Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 30, 1842, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 30, 1842 Page 1
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IT H Vol. VU1.?No.370--Wiiole No. 3141 RAIL UOADS & STEAMBOATS. LO()HTTHIS. AMERICAN TRANSPORTATION CO. GENERAL PASSAGE OFFICE. BOATS LEAVE ALBANY DAILY. P ASSKNORO Forwtrd.d, v. uhuUt, i Utic. tl.M I Cl.av.luid.Ohto. I Rochester, t3,00 Detroit, Mich., J\75 Locknort, fl.JS Chicago, III., ?? ? Buffalo, fo^# [ Toronto, U. C. SJ.M Oivrago, and Pittsbursh. And all paru o( Ut. Western Ooautr^ alp lm*m 111 Liberty street. New York. RAiLROA-D NOTICE. MARKET AND FREIOHT LINK. THK NEW JERSEY Railroad and Transportation ComL Iiauy hare established a Freight Line between New Brunswick and New York, which they intend to ran perntatciitly. Leaving New Brunswick at Hi A. M. daily. (Sundays excepted) and the foot ol Liber tvatreet, New York, at 2X ' M. To country dealer, and meicbants the above line is very desirable for the speedy and cneap conveyance ol' merchandise of every description, and more particularly to Drovers and Dealer, in Live Stock, who can have 1M head of cattle conveyed between New Brunawick and New York, the same day whenever required. The rates Tor (he transportation of cattle, hones, males, sheep, hogs, Ike. and all other kinds of merchandise are very low, uever exceeding steamboat prices. Merchandise sent b/ this line is not sabject to any extra chart;? in crossing the North River. The Company hare fitted up a large storehouse at New Brunswick, adioining the Railroad Depot, which will always eo|>rn for the reception of merchandise, rassonger, purchasing their tickets at the ticket offices, will receive terry tickets gratis. O" Freight far Newark, Elisabethtown, Rahway, Westfield, Plainneld, Scotch Plaint, Boundbrook and Somerville, is conveyed by the above lines, and delivsred the tameday when received. aoMSm* FOR LIVERPOOL FROM BOSTON. vhSMBBB THE ROYAL MAIL STEAM SHIPS: BRITANNIA, J. Hewitt, Commander. CALEDONIA, E. O. Lott, do ACADIA, A Ryme do COLUMBIA, C. H. E. Judkins do These Ships are 1S90 tons register, and 440 horse power. FROM LIVERPOOL. FROM BOSTOlf. Columbia, 30th do ISth do Kurt of Passage to Liverpool, $135?To Halifax $30. Their accommodation! for passengers are lilted up with every comfort and couremance, anu they carry experienced surgeons. , Cor freight,or ipecie or passage, apply at 3 Wall street. s2J r D. BHIUHAM, JR. FOR CHARLE8TON.KK.Y WEPT. HAVANA. NEW ORLEANS, ANb OALVK8T6N, TEXAS. THE SPLENDID STEAM SHIP NEFTUNE-CAPT. WM. ROLLINS. ? w Positively to tail October 5th, at 4 o'clock P. M. To meet the wishes of passengers for Havana and New Orleaus, Capt Rollins has concluded to delay his departure until Wednesday next. 5th Oct at 4 o'clock, P M, at which time the NEPTUNE will positively depart for the above ports. She can yet superbly accommodate a number ol families and single passengers, on early application being made, and her rates will be made in conformity with the times. Steerage and deck passengers can also be accommodated. And small lUanlisi a of light freight can be takrn, except for Havaua. The Neptune ia in the most perfect order, and her accommodations unsurpassed. She lies at the Tobacco Inspection, foot of Clinton street, E. R., where passengers are invited to examiua the ship and accommodations. For freight or passage apply on board or to J. H. BROWER, 75 Wall it. P. 8.?All persons having claims against the Neptune, will pleaae present them on or before 4th inst. ?? to o5*ec - FOR CHARLESTON. HAVANA, >4?fiBMKEY WEST. NEW ORLEANS, AND GALVESTON, (Tessa) to sail cn the 10th October, at 12 A M.?The well known and favorite ateam ship NEW YORK, J. T. W right. Commander, having been put in complete order, with new wrought iron shafts. Sic., will positively leave for the above ports on the day specified. The New York, having bean superbly fitted up, with saloon state rooms iu addition toller cabins, offers superior accommodations for the convenience of passengers. Passengers going iu this boat may safely rely upon the well known skill and attentions of her Captain. For light freight or passage, apply on