Newspaper of Evening Star, December 6, 1860, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 6, 1860 Page 4
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m i ! i m THE EVENING STAR. TO CAROLINA * rooM oxx or on utim. 9t?1*r cmhkon* <fcar, I aisiort} to near That yoa ariint?>ri,t n* to lea** aa ; Tfco? ?*y Jt'a a fast 1 teat tnar trunk i? all paa* d' And jwu kopo ft; aueh oouduot to aa. ai war* bean naug kty Aad ?i fat and Like a nun* aa yon mim >*0 t?!l v( 1*fT Forg?tfm oT duty You ova to indulgent ript. Vain jom can't aay iiftt not had your way In each of our Anuli broil*; While 1 vow and declare You've had your fuHibare In eaeb of tha national apotla. Jaat ?a it for a aeaaon And l.aiea to reaaoe. Nor where what joor fWae 'orert aajr; For tiiMr P'a< K'-m their eight. And their flattering 1 ea. Will lead joa to rvia aoma day. Thougb tHey promiae ao fkir. Gay tfrceivera thay are, From the one wh?m last eveniag yon ktaaad, J H itniii jiid and Hkett, And cbivalruua K'itt, Orr, Mrmmintn, Ftrlcen* and Gift. Some dai, a 1 mnora. Bedraggled ftnd lorn, Like the proitisa'. eon in hia neod, You will knnok at tlx door And. ooiite one** mar'. Nor veoUaroae&in Usfotdo. Nov bo varaed of roar '?*< Before it'a too lata ; Like a dear little luuocent la-oh. Come out of your pet. And do not forest _ . _ All the kindness of good l.n-Ie (in. The Palmetto t ea No shatter vill ba When the dark cloudi of anarohy lovsr; Yoa vi I loaf (or tha rest Of your own eat lee neat, And the aaroas aria of fadsial lovar. Then, (fear little Sis, Now jive rr+>a ki*?. To make up the?e tamily jar*. Seoeaaioa ahal1 never Our Union dissever; Hurrah for the Stripes and the Start! [y r. Po*t. Sisgcla* C*ptvk* or a butOn Thursday bott huge black bear attempted to cross tbe Pennsylvania railroad. Id tbe vicinity of Mifflin wh^n be was struck by tbe cow-catcher and several wheels passed over him, amputating his left fore lea ?t the shoulder, and cuttinir off* a Dortlon of taU lrft bind leg. Notwithstanding bruin's disabled condition, he fled Into a ravine, and upon being pursued and cornered by the engineer of tbe train, who wtj armed with an axe, made sneh desperate resistance that tbe latter thought it the safest policy to ^>eat a retreat. The puranlt was Tesumed the anceeedln:* day, and brain finally despatched He weighed '2*0 pounds after being dreaaed. A Warsisg to Kccuii Plavrrs?A voung man of Mllwaukie, who ta very food of a daugbt*? * ftf m " ni Urr' ' In n n? a f tK? rvtrvn lap />knw>mw? VI vs ? |>> ??>'? tH VUV V? M V. wis taking tea at tbe house of his adured a few evening* since, and had toine fruit cake offered bim Being lonuwut confuted on account of bis situation, ns tbe cake was held out, be cried out -pass " Tbe father hearing him, and having played some in his youoger days, was horrorstruck at the voun^ man's infatuation of the same. and thought be would teacb him a lesson, and said bluntly, "Vou pass do you? then 1 order yo-i up. ana there's tLe door." The youag man sloped Dilightbu with thi PmospEci.?The Mormons, it is said, are delighted with the prospect of a a'Moiuxion 01 mr c mon, ana t*ri);nam Young take* ?reat ersdit to himself for having prophesied it. Briifbam 1* a sectlonalUt of the worst kind, and even he has his constitutional grievances. only he implicates sll the States of the Union as violators of ti?? compact'' which Utah hai ever been a party to. A K RIVALS AT THE HOTELS. NATIONAL HOTEL ?G C Baker, ?; Mnjoi Dodge, DC; W Wortfciugton. Md: B Williams NC, H J Collins, S Walter. W H Hernwick, N Y; AM Eastman. NU; F \V Did ley and lv,>la? H D Fea,lng and ly, 111; i Riddle, Pa; H R Orr Kv: Hon E Baker. Ore: 6 K Davis. Tex: J i Bailey, Mich; Or Rad*>. J J Arrington. Cal; B f Harding, Ore: BC Rowland, Pa; J U White ant It, MIm Wilder, M CUrlr. NY; G W Knox, Pa Hon H .Marshall, Ky; Com U bondwin and lv, . D William*, J \V Stewart, O Ellsworth. C ( White, W Ithana. J B SLultat. T Miner, D Fran cia, E B Strong, (M OPr?,) 175 men, Put Pha'i W H Redwood. NY; G U Pri'iWd. J C Palmer ?; HH Bean, W Bowling, J H Bowling, J . Cr swell, Md; D McCully, Va; H L Emery an< s?n, W T Thompson, ,\V; M Baraaaa, Md, J I Hogg.NR WILLARDS' HOTEL? B F Gradr, NY; V van Wyck, SC, J A Godfrey, NY; J W A?b tn-ad. P M D Collins. Cal, J J Hoyt, NV; C ( Chaffee. Man, Hon J M Leach, XC; Han J !\ Jacobs. Tenn, H Painter, Pa; J H Spencer, .Md A C Perkins, .\ V; J D Cameron, Pa; D \V Con noll>; Cal; J B Friable, do; J B Baker, Pa; U I Dravton, do; 9 P Jackson, NY; G W Heaiey Bombay, G P Holme*, C 6 Hope; T Smith, Pa W T Turner, Va; J Gursed. Pa; J R CUy, Ul Minister Persia; Mrs Clay,?; Miss Crawford Master Clay, da; G H Crossman and lady. Mo; V J Hartley, Pa; J A Washington, Va; Hon 9 1 Birret; Mo; Barret, do; Mrs Thrie, do; G Thrle, do. BKOWN'S HOTKL-J Caaaard, M Brarnoi Md: A H U?-rr, J Hay ward and lam, Va; T Ell and Uin. NV; A Brown, M E Brown. E 8tom O; Mra Hutcblnaon, Pm: C IV Tyler, C Helen, I C; T McCMaknr, N Y; V H Frittle. Va; Hon L < l^atrar, Mi?; T K Brig^a, Pa; J F Pierce. Hon H Woodaon and fam. Mo; !* SutBrrland, Md; V Klce. Pa; P Martin, J A Hawloy, Md: LMcXJkee< DO: J H ^Uooefeliuw, Va; 9 A Uucknutei, 11 J E Gilford and ly. H Johnson, J G Lane and 1] W Lane. NV: H J?hn?nn Ml) KIRKWOOD HOUSE.'?W Fltxbujh.V*; 9 S'.niue), Oa; BD William*, Kan; D Hlaughte Va; J H 8row, NY: E VV 3ebnn, Tenn: Hon Cunpbell, P Latt, A H Jonea, Cal; W Wbitfor and iy, SC. OCEAXiSTEAME&S HAILIHGDAT fftom tsb Uritu statm. ^'(MUri. L*+o*. For. Dart. A-a?o W!,w York.. Havre. pro Asia. .??-New Yoru?. Liverpool... Deo j one oou .......An v York.. .Gl&aguw L>ec : Fbqm Kroors R*?or*a. _?._Soutn'ptou_..New York...Nor L?ia?t<<r _<?mwar Beaton Nov: A?i? Liverpool Now York ..Nov Usu'd |^in?(loai..?jlM*ow Now York ..Nov Now \ ork Hooth'pton?.New York...Nov: ed?r .. Li verp ->ol.... N ew Y ork. -. N ov UorouA ........ 8?at*'jrton. .New York. D?' jur%.._ Liverpool New York...l>eo (South'ptoa. ..New York ,D?e Taiwan ne Liverpool New York... Dec The California ma.ii (tenners leave on the 9t 18th, and J?ta of everr month. ()NLV ONE MONTH LONGER! ufiAU fiA P J IW 5 THATf EVER ' Our i'ook of DRY GOODS mait be ?o!d befi the lit January.a> wd have to tire poiasMion tn? tl'TO oa iliaiday. " >, We shnlLeomntenee on the lat day of Decamb to a?lt oar ane stock r f? **ilk Robes, Light and Dark Si?ks by the yard, t vwning Dre<? Goods, fine Laoes. Preach Erabroi lertes. best Kid Glares, Casnm<*re Lone Shawis, AH Wool Mousse'alnei Login's French Meiinoes. B %ck Goods, Fine White Good* of ererr description, &o , ho. AT HALF PRICE. w. - ?? ? "? . .up...Tr. wiiiiiiniinon n?m*a joodj to o enitoiT)?ri tt ha.f pric im?- r than ran th? risk se.ung U? Hock tr oaet>on ftt th- North. DOMESTIC GOODS Wa !