Newspaper of Evening Star, December 12, 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 12, 1860 Page 2
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THE EVENING STAR. WASHINGTON CITY: WCIMKSfftAY Drcrirtw t?, 19?. Rtptnt of lk? n?raia< rreee. The 1<u*U*g<*c,T has aomrthing further to My In reference to tbe Muurbuwtta Personal Liberty Lew, Id reply to correspondent who complains that the Imttllugwr mlMtated tbe fritting laws mt that State relative to tbe rendition of fugitive slave* " ? - itetrmenti The CVm'(irvnra rrpun w ? la tlk? Tar foot !S?w York journals. Light Bbeaiisg ?Tbe brief speech delivered In tbe Senato on the day before yesterday by Mr. Dixon, of Connecticut, is tbe theme of the praise of all onr exchanges not devoted to tbe cause ol abolitionism on the one band, or to tbeeqaallj reprehensible caoao of tbe wanton destruction ol the Government on tbe other hand. Tbe infer ?<*??wn from It bv the press favorable to th? settlement of the difficulty la the Union, that i portion of th? Republican party of this Congrew are about to step forward to do their beat to rio the North of abolition political ascendency, la i ec.-rect one ; and hourly that wing of that party li becoming stronger here, we are happy to add. The Ster'? readers will remember that we havi persiatently held t .at the moment the people o the North became convinced that political a be liticnlsm must Injure tHftn as much as it has s far really Injured the South, that moment a rear tion Would commence there, which will tpeedil dethrone the monster everywhere in the North. The Act that Messrs. Corwln and Dlxoa ar 1- * ?them a nowerful win of their party in Congress, to labor earnestly an honestly for a satisfactory settlement of the threat n?d trouble, la Dot more significant of the correc neat of oar anticipation referred to above, tha the extraordinary result of the municipalelectior in Massachusetts that took place last week, wb< the tlx cities of the State each and all of the: overwhelmed the abolitionists with defeat. 1 everv one of them they were previously in powe apparently for all time to come. They were Bo ton, Lynn, Newbiryport, Roxbury, Charlctowi and laat but not least, Worcester, heretofore tl very hotbed from whence moat of the miacbi that now endangers the Union sprang. Such r suits tell more forcibly than can be otherwise tol< the fact that even Massachusetts is preparing ra] Idly to do her share towards the restoration of tl proper understanding between the two now a verse sections of the Union. His Budget or Exccsu.?Mr. Cobb's buda of excuses for running away from his charge noon aa he found It apparently in a draper Vinif, Win, WC applCUCUU, UQ au cuvvt v^| site to that of relieving him from the censure public opinion for the part be baa played in 1 work of destroying the Government, for the 1 month or two. Our own belief i?. that had 1 mind been as closely occupied in that time w. the exigencies of the branch of the public bu nsss of which he wu nominally the guardian, with the labor of aiding and abetting the w< of the oligarchic Immediate secessionists in the Gulf States, the latter would not have so succeeded as to beggar the former?the Treasi of the United State*?his charge. Our means observation here have satisfied us that he 1 done more than any other one public man in i country to make the settlement of the Slav trouble within the Union well nigh an impc: bility, If bat by persistently using the infiuei of his official position to strengthen the bands those who want disunion in preference to ent security of Southern tights under the exist Government. HU disunion labor* have beer the bottom of all tbe Imputations upon the In1 rity of the course of the Government here towa ita trust, which the opposition have of late ur| bo vehemently, to the destruction of the valu property of all kinds?stocks, labor, laittfs, negr produce, and goods, wares, and merchandl everywhere. Tub Aiik ii Slave Tiile ?If there be r yet sceptical of tbe purpose of the leaden of seccsslou movement of the Golf State*, to gra tbe desire of their negroiess followers for tbe opening of the African slave trade in case t succeed in breaking up tbe Union, they have c to come here and listen attentively for a few c to tbe conversation of tbe subordinate secessloc now in the Federal metropolis, who evide regard the rerstablishment of tbat trade as b< as certain to grow out of successful secession tbe night to follow tbe day. Indeed, one of leading causes of their disinclination to hsve An)/ tn on inln pniinrll ?>lh >K? hn alaveholding States, ia because they believe tbe latter may prove powerful enough to cU that darling purpose. Ia their conversation they by no means follow the wily advice rece given to them by tbe Charleston Mertury, nt broach the subject of reopening the African a trade " now." Moti Tbocblb About tub Hons Prht It tarns out that Mr. Ford, the House Printer, not made his appearance here as vet during session, and his assignees, Messrs Larcoml: English, of this city, decline to continue t< the work nnder the action of Congress redu the price paid for the printing of this sessio per centum. It seem* that tbey agreed to | Sir. Ford 20 per cent, of the prices paid by < gress for his contract. The subsequent reduction of those prices 4C centum would make the execution of the wot this session utterly ruinous to them Tbe ma In which Ford is understood to be hounded d vh#n her* hv thnia hnMino ?K1 . . W ?J v. UIO UUII^SU'Ji pay for their services la procuring bis electi< understood to be keeping bim away from XV lugton In th<s meanwhile, tbe House i whistle for its printing, we apprehend An e to elect another in his stead, to be essayed at o wii u.Kea or around the Hoaw bail tbti morn Tan Tizascxt Note Bill?Among the ami menta reported to-day by Mr. ilunter to Treerary sot* bill pnssed by tbe House, wai to limit tbe amount issued to $3,000,000. another to pledge the proceeds of the sales o; public lands to their eventual redemption. 