Newspaper of Evening Star, January 7, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 7, 1861 Page 3
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IA )C A L NEWS. t/" Tbr>i?h Til S*ta? la printed on the fcaleat pig in q?r> vnath of fialtiaoce, !ta edition la m \true u to rcjatr* It to b* pot to pr?? at an ?*rly hour, AdTPrtl*ri?it?, therefore, ataonld be *nt in before 12 o'clock n>.; otberwiae tb?7 anay not appear vntll tbe next day. Noticb.?District ft Columbia Advertisements t? be Inserted In the Butwom Sci* are received M and forwarded from Tn *ta? 0?ce. RiLiatort ?Yesterdav being a very pleasant day, the congregations at the varloas churches were quit* large It was gratifying to aee ao many of oar venerable citizen* wending their wnv to the house* of worship, who during the In clement season were unwilling to risk exposure. The day pa?>d quietly; do disorderly conduct wtu witnessed la our mojt frequented streets and * venues. .Y?tc York Arrnui Presbyterian Church.?At 11 o'clock a. m , Rev. Mr Hill preached from the text "My times are In thy hands," 31st Psalm, part of the 15th veras. The preacher applied the test to the vicissitudes to which the bnman family are subject la this life; reviewed the history of the past rear, so full of startling evsnts In our own oountry, and said that no living man could forrshadow the future of our destiny, but that oor times, whether longer or shorter, our days, whether many or few, were full of intrreat and Importance with reference to oar futqre. That *11 things are In the bands of God, who Judges V U WVUUBt J . t.irmrt Church ? Re* Mr Holmead, tbe rector, prrKhfd from Pnlm 29, 11 From tbe context It would teem that the Psalmist had before him in the physical world the spectacle of_jiiit such a terrible atorm aa now convulses our country. po litically and socially. Unquestioning obedience and submission to OodTs visitations and appointments waa urged as oar rule of action. Penitentiary ?In the abaence of the chaplain, the Rev. Mr. Carpenter officiated. Hia text waa 2d Kinga, 5 12 The theme waa tbe condition on which salvation ia offered to man, and the duty of man's cooperation by obedience. Much ^ood ia being accomplished by tbe faithful labors of tbe chaplain, Rev. Mr. Slpes M'tkodtst E. Church South ?It being the regu lar Sabbath for the communion service", the pastor (Rev. Mr. Procter) delivered a discourse appro priate to the occasion, from the text of Luke, 17 th chapter, l?th and 16th verses. Wtslef Chapel.?The morning service was con ducted bv the DAstor. Rev. Mr. McCauler. who discoursed npon the subject of "the one God, the one Mediator," from the text of lat Timothy, 2 ? I'hurch of the iKeaiM* ?At night. Dr. Plnck nev preached from tbe parable of the 11/ tree, aa found in tbe 30th chapter of St Luke's gospel, Sth, >th and 7th veraes Anfmhly^s Church.?Rev. Mr. Collins con dut ted the service*, preaching In the morning from tbe text of Psalms, 76.11, and it night from ZacbarUh, 9 1*2 Wamgk Chapel ?la the mornin , tbe pastor, Rev J R. Etkuger, preached frot. Psalms, 15th chapter, 3d verae. Evening, from Second Co rinthians. 4th chapter, 17tb and 18th veraes. Methodnt Prof. Church, Ifi*th st ?Rev P. L. \\ :Uon, pastor, delivered a discourse upon tbe efficiency of prayer, from Josiab, 3 9. At night the pastor preaq?rd from the text of Romans, 8.1. Fokt WiiHiMtns Gaxkisoxid ?On last Sat urday evening the steamer Philadelphia left the Navy Yard with a detachment of one company of 4-3 marines, under Major Terret, for Fort Wash tngton, as a precautionary measure. It is well kuown to our readers that thi* fortification has be<-n without any garrison for several years past, and might very readily hare been taken posses sion of in Its unprotected state, but for the pru dential measure above set forth. As it is. Fort Washington is in no position for defense It baa the requisite number of guns, but all are dis mounted, and th^re la not a gun carriage in the fort We presume, however, the necessary steps have been or will be taken In reference to the matter Fort Washington cost 9-j'S,0U). snd gar risoned for war should have lUU men and Si guns. The recent arrival of aeveral detachments of re cruits at the U. S. Marine headquarters here, has led to the erroneous impression about town that companies of artillery had been ordered to Wash ington from Fort McHenry and elsewhere. Such la not the fact There are only about 130 men ait the barracka, three companies of whom are of the regular force atatloned nere, the remainder being the recruita above alluded to It does not seem to be generally understood that this being the head quarters of the marine force of the United States, all recruits are aent forward from the varioua re eruitin^ atationa for Instruction before being aent off to aea. The rumor prevailing all over town yesterday that a large number of marines had arrived here on Saturday night from Brooklyn, tn route for Southern forts, grew out of tb* fart that a de tachment of the guard of the L S. ship Cyane, of the Pacific squadron, arrived bare, having been relieved from duty on board ship. [COMXVJICATBD ALaBMIHg indeed is the state of affairs tn oar ettv. Scarcely night p^aaea but there la one or more lire*, and tome of thetn very destructive. The utmost concern it manifest npon the counte nance of every property bolder and business man you meet No one feels secure in the possession of bis home and llresidev What I have to pro pose Is the forming of patrols upon every square in the city from now until after the 15th of March. Let the property holders and business men of the city take this thing in h-ind. Already have tbe business men of one tquare-lu our city commenced tbe work. Let all tbe balance follow, and in a short time peace and quiet will be restored A few examples will curb ibis spirit of Incendiwism, and those int-rested in tbe welfare of our citv ran sieep with seinrity An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. If tbe proj>ertv holder* and business men will take the lead tbeir sor.s and clerks will gladly offer their services. With a word to the wise is sufficient, 1 am on* wbo ii Interested as a PaopsRTT Holds* axd Brtiitxss Max. Thk Natiosal Riflss (Capt. SchaeflVr) pa raded through oar streets Saturday afternoon, looking finely. Tbelr artillery battalion made iti appearance on tbe iccaston After parading through