>? ? l*r*#? ?toek of Oooai of Domeal Manufactory, ft' 1 ofwhich ?? ?ill elose oot djt U piece, or in quantise# to ?uit purehaa.rt, ftt pi ci?e 7 what tftey coat. Tib xi ciil. Virtinfa iBtuey tafcan at ?ftr. UJT Ali (<x?h delira^iJ^?r bo S>~ft 3S4 Pa. lh*fc lib Bod lull ?ta 500 b?RJ5?n? 4 VIRGINIA CLOTHS, of t Ji ftT TwtfjSoiMart,. <?Ua*te ?f the b?t kind) W^'?nr?vrw'.,5?yA*^wl,i^ 6 PM* Cotton. J5 .. dep., iriLT"1^ wlU ?*? * ?? T*'r low. to jiv# uioii]^'umu > waat Ol Dry Goo No MnXftlMy^V * ***"no. 16 C^n- ? Jtoc*. v.?t BuiWm*. no 217v B?tw.fth Aod tth str<*U, CaaUr MwU HAVIIW on CLTrf . 1CK ONLY ! lew doors aout<t of P*. ??., .v . ll7 P4 '1 ?'d *??? 'V?rd. WaatllDZton. His H<tr ia minatanrl P with tfc* ohoi^Mt Liauors tad Cuvi, x Fxie< Oy(?ri in Ws?lnatt >a cjui baukum S 5." <$& t;:uaaf.'5S2u' ^rVo^m^ToJ^ wEri?f?Ww? * ?* ? ?Mt of the eaplor# Wfiu p%t llitbij Bunt ol. ud Aim rMOf ui2?tl L ' KpP mum t fey*";. ? I l |! MISCELLANEOUS. Li|,fc mee,and marwe INSURANCE! HKATH * KNOWLE8, INSURANCE AO M NTS. Ovrtce, Room It, Orn Bask or Wasktn?t<ik. CONNECTICUT MU rUAU AicrjtuLATioH??-#3 500,000 pTRK INSURANCE COMPANY OF THE STATE OP TIRO IN I A, RichxoCash Capital (300,000 NEPTUNE INS UK A IN'" is tu*r*ny. Phila i g^phia. Capital Sub plus 8200,000 GOODHUE INSURANCE COMPANY, New You. Cash Jafitj* #300,000 In the latter, all the advan*a?*? of & mutual are gained without ireurnn* th* liability. Insaranoe at a* Itw rate* aa in any other equal!* re?pon?ib> ?omp?nM,*nd pol.or holdsrs allowed to participate in the profit*. de 1 ^ENTSTAJERINO SHIRTS VI AND DRAWEES. A large assortment Gents' Merino Shirts and Drawers: also. Bors' Merino Shirts. Gents' Lamba Wool Shirts and Drawers. Also? I#art* *9tortm?nt Woolen and Cotton Hosiery. i/ j ?.;u ut^i n.aa /ii. j ' xv tu, *? vfvi aim v uvi"u utwost Silk Crfvv&ta ami Neck Tim, Linen Shirt Collars. Linen, Camhrio ana Sillc Haadkerohiefs, at our usual low prioen. HENRY EUAN. 441 Seventh st, no 30-tit near Avenne House. J| A T 8 A N D CAPS! The latest New York style of GENTS' DRESS HATS, Si, ?g now on hand. Kfc SMI The AMAZON MAT, E? ijw New s<t?le. juet opened. ^ B ?la Mi??e?' JOCKEY II T in r I 1piWMtf add beaver. At Rkdcckd Prick*. B. H. hTINKMKTZ. 236 Pa. ay., no 34 neer corner Thirteenth street. TVnnderiugned hat ja?t received a larje ?upp y of the finest OVS f KKSof the iiea?<>n, and b?M leave to call the attention of bit friends and the publio to tha fartt tKnr hm htu Anlft.r.'fMi his Sulnnn unH is dow able to aupp.y all who ia&y favor huq w.tii a oa'1 with ROASrED or BOILED OYSTERS ai the akorteat notic*. T M. HARVEV, No. 2S1 C at., betweon 10th and tlth, no 90 Oppoeite Theater. ROYAl< HAVANA LOTTERY. HE Next Drawing of the Royal Havana Lottery, conducted by the Spanish government, under the euaerrision of the Captain enerkl of Cub*, will take place at Havana on SATURDAY, UlCKHB** 15, 1890 SORTEO NVMERO M ORDINARIO. CAPITAL PRIZE ?100,000. 1 yrtse of??8100,000 topnseaof.??...#!,ooo 1 Jo 50,000 80 ?lo loo I do 30,000 123 do 400 1 do 30,000 SO appro*. 8,300 I do _ VifiQO IN ALL PRIZES. Whole Tickets, SiiO? Ha.refl, g it>?Quarters, $i. Prises osshnd ?C right at ? per cent, discount. Bills on *11 solvent Banks taken at par. A dra vine will l?e forwarded as aooa as the remit becomes known. Ail oruera ior aonemee or noira 10 w MaroBiw to DON RODRIGUEZ, no 2fl-tr Caretvf Citv Port. ChtrWtnn. H. C. Look to your interest,purchasers OF caulnfct FUKNIi'URE. Wa have now in store and daily reoeivinj tho largest, handsomest, and ,r oh^apaat lot of Cabinet Furniture ever M offered to the citizen* of VVashincton,^^|f^M Georgetown and Alexandria, whiob cordial y invite all who desire furuiabi&g to oali and examine for themselves. Ourstookemb aoes every : conceivable artiole necessary to furnish a parlor, ba.l^diuinc room, oh&mber, and kitohen. Our ex tensive atook ia too numerous to particularize We only uameafewof the leadmc articles, suon > as, via: Kosewooa. walnut ana Mahogany Parlor suits, upholstered in a auperior manner in Brooate.e !*i k flush, Lasting and Hair Cloth, 6lit frame Mantel, Piwr an?? other Classes, Silt Basa Take*, Gilt Brackets and Marble Slabs, Gothi j and other handsome Reoeption Chairs, in Brocatelle, Plush. Kuah and Cane Seats, Etegerua, with Marble-tops and Mirror Baoka, Do. Parlor Desks and Whatnota, Rosewood, Walnut and Mahogany Bureaus. Washatanda, Bedsieada ano Wardrobes, Tery handaora? and cheas. Cottage Chamber Furniture, in Oak, Imitation Oak, Maple and Painted, with or with try I Mar bla Tops, Marb'a-top Hatraok*. in Oak and Walnut, Iron Hatraoks, Hall Stands, S-cret&ries, Huokcaars, Shaving Stands, Marble-top Center Tables, Hair and -ibuoc Mattrerses, Feather Bolsters and Pi^ows. Blanket*. Comforts, Qm.'s, Towels, Ao. In addition to our ?took of Furnitura onr Ural fl )oroontains a large and well selected atook ol Phina. ( laic and i 'r/inL ^ * 1>I mt^A Cr.nila I* viii u<N \f lava auu v.-1 uutr .*.11 ?i-OU W" 'V11) J ChJJOU~ . ?e? War*. 'I able Cutlery, Britannia War*, B'ock tin Goods, BaakeU. Bra?iic?, sc., altogether form - m* 4 e 3iop!ste varisty ofever? thir.g ueoeaaary U Z fnrtisli a houae la a'! it? apartment* I C. W. BOTKLER A SO*8. Iron Hal), No. < 1M penn. avenue, ' ?e 17-M&Tlitf between 9th and VOth ?ta. e T? AGLF. IRON WORKS, ?Id Coesie OmnAv, ?wThiitimth8t, * ERICSSON'S CALORIC ENGINES. 4 The uu-lersigned hare been appointed aole aronti I, in thiioity for the manufacture ami sale of the anov< I Ecjiaes. and are p< epared to supply all o;der? witl r eromp'neaa and di* patch. Theae euginea liav( u b*Mn aatiafactorily mtroduood, and are now practi oaily employed in bakeries; by bookbinder*; foi b>xwood cutting: liy cabinet makers; for drawini I fvu bli-wera to ventilate buildings; for pumping; fo [s domestic pu-poaeit; .-levating grain; glaa* cutting ginn.a; cotto ,; grinding quar'z; grinding oaiutH cnntltng hotar eane on plantations in Cufia; foi ~ hoisting for kutting machines; bi innn>ifaotnreri i oi piatea wa.-o; 01 printers" material, of stlrer ware 9 of agricultural implement*. of inatahea; of hoope< V skirt*; for pumping at rsilroad ?utt:an* and m boar) 1 ?bip?; tor Ht-wing mAtfhtnnM: for job printing ant .! priutir< <laily newspapers; for various plantatioi ' us?s; f >r awing and planing lumber; for pioki' i f> hair: fi.r poiistan^ oouidh; for shoemakers' uses; fo 4?ua sifting; turning; tobsoco cutting and pulver (. iSiug; in tanneries and w re making establishment* _ for coda water cianufacture; for bono crushing ~ mat mashing; towing; grinding cutlery, to. The 1 art* in?"*plo?i vo; economical; easily managed;the d require no engineer*; use no water; and eonsum vs'? little fuel. Any pe~aon desirous of uauig thes ? Engines,can by application to the undersigned b ~ atiowu sl iar?e number of testimonials fr?*>i person o who iMLv?th?fn in daily use, expressing their eutir satisfaction in tneir op?rntiou and use Pnoes of tho bugines a? established by the I'at ? entee: ,, 12 in. ojl'r $JS") 18 inches cylinder, 5 E Dout.le.rt - ' " 1.33 ? M <jq .. 2^no 40 " " 2,3 " 40 " 4,9m 48 " " 3,* 18 ? 