11 ret of these, If adopted, bids fair, we thin make the relief thus given to tbe Treasury temporary?certainly not for more tbau tw three moot ha Tbe tecond cm never pea Houac, where tbe homestead principle la I large a majority. There, the public lands eeaaed to be regarded, we are aorry to aay, source of in* mcnnc The commercial men of Charleston, S do sot feel entire confidence la tbe assuranc the Rhett party that all will go well with I after secession, and es,jeelally as to the rig: clssxlng thetr vessels after that event. V< are now being harried off, la order to obtaii then clearances before the State declared h< at of the Unioa, and attention has been a to the question In the South Carolina i<eglsla Good Exampi.m ?Tkano k?? ?rkatk u< Blfler ud Doug l*s delivered la the Senate *erd?y were in excellent tone and temper, prove that the canoe of tbe settlement of tbe pr trouble wltbia tbe Ualen U by no means t abandoned there by members of tbe def? party (la the recent National election) in body. ' ' Gome Horn ?Mr Keitt, of Soath Caro ww MW imc evening to take part la the ion coo Ten tl on, to Nimble In Charleston 01 lfeth Inat. Mr Lamar, of Mlaslsslppl, leaves tbla evening to attend to kit interests as a ci date lor tits Mississippi State convention so< be eloctsd Com Jamee Alden, U.8 N , ud fdi la at WllUrda'. It la ramorrd that Doan Piatt, of CI set), iato be President Li acela'a private a*cr? aad that hie wife ("Bell Smith Abroad ') wU Mra. Lincoln in diapeniag the hoapltallUea < While House. Q7* Tbe will of Faany Whit*, the taaoua York coortraan. wboee receat death wasao tar. one aad sudden. la coateeted by Eliza ilama. of Brooklyn, a aiater of the teetatrii, Elisabeth Health aad W W Myera, the chil of a daoeeeed aM?r of tbe testatrix. Tbe dec* left property Mead to be worth in the * borhood of S73.UK), real aad personal. The le strong) y eeatoatod. aad the litigation probably be suaMwbaf protracted * * * ' s * .? ' ' i U7" We insert below ? wdl-comtdend and well-timed article from tbe New Vork Tramcript on tbe Judge AVatroos case Tbe article urges Congress to wake tbe proper disposition of this long delayed and moch vexed case, by sending it to tbe Senate for trial; and, in this respect, it seems but to echo tbe almost unanimous sentiment of tbe press and of tbe public. Tbe wbole of tbe lsst session wss consumed by the Judiciary Committee of the House in taking additional testimony in tbe Watrous case; snd It would be much deplored if Congress, st this session, should intermit tbe determination of a case that has occupied so much time In its preparation, that has been ~ * InvAlvM J Subjected already 10 w m?uf ucwj.,........ , InteresUof so much magnitude, and that la urged I upon iU Immediate attention by every consideration of duty, justice, and policy: . Cn5?i?> amd mi Watbotts Cask?There seems to be a common 1m pression that the session ' of Congress just convened will be a '-speechr making" one, specially on account of the political difficulties that have risen In view of Mr. Lincoln's election. We trust that it will spare any ? exasperation of difficulties already serious enough, i All discussions and excitements in Congress are i at all times to be deprecated that displace its 1 regular business, and Induce It to neglect its legislative duties At this session there are lecli WUVC BIIU atuvc uuwu VI f; > v?* iu.|.V|MUVV, 1 which ConK fM owes to the country, and which we would fit sorry to tee entirely superseded by e political debate* whatever may be the doubtful . necessity or propriety of diacnssing question* In 1 Congress which belong to the people in their <- primitive and independent capacity. o We do not propose to read a lecture to Congress on ita duties; we merely desire to suggest, respectfully, the legal limits of its duties under the Con" *" " - l-l.w *t.? ' auiuuon, ana me laicreiu wmcu um ?Uuir country hu In the execution of lU legislative e otflee In the unfinished buakneM of last session, there J: atill remains for Congressional action the case of d Judge Watroua, wbich baa lingered for ten year* without trial, notwithstanding the appeals of t- the people and of the Legislature of Texas, and n the r?c >mmendatlons of an impeachment twice made by investigating committees We ihould ' be sorry to are a caae of such importance and urn gency further temporized with by Congress, 01 m lost In the whirl and excitement of sectional dcn b ?te? and disunion speeches Let CoDgresi do 1U duty to the last, whatever else inay come. There r> are certainly other questions demanding its attens tion betides that of disunion, which latter at least n, or, at wont, properly belongs to tbe people ana should be committed to them. What, indeed are our rlghta, united or disunited, if Congresi " will asaert no power to enforce them, and will re e- nouuce tbe duty of guarding and preserving th< purltv of the KederalJudlclary ? Tbistsnoligb p. question It addreaaes itaelf to the conscience an<! '' the fidelity of tbe representatives of tbe people "e and would raise their sense of duty, if but for i d- moment?if but while some action isaccomplishe< above tbe passions of political controversy, whlcl threaten to praoccupy all elae. ;et We have referred on j?revious occasions to thl J udgc W airous case. 11* importance, iu proiea tional aspects. aud Its especial Interest in Its legs lte bearings to a commercial community like Nev f>o- Vork r?commeud it as an appropriate subject fo of discussion in our columns. The vast commercia ,he Interests of New York; the connections aud enter prises of its 44 merchant princes" reaching to th at most distant States and Territories of the I'nlon his the expansion of its credits all over the country ith conspire to give it a heavy and momentous sink ,gj. in the Integrity of the Federal Judiciary, whos peculiar province it is to determine and adjudgi ** controversies between citizens of different Statei I .? ?v,A on/i A... .... ' a liUUBiu^ aw iuc tuaiatici auu cak-ui ui uui *ai all city commerce, we may well ask whether th far commercial prosperty of New York bu not a inte.est in the honesty of the Federal Judiclar lrY as near to their home* and their pockeU as thei of concern for the integrity of their courts, baa We believe that the Dicture needs only to h understood to l>e manifest. We believe that : could not better show itself than in connectio "Y with this Watrous case, where a United Stat< si- jndge. among various accusations, is charge oce with betraying foreign suitors in his court, ah , cf with opposing all unfriendly parties who a tempted to sue there, stripping them of the! l,r? ri^hta, and mocking them ~ ing J udee Watroua is accuac^ of crimes ao belnou i a{ and these accuaationa, too apparently ao we auatained by preliminary 1' veatlgatlona, that tt raae abould not reat, and never can reat,without ir"* trial Th?s preaa of tbe country, with one vole Bed baa