Newspaper of Evening Star, February 9, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 9, 1861 Page 2
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'HiK EVENING STAR. WASHINGTON 01TY: SITIRUAY February 9 1M1. Spirit ( th* >l?rninf Prft? The J?ullifmc*r say* of the proposed repeal ?f the duty on imported invars, that the preva lence of free trade Idea* In the cott.u State* it more than probable and that Luiiialana la likely to receive just as litte 'foacerlog care" in the new Confederacy a* from the Tnlon from which she baa withdrawn Tbe Rtjmbbran argue* that tbe opposition of European powera will V manife?te?i to any exten aioa ?IUie alave area by a Southern Confederacy. Wi?i Henry A. Wlae la out in a rbaracteriatic letter, aaving that be ia confined to the bed-aide ?f aickn*?e, "nuralng with one band and attending 10 numerous preaaing domeatic du ttea with the other," (?) and tblnka under the elr*umatane:e he ahould not be charged with recruiting raid irmlea to teite Waahlngton?we ahoald think not. But the ex-Governor can't end hia letter for tbe life of him without Indulging tbe modeat boaat that If he ahould incline to aa ume the offenalva, Gen. W Infield Scott'a laurela muat wilt. lie aaya: "Scott la bat a martinet and rommiaaary, but hia vanity, in hia old age, atanda up like bip ?? ? * n/4 a# ?n /vi/) fayvm m kiak (be muscle* have fallen away; ana the id Lieu tenant General ssp'.res to rival tie lat Lieutenant General in being canonized as the second saviour of bis country. He had better take care, or I irttl take the field and take the feathers rit' bit pea cock pride. Now, you are perfectly welcome to put this m print to dispel tbe apprehensions of all the grannie* in tbe North, or to put to shame thoee who would malign by slander, one who ever engaged in secret u-ar, but who would elmLn our capital and our flag aa belonging to those who hare kept the covenants of the consti tution, and not to those wbo have broken th?-m; end who will fl^ht Gen. tfcott himself to defend them both ? What Mr. Wise ra^ans by this farfaronade Is per haps best explained by tbe following paragraph from his organ, the Richmond Enquirer, (the italics are that journal's.) published as late as Tuesday last: " But we tell tbe people of Washington, at the ame time, that their Itvesand property are placed In manifest jeojQardv by the Intrigues of Scott, cewara a. Uo. I'ne city or Washington, unoccu pied by military forces. would ? HVr a refuse of safety. But to soon at the State of Virginia shnll take acttr* measurft of resistanc* to black repub lican rule, her authorities cannot and will net brook tke pretence of a Fcdtral nrmy of coercion at Washington. Jf the army shall remain there, "?l myst be drtven out and tke citu captured, even if m ass*tni*x ft/rce of one hundred thousand men be required, and if successful assault shall first rtfutre a cannonade whtch will level every roof with the pavements of the streets.11 Fortunately, the Government authorities have takes measure* to concentrate U.S. troops here la numbers quite sufficient (about 1,000) to meet the gallant ex-Governor's threatened hundred thousand ' men In buckram." But least this might not prove the case, it will be well for aome good Union man In Princess Anne to slip a red feather under his Excellency's coat tail, that be may, while indulging In his present fit of ? ? <> tiwui mi isiicica military capacity aud prowess, strut himself to death ere reaching the Potomac at the bead of his hypothetical host' Dan Rice ain't a circumstance to the glorious ex Oorernor when the latter, donning cap and bells, gct? fairly "In the rinj:," as on th's and previous occasions. The Pzaci Cohokkss.?This body sat for a short time only, yesterday, and will wait the re port of the committee of one from each State, to whom all the plans ?f adjustment have been re ferred, before acting definitely on any business The committee consists of the following gentle men : Guthrie, Ky., Chairman; Fowler, N. H ; Hall, Vt ; Ames, R I ; Baldwin, Conn ; Vroom. W.J; White, Pa.; Bates, Del ; John ton, Md ; Seddon, Va ; Ruifla, N. C.; I", wing, Ohio; Smith, lad ; Logan, 111.; Harlan, Iowa. The general Impression appears to be that In rasa of the Committee failing to agree on any plan of compromise that the Maryland delegation will press on tbe Conference the proposition for call in* a National Convention, thus transferring the | whole question direct to the people. The meetings have thus far been very harmo nious, and there Is an evident desire not to dis agree. The election in Tennessee to-day, for can didates to a Convention, will, should she follow tbe lead of Virginia, have a favorable (Sect on the deliberations of the Confereuce. Senators CelLamsr, Wade and other Republi can leaders, say that they will vote to submit the proposition of the Coufereuoe to a direct vote of the oeoDle. From ail we can learn, our previously expressed opinion that the Convention will recommend a settlement by a large majority vole from both section*?the South and the North?remain* un changed We know tint members of the body from the North, who came bere indisposed to make any concessions whatever, as well ss mem bers from the South who came bere disposed to be very exacting In the premises, have, both, modified their views. Or, In other words: that the growing disposition of the South in the body to ssk only fair and reasonable terms, Is beln^ met by an increased disposition on the pirt of the North to grant everything that may really be necessary to secure, not hypothetical, but the ubstanti&l rights of the South, and to enable the Unionists of that section speedily to overthrow the spirit of disunion, from the Potomac to the Eio Grande. T?r?tow Wmd, Esq.?V'esterday afternoon we received a dispatch snnounclng that the Senate of the New York Leglalature had unanimously