board, foot of Morrii street, North River, pier No .4 or to C. MORGAN, or H. HUBBARD. It CO. 37 Peck Slip. N. B.?The New York carries sufficient luel for the voyage. Passengers for Key West, New Orleans, and Galveston, will have an opportunity of visiting Havana, as the ship will lay there twe days. sgioolOfrc .MM OCEAN HOUSE, Long Branch, Rumson, Brown's Dock, Middletown, Eatontown Dock SCwwaflkxK-and Red Bank, Shrewsbury.?The steamboat lOLAS,Captain Allure, will leave New York from Fulton Market Blip, East River, every morning at > o'clock for Red Bank, (except Thursday, on which day the boat goes to Ealoalowu Duck.) Returning, will leave at 1 o'clock each day. The lolas will run as above, navigation and weather permitling, until further notice. All freight and baggage at the risk of the owners thereof. June 21. I84?. je3?3me .Wi jgm FOR EASTPORT. CALAIS, 8T. ANDREWS A ST. JOHSjS.?Steamer HUNT 5SS3fc3E-RESS, Capt. T. 6. Jewett. . w . Passengers will leave Boston every Friday, at Ilk A. M. in the Cam of the Eastern Railroad for Portsmouth, from which place they will be conreyed by the well known steamer Huntress to the above places. , , Returning, the Huntress will leave St. Johns every Tueaday, at 7 A.M. and Eaitport at I P. M. and arrive in Portimouth on Wednesday iu timedor the 4 o'clock train for Boston. Fare to Eastport, $6 I Calais and St. Andrews, $C 5 '7 l| (Meals extra.) Thia route offers to persons seeking enjoyment, many inducements?a country abounding in fine lakes and the most rhniee fishinar : also nme of all kinds, with other attractions interacting to sportsmen. a7 2m*r EVENING LIKE FOR ALBANY DIRECT, . MQ 00k At six o'clock, P. M., leaves th? steamboat Am?" J?i)irr between Conrtlandt and Liberty screeta. ESbL The steamboat SOUTH AMERICA. Cape L. W. Braioard. leaves every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, at A o'clock, P.M. The steamboat R0CHF.8TEK.Capt. A P. St. John, leaves the above pier Tuesday, Thursday and .Saturday afternoon, at sis o'clock. The above boats are new and substantial are ftuufihed wiffi elegant state roams, and in every respect are unsurpassed among the Hudson River steamers. For passage or freight, apply on board, or to V. C. 8CHVLT2, At the otfiee on the wharf, Passengers taking this line of boats, will at all times amve at Albany in time for the first morning train of ears for the east and west. s?0 r age ONLV BegULaR 6!>K>8ITk)!s Poft Ck ALBANY?Landing at foot of Hammond ZE>^BjKdE-street. Newburgh, Poughkeepeie, Kingston Point, Calslull and Hudson. Cabin Passage SI, Berths M cents. Leave New York Mondays, Wednesdays and Fr'.dayn?Albany Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturday. The steamboat WAVE, Capt. Vandrrbilt, will leave the ateamboat pier foot of Robiiiaon street, at 5 o'clock, P. M. For passage or freight, apply ou board?light freight taken low. sW lm*r FOK NEW ORLEANS,?Louisiana and New York Line?Packet of lbth of Octobc.?The l ast sailing, coppered and copper fastened packet ship , Capt Leavitt, will sail as above, ght or passage, having handsome Tarnished accommodations, apply on board at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall it. C. K. COLLINS k CO. 56 South at. Agents in New Orleans, Hullin It Woodruff, who will promptly forward all goods to their sddrem. Great cave will be takea to hsva the goods by thia line cor rectly measured. s30 r jffg- FOK SALE?The yacht EAGLE, of the followtfVfying dimenaionv?? feet long, 11S feet benm, JX feet jaUstHSwderp, fitted with every c?mfort for a pleasure vesael, BURNHAM. ill lm*r at Bnrnham's Mansion House, Bloomingdale. gtff- THE fine Sicilian brig CESAKE, Trifilecti master, bfffW entitled to the 40 pereaut reduction in duties in Naples jflBBfaind Sicily, will positively sail on the 4th October for Naples and Palermo, and having two thirds of her canto engaged. will take the balance on reasonable terms. Apply to L. PALMERI, s2i I wm 01 Broad st. tMAr* FUR GALVESTON, TEXAS-To sail post bffxJW 'ively 1st October.?The new and splendid Bsrk Mijs STAR REPUBLIC, Cagtain J. J. Hendley, lies at ntr u ?. nM is now rraay iq mkc irei^m, at iun !???, ? ?? will sail poaitftolr * above. She has superb Cabin accommodation* for M passengers, and ran tab* a number in the sterrace. For freichl or passage apidy on hoard, or ro . all to olei J. H. BHOWKR. 