Newspaper of Evening Star, March 29, 1864, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 29, 1864 Page 4
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THE EVENING STAR. OFFICIAL. War Deportment, Adjutant Oenerars Oflce, ) O' i ' j The foUowlBK officers, b&vmt; been repor'ed *l ib? headquarters of the army for m? offences kfTt?t?ft?r specified, are hereby noticed that Ifcey will stand dismissed the ?ervi??e of the VnM> d S'.itea, unleee, within fittf?n (IS) days from ibie date they appear before the Mi itiry , t>cmniif?ion, in set-Mon in this city, of wh|f,h . ?readier Orn< ral Kicke's, U. S. volunteers, ftp President, and make satisfactory delence to the charges again? t them: j For firing dvylieate discharges to enlisted men, in vtMtt 4t-? <>f I ' aph Ilia, Revised Annj tirju- ? I* hons : Captain John E Borton, !lth New York bat tsry. For being in the city of Washington without au thority. Captain Daniel Oillett, 120ih New York vol- ' ?steers. Absence without Leave. Recor d Lien tenant Alexander D. Patten, USttt . Indiana volunteers. Nurgton A. Weidenbach, 37th Ohio volnn- ! Mr*. 9mf mustering persons for pay as officers in grades ! im which they had not been mustered, in violatum < tf General Orders Mo. 4?, series of 1863, from the I War Deportment. Captain John Varly, tlG'h Ohio volunteers ) Fir ?t Lieutenant John M. Jarboe, 10th West Yirainia volunteers. Major Ernest Scbaohe, ?8th Ohio volanteers. i E. D. Townrmd. Assistant Adjutant General. ! War Department, Adjutant General's Office, ? j Washington, March 96. 1801. J Captain A. S. Nesmith, assistant quirtermaa- ; tar of volunteers, having been reported at the headquarters of the army for failing to report at Headquarters Military District of Wa?h- | t*gton, as ordered when arrested by the patrol j Y?bruary 'A 18M, Is hereby notified that he is ' nmpt from dismissal from the service of the f Vetted States, he having made satisfactory : #> ''end* to the rhargea against him before the MlMtary Commission convened by Special Orders Ifo. 53, February 2,1963, from this office, aew in session in this city. E. D. Towimjd, Assistant Adjutant General. War Department, Adjutant General's Office, ) Washington, March 28, 1861. t Captain J. M. Hewitt, 'id Kentucky batt>ry, ?barged with an offence and heretofore pub- ; Me bed, ie exempt from bein|r dismissed the ser ?lee of the Cured States, the Military Com mieelon, Instituted by Special Orders No. 53, series of 1863, from the War Department, having reported that satisfactory defence has feeea mad* la bis case. E. D. Towwsavn, Assistant Adjutant General. % Pmh-osaw will Be hkjuvho ar rat i Trsata ry Psyurtsaeat. 08ee of the da^rtiiiat arrMb-e*. Waahiag'on, D O , until ?j tn of the l?t ear ef May, *8N. for all the Fir- and Burglar proof Sal** ace Vault* rmiM by the Traasury D? svrt meitpri.?to Ma, l.ifffl r mi ivd apecifi ation* tub* obtained by ay* p>ftea*k>n to t:is o?ee p rsonaliy or by letter Bids to be p+t ?' perdoial fo ?t ioe adis* door sad > all t i-e*?e*ry Ixtrres. m-asured on thena s d?;ti? i a*>?? D?m.e v tcv?raicharges whatever sic pt j A* tel|ti ui th? astial trav Iliac ex0?nw? of l verkn?x> tc thf p ace where the Van txaie to be , e*ee*ed t?f. s to be <?el!v?ired at the Railroad Djpot or ?team'oat Wkarf f ?r tran?pertation la good ord?r aud condition, without ebar^e Lee I* f? r the Vault' or fafe? will be 'urnlshed ty the Department, hat mast be properly pat on y ili' <?u'rsrtar without charge all bids n nit be seioripaui?<d by the bonl of two ptraenvib e pe.eone in the ?n?* of 55 onn that the W 4 r will aeeept and *rrform tHe e>ntra4< if a* >ded t-? hi ; t.* e ?uffl*l?ney o' th<? eeea,*ltv to be certified to hy tha Collector of Internal He*eaaa ?- >be Di'tri t Tb? * '^irtatst res-rres the r'-gbt to p j?et any f ?1 tl<e t ida if It b? son i ? ed Iti iot^'exi to h0 m >*<ba ftw will b* e'>c?ldered that do4<? aot eoa N?m tr '^rtqa r n>et.t.* this MTertisem nt. b ds to be enclosed envelope, endorsed ? FreyoeaU 'cr Paf. s a .d Vaolta." Hwtd Puptt ain? A?-ehit-?ot. FURNiriTRE! FURNITURE! FfTK SI TURE ! 369 <?Tfnih ?trfi>t W?- have ?nw in ftore a more rompl?'t?' a??ort m?nt of FURNITURE and IlOU.^EKKBPINIi | aVTICLES tb?n ran be foun l in the District, to which Wf call the attention of tht> citixenn and the ?pMic generally. Wr name in p.trt : Walont ar.l Mahogany So fan. Arm Chairs Kr?>ins Cl-airn. 8ide Chairs ) Wa'unt mill Ma^'jrnny M vrble-top Dreasinic and I oth*r Bnreans "Walnut and Mal;omny Marble-top Waaha'.an U Do. do. Jeuny Liml an 1 other Be tateadg Mar hie-top Oak auil taint.-d C'ottiyf-- Suites Marhle-tt p Cettre, 8ide and Pofa Tables Cant- and Wood neat Chairs and Kuckera lei-nd end aini Cott.sge B>- lstea N Wardrolief. Wanhstanda, Tables Biteu?i< D Tables, Dining Chairs. Siiebo*ris. Ac. 1 Fvathrr Beds. Bolsters and Pillows m.vle to order , ? ask and Hair Mattressta. A1m?. Carcets. Oil Cloths. Mattingi. Rugs. Jcc. Also. Cutlery. Plated Spoons, Forks. 4c.. ,Vc., lem-ther witb a general variety of articles wuich ! >? n qnisite about every hous*. ?y All purchases of <40 and upwards a discount | ?I Un per cent, alio*'-1. ? BONTZ A ORIPFITI1, nk 31 ?w 369 7 th at., between I an i K ?'? | OoDM-e UA?fUii <i?PEE'S Field Manual of Ooarts Ma'tial HiBlll'T Met end Articles of Wa : I. nd >a. M a's i?b Mi.itaiy Law aud Oourta Martini; Loa j dan tinffvh's Mote* on Mi itary Law; Loudon. V cD' srsaat's Law r? latioy tc OXcsrs of thd Ar > > : Lor do it. ftatell Mi1*an Lae: Londoa. b*<>at'i Court- Mar ?1 Cal'at.'a b'avai Laws or tfce n g. Pagan's M>l'tary Laws or *hs U 8 t Aguilar en U?r'j> Martial: London. Tm Bart or Courta Ma tial ttMfv for tks tiuidanoe of Ooa'ta Martial: Boa Anther?C. de d? Jns?1ea Militalrs; Pa*Is ?ua> de Juatiss Milltairs de 1 Artnse is Msr: Fa If l>a?e?fler?Cede ds Just es Mlli'alra: Part*. Bants^aill*-Guide desJuasa Marina /i)}a? Maauel PraM*** dssTribanaux Mi'i airsai 'V?ip'?r? Gods ds Juitiee MUltal s pourl'Arat* ?0 mrr: Par la. m} 9 FKAWOK TAY^OB d^ATOBI! WHAT'S OAPON8f-GO TO WIL v ICjl'g, 119 Psaasyleaala aesaue.aad ass his "HfEoBTAMT TO F AMI LI Ml ?The aadsrsigMe ' id his arraaasmsaks la PhlladaH 1 Chester Ooaaty Baet, ith Down Mattoa, Saftsm soaatv <N. J.) Vsal rrtma Philadelphia iattjjf oaaui, tasks soaaf Mi slow JsrssfOhisksas, Pheasaati. Partridges. fa (hmillss um othsrs gtvlag eatortammsuti ?" ?