48 '4 6,8U> tiU " " &M *? " 60 " 9^?i U " " 750 We are aro also prepared to fursish, at short uo i* tiac. Architectural Castings, f>"in any designs tha 28 may be furnished, as cheap as oan bo obtained els* 0 where. Also, Steam Engines, portable and station 4 ary; high or low pressure, saw and grist mills; h> U dro?t*tio, or other nresres : boilers f?r h.?v?in w buildings, wrought iron wat*r tanks;shaftinc.geai in?, fcc., for flouring or other mills, and forging c ?i allkiads. _ ? aal?2aw9m WM. M. F.LU8 t BRO. = FEVER AND AGUE is oansed by iha iniiwrn or exhalation evolved froi d?o?ted and deca>iug vegetation in moist aoili Whea absorbed into ine circulation, it becomes a rm irritating virus in the blood, whieh darances an jjJ destroys the liea'th of the whole system. We ha* loag sought, and have at length found aa antidov #r AVER'S AGUE CURE. which neatraiixes this malarious poison in tt blvx>d, aod stimulates the Liver to exp?i it from li hitdv I tm AAtinn UDnntkaa. ' -? ??M , r .? - T UIII JUTBIIOU1I >un an* its cure of Ftvtr <ind At**, and kioared con i, p aint< eertiua. If taken m a> aaon it expais th virus frem the system aa it ia absorbed, and thu keep* those who use th? " ccbb" f/ee from iU al tack*, keeps tu? system in health, although ej or poa?d t.> the disease. Consequently it not oni of oarea, Ixit proteota from the great variety of affix tinoa which are induced t>y thia malignant mflc euoe.suehas RemiOent Fever.Chill Fever, Ounil tie or Ma*k-:d Ague, Periodioal fleadaohe, or Billion ba Headache, Hillious Fevers. Neuralgia, ftheuma a- ttsm, Gout, Blindness, TooUiaoe, Earache, Ci i tarrh, Aattima, Palpitation*, Painful Affections < 1 the Selaen. Hyeterios, Coiia. Paralysis, and Fait of fu! AITjo ion* of the Stomach and Bowela. all < wnicn, vufb a/iaing lrcm tbis mum, will be foin tswi mumiuior esathe intermittent type. Thl r~ ' Amm Cure" ?*movea tha?Mwe of thaae derang< ne mea<?, and ourei the di??aa*. Thu it tooonif iibM ? rtu??'ating the exoreti rio* t > exp?l the rirui from the ty*?em; auJ the* o ctrta by decree* beoome habituated to do thl* the office offt>?r own accord. Henca anaee what w term attltm*tati*n. Time ma* ftcootnpHah th I Mm* end. but oftea hf< i* not long enough, or av-ificed id the attempt, while thu *'Aoc? Ccu doe* it at onoi, aad with aaf*ty. The nten?n n?e of this in ail rar etiea ot oaaea, has ahown it I bo?'ur'-; a* well a* a safer reinedy for the who cfa?a of diaeaaes whioh arc caused by the miaami tio Inf'-otion, than any other whioh ha* been du 1 ??T*red:and it haa atill another important advai _ ' tage to the public, whioh la that it i? ciieap aa we i fcagood M Prepared by DR. J. C. AYR* A no - l>??t ?7 Mam. " ~ Vo fraoiw If AKE HOUSE. by Panny Lewald, translate I Li f on the G?r?an by Natfaaaiai Qraana. 1 roI _ n o*nt?. >. R*orrationa of a Coantry Paraon, 1 vol.;pri< 1 ' l^l. # ? * ?* at Troth, by Two Broth art. 1 vol.; yrit r #140. BLANCHAKD * MOflUN, ?- ' a* 31 ooraar llta it. and Pan a. at. d TVIEWg PROM HoStE?Straaijirii vUiti a Washington will find at our store Daily Pap?i i frornaii pa^ts <>f th? country, Oat f?r next week M?rcary, I.Ac'jer and oth*r WsakJiaa. By lai !7'n*L3r-.t,*v* ? >a-?e uaalT of Kn<hah Alnii ? M??- fRHNOH * RICHWpl!!?,?TS"fa.aT( ra an#, ?oU*r?ata fur the Charleston Daily Marear; ' "Pt> fJ#J|i?? Wi(,, HKAID AND OU*L MANl 1 ? fTu^UJtu' Aw7B?5??laU ??Jor< ?? TRUNKS, BOOTS AND SHOES. gOOXS AND SMOKS^ TO ?UIT TIM Wav?Dov manafaotaiW all kiada of BOOTS and SHOES, and oo.nata&uV rM?inai rapp'y of eeatprn made work of wwraa-Hi cnptio", ntdi elpreaa'.jr to order, and wiUW ] be eoid at a mock lower prioe than hu been* Nb beratofora okarged ia this city ft r maob mi Prior Per eon a ia want of Boota and Shoe* of aaali a or olty mad* work, will aiwajafind a food aaaortxaan in store and at the loweat pnoea. Give u a a call. /fcRIPFJN * MEO., a??-r rennayiTania avenue. K71VK HUNDRED TRAVELING TRUNKS r &rr,ved this djvr, erahracmc ail eiiali-?^ tiea aail aiiee of Sole Leather, LadMa'HMn Ureas and Packing Truck*. Our trunk^* room exhibits at thia time the greatest variety traveling reo'Mtea. at moderate pcioea. to be found thie eide orNeir York. Also, every deacriation of LADIES' HAT BOXES, VAL1CES, CARPET BAGS, SATCHELS, *o. (XT-Old Trunk* repaired or taken in exohange for M? onae. WALL> SXe?Hvn8 * gO., Truck Salea Room, mar ll-tf iMPimm gOUTH EKN WANT FACTORY, Qppcuit* Odd FUlows' Hmil. Watkiniton, D. C. Traye ari will study their interests by examimn my TRUNKS, V ALICES Ao,before >?r ?im chasing eisewere As I use none but theBMfll beit material the market atlorda and employ^ ?** the b*st workmen, 1 can confidently recommend my work to be superior in Slrttuttk and Durability to Trunks that are made in other oitiea and told here. I keep constantly on hand, and make to order (on one week's notioe) every description of SQLM leather, IRON frame frenchDIIESS mmd WOOD BOX trunks: ASHLaNB and otktr Talices; traveling BAGS; HARNESS; SA DDLES; WHIPS, h., #e. , Trunks, Ao., Repaired and Covered, In a workmanlike manner, at short notioe. Trunks delivered in any part of the city, Georgetown, or Alexandria. Ai?<>? \gent for Howe's celebrated FAMILY SEWING MACHINES. da 15-It JAMES 9. TOPHAM. TRAVELERS' DIRECTORY. IFOR KING GEORGE. N Addition to h*r other regular landings, the Steamer ST. NICHOLAS, Caftain Oct, will hereafter call to land and_ELJ. tnke ?ff pa'sengera at Chatter ton (Tajrl?n'a) Landing, tUua affording ihe oitixena of Kink 'ieorge additional conveniences for reaching MHltiimnre, Washington and Alexandria. n.a ahe goes to Baltimore every SATl'RD \ V, and Waahinitau and Alexandria, ever? TH URSDA V. The stealer -'Jaino* Guj" wul not be allowed to oomo to the above land inc. no22 2w JOHN TAYLOK._ BALTIMORF AND OHIO RAILROAD. ~~ *A SHING TON BRANCH. imnsH CHA.NGK OF HOURS. Ona? d after SUNDAY, November ?th, 1380,the trains will run aa follow*: LEA'E WASHINGTON : Pirnt tr?in atfi.20 a. m. Second Trwn at 7.40 a m. Third train at 3.10 p. in., Expre**. Fourth train at 6 p m LEA VK BALTIMORE : First train at 4 IS a. m., Express. Second train at 8Jo a. m. Third at3.10 p.m. Fourth at 4.2f! p. m., Kxpre**. Tkft fi r.t cpnnn 1 tnil thir/i trains frnm IV a * k m 11V l< I Off BVVVJI 4 ?