS, from aootKm, whioh he will aril very low. oo 18 1m PIANOS. PIANOS?The larje?t assortment of Piano*, M* odenns. Guitars, Vin-?m?m. Una. H&nforg. Best Italia a Strings Ao oordeonn, Flutius*, Conoertinas, Flutes,' ? I I* , Biles, Flaceol'tU. Glariouett*, H'ui Instrument*,, and every variety of musical war*, aiso an immense stock of Sheet Mumo, Mim? Hooks and Opera*, for every instrument at the Musio Store of W. G. ME rZEROTT, oorner of ra.av. and 11th street- Sole Agent of Steinway A Son's Baion Haven A Co.'* and Kn&be A Co.'s Piano*. oo ? tf /JESTS' Fine Calfskin Sewed Boots, #3.75 VI Gents'D?ub'e so'.o ao1 Daub *-upper?4bia O--*. Ar . i n l * - \ f uvux, 90 , m nnv r rruan t/WiatlDSHa Gaitf r? *im Bo?t?* Boy 'and Youth*' ion*? VI Boota; Lartif*' Kid, M?roooo and Gnatakia* VW Buttoned ?o?ta: Lmmuk Laoad, BaUonrd, Con greaa. and Malakoff Boots. Alao, nrery oth*r at?le ot !adie?', nua?ea' and ohildren'a Root* and ?t J. ROSENTHAL'S, Pa av., between 8th ana 9th aU. oc 17-eotr , STOVES! STOVES!? 1 STOVES!!! I have on hand a large assortment of Cooking And other >torea, which I will ?n)l cheaper than fjom any other house la the Diatriot.aa it ia mr^3 intention to cloae them mL Call aad aaejHl and then judgefor yourselves. ??*t~ C. SNYDER, oa 9 Next door to tbe Star Office. j^AT EST INVENTION! LADD. WEBSTER k. CO.'I Tight-Stitch Sewing Machines , At J ANNEY'S _ MOOT AND SHOE STORJS, 34? PA.. AVKHCS. < Bey are the mot t aimr le. ey are the atrongeat. They are the aureat in their operation. They use a straight needle, (Curved one* are of bo aooount.) They hare a /bod wheel. They are capable of doing any kind of work known?they make the magic ruffle without any attachment*. Call and examine? At JANNEY'S, oc 15 lm 34* Penmylvania avmue. Titfc N O T 1 C E|_N OTICKS J SB Mr* HEELER leyite. the ladien ?f^P 1 Washington and rieuiitr to her rtraed Qi-?inr_of Faahi >nab e FaLL and WINTER BONNETS, on Friday and Saturday, &th and 6th ;uata it, when he wi'l be happy f? have ladies oome and examine her took ?f Gooda, as she has a very h&c laume stg^k_ of FEATHERS. FLOWERS, DRESS TKIMMINNt*. HEAD DKBtKKS, CLOAKS, SHAWLS, EXTENSION S*IRTB, CORSKTH of all itSM and j?rtoea, ood a Tory large stoeC of EM BROIDERIES, * , *o. * w? W? :t4 MorfcotSpac*. b*.Tthand 8th Hi. niBBS' wig, kraio and curl manu"I PACTORV|i4lt^u.trm?, p?utii(?or f offai rMMUi ?lfoafc?A *?rj e?mrleu araort- 1 m it of Bratd?, Carta, Fnaott**. Buxiaaai, Ae, . Bow on kui; alao. mde to order at the ah<>rta>t nutiM Hair Work repaired or lakea iaaxebaage. pss pnoea, oe If-lm " ' i : GEORGETOWN ADYERT'MTS QQ LARGE STOCK! Qti 90 BEST GOODS* "o L O WEST PRICES!*! PPI I.MAN A HUNT, 9S Bidge atreet, b*w*?n ?akhionton and Ci?ntre??, ar* mow rrfwM U> how th'ir well elected stock of DR E*S GOODS. DOMESTICS, Ao. Their atom i the oid atond of U. K. H.