called and ia calling for an arraignment* e of tbla ca*e at tbe bar of tbe Senate, wbich ia tt dj, only competent tribunal to determine It. W1 . ' abould a trial be avoided? Can any one of hone able auaceptibliitiea aay that a in in ia a lit Incur bent of a judicial office, wbo, amomr the mc various and infamous accusation! fastened up< him, indorsed, so to speak, by the action of Legislature and the votes of investigating cor tify initte*-s. Is accused In but one distinct charge re- the double crimes of forgery and mbornatton u perjury? The charge we refer to applies to pretended power of attorney, which is the ess* ?nly tiat link of Judge VVatrous s title to sixty tho lavs sand acres of la:.d in Texas " It was." sa lists Governor Houston, of Texas, in his exposition tlw the Senate of the Watrous Conspiracy, "Its obj? ?' to Impose upon the courts a forged muniment 'infc title to a vut estate, and to sustain the forgery 1 i, as perjured and purchased testimony The whi tbe history of the forged power of attorney is or* , whelming in Its evidence of tbe blacfc and i e doubled crime of Judge W atrous and his cenfc rder urates, in seeking to sustain a forgery of the mi that monstrous description, by devices of fraud, feat bolder acts of bribery, and at last by direct sub< h.r? nation of perjury "?[Senator Houston's speec delivered in theU. 8. Senate, 3d February. 135 ntly There are other charges against J udge watrr >t to of the most infsmoui crimes, and of which 1 l4Te evidence is equally as -'overwhelming" as that frrred to by Gov. Houston, to which w? la space to refer. Enough Is known and proved demand a trial. We do not pass on the questlc img. Qf guilt or Innocence?it would be Improper : has us to do so. That auestion is to be committed thim the iildirment and lnt?i/rltv ?if th? |T?it*<f ?l? ^ ? Senate We are only for committing It tberi , nothing more, nothing leu. 9 do We notice that on? of the newapapers of < cing own State, tbe Highland Democrat, takes a pt n tton on tbe Watroua caae which ia nearly aiml j? toourown; namely, tbatit ianotaqueation tnvr * of the gulit or Innocence of an individual, bu' -ctl" ia a queatloo involving tbe responatbility J udgea, the purity of the ermine, and the coi I per dence of the community in its maglctratea k of It ia this queatlon wbich tbe presa ia call upon to auat iin It ia this queatlon which C? oner ^resa la called upon to appreciate And it la t own queatlon with reference to which both nc is to adopt, as we do. tbe lanuoace of the Democi _ is and'say? "If powerful Interests. corporate bodiea, ? high officials, banded together, can shield nuRt conduct of Judges from Investigation, truly n If >rt corruption stalk forth in tbe glare of day, and i ,nce Government stand exposed as a miserable failur tng / < Thb Resiq.iatiox or Szckktaky Cobb.?! End" Cobb, In his letter to the President, tendering li'K resignation of the position of {Secretary of i one Treasury, says that he Is impelled to this cou auu Y>y the urgent demand* of hla friend*, who 1 f the that hi* State is engaged In a struggle where Tbe issue it life or death, and accordingly desire 10 views and counsels in this momentous perl very Knowing tbat the views he entertains, i r? or feels bound to express, differ la some reap* 1 the from the President's, he does not wish to pi in *? bis Excellency in a false position, or expose h taTe self to unjust suspicion* by remaining long< M * member of his Cabinet. His withdrawal i not occasioned by anything the President 1 C , said or done; for In the policy and measure M of hU administration he had cordially concur! Item and should ever feel proud of the humble pi ht of bta name might occupy In ita history. He i ntU cerely regretted the circumstance* which i ii for dered their separation necasary. .recif The President In reply writes as follows: ill^d Washisgtox, December 10,136< . My Dtar Str : I have received your coinmi cation of Saturday evanlng, resigning the poait of rtecretarv of the Treaaury, which you h b?*ld alnce the commencement of my nd minis rtt- tins U.' k. 11.? I A ?I - ?- * mm " * ??(?; rr^rri mil you MTe and termiaed to separate yourself from as at tbe p ea^Qt ent critical moment, yet I admit tbat the quest . waa one for your own decision. 1 could h ? w la bod you had arrived at a different conclual ated because our relations, both official and peraoi that have ever been of the moat friendly and confld tlal character. 1 may add tbat 1 have been tlrely aatlafled with the ability and zeal wb llna, you have displayed in performing the dutiet eces- Your important office Cordially reciprocating your sentiments of l 11 tbe sonal regard, 1 remain, verv respertfu'.ly. y here Mend, Jams* Bcchasaj indi Hon Howkll Cobb. in to mr Ex-Secretary Cobb has issued his lette the people of Georgia. In It Is the following i mily " On tbe 4th day of March. 1861, the Fed nei- Government will pass Into the hands of the ab tarv tionlsts It will then cease to have the ch 11 sid either upon your*conldeuce or your loyalty, i >f the 1 a "ay honest judgment each hour that Geoi remains thereafter a member of tbe Union > be an hour of degradation, to be followed by i New Uiu speedy ruin. 1 entertain no doubt eitbei mya- your right or duty to socede from the Unl W 11- Arouse, tben, all your manhood for tbe great wi , and before you, and be prepared on that day to Idrrn noun* e and maintain your independence ont need the Unlon, for you will never again have equal ligh- asd justice la it IdMtifted with you in b? will fading and interest. I return to share la whata Will deattnyjha future haa la tUmff for our Stele I I ??? Y i * ? CONGRESSIONAL. Thibtt-cixtii Cosobbs*?9ko*? Bbmiom. Ssx&tb?After we went to pree?, yeaterday? 1 Mr Hale offered a reflation instructing tb? Committer on Military Affaire to Inquire whether t It It expedient to reduce the expenditures of tbe t Wu Department, and, If ao, In what braacb this reduction could best be made. Agreed to. 1 *** ? Afc- ? mJk Kit Mmafflr* nf it>r t day, ob "the perilous condition of the country " < The debate was continued in a spirited manner I by Masn Iversen, Pugh. Thomson, Ten Eyek, i Green, Douglas, Davis, Fitch, Powell, Wade, i and Mason. I Mr. Green stated that the prorialons of his resolution, if adapted, would enforce this fugitive f slave law along the bordera. Some aaid it looked to a military despotism. He would rather have a 1 than anarchy He wanted the ] Government stronger, and would prefer thtscountry to be ruled over by the Kmperor Napoleon and the Prince of Wales tnan to be given up to a lawlessness in which be would hare no rights respected. In tbe words of Jefferson, he would i rather have one good monarch than four hundred bad ones. Mr. Wlglail, of Texas, referred to various subjects of complaint, one of which was the homestead bill, which allowed all sorts of people to get Into the Territories, and there to determine upon the question of the " property" of southern men. J nf fK\ AfAdartv TOf Oouvu unuauucu yw* ? ?