*> I U HI 'ID II VIII ? W IMII irgton oonneot t-lrough to Philadelphia and Nan Y?'k. The aeoond and third eonneet at YVaahinfrtot Junction with traiua for t&e West, South, and Nortnweat; alao, at Annapolis Junction, for An napolir.. For Norfolk take the * 40 a. in. trai >. n>r th^ accommodation of the wa? travel he tw??n Washington and Laurel, a paaaenger ca will ho attached to the tonnage ira. n whioh Icavei at 3*1" p. m. On auurdaj the S.lo p. m. train to Philadel phia only. no 26 d _ T. H. PARSONS, Agent. NEW ORLEANS IN T2QUE1BB Z3A.TM WITH TBI CHOICE OP THREE ROUTES. ALL RAIL ROUTE, Via Urmngt and Alexandria, liailroad TO LYNCEBUKO: Vvrgvnta and Ttnnettee, Eaji Tennessee and Virginia, East Tennessee and Georgia, Na*h*nlleand Ckattanoog* Memphis and Charleston, JUississivyi Central, New Orleans and Jaeksrti TO NilW ORLEANS! MEM THIS ROUTE: Memphis by Rail.thoDoe by First elaas Packets t New Orleans. MONTGOMERY AND MOBILE ROUTE: s Motitsosnery by Rail, thenoe to Motile by Fir?l olass Packet*, Mobile to Nov Orleans by Lake bteartera TWO DAILY TRA1NB?Inclvdkd LuTf Wukliftoi at I . a. tad ( p. m. The St earn or 0Ev'R0E PAGE leave* her vtaa foot of Herenth street at $M a. rn. and 6X p. m. as oonnecls at AlexaoCrf* witb the Oracle atd Alej andr.a Train* for the Southwest. Oftoe?Peccsy ivaaia arenas, corner of Sixth at MMMI CUCUI TKIODM TO MMXf ORLMAMt Lynohbmri .??7 If Memphis ?ttl I Hrntol?? U(X) Ati&nt* .Si Kaoxntle ?'*? Mwin . X < Chattanooga ft'JO Oolurcbua .13 I l}iiton.~?_ >4 00 MonteoniCTT. M ? ilunUrville ? ,Ti<n J via Memphis^* i Grand Junction >.30 00 It.O.) m9. Jnno?U I Nashville U Kt \ via Mobile. _? < THIS ROUTE 13 ENTIRELY BY RAIL _ artd is 1 too MILES SHORTER, and it HOURS LEI 1 ^ IN TIME 1 than inj other L.tjse?the Ljtohbori Extemic being now oomalnted, a* also the Miaaicaippi I _ Central, makior it the I QUICKEST AND M08T PLEASANT ROUT FOR SOUTHERN TRAVELERS'. It ia trovidfcd with Firat-olaaa 31eo#int Car a i !T? New Orloana. 79 Honr Mempfaia .. 44 do. "Montjonwrr ?3 do. Naaimlle 46 do. c C7"The U.8. MA I Land ADAMS' EXI*REfc n aretakea oyerthia New Lino. ILofcsta can be obtained at thfl Sooth Weate ee. corner of Sixth at met and Pazmarlrania a' enn?, to the following aointa* Lynohburg, Briator, Eno*rU>, Atlant 0 CiiaKanoora, Hantanlla, Grand Junction, a Maoon, Nuhville, Dal ton, ColnrrJiu Montgoin?rj^^M^^!e,^A^?mpliuii ana KT THROV&H TICKETS TO THE T, A RIO US TI RUIN I A SPRINGS. ?rOmnib?se? and Bag gags Wagena laava t e at S a. m. and p. m. ; JAMES A. EVANS, Tioget Agant, >f matt-tr . Corner Sixth ?t. and Pa. a* T*HE STEAMER J AS. BUY Will raw ma b _ 1 trlpa oa TUESDAY, flat of Fabroarr. lew. Wiil lyre WASH ? IN0TON errvrj TUESDAY and*""^* ? FRIDAY, at o'elook a.m.,and ALEXANDR1 at half-paatg o'clook, for CURRIOMAN and t 2 intarmediau Landinga. On her raturn triaa, a 1 will lea to CURRIOMAN every WEDNLot)A and SATURDAY. atjo^olook a. rn^_ _ L.u<:iA!N ?. fA?K, JTOfrteUr WATH'L BOWBH Act. Alexaad/la. fa ? } p^nrmu ty^wijisjv HOTTIBJ i' Prw< $2 ptr gallon or to c*?tt per bottl*. The ?mt home ud foreign demand we hare I t. thia artiole mffloiently attest* iu parity and exo< r. lenon Moreover it may be mentioned in tbie oo . nexio? tbat many invalids of delicate ore amaatic unable to aee whieky of otber brands, hare fou i. the above moit effioaoioua and happy in it* fffeo A hk?l ?. ?- ? ? ? I It |?>^7IW mauuuui VU WIO ?UOVB priOOI 1HAU# : thetrldo. ? KDWaRD hall, . Dealer in fine Winee and Llauora, Family Grooeriea. fto.,opp. Center Market, ,f oe gT-eoaht between 7th and 8th atresia 'V rV-7R BONNETS, HATS, and PfJ^TS of t ] I J very latest style*, and in all oases made ^ tf of the beat material. Call at once tnd KetS 5 ohoica. At STKVENS^, 2? no^2J-tf 336, l>etw. 8th ami 10th sm CBB l'OAKS! oloakI CLOAK 8!?! fr The Camilla, the Arab. the Garibaldi, e The Romeo, the Zouave, the Allianas. The Riobard, the feudist flaek, tfteFrench i?a< is With many other new and beaaufal sty m " Rept. Tr<?oo and French Bearer Ciotfc,in pric re fr^m S3 .<#> to ?38, to which we abk the attention ? "mi IT'*"* TAVl.OR ? HUTCHISON \ IJOWF ^IMPROVED WR10H1NG8CAL.I' XX These Softie* are offered to the eublio as t V. moat simple, durable, and reliable loaies ever put 1,1 use. First class premiums hare been awarded ih. h] Vwmpntt State Fur, Jfco., *o. In rnrr ?ai?Vh" <Ul?-ly B* C. PATTISON, Airol " 12,000 c8^Lrai,m?4^.A{ ?ne toeiuai ?i ine jnDlio to oar JLArce tnd well i i?oUd itook of OtuunMiMMd CrtlbApileCid - whioh w |urulM I* be ?ur? j?ioo, ud will t (old on nuoubto tones in oraor to make roi - *tSS3?E* It _* No. ITBww mt.. aatrVXSi Jl I.?.?. LAItZII (.LKSft. LkiVUI > WIN vimKm in tbi? Hltta C<?rt of i?tw? Mi 4 r, 2K|,Sr?Bjp|mAJ"' .-'*W < ***? . - *? 4V * I MI80EI.LAN E01T3. Tn Ahaxoaxatio* oi LiMiiMir-Tkara is* growing tendenoy in this age to approyriata tta molt ieressive tnWi of other laagoages^nd altar a while to ineorparste them into o?r own; thai the wo'd Cephalic, which is from the Break, signifying ' for the head," is bow becoming popularised ia oonsectioa with Mr. ttpaidiag'e treat Headache rsnioily; but it will wn M used ia a more general way, and the word Capaalia will beooma aa oaiincn at Kl^etrotype and many others whose distinction as foreiv* word* has barn wora away t by eomman sea* a aatil they seam "native and to I the manor bora." 'ardly Realized. Hi 'ad 'a 'orrible 'eadaoke this afternoon, band I avappetl into tke hapotheearies hiuri aaya hi to Ike m?n,"CaoiouiMi* nw*(u 'eadaoher" "Dcm it hacke 'aid." says'a. "Hexeeediatly," aaya hi. and upon that 'e gave roe a Cephaiio Pi l. haod ponme'onor it cured me to quick that I Sraly realized 1 'ad 'ad an 'eadaehe. fH^HKADiCHS le the favorite aign by which nature mafcee boon any donation whatever f-oin the natural state of the brain, and viewed in thie litht It may be looked on as a aafegHard intended to give nonce of d(aea?e whioh might otherwise esoape attention, ml too late to be remedied; and itsindication* should never be necleoted. Head aohea msy be olasaified under two nemea, vis: Symptomatic and Idiopathic. Pymptomatio Headaohe ia ezceedin?ly oomnot and ia the precursor of a treat variety if diabases, amont whieh are Anon'.exv. (Snit. R ?<l - ' f ??i? diseases, (nits rervous form it is S'mpath?tio disease of the st?maoh oonstitntinc tick ktarfaekt, of hopatio disease constituting bilious ktndaeht, of worm*,oonstipatiea sod other disorders of the lowels.ti well as renal sad uterine afT?etinns. Diseases ofthe heart are Tory frequently attsnded with Headaches; Anemia a> d plethora are also affections whieh frequently occasion headache. Idiopathio Headache is also very eommon, being usually distinguished hy the name of a?rrew< Ktadaekr, sometimes coming on suddenly in a ?tate ef apparently sound health and prostrating at onoe the menta' and physioal energies, and in other instances it oomss on slowly. heralded by depression of spirits or aoerbity of temser. Inmost instauoes the pain is in front of the head, orer one or both eyes, and sometimes provoking vomiting, ender this olass mar a so bs named Neuralgia. For the treatment of either olass of Headache the Cephalio Fills have been fo?tnd a sure and safe remedy, rehsving the most aoute pains in a few minntes, and by its subtle power eradicating the A inaana of whidb KmlH&aKa 1 tti* nnArrms i nrfo? RkidukT.?Misaus wants you to Mod h?r a Hoj of Cephalic Glue, no. a bottle of Prepare ) Pill*.? but I'm thinking that s iot just it tail her; bat par haps ye'll be aflher knowing what it ta Ye ae< she's m* h rf*ad and goo* with the Siok