Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, March 29, 1864, Page 1

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated March 29, 1864 Page 1
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PORTLAND DAILY T “] • _ .. .. i ^ _ __ VOLUME III. PORTLAND, 'ME., TUESDAY MORNING, MARCH 28/ 1804. WHOLE NO 541_ PORTLAND DAILY PRESS, JOHN T. OILMAN, Editor, l• published at No. 82* EXCHANGE STREET, by N. A. FOSTER <V CO. The Portland Daily Press is published at 97.00 per year; if paid strictly in advance, a discount of • 1.00 will be made. Single copies three cent?. Taa Maine state Passe is published every Thurs day morning,at #2.00 per annum, in advance; 92.26 if paid within six months; and 92.60,ii payment be delayed beyond the year. * Rates of Advertising: One inch of space in length of column, constitutes a “BQUASB,” 91.26 per square daily iirst week; 76 cent-* per week after ; three insertions or lees, 91.00: continuing eve ry other day after drat week, 50 cents. Half square, three insertions or loss, 76 cents; ono week, 91.00; 60 cents per week after. Under head of Ahubkmentr, 82 00 per square per week ; three insertions or iess> 91.50. Special Notice?, *1.76 per square first week, 91,00 per square after; three insertions or loss, 81.26; half a square, three insertions, 91.00; one week, 99.25. Advertisements inserted in the 61aike State Preps (which has a large circulation in every part ol the State) for 60 cents per square in addition to the above rates, for each insertion. Lxjul Notice? at usual rates. Traunient advertisements must be paid for in ad vance ^Business Notiorr, in reading columua, 12 conts per lino for one insertion. No charge loss than filly cents for each insertion. Cjp-All communications intended for the paper should be directed to the '*Editor of the Press, and thoee of a business oharaoter to the Publishers. 82JT*Job Printing ol every description executed with dispatch. F. Tracy, Traveling Agent. «i Toesday Morning, March 29, 1861. Fashion* lor April.—flonnct*. It ever a season was invented which was doubtful, uncertain,litful, moody, capricious, and generally wearisome, it is an American spriug. April, deceitful thing! sometimes comes in all warmth and'smiles. IVe throw aside our heavy cloaks, put our furs in camphor, sport new straws with plaid trimmings, and are assured that the spring we read about has come at last. Vain hope! Some flue morning upon which we had planned to gar den witli a pair of old leather gloves laid out for the express purpose we arise to llnd a foot of snow upon the ground, and the general aspect out of doors more wintry and forbid ding tlian the wintriest day of February. “But what has all this to do witli fashions?'’ asks some impatient lady leader, who L dy ing to know all about the new spring bon nets. Much, very much my dear madam. In the first place, we have no spriug fashions proper. They are all a delusion and a snare, a mere trap, set by milliners and cloak-mak ers to catch unwary birds. How can we have spring fashions when winter regularly lingers long enough to almost snow ball June, and is frequently immediately succeed ed by weather which stems to have been im ported from tire tropics? Of course, velvet and furs have to be supplanted at once by transparent grenadine and gossimer muslin. Thus it is with dresses, bonnets, and rib bons. One may be deluded once into puttiug on in April a delicate colored spring diets and hat. The morning is warm, the sky Is clear, the sun is shining: it is a temptation to take a promenade. Two hours afterward the sky becomes overca-t, the wind Wows cold, a few drops of rain fall, and promenaUer hur ries home thoroughly chilled, intensely dis gusted, and quite determined not to put her cloak ami winter bonnet away again in April under any circumstances whatever. There, are plenty of fashions for April, however, Hj after this warning, any lady chooses to avai herself of them ; and, as faithful chroniclers’ we wil I proceed, alter this preface, to describe them. As the latter pact of March generally wit nesses the millinery opening, of course bon nets are the first consideration, thU event be ing supposed to decide the styles ijjf the en suing season. That it does to a certain ex tent is undoubtedly true, hut it certainly does not among those who are considered authori ties in the world ol fashion. The public lnillin T iJ ujituiuj; uiiui nun wuai. it uucc iiiU. ik ii no longer recognized by llrst-class artists, and is only attended by milliners from tbc country, the trade iu town, and that numerous class off poor, proud women and girls who want to steal an idea from which tiiey can make their own iKHinets, or raise a Hltle pocket-money l>y making one on the sly for some less clev er acquantance. Tlie prominent characteristic of the mass of spring Ifonncts, as seeu in the show room* of the ordinary establishments, will lie found very much that of last season—high lop, with trimining piled upon it to increa-e its Alpine dimensions: this is very different from the gen tle depression over the forehead and closely fitting sides which mark the latest aud most becoming designs. The really elegant fson nets are also noticed as being models of sim plicity, while others seem to have been intend ed for horticultural shows, from the profusion with which they mingle fruit and flowers in oitc indiscriminate mass of decoration. Tue fashionable bonnet of the season is very pretty aud distingue. It is nearly al ways uniform in color, with only just enough of contrast to relieve the monotony. A con trast of the entire trimming with the body part of the bounat is certainly allowed, and eveu authorized by every distinghUbed taste; but eveu iu such cases no mixture but the two colots is employed, piaid trimmings being the only exception to this rule. An exquisite bonnet of “Ophelia" crape is ornamented with a soft, branching plume of precisely the same shade, the lower stem of which droops down to the shoulder. A shower of crystal falling over a ruche of rich blonde, and a cluster of red pomegranate blossoms, completed the face trimming, un less flie