-rrj) fcivinf be a remodeled a ad fitted up in the moat thoroiuch manner. tb*y ?oea??e (koiti tiea uoeqiialed in toe Diatriot tor the yoaeouti -? of ? general Dry Gon<la tJuaioeav Thoy respect- , fall; invit > a oali from the oiUiens of Georce'ewn an t icir.ity. uc a im | JU^T KECEIVKD? 10 hltda. prime Porto Rioo SUGARS, ISO bbla. ??id Rje WHISKY, SSObbla. HKKKING and ALEWIVES. AO bbla. rruihed and Refined ~L'GARs, ?>ba*a Rio and Java COFFEE. 1 10 hhrU. 11.? .r.^.uni i wvL-a -* ? .? (???* f i ivvu / iuVU'~\pw|iO? For sale by JOH N J BOGI K. ee in 4 "RAN DELL,, i v> * . 199 Rrxdr* it., 6wfimw?, Hu ooustanUv on Uand a large aaaortmeot of ? Frscoh Near-sighted, Periseoaie, Col-< ored, and al. othor SPECTACLES, oi the best qua.ity. in cold, silver. iteel, aad German i silver frame*. N. B. Old Kimst Repaired aad < pry i ai?M ?t in thtn to ordar. ao ll-b I \fASHEY, COLLINS * CO.*8 PHI LA DEL- , IVl PHIA DRAUGHT ALB.-We areooMtantiy receiving fre?h snppliee of toe above deiightfu. be*- , erace. and invite ail aeraona who want a para uadulterated Ala, to rive it a trial. , ARNY A SHINN, Agenta, hi IT Snwn ?t.. 8 dr. j. h. mclean s ; STRENGTHENING CORDIAL AND BLOOD FCRIFIKM 1 THE GREATEST REMEDY i? tkt WORLD, t tand the moat Delicious and M Kitnult and Vtftt*bl* CoojpoBud, c/otart J by ill* diatilU- .*3^* tioj of rcou,^h?rl>?, TM Blick Ro"*,iirup?nils, Wild Cbtrry UU B-rk, an 3 Dandelion HI ijtfn into iU eon^*Tbo txnr* tcti'i L r*m*d:al prtncip't of *aeh infr*di?oti?7~J^^?^^^H^* r itkin?' j dUulliny, prodteinra rfiiiciona, ??hii?raunf spirit, and tb* t hu?i ini?iiiui? r?w?'7 *?* *ia? ikMMVV IJIlim, _ and rtatoriag the tic auffcnoj, and dabtUlaiad invalid la , health tod atrtnfth. t Mr.LEAPTS STAEXGTHEyiXQ CORDIAL Wili effectually core Li?er Complain, Dyapepai*, Jaaadice, Chronic or Nervoaa Debility, Dietaaee of the Kidr.eja, v and all dieeaaee iniia; from a diaordtrad Livar ar Straaeh. t Drapepeia, HimMn, Inward Pilaa, Acidity or Bicknaaa o( the Stomach, Fml'.neaa of Blood to the Head, Dali Put or Swimming m tha Rud, Palpitation of tba Heart, Fallaaaa ? or Weight to the Stomach, 8<>ar Eraetationa, Ookiar or , afocatinf Feeling whan 'aria# dowa, Drjueaa ar TalloVnaaa of iki Iku tad IfM, Nifht laita, Inward Fa?ara, Pain in the Avail of tha Back, Cheat, or Bide. Sadden * Fiuahea of Heal, Dapraaaion of Bpinta, Frifhtfal Dreama, " Languor, Deapondeucy or aaj nervpua dieeaae, Borae or Biatchea oo the Skin,'and Fever and Arse (or Chille and I F * *.) OYER A MILLION BOTTLES haaa baan aald dinar the laat aiz aaaotha. u> n ia. unci hat it failed in rT?inp enure eatiefacoo*. Wko. then, will tofir from Weakneaa or Debility whan McLuH1! STRENOTH fcKINO CORDIAL will tare yoa 1 No lufMft eaa tOTftf as adaqoate idea of tkt iauaa4l- , at* and alnoat auracaloae chuff* prodaead by taking thia J Cordial in tbe diaauti, debilitated, and Blattered itrtoii eyetem, whether brokan Jo wo by eiceea, weak by oa'.nre, or