the principal streets, tbe Rifle* marc bed to tbe City Hall, where they exercised for aonie time in tbe presence of a crowd numbering sev eral thonsand people. Tbe precision with wblcb all the complicated maneuvers of the Hardte drill were executed by all the men was the theme ol adminuc comment on all bands, particularly tbeir ?kil ia firing, which waa Indeed admirable Tbe following awful conundrum was set afloat on Saturday at the expense of the Rifles Whai company will turn nut strongest on tbe 4th o! March next? Ans.?The National Rifles; be cause there won't be a man left to tell tbe tale This, of course, has reference to the fact thst th< Rifles are composed larirelv of clerks under tb< present Federal Administration, and may, wit): other Incumbent*, povsibly have to " rotate' when the new administration comes in. Br Km], art.?On Saturday night. the house o Mr George \VUson, at thecorner of E and J'.ighU streets. Naw Yard, was broken open and robbe< >f 9tol in gold, a considerable amount of silve plate, jewelry, medalious. etc. The burglar o burglars effected an entrance by removing i urlndow. They had to traverse several rootna be f^re entering that from which the valuables wer< abstracted The property was taken from a burcaa the top ?f which was prized off. The robber was evidently the work of a practised hand, as i ingle grid dollar, which had been imperfectl coined, was left in the bureau. Mike Shiner an< bis wife (colored) have been arrested on suspicion and warrants have been issued against other*sup posed to be Implicated la the burglary Seven eirch warrants have also been Issued. Mr W1J son had just been discharged from employment which makes the rebbery fall quite serioual upon him. Biisrrv or m Wishisstox Lisht I<iri!ii *T ?We tak* 11 for (ranted that our elUxenc wl acarcely require to be told that a grand concert I to be given ol> Thursday night neit for the ben lit of com pen lee A and B of W ashington Ligl In fan toy, who* armory, containing all their un forma, acoutrements.etc . waa total 1 y destroyed b re the other alght; and that thev will require ! prompting to indue* them to come forward'? matt* u> assist this popular military organisatli in their rfforta to rftequlp themselves. The Marli Band baa gallantly proffered its services for t| occasion, and a nnraorr of excellent amateur sin) era have gone to work in earneet to make an m reptable programme for the entertainment of tl audience Mies Juliana May, the popular Prtu IHmu, has coneented to lend her powerful aid ( tbe occasion. Let the hall of the Smithsonian I tiiution be tiled to overflowing next Tuursdi night. Cbhteal Gvabdbovsk Casks.?Louisa Uur w?? drunk and disorderly; for which ati? w wot to the workhouae f?r'JOd?)? Charles Ft uegan, our of th? night line, got drunk and con not discern betwixt daylight and dark, ai brought out his hack and horses un be time*. Kt tUermore, he rouldft't steer straight in the Qarria, way according to law, and In order to prevc damage that might ensue to persons or proper) policemen Irwta ?s4 Ca ter arrested btm and 1 team, and took than to the guardhonan i.'harlt after a quiet rt-poae of a few b?urs,ackaowtodg< his Indebtedness to the Corporation of *4 15 I services rendered, and departed Bridget Can was drunk aad disorderly; bat she sobered dow and was dlaantaaed with an admonition to ?wi aobtrly and rtgbteoual? la UK present world and ao cacape the guardoouae. r Montlcello. Capt Yager arrtv at lb? Western wharrea tbia morula* ?t lu oYlo from Nrw York TklaaiaaaMr baa been makl brr trips t? and from Nsw Yark with (real r?< Urtty all wlatw. * ' Aim tnuu'< ok Stcsaatoii.?In reapooac to numeroua ealla upon m for a new edi tion of the able Letter* of Amoe Kendall upon Peceaaton, pnbllahed tn tbia paper, we notify tbt public tL,at wa nre preparing to print tba whole of tbeai in a alngle extra number of the Wihlt (DollarJ Stab. We aball print no more copies of tbe extra num ber, than may be ordered (and paid for when or dered) at the Swr'i counter, or letter. The price will be 3 cent* per copy; Pi 60 per hundred copies, or ' A) per one thousand copies, and In proportion for any other number*; each copy to be done up In a wrapper for mailing, If so re quested. We will keep our book open to receive orders for tbem until Tuesday even tug next, after which time the extra will go to pnm. Thus, those only can get then who may send In their order*, with the money, between now and Tues day evening next. They will be worth their weight In gold in bringing about in North, South, East and West, the healthy state of public sentiment so absolute ly necessary now, for the preservation of the Union. * Pouci MiTTIlS?JmHie* Donn ? Jas AUton waa arrested on Ssturdsy, by Policeman Irwin, upon a charge of stabbing Augustus Nor ton a week ago, in the county. The warrant was Issued by Justice Donn, but the arrest was not effected because of tbe distance or Aiaton'a resi dence from tbe city. He wu sent to jail for fur ther bearing, bat was subsequently released on ball for trial to-day. P. Butler, colored hackman, for leaving his reins, was lined SI 58. At 12 o'clock to-day Alston had a hearing. The evidence confirmed the statement of Norton? which we published at tbe time the afhlr oc curred?that Alston was teazlng a crippled old man. and Norton remonstrated with blm, and re quested him to let the old man alone. This made Alston angry, and caused him to attack Norton and Inflict the wound. Alston was fully commit ted for trial at court. Elvctiox or OrrtcHs ?The Columbia Pire Company, on Friday evening last, elected the following officers to serve the ensuing year:? President, Jas A. Brown; Vice President, James Mr Dermott; Treasuper, James A. Talt; Recording Secretary, A P MrKenna: Corresponding Secre tary, P. J Knnls; Captain Engine Division, Ttaos Marche; Ciftain Hose Division. Jas I.owe; First Assistant Hoee Division, P. J. Ennls; Second As sistant. W. E. Tucker: Third Assistant, O. A. Uarr; Mnrsbal, T. H. Robinson; Librarian, W. Hick*; plectlon Committee, 8 Wallet. J. 9. Bootes, 6. A. Uarr. J Dyer and J. H. Robinson; Library Committee, P. J. Knnls, H.C Purdy, \V E Tucker, G.C. NwleandC.C. Kdelin. Mr. A P. McKenna, recording secretary of tbls company, reports that there were eighty-six flres and thirty-nine false alarms during the year I860. By iiriiiMci to our advertising columns It will be seen that Macduff's well known stock of Japen?se goods. No 206 Pennsylvania avenue, IWi Hards' Hotel) Is to be sold atauctlon, through leasrfr Jas C. MrGuire A Co , on Tuesday and Wednesday, January 8th and 9th. Mr. Macduff has received a large lot of new good*, in addition to those be bad on hand, they being an importa tion direct from Jeddo. and surpass anything ever before imported They are to be sold for what they bring, and we earnestly advise all lovers of the beautiful to go and make their pur chases, as an opportunity like the present may never be offered again. 