Newspaper of Evening Star, January 30, 1861, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 30, 1861 Page 4
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i * * THE EVENING STAtt "* A Craiova Omsiou.-'The Mlaal?lppiana, in tbeir batle to be Independent," have fallen Into a curloaa blunder. The Loolaellle Journal thus point* It out: "We have before na tbe conatltatlon of the State Of Mississippi It prescrioe* m?i "o (rtion suan be a senator unless be be a citizen of i4i United Stunt ; no person shall be a representative units* he be a citizen of the United States; no person can be Governor unless k? be a citizen of the United States, and no person can be a voter unless he boa citizen of the United States. Now, if the act of secession bas really tik'-n Mlssissipt ontoftbe Union, her Governor, ber members of the legislature, her Inhabitants, are all divested of their citizenship: they are consequently incompetent to act, and what they do must be 'null and void, and no law."' EA Mississippi paper (the Natchez Courier) has discovered another hitch It says: "The constitution of the State is what we are sworn to obey. It pres rlbesthe method of its own alteration. That meth d has not been followed, and yet the constitution will be essentially altered. U no uestionablv the people of the State can revolo tionise. A mijority of *bem can call a convention to provide a new cons ltutlon. But the question of * Convention or no Convention' has never been submitted totkem It also possibletbata Convention r an be called by the legislature with* ut the assent of the people, tfcougb, in our opinion, a very questionable proceeding, but its acts, la that cas*-. earn be valid only tChen they have received the affirmative rot* t>f the people Of the 70,OtJO voters of Mississippi, no( 45,000 voted for members of the Cetnv- ntioH. and of these only a lean majority, or one felling far below tbe expectations of the disunion Ivaders. voted for immediate secession candidates " Major Anderson's Folic jr.?"?uaviter in mode, Fort tier in re. (By our Quizt ?' Contributor.?Wbatdith wo-nld be the most savory at the present crisis? Union Savery. Ait Egg stronger? State of Affairs. Housekeeper ?Are these eggs fresh ? Ma k t Woman.?Why lor blessyonrlife, raa'm, wt hain't anything else?Mister Be?\ her's goin to i-< ture to ni^ht, and there ain't a stale one to be had In the market at any price. PfMT PiVir#at TVia U a^ g\f 4nntK ??? ? ?v UC tt U A VA I.TVHIU V. Il'tli U . TA? teer*t in// 0/ T<?ar o* a man's temper.? Tacks left sticking up lns'.d** hi* boots. Rather Clinical.?The difference between Fort Suinter and -outh Carolina 1> antithttiral. Tort Sumter representing the Union, tnultum t* parro: Great in a Little; South Carolina la a little ingrate. iV-tr- ft Arithmetic. NuUiflcatloo is vexation, Secession is as bad, The Chivalry doth puzzle me. And Charleston makes me nud. [Vanity Fatr. n~r The three robbers of Adams' Express were sentenced at Brideport, Me., on Thursday, each [f j undergo an imprisonment of five years in the *Ute penitentiary, being the fall txtent of the law. |[7* The free neero porters, barbers, Ac., on the Cincinnati and Loalsvill* mall boats have been noticed not to visit Louisville any more. ft"/* The new King of Prussia has not assumed the title of Frederick William V., as generally supposed, but that of William I. Forty thousand dollars worth of f roperty was destroyed by lire In Louisville, Ky.. on the night of ihe v3d last. ARRIVALS AT THE HOTELS. W1LLARDS" HOTEL ? G H Sagre, Ala; R 9 Lyon, NY; Maj J Reiden, USA; B G Broadman, Mass: H Keep, NY, A Harmeyer, ?; W D May V*; K R Frank, Pa; R King. Wis; A More, Belglum; G McHenry, Pa. T S Mathew, 111; O S Hough, do; I) W Gale, do; Hon L Cameron, Pa; H M Wallace, G a; H H Allen, Cai; Col E J Steptoe, L'SA; Mrs Steptoe; Va; Mrs Clayton, do; H G Pathsm, do; Col M L Smith, NY; A A Low, do; J Gallatin, do; P Cooper, do; B Pnelps, do; W A Booth, do; W E Dodge, do; W G Hunt, do; S D Babcock, do: H A Smytne, do; J Harper, do; W Y Hrartly. do; H A Hurl but. do; FS; S M Brown, do; E H Gillilan, do; R L Kenedy, do; R C Rout, do: E E Morgan, do; H Anchtnciom, do; D 11 Haigbt, do; T Barton, da; 8 B Crittenden, do; M A Hamilton. Md; M ? George, do; Miaa J George, do; Mia* G George, B George, do, Mr and Mrs Mirguinido, do; G YV Barrjr.DC; R Berael, Md; J Endy, NC; G 