Newspaper of Evening Star, December 29, 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 29, 1860 Page 2
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THE EVENING STAR. WASHINGTON CITI:' ATCHOAY D*twtar SI, 1SW. a^lrtt ( the yinmtmt Pnm. TU Cmuumtim pronoo?e?? tfce propo?d five mill*** ko?n to bf >-B hiimtllattBg failure;" an DWcm<OH?WBH? , blln to 111* Shy lock standard, and think* that? , "A great leaaon will have bw* taught la rmlu If the North rafuM to Mt la the reception accord ed to the loan a cogent rraaon for fbe exerclae of a conciliatory aplrlt In meeting theeeeaaalen laaue " The lMtUtc**fr upoa the same tnt Inquires "what i? the go'eminent coming to, or rather what has It come to *" TSa Ktpnb icaa think* aoma satisfactory at. raageinent may reault from the Border State caucus last night. Tan FonnncATions in Chaslmtox Hue i. 4c.?As tha city and fortifications of CharUtton and harbor are accapying a vary prominent posl tlon In the public mind Just now, and as a great deal baa been said and written regarding the value of these fortifications to the people of Charleston, It might not be out of place to giro them their true value In case of collision with the United States It la quite apparent, by taking a glance at the chart of Charleston harbor, that if these forts were actually ia the hand* of the citizens of South Car olina. their only value would be to them to pro tact the shipping In their own harbor, and no farther Four United States ships could com ptataly blockade the approaches without say aid (nsi the forts; and Fort Moultrie, at the entrance, could not relieve that condition. no matter whether ia the haads of South Carollaa or the United States, sad ao ahip could eater or depart without seizure ffi a very reliable and elaborate chart of thla harbor by the U. 3 Coast Survey, it will be found that there are four channels entering the hsrbor: The 44 Main Ship" channel having from 3% to 7 fathoms water, running aouth six miles from the entraaoe " Swash'' channel, having from t to fhthoms. running southeast between three and foor Miles "North" channel runs half mile north of Swash and parallel to it for two-and-a-balf tiles, and with about the um? deptb or water And " Matttt's" or " SJullivan's Island" channel, which ruu from two to three ml lea due eaat from Fort Moultrie. Now, taking a range from that fort or the entrance, with a radial of four mil**, (Which woald be pretty aafe distance for cruiser* to rid*,) which would pretty nesrly cover the en trance to all these channels, with one ship of war on each of those entrances, the whole four ahips couid be mide simultaneously serviceable to each other, and so reuder the blockade impenetrable by aay force ftoath Carolina could command, as ths extreme distance of these ships from each other could be effectually reduced to about four mliss, aad still be safe from the Are of Fort Moul trie. Now, Is that condltica, these forta would be of very little us< to Charleston even if they were garrisoood complete. Hut how is it If they s>s la the possession of the United States or blockading power* Aad we should like to kaow how tie Charleston people could prevent relaforcement of these fortt' It U true that if the United Ptates should wait until the South Carolinians erect sea-cosst batteries along the margin of the harbor they might annoy them with their fire, but thev would b? no less ex posed to the Are from the ahips If it was deemed necessary to do so to accomplish their object. A few ships of war could silence every one of these forts even were they in the bands of the seces sionists. for the State troops are in but poor coa ditlon to successfully manage the attack or defense of say of these forts when opposed by experience, scisacs and, above ail, discipline. They might, no doubt, be well posted with superior officers, with pluck snd ardor?ail very serviceable ele ments?but are not of much permanence in any thing likely to be adverse or after a defeat Thsva is some tslk of erecting batteries along the shores of the harbor st suitable positions. Naw tW*v r, nnt apart r\ns hittlamant uritKnnt the perm 1*1 on of the United States, for two or three cruisers could prevent any construction that weald be of ur value to tbem, by driving the men from tbe works, and should they succeed In getting any guns mounted, it is quite doubtful that tier could be of service twent) -four hours after For Sonth Carolina to attempt to forcr baraaif from tbe arms of tbe United States bv a resort to arms, she would be as e child ia tbe bands of a giant, and entirely at tb< mercy of tbe United States. If she should ob. tain aid from tbe old powers of Europe?viz : France or England?tben she might hope U bave something like eqoality lu the struggle, but It ie quite doubtful whether sny of these govern ments would venture to aid her against the wish of their people, who are much more abolition in feeling than any of our Northern Republicans a ad would have less sympathy for their institu tlon than any of the Northern fellow-citizens. It la to be feared that Sooth Carolina has been iapeeed upon, either by demagogues at home 01 by foreign impostors. One thing is certain: sh< cannot take tfaese turta, utiles* toy permlMion o the U. 9. Government In order to capture then vhaa properly garrisoned, It would require at least three times the strength of the tort itself in meant, (kill, perseverance, and endurance ; foi It to a known fact that It require* all that amount of aaperiortty of elements, even with old and well-disc 1 pllned troops. Remember New Orleans a ad Bcbaetopol of late dste. Now, South Caro liaa to not by snr means a well-trained mil I tar; Power like any of Europe or even the Unitec tttates; hence, In a conflict with her she would be moat likely to suffer reverses In the fleld, ex cept those victories which accident might favoi her with and betray her Into the belief that lie' superiority secured the victory, and