Newspaper of Evening Star, December 5, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 5, 1860 Page 3
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" TOCAL NEWS. IZJ- TLoa^ti Tbi Star ta p.-In tod on t'ae fasteat aWn. prew in aae south of Baltimore, ita edition la ao large u to reqtrtre it to br put to presa at an earl* boor; AdvprtlaeBBPnta, therefore, ahodlfi T? seat la before 12 o'clock ni.: atharwlae thaw mar not appear until the next day. None*.?District c4 Columbia Advertisement to b? inserted la UieBuTmois teaw are received at and forwarded from Thb tm O Ace. Tbc*tk?? of tu Prsuc Schooii^-'TW ????lar monthly meeting of the Board of Trustee* at the Pnbhc Schools was held at the Aldermen's chamber. City Hall. Testerdiv afternoon. Present Mrwi A W Miller. XV byte, AUrt, Fort,Walsh, flolmesd, McKaew. M. H Millar, and Ironside. The Board came to order, Mr. F. 8 Walab in the Cbalr. Reports from the several tear hen for the preceding month were received and duly referred The Chair read a communication from the chairman of the committee on public aahoola It the B^ard of Aldermen transmitting a letter from Mr 8*teerin rriatiou to the introduction of sewing machines in the Piibilc Schools of the city of Washington. The letters were laid on the table for the present The application of Miss Mary A. Fort for place as teacher was referred to the proper committee. 1 1 I r.e Chair announced the committees lor i?e enauinz year, ai toLom: On E.xaminationa?F 9. Walsh, C bar lea Abert, W 9 Fort, J. B. WllUt. On Te*t Rook??R. H IronaJde, M H. Miller, 7. VT McKnew. J E. Holinead. On Rules?F. Whyte, Qoorgo C. Ames, James i,aivrer.son. A. W Miller. Conereastonal Committee?R B Ironside, M. H Miller. Z VV. McKnev, J. E Holmead. The Cbair read a letter from J. E. Thompson, teacher of the Fourth District School, as follows: , WASHiNt>Ton* Dec. 3, 1600. I a l/l* IftMtrm mjr iwej vy vnm r? vtzc ?9cvrrvi? i of Waik*nttnn?Gentlemen : By theexlstjng * 'rev ?!ations for the government of the public schools,'* an appeal to the general board it not denied to auv irsrber or citisen when d< fT-rencesof opinion materially bffecttng the school interest* arise. After lorrg postponement, I am constrained to ask your Impartial consideration of the question whether the powers of each sub-board enable it to nullify tne laws of the general board, and especially whether a single trustee is vested in school matter* with greater powers than th? Mavor' This nullification having been actually enforced by Mr. Wbyte, trustee of the Fourth District, I ask yon to Inform the teachers whether yon expect them to obey your printed Uwi or the verbal decisions of a single trustee, or even of a sub-board? You will perceive, gentlemen, that a principle Is here involved that must either preserve the dignity of yonr honorable body or destroy the public school system of onrclty. I will present tin-latest case in detail. You are aware that I was unanimously eltcW-d teacher for the night school oT the Fourth Di?trict. Knowing that the general board bed decided the hours of session to be from C)f to 9>* p. in , and that the tub-board had declined to furnish such light as would make the school a success in that respect, I declined the position I did not believe the hours jadieious, but f asked no charge on my account Judge, gentlemen, of my surprise when 1 found that uiy successor was permitted to ocnit one-third of the whole teaching time. Supposing Mr. Whyte to be ignonntof tfcefact that Le had no legal ^ower to nullify your regulations, I called h W attention to them. He then as.1 ..I k. V. .. -4 A 1A *1 rrtru uia uciici uc uau mr puvvcr Ki Sim idq general rules if lie thought proper, and that he wou .d submit the question of the hour* of session to tb? pupils of the school. Being unable to under stand tbis novel application of the popular sovereignty" principle, 1 naturally turn to you and a?k, is this the law? Or is it to tbose teachers woo are working the full time,or to myself. who declined the teacherehipbecause I could not accept it. and at the some time obey your rules ? In order to deprive this statement of any personal character, I wish to say that 1 entirely agree with Mr. byte as to the expediency of a two hour* session, for the reason that both teachers and pupils approach tbelr tasks at night in noeonditlon for an effective sess on of three hours: both haviog been engaged at labor during the day?to ay nothing of the effect of a long night session 19 repelling that very c lass of pupils from theschools presence it is most desirable to have. Had this, geati -men, been the onlycase In wblch your laws nave been violated. It might have passed without appeal Several months since 1 called the attention of ths .Mayor to the fact that pupil* suspended for misconduct at one school were promoled to a higher school in advance of the most meritorious, aithough vonr printed regulations declare * that no pupil suspended at one school shall be adin1tt*-d to another except by a vote of the U . * *** ~~ * ? ~ ) T Wns tr.kll S^ao >.{ /> y-\tr1 1 / I * OV>aiu vi * m *s >?? ? wu *<. * luistvuuu1 ? iu a pupil was rewarded, ana good conduct substantially a caiamity to the meritorious pupils. * The Mayor deal red uie to bring tbe case to j our notice, and remarked at tbe sim? time, that be rould not expect either tcacbers or pupils to obey tbe rules of tLe Board if they were violated by tbe trustee* themselves In order agiit to show you that this question is not raised by me solely in mv awn behalf. I will t-ttetaat advarecdpuffls of Primary No. 4jfuurth district, were transferred to Primary No 5, a short time previous to tbe Inst annual examination?a plain viol-itiou of your law. which says transfers I . i ii. a _ _ _ m _ ' U3ii uoi oe maae aiier January in each year. ' Tb? transfer was strongly remonstrated against bv Miss l'.rrma Keed, to whom jjieit injustice was done. Theett'ect of this tine of action is, to buiid up the reputation of one teacher at the expense of the labo. of another. Now, we must appeal to yon. to know whether you sustain these proceedings You hold ns responsible for the discipline of oar schools How can we inaiutaiu it, if our bands are tied by the favoritism of individual trustees?gentlemen who intimate that teachers are 44 too conscientious," and that "personal friends" of trustees are to be more regarded than others? Thus, we are embarrass d m enforcing tbe rules against tbe children of " personal friends" of miuibers of tbe board. Beside*, geatiewe*, bow is it possible that we can know who are tbe children of "personal friends ' unless a list of them is furnished These are some of the evils against which we have to contend Do you. gentlemen, say that we must submit uuietly to thein, or be removed. 