wide scarf of blonde tied under the chin belongs in the same category. Another charming bonnet is of pale blue crape, ornamented with a monture of blue forget-me-uols aud wild roses, tied with long, slender blonde barites, which lioated over the soft, graceful crown, and eveu below the curtain. This also hail blonde brides to tic over wide strings of toff elm. A white Neapolitan bonnet, fine as lace, was embroidered with all the artistic effect of French uoed!e-wwrk in delicate crystal. The cape was of Mexicau blue velvet, covered with blonde in a shell pattern; and the faeo trimmings a shell of blue velvet aud bloude, a large, lovely pink rose, from which a bee was suekiug the sweets, and an aigrette of spun glass. Black crinoline and black straw are in great vogue fer useful bonnets. They are very simple ami becomingly trimmed with blue aiul green tartan, with a pretty aigrette in front of lielii-grass aud blue daisies. Bonnets of grey straw and small black and white cheeked silk’ with soft (eapl crowns, are most in favor for traveling purposes. The trimming is simply a large cluster of uar now ribbon bows with ends, placed near the lop, 01 high on the side of the crown. <iray straw bonnets trimmed in this way have cap crowns in check or plaid to match the bows and curtain. Of round hats there is not at present much to be said; Lite styles will not be determined until later iu the season. From present in dications, however, we should judge that the -ize would be deeidedly smaller, the crowns ^»wer,and the brims very narrow aud curled at the side. A pretty design for a young lady is of rice straw, trimmed with a scarf of black velvet which terminates in wide, long ends, cut diagonally, and flnished witli elegant straw ornaments. A rich buckle, composed of hair, straw, and crystal, clasped in front a large pompon made of high, straight loops of beau tifully striped ribbon-grass. Straw trimmings, by the way, are a great feature of the season’s decorations. They arc, very beautiful, and quite as costly as rich lace and imitation jewels. There are straw bor derings with pendent attachments, straw bands for jockey hats with rich tassels—nar nor straw ribbon daintily striped—an immense variety ot loops aud clasps, and staffs, and curious ornaments of all kinds, with knobs, rings, chains, knapsacks, aud all sorts of vagaries attached, of delicately woven hair, lint the triumph of straw art is the produc tion of a sort of straw guipure, very rich and very effective, and manufactured in barbe-like Iuuids. Straw flowers are also made with transparent leaves- terminating in ajgaette plums, which compose charming montures, in conjunction with blue corn-flotvers upon bon nets of Leghorn for instance, with curtain of Mexican blue. Flowers of all kinds are reproduced this season with wondertul tldelity to nature. Al most every variety of rose known to the florist may be selected from these artificial exhibitions so perfect i- their structure, so j minute their shading. There are also splen did specimens of laurel, variegated tulips,and i tlie lieautiful carnations, all of which are choice, aud somewhat rare. There are iliree combinations which we may mention as very good for the outside trim ming of tine straw bonnets. One is the “Watteau” montue, a mixture of china-blue forget-me-nots, wild roses, aud amourette grass. Another is a cluster of large purple violets, with natural oats, and straw aigrette. The third, pink rock coral, mounted on ivy, and divided iuto long slender branches. A very simple yet stylish head-dress is com posed of a large notched rosette of narrow Mexicau bine ribbon, with pearl sea shell and aigrette, and very long, floating ends, termi nating in a frill of rich blonde, headed witli flue pendent jet. Another style lias a scarf of piuk, arranged as a half wreath, with a floating end. Over the forehead it is massed with a cluster of lovely roses, a shell crescent, and meadow gras-. A rose, with a glittering bug in its heart confines the scarf also, below the ear. Ureakfast caps are simply charming coiflurtt composed or a function of lace, with square liarlies, and blue, violet, or rose colored ornaments. Plaid threatens to become a nuisance, and we therefore warn lady readers agaisnst their employment to any extent.—V. Hound' Table. A Moll ol Honor. , To the Editor of the Prese: Having the pleasure of sending a sabbath in Alexandria, Vo., recently, aud there being no religious services in the afternoon, I occu pied the time in visiting the .Soldiers' Hury iug ground. 1 copied from the plain white hoards at the head of each grave, the names of the Maine soldiers buried there, and 1 lie Regiment to which each belonged. These names 1 thought pel haps you would like to pubtish for the beuelit of their parents and menus, i nis graveyard is in a beautiful lo cation and artistically laid' out, with much expense in ornamenting ami beautifying the grounds. The graves are slightly raised and neatly sodded, with a plain white board let tered with black, marking tlie spot wlier# each of the noble dead is laid To me it is oue of the most interesting spot? visited in Virginia. Oh how 1 wished the parents and friends could all have the pleasure of visiting tlie last resting places of their noble sons.— Before I left this sacred spot the suu was set ting behind the Western horizon in all its splendor, and the sweet martial music from the bands at tlie encampments on the sur rounding hills, was wafted to the place of the silent dead by the soft, gentle breezes, and the scene was one of grandeur and sublimity. ! 1 thought as 1 lingered, that these loved ones ! had gone down in the defence of our country j and in the glory of youth, like the sun, to rirr nifdin, hut in a brighter and better world I than this. Honored in this world; Peace aud Immortality in the world to come. The mem ory of these noble and patriotic sons of Maine will abide with every lover of American free ! doin. Here is tlie “ Roll of Honor.” 1.. James W. Clark, 4th Me. Regiment; Aug. 1 Luce, 10th; Israel F. Dyer, lfith; Wm.Tri ; der, 17th: John T. Hatch, lfith ; Thomas H. Welsh, 3d; Benj. Cole, 18th; S. L. C. Caster, Pith; John Stanley, Htli; Aaron T. Ward, goth : M. Edgerley. 