2t Tnn RiKtitniTMr. m Pour Wnninr.rn* ? Pome excitement wu created In this city, on Saturday night last, by the Intelligence that the steamer Philadelphia, with a force of marines, bad just passed this city, en route for Fort Wash ington, with a view to garrison that fortification, which has been unoccupied for several years Col. Stuart, of the 175th Regiment, immediate ly Informed Gov. Letcher that a body of Federal troops had passed throug the jurisdiction of Vir ginia for the purpose indicated Much curiosity was expressed as to the reason of this movement on the part of the War Department.?Alex. Gax. Fout Wauhibgto*.?Within a few years past this work has been put In condition of complete defence against attack by land as well as by water. It is a bastioned work, inaccessible to escalade in the rear, and protected from assault In front by a ditch which is commanded in all Its parts by flank fires of grape and cannister The greater part, if not all of its armament is understood to be at the work, and most of it Is in Dos:tion readv for ser vice, and the magazine ia alao understood to be' amply supplied with all the munition necessary for lta greatest efficiency.?Alex. Ga?. Quick Won ?Saturday night, a plan wu adopted for the organization of a volunteer com pany in the Fourth Ward. The list was made out by those with wh>m the idea began, and at an early hour this morning the number had In creased to a hundred and twenty-two young and active men, many of them already practically ac quainted with the uae of the musket and bayonet. They meet to-night at the Metropolitan Hook and Ladder House to elect officers, complete the or ganization, and be ready for service by Wednes d?r Criminal Court .?On Saturday, Oliver Den - ham was acquitted on an alleged asaault and battery upon John Black. Edward Johnson was tried for assault and bat tery upon Henry and Josephine Coole?two cases H>- was convicted of an assault upon Heury Coolc and fined 910 and costs, in default of which h< went to jail The Court adjourned over for one week. A citizk* patrol, for the prevention of incen diary fires, has been formed among the merchant doing business in square 379, fronting Pennsylva nla avenue, between Ninth and Tentn streets, ariC thev hr ve a guard of four or five men out ever] night keeping watch for incendiaries Some fort) men. business men and cl-rks in the square, an enrolled and divided into watches for tbii service Sppremr Cocftt.?On Thursday, Luciu? C Duncan, Esq , ?f New Orleans, l.n , was admit ted an attorney and counsellor of this Court No 37. Thomas Richardson, plaintiff in error ag t the city of lioaton. The argument of thii cause was continued by Mr. Chandler and Mr ' Cushing for the defendant* In error. Wk lbakm that Rav. E. Yeates Reese, Dl),? Daltlmore, will deliver his ''Home Lecture" 1 this city at the Smithsonian Institute, on Toeada evening next This lecture has been deliverer i several times to delighted audiences in Baltimore and we are anticipating a rich treat for our cltl zena on the fctb Inst. Skcobd Aioivkksakt Mbitiso of prayer ot aerved throughout the Christian world, will h | held every night tbia week at o'clock, as fo ' lows : To-night, In the E street Baptist Chord Tuesday night. In Rev Dr. Sanderland'a Churcl Wedneadav nltht. In Rev Dr Gurlev'a Churcl t Friday night, in Wesley Chapel. ' Murray A Simmii have removed all the ' stock saved last night to 333 Fenna. avenue, ai door* west of their former place of bustness, whei they will be enabled to serve their customers i ' usual. 4t ? ? I Circuit Court.?AJjourntd T'rm ?This cou > met this morning pursuant to adjournment; bi no bualnrss being ready to be taken up, adjourne to the usual hour to-morrow morning x Looe at the notice of the cotillon party to 1 1 given, by the Perseverance Fire Company at Fran] r fin Hull, tneu buy a ticket and be on hand [ Pmor Fairman Rooris delivers another le ture to night at the Smithsonian, upon Roads an e Bridges. Doors close at a quarter before eight. ,1 Sh notice elsewhere of meeting of the Pbc for a special purpose. Holloway's Pills and Oist***t. Pleurisy ? Do you with to curtail your medio expenses and retain sound healtn Use these me ioiues?they are adapted to every disease?for i inflammatory affections of the cheat, as pleum althina, bronehitis. ooughs, ooldt, *o. The san tive properties of the Ointm<-nt have never saestiooed by ail who have used it?the Pills m forially excite the operation of the Ointmsi sol 1 b/ all Druggists, at 25o., 623. and 91 per hi or pot. ja3-l* Cowans ?The sodden changes of our olimate a eon roe j of Pulmonary, Bronchial and Asthma t Aftetions. Experience having proved that sirai remedies often aot speedily and certainly wh tak -n in the early states of the disease, reoonr should at onoe be had to ' Brown's Br onek i Trodut." or Lozenges, let the Cold, Congh, or 1 ritauon of the Tnroat foe ever so slight, as by tti preoaution a more serions attack mat l?e effect u \ warded off. Public Sptakers and Sinters will fi uiem eneotuai lor oieartng ud strengthening tl voioe. 8m advertisement. de 1-1] Dasobrocs Fraud. CnvHon to UU tublxt.?We invite the aid or who know the inestimable value of Hoctette celebrated Stomach Bitten to the afflicted in er< section ol tea country, to aid as iu ferreting c and bringing to ius!u?e the counterfeiter* of 1 preparation and their aiders and abettors. 