1 think v?u will not say so. 1 think \ou a; e sincere when you declare in vour ann 1*1 reports in favor ol justice and impartiality to all, without regard to religion, politic*, or social position, and that the child of the humblest individual in this community shall be as sure of Justice, from you, at least, as that of the rno?t ti.ftueatial '-personal friends" with whom jour dnties, and those of your teachers, may be brought into conflict With heartfell thanks for the man? acts of kindness I hav? received at your hands during the twelve years I have keen in your service, ana hoping to rejolcc with you if the statement* mad' sbould prove, or examination, untixe, or ev?n exaggerated, 1 thai eontiune to be, with the highest esteem, youi obedicat servant, J. E. Thompios, Principal of Fourth District School The reading having been concluded? Mr VV bvV> stated that be was not prepared t: ??-> t?>i merits of the case Dreseat*d In thi fetter He ill f^plte taken by surprise by its tone When it wu proposed to organize the nlgb schools, It was understood that the teachers of th< day schools were to be employed at addltiona pay. It ?is the wish of the sub-board of thi Fourth District that Mr Thompson should b< employed to take charge of the niuht school li that district. Meeting with Mr Thompson on day as he was gelag to his school, the speaker fea< expressed tbis feeling of the sub-board to him and he replied that he was afraid he should bav to decline It on account of the delicate state of hi health: but en being told that no doubt an ai * tJ 1, % a a _] rugnKm couia w nuuc u\ wiucd oe couia r? celve the assistance of Mr Edson, who lives nea by, In cue of Us being at any time unable to pei form the duties of the c barge, be consented to tr It for a month, and he was accordingly nominate for the place by the uuanlmoua voice of the tat board, and as unanimously elected The aext da the sub board m*t to make arrangements for fui nishlng light and oth?-r matters required for th night school, to be opened on the following Fr 4a v Bight t The whole matter seeired to be satisfactory a round; but the speaker was rerr much surprised ? ' a ? ah nrtifli ntr l)r W i Il*tt 1 bear that Mr. Thompson had refu?ed to accept th poattiou bocauae there was n j gaa in the acboo To fu/niah gaa wai impowible It would bav coat $400. At Mr. Ttompaon had declined t aerve, the apeaker had to post notices In all tt school houses that the school wouia not be opene until toe next week A ft?f consultation, the an I board pitched upon Mr Stratton. a gentlema well known to all the sub-board, and well qual led tut the position, to take charge; and at U est meeting of the Board be was nominated an alsated. Br the kindn< as of the Treasurer of U BmM. tbesub-board obtained lamps from anotb< school and pat them up; and the acbool beg* and went cn aatlsfactorlly. although there was u sutBrlent ll^Ut lot th? paplls at Aral. Meaar If.iulii* end Hirbinvk visited the School. 8B exerted th???a*tves to pr?ear# more lamp* ' With regard to the achool sot being lu sessic mora (ten two hours, Mr Thornpaoa does n< ipctk tk? f tUi TIm ip?kw M not f Idtrd tt ruoot a* often aa he desired, but ha had call* several tluiea, and cauld say that oa ttwwe octi alooa the puplla w?f?* kept In the full time; an bo aJneoreiy bellarcd they had jrw b.ea dl ml Mad before 15 or to mirrffw pas: g >look pi Mr Whyte (conttmnug) aald he had no idU that Mr.TbMipiou feiti(?ii<*?? until week < tei* #aya a?o he eaib-d at bla achooi. at?d jyj Thompson nld IX hr had known that th* roo was to be well light d. and the toucher only r quired to hold the aeaaions two boura, he wou haw# taken it himself Tho speaker tfcouybt tl rnarark a piece of tmpe'tinenro, and ?nrjr like made a abort rcptf lie Ihoaght Mr Theaip* fhad mo boaiaraato inWfrre with the achooi i r?fi rowrte if tbo Harlan. WHO toward to I transfer ot advanced pupils, II wan dooe Mam tar at convenience to the popili th?aalf SB=9BapB9B s'.ssssanfaai.' ftxnsi ss drea U the wi> aeeHaw of tb? dtatrlct to ro t? luiad H*il, 4* accommodate tboae to tbe wrtU-rt part of th? diatriet. It Woald have been folly to make tbo children In tbr ?aat wrtlon of the cUa> trlct go to tbeachool la th? wadaectlon, and canpel tb? children In tb? aectloa of ttao diatriet tA rrn In fKa arKnal in a aaatUtt ? - log bv theactaool aaarest them, to attend a aebool (jrtbar off. M roeaiora to accommodate tha children, and not tMVMMi. The apeaker regretted UM Mr. Wlllet was not preaent to bear bun out in nf^ rtabment Mr McKnew ixioTed that the aubject be poatponed until the aexlmaathift of-the board. Mr. Wbyte hoped the communication would b* referred to the tub-board attha Fourth niitrlM Mr. Holmead objected H? thought such ? r^feren^r Improper. Mr UcKnew des'red to make each reference of It aa would accord with (ba wishes of tbe sabboard He bad bo objection to its being referred to a apoclal committee Mr. Holmead explainedthattbecommunication was an appeal to the general board from the action of one of the Trustees of the sub-board of tbe Fourth District,, and thought In view of that fact the general board ought to consider It. Mr. Fort moved that the letter ba rilmwi to committee of one member from each of tbe other threa district*. Carried. Tbe Cb*lr appointed as said committee Mesara. Fori, McKnew, and Abert. Ironside reported a code of role* for tb? ffovtr&ment of tbe board; wbieb waa adopted. Mr. A W. Miller introduced a resolution in relation to tbe parebBa* of school booka for indigent children; which waa adopted. Mr Hoi mend Introduced * r?tnlullnn