elected Thuriow Weed, Esq., to be a Commit a!oner from New York In the Peace Convention, rut Judge Addison Gardner, declined on account of 111 health; and this morning we have news of the confirmation of the Senate's action by the lower house. We regard Mr. Weed's election, under the cir cumstances, as embracing positive proof that the Virginia election has inclined the Republican Mrtv Af ltv> r 1 ? _? , J ^?IV IVfl VWUWW (II lj v. i? Legislature, to a full and final settlement of the troubles of the time* to the enWe satisfaction cf all real l'ulon men of the border slaveholding Statea, with exceptions (In that Legislature) so Inconsiderable as that tbe objector* could make no opposition to his selection. From tbe day of tbe election Mr Weed took tbe ground that tbe South Is entitled, as matters stand, to a proper settlemeut of tbe troubles, and has urged his views so as to have imbitw-red aboli tionism against him even more than It was ever lmblttered against the South. He Is emphatically tbe head and front of the Union party of tbe North, and will have more Influence with his political frieads la effecting a harmonious settle, meat thaa aay other living man These facta be ing well known to all statesman here, great joy ia frit over his selection by all true friends of tbe raloa. at Tim Old Gaxi ?Yesterday, iflrr the 4tputari of Col. Hayns for Charleston, the fruldat to understood to hitt received from h'm tost letter, of such character aa to make It 1m ptftttre to return It to him by mall, which was if mt 1?* '-g It to sold to have embraced 'very Ill-tempered comments on the admirable totter of Bocretnry Holt, published a few day? since as a portion of tba Havne correspondence concerning his negotiation* for tbe surrender of TortBnmter The offensive and Insulting portion of the letter In question to believed to bars been nn sllsgstlon that the Government's possesion of Fart Bnmter wet an an warranted act of Mfjor Anderson, by and through the President's viols,' tlon of bis faith to Booth Carolina, fte. Havne furnished sundrv sen?U?? w?v?? - ..MWiUKtoa lecter Wr Iters with copies of the letter ia question, wbicb will doubtless appear in northern papers to-day " Hoi all bkbi .?The harried Banner la which the appointments and slsctloos of members of (be P?M Convention took pines prevented mors or loss of those dasigaatod to a Mood it from arriving hers up to this time It can hardly be fall until Monday next, if tben. Tuvihu to-day electa her Coavention We ? p ao rsaaoa to doubt thai the dlsaalonlsta p?r m cowew lyioML. Skmati ?At the close of oar report ve?terdav? Thf SfDile had under consideration tbe joint resolution relative to McCormick's reaper, which sftrr a protracted debate, ?u nasaed Tbe Senate took up the tariff bill, pending tbe consideration of which Tbe Senate adjourned. Hocsi?When oar report cloeed? Mr Hatton, of Tenn , proc eded to address tbe Hooae upon tbe report of tbe Committee of Thir ty-three. He believed that averv was entitled to orotection In the Territories Hia State would not take leas than her fall rtghta, but she would not disgrace herself by submitting to be dragged In the wake of the reck lew drivers of the cotton States. He expressed a belief that If Congress would throw aside party prejudices, the difficulty could he speedily and amicably adjusted. Mr Kellogg, of 111., wss in favor of suneoder ing all party platforms He said that Mr. Lincoln had declared In one of his speeches that the South was entitled to sn efficient fugitive slave law, and all the difficulty bad srlsen from a conflict of opinion with regard to the moral character of the institution of slavery. He wns In favor of restoring the Missouri compromise line, and thought the whole matter should h? n>fntm<l tn the neoale Mr. Smith, of Va , and Mr. Cue, of lad., con cluded tbe debate; after whlab tbe Houae ad journed. Satckdat, February 9. Sixati.?Mr. Pugh, of Obio, presented tbe tes olutioua of tbe Democratic State Convention of that State. Mr. Hale thought that aa tbe paper waa not addreaaed aa a memorial to the Senate, it ahould not be received. The aubject was diacuaaed by Mr. Crittenden, Mr Pugh, Mr. Mason, Mr. Cameron, and Mr ' Anthony. Th# sprint* sictfpmH hv a vnt* nf ppmi ni nntri 14. to receive the memorial. Mr. Hale moved that the resolutions be referred to the Committee of Thirteen; which was agrt-sd to. Mr Latham moved to take up the bill provid ing for a payment of expenses of Indian hostili ties in Texas, and afterwards withdrew the mo tion. Mr Seward presented several compromise me morials . Mr. Crittenden presented a similar memorial from 1,000 citizens of Kentucky. Hovsx.?Mr Boteler, of Va., lutroduced a reso lution requesting the President of the United states to communicate to Congress the correspondence between the Government of the United States and Peru since the year 1?63. relative to the free nnvi pation of the Amazon river and its tributaries; agreed to. Aud then, after the presentation of memorials upon the pending trouoles of the times ? On motion of Mr. John Cochrane, of N. Y , the regular order (reports from committees) was taken up Mr. Curtis, of Iowa, reported from the Commit tee on Military Affarls a bill for the relief of the ot&cers and soldiers In Fort S jmter. Kef?