impaired by aickacta, th? relaxed and aoatranf orffvutaUou i* reetored to >u prietice health aad ifor MARRIED PERSONS or otbera, eoneeiose oI inability from whatever eaaae, trill find MCLEAN'S STRKNOTHINING CORDIAL a Uo- , roifh refencrator of the eyetem; and all who mat bare in * lured lhen>Ml*?e by improper mdalfCECea ? ... fad la thia i oraiai a cartaiu >na apceay rcrataj. TO THE LADIES. ? MCLEAN'S STRENGTHENING CORDIAL u io>?r- 0 tirr &od apaadv care for loctpitot Coaaaiapuon, fVhiiaa, Obotracttd or Difficalt Maaatroalioo. lacontiatoca of Crtno or Ic?ol?.it?ry Dwctiarrf tbtrtof, Palliaf of lha Woab, t GldJincaa, PainUrif, aod all diataaaa mcidaot to Famalaa. a THERE IS NO MISTAKE ABOUT IT Stftr no lorg?t. Taka it according to diractiaaa. It will '* etimslati, atraofthan, and loTigorat* jom aod caaaa t'? bloom of haalth to mo art your cbetk agaia. E??ry bou!a .a t! warrxatad to (ifa aati^facuoa. I FOR CHILDREN J If your cbildran art aickly, pan# or aSietod, MCLEAN'S J CORDIAL will aiaka ihtu bealtky, fat, aod robaal. Dai*? oot a laoBtut; ttj it, and jom will bo caoaiacoA. It to da- * Ucioaa totaka. CA UTION. " Bewar* of drsggiata or daalcri who ?aaT try to pais apoti Jj yo acist Sim,r or aaraapanlla iraah, which they can bay a cheap, b*a? vhi fit ia)aet aa food. A road aach aia. Aak for KICLEAND riULndTtlHIlNIl LUKUIAL, u>< ukt MKhiar ail*. It la tk? ooly r?ai<; that will pirif; iha Blood thorough It aod *t tbi nna tin* tlranfiheu tie ' Oa? '.eaipoonfol taken e?erj nwroi'ij famnp u a crrttin priTtuiTi for Cholera, Chilli and Fe?er, Till** Ft ft, w inr prevalent diaeaae Itiapaiap lu larrt but'lra. hnct f oofy 91 par bottle, or bottle* for $i J H MfI.EAN, s Sola proprietor of thi* Cordial; aiao, McLiaa'i Voic-oic Oil g l^niiBiDt Principal Depot 00 lie corner of Tiiixd ud c Pint iirieu, St. Loui, Mo. McLean'i Volcanic Oil Liniment, * (THE BEST LINIMENT IN THE WORLD ) r Th* 001/ a aft and certain curt lor Canetra, Pilea, Tamori, e?alliB(fi iud Broecbil* or Court, Paralraia, Ntur*lfia, WiiVgiai of tba Mnaeloa, Chronic or In# mmatorjr Rhruaa tiain, tnfneaa of th* Jmata, Contracted Mate lea or U?aiB*Bta, EtrnkiorTootkMlit, Braiaca, Bpn iaa, Fraah Cau, Wonnda, Clcera, Fe?er (mm, Caked Braajt. Snrt Ninnlaa. Rnmi^l R^r* TKm?I nr ana n-naar r.n nr r1 pain, na difference how ?e?ere nr locir tb? diiint m*r hart aimed. M< LEAN'S CELEBRATED LINIMENT is ft eerum remedy. ? Thoaaande of Inau bate ft have baa a eared a iifa of die crepitade and meaty by tbe aaa of ihia invaluable re??dy. McLEANS VOLCANIC OIL LINIMENT , Will ralitva pain alnioat iaatanu&aoaaly, and it will claaa, parify and haal the fonieat aoraa in an incredible ihort tiuta. FOR HORSES AND OTHER ANIMALS. McLEANm CELEBRATED LINIMENT ta tha oaly a. fa U and raliable remedy for tba curt of Fpatib, R arbaaa, Wifdgilli, PpMute. T7nnataral Loin pa, Nodra ? Svtllian It aavar failed