IaaVIho to the Increase of the salaries of the teacher* of the night school*: which, after discussion, vu laid on the table. Adjounmd. Ckwisal Cocmr ?After onr report closed y*s? terday, the jury returned a verdict of guilty In the case Laurence Dent for larcenv. He was sen* tenced to be confined In the penitentiary tor the space of 18 month*. To-day.?The Court took up the case of the United States agt John McKann, T*t McKahn. Charles Plnley. Joshua Schrlvener and Pat Cassady, In which the defendants were charged with a riot in Ueergetowa, in February laat, during a firemen's funeral. The occurrence, according to the evideooe. took place as the procession neared the burisl ground. A party of disorderly persons stood upon the brow of tne hill, and as tnr proPf94ion nnnranrh^H th?u tliraur "allow a# e^no* ? ? f f" ?" ? V ? r ? ?! ? v vBiv T V* ??vuv m into the procession and broke up and scattered the people in the line. Some nine voung men wire charged with participation in the riot, the five above named beii?{ only those arrested. This caae waa pending when our report closed. Tn Pctsam Phalanx ?Thlssjrtrlted and gallant corps, meritorious prototypes in character and drew of their revolutionary ancestors, are ex pectrd to arrive la Um city this evening at 5*,' o'clock, when they will be received and entertained rtuMng their sojourn here by the Washington Light Infantry of this city. To-night they visit the entertainment of Prnf Anderson, at the Theater, in company with their hosts, the Light infantry- To-morrow night a grand com{>limentary ball !s to be givm In their honor r.t he Assembly Rooms by tlie Washington Light Infantru Frnm (h? itMnnAiia -w1 -'* _ ? ? _ J . . .wv U-I UW\I? CHW>? IIIJ, *??UU^. by the committee. we are confident It will be one of the most successful and magnificent affairs of the kind ever gotten up in this city. Secretary Toucey will give the Phalanx an entertainment at his residence to-night. Ft*x ?This morning, about seven o'clock a fire broke out In a row f three frame houses, cor ner of Second street ent and Pennsylvania avenue, belonging to Mr. Chas. Miller of the Navy Yard. 1 Two of them were occupied by Mr Canfleld, grocer, as a store and dwelling; the other by Mr. Hall, watchman at the Capitol, as a dwelling The honsea were destroyed, which was the priuclpal loss, and we are informed that they were insured; Mr. Miller's for 8utf) and Mr. Ball's for SHOO. An ex-member of the City Council, who saw how impossible It was for the llrenten to effect anything with the snpply of water they had, aska the qnest!on " Wbat has been done with the fire* wulch were to have bsen placed from the Capitol to the Navy Yard V Tin Two Fairs now in progress on Seventh street (at Odd Fellows' Hall ana Thorn's Buildl?._V - iT. 1 U.1 ^ ?. ? IUKI aauru capmi opportunity ior idofe who wish to s|**nd a pleasant eveulng to diversify the thing by dropping In at each in Turn. They will find specialities of interest and entertainment at each, and the money spent at either will strike them as a good Investment; as treasure laid up ' where neither moth ntfr rust can corrupt." The ladies of Christ Church and those working for tbe benefit of the orphans have accomplished wonders In their respective fair*, and now It behooves a generous public to do its share of the work. The Bvildmo Associations.?Tb* effect of the secession excitement upon our local Interests has been feared by the timid; but among the workins classes who look the matter in the face with ?? much coolness as possible. It does not appear to have caused great alarm. The transaction! of a building association may afford a fair criterion to judge by Last night, the money of one whlcb uas own la operation iwrinvtcrru woiitua, suiu as high as 5U and 52X ceiits. The withdrawals were but few, and those of men who have Immediate need of money. ; A Good Idia ?The attendants at the Center Market will be thankful to the City Council for the dlsnusttlon ex nresst>d. hv th? Inir?r hmrii at any rate, to improve tbe condition of the Center Market Spare. The streets around have been so cut up by tbe constant uae made of tbetn that uoqr. large and deep boles appear in tbe moat prominent portions of tbem. The Improvement mart be but temporary It la true; but the '-sovereign people" are very thankful for amall favors from tfwfr faithful servants. A Sill?The Xaitomal R'pub'.tcam, of this city, good-humoredly complains of being badly old by tbe C?*sii:ution folks In the matter of the President's .Message, a mpply of which document thpy obtained from that office for their readers, but found too late that tbe sheets upon which it was printed bore three columns of matter i fl'ensive to republican readers, beaded "Tbe Abolition N unification Lavn." , U. 8 Scpbkh* Cortr ?Yesterday morning, In tbe U 8 Supreme Court, Attorney General Black delivered au eloquent and truly affecting eulogy ea the late Associate Justice Daniel. Aii appropriate responne was made by Chief Justice iiiurjr, wuu wueiru me prwcNinji oi me oar of the day before and those of yesterday to be [ entered on the journal. Gca*d*ousm ?Only two curt required the attention of tb? presiding functionary this morning. ' One was the case of P. C. Calhoun, charged wltb ! profanity In the street, who was fined 92 15, and ^ the other that of Nolly Doe, alias Catharine John r son, who was arrested by citizen for disorderly conduct and profanity. She was fined S3 04. Jk few lodgers were accommodated > n>>>> V . _ c- -- U" m 1 i rv?? anu cibfta ?cicoij ? s Green, auctioneer*, commenced tfaelr great aale o: of fur* and silks to-day, bat did not got througt 1 the extensive catalogue, and willtoiMnue It to B morrow. There was a large attendance of ladiei 1 to-day, all in a high state of pleasurable excite * mem at me oargains tney got. n A Fihk Labdkr?Ham mark la displaying i * saddtoof bear meat, fat and luscious, weighing I 200 pounds! Also, a remarkable lot of tm\ Ten >. ison, pheasants, canvass backs, partridges, oysters e Ac., Ac , the sight of Which will make any bun s gry man's moutb water The whole makes om ot tke current sight* of the Federal Metropolis. r To-wignT, It mtlBt lie b?riie in mind, tb Metropolitan Club, No. I, g*ves its third j;ran< y cotillon party at Franklin Hall. To those wh d Lave attendee the previous entertainments of tbi ?