Newspaper of Evening Star, December 4, 1860, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 4, 1860 Page 4
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THE EVENING STAR. OTE DAT. Yrn (mouth the itnilN fr?ia my hair With (?nt * t"? 3h and tender care. And o^nnt th? year* ere you ehall mark B icht silver thr?*ia a<n>>r( the dark? Pm liac tha vki't to bear me eay, "You n tlUok of thiaa?ain. someday. Some day ! I do rot aoorn the power of Tiwe.. - -- .nr? of uieiiaa p 1 me. "B?tBo"whT^ VT'im* wi ievef bin* Auinri the#" h?*vy ?o?*k? of mine? ?U>?ite day ?' *h%J: not fee', aa now, Your aw/t h*nds rove aboat mr brow? I afcai not slubt your light oommudi, And draw b? long braida through my rands ; I shall ha aileat and obey? Ao<! yon?yon will not augh that day; Soma day ! I know how lone your loving handa Win linear with these gloaay banda. When you shall weave idt latent crown. Of theee thick btai Jiaga, long and brown ; Bnt you ahall awe no touoh of gray Aduwa their ahining length that day ; Some das ! ?u1 wfcilaynnr teara are falling hot Ufon the 11pa which anawe' not, YfuM take from those ana tr?aanrad tresa And leave the rest to ?iientneaa? F?rremb-rin? that I usad to aaj, "Y<r?'ll think of tbta again. day, Some day "What I* It?"?Uirnnm'i. ?What It It?" la nowhere! We have in oar posae**lon (picked up in the atreet) a alnruUr piece of dry good* ; it la fourteea. only think, fourteen inchea long.about three qoartera of an lech wide, one half of It made of elaatic. the ath-r half ia white velvet with a rrd roae. a delirate bud. and aundry green lenvea ?* * * *? v-? -*-a Ift ?wrvA^?a Ia mmpea upon it in ori^u? ewiv??. *? w have bad a silver clasp upon it, but or<e aide of the aa'.d ct^sp la gone, (which will account for it being la the atr<*?\ perbape.) The first question la. What la It?" the next la, 'Whose la it?" We know that the lady?for it must have been a Uiy w ho wore it?la pretty, or has been, but Inclined to the opinion that aha la slightly tmbonfoint. "Whose ia It?" we repeat On! dear, how queer the lady niu?t have felt when ahe frit the clasp burst and knew it must fall to the pavement the next Inatant, eugh! We'll warrant th it her checks turned as red as the rose on the beautiful tone before us But "whose Is It?'' that's the Question. The fair one to whom It belongs ran 1ut( It by callitig at taia office and proving property There are no chargea to pay, cona-quently the recovery of the aatd Delt (?) dependa entirely upon tbe production of ita mate. N II?We forgot to mention that it juat flta around our neck ' Who*e ia it?" ' wbos? iait?" ay' and "what la It?"?Norfolk Day Book. RHTStm.?In the olden tiinea. a feudal Lord waa much dlatreaai d that be could not find a word that would rbvme with -porringer, and offered a prize to tbe bard who ahould aucceed in accompllahlng it. He waa only gratified ai a iut rt-aourre in? "The Duke of York a daughter had, He .gave the Prince of Orange her; And now. my Lord, I claim the prize, For making rhyme with porringer." Another aueer and aim oat unattainable rhvme noigbt bs sought for huxine, had not Byron told ub that ^it Euxloe The dirtiest little tea that mortal ever pukes In." JJ~The Ne* York Clipper hh that John C. Heenaa, the gallant ion of Benicia, would fcave r.o objection whatever to a passage at arms with ttia conqueror of Paddock, in the late light for the Championship of England, and now universally known aa the -'Stalevbridge Infant," providing he could be aasured of an even ibow on Brltlan'a shores He would prefer, however, to hive the battte tak? place tn America, and give Hurt St,ODD to come here, if the stakes were placed as hich as ?S.OUO aside. JET Tbe British Government, through the Consul >t Boston, has presented Captain Wilson, of tbe Minnie Schitfer witc a valuable gold cbronooneter; Mr Connonton. tbe mate, with a telescope; and f 10 to each of tbe crew. Also, a liberal compensation is made for the demurrage and subsistence of the crew and passengers of tbe Connaugbt. ID" A lady proposes in tbe Charleston Mercury a plan by which tbe half million of dollars tax talked off by tbe Legislature, could eis'.Iy be made oae of a million. Tbe plan Is that tbe eouia unroiini women anau reirencn in a'.ika ana lacea, and contribute the money thus ecouomized o the funda ot the State. Qcxkb"Gardener, why do you water the aide-walk ao much ?" Gardener?-Sure, air, ma later baa nothing to amuM him, and ao he makea me keep the aidewalk wet. while he look* out o' the windy at the ladles' ankles." rsrublicaxa Ri^riarid to Lsavi Mm* Lais?At a meeting held at Bean town, Char lea countr, Md on the 24th ult., a resolution waa paaacd requesting thoae who voted for Llnco'n, st the recent Prealdentlal election, to lssve the county before the Ant of January next. tTZ7~Ruasian military diacipllne recently re duced Prince Gortacbakoff from a lieutenancy to the ranks for fighting a duel. captain, tb? Prince's aecond, suffered a similar degradation. 117" A lag was displayed from the republican headquarters In Newburyport, Maaa , ou the '2U1 Inst , with but fifteen stars on It. Randall Clark was fined at the lata tern of the circuit court of Lowndea county, Alabama, 81 UU) for no' feeding hia Hares well. j a. D rv d r O d rw% niru w a nnnj r Alio ill ? SJ -B IlUl'DLtB. WILLARD9' HOTEL?Hon C Robbinaon III; Hon H C Longnecker, Pa; Hon M C Young lore, O; Hon O Lovejoy, 111; A VV Murk ley, N J; G Alger, Miu Hon O B Adnian. XV; A O ZabrtakT, do; J P Bradlev. NJ; J B Hall and lady Min; L A Plnmtner, do; C H Condit, NJ; Hor E Tbayet, Maaa; Hon E B Waahburne, III; Hor C B Sedvwich. NY; J J Gruyaugb. do; Hon J R Riggi. NJ; VV Hawland. NY; Hon C Delano Mas*; Hon J F Simtuona, RI; Hon H B Anthony do, < aptMradt. USA; Hon J H Graham. NY; \\ C Winlcr, do; Hon VV W Bovee, SC; N M Mc Do well, Pn; J N Mafflt, (J9N; C W Tayleur, Eng DrScommon, 111; H S Mairraw Pa: Hon F t h ninton, KT; G Congdoa.'Ri; II TliomM in<! fa T>11y, La; Mrs M L Macy, Ma*. Mr* C W Lew rv. Pa; H Macy, Miss; C N Dickson. Pa; 8 I Crane. Mass; N Kirk and lady, NY; G Holmes U8MC. NATIONAL HOTEL?Mrs E Walton, Md W Miock?, Mass; H G Hayes, NY; D F Murphv M W ilco*. T Hawkworth. E M Learn. Pa; H 0 Haves NY'; G M Adams, Kt: VV Harding- t'S( ?v Hon J P Hale, NH; E C Stetunborg. J Pool? Del Hon R Kenton and Aim, H B B rough too an* ly, NV.O Wells. ?; J as Harlem and fam, lows I \V tUmmbiii ? "> f " >?' ? _ -- (MM, V 1/ OlUiUUWU, UAi; I 8n*-?i, Vi; J J Sneed, Mo; D R Ambrose, E 1 Wilson. Hon W N SmitE, NC; J Petrsm, Hon 1 Gooeb and f>m. Mm; H B Whits and ly. T Ai imi, Pa; C H Snow, Va; W C Aodenon, Ky; M Be<cb. Mia; B'oughtoo, Mlaa Wilson, J B Wl llams. Hon W Stewart, Mri Cropper, MlaaCror p-r, A Hay. W S Anchlndoaa, NY; 8 W Falls 111 A Kendall sod f?m, DC; 0 W Hllleary so ly, Mrs Belt, T S Alexander, C 6 Kerr, H WUt ker, Md. BROWNS HOTEL.?8 E Hals sad ly, C Lli da If, Md; W H SiUton. Ga; Hon H A Rdmonaoi Vm- J W I- MI r> t? u.i _ .. ?