*rred to the Committee of the WLole on the Private Cal endar. [This bill appropriates 91,150 to recom pense the officers mm soldiers for their loss of pri vate property in leaving Fort Moultrie ] Mr. 3 okes, of Tenn., introduced a bill for the relief of Henry Huson. Read t*ice and referred to the Committee on private claims. THI FCKTHtt OCTIASII AT THI SOUTH, &C In view of the seizure of U S vessels at Savan uuu, Muw H>t ucvcauiiuoiiuii ui iiuuiiuua ui icvy tribute upon merchandise ?nter!ng the Missis sippi for parties reilding in non-seceding SUtes, Mr. John Cochrane will on Monday urge the immediate enactment of his pending bill to pro tect the rights of the United States by the collec tion of the revenue ef the ports of the seceded States. d^The Baltimore Sun is rendered so miser ably unhappy by the frustration of the secession plot to seize the Capitol, that It atvles Gen. Stott and others who have labored with him, "old grannie* " The time-ago philosophic dignity of the editorials seem to have suffered a tum ble Into the mud. Fere-anal ? l)r John W Francis, of New York, whose writings are so well known in the medical world, died at hia residence In that city yesterday morning. Hon. Geo. iiancroff. N. Y.; Hon. E. Dick inson, Mass ; Judge Cullom. Tenn ; L'avid VVll mot Pm ; J. B. 8. Alexander, U. 8. A ; J. 8. Whit?, IT. 8 N.: Jno. Edward, U. S. N.j G L. Hartsuff, U. 8. X., are at Wlllards'. H art/or d papers contradict by authority the report that Col volt will establish a pUtol factory In Georgia. He is now making 300 pistols a day and 500 revolving rifles a month. Heenan, the Benicla Hot, has gone into some sort of business in New Orleans, end hopes to make bli fortune thereby. He b?s noitilng to say just now about fighting Hurst for the Cham pionship of England. bniKknirun A.10 its r ok nr.cation*?in the New York Herald of yesterdav we find the fol lowing letter: No 10? J?a?; Elerenth Strtel. Feb. 4, 18(51 Having just arrived from Charleston, S. C., where I have been for the past eighteen months en^aged by the State authorities, teaching navi gation on board of the marine achool ship, being obliged to resign my commission or tak* up arms against the flau of my county, I chose the former. Seeing an article In the ilera!d of the 2d. from the correspondence of the Baltimore American, dated Charleston, Jan. 29,1961, statin/ fnt there were about fifty large pieces of ordinance,together with several bombs and howitzers mounted on the Citadel green and on the Battery (promenade) of ChsrlMlon. hac inHnrpH mo .* t?K?Yiit ?a da.i * , _ _ ? V ^ ? >uv -? Vlil I ? W ? U U few facto, and tbrougb you to the public. If yo?i feel disposed to ve tliese fe w Hues a space in your valuable paper. I'p to the 23tb of January there were but four guns mounted ou Charleston Battery, and three on tne Citadel jjreen. at which latter place there were two more ready to mount, all only twenty-four pound*!*; there were neither bombs nor howitzer*. The nearest place at which a land force can l>e of any service against Fort Sumter It Cominlo^s Point, being only six-tenths of a mils distant. On this point a small battery baa been erected, to gether with a few places of cannon the tame as above. Fort Moultrie is the second place that cm be of any aervice in reducing Fort Humtrr. This f.irt hat tmn J. ? * * v.f,u>-iui.u vuiuuKiiaui. uiounira I directly in range with Sumter, and it the only fort which ha* any coluinbiada mounted. Fort Johnson it one and a half mile* distant from Fort Sumter, and is mounted with a few cannon of 24-pound caliber. The batteries on Lighthouse Island are three and three eighths miles disttfnt, and mostly of small artillery, and consequently cannot reach Sumter. Cuttle Plnckney Is two and a half miles distant, and can bring but three 42-pounders and eleven 32-ponndert agalnat Sumter?tbete with Little or no effect. The Green and Charleston batteries are miles from Sumter, and are only to be tued in c?te vessels should get into the narbor. Fort Snmter baa four 42 pounders, live 10 inch columblads. and seven 32-p>undert to bear on Fort Moultrie, the former in bombproof casemates; also an equal number against Fort Johnson and Commlntft Point. .tikjor Anderson baa row nearly all bis pur mounted, having thirty guna inounUd on the ramparts to sweep the horizon, most of them im pounder*. and can be so elevated as to strike an object at tbe distance of a quarter of a mite from Its walls. Every part of the fort has been strength ened so as to make It bombproof Since iny arrival In New York I have heard a great many say Fort Sumter cannot be relnf-'trced without opposition from tbe troop* or authorities of Charleston, and a aerloua loaa of life. Thla 1 believe to be altogether wrong. Fort Sumter can be reinforced, and that, too, without the loaa of a man. Thla, however, can only be accomplished in oneway. Should opportunity effer 1 would wlllincl]b0frer my services, and am confident of success I am also of the opinion that the Charles tomans cannot take Fort Sumter. Maj. Anderson can* even with the small force at his command, repulse them, from whatever Quarter the attack imy come, aa long aa hia provisions and ammu nition hold out Capt J.C. Mads to TaavxL ?A Oerman, whoee name we could not ascertain, was arrested last week in Clarendon, Ark . for expressing Abolition aenti menta He underwent an examination before tbe Minute Men there, who concluded to ship htm North. With that intent they put him on board the steamer Admiral, and consigned him to the Minute Men here, but at Aberdeen, on White river, during one night, the fallow succeeded in making hi* rscape. Accompanying tbe man wai a letter containing tbe proof of hi* (rullt. The fal low bailed from St. Louis ? Memphis Avalanche. f]"T* During the gale which prevailed in N*-w York on Thursday and Friday, a Are broke out la tbe Ocean spice and coffee mills of Wright, Gillls k Bro , destroying property to the amount of about 25.U00. Tbe hose becaro- frozen solid us soon as tbe water entered, rendering it almost impossible to throw water upon tbe fl*me* at all. Jrsepb Bkillman was kllied and Wm. Bennett Mrloualy injured by a falling chimney. haizca* or Aim in New Yoke.?Got. Mor gan of N V r.nii~ In o " ? -w v.?? uruwu, i?i v^a , luai M the arms aeizra by the New York police were destined to be nsed to subvert ti.e Government which hi* < flicial oath bind* bun to matuin, he could not to far l* hi* had any < outrol