*?' "* li? Pennsyivaala avsnas, festwsea Wh asd fKk itrMM DOOTt aUD BUOMe D To gill Till T1MJH Ws are sow aaaufasturiac all k nda of tO! ?T9 aadlHOBR, adsras aatl> reeeiriDK ttip-^gia s * of A aster a made work of every deeertp-BHl tks. mad eipr aay tocrdsr. aai will MfHI ask ata aatii i, wer price thar has b^su Via heretofore eharged la this sit* for staeb iuNrmr artless Feesous la wanto' B K>T8 aadMH0S8of Baetera se l*t~ y-maSi wo?k, will always Bud a ?oud as-ort B-fat ta store asd at tae < w >at ?rlo*a tiiee ua a eak ? eaiiPiN & iR-trm*. Sp > tf 314 Pet a avaiie T OONFiDAR t'UL eUlDft. A TVcaitiaea" bemimal Wtamtur " Old. yoaaa, marrl d aid single, will learn aomn Ihlaa of trnp^rtanee hy psraeing this work tadl?s win also l*ara aomethlna to their advaa lafe by psrasln^ " The OoptdentiaJ Palde " f?ul to aay aedresa. in s aeaNd envelope "a ?.&? ipt of U>a ?w>nta aa<> on* red ste.<ap a<dr^se ?>* * L^fT)MTA',M !T? ? R'Vktnn BUFFALO TON GUM. a Have just roeelved from the Weat sun Baffaii wkieh we reeosuaeBd to our eustr.aera w Thar a/e aJeel* eur?d and lo arime ord*r *m? h BF^OBtLL, *?"*V y j CP BILLIa^^a A 1 a dALB? Tw 1 spl-u. k> etN\XT -iTiduSi, ftrw ?i and if ab<>?aor. wlta marhl 0? It i u,d ?te.r ad ?v?tytht?c e-mplete A^p rti C 111. , m. AmVBWOfl't B? k>b>r>, ?A>? rta atr >?t ?p i y t* V- rt 'HSe* mlt 0 tf | MMW ATtSAOTIOl*. t Ftrii'tUio IfeM Iter* la Tch Sirest. 1 uavioTbnbo thb LAhtmsr, UN AST, AND CH BAP AST, BOOT AMD dttOB dTOHJ ot Waahluatou. with a vary sxteasl vs LADIBb' MlVBM'. CHILD KAN '8, Mb* IB AMD BOV? BOUT8 aNU dHOBB, every Style aad QaaUty, at ^n^eto salt every. No. A17 ruI street, IateUlae?erHtoov*. Sd door above D street west skis, a great variety of MILITARY Boor* .mi Vive oases 9ol?idNft 8aU^* T^a^Mieu. por 1? . aitboat fot ee?d '-iTo.MU Jihix . - Wo. 14 Baaoad a venae, ' A-?M? aewV ,A. ?K1RT QW IM LA Wd Of ??ef Mk ? rvivuk. Headquarters Military District of Washington, 1 Provost J(mill's Office, > Washington, D. C\, March 23, 1961. ) [General orders Wo. I ] Hereafter the sale of clottunir, eltiPT citizens or military, (eicepting 'indercl'Hliing and tywta and et'Of^,) to enlisted men of the Uni'?rt states Army, if prohibited In the District of Coin n bic, i>iccp*iii(5 bv specal permission from ibe->a headquarters. Vto.aliens of this ord *r will t>e punished ty the imprisonment of the offenders aid closing of thetr respective places of busi ness By command of Brig. General Martindtie. T. Im?*r\ham, mb 24- Iw Colonel and Provost Marshal. War Department, Adjutant General's Office, ) Washington Mar-jh 17,1^64. { All applications for leases of absence or per mission to visit Washington mist be addressed to Major General Hallech, Chief of Staff, and must speclt> the business for which the officer desire* the permission. Telegrams addressed direct to the Secretary of War on this subject will receive no attention. By order of the Secretary of War: E. D TOWWSBND, . Assistant Adjutant General Headquarters Military District of Washington, > Washington, D. C., February 16,184M. $ General Orders No. 3.?Col. T. In graham, 3?th Massachusetts volunteers, is hereby detailed as Provost Marshal of the Military District of Washington. He will be respected and obeyed accordingly. * By command of Brig. Gen. Martlndale. JOH* P. SHIf itBTTRNB, fe 16-tf Assistant Adjutant General. Paste* te Visit the Amy *f the Potomac. 1. Applications must be made at the office of Majdr L.OU1S II. Pelouae, No. 30cJ F street, be tween 17 tb and 16th streets, between 11a.m. and 1 p. m., except Sondays Major Pelouae is authorised to et*n the passes. 2. If not granted at the office of Major Pe-, louze, the decision is final, and no reference need be made at the War Department. 3. Passes cannot be given to females to visit the army. By order of the Secretary of War. E. D. Towhsbwd, Assistant Adjutant General. G BATH 100VPI 6B1T1L B00IB1! B 0. WILSON A 00., rases Mors to J F. Walker A Boo, Washington D. 0., manufacturer* of IM PROVBD flBl and WA#BB PBOOP PB-T, 0B HIRT ird GBAVBL ROOP8. Ottoe?101 ZM street, be'ow Pa aveaae. Orders war be left at oflse Mutual Iasaranoe Company, 7th strsst ul Louisiana avenue, or addressed ic Post OSes Box 334. All work cxscuted promptly and oa the most reasocable terms, and warranto!, as stirs male promptty wh ll-8rn? O MCOBB 8 WB8T 1ND DSD9 ATOM, V 113 Pa. avenue, south side IB Just received a targe sufflr of DVUG8, if MID1C1RI8 P-m^.te COAL OIL per barrel or less at lowest marVet rave m* H->w Billiard tablbs porsalb -The Subscri ber kss three Irst elaes Billiard Tab *s nearly aew.whle* be will dlspo-* of very low. In in re at tis Billiard room, ec-asr of lltb etr-et and Pennsylvania avenue <nb 14-tf FURNITURE. FURNITURE. % OAK AND WALNUT 0PP1CS TABLBri, ABM GBAIhB OOOUA MATTING, BXTBNMON DIN.'NG TABL1H, GOTTAGB PBTf*. Ac,Ac We have on hand at oar Ware Booms (la the rear of the Aaetlon B oms), a large stock of the above, togeth* r with * general -snortmeat of B0U8BB0LD PURVITUBB, fi'Meh we are determined to close oat at a very ema.'l adv?ess for cash. Also? 100 PATBNT ABMY UOTTB. W. L WALL A 00 , south corner Ninth *ad Pena avs. _fe_lf |Ohronice.] . rSiKCIB MOBUH ) |r?vB0I3 S. UoEtJS. MOHUN A SUN, fiVCCBi-SOBS TO 4. T. LbHMAB, LUMBER DEALERS, Canal, brtirtcn Ifc* and 13(A Slrtus, Washing :on, P. 0. The undersigned having purchased the Lumber Tan of Mr. Jro. T. Lehman, are bo? prepared to furnish Lumber of all kinds at the market rates. Tli-y dosirs to eall attention to th> ir large stack ? bleb omit ets In part of the f-llowing kinds: At-oot H0.(M? feet Walnut, ail toickoeeaes, lue.'fO feet S Poplar, prime, H<i ?w> " Oak a d A?k, va*l s*sm, |.?V oro feet Pcantlins and Joist all lengths, 1,M?.(M> " Wbite Pine CnLirrs, . Mi,?4b " " PI. orin*. Also, a large auantity of all other klndsof Lumber mb 18 3m MOlilTN A BON. I OB CBBAM ARD WatAH lOBd. i\I OP TUB BB8T QUALITT, Delivered to Pan Hies, Hotels P*irs, Bslis. Ac . at the lowest prices, at the PaiudtlabU Ojafestion* err eorner of Twelfth and P streets mk4 ?ctm* J JTT53BLL. ONI1 I MO N B V I MUNI If | M. K. WaTsH A CO.