- pv^.j j la every territory, district, fort, ahip, ic , belonging to the United State*, and would lnsiit on the right of man to traffic In the souls and bod Ira of men. He said that the South wfa aggrieved in that ?he could not get protection for s\avery In the Territories. Mr. Douglas thought this an extraordinary grievance to come from the Senator from Texaa, who had at the last session voted that the South required no legislation for the protection of slavery In the Territories Mr YVIgfall contested the accuracy of Mr. Douglas's remark; and. before the matter was finally cleared up, the Senate, at a late hour, adjourned. Honsi.?The question of excusing Mr. Bovce, a f An (h^ irw>rifCl rnmmiitee. f VI u. V/ . | II VIII VII ??vv W? V ?|rvw>m ? ? - ... , which was under consideration as we weat to press, was decided in the negative by a tie vo*.?. Mr Corwin presented the following resolution; whtch was adopted: Rrtolred, That the chairman of the committee appointed by a resolution of the House on the 4th day of December last be authorized to employ a 1 clerk, to be paid four dollars a day for his services; 1 and that said committee have leave to sit during the sitting of the House, snd to make reports till * It be otherwise discharged 1 Mr Shermsn, from the Committeeof Ways and Means, presented a bill to provide for the expen ' ses of the consular and diplomatic services or tne country; referred to tbe Committee of tbe Whole ? on the state of the Union. 1 Mr. Branch suggested that, after tbe reading of 1 the Journal to-morrow, the States and Territories ) be called, and that all bills and resolutions refer| ring thereto be referred to tbe Committee of Tblr1 ty-three without debate. 1 The motion was put and carried t-tea roee. Mr Sherman, from the same committee, pre* sented a bill to provide for tbe contingent and 'j current expenses of the Indian Department,which ' wns accompanied bv the following resolution: " R', Tbat tbe Chief Superintendent of In' dian Affairs be instructed to inauire and report 1 whether any of the officers of the' Superintendent of Indian Affairs or Interpreter! now authorized e by law can be dispensed with, without Injury to '? the public ?e vice Reaolutlon adopted, and the bill referred to the e Committee of the Whole on the state of the Union. e Mr Sherman presented a memorial on behalf of B Thaddeus Hyatt,who prayed the consideration of 1 Congress to the distress prevailing in Kansas, and for some relief therefor. Laid on the table, and e ordered to be printed 0 The House adjourned at half past 2. y Wbdxisdat, December II ? Sknatk ?Mr. Blgler offered an amendment to 4Via MArrill tariff hill whir.h wai r#?f?rr#>d tn th#? n Committee on Finance ^ Mr. Hunter, from tbe Committee on Finance, d reported back tbe Treasury note bill with sundry d amendments. t- The lirst amendment, providing that tbe lowest |r denomination of tbe notes should be fifty instead of one hundred dollars, was agreed to. i. The second amendment provided that tbe reII celptsof tbe sales of tbe public lands should be ie ?et aside to redeem these notes, and that they be a limited in amount to *3,(*JO,UUO Mr. Hunter advocated tb" amendment, which 0f wni opposed by Mr. Slinmons, Mr. Cameron, and others iy Mr. Fessenden favored the bill. >r" Hoc?t?Various propositions, looking to a n" restgration of peace fii the country, and a proper observance of the Constitution, were offered aud >n appropriately referred. a Mr Thayer, of Mans., presented a spries o! resolution* proposing certain concessions for the peace of the country. V Mr. Adrian, of N. J., offered a series of resolua tion? to tbe ettV-ct that the doctriiR of non-intern" vention by Congress. either to prohibit or protect u" the domestic institution of slavery in tbe Terrl>"? torlet of this Government, should be adopted on in tbe basis of compromise between the North and South; thereby leaving the whole question oi ?? slavery In the Territories to be determined by the bT people and the laws of climate )le And further, that auy territory should be ad-r* mitted into the Union with such a constitution ai r^" the majority of tbe people might adopt, provided It he republican in form; and without any regard r"* whether said constitution permitted or profelDlted "y the domestic Institution or slavery. And again, that all statutes enacted by any Stati ? : Legislature, in conflict wltb or In violation of tb< 9 J Constitution of the United States and the laws o: 'u* Congress made in pursuance thereof, should b< h* repealed. re" And lastly, that the fugitive-slave law 1* constl c* tutional. and the law of tbe land; and, as such ^ should be respected and observed. for 1 * ' to Th* W baths*.?The following report of th tvi tvoatKor fn? tVto mnrntvtrr la fwui (Ks im*s VW WW IVI IUV. MIWI H'U|^ W MfWWV M VU* ?UV MIMCI e? lean Consolidated Telegraph Line to the Smith onlan Institution. The time of oboerration 1 >ur about 7 o'clock > 1- Dicuusn 12,1896. Jar Burlington, Vt ....cloudy, cold. tly New \ ork, N. Y cloudy. tit Baltimore. Md ...cloudy, calm. of Richmond, Vn. clear, 37?. Jll- Petersburg, Vn. clear, 34?. Raleigh, N. C clear, 42?. ted Wilmington, N.C clear, pleasant. >"- Charleston, 8. C..........clear. htl iiiirnafa fin o 1 r ennl lay Savannah, Ga clear, 55*, wind W at, Macon, (ia clear, cold. Columtmi, Ga dear, cold. nd Montgomery, Ala. clear. the Jarkaon, Ala. clear >ay Mobile, Ala.... clear, 3fl?. our New Orleana, La clear, 49?, wind 8 FROM TBI WEST. Frederick, Md clear, cold. Hagerstown, Md clear, cold. ' Cumberland, Md. cloudjr, cold. Grafton, Va eToudy, cold. the Wheeling, Va cloudy, cold. ir?e Parkeraburg, Va cloudy, cold. i Cincinnati, O dear, cold. Barometer at tbe Smithsonian at 7 a.m., (ee tb? rected for temperature,) 2?,8ft0; at noon, '29,73i. hia Thermometer at 7 a. m ., 31*; at noon, 3JR od Maximum during 21 hours, ending > a. m. V ind day, 41*; minimum26'. fcU ?'