permit arm* to l-av< tb- ?tbte wblcb might be turned agalnft iu own citizen*. i |I7A mp?ctrd *py wa* arreted on i'lindaf | and examined The evidence against btm wu not auttclently direct to wnrrant a commitment, but the circumstance* of the ease were such thai It VM ii?I advisable U ship him by the WlrtllWI |UllW>j (IlliwHa M'rrnry DEPARTMENT NEWS. Tri Naval Corar o? Isqotbt?This court ye?Vrda v did DO more than organize The Hon. f"lktltp Philllpa. late of Alabama, is counsel for Coomodora Armstrong The witness* are ofi cera who mvrd under him at the time of hla urrender of the Peaaee.ola Navy Yard, who did not deaert the flat; of tbeir country for the fortuaet of the aeceaalon lata?Oapt. Wataon of the Marine*, Chief Engineer Lawton, Aasiatant Engineer Mua grave. Paymaster Warrington, Surgeon Bishop, and perhapa others To-day, the court waa engage in recelvtag and considering documentary teatimony. Proba bly the flrat witneaa will be called on Monday next. nuA'.iiiikV ? iuc i irviucni wuaj IK'IQID&^u to the feiiate the Rev. Dabnev Ball! (Methodist Kpiscopal) of Maryland, to be a Chaplain In the Nary of the United 8t*Ui. mid Mru a. Ale*. W. Rotaell, of this District, and Samuel A. Cooley, of Conn , to be Payma?ter* In the Navy. I.atkst from Fokt Sbmtm ?The Charleston Courier of Wednesday aaya: * We h>.ve hed con vention with a citizen Who left Fort Sumter on Sunday, and bad been engaged there (and at Fort Moultrie) alnee November aa a workman. Be reports forty-four laborer* and ninety-*lx aoldtera {offloer? Included) remaining In the fort, with a large supply of provision*. Of these he specif", according to hli knowledge, fifty-eight barrels of Dork and beef- five hmrthMilt nf mnlitua ?1mn casks of vinegar, with large supplies of flour and potatoes. The supply of fuel, which win good, had been lately Increased byadrlftlng raftwblch wit secured As to tbe arms, our Informant re ports five Colnmb'ads, ten Inches, In the yard, mounted on granite, two ranging towards thecity, one towards Sullivan's Island, and one towards Fort Johnson. There are also four Columblads, eight Inches, bearing on Fort Morris, three of tbe same calibre on Cumming's Point, and four that ran be brought to bear on Mount Pleasant or Sul livan's Island at choice. No reinforcements In men have been received. UNITARIAN CHURCH.?The Rev. Mr. Livbrmosk, of New York, will prs?ch in leUr. itaiian Churoh TO MORROW at the hoar, 11 o'clock a. ni It* THK YOUNG MEN'S CHRISTIAN AS socia ion wi'i bold an Rejourned mretinr at JT their rooms THIS (S%tu'dav> EVENING at half pa?t7 o'ck<?k. A full Ktt-nda'ce in reqnMttd. It GEO. H. TW19?. Koo. Pec. ATTENTION !-The officer* of th > Umoi vx_3 Raiment of Warbiniton will meet at Tem p-ranco Ha 1 o~ MON0\Y EVENING, February 11 th, at? o'clock. A full and pr?m?t at'?nda? o? la requested, as business < f importance will betran* arted. fe 9 2t rp'NKW YORK AVENUE PRh>BY?E JJ? KIAN CHURCH.?The Rer. Dr. Rcllocz, of I.?x'r*!on,K j.. wij] preaoh in this ohu ch TO MORROW MORNING, at 11 o'clock, and l?r. ftcKLxr, the pif t r, will preach in the eveuin*. at 7S o'c ? oic. lt? Yy"ATTENTION, MECHANIC UNION RiFLES!?The members of this Company are at tha Steuhea House THIS I .-murnavi is v r,>irao, at hail-paet t o'c'ock. A full attendance is requested, M bcciues* of inport ftnce will be before the meeting. It W. PM I. BROWN, Sep. nrs?A CARD OF THANKS?The cnbsonber ,.L3 fnders hi? nr.cere tha ketothe inein'e'B ol tbe various fro o< mpames an?l fri'-nds for their u-itirin*: efforts in sav ing his property froin (Ire on the niclit of the Tth in?t. If P. THVgON. Y"*3"WASHINGTON I.IOHT INFANTRY, ATT > NTIOV?Companies A ami B wi!l on MONDAV l-.VKNJNG, Fe'ru*ry 11>h. at 8 o'clock, a' Coombs' Km dinp. Pa averue, l>* twen nh anil loth ttreets. A ful' at'ei d^nce is jarticu eyiy desirable. JAS~ Y DAVIS, t 9 (*ol C^mmardin* W. I. I. B. (Y*="ATTENTION, yo. 3.-T1* moml?crs of L ? th,? Pereever&nco Fire Corr.pasy. No. S.aro he'eiiy not. fifd that au aijovrned in <"i?c nf the Company will be held on MONDAY KVENINO, the nth uist .at7>i o'clock. I h^niPmb rs will be punctual in their fttren<)anc? hiimr.ei"* of great importance will bo broiiKh' before the nieoticy. fei-2t* GEO FLKI'CHKR. ft-c (Vy^SMITHSONIAN LECTURE!* -Rev. J nr. Lk_3 Loupwi ICeiver a c iurse oi Lectures at tlie Irstitu'ion on-'The Great Representatives of Modern Oh i iz ? ion " First Laoturo.on MONDAY EVENING. Fel>- , ruary 11?'Michael An:elo and Art " I)oor? open at 7 o'oioolc: lnctnre to o^'m n:e at a quarter b fore 3, whou the doors will b? c:osed. fe 9-2t | r/?CITY HALL. Fubbvaky 9rK ?The As^et sors having finiched their a:.nunl astes* mentof real end p??r-onal iroperty, wilt meet at thfir room,(City Hall) rtatfv.&s a Board of Ap p a!s, from th 10th to the S6th of February, inclu sive, to hear all ocmpliiuts and to make suoh oor rectiocs in over assessment as they may deem n? o e?*arr. .fe9 td GEO TIIQ3 STEWART 3eo. TKMPERANCE MEETING -Th? reicn rri . , lar monthly mMi>i( of the Catho ie Benefi oia) Total Abitinenoc As? ciaMon ot the l?i?trict of Columbia wi 1 be h^ld on8UNDAY. the 1- th inst., after Vespers, in the Society's Hall, corner of Tenth am) F s'reets. The inemb rs of th"< A ssooi - ttvu m" I'lcims ui nn unuio at > rMpx?tfullr invited tu attend. fe8-3t J. J. KANE. See. (rS?UNIVER8ALISM.-" AOW IS THE JUDGEMENT OF TUI i WOKLb THopniLCi F.skk will pro?*> on SUNDAY EVE NING ai'h? Old Trinity f!hur?h, that no jndgo m ut <!?y iiialliided to in the Bible After Mm disso lution of t)?