- Club no word of commendation Is necesssry; bu y to those who bsve not, we say go by all meaas. ie A?pourr*K!rr ?Mr C a. Moore, well knowi I- in Alexandria, for some time Master of Machine ry on the Orange and Alexandria Railroad, lef II that city yesterday to take <^harfre of the macbin I, interest* of one of the Alabama Kailroada. le Hollowat s Fill* and (iihtmikt. 1 Burnt, Scalds, Wounds, Brunt*, Jr.?No mor ' Huttrnnr t?atimonia!a oan be adduoea of thejmin? diat* relief which HolIow??'e Me<Heine? afford t M aulftrera froialheae terrible eateatrophea than th >e readineaa with whioh inedieal men n*e them in pri d vat-? practice for all auo}i aecidenta. The gran j. feature in the Ointment la that it leasee n*ith? n aoar nor blemiah of the ahin No family ahould h . without a euppiy ot ihete la valuable remedie ,' Sold bj all i>ru*niata at2jo.,62o. and $l#*r bo* c pot. dtMw U ie . To thi A ftuctbd !?Be rare to read the adrei pt tiaeinHnt of MeLean'a 8tren((henin< Cordial aa in Blood Pnrifier. in another column. t? a- 9 -- . 1 I ? VIAHRieU. d ^On rtia ?th cf December, tt the Wa*tmiA(t< t?h?re*. by th? Rtrr. Mr. Dixon, WILLIAM ! in PLfeMIN?.to Mim VIRGINIA L. MILLER,* pi of UAluavr*. * s vXM&fV"&!fo<ft."g te^feian - CARR.4 lol ihu city. ?"i i < m dm copy.) ult.riB ft John's Church, St Looi i ifco .w1u>. J?Imi uiIimi II, d. i W liOli. . w. r*n in m . , . / DIED. ? On the 4th m.Unt, DANIKL W. HALL, E* Id %icd 75 vrftis. tie k?t>uvNMdfniai Hi iivita! to t**nd k ir fui er%>. on Thurtda* afternoon, M 1 o'clock. lr? z hjeswib s iSSP8IPw,6iwi < ' ' <f?iV ;Jt' *|# y J - ft |j # ; 0 HiVEicouL^rE^s^.THEDo4 liF NOt, DO SO AT ONCE. ' ft> MAILED TO YOUK tRJESDS ATA DiSTANCMi . ' i IT 19 THE LARGEST AND BEST DOLLAR PAPER IN THE WORLD, j It Always, Cohtauis Bittkk Accovm* or Evmttxiko T*at?pimis? is Wa?hi?oto* City tba* abbPublmhid iir a*t Otiir NxwiMrn n rax I'mitib 8tatb? dt 4-3Wi -I nA. WTLL BE OPENED. 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Our HMtck of all otter kinda of 811 AWLS and CLOAKS will be found ne?, novel and extensive. All kinds of DRY OOODS in reneral nae. One price oniy. the value marked in plaia figures therefore 10 purchaser is deceived. Jltj^ CARPET?, <URTAINS, RUGS, OILCLOTH. Ao.. upper floors. i , i i nt > a?tr nmu nAif nntima * * ? ? - ? ? ? U.TI run. to M V? V MM *? * *??? Wf w ~ -?? i > ? # ? _ - _ _ Ac., basement and the vaults. An eximinatiou of store and stock solicited, il incurs no obligation to purchase FKHRYABROTHKR, Penn avenue and Ninth street, da 3-5t "P?r'> Building " pOR HIRK-A likal? COLORED BOY of 1< r years of agt?, (slave.) He is very honest, anc well taught as a home-servant, and is only hirst out because oi the owner having no employmec for him. For terms, Ao., apply at 104 <iay street Georgetown. de j-lw* fkPLNlNti OF A NKW RESTAURANT. 'rna nn^nrdvn/i^ KapnwitK ?itra si n.tti aa ta l>i ? H? UIKIVISIJIIWI UOIDWIkM HI HV?IWV kU 1(11 friends and thn puMio in ien*ral that he will open on Momlav, December 3>f, a fir*t-claaa Keataarant at No. 321 Seventh st_ between i, and M. do 1-1 w' JOHN AKDWSEK. Bonnet ribbons! BONNET RIBBONS!! 380 pi poet of BONNKT RIBBONS aellinj ol about ow half the naaai prices. Some very gocx atylea at 12*? oenta per yard. Ca 1 early and get fira choice HENRY EUAN. 521 Seventh at., noSMit near Avenue Houae. BLANKJaTS! BLANKETS!! BLANKETS!'! Bed Blankets ! Bed Blanketa ! Bed Blanketa of all aisn and of all prioea. Rml P-iunf/irta ' tt*H I^Amfnrto Marseilles Quilt* ! Marseilles Quilts ! Linen and Cotton Sheetings, Towelings of aH kindi Table Linens and Napkins. > Our stock is foil in all departments. We eolioi a call from all in want of Dry Goods. WM R- RILKV ic. BKO., Nou 3ft "Central Stores," Between 7th aqd 8th streets, no 28-2w Opposite Center Market. I ?IP FURNITURE. - ^2^ FURNITURE. JT# The House Furnisbini 'VVarerooins of * MoGREGOR 4; CO. are now well with their fall supply of FU* r N1TURE and HOUSEKEEPING GOODS i wKi nh WA t\ fiTa r ttfr ra^iinoH nriHA. J I J IOIJ , WMIWH WW VHVI ? f?WI 0nPARLOR FURNITURE. ? DlMNO ROOM,an CHAMBER FURNITURE, are especially worth the attention of purchaser! a* the stylos are muoh improved and finish sup< rior to aur we have had. , We have a fine assortment of? 5 Gilt frame Pier and Mantel Glassas Bookcases and Writing Deeki Hall Farnitur* , _ ? . . French China and English Granite Wart e Glass Ware Fine English and American Cutlery, and Hart ware, Fine Plated War# ? Alio, Tuba, Bucket*. Brooms, Brashes, Mftta ? Also. H?ir and Shock Mattresses * Feather Beds, Blankets. Comforts, Ac. o ITT Heaae give as a call, and we will sell jc a bargains. MeGRBGOR * CO., X de *-eo3t *30 Seventh street. rfy iMnriidt ' 1 HE UNDERSIGNED b?*r? to inform hia ?? \ runa aud the public that, having aiiposed of h urplua itMk at auction, n? ha? re-op?n*d with i ? extenaiva atock of th? finaat aelsotaa FRENC 1 CONFECTIONERY. Hia Dimn? and Snppi ? Hnnmi htv? ttMn thr>r<uir hi v unnrnvMl. With li ditional rooms ud ?ewlr furciithed. Hats no prepared to tarnish private and pnblio parties i the ?hort?st notioe. ud flatters himself that, wi the additional faoilitiss, ha will b? enabled to c i- oel hi? former reputation. o The andertiroed fert? confident that all that necessary to satisfy his old and nsw patrons w: i- be a call. The ohoieest that the market aaords ai d ail the luxuries that oaa be obtained from otn ir souroes will be oonstantlv on hand. e THOB. POTENTINI, . French Confaotioa?r? and Restaurant, ir OidStind. No 979 Pa. av., between dellw ltth and llth streets, south side, - 512 UUTTA PEpVj'+V/A1NT 51 d HA1WI LT<> IS I>R O. 4COJ8. - is the to find the o7leDratfd*QHMk P#ro ISSKft if Paintmc in al! its branches executed with di ?; patch anfoa reasonable Mhna. Mixed Paints i 519^ PLTfY 18 DOWN. ... ft no 30 w *? i ? r ?, j^fcGARS AND TOBACCO FOE fUt. MI ? The underticned would reapeotfully inform I 1- nnmeroua friend* &c(1Um p?Mio th-.t the oom. iwrafeip heretofore exiatiog under tw ufa Bbhexh* k WiBo*A!lli,U*?