? ?ri. fr^THE UNION PRAYER MEETING wi '^-3. b? holden ouch suocoedint day this wee iui- in Trinity Church, on Thir J street, to oomiuem v ( at a quarter past 4 o'clock p. m. de 12 WM Yy?UNIVKKSALIST SOCIETY -An a ftad J*~3 . joarntl meeting of the First Upiret?li . wcieiT ? onj w w miiit*ion win i>? neia i of Te?"peranoe Half, on E ?tre-1, on WEON ESlJA ed EVENING, December l?h, at hair paat7 o'oToe ' to kur the report of the Commute on i:onatituti< ace ?nd By-Leva, end to elect offieere for the enauli ,ln. year. The committee appointed to proonre a pla for holding publio worahip will aleo be prepaied "? - report, The frienda of liberal Christianity are oo dially invited to attend. de 11 3t* ryw>? TO THK VOTERS* OF WASHl.NGTOi ) 'L? The AeseaaorB of eanu Ward will meet i i?i. thefo!U?wing plao*a from 9a. m. to 3 p. m, fro ton the 14th to the 26?h of December inoluaive, to oo lou r<*ot and to regiater the namea of thoee omitted fro ave the poll liat: tre- Fir.t Ward?John A. Rheam, 179 Pa. aveou de- between 17th and 18th ata. ree- Second Ward?George Thomta Stewart, oorn Ion Twelfth and H ata. Third Ward?Henry Curtis, oorner Eighth ai L tti. ??? Fourth W4rd?Thoinaa W. Buroh. Fifth at., b ? !, tween G and H ata. _ ien- Fifth Ward?George T. Barret, ooraer of ?oa en- A and 3d etreeta eaat. Icb Sixth Ward?U A. Tuel', 440 Eighthet. eaat, . ,.f the reaidenoe of John C. Robey. Seventh Werd?Peter Hepburn, No 84 south atreet, between 8th and 9th atreeta aonth. dell OS - - r oor rY^5?NOTICK.-I rea?octfally inform my ca l. LL? tomera, and the auhlio in faneraJ, that hava juat rteeivad a larre aaaortment of all kirn of Man'aand Boy a' Overcoaia. Alao. a large v ri'ty of Fanoy ai.d Plain Caaaimrr Panta, Val* _ tn ?ilk, Satin, Cloth and C&aaiiner Vaata; Boya* Clo and Cftaainot Jacketa; Gentlemen'a Furniahn paa- Good a, and a virwtr ?f Servant*' Clothint, vhi i will aall at redaoeo fdooa at No. SI 4 Pa. avana . n*ar Elavanth at. _ A 8TRAU9S, da 1? H Faahtomblw Clothiar, s era?as?BS?5! 8" 4M Savanth atraat. will N. B ?I Kara on k&ad ft wt Iftrga and a a pen Mr. atook ofMaaa'and Boya'Clnthing Farai?hii r of Gooda, Hata and Oaja. **JFkmm to anit tha tim< ork "? * 19 No-480 Ttk al .Qfyo.'Portofcft ft 33" - _ m?:. A._ N^ffiswa.riU r-W# Waiumtoe $ i i tuai Trlr|r?rkf4 frta ^ukiaitM. I Washington, D. C , December 11, 1?<w ? "be democrats from the Northwest have bad i everal cotferpnn ? relative to the present condllon of their political affairs They generally I ake the position set forth In Messrs MrClernsnd * md Vallaridlgham's speeches yesterday, vis: ' rhat the Union cannot be dissolved peaceably; 1 hat the Northwest will, under no circumstances. ' consent to be cut off from the Gnlf of Mexico sad [he city of New York: that the Government. 1 whatever may be Its faults, Is of Inestimable < ralu*. The leading Idea Is a Central Govern- 1 ment, embracing the Middle, Western, and borier stave States, but depending for Its consummation on future circumstances. Mr l!nhh tn-rl*v fnrmallv t/vok hit Imv^ of th* President, the interview being pleasant and of a private character. Johi? Biawx P*at? A prayermeeting waabeld last evening in the Lecture rooin of Dr Cheerer'i Church In commemoration of (he Life and Death of John Krown The mover# In the meeting apprehended a riot, and applied In the Snnerintendent of Police for nrotectlon. But it wu Trrr quiet; there were but 34 person# present in all. Oliver Johnson seen pied the desk and directed the exercises; Dr. McCune Smith introduced a black woman who bad made eight visit* to th* South and b[ougbt back 43 slaves Into freedom; they called her Moses, she was as black ms black could be. Mr. Andrews of Illinois could not pray for a peaceful dissolution of the Union; there wss no hope for it, it must come in blood A year ago be lived in the South; be was well acquainted with Slavery; it was too great sin tn Ka a-v n<a?vr?r\f In K1aa/1 Up h*^ tnM Annth. ern men that be believed that John Brown ?ui man of God. He bad been mrprlaed to find tbe clergy In tbe 9outb the moat zealoua tdmatnof Slavery. Tbeae wera perilous timea, Slavery would not die In thia country without a final effort to overthrow f eedom of apeech and of tbe preas. Tbe meeting was continued until a late hour. One man said that he had beard a Judge in thia city aay, "Although I voted for Lincoln, yet 1 am no AboliHonlat, and I would bead a mob to pulldown the Tribune office and Beecber'a Church'." Moat of the speaker* gave detail* of their personal acquaintance with John Brown. The formation of a party of Emancipationists in opposition to the Republican party was advocated ?N. Y. Tribun*. CT^The Poney Express, from San Francisco on the 2Sth ult., paaaed Fort Kearney on Saturday morning. The suits of the United States vj. Beverly C. Sanders, and the same ei. Augustria ilamssetby, the Yormer charged with defalcation in lBo'J, while Collector of the Port of San Francisco, and the latter charged with embeziling, in 1S57, in the refining department of the San Francisco M !? Katra Kntk Kaan tho Hittflrt At i'l i m, liu ? t uv?u wvil U i au> dwu , m-r ??-? .?> - ? ? ? torney entering a nolU prosequi Aside from these few items, there la absolutely no news. pOYS, TOYS:?LAMMOND'S, Seventh St., is 1 the pao?s to *et them cheap. Terms o?sh?le 12 at* I .90.000 CIGARS. N Prioen of 91 *5, 81.75. 92 5?i and 43 SO per hundred. Junt received and offer thnm for sate t< -morrow only lw>tween the hours of VS to WW k m., and S to So'olook p. m. O. DENUTH, Corner Pa. avenue and Seventh *t , it Room No. X. I7UR PHILADEI.PHI A ?The steamer 8 Sey r mour. Captmn Palmer, ha* ar- . rived, and will receive freight TO-fii4lK]: MORROW (Thnredar) for the^**^^?* above port, to Mil on FRIO* Y MORNING. App y to HYDE A DAVIDSON, de U gt Georgetown. P. C. Lj SILVER WAKE. ~ ?OLID SILVER TEA SErS, WAITERS, Pitchers, Goblets, Clips, Dessert Kuves, borks, !-p_\oca, Ladles. Ac Alio, an unusually larce assortment ni an me n**rer atylea of Fancy Silverware, auit*.fcle for preaenta. M. W. 