^ AK LICENSED PA WNBROKERS, Q Q No Q99 C street. Wtwwn 9-h and loth sta.. Near the Tarieties. . Money advanced on 60Id aixl 8iiyer Watches Diamonds Ladles and Gentlemen's Wesring Ap parel As Ac. fs ti-iiaa Lt LBRB. aTTBM i ION ? FOR SALE. VO Boies OABTILB 8 iaV 100 " ADAMANT1K1 OAlfDLBB, 100 ? TALLOW Ghtap for rash sttbe Nstioaai Boapand Oandle W( rks, Qreene street and the Oanai, George'own, p. 0 rah ?i H . H O r V A, DIALS! IB WATCH MATBBIALS, TOOLS, 0BY8TALV PILB8. A*., No. 337 Pennsylvanls aveaue, opposite Metro poll taa Betel. mki ly Washlngtoa D. 0. UALTlMOdB BBBTAUBABr -No. 41 Sherman D street, between Howard and Liberty 1 . . A Is'or sale or rent. Possession given aboatwcTAw 1st April It Is In the heart of the eity bu* a few steps from Baltlmoe street ani bae '.-a sneeessfally fispt as aArat elass h >use th . p*?t Ave years, has every advantage. Apply to JOBN H. twe. A9X Payette st Balto. mhfl 3w? IMPROVB YOUB BYBBIGHT by the sse of the eelebrated PBBBLB and PBRlBCO 'IC BPBCTA0LB9, acknowledged as the beat for 8tr*?fUiming and Prusnnmt the Impaired Byeslght, soientiHoally aad eorreetly suited, by PBANBLIN A 00., Opticians, 844 Pennsylvania avetae, bet Uth aad 13th sts., and Pennsylvania avenae, ander National Hotel. riMLD OLASSK8, OPERA GLASSES, MICROSCOPES, THERMOMETERS, STEREOSCOPES, PHOTOGRAPH ALBUMS CARTES DM VIS1TR, 4c. in a great variety, aad at the lowest prloes. Ja U-tr |JNITBD BTATBB B-B0 BONDB, UNITBD BTATBB T-BO TBBABURY NOTBB UN1TBD BTATBB OOUPONB OP 1B91, ^NtTBD BTATBB 0B3TIPI0ATBB OP IB DBBTBDNBBfl. t>t>ld. Silver, 'Jncurrent Money, Bie^asgeona) ?ar of Barop<* and the North?? Cities, BOUGHT AND BOLD. X s are aathorlsed to fnrnish i lfj doad* at pai an til the 1st of August Bert, wbca the privUeigt >f eoaversion ceases. Order* for Btoers aod Gol ncicwd la Nsw \ ort sseiaMvsly oa eutu id lesion. ^ BITTBNHOUi'B, fAWT A CO., ' ? Benksrs. SI Psnn avean*. AMKT OOLLIBB A GO ri M PH1LAOBLPHIA DRAUGHT ALB %ND PORTBB I amaow rcelvieg large suaotittesof DBAUGHT ALB and POHTBK from ih s oeksbratad Br^werj, which 1 am prepared to furnish on short aotte* to all persons whj will fsvor me with their orders. BaUsiaetion guarantied. Orders given to m> drivers will be premptly at tended to Goods delivered in all puts of Washington aad G*or?etowa, free fakarge. T?ras:-Cu|ss <Ll*verp. RtLBV A 8 JINN, Ageat, Union Btthnu Dtpot, 97 Green st , ap *-tf Georgetowa, D 0. BBAP BABGA1N.-* n?Bd txiaare at Prof. nrnmwm, PROPOSALS. KOfOiiALb rui x u l i a Cxtxr QoaiivaRtftSTKft's vrriorf. Dkmror WAnBisi'iro*. j ? V>4.\ _ D C? Mm?h J ^ P*SL*I> PfcOTOf ii.- will fce reeei i a a tn;ao;rloe Bntil MUNI/ April 4, 1864: ?' 12 o'clo* v., for hir* thn Q. ?'umoo' with Tw ? Thousand (2,000) MULB*, U. co-form U> th-? following SPBCUPICAriOJiH : All to be in awxi aesh. AM to be roart. ei 1i?l bands and ovir in height A!i to be *; ard ?er viee*M? ilul. s for draught to b? ptit tb'^e '3) md uo1e>- n'?? '#) ?*?>??? of?r*.and to w?t*h not le-iii than ?ev?a hun dred ai-d t? a (7l0' p una* raoh. PROPOSAL?. P-opos%l* to be tor bve. bunared 1 flOOt and rfpwa da. The uII caaie SDd pos* effice add re? 8 of the bid der mnst m p, ar in the proposal. 11 the bid is mad* iu the nam-? of * firm, the own rt ail the parties mint appear, or the bid wr I he cons de. ed a> the iadivlJutl prop js*1 of th$ party sier>in?c it Proposals from disloyal parties wi I not be con sidered. ann an oath of allegiance must accotnpaay each prcpn -ition. Proposals must be addressed to Brigadier gener al D. fi. Ritkr.Quartermaster U. 8. Army, Wash ington. D C.. uid should be plftinly marked "Pro posals for Mole* " GUARANTY. The ability of the bidCer to fill the contract, should it be awarded to him. must he gu iranteel b\ two r-spousible persons, whole sigcaurea must be Appended to the guaranty. The resp- nsibilitv of the guarantors must be shown by the official certificate ? ( the Cleric of the Blares' uistrict Court, or of the United States Dis trict Attorney Bidders must be present in person when the bids are opened,or thg>r proposals will not be consid ered. Bonds in ft sum equal to the amount of the con tract. signed by the Tontraet r and both of his guarantors, wju be inquired of the successful bid der or bidders r pou signing tne contract. As the bond mast accompany the oontraot, it will be accessary for the bidders to have their bonds men with them, or to have boads signed in antici pation and ready to be produced when the oontraot is signed. Blanks for bonds can bo procured upon applica tion being made at tbis office, cither personally, by lstter. or by telegraph ft'OKM OP GUARANTBB. Wo, tbo undersigned, residents of , in tho county of , ana otaie o hereby j dntlv an ' severa ly eoveoant with th*j Unite! States, and guarant* e in case the foregoing bid of be ac cepted, that be or tboy will at onee. after tho ac ceptance of said bid. execute th? contract for the same, with good ana safflclenf sureties, in a sum equal to the amonnt of 'he eontraet. to furnish the Moles proposed in conformity to th? terms of tho advertisement dated Hareh i3. 1M?4 under wnlch the bid was mace- and in case tne said shall fail tit o.' tor into ? contract a* aforesaid, wo guar antee to. make good the difference between the offer of tho said ? and the next lowe-1 reap in erson to whom tho contract sible bidder, or the person ?say bo awarded. \ Given under oar hands and seals Witneis: fthis day of , MB?. ? (Seal.) [Seal ) I hereby certify that to the be?t of my hrowiedg? and belief, the above named guarant rs are *.>od and soffi ,i?nt as sureties for the amount for which th?-j offer to besecurity. ? . To be ? ??rtified by the United States District At torney. CoUe-.-r of Customs, or au> ollcer inter the United states Government,or responsible per son known t.? this office. INSPECTION. DRL1TKRT, Ae. A'i Mnleh contracted lor ander this ad vert iiwment will l>o robjeet to a licid inspection, and tt os* not c< i.form>Ba to tt e specifl'ations will ho relucted. Tt e Male* GiOSt be oeiiv?r?d in tbiscitv witoin twenty 120 days fr .in the date of si?ning the eoa tra? i Pay meat to be made npon the completion of tbo oontract. or *? noon thereafter as tho Oepot Quar toitnas .or shail i t in uuds Any informality in tl e b <1. or non-oonformaneo with the terms of this adve tiwiment, will ensuro the rejection <>fthe propoh^l. Tb^se males wi l be swa ded In litsof (S<0) Ave honored ea*b, ni:)es* the Depot Qiarter taster sbonl i de. m it for the interest of the Qo'ernmout tn ?