73 Wall st. PUT MONEY IN THY PURSE. HOWJ I'atmuiae the City Caah Tailoring Establishment, (Ot Broadway. The ruinous rate, which have been chanted for fashionable Clothing. has led the subscriber to adopt the cheap cvsh system and he now offi rs to nt out gentlemen with the lineal Cloths' made lip with neatness mate, and despatch, at the eery lowest remunerating |*iiee. Having made arrangements for the finest Englit'i' lotlis, Ca* .imeres and Vesting* from first hands he a i If. -rd then low. The most experienced cuttcri arc' cn a ted and he pledges himself to giee entire satiafhetron. Strangers visiting the city can have a full suit made up at short notice. Vail and Winter Clothing ready made of every variety, quaint and st, le, ol the lat.-it lavliion. ami warranted to (it ?AiranIters will do well to call before parcliaaing elsewhere. sMlima*r EDWARD VOX. ' live And let live." epHIS has been the motto tinder which the cslrbratrd Itesla 1 rat. No. 2U Broadway, set sail nnder, and thusfiru weathered the storm of hard times with our banneret ii 1(1 ruin, to the tide of public favor and approbation. The proprietorti of the opinion that a neat elean establishment, attentive help,the lim it oysters the market affords, with a desieo to plraae, wifl ensure to lum a liberal patronage. Nothing shall b* wanting to keep up the reputation ef the establishment?" Nerar say dir." B HOUSEMAN, s?lm*r 914 Broadway, opposite Bt. Paul's. A. C. B. HA LLC NOES competition with all. The importance V which all ages have, to the Head af Hair ia a clear Hides of the value aet ution personal figure, and wban by some r?prif.M>as freak of Nature the human form ia deprived of its fair proportion, Art ia resorted to. in order, by irtillcial means. "um,wigs and scalps, or real Uaanaor Ham, which ran b. had at 1? BananWAf, itoaof Hair, will do wall to place lhcm?*l??i ! ?? hiatal (rilaaoo. fric*? to Milt 'he time*. i E NE" NEW MISCELLANEOUS. ~~ CERTAIN CURE FOR DEAFNESS. VTONS. MALL AN?Sound Masmliers?Inrisible Voice * L onductms ? i n enable pcrsou* iuslually, at u sdrauccd age, and ol lortv end liAy yean ttaudin<, of < xlieme deafness, and ol llunc who are only slightly dull orhearmg, to join in geueral corn ers'In n, and eaten'he sound of a distant low speaker at a public assembly Tliey axe the site of a eery small sold seven shilling |iiece : and wlieu in the canty of the 1 fe IK)t ,n l'le 'sast perceptible. nor more uucomfor law- than baring a suiall piece of line wool in its place. And although they axe so extremely small, yet they enable those afllicted with extreme deafWss to bear, in erery respect, equal to those of most acute hearing. Tube had of Mons MALLAN It SON, Surgeon Dentists. Sole Agents for tlic patentee, No. 2 I'ark Place, one door from Broadway. The shore iurention has been in ass in Europe for some veers and is strongly recommend.d. being one of the greatest dlscorenei ol the age. IYrsens, uon-resident* of New Vork city, ou the remittance of $10, csn hare a pair forwarded by |>ost. *21 Im'r LUCINA CORDIAL. TVAAGNIN'S LUCLNA CORDIAL, for the sure and speedy s'-s. cure or incipient consumption, hirrrnness, impotency, lucorhae or whites, gleet, obstructed, tli ficult or painful mnntiualion, incontinence of una**, or involuutory discharge tlicreof, I and Tor the general proatr tion of thr syst, m, no matter whether the reauit of inherent cau?e?,or oleau-n produced b* irregularity, Miner*, or accident. The wide-spread celebrity of this wonderful aud inestimable coidial in both hemispheres ia a r.uflicieut guarantee lor ila quirk and positive suoceaa in curina all the above affection* and complaints. Nothing- can lie no re MOpiMM than ita n.t i gorniiug effects on the numan frame. I'rraoua all weakneaa and lassitude before taking it, a*, ouce become robuat and full of enery under ita influ, ce. It iuimedialely counteracta the nerveIraarieis or looaeneaa of the female frame, which ia the only cause of barrennera; and which, prior to Dr. Magnin'a discovery was conaiden d to be incurable. Aud it s)ieedily