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No. 36 Central Stores, Between 7th atd 8th atreets, 5 de IS tw Opposite Center Market ? m m n m. aa ww^ m a as ?f n .uAUAVC UEiLAR U ?. flB 'k flKtf Hacjaat received from Pari* a nand-MM ' ^loma and ohoiceMsorlraent of FuitXHI DRESH BONNKTS. r Ainu, FLOWERS in Seta, Bnaekec and Sprays, * HEAD DRESSES, FEATHERS. RIBANDS, * Chaotillr, Brueeela and Alencon LAC EH, ? Enibroiflered and Lao* COLLARS, 8L&EV1 V and HANDKERCHIEFS. k- VEILS, BARBE9 and COIFFURES of Tario >n Lace, 11 I t lilVH'PI IVlTurka.nt il Iw RVRTHt un w bvm v sa ? w - - ? ? ? m ? i vmb* u n . CAPK8 wd POINTS. Leather Silk ud Gold BKL.T8, r" FA N 8 or ea ti rely new atylee, Shell and Gold, alao, other FANCY ORN w MKN TS. anph aa Coraha. Braceleta, Kar nni *: Hair-pina, Sleeve Buttooa, Beit Claapa, Ac. ** Freeh Perfumerv, Jouvm'a tjlovea, Ao. All of which. Mine of direot importation, are ' the very newc?t atvlea. m The attention or the ladiea la therefore eepeoia and reapretnilly aolioited. de 12 3t* SaSPenn. arena# er HOYT'I Hiawatha Hair Mtratir< _ 1 warranted i n every inetaaoe to _ KIITOll V1AT KA1* TO ITt URIGIXAL U9UI1 u IN THO^ANDS ?Tf CASKS ia the prin -iuai oitiaa of New Kngland, and HJ .? NOT FAILED in a mnil? inaiano* to aooomphfh all that la olaimed for it. F No Hair it to Gray or Red bat the HI A W ATI th will oa&ac* it to a baaattfel life like _ Brown and lllaok. . It u not an fneiantaneoue dye whioh orool I etnuti and (tree a d ad black oolor to the hair; t ji patient having to aubmit to aoapins. waah ng a " eirnging of the hair every time | la applied; nor ;t It preparation of ?u:plm r. enrar or lead, A e., r >k of an* ingredients deleterious to the heir mt ik It is an artiote requiring no preparation, no vu ?C ing before or after usi.g, It is applied ia f ee mi . ut hi time, and with aslitt e troubleasaay ordini ' ait>c e for ihe toilet. "People who have need this preparation deeii ? it it iBirMm^vi in its eCVota, and that it will pt K form all that it pretends to do BaUmft Pieitri ar "Its usomi wonderfol, and we oan onl/ ear i o. I -dorse all Hie proprietor says -in rsgara to IU' Host on Journal. f. . Izigrsz&iste a f. chaniee' Charitale Association. at their lit* Pa Siton. to Mr Joseph govt of this oity, lor I brated Uiawatha Hair lea to rati ve,' an artii ? which nobly merited this favor. It was for ita i perior merits in thisrsspect that titsCommittee,i ter sufficient evidence preeented to themse vi , awarded to Mr. Hovt this flattering testimonial1 , Prorid?t* Ifisui Pott ? q&easiihsss S*?ib CtrtliM Affairs HAV Tl* Charleston correspondent of tbe Baltlnsrs Vroerlcan writes : The legislature, at leaa*tbe low** House. has IT I >ut the flnlsbl ng touch to meet of tbe work carved >ut for It at aadafter tbe extra session The bill <o maintain a Sooth Carolina army of 10.IM0 men uaa been read twice and seat to th? Senate The TO hill to establish an OrAnaaeo Board and Ordnance Bureau has also beea oaacted by both House*, as has been passed tbe bill to raise by loan tbe sua of *100,000 for arming tbe Stats. It is now aa ordinance and law of the State. An anendmeat waa introduced Into the army THJ Mil, authorizing tbe Uorcrnor ?i souio i ironna r| to receive any aid that may proffer Itself frost any and all Southern Stefcs?tbat la from all alsveholding State*, for tbe word slareholding wu particularly eraph?slted by Mr Black, the author of tbe amendment In the House of Representati Tea, and when it waa suggested by Mr hd wards, tbe Chairman of tbe Military Committee, to atrlke out tbe word "slavehnldtng," be repudiated tbe idea, and declared tbat be wished no "Yankee 1 r! aid;'' tbat if any aid waa to be called In or to be A desired, or received when proffered, It was to be genuine Southern sld?aid from men whose prlnciplas wars la accordance with those of South Carolina. The amendment has created no lltt1? discussion in tbe House of Representatives Its opponents are composed of the democrat*, and they fought 1T1 the meaaure with bitterness One of them, a Mr J Tope, Jr., thought it would eittllj touch tbs liberties, of the people He fesred some future uovernor wuuia mrow inn ooaj w uirm uvuuu him * a aort of "prrlontn guard" and wltb It would "destroy the llbfrtin of tbe people" He openly denounced tbe meaaure In times of ITt trouble, when a military dictator aball rule, and when the powera of aoYereijtnty are vested in one man; when the fete of a people reata in the will of a mini <1 la tlma tn ho ImIoiu of dowcf. Again It waa refused when tbe umr bill waa la agitation before tbe Representative Chamber, to 11 comply with tbe democratic wlshea, and authorize tbe Inauguration of a Gubernatorial Council of four to advlae with the Executive and place a check upon bla will The gentleman who brought up tbl* question advocated it with earnest and ft. hon* ?t ab lity. He portrayed the evil* likely to reault from a one-man power and did hla beat to check it, but all to no purpose. . Tbe army bill la now In the Senate. It Ilea <1 here likeao much dead wa?te paper and ink m The labor* of tbe Houae Military Committee are uf no avail; for, singular to relite, the sagacity of tbe Senate baa Induced it to take no action on tha matter It passed the Houae by a large majority, T> and waa Immediately rushed into tbe Senate with- ? out time to print wltn the numerous amendments All the democrats were able to aecure, In tbe way /" of choosing military officers to lead tbe army of ~ 10.000 men. was a concession to tbe effect that the vT volunteers who would enlist should be allowed to k( elect their own officers, up so far as Colonel Tbe Mi Governor is authorized to appoint tbe remainder. wi There is yet snother democratic reetrlction?tbe M< selection of Colonel and all below blm tn grade w?. .??.*?? ? Tk(a WJ iur TUIUUK^I SI vail V (UVUIW* < V? m ww will effectually cut off a large number of Southern s United States Army officers, who are supposed to I. be inclinvd to enlist in the cause of Sonth Csro- Ai Una The Governor, however, has the power, be under the bill, of chnoelng t'nlled States Army *v officers, or others, for the higher military posts ^ The Senate yesterday refused to consider the above bill as passed by the House It refused to put It in the sptcial orders, and it ia to all intent* H dead The popular objectiou against it among C the fighting men?the rank and file of the mill- X tary companies?is very great. I learn from many p in tbe ranks of the Columbia military that there are whole battalions ready to volunteer a* one body p. if they are given the election of their own ofliON, Si but not one will go in otherwise This ia tbe JP general sentiment of the people throughout tbe 1 State The working-men go heart and soul against tbe bill. From I'tah ?The correspondent of the 8t g Louis Republican, from Salt Lake city on the V ICth alt., announces that tbe Utah Legislature i' met in apecial session on the 12th, for tbe purpose >>! of actipg on a law respective to the Federal ju- ~ dicial aTftrlcts. appointing the time for holding , the Court* of the Territory, and providing the e1 necessary funds The IseKislatore made no pro- F \ vision for providing fund*. The Governor refuted to approve of tbe bill, and the session broke F up. The Federal officers have petitioned tbe Commissioner on Indiau Affairs to arrange the ^ treaties with the Indian tribes in Utah y i ? C t auction males. \ By J. C. McGLtKE A CO ., Auctioneers. ^ALE BY ORDKR OF THE ORPHANS' fi ^ CtriT.