to cart Btf Haad, Polleail, Ktaialn, Old Ranninfr Boraa. or Bwaaay, if proparly applied Foe Bprair.a, Brtuaea, 8cratrhaa, Crackad lieala, Cha/ee, Saddle O or Collar Galli, Coia, Boraa, or Woaada, it la an infallibla remedy. Apply it aa diractad and a cure ia certain in a?ary iaataaea Than tnia do loagar with tha many worth i aaa Liai^eaia f offered to yom. Obtain a eapply of Da. MCLEJLN* CELEBRATED LINIMENT Itwifi cure a**. J. H McLEAN, Sola Proprietor, Comer TViird and Pine aaa., St. Lome. Maw CHARLE8 *TOTT, *51 Pa. a?., aala a*aat in ' - - - DOT PldfiPl - oa (\A wr a ? n,0. i.uuw?b,vi?r|vvBVtt. ? UN F. F&Z5CH. WM. F. tICRftTZl*. . NEW PI KM 1 FRENCH * FlCH?TEIN, t (Swcriin to Wm. F. Kmylv > * Wholesale and Retail Dealer* in BOOKS, 6TATI0NERY, AI?D PERIODICALS, No. 878 PMiiiTmiiiA Avtsri. I Weddiax and Visiting Cards neatly engraved and printed* Paper aod Envelope! stamped with Initial with oet xtrft charge. Sa'^oripiiona received for*!! the Week i Pspers and Macasinee; alee. New York Herald, Tiaee, and Tribune. Ca'l end examine our stock. All bound Books cold from 10 to SO per oeat ]eee thaotho Publisher's prioee. IITAet Hooka Dot on hand ordered with dlepaToh from London, farts. New York, Hoetna, and Philadelphia. oa * ! ?<CHOOL AND C0L.L.K6K OUTFITS* Youths' and Boys' Clothing for School and t Dress Wear. V P?rentoandfwdi*r)?iri?hiBf to fanuah thmr " children and wards with Bobool ?T>d Coll- f Outtte 1 Cor the oomint ee*eon, are invited to examine cur 1 ?<?NDt la'*e tod extenaive ftMortnwnt BOW' CLoTHINtf,where they tu ft out thai/ children gav'ra; ? aa-tf P?a. avcae. jjouiEisissi ??DRV4NTg, r We have now on hind * well ee.rclM att>ek of he above looda, auon a* hheetinca. Table L?ineaa, ? Napkina, Towelmja, Linteva, Full Clotha, B aa keti? from toamoa to vrj fine?Oenabarca. B ?e Demeetloe. fllkat. Pfllov *. a?e > .>tu i.s aed "5o? TAYLOR * HTTCHISOW. ? H. W' HAM11'T0^ PAINTS * DEALER IN PAINJ1, ( No. IM Tt? Stkctt, ntm Odd 1Hlltm* HmtL maX-ti PUTTY IS DOWN. fc pA?APPmECVjDLA?.wi|CAi| J A tx?ati!ni ?rt*ot?, huI ia ?r?MBN to ptU** n?ra.i Mhi Blrmr anrf m -? ?a. 1? co*t_ TftW t >URCH'yy^i 1 m to rpTB?r Vfwwrt *r iafntfc *?. WOALTV O O D A $ D COAL 88SPiuATMBwTw.yrE AjreltieS?e? J sk# * li di-i * \? >?**?'A ?*? ' * 1 ,v. n*-ri ..4 I THE WEEKLY STAR; UUftiac a irnti^ nnti of Ui>m?ti?t I S??rd*T aoraiac. Bint* oopv, par ? fl U Fir* cmim ? I ? RSCsr;?rr=? ?S Br Prtwribiac Id olaba rw4 moqi M|kbon sfe.3 ssrsvis IB?-'iRi.? ??nisffis o I?MI>II> tkrovgteM UM MMlnIL^Smfl# miim (in aiaff ara) M fea p?wv< JU& TSSyftmwft i*-7?""*, lO* PoatwMi?r? wb? ut m ifaaM will ha atf lOW?l tMMUUlOB of t< wn ?^a??? MISCELLANEOUS. THE GKLY PREPAJLATIO* wuiTir or UNIVERSAL CONFIDENCE A PATRONAQ FOR STATES~MKIT, JUDGES, CLEKUYMEM, i-A DIMS. mnH U h .XTL ? ME N> m ?-i ?