^eendiaaolT#(i?r po tu?l oonaaot, &i d UU Ire ku opened ? (tore oa I Of C ud Seventh tU. wfit. opaoaite t > ofwnniMWa. wtK*any Mfouud?ch< ' impurtataja,^ M J?. WIEGMANJN MKHl -i * HUOftJLAb ?'-* ft BOABDINq.- DVITlTE HOARDINO.-A WMuaitil , Jl wife, or Nv?nl single c?ntiem?n, con b4 mo- ' CommodBtad with lood iiiM Kooina uH BmHim ?b invito fMilT. by making eorly opjlio?tio* * 3fll?C.oy?o?itorrortMofr9?ro. doO-M* , , L !\*EA.LS?? A few (oatieineq Inm* deeyim ?? ITI cuaiiQod&tiou ou ouuih Mwlii M roosop,- 1 able t<>rm?at No. 364 0 strMt, bet\r<>?? 9U> aod loth ?to. r do l-6t . to0*?DIN&-A flmilr. or two or Uroo infl#- I "rain, eaa bo soooaimoAtod w itm fcoordivt No. 453 N'ntn *treet, ono door south of F at. Torino t mod en to Ono of U?e lor?o?t ood m>>*4 deti'obio , i M idm in tbfl kmmrnm /iMi^j4 .wlfk ?M?O? nnH Mjaov anoocapTed.'' Ta*la lioardera tcooinni^ j . . .. . ? , BOARDING.?Good Eoama. ooinfartabij far4tu?h??d, ots be obtained it 373 F atraet. be- . twees lath and 14th, & medaraie *iu atwithout Board. Location convenient aad vary pleatant. no 17 2w* BOARD AND ROOMS-A fin* Front Chain- ' bar, and other Room*, with Board. mar ^ had at No. 45? Twelfth ?t., aaat side, between G aad ' H. Table Boardera alio accommodated. BOSS 7t* I Mfa?^aapw???1 FOB 8ALE AND BENT. I [For otktr "For Sal* rnmd Amu" mth*rtisnmmt$, . Mjk*t W? ) ' i f^C^R ErfT-A^fr^ntPAR JjOR^ and ^CHAM* wdik uwivij mi umivu ^ av i^w ai 5 U ?Uff% between 8th u t 9th at* , tin table tor Member* cr other rentlettM aojoarning in Warrington. <16 4 it* ITP.RNDON FIRST-CLASS BOARDING JTl H<?USK.?Several large a id handeontely furni*hivJ front Kooiae, with all the modern improvomaata, may b? had by applying at the above noma, ooroer Ninth aud P streets, near Patent and Poet Ofccee. de 5-8t* A PRIVATE FAMJI.Y (HAVING NO CMILdran i havirg twoRooms ?o "pare, won Id take two gentlemen to Board, or would rent tha rooms iurnishetl. The rooiae nniiimieate aad are lit with f as Thoy wwitd h?v# a pieuint home In- . qmreatthe Star OflU? da5 IW A COMFORTABLE SMALIj 0WELLIN6- < House. (two stories and attic, with lar?e del- , lar and back-banding,) neatJjr famished, is the West End of the oity. Tiia Furniture will be ?o!d at a barcain for oa?h, and to an? one bvyinf it the 1 house will b* rented at a low rate. Apply at onoe ' to J. C. MoGLIRK tc. CO., Auctioneer*. 1 de 5 St C<URNt8VKD ROOMS FOR RENT, at 406 D 1 r street. between 6th and 7th sts. de 4-tf FOR RENT?FURNISHED PARLOR ai;d two ! CHAMlit-.RS, on the second floor. 463 )2th street, T>*tween G and H. de 4 St* w-*>i >i _ tr* f n %ri m >? ws^>??.r* ? ij-wn ntni-uu ri/ftiHistlKU a| r 35'i K street, between 12th and 13th, ( Franklin . Row > Apply on the premises. 4-at" j A COMFORTABLY FURNISHED PA* LOR I and CHAM BER on the first floor for rent, at No. 450 Twelfth street, between U and H. t de 4 Iw* , ^O LET?A two-story brick HOUSE, oonUin ' I ing 9 room* and a passage. It is located at the s corner of E and Seventeenth sts . opposite the ( President's Square. Low rent to a good tenant* t Apply next door. d?4-8t*A FToiTrENT-A front PARLOR and CHAM^ 1 BHK. neatly furnished, at No. 511 Eleventh St., opposite the Theater. de 3 3t* FMjjUl isHED ROO&S TO RENT?Thirteenth ' street, between E aud F iU., No. 452. de 3-3t* FOR RENT?Handsomely furnished snits of ROOMS, with BoanL if required No. 500 r.iflvfltun street. ;wiween ra. avenue aau c at. , de 3-11* 1 FOR RENT-A PARLOR, on th? Brst flnor. and three fiae Bearooirs on the floor above. at No 976 Pa. avenue, two doora eaat of the Kirkwood Houw. deS-tl ! For rknt-a furnished house, ?fs 1 stines. coat&iniug 12 roowe. located near the Treasury Department, formerly oo*upi?d by Senator Big is ; or I will rents room* in said house Also i for rmt. a smal Frame Homo, co-.taimnr 5 I , rooms and kitohen. Inquire at 4U0 Fourteenth st, < between H and 1. de3 tf | |?OR RENT, m the First Ward?three ugtrrs ! r west of the War Department?a small OFFICE, with Kaok room, or the former may answer for a shop: and Parlors and Chambers, separate, or , suits el Rooms, iumisiied or unfujmsiied ; close to the Avenue. Inquire at this office. J de 3 2tawtf ROOMS FOR RENT?Two Chambers and a oiw.fortahly Furnished Parlor,at No. 343, corner of E and Eleventh sts. do 1 tit* FOR SALE OR RENT?A toe DWELLING HOUSK, containing 11 -ootaa and fine >ard, situated 203 I at, between 20th and tlst sts. F< r terms ple&ee inquire next door oi Mr. BU' HIGN AN f d?> 1 lw* FOR RENT?The HOUSE and STORE, on P*. avenue, First Ward, opposite the Seven Build inwa TK<* afrtrfl ic at nroaant rv?/?n\T ? Hear r i ii| a m v ?-?! v mm i?i Y u? wvv u piwu u j .'? ?.? ? i'i as a shoe store. Possession given by the l?t of [ December next, or before. For particulars pea?e inquire of Mr. DYER, at the store, or at Mr. CAR ' ROl.'tf, next door. 1 de 1-1 w WM EMMERT. i F^OR RENT-Three beautiful PAKLORS, in the hcuaa 232 G street, corner Fifteenth at., oooupied laat session of Congress by Hon. Mr. Humphrey. are now for rept. A'to, the parlo.-s now oocupiud bv F. de Haaa Janvier, Esq., in the same huui?. There are also aeveral fine Kgcms su.table for aingla gentlemen or mmUI ?amiiie.rf^?t i . or wthnat board. t bo 3? 6t* t the union club HOUSE lj 1 AXD SEWS ROOMS, \ No. 448 Tihrtxbnth St.. Between Penna. avenue ?rW F street, , Late Residence 9/ ikt Mayer. > This house will be opea to Gentlemen early in { December. In the meantime a 'imitea number of ' K00iiu can be engaged permanently. _ t no30-6f B. DONNELLY * OQ. l?OR SALF OR RENT-A three storj-anda basement BRICK HOUSE, with l>ack-buildlnr.on K street, between 2<1 and Sd streets r^ll tida, For further p-irtitni&r* inquire at tbe'liooee fnrnishing store or MaGREGOK A. CO., No" 530 Seventh ?t., opposite Suter, Lea St Co.'s Banking Home nu 28 1 w _ FV1R RLINT?A deoirable and well located firstclass RESI PENCE, No. 469 on Sixth street, between D and E st*. The house is furnished with autue moiioru improvements. Apply to THUnA9 f PARKER. . do 28-ootf t Ij^OR RENT?A four-storjr brown front DWBjLI I I NO, iituatoJ on Thirteenth ?t, betweeo L. and Ma??achu?etts &v..oneof the ino?t demrab'.e ~ locations in the city, lhe house ia furniahed with marble mantiei; aao, tat and water fixturea, with bathroom Inquire at WAI. P. SHEl)l>'fj Fancy Store, No. 502 Eleventh *t. oc 27-38t* ! GARNISHED APARTMENTS FOR RENT r in a private family, a Parlor ar d Chamber Joininj, verv bandaouieljr furni?hoii, ?n the drat floor, i, elevated hve feet abovn tbo aidewaik; location very pleasant and desirable; only a few *ard? from the it t*ta e Department and public iroui.Ua, and omnibus line U tne Capitol, on N?w York arenue, tliird door from Fifteenth afreet, No. 4*0. no i7-eotf I70E RENT-HOUSE No. 460 M etrfM. " tween 12th and 13Ui. Itu water, |M, & (arte - yard, and every convenience for a ?mall faituly. Apply to L.El)WARDS' Gfwery, or to Dr. C?A GIN, 134 Dumbarton street, Georgetown. I no 27-eoU POJIRENT.