9eve mo?t pernicious imitations ol this popular restoi tive t.ave receetly been brought out-in <>hioago, I.ouis, New Orleans aud Mobile,and ae the In of person* are piaoed ia jeopardy by these eonc< t ous, we feel it luouinlient upon as to givet warning through tae press. Toe national repu Uon a?qntr?d by th? Bitters as a onre for Djspi sia. Liver Conp aint, and all debilitating disea of the stomaeh %nd bowels, baa tempted into field a host of sharks, who hope to proit by th celel ritT. Please see to if, therefore, that heai o e y< a du? t as a lac simile ot tfee proprietors' nature on the label,and that the words'*Dr. J. H t^ttar's Stomach Bitters" are blown in the sidi the bottle, and stamped on the cap covering cork. K'nr tmJA hv riru*ai?U ahH A mm Uf ?a?a?atl? m Prxmi <to*irin .paSK'Sfo a. vara fcad tk for exch?a(? at the Star Ofte* ownnter. RiAcra. Hare yon *, Prof. Wood's adrorl mat^w,,Rm. it} ii vttlintamt70* P> n,v V* V . 9 Vlk* * MiMlIWi tUT t Ffcox H. H. Hazhd, Esq. Waihlwto!!. D. C., Sept. 36,1SS0 8. W. Fowls fc Co.?I waa for a long time af fiioted with Oyspepsia in its went farm. My a? ??tite wis ion, and what little food I took wu throws ua after remaining in the stotnaeh a ?hort time. My abdomen waa very maoh bloated. In faot there waa oomplete derangement and prostra tion of the dig eat i re powers Several very emr ent pr?ici&ni attended me at varioo* tiroea, but their treatment gave bat little, and that only temporary relief. My BHtTeringa were istense,a 11 booam* redaoed to a mere skeleton. At tkia time one of our dragfiet indaoed me to try Urtoelat. rated Ory ttnntvi Bitte*?. which 1 did. though with little fanh and great reluctance?for I had tried an many that 1 had come to the corolaston that a I proprie tary n ndininea were alike wurthlaea- but after taking the first bottle I tm ao mnoh relieved that I continued tho us* of them until a perfect cure t?i effected. 1 now mo?t cheerfully recommend the Bitter* to all la a certain oar* for Dyspepsia. H H Hazabd. 313 Pennsylvania avenu*. Prepared by Seth W. Fowl* k. Co., Boston. and for s*T? in Washington oity O. Sunt, 8. B. Wait* Z. D. Oilman. John Sohwarie \Mrn k. Pamer, John Wiley, J B. Moore, and U. H. MoPheraon; in Georgetown by It. S. T. CiaaMl, and O. M. k. J. Southron, and by drngfista every vhm. jallw.r Homeopathic Rims dibs Ail of Dr. Humphreys A Co.'a speoiho Ho meopathio Remodiea put a* expressly for family use, in boxes, at 3S and 50 oenta each. Also, in oases. oontaming 30 vials, from ?i to %i rh. with book of full directions. For sale by 0. Oilman. 350 Pa. avenue, wholesale and retail acentj W. A. FitsgeralU, 353 north F street; alao by F. B. Winter, corner of Maaaachuaettaave Se aad Sixth street. Also, Pond's Eztract </ Witch is*/, for internal and external inflammations of kinds. Sold as abov*. ma9-ly MARRIED. On Wednesday, 3d instant, at Trinity Church, by the Rev. Dr. Butler. JOHI* M. MoCLJNTOfcK, Jr., of Baltimore, to Alias M.EMILY FKNNEL^ LA . stepdaughter of Alexander Brook field, Esq , of piew York. ? INew York Herald, Sun and A'bany Evening 0IKD, In Georgetown, on the 6th instant, after a ahort but painful illneaa, DANIbL SLICEK BOTE LKR, aged 11 yeara and 7 month*. The friend* and nc4)aaintancea of the family are respeatfnllr invited to attend his funeral from his f?tMr'* residence, No. 44 Dumbarton at, ne\r Montgomnry at., Georgetown, to-morrow evening, at 3 o'clock. * On Sundav, 6th instant, JAMES 81BLEY, aged 38 year a. May he reat in peaoe. His re'ativcaand friends are respectfully invited to attend h>a funeral from his late residence,corner Nineteenth and L at a., on to-morrow (Tuesday) at 2 o'clook p. m. * NPARALLELED SUCCESS. The great suocess whioh haa attended DR. 8CHLOSSEH daring thia, his Second Viait to Washington, and, also. being nnable to fnllfil all hia engagement* during laat week, compels hun to remain " A FEW DAYS LONGER in WASHINGTON. DR. M. SCHLOSSER takes thia opportunity of returning thanks to the Ladies and Gentlemen of Washington \ and vicinity, for their kind and liberal patronage bestowed on him during his sojourn here, and, also, respeotfally announces to parties who wish to obtain A Permanent Cure of CORNS, BUNIONS, 80FT CORNS, or an? other DISEASE OF THE FEET, to favor him with & nn.ll withmit duliiv as this may probably be hia Last Visit to Washington, intending shortly to Retire from Professional aervioee. As a direct proof of the extraordinary skill attending Dr. Sohloaaer'a Cures, he oan, with p'easnre, refer to a great number of Ladies and Gentlemen in this oity, whom he treated three years sinoe, and Who have all been cured of the various m Diseases of the Feet, to their entire satisfaction. Dr. 8chloRs?r'a methed has not only been tuooesiful in this oountry, bat also in Europe, as may b? aeen by several thousand testimonials; from whioli he quotes the following names : From His Majesty Ihe King of Bavaria. His Imp. H. Prince Jerome Napoleon Bonaparte H. R. H. Prince Alexander de Wurtemberg H. T. H. Arck Duke of Austria. H. R. H. Duke of Sachsen-Heinmgen H. H. Prince Richard Metternich. H. R. H. Duke of Saxt- Weimar. ]F. H. Cardinal Archbishop of Paris. f Alexis, Bishop <tf Nancy, First Chaplain to Napoleon JII. Marechal Canrobtrt. A. H. Arneth, Physician in ordinary to tht Duchess Helene of liussin. Bernard Hoeser, Fhysician ?n ordinary to the H ill. the (Jiern of Grttc*. The S*iinatures and Seals of the above namei with several thousands more from Statesmen Merchants, Diplomatists, Clergymen, Physioiani Military Men, and E ditors, of this country an Europe, may be reen at his olfioe front lo a. m. till 4 p. m., ' 23T PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE,<So?th side between '2th and 13th streets. OSL y A FEW DAYS LONGER IN WASH ja 2-tr INGTON. EST FANCY GOODS, AT PRICES TO SUIT THE TIMES, Aid Ont Puci Only, no S tf 336. hrtw. 9th &jid loth its. CELLING OFF! SELLING OFF! ? FOR CASH-FOH CASH' Our entire stook of Winter Dress Goods. Shawls in treat variety. Ladies' Cloaks, Fanoy Dree* Silks atjd Silk Robe Plainand P>eooh Marines, Poplina anl Reps, Fine Bed Blankets, all at oost for rash. Also, a tull stock of general Staple Goods for famil wants. AU will be sold at reiu<-?d prioes U each. J, W. COt LEY A-CO, de 29-Jw 033 Seventh at, abive Fa. av. PI* NO FORTES AT PRICES TO SUITTH TIMES.?Sales must be foroed; store too mu< crowded; now is the time to bur ofteap. ? . JOIIN p. ELLIS, deSl 306 Pa. av., bet. ?th and 10th sts. REGARDLESS OF COST.