7th : Charles J. Coh’', 17: O. L. Burk, 0th; W. 11. Maeey, fid; S. Heath, 4th; Laban Smith, 1st Me. cavalry; John F. Bailey, 4th Battery; Charles Whittier, 20th: Charles Lancaster, 10th; K. Thompson, 10th; II. Crier, 4th; Leander C. Hinkley, 3d; Jas. F. Watson, fid: H. J. Ricker, 10th ; C. lteys, 10th; Ueo. B. Stevens. 5th; Win. Bone, 1st; James Fowlc, 7th: Edward Donnell, 10th; George Harvey, 24th; Wm. B. Eller, lfith; John Frye, 0th; Sidney A. Decker,7th; Benj. M. Parsons, 20lh ; Hiram Stevens, 4th : S. C. Webber, 11th; E. B. Gray. 10th; Alonzo A. Bedel, 5th Battery; Fred. Graves, 2d: Thos. D. Sturtevant, 10th; A. W. Freeman, 10th; H. J. Crocker, lfith; P. Patterson, 4tli: Thos. McNeills. 7th; Wm. H. King, 17th; William Jenkins, 18th; James Bans, i7th. CLOTHING AND CLOTHING MATERIALS. Navy Defahtmext, Hart an of Procriom anft Clothing, March lg, 1861. KALLD PROPOSALS sealed uud endorsed Matcials,” will be received at this office until 12 o’clock M , on the 12 h day of April next, tor fur nishing and delivering ( on receiving forty days’ no tice) at the United States navy yardsat Charlestown, Massachusetts; ana Brooklyn, New York, in such numbers and quantities ana at such times as may be specified by the Chief ot this bureau, or by the com maudant* of the said navy yards, respectively, dur iugihe remainder oft he the fiscal year ending on the 3otli day ot Juue 1894, the numbers and <juautitHs u the differ* nt ar-ttales and at the places specified tin the following list, \ U: Poston. N. York. Blue doth trowsers, pairs 7,500 3,500 Blue satinet trowsers, pair* t .509 500 Canvas duck trowsers, pairs 1.600 1,000 Barnsley sheeting frocks 2000 Blue fianuel overshirts 5,000 6,0)0 Blue satinet, yards 2.000 18,000 Blue fiaiin<-I, yards 50,900 ll'»,000 Barnsley sheeting, yards - 15,000 Canvas duck, yards -r 1,000 Blue nskius, \ ards 5,000 7,00) Call-skin laced shoes, pairs -*r>— 21,000 hjp-ekin shoes, pairs- —^— 1,000 Woolen socks, pairs 15.00' 23,<sj0 Mattresses, (with 1w<*covers { tor each) C**) 6,000 Blankets 20,«00 B.nOQ Black silk handkerchiefs - 4,000 Offers may be made for o^eor more articles, at the option of the bidder, and in case more than one ar ticles, is contained in the offer the chief of the Bu reau will have the right to accept one or more of the article contained in such offer and reject the re mainder. The price must he uniform, and offer* must embrace ail of any cut or more articles delir trab'e at all the stations. For description of articles in the above list bid ders are referred to the samples at the Navy Yards, an4 to the advertisements of this Bureau dated July 8. 1868, and for information as to the laws at d regulation (io pamphlet form) n-gaiding contracts to the offices ol the several commandants ol the Navy Yards and Navy Agents. Blank form* of proposals may be obtained on ap plication to the nary agents at Portsmouth Netc Hampshire Boston, A 'etc York, Philadelphia. Pa! tint >/*and at this bureau. mchl6 law4w RTEAM'RT llEI'ARTJf EXT, Ori'K’E OF THE COI'TUOLLER OF THE Cl’RRKN< TM, | Washington, January 29, 1864. ^ WliKUF.AS, by satisfactory evidence presented to the under-ig ucd, it has been made to appear tuai mo First National Hank of l'ortiantl, in the County of Cumberland and State of Maine, has been duly organized under aud according to the requirements ot the a* t of congress, entitled "An act to provide a national currency secured by a pledge of c nited States Stocks, a*>d to provide lor the circulation and redemption thereof,*' approved February 25, IS 3,and lm- complied with all the pro visions of said act required to ue complied with be fore commencing the business of Bituking:— Now TrfKUEFoBE I, llCGH MCCULLOCH, Cotllp troller of the Currency, do hereby certify that the First National Bank ot Portland, County of Cum ber In ml and State of Maine, is authorized to com mence the buriim-r-'Ol Banking under the act atore said* In testimony wiiekrof, witness my hand and also of otlice, this twenty-ninth dav of January. 1*64. \ ftKALOf \ HUGH McCULLOCn, i office \ Comptroller of the Currency. NO. 221. 8T JOHN 8MITU, President WILLIAM HOWARD GOULD, Cashier. feb4 edlw law2m Straw UoimIo, Flower*, Ac. fYt HE subscriber is Bow opening and daily reeeiv 1- ing, the latest styles ot Straw Goods, Flow ers Itc . which will be sold at the lowest prices, at wholesale only. l i t MIDDLE STREET. JOHN £. PALMER. Portland. March 15. lft>4 mcbl6eod4w* w * MISCELLANEOUS.* IMPORTANT NOTICE. Great Fire in West Meriden Ct. VALENTINE & BUTLEK’S Alum I'lilvnt Fire Proof Safe TR EUMPHANT . AT the great fire in w08t Meriden, < onn , on the Bth fust.. Messrs. Valenti e & Butler’s Alum Patent l ire aud Burpfar Proof Sa<e w as subjeo ed to one of the m«»st severe tests on record. 1 lie sale was subjected to a red hot heat lor nearly fourteen hours, and delivered up its contents in perfect oroer, saving nearly THIRTY THOUSAND DOLLARS worth of property to the owners The contents of twqother Sales, of other makers, and *tai ding with in THREE FEET of t..e Alum Patent, were entire ly DESTROYED. Samples of the money and papers taken from the Safes destroyed, also those taken from the Alum Patent, have been forwarded by mail, and can be seen at tbo Hardware store of II. Warren Laneey, k Co., on Lime Street. Valentine k Butler, Alum Patent Fire, and Bur glar Pro f Sifts have been tested in over TWO HUNDRED accidental fires within the last thirteen years, and in no instance have they ever failed to preserve theircoutems lrom the attacks of either fire or burglar. Partiesin u ed of a reliable Fire and Burglar Proof Security, will do well to give this matter a careful investigation before purchasing. Me^r.