-y......w ?'? ?T) v ij i*iiiuur in ly, NY; W 11 PVteraft, Pa; P W Rodmald. J V Brady, Md: T Burn* md faro ,|M la* O wings, Mil tomltb, W Nawtoo, N H Garrett, T A Li Hard. j Y; Hon R Darts, Ml; T K Littleton. J Jarkioi J T Hutekison and ly, Va, A H Elliott. NY i> dge Dlgga. Md; W J Green, Ya; J T Stoddar Md, D RaoWn, F Mailoy, NY. WASHINGTON HOUSE ?Hon J H Campbe Hon Cbapin Hall, Fa: Hon J M Ashley, Oty< Hon J B Allen, Mass; Hon B Jeakln, J Camp be Fa; H Becker, G Becker, Maaa; C J SiUey, Me; Gray, C Brows, B Young, Ky; C Bell, C Alaxa, dor, 1U. ViDtriVAAr\nAir?n ^ ?- ? - ? ? rUDlty, J Colli* Miao, J W Morrlaoo and ly, P?: Hon A Ivrraoi TOEnofy, ? ; 0 C TmJWerro, Dr R M Pre* good. V?. OCBAM a TEA MERJ3' BAILING DA Y From tbs Unrn Btatis. **mmMr*. Lo???. For. Days. Afnea?.?-...Now York_.Liverpool....Dm Ari?ojt Now York Ha.vro........!) ? Now Yorc?.JLivorp'H'l.-. Doo John B?U?-?...Sow York.. GImcow Doo from koeopb B&xonia ?o?U'ko?-.N?w York-.No* Lot a*tor B< oton Not! jfiKijEpKTpSJ^.v.-S; ::?? ??.? York ..Nov K?d?r ?ol?N?w York...Mot: If - nr? " N#w York. D?"? n~\' -'.'-1-1 fciu'pti*. U&w YortTltfM KmUM Uw#ool New York...l>?? 1 h? C* tfornift nuul itwawi oa tk? M 1?tk.rnUm^ot??fT >"* PU?E OLD V&^T!J?V F?" *"> rriattw 'urn,k~" Tb* >Mt kam* wd fortif dmu4 wa ton f< tfcia ariioia Aoiratir ftttMta tU parity and tin leno- Mortortr it AM/ ba awaUonad ia tiu? <xm b*sioa tut idmt iaT?IIc? ot dftltcata ornuui vio mk ? to in wm?ky of other bmt4i. to*? foai Ue toon Mat tokaaioaa and happy la ita eSMl a ab?al to too* at ou the toon pirioaa aat< i the irada. _ AID HALL. Oh m in ftna Wiaaa and Uaaora, FMfiyGrooariaa, Aa,opp.Caatar Market* ? Tr-toa* >*g?a 7th acd?U rtraata. A BEAUTIFUL ASSORTMENT OF FOB! ro 10a. Pa*ar Ihfto aad Tarkay A ntia aa A bans. FraaaaJsUoeaod Eobday Books. TMlarc? SS.WS N B.-Fatoraoa Mi M*r* W? rmiy. wo u MISCELLANEOUS. 1 l fi"*andmaeii? l insurance! HEATH A KNOWLES, ?i INSURANCE AGENTS ? Orrici, R#o* 16, Otkr Bark o? WAtnixoTOH. ^ life m connecticut mu tual,, q] accumclatior 93 500,000 fir r INSURANCE COMPANY OF THE STATS OF VIRGINIA. | Richmond. Cash Capital....9300,000 I NEPTUNE INSURANCE COMPANY. L Philadelphia. CapitalahdScbpuj?.9S00,000 h GOODHUE INSURANCE COMPANY, ! Niw Yobk. Caih 'apital 9200,000 u C In the latter, all the advantage* of a mutual are gained without inourrin* th* liability. ft Inauranoe at a* low rate a? in any other equally responsible oompamea, and pol:oy holdsra allowed to participate in tt.e profita. de 1 Rents' merino shirts 2 u and drawers. 5 A large asaortment Oenta' Merino tthirts and Drawer*; alao, Bojrs' Merino Shirta. Genta' Lainba Wool Shirta and Drawers. n Also? o F arge asaortment Woolen and Cotton Hoaiery, b Kid, Silk, Wool and Cotton Gloves, t] Silk Cravats and Neok Ties, a Linen Skirt Collar*, *] Linen, Cambric and Silk Handksrohiela, at our usual low prioes. \ o HENRY EGAN. 321 Seventh at., J no 30 0t n?ar Avenue Honwo. a American stock journal-th* third 5 Vo; cmk C#*mnci? Jan LMl. Devoted espaciall j to mattera relating to dome*- n tic animal*. The largeat and ch*ape*t paper of the kind id the world Pubiiahed monthlv, at No. 2ft I Pa; k Row, New York. Price ?I per year, ia advance. Sp' Oimen copies gratia. s D. C. LINSL-'Y. Editor and Proprietor. OTIS F. R. WAlTE, Associate Editor. , Papera giving the above advertiaement three mpertiona.and aendint a marked o< py to A G. Hatch, AVihwioe, Vt., will receive a copy of t?.? parer one j ear f e? A G. HATCH, j no 30-31* general Agent. | pOR KEY WEST AND HAVANA. . isabsTi.inb. Chang* of Sailing Days.? Thr$4 Trip* in Novmnbtr. THE U. S MAIL STEAMSHIP ISABEL, William Rollisu, Commtadtr. Tho Poetmaster-General having changed the dar? ofsaihnc of thia*. the St'irr, ehie ISABBF.wil ISH* tHRKE i 1 .n NOVEMBER FROM CHARLES--*""?* TON lor th~ above Purl*. I leaving Charleston oa the 1st, 12th, and 25th ^ ovxxbkk. i.?*avin* Havana on th* 6th and nth Novembee and 1st D cembsk. I At'e- whio.i her regular trips will bo continued as follow -: L?^va Charleston on the 10th and 25th of Each mosth Lnave lia-ar.aon tUo Island ICthoi Facu Mphtm. For *a ety, *p?*d, o.iir.fort, and pleasure, tins Line canpit bJ sur>aMed P'?r Jilormation rr pa sate apply ?o T. BAR r*AKi->. 1 Hiniflinc, ?vaa?unct <n: or lv >iOK t'KCAl A CO., 110 Ea?t Hay, Charleston. !CTA!1 Mail matter inu?t be pre-paid at the Post Office oo 30 law3m pj A T S A N D CAP_ 8 ! The !a'<?t N<?w Vork etyle of GENTS' DRK3S HATa. fe now on hand. The AMAZON HAT, ?3 New Stule. just ope..ed. . P E3 Mi???' JOOKKY HAT^.tn Felt^S/^Q# at.d beaver. AT R*i>rcKo PRICK*. B. H. sl'lNhM KTZ, 236 Pa. av., no 34 Loar corner Thirteenth street. ???;r ^9^^ Tlieunderaiffned haa juat received a large aupply of tha finest OYSTERS of the *e?