-WO IF JS TH IV CHANCJS.?Melodeuns, Guitars, Violins, Ha jos, Aooordeone, Tamborines, Flutes. Flies, Mai Hooks, Glee Hooks, Piano Stool*. Piano Covei Ao., Ao. Remember, ats&orifioes mcardless ol ami JOHN F. EL.US, 306 Pa. av? bet. ?tb and 10th sts, Great bargains la good seoond-hand Pianos, de Sprains, Ao. Moore's improve.! Beisine will r move Paint, Oils, Grease, Ao., from the most de! c?u> ooiorea ana or wooisu gooaa w.iiioqi injur! the oolor or texture. Prepared and so d at MOORE'8 West Ecd D ag Store. de31-3w 113 Pa. avnue I NOTICE. BEO Most reapeotfully to inform oar ouatouu that >hmr bill* for January let are now ready, a I would be ob'iged by their oalJing and get ing t de? R, C. STEVENS JU?T?WNJDSYRicHgTgiN ?T8 Pin*. Armi, Hailam'a Middle Aim, the aew Hoe ton Liten Edition Riverside Preea; toned paper; prioe 9i (>y mail The aeuat hearr diaaount at oar eto fca; ^v. mm.. yftTTES. BAX1L8, PJfRTTES, Ac. nniversahy ball. A I* Mewtofj / tAs bottle of X** Orleans.m COMPANY "B? qf iai national guard BATTALION. ti^?U ic yr.ciij^to IV i?iwiv<?i| miu initio, ui?i mf* win cemnnin ra yi^^rer-owmorsble higkik of January hjr a E\K<DE ud BALL ia the Evening at the/A " **'?! ?'.T?3 As*ixbi.\ Room* mm Th- f"ominit?ee ol Arrangements pledge them ae:ve* that nothing wil' ha wanting on their part to mak? the evening a pleasant one to tha friend* of the .i'Orpt, who will honor them with thair preaenoe during the evening. N<> intoxicating liquor* will l>e aold during the evening nt the ba 1. No hats or caps womi in tha ball room, except tho?e worn by the militarr. Withera' celebrated Band will diaoourse sweet mnsie during the ev> ning. Kefreshin-uts wi I be furnished by Colninhaa. Tickato 91, admitting a gent eintn and ladiea. ? Committer if Arranftmmts. Capt P. H. King, SergL H Reeae, Lieut. J. [.ackay, " P.Morgan. " J.J. Kane, Priv W NVhalen. ja^et _____ THOB DUFFY. Treaa. pOR THE GOOD OF THE CITIZENS. 3D GRAND ANNUA~L~COTILLON PARTY or TUB Perseverance Fire Company, Ho. 5, To be giran at FRANKLIN HALL.corner ot Ninth and D ata., on TUESDAY, January 8th, 1861. The members have the pleaaare to annouaee to thai' ininy inquiring frlenda, a id eapeoially the l nion-lovmr people, that their Annual IfS Cotillon P?rty wi I takeplaoeat the ilmveflS mentioned on Tueaday, the 8th mat ISHk The universal aatiaiaotion that ha? awat eheen our former partiea ia a sure guarantee that lia on* will aurpaaa an* that haa yet been cives. The Ladiea are eordiall* inrihd to attend > n mass*, aa there will he no invitatioua iaaued. Pro! Sohroeder'a Hand haa been enraged. N. 0 ?Positively no hata or caps allowed in the room. Tickets FIFTY CENTS; aJinit'ing a gentleman and ladies. Committee of Arranttmtntt. VV. W.Grant, J. R Harrover, F. W. Colcl&xer, K.V.Henry. A. Glaaagow, ja 5 3t LOST AND FOUND. FOUND?On Wednaaday, the 2d inatant. in a Georgetown omnihua. a aum ofMONBY. The owner can hare it by applying to F. 8. WALSH. Eighth st. ea?t. near the Navv Yard. ia7 3t* LOST?On Sunday morning, the 6th instant, be tween Wauch Chapel and the Capitol, a lady'aGOLD WATCH. The finder will b* suitably rewarrf?d bjr l?avinr it with Mr AUK JAMK8 A INGRAM, Foreman Maohinist.CapT tol Extension. It* f OST?On Saturday, on Twelfth, H. or ftixth I * sti .a GOLD BREASTPIN, a cord ?arron?id lnjc a <>rOM, with ?wn*r'a name entraved on hack of tne cioss A liberal r ward will be given to the finder by restoring it to 43* H street, or to this o' fio?. It* C* W\ RKWARD-Loit, on the night of January 0'Ulst, ? GOI.D WATCH aid Gold ~ Cbainn, between 17th sty Washington, and Water at .Georgetown. The wateh engrav?dd_ back; go'd dial, (diacolored.) Wheevor haa found the same and will bring ir to W. THEOKER'S Canal Restaurant will reoeire the ab,ve reward. ja 6 8t* [OST-By a lady, a email PORTMONNAIE, ? between Twelfth street and the General I'ost Office Department, containing ?10 in munet. I he fiixter will be suitably rewarded by leaving it at thig nffiM. i* l it* PERSONAL ASTROLOGIsr MADAME DEVISE. Pronounced the Greatest Wonder Lirtng. The demand* art <> numerous that she caruol getaway. Hundreds vint her and are astonished G?at>>noe to her all who are in trouble. Planets written speedily anil Horisoopen drawn muit truth full?. Madatne tells by dice and cards a'>o. Pricei moderate Residence? Richmond House, oornei h iehth and D st?.; private entrance on D at. Gen tlemen admitted. ja7 3t* T NOTICE. HE Public will take notioe <hat I have this da] r?vok*d the Power of Attorney which I gave tc James McCamly and John Schall. Jr.. doing bus ness in the firm name of McCamly k Schali. a well as to each or either of them, to purchase g<.odi and transact the Clothing Businesg for me. and 11 my name, in Washington. D C. They have n< longer any authority to act for m?. _ja5V WIl.l.HW H 3nHA'.l.. J^JADAME CLINTON PRICE. Thia distinguished American Clairvoyant ean o> consulted on Health,"'haracter and Future Event* D SU 'l< ??.!/*>. -> q - 1^1.. P. avenue. jal-lw* WANTS. WANTKD ?A ama'l COLORED GIRL fo nurie, corner of I and Thirteenth ata It* A RESPECTABLE YOUNG W OMA! wauta a SI TUATION a* cook and aaaiatar waaber worn in. Plea?? rail at Thi teenth, betwee N and O ata.. at No. 297 It* WANTED-A WOMAN t^at can eook.waa and iron. None nemi apply without aatiaac tory recouiinenoatioua a. to caranity and roo character. Apply toTHOft. P. MORGAN, 1^2 treet. It* HOUSE WANTED.-! deair? to rent a ana Hmii- by let of February, cottainin 6 'oonii at a low rent. Pereona having suoh will fi-d a eou t*nact by addres?in( a note to Poat Office, Bo 411, atating locality and price. Kent pa>abi mo .thlv ja 5 3.* WANTED?By a younie aid.anxioua to get eocxl home, a SITUATION at nurxe an chambermaid. She can bring entirely gatislactor reooiumerulationa from her tart home. Ple?a?a< dresa Box N<? 4 Star Offion. jaS-3t WA.\ I KD?IJy a yoniu inarri^l woman, with <<mk1 breast of milk, a SITUATION a.s w< nurse, or, to get a good home. she wonl<1 gladly x out to any service iu a respectable family. I'leai a ?dr?ws a n.?te to Ijox No. 3 Star Office. Ja V3t WANTED TO IIIRK?A respectable WHIT GIK1* to do the jeneial house work for mail family. One who can oome recommend, d * proper J qualified wili uo*r of a (o.xl situation L apply in?c at No. 5."?9 Tenth street, near A!a-ylau avenue. jaJ-?i* WANTKD IMMEDIATELY?From ?6 1 } 10.