1) Coleman, Pa; A L Rowe, NY: H A Pierce, Maw; Mr? Corliesand laajily. N V; W B Spowl, Pa; A Lawrence, do; R W Ty?on, Md; J F Corney. NY; Mr Schley, Md; A Weston and lady, Mats; Mlaa Weston, ?; Matter Weaten, do; J Campbell, NJ; P Dorm,do; J Doughty, do; A Comeran, do; W G Steel, do; J Mann, G A mo man, do; 9 C PjU, do; J R Bulkly aud faintly, NY; CB Snyder, do; A Flack, do;(i Lo*rv. do; P Hoffman, do; C F Randolph and lady, NJ, 1) Kunkle and lady, do; R K Williams, N Y; G W Ray, dc, J Cornish, do; D H McAlplu, do; Mr A U Rice, .Mom; H Rice,do; Mr Caveriv, do, W H Brown. USA; Mr Kunkle and son, Md; Miaa Harding, do. J Borey, NY; C Wilson, N J. CLAY'S HO I'LL?L F Grimet, Teun; Robt Camp, S M Ruble and ly, Maat Robie, O. G M More and ly, SC; N Duncan, Va; T R Husaey.N Y; W F Fanning and lr, M S Siocum, Ga; Nath Bea. NY; W Kvle, Md; S G Gilmore, NC; Joa Rodders, D \lurphy, Va; David Cane, Sam Cane. Ill; L M Birron ana ly, N J; H M Billing, S M Fitcb, Can; Wm Johnson, NC; R H Thornton, Va; Nathan Webb, Md; S B Bate*, Va; L A Haupt. Mo: A B Ware, Kan; L Kaiser. E J Nelier, J Fietniiur. F Boaacher, Tboa B aacber, Mrs Conaery. La; Robl Tibbitt. Va; S White Williams, L M U rimes, Mark Kodgers, Del; Peter A Bennett and ly, Va; D J Lock wood, NY; B W Goodrich, Ga. BROWN S HOTEL ?C Condert and If, 8 W Serreli, T Harvey and ly. W N Dazan and fam, NY. F La kl ne, G W Jones, Mra Steptoe, Mrs Clayton H Y Laih-im, W E Harrison, Va; T O T I.. t .. l.. ? w< j a >1 1 aim kJ y ' * anu iy. ? Gr v and lv. MtIs S liny, Mis* J Evans. J Berry, C Jobns-n J Gtmrry, T D Uauks, A S tirtry. V\ J Be-ill, J Casird. Md; J A Barrow and fam. J*i?s L^y. O; B F Oowan, T Ludlay and fam, W A Luby and ly, Tetui; Hon T Bragi;, N C; E Pugh ituulue.i. .vii?ses H >uld?-ri. MIm J Jenkins, \V 8 St w.rt P>; P McGllvey, La; Col E J tsteptje. USA; W H Furah, On. NATIONAL HO 1 EL ?D H Gould, C Oppenbeioier, Md; CA Witters, Ky; A Beach, A C Kamary, J 1) Palmer, Geo DeL, tbergue aud ly, J C Brante^am J Wonderly, O Clark, J O Gtbbs. NY; $ Henlon, Mia* Henlon, Miss; J Jones aud ly, C H Snow, W Harrison, Va; W Gardner, K Blood,J Loni;, J Browne, W Moren, W Heaton, A Gtlmore, Pa J Beatsoa, J J Powers, J .VI Forney, Md; >1 Brooks, J W Bates, J E Still man. | Conn. KIRK WOOD HOUSE-A L Hermann, Tex; H Allen, W Wall. RI;RH Key, Tex; E L,lgmfoot. NC; J R Wilson, Md J W Scott, NT; G W Lai.dis. C McConkey. A T Caldwell, J Scbedt, Pa; J T Weeks, Ky; J Paunce, USRM; D D Perkins, ISA WASHINGTON HOUSE ?G Filroore, Rl; A Mi ' * ?. - -? - - iispuwm. .uih irapua^en, w ^luivvajut..>i<ua, R BiKKiaiidae, J Jeula^*, 3 Freeman and fam, ? Kuigbt. S Revnolda, NY; R iludtmi and lsdy NJ, J Morrill, Maine; U Kirkham, NJ; A Stodtrd, Md. OUEAiM STEAMERS' SAILING DAYS Fmom tbm Usitbd statbi. Sitatnrrt. Leave. Far. Day*. Am^riaa Huston .Liverpool Ju 33 Canadian .Portland Liverpool.... Jan 36 krfliuburs -New \ ork.. .Liverpool iiu Johu tfelt..... ...New York.. .Olaafow...... Jau iW A*ia New Yuri- Liverpool Jan ?> Teotom* Now \ ork... Ooath'pton .Feh I Niagara Boston. Liverpool Fet> 6 Flos Kceopi Kedar .... Liverp *1....New York... .Jan 8 Ara*o.___.?^.9o?th*?tou-.New York . Jan 9 North Briton Liverpool Portland Jan lo 'Ike California mail steamers leave on the 9U>, ISth, and ati of every month. REST FANCY GOODH, TO SUIT THE TIMES, A* PE1CB8 At STEVENS'S FA^cV^Toli*:?1 ?*LT' -Btf >36. Ixtw, <Hh md UHh ?t?. THE INSURANCE COMPANY or THE STATE or VIE91N1A. CASH CAPITAL *30?,00?. I near01 MerohaodiM, Baildinc*. fioBMbold Furniture, *? , tftiut lomm or (Uiu(? by ftro. HEATH k. KNOWLES. AgMto, 0?co?Rooir 16 over Buk of WMtuofton. jm >o i'LUVHi Blifc'IWHRAT, POTATOES, APM? bbis.nev Ricfro<>nii Family and Kit: a Flo? r, A^iwfta. Pr??]i G'ound Bu k*b?t Mm , 30* bn?h?is White Meroer Potato??, inn do. Hlua do. do. 9 do. OkeitDutf. tr.iiiBttiin'r an Onuw ofTvolfUi R Iti. rT,TOSv.,c.m,S, 97H Pans. Athvi. Hal'aa'i MfcMta A* ?, ?b?? n*w Boston puiarj Edition Kirer aid* fry*; U>p*d papar; jrloa *% * Vf Mail Tha una! heayr di?oo?nt at uaraV/rc. |W*I? v*'UMW? I ATVI ? UW IP 275 uk" 275 J A CX8O M, % : * ' ... MISCELLANEOUS. | Tu aitalcahatioft or L ano Va??