removes the iinjiedimenls produced by |ihys'cal proatration. which fre quent.y deter men from gelling married. Language, ludeed, annot do justice to the merits of the Lucius Coidial, which ia legard-d by the heads of the (acuity in all parts of the woild as one of the most important medical diacoveiiea of any age. Price $1 per bottle. Sold at 92 Nassau street, and No. 90 North Sixth treet, Philadelphia. aitll liu*r RESTORE THE HUMAN HAIR. *D ALD HEADS AND OBEY HEADS READ THIS. L/ The human hair can be restored if proper and scientific remedies are applied. The proprietor of this assures yon ou his word, that great uumberscome to his store whose hair this has entirely restored. He requests yon to give Jones' Oil of Coral Circassia one trial, then judge lor yourself. He pledges you his word it is all it it represented. These areas qualities, it will make the hair grow, (on the head, face, body, or any port where nature intended hair to grow,) stay ita falling oat, cure scurf or dandrilf, ind uiaki light,red,or gray hair grow dark from tlie roots in lime. Among Uie numbers who have used it and certify this, is W. Hopkins, 'Jl King street, N. Y., J. Gilbert,jew oiler, HousOn street, N. V., aud T. Power, grocer, Brooklyn, L. I. We s.yuhl offer hundreds of others if we chose. It u sold very reasonable, and it gives the hair the inoal delicious d ok silky appearance. .Price only 3, 5 or 8 shillings a bottle, three sixe* : sold by T. Jones, sign of the American Eagle, Hi Chatham street, N. Y.: agents, 139 Fulton street, Brooklyn, I Stale street. Boston. W Dock street, Philadelphia. ?28 lm*r GUNS AND PISTOLS. SO- EXCLUSIVELY.-CD J JOSEPH, It Maiden lane, up stairs, importing agent for O- the sale of English. German aud French double and single snrrel Fowling aud Ducking Guns, from the lowest to the tin ait qualities ; Pistols of every description, lor this and other siarkets, embracing one hundred different kinds, all oi which he is now prepared to offer at the manufacturer's prices, being appointed agent for the largest houses in that Hue in Euroi* , which enablss him to sell at extremely low prices. A large assorted stock of the above always on hand. City and country merchants are particularly requested to call, previous to making their purchases. jyilT 3in*r A CARD. sroTirr to fin- r imvu ,_?ii known to th# Indies ol New Yoik for the *tt|>erior *>vle of La diet Shoes and Gaiter Boots, beg* to stale for the information of Ladies visi'iui; the city, as well as merchuits and other traders, that his store it No. 70 Lispeuard street, one street below Cansl street, and near Broadway, where all can be supplied at the shortest notice, and on, the most liberal terms. Wholesale and retail. SAMUEL ALLEN. For getting op the article of Ladies Shoes and Gaiter Boots we always considered fir. Allen far superior to any man we ever had in oar employment. THOS. LANE & SON, 15 Ita'r No. 70Lisponard st. near Broadway. HENKY SCOTT, No. 217 Water at., N. Y., keep* constantly ou hand a general assortment of Tickles, Catsup*, Sauces, Ike , Preserves, Jellies, Brandy Fruits, &c., wholesale, and retail. All orders for Shipping and Families punctually attended to sl3 2in*r ESPY'S PATENT CONICAL VENTILATOK. rPHIS cheap, simple and efficient apparatau is adaptr all J- purposes of Ventilation. Ships, Steamboats, v nnrches, Hospitals, Prisons, Mines, Vaults, etc. ike. may b' its applies tion be kept free from ell loul air and uitwholest me effluvia; it ia also an effectual cure for Smoky Chimniei. The subscriber having purchased the ri ght for the City and County of New York, ia prepared to sipply the public with Conea on demand. Metal Kooffing of all descriptions Icruished in any part of the country. Croton Water Pipes and Plumoeta' Work in genera). Also, Galvanized Iron aud Tin W are at wholesale. Store pipes, bath tuba, coal hods, Ike. at prices greatly reduced. A1I work warranted, an 1 orders by letter attended to. P. SUMNER, s2i 3m*m 120 Water slree'. "STOVES! STOVES!! BACKUS' PATENT RARE FIE R, OR FRUGAL HOUSEWARMER. rPIIE Proprietor, in offering this valuable stove to the public, A would briefly state some of the advantage* of heir improve mrut. which consist chiefly in the following particulars, viz:? 