(i0ii worth of SECOND-HAND Fl; RN! TURK of all kinds, for which 1 will guaranty t<> pa the highest prices, and, an u*ual,at the shortest n< tioe. R. HUCHLY. Dealer in Furniture, Stoves, /to., oo 9 4 0** 7th it., bet. G and H, east side. W~ ANT ED-SECOND HT.N D FURN1TUR1 Persons declining hon*ekeepinc, or havir a snrp'us of Furniture on hand,ran obtain the oat and fair prices by applying at 3t>9 Seventh ?t. no 17 BONTZ & GRIFFITH. FOR SALE AND RENT. [For otktr "For Salt and Hent" adv$rt\t*vi*nt> ftifir%t page ] FOR RENT-A two Story BRICK HOL'SI No. 347 G street, between Twelfth ai Thirteenth streets, oont&ining seven room*. Po session giren immediately. Apply at 347 nr. I^OR RENT.?The STORK and DWHLLIN F No. f*A UriJge street, Georgetown D. ( krown as the olrl Confrotionery atami. Po*?essi< KiviMi immediately. Apply toARNY 4. SHINN, i> 7 L\.R RENT.?The HOUSE and *TORE < I Pennsylvania avenue, Ut Ward, opposite ti Seven Hui dings, latelj ooou?i-d by Alex. Dyer, a ?h?e eetabhslinn'at, mi*od? deiiron* to rent w please apply to Mr Carral, next door, who w how the premises. WM.EAIMERT. ja?eo2? EpOR RKNT?Two frame COTTAGE HOl'SU r o"nta:nint fix rooms, situated on Mans, av nne and Fifteenth street; pump of good water the yard. jaj POR RKNT?The HOU^K on Twenty first! west side, near H st. recently occupied bv > Rhftt. The Key is at Mr. stover's w-Jod yard the same square. Apply to A. HYDE. ja&S P>R RENT-Two FURNISHED ROOM with or without Board. Terms reasocah Fourth st., corner of Ej jaS-3 SUIT OF FURNISHED BOOMS F<j RF.NT. Inquire at 4S6 Eleventh St.. betwe A L and F. do 2&-2j E n ie ?, it. 31 |?URNI*HED ROOMS FOR RENT.atOfl r street, between 6th and 7th ate. de 4-t I/OR KKNT?A new BRICK HOUSE, w r back buihtinj and oellar. having 8 room w gas, and ai e alley, situated on L atreet, near Th tee nth. Rent moderate to a good tenant. Inqu of M. GRfcEN, Gioo?r. oomer of Thirteenth a L aU. This property is near Franklin Row, on! few mirutea' walk from the Treasury btiiidin and one of the healthieat locations in Waahtngt de tl-lmeo* to i n* (TOR RENT?The large three story KRAft r HOUSE on New York avenue, betwen and 5th atreeta, reoentlv oooupied bv R?t. Mr. ( rothera. Apply to JOHN W. MANKl.N8.or Mr. BOSS, next door,where the ke? may fbu Alao, the three three atory Bricks at the eornei Ninth and N sts., Northern Liberties. Or sale low for eash; or property ia the oounty tal ? in ugnNig. nf>i) h nr nauttnn t I ftf opposite, for the terms and the Key, or to DIC SON fc KINb'9 wood and coil jard, oorner treet and Vermont avonne.or to the aubiarit at Georgetown, d" 19 *Mw JOHN DICKSO? >ra nd he ? |?OK RENT?In Georgetown, a handsome r convenient COTTAGE RBSIDKNCK. o taiainc roomt, kitchen, pantry, 4c There is taohetfa large and spaoioua lot, aod ahundaiee M ueduot aad pimr water on the premises It i the immodiataTioir.itr ol the College and Acad* of the VuttauoB, equi-distant from hath, property isall in complete repair. Inquire cor d aod High sta. cie U-*o9? 5 P^HJSNT.-A three-etorf BRICK HWBI I* INO BOUSE, with baok Muiding, on lltii No. 4 TO. between F aad 6 atreeta. Apply ti KIRK WOOD, 47 6 Twelfth at. aoliM in > . ffJ^SFWSSEBfi THE LATEST NEWS TELE0BAPH10. Ytrglala. Richmohs. Jan T.?The Enquirer of this norn tag (MUlm I loaf letter from ex-Gor Wtw. His leading polnti are the immediate call of a State convention. the prompt resumption by tba convention of all aach powers delected to the Grneral Govern men t as may be aeeeaaary for State protection. caper tally the pooaeoalo* of the forts. Ac. That havine done ao. the State ahall mat Am. clare brraelf out of the I'aloa. bat saspead all re lation* with offending Ptatea aatil they ahal! acceed to aach ultimatum aa the convention may aubmlt. Nobfolk, Jan 0?Last night Aahland Hall waa crowded br a large citizen*" meeting, to take action for tbe defense of tbe cltv. Kx-Maror For guaon waa preaident. Strong apeec bee were made by prominent gentlemen, arging the cititraa to arm themselves, and place the city in a atate of dofenae for any emergency. Resolutions were reported and unaalmoualy adopted recommending and urging the Legisla ture to thoroughly organlxe tbe military power of the Htate, and prepare for elvtl war snoald it occur; scorning coercion and pledging Urea and fortunes to realat any attempt by tbe Federal Gov ernment or Northern Legislatures to iavade tbe State; denouncing and preparing to reaiat any In vaaion. Oar. Letcher'* Message niinamiu, ?a , jjin. 4 ?hot Uflfllff I ma ugf to the Lejiialature. alluding to the condition of thf conntry aaya: AH wr, know and feel that the danger U liutni nent. and that a.1 true pa tr lota are exerting tbemaelves to save ua from Impscd 1 ng perils. He renews the proposition in hla last mewage for a convention of all the St*t-?, and aaya It la monttrona W> aeea government like our* destio/td merely becauae men cannot agree about a dome* tir institution It becomes oor State to be mind fnl of ber own interesta. A disruption is inevita ble; and If new confederations are to be formed, we must havstbe beat guarantees before we can attach Virginia to either. He condemns the hasty action of South Carolina which be aaya haa taken ber southern slab r* by aurprlae. He would make no apeclal reference to her course, had he not been invited to do so by her late executive in uncalled-for references to Virginia. The non-sisveholdIng States are chargeable for S resent condition of affkirs and If the Union is Isrnpted, upon them rests the solemn responsi bility. He alludes at length to tbeir aggressions, and Suva thev have the rmw?r tn ?nit th itrth inH restore confidence. " Will tbey do II?" He awaits their response without apprehension Our action should be based upon the wrongs done to our own people. He oppupaes a Mate Convention at this time, tnd suggests a commission of two of the moat dlrceet sUtfsmentn the Legislatures of those States wblch have passed personal liberty bills, aod insist upon their unconditional repeaf except to the New England States Second Virginia must have proper and effect ive guarantees for the protection of slavery In the District of Columbia. Third. Our equality in the States and Territo ries must be fully recognised. and the Tights of person and property adequately protected, and stored, also that we be permitted to pass through the free States aad Territories uumolested, and If alaves t c abducted, the State where the loss oc curs shall ray the full value Fourth That like guarantees be given that the transmission of s aves between the slave-holding State?, by land and water, shall not be nt^rfered with Fifth That the passage and enforcement of rigid law* for the punishment of sach persons in the free States as may organize, or aid or abet in any way or mode whatever in organising com panies with a view of assailing