lead her Inti Impulsive and disastrous operations. May God preserve us from soch ! Tn Ox Drr ov ths Dai, Immediately around aa, to that Secretaries Floyd, Thompson, sat Thomas, all of whom believe In the alleged coo atltatiooal right of secession, It will be remem bared, have formally notlfled the Prssident ths they will resign their respective portfolios unlesi bs accedes to tbe demand of tbe South Carolini Commissioners. that orders shall be issued ti Major Aadsrson directing him to go hack to For Moultrie from Port Sumter, with all hi* force: a course thus abandoning tbe Utter te the seces toaUts This miner U probably true. To it we ma) net Inappropriately add, that if such orders ar< Issued te Major Anderson, Secretaries Toucey Hott, Black and Stanton will probably resign But we have not tbe leeet idem that the Presides* will accommodate tbe secession commissioners in this ceanectloe?none whatever. How It Wu Muiau.-We hear that 01 Christmas day Major Anderson dined formallj witauMKCOMIM auutoritlee?Chiefs In Charles toa, tod ni duly carried back to Fort Mocltrie by early moonlight, apparently very much o?r cave by the good thing* drinkable a*t t>*forc kla. Those in charge of tbe sterner posted in tfee channel to wilcU hla movement* In the f->rt, therefore thought tt would be aafe f >r them to relax their vigilance and themselves take a Christ maa alght froUc, and in the midst of which An deiroe aad h'.s force spiked Moultrie's guns and leaded mfeiy la Fort Sumter. The apparent In text cation of Anderson was but a feint to ban the vary tf?l tt did have.* Tea Dxciaios pro* thx Lose ?The Secretary of the Tnaaorr holds that the law gives him authority to reject aay portion of the btda opened yesterday la his Department the acceptance ol which la hla judgment may aet be advaatageoai for hla charge?the Treasury of the I sited States Be bM accordingly refused to accept sil the sat<j bide that diaaafol more tbaa 1*2 per cent, inter est from the Government; accepting the ba 1 stirs? arm- tt,9ue,WW?mm ameant about sotetrat t< pay the latereet npoa the public debt, to be du< ea Tuesday next. Jaa. let C7" We are authorised to stote tbat the Mbli< iscepttoa by the Pratdrat of tbe United States 01 New Ywl Dey wtU roirmenee at ]* oeleck ta it which h jot, la conformity with police arrange teste, the gates ef the escloeare will be open?d The reeeptiea will Urmlnste at i o'clock p at precisely Carriage* wtU appreerb the PMldea U&l Mansion by the east gate Tut Boid**-8tati? Mirrixo, laat night, ?e iuItM 1 iv nothing p<wltlTp All the rarioui prop* iltiona (ubniltted were referred to a committee of >ne from each St*t?. We ace no uwoi at thla 1 ma to hope for more hinony of action betveea be Republic an party and their oppoaeoU, who :ompoaed the meeting, than haa hnea ao far at tained in the Senate and Bnoae apeeUl committer rooma. The propoaitlona of Meaara. Seward and CharVea Franc la 'f-? (toJbrn the Congreaalona1 peclal committee*) upon which all ag reo. aim ply affirm that the North cannot conatltutlonally In terfere with alavarv in the StatM. and really em brae* no id vine* whatever toward! a settlement of the only question that continues to prove a tumbling block?the coequallty of the South la United States Terrltorlee. We trust that the border States Senators and Representatives will eontlnne to meet and Inter change views, if but on account of the fact that the best conceivable temper prevailed In their meeting last night, which may possibly lead to the desired concert of purpose The hopeful cure for the evil of the times, how ever, remains to be tried. It is simply the pro poeed Convention of the border alareholding States setlng la their sovereign capacity, to mee In Baltimore in February next. If it be held, with all the border slaveholdiag States duly rep resented In it by delegations formally chosen by Stite authority, whatever It may propose to the North and the extreme South will eventually be acceded to. There Is far too much at stake la the preservation of the Union, to permit the success of ambitious politicians, North and South, in tbelr schemes for Its destruction, when the ques tion comes before the people of all the States upon any well-matured snd really-conservative plan of settlement upon which all the border slavehold ing Stales formally and officially demand a de cision by each other State acting in its sovereign capacity. The trua causa of the inability of the present Congress to solve the difficulty is, that too many of Its members are mere politicians, playing, now, as heretofore, to strengthen themselves personally, by pandering to extreme opinions at home. Our life on it, whenever the question can be brought directly to the people, whether tbey are willing to surrender all the privileges, rights, prosperity and blessings resulting to all the citizens of all the States from the Union, sooner than incorporate the Missouri Compromise in ths Constitution, they will so unanimously choose the latter alter native, (and thequestion la already thus narrowed down.) as iiauuv ui poiHfcairuimucu puun^ men who venture to oppose such a settlement seri onsly. will be as effectually burled beyond the react of redemption In Massachusetts and Mis sissippi, as surely as in Kentucky and New Jersey. H7* The Richmond Enquirer Is undertaking to dragoon Got. Letcber, of Virginia, Into its own crazy policy, by denouncing him In advance as ' a traitor and deceiver of the people who have recently elecUd him,*' if certain rumors afloat respecting his forthcoming message are true. "Rumor is wide-spread," says the Enquirer, 'that bis message will oppose secession and re sistance, denounce South Carolina, oppose a State Convention, and advocate the formation of a Cen tral Republic with the Northwestern States. But, not satisfied with these reports, rumor attributes to the Executive efforts to preveut a State Con vention by agitating the question of taxation? writing to