Headaoha, and wants some mora of th\t same as relaived her before. Druggiu.?Yon must mean Spalding's Cephalic Pills. Brxlftt.?Oclisure now and y oa're aed it, here'i th? q ua ther aud giv me the Fills and don't he al dajr about it aithar. ('enstlpatien ar Costlventss. No one of tha "many ills flesh is heir to" is a< prevalent, so little understood, and ao much nag lee ted as Costirenes*. Of'en ontinatins in care lrs?ri??8#. or sedentary habits; it is regarded at slisht disorder of too 'ittle onnsequence to excitanxiety, while in reality it is the precu-sor am r companion of many of the roost fatal ar d danger iius diseases, aod unless early eradicated it wil i bring the sufferar to an untimely grave. Amontthi > hunter evils of which Ostiveness is the usual at t^ndant are Headache, Colic, Rhcumatitm, Pou Hreaih. Piles, and others of like nstn re, while a lt>m trsin offrtghtful diseasessuch as Malignant Fevers r Abcegses, Dysentery. D? a peps: a, Diarrhea. Apo ? p!ex?, Kpuepsjr, Paralysis, Hysteria, Hypocbon diimn,Melancholy and Insanity, first indicate M?ei * presence in the system hy this alarming symptom Not unfrequently thedis^a*?s named originate 11 Constipation, but take on an independent exist " enoe unless the cause is eradicated in an early nag? From all these considerations it follows that tin disorder should receive immediate attention when ever it ooours, and no person should neglect to g* a box of Cephalic Pills on the first appearance c the complaint, aa their timely use will expel th insiduous approaches of disease and destroy thi dangerous foe to human life. A Real Blessln*. Phytic tan.?Well, Mri. Jonea, how is that heac ache' Mrs. Jmet.?Gone! Dootor, a!l gone! th? pill to . aent onred me in Jnat twenty minut-a, and I wii ' yon would send more ao that 1 can have thoi handy. Pkyticiam..?Yon ean get them at any Dragiciat . Gall for Oplialic Pills. 1 and they n?ver fail, and ' rcoorriinend them in all caaec of Headaoha. Mr*. JontrI aha!! lend for a box direotly, at hall tell all my anfforinp; frienda, tor they are ar? 0 hinting. KTOrn *xcitkmk?it. and the merit*! oare at t- anxiety inoiUent to oloae attention to baa neaa < atuJy, are amoaf the Diiinerou* oauaea of Nervoi Ileattaohe. The disordered atate of inlnd and hod incident to thia diatreealnc ooint>l*int n *. fat , b'ov to all energy and ambition. Vufferera by th disorder oan aTwata obtain apeedy re'ief fro 3th?>ae diatreaaing attaoka by naing one of the Ci phalio Pula whenever the ayraptoma appear, r. auiela the overtaaked brain and aoothea the atr&u ed and jarring nervea, acd relaxea the tenaion < the atomaoh whioh alwaya aeo-xnpaolea and at gravatea the diaorderod oondiUoa of the brain. r ? 30 Twextt Millioiu Dot.Laaa Batjd.?M 90 SpaJdirit i.a* ao>d two nil.lions of bottleaof bia oe 10 ehrated Prepared G'u?and it is eat i in a ted that eac ao i>oUl? ?ave? at l?*at ten dollar* worth of brok< 5ii furoi:nre. thua making an aggregate of twenty mi 10 Imna of dol'.ara reoiaiine-1 from total 'oaa by th 90 van*bleInvention. Having marietta (linea houa hold word, he now propoaea to do the word at: greater aorvio* by oariu* al! the aohing head a wii Ms Cephalic Tills, and if t:i?y urtu toodu hi IS fllito. Hendaoboe will soon vanish ?*&j like uao luJulj. in ? ? _ Facts wo*th iifowtna.?Spalding'* Opha' ? Pills are a terUin ce-e for Siok Headaohe. Bil ous Headache, Nervous Headache, Costivenea ana General DcblUu. *. ' " Grhat Discotht.?Amonr the most lm porta of a 1 the (rest mMual discoveries of this Me mi be considered the system of vaooination for prote (S tion from Small Vox, toe Cephalio Fill for relief Headache, and the u?e of UsiMne for the preve tion of Fevers, either of whioh is a sore s??oiii rn whose benefits will be experienced by suffer.! *- hamanit) long after their discoverers are forgotte a, . ? ) * |f^ L)in Ton ever ham the SMoIr Headache? I you remember the throbbing templet, the feverow. the loathing and disgust at the sight of Too M How totally unHtrou were lor pleasure, oonvers "" tioa or study On* of the Cepha 10 Pills wou have r?lier*d yon from all the suffering whioh ?< lh?n experienoed. For this and other purpos he yoa should atwaya have a box of them on hand use u ooomiod reqturM. a CURr t. wv CURE^ ,, NervousHeadache 1 ^ & <* r. Headache A r ?? ? ?. By tiieaaa of theee Pills the periodic attacks i" Aftrran* tr Nick Htadacht m*y be prevented; a If taken at the commencement ol an atteok nun diate relief from pain and aiokneaa will be obtain sk Tliejr seldom fail in removing the Nauua a j" HtnJtcht to which femalea are ao anbjecL '0( They aot gently upon the bo we) a,?removing C titvntb*. For, Litrrart Men, Student* % Delicate Femal U and all peraona of itdtmJary .Aabitt, they are lie valuable ae a Laxatira, improving tha mpp*t\ J* giving tea* and rarer to the digestive organs, a 3 reetaring the natural elaetioitj and atreagih of I tin who!* ay stem. ^ The CKPHAUC PI LL8 are the reaalt of 1? na in voatigatlon and oarefally conducted exparianer '* ha*ing been in see many years, daring whaeh tf L they have prevented ard relieved a vast amount ? pain and suffering from Headache, whether ori nating in the Mmm system or from a dsnai S* state of ths titnmck. er. They art entirely vegetable in their oompositi ?* ud may be take* at all times with per fa* isl without mkincwy ohsnga of 4m, mmd tk* i una of My disatr***bU tattt rtndtrt it ?up u admiuitta ihim ta tkildr*.*. ft BKWAKfi OP COUNTERFEITS ! _ The genuine have live titnalnreaol fitsri Spalding on aaak Box. Sold by Dratxista and all other Dealers in Me J|! ernes. I* A Box will ba sent by nail prepaid oa recaipi ~~ PBICK, U CENTS. b MlM*fly 49 Cedar slreatt Near York 1 SOUS. . [No. 678.) gV THE FlKBlDfTiT^or TBI UNITED i 1b paraoanoeof law, I, Jams* Brm****, Pw*?- _ dent of the Untied ? la let %,(.AiNtio*. no hereby deo are and make known tiiat ta.t i will >?e I held at the inderaiertionec Land 0?e ? ia the ' 9t*TI or Cturotini at Ue period* hereinafter " deeifnaud, to wit: r At the Land OCm at M a*y?till*, corrmenoiiif > on Monday, the 3d day of Jane next, for the di?po- i aa. of the an blialanda heretofore anofferad, situated 1 , in the following towaahipa aad parta o( towaahipe, , North tf tkt Jwi tan tftkt Mtmmt DUbl* i wKSttffAi??? ?j lk*~W*?* ??t-? 2: ?* | W H %iid tUe 3 >y ,l4 oi moUob 1 4 a ?-* 1 . ol towmhip T; ttiefiw w Qf ?. ihiftRv ? 2^ ^*?VOB "* J* y l? oriNtioo 17; IKtioai 12 iu I \V X, of 3\V *. ani the SE WlCVw i ,>" ? x?? li*tkJaui'i11icoimiv*: th? N \> >4, t*>? ' ?i X oi th? 8W v, and th? >W V or*\X v ,.t .li, 5 w'lSioliau \fth*iNofV??Ka J f' th?\ # V } ** 5w it of'h. NK *';l? tfce 9 s of aMttoa S4, of t?w?- ' Sectbnal to l< incicaive, oftuwnilnp in. of rant* * ( Ts'ftk 9/ tkt bast lim* and ir?K ef Uu Mvm*t mrrvtian. Town a hips ?, ? and 24: t' e CW ?< of action 6; the W H of ?