*.?There is* C rowing tend an 01 in tint ift to appropriate the _ moat espre?aivowordaofotberlangaagee,anti after I ft while to inoorparate teem into oar own, thus Um word CephaJio, which la from the Greek, aigulfyiaf | "for the head." ia now blooming popularised la comection irKh Mr. Sralrfing'a great H^adaohe remedy; bat it will eoon oe uaed in # more lenm wny, ud the word Cephaiio will beoome %a oomraon u Electrotype And many others whoee diatincuon m foreign worde haa been worn away by oomnion uaaee unUl they aeem "natire and to the manor born." 'ardly Realized. Hi 'ad 'p 'orrible 'eadaohe this afternoon, hand 1 tapped into the faapotheoariee hand aaya hi to the m?n, " Can yon heaee me of an 'eadaehec*' "Doee ithaohe ard," aaya *e. "Hexceedinriy," fays hi. and upon that 'e gave me a Cephalic Pill, hand pon me'onor it oured me ao quick that I'ardly reamed I 'ad 'ad an 'eadaohe. JrHiADACHi it the favorite sign by whioh re mates known any deviation whatever lrura the nataral state of the brain, and viewed la this light it may be looked on aea safeguard intended to give notioe of disease whioh might otherwise eeoape attention, till too late to be remedied: and its indications should never be nealeoted. Headaches may be olastified under two naipee, via: Symptomatic and Idiopathic. Symptomatio Headache is exoeedingly oommon and (a the preoareor of a great variety of diseases, among whioh ara Apoplexy, Oout, Rheumatism and all f?bril? diseases. In its rervous form itia s<mpathetio dieease of the stomaoh constituting sick Kmduckt, of hepatio disease constituting bilious ktadachr, of worm?,oonstipation and other disorders of the sowei?.as well as renal and uterine atf?otions. Diseases ofthe heart are very frequently attended with Headaches; Anaemia and plethora are alao affections which frequently occasion headaohe. Imopathio Headache is also very common, being usual!* dia tingutshed by the name of nttrous keadackt, sometime* ooming on suddenly in & state of apparently sound health and prostrating at onoe the mental and physioal energies, and in other instanoos it oomes on slowly. heralded by depression of spirits, or acerbity of tamper. Inmost instanoes the pain is in front of the head, over one or both eyes, and provoking vomiting, under this olMs may a'so be named Ntvraltia. For the treatment of cither olass of Headaohe the Ophalio Fills have been found a sure and safe remedy, relieving the most acute pains in a few minutes, and by its subtle power eradicating the disease or whioh headache is the unerring index. Bbidqit.?Missus wants yoo to send her f box of Cephaic Gme, no, a bottle of Prepared Pills,? but I'm thinking that's not Just it oaither; but per Mips ye'Il be afther knowing what it is Ye sea she's nit h dead and gone with tire Sick Headache and wants some more of that same as relaived her before. rbrurrtut ? Vmi mutt m#ni? P??kalla Pills. r Bridget.? Ooh' sure now and you've ?ei it, here's the quarther anfl giv me the Pills aa4 Jon'? be all day about it aither. Censtlpatien er Cestlvenetl. No one of the "many ills flesh is heir to" is so prevalent, so little understood, and so much negjeoted as Costiveness. Often originating in carelessness. or sedentary habits; it is regarded as a slight disorder of too 'ittle consequence to exoite ar,xietfT"Whie in reality it is the precursor and oompanion of many of the most fatal and dangerpun diseases, and unless early eradicated it will bring the sufferer to an untimely grave. Among the lighter evils of which Costiveness is the usual attendant are Headache, Colio, Rheumatitm, Foul Breath Piles, and others of tike n*tnre,while a long train of frightful diseases such as Maliguant Fevers, Aboesa<?s. Dysentery. Dyspepsia, Diarrhea, Apoplexy, Epnepsjr, Para'ysis, Hysteria. Hypoohonan&ais.Melaapnolj and insanity, firat indicate their Seaenoe in th? ayatem by thia alarming symptom. ot (infrequently theuiaeaaea named originate in Conat patton. bat take on an independent exiat enoe unless the cauae ia eradicated in an early stage. From aU. theae considerations it follows that tne diaorder ahould receive immediate attention whenever it oocurs, and no person ahould negleot to get a box of Cephalic Piila on the first appearance of the oomplamt, as their timely use will expel the inaiduona approaches of diaeaae and destroy thia dangerous foe to human life. A Real Bleating. PkvitcKin.?Well, Mra. J one*, how ia that headMr?. J<m*s.?Gone! Doctor, all gone! the pill too aent cured me in just twenty minntee, and 1 wiah jrou would aend more ao that I oan have them rhv}Mtna.? \ on oan get them at any