Eastern men that the West will de mand taxation of slaves, and to Western men urging them to demand taxation. It is Idle to attempt to prevent rumor* at such a time as this; the moat the press can do la to warn the public against the belief of these reports " Not orr Yrr.?It would seem after all that the South Carolina delegation, or some of them, con alder themselves as yet belonging to Unci# Sam's family A letter was received in thisclty yester day, dated Charleston, S. C., Dec. 26, under the frank of Hon. Mr. Keltt. Akinui United State* Sesatoi.?News has been received from Little Rock that on the 2Utb inatant Dr Mitchell waselected to the United States Senate by the Arkaaaaa Legislature by a majority of five. He la said to be an Immediate Secessionist. CBAftLiaTOX Is said to have at this time only about forty day's provlsiona for its present popu lation on hand Tbeae provision* came from Tennessee; and payment baa not been made for 1 tbem according to agreement. Tst rnnni TiTlft* \l if night was very fully attended by Senators and Representatives from fourteen free and alave bor der State*. Some seventy-live or more being pre ar nt The meeting, as already stated, was beld with a view to mutual consultation as to their ln terstta la the Uolon, and for the devisal. If poaal ble, of some arrangement whereby the present differences between the two sections might be composed * Mr Crittenden, of Kentucky, was called to the chair, and Mr Colfex, of Indiana, and Mr. Bar rett, of Missouri, were appointed Secretaries. Propositions for an adjustment of the existing difficulties were offered as follows: By Mr. Bar rett, of Missouri: Eleven amendments to the Con stitution on the slavery qoertioa. By Mr. Pryor, of Virginia: That an attempt to preserve the laion between the States of this Confederacy by force, would be equally unconstitutional, Impolitic, and destructive of republican liberty. By Mr. Vallan dighaitt, of Ohio: The Crittenden resolution's By Mr. Colfax, of Indiana : That the laws of the I nujn should be enforced and the union of the States maintained; and that it Is the duty of the t.xeeuuve ?o protect the property of the Tnltfd States with all tbe power placed In his hands by the Constitution ByMr Morris, of Illinois: That in maturing any plan for adjusting tbe existing difficulties of tbe country we will keep steadily In view tbe preservation of tbe Unloo under the Constitution as a paramount consideration. After a desultory debate, in which Messrs Cox of Ohio, Pryor of Va., Smith of Va., Jenkius of Va , Clemens of Va , Vlierman of Ohio. Stanton of Ohio, Colfax of Ind . Noell of Mo , Hlndman of Ark , Montgomery of Pa . McClernand of 111 , Harris of Va., and Harris of Md , participated, all the above propositions were, on motion of tbe latter gentleman, referred to a committee of one from each of tbe fourteen States represented, which committee is to report at a future meeting, to be called by them, If they shall agree upon an y basis of settlement. Mass Msit;uit Pirrsirmo?Tht Rrsxstantt Movement lUjnerated ? An Immense meeting ol citizens was held in the street, opposite the court house, in Ptttsburg, Pa., on Thursday, relative to tbe removal of ordnance from the Allegany arsenal 4* aw ? * ?* ? " >u lur auutnern iorw. UCDfril >Ym. KobltlSon presided Several peer he* were delivered; among others by Gen. J K Moor head, the mem ber or Congress from that district. Several resolutions were adopted by an almost unanimous vole, declaring the loyalty of tbs citi zens of Pittsburg to the Union; deprecating any Interference with the shipment of arms under tbs orders of the Government, however inopportune or Impolitic the order may be; and deploring the existence of the stste of things, and the connec tion of frauds with the administration of Import ant departments of the public service, as having shaken the conldenee of the people of the free States. Also, the following resolution: Huoifd, That while Pennsylvania is on the guard at the Federal capital, It is her especial duty to look to the fidelity of her sons, and In that view we call on our President, na citizens of thla Commonwealth, to se? that the Republic receives no detriment at bis bands 11 behooves the Pres ident to purge his Cabinet of every man known to give aid ana comfort to, or in any wise counte nancing, the revolt of sny of the States against the authority of the Constitution and the laws of the Union. a aispatcu iroiu uou KObert McKnlgbt, ask ing the people to make no further resistance, but uk for a suspension of the shipment of the gum until further advicaa from \\ ashlngton, waa raad and approved. Tub Fits Millio* Loan in N*w Yon.?The New York Kx press. of last evening, says:?''The government has realized to-day its iuahllity to meet the Interest on Its debts Calling due oa ths 1st of January The Treaaary notes, a poo the negotiation of which It bad evidently relied, were not bid for, except for an inconsiderable amount In view of the discredit which would follow the default at the Government In the pay* meal of its interest, a ealaaaity which has never yet occurred since tne foundation of the Govern ment. a list of names aa bidders for one million it# hundred thousand lolUrs of I'ttttd MM Treasury notes, under tb? last proposals of tbc Secretory of the Treasury, wo made up tkii morning at the Bank of Commerce and tele graphed to W ashtngton. Tbe portico to these olds hare boon Influenced to make ibom by con slderatiooe both of a high rate of Interest on tbc Treasury notes and to loooro tbe punctual pay ment of the Interest doe on tbe Government stock to 1st January?on* of tbe conditions of their bid being for a payment by a deposit of gold coin In Now York expressly to meet such Interest." Disc* a to id ?Over t|j thousand mechaalri were discharged from employment la Cincinnati during the pest week Tbe same good times art experienced by thousands of mechanics and labor ing men every city in tbe Union. 