*rt? of uatify t- u* F|?m< of PROF 0 J WOOD'S HAIR RESTORATIVE. and ?f tb? Pr*M are ituinou la ite praia*. A few t*?ti?iH n'ala an y ?u b* (rtrjn M'l eaiar for mor<\ and it will b* iwy?wifia lor jrou to dcabt <7 WiU Stiht. WIW Y? *.!>? ? ?*. (itntiim u: \ o?r doW ol tt* ??* iMut hu Uirat.v*. tn 1 r??*HUB? my ewultauof U*m( if _1 bad ?m> ohjeouon to jir? iL I l*?rd It lo TOI ?kM ftl>f , bMMM I UMftk It Iw. My to about W yaor* ; (k* <* . r of mr b* r uha'ii, and ioo'iu*d to oarl. ftr* <w 'ix T??r? uno* it b*ca<i t>> tors gray. tfc" M f ?u in?or*wa of my h?*d to iom iU Mutki ity m*I iemluff to torai ap-n iL Kaoh of Uw diatcree UmIiUm itriMrt with li?a. u<l aN>al 4 montka imae a fourth wa? added t~> ti?*m. by kttir fWHinc sff the u-p of my haed ud threat arum to nk? ? tola. lo thit uupVaaant pradicMant 1 wk i ad Bead to try ood'a Hair Kaatorative, maicJy to arrast u?a ailmi of of mr ktir, for 1 hod "aally ao ru?oU Uod that gray hair cud eeer ba raetored to IU >riKiraI oolor exr?yt froia d?ea I ru. Korfro:, f atly aarariatd to ind, after the aaa of two bot U?*nn y, .bat not only waa tea fa lief offarreetac. tk> ?%U- ? - ?- 1 " im? me u-iv< vm wiurru 10 wir jriy nun Ana W(Nnt? to the eoalp ud (iMrtnf ? m<h1 ho form >b luj h*?<UT?tj mmok to tb? gr?iif>eat>on of */ nfe. at vhuM eolieitatloB I VU to try if. For iSu, autonc the mirr ohli|?tioM I ott to i*r rex. I ?trnD|ly '(onmmfud aU n?eh*a<U who r% ue the>> of their wree to proit hy ?T ixamele. and itifgrowin* ?ra? ?ir"Uut be 4. Very reeeectfally, Rn A. I irt^Dn. To O.J. Woo4* Co. 444 Brt?<1v?y N. \ . My family #r- absent fro* the wtr, tad I an bo oncer at No. 11 Carrol P aoe pi am?tok, Ala-, Jaly ?, W?. To P*or. O J. Woou fitmt S?r?Voar "Hair fc?atoratiTe" ha* don? my nair*> xtohioW eiree omnteno^d the ue of i\ that 1 wiali to wake inowa to tha paklio of it* eflaaU oat he katr wh?eh ire great. A or woman %? ben?%rlj d -ivd >f hair, an* by a reaort to yoar * Hair Keetoi ii>4" he hair will retarn more beauuie tkaa erar; at i oura truly, w i. H. KniVT P. 8 ?% oa oao pablieh tka above if to* like By >obli*hmg m oar Hoathera pafora jo? will |?t n >re patio ;a?e S< ut.l. I aee eeveral af yoaroa*ifcoatea in the Mobile Meroerj, a troai K-uth-rn taper. W. HTKkxict. WOOD'S HAIR RESTORATIVE. Pmor. O J. W?od. Dmt St- Haviut had the niafortune to loee the beat po: tion of nyjiair. tram n? rBwT? ni uhi th.ow wwr, ii r?aw or f?ni la *61,1 was loJaoed to iaak* a tria. yoar prapa-a loa and found H to aniww aa th" twj tl>la* fled. M? hair ia now truck and (loaay, aad ao rorda oan express my obligation* to ?oi in glnng o the affliotod snob a treaaara Fiklxt Josrsok. The R eatoratiwe ia pat ip ia botuae of Uiraa aiaae ix : large. medium and ama'l; the aa?ail hold ball riot, and retail* for one dollar per bottle, the ma (am hoida at leaat 20 per cent more ia proportion han the email, retail* for two dollar* per battle ; ha large holds a quart, ?0 par aaot mora ia proper i?n, and reta<)* for IS