-On SAll'RDAY MORNING, Deo. t, 15th, f t 10 o'clock, in f ont of the Auotion Rooms, U we shall sell a lot of Furniture, Ac., comprising? Kmlsteads, Bedding, Itnreaus, 9 Tables Chairs, Lookin* Glasses, |j Wa'hstarnls, Or?>ckerj anu Gla<* Ware, MRtAh. r&rt A.rd Hlnfkiift. ' Terms cm*. MARY J. WILSON, Administratrix. l de 12 3. J. C. McGUlRE A CO., Auota. 1 Br WALL A BARNARD, Auctioneers. ,, |?A 1LIFF 8 BALE OF FURNITURK AND < t) Household Kfficis at AtrcTioa ?On FRl- * i, DAY MUKNiNlf, the 14th instant, a: 10 o'e oc? 1 t will sell, at the residence or. Third stre.t. between 1 Pennsylvania and Missouri avenues. (the Pjag will s de?uriate the hou*e, the Household Furniture and Lifocu, all of which are nearly new, and oomeiis ing? i Mahogany Hair seat Tete a-Tetes, Chairs, Center Tab e?. Sideb ard, r Dii n;g and other Chain, . A Iar*e num' er of Carp?tfl and Rucsard Oilcloth, l French, Cottage and other Bedst ads. Bureaus, Wardrobes anil Washs-auds, Ete*ere, W hatnots. Curtains and Shades, Bolsters, Pillows, Blankets, Comforts and other I f Bedding, , ?;artea nair, enuew, <-nron anu ouier .naixreiaea. Toilet Set*. China, Glaea and Crtokery Ware, Cooking and other Stnv?a. ?- And a cood aaaortmetit of Kitebra Fvrai'ar#. Term* oath. J. H. W1SK, Bailiff. da 12 d WALL A BARNARD, A acta. J ________________ ? T Br A. GREEN, Auctioneer. TRU8TKE'8 SALE OF HOUSEHOLD AND KiTCin Kvuitcu at Arcrio*.?By virtaa ] of a distrain for house reut, aad two deada of traat to the aubanrihcr. one bearing data on ninal. te*?nth d*y of November, I&59, and on* other bearing date the firat day of September, U6?, ago caly recorded in one of the land reoorda of Waahinaton county, in the Uiatnot of Coluiabia, I shali ail, at | fubl.o Auorion, on TU h?*D A Y, the 18th <>f Utwm* h?r, at 0 oVlock a. m.. a.1 the Household aud ia Knoh?n Farnit?rf> in the four atorj briok house i? actuated on north L street, fronting oa Maisaoha \ sett* av<?n?e, uext to t*>a oorner of iOth atre-t wa?t. The following comprising a part ol tha Effecta to to be aold, via? One nan 'mind Walnut Parlor fuita, consisting of t sina'l Sofa*. I Castors and 4 Side Chain, covered with Siik Damask > I . at a r - a. ?W* _ LI. m?'Di?-iop nuinvowa uuwr i?3i?, ? Ottomans Whatnot, and Mahogany Tables, SKi.ur B ocatelleac.d l*ao6 Curtains, with Ccnioe, Walnut Bookoas*. Writing Dank. %q? Oak Dining Cbatr*. Wa'nut Extension Ta> 1m, and Shades, Do Bods:ead, Wa*hstand. and urasslng Bureaus, Cottar? HfU. eonsistirg of Bedsteids, Bureaus, Wash-taads, Tanlee. and Chairs, Datnai t Loungesacd Easy Chair*, iS Union Cha rs.Rsfriferato', Hronse Candlestioks, Hair Mattresses, Feather Pi lows aid Bolsters, *, Fin- Linen *hsets, Cases. and Uamask Napkins, ill Da'(.ask Tab.e Cloths, Cotton Chests and Cases, tie Bed Spreads, Comforts, B ankets, ana other Bedding, > a Cotton Top and Husk Mattrersas, id Velvet, Brussels,, and other Ca'pets, Stair R >cs, Oicloths, Rugs, and Door Mats, China Vas-s, Candlesticks, andctnet Mantel Ornaments Om Fiue bold band French Chin* Dicaftr Mt, Ivory-handle Knivea, Plated Forka and bpoona, and other Table Cutlery, L? One PlaMa Caator, Coffee and Tea Set, K China, 6laae. aid Crookery Ware, W large lot of Kitohen Re^aiaitee, And many other arlioiee, too numerous to eanaarala Terraa: AH anmaofand nnder *2* oaih;orer *25 a credit of SO and 61 amy*, for approved en-*s ?or**d notta,b?aring internet from dayof sale. .. ?^ooDy.VAjSrs:?. PERSONAL. Madame DEMISE d18rTmain one vnk lunger; and all who are in trouble of My kind, oa.1 on her at onoe. Mfcdame will bring ur one to you of ud o&uee th?m to lore yon; will oau-e epeely ratrriaxee and great goad luck ; will a4nao in regard lly to lawauita, loaaea, number*. Ac. Rnmdenoe, Rloh mond Hwuae, eoruer eighth and U ete.,<oatrftnoe on D at) Remember, positively, ber !ant week in ? Washington. Pi loea very moderate. Call at ohm. de IS ? 5 - TTO THE PUBLIC! HE Bubeoriberia prewired to gire INBTRUCTn>NS(?o beginnere>oN THE FIAKO-^^ PORTS, either at her roaidoaoa or at th?t||plB| LB of the pupil*. Terma very moderate, aodWVtVI perfect aatiafaotion gna-aaUed For inrther information inquire at No. 401 L, at. north, between 9th IA and 10th eta,; or a no-e addreaped to the aame will r>e proropujr nwuutu m rition win una 1110 lawr ad rtnUfA to fire m* a oall. M, dsll 9P A. SHAW. nd 1VIR?- W* 8- BISHOP AND MISS E. GKAlft, 5 in, to taeif now ud (tefut ftuortaut of Kna^Y ib- MilXlMEKY.MfiMilr inyoft^ for Wwkiuit. ton. at 334 Pa. tnsut, over olifitt 4 Maj 's. try d?lO tt? ir, APPLES! APPLES.'! ? A APPLES!!!. JV i will sell APPLES this week from Stnti to0t *' p?r t>ariol. Also. BUTTER by the kef. firkin, or >_ io dshoious roils, at Ba Uxors ?r:w?. Also, LIVE TURKEYS oa kaad to fbo/for ChnU?as At WIN#* V' CAN FIELD** S? rni?~?s si Fm^TSfe^BiWatfS u; *?,Fir* "* ifflfHifft sstr;?? ? **4 101 WaUrrt.0*ore?U?wn. | LAD.M^|j|yrK^VaKsLOTM | % ? . I t you seen the* new weekly (dollar > st a r r * the most interesting family paper now published in * the union any one desirous of knowing what goes on in washington IT isu'nBTII Tl'\ TIUKH VI I I t > iw ?? V ?? n . M. . . . THE SUBSCRIPTION MICE ! r. INFORMATION IT CONTAINS CONOR NING F A RMI NO. AN D G At DENI NO WILL. PROFIT THE FARMER OR OWNER OF A GARDEN A HUNDRED TIMES THE AMOUNT OF ITS SUBSCRIPTION PRICE ' v* nni cms: nr noinrnoi.D VTCiCiHUI wuv tn t. ND WORKSHOP RECIPES WILL BE SURE TO SAVE THE FAMILY A DOLLAR FOR EVERY DIME OF ITS SUBSCRIPTION PRICE I PAGE OF THE MOST INTERESTING ALES OF MODERN TIMES. WILL MAKE MANY AN OTHERWISE DULL AND WF.ARY HOUR AT HOMt PASS PLEASANTLY, INDEED! I GENERAL NEWS IS MORE VARIED AND INDUSTRIOUSLY PREPARED THAN THAT OP Ai*Y OTHER WEEKLY PAPER ! IS THE LARGEST AND ALTOGETHER THE MOST INTERESTING DOLLAR PAPER PRINTED IN THE WORLD. IE SUBSCRIPTION PRICE IS BUT A DOLLAR A YEAR TO SINGLE SUBSCRIBERS, AND LESS TO CLUBS ! tell-It AUCTION SALES. HIS AFTERNOON * TO-MORROW Br J. C. MeG L IRE A CO, Aiotioottri. ATA LOG I E SALE OF A MI9CELLANE' out ?'o?.L*CTi>)s or Valcabui Hooks.?Ob EuNESUAY EVENING. Dto^mbM I2U. it llptst 6 o'clock, we eha!l eell, at tbeAvrUn. w?i,t m l?cUon of H>e?ori?