Druggists, Call lor Cephalic Pills,1 find they never rail, audi reoomroend them in ail oases of Headache. art. Joiui.?l ahall send for a box directly, and 1 tell all my suffering friends, for they an areaI bhstini, Twihtt Millions o* Dollars Bavm>.?Mr. Spa diughas told two millions of bottles of his oelehrated Prepared Gin* tod it Laefttimatad that each bottW raves at ieast ten dollars worth of brokwi furniture. thus making an aggregate of twenty millions of dollars reolalmed from total lota by this *a!nable invention. Having made liis Glue a household word, he now proposes to do the world still Ereater servioe by curing all the aching heads wifh isCephalio Pills, and If thsy areas goodaa hia Give. Headaches will soon vanish away Ilk* snow in J air. ICrOvKTi BxriTxxKjfT. and the mental oare and j anxiety incident to clo?e attention to bus ness or study, are among the numerous causes of Nervosa Headache. The disordered state of mind and body incident to this distreeslng oomplaint is a fatal blow to a'l energy and ambition, sufferers by this disorder oan al?ajs obtain speed j relief from th??e distressing attacks by using one of the Caphaho Puis whenever the symptoms appear. It quiets the overtasked brain and sodthes the strained and iarrinc norvee, and relaxes the tension of the stomach which always acoompastes and aggravates the disordered oondition of the brain. Pact* woith ehowijw.?Spalding's CephaUo Pills aro a < ertsin eu-e for S'.ok Headache, BiU>us Headache, Nervosa Headaobe, Costiveneca, and General Debility. CiiiT Di?cov**t.?Among the moat important of a!l the great meriioal dieooveriea of this tge mar be oonsidered-'the avatera of vaccination for protection from Small Pox, the Cepbalio Pill for relief of Headaoiie, and the use of Uoinine for the prtftantion of Fevera, either of wnioh iaa enre apeolfio, whoae benefita will be experienced by Buffering humanity long after their diaooverera are forgotten. 117- Did voa ever have the 810k Headache ( Do you remember the throbbing templea, the fevered row. the loathing and diaguat at the aight of food. How totally unfit vou were lor plea#are, oonveraation or etudv One of the Cepha'ic Pilla wonld have relieved you from all the Buffering wbioh voa then experienced- For thia and other purpoaaa yon should alwaya have a box of them on hand to aae aa ocoaaion ro^nirea. I w^icA. CURE*>^ rC&N^caf/^ 1r> ^9" CURE NervousHeadache s& * Headache. H j the mm of theee Pills the periodic attaoke 01 Nrrrou* or Sick Headache may be pnvtuM; and if taken at the commencement ot an attack immediate relief from yam and aiekneaa will be obtained. They aeldom (ail in removing the tfnuicm and Htadatk* to which femalea are ao anbjeot. They aet gently upon the boweia,?removing f??ttrflMN. For Literary Men, St*,lent*, Delicate Femalea, and aJJ peraoua of t^entmrv habit*, they are all valuable aa a Laxative, improving the mpptti**, giving tome and rigor to the digestive organs, and restoring IIm *!* *'---? ?* *" . ..... ....wiiij mu lirsniu OI UK Whole ty?t?m. be CEPHALIC PI L0 are the reeult of long investigation ud carefully oondootad ex peri monU, Uvini km la m many r?n, dinx whisk time they ton praTtotod and relieved a vast amoaat of pain and ffermc from Headaohe, whether ongl nating in the aervoui ay stein or from a deranged state of the ttom+ck. They are entirely vegetable la their eompoeition, aad may be takea at all times with perfect eafety without making aay change of diet, mmd tk* a* ?tne* ?/ amy ditrntrttmbU MM rsadsrs it easy te lAnwiilir iktm le children. 0KWARB OF COUNTERFEITS! The geaaine have five eignataree oi Henry C. Spalding on eaoh Box. Bold by Druggists and all other Deaiere la Madieiaae. Box will be seat br mail prepaid oa fcee?i|tef rEICE, M CENTS. AH oNara ahoeld boaddreeaed to HENKY O. tfPALDINO. i bp ?9 Cedv ptreet, Nrw V?f|. -?-? ' " 1 mmdmmm-rnm In pUBLlC N OTj CX Dirimnro* rolnmiciJ W*skt*t t<m, Dtc. M 1MD. < Pabito notioe is kant^ *im that koala aM oospona annexed, of Ike description hereinafter aet forth, hare lately been fekmioesiy abetraetod from the oaatody of the Interior Departiaeat, the aaaae being the property of the United States aad held ia trait for certain Indian tribes. Nociee Mi also been given to the pro par aOoera of the rsepee tive States to stop ths pajwent thereof j aad all persons are warned againtft perohasing or reeearing ahy of said bonds aad ooapons, as the eiaiai of Mi. 11.1*?I ? > ?