1?To obviate the evil of im- 5?To be capable of affordnure ai d noxious gas in the iug a mild or an intense heat, burning of anthracite coal. 6?To avoid all incoveuience 2?To generate and diffuse from dust. a warm and wholesome at- 7?To preserve the air of the mosph*re in places exposed to apartment pure and wholedamp and cold. some. 3?To lesson the risk of acci- t?And to unite with all d-nt by fire. tkose excellent qualities, an 4?To be qniekly kindled elegant and durable article oi ant easily managed. furniture. i his stove >s constructed of the best quality of Russia sheet iio-_ upon the cylindrical plan?the furnace or fire-chamber occ ipymg a part of the centre cvlinder, to which ia attached an aun[ f|>ncnc nanuvr h|*uu wm.ii ??ur, ui ?? iuuumu vuu,auu lined throughout. The heat that ii created in the chamber passe between the linings of the two rareficra (or ratliatora aa they are called! into the baie at the bottom, and a current of air continually manioc through the tubea, which are left open at each end lor that purpose, carrier a great amount of rarefied or warm air into the apartment. The parity and eofincar of the air in a room heated by thia tore are peculiar and remarkable, the heat being diffused from a great eaten) of surface moderately heated. The heated air, on entering the winga or aider of the itore.deaeeada and spreads over the entire surface of the bare at the bottom, keening the colder portion of the air next the floor in constant circulation? in the meantime preserving it entirely from contamination, rendering thia Store perfectly safe and agreeable for apartments of invalids, sleeping rooma, Ac. Manufactured by J7lt E. BACKUS. 44 Bowery, N. V. N. B. A new article of air tight atorea, with rarifiers ; also the new kitchen companion cook stove, warranted equal to any in nae in thia city. *17 lm*m p LASS CUTTINO ESTABLISHMENT.?J. btouveuel. v7 glut cutter, No. 19 Gold street, coiutantlyon hand and of far to supply all dealers and others, at the loweat prices in thia city, and warranted the beat of any other manufactory?auch aa beautiful hall lamps oferery size, astral lanuia and shades, decanters, tumble re,champa^fn, wine glaaes,dishes, goblets, bowls, celeries, glass,Ac. Ac. Wious sent to any part of the country by any quantity free of packages and cartage, all articles match to pattern. Retail store No. 34 John street, near Naaaau at, slO lm*r THE NEW YORK XYLOGRAPHIC PRESS, 46 MAIDEN LANE, UP STAIRS. Pi THE EXTENT of the varieties in thia department the proprietor may safely challenge competition with any other earabliahment in the world, and has onuer his own immediate superintendence the most skilful workmen, and all the requiti.e materials for executing every description of Xylographic Engraving and Printing. Original Designs and Plates of every description executed iu the first sty e ofihe art, and besntiftilly printed in Bronze or Fancy Colors. Druggists, Perfumers, Manufacturer*, Grnceit sud other Labels, constantly on hand, wholesale or retail, and all articles connected with the trade. Job Printing in every viriety of style executed i n the best manner to onirr, and on the most reasonable terms. STEEL PLATE AND COPPER PLATE ENGRAVING AND PRINTING Notes, Checks, Drills Bills of Exchange, Certificates of Stock, do Depnaite, Blanks or Professional, wedJtiig and visiting Cards, neatly engraved and printed, at si oit notice, and ou the most reasonable terma. The lowest possible price is char grd lor all werk done at this establishment. All orders from the country punctually attended to, and articles ordered, forwarded to any part of the United States, or the Canadaa. 16 >m*? CHAS. SHIELDS, Proprietor. VALIER'S FRENCH PILLS. ONE box of these inestimable Pills are worth all the Quack Medicine* in the world, for the cure of a certain disease. CoMwrx r.?If we examine the natnre of the above disease and the situation ol the parts affected, we must consider it a very important object to be able to obtain a temrdy at once rerUig in its action, and at the same time composed of anfh ingredients aa will prevent the |??s*ibility of discovery while using it. It is a fart well known to many, that most of the remedies offered for these diseases are composed of such nauteoua lings. aa to redder it alinn.t nn|>o.