1Mb - The Lftttr. Applied wfll be found the letter written by Mr. Kendall to Mr Buchanan la 1939, mentioned j In Mr. K a article upon Seccaalwt in yuterday'a Stat: . W ?' hr iii "Wam:5?tow, Decern bat 7th, 1?aa | , Hon Jambs Bochaxah : Dtmr Sin:?Permit me to congraferiate yaw meal 1 lucareiy on jvmt election aa Preatd?tf af the l/nited Statea Though fortuoat* enangh not |i need or desire uy personal favor at the bands of my government, I hare never before Wt ao deep an ictareet In a Preaidential election, becauae never before since tb? adoption of tbe Federal Constitution baa our government been in such Imminent danger. The intareat 1 have felt in your eUcttea, if now tranaferred to your administration, becauae I believe It to be la your power to give sach a turn to political opinion and action as will avert all danger to our glorious Union for many future yenra. 1b addreaalng one of ao much observation and experience oa a subject which haa aeceaaarily commanded hla moat eerious attention, 1 feel that I expose myself to tbe charge of presumption, but 1 console myself with tbe reflection, that if, a? Is most likely, I shall not advsnce an idea which Is new to you, this letter can do no harm, while It will In some measure allay my own aazlety for tbe fature In the possibility that IVmay do some good. We cannot shut our eyes to the fact that there has been in tbe South, ever since the days of nul lification, t small disunion party. Their policy has been, both as to measures and men, so to shape their course as to produce alienation be tween tbe North nd the South, In the hope and witn the design that the disruption of tbt Union would be the result. This party has generally acted with the Democracy, while tbey have sought to break down that party by proscribing lesding Democrats of tbe North. It was thlscourse which originally gave strength to freesolllsm in the North, some northern politicians having thrown themselves upon that measure through resentment and for revenge. In the late contest (his party supported you, not, ss 1 verily believe, with any desire to secure your election. Certain It la, that they were the only party which jeopardized your election. Their drfence of Brooks' attack upon Sumner, their jus tification of Miwourl outrages in Kansas, their ultra pro-slavery doctrine?, their annunciations in favor of a renewal of tLe African slave-trade, and constant threats of disunion, were all calculated, and I believe designed, to sxasperate the northern mind snd produce the election of Col. Fremont. I ..-1 k- I.V: ?U ? as ?. r. ? .?uu uj lanu^ iuc (iuuiiu iati ii rremoui suouia be elected, the Union would at once be rightfully diuolvtd, they prepared the public mind for the catastrophe they hoped to witness. The conduct of these men operated against your election in another way. For obvious reasons no States are more devoted to the Union than Mary land, Kentucky, Tennessee, Missouri and Louisi ana. The conduct of your disunion supporters in the South enabled artful men in these States to represent you as a sectional candidate, whose fidelity to the Union was doubtful, and the vote for Fillmore sprung from the thorough-going Union sentiments of those 8tates. In fine, it is my firm conviction, that but for the attack on Sumner, the outrages In Kansas and the Justifica tion of thoss arts in the South, there would not have been a serious contest in the Iste election. On the other hand, there is a small but grow ing disunion party In the North, and nothing ran be more dangerous than the principles upon v hlch the self-styled Republican party is organ ized, and nothing more unprincipled than the means sdopte? by them to gain power. Few of I :b*m are In favor of the dissolution of the I'nton, I bu! they an dipping tta foundation* and casting firebrands a uidst its drapery. Let them succeed In arraying a consolidated North against a con solidated South, and maintain that array of parties through a succession of elections, and the end aimed at by southern dlsunlonlsts will be at tained. We bare already premonitory indications of the game designed to be played by these extreme parties during your administration. Gov. Adams, of Sooth Carolina, and various disunion newspaper* are out In favor of a renewal of the African alave trade, thereby furnishing materials for northern agitators, while the Kansas question Is renewed In the House of Represent*, tlves to prevent the dlsbandment of the Repub lican party. Now the safety of the Republic reqaires that tbese parties aball be deprived of the power to excite their respective sections of the Union against each other: but bow is It to be done.' To my own mind the way seems clear. Let your administration, as the head of the Democratic party, assume and Inflexibly maintain two posi tions: Firtt. The Federal Union aball be preserved as organized by the Constitution la Its letter and spirit. Second. Inflexible opposition to any further agitation of the subject of ulavery In the Terrt torles or elsewhere. Let It be understood that no man who iMki about a dissolution of the Union or maintain! political relation! with dlsunionlsts South or aglt&tora North, la to be considered a friend of tbe administration or a member %t tbe Democratic party. In abort, let tbe Union sentiment In tbe spirit of tbe Constitution be embodied as tbe leading element in tbe administration and In tbal parly. Many a patriotic man baa been pained ?ad dis gusted by tbe continual barplng about tbe diaso lution of tbe Union by aome of tbe Democratic papers and even tbose in Washington. Let all this be made to cease; let tbe public mind be led to have faith In procuring remedies of all exist lng evils within tbe Union and not out of It. Particularly let any newspaper whlcb miy be supposed to speak tbe sentiments of the Admin istration be ao exalted example of unwavering faith la tbe perpetuity of the Union, while It ad vooates tbe rights of tbe State* wlti) no lea* firm new and zeal. Tbe alavery question now reeta where tbe Con. atltotlon left It. Whether It was wise to repeal tbe Missouri Compromise, it la unnecessary to de viw?