-A three-itorr BRICK ItWKLL r ING HOUSE, with baok builUing, on (tin at.. Co. 470. between F and 6 street*. Apply to J. IRK WOOD. *74 Twefth it. no 19 dtf I?OR RKNT-Two ROOMS in third atorr.adV yjTnrnji.with water and (as, or a fine PARLOR, lifhted with (? . in seoond story, in a pleasant parti a of the oitr. Teruis low. Apply on the premises, No. 4M Mass, avenue, between 4th and 6th sti., k felflft MA IC ?/ I UUI VU ?w. HV IWM *- U*OR RKNT?A three atory brick HOUSE, eonr taining B rooma, in good order, with gaa fixture* complete, on H *treet, between 4th and 5th. Also, a two-atory brick COTTAGE, with large yard attached, corner of P atreet north an<i 14tn ?t. Mt. To puaotaal and reliable tenant* the term* will bo moderate. Apply at 446 Twelfth street, I between (J and H. no w-tf N/VO SKCESSTON OW IS THE TIME FOR BARGAINS!? Or eat inducement* are now offered to a(1 peraoita in >u want of CLOTHING, FURNIftHINflTGOobiT HATS and CAPS, at tha People's Clothing f tore. No. 460 Seventh at. Come one, oorne ail. and bay ~ yoar Clothing at greatly raduced price*. at t no lT-lm J. H. SMITH'S. 460. j" UEAVY CLOTHS 11 ., . AND CASSiMERES. ~ Pine Clotlia and Cassimeraa, ?r Velvet <Mid Silk Vesting*. . Silk Shirts and Drawers, " Merino Shiru and Drawers, ik Heavy Hibbod Woolen Shirts and Drawer!, , Kid. Silk, and Merino Gloves, . 1 Cotton aort Woolen Half Hose, , < French Shirting Linens, Irish Linens. \a We invite all persona iu vast of Dry Goods of i, any kind to give as a oall. #r WM. R. RILEY k BRO? No. 36 "Central Store*," Between 7th aadtU , no 28 8w Offovtm Coaler Market L_ W.. MRS. M. A. fEARCK II Illlffl Ia a nM/\n +#% ka? a si * t rat in. Ika k a _* *, " BHHVUDQC kV u?i uHMumviai auu *M ? or Washington in general. that } U ** prMared to exeouta all ordarc in tii? MilliMry fin*, aud will opan on Thurwtay.X^^ SOjc^mbwr 6, ? narrt?oinTa??ortin?nt IS&% KiSSS SOT* sril it- tha Market, Mo. 443. no |Q 5t? & DA18IN*! "7" KAlMNAf! P ? * AISiNSIt! K g "ar'srsrltfa1 n. A^ssfc;^ OI * /or (At ?kelt World. is; yjsf ' ?AlfoPlAnoBBooks, NmmIi. Mom W<j,HiddSTpkAikarAlomo; prloe otok #t*?r u SKr*1K:4WB^ * wS.15" r ? ^ VJ!. vw GEOBGKTOWX. IT ? i , Uorrupondtm* / Tk* Star. SiouiTowN. Drr?nb? 5, INM. Both Boards of mr City OosacHWere In mm!of ait <-?sntng. in tl* Bonrd AUtrinen MhwitMsfpaUtt nWest wst acted on. j In tho Board of Common Council thoro war# MMont Mntr* Dua'op, F.ngllab. Pearson Hill, (tar IlokrtH. Wake, and Tenner The usual m >-? *? aa passed between tbe Boards, tnd ?ach Friday evening hereafter, at ?j{ o'clock, ?a? a. -eed upon for the rcgalar time of meeting. Mr. Hill pseaented a eommunio*Bo? a ad ?* ompanying papers from Mr. F. W. Joaes, attor. rer for Bamoel Rna??ll, who wss fined 9u by Fostlce Wbyte for selling broom ? without obtain* ng a Ucsaae. S*id communication oeU fortl. that V brooms are manufactured at t!i? Washington Penitentiary, snd sold by Mr. Russell; who it mom ui mi s*?figacaca. id? v\ aruen. ana mn toe Sne ought to be remitted for tbat and otter stated reaaons; referred to committee oa grievances. Mr Stake's resolution In relation to Aquodiart itreet being taken up. It waa oppaaxl by Messrs. Hill and Tenner, aad advocated by Mr Stake, who called for the ayea and noes on ita paaaagej irben it failed to pa*a by tbe following vote: Ve?s?Messrs Dunlop and Stake?t Nays?Meaars. Eagtfu*, Fearson. Hill, Plekrellj md Tenney?5. - > ; Mr. King waaexcuaed from voting Mr Dunlop expislaed ikM Lt voted for it M a nere resolution of lnauixy, bat wks oppoaed to my appropriation for tbe at reel at this time The reaigaation of ,M r. Goo. W. Beall. aa Asses* tor, waa, on motion of Mr. King, laid over tempo* arlly. . Mr Fesraon,*>f the scnsmittee Oh grteveao*a, isked tbe discharge of said committee frnq urther consideration of tbe petltloa of Mr. Major, trblch waa granb-d and tbe committee discharged, Accounts of Joseph Llbby A Son, aad H B. Walker, were referred to committee on etatms A resolution in relation to lot 272. the entrance ? Trinity (Catholic) Cburch burial ground.en ioat-d therewith Uie first clause exempting Mid ot from taxation and the second flroni pav nwiit >f the special tax levied for Improvement of High (treet. which parsed this board at thetsrt ii-mIon, tnd wu amended In the Hoard of Aiderinen by talking out the second riant?, came up for conilderetum, and occupied the attention of the >oard uutil the hour of adjournment [The Interacting debate on thta resolution we ire obliged to defer publishing until to-morrow ] Son.?in our report of yesterday we omitted to lotice a resolution ottered by Mr. Dunlop and jassed, Inquiring of the Mayor why oertatn parts >f the fljotwav 011 Gay near II fgh streets Ua?l not ?eoB retired. IUv.r.1 Vwata nrilh ? - - * vi w> wvaiw^ ?? i ?u U\U1 , ^l?tU| U. V f ild ?C Q( ' ived by canal, aud report that tbe licet of coal imU are on the way dowu, and will be ucr? toifjht, probably. We bare been reqti??ted to call tbe attention of be accommodating proprietor* of tbe Union Nine to the broken gl&ssea in their omnlbuM rbe draught* art verv acuMy felt ttils cold map, uid are sugges'lve of catarrh, rbeuu.&tlaui, neu aljfla. and toochache. A word, w? know, will je ?uiUt*ent to bwe tbe eril remedied. Pork from wagona tf> 50 to 90 75 per 100 lbs. Retail price97. nv.nnnvtotirV invwuT'irpsl KJi JL4WAWV A Vf T I AAA/ f AJJ? A AXA A U APPLE 8, APPLES, Cm. aid POTATOES. TO barrel* No. 1 Baldwin Apple*, SI do No. i None*aoh Greening* ami Pippen Apple*, 19 bitrre!