*il>le M eon'inue Hnir uk witnont creating a tick neat at the .toaaach or other uuenrea Burli t* in* 'he there ciu be "" doubt but ?ueh a ?VALIE^S FRENCH PILLS will m.? the um*fr*ala,mmh?tion, being < ntirely free from tlio*e plr*?*nt in lhr,r opervmn *nd prompt in removing the disease. I'he proprietor would liere rrmtrk, that the efficacy of these Pill, in the disorders alluded to, are not trued up .11 ?iip|H...tion; on the contrary, it if founded u|>on rational eiperience, having ted them in t successful practice for Bjrwardt often y??f? he ftal^ confident of their superiority over the renounce htthert | .WllNe.SNutn street, IV) Broadway, end *9? North Sitth itmt, Philadelphia. Price >1 per boi. *21 1m ' A NEW & IMPORTANT INVENTION FOR THE LADIES. MM. LOVE, Cortet Maker, No. ill Liapenardstreet,rcVA tpectfully inform* the ladiet of New Vork end itt vicini" ties, that the he* invented a new article for the preaerr ition of the health and strength dining pregnanes. This Abdominal Supporter it perfect in it* application, acting at a tupport, and preventing all atrain upon the muaclea, and the consequent fa tigue and eihauetionol^the whole ayilem. It will preserve the form in all ita youthful symmetry Nothing that haa aver been invented offers *0 many advantage* at don thit Abdominal Supporter for invigoraliug the ayatem againat every acddeat attending geatation. Mr*. L. ha* .ecured a patent She begs 10 refer to the follow ing eminent gentlemen of the Medical Faculty:?Br. Ft inn*. Or. Pond, Dr. McDonald, Professor Gillman M D. Professor Parker, N?l D. A. C. Cattle. M D. Dr. Nelson, Dr. Vloore, J. W. Frtnnt, M D, J. O. Pond, M D, J. ,W. Moore, M. D, J. Neilton, Ml). ..... Country merchant* anil dealer* supplied wholesale with f or (era. Bella, and hrac?*. on term*. ?? lm|r / 'TILLon aTi part* of tlie Tftrhe JWn'et, made oti O S,??, ...... ? Wd, ? W YO J YORK, FRIDAY MORI THK NEW YORK COLLEGE OF MEDICINE AND PHARMACY. ESTABLISHED FOR THE SUPPRESSION OF QUACKERY, LT AS met with the moat unprecedented success since ita com 1A miner inrnt, particularly from the ummMI TMNHjl uupiinciplrd in-eli-ndem, who are now dally gaming strength an 1 vigor under the judicious treatment or the College. The following preparations have already obtained a teleoriiy unparalelled in the annals of medicine. THK U.NRIVALLTED TONIC MIXTURE. A certain core for all forms of dyspasia, low spirits, loss ol appetite, lassitude, cutaneous eruptions, general debility, predieiMjsiuon to consumption, and all compuiuts arising from a disarrangement of the ucrvious system. It may be also used with great success in eases of fever slid ague, and as s preventative te yellow fevt-r. Sold in bottles it $1 and $2 each. THK ANOPYNK LINIMENT. J or the cure of rheumatic twins, colic, bruises, sprains, spadiseaso, nervous headache, pains in the joiuts, sod immediate and permanent relief guaranteed. Sold in bottles, 7i cts each. , THK PARISIAN ALTERATIVE MIXTURE. h ot the core of all caaca ol a delicate disease, or fqr pains in the boiics, eru|>lioua, sore tluout, or any other distressing symptoms. rroduerd by an injudicious nse of mercuiy, ?r by nuacgery. Sold in bottles at $1 and 13 each. -THE AMERICAN ANTIBILOU9 CATHARTIC PILL. For the cure cl all derangements of the liver, purifying the lood, exciting the whole alimentary canal to healthy action, nd giving new vigor to the vital powers. This medicine is nlirrly superceding the drastic purgatives of the nostrum enders. THE FEMALE RESTORATIVE PILL. por the cure of those complaints peculiar to the female mi, and to restore and preserve the regular action of die female organs, with lull directions anil cautions as to use, and sold in bores at $1, 50 cculs, and 25 cents each. SIR ASTLKY COOPER'S PILL. For 'he cure of cutaneous eruptions, gout, chronic iheuina tisrn. and to improve ihe rone of the digestive organs. THE FRENCH ANTIPHLOGISTIC MIXTURE. Guaranteed to ure gonorrhoea, gleet, and all inncopurulvul Jitchargea from the urethra. Sola in bottles at 50 cents and ?1 each. THE