> mtwmym ?uvu|u? it * vioiauon oi toe tpini of the Constitution, which praauppoaea that a 8taU baa been organixed by tbe people oompoaing II before Congreaa baa any thing to do with it aa a State, and that for Congreaa to Interfere before admlaalon with a view of ahaping lta lnatltutiona, la aa Inadmlaaible aa tbelr lntetference to alter tbem after admiaaloa. Tbe true principle baa been reatored by the Kanaaa-Nebraaka act and there la no difficulty la defending It In the North aa well aa la the South, If It be carried Into effect In good faith and the northern mind be not excited by tbe taunta, violence, and extreme opinion* di vulged by aoutbern dlaunlonlata. I have thua rety baatlly.bat 1 hope intelligibly, sketched out tbe views I entertain in relation to the preaent and future political condition of the couutry. I have no apology for obtruding tbem upon y<>n, bat the deaire to aee my country mala. Uin lta unity, and my government lta purity, through my few remaining veara. and dt* in ?>> - < * ? hope that my children aad my children' chil dren may enjoy the a*me political blessings which have been my invaluable inheritance. Hoping and believing that y tur admlatctratlpn may be an honor and glpry to youraelf, and a blnaiag to oar expanding country and Its Increa*. lng million*, I remain, with the higbeat respect, your obedient errant, A?oa Hamuli. fcomwincAT*n Comcio* ? Wkmt it It '?There are various -f 14-. ' ? " " Vi V.UCIVIVU OUUVB Carolina IS attempt ing to "coerce" Virginia and the other slave holding Saatea U Join her. by compelling them to cbfOMMtWMO two evlla, vl*: Abandoning Mi protection ickiek tkt Com it itntion promittt le tktir 4/<ir? property and all tktir otktr tatmiti, or part timpany %ttth ktr. W by may not the United State* 11 coerce" her, by placing her la the nm predicament, via. Lilting ktr ekoott 6*H?? r*?wr* ti ktr aU*' nnct, or firing tkt first gnn in a wor w^Jt tltt Unttid Stout. Coerce bar aa she wmid " ? tree" Virginia, and If the chooser war, Ut kti eommrnt* it. Keep Port Sumter, colleet the duties, aad let bei choose peace or war IIwm. Mississippi.?'WbM MlaiaalMl shall yU there will be no trouble aboqt Qw collecting at revenue tbore. 8be baa no poet of entry. 117" Soup bouses were opened In Philadelphia on Christmas Only eleven persons called the rat day, and they received 93 plan of *>up f Items T*l?|rtpk?4 fr*a WtihlifUk. Wmiiktox, Dec mlttea of of the the question from Congress. Slavery to be interdicted North and tolerated South of the 11m Also, the prop twit ion of Mr Rte*. for the establishment of a similar line, to admit all the territory north aa one Stats, to b? called Washington, aad all tb? territory south aa sue State, to be called Jefferson, and admitted with slavery. All of these propo sttlons were rejected, and the Committee, finding that they cannot a^ree on any recommendation, will so repert to the Senate at an early day. The Houat Select Committee of Thirty-three to-day considered the proposition of Mr. Adams, of Massachusetts, for an amendment to the Con stitution, prohibiting Congress from passing a law Interfering with slavery In those states where It exists. It was agreed to by n nearly unanimous vote, the several alasententa consider that the Constitution already given that security. A South C\Eoi.:sa SmuMti's Opinio* or thsTsbritorial QTasTion.?A letter from Hon. Wm. W . Boyre, of South Carolina, to a friend In tbls State, aavs the Boston Transcrlptof Thursday, asserts that the Government is going to pieces.ana that be regrets the destruction of the Union for the negro, who Is better off in his present condi tion. Irtr. Bovce says the Territorial question Is a humbug, and that in all the new Territories the Wllmot Proviso has been passed by nature. The South will dissolve the Union, according to Mr. Boyce, because the philosophy of the Republican party is emancipation, although the Republican leaders disclaim such an Idea. .Yy?NEW JERUSALEM CHU*CH, Nonrn I 3 D U . WM n Tl.n \rmmr VtrilUli, U?TW??* D A.1V V/ iJIAAA I . A U? film leutureou onaptcrs o| Ueue.ia will t.e dshvered on SUNDAY MORNING nsxt, on tlie learesentativo cb.iraotera ol Cain and Abel. Baata ires ayl itrtwg>r? earnestly invito. It* y~3r~REGISTER'S OFFICE, Deoembcr a.lWO. JJJ Notice ia hereby *i?en, that Lioeooea issued to Owner# of D<*<s will expire on ibe Slat instant, and that s&id Lioanses miMt be renewed, in con plianoe with tiii? Office wi'hin t->n d^s after that Ume. WILLIAM MORGAN, d* 2E-tja3 Register. y-y?REGI8TER*SOFFICE,IV?ce:nb ra.lWP. ' L " Notice ia hereby given,that L oen?ea ia>u<d toHjick*ters will exp re on the 3'?t lasUut, and that laid Licen-etmust he renewed, in compliance with law, at this Office within t^a days aft-r that Ume WILLIAM MORGAN, de 23-tja3 Register. rT5? UNIVKR8ALI3M.-MATEBNAL AF JJ? FF.CTION. WO**N'? INFLUENCE, AND WOMAN'S WORTH.?THtrtPHiLua Fmt will deliver adisoarse upon the ?uhjects iadic?t?d at the First Cnngrerationaliat old Trimt? ) rirarch, next SUNDAY EVENING, at7 o'clock. showing oonolnaiyely and irretisti'ly that the i:,fesnee* deduo hi* therefrom to to pro?e the hna! hohneaa ?nd happiness of the whole human ra<*e. 8*ata ree. de27-3t* rr?P?BANK OF THE METROPOLIS, WasH Us> ikotox, December 21, ?86?* ? Aa thia bank will not lx> open on Tuesday, the 85'h D^cemb'r, (Chrittmai l)ay,>nor on Tue^ay, the lat Janua ry, it ia requeatod that notos due at tho Bank on those daya be (aid on the Mondays imraediatnly dw 213? .a,.