*i?n, and be** leave to call the attention of hi* friend * and the publie to the fact that he ha* enlarged hi* Saloon, and ia now able to anpply all who may favor him a sail with ROASTED or 1MII.KD OVSTER3 at the shortest notice. T M. HARVEY, No. 2S1 C at, bat ween loth and 11th. bo ? Opposite Theater. Eagle iron works, CORNER OHIO AV. A>D TH'Rtrbnth ST. ERICSSON'S CALORIC ENGINES. The underMg t*d have l>eon appointed soie agent* in thin city for the manufacture and sale of tlie above Engit-es. and arc prepared to supply all ofders with prornp'neaa and disi>a?cu. Tneoe engine* have be^n satisfactorily introduced, and are now practically employed in be'fries; by bookbinders; for boxwood cutting; by cabinetmakers; for drawing fan blowers to ventilate building*; for pumping; for domestic purpose*; elevating grain; glass cutting; ginning oottor<; grinding quartz; grinding paints; grinding sugar cane on plantations m Cuba; for hoiMtinz; for knitting machines; b? manufacturers oi war#; Hi priniera material, 01 silver ware, of agricultural implements; of matohes; of hoop"'l skirt*; for pumping at railroad >tations and on board sbipt; for sewing maehinea. for job printinc and printing daily newspapers; for various plantation use*; sawing and planing lumber; for picking hair: for polishing coin'.*; for shoemakers' uses; for sand sifting; turnint; tol>*coo cutting and pulverizing; in tanneries and wtre making establishments; i for soda water manufacture; for bone crushing; i ma t mashing; towing; grinding outlery, Ac. They are inexplosive; economical; easily managed; they require no engineers; use no water; and consume very little fuel. Any persondesirous of uaing these 1 Kngines,can by application to tne undersigned be shown a large number of testimonials fr?m persona Who nava inem in daily use, expressing their entire satiafaction in their operation and use i Prioea of the fcnginea ae established by the Patentee: 12 in. oyl'r $3Sf> 18 inohee oylinder, Double 24 ? 1.4W 32 * " 1,350 " 32 ** S,ewi 40 " " ' 40 " 48 " " 3>? ? 48 " 6,?)0 BO " ' 5,000 " 60 " 9J0h 24 " " m We are are alto prepared to furnish, at ehort ?otioe, Architectural Castings, from any designs that , may be furnished, a* cheap a? can be obtained elaei where. Also, Steam Engine*, portable and atation i ary; hieh or low preaaure; saw and griat inilla; hydro,t%tie, or other presses ; boilers fer heating Kii urrAiii>l>t ? *** ? .. b.. Ai? . ? ? wwiiu.iiji, hivu|ih nun W?v;i wui?teiiaiviu^.|Mi(> inar. 4o., for flouring or other mills, and forging of all kimls. el3 2aw3m WM. M ELLIS & BRO. '"in ROYAL HAVANA LOTTERY. ? 1 BE N<\*t Drawing of the Royal Havana Lot t?vry, oocdacted by the Spanish Government, under 1 the snverviuon of the Captain General of Cnba, will ta.e place at Havana on ' SATURDAY. Dicixbii 16, 1m0 > SORTBO NVMBRO 647 ORDINA&IO. CAPITAL PRIZE 100,000. > l?rt*eof aiaejvmt Kinusnf turn I ? I do | to 2o wo ? 1 uo ?I,IM lit do 400 : 1 <io ?>/*? ?approx. ijnc I do "" jff prizes. * Whole Tickets, 9^, ? 10?Quarters, 96. ! Pnsea oasbed at sif ht at mt oent aisoounC i Biiis on all solvent Banks taken at par. 5 A drawing will baforwanled aa soon aa tfca r?il 5 becomes known. Ail orders for sak ernes or tick eta to be addressed r to PON RODRIGUEZ. [. no V-tr Care of Cttr Poet. Charleston. 8. C. * fevrr aarn amtv r' is caaaed by the miasm or exhalation evolved from a deo%ied and d?eayin< ve?ct&tiou in moist ?<>i a. I- Waen abeorb-d i*to the beoomea an instating virus in the blood, which deranxss and tee roya the hea'th of the whole ayatem. W e have long aouiht. anr! ?av? at length found an antidote. ^ AYEE'S AGUE CURE, v which n'utralizee thie malarious poison in the bl?od,aiid stimulates the Liver to expel it from the " bo ly lis action upon t!ie aj atom la invariably stre, ' an i itaeureoi firtr nnd Ague, and kindred ooma, p &iut? ce: tain. If taken 10 season it expela the *: v.rus from the syaUm as it i? absorbed, and thus t ktopa thoae who sse the "cvbb" free from its at' I taois, keeea the system la healtn, although exI poerd t'# tho disease. Consequently It not oaly 11 I onr*a hilt ftprtlAAts tl?- - - - . , w?* kilo nv?w *? IC1J OI ?llW1>: trnas which a-a udueed by thia maiicnant influ 11 aooe. snoh m Remi t*nt Paver. Chiil Paver, Dumb, j or \l**k<?d Aco". Periodical H^adach-. or . H-a-Jaohe, Billioaa P"vera, Neuralgia. Rhcuma a" tain, liout, Bnndn'aa, Tootkaoe, Ea'aoha, Ca ta> rti. A sit. ma, Paipitafiona, Hainfnl Afleotiona of r. the Malaea. Hyetarioa, C-dio, Pa"a!?eie. and Pain? fu' All ms lona of the Stomach ana Bowel*, all of j' which, whin anting in m tbia cause, will befouiul to a?aim- m-reor least ha inWmiU?nt type. Thia ' AccaCr**" removaa the caaaa of th?ae derange? raeata, auU aaraa the disraa*. q This it acoomp iahaa hp etimnlating the exereto? riea ti exp?l the vira* from tha syatom;and these o' cans by drgraaa beoome hab'tnat*d to-do thts thei r E of their own aoaord. Hanoe a'iaea what we 5 t<T(u acclimatatio*. Time ma? aao xap.ieh the a limit end hat dftjm lira 11 mil Ia?? ? < IS eaurifcoed in ttie, while thU^'Aous deal" M doe* it at oi.oe, and with aaf>ty. The rzUmm a** of this in all Yar-etiea 01 ohh, has ihown it to 1a be a aur*r a* w*ll aa a aafer remody for the whole L, cl v?? of diaeaaea whion are oaimed by the miaeiaaf. tio infection, thau any other whioh has been dia!? o?v*red; and it haa elilt another important ad vanJj tage to Uie publio, whieh ie that it te aheap aa well *[ Prepared by DR. J. C. AVER 4 CO . Lowell. ,< Maaa. no 16 eolm \* f A KG HOL'SK, by rannv Lawald. traaelated f 1 a f. onn the uirmin hw NctWul (-'???* i ">! ' 75 oenU. R?crrmttou of ft Country Puwa,l vol.; p<-lo? - 9141. i_ Biinim %t Trmth. by Two Brothers. 1 vol.; prioo " BLANCHARD * MOHUN, no M oornor 11th at. u4 P?nn. ?y. CMfflEjflNk! MAID AND OUKL M1NU ? rnviuKiiNVfNkilTfMA r?*r theeor f im ofTnirtoMtfc itrwt^ T*rr ocjn?l?t? uoortC B'Ot of Br?i4*. Carta, fTiE?tU?. BandetBB, ?o.. 'BUNKS, BOOTS AND SHOES. ?OOTt? AND 8ji0^9 TO 8UIT TMK ^ We ars n<rw manafeotnnnc all kinds of BOOTS ly Dd SHOK8, and oonettntlr receiving aaAa tr ipplr of eeatsrn made work of every ae BHC O jr>ptio?, made expressly to order, and will* ] V sold at a roooh lower srioe than has been' Hk w cretofore ohftrfed in this city for mnoh inferior < rtioies. Persona in want of Boots and Shoos of eastern or ity made work, will always find a jood aaaorttaeu ? t a tore and at the lowest priooa. Sire ns a oalL I GRIFFIN 4 HRO., I aaS-r SI4 Pennsylvania avenue. 