-. Thomson & Co., of New Have.i. Conn., are the Agents for the sale of these Safes in the New England States aud refer by permission to the fol lowing partiesin Portland who have recently pur clmst-d the Alum Patent ot them : Portland tias Light Co.; C. C. Mitchell & Son: P. k 1 . A R. R. Co.; Cleveland k Osgood; Daniel Winslow & Sou: Rufus E. Wood, Esq : llobbs, Chase E. Clark. M. I> ; .losiah Burleigh, Esq.: W. W. Hilton, Esq.; II. M. Pay son, Esq.; A. F. York. Esq ; aud many others. Certificates giv ing futther particulars in relation to the late lire, will be published iu a few davs. mclilo dim* T k Co. THOMPSON & EDWARDS, Commission and Forwarding MERCHANTS, for the purchase and sale of Flour. Grain, Provisions and Produce generally. NO. « nDLEX KUILIHNG, Corner Clark and South Water Streets, C hicago, 111. EA.81ERN ORDERS SOLICITED. W N. THOMPSON. | v Q Box iij)* II. J. KDWAltDS, J r* u# "ox 11 *• BBFER BY PBBMISSION TO C'ragin & Co., itutter. Endk*ott k Co., Hankers, John C. Gault.and 11. W. liinsdule k Co.,Chicago.; E. P. Gerrieh, Ca*kier Casco Bank, E. Churchill & Co., Thomas Shaw, and Lymau k Marrctf, Portland. inch" eodtiw M SALE, O h. a a, p for Cash! A GREAT VABIKTY OF CHILDREN S CARRIAGES, Bird Cages, Rocking Hone*, I.allies W ork ami Traveling Baskets, Toys, Marbles, I’UKT MON A IKS, I. A DIRS’ HETICULE8 AND BAGS, DItl’MST V OLIN8, GII1AK8, VIOLIN 8TU1NGS, Writing eesks, work boxes, &o. — BY— W. 1J. KolJINSON, 20 Exchange St. Dissolution. fllHE copartnership heretofore existing under the X stylo of KNIGHT k KKU8T is this ilay dis solved by miuiiAl consent. I ho affairs of the late tirin will be settled by 8. D. Knight, at No 2 Liine street. S. D. KNIGHT, Portland, March 1,1804. II. A. FROST. 1 - Co pi i rl up r*li ip Notice. fllHE undersigned havo this day formed a copart X nership under the Ann of .J. M. KNIGHT & SON, COMMISSION MERCHANTS, AND DKALKIt* IN CatITHV PRODUCE, NO. i LIME STREET, IUtw.-en Fore and Commercial Streets. J. M. KNIGHT. f». D. KNIGHT. Portland, March 1,1^04. rnohlO dtf United States Navy! Wanted One Hundred Seamen, Ordinary Seamen and'lsmen^* Apply to Naval Rendezvous foot of Exchange St. HA VE new beeu b.fme tlie pubnc lor bet ly a year They are universally pronounced the neatesiand be«t fitiing collar? extant. The upper edge present? a perfro- curve, free from the angles noticed in all other collars. The cravat cause? no pucker? on the inside of the turn-down co'lar,—they arc A 8 BMoOiil INSIDE AS OUTSIDE.—aud therefore perfect]* free and easy to the neck. 1 ha Garotte Collar has a smooth and evenly fin ished edge on both bide?. These Collars are not simply fiat piece? of paper cut in the form of a collar, but are molded and SHAPE- TO Kir TUB NECK. They are nude in “Novelty" (or turn-down stylejln every halfsize from 1‘2 to 17 inches, amt in "Eure* a." (or Garo te.) from 13 to 17 inches; anu packed in "solid size" in neat blue cartons, containing 100 each: also iu smaller ones of 10 each,—the latter a very handy package lor Traveller?, Army and Navy Officers tT EVERY COLLAR is stamped "Gray’s Tau nt Molded Collar.” Sold by all dealers in Men’s Furnisling Good?. The Trade supplied by HATCH. JOHNSON at CO. Importers and Wholesale Dealers in Men's Furnish ing Goods and Umbrellas SI Devonshire b'r.. Hog ; ton, Mass. ine)i22 eoddm Portland Dry Dock. f|MIK undersigned being five of the poison.- nam* 1 ei in the Act of Incorporation of the Portland Dry Dock Company, hereby notify a meeting oi -aid Corporation at tWo rooms oi the Hoard oi I rade, on Monday, li$to inst.m 4 p. M.,to decide upon the acceptance o» the Act of incorporation, and for the nuroo-eof organizing «aid Commnv. JACOB Al< LKLLAN, T C. 11 ERSEY. < M DAVIS, \VM. W. WOODBURY, O M MAH RETT The subscribe! b to the Dry Dock an* requested to meet ut same time and place, me hi -tin NEW ORLEANS S . D. MOODY & CO., OommiRHion IVIeroliant* 07 Tchouji. tonf4 8 at.. New Orlenua. La. lteferenc a: Baker k Morrill, Bcstou: Franklin Snow A Co., Boston: Wise % Russell, Boston; C. Nickerson & Co., N. Rich & Co., St. Louis. Particu' ir attention given to Consignments of vessels, Lumber, Hay, Oats, !fc» mrtt23 a3m GRAFTS A- WILLIAMS. 8U0‘ K8S0BS TO J. W. HlJNNEVVLLL Si Co., No. 6 6 7 A 8 Commercial Wharf, Boston. Importers and Wholesale Dealers in Drugs, Medi cine*, Point?, Oils, Dye Stuff's, Manufacturer? ar ticlex and Chemicals. Manufacturers ot <'o al Var nishes, Japan Ac. Agents fur Forest Hirer Lead Mystic Lead Co. French and jtmeri an Z ur Drug'is,’s. Perfumers and Liquor Labels, (ieneral Agonta for J. L. Hunnewed’s Universal Coach Rem edy Tolu A nodyne and Electric Pi Is mol>2<eod3tn Navigation Scliuol, —AT— No. 12 Deer Street, Portland, Maine. (*1 ENTLEMEN desirous of instruction in practi* JT caf Navigation will find an experienced teach* or. He is the only experienced bhip Master in the State, who teaches Navigation, and is specially ap Sointed to qualHfv Mas er* and Mato 1<> the J. S avy. mch24eod3m MISCELLANEOUS. “It in eniiier to pay a miihII price than a large one.” FEUCHTWANGER & ZUNDER, Near the Post Office, I mkX B LOCK) I¥o. 81 .llitlrtle Street, Slillkoopap a ro=h to’tUoir NEW DRY GOODS STORE. Wby should the people of Portland and vicinity not trade at a place where they can buy as cheap a* in New York or Boston, and where they can pur* chase DHY GOODS on the most reasonable terms? Those who have given them a trial usually come back agaiu and remain standing customers, thereby showing conclusively that u fair and honorable treatment is by them highly appreciated. NEW GOODS ! Received from New Y’ork daily. Juat In, a lot of Cloths and Reaver* for Cloaks, which are sold by the yard, cut ami made up into the moat fashionable styles, at the Innest figures. DRESS ROODS! Cotton and Wool Domestics! rianncls; a Lot of Bed Blankets; Satinets, Cassimcrcs, Cloths FOK BOYS’ AND MEN’S WEAB. Large varieties of Table Linens, Toweling*, Linen Cambric Handkerchief*, and hue Merino Ladies’ Black Hose just received. Balmorals, Balmorals, Balmorals! Don’t forget to look at them if you want to Bee them in great variety, at the Middle street NEW DRY GOODS STORE 1 {FOX BLOCK), No. HI UIDDLt; STREET, (NEAR THE POBT OFFICE.) FEUCHTWANGER l ZUNDER, PORTLAND, Maine. dtcl (itf OLD BOOK STAND~j (FORMERLY R. R. MCfFKY & CO.) *2!l COR.IDILi. BOSTON, TA(S»4KD \ THOMPSON, Have purchased of Frlu’k A. Brown & Co., the entire bankrupt stock of BOOKS \ STATIONERY, AND Lists OF 1M DURATIONS ISSUED, Al Ilie Old