the slavehilding States, and to excite slaves to Insurrection. Sixth That the Ueneral Government be de rived of tLe Dower of aoDuintlu? to local <<tfices in sliveholding State# persons tortile to their in stitutions or inimical to tbeir rights He further says that he will regard any attempt of Federal troops to past across Virginia for the purpose of coercing any Southern State as an act of invasion, which will be repelled He is ndt without a bope that the present diffi culties will find a satisfactory solution. l>et New Kngland and Western New York be sloughed off and ally themselves with Canada. The message is lengthy; the rest Is mainly local. Chailkstok, Jan. 5.?The President of the Convention to-day received th* following tele graphic dispatch from Mayor Monroe, of New Orleans : " New < trleans fully sympathises with Charles ton in tbeperfls to wMeb rtie ts exposed, and will ndt fail to support her when the occasion re quires action " Before the adjournment of the Convention the following business was transacted. Mr Hutaen submitted an ordinance that all the power nerenary to make postal arrangements and enact postal laws tie vested in the General Assem bly; passed Mr Keitt offered a resolution permitting officers in any force, regular or volunteer, raiced under the order of the Convention, to hold seats in either houswof the General Aaaemnlv or anv other office: adopted Mr. Curtlga ottrred a resolutio . that the late CommiBioners to Washington l>? retjuest<?d to prepare at tbeir earliest convenience, a written statement of their oral romiMUiilratlon to tbl? tody, and communicate ttielr recent attempt to make negotiation* with the president of the United States fur the dell veraace of the forta and other property to the State, aald document to be depos ited with the president of this body with an In junction of accresy, until otherwise ordered. Adopted. Five thousand copies of the r orreapondeace ol the Commissioners to Washington with th? Pres ident of the I'nited States wer? ordered to be printed. The table, chair and the appurtenance thereto belonging, uaed on the night of the signiug of the Ordinance of Secession, were ordered to be placed in the State Mouse at Columbia The adoption of au ensign waaleft to the Legis lature The Convention then adjourned to meet at the call of the Preaident. Keturn sf the ( inmlwltners-A Vsice fsi Peace* *< Chablkktox, J*n 5.?The Commlwioners of ^outb Carolina returned from Washington yester day. and reported the failure of their miMlon. The journals of this morning publish tbecorres pondence between tb" Commissioners to W asting ton and President of the United States. A. B. Longstreet, President of the South Caro lina College, iMue* a four-page pamphlet entitled ' Shall South Carolina begin the war'" He earn estly deslr*s that the United State* Revenue Col lector on board the ttteainer Harriet Lane, or an) other vessel, be allowed to land, treated politely be Introduced to Collector Colcock. and to ux every means so that the Collector* of the tw< sovereignties may aettle their respective claim* tr a spirit of courtesy and kindnesf If the forta ar< reinforced it wouid be an unfair conflict la whicl hundred* of our aous would be slain. Moultrl* would become dts-rted and the wrath of th< United States be brought on our devoted city He Implores the authorities to let the first iho come from the enemy. ReparU (r*nlSpi*|lirld Springhblt. Ill , Jan 5?Gov. Chaae an( A mi* Tuck had a protracted Interview with thi President elect to-day. nir rnntf arl irtiiri' r? ?"* ? y VVH'-? V??IV?VI I IV|fV|? Ml V AM VIILWMNUI to day In reference to Gov. Chate'a visit. Hi alleged appointment u Secretary of State i strenuously insisted on by tome of Mr. Llnoels' friends, while others ! ?rt that a tender of tt>< ship position baa been made to Mr. Seward Mr Cameron'* appointment is decidedly ub popular among Western politicians. The State Legislature meets on Monday >exl The members are nearly ail In town They ar unanimous in their expression* of the strongei attachment to the Union Senate r Trumbull' re-election is expected to come off on Tuesda next. ' Florida State CssTtsUsa. Tallahauci, Jan.& ?The State Convention rt assembled this morning and elerted Judge M< Gehee, of Madison, permanent President Tb morning session was consumed In perfecting tb organisation. At the afternoon session resolutions were cfT re declaring the right of Florida to secede, settle forth the cause for the exercise of thai right, an the duty ef the State to prepare for It. A discussion esaued as te the policy of an in mediate passage of the resolutions, and flaall they were made the special order fur Mondsy. Lkscela'* Cabieet PiTTsstnto, Jan 4 ?Mr McClure. Chairman < the Republican State Committee, passed throug this city te-day, from fprlngfteld, where be ha been invited by Mr- Lincoln. He asserts pes tively that ne Cabinet appointment for Pennsy anla haa been absolutely determined on M Lincoln, be aaya, wiahea to reflect the view* of h frlenda In Pennaylvaala, and will appoint bo * in whom tbev have not conttdeace. prraonally ai politically, ? be can best judge from the ex pet alone made from tbe State to him by the delega) to tbe Chicago Convention and other leadluv R publicans, who protest agalngt Mr Caatoroa appointment^ Tbe Ptassylvasla failed Ktatsi kMli ahipe Masai*****, Pa, Jaa 6 ?A propert Is A coased to-night 1 aside of political circles to appoi committer of frleadi to reconcile the interest Messrs. Co wen and W 11m ot, both candidate* I the United9tatea Senatorsbip. ltlsrec* that oae of the parti ss tabs tbe loag term, sad tbe other the vacancy occi Qen Cameron's " MrHrary Liavikwoitk. Kan , Ju. ?-Tb? inllaWi force bere. which DM been ordare* to Koel MrHen it. Baltimore. comIiU of two companle* of lUbt WtUkrr. Arr*afemeot* bin been made with the railroad* on at rout* for Ute tramporutloa of tin men and h raea Tbe troopa leave oa Moada v ^nlng Ipttial ImiIm ( Ikt Vtrgtata Uglilaiar* Ricwmord. Ju 5?From the anntlmeats * prtaaid by prominent mrabtn now km, II it unquestionable that Ike Leglalatnre ?f thta (Mate will not act In 'rfmmto national troubles with out nature deliberation, There la an ?bW?