7IVB HUNDRED TRAVELING TRUNKS ? arrived thia dat, embracing ail iiiili-Mni m e* ana aisee of sole Leather, Lad 1 n*'Mm reaa and Packing Trunk*. Our trunk^**"* jj Uea room exhibit* at thia nine the greatest variety .] f traveling reeuiaitea. at moderate price*. to he mnd this aide or New York. A'?o. everr deaoria- r. on of LADIJKS' HAT BOXEfc, V ALICES, S IARPET BAGS, SATCHELS, fcc. 5 fH7"0!d Trunks repaired or taken in exohange 1 >r new onea. I WALL, STEPHENS & CO, e Trunk Salea Room, u mar H-tf Pa. avenue. -?niuruai rr d VTiuir m a aiftna nm/kn tr TTII 9TUIT. ' I Orposut Odd Ftll<rt?s' Hall, Wafkxngttm, D. C. i Travelers will study their int?reeU bj eiMunu \ 17 TRUNKS, VALICES to ,before par?M having elsewere A* I u?e none but IhrHM eat materia; the market afford* and employ^ a he tx??i workmen, 1 can confidently reoommeod my rorfc to be superior in Strmgtk and Durability to J Cranks that are made in other eitiM and ao!d here 0 I kt?ep constantly on hand, and make to order (on a ne week's notioe) every description of SOLE t .EATHER, IRON FRAME FRENCH DRESS I md WOOD BOX TRUNKS: ASHLAND and ? tk* TALICES; TRAVELING BAGS; HAR- . iESS; SADDLES; WHIPS, |-e.f #e. \ Trunks, 4o? K"paired and Covered, in ? work- a oanlike manner, at short notioe. Trunks dAtinrnl in ut Bart of the aitr own, or Alexandria. Alw?Agent for Howe's oelebratwl FAMILY 'EWINO MACHINES. <U15-1* JAMES 8. TOPHAM. j TKAVELEKS' DIKKCTOKY. [ FOR KINO GEORGE. IN Addition to hrr oth**r return landicics, the t l?.a CT AT I mi < \ 1 A tJ ?? I -luttiuoi ci. l^ivnvuAo, v/HPiaiu ^.n '-'* w v iuy, will hercaftT call to land ani!^?*2j5g*? I *ke off pa renters at -Chatwrton^ , Taylon'a) I.endinc, thua affording the oitiiena of , tun lieorte additional convenience* for reaching i jhltum 're. Washington and Alexandria, a* she < ;oes to Ha.timore #>very PATURD\Y, and Wuhnjrton and Alexandria every THURSDAY. . The atoa*uer "Jamee ^u?" wi.l not be allowed o o?me to the above landing. no 22 2w JOHfl TAYLO E. DALTIMORF. AND OHIO RAH.RUAD. ; D WASHINGTON BRANCH. 1 CHANGE OF HOOKS. I Or. a. . after SUNDAY, November 25th, 1960,the j Lxaina Wil: rim aa follows: LEA VE WASHINGTON: First tr*m at?^ a m. i Un/iA nil T 4A A ?> k?wvw"u ? >oiii ni i.r' a in* Third train a* 3.10 p. m., Express. Fourth tram at 6 p m LEAVti BALTIMORE: ' Fir*t tiain at 4 15 a. in., Express. Second train at 8.35 a. in. Third at 3.t0p. m. Fourth at4.20 p. m., Expros*. I The first, second and third train* from Washington oonneoi through to Philadelphia and New Y?'k. The second a^ third oonneot at Washington lnnrlir.n with trains f., ? tl.u C?..t I. &?J *uuu?n'M WI?H lOiiio IVI VZI" 1* TBI, Ol/ut-ll* Bliu Nortnweet; aiao, at Annapolis J anction, for An i.apoli*. For Norlolk take the * 40 a. m. trai . I i-or th* accommodation of th? wa? travel between Wasfcin|ton and Laa.el, a paaaencer oar will iw> attached to the tonnage train whioh leavaa at 3. >0 p. m. (ih S*tur<liy the3.10 p. m. train goea to Philadelphia oiIt. no 86-d T. H PAR3QN8, Agent. NEW ORLEANS IN T^RBia DOLT'S WITH TBI CHOICE OF THREE ROUTES. * all rail route. via Orange mnd Alexandria, Railroad TO lynchburft: Virginia and Tennessee, East Tsnnesseo and Virginia, East Tennessee and Georgia, Nashville and Chattanooga, Memphis and Charleston, Mississippi Central, New Orleans and Jaeison, TO NEW ORLEANS! MEM PHTS" ROUTE: Memphia by Rail.the^ee by First olais Packet* to new unojLKip. MONTGOMERY AND MOBILE ROUTE: Montromery by Rail, thenco to Mo|-ile by Firetoiasa Paokota. Mobile to New Orloaca by Lake Steamers TWO DAILY TRAINS?8mill Inclvdid, L?at? Wtskiirwa at a. a. and 6 p. m. m The Steamer GEORGE PAGE leewi her whart foot of Seventh street at 6k a. m. au<l 6* p. m. and WUUWM AiVMUUi l? WIUI UI1 UIftU|D ibu A1B1 udria Trtina f >r ttio Sonthws?L OHoe?henaaylynnin rreuna, corner of Sixth at lANill OXBOXKD flBOQII TO *1W OUSill. LyMhbvg .... >710 Memjhia ?. 9 SI 00 jlnatol ... .1100 k t!ant?. at on Xnoxnlln ? J0 00 Mkjod t? 00 CIAttanoogn 34 00 Columbus ..... J3 K Dai ton?. M 00 Montgomery ? no HnntaTiUe .1700 ; to ttrand Jnnobon ?00 N.O.S n?0. tf" Naahville UK S ??MobU?._U 00 THIS ROUTE IS ENTIRELY BY RAIL ?rd la 900 MILKS SHORTER, an4 'Ji HOURS LESS IN TIME than any otbar I.lao? tha Lynobbnra Extenaion bolnt now oompletod, a* niao the Miaaiaaip*i central, makiar U tho I QUICKEST AND MOST PLEASANT EOUTEd FUR SOUTHERN TRAVELERS ! ? II ia trended with First-class Bloepun Cars! !to New Oclsans. ???--7? How*. BasaE?EEE ?: EC^The U. 8. MAIL and ADAMS' EXPRESS aretak?c otit this Now Lido, :k?s can be obtained at the South Western 9, ooruai of Sixth street and Pennsylvania arenas, to the rollnwinc points: Lrqohburi, Bristol, EnoxnUe, Atlanta, GaaKanoora. Hintsnlle. Grand Jnaotion. Maeon, Nashviiis, Dalton. Col nn; bus, Montcomerr, Mobile, Memphis, and NEW ORLEANS, rnr THKOVQH TIFKETS TO THE TAA10 US VIRGINIA SPKINUS. uz-u-JiniDSCftf ana 1I&KU* WumiM?ftM ; oIm at? a. m. acd I y. m. JAMES A. EVANS, Ticket Aient, ma C-tr Comer Sixth at. and Pa. aT. 'PIIE STEAMER J AS. OUY Will resume hw I tri*a on TUE*J)AY, 21 at of PebrcVT. latO. W]il Iwe WASH IN ?TON errerr TUESDAY an<!^ ^^ FRIOaV, at?o'o!ock a. ir...and ALEXANDRIA at half-peat 6 o'clock, for CuRRIOMAN and the iatOTmediftt* Lan>l?iii. On her return triM.ahe will leave Cl'RRIOMAN every WEDNESDAY and SATURDAY, at s o'olook a. m. LUCIAN 8. PAQ E, Proprietor. NATH'L BOD8H. Ag't. Alexandria. f?20 for stamping ^tSiyV a packet of paper, ^ . and envelopes mo t? match. LlllDAr *tth# CHAHGU metropolitan * bookstore. ph1lp fc solomons, 4re?l* /or Lavrmet't ultbrated Lintn Paptri, "M*tro?olua* Hills," fx., fe. a 24 ly 33< P? **.. bwt. Stfc and lflth ?t?. Cloaks! cloaks!! cloaks!!! ntL. n a>- ^ - ^ * * iiiti imuiat ui? nnw, mrutriDtldl, The Romeo, the Zouave, the Albana*. Ths Riobard, the bncltan Pank, tha Franc It f'ack With many other new and beautiful aty ee in Re?t. Treoo and Frvnoh leaver Cloth, in prioae from S3 60 to $28, to which we aak the attention of tiellMt no 17 TAYLOR ? HUTCHISON. U U W K'S IMi'RO VKpW ElOHlNe SCALiiB IX These SoaJee are r.fiered to Ue aahUe aa th? moat aipi?ie, durable, and reliable aoafea ever ??t la aaa, Kiratoiaaa arennuma bar* baeq awarded them by the United 8tat*>a Fair and Virginia At icu,tural Soowtj; Virginia 8UteAgricultural Faar, Franklin Inatitute Pea, Pennaylvama; New York Stat* Fain Vermont State Fair, ke., Ao. h every oaae where nWbited they oav* reoaivai ft rat olaaa rauuu For ea e ati? Loaiaiana avenue, Depot of SUkFt da ** > C. P ATT J BON, Acaak -w,fi mn*m? f j.V ?. ukal ?.i>im. i.k.Avnt. |a>U?. ?UT, ? ApjE ?J*M? oippi, and will ftttt&d to tiie.MlesUeeoiClsqpe W DIARIES, DIARME8J. V (Intel.): >?.? . uid Kl?T?at)i at. * t I MISCELLANEOUS. Tt MERCHANT TAILORING. E Invito our oiutom?r?,and oiUiabi c*n?ral, to an inapeo'ion of oar preaoat n?w, y active, ami elegant a??nrt?n?nt of^aB LOTH9. CA88IMKRKS, DOESKINS, Wh fcSTlNGS, OVERCOATINGS, ft?. I# hich we will make to or4*r ia ?ap?nor^" " :<!? ftlvArv low ?n w "" * " V^ALL, STEPHENS A CO.. oo 2S tf 38a Pa. av.. hetw. 9th and loth ata. JTRANCIS HARPER, hatiim OFIHISA FAMILY GROCERY AND FEED STORK, iVwr of Neye York ar?