PAPILLARY HEALING POWDER, For the cure of sore nipplra, and sii|>erlicial "rconalioua ol theskiu. Sold in closely stopt phials at 50 rt-nu aach. The above preparations may also be had of the followiug sub-enema in tliia city:? J. W. Basset, 614 Jroadway. Dr. E. M. Guion, 117 Bowery. Dr. Kiug, 287 Hudson street. Elias L.Thcall, 548 Grandstreet. Win. Armstrong, 181 Kulton street, Brooklyn. Principal office of the College for New York, at 97 Nassau street. By order, au28 3mr W. S.RICHARDSON, Agent PHOENIX HAIR SEATINU AND CURLED HAIR MANUFACTORY. rPHEundersigned hare constantly on hand Plain and Damask 8 Hair Seating for Sofas, Chairs, Couches and Music Stools. Curled Hair, WMsbing, Tow Cloth, Twine,Ike.,for Upholsicra, White aud Fancy 11 air < lotlur, suitable for Cap and Slock Maniilaciurrrs; also for Brush Makers and Musical luslntmen's. tic., Itc. The following aie our prices of Ilair Seating :? PRICKS OF HAlll SEATING. PLAIN. DAMASK, lucli. Piece. Cut. Of all imlterm. 15 40 42 ? 16 42 44 75 17 46 48 83 18 54 56 90 19 64 66 98 20 74 76 1,05 21 84 86 1,10 22 88 96 1,14 ?3 1.02 1,06 1,20 21 1,16 1.20 1.30 ' 26 1,28 1,32 1,45 28 1,40 1,44 1,60 30 1,66 1,70 ? J OH SON St GREEN, PInjenix Factory, 33 West 13ti> street, 5th aiuLcth Avenus, au3l t<n-7 r Qlnce, 152 William street. EAU DE BEAUTE, riOL'RAUD'S EAU DE BE\UTE, or True Water of C3 Beauty, for est- rinilisting Tan, Reduess, Sallown is, Pimples, krecklca, Mophcw, Burns, Blotches, and all cutaneous eruptions?for realising delicite while ueeks, hands, and arms, and eliciting a lie ihlij juvenile Moon:, stands un nvnnea. Its aooiniincanu nediing pnqmiiu j in an rougniicss and harshness of the skin?i-apt ri ill y in allaying the in inability after shaving, ia bevond compare. A mux the swarms of trashy preparations and rile comixmtids forced into notice by parasitical |H>p gun putfa, Oouraud's Burn Lotiou lias unobirusrvely crept Us way slowly but surely and steadily into public favor throughout the United Slates. This article is ool recommendrd for its " cheapness"(its price beiug $1 per bottle, though at thiscoat it ia infinitely cheaper than theiila stuff spread daily before the public, even it the cost were one shilling or one cent.) Such cheap remedies or Mineral Astringents being not only inadequate to the objects contemplated, lint by their repel fant ac ion. |?isitieelv imunons to health. (JOUllAUD'S WATER OK BEAUTY recommends itsell by its combined efficacy, bar nlessnesa of action, and refreshing fragrance. A French lady writing to the proprietor, says? " Moiis. Gouraud?'Tit bnt an act of justice that I should spontaneously give you my unqualified testimonial of the united efficacy, innocence, atid I'ragrarer of your prvptnDM for purifying and clransiug the sltin. By its use every pimple and freckle have vanished from my face Yon should Mod Ami, as it is so sovereign and charming a ri merly for scattering all blemishes from our faces, call it let delicrt ilea d imes. En un mot, je suis mcliante de le cosinetuiue et je eu vuus rcmercie dctonl mon roe nr. EMU,IE DESMOULIN9. Tension Fmntais, Greenwich street." " I have vonr Ean de Beanie in use?it is an aduiiratle article, and I shall recommend it " S. F. PHILLIPS. Philadelphia. " I have had several calls for your wash, for freckles, tic. A lady living here bought a bottle of yon, aad said it bad the desired effect." ALEX. GUTHRIE. No. i Stanwii Hall, Albany. " I cheerfully bear testimony to the efficacy and perfect innocence of your Ean de Braute;is ia decidedly a valuable cosmetic. I cannot consent that you publish my u one." The sbove is from a lady in Le Roy Place. " Dear Sir?Having had a very favorable opportunity yesterday evening for expatiating on the mrrirs of your Eau de Beanie, and showing the effects it produced on my hands, a young lady requested that I would procure her a bottle of it. Please send one i-er bearer." JOSEPH M .Broadway. So strong is the proprietor's conviction of the entire efficacy of the above invaluable preparation in realising all that it professes to accomplish, that any diiatisfied purchaser can receive hit or her money back, if requested. To be had only at Di. Q.'s Exclusive Office, 87 Walker