O. J. WOOD * CO . Propnetore, 444 Broad ray, Naw York, and 114 Marketstreet, CL Loa fto. And sold by all good Drafglsta aad Pine? Goods )ealera. aa *T aoly^alw HlTIt HE WELL'S UVIYKK8AL COUGH REMEDY, For all Throat and Lung Complaints, from Common Cough* to Actual Consumption. HUNNEWELL'B JUSTLY CKLIIKiTIP TOLiU J/k.JfOJJ W Vhe Natural and Sur* Romody for all Ptorvous Complaints, From Neuralgia throari all oun whara Ofiia ru ortr u??*l to that of lVlirsam Trtmnu and UM ommoa chiaf <??? of mwaw LOSM OF BLEEP. TbaTola Acodyaa, thoorh oontainiac not a pa> koieof Opiaut, prodacaa mi t*a ra*oi-?m*uU of, imI may ba aaed in all caaaa On pit, *u <>a wunr.ot roonciug anytmnf Mf C?r??, ud *vtr.a the patient in a perfectly natural ate. fhe L'i?irereal CoorK Renaedy, (1reed fr<<n all Ii9 common obieetion of ?'cBrh firmed:**. * hicn rvxiuce uum or prostration,) may be mwtdrrM be common euemy to ail Throat aad Liu Com'ainta. and kaod with perfect impunity Aakin* li to eo?rt from profnetora or fnenda the mo?* evere integration or both Remediea, and re*j u? f our p*mpf.;eta to ha Sound with a!i neaiera. a.-v' lore partioniany to parafeaae oalr of thoee who *n be depended upon. we wait la ooaidaaoe tfca V31I10H5 of Pati?nta and Phjaioiatr. "Prioea within reach or a lv J. W. HT*5?wKLLl^CtA?7,aai ? Coauaaroaal Vharf, Boaton, ttio. Hvkniwill, 141 Water at, New York, (%aa. whoae aicnature ?uv*ra the eo ka of the anoine onlj, and to whom addreac all ?omnium ationa. Soid br all reepeetabla daaiera every whew, and 11 the Dnifgiata in Waakingto? and eeorgatowa. m%r J6 eo.r rPROCLAM ATIONT O THE OIT1ZKN8 OP WAMUMTUN, ?KOIl?KTUWK. HOLERA MofcBLS, flU**BEAb|IoUOt revftil to M fcAr*tn? ?UBt s ^"^?rs.aaS?HCE ?m? ?-m w ViiWw tnv *w. es^viEtff off I***". fftora hi? MlRACULOt'9 PAIN 11LLEB LEMESYFO1!TBK abuvIF^Sm^LUNTB " """Wfrnuc that bo inpMitMMi i* mtonM is tfc* aal? of tfcu TME MONKV^ILI. fitfTkEFLNDED ffll nil cifii . % rk?s the mdisiM laxlt to fire tmtxn utulactio MIR.ACUMIU8 PAIN tll.LEft. Uk?utirtotMl,iad if ?ot prfnti; atultd l?Uri tooir A(Wt. I?TB. CLARK. KRO-. 4X Street ?nd F?ori'!mVA*?io?, who wiil reftii d yow money. rnee-'ifi tod iO~bm* ftr Bottt* PttaliM ail Dm Btwii wrnj ?l?i, J AS. MeDONNEl^ jy!1-*otr fttimfc ^ B. HALL Whel^e ? ?*?&Df?leiVi? 'fq? FAMILY ROCE*IKS. TEA?, WINES, mad eUiee LT. ga&K vgjk T LOIR S&klO WON . yr^ Caah paid t**r all fcip?W mf fir%tm aa M Mm y MERCHANT TAnOHw??, ^KW rA1.rY Li^ r>CL?TH S CA*?I WALL. BTEPHESig A &oT, ??t PmotIv? la Avanue, hive jut raeeivod a itrt? wndi of jw Fall Good?, to vhtck tH?j lartU tW ft'teation ftHtr frxcwt* %.od ?aM?w?l?y *? *? b aract aarriac* to Mm bodr without dtveowfvfl. odLto ladweeei reetsare iRvaiuUtle, both at to P* - 'sduirwna*? a""oe?Tw 1H Pa-ar? ?a. "X)U??8. OOLig^|?2i*?BWM?, 4?. issmsm J?LTiMO*S9Vjrrm- Hor._ mK?w??AV~ i*\ ** H '! 77

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