Stnud, i!) C'o.iiliill. The New England Trade are invited to continue Bending their order* to NO. 2 «.) V O R MU L L , where they will meet with prompt attention. A very large and complete slock ot School Books and Stationery of all kind* always on hand and *or Bale at the low est market rate*.' Address all orders, TAOOARD A THOMPSON, (anccKesoBfl to mews & taooard,) 25) COUM1ILL BOSTON. incU21 codlnr V WILr fc- %/WA E'SU Purchaser fur Eastern Account o» LOUR, GRAIN, SEEDS, PROVISIONS, LAUD, BUTTER and WESTERN PRODUCE generally. Particular attention given to shipping by quickest and cheapest routes. No. 162 SOU 111 WATER ST p. o. Box 471. I'liii ugo, Illinois. Rkfxrknck*— Messrs. Maynard ft Sons: n. A W ChWnriac; C. H. Cuunings It < o.; S. t*. Bowdlear k Co.; Charles A. Stone; iialletf, Davis k Co., ol Boston, Mass. Cashier Elliot Bank,Boston. J.N. Bacon. Esq.. Precidexit Newton Bank. Jewton. C. B. Coffin; Warren Ellis A Sons, New York City Jy»'6b.iiv _ AD. KEEVK8, Fashionable Military, Naval • and Civic iailor, 98 Exchange Street. DRESS COATS, PANTS and VESTS, and Busi ness Suita made to order, at the short notice ol 12 hours, at A. D. REEVES, 96 Exchange St. Riding habits, zocavk JACKETS, and Fancy Waists for Ladies, cut and made to or der, at A. D. REEVES’, 98 Exchange St. EVERY DESCRIPTION of GarmcnU for Men and Boys ent at short notice, at A. D. REEVES’, 96 Exchange Street. -*r— 1 EVERYTHING in the shape of Clothing fi*r Men Ia and Bo> s made to ord< r with neatness and dig patch, at A. D. REEVES’, 98 Exchange St. \TAR1KTY OF < i OTQ0, Cassimereg and V-it ings always on hand at A. D. REEVES’, 98 Exchange 8t. INVEST MILITARY and Naval. Officer can be J lilted out at the Tailoring Establishment ot A. D. REEVES, 98 Exchange St. SPECIAL ATTENTION given In getting up Boy* Jackets, Pants and Overcoat* at novlOdlf A . D. REEVES’, 98 Exchange Bt. Removal. DR. LlIDWIli lia.« removed to No. 50 High St., corner of Congress. 1‘ortlaud, March 17,1861. mchl7dtf Copartnership Notice. I HAVE this day admitted AMOS L. MILLET! a.< an equal partner in my Grocery business Hereafter the busiues* will be conducted' under the style and name of WILSON k MILLE11, at the old stand, 372 Congress street. WILLIAM L. WILSON. Psrtlui. Jan. 1.1881 jaal-latsodtf Superior i'amil) Flour. k BARRELS oi superior Flour; suitable lor */' / family use. Also h few barrels of Bald cm and Greening Apples, lor tale at the lowest wash price by JOHN PL HINTON, fob23, codiw No.183 ForcSt United States Internal Revenue A/in al Tam tor 1861. milK attention of tax-pay ors is hereby called to X the provisions of the 1'uittd States Excise Law relative to the assessment oi the annual taxes. By the sixth section of the act of July 1, 1*62. it is made the duty of all persons, partnerships firms, associations, or corporations, made liab.e to any an nua! duty, license, or tax, ox ok mkfoui.tiik fir> t Momoav of May ix kaiu ykak, to make a list or return to the Assistant Assessor of the District where located of the amount of annual income, the articles or object* char;;, d with a special tax. aud the busiuesj or occut at on liable to pay any license. Every person who shall fail to make ruch return by the day specified will be liab’e to be assessed by the Assessor according to t he b si information w hich he can obtain : and in such case the Assessor is re quired to a id fifty per centum to the amount of the items of such li*t. Every person w ho shall UeHver to an Asst *sor any false or fraudu'ent lict or statemr ut with intent to evade tho valuation or euuim-ratiou required by law, is subject to a fine of five hundred dollars; aud in sucli case the list will be made out by tin* Assessor or Aaaistant A sessor, and fro.;, ibo valuation and i Da mnation so made there can be no appeal. Payment oi the annual taxes, except those for li censes, will not he demanded uutil the thirtieth day of June. The appropriate blank* on which to make return, ard all net* ssary information, will be furnished by the Assistant Assessors lor the several Divisions, to w hom the returns shoo’d bo delivered on or before the first Monday of May next. Returns of Income for 1803, may be made at once. XAT4L <1. MARSHALL. L. 8. Assessor First District. Portland. March 9,1804. tncbll eoU4w&\vlill To Manufacturers, Ship Ituiltlcrs, AND persons desirous of Real Estate Investments, J\. t h. follow ingrro) erty is offered at good bargains. 20 House* at prio s from £16 0 to *0000 lot) • ou-*e Lot* at prices from £800 to £3000 20o0 Feet of water front suitable for wharves Ship I yards. Manufacturing Sites, fronting deep water with tiuo soring of water d aeent thereto ami a portion of it adjoining thetiranl Trunk Hail Hoad, from which freight may be deposited on the premises. mohlT8m MOSES OoULD, 74 Middle St. INSURAUCE. | MAINE INSURANCE CoT I Angtista, Maine. THE Maine Insurance Comiiany insurf- against loss or damage by Fire, Ifuilding*, Merchan dize and Furniture, on terms as favorable as it can be done bv any solvent Company. Policies issued for One, Three, or Five years. J.L. CUTLER, President. J. H. WILLIAMS,Secretary. EDWARD SHAW-Apenf, No. 102 Middle Street. Ool3eodly STATEMENT OF THE~ yf-itua Insurance Company, OK HAUTbOHD, CONN., On the 1st day of November, A. D. 1863, as required by the Laws of the State of Maine. The Capital Stock isv...