-ill k? ? utmost extent. JSaoh boa* beinf for the nn of om thoataad dollare, tis * Six ft oent. Mieeonri Coupon Sonde, 1 mined ta iiute led Ai|ut, 1857. State of Miaeiowi, St. Loaie aad Iron Moaatala R, R. State Bonds. Bond No. 3037 Bond No. 1823 1878 182T 1W6- 18? 199T 1821 1UVS 1820 2008 181# Oiv/vr io?? *i/v? 1010 1993 1809 im 1817 1WS 1816 1891 1815 1DW 1814 1802 1813 mi " 1812 2005 1810 2002 1811 1002 1808 200ft 2031 2006 2*133 2004 2034 2001 2035 109# 2036 2000 2032 2000 1H28 1877 * 1828 187W 1829 187ft 1830 1880- 1831 1884 1832 1882 1868 1883 1869 1884 1870 1885 1871 irt?0 I87Z 1887 1873 1888 1874 188# 1875 18W * 2030 2045 2029 2048 2018 204ft 2017 2047 2018 2044 2016 2043' 2014 2040 2013 2041 2012. ~ 2042 2010 203V 2011 2038 1825 . V9 bonds 1824 Not*.?Bond* No. tow, and below of this series, issued June. 1897, and bonds No. 3001, and above that, dated August, 1857, parable at the Phoenix Bani, New York oity, in ltef. State of Miaaonn six percent, ooqpon bond*, is: Hannibal and St. Joaeph Railroad State BondsBond No. 1853 Bond No. 1626 1852 1627 1851 * 1628 1850 1629 184V 185V 1848 1865 1847 1863 1846 1862 1845 1860 1844 1861 1832 1856 1835 1858 1833 1855 1834 1854 1836 1822 183T 1823 1838 1824 1839 1825 1648 1826 liu/i i cor W ?V IU?I 1635 1828 161J 1829 1013 1830 1614 1831 1615 16411616 1642 1617 1643 1618 1644 1619 1645 1620 1646 1621 1647 1611 1648 1864 1637 1634 1638 1631 1840 1632 1842 1633 1843 1622 1650 1857 1816 t A OA luif iwo lOi# 1630 1818 1639 1819 1841 1820 1623 1821 1624 1625 90 bondi Not*.?Theae bond* an dated January, 1857, ?ayabi? at Bank of Co<nm?roe, New Vork, in November, 1896?intereat payable in January and July of eaoh year. State of Miaaonn aix per pent. Coupon North Miaronri ft. R. State bona a. Bond No^2952 Bond. No. 1639 2940 1638 2939 1641 AAi1 1 ? i* IN] 2942 1643 2946 1644 2945 1645 2944 1646 2943 1647 2947 1648 2948 1649 2949 1640 2950 1650 2937 2922 2938 2923 1653 2924 1054 2936 1655 2951 1652 2953 1656 1657? 2921 1705 2468 1706 2A15 lTnr I I VI 2513 2452 2514 2453 . 2M5 2454 2516 2455 2911 2456 2916 2457 2012 2468 2913 2459 2914 2460 2916 2461 2915 2462 2917 2463 2918 2464 2919 4 2465 2920 2466 2954 2467 2955 SAC* ^ - io9i HO bonds No**.?Tho build numbered SSlA&ad boiov, ia u?d in Janatry, 1857-No 2910, *nd ?bov? that, iwB#d in Au*u?t, 1WT, ptjtbl* at Pkasnlx Buk, N?w Yoik illr. MiMoari oon^ (^M^on^?nd?. ?*: North Bond No. 2773 Bond No. 2763 2784 2787 278? 2730 * 2781 2717 2782 2734 2778 2721 2783 2719 2711 2733 rri* ?<"? ifAi 2710 , 2*? HZ! 2717 rrn rru ? * *m 2788 27M ?W 2729 2T? 2718 2771 J715 2785 2714 IUS 2772 2728 2776 272S 2774 ' 2723 2J|0 . J713 A I "J I * Mbond* ? ' . . ^ ^ _t_ A w ^ t f i Missouri 8iuir >w?t. Railroad Bute I PmJ Mn mm.** m ?T- I mmuv OVBU ilO. OiOU 5359 6361 5345 6368 6344 5356 5343 5354 5343 . 5355 5341 5353 5340 5353 5339 5251 5338 5350 5337 5249 5335 5347 5334 5248 5333 k 5195 5333 5196 5231 5000 5200 4999 5199 4997 5198 4890 5197 4998 5310 4880 5380 4888 tOnV iai*? mvi win 5308 5267 M09 6282 . 61 bond! UN teraat p*j abla in Juur^ud Jnlr of Mob tmi. Bond* of North CaroJiM?Coupon biz pw Mat. North CfcroUn* aix ft ooata. Bond No. 35 Bond No. 303 33 301 QO ?AA 28 2V7 9 235 7 234 349 203 348 166 347 104 340 20 343 19 341 18 341 17 340 15 339 13 338 8 337^ 11 . 334 10 335 102 Q?K3 i n? 0*0 1UL 329 100 330 99 331 103 332 6 333 28 334 22 227 16 326 2! 317 9S 318 97 316 % 296 95 239 94 238 62 237 * 60 40V 303 " 72 bonds Notju?Thot* bonds are dated January, 1856, payabi* Januai7.1> Bank of Repcblio, New York. Intarett payable in January and July. North Carolina 6 per oenU. Coupon Bonda. * Bond No. 833 Bond No. 736 832 736 831 758 830 75V 8? 760 834 761 835 762 836 763 837 764 838 790 871 791 871 792 878 793 874 7M 875 795 876 796 877 797 878 798 879 799 880 8(X) 881 801 846 802 847 803 848 804 849 805 850 806 851 808 851 807 853 811 854 811 855 813 856 814 R57 WIS 858 819 800 817 801 818 802 819 803 820 804 821 805 ? 822 800 823 807 5824 808 825 m 820 870 827 883 828 882 839 884 840 885 843 731 844 732 RiA 733 734 104 bonds North Carolina six percent. Coupon bond*. Bond No. 699 Bond No. 493 600 ' "494 603 495 604 496 605 497 606 021 607 498 608 510 610 511 611 481 612 482 613 4*3 609 484 614 486 ?23 486 623 487 ?24 488 25 489 62? 490 #27 538 828 539 Ml 540 642 541 643 542 15 ? 