*r? the i>on her The D? p<-t OnartTmsster res'-rres to klm.?-?lfthe r'ght to ret?et any or all bids that h<- may deem too high. D H. RUCPIR, Brig. 6en. and Chioi Qaartcmasler, mh 25 to Deool of Wa?hiox,on. p II 0 P 0 8 A L B~t O B P 0 bTa O B. Oaiar ttOAftTBBMABTia'B Oyrion. i ? Waiuntoi Doro*. Dm. 8, IM. S CBkL' D Pbopohalb at* invited by the nndor ?lgneg for supply mg tho L d. On arte rm aster's Do* ??rtwfnt. at Washington, D. O Baltimore. *d , Aloxaddria, and Port Monroe Va . or either of those plaoos. with Bay, Oorn, Oato and 8tr?w Bids wUi he received for the delivery of dCfl ooanele of corn or oats and ?' tons nf hay or straw, aad avwards Bidders must.stateat wtaicb of tic aiorv name* points they propose to mate doliyorioo. end the r*u>a at which they will rcake deliveries 'n. rsat, the quantity of eftoh article propo-.ed to oe deliv oi a<l tho time when said deliveries shall be oom menoMd, aad when to bo oomple'od The prieo mast bo written oat in words on tho bide. Corn to be gat op in good stoat sacks, of about too basfcelo each. Uatsin like oa?X< of about three bushels o*cH The saeli to be Nirnishod withoat extra ebarso to tho Government The hay and straw to bo s cnroiy baled. The partiTalcr kind or description ot oats, corn ha* or straw proposed to be delivered most best?Ud in the proposals. All tne articles offered ns4*r the bids heroin Ut vited will be mbj?ot to a rigid inspectio< < J> tho Govercment Inspector before being aooepwd Oon-racto will do awarded from ume to time to the lewesi responsib'.e.biddr-r, *s th> tateroct >fthe Governiaent may reenire and payment will bo made ? hen the whole am'iant contracted 'or shall have been deliTrrvd and a^r? pt?d The bidder will be required to accompany ais proposal with a juurbnty,sigoad by two r-spoosi ?le persoiis that tn oa?e his bid la aooeptcd ho ot they will. witBiu ten days thereafter, exeiut? tho contract for the same with good and soUcient sureties In a sum equal to the amount of the con traet. to dellT>r the for go proposed in confo. mity wits the terms of this adveitlsomeat; and In case the said Mdder should fail to enter Into tho car tract, they to a ak' ?ood the differenoe between the offer of said bidder and the aext lowest respon sifcU bidder or the person to whom tho oontraot cay be awarded The responsibility of the guarantors mast bs shown by the >111-101 certificate of a U. 8 Diet*let Attorney Uclleotnrof CBOtnnjs or any other offi -er under the United States Goyernment oy re epossible person known to this oflce, AH binders will be duly notified of tbo aoeeptaaoe ortrejon'ioB of their proposals. The full Bane tod P 0. address of each bidder moot ho legibly written in the grogosal. Proposals matt he addressed to Brig Oea. D H. Backer, Chief Depot Qnartermaster, Washington, D.O. and ?honlo be plainly marked "Propoanl* Boade^n ft mat eaaal to tho tmoixt of tho ooa tract, signed by too ooBtraotor and both of Alt guarantors will be required of the successful hid aor or bidders upon signing the sontraet Blank fonns of bids, guarantees. and bond4 j&fty he ohteined anon ao pit eft lop ftt this oB eo. roan OP PROPOSAL. (Town, County ftad State ) (DftteV to furalgk Quarter 1, tho subscriber, do hprefty propose t and deliver to tho united States, at tho rr.ft*tot's Department ?t -, agroeftbly to tho terms of yonr adrerti emoat, inviting proposals for foragd, dfttea Washlngtos Depot. De?. I, 1889. ?ao fo lowing articles, via : hushslsof sacks, ftt per bushel of Mpoundg bushels of Oftta, la sacks, per bushel of teBa ofVftlcd H?y, ftt per tea of J,000 fOlldS tons of bftlod StrftW.ftt per ton of fjOOO poand?. Velivery to oorameace on or before the dfty of (m . and to he completed on or before the day or , 1* . ?nd pledge myself to eater into a written eontrftet wiTh the United Stetee. with mot d and approved securities within the space of tondftysftftor being notified that ay hid has been accepted Your obedient servftnt. Brigftdier General D B-Emua, Gonoral Depot Q&ftrtorinftSter. Wftshlngton, D. 0. GUAJUTI. We. the udomgned, residents of , la the Ooaniy ef . ftad State of . hereby. Jointly ftacb severftliy, covenant with the United States, ftnd guftrai tee in Cftflo the foregoing hid of ? bo ftooepted, tbftt ho or they will, within ten days ftfter u? ftooeptaaoo of Sftii bid, execute tho cob trust for tho stme with good ftad sufleient sureties, la ft sum eqaftl to the amouat of the con tract, to furnish the forage propoe?d mconformity to the terms of advertisement dated December 8. IMS, under which the bid Wfts mftdo, ftad, in case the said shall fall to enter into ft eoatrae* as ftforeoftid, we gaarantee to make good the ulffer enoe hetweea the offer by said aad the aext lowest responsible bidder, or the pereoa to whom tho contract may be awftraed. Wttneee, Given ubdsr our hftnds ?ad scftla this d*y of . VA . I8?al.| I Seal.] I hereby certify thtt, to the best of my know leige ftnd belief, the at _?(?-earned guar actors are good andsuaoWnt as sureties for the ftmoint for which tkey offer to be aoearity. To be lfied by the United States District At torney, Collector of Customs, or any other oSeer under the United State* Government, or reepoa sible person known to this office. DH. MU0KBR, ? de 9 tf Brig. Gen, and Q M. g 'H1BP QUAHTBBMASTha SOAVlOB, i Dorot or WAt?aiau*oa, > Wasktngnm. V ?January 4, idBq.S All deMero in D aga, fitrtwace, Luster ?.??? or <??o? Purnitwe .HftTBeos, and Saddlery^are rg qBested to seoc to thie offioe, on the MONDAY et each week, ft eeolea propoofti or ll?t,a? JmtIicou.oI the atttele* they are prepared to furnish to tnit Deao* ?ia- ort notice, with the price of each mftrk eu im p4ftta Aguroo so that, la caae tho oxlgtoMies ?f the service require It, tho artl 'le or artioles can be obtained without deisv ftnd ftt the lowest prion. Deftlers wtabina to sell to thia Depot will oe ?? 1 aired to furnish the list punctually every up morning D H BUORlfe, ?."r^" -j.awiasa" gton.D. 0. It I M il 'ws.-a-ts IMSSWSVapvWHSO. PROPOSAL IBCFOSAi.8 FOB HATH, OAPtJ. SHOES. DBf GOODS, 8BWING UArJiKlALS, *3. P?4DQ04?Tlt?H DbPhSCSS OF ^ ilH11?rO?. TUSH DbPhSCKH of ^ AtHI1?rO?.) f Cii tf *suiTtt mn<t-T > Wtaa nut<?, M U*>*.\ WmTT?3? PnoriMaLc wilt t?e a this office until further noti e, for u'uiaftin* 11*?? f >? - low intra ti le? tor o-e of <*oct; abvid men, ^oinea and children in this i".t;partm nt. Bro^aus 'rus s. t, A c.,l ?nl ?.th- r *er\ ic abl B.