> here, bat alt am raltnlr looking to future eventa. Claclaaati WarklafBfa'a I alna Kleettag Cincinnati, Jaa t-A-i'ilM" Warkiumnl Meeting wm held bare last night vkei ranTatlona were ?d",?u-J that the Uhm must ba by the eufo'ceiueat of the law* in every portion at the roantry. That remedy for all grtevaaeaa can be had under the Constitution, and that peace and safety only can be secured by Ha m* lata I nance Sal ate at ftcfeea+ctady 8ch***ctadi. Jan I ?The Twentv-aiith Rag menl last evening, under Captains Kaywor and Van Ingen, fired a aalnte at thirty-three _m?s and thirty-three roeketa in honor of Major Aitderaon and bit bra re aaen National alra wora performed *mld cl*-ers for Major Andeiaoa and Secre*artea Holt and Stanton Fr?a HiTt>Mk. 8ava**ah. Ga , Jan 3?The CalM Statea revenue cutter Dobbin wii taken ooaaeaaloc of, but Got Brown, when be beard of it, laaaid an order for ber return to tb* iorernment Stiate of Honor to Anderson fcr. Bo?rox. Jan 5 ?A hundred bum were trod on tbe Common* to day In honor of Major Anderaor Tbe ateam frigate N laaiaalppl Las gone eat of tbe dry dock thoroughly rej* red Offer af PriMTlnala Vtlciieert ?a the Preaideat West Cimtii. Jaa 6 ?A meeting baa been c?lled here to ofrr a reglatent of Volanteera to tbe Preaident to mid In tbe (Maintenance of (be Constitution and tbe enforcement of tbe law* Aa I mporta at Ra*tr If Traa. New York, Jaa 7.? It la ru snored bare that Mayor Wood'a meaaage to tbe Couactla to-night will embody propoaitlaaa for tbe amtaaloa of New York city fron. the State and luloo (Baa* ) Balttaaara Nlarketa. tttimioti. Jan 3?Flour steady. Howard at IN UtM > W, t'liy mill v ? WMUMf; red SI ttal.32, white ?l 40*1 .fiO Corn inn. new white and yellow ft-JaM Froriiiou aamlnal I-ard lOjjc U tiiiky ateadv at 19c Wew York Rlark??? N?w Yon. January * ?Flour AalOe. afttler Corn and Wheat dull. Whiikr quiet at !9jfa!9|( flWaMi N?w Yoke, Jan 7?SWocka dull and Irregu lar. Chicago an t Hock It laud 56 fc, Cumberland Coal Co. 6 If; Illinois Certial share ~9; Michigan Southern 95X. New York Central 7k*; Pa Coel Co 77 Vi Reading MK; Hudson RlwR ft (fc, Va. 6's 75\ ; Md.?tfl) Til Wuriu.-The following report of the weather for the morning la made from the Aver lean Consolidated Telegraph Line to tbe Smith aonian Institution. The time of eh? uttoa la about 7 o'clock. JaxcasY 7, |86l. Burlington, Vt snowing. New \ ork, N Y clearing off. Philadelphia, Pa. clearing off. Washington. D C e'oudy. Richmond. Va. clear, pleaeant. Petersburg, Va. clear, pleasant. Raleigh, N. C .overoaet, ao?. Wilmington, N.C clear, pi?nt Charleston, S. C cloudy, 433. Augusta, Ga. clear, pleaaart Savannah, 6a clear. S3 , wind * Macon. Ga. cloudy, cool. Coln-nhm Oa . .cloud V Montgomery, Ala. foggy, cold rsox tbs WIIT Cleveland, O overcast Barometer at the Smithsonian at 7 a. a , (Me rer ted for temperature.) 29,966, at mob, #,W. Thermometer at 7 a m . >*; at noon, 45? Maximum daring 4? hour*, ending 9 a.m. to day, 43*; minimum 24*. GEORGETOWN, ? ORPORATIOK LAWS. A Risolctiow Id relation to the Corcoran Charity Fond. Krtolrrd fty tkt B?rd of Aldtrwu and Bmrt tf C?nmon Comnril of tkt Corj oratta/t if tirorgnetm. That tbr tb&nka of tbia Corporation are dtie, and are hereby tendered, to the Trustees of the Corco ran Charity Fund for their cir* and skill s*4 attention In the management of the aatne R'tolrtd f*rtk*r. That Walter t* Cos, F.sq , be, and he is hereby, appointed to All tbe racaory In the said l>oard of trustees occasioned by the resignation of Wm Redin, Ksq. K*?olrtd, furtktr. That hereafter tbe coupon )>onds belonging to said fund aball be kept la the vault of the Corporation, In the custody of the Clerk, and sbtll only be delivered from time to time, to tbe trustees of said fund, for the purpose - - - - ? ? ?.'A a J. .11 or *bi- roapona, mr uiu D?mu m caeca to !* Immediately returned to tbe Clerk. Approved l>eoem?>er 15. ItVJ. A Rk*oi.ctio!? tu favor of Jofan Booth and Ellta betL Bocth RttolrtJ Off tk* Board ./ Aiitrmen and Board of Common Comntil of tk* Corporal ton of Gtorg* low*, That the aum of tweoty-nine dollar* and eeveatv fl vf rente la hereby appropriated, aad tW Clark la dlucted to pay twenty-four dollar* of tbe aaaac to JuB llootb for his bill ot eervlcee to Mth Inetant, and five dollars and eeventy-ftve rents to Elisa beth Hoo'b lor her bill of August lat. 1M0, for waahinj; f?r watchhouee Approved Dereinbtr U, IstO. " A RrsoLrTiox appropriating naoo?y to pay for tlte construction of an arch under High street, near Mr Adler's bouae Krtoirtd toy tkt Board of Aidrrmen and Board of Common Council of tk* Carporattom oj Gtorgttotm, Tbat tbe aum o( one hundred and eeventy-ooe dollars and nlnety-elx ecota he, and tbe aan<e la berebv appropriated, to be paid by idC Clerk to tbe order of fe. T. D K vers, accompanied by tbe proper vouchers, to de/.-av tbe expense of ooa aiructluc au arcb under High street, a few yards south of Mr. Adler's bouae, and tbe aald amount be charged to Higb street Approved Ltocetnber 15, IsOO. A REnoLfTtos In favor of Henry King Httolttd 6 jr tkt Board of Alder.nt* nmd Board of Common CownrU of tkt t.rpwtliw uj Ueorrttcnrm . Tbat tbe Clerk of tlx Corporation M, ana be to brKby.dlrtclrd to rrfatid to Henry King tbe uai of aeventeen dollars ai d fortr cents, oetng ice atftoiint of tlx months' tax paid br him oa bis bouae on Third street, destroyed bjr Arc In Octo ber, 1659. [Approved December U, lMu GEORGETOWN ADVERT'MTS IIM.tMJ MPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT! In order to roduoe our lsrro and well nanorted ?to-k of PHY UoODs ai *i>l. do- ng tn* n*xt sr .1*- , <i?d<ict IP per e*nt. from al re,-A ?Q'?bn ma of f ">a?lp/?r. S?rr ;osr ioou?) eedcel:et*? Bridge .1 fur l&rnjnL API LAI a N A HUNT. ja * eoli G'o-rrovn, l>. C. I^OMBSTIC MOUA??K8 a- YET. MOIA99KB, do. ) paj %mj C Room lutiaa it will ba aoid porroap.. adiaf If if barre ? prune o'i cop Oilaaaa L 3) <\o co now orop mo do. A th.a Mo!? ?<>* k?< not kad to paj My OMtom pvadiag If lowor 'ha-, fv. ijn of th? am* qaaiity. Bank notaa of allthe tttki ***** Boatk CaroHra takei. at par (or vluok Ue aakaoriW iuu alarm and v*r. p<1 atoek, aad wi ! Mil at aaitM prtoo vitkoat rocaru to oom _ ,L.uu *afcssavb. SVGAS! ClWil" 8U?Air BROWN gl'QAR .area oonia por p do eitLtl e*- U <1. do nine oanta a< WHITE SUGAR t-n MU do Lo??run'i Ckl'bHEl) BlGAR bim daw. A liberal dad notion to tkoaa wko ba? by tka bar ral. Terma oaak. 11 kiatf a of bank takaa at liboiai ri >a Imb. Y. JU*T Rfc< W bbd?. p ? bb'a. Craakod aod ! B ba?? H io and Jara _

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