*M? and Tenth itr?i. Reapoetfully aolioita the Mtront(? of those w At be in want of any artiole in the at>ove line. Hit adeavora ahall be to pieasetand by a strict at ten on to the want* of the pablie, he hopes to merit a lar* of thetr patronage. Hu took eoneiata of every artiole nanaJlr to he tund in a firat-olaaa Family Urooery ana Feed lore. ma 17-tf TPR MiiiT OR BOUDOIR PIANOS-A mac J nifioent artiole jnat reoeived of th?. -rr-v etabratcd A Cona' make; forpSSw* lie low. Ca l a. d see it at the agency. ?ll*?r JOHN P. ELLIS. 306 Pa. av., bet. 9th end loth etaOld Pianoa at treat harcaina. noX \FF1CE OF INSPECTOR AND SEALER J OF OAS METERS. WABHinoTos. July 18, I860. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVES. That.a*raa,bly to the aroviaiona of the oidinanoe of the Cor/>rahitn narnvaH Maw 10 IMA lm vi?n<'ui>rr>v'v?i iinj luw. UUltUI E I ? U C*J IV ow fropareKi,%% whenever required in writing, ud n pre paymeut of the f?? of fifty o?nti, to inspeot. xamine, test,srovo, and asoertain the aoouraoy of enlitration ofany gas meter in nee in this oity." ivory meter, if found inoorrect, will be condemned, ,nd another, sealed and marked as true, will be at in i?? plaoe. If proved to be aoonrate in its neasur<-mentofgas,it will be sealed aooordic|ly, >nd i(UD put in position lor use. Ofioe No, 610 Seventh street,(near Odd Felows' Hall ) Open from 8 a. m., to 5 p. m. CHAKl.ES W. CUNNINGHAM, \. Jr M tf Inspector and Sealer of Sas Meters. JMPORTANT TO HOUSEKEEPERS. E. R. DURKEE ft CQ.'B OEIjBOT 8PI03SS. Guaranteed not only ABSOLUTELY AND PERFECTLY PURE, rat ground from fresh Spioes, selected and oleansd n ds expressly for the purpose without referenoe ?o c<>st. They are heaotirally paoked in tinfoil, lined with paper. ) to prevent injury by keeping, md are full weight, while the ordinary (round SpioM are almoat invariaoly inert, we wvnM uiem, in *omt of strsngth and nohneea of flavor, BEYOND AliL COMPARISON, u a ainrlo triai will abundantly prove. Manufactured oaly by E. R. DURKEE * COfe IWI P?*rl ?t..\. w Vorlt. WATCH REPAIRING AND*ILYER WARE MlVM'L'l PTllD \" ? ? iu nil v r ?v i vn i I hare one of the beat estalilifthmenU, and furlisheil with a complete set or t?oi? for repair- JKk ok every description of fine Watches, and r^J particular attention give to the *aine, L>y ;:i(iroiif h competent workman.aad a. work eu&ron:ied Also, every des>cnp ion of standard Sfl.VKR WAR E. pia n and ornamental, inanufactu< e<l under my own supervision, which my customers will find for superior in quality and finish to northern vare wld by dealers in general and ropr??ented a* their )vn manufacture. II. O. HOOD, ?e 6 335 Pa. avenue, near tfth st. BATCHELOR'S INIMITABLE HAIR DYK^ rx.d al> first-oass Toilet Artioles, for aaie at SIB8S'S Wig, Rraid. and Curl Manufactory 444 Pa. avenn*. near ISth st. na S .1m WO O D! WOOD!! WOOD!!! STOVE and KINDLING WOOD,at the Iowm poifciMe price. T. J. A W. .M. GALT. UM Pa. ?v.. b?tvM?n llih and lttii its., IM 17-tf T??rtH ni<l ZjOOD LIGHT! YX CHEAP LIGHT! SAFE LIGHT ! PARAFFIN KOIL.fro-n Coal. KING * BURCHELL, oo 15 Armta for it* tuna. fpui& ajnoft fmmmkmm I !SK We offer for Ale the above standard brand c floe Coppwr Dieti:led Milted Rre^Vhisky, in bar rets ana half-barrels. As it is of our own distill* tion.and highly improved by ace, we oonfrdentl recommend it as the rras*T and best Whisky tha oan possibly be dist'lied. We also offer our OLD FAMILY RYE WHISKEY, other brands, from the largest stock of Fin Whiskies in the United States FREEMAN A SIMPSON, Phapcix Distillery, on the. Schuylkill river, Phila. Offload?96 Wall street,- New York; and IV Hofth Front street Phtbtrielshia. marSMv 800801111 vA BliPATCM! ^ ^ ? gave the_Piecei! vn^ 4j +fidn>ii will kmrrtn, ?? < wtUrtfl*Xt fmmiiui, it la very daairaLie to hava toma chaa tnd ooareDient tray for r?Huiin< Fmnutara, Toy 'Jroifcery, &?. SriLDINO'l PREPAflED GLOB meets &1! such emergencies, and no hoaaehod ea ifford to lie without it. it ia ai w&yi roa<1y ttu u to the auoking point There it no longer ft neoai aity for limping o hairs, aplintertid ?*na?ra, fcaadlei dofls, ?nd broken cradieo. It ia just the article f< oone, an?ll, and other orn*ir.entai work, ao popnu with ladi?* of reSn*:o?at and f.ste. This admirable preparation la used cold, belt ohejratwuf held ia solution, and > sseaeiog all U valuable qualities of the beat oaDfnet maker*' glu It may t* uced ia the place of ordinary muoiTac mine vastly mora atliiMive. " USEFUL IN EVERY HO USE." Prit*, U cents. N. b.?A Brash accompanies each bottle vrk?luuU V*r*t, No. 4? Cedar street, New Yor Address HENRY cTsPALDING * CO., Box No. 3,600, New Yor Pat ay for Dealers ia Caaes containing Poi Kit lit. and Twelre Dosen?a beautiful Litkograp to Show Card accompanying each package. ITT A single bottle of SPALDING'S PR] Dll) PH AIT Tf D ?. 1 M -- .4. A. rjSAAIV1U you UittVI 1W WM M noally loercry nonaahoId.-/il Bold by all prominent HtationeriL DnitM Htrdvy* and Knrnitura Deal a/a, Grooerr, ai Fancy Stores. Country merahanta thooid make a note of SPA.i BISU'S PRE PARED OLVE,wht>n makinc i their iiet. It willatand any climate felft-iy ifl'yt & 4 ^ UTIi'l II W7 u b' 41 0 Tjk wW? for iw'h (111 tJdtH /H?h//?r ? Vr ^ 5 / r V '*? Jfa??fni'fo,) frmm Jl *700 : Q*ai*rff Ay.,frfr*J Jf A Tk * prtft kmnmn $0 kmi. -T J? VcyZ> JPPSSHSIiSitS l5*'?? I rlSC'T M'i Aii?