*) ly-f^FAIR.?Tha ladiea ?f Kiotcher Chapel will lk_3f hold a Fair at No. 274, Sov?Ltii street, he twnen L and Mats., from 2<>th to Slat Dooe?il>er, inclusive. Come, enjoy yourselves and procure ar r ?L- L..i:.l- ' al.L.a. IA la-*. - uoies iur 1110 miiiuAji rwwuu ucirv?, umuuui a gentleman and lady, 50 cent*; single admittance 10 cent.. d> 18 121 II ^ COLLECTOR'S OFFICE. CITY HALL, LL5 Wasiiisotos, December 6, 186n. TAXES ON PERSONAL PROPERTY, SLA YEA, Ac.?Notice ia hereby given that the tax bill* for Hounahold Furuiture,Stocka. Slaves, A c., for tho year 1861, and previous jours. are nov made out and ready for delivery, and are payable at thii o4<oe, Tho e who do not call aud i-ottle their bills within twenty daya from thia dite will be called on by one of my assistant,*, and if tho bills are not paid within sixty days from thia date I ahall proceed tc enforce tho ooliecuon in the manner required by law. J AS. F. HA LI DAY. de 13-2f>t Collector. Y^?THi: UNION PRAYER MEETINGS 1LJ will be holden every day tins week, in tin English Lutheran Church, corner of IIth aa<l H streets, to cominenoa at 4 o'clock, ami to contt"u< one hour. de 17 (Y-g=?PHILADELPHIA CONFECTIONERY 1L_3 Ice Cretm. Water Icea, Wedding Cakes Pouod Cakea. Mince Pies,Pastry, Crusts fr Oyste Pies, Jellies, ami a general assortment of nic< things in the Confectionery hue, at PtJSSELL'S corner Twelfth and F sts. _ no 34 1m* -0* IT DEMPSEY A O'TOOLE, WEDDING AND VISITING TRIE8EMAR, 1,2 and S-ProUoUd by Roy a Lettera Patent of ttncland, %ad aeonre<t by th Seals of the Eoolo de Pharmacia de Paris, and th i Imperial College of Medisine. Vienna. No. 111 invaluable for exhaustion and natorrhea ' and al*physical disabilities. No. 2 completely eradio&les all traaea of thaa diaeaaea that have been hitherto treated by the aaa aeona and use ol ooaaiva and oabeba. No. S haa entirely supplanted the lajariona me o mercury, thereby insuring to the aufferer apeed relief, aiapereing all imporitiee, and rooting oa 1 the venom of diaeaee. TR!E?E?AR, Noa. 1,1 and S are prepared H th* form of a loienae, devoid of taate and amel> and oan be carried fn the waiatooat pooket. foli in tie oases, a*>d divided into ae tar ate doaflfc. aa ad ministered by VeipeauALallemand, Roax, Rioord fto Price as each, or four eaeea for ?. whiol eaves and in tl7 oases, whereby tnere is a sav inc of 19. To be had, wholesale aad retail, of Di BARROW, of 194 Bleecker street, New York Immediately on receiving a remittance. Dr. darroi will forward the Trieeem^to any partofthe wor d aecarely packed, and addriaeeo aecording to the in atruoU->na of the writer. The B<.v>k, of all others, that ahoald be read b men with damaged and hrokea down oonstituuon is "Human F'ailtv, or Phytiolosieal Ke^earChea It is beaatifully illuaUated. and treats mlautNy c all the aviBB vmi that invanahlv ifavalm e ye* sooner orjater. rdealtim from the Fraittio and vitiating habits of early youth, iboaeacitaUni tho victim from sharing the fni'ioa oftht rnatri^Jf not checked in time, decener almt all t*e HboUobi of manhood, and hr login, te. T?*- Fn~' , Sold alto t>y 8. C. Pord, 4'.. Drag Star*. Wl?v mtoa. P.C, JO THE PBB_L1C, ?? J^ltSgSttS&xr,*. K?.k?. tioa of busman, w? lun * ?? general stagni uua inducement for V -et?rmined to offer I oath, and v? now MtfK .. ohaeers to buy of us f< per oAnt on all ?u*> . to nUt i disooaatof DlYS.iaorder' during the next HIXT goods, and jf JB*M* ??r wr *r** stock < - ? - - - j(li rnA mAiiatr r.M t kam j I _ ?- .--?J ?" K" ???" > I "^t1' *** thtt. "T will h?v* in trading with o?, on the t* w pr< 'jMd.uu xamin*tion of our etook and irn will now for Uwnwolroe whether or not we ai ; fe ? sle : afgnai Wi iiowl hardly add that oar etook, owiag to kh tlju* *f tk* mm*I, ta bow r?r* Imrgt. in natty kidd arbotataaar Trry low pneai aad in nam* laetaaoea, at tin than the aotui ooet. Tb* lowest nriee will invariably be named a onoo. _ W. M. 8HLSTEK k. CO., No. M orpotiu Center Market, 4* n-WMl between 7th aad 8th sU. CARD RtfOKAVERS. Importers of fin? WEDDING STATIONERY, WEDDING ENVELOPES. the must beautiful sty lei 396 Pa. Av., between 9th and l<Kli ata , en 27-fiin Wa?i!i*oto!?. I NOTICE. REO Most respectfully to inform our customer that their bill* for l&nnary 1st a-e now ready, am I woald be ob iced by their celling end get in % th< erne. fie 89 R.C.STEVENS. I NOTICE RE Bill* of all our cm tinier a have been mai< and will be rendored between thia %nd the la of January. ... We earnestly deaire an rarly fett.ement of ali onr aooount*, end especially those thet were oar ri*4 over from JuIt teat. deS9 3t M. W. GALTA BRO.. Jeweler*. JL'bT RECEIVED BV FRENCH 4 RICHSTEIN, 87S Pxrx Avknck. B lam's Middle Ages,'he tmw Boilor, Literar itioa River aide Press; ton*d paper; price f3.7 bj mail The nana) heavr duooant at our a tor* Aiao, the ume edition* of MoCanley, Hum*. 6ib bop. C*rli?le. LamV Shak?p?er. de ? MY COACHES WILT. POSITIVELY BE I? it* attendance at me oioae oi tne -*?*_ , par .y to be given by the Merry Hoola! [ Inh^t llHii Fallow*' Unll nn MliN- W te y?Wy3 DAY 15VKNIN<i. Deo SI. I860,and will c >nv?y th , gneita to Twectieth at. and fa ar., Seventh and I to , and Seventh and Maryland avenue, I aland Pare 15 cents. d?89-2t* HUGH (ATHAM. HAVK YOUSKBN theS?> e*fitChildren's Book at FRENCH k. RICHSTEIN'S, 379 Pa avenue, eelling for 10 cent*.' (lave you aeen th elegant *2 Annnala fo> Now Year preienta, a FRENCH k. RICHSTEIN'H. eelling f-r only * Call and make y>nr purchase* before they aro al gone. At FRENCH ft. RIOHSTElN'S. de2B 2T9 Pa. avenue. CELLING OFF 1 UKLUNG OFF ! ? FOR CASH-FOR CASH.' Oar entire atook of Winter PreatOooda. Shawl* in areat variety* Ladiee' Oloaka, Fancy Dreaa Stlki and Bilk Rota Plain and F eooh Mennoi, Poplinaand Repi, Fine Bed Blanket!, all at ooat for cash. Alao.a lull atook of general staple Gooda ft>r fcrnii ssr *""" So'tKf/'itr.'0 de 39-2 v tsi seventh at., ab^re Pa. av. rpHE ALL SUFFICIENT THREE. *-^S??.Sr lOro^io ^ |B th? Kvi?n? ***a. (? V1* j the tartett cirvalattur of aor daily pape. a^bluhod in W whin* ton.) 1_B/^_JSrTon**'*,,w* 'or lactars la the Wlow iac lirt, will pleaaa mt thar ADmniu. LADIES' LIS v. ?'