54* 644 530 646 631 47 532 648 533 646 634 649 636 650 536 651 637 652 518 <16 539 617 616 618 615 619 517 , 455 514 457 422 458 545 470 546 602 5*7 439 548 440 560 442 562 430 471 431 472 A 39 Alt w via 43# 474 437 475 427 47# 428 477 425 478 M 479 423 480 421 512 Ml 513 544 ? 411 119 bond. 492 ^Bond Nc. 51 Bond No. 151 M 152 ' , -y - i 53 158 54 154 96 W W IN ' 1 ' ? Bond No. 97 Bond No. 162 I 96 1M w 1M 106 l?k 1? 178 123 191 . H4 192 IK 193 12# 194 127 If* 128 196 179 197 180 198 129 199 ISO 200 137 144 a boada 146 Two bon<ta far 91/mo Mob, doted A?nl, 1M. Bond No. 9 Bond No. 10 Elite >n bond* for 41,000 M?h,d*t*d Qotob#r, 1R*. s: Payable at Bank of Repobl.o, Oot>Mr, 1W7, vi*: Bond No. 1183 Bond No. 1192 1184 1193 1185 1194 1186 1196 1187 1190 1188 1197 1189 1190 15 bonds 1191 TenMHM ?lx per oent. Coapon Bonds, of >1.000 e*oh, of Iom ul 1*'S paynbio 1KB In New^ork oltjr, of the fo:lowing ninbm, %ad dated JtiiIMS: _ Bond No. 217 Bond No. 415 278 419 294 47# 297 477 409 491 413 498 414 723 And of the following camberi iMued January,1844: Bond No. 828 Bond No. 1278 829 1358 830 And of the following number iMaed January ,1856; Bond No. 1744 Band Nn *4S 21 ip 2891 2133 2892 2581 . 3066 2605 3121 And of the following numl>?ri iatu?d Jtnuiry, 1836. Bond No. 3149 Bond No. 4207 3464 4208 3465 4209 3466 * 4210 3467 4211 3469 * 4212 3470 4213 347! 4214 3472 4431 3758 4627 3S94 4529 3941 4550 3942 4556 3943 4566 3944 4569 3945 4570 394? 4571 3985 4749 4199 4751 4200 4881 And of the following numbers luuod Juatry, 1157: Bond No. 5056 Bond No. 5419 5195 5421 5326 6426 5359 5427 5360 5430 5361 * 5434 5362 5436 5363 5437 5364 5436 5365 5439 5366 5440 5367 5441 5363 5442 5369 , 5453 5370 5444 5371 5445 5372 5452 5373 5518 5374 5519 5375 5520 6378 55]1 5377 5522 5378 5703 5*7V 5704 5380 5705 5381 5706 6385 5707 5386 5708 5387 5709 5388 571 (L 5389 5711 5390 5712 5391 v 5713 53VJ 5799 5393 5839 5416 5840 *? f 1 7 _ i o *r? %/Ot? 5418 Orrici or thb aicuniT or thi Iktxkiox, December 36,I860. aiadtf . J. THOMPSON,8?rotary. ,f\LD RICH, MELLOW AND J*URK '\J BI'RN91DE'B MONONOAHKLA RYB WHI8KEY, Conscientiously distilled by Mr Judm Burcside, of Allegany CouotY, Penca., in the old-fashioned honest war, from the choicest ana moat oarefu..y selected Rye, and in no case ever offered for aale until adapted to wholesome use by ac? It is at onoe the roost palatable, aa it i? emphatically one of the purest beverages in the reach of the public. To the Invalid. a? well as to those in oommends itself lor its unrivalled qualities as a qtimulaot of the safest, sorest, and most bMteficer<t description, and many of the moat distinguished f hysioians are uaing it in their praotiee with the happiest reauita CLfcRY A 3TOCKDALE. Proprietors. 383 Walnnt street. Philadelphia. WM. C. CONOVEK, Agent for the Proprietors, 936 Pa. a*., ae X-6?n opposite Willards' Hotel. Pm L'Rfc OLD RYK WHISKY.-On hand severa brand!* of Pnre Old Rye Whii ky. Copper Dis tl , led. mads by the most reliable distillers in Pennsylvania, Man land and Virginia, warranted para. A so, Imported Krandies, Henueesy, Otard. Dupay A Co., Jales Robins, Ae. Also, Peaoh and Apple B-andy, pnre Holland 6ln, old Jamaica acd >t Croix Ram, and Wir.ea of every variety,all of tlXnl Kh~I. ? .I.-. f_? ~r A - ? I . , wa urn- M WNUtW lut UI V> I ton ?nu M V bMoo YOUNG A KKPHART, Acento. u 14-1T #** P* ? .. twtv.Mh U)4 IMh lU. iH^no M4:?4?v I t**"4iOTAI 'f?u t {tit Jdr* Ih*4UT i?)5 r" lii P*ll*y t/tk- it?m ?9?kt'?,') fr-mt JJ 5^(1^ ? : tUf**Q**li,ef Ari,j ''r*'*<lt-r3L i , vA*a (is, hit (it Vmlltf B'ImI'-. ? ?5?'T ft?'i ?J?. 'mwT Tj?d Tjl , r*ww~/?i?rri.JI,^ Miw^rwfattr d ' ^n* ' ill Mm?l> lf? Jfr^KIMi Jm #1^ f !j g5Sl J -toir.vJ I ?* CAUTION. PVIRCSASlfiS SHOULD BE CAREFUL IN PURCHASING THE VALLEY WHISKEY TO BFF THAT IT IS IRWOTliH WITH THE SIGNATURE OF ON THE LABEL ALL OTHERS ARE ANJMITAHON AND A COUNTERFEIT Of THE ABOVE WHISKEY. WMJLDALY, SOLE PROPRIETOR 18 88VY1 WILLIAM SI NEW YSfflL tOS BALM tlf WAS Hiiro toif BY f Mr lAtBOW M WKIMKH i; mmmuw. now u the Um to j*b*orlbe, with the begajuiinc of the 1 New Year SoleIfiatamthe Cbirleetoo^Mer- | TuTSS^ ' 19 ULVI Mil lock wmritat, Brns Dtmmtni tu ?? C*tmm>. S?m4v . ??4 jyntmj |im<) w tk? ffrw. to* all diseases of imrbudencb. i.