> " rw< 0 .WJk WmmminM btll* Jb* Mkmrieiam i?\ r *** *'"**" v**' ) f CAUTION. PURCHASERS SHOULB BE CAREFUL I IN PURCHASING THE VALLEY wniaitti lUbtL ifiai ii id wwMiSfl WITH THE SIGNATURE OF ON THE LABEL ALL OTHERS ARE AN IMITATION AND A COUNTERFEIT OF THE AIOVE WHISKEY. WM.HJDA1Y, SOLE PROPRIETOR N 8MTH WlLilAM SI NEW TORIL TO4"?",S!BS5Kk'J?u? ? - - - - - MI3CKLLAN BOOS. Thi Amalgamation of Lahow A?*a.?Thar* is ft I (rowing UinlaiMr > ttii M? to if^rofrikie Um 1 noti Kiir?MT* voHi of otbw lumiMMliftir a whiia to locorptrata than* into our own; thwa Um wo?d Caph&ic. which ia froiathatiraek, aiftufyinc " "forth* h**d.M ia now Ntoo-rinf aoati %riiad in oonaaetion with Mr. ?a*l<H*f'a irtai H?adMhi F remedy; bat it will ioon b* naad id a mora f aaaral VAT - Und tha Word r^nkaliA wall k m m mmm m AM oommon u KJeoqrotype ud May oUtn wkoea diati notion as foreign fordi haa bvo wore a way by common aaare until they eeeai "native and to a the manor born." 'ardly Realised. Hi 'ad 'n 'orrible 'eidaehe tbia afternoon, hand I stepped into the hapotbeoarlea hand ray* hi to Lha wan/'Can too h?ai<t we of an 'earache;** "Doea it h&ohe 'ard." aaya >. "Hexeeedmsly," aaya hi, and upon that "a cave ma a ('ill hand 'pen me 'onor it ourad me ao amok that I 'ardly realised I 'ad 'ad an Vadaohe. C7*HKADArHK la the ffcvorite aian by wlucli nature makea known any deviation whatever from the rataral state of the brain, and viewed in thla light it may be looked on as a aafecuard intended to give notice of diaeare which iu>gbi otfeerwiee eaoape attention, till too late to be remedied; and . a. v 1 a ? - * -- "U,,'UIU i,PTcr D" nanooiea netn S ae?ifiedunder two midn, rn: ?ISf *?"!***? Idiopathic. Stmptowmo Head **0 *"'n*'y,?*''nn'<,n and if the preourvor ? * 5.* ff J ?L diae*?e?t ?moD| wtuea are Apop.exr. Gout. Rh^umalum aod all ?briia r?7?"? form itia a-mpMhetio diaeaeaofthe atomaoh ronatitutmc tick KtadmtKt of hepatio diaeaae oon?titotior bilioni k**4*ck*. of wonn-^ji.upaUQD and oth^r dieordera of th? mv ei> * W041 u rent: ar.fl marine f>tl'otiona. Uihmm 4 of the heart are very fre^uenti) attended with Head- . aohea; Anaemia a-d plethora are also affeattona | which frequently oooaaioa h*adaoae. Idiopathic a Headache ia a'.eo very wmmog. being ?e?ally die- * tinguiahed by the name of orreai keadackt, eoroe- ? timea oooiing on Hidden! j m a i tale ef apparently | aound health and proatrating at t noe the raeatal and phyaioal erergiea, anl in other loataneee it oooita on alowly. heralded by depraeaion of apirita , or acerbity of tempar. In moat icataneea the pain i ia m front of the head, over one or both ay aa? and i eometi.t.ea provoking vomiting, aider thiaaiaaa i mar a'ao be named Aeuraitm. I For the treatment of either o aaa of Headaaha the Opbalio Kilia hare been foan<l a aura and aafa remedy, relieving the moat acute paina in a few ! minui**, mh ?y iu subtle rover eradicating the disease of which ceadaehe it the userrim index. Hxidoxt.?Miiibi wuti job to aend her a box of Cephal'o Glue, no, a bottle of Prepared Pills,? but I'm thiukinc that's not j ust it caitber; but fir haps je'H be aither knowtiu what it is Ye see she's mfh d?ad acd gore with the Hick Headache, and wants tone more of that aaibe a? re.aived her before." ^Drufttst.?You moit m'aa Sralding'a Cephalio jtrxagti ?u?n ' nre now ana rna'w eed it. here's ' the qua~ih*r ar.d giv no the Pilla and don't be all 1 day about it aithar. I { ComtlpatiM ?r CastlTeaeaa No ens of the "many ills flesh it heir toM ia ao prevalent, so tittle understood, and ao mack net- I looted mQmmmh Ofen originating ia m> I ***. or sedentary habits; it ia regarded a* a > slight disorder of too ittia aunsaquenoe to exoite | anxiety, while in reality it ia theprecu'sor ami companion of man? uf rtie m?at fatal ai.d dangerous c :>?ea?e?. and unless earl* eradicated it wil' bring the sufferer to an untmeiy grave. Among the lighter evils of which Costiveiieea is the usual attendant are Headaohe, Olio, Kh?um?ti?m, Foul Breath Piles, and others' f like n*tore.while train of frightfuldiseases suchas Mh Fevers, Abcenses, U)ifcwy, i)?ap?p?ia. Diarrhea, Apoplexy, Kpuepsr, Paralysis. Hyueria. Hypochondriasis,Melancholy and Insanity, first indicate their rtaencein the system by this symptom. Not ur.freeuentl* tne disuses rained originate m Const pation, but t*g? on an indepenflert exist eno* ubles* the cause is eradicated in an ?ar!y atete. From all thee* considerations it toilova that the disorder should reoeise imxiediate attention whenever it occurs, and no person should neglect to get a box of Cephalic Pills on t*>e first appearance of the complaint, as their timely use will expe! the insidnons approaches of diseue and destroy t'us dangerous foe to Hainan life. A Real Blessluf Physician.?Wall. Mrs Josm knw im ?K*? >.? J ache^ I Mrf. Jon**.?'Gone : Dootor, a:) gone! the gill yon seut cured me in just twenty minutes, and I with j tod would Mad more so that I can have them 3 bandy. 3 FMysician.?You car. get them at any Dmgguta. ? Call for Oghalio Pills. 1 find they never flu I, and 1 reoomirecd them in all oases of Headache. i| Mm. Jontt.?l snail Mod fur a box direct!?, and . shall tell all my soflorinf frlsatje, for they are a real biesiimt. y . ? t IDTOvkb sxctTBiic*T. and the mental oare and anxiety incident to close attention to bus ness or a st-iJj. are among the ruraerci.s causes of Nervous neaaaene. "rnediaorti'red state of mind and body incident to thia diatratainc o<>?iplaint it a fktai b'ow to a I enercy and an.bition. Sufferers by thia disorder oan aT?aja obtain a/eedy re'ief from 9 th?e? distressing atuoka by nam* oaeof tks C?plialic Puis wh?n?r#r the ajmptcma appear. It quiets the overtaiked brain and soothes the strained and jarrinc nerves, ard relaxes the tension of t'.ie stomach which always accompanies and ax f ravates lite disordered condition of the brain. rr? a ? ? ? 