*1.500,000 and trith the mrplus it itnetted at foiltmt: Real estate, unincumbered, .87,063 18 Cash in hand, on deposit, and in agents’ hands, 216 961 66 United States Stocks, Glsisi* 50 State and City Stoeks. and Town Ronds, 669.450 1"i Bank and 1 rust Company Stocks, 1,047 270 00 Mortgage Bonds, 381,9.0 qq Atlantic Mutual Ins. Co’s scrip, 1862-3, 15,886 50 Total Assets, *3,025,879 74 Amount of Liabilities for Losses not due or adjusted, 9175.411 84 Amount at risk, estimated, 115.616,479 Of Til OS. A. ALEXANDER, President. Lucius J. Hardee, Secretary. Hartford, Hon. 7, 1868. J. C. CHURCHILL, Agent, No. I Iron Block, I'orikuitl Tier. decSdtf Partner Wanted. ¥ INTEND to withdraw the various irons 1 hare in 1. the fire, and devote my whole attention to the mysteries of the law. Tothis»*ud I desire a Part ner. lie must be as oily as a mountain ot blubber, as supple in the back as an eel, as bland as a sum mer’s morning, and wear on his treacherous phiz a perpetual smirk. His name must be Petty Punk. I propose to constitute the Company, and will bo as pious, as dignified, and os pompous as an old w ood chuck, cocked up on his hind legs near his hole in clover time. “Thk c hief end of mam” with Funk k Co. will be to feather their nest, and skin all who come in their way. In anticipation of having our shingle out at an exrly day. I advise all the crooked old sticks about to "hop the twig," instead <*f PATINO thkik debts, to sell, or pretend to Sell, all they have, real estate aud all, without security, on a credit qf six gears—that the widow s, in due time, be severally installed as "the administratrix," aud wk their legal advimrs. As last as the aoset* come into our hands, "my learned Brother,” otherwise called "Brother Funk," will wind to the right and leit among the creditors, with the siuositv of a snake, and with the scissors of Delilah, c/rx> away 80 percent of their respective claims, or in .other words he must lie "like the deril“pull the wool” over their eye«, and get all the claims assigned to himself for 20/><r cent. D. T. CHASE. N. 1J. No one ueedapplv whose qualification* are not up to the chalk, and who cannot produce apiece of composition equal t<» the following: “Portland. July 2.1861. “Mb. D. T. Citase— Sir — Mr. W. T. Kilborn “holds anote for about #1300 against D. Libby and “endorsed by Lewis Libby, wnieh is unpaid. lie “instructs us to commence* suit against you under “Chap. 113, Sec. 47 ot Revised Statutes, to recover “double t!t«* amount of the property fraudulently “conveyed to you by said L. Libby. If you desirt “to settle the matter, you can do so immediately, “without further costs, otherwise we shall institute “legal proceedings. Yours, Ac., “Howard & Strout.” Xote—Sec. 47 of 113 Chanter ot Revised Statutes, wrll constitute one qf the chief spokes in the wheel of Funk A Co. dec8 TuThAStf A 1’oser. EXTRACTS from "along winded yarn" of Sew ell ('. Strout (Howaud A 8TuouT)to Smith A Stratton, Nhv lork, the tame bearing date April 12th, 1862: “Our County Records show the whole matter, and about these there can be no question. 1 propose, therefore, that you send your elaim to some Attor ney here. As Counsel for tin* Administratrix.! have no desire to conceal any matter connected with the administration. If you adopt this course, it would bo convenient, perhaps, to notify yonr attorney to call upon me, and 1 will Immediately put him in com munication with the Probate Records, and with the Administratrix.” If it is requisite to employ “some attorney here” “TO call UPON’ strout, so that he (Strout) can "immediately put him" (this “some attorney herb”) "in communication with the Probate Jitc ords.and with the Administratrix," in order to get ■The DiviDBND”(on #54.54)—"#10.80” out ofStrout, *2.13, WILL I BE LIKELY TO REALIZE 7 D. T. CIIA8E. • Assignee of Smith ft Stratton. N. B. “The Probate Records" speak in black and white. (See rejn>rt of Committee <\f Nike.) The Administratrix has already spoken as follows: This may certify that Skwkll C. Strout (How ard ft Strout; was retained as Counsel to adjust the affairs pertaining to my late husband t estate, as might best tend for my interest.andthat of the heirs at law. Uk was mot employed to buy up the CLAIMS AOAIKHTTHK KSTATEFOR 20 PER CENT. FOR aia own benefit. Had there been no assets, he would hate expected pay, and beeupaid, for all the services which ho rendered. Catherine B. Rounds. Portland .July 11. 1S63 oc20 TuThftStt «it dian i Lointi;, War Department, WA8HJNfiTON, February 22, 18$4. PROPOSALS will be received by this Department uutil TL EaiiA Y , March 15, at 4 1;. M., lor the de livery, at the following Arsenals, ol HoRsE LgClP HEM S I’mted states Cavalry pa toru, m herein after specif! ad : 1* At tuo New York Arsenal, 8.000Bets. At the Frankford Arsenal, 6,000 sets. At the Alleghany Arsenal, 0 OjO Sots. At tn- CiacTanati Depot. 8.u00 seta. At the St. Louis Arsenal. o,000 setff. These sets of Horse kquipmeutsare to be furnish ed complete, except the liorse-brush, curry-comb, lariat picket-piu link, and blanket. The curb and vvateriugjbits.mail cable iron hardware, and stirrups, are to conform strictly in pattern amt liuish to those deposited at the Arsenal- above named 1 he trees are to be of toe regulation pattern, aborted sizes—not less than 8*|mchee between the bars on the inside of, the pommel, the side bars of hard white w od or beech wood, th« pommels aud camles of beech, well put together ; a I the irons one-tenth of au inch 1 hick, and all ict into the wood ; to be cov ered with the be*jt slaughtered cow-hide; all other covering to be rejected. The tresa to be subject to uspectiou daring all stage* oi the mauuiac ure, hut the equipments will be Inspecteu at the Arsenals wh*re do ivered. Deliveries must be made iu lots of not less than tittv sets per wtek for all contracts of fsiQ s ts or uu der: one hundred sets per week for all contracts of from 5<|0 up to 1,000 sets; two huudred sets per week for ah oontrusts of 1 sun 1,000 to 2 000 m ts . u4 fiv litimh.