*r jto FALSE DELICACY FEEVEMT. apply immei) atelv. J (Ml WARKAXTKL>, OK HO CUAM9E, uv jvojc o*a ro nro lurs u< ikmu, iixluiu) dutteifh, ta*k?m;, smii! f?ii-t- ? m4wm, piutm rftkt iw^tknivi ?)N Skin, AfKom af ikt ku*llwitlM ftavalatkMi Tunkli I)iMrd?n umu| Sm S?ik? ry ItkNi af TtM-ikwa Draadfal u4 Daatraauaa PncttM vbtt n? 4m Hurafi iapaaaikta. ul daatrav b*u Badr u< MM TOVM Mil kfMltlb *k*ltN kttwl Ul 'Hf af ?.! ary Tm, Mat Iralhl u4 Imumoi k*kt wit** utMlif m MnUMlr p?n ltnni>?? af Ymi Ibi t(tk( aati naitad talaau ai*d fenUast tnullaat, vM Butt nk<r*iM ton muui*4 lutnyi(lt?ui vlU Ut Uhain af tiaaaaaaa at vUt< M rwuij Ika lf?a, say aajl vtu fcl! a?? UUUIE iltlll PUIOm.a* Thij Maa aa??a?afUltaa K? Ihra, kaiac awara af M;?aal vnteaaa. aagaaVa 4<MIMv, MnMaa.4a^??<lUi c?tad a wfca Maaaa i If mndar ?ba aara * D* J say nOftMlr HuNa tm few feaaa* aa a raniaaaa aa< mKni't tal* paa tea ak<U u orricB iu. i torn r&BDsajci mur, M fcaad iMijw| hw fchlni hnm, lav tun Ins Ua aaraaa IU>N Utknm Ma<u4 Kakn. ktntn MMk? u< mtiti imai ML JOimOR, M >??? af Ua Catlafa Mn, rAIMM 1Mb mi af U< bm wiMU UriltfM la iki Be Had (uim, aad l?a [mm pan af vW< Iff* ku kiaa imi ta ua fcaaftMOa af kaaidaa,, FhUadatfHa aad aiaavfcara. baa ht?d ami af ut Mat taw?bui( aaraa Uat vara a*at hm; many traaklad ?iU rtnfinf la Ua ka?d aad aaaa ?# ? aalaap; jraat naraaaaraaa. kamp ilirnad at aac'^ja aaanda, vtU fraqaan ktaafimf, attar dad ant* kau tW dataaf anani af mind, vara car ad laaadlaul* TAKE PAftTiCVkA* MOTICE. Tn*( Mas and aUara wha 6??a tt^arad :namaal*aa by Mitua frttuti ladatfad to whaa alai < ?a kafctt fraqaaa J laaraad frata a?il caanpantana, at at acbaat, Ua afacu a< vktifi ara utffcUy fait a^an vfcan aaJaap, aad if eat aavad. v~waw?? trapviiiaivf ? ? wmw%B9j m vara W Mr, akaald appi* iruretduw.T TUi in aaana of lha Hi ui nluiM; iIhu WlHtl ky aarty haMti raatb ?t? : Wnlnm aftka ?**? ui Unka, riir.i 10 iba If at tf, af iffct, Uu ' MmoIii h*ir, hlpiiMwr af lha Ha.;r;, Drapapar. Narraaa Imulil ly, D*ru(inioi af (hi Plf aatira f ancuaaaa, linrn Dakalaty ystWM rf Caraamptiao, Ac MENTALLY.?Tin fulfil ifitumm tka alii ara naak M ka iruiii-Lw af Mataary.Caaafaaaaa af liua, UaaraaalM af IpnU, Evil Farbadmga. A xniac af acini lii' nwuMt, ka** af SaUwda, Timidity, at? ua aana af Ui a?na *aaIKKTOli PEIILfTT -fkaMuda lu uv|iil|i vkal la tka taaaa af thalr dacliainf kaaMfc, taaia* tkaii *ifai, laaaaaiaj wail. pal a, ntnaaa aaad amaaiatad. baring a an fatal iffauuta iMtttk* ayaa, caaft ar lyapuaa af uwaafdN DIBKASKA Or 1MPR0PENCE. Wkaa tka niagaidad tad itnpradar t *at-.ry af p!*aa?ra iada ka kaa tnkakad lha mil af tbu pau.fal iluui, it 'ja aAia kappana that aa ill-unad auaa af akaroa ar draad af di?ta?a*y datara kin fran applriaf ta tkaaa wha, kaa tdacauaa ud raapaeuk'.hly, can alar.* kafnaad kin ? falla lata tka kaada af igoaraat aad daaigr.u.g prataudaaa, wba, aaaapakia af cannf, lick kia pa can wry aatotanca. kaap kia uiltag naatk after maatk, ar ta laof aa tba anallaat 'aa cu ka ak tataad, and la iaafau laara kin witk ran ad health U atfk arar hM ratling dia ppwtniat; ar ky tka aaa af tkat dee<?% paaaan, Marcarr, haavaa tka caatecuauaai a I eyrajptaaae af tkU kin, Ac.. pr?fream * with frif btffcl rapidity, (ill daaU pau a Mm4ttkN dratdfa] ( IMfl If (ending iltwnrti cmiii; frtn *h?H >?rM urn traveler mail ML JOIXOIItUIKDT FOR OMAMC tlAUUI AHD mrv?Tt|?CT By Ult (mt tad Ibmhui remedy ruktui tf Ui Mtiu IN ipiidil; tmt u< U! 11|W mwid TtoMttJit'iki mi aertaae aad dekiiltated, wke bad leal til kept, be?e kMt laiatUltttly r*llt*t< All kapediniteu it Pa ft; at. tr Meau DlttWiJiMllttt, but tf Praareiute fevtr, Berteae IrviuMHw Treakliof ted Wetktteaet Btktatnea tf iat BaeifrarW klad tptttdrlj cared ehduucm urr or ntBM. TlK MARY TIOCIAHl'i cartd tiihit inetuatlaa vHkA U? latt eeteauea yeart, aad the mmirNi taparout aretat.1 tptra'.iM.t perfenaed k? Di Jtkttw, viintatad k? IM ftpantia af Ut papatt aad aaay aUtr paraaot, t.eUaae af wink k*r? appeared a(da aad afala befaee Ua faklta, kt aldta kit iiejxh.f ua (tMbautf aktrtaiar tt - taw tail kUitr, la a taflaitai [uruitt vt Ua aAtaud |u>tr JOY FOR THE SICK AND Sl'FFKRINO. LET ALL WHO ARE AFFLICTED APPLY THEOREM EL T REJOICE /" HEAL TH. Ft lend, do row *ulFer? Are yoc the ofuif Georgetown, D Cv Wholesale a tout for the l)t? tnct, and will supply the trade at iry price*. an ta-tr DR. J. BOVEE DOIT8 IMPERIAL WINE BITTERS, Arc now being seed from Maine to the Great H&4 I^ake, anl the ani^erea! verdict of all