- ? Mr. in iafW *??? It, MM* JM1I Hrovn, Ccthtrutt Batktr, Mw S BU?cb?, Mad L tyUt.KnEO Idvia. Mr* L M Baydaa, Mr* C 0 Cm, Mrs Jaha Cos, Miw A Cra*by, Miaa A J. Chcmh, Mim Am Ufna, Mm* Liu CuirM.MiMX'lt Jot?ib, Mr* Murt OnBu, Mill Jam nuim, mm i Unla.ciurin Mr. | h Hall, Mr* S?araV ivy, Mta* lUllll. Ha?a, Mr* Mana B SaMU, Mn t*u B Ha**.Mia. EUaa A Kait* Mar* E Halfrr, Mr* lt<n, Mr* B P Radg??,Mia. Oimnt* lani-Mr* Uut* H*?t?r, Mr* Mary Scat!, Mr* r?u? C hininn.MiaM i Buydtr, Mi*L?*?ata lrv>*i)lnt*aa*aik Iwm.MwH'taC WMT'iUr, Mr* Mary A i M'jT Caaaallaa, Mr* B ItupJIat LiuhU Shtpo.r tl ,Mri I Canway. M imAboB lur Mrt MarrAaa aofinia.MiM Jar Calkow, Malrira " ~ * ~ ^ Coaatli, Bri J Cka . Aiar .Mr* Marr Aaa Lapaaar, MnUat Brilcil M?b<I. Mia .MriM'rE Maati Cbaiabtrlaa, Mr* U Madia cavilla.MnTbaa L Mm* E Tackir, Mr. Laiy Am Tb . Mi*. M P Tristan, Mim C Wall, Mr* C Wrifhl, Mr* M B Waad, Mr* H B M*4 Paal? , C?ralia? A Mciotir*, Bndfii Chaplain. Mr* McCarty, Mr* Carroll, MiaaKoama McRa*. Mia* Jaba Daria, Mr* Parkiaaan, Mr* J Davu, Barak E Parka**, Mr* R Davta, Mm S.nlla fto Diir, Mim Ate DaSaudtraauCardooKoach, Mr* U A GENTLEMEN'S LIST Oraa, J UKaaoa, Jaa OotUftr, Jaa Oordui. jit N Oardaar, J L Uaal, Haa Qilbart.H W Ofaal, Fraacia?B Ganl, E W H*rdiaf, B F-S Addcu, I II?I Hoppan, B W Ank*D*y,Oaa J?a Ran*. Banian A >ck*r, Jaa P HaM*, Ba Addiaon, H?ary H*cka?y, W B Apltby, Htnry Haakin*, W W Aldrick. L P Ha v lay, W V Aodtrauo, Oan A Hartoo, V B Barrett. Hao Ricbd Hall. Tbaa U Bild, Rudolph H.arlar, Tia Bravo, Nibaaia* Rar?, R R Booard, Levi* Havi, Hon N B Burdf .l, L Haoktr, Ron load, 1 L Ham*, Jaa?I Ryaa-W Browa,Jaa J) HaRu^toa, Jaabaa Kaa, Vaikn|iM Aikaa, Wa Addiaoa, Wia Ashtoa, Wia AU*a, Tkaa Atktaaoa, Taraar Ali*a. Thoa O Aahvarka, tial Adam*, C?pi R A Aak*r, Miikl AlUa, J "" U'Laary, Caraeliaa Owaa, lUbt O'Carnr* Paartrt, Jaaiaa Praator, Wa Partar, Bufard Pattit, E Panar, B B Partar, Rayaalda Piart*, OlaM Pfartt, Jaa R Praiaa. Jaa U Pan?rfa4, Q A Partar, F I Pric?, Cbaa M Piyka, C R Raalaf, Mr Rarer*, W R Ric*?rdaaa. WAS Ray bald. Wa Ryaa, W_H-t Raady, Brown io( Barbour, Jt< A Bt ilty, A Kurt on, H ?? Brook*, Henry Buioci, H Brtwar, H Batet. H A Bro* it, UuImvim Backuer, E A Biaakhoame. E E Bra?on, E H B*ue, E N Burtidr, D E Bui!, L) M Burton, C?| Bradford, C 0 Braiuard, (j H Bontutt, Chat C Coioo, W C Crate, Li M m Coukack, W H Cruf tr, W H Crane, San) O Cartur, S ham, R Colby, Phillip T Coburn, Oecar A Coaabt, M M Ctapbell, M Hj Clock, Ltaria Coon k 8m, Jno Coambe, J no T Cobb, Johu, A Clark, Jno T C'r tcbtn, tr, Jno Cattif aa, J no?t Collin*, Joa H Cramer, J R Carver, Gen H Cornell, Jno Ck???r, Htnry Chant, Geo Carlioo, J 1. Canto, Q?oho Cintrun, F Cr.fl, E P-S Crane, Chat H Cooper, Bithnp 1 J at Hovtlle, Dr J O Htphorn, Jm HarriaoA. Oto B Haw*. Prof G P Hardy, Oto T Htekaadaa.Qto W l*. 0 M Harria, v ? !, Hail, Edwd?4 Huftiet, Daal?I Hurdit, Chat Raoilin. Ch 'a Ivary,Jno C Inalty, John A lualty, Capt J A?8 Jacobu*, Wa?1 Jboneaa, Ttna JullUOUU, a T J add,N B Jertaa, Micbl Joutt, Jm Jehueoo, Jnt Jordan.J H Julio*, J W Julian, Oto W ?8 Johueori, Oto L Juih, E Jtukt, D T Jaimaoc, A Jark*oi>. A P Jont*, A H Jack*oo, A O Jordan, A B?I Bailor*, WmJ Ktnytr, W V Belly, W B?I Kiuf, W 8 Binf. WB Ktmp, R H?t Ktlltr, J N Biaf, H Kia(, Daal Btyf, Lt Col Keudall, A L Ltntu, Win LLord, Robt I. Lainar, M J I.moo!in, M Ltt, Ja? fcx:Vo? Biekttu * hivky Richard., M L D Kbo.det J W E Boaee, J M ?e?d, JaoN Rodftr*. Jaa Reed,Jao W Baby, 1 P, Ed far Rttdtr A Co, CM Ri?tt, Alirad L Rochtard, A U Raft. W 0 piafltr W W katitb. W H?8 liblty, Hi Pabiaa uowdak, T H hiaflrto. , Tn? union, I l*u, Rvbi Sard. Pat cbotnherr. Mr uh. Morraa L (cboliild, 1.1 tbert, L D Ickaaktrfir, L Shant,Jno fthai.U, J PC Smith, Jat R fcrmth, Joo loan, Jaa Saoder*. } B B unity, J J Itftfd, Jacob Stock da lr, J T nydtr, Jaa A taatoo, II B ttel, Heury tirr, Htary Shirk, HC Spoha. Ota hattack, E K oar, D J Sb(?ar4. D W,!? Ifaairwi tfiCH phtrA, C!ut A weeny, A A all, Anderson T Creu akaw, 11 H Culbertaaa, Alek <K-ir>man,G?? Doner, W R Houf I us. W A Docolioe, Tbaa Dtl'ii, Stephen J Difut, Richd Oojif, Mickiel Doaoean, J.i A Douallan. Geo I);m,D8 Ileamuud, D DuMCrr'ilur 1 Diehmaa, Ch?a H Davaou 4 Co Di??u,A8 Leana. Stephen fcrana. Sim! D fc.i.atl, Ream Kdwarda. J C Cvatil, t? C K??rn, Edward LlU?. Chit H Finuall, W H Pal?a, Tboa H B F raid, J Frailer, J W Fein. J Feun?y, W Fuater Henry D?8 aojrC> g*? u?a Letii, J bo T Ltadeinau, H Lee, Alfred Luihart, A Malaaey.W \ Moilia, W Matunflj.DiThaal szz'ii? Mill*, Mr Mora*, Jno t Mullifao, J F MaClt, J *i Murphy, lu? MartVg. Ja. H Murray, Joe H Mullioa, at Ju? Mi.ler, J L MuUma, Ml J Macduff, J Mitchell, H Middletoa, H O Muhlhouae, F M.cJutf, F N Meyer, C O Mecklia, A H? Momll, A P Tumi*m, W h fiat) Tro? bn?!j?, A k Tw?ly. F T Taylar, iao , Tyler, C S-? fpwi., N Viae eat, Fred?S Yaa Fauau.C H?? *UCM, Cap % m i Waiaon, Tkoa f Wetmore, T C Wktlaly, Sitreau Wood*, M'jkual Wbtueoa, K B W abater, Nathan Wilea, Jaa? Wiaa. Mayir Waldo, LPW Wrt|*t, J * Wadawarth, 1 1-8 Wiatar, laaac J Wade?ortl.,Oea J f Wlatera, Jaa W Weber, Ju> ? WilM, Jaa W 'W uaoa, Jno T McA*ay,JMiM Wuliaiua, Jaa McLaau, Dr Chaa We rib tart mi J < MeCata.D WH(?ii,Waaa McGowaa, tiw-7 W&.(. H T T McKee.JaaH Wtofteld, FU Fun. Prancia U French,? m Faulpiu, E Boyd Praiier, C C Frtuck,B P Ficklta, Baul Fridltjt.A M Good*. W? O i.iMjo*, "n?* (itritn, GriH*. M Oraaoo, M Griaica, Jaa H Oarrtlt. J S Mcn?rthv, M( Me Lain, T?*a N?ni, V W ^ u, P Nul.JV Kolu, Juo Nallej, Ja? N?V'. 8 C Kxlftnf, Om Nickaia, Gao W NiiiIh, Om W Nonou, E H Oaborna, J no H Valla, Eraatua?t W.Uor, H N C Watan ?d* Wad.w.rth, ?C Whiting. O V?4 Walwe.C W WiIm.CC W Chaa WitUaaaa, B H Wiilum. Arli ?8 Young, H H Yar.r, W W Y out.g, K Yea,, B MISCELLANEOUS -L. C. H. C7LITTIU MVIt III 4U Otm bb Pbepa.ii>. 