* Jaokvon White Pitat e*. IMiiv ATBArtMl r, A r tjikfUinAr J IV iim Hew Hampi'.ire. and will be sold low on or beioie irrival to olo?o the ool turn ment. ll\K*n.EY X BROTHER, de4-lw 99 an* 101 Waterst, Georgetown. A" NOTICE. L.L Notei take at par for DP V GOODS at E. ?UTMAN'8,117 Bridge street, loutu tide. Wo lave just received a up endid ?t- ck of Kid O:o". < ?, 3ftuutli*t*, Kmhr Md*>rio?, Cloak*, tShawlt. *r.. "rom tb? l?t**t Baltimore aootioat, which we will tell oheaBM* than ever. P. 8 ?We have al*o received a *plendid *trl* of Panei Dreaa Silks at 75 cent* per jard. worth fl t'?. Don't forjet the place. E GUT.M A >, de 3 l<r 117 BVidge gt , ?outh ?ide. IIST H k.f'K I V K1V? J !fi hhda. prime Poito Rioo SUGARS, . <?t<l RtoWHIfKY, 2W lii>ii. H KKftINU and ALE WIVES, 60 bb:?. Oru?lied and Refined aUUARo, &> bac Kio and Java COFFEE, lOhhda.ilow priced; MOLASSES. Furnalj br JOHN J. BOUUE. m 10 JIOO BHLS. OF FRlME C1DKK, U*T Arrived and for aaie cheap for o??h. no 13 AK.NV A SH?^N. MASSEY, COLLINS A CO.'S PHILADKL1*1 I'HIA 1>RAU?HT ALE.?We are oouiMtiT rMtivii( fre?h* oftne above aeiuiitfal bersrare. aid invite a_* persona wu<. want a pure ufcdn.wrateil A.e, to give it a trial. A II NY ? 9IT!\"C l.ont. f* IT flr^c St.. &<torr?tf>wiL LOST AND FOUND. WASHINGTON COUNTY. D. C., 3d or Ok ckxiiek, isfto.?Bn ught before the?v_ Jnntice ot the Peaoe m ami M-L.TX f- r*. C..** an e(tnt.^2a. * dark ?orr?l HORSfc, ajollt 16 rimy- ?*-- w~j whit* hiad f >ot ar.n white ?pot in bi? fore hr ad ara mv.ll e-rd around hit neck; apparently about 10 jeara olJ: found trespassing "n IN premises cf { l M Onborn, about the 28th of November, 3 milue from Washington city, D. C.. on the F?uruesth rtreet Piney tfranch road The owner oan come forward, prove property, pay charges, ana take him away. ? ? de 4-3t* ALFRED RAY, J. P? ? | >43 T* ^ O '" " ' ?*.. aired. cn Saturday evening I J aji. * HACK *?>K. containing max>iuc diplomas The finder will lie libera I* rewarded by leavi&(itat WHITTLKSK V'S Oil and Paint Store, on Seventh st., near D. de 3 Si* fij .".n REWARD.?My bou?<? was entered on Tu??J?t evoning,th? J7th Nov., at about half p&tt 8 o'clock, and robbed of about #im> in cash??36 id go'd, consisting of $M gold pi~oe, 91?. and 95. and in pa??r. about SM or|?onanotao: 92tf o> Lk* Fnil'ipi Bank. Va..and the other cot recollected. 1 wiii par 950 for the appre hensior. and oosvictioa of the tnieC jfe 1 4t W. PTNiCHOLLS. DCASII! URIN6 the pa?t \rcek we fcava mad* large additions to our stock of ' GENTLF.MEN'S BELONGINGS, ad, buying them ar.dar the hetvr pressure in tkl money market for CASH, we eifer them to tfea ti ad? and at retell at small advance on oar puroliaee prioes. for CaSH. knowing that it is leas than at which hrat cltu WARDROBE ARTICLES oan be purchased. Our stoak. always complete, ia now imtch larger than usual ia Drets Sbirta, , I'nder Shirt* and Drawers, (ientlemsL's Dressing Roi>es, Kid and W*nu fj'ov?*, Neck and Over Tiet, Stocka and Scarfa, Perfumery and Soaps, Walking Canes, Colt's and other Pistols, Ac Whioli we offer at much lower prices than usaai for CASH. We wish, however, to M understood that our sales ara confined to the aewaat atylas of goods and the "lowest prioes," at STEVENS'S, del l#t Sales' Room, Brown's Hotel. LADIES' MERINO VESTS ~~ A RUE Assortment Ladies' Merino Vasts. hi?h aeekv and long sleeves; low necks and short sleeves. Also. Children's M?rioo Veats. all at low prices. HENRY EUAN. 3'J1 Seventh st. * - Bo VHft near Avenue Huuu. T REMNANTS. HERR ctill to ba to'd out, at otue Kee or other, a large lot of Reinn?.nt CARPKTGH, of all kinds Remnants of Oil.CLOTHS R?int.auU of very thin* in th? FURNITURE DRY <?OODS LINE, which are hot ready to t?? old or. The iowe?t price at which th*y will be anld 11 marked in plain figurea ok each article. Great barfirm are her*. or ao?t . Ct AGETT A DQQHON. Singer's Sewing Machines. 383 PENN. A v KM K NATIONAL HOTEL BUILDING. We invito the anb'ie attention to onr new ?5" FAMILV SEWING MACHINE. ThiaMadhint u unsarpaaaed 10 the hoaaehoM. It rana Miooth and will; /net, kemf, fell* and rather?, will ae? tnv Biirn awiia ur oivtn wii tiycri uuci, nou Uhm between the t*o utrtmM, in ? r*t?itift>! aad aubat*iiti*l Wun. MukinNin m%hot?ny, w?llit kixi rvxvood hum from #69 to flw. On Urge ?afrwiti?y pruftr wuichine, for ?uac)i trtram?n vud a*d<iiera, ia witkont * ? *!. Silk, T*i?t Thread, N?m1m. Bobbin*, Oil, &.C., alw&ya 01 hu4 ft* New York prioae. jb*-"- *m6UMUi^ no >7 6m iS?t Nkw mMom" ma"= The atook of *llkinde of CurLuji Materials at tin atore ofCLAGKTT Jt D()Dm)N, ia etill complet no irtaoCt ^ > * riREflS HATS POR GKNTjUMtltN -Our*i U aortm*nt of P*?hionableHat? ia *!w?jar* oompete, We feiaqreoeive a?n vmI ifiUll iap?. j of Hat* ffomTJaoba, New York. at ^ . STBVenS' Mm Konat, fllOfit Rrovn'a HoUl {1RKAT BARGAINS IN U DRY GOO DR. We have marked dowa oar entrn Stock of Uq< VTJXI K?^.'&stTaraKi mence thu dat Iling off at grevlj raduoad >r*M for oaahjto rednoe oar large etook Wy t?a Ut at Jaa nary, w# invito all ia vut of Dry Gaoda to ? uaU^tw Wa^owth ?t.. atwrre l*a. av Pearl, Ivory and h^daSfoad Evaaiac Drai >*r&E LATEST fegWd TBLBOEAPHIO. I . I I TJU UMM TimUM tl? , 3 ?Ool. J F. B?y4fi Miin?otoni<lkM IMMrtoi wfco ww ?al-to JM border br U>? fKki ord?r ?tf Ito^tww, f*tucMd WrrMaifili iMnpom ?U?atol?a UMUM B? ?>? Uua UM State kMMlUih , will, mt U tb?M uf wobaMUty, at rnwl, ?f tu knvuioa But M cf mm *m4 mmhM FortSc??lturUa? N( SIMM* II ttwriniteMMl NidliBftWaMl* U bold ?m baited Sun DMWl Cnrt. Hd tbnro wii bo ccuioa for iw C*?rt to 1?bw ttf Territory M or.t^orr.rr v ?ud Jebu.iM kMK Mfwrt SMtt U,~?a ?^ *hM Mmi b la bop Mt Mwe. Bit < the Territory Col Snvdrr ku organized Um ))!'.tla on tie border, and Mki tb? Governor ? rotabltafc aa unmI b?N, fer vow nwr|tMl? M ??