-d s-*t per week fur a I contract* of from *2.000 to 3.000 set-*. I’he first delivery to be made ou tee Failure to make deliveries at a specified time will subject the contractor to a forfeiture of the number he may fail to deliver at that time. No bid# will be considered from parties other than regular raauufac ureis, aud such a- aie knowu to this Department to be fully competent to execute in their own shops the work proposed for. Bidders will enclose with the r bids the written ftSkfiovlefgmenl irfltlN, over their own signatures. Each party obtaining a contract will be obliged to cntor iuto bonds, with approved sureties, l'or its laithtui execution. Upon the award being made, successful bidders will be notified, aud furnished with forms of con tract aud boud. The Department reserves the right io reject any or al! bids. If not deemed satisfactory. PtOpOiuls will be addressed to ‘-Brigadier General George D. Katusay, Chief of Ordnance, Washington, D. C, and wdl be endorsed “ Proposals for llorse Equipment-*.” OKU. 1). UAHSAY, Brigadier General, Chiei of Orduance. THe time for receiving the propo-als under the above advertisement for lb»rse Equipments is post poned until the 1st day of April, st 4 P. M. The ra e of delivery per week, will be one tenth of the whole amount contracted for, and the time of first delivery is no amouded, at to al ow each bidder to specify when he can mike bit first delivery. Samp les of the equipments can Tl^eeu at the IK rank ford Arsenal Bridtsharg, Pa., ajlcr the 221 inst ‘♦GEO. D K a MS AY, Brig. Gen. Chief of Orduance. inch23 eodtapnll TO MERCHANTS. f|11IE undersigned having greatly increased their X facilities for manufacturing HOOTS AND SHOVS, and having large experience in turn oranch, wou'd call the attention of the trad** to the same. Wo shall in future be much better attic to supply the de mands of the trade then heretofore, ana are confi dent that in the quality, both of our stuck and work, «e can give satisfaction, a* we manufacture express ly for the retail trade, i hose buyiug lor c»sh will find ir to their advantage to look at our stock. w liieh consists in part of tinBBBRS, SOLE and WAA L"ATH"R. FRFSi II a*d AMERICAS CALF, French Kip, Lemoine and J^dot Calf, Uoa* and Kid 9tock, Serges and IFebs. Hoot and Shoe Machinery and Findings of all kinds. Mr. Kdmt «d Libby, lato of the firm of Messrs. Chas. .1 Walker k Co , lias associated himself wi h us, aud reiving on his many years experience iu manufacturing, we are confident in making the above statements. TYLKK A LAMB. Portland. Feb. 1,lfitM. feb6 dim HOTELS._| Splendid Pleasure Resort! THE WHITE HOUSE, (FORMERLY WILPOH HOUSE.) J. P. MlLLLlt,.FliOPRJKTOR. This popular Hotel ha* recently been pur [chased by Mr. Miller (ot the Albion) and has heeu thoroughly refitted, renovated and re paired, and numerous excellent alterations made. It is located on the Saccarappa road, about tour miles from Portland, affording a beautiful drive over a good road, and ju-t about tar enough for pleasure. It has a liue large Dancing Hall and good Bowling Allojs. lu close proximity to the house is a warm and roomy Stable, containing twenty nice stalls. There is also a well sheltered abed, bio feet long, for bitching horses. The choicest Suppers will be got up for sleighing and dancing parties who will find it greatly to their pleasure and advantage to resort to the White House. No effort will be spared for the entertainment ot IPiests. decl9-dtf ^ THE AMERICAN HOUSE, !,j^-lHAnover Street • - - - Boston. The Carpet and Best Arranged Hotel IN NEW ENGLAND. LEWIS RICE, Proprietor. ocl6ly Mason & Hamlin’s CABINET OKU AN 8. TilK pnb«criber, being improved with the great excellence of these Instruments, aud their adap tation either for small churches, vestry 8, or parlor*, offers them for sale to the citizens of Portland aud vicinity. The manufacturer? have the xrritten testimony of over a hundred of the best Organists and Musicians, both foreign and native, to the effect that they are superior to any Instruments of the kind that they have ever seen. Among the testi • ouial* of such as Thai berg. Morgan and Zuudel, is the following ttora Gottochaik: ‘‘Masaiie. Mapojt & Hamlin:—I congratulate you on the introduction of a new Musical Instru mrt, long wanted, and —re to tind its way into every household of taste aud refinement that can possibly afford its moderate expense. Your i alijtet Organ is truly a charming instrument, worthy of the high praise it has received, aud far superior to everything of its dies I have seen. 1 take pleasure in commending it most heartily as everywhere wor thy a place beside the Piauo Forte, to which it is a tine complement, from its capacity for rendering much delightful music, sacred, secular, classic and popular, to which the Piano is not adapted.” GorratUALK. New York. 22d Sept., 1963. These Instruments may be found at the Musio Rooms of tho subscriber, where they will be sold at the manufacturers’ prices. H. S. EDWARDS, No. 349 1-2 Btewart’a Block. Congrreas fit dftc5 dt» Scotch CanvaM, -TOR SALS BT JAMES T. PATTEN & CO., BatU, Me. I 0/\/ t BOLTS Superior Bleached 1 “UU 300 do All Lon* flax •'C.ov- . w k eminent contract.'11 300 do Entra Ail Lon* it,a | 800 do Navy Fino j Delivered in Portland or Boston. R»th. AdHUO 1SSJI lilt EED & Til KEY, NO. 50 UNION STHEET, Manufacturers and Wholesale Dealers in Boots, Shoes, Rubbers, Shoe Stock and Findings. Importers of * Serges Lasting* nn«l Gu**<»ttines And the only M«uufacturer*nf KID AND GOAT STOCK in the State. Having had large experience, and be ing imuoifer* and manufactured, enable* u-* to sell the fa me articles as low a* they caii be bought in Boston. We have always taken o«fecial pains to give our customer* RELIABLE HOODS* and be like none have given better aatiafacti n Country dealers are invited to examine our stock before pur chasing. Particular attention given to order* re ceived by mail. feblOdRaHm Office of Collector of Internal Revenue, First Collection District of State of Maine, it* EtchiiDKeMn'ct, Fobtlakb, July 17th, 1363. Internal Revenue Stamps. nnilIS Offico having been made a depo«itory o! L Revenue Stamps, the public will be supplied at I the following rates: Lcf* than *60 at par. •50to 31000, 4 percent, discount. •1000 and upwards, b per cent, discount. NATH'L J. KILLER. Collector Coal and Wooci ! -AT THK LOWEST PRICES FOR CASH, DELIVERED TO ANY PART Of THE CITY, AT SHORT NOTICE. Our Coal i« of the very BEST quality, and war ranted to give satisfaction. -ALSO, FOR SALE All Hinds of Hard and Non Wood. T! Public are invited to give us a call, a- we are j bon J to give satisfaction to ail who favor us with I their custom. OFFICE NO. 49 COMMERCIAL STREET. RANDALL A MeALLISTER augSO ly TO ship BriLOBtl. P. S. A: J. B. 11UOKINS, COMMISSION MERCK! ARTS and » holesale aud retail dealers in mup Iimukk a i> Flank. Ilaxelursale at their Wnarf, Ie.ttral mjuauk, K st Host n. 25© .