who uja ttiem either a* a w*?4*cm* or u a ? tJwl t:,ej are anaarpaaed in the world. l>r. Dom aaad them aaooeaafa-.T ta lua praouoe for Si jn+rm bjmn we paronuM of Aim the aole rixLt to*t*r? aad preset tfcm {or sale to tne public, f ar+km eare of inoipien* Ocnta ration, indigent or. I?ys HmU. Piles. Nenreaa PImmii. Ftoait <Mpa piaints, abd aJ! oaaaa repairing a tonic. th*i arKWLond doabt a moat ltra **o.e remedy. Aside np leir medloinfi propert-ea they a;e a pare, wb<*paome aad dcjtttf*. Beverage, producing all taa r?rnr* exhiierattur effeota or Bnaiv or Wi* oi inose nntnerons aliments which arm* rrotn imparity ofthe blood.' What are the*, do to* ' Rather Mkt.what are they not/ The blood is the sou roe of iiie ud (i?%: th. ud it is the first element of oar beinj to respi.tid to anj OMM which ifNti the system, ac the pt.Lse infallibly atteets The ever frvvkiliDf N euralg:it, the irritating Erympe.aa. the sabtle Scrofula. th?> afor,;?.r.( K tiermatjsm, Nervous itebiiity, l>y?-p"j?m, Liver Comprint with its torpor and dejeotu i, and the camber.ees that f o?h is heir to. derive ?heir i.k'^ous onrin from Li.e bxxxl. Deal kindly the* and jeut.y with the b*oo.l. Use the vilaiiatng reeouroes of qatore for its aid. and ? -?er is to ooirnnend to your o.>i.fideaoe and use that tmW valuable medicament known as MKS. M. COX'S IXDIAJ* WKtiKTABLK DKCQCTION. With retard to rht? aintos: lnf&juwe speoiflo -- ??- - I.. ??.? . j ' ^ utai vouuui' Uk tii >c* l^oirit IB QPCIOM UTITil. iu the evide&o*e o| Uim great efficacy are tamed lj ooList&i.t avow* ? of curative effecU and th" happi?at reauita frem ita ?m are after all other remedies and the t*?t medical skill hare failed. Let u? ooneiuaion that oertttoatea oarea are not aough* from (he illiterate and super ficial. bat they are voiantaered Irum the moat re epectaUe aoaroea and justify the hi* beat terma in which it ia possible to oommeou ao valuable a aaec;l.o to pnblic approval. We ma; add alao that the curative properties of the medicine are equalled only by it? reaiorative effects, the ryat?in recovering from disease with renewed oonstitationa. \igor. For sale by ail r?>apeotable i>rnrciats in ifcia city,and by the propr otor, MK8. M COX, None reaaint unless her came ia biowa on the bottle and her aea! on the cork IHT I'rioe 01 per bottle, six bottlea for fti. _ iKoli^ali iireai. R. * . T. CIS3EL. Dn?ri?i without their mjtrioas rera'.u. L?et t fieoda of ramanity and ill wlTocatea of temjeranoe Mt.i na in acbatitainx theee Talaaliie Vegetable Bitters for the wtin?r?l pxumi ud +dw*trrm.ud Lna??i with which IliO ooactrj U Hooded, ud thereby #fec> uaJy aid In wmIi? Diseaee a&d Dru&keceee ^""c^AltLE 9 WflBDIFIELD * CO.. Freyrletors, 7P WnTiam atreet. New Yerk. * J. eOHWAKZE. Aaent, Washington, D. C. DR. J. DOVEE DODff* IMPERIAL e/iV STTTERS. For Dieeaaes of the Kidneys, B'adder tad L'rtnary Organs, and especially for Female Ohetraotions. never fail to oare. and are warranted to give saus WIDD1FIKLD * CO.. Proprietors. 1 9 William St., New York, J.SCHWAR^fc, U? 1. - - ? jo . >i^ wumnctoi, D. C. " ^ #vh'*s/A' DISPATCH I ^ \ ^s^/T Sift lke_fleeei! f?si WtJ AopptM, ?*M to rmmiuw, u u **ryia?L?*Ma to Ktrt romtbiai H.d aonvecieal v*r fe: rnunci Panutua, VogS. OrMkcrr. te. iriLOiiw'i miriAiD SLDB Mil ail cacti emMiei,oi?t.M4 bo hoeeekel4?ee 4 ktora to be vithovt It. It ia r?2y wl if to the ?t,ckir.| point. Tfiere ia po lonfer a oeMelitr for limping chtira,?, .r.ter^ ??neera, headma dona, and broken cradiea. It ia Joat the art'ic>e frr oone, BLeli, arc other orLam?tai vork, ao aoaulkr Wttk .Jumof referemcnt &d<< tut*. Emm* (UUMi of tke bast oabfnot makera' tl?-. at; be ittd m at fJioe of ordinary aniTiir, ac THtly more MhNlH. " WSEFVL IN MTM&T HOWSM.Hr?ab MMmruiM Mt boulo WbtUfit lMr*, No. 4? Codar street, Nov Tor*. ""y ihsttim, a.s>.,?. Pit if for Dealer* li Cum eontuaiac Poar, fcifht, and TvoiT* Doaei?a i ojra#bM &h -? Card aoooiapaByiBg eaob rr a t>ottio or &pa l&ixwb frmPihKD ULVK H<? tor uraee tte ooot an B mail 7 to rrerr hoc?ohol(<?fll Sold by all tronunoat Stations ?, Lractiota, lumrt iwi Firuuio Dwrn. S ocoro, tM SSiboiW Mhfce * u.-'toof SPa i M'd ^ KvmU ifkElW* TP * *1 A i "tor? ?f I ord BtoojiJroa ii^k. i k r i ni^yFlfWTMAT CIJCICITOHIITTRR 1 Ml Tilf Bft.?b? briMj itoft too much ] 4o *t mp?, Mi ajf mfc1rt? 1 I

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