^otio? 7; ths SSK \ of Motion 13: tr<* ^ W >4 ot aeotioa 18: the S H of aeetion 19: th? H of < aectionSt; the OHof Motion 2t; the 8 Si of aoouoa 1 22; the N L Si ot tee 8 H of woU?n i3; e*utioaa U to 1 ?. ittolucive. of township V. aeotioua 1 to JU iuaiii atv?; tlie N W ^ of section SI; the NEk Jx oboa 33; aeotioua 34 and 35. of township V- ot ranee I. Sccuons 1, S. 3, and 4; the N fc S, of section ?; sec tions l? to 15, inoluhive; the N K V, of section Zt. s*? tions 13 to 38, laoiuaire; E S of .eetion J5. ot township 8; veotions I to 4. tneSaaive; the Nb \(ol mc tton 6; the 8E \ of aeotion ?, seoUons ? u. . ?, inoiu sive; the K H <>i seotion 17; the K X of aeeuou sections 21 to?, ine'osire: the Sf % of amotion 39; seotions 33, 34, and 3ft, of towimhip ??; aecti?ns ' to 6, moluai v?s th* N W Vf of avition 7. the K X of a/> Muri U la* It * Aii * t?? V L* V >' ??? w v n"n 0. m VNVII* *'" > ? ? *? ' ' 4 w I tionlS: th? N \V )*of?*otion U: tii# N >? 01 ?-ctioii 15; th? S K of auction 35; the SK l4 of section 3S, the K H of section 34; section 35, of township SI; Ido l*K of se^ion 9; the K Si ana the s\V \ oi section *A; 1 trie !*E \ ot Motion i*;Uie K S end t<W "f see tion 1); uie 8 S of section 14; s etion 15; tiia !*k". V of seetion 17; the S\V of section '8; sections W u? 35. ino usive, of to wnsmp XI, of <*rt? 2. Township* 24 *i:it 32; sections .5 to si, ino uuvt; of to ?nship 33, of ranges The #W ^ of Motion 7; Motions Uto ^5, lnc'u sive, ol township 29; teations 1 to 5, ms sections ? to 15laclasive; Motions 17 and into?*, in ' elusive: seo'10 s 33 to 35, lncla*ivo. of township * sections 25, 26,27, 34, aad 36, lnoiuslve, .f towusuip S3, of range 4 To weship 29, of rante 5 At the Land OOne&t BrxiOLnr. commer.e'ejt ' on Monday, the nuh <1?? of J urn* next, ior the tin' poR&l of thepubiio lmda heretofore uu< tf<-ieJ, ait uated in the following tovuahlpa jurta < f townahipa, rtt: * North of the bat* line M^vit cf tkt Mount Diablo meridian. The W % of section 7: the S* H of ae--t ion 13; the > \V H of ae >tion 1*; the N K of a?- tion 19; the > A J* ani the S X of aection S*>: the S \ of *eottoe 21; tne t* H of aeetion ?2; the x)?of aection vj; aectior.a 24 L to 28, mo uaive; the K S ol eeetmn A; the K l. of ? aeonon 33; tectiona 34 And 35, of townehip ?, of 1 raujeS. __ ' The ?W * ol amotion I; the UK * and t!i? W S ?r I Motion t; tne E of ?cti<>n S, a>-cti<>na <?. 10, l>, ? and 1?; thj N X of ??ctrm !S; the .N yx oI aection 14; - the N H. the ?>V a&J tue VV ^ ..f the S? \,^r 1 section 15; the NK\ of section SI; the N W V ?n<J i the \V K of the N fc pf seotu.n *2, i>t towmhip , 1??.of rauce 4. Section* 1,2,3 4, And 5: the NK '? of section 6; the S?K V ofaecii?n7; sections 8 an.t J. ili?i N\V V r of section ie-t section II; the NF of sec ion 18, ?.T i. township lfi: the SW of section 5 tnn ? of section a 6; sections 7, 8, 9, and 1?; the 8\V J* o( smjU'.n 14: s^otioua 15 and 17 to S5,1 no.naive, ot township 17, of i. ranee II. b 'lne SK .V of aection 1; section* 11,12 IS. and 14; the N t of seotion 23; Motion 24; the N K U ot ae0 >t tion 25 of township 17; sretiona 3 to 1??, uiolaaive: if the S W hi of aeotiou 14; eecti ma lj an-1 17; the N K \ of aeouon 18; sections 3>, 21. ZL'.aid 23; sections a 2b to 29. inclusive; aeotiona 32 S*. an 1 34; the NW V? of Mction 35, of township 2<?; tue >WJ.o! secti an antntiik A t a Q i nr! iiaiw? kA/>tiAna 11 t<. 9. vi 'u ?*} awvki >y?i ? i ww -j , imwi u ? vj r-.v H"iio i ? t inolasire; aentiona 28 io S3, inc.ucive; th? 8W \ of section 34, cf township 2i; thfNV ofsectioul; Motions 2 and 11; th* N W V of s^eton 14; sections 27, 2),31,32. S3, ap'i 34. of tcwntnip 32; iMtidM 1 to 18, ineiasive: im'iuh >1 !< ir.omsive; tectioa 35, of township 23. of rat^e n Sections 3 arid 4; the NK \ of Motion i; section ,h 9; the If W V of secfion 10; s-ction 13; iho 8K J* of ra section 14; the P\V \ of section 16; Motions 2i to 28, tnoluaive; eeetmn-. 35, 54. Bed 3b of township 17; g. the \V H of seotion 5; Motions R, 7. C, 9.17, It. 19, *), 1 ar.U 21; tb?SW of s jcUuu Motives gj to 34, inolusive, of township 18; aee.ions 3 U?. 15,22, 23, id 26.27.34, and 35, of township 2i; the SK it of ?ection 2 12; sections 13 slid 14; tiie SK K of ceeuun 22; seo lions ?3, 37, and *4, of township 23. of range 13. Sootions I arid 2. the 3E t ot 3; t. e N >? of aeotion 10; auction* II, 13. 13.14, 23. 34. 25, ai 4 SW; , the HE V ol section 34. section 36, of towtisbia 1*; ~ tiie NWl^ Motions; motion* 4,5 and 6; tha StE 4* .. of seotion 7; sections 8 aa.t 9; the S >V jjnf section f* 10: the W H of aection 15: the E S of aectien 17: the 'T, NF.J^ of section <0; sections 21 and 22; the t*VV \ of Motion 23; the W X of section 26; sections 27, |* 28.33. 34. and*, of towiyhip 19; the SW V of mo ? tion 7; the S\V If of secwOo 17; a-?otiooa it to 35, lnelusive, of township 21. of range 14. '* Sections 1 to5, inclu?i ve; the NK V of secti. n 6; sect on* 8 to 15 inclusive; the NE At of section 17; s-cU >ns 21 to 2T, inclusive; the N E jjf o{ section 23; ?" !h? Nbk of section 34; section 35. ?f township > ; sections 1 to 4. inolusire; the IS E ^ of Motion 5; the E H of seotion 9; sections lo to 15. me usire; sections 2" to 29, inoliieive; Uie SK V of ??otion 31; aections 32 to 35, l&olasive, of townsmp 21: amotion r. Si th ? E}6 of aeotion 4; eeoti-.u* B, 9, atul !' ; ti.e i- SW of seorion 11; arctiooa 14, IS, aiJ 17; the NE ?h Sf of seotion JO; sections Si, 22, and IS; th? S W \? of ?n section 24; seetions 25. 26, 27, and 2>:: the ?E ? of I- section ii; souLons S3,34, and 36, of to wuship 22, ol is m>( e 15. Tj North of tht ba<e lint and mst of tht Humboldt meh rtdimn. The W K of section 3; sections 4, 5.6,7, i. , 10. ' 15, IT, It, 1?. 2?>. 21, and Zt; tao N h of MoUon 27: section* 21 to 33. ino u?i ve; the S fc of Moboi St, of township 4, of range 3. North of the bajt lime mad writ of th* Humboldt tne _ T%ii I ilff. Tl*? 8W X of ?eotinn 7; the 8W fc of aection 17; ? section 18; the K H of section la; sections 20.21,22. &nH 2t thu W l? nf Nation 54- th# W k ?>f t?^tinn 25; i?^lnn?ab and *7, the N Kit of aection 28; tse N R X of iNtiun 34; aeotion 3>, ol township 1, of r&npo 1. Dt Sectioaa 1 to 25, lnolunira; the N X of aeotioa 84; lT the 8 X of aection 25; reotiona 2S, ft, pi, and 29; the o- NX ol ae*tion 90, f township i; a*ction? 1.2, and 3; of the N W X of the N W X. the 8 X of the > \V U, n- ?nd the of aection 4; the NE \ of th" NK X, o. tbe SXoftreNEX, the 8E X of the NW X. ad r,t the S X of Motion S; ihe SX of theSE X.of eecUon t. 6; the Pi E X the a X of the N \V X, and the 8 X of eotlon 7: eootiuna 8, 9, lo. and 11; the N X of ?tetion 13; tne NWJjof section 17; eectini 13; the N X ?od tne 8K X "Iaeotion 19; the SW X of aection . 29; the EX of aection 3"; ectionaSl, 32, and 33; the 5 W X ol eeotion 34, nf townabtp X, of raa?e 2. *9 The SE X <?f aeotton 1? aeotiona to, II, e?(t 12; th? . N X of aeciiou 13, emotion* 14, IS,<i 23; the 5 X , , of aeoti n 24; tne N X of aeotion ?