1 WBHTT IfXILLIOIfS W IfOLUIl Bim-M', l*pa dincha* eo'd two millions of bcities of Ins oel ?i.rAtttU Prepared O u? and it is estiniAtad that r*ch b?'ttl? rtTNtt iM?t ten dollars worth of broken furniture, thus making ar ac<r*fate of twenty millions of dollars rec,aimed Troiu total loss by this va'ntble invention. Havin* made hi?Olue a household word, he now promises to do tka world still 4 crater srrvioe by curiug all the aching heads with his Cephalic Piils, and if they areas jood aa his * Gine. Headaohes will soon vanish away like scow ' In July. Facts womr* inowiho.?i*?a'.din*'a Oeabalie M P'lla are ateruin ee?e for Sick Headache. Iln is oua Headache, Nervoua Headache, Coativeceea, i- and General Debility. M >r 1 - 1 Gat at Diacovmr.?Among the moat important if of a>l the treat i.iwueal dieooveriee of thia i|e may ie ot,na?dere<i the ayatem of vaccination for proteoa. Uon from SmaJi Pox, the Cephalio Pill ior relief of a, Meadaohe, and the dm of Uuiuce for tha prevention of Keveri, ntfier of wbioh la a aora apeoifio, whoae benefit* will be ejperiecoed by Buffering humanity long after their diaaoverora are forgotten. k 07Toa ever hare the Pick Headache t Do roe rem* mber the throbbing temalea, the fevered k. in*, the loathing and diagaat at the tight of food. How totally unit you were for plea*ure. oonver?ar, tion or atuav One of the Cepha to Pllla would b- have relieved you from al, the suffering whioh you thea experienced. Por thia and other purpoeee j- you ahould aJwaya have a box of them on band to B. nae aa oooaeion re^uirea. d # f & j- * o. NervousHeadache Headaelie. Br the of thee* Pills the penodio ittuki et titrwi mt SUM Htadadit ?n?j be prevented; and if Uken at the oommenoeraent ol an att*?fc untdiat# relief from Baiaaadeiak? wiMhe >> * Tkey mid obi fail tn r moving the JVaasea and Huxdack* to vhioh (muIm kr? ?o snbjeet. They tot gently upon the bowels,?removing Om litmiii. For Literary Mi*, Stwdtntt, Deli oats Females, and all fersons of NteMntr .Aa6tl?, they are all callable u a Laxativ*, improving the ajvetsls, firing tea* and ??ger to the digestive organ* and restoring the aataral elaatioit) and strength of the hole system. The CEPHALIC PILLS are the resvft of long investigation and oarefully oonduoted eajerimeut*, having been in see many years, dunig whiah time / they have prevented aad relieved a vast auioant of pais aad ssfferiag from Headache, whether oriel natiag in Hie swism system or ??em a deranged stale of the sfwimck. . ?mwf w HMI1 WPNW la mm WMHWB, and nay bo takoa at all tiiaoa with yerHwt aalbty wittoat makmir any ohaaco of <fc?t, mm* tkr *iitMl 9f My diimtrtfbli lam rmdtrt it tiff ? mdmtnuttr tJUm to ekUdrm. BKWAU Or COUNTKftPJBITB! Tha toaaiaa kawin aimataraaof Bonn 0. Spalding on oaob Box. Void by Draff iota aad att atbor Daalart la ftUdi iaoa. A Bos vt!t bo Ml by bmII yropatd am rcooiptof price, < oorm I* bo U dfcwly ?? CoBr rtra*. NovYort, MBDIOIKBB. 1 J" LOCK BMPIT4L, !*i lii MM Chi MM, 9p?dm,mmd ?a% Ksmttdf ta iM ITarid, OR ALL D19KA9E8 OF IMPftlMENCft. I.JTT tfO false delicacy pretext. APPLY IMNKD ATELY. cwke wxrkj\tYd. or no charge, from one tv two date. VubtMiftki Itik, limtiNa ifMMM W l?? !!???>> >4 Bladdti, uoiciin DHOtrfN, iMwiMf, imI kllKf. HirwiiM, [>n?>Mt.t?irwU< M aan ?f l<?i, Ptlptuika* TwlMn.T'aMnf.nwNqs HMark|tiir jiMitm, Hihmi ifili ImIjAim, ? K tkin, ?f lk? Lmi, llMHCl m ft** >*? mm T?rr>H? l>?*?r<?r? fr?n Mrur? kit* * Mtk?Uta*? tv*?d<?: OlMmcrt PntlKM vk ik r?? t Milium u4 itirtt t?u Mr * ' MM TOIM MCli fepaataLv ki<i Mt? .i 1*1 vicilmaf ? i mry *lw, IM *f u4 twiHini WtltVkltt lit KMft ? k*nanu:? |r><) a.?ii>n4> af Yaai.g Kaa at l?? *hi I It J ? ? i aixj kruuM u u KL*t? kt >i?? iliutld lnon rnk Mf |H*/>R tftlanHii w %k?< w itwq tk? imaf lr?, Mr mU vttk Mi m? unuM flllOM.M Tmmg Mil uam^Mf Hirlajfa. kiiB| i??i af fky?i?.l ii|u'.? ftaklf-.T nniuH T * ? a aba p!ae*< IiihimI.''?4?? Ikl Mir* at P> I. MT f*l ft ?It tanida i* kia kaaat * ( tliaia *>4 imMn^(h> paa kM akUl u * phy*:*)**. urricc m*.t ?um ruDBuciiriiR, ?fl has* aidaJ? nf f?a* Kiitnar* ititti, i'i? i?n *ra? M mt>*I r*ji m? u mtm ? ? ui n*k?r. Uam Wit kt P*i4 **4 (NUtl ! ? ? ??. jomrru*, Iwbtn at tk* Mfti O'.teg* rftvpni, h?. fn?M r*a aai af IH iraai um Caliaf aa ta U* Ca:ia4 In Ha. ad lk* part *f *kMi lifa hat kaaa apart w Ua kaaxials at Laedar . Pira, Fkiladalabia aad ataawkara, kaa ?* Ktad nai aI IM am aatarcakinf car** tkal *?n itat aavu; ma*? uaaklad vtik naftag la Ika kaa4 u?4 atn rkaa *** , frm air'nuw a?Ki( a*ai?a4 at a*44aa aaadi, kaakfauiaaa vitfe fractal k!aakibf. auaa4?4 taw ton vitk 4wu||bmi af mind. ?*>* *u?4 laa*4k?al|. TAIK P?inClL*? HOT1CC. ?n| mm mm anc rjitn *? ??? njiits uiumth wj a Itnui pncdM iadaJ(ad tm wfcau tlw? a IiMi Mn<d fr?m ml wnfawn, m ti mm, it* >Iku tt rtlthut Blfkilv fallaaaa wkaa uliif, uii ilw unl. ?aiin Dirru(< u< iwnp katb BM< ui m4y, abaald tpplj i*.madlat?f?. Tmn ara mm af tfca aad iM m!u(M; (IiiumMmM ?y Hrlr btkiu rffM'i ?i? i Wolatn at Ua Bat* lad lata. Puna IB U? If aad, Duanaaa at tfkt.Laaaat Mlatina fmr, Palpiuuae atMa litii,I)nrapif,Rai'aai IrnuMOIf .Dannf aaaant afiha Di|Mtn rKCOaaa, Caainl DahUup, iimiimi at At MENTALLY.?T-m faarfai aClcta m Ua alad in atal la H Imdld-ltM at Maaiary.CKilMin il Mm, (hniHta f pirua. *?U Farbaii:i.ji, A 'arrao arSacit'.a, ?a.f . a.raat, Ua?a af aUtaUt.Ttraad.if, iu.,im ma a. Ua a?i.a MaiMtd. K*TO ? nUHTT -n>?u<>WI ;Wm4f, Ttaa Ik a Mt af tka-r daclaait.g kaaltk. laainj ikati ?if?f,k?Mwnf waak. p*'a, tarvaaa u4 wicitui, w?mj a ?r pin L^tuutt alaat iht ?y ?, taaf h ? apmytam *f twiffUtt D!?K'PU or 1MPRXUEHCB. Wkta U< tod .npra-iti.t flwim tada u k>i akik?d tka > if th? p^nfal dwa*m km mt\ a? tifpmi Lb at an tliuaaaad mim af tkai?M<ii <1I<I M1<M1 iMmkw f(M *1^1 Ting l? t' ? > , hwt, UKIIM < ( raapauabaiuj, cut aiaca kalnt/.d tia. Mt (alia lata tka kaodt af ifiiarant cad daaifnu f prataaidara, ? >?, iaatapakla ?f cmriug, tick hia (icimar; aabaiax.ea, kaap km in(>ng Mtbaftar atar tk, ar %a Inf u ut amailaa: faa eaa ka *taibtd, and la daapaar .aata Bin with ran ad kaalik ta airt nar kia raiting d.aappauiunaa';?r t? tka af ; da* "> pima. Wimty, cactia Ut c iiiuuimiI ?f i*r aait af tkM larrtt-la diaaaaa, iKi tt '>? Rain. Ti.raat, Nua, pmcram I ?