St., one door from Broadway, at $1 per bottle, and of the fotluwinr Afnils Albany, Otithrir, 4 Maiden Lane; Goshen, Elliott; Philadelphia, Mrs Brown, 76 Chesuui street; B Itimore, Beth Hance, Prstt st: Washington, Selby fa.krr; Alniuani, t i; Berry; Rirtford, Well* k Huiuphr. y: Boston, Jordan, 2 Milk afreet; orwieh, W Faulkner; Lowell, Carluton; 8*Wm, |?n; New Haven, E Myera; Providence, Dyar, Jr.. Cincinuatti, Thomas, Main street, and others throughout the U. States. Oouraud's Poudrc Suhtilr, for completely and pcrmaneutly eradicating superfluous hair, SI per hottle. GourauiPi Liquid Vegetable Rouge, 10 cents ?r bottle. Oouraud's Blauc D'E-pagne, itn|?rts a pure life whiteness to skin, free from the deleterious principles generally entering into combination for this purpose, 21 cents per boa. slT Im r J. PEASE & SON'S /CELEBRATED Remedy f r of oneumption, Colds, lie. ^ known as Clarified Essence orehound Caudy. This Sleasant medicine is formed by* eoEmbination of twenty-fire ilTerciil ingiedients. all celebrated for the cure of colds.cougli, and Pulmonary Complaints: and by its enmhiuation, if one of these articles shonld be used separately and afford no relief, in the Extract of Hoarhound they are so amalgamated, that the benefit of the whole is experienced in one compound. About three years and a half ago,'his article was first brought before the public. It was heralded with no prerioua announcement of its mentor raiue, but it was introduced by the proprietors tu the community, to stand by their decision as regarded its beneficial influencr. That deciaion has been attained in a manner almost unexpected. The unsought acknowledgment of its worth has proceeded SPONTA.YF.OU9LY FROM THOUSANDS who hare practically experienced its benefits througnoot the country. And why is it sol Because the trial of ris qualities in Coughs, Colds, Hoarseness, Irritation of the Ti'roat, Croup, Whooping Cough, Asthma, Catarrhs, Palpitation ofthe Hesit, Liver Complaint, Night Sweats, Difficult or Profuse Expectoration, and all blSEASES LEADING TO CONSUMPTION, has given it a value that no other similar medicine has ever reached. Complaints ofthe Lungs are the most dangerous, and at the same time most prevalent if all diseases. Our climats is most peculiar?it changes suddenly from extreme warmth to extreme coldness, FROM WET TO DRY, and it is from this change in the climate that diseases are apt to arise. When the blood is in an unhealthy state, aud the coustitution naturally delicate, if a cold sets in, and no immeuiatr relief takes place, toe chances are altogether against the patient attacked; it is when remedies are taken in time, THAT DISEASE IS CHECKED AND LIFE SAVED. There is n? disease but may not be suffered to go such a length, that no medicine or physician in the world can savs the person attacked. This should he remembered by all? THAT SAFETY FOR LIFE is, to be prepared in time. At the first symptomsol a Cold. Cough, or dullness, the ClartAeu Essence of Hot/hound Candy SHOVLD BE FHEELY USED according to the directions,and in every esse where it is so taken in proper lime, the mid or cough will be broken up or eradicated. We leel it our duty to impress this upon evtry one. Pedlers and Confectioners are not appointed Agents, and none is genuine unless each package is iuvariably signed J. Pe.ue k Sop, 4} Division street, ol whom it can be obuined, wholesale and retail. The following are our State Agents :? _ O W Redddin, ft State street, Boston; U B Zieber, 17 Dock st.,Philadelphia ; J Robertson, IK Baltimore St. Baltimore, Md.; J Jnlrson, M St. CharhssL New Orleans; Dubois It Co. Mobile; Ala ; C Tobev. Cincinnati, Ohio; Haviland, Harrow Ik Allen, Charleston, S C: W J Durtll. 2M Broad st, Newark N. J..tV N Hildrman. Louisville, Kv; Plercy Teller. Detroit, Miehigan; Peek !i 8|>ear, Burlington, Vt; J. Anthony,N. Haren, Conn.; J Gavnor, Richmond, Vs; F. Taylor and W. Fisher, Washington City, D Ct J. A. Wadaworth, Providence, HI.; J H ( otter, Montgomery, Ala; J Marline, Fayefteville, N C; D W Soihorm, Georgetown, DO; C. H. Hnnt, Frederieksbiirg, Va.; J II Tli<>mi>son A Co., Wheeling, Va. All letters post paid, directed to J. I'RASK ftt ?ON, (