&; aeotiona 2b tJ, ,d 88. a;d 34: the NWaof eeotion 35, of towjahip 1; ^ fraotional township 2, of range 3. to At the Land Offioe at Stocktox, ootnmenciuc on Monday, the3d dar ot Jnne uext, for the diapet^l of the aubito land*, heretofore uneffer<d. itun.ted - in the following tuwnahipa and part* of tjvnahipa, via : AorCA tkt b*M lint and *att 9/ Ikr Mount Dtnbli fnirtdian. SUotiona 4, 5,6,7, t, 9,17.11. and 19: the N * of the NE x, tha .h of the nw Ja, and imSW \ of the SW M of aeotion 3?; aeotion 34, e*c?pt the sE of the SE X, of townahi p 6 of rang* 3. Township* 4, 5, anil 7, of range 7. N*rtk of the bast Im* **d icett uj tkt Mvttnt Diablo wuridtmm TownahipeB and 7, ol range 1. Section 2; the NE Ja of Motion 3: the W H of mo Uon 5; Motion 6; Mouon 7, except the ? ^ of tie H vV "4; the N W J* and the ? H of seotioc ; the a H of xeotion the 8 S of Mouun 10; emotion 11; the ^ VV S of sfotion 10; sections U ?oa 15; eeobon n. exc ?pt ths S S ofthe * VV i*; Uie EX of t ?ie N W t X, tJio K % of the S\V and the E S of eeotioa 21; ee?t on* 22 and 23; the W S of section 24: the w S ef ?ecti??n 2s e?eti?ns X and ft; the N K V,. th- K*of the NW *. the SK fc of the N\V * the N ). of the ?E M. the SE * o| the 8E M oi ee? t on 21; the E S of the NE J*, a^d the E S ??f the SB 1% of section 33; saetioue 34 a d 35, of township fi; s?x>tions 1 and 2; the N E 'i of lecl ou 3; the 9h )? of seotion 10; sections II, to 15, intrivsive; tlie N H of the NE * of section 21; the N?*fU? r? W i?, and the K S of section Zi; eeotioua 23 24 2) and k 26; the K >? of the8W the E S ot seotion 2?; * the W > of section % uf Lowusnip 7, of ramo 2. Si rut k of tkt taut lm* eetf mii q/ iA? Mmmt fHmbU mtri/it an. of Secti.>ae 1 to 27, moiusive; tb? N > , the N H oi ' th* SW 3fc.and N S <>f the 3E \ of eaofaoo 38. the N *.the rJ S of theSW .V, and the M Ja of th? m 8t % of eeetion 2'; the Nk ^ end the N ); or th< sd. **E f-? of eeetioc 3D; the NE V of section 34; the N ?4 Hoi seotion V of township 3, of ranges. >n* Section* 5.6. 7,8,and 17 to21. invasive; heNW \ and the 8 X of section 27; taction* 24 to 34 loe.u os- sit*; the - W s of seotion 35, of township 3. ol ranges fractional sections 1 and 2, sections S. 4,5. and 6 *? the NK k of aection 7; sections*,*, 19, and 11; firae aU ttonal section 12; sections 13,14 and 15; the NE Is ol it*, souon 17; the MS M ofsection 21; aeotioosS* to 2? inclusive; Utf NE of section 3*; seat.oi, 35, o township 5; sectioas 1,2, II, 12. 13, M, 23, 24, *?, * lb? and 35. of towuahip 6; section I: the NEV ol aee tioB 2. asetiona 12, IS, 34, and 25, of tovnaniy 7, o * and th? W * of the SK * of oootioc iU, 1?; (MtiOi iS; th" W x Motion 2B: aootiona V mo 51, ani Si; U?? li W ^ ( aNtiuu S3, of townafcip $ tovnahisa6aud 7. aoctiona 1 to 5, laciiuive; tin '7* N K W of aoetion 6: reotiona t to IS. lMlnaivo; th? *' NE *2 of aeotioo 17; tho INK V ol aeoboo 21; aoo [ d tionatZtofT, inelf*ir?; *!? {*? Jfof Motion 9$ ?eo tlona 94 ud SS. of townabipB,. r iui?l. an '?owu,h,M7.?.*^ ? Jg3teWttrt!rK&i. T1 TaTff^f rtainf IT****?*** *' MOtfoni Tovua'hipa S, 7, and 8, of range IS. M" < afthsDiHM Wf?tolo'i? u!.cff?r?d. altaatM la I be frllo vine tovmiup* Mid *?ru of tmntafciH vis i d?- South <tf Ik4 taM hm*a*4 4M * tk< M*mt Dtmkh # # t To vatoi* 9. y aad II; Mttou 1 to ?. i?*to*vo TbT^^*Va*etiJii is, to* sw v ofiMOov m. NiMlSUa ILtlMint ?*MW ^vliribNlt f townahip 9; luwnaiuaa l? and II; MUuul to tt Miaaira, of tnwuahip TJ, of *nfe 19 Motioaa 7 ud IIUi?.iM nin.of toWLofcipl*: Mtiona 1 t?? II. idc i?ir?, AoUna* IS ud 17 U tl. i? o?w; a*otiona 37 to M. iaolamv*. o? tovni' 19 1} amotion* S. ft. 7, 12. H, u. it, ltd at. TT, Ma it*; MCt:ona SS, M, tad IS W tovaabip U. *>t U|* X. At to Lud QAm m Viulul rnwMtf at 4ond*Y.toe Into ua? of J una ??at, f-?r ll?? du^jM d Ui* puW c atMa h^tofor* a to* folio vim tovnatnpi and parta uf loWMkip*. u: i0*uk tt Uu Uif 1mm mtU emt: $f Ua MmmM Jfca*/? 9*otioa* 1 ud VU? * KM of itaiPi S. m*U*m X. M. and 1*: H?*N K \ ofmtrnn Nt * of tOWB*|i? 17; NM *M 1 UilMMT?: m* J.H of ?eotu>? ?; MOQ. M I to IK l*? HIV*, tfc* "E Xmf MIIM 17. tit* NK % of MWUOB SI: ion?iX?4. ?o<l y; U* N E J* -f MiM a. of low* iJup 11; **etM>a* 1 to t, >noa*iv*; th* .NK >? of mc ion 7; aoot-nna I to IS. ir>o.n?ire, the NK \ of ?oetiaol?: tne N K \ of Motion >4. of lownthi^n. f '?? IV T?wn*t?ip? IT, II, nod 19; a?Btinn? I to 27. imIi nw; th* N K N "f :****io? M; tfc* \% of *>ction H; aectio- M m>0 Sfc.of U.?iafci> 21; i iml ? ti?? NK J?of ivunii 3; MotiH* it. >2, IS. %t><1 U, :h* NE X of ecion IS. iwtiua 24. th* Nk. \ of lection IS. of tnvr ?bip 22. ot 'at** IC. Section* I to IT. tRO<a*i?f; the NK. '? <if Motion Sk: irttinu }4 uil ft ?fl?VMkip II. I.flliw* i,f. I. ud X; th* r* W '4 f aorttoa I: Um r V\ J* nf aer Uo* IS; otioua. 17 to 22 Uo- *?iv*. tie > vV <>f **?b*n 23; aecUon* *'? to 3V. IK ??i*e. uftuwn. .? ? ,*e?tioi.* 1.2 7: t.? .NE ? <>! recti <?n 4. th* NE )< of aection 1#; efroiion* 11,12 IVbkIM >h< NE V ofa*<Hi(m ?. aactiona 14 ftnd JS. t e !?K ^ ?>f MOD lO 32. INtKIM St. 14. *rd u, Ol IliVBllllr oatnma 1 to*. ind*?ive; tl<* Nk frtoti <noJ ^ of Motion 6: th* NE V of motion |, acetioe* 11*. |j, incq*ie: tie NE of ae?tioi>22, a*cti?na 23. M.2S. X. 35, of t^wnaiup 21: aeetioue I. 2, aud S: the I N E ^ of wctiun 4; the !S P. ^ of ?rott<.c jp; ikI'oi.i 11. IS, *d4 IS; the M K ^ of 14; iMimn M, of town?hia 26. "f rang* 17. Tovnutiip 21; aeo'ioai 1.2, 3. and 4; the N K i, of aoetion 5; th? N K v? of ?; m ti< na l? to U, iactual ve; the Nfc. '? ol section 5 ti e N t \ of ?*?tion 21; the !*\V V < ! ectioc ??; section 31. the S W \ of section 32, of tovnihif 22: *< t.oia I and 4 to 9. inHu ire; aeo'iona tt, 13. and IT t?i 21. mr uai'f; the 8\V It oi eeotiona: iheOR V, of ee^tionSS; lion a 24, to 3?, ino'aaiv*, ? f tuv. ilii^l; tooaahip 24, sec'iona 1 to lS.ineien ve; section 17; tho \ 4 of tool ion IS; the JM K k ? sector. S*. a<0 l"U? 2S. 24. and 2b: tha N K \ of ,-eeUon ZS. of t> w ah' p 25, aaetioo l;the9K v. f<e tion*;the?\V feofacctioa S; aeetK-ns 4 to 1?. ine'.ustro; the NW % *?f eeotios H; the MKknf ?-eUor. 20; are'ton* 21 toK iit'.a aive; the Nt it of action r, of toviiMf t.. i f ranee lk. t-raettonal townshil?*tf.22. and 23 tuvuahip* 24. 8S, and 2fi;a?etu>na 1 to 4. incmaive; amotion* S to 17, inclusive; sections 21 to t*. ire'uaive; aoetoca94 and SS, ef town ?hip 27; sections 1,2, and '2. of township A, of ran?el9. f raationai U wn?hipa 23 and 24: tnrm! ip* 25 i4, and 27; a-e!ton? I to *? incisure, the N K >4 > ! ? < '?? ?? ? " ^ nf Mr! An 1L iHAtiar. %/? t.f LiVti. ^ a hip US, of raoftVT. At the I.MiJOfiMlt Vi*alia. oo<*iNimwt?c ?< M?n<U), ?he i'4th d?