<> l?dy. Heb Pu7?"And a< it it ap po;niod u'.io men once to dm. bat after thia th? judion ent." Also. id Cor., 6:10?"For we inu?t all a?j-B*r before the judgement teat ot Ch i?t," A.c. Sientsf.fe fe 8 2t* Y^TH^RITY SERMON-The Rev. A L '13 HiT??LniROKR, ? J., of Frederu k, Aid , bv i n vital ion, w i i preach a chanty a-rmon in M. Patrick'* uxh on : UNDaY, tae JOm ui*tant, .it tr.e 11 o'-lock ma *, in b?haK of the ind * Y.t r->i;tb* wh" are in charge of the Youn? Cathono Friends* Society. The I'i?ndt of the poor, and tho>e who won'?i lend t-> th < l ord,are reip oUiiily invited to hear this di>tin*ui-hed divine fe 8 it J. J. KANE, Cor. Pec. itT GENERAL ORDFRS-No. 4. Hkad*}c?RT*R8 D C. Militia. I Wash! gton t-ol?. 5,IPS!. \ Opt. A Thomas, 2il regiment ot in fant' i. is hereby announc dan Aid de-l'a:rip to ti.e Gonornl Comnimdir*, with lank of Major. All ordrr* t>jr him given in the came and by the autiiority of ths Comiiiandifig General will l>e re st e te<: ancortiifx'y* By order of Mejo. General Wkiohtmax. CH. LKfc JONES. f? 3 .y A<1jp*?nt General GENERAL ORDERS?No. i. Hiat^tabtkrb D.C. Militia, I W AMIiNGTON, Feb. #, 1061 \ The following named companies of r?iunt?er? are h?r?|iy orga-na'd ns a l?*.t alion. under the nnmecf the let Georgetown Volunteer Battalion, viz: Potomac Litbt Infantry, Comp-ni*? A and B Anderson Riflemen. U i ww?v ?? iu^?? Home <?u?id. District of Columbia Rifle*. II. Lieut Colonel J. MoH. IIo linge worth, 8th in faurry, u aligned to the ei>nim*n.'l r.f the Ut Georgetown V-?!unt?er Ratta ion.whioh issttaohoc. as an add.tional Lattalion, ;to the 8h regi.nent of infantry. III. The Georgetown Mounted Guard is aaficned to duty in the 8th rogixeotal district, aid will be reported to theC?>lor.el of that rogim nt. by order ol Major General Wkightm**. CH. LEK JONES. fe 8 A'ljuta i General. !Y=f*"l SAY, STRANGRR, WHERK ARK LI** you eoing ? Yo-i rue hi to be in a great hur nr?' "so I am. I ain going 10 SMITH'S. No 4ttO Seventh street,to !>uy a suit of Clothes. The peo ple ?at he has a very nioe a?*ortir"nt, an 1 they ?ay he sells them so cheap." Note.? The last vro stw i f the stranser, he was running np Seventh str' t singing out "SMITH, No.4fc0" fe2-6w r-j-THE UNION PRAYER MEETINGS '.13,. will be holdcn every day this week, in the bfiRiisu Lutheran Church, corner of 11 ti> and H streets, to oominenoe at 4 o'clock, and to continue one hoar. ja7 ir1. Importers of fine WEDDING STATIONER^, WEDDING ENVELOPES, the most beautifcl styles, 346 Pa. Av? between 9th and loth sU , an S7-6in W AKHineTON, "T H WE SAVED FIFTY PER CENT," A 1 cenVeman remarked % .lav or two sinoe, by buying my 8t?ition-ry at SHEPHERD'S), corner of Se venth and i? stre ta. ii xHAT'S SO TKe same in fue of & ?H?>OI. BOOKS, BLANK BOOKS, MISCELLANEOUS BOOKS. Ao. Also toe cheapest WRITING PAPER ia the world, everybody says. fe9-lw American and foreign agency, Washi:>gton, D C. SIGHT DRAFT* ON AI.L PARTS OF ger MANY and COLLECTION8 made. LAND WARRANTS FOR BALE. [0"SoW??r*?c* gnrrisomd in Warhinnton ltko hart any busin$>no transact in Gtrmany are in vitrd to our fac litien. alfred SCHUCKING. fe 9 St* bat. 8tn and 9th ata., facing market. dirds, HIRD8 for 8ALK.-1 just ro O oei ad asplendtdasrortrncntof Rirdafron *.* Kuropn. ofGeri'.an i's, Kngli'h B ook%Jff Bi'da, Thrush?*, Knll Finches. (?<>ld Finoh*"*,^^ i.iuets, Mti Larks, Yellow Hammers. I have Parroque'd, Jtva Soarrows, Starleu*. tk? Rrd Moc* w Parrrt an* c-een a^d grey. 1 Hit* M< ek ing Birds- Rrd Wins B ack Bird*. K-d Birds, Dovea, and Boho'iuka Prio? 25 "ents to $50 Cxcea o> ail kind" f om 10 eenta to ftin, ni JOHN O'MF.ARA'S Bird Store, No. 566 Pa. avennw ?.t Hie uapnoi i?i\ fe 9 |Y| 1 LI T A B Y. JK1MMI.NQ8I Gold and silver Armr ' ao*s, Miiich't Buttons of all kinds. Go d and Silver Fringe, Start, Cotda ftnJ TumIi, Gold Mid fitv*r Bullion. SHRSrStBSfc. ?d Regalia Trm mine*. faahM, KpanletUa, !?? ? Telr|rapke4 Irta Wukliftoa. Washington. Feb. 8.-?Tbe Poatmaater at Mo bile deulp?. in m totter to the Pott OA re Depart ment, that letters paasing through bit office have been violated. Colonel Hayne and Lieutenant Ball left ben thia Boraing for Charleston la com pa ay. They fame taitlier together and by agreement so return, l.leotenant Hall, it will be remembered, <-ame from Fort S.imter with 41* pate bet from Major Andersoa, The President communicated to Cr-ngress to day the corr< tpoodence between himself and Col. Hayne. the ^outh Carolina Commiasioner The substance an<l concluding portion of tbe letter from the Presideut to Col flayne you published yesVrday in advance. Tbe letter from Col Hayne to tbe President in reply, communicated yesterday. ha* been sup pressed by tbe President In tbla letter Col Hayne comments witb ureat sereritv on the Government for having shifted its grounds for bol?ilog posies ion of Fort Sumter and eonttnning a parriaon there; that ia to aay, its abandonment of the posi tion aaaumed of "protecting the public property," and now rejecting the demand of South Carolina on tbe |! round that tue Federal Government baa excluaive jurisdiction In Fort Sumter, which 1a compatible with tbe right of eminent domain In South Carolina. Tbla portion of Col. Hsyno's letter wjs In very strong language, and It baa probably been deemed impertinent and returned to tbe Commissioner. This may be the reason why it was not sent to Congress. A Senator who was cognizant of this rejoinder of Col. Hayne expressed great surprise at tbe withholding of the closing document. An explanation, I understand, will be asked for Col. Hnyne started home to report to his Gov ernment this morning, accompanied by Lt Hall as bearer of dispatches to Maj. Anderson. The demand for the surrender of Fort Sumter having b?en positively declined, it is presumed an attack will bemadeon the fort immediately, as the honor of the State is staked on the undertaking Those who profess to be in the confidence of the Government anticipate immediate warlike tidings from Charleston. Major Anderson has received Instructions to defend himself with vigor, If at tacked. If the lives of Major Anderson and bis brave and loyal men are thus placed in peril, lt will create an excitement throughout the country without parallel. 