%j, Biogripnioa . adioal. >ri*olifio and rofli4 Wo k . tog?(har tk a lot of Pioto tat Ko.ioa Catalog ae ready ondBT ?0;n:n*. T*rm* oeah. _ le?d J.C MwGLIREA CO.. Aaeta. Br BONTZ A GRIFFITH, Amuoomt*. ABGE STOCK OF TOY*. FANCY GOODS. * CrtL*?T. ClI5A AST) Clrtftur * *??. *T cctioh ?On SATL R 1>A V EVENING, lMe+w> r 8U. NMMMitl fttfX o'oloek <M?0 ooDUBBIBg wy r#niD* until the whole etook i? diepaw4of.) ? will veil at our Store No.369 'ten 1 and K ?treata a larce aeeortmrvt of ruor o^a. T ye, Ac , oompriaicg in part? Uo en I' dershirta, and Drawer*. oeierT ol a : kinde, liina Ct?? and JSiuoera, ml a Vaeea. Cologne Bot iee. rookery and tviaaaware. remaing B^xee. Work Boxea, entlemena' Drreatug Cum. r>eke? acu Table l'*tlery. tperior !>>nb e Barrelled Guns. i?rtm -?niee. Ac., Ae., ogfther with a large aeeortment of artieloa too num?roue to mention. Term? ea*h. de i ey BONTZ A GRIFFITH. Aaota. B? WA' L A BARNARD. AioUoiMri "MIINA, CtTI.ERY, PLATED AND OTHER > CotrLT Wilt. Pabian asd Uirqcrr Snrr it*, uC.. at A t enon ?On KRJDaV. tm ttk nun* i 10 oVicek. and oontina* every dt< aati II it diapoatd <>f we will eel I, at the Pfrtre of Itaa. E. ??r.en. 274 Pb. bt. between nth and l.tfe re~tr, next door to the Kikwood Hoi e, Ma look, ooitip urns b large Bad Tanfd ea*?rUM< t? rettch, **t'?ne ? bin*. Bnd ot*<er Dttnei, BreaAiaef. Bnd Tea "^rU of the 'aleet ctrler, Brian "mu't, I ava, Boheauan, Freaik. and Ani-rioBa Glaeawane, 'arian Bud Binqaet Sttta tee. >rnamet,teJ Punch B??wl?, Mot toe* Tree Cnpcand t'ard R eoeiTereand Frait Stand*. 'ordiBl 8ete, Table Bnd Wise Caet<>ra. iBted Spoona Bnd Forka Bad Cutlery. >nd b large astortment of other Stlrtr Ware. .Be a general aa*ortmeat of American. tfeigtaa. and Kagliah Wareoi every daeonptioa. Thia ?aie vi. 1 bo found Worthy the ?p*cia at tec ion of houiekeep-n and those wishing to eureliaae oiiday preaenta. aa the loodi ara of the a Beet and latest importation. Trrma : |4" eMn;u?er that nasount. a oredit of 1 ar>d 9" days, for approved endorsed notes, bear n< int-rest. de? WALL A BARNARD, AssU. ?7" THE PALE WILL BE CONTINUED "CrMORROW MORNING at ] o'eloot. aad ro MnRROW EVEN I NO at 7 o'al--ofc. d?l?By J. C. Mcfil'IRE A CO., Auetioaesrs. gUPKRlOR TOP BUGGY WAGON. TWO " Ma.skst Waoona too ^clkt at Acctiok.? h > SAI IRDAY MORNING. Oeembar 1 o'oieck, in front of the Auotion Room, we ahail el', without reeerve? f )ne new Leather Shifting top Bagrr Wagon, hunt to order in Baltimore, fwo good Market Wacona; one Salky. Terms: A credit of an and tftaaya, for satisfaotoily endorsed aotea, hearing interest. J. C. McGUIRE A CO.. Asota. IETTHE ABOVE *ALE IS UNAVOIDABLY Mtatpon'd, on aocount of the weather, until rHliKSDAY MORNING. Dooambor lSUi, same lour and piaca. d. t? a i p ife/iiribv ^ rn ur tv #> v> ?wvii?? ? vw % By J. C. MoGlTIRE A CO-, Auctioneer*. PEREMPTORY SALE OF HANDSOME K: Family Ciituti. Pair or Bat Ciuiaii 9oi>n Harrras, Ac ? 0? TO MOKKOW MORNING. Deoember nth. at 11 o'elook, m front >f the A net oa Kooma, we almli ? 1, wittont ! M?rT?? A t?ry b*nd??nie Rod nearly new Family Cariiace; for fti Pair of large ha*> I okm* Bay Carriage Horeee. Silrer-p ated Hatsmi, Comi, t*. Term cuk. It J. C. MoGUIRE k. CO? A note. fl^THE ABOVE SALE I* UNAVOIDA* M* i?o?tpiied on R-onnnt of the weather anUi rHl'RSDAY, Ne lSth. name honr and plitoe. de tO-d J. C-MqpUtRK & CO . AeeU. Ry J. C. MeGUIKE A CO . Auctioneer*. l^XrBNMVe 8ALE AT ALCTlON. ri n trir wnrrnu unr n trritvTTTTKtt ELEGANT BRONZE, PARI AN an* B1SQUET FIGURES AND VASES. A few ' OIL PAINTINGS. Piano Fort*, full 8?v?a Oetorw, Roiiwood Cut, ElaboraAeiT Gtmd Lege, With Pearl Kcj*. and a very tapenor in trnmrnt in t+'J War. Ro*?w<o1 Pm-Io^ Smu, beantifally oarred frame*, o >vered with rich tiaua Brooateli* and Velvet Plush, 4 R *?wooi Bureau*. Bedstead*, Etefere*. Sideb lard.Ceot-r and Sofa Tab!ea.Tarkiah Loit((* and Easy Cliair*. Lace an J Orooate.e Cartaina, *nade* and C. mice*, Hru***.* aad lcfn?in Carpet*. With a vanrty of rich Fane* "rcanieqU aad Bohemian Glass Ware m doa? met with, too naiii >ro<i* to ideation, aad mast b? aoaa to be apprreiaM. Farties in want of food Puroitnre, Aa.,or article* ratable for Ho.idey Preaenta. will do well to call and examine the good* previoua to tha aalr. which will tale ! ?? ox 1 UESDA Y MORNING 111* eoaameaoinc at 10 o'o'ook, and eoeUnae (tar aad evening thereafter antil tha wiiolt are di*??eed of. Tne artjc e* will ba reaCr for axbit>.t.oii oa Tftar?l? morniEf iU iMtsot. CMftlociifl it deg d J. C. MoGClEE 4 CO.. A?ta. FUTURE DATS. 0BoUaEHoffDGFi- EN FT UEE inTW^CrB JlI at Acctio*?On FTLIDay MOENING. D?c?>m^or Uth, ?oi*m??ein? it l? o* oofc. wn?fcall mII, at the Dort*w*?t tortar of Sat ud H liiMi. Um mtdeio* of* ihOmhidean aibc tiomfcwr ittKi aifaU Furaitui# and lioaMfcold EfceU, aad oune la Mrt? Plush CtiT?r?d Sola, Md Ana Chair*. Hair Cioih Co*ar?d Sofa, aad Aria Chair, Wataut Etacora, an* Mahogany Whatnot, g Rath-Mat Arm and R*?*ptu>n Chair*. aad Wvrfc WeaC. . 1 Bronx aad Gi ? Mantel Cloaks, aad China Mantel Wainat Uat Traa, Caaa Mat Chair* and Eaakan, | iw'lUtti HIM, ^Wher'aSlflereVyThTlews. Coouoru, and 11 aokata. 8M Spread*. *o. Floor and Stair </i?iuih aod H?wt{uK??. 1 | at rob* Btova, Fnuklia ?o? Chan, bar kmi China, Crook.ry, aa?l ? \mmvM. aad Tab* C?ttarr. Cooking 8tof?,ud KilskM ftmiaUa ImTS ' J. C. M?6('t*g 4 CO.. A??a. By J C. MeGUlKK 4 CO.. AMttoaMra. (V OTiCE ?Oiiat &ai or Prrmoa Lioroi* I* AK9 Wmn it C*iiio?ta-<)i MQWI)aY, Df?w>?r ITU, at 10 a'aioak a. ?u, w? ika. i sail, by oata:o?ce, at tb? Uuf; o! J. Caaparta, mmr the Ca^ito'. a'l hu ?u>?k of? sVibm airf Liaaora, aompnatac a tkoiw aaaort- niiflboW vV.UMkarLiaian.tkl noat of it of hi* own i I portation; KHMo/lt hwbm om&cm> v>fj bTtMSTUi rvticiiv. Btktmr* *<! i ii n??I. <U74 J. C. MoCUIKE A COh A?<? arenee and Rlmitl ?triil, ho* b??n^rsY freall? improved reoecUy Mi aow otaiUU greater LMUcr:n?uU for the HtranM* of oit.i-, ? M>4 etrMf *r* than a?y other ??l>.te komi I* ike it*. hi* orioee keiug ie?* that tho** of My other kote. ou Fmi wnh, m<2 ki* ?o**e*i*ieuoc? for MriauNi or traneieat harder* ueseof tooeabie. The has tnH r*M*r*at vrupMtb ut the ?re?M>H>tgTka?e kfayiy >ihm very m* B j*r, b ims?>: tkM om^mi 1

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