1>m 29 WN. J ON Ed. P. M. THE PAPER FOR THE TIMES ! THE PAPFSl FOR THE TIMES 1 THE PAPER FOR THE TIMES ! GET THE DOLLAR STAR OF THIS WEEK GET THE DOLLAF ? \R OF THIS WEEK GET THE DOLLAR oaAR OF THIS WEEK THE FULLEST PARTICULARS OF ALl THE ASTOUNDING DEVELOPMENTSOl THE WEEK! MORE NUMBERS Ol AMOS KENDALL'S REMARKABLE BE R1ES OF ARTICLES UPON RECESSION GREAT BUDGET OF LOCAL NEWS TALES OF EXCEEDING 1NTERE8T. 1 THOUSAND AND ONE MISCELLANEOUS PARAGRAPHS GIVING THE READER U BRIEF THE VERY PICTURE OF TH1 TIMES. BUY THE WEEKLY STAR AND SEND II TO YOUR FRIEND, OR SEND HIM A RECEIPT FOR A YEAR'S SUB SCRIPTION AS THE BEST POS SIBLE CHRISTMAS GIPT. de 27-3t A PEW IN EPIPHANY CHURCH ?01 SALE ?Pew (Mo. 103, ne&r the pulpit, in tb m.ddie aisle. Apply to the "?xton. deS-lv* C'AKM HAND.?For hire from the let of Jua JT ary.a Tonng NEGRO MAN, aoenat>m?<] t< work on a farm. For koneety and jo.kI eltt-Mt* he oan be reoo intended. Address Box Beorv* town. D. C. 4eHr PANIC TIMES! PANIC PRICES! Am consignment, wkioh rnaitWsoJd before the etfcn Maroh. without regard to e?at. Tkeee Made har< a. I be*n made up by the boet hoaeei ta Baltimon and Phi adelphi*, and owing to the time* they *ij be eo'.d at aliaoet any pnee. oaf objeet being to tan them into oa*h as aoo* M pcssibls. C'o'.hiere, No. 439 se vfra fc fbo?e'G. N. B?Come on*, oome all; ?ow is the Una fa bay WINTER CLOTHING at My meooa Be entbet-.No. 43H,<?t?*f??bov?e daSk* n ?*A*IP|N& IN COLOat ?? torM- i Ckiaa Orai it A^r nt?^r1r5Mr ?t2J?'JT ?MCkiaac ?jy^wBt.'Utk WITU -ARD CASK -jffig - gfrfcoLP* AW-Vftf cSAh~aSF"LI . -The Fiano I have loaned lor tiiep^N rapd ohantj oonoart Una aicfct tt Wil Hill lard*' Hat), for til* benefit or ti?a poot, ia ott Chitkariaa'a bast Pianoa, and If aoid vitkia a day* 1 will yraaaat to tk?BMi?tTtl prooeeda. JOiLNP. Bala 4a? Ohiokanaa * ft W" ONE MOMENT, LADIES!~ K Ara eloeinc out b&laiaa of vory hand BONNET?, made of boat malarial, at J he VirT IdVAat AAflk mmimmm I a/)i*. m?f? a beautifuTlTo! yoa eu rurobue t* mItm daSMt, gUTTR., VEjy^^S^EAlWN^ o Raotirod thu day? ^ l>ri*t UTTE*. 98 box*. IMV 11tfcS pri^ LEAP tARI d*^"" ln d!*L?gojtlimoW 4 CO. Hone prick, only ! a vino on ktod a rmrj heart ttook of DRRf TRIMMING#, Iwill offer the mom *ery tKfl Caac, and One Prioe Onlr. r. c. 8TKVRNR. 336 Pa. av . do23 tf betwaaettfe and iota eU. AUCTION SALES. H? WALL * ltARN*ai> AuUcwi 1>AILI?-Fft RALf OP ROCMIOLD Jl<l l? mu-u. *c.. it ?rcii?*.-0? MySDiV MORNiN?J.Sl t Insta'.t M !- ?.,o"w?k. I l ?*ii iUtio**6 'Vu1 U?*Hd ^-r Ch^i't?, MUofu; *arM?-tof !> ? ? an4 h;d? r*b , kJlili, Aim Caura, WtCtUrttU L*m? M AB.I ?l ?< ? I uU Cro*k*ry W*r?, Ut?? War4rol*?M4 ukituit, i k Nktt'tun, I U? PlIiOTti ? ?, Coiatd. m +-.4 fHh r I. Climrer b.w??. I ituUf.ti J. U WISE ?ti .fi WALL 4 BARNARD. A?cU THIS AFTERNOON t TO-MORROW . ? ^ttAjjgyjagSL^. At JCSX3S " "* of Ftur ?O VJVtV. . oolkn GOODS, SCARFS,**., ? r d**'d WALL A BARNARD, Amu. FUTURE DATS. TWO large LOTS qf PIG IRON FOR I I4LI? Gaouirvwii. D. C.-Br nrtie of u orUcr of i.ttnim from WiUtoai A. Br*dlr Ailm : t }>y?y v< ikt o^rfOJuDAT.tW ku itf&i for aala tha Mid iror. at pablie u?ti?i U tha h ?k ^ ft. H. TRUNNRLL. JETTHB ABOVF. SALE 18 POSTPONED MON DAT, Dh II, mm k*ir u4 ?hN i\ tha CirouiiCvenof U#I>I?V ct uf Colqabta for tti? Coanty of WaakiBf ton, aad Is m* dirertad, I Will IINM to yaklic aala, for ?uk. in float of tU Court Hmn door of aaid onutt;, oa TH L" US DAY. tta ink te; <4 J to wry aaat, Mil. u it o'oIocXm.. tha fo..oartr j daaonbad proaarty, to wit Part of Lot No.l.ii 9??r*No. Ml b?|n.nini at the northwMt oornar of aaid lot kMfr??ir*| thaaoa it oa Virclata avaoaa 1? faat I laoh; Ucm* aoau Mat oa V lrg avaoaa II faat i mk: Um? iotu by hiiUvmI the depth of aaid :ot; tlit do* vaat by aouttiweat to tha aoathweat ooraar v( aaid i<H; Ut.04 Borth b? aorthaaat W faat I inchaa to Vii Kibis a**naa. ooataiaiag ' -SW a^uar* faot, tocathar with all aad tha improra?iaciU tharaou. ta of WaahiBftoa. l>. C... aaised aad lavi?d upon aa tlx pro??rt? of John NNMkMi. aad w\ ; " f au d to aaUaff jadioia>a No. 14. to Jai nan tarw, SI, ia fa Tor of J. K. Wu lard, uaa of J oka ParU?. da M-dta W 8ELDEN, L'.tt. Mara*ai. ALL SHOWED VP! ALL SHOWED UP'. ALL SHOWED UP! OB iU BOUND TUB STOVE! AT THE' AND PILGRIMS' REST. PEDLARS' AMD PILURIMS' REST. PEDLARS' AND PILGRIMS' REST. 4 NEW YMAR'S STORY, APPftAlt ON T>1 3d ?f Juiarj, I86K In tha CiU of Nav York, on tha afwtve vri| be made public, the ahora all-exatiitc. a'l,. ing incident. of whiafc aimoet erery one ta un?m to hew or knov aomathinc. Be it kMva, therefore, that John Rom Dii. Ek hfca written ft moat remarkable New Year'e tor;?rfti? rkftble alike lor ite intensely amusing and thrilling narrative, teniae aad fwer. which naonot fail to oftrrr with it delight aad ft?aeen.e't into the hoaaebold of ararr family in the lar?l. Seldom, if ever.haaa itorr been published tnwr? uitad for uniTaraal pernaat at the eomweno. rr -.ot of ft new year. The raaorda of the wonderfa tale* h l\ ? :i?: ? ?* ?? - ? w;a oj ine pufnhi* nhi p?l?ri WOO were I iBotM np tofether on the wajntii* oo?amo? referred to, are a!) happily blended to?etliw I t tbo kltkor in a ety |e at odoo fenial, ittrMtir* ud n - tertaioing, ib Uii new story. Tb? abort Story Baa booa vritUn epae* Mr for th? HouMhoid Journal, oobbmoibi ia No. M. Tt vil! appear axetvBirely M THt UOV8EHOLD JOI RIIAL Tk? FtwrtU Faally Paper, ?a The Sd of iMiarj, 1M1. IIITKM PAGES. TIULEE 'Jbiry. SIXTEEN PAGES. THRE& CENTS. SIXTEEN PAGES. TBREJT CENTS. SIXTEEN PAGES. TIUE CENTS. Sold by all Booksellers and N?ti b?*iU. N twi agents pleaee tend iu your order* aa early aa poesi Ms to MNrt a proapt supply. The HOUSEHOLD JOURNAL ia tWe free fami t l^nnrlir^I of tKa r#? PbKIibWmI Fric?'*rtrM Chu. Pybluhod br A. HARTHILL * CO.. 9* North! William it. S#w York. Mined to out oddrMa lu# ftlJOo jeor. with tbo following I olubi : < oopiM, f7 >1 o y?or; 10 oofioa, fll ?; ?" * WflOV, ? J W v<^ is avj is oof ioa, f2ft o T?r. ?'&aanisrtft<syr do 77-At 1861 ????' * 1861 8H1LUNCTON'S NEW pApM ^0a^*V-ncy. ?rV6 M ?,u Po. SnV; vH . -Y ?*LY PAJPERR._ _ i om fiar 9N. Nov ! Ik* Urn* oiamra juat tn ^'"*n,W|jRfijNOTON ? B^.u w, . nt>u*a BAB tmmtr ?! WOILD-A'. SSrwr tOMd

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