7 hi Wbathke.?The following report of the weather for the morning is made from the Amer lean Consolidated Telegraph Line to the Smith sonian Institution. The time of observation is about 7 o'clock . A 1D?I r&EKlAKl IDOI. New York, N. Y ...cloudy. Washington, D. C clear, wind E Richmond, Va. clear, cold. Petersburg, Va clear, 39*, wind N Raleigh, N. C clear, 363. Wilmington, N. C clear, cool. Auguata, Ga clear, pleasant. Sayannah, Ga clear, pleasant Macon, 6a cloudy. Grlffen, Ga cloudy. Montgomery, Ala. clear, cool. Jackson, Ala clear. Mobile, Ala clear, 56?. New Orleans, La clear, 50?, wind S Barometer at the Smithsonian at 7 a in., (cor rected for temperature,) 3U.593; at noon, 30,553 Thermometer at 7 a. m , 31"; at noon, 21 . Maximum during 21 hours, ending 9 a. m. to day. 25"; minimum 6 Mlninium for the 24 hours ending 9 a. m , yes terday. Feb. 8. 2?. Theater. SPECIAL NOTICE ' Suitained by an Acqmintkd Dramatic Company, \V ill oonunenoe her FINAL ENGAGEMENT IN WASHINGTON an , QUEEN CATHARINE, In Sh&k?p?are's Historical Tragedy of KING HENRY VIII. Po'itivey, her only appearanoe in that character. She will be ai<1rd by MR J. B. fetudlky, Who assisted her in her Performances in New Yoik and Philadelphia. miss CUSHM AX?ENGAGEMENT i? POSITIVELY LIMITED TO FIVE NIGHTS. Pricm. Dr? r? Circle and Parquet......?.. S^eente i>rche*tcr Chairs ?. .*1 Private B^xe* S6 Reaervrd Scats 25 centa extra. The Box Sheet for the entire five mghU open at Metierott'a Musio Store. It riMIE BORDER STATES: THFIR POWER I and duty in the prtaent <uanrde'?-d condition of the country ; by the Hon. J->hn P. Kennedy. Price 1* cents; aent by fo' 12 cent* tonuyau. drcta. DUNCHARb *. MOHUN, fr9 Corner Pa. a v. and Eleventh a*. THIS IS TO GIVE NOTICE TH T THE auoaciber haih obt& fr in the Drpntm1 Court of Washington county, iu the Diatrict of Co umhia, ation on the re<sonal est*t? of John I., t'town, !ats of Washing on ooun* tr, decai? d All peraona baring c'aima against t s?.id dec ai<od, are hereby warned to exhibit the same- with t'-e Touchera the?oof. to the anb?ciber, (in or* before the 11th day of Augi-at n?xt; they may nfh Aruriaa h? 1 a n* Ka - 11 r * . w> n W-J 1U WW UO? AVmuau II ('(II ail 1/CIiCQl oi th? r"-td??tx.t?. Given ui.dsr my hand this 11th day of August, 1360. CIlAS ? . CRAG IN, Adroin'r. N B ? Prr?or? havin* bus ncsswith the u.tate will app r to my attorney, R J* Jackson. JsJ>_law3w CBA9. H. CRAQIN. C^KKA > VIRGINIA REMEDV ro*COUGHS, ? i OLD*, BRONCHITIS 4o-Dr. fnler's t;?'inp<?ua<1 Tul n, Peter?barr, Vi. S?? oertifio&'es of \?ondf>rf?i! cnre?, to h? li?ri at 'he different druf ?t"-'s W holrs?l?acents, KIPWEi.L A L?A W RENCK and J, 11. MOUKt, West End. fe h 'iir M ATTENTION! EMBERS of the Wa^h inton Li?ht Infantr*. Cnion Ktviinei.t and all other Military Meu, will pltase proceed to EVAVS' GIKT BOOKSTORE and provide theni?f h es with MILITARY w wniv?, i wti on ne ru*.? a Urge a??ortm*t;t, in? eluding Infintry, Cavalry. and Artillery Faetso*, &n<i is sel iug at ireatly re<hjj?d price*. KnrtftfTil>?r. 4 76 Pa avenue. f? g-3* Boots and shoes AT HALF PRICK. Ju?t received, on connicnrrenf, thirty case* of BOOTS end shoes. Gerts'Calf Roots, double aoles ani upper*. waW proof 83. \?orth J 5.50 Gents' Quilt'd Bottom French <*a!l B0019, wo-th 53no Gent* \Vat? r Proof Root*. 275, ' " thick eo-jd q-Jility Moots . 1.50, " 3 "0 ' finer 44 . 2M>, M 3 5? 44 Congress Calf Gaiters aud Scotch Boot* 31 Vi, worth JScO G*nt*' Oxford Shoes, with a la'ge lot ofother kind* 91 25. worth 52.55 Gent*' Biogans, goou artic e R8<j., 44 1.50 H>??' ?o., 44 1.25 Ladies' Cloth L'utton Bootf.dou ire sole . ,.87o., worth #2 CO Lad fa' Monroe double sole But ton Boots..... ............ S130, worth S3'0 Leather He*l Boot* 5 c., " 1.03 W ith a large lot of other Boota and Shoe* equal ly uw in MARSHALL 4 PAGE'*. CommiDoion Vlerc^aita, f> 8 3t cr.dfr Odd Fellowa' Hail. 7th it | AW SCHOOL | j nc* IIlBUioll f>m i onp \/ a f Alii/ VUIjljr.ucj. Two ter^a of ninafe-n woeka each. oo-nniencing march 4;b and September 2d, 1851. For Catalogue and Circular, ad-irees joel PARKER, Koyall Pretftftor, cambridge, Mais. Cambridge. January, 1861. je86-S3t - Removal. stock OF DRV goodschbap Till 1st March next, we aha'l ??!l off <*ur atock at REDUCED PKICE^ TO SUIT the TIMES, prior to onr removal to Seventh at, next J. W. Colley & Co., in atore vacated bv h. Euan. JOHNSON k. sutton, fe 7-eo3t* Corner Eighth at and Pa. avenge. The cheapest stationery jow ever aav. at SHEPHERD';*. ja lft-lm ualtimork t> BUTTER HOUSE. Daily receiving freah andaweet,inGoahen h^ai.0,^,0^^0; pack ?? ninn?niff riKM. I WILL Take^ESdi^irgfafcri mpo?T for mr book debti and for Boot*, Sf.o-s, and Trunki. A.. persons indebted to me will please ca.l and settle up, or I aha'l be compelled to give their accounts into the hand* of a collector. S. P. HOOVER, lroa Hall. no?l Pa. ?t., between >th and loth ata r\KS. < OCKWOODA PARRE'-L ARE PRE 1J pared tn insert TfcETHon VULCAN-/V(^ ?'K BASK, a new and improved mode.MM 'h*n male on this plaa they are com 'rn fort\ble to wear and muon oheaper than anj other. Also Te-th insetted on Gnld Plate, and all DenUl operation* of an; kind that mat bis deeirad Of fice Hoom No 5. in the Washington Building.oor cer Pa av. and Seventh ct Ja 10 Sro* CI.ARP.NDON HOTEL RE9TAURANT. BENJAWiN HOBBB rets leaver. ^ t.? it/form his inends m.nd the # ? general y that he hu token and fitted up in a sup?rior mann'r the Ronton raatatthH ?outheMt oorner of enn. avenue and fcixtli street. He will atall times be prepared to nerve al who may (arnr him with a Sal*, with the beet WINKS, l IQUORS and CI GARS. as well as OYSTERS bAME a d other delicacies of thesea?on. fe4-lni 1UST KECKIVM) AT FRENCH * Rl^H J STEIN. #T8 Penn avenue, Washington."The Piokwio* Paper?," being the first of Uie elecaat houtehna'd edition of the work* of Charles Diolt en?; illustrated bjr T. O. C. Dar'ar