%>??crf tmci umber about <76. Thtruvramd, bol wrli armW tLirvaa. vboH cklrf mm ia h WiMAw, Mo , Dr 3 ?Tboe Momy ?f tbta oily, baa juat returned frou tbr mlittary (Mf meat bryoud Clinton. Me ?epreaanHOea Piwfa brigade aa ?aal?. and law lb* oeaa pauy of ravalry nuiat boaaar the troubled4MHrt bvtb;a time r T"becit irraof Clti.ica pae* tbe b-tjade a warm wrtcoRM. a?4 aent wa^oaa to brlac la tboae who WrM dtaeb.ed Dr Melton ku jntt returned *g?1n from Fort 8(tftt, i>4 rfpntMili *11 uow, but tbat Oeptai' MwitifWyH b*l?d of Jay-Dawketi, t*e buodred strung. U pn*t#-d[ at !?ug*r Mound Tbe town of Bate* county, to aimoM deeerted from fear of an attack Captain MMt|r*merr ha* ordered aereral citizen* of Bate* county to leave under penalty of death, if tti?y retrain. At a meeting held at Clinton, on Saturday, revolution* were pasted requesting the Governor to bold all peraona to < o*u from Sou lbem Kasns who deny tbe existence of any trouble there. believing tbat tbey belong to Montgomery1* hiy\A si?H w*.m " Mratri Scott, Hint*, Hlshop. Moot*, and otban, declaring for a Aoutheru Republic, unl?? pfoUatio i wm riven them. l.itvnwonTU.UM; 3?Capt Montgomery ?ttended church je?ter<iay, at t.awrente, and laid be heard nothing from the troop* latereatiag Croat Charlaatoa. Ciuiuiiox. Dec 3 ? Dally the roaHcUaa mi tins people groat stronger that coercion anil br uuriuficu i ue caiieeiion or cuitow will ?weclpltate the its ue The moment U.r S air ad?;>t? tbe ordinance of aeceaaion, which requiran three day* for formal consummation, the people Uk will refuse to ret ovnlae any further reeponalbi.ll)of tbe State to tbe Federal Government Speculation* concert. Iii" the strength of the harbor forts froiu the talk of the town. Fura Moultrie and Plnckney are thought weak, hut Fort ?nnrter It a place of great strength TLe lewer tier of guna huve lately been mounted. Many of the Charleston volunteer romp'.n'f* bave quietly placed themselvea at tbe Governor' dlapoMtlon. ready for any emergency at a inentl notice Tbe uew* of tbe contemplated rereaaof the Legislature during tbe Convention ia received here with great aatlaf action. Tbe people dealre that w vwmBMun wane anting mmmmm mw in individual control of the action of th? Mote The ( audi Fi|illTt Slave Cut Toaowro. C. W . Dee S ?The extradition of tbe fugitive alive Jones continues to excite the greatest Interest It Is reported tbat the Attorney General favors his surrender to the 1'nlted States The Globe of to-day cava tbat If this Is doae there is s arceiv a fugitive slave eafe !n Canada Hon. John Kusa. President at the Grand Tntafc Railway left for England to-day. Later Iron Wexles. Nx\r Oxlxa5?, Dec 5.?Tbe cteamsbip Atut n, from Brazos on the 1st. brings Intelligent tbat tbe proclamation for a new Preatdentlal rtertlon In Mexico bad been published Tbe favorite rand dale for President was l-erdn Am Taleda in Northern Meiico tbe Liberal* bdtevrf tUat tbe city of Mexico bad been taken. Unitui. New Oii.itM, Dec. I.?A larre eeceaalon meeting waa b?-ld bere Uat night Judge Dargaa, George O. Ketcbum, H G UumpWeti a ad Jn? Braug were unaninonaly nominated delagatae to tbe State Convention. Sa*|>eaai*a af the A alette Btaki ArocjTA. Ga . Der. 3.?AM tbe bank* af tbta city aaapended apecie p^ratent tbia moral of Tbe maximum rate the a ght drafts on New York :? 3 per cent premium Iwpartaat freoa New Or left Be. X IV OlLlKt. IlK I ?A M?UM or Ik* hank era and merr banta has boen held to adopt mui for the rrliof of the money market. Kn-isaion of apeclal bills of credit waa proposed i ? - ,r , | A State CoaveatUa ta !fsw Jtrtey Teestos, Dec 5? K State Convention of Union men baa been called It Is atoned by Coac Stockton, Senator Thompson. ex-Gov Pierce cad others. Ltutic Aaylana Barat Loci?t!lt.*, Dec 5 ?The Western Lansti<~ Asylim at Hopk'.nsville wu destroyed by Are Last Friday morning. All of the inmates, except ouo, was were aaved. Lose about S2(<<J,0U0. 1 Electoral Tote of Mew York. Albaxy, Dec 5 ?The Electoral College of tkla State have coat their 35 vote* for Llacoiu aad Ham Un. Alexandria Marketa ALtxiwraiA. Dec 5?Flour?Family 9* 00a 7.0U: extra 96 25a6 00; auper 94 87a5 00 Wheat ?wt.ite. fair to pood, fl 0&$1 M, red 9> ?> 91.25 Com?white 50a?J2c: relh>w55a$3e.; ?lu4 SoeGlc. Rye 65a $6. OataSOaSSc. Cora MealMe7*c. per bushel Seeda?1 lmotUv 93a93 SO; Cl*t*er 8 -26a?o ?; Flaxaeed 91 4uaf 1.45 Prwlalooa? Butter, roll. 1?a2<fc ; Bacon ItalSc.; Pork 9?.Ma 97.50. Lard 13aMc. K||ll(allc. WhlakytUttc. BaUUn*rt wtarkota. Raxtimo?b. Dee. 5 ?Flour quiet and ctaady. \Vbeat rteady: red 91 I64I 1A Corn Meaty! o?w white and yellow 5lia55c. Provision* dull, at nominal eatea. Coffee quiet at Wal4*c Wfcliky lower at lSaI8j(c- . Now Tark marketa. N?w Vobk, Dec. s?Flour heavy, hut eamr Wheat quiet. Coru steady ProvialoM duD. Whtokr quiet. nuMu. Niw Yost, Dec. 5. ? Stock* are doll nd lower; Chicago and Rock laland 51V: Illinois Central stare* 54; do bonds 86K, MlcLlrtn Southern 29; New York Central 7?JL, Br"* in: *?%;*odson River R R.40),; Cantons 14: V* 6's7J>; Mo. 6's?ie*. T?.. __ m. n r. aivoiiiiuii ui viusvua ?uu ikrwur? is wmrticularij called to my stock of CIOARS. which wili lx> Ibuaa more oanMett than ever, cuuiiitmi of some of the F1XKHTSTANDARD BRANDS known, as weil a* NEW BRANDS of a very auwrior quality. I? CHEWING and SMOKING TOBACCO w can suit all tastes, and as 'ha most of oar assort merit is iaa>t? to order, of tha best selections of Virginia acd North Carolina, we afar ?n?m superior. MEERSCHAUM PIPES in great variety, together with every tuinc pertaining to a krst eiass " Cigar and Tobacco E?tal>i*shwnt gko. nvToochran. 39* Pa. ?v? 4 dam east ef del-?t National Ht?t?l._ W WATCH REPAIRING. ATCHES, Chronometers. Jewelry, Ac . repaired. M W. GALT k. BRo.. Jw#!UfS|$e4 N-iv? de4 at 4 fleors wast of IreWs Motoi. V VIRGINIA MONEV. IRGINIA MONEY TakM at par, matter ; wW ?of ,.A i da4-tf No. CI, betw t J> and 7tb ats. IRON 1*AFK FOE (AUj-A nwiij newlrom .' mm Av*iin? Hob*. _?.m , del-K H. *0^W. Buoktktn Glove*, GiaillrtoulaHi, direct fro* the miiiu'ictorir of Rsnubarc 4 i?^'?rV.^?or i,* town; ftur ?' }f . ...V1*** ?B^5i VJI 7th it , *&4 SlJfi. iv., south noe, _4? J Gt. k?tw??bi??dtth ele. Tttjaagmg. isayiv BSML l ?, tvaBUl ind KltvMlk ku k*NHBw r rawtttrttlVt . MutOMMMfor tfce p?tro<iM* Ol Mtizai l *y ?1?M<H Ihvt fc-jf othw Bubiio kowii Ik* oit . +ir? pno%? bring !? tbkr Uiom of any otb?r hot* on Pua. trni*, ? (! kn uWMM^IbnM . for>p?rjM??S| OMrU?l?rt ?MMtlo<l__T"* h*r i"i r??'* r>*i ?m>bc?<fcW um ?1 -1'^TjTb? !isazs,^rrj.^"s5t5jss:

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