(iW Loc+*t au * itak Irtmai/t 2,000 Hackmatack Kite**, p an«d. Also White Oak Plank aud 1'imuek,Chestnut Boards ana Plank White I*ink • »eck-»’laak, Ac. {’articular at tention paid to I- u, ui-diiug l oir Plank by theCargo. tncii2i do in PAKTKCIPATION. Portland Mutual Fire Insurance Company. This Company will is«ue Polices to be free alter the payment ot «ix. eight or ten 1’i- uuuiuh at the option .of the insured and at rates as low as any otner Company. The issue ot Free Po icirs icuders it at the least equal if not superior to the participation companies Office No. 102 Middle St. CHARLES IIOLORN. Free. EOWAKO 5 HAW. Sec. r ru in us h i i. SH E RID AN & GRIFFITHS. (Successors tojoseph Gray St Co.,) PIjASTBRERS, FLUX i 8ICCC0 A HISIlC WOKklltS. VRE now p-eoared to furni-h the public with 1 Center Piece* and all kind* of Platter Oma* incuts a* cheap a* any other • stabltsment in the j State, ami at the shortest not ce. Wo will af»o give protnjU attention to repairing Plastering. Whitening, W ¥1 o Wastiii g and Color ing . JP* Please leave your order* at No. 0 South threat opposite too Itidiuc School. ieo25 dSm To ilstniiliitiiims. TillE subscriber being in correspondent* with an Emigration Agent in Ittrmingham. England, .(who lia* been iu the bu<iue*?f ra loug time will Obtain through that Agency A ti/au-or Workmen of all clas-e* with promptness ard dispatch. EDWARD SH \\v, March 9,18*4 tf 03 1 Middle itrtet, Portland. 8TEI*!IEX II. VDRTO.V & 44)., Hoik Fiitler*, Criiten, Cluien, tsd F»p»r Haesen, Comer nf IAme and Federal Sts., Portland, Me. *Tuenrs h. horton. laftd.'hn* irat, hraorktt 0 Book Card & Fanov Printing HEAlLr EIEI USKC r • *T the OFFICE OF THE FRE* BUSINESS J3ARDS. W. W. CARR & CO., Having taken the Fruit store formerly ooeapM by O . S A W Y K R . I*o. 3 EKhange Street, Are prepared to offer to the trade a tarn aad waU •ciected etocfof Foreign and Domestic Frmt 1 Wholesale and Retail Oraugea. Sprue Gan, Utea|M lemon., Canary Sard, Candles, Liniro, Lruiou Syrup, Hnnry, Crimes, Cocoa Nuu. Fig.. Citron, .Vain, all kinds. Dale., Olives, Raisins, Tsbaus, Sardines, Clgnra. F alley C nndles of nil description, oot» dtf F. M. CARSLEY, CABINET MAKER AND UPHOLSTERER, Ho 51 Union Street, IB prepared to do ail kind* of CABINET JOB BING in a prompt and satisfactory manner. Book and 3how Case* made to order. t^*F arniture Mads, Repaired and Vara la bed at SHORT NOTICE. Portland. May 39.18«4 tf IRA WINN, Agent, ISTo. 11 Union St... Ik prepared to farolah STEAM ENGINES and BOILS&S, of various sizes and patterns, Steam Pipe and Fixlnrea. Bill kwiie, Hbhltiu;, hlkp,U Lioht Housb Work of all descriptions, and all kinds of work required in building Fortibicatiobb. Iron stair* and other Architectural Work* Houses, Stores, and other buildings, fitted with Gas and Steam in the best manner. In oonnectlon with the above is an Iron Fomadrr, with a large assortment of Patterns, to whioh the attention of Machinists, Mil!Wrights,and 9hip-BaUd* er* is invited—and all kinds of Castings furnished at short notice. try >rdentfor Machine Jobbing, Patterns and Forgings, promptly executed. oefi SIIHEK’S SEWING MACHINES! WOODMAN, TRUE * CO., AGENTS, No*. 54 and 55 - - . • . Middle Street. Reedlaaand rrlmmlajraalwaji *ahasd. •ohlKtf J. L. WINSLOW, Afeal, ■ AicvAcrvaam o* Steam Engines,Steam Boilers, i» itiit uscunio or uciimi, StaunCoaka. Vrlret, Klpn and CounscUona, What*, •ala or Katail. STEAM AND ‘GAS FITTING, Ooo* la tha baat maenar. Work* 6 Union Bt., and BBS tlttroNll. T«!«<str PORTLAND . MB ALBERT WEBB A COn — DliLlKI IB — Corn, Flour and Grain, HEAD Or MKRBILA’S WUAJUr, Co.Mrolal Slrwl.- - P»rtlaa<l, M*. A CAKD. DR. 5. C. FERNALD, DENTIST, No. 1T» Mulill S treat. Kamiic^. .Dr«. Baoob and Baas lib. i'ortlana, May 36,1963. tf Dr. 1. H. HEALD HAVING vhrpost'd of hi? entire interest in hie Office to Dr.S.C FLKNALD, would cheerfully reccotamend Lttn to his tormer patients and the pub* lie. Dr. Kkrbai.d, from long experience, isprepar* ed to insert Artaicisl Teeth on the Vulcanite Base,'* and a!! other methods known to the profession Portland. Mav IS. 1MK3 tf JOHN F. SHERRY, Hair Cutter and Wig Maker, No. IS Market Square,Port* ma, (up stairs.) 0^*Separate room tor Ladies' and Children's Hair Catting. A goqd stock of Wigs, Halt-Wigs, Bands, Braids, Curls, Frizett?. i'ads, Kolia, Crimping Boards, kdk, Wo., comtuntlv on hand is'B’B dip "rTemov a. l . DK. NEWTON HAS removed his residence to Jf<e. 37 MUUUm Street, corner of I ranklin street. Other as heretofore, No. 115 Err hange Street, tn Noble's Block, up stairs. Office hours from 9 to 10 A.. M. .from 3 to 3. and from 9 to 9 o'clock P. M. Dr. N. will continue, in connection with general practice, to give special attention to RISMASRS OR FEMALES octldtf M. PEARSON, Silver Plater, A HD SASmnrttE (T9 SILVER WARE, 238 Congre«n.St.,Opp. Court House Port land,Me. •y All kind? of WaRK, such as Knives, lorks. Spoon?. Cake Baskets, Castors, Ac., paled in the best manner. ^ \l?o, REPAIRING and MR-FINISHING Old SilverWare. jan39 dAm WOOD AMI COAL CHEAP TOK CASH ! $9 50. CHEAPjCOAL. $9.50 PRIME LOT CHESTNUT COAL 99.60 D TON. SPUING MOUNTAIN. LEHIGH. HLZ1LTON. SL'GAK LOAF. OLD COMPANY LEHIGH. LO CUST MOUNTAIN. JOHNS. DIAMOND, WEB8 TFKaid BLACK II LATH. These Coals are of the very best «iua)ity. well *cr*en«d aud picked, and warranted to give satisfaction. Also lor sale best of HARD AND SOFT WOOD, delivered to any part of the city. OPFien Commkacial St., head of FrankUn Wharf. S. ROITnD* a son. fob 1C dly »V I Kit EVS inPOHVED FIRE AND WATERPROOF FELT COMPOSITION, -AND Gravel Roofing fOH FLA T HOOFS. K. HERSEY. A«r~nt, Jan26 iltt No.« Union Street. FERTILIZEBS. RBLS COB’S SL'i'KR PHOS LIMB, l*i)U 100“ LLOYDS’ “ •• LODI PODDRBTTB. ISO' LITl'LLFlLLD’s POCTDBBTTB. For tale at tuanufacturer’a p. ices by KKVOUL* WHITNEY. Portland V eb. 9. 1864. fid 9 dirttn Scotch Canvuss. 1 k^| | ®OLTv-irom the factory of David Cor I -*ar Jk So m, Leith—a nail olotb of anporlor qualit v — Ju>t received i»er ‘ Ju-a *, and for aal« by Mrt.ILVKRY. RYAN k DAVlS, mcb?Sdtf l«l Tommerofa) Street W anted! Second-Hand Candle Boxes, At No. to Portland Street, Portland. JaaT dtf

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