and John Gil bert. ? i verside pr Call a- 4 eimni ue then. Also, a new ?upply of Darley'a Illustrated Cow Nr. the fi .Ml aditioB HhllikaH ' 1 Fmi Earaps Halifax, Feb t> ?The kmbw Canada. from Liverpool oa tbf -jetb for Boston, baa arrived bare. She baa ?53.000 la specie. Tbe Sard intana have ente'ed the Roman Stales and diaperaad reactionary bands from tbe Convru tion of Caamalla. Prince Carlgaaa waa about to prorf?d to Owta. The Calcutta aad Gbtna mails have reached London There is rrrat activity at tbe French arsenals aad forta Tbe camp reforms at Cbalons early la tbe Spring to the ? amber of atxtr thousand mea ] j urdrr Marshal McMahon. The l<ondon Olobe aaserta tb?t tbe K'ng of Na- . pies baa resolved to hold out at Gaeta under ad- J vice. The Foreign Minister at Austria ba* issued as official ordinance relative to the thirty million lr-an already announced. The American portion of the China mall was put aboard the steimer Canada at ({ leenstown The Chinese bed paid the first imslalment of the indemnity. The greater portion of the allied force* had reached Hone Kong. Lord Elgin and Sir Hope Grant had allied for Japan The American Minister, Mr Ward had been at Canton. The rebels were gaining strength. Tn Reason Wit Fobt Pickers was Not Attacked ? Major Chase, the commander of the State troops at Pensacola, pissed through Colum bus, Ga, on the 4th inat . en route to Tallahaatr, to have a conference with Gov. Perry, of Florida. The Columbus Times says: In a brief conversa tion with him, we learned that it Is the policy of our men to avoid a conflict with the Federal troops r.ntll after the 4th of March The reasons for which course were that so strongly a fortified place as Pickens out lit not to be stormed, but captured by bombardment or aiege; and time was necessary ?o cr>mp:ere preparations lor a successful attack That a victory would doubtless follow a de?jw>rate char^r upon the fort with the Iom of seventy-five out of one hundred men, but Jt was a qnestlon of doubtful expediency, not to aay a dis play of bad generalshl p. to wl n a battle at so coat J y a sacrifice That one nundred and ten men were In the fort, sufficient to msnsge the guns The howitzers on the angles were capable of being fired at the rate of ten shots to the minute, which would do terrible slsuKhter. That the fort could be taken in the right war and the right time. That a demand would be m?de by the commis sioners sent to W sshlngton by the Southern Con gress, and on failure of its acceptance preparations for an attack would tegin The arrival of the Boooklyn wi h its few men was not a matter of much consequence Major Chase's opinion was that Lieut. Siemmer, in command of the Federal troops, would defend the fort. During Major Chase's absence, Col. Tennent Lomax has com mand at Penaacela The Pentacola Observer of the 28th ultimo, noticing the arrival thereof the Hon. S. R. Mai lory, rtmarKi a* loiiows: "He made In our pretence the gratifying announcement tbat tbe passive or non -eaiatance poller purt jed bv Major Cbase hes been cordially and full* approved by Davis, Slldell, Toombs, Clay, Benjamin, Hunter, and many other leading southern men in Wash ington. whose fidelity to tbe Interests of toeSoutb cannot be questioned. Paooais* or thk Slav* PorcLATios.?Tbe returns of the national census, show a very mate rial growth of the slave population during the decade?a growth. Indeed, which may surprise many who supposed that slavery was declining under the prewnre of abolition propaj;andlsm,vlr. ulent denunciation and fanatical raids In every Southern State, except Delaware, Maryland, and Mirsourl, the increase of the slave population has been nearly in the same ratio as tbat of the free population. white and colored; and in the aggre gate the growth of tbe slave population in the fifteen South*rn Slates has kept pace with tbat of tbe whole population of tbe I'nlted States? that is to say, it shows an increase of about thirty per cent in ten years. And very curiously even in Missouri?surrounded on tbrev-sides by free States ?where we M ere told tbat slavery waa rapidly dying out, the number of slaves has Increased frome7,4?2 in 1650, to 115 619 in toe year lbOO, aud una inn, 100, wuq aoundant opportunity of run nine; tLeia off, and a very great Iom from this cause. BUY THE DOLLAR WEEKLY STAR. BUY THE DOLLAR WEEKLY STAR . BUY THE DOLLAR WEEKLY STAR. SEND IT TO YOUR FRIEND IN THE COUN TRY. SEND IT TO YOUR FRIEND INTHECOUN TRY. SEND IT TO YOUR FRIEND IN THE COUN TRY. THE NUMBER FOR THIS WEEK IS JITUT OUT. THK, NUMBER FOR THIS WEEK IS JUST OUT. THE NUMBER FOR THIS WEEK IS JUST OUT; IT 13 BRIMFULL OF THE MOST INTER ESTING MATTER POSSIBLE IT IS BRIMFULL OF THE MOST INTER ESTING MATTER POSSIBLE IT IS BRIMFULL OF THE MOST INTER ESTING MATTER POSSIBLE. IMPOttTANT NEWS, WASHINGTON GOS SIP, POINTED EDITORIALS. CAP ITAL STORIES AND LAUGH ABLE SKETCHES. IMPORTANT NEWS, WASHINGTON GOS PIP, POINTED EDITORIALS, CAP ITAL STORIES AND I.Al'UH ABLE SKETCHED. IMPORTANT NEWS, WASHINGTON GOS SIP, POINTED EDITORIALS, CAP ITAL STORIES AND LAUGH ABLE SKETCHES. ONLY 3 CTS A NUMBER. ONLY 3 CTS. A NUMBER. ONLY 3 CTS A MJM RKB fe6-gt ^ R Ey A T SUCCESS! NEW TESTIMONIAL. From Ckat. Wilton, Member of Ccumetl, Seventh Ward. 1 Dr. Sohloeaer hu Uua day extracted a e~rn from the ball of my great toe with entire eatiefectioa to mycelf, and 1 take great pleasure in statiac my ta* tire balief in his theory, of w'oioh I had preTionaly niuiiilnnht. on * vano. tv iiiBUn . WMhiocton, D. C., Feb. 7, IK1. DR. SCHL096ER, THB OHLT S UHQ EON CHIROPODIST. WHO CURES. IT ill KniCMIOVlM, AM DISEASES OP TEE PEST. Cu btComlUdM SAT Pun. Aram, I | fat-tt BttTMi VXk tad ltthi gCHKNCK?8 PULMONIC SPBOP. Dr. 8CHENCK, of Pfcila4*l>fcl*. ftada it impom 'ST* to rrrrr~ -rrrrT aibia to visit Waafcinctoa wwi mk, ud km made arrancamaata to aoaitiTal* ba in tha aity tha thi rd Wednesday of a vary month. Ha lui aaitof rooma at tha Avanaa Honf, where patients ou obtain adrioa fraa. Ha oalr cnargaa whan it ia aaaasaary to mka a tfaoroagh examination of tha Lanca wf* 8. B. Waita la acant for >IH? nn?? ai ??rv??u i~ with tka . ... ..._ - r?n vuwi, wriiraran 01 UOIIbl, Cold* ?di1 Oonturr ^toon; Sctienok't m? WmkI feattiixrs: BiCun.pi^inu fcnd CoutipoUon of th? Bow >. I>r. Scheuok voajd b? (raWai U ttoM who f?7. ST, iSAS ^5/^aTte. Root ath ?t. u4 Lft. which will baaoM atMmt Mt mmUmUnit ? taal r?l??. At KMITH^, No. 460 Bmti aC, oppoaita Fort Ofla*. )>IHr noTO W ffcrhfftllafc " \ AUCTION SALES. By GREEN k W|LLIAMH, AMtmMm CALE OF HOR??KJ*. COW IS MAR 0 KIT WldlM AM> Fa**:!?0 I TEJUtLa, ?> *! rttl.Ac , tT A?CTI?*-<?? *OSl'4V,lfc? lltt iulMt ? a)??ll sell. ?t l?o>l'c? ?. m.. at Mr. JMMI H*wle7'?.(kr, *r M l.inu'tOR f P life wiit a tk? cUt*r aid* of U? [ M* Ai|l??,a>tr <k? Ai^aotatw N?n Y?rd ! a 11 af t Ka a#<wik Aoi aiai 1 . f tY'riw. ^i|W? ma'Hiwwir* 30 Cow* i>t ? f*4*r. I h wi?k ?vm, umI mil ?ii?Mn *T nnfMriwiti. _ ? Ho(I, : Mirtrt Mt'mois C art* Citt'nc oox bln*fc and MJ'r. . _ ,, Sib> Harrow.. ? ?? ** *' ?* IHUr*. 4 K?x * ibc?4*oH?e.fce*tkae. iatfl?, Pirk?.Sll . tm Bn. *t? . Fuddrr ud f haeU. A lwt? f Hoi.*:., H and Kitnh** A lfto, ft ncrM ro?fi raw ,11101 1 1 vanrr and aim? ' oontr actt< &, < it will be pa' ope ration ad tn* dft* ol *>, > A a<1 wiftrj other artiotrstoo r??wo?? lamnr ? * Ffm ri ft'.d <UurB?a will do wa'l to Mtwil U>? mI* Twin; All?un?of?wi meder $r<t%*k, ?m f J" ft OTdlt of ?. ? ftad ^ dftTS. fnr ?f?rrv4 d4u'M? tea, Imtih frna telMlfti*. fH(l GRKKN A UTU.IAM*. Awcta. Br J. c. MoCI IRK A CO., AftOtioMftra. qQ SHAKF.S OK t*TUCK OK TUF Mathabd <V> Abk? ' <>*r* t At Attefjo*.? h t1 b* ao?d ftt ??cii ri. ftt ng- unction 100iM. in tluaottj. ?i T()K*I>A* 17th inatftut, *t 5 o'c.ook f m . to tk?hiiliM* bt4i?r for cwli. lor ac?<*?nt of *ken> it u< eoi*?rr,H of btotk of U? Mayn?r>i Ann* '/OinfM). feS d J. C. MoSriKK h CO.. A?*? Look at TbU. THE EFFECTS OF THE TABIC! Artiole* of JEWELRY ~ That nanallT retfu from |1 to ??, now seilinc at OXLY ONE DOLLAR EACH, AT III OPPOSITION STORE. 47f? Pi<m?TiTiiiii Ariiiri, Call and rxaniina BOOKSf! BOOKS'f We ar- oIomqz cut a larja (took of Standard ud Mite*ll?n*uua Hooka at on* half of therein a* prioaa 1 BOOKS SELLING FOR *0 CENTS, |1S? BOOKS SELLING FOR 60 TO T? CENTS. fS BOOKS SELLING FOR tl TO ^ ? ALL NEW BOOKS Rfo#irad a* |ooo aa Pnbliahad. and Sold AT RETAIL. at the Lowest Wholesale Pric**. 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(r?tt sa!? c?rtino?is but a short time, pernors deemcg to xuppljr tli*inse v?? with Jeweiry at tbe?e nahear l of puoes will pi?ase call early at our ORIGINAL ONE DOLLAR STORE. 304 Pebnujlvioiaaveiiiie, between &lh aad 10th it'Mts 1) VV. KIDDLE. HZ7" Rmtfmtwr the Nutn'wr?30a?as wa hare bo connection with others. proteasing to aeil at uur prises, in t? is city. Received thi* day a large invoio* of SILVER WARE, gnnritinf o( H.wkfut and 1* 8*1a; Sir?i and Cake basket*; Pa'eat S'rup Pitehece; ntter L>i?hea; Fruit Knives; Tea Knivea; Fork*; Tabic, Deasert. and I ra Spoon*; Tubaooo Boxes; So car and Cream Spoons; Napkin Ringa; Batter Knives, ia sets and ?mcle; Kmv-*a and ?-ork?. in aeta: loe Cream, fie and Fiah Knives; Br'akfast and Dinner OaMors; Double and Sin?l* t?a ts, a larie variety o( Plain, Chased, and G<it Goh ?u, Cbpt. *o. All the atxrre artmlea to beaold with out retard to original ooat, at fr^xa ?1 to 99B, and warranted to be a hat they are represented, and fally 100 per oent. leaa than they oa? be boncht. 2G-?r 3f>2 Pa. av.. bet 9th and loth eta. I^REAT REDUCT'OV of PRICE TO *11T IJ THET1MK8. We are offering gr?at inducements for eaah. Our entire atook at a treat radiation. Fall salts of B aria, n ade to order, f?r 925; plan, suits of Blaok, ready mads for fin. with a large issirUMBt of Gen's' Furnishing Goods. Military Over coats m?de to oider for 96. _ _ _ -WALL, SrEPHK>'S A CO JHM-03W S22 Pa a*.. b*C 9th and inth *ta. WASHINGTON AQUEDUCT. Wa?hi**tos. D C , Ja* S9. 1*1. Pumytif will be received at this Office antil doou < f the 16* h dsr of KebrnarT, IMS I, for lAe plat - form aoveriUK of Bridge No. 3. The work to be done will consist of :he furnishing, o?ttn? am! eet ting of ataut 4 caltto feet of granite. Specif ca tion* aa> be procured and* examined on appu oation at this Offior. Each bid mast be acoompanied br a gnarantr that the paity propoainc will, if hia bid la aooeptad. enter into <n ntract withm ten days thereafter. Proposale to be eealtd and end "reed "Propoeale for Platform Covering ,** a?d addreeeed to JAB. 6* :. MORTOtt. f .i??t of Eac'ra Ch. Eae'r Waah. A?d't. ja? tKFeb rf>HAT NOTfCE ABOL'T PKiHOM* r?u 1 iu to m u| w? fcud bi mmaj im^iiih. y * want it uar *rctnod we *r? in earaoat; w? ml t?? ?""""""fi.* w, M. GALT, D*a>r? la Wood aad Cow, >a B 9SS Pa. a?? bet. lltk and IBfc au. u ONE PRICE ONLY! H 'Jezzztt Caafc. ?"* }K?rV/EVENS. ?! Pi aostr wwoaaTiiit ,ey c in a /''OTOTHEPE ?PLE8'Ct OTH1N6I j^Moa^aeni hit* COR CLOTHING. HATH aad CAP*. Call M rguWri No. 460 ... ophite PoTt r\ONT BE DECEIVED, BUT COME TO EEmR^BEw ctqffijir. Mtk at .. naiia Di no. ?W Mi HtW o. I PWOOp. Aloo, OAK WOOD. jr*porod or Miwtd _ . ord-r? hould b* ioo?B|ui?4 with Om ; drirora don't o?tt ehfcnf* cnlMa ?pocio4 orders or* loft to thot offset. T. J A W. M. SALT. jo? . t"HP> tf..M,HU?aH>lU?U FRENCH A RICH-TE1N. r ?r? Pfw Arm Aro agarta for tba Biiuo'ir# A aae icoa tod oh?D(?, Charlrat'.n Moroara. Ac. fab*? MTVrd at low rot*? PtH a from erery oil* IB Uft.oi*?woehiy, monthly ?nd quarter!?. O anbaoriU* Nuw it the tim?. N*w York. d*,pr.uw. Bn i;niora aod othar ?*??'? dotr tAa oitj ud 6oorg?tcwn tamodlMoly afl Ul IS CAN'T BR BRAT IN HKLt<ING CLOTH Poot {jj^, M <M Strati) at., of^oaato MUSIC AT H4I.P HKI>"K -A ImtlMtfw*

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