<tk frift. :W-icU da-U pan aanad ta kla dratdfai afartuft ky aanV.< i H?iai*at? iiatataftd taaiirt fraix wbaca taaraa M ?a?*lii itttita ml jousoic-aax'heify ruao?.?>nrK; vuum ahd mrotkw:t7 7 Iklt mil u< raiaacSj ?? >'???af Ui aifaat in aptta"? earad a??( fail *iftr ratiarad. TVrtwiSi ir ! mi oarTaaa and dak. iun?, t? fe?4 laat fpa, be*# ? lanrfMulf HI ??ed. All impedimenta i? Marriage. rk?*jeai H Meat* Pknill> Itauai.a Lmi ?f Fr??raaii?a ISwlT, ><" IfMMMIIlf TraBkiu.f and Wrii .HKi (ikibUM Ltl iNlhuH kta J apaaadrt* t ** ' BHnnRfFMEJtT or t?* rr M? nt MAM V njflANDI car*U tit.4 unlMtMa wUMv tke laat n'ti itr iuii. *cd i*< pa. -aieae r..pan>at >aia'aal aparauaoa par farmed k.y Di . Jafcneaai, ?.uiaaaad ?j ?* repana-a af pt^ira aao oat; aibar prreaaie, aatlaaa at tkRi kiti amind again and afaia kefare tka faktta, kaddiikliauauif an fiatllMiaf akareateiaaa nifMk ?Uuy, la a aaflateat yvajaaiaa \atke efllaead ItaAit E. J. BOTES MMT? IMPERIAL WINK BITTEH8, Are now being reed (rooi Maine to the 0re?t Salt Lake, 11.11 k:e mirersal aerCiot of all who im them either u a gr u 1 6rr?*o/?. ia tbat fcuvy ?re uuiirpun iu wv wgr.c. ut. ix<u lire; them aneoeaafeJlT is hia practice for H ?nr? befora we parch* m* efhliu (ta sole right to nkDlfcttu* Ud prosed U?b icr a*:e to tie For the cere of lucipieEl Gonaametioii. IkuimUob, I>ye MWi?, P Nerrc?? 0IMHN, Ferna e Cob, and all i>um ratunsi a toiac, t-?* are berou<i dosbi a stoat inT*I*ab:e reoedj. A aide froa their Bj**t.c, they are a >ure, whola ow acd de;,'t>rfii Beverage, frodacmg a.? the ?i*aaast ?rht.rr*ui.g tf*eu of Brandy or Wise without their u^uiois re*alta. Let aJ. fries ia of camax.ity acd *11 adrooaV* of ter^perauape imiiI u? in inbatitulug thoac rat?aUe Vi-getab.? B iter* for the mtMirdl aud *dw :tr+x$<i L*r*ori With which the ooanV7 (a flooded, and thsreby ef feotuaJy a?d m batuuiog Diaeee* and Drankeseea * O&StLRSS WIDDIFIELD *. CO.. Fi*>i tetora, 76 Wilua'D aueet. New Vert. J. PCHW AKZE A(?, Washington, B.C. DR. i. BOVEE DOBS' IMPERIAL Ollf EITTKKS. For Dtaeaaea of the Kidney a, Bladder and I'naar* Organs, and etpecia-.y for Feinai* Olwt.aoUtn,*, uct?i iaii vm ome, ua clto vtrrftouo U) (i7? ?U?W1DDIXIKLD * CO.. fropnetore, Ts it ham ?t., N?w York, J 800^ A'ZKf J?t lyj Agent. Wmhinrton. D. Cjov fi'f iffwso iwmxmKB AD! APPLY THE REMEDY REJOICE /?? HEALTH, Frien.i. do yon iuff*r' Arc you the Tiottm of My ofthoae ccnieroni t monu which ana* trom ispnrity of the blood.' What are ?hey, do yon aekf Rather ask, what are they m* f The blood 1a the ovroe of liie aud health. aad it i? the feret e ewent of oar being to rtspobj t opmj one*# whicjj ?Wti m" ijifru.. r.i w.r pui adnata j ne ever preraihn* >!<Miralg?a. ti? irritating ?rya pe aa. the eaht> Sirolu'a, the tgcmz'ug Rbeuir&t:ern, Nervous Debilitv, l?jrpcp*i*. Lire-- Complaint with tu torpor anu dejeouon, and t>? number lees Ilia that Am a ia heir to. derive- 'heir htdeaaa one in from the t?lo<>o( Deai kiod'j the* arc gert;y wiui the h <-od. Uae the vita!i?:r.g " rrcaa of nature for 1U aid. and Buffer oa to ooauued to roar oonhder.oe a&d aae that traiy valnab'e n.^ioan.ent knew aa ?f/CS C'OX'S INDIAN WEOHTAELE DECOCTION. with retard to this elm.??t infallible ipeeibe popniar aent.niect has epokeo ia term a. and the eridenoea of thia great eftoaey are a*etained by eosatant avoirala of ei.rative efieota aud th* hap;<te?i result* from ita aae are after all <"i?er remedies and tbs beet tnediaal akin hare fai'ea. 1-ei oa bat, in ooaelasioa, th?t o?rtif ratea ocrea aro not sonrbt from the illiterate aud superfieial, bat tbey are volunteered from lite u.oaf reapeetableecuroea and juatify the fcigLe.t terms ia which it ia poaaibie to commend ao valuable a aeoeife to enVfc appro**!. We n-.ay aid also that the curative properueeofthe medicine are e^ galled oruy by ita leetot afire effect*. the evet-n recover ica fromUiaeaaevith renewal oor>stitet>< na. vigor. For aa'.a by all respectable DrugciaU m thia ?uj , ?uu i'7 pr'?pi iru?[, m ?n. in v vj a? None rename unlets her Dime it b.own on tbe bottle and her eml on the eork rrr Pnoe (1 per bottle, etx tottiee for SA WkoUtaU Attnt. R. *. T. CltWkCL. Drnr(i*l. Georgetown, U C.. Wholeeai* Agent for tbe bimtnct, and via ecppiy the trade at mr pnoea. an it tr D. 1.. MORR IPON A CO.. LOUR AND ?KNERAL COMMISSION MERCHANTS, And whoir?*.f c.<-h ?r? in ? MILL FEED. COR N MEAL, fc., ^ Corner of lttS and B streeta, V, aehiiif ton o<t|. fiy Caeh paid f?r all kind* of (7rain, mm ?_** MOXOSGAHKLA RTE WHISKIY, ConeoiecUouelT dieiilifd bi Mr Jaaee burn aide. of AUecaiij County, Pen|>a.- in the old iaelncned bonMt w&t, *roTi tneehoi*e*t tod mnn oarefmllr Mlsctnd R ye, and in no owe mr offered tor ease abl ada?t*? to vhnleaone dm fcr + It Mat once the ro?>?t palatable, ae it i? eirpbetieaJlr oa* of the parrel b-vera#?e ?n lit* reach of the puhiia. To Ike lava-iO, fti veil hI?Un? in oornmeudi itself fur it* uanraliec *ua itiee ae a ttranlaot of the ?afe*t rcr-it, and mult beeeteert (ieeo'.ption, and many of the moet diatinrtneb*4 pr>??;oiane are aetngitin their praatM* With the happieit reeoite CUEEY * nOOLHLC, PrajnMora, ?.< ?for'???h}'M Jl OppOflW *VXI tnll nOft.. PLUHBEftS AND OAS FITTERS. * J. w. THOMP?OJf k CO ^Would H I tfcoattection of wat*r takor* to tfcwr ml a?aurun-ut of t-ixtore* noreaaan to it* ia|r<id; etain.aa <oli?w?-IC ITCH m 17 XJ, K*. H A T & ilp.^ ^atkh ol??set*, H<rr watkr BOILKRS. K ITCH hN SiMKH. PIMP8. Cut Ima. W rout tit I rot., 1**<1 ar.d wnn m?I W ?P4Vt W"B Hirni (upvrior i^mtUN, lritk ?r'otloaj k oele*rB. arc proparad to infcro4uoe Wator uUo tfvflKnga vttk fcli th* latrot wtMnrnti, #ruwp?j, u4 at price* Uiat ?M>wt fail to mttmtj. D?^ X dtMar 1 koOtli and HHii itt, watk^w'^a. ?UMPOWDB>, For aao at nuttMtarm now. by DVLTl.NiOKt ,.. reo<-TiB? frtWi ?int?vMt. iT.'*T<irt?? ? * *5P nr^&rt Msft l*V |J"V?l>*nr? W\m*? r*W?i 275 r-*tjTN 2^ /'ACIflON, P I AST S ME M B. **_ r*n ictK.Ri N^^o?g?^wrvipnr rf ? k 9+-V* HA*.. at ^.fyqyiT

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