* of June next, for the tef?lat of the puh'm ! arid a, heretofore unolfered, eil* at?d in the following towaahips and parta of town ai.ip*, vii: South rf th? ba>t h*> and tmtt of tkt Movm Diatin mwitimn. ' Townehipe 27 and 29; aeetiona 1 to 6, (relative; th* NK % of amotion 7; eectlona a to |7. laolueivw; the ? H "f wection U; aeetiona >9 to 24, in? aatre; the Nr. !, of aeotlon SS; the N K V ! eeotioa Vi, eectittti S4. the N W X of ae?tioo Si, ?f tovnit.p ?>, of rmr^21. T<>wn*hipa21 and 22. fra tiona! town r hi pa ?3 and 24: townehipa 2%. 2>. and 27. of 'ante 94 ? >. M ? u x ? <n ? ud M nf 1 ?lWli?UI p? * ' ? ? Mf ? *. W ?'? * ? ?T"f ?? ? ? ? rang* 2S. Townahip* 22. ?. 24.25, 2fi, 27, 26. 29. ud SB, of ra>>?e 2K. Tuwurhipa 22, 23, St,25, 3ti. 27, and at or raof 27. At th? Lacd Olh)? at t*a* F?*<inwH?, ?ammeuoiCK on Mo:idav, tb<? l?tli day <>l J ana n?*t. for Ui? dupoaa of th* putvlie laud*. heretofore m offered, eitu&ted within the following tow nth pa and part* oi townampe, *IK North of tk* Kan line and west oj tki Mount Dtablo mrtidtan Towr*hipR; taction* 1,2. and* NEK of'aeetion 4: the vV H of seotiur. 6; Motion T; th ?W \ of IWtionf; tue 5K V? of tection <?; arctiona 10 to 26, inoiuaive; tne K H. U?e N % and the K % of tne t*W of ae?Uon tt; aeouoaa ?, ?, Sl.aad K, of tovuhip 7, of range 3. South of tkt ban Un* and ?n( of the Mount Diablo mtruiian. Township 20 of ranee 9. Township 21; tactions 1.2 ud S; the K % of smtion 4; the h K of xeotioa 10; sections is, 12 *n<i Uk ta? K. % cf s-otion 14; saoUos 24; the N t. of >ec tion23; section 25; the J?K v of sections, tss >K of seotto:* J4; e?*>itioa AS. ortowmiii 24; tit 3 W Q cf *ectioa '4; sections !$.??, *' snif J2: th? W % i and the SK is of section 25: the? vol seotion 24; sections ?.17 srd 2*; the N h 3* of seotmn 2?; Uie NKM of sooUon 94. seetios 15, of lownsbip 25, of r*iif e 10. Towmhis 24: fMtiocs 1 to IS. lncissive: the N H of eection 1 ; ??c*ioc? 2? to 2B, inolniive; lUf N fc % of action 2v; the !*h If of Motion 38; eoctionc 33, 34 and 3i of townahip 25; lnvi>ihipK of range II. Township i>: fractional aoouoo* 2 ao<1 3; iMtioni 4 to 10, itoluiivr; fractional section* 11 13 acid 14; ecuo, <5. H and 18; the ,N W k of woUoi i?, the NE % ofaoctios22; section 23; fractional 24 anti 25; tee NE X ofaeotion 26, of tovnahip 21, of rang* 13 TovksIiim 25 26 and 7?: eeottone 1 and 2; frac tiona eeetiona 3, 4, and t<t; eoctiona 11 to IS, inclusive, fractioua* srcu,?i:e 17. 19 and ?>; eeoUons 21 to 2i, ino naive, ih* N K of a>oboo 2", the N \Y J* of aoction 3>, of tow&ahip 38, of range 14 The N \V V of aec'ionS. cectiona 4 to9, inelas;r?; the S >V \ of section m; eectiona 15 and 17 to S. in oluivr; ?ootiona27 to M, inoiame; I lie SW J* of eeclion 35. of townahip 29; townshipa 90ant 3i; sections 1 tu 12, icoliiaive; tneNE^of atotion 13, of townth p 32. of range 19 Th? ? ? of aecuon 27; the ?E ^ and the W \ oi eooiicn it; s^cnma ib, i? ihf; u* iw \ ui action XI; the WW \ of Motion T); Mctiona X? to 94, l?o.ut;v?; thJ^V. '? of auction 35, of tovmbi* 3H; tovnikip Si; soot ion* 1 to IS, lacluti ve; the N W k of aeoUo >?; U;? >KM of tNUua XI; a*itioaa ?, 22 . 24 and ii; the N S d aeotion 26. Lne NE j* of eecu?#n 2'. of tovuah.p 32, of r?tur? Xn The 9H of 17: the SW of aection \*i ctiorp 1* and fi?; the W S of a?-ct:on XI; ih?SW hi of ??; coctiona Xb t > 34. ii.en>aive; the 8 H ??f Motion 35, of townabip SI; townahip Xi, of immi XI. North if the bast lint nnA w<l of tkt Six Btrmordtmo mmdim. 9octiona 3 and 4; the N Kk of Motion S; the NK M of Motion 9; Mr lion in, of towu*hip a; th? l*W l| of Motion 5; Metiom6,7, il.audU; the 8 VV J* o( aaclion Xft; aeotiona ?>. J?, 31. ? d 32; the ttW 4% >'f Motion S3, ot t?vuahif 9; amotion 1, the S K of aeo tioa X; the Hj^oi aeotion 3; the 8E \ of a otion ; eotion 10 to 36, ioc'.naive, of township 10, of tu? 24 Seetiona 1 to it. inelBMvo, of townahip 9; the?* W , * rf aeetion 7. neationa 13 to 36. iKlmve, of town a, p 10, of r%rge ?&. 1Tv? 8K X a:..! the W X of Not'on 4; aeotiona t to 11, inolnaive; r< ction IX. exoept the X of the N K %: Motions 13 to 35 tnolativa, o| towaehip 10, 01 r?u(?n tactions 1 to 34, in<ilaaiva. the Nt K of esotioi S&. of t> wriship Hi. of range 77. deotioqe I to It. inclusive, of town?hip7; the 8W if of ?r?Ucn IS; the of seotio,. 26^he S*K of potior 26; sections S9 tj 35. inclusive, of tow&s&ip >, of range an. Township II, of range SI. Section* I ton. Indus re; the NK \f of Motion SB, the NWlJol Mettoa 9>; the E % ol ercti<u ti, srotioc Si. ot towauhip 1?; towanhip (I. of raagc S. Land* appropriated by lav for the see of eelioole, military and other ?ar?o**e, or thooe oovoret by o<>ch n.ed private land ciaim*. together with the iwami or overflowed lande, w?U be exoioOed fnm the salee. Mo " MiMrd (?n<ii "or tracts containing mineral deposits.are to t>? offered at th? public sales, such mineral lands being hereby ex?retsly excepted acd rxciaded from sale or other ci> poea . porsaaat to the requirements ol theaotefCoLgressappro'Ctt ' M *nK 1 IftM aritit?w( A n AJf tn kr.if. A m fi \T tk? anrvev <>f the puhm acd? in Cali(>rbi'. the rut ii| ?f pi- emptwn right* therein, ai d for et ter pu ?(>?< ? " 1 Tin" fffwmf of th? above lands will k* eom menoe-1 on tftedays appointed. and w? : ?roo?^ la theordrr in wkieh th*y are adv? u>*d antil the whole thall have been offered, and the rkN thus elosed; t.ut no sale sha'l be kept oean longer than two weeks, and no private entry ofan* of the lands will be admitted until a/to the ripiiation of the tw-i weeks. Uiveu srider m? the City of Washington, this twenty seoond da? of Ootouor, anao Doami one thousand eight hubdr*d and sixty jAMt? BUCHANAN. By the Pfevident: Joe. 8. Wilson. Commissioner of the tienera; Lud OCoe. NOTIOKTO PRK EMPnOM CLAIMANTS. Every set eon entitled to the right of frf-wytmn to any of the lands withia the towwshipe a?<4 ear is of townships above ^aawatad. is n^ans< to aa? Ublixh tue uim U? of Um> r?fi?k>r Md rneivM of U? proftr umH ?Ac?, aim n?/ii nfffii.' tkrrt/or ?.< rrcuin*llr after >ki*i r tiu nutiet, and before tb* flay Kp*otntnd for th* , commencement of the public ??le of Ike iaudsenibrviric the tract claimed: ?tk*rT)M Noh nam , will t* lor felted. ' a. WILSON. Coan.iMiunw of Ut Gtntrfcl I <mnd OAm AV?.?lTod?r the r?CBl*tio?t oftb? r u heretofore %?xl now extvttn*. <> fT""*' <* *> ms<ie for ?dT*rtie?i?r ?r<?o)*m?l one #xerv? i? ?ee<i uttiisi eri W tr? frcta'ln mmtkprxmtd to >?HMk bf the i ommiMionAr of tkr Umtrftl Lain OA r o?2< Ut'O.T * : f pLUMBBKt AND OAS MTTCRV. J. W. THOm7?ON * r.p. Wucia ?al the of wtm nhni u Unf : mastewmm hi n lihwo. iirvnon nnri rt'mro, i mi Iroo, WRMkt lro?,l ?nl ?W etiru^iMl W ? TKR I'iPKJ*. H YDRAJMTM a*i PAVE Will? Kfttf. MB*** fioSfc,** , HftriUC ?up?rior idrulMN, WltA prrUfi k ovMfl. * jr*pArecj to mtr.xluo W??r into dwwMnr* vitK ?'l the U&rat ii??r?*y?* nU, prowpt>y, ?nd ?t priOM that WMHiot fci! to o 8< <ttM>r 1 1.1 tU aad to'th >u . ?o?th wt?. t* b. U M0RE180N 4 CO r LOIK A >1^, N ER > JKIVBItW , H/" Cask laid fnr all kiaia of Owi. wX4a , USSfflp.'*

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