-itii and S'lo'B for men women nd chi dr-?n'a ?? r. Chit. Mt ai.d wooli>n Ha ?. and cl >th K. rf-tys. Tn i? n?hajj(i, Bl& othet wou'leu and cotton gc?>d?. Hickoiy stripe-, ( < r ? hirtn.) Bel Tic?ic*. on bl'ucf^d Mnslio.and wooll'b *ock*. fipoi l Cottoi . bl.-ck and white Linen Tbr-?id. Bone PuKpc der Batt- ns. large t-utt'-na for coat*. White po ctla n Hutt hp. Yarn*. Nee^lss. Bad othe- f-e?ing n.ateral* am trimmia*?. S?mp!e* ?bonl< be sent with eacn bio, at the ex p, nw of the psrty forwarding the p?ra?. a n oaTh of allegiance stto i"( a^com any e*ch bi t. No verbel ?ri poeiti. oh will be ent>*itained bat every bio or mod rtcati >n of the sa no uii-t be >n wr tins. Purchases will be made from time to time a* the to <!? are needed, under co;.tr*cior otherwise, as the ifcter 'St o1 th* serv-re may require. Good security will be repaired for the faithf il fulfilment of an> contract made under thi? adver tu mart Proposal* ah old be sealed and addressed to the ucdei sie ned. and rndors-d ' Proposal* ft* fnrni h ii * Dry Goons, fc-" BL1A8 <d GKBBNB, Lieutenant C> Ion el and Chief Qn'-rter Blaster, mfc 26-lnt Department of Tt?liln?tnn. A8BINGTON ARfKNAL, Wishisutob D 0., March 39. ISM. Pkotosals will be receive-! until April 10 it tnia Arsei al '.or furnishing th- following building ma terial- deliverable at ine W oar fat soathea-t angle of Arsenal ground* : 380bellow Pin- Piles, middle diameter one foot, ranging iolength from T to 30 feet, as follows: 90Pi1- b,2 to 23 fe"t, 1? Pilee.24 to 27 feet, IHi Piles, 28 to 30 feet. 215 Oak Piles, middle diameter one foot, ranging in leng* h from 2> to 50 'eet, as follows : 90 Piles. 23 to 2' feet, 75 Piles, 3" to 32 feet, 55 Pile*. 83 *o 3If feet IS Pi es. .V to 40 feet, 5? r'iles, 60 feet. 4,<10r running fe?t Dak Stringers,middle diamatcr one loot, to eut -2 feel faced on one side. 2/* 0 running feet Oak dtriogers, same as above, round. 4.101 running feet Oak Stringers, middle diameter one foot, o eut <4 feet, ' ouol 3 0 runt ing f et square Oak Timber, 1 foot x 1 foot, to cat 22 15,(1*' superheat feet of two-inch Oak Plant, to cnt 18 feet, be n? 30.<<4) 'umb-r feet. hmall legs for s- ibbin? and flooring, diameter 5 to SSnches. and to cut ? f et lung, enough to cover 46.400 superficial fert, being. My. 90 >>00 ru'miay feet or 11.35'stic-sB fe >t lou/. ?r 177 e-'rds of wo >d PropiuaU will sp?e fy at what time duli ?ill be com pit ted. J. BBNf'Sf, tub -jfh I3t Captain Commanding. piOPOtALIFOB WOOD. Hcadquarttrs Tupartmtni af Wa*hi?f'om, ) __^ t \&c* of Ck- f Quaturtna-ahr i Wa?hio? on, D C Marca f, IM4 \ PaoroiALB are Invited 'or farnUhlng 4ojd to tbe t rope in are arcund tke foru nereloafter speelPea. t<r>n> part e^ r-wn n? wood or w .-od land* in tt e vie x it* of the earn* *'?: *? nn of t;?* Po-ocav-F rt? Sn-nner, Mkns^eld, B T*?d rinn n<, +alcei. ilea?. Beam*? De H''e> FteviB* H earn Totteo. Hiename* In ike H I . 8 r no?a,Tba er a \1 Lm-olo and Battertea Br-M? Kimball Palrott. and Ouneron. ? Baet of Bas'ero Brateb Potomao Por'a GreVe, 0*rr'U. Snjder l>t?nV n Baker Dtr1, Pniiat, fceigs llaneB an" Batl<<ti"* Hletetta and W?ga--r. ^ou b of Potomto?Ports Mt*cy, l>?an Allan, O. P ??. nh, P? nn?tt De B*>b, Oorcoraa, ^?gg?'ty. Wctdimy Whipple 0?f?. Tillinglaet,O'aig and A'h-nv, Prop sale will he received nnder tkie a1*e' ti?e r em for we d any wk*re with n the limits of the Depafi eat of Washington for cnpplt of tmope ta *??" r?p.r'iTt.iit Pr'-p kala will be made in the following manner; to wlf : 1 Por word standia* (pr-e* per cor) > 9. Por w-d felieo h? the Vnited States Bagi ) eera or other wire i prlefc per eord) 3. for wrod ea and corded on -h* groan 1. Prr> -o a a ?? net sppci'y the loca ity. kind, gcan <'ty end en?li?? of'he wood and its d'e^oc ? from tbe rea' est furt ram p cr stati n for tro >ps. Bteb bidder mist ?traeh his fall n?me a> d post iSsrtir sa t?? bi? b d and th? mvan' t'lpn '?? ibteretUd in the prrposala ma t ap^ea* (a the bi . Blda wi 1 b? opened from *ime to time and Aon porchas antdtf aa the wm may he r - q3?r< d. lie ia reserve tv? acept all < r aay part of a b it m fo ?e>bal prop stt'ora will b?ent r'-sined. bit fV'ty hid or bii d.flcation of thnsNrae, maa'-tit i t * r tin*. t-rnpo-ala siot-ld be endors-d "Propo?aU fa. Wt cd," ai d addreaf.ed V> BL'AS M GBBtNB, Lieut. Col. atii <:hl-?r Q i? r<-ria sur, mbjr-u I'epaMmenr of Waa^iagto*. OhDNA >OBtHrHUf. ~ W it liBriaTMvar. Vasi'isiim, I) V Mveh n. iv? Pt 4i.yD Pxcposilb -vi'ii h? r-c'i?.<t at this ofl *e ni. ill t* at?N (Itu* S , april J71h, it < | n . ft?r 10 ffUle-lut 1> f*ntrv ao-jo itr meuU>. ealtbr < H Ao be deliv?-e<i in tbe 'i-llow.n* q i?ntiti?a at t?e Qciteinan ?ii aj'??o*i?. * ?* : r?ts ?t th? New i ork Arsenal, Goverair'a Jslend ?0,i'"0 ??t? at the Prankfnrt Arsen.l. 8 ide-oarg P*. So,'<0 * " Alleghany * P^ttibi *. Pa 2 ,u? " " 8t t, u a " 8. b'la.a. M > ^ he-t aceout?eo:euie*?? to Umadtm tr -v?n fcimity with th>* n?m pa:t- rn s?-;? to b^ i?ea at ?tie a 1 fcbm ?, N? w York. I^r*nk ord, ^t. Louie, -Vate' vitet, ^ at< rtown. aud Wafct iu?t m Areeaal< anl the ^p ii *tl-'0 A mi>ry l'h"? ?-e to ne sabj >ct to 'D-rectioD at the * rsuoal wh-re de'.ie. r-d. Oef ire b^irg ree? tved f'.r b* un n-a ,i nt. Noae a'e ti Uncut ou p-Id for but *u-h w are tur iv?] uion ti?i c'Ii d I'to ri?lt* t beof^rkia^'i i4?ti i-r and a l the ?t< cX t > b? tf e beet o ,k tanoed The m (i l<i- r be i will >? iccladed in th- s. t ] eiivertes n.ast be it;arte tn 1 >t? >f not l?ss t->aa ere fifteenth i 5'??r W"?lt of th-' whoie ia ab r i t ti art. d f:>r; the flra*. detive.y uo b? ma -e ou tae 21' t day oi May Failtr- to make d?liv-rl-? at a specified time will ?nt-jert 'he crjLtrartor to a ftife.itire of the njtn ler tr t> ay fail V> del ver at that time. TVe tcc< utienenta mart o* b-i?l ia the a?'i*l r ft' ttr;' 1 e t- xe* to be nbargeJ at eoat to de t'^niitdbf the ii ?pfcf-t?r bidders will etate explirlty the *r?ena' or Arse ra p, wt ere the* prrp se tr. deliver ant the no a bers .f se s tbty p.op i?e t > deliver at each p-aie, if for a ore than one No bide will b errs d-r-d from partiea oth.r than rr.nltr n annfaotnrers and>aeha?are k own to tli; Department to be fal ? competent t-> ?n rate in the'r own ehopa th? work pr->??>ied f r Hhould am par'-y ob'atiiir* a coitr?rt offer ai'oa tremeDteoth-r than tho*e male n his owaatops thev wi 1 he rejected, and the eon r et renl4tad lull ard void Ptd eta will erelose with their hide the written aekt owledgscata of their earetlea over tatir own tUiatarea Bach party o talniag a enntraet will be obliged to enter Uto bond with approvea euretlee for ite faittfal execution tir n the award being made successful bidders will be nrtifled. and furalshed witn forms or eon tract and bond " The Department retorvea the rUht to rej*et any or all bids. If not deem* d aa Ufactory Propoeals will be addressed to ' Brigadier Gene ral George D Ham 'ay Chief of Ordaanee, Wash ington. D C ."andeadorred "Proposalsf r iafaa try Ac<ootrem?ats " G*OK?B D^A^aT. p-hSW-eotd Prig Gen.. Chi~f o*0?d^e?e? 0. w. utiui. ?0 w IOTILII V. W. BOTELER fe SON, IMPOKTMH, WHOLESALE AMD RETAIL DEALERS IH OH lit A, SLABS, AMD CROCBBBT WAB1. tablb OCTLBBT, biltbb platbb wabb. B BIT TAB Ik WABB. BLUOB TIM GOODS, TIM OH AMBBB BBT8, GOAL Oil. LAMPS. JAPANMBD WAITBBB. DOOR MATTS. riATBBB DDBTBBS, BBOBHBS, WOOD WABM, AMD BOCbBBBBPIMG ABTICLBB GBNBBALLY. m,r uoubbs, botbib, and btbamboatb VUBMlbHBD AT ?HOBT BOTIOM. 318, I ROB BALL. PBMMBTLVAM1A AMBMUM, fe 17 eodm itetw-^n yh and I0thg<w | MPOBTAM f TO PBMAi,?e OH. tHKC?EMAN'li P1L.L.A. Che iagrediente Is these Puis is the reaall o a .oaf euu extensive practice, mild la the'/ opera aon and aare to correct all irregularities. Painful a*ostraatioa?, a**ovi?o *ll 0B8*au0Tt0Bb w r ether from coUi er otherwise headache, pa.u la ?X* aide, p ipitatiot. of the henrt, white*, all cer rous affections, hysterica, disturbed tleep. whleh %rieee from interruptions of nature DB OHBBBBMAN *S PILLS aro a positive remedy tor al! *tnpiaiaU pecaUai toPemaM laooona wira oaataiatr piaiooioai ? sudlaBiTT Kxplicit direcU'ns, stating vhea they should soy aa D8MD, with eaah ho* Prtoe me doilar. # ^BTtVhIMg'bI HILLYKH Proprietors, ?*1 Cedar street. Sit vork City ?V?tdny8 0 ?OBO.?tia Pa aveaae set eoWg N BW %OBB AMD WASU1NGTO!* BTBAM8BIP OOMPANT. The Bartw Steamships BALY1M0RB. BALVOB. BM.'IKB, jambs s. gbbbn, AJlt PAIBBANKB ?5P?.?sr tt: srav.tea>s: '-"?'Wi fe y,-SBt r. oi High st, Geor^towa QLAMlflBD OiDBBI OIDllil I *"* m1abIIW( iMfaBft mapIiaI AriAA Im BflBn. TRAVELERS' DIRECTORY ?1LT1MORI uagiir uiuiiu. On And after ^adnesday. JauaAt'y ir.^h. t?M, <i?ilj (rain* will se ran betw?*s Waeh.ngtod and fork. and Weshieeton and th* W?tf as follows: POB PBI laDKLPII I A, N ?* TOKR and BOSTON Lti'r Wa*bineton at T asd 1<\4? A. M and ft and 7.30 P. M., aioept Sundav Onjtaoday. At 7.3# v. M. only. n>R HALTIMORB. Lmti Wa*hinct??n at fi.2", 7 and M M A. M. asd d, 4 15,6 and 7.5,> P. M. daily, eicept Bandar On Bond**, at 7 A. M. and 3 and 7.30 P .M onlr. rOR ALL PARTS OP THE WffST. Ltatt Washington at 6.3n au*t 7 A. M. end 7.30 P. M. dally. ?*e*pt Busday. On Sunday. at 7.30 P. M enly. POB WASHINGTON AND TBB SOUTH. Leay* Baltimore at 4.50 1 MI, 8 4ft *od 9.40 A M. ana 1.20,6.15. and 8.J0 P. M except Monday. On Sunday. at4.frand 9.40 A. M. and 3.3P P. M fOR ANNAPOLIS. Leave Washington at ?.?' K. M and 4 16 P. M. Leave Baltimore at A M. and 6.15 P M. Trains tearing Washington At 7 A. M. and 7 30 P. N., go through to New York without changs of ears Bleeping Oar on 7 30 P. M. train *Tha Bret and fourth train* from Washing ton, ad third and flftb trains from Baltimore, atop at all way point*. for farther Information, ttohsts of ereryklnd, fee., apply to George 8. Koonta, agent at Wash 1 agios Station, or at the Tieket Oflce. W. P. SMITH, Master of traugp't'B. L. M. OOL>, General Tieket Agast. la 20-tf Hate! A Chron.i ^imilODM. fART A OO.. b a n k a a s . ?O. SAD PBNNBYLYAMIA AVBNUB, Will eoatiaae to formlah V. I. riTB'TWKRTT BORM As long a lamed Bortrwtit, at nr. . A. Ooupoa r?of 1 * XJ. a. T-a Treasury Not**. U. I. OertlfleaUi of laMtMoM. GOLD AMD BILYBB BOUGHT ASP BOLD, gxshsag* oa all parts of luropa aad ths Norths. OiUes sold 1? nag to suit purehassrs. -VMks as4 BeM bought la Hew York 1 ira aiTTBBMOOBB. PABT ? ftp KmOALL'l UUMUII HI TO BlIBe hMMOLim noiaraira, BMAonriaa, QDQBA TM&, VBBBB 1BBH&, urnooMATaa, novauaaaa, mmaaLLiaaaa TBB a AIM. &BND ALL'S AMBOHNB is a rare eonpouatt 'Emulating extraots from Wnrera, Roots, aa Aarta. Oar Us GROWTH, BBAUTY, asd PBB 4ABBNT Y160B of ths HAIR. " Highly heasBaUl where ths hair rsguirae eentle stimulant. '* Da. OHILTON " Havs aever had anything *it?t so per fee tsiv?i the purpose of a hair dressing." WARRBN WARD. Bag., lo. Oaaa street, N. Y. M After helag haM for saves years your AM BO ulNB hAS eovered ths entire eeaip with Nl* <JAIB." Prof. (OHH BRHIA, No. SB Bias rtrset. N. Y. Pot sals Br All Druggists asd Paocy Good* jsalars Tat la boaes. (aostainiag two bottles,1 ertssfl. SUautKtuad aad tor asm at waoleeai ftp KXKDAUL * BAMN1STB&. e l?-?m Ho B4B BsosBaat m y IMPOST ANT TO SirTLtEBS. BUTLBBB~WILL VIND H. A. D4IWNIRB * CO.'I LUNOENTHATED OLAM <0 II A MOST VAMJAHLB ABTlOLB TO Ta JIB TRAbl It sells vary rapidly, asd ts the most asoaomlaa diet f the sneer's meee Itlspraparsd 0 oas minute, sad makes a most delicious Soup or chowder. It i* highly ree-mmended fry Amy *urgeous Ths profit* are large H. A DOWNING A CO.. Manufacturer* of Ooooentratsd Pood, No. Ill Bast Utk St., New York at ftals by BABBOUB * SBMMB8. Bow *B LoaHlani Araaus. ?>?*> p. p. | I^RiABMAA?frotrowu by Baysl i*n?ri Patent 01 Bn.iand and secured bf the seal* of the tools da Pharmacia de Paris, and the Imperial College of Medicine, Vienna Trimmer No lis theeffeetaai remedy for Heiai t'oa, Bpeirmatoirhor-a. and Bifaan.?;ioa of tne Sra~ 'em TrieemarN' 3 has entirely superseded ths ? ?i*eou* nse of Oepaiea Cubans. Ao Triesmar No, lis ths infallible remedy for ail Impurities uid Ago s tar* Symptoms, thus obrlaung the as* of .drenry ad all other deleterloas lngr?<1ieata !>' ^paratioa is in the form of a most a?reea is Loasaire Becured from effects of alienate and haages of atmoepher?, is tin oa^s, at $3 naoh, or -our |3 oases is one for #9, and in #77 ?a*?s thus taring f 9 Dirided in ?< par ate doses as admiuie eredbr Vaipean Ball??maude. Bnax, Ao.. Jto Wholeea e aad retail by Or B A BROW, Wo IWg Meeeker street, New Yo>a fo be had aiso ori* C ?ohd. Nu *uo Pa ?? ? m#r ' r.ih 1 ? * " .VH MlrBH* i-r^AT Id THd OPi.?fiOV ?th p.up <-torsof tne ' P?H(* ( I ? fc ? sB ftBTOr ?ONDMB.<<, AMirOMV and UBDICiCi A,'? narr Oeteimiued?r??ardires f ea pen e-to iKsue fres (for -he b o?8? of suffer leg h^masitv ) four of th?!r ivoet Ui't-u-.tire a id iit>r4'Mii Lretar?s on Marrik*a and it?it . fleatiens. herxvs D?r>lht), Prematare i.-e.line, .noigestiun Weaka-ss Denression,->r lgu->rsfii* of Pfcy?io.orr and N ?t?. re's L-aw Thess tnralu*bla Us4 ur?? hare been the meeue of ouugh euing aad series tl oBsai-ds.end el l be tnrwa'd?d fr?e >ntu rteeipt of four ?tao>pe. s> a dr<-rsing S-crttaiy Par- j ?i??s t'alrintlQf Anatnnytmd 4*din?t A63 U i?d wae. Nee T"-k juLl ly | CUMBKKLAND COAL. W. B SNOW A On., WHOLMAil ANt> BBTAlL DIALBBI AND BHLPPBBB OP CUMHEHLANU COAL. OSes? cornsr of High asd Watsr, Gsorgetawa, I 0 Docks?corner Market aad OaoaI tt*>an era Ooaied at our 0<.rered Docks, 107 Wstsr strest, ons biosk ahore High Tare* thou sd tOB* ??s bead f* 'j lai ROBaDlBOMA_ByW W Bory, 2 mis ; fj. Bunt's Life of Rdward Lirlng^ton: fi.ig Buttle Pie ds of th? Ssuta from ffuil Bun to ftedaricksbsrc; |;.w, ben. G ant and r le OAmpAigas; #1 5? Carasdith a Laws asd Pr*ctiie of Vhiit; I IB, Thws Months la ths Bsuth ly Ooloaei Pre i aact>f;(l 36, Pomert y's Municipal Law: |3, Tkasksial, *Ae Haaaortat. ay Tbsotops Tar* * 9) ss KewellV Bounty Tension aad Prise Law*; f t p, Hen MeOWien'e B porl and Oampaigas; |i aJ, Bdlahurih Be-iew, January. >?*. lv>d B Quarterly Rertrw Jano?r?, IJM, |K) I BB MUB10AL PPBUO.-J M BTIBP, 1 P;anoTurer and B?pairer.wonid r?ep?ct 1Mb .uity auso-'sou to Bis friend* sod th* ma iaaitfM astlis gessrally that by tearing thair orders t^b It Mr. W B BNTWIBLBB Drag -?ore oorneTTf Peon arenuo an ' lfh streets they will be prompt y and satisfactorily ?tte deo to Orflttt from the ConAtry also attes ted *e by ad ?r?ri-?gte WMBin^tos foet UBie fe ?*-<?*? CM Will A BBW I I I I) 8 I, -JB ? U ^oooas .oas To BM ?? OBABLMf. PO*I ?< A OO. W ?P l*PORTRR*% WV WHOl.SrlLt ASD KBtAl' II CHINA ft* AS' A*iU ft R HSN +'ARB. P??r t!utlery,P a ?*d w^re, R It t*l rt.?ol<, Ic-* liteiers B'otk Tin f>''o-s 7 in Cha .iber Pe'e Jap?r ri?d H>att?TS Water Oo- ers B' eriU i?<* g. lar l.sii ps 0< a Oil >.a'U(,9. Lao tern", ?Vs? aafe. As , fto . An. Prodi Pn-k?d and u?lir?rel in this Oil* abI ??orgetoe-r f-e* of eVurce S04 (Odd P? Hoes' B 41) 8 r*n?h ?t , ipyt-eoly *w?Ughis. WOODI WOOD I! BAWBD lift TOUR PIBOBa AMP BPttT POB ONI OOLLA)* PBhUUBD N O uoINlW, Uuios fire ^aod Milt Oemsr BsreutS aad t*aal HIOBVBK. OA a AN D PIN * ^OD for sale oord lesgtk , oheap. by N O MoRNBW, QtirnoryervB*^ ?trer' aad OasAl. COAL OOAbt: 0 O A U I! OP ALL BIN 1>B. ON HAND, AND POB BliLI BY N. 0. MuBNBW. Onion Pira Wood Mill, es Onrser Bsrastb street and Oaua Ebtarlibrbd im#. IBAaO HBBZ3IRG A BON |'1? oov k loan in all?u ?a us 4T?toh-a, iswglry, DiBmot.dc.liter, ied'es and G- ote' ,d*v " a earir.a A?pa.-*1, as- f<.r ths pureoeo of e ni arc la* cur tu-laese we ha?? erected a T; 9 wcrchous* aod we sow %sks lo?ae os M 'rehart dies, Puniitur*. As at our oh established etu?d ?.V' r^ntr-tig: 7&W ' lira, M ? lOOB HOSPITAL. OPPIOB No. 7 SOUTH fHKOBHICK BTRBB* THA ONLY PHYSICIAN A HVMH TISINd.t P?? iKae. verad >he oon Oertaia. 'Mr *"<1 Iff* I i*?r. f * "u *.v dihbasbs or impbodbnob. titlirf in S\j H'mfj N* 7V PtrrOlt.l httmtd by UnarmI Prtttndf.?. #r fry Dtally Poison *Zrrcwy. sk vld awwiy t mmMiaitfli A COR K *AHKA\TKl> OK >0 CHiHHM lit HiOM ONE T't TWO UaY?. Weekoes* of ths Bark. Iavo'.uotary Uissnerfea, Stric'ur-s ? Sections <>f the hi^teys and 3le4lsr? Impotercy General Debility, N- rv.jusae?e, Dyd? nwi LaPi.aor. L<t? Hpirit*. Pon'Mfin of Idea*# Palpitation of the Heart, TlmiJity, Tremblina, Dianece- f JM*bt or Qi<tf aese Di?e*a?of th* Head* Threat Pom or ^kln. Affeitious of the 1 ivar, lungs, Ptomarb or Bowr-Is?trio*s Terrible Disor der# arista* from Bo itary Habit* ?' Youth? tha ?MHT u4 aolitarj ptacrce* mnr? f.tal to thel* victims t' an the son* of Brren< t * the mariners off bl *ht eg their mo-t HrllHwt hnp?e ot autla-patioBA. rendering marriage. Ac., izupoeal bto 1 ouyu Af?iV BBpeelaTy. who har? bee?n?e the vletitr* of Soli tary v icr .that dreadful and de* tru* ? J ?e habit which annual!) nwreps to as untimely (rare th m-.oda ot Young Mm of the moat exalted talent aad brllliaa) inteilct, who might otherwise bar* eatraaoed 11a teclag freaaies with the thncders of eloqo^nee. or waked to exstaey the Uric* It re mar call with rail *AKM PAHTJCOLAK notice. These art Borne of the aad and ma aueholy effefti prodo'ed by early hablta of ronth, via: Weaknaaa of tk? Back and Llmba Pain in tha Head. D'mneea of Sight. Loas of Muscular Power. Palpitation off the H-art Dy?p*pey. Nervous Irritability, Da> rangamact of the Digestive Wunctions, Qaaeral De bility Symptoms of Consult ptiou, A* M r btalitt.?The fearful affeate on tta miad an ma eh to ba draadad?Lose of Memory, Oonfaaiow ?f ltcaa, Depreasioa of Mrito Irll Porebodlag*. Aversion to Society Mf-IHitrut, Lore jf Soli Mmrrud P*mms, or young maa et> atemplatla marriage, aware of Phyaioal Weakaeaa, Orpait Debility, nesting of taaorgans DeformlUaa, *a. akoaid app'v immediately. Ha wh- plae<-a hiiraelf under the eare tfO . J. may renciom yeonflde labia hmor aaa??Btk.maa, a^d aaatdeatly rely aponhia aklU aa a Phyaialaa. ORG AW 10 WIAEHBHST iMPOTHKOff IMPBD1M1MTS *0 MABliAOB. By Dr. Joi<Batoa'e marrelona trea meot Weak aeaa o; tae Orgaaa ia ape- dlly eared and fall ylaoc reatorad Tboaaanda of the mort aerroae, deblll bated aad impotent who had loet all hope, haT? been immediately relltyed All impedlBiaau to marriage, Pbyateal or Mental Dk?ualiteatioha. Low of Proereatir. Powar, Ber ?onairrltability.Trembllaea.aad Waakae?a.or Bx> kaaatioa of the moat fearfal kiad, apeedlly eared. Member of tte^yafcolleae o) Sargkaaa, Low do a, 6 r ad aate from one of the oieet emireat Oel ieaee ts Ue U cited State a. aad the r^atar part off wbeae Hfe hae be* a apent \n the hoepitala orLoa doa.Paria, Philadelphia aad el?*where haaeftated aome cf the meat aatoalahind earee that were erer kacwa; ir any trunbled with na<iai ia tbe beaA aad eare w he a aaleep^ alarmaB at sadaea aonada baabfuWaa with freaaaaV bh*ahinc attended aom a time* wi'h daraaaemeat af miad were eared itnmeoiatel* TfiWe MEN who late tajuied tbeauelree ay a eartaia praetlea iaaakted id whet a oae?a habit fr-?aeatly learaofl fr. m eeii eompanioaa. ar at aehooi the *ff?cta of whieh ar* ni?htl> f?li. evta when aala<v aad if aob eajed rebdera uarriaca imBoaetbl ., aad deatroy* both miad and body,. hoald apply immediately. Vkat a pity that a yonnc maa, the hope of bia eoaj try ai d darling of hie pare .ta, a ioaid ba auatrhed from all the pro*pa ^te aad eajoymeats ed Ilk bi the eoneeqaeaoe of d, viation from the path 01 aate re and lodcl^iaK in a eer eta see ret habit, ftaeb peiaoas mnat, bef-re e <ntemplaUn? MAHRlAbh r*S*et tbataeoand mind and bod> are the modi aeeeaaary re*ai?ite? to promote aoaaabial bappi a?aeiBC6*4. vit ont three tbe Jarae) taroa?kl life b-oomes a weary pilgrimac*; ta* aroepait bearly oa.k>LB to the view: tae miad aeoeme* abadoweo wi b despair aad filled with it he maiaa eaoly refl* eiiona that tbe bappineae of aaother 14 b 11ahted m t. oar own. DISEASES OF lHPKOOBXCrh Vifben 1:1-5 u.ib?rt.aca *nd 1 aprudent rotary of ;lea?0ie BnJr Be ^aa imbioed tte leeGaof thia paia fci iia> a>?, it oftea bappooa that an til- timed aeasa of Pharoe or drrati nr di?eore y d-tera kirn 'rora ? v elyirit to tfc6hT? w ?io, from adufletinr arl re????ta SOfty sati alenr befrien-i him 9e fa!la into the bacda of tpt orant ar d t!e*icnlna pr?tenl?rs, who, ii>eapab eof enrtec flleh hie pecuniary aub'tace, keep biin tridU>? mot tb after tnontb, or a* !on? a3 tie an al>e>t fee das be obtain d, and ia dvapalx Ira* e 1. m ? tb -alcea hea tb to ai?h over hie ?a 1 Ui die?pc<>iiit^??r.t; or. by tb? aae 'if that deadtp aoiett l(<r.-iiry h?ftten tbe eonstitotionai symp tom* t,f bia terrible dra-aae enob as 40e.-t-oaa of thr Ora<l 1 hriet Noae 8kta -to.. pro?ree*infl with fria>-'fn) rarid-ty until death puta an end '? hie drradfsl a> ff^ rin?* by send-'np him to that aa d.i>nrtred oenntry r -tp whr se bonra* ao traveler remrna Of'lOB 7 BOOTH ?BBD?R1C3 STRUT. l?ft bead aid foing fr >m Haiti more Street, a tMP doors from 'be cort?r Pa.l not to obenrre aama aad anmbt-r . *?? utter- reoeivtid unleaa p at-paid aad ooa tainire a ?tunp t. bt t?a- A 00 ta? 'epiy. P rsoad writii e thnnid-t?te aire ard eet.d portion of ad eartt**mert d-eerttiop tyroptf'raa Tkt fir 'j inai.< in *u U/ift. IBDOtitBttCM Or THB PKBdB The ai y ihuoeaods eur?d at this inrtltltiefl within tbe iaat twenty yr*ra and tbe aameroaa imp* rtant harttical Op-ration- perf rm-d by Dr. Jcbr.'Uo eitae s d bi the reporters of 'TbtBun" at>d Bii-ny other papers notices of wbi-h have ap reared >a?ir> a< d atraic before the pnblie besides is atardiog as a of 9haraet?<-and re atoraibiiity is a suffieient rnarant?e to tha af* flirted SHJN UlSKAShS SPhKUlLY CURED. ja?-ly ^BJhkT DlrAAeABI BkOB -T DieBABJj>!i SAMARITAN*d OUT! *AMAllTiN S HIF1! THB MGHT OIK AlN KIMB.'k CVBB U8BD " ? ??. A ? o?it? - u a ' for UONORHhfEA ULF.rT S ti'CTORSS, *c. Cojtaiue n< aAioerai, do Balaam,no Her^ai*. < nly ten Pitl* 10 Ot . akm io Eft t a Cura. They are > bii >i> vn??i,ble bar aa bo smell tor any n&| l>ata. t taste aad wilt not in any way in jur* ib<- fto ach 01 b'eel* if tbe m fit deli late. Core* ii> irou) two to par aais, anl r??*at ea?ee la t sun fnar boors.'* Prepared by a graduate of tbe I aiuwitj 1 f Poansy iy*nia. on* of tbe most aaiire t I'ooii re ai d hem ate <>f the p-es*at day. potxrwroaa iothocblk. ao OBtiai wuinvBi. L-t tb<te wto hav*- despaired ot <ettia< ^ured, or wto t iy?- ie?B (Drini with Bal*am Oopavia or Mereurytry th SAMAR TAN't> O (FT. Beat by man ?> a plai? Jarrl pa ir e-?Male package*-. 91 Peoia'e, $S. BLOCT ! H O'D ' I BLOOD!!! BCbOVT LA U 0KB8 rOHBd.BPOTB, TBTTBBV, B0AL?? 8 I 8 ^PHlLli-.l VB NBRBaL DICBABBB, he. SAMaMIA** hU Jl ANO HKtxtJJ UlCES. 1 *Le pabi e aa a poaiuee care. IfUHiLleOft VadaK>A^i>l*BA M ueBl MAhilAb*8 hO.T AMD HB-?B JUIh.B Ui taa atc-st to aat. certaia a c ^Beotuai remedy erex p e?e<iltd; it reaehra aad era.iaates every fa-tiala ?f the yen*reai bet th> ear* atbo aack at d iermai.eiit Taa e ? h- a of thie parif ? tag re ae dy ana ta aeaie 1. anu d, not tr.a-uiii to > oar pos terity t at for whien you m ?y repeat ta aftar years. to NOT H P4IR! Al^boBgb you ma* b* a oa -aaeed iaearable. the fcAhAKlTAIn'fi BO 'I A D HBBB J. UBl will r, m< ve er ry eeatiae of I opur tiee from tk( ??atem, aa we 1 n all tae bad aff?eta of Mai corp. PBMALBc I ffBMALBB I' la aiaoy aff- etioca with wfctah ta aoere of Pa aaV. euff i th B ?i AN > HBBB JOIOBd ia cut haepi y adapted la Ula.ratei Cteraa, io Wb*te?, in batrlt i oowb Pa .ln? o- tbe Womb, Bab'hty, ar d for an oonoplaiat taetdeatto theaex. far t by exprta- Pri? ? #1 a ott.e ord eottxad ftF BAMABlTAB'f OHAfOBB WASH. Pr-ee tt ceats Pall . lections. . _ ? iBBMOBD A CO . Bos 1?1 Pailadalphia Port OKea IT fcoli by W OaLVBBT ffOBD corner of llth mi Pa evecaa HBNBV CO?B, Alexanarla. aay? tf YCO N F1 D E N TlAL. UUBfe MBB who have injured theauetvee bp oertala aeeret hablta which onfit theaa for buetaeaa, pleasure, or the datieaof married lite, also middle aaeo or old man, Who, from the folliea of yoath at other cauaaa. feel a debility ia adyaaaa of their yeara, before pla .iaa btamaalvee aadet the traat maat of any oae, should Bret read " THB BBOKBT PB1BBD Married Ladies will learn something of importance by perualny " The Secret Pi lead." Bent to any address, in a sealed eawelapa aa ra* aeipt Af Ten < enta Addreee , ^ W Da on AH A HTDiM A 00., de u l> Boetoa. Kaaa. AD 4MB BXPBBBB COMPANY. OPBIOB BI4 PA AVBNUB. Wttkmtum, D. BL OABAT iA?r?HN, MOBTHAkft AMD WB8T* BBN PXPRBB^POBWABliBBSI MIHCbAU^B MUKIT J??BL??, VALO* ABLAb, NoTBn r oClP BOMDB.Ae., forwarded wrb BAPBTV A U DCbP aTU 1 to aH aeoessible sections o? the aoaotry Thia Comoaav has aae <eies la the t<-<?etp*) Baiiwav Towaa ia ^VOMU. IABT. ?Brr Afli) hoBTBWBBT. Its principal ara WaeHlNOlUN, U w N?* VOBB BOB TOM PHlLADBiPHlA. BALTiMOHB, 01H OlftOAfl,-T LtlOlB, LOUIS VILLi LAXINOtON u> a?eetions are made at Mew Vorl aad with ilaea'oraarolr* t the CAMADBB aad the BEllltH PHOVlNCBS and with staamahie liae to LITBUI'Ot-L, SOUTHAMPTON aad HATBB, and thrnee by ka-op^aa expresses to all promlaeat eon merclal towns ia Hreat Brltaia aad the'Ooa ttBeBl _ Oo taction of NOTBB. BILLS at all aMeaaible parts of the 0niWd BtaWa O O DONM. A?eat, de p WasMaatoa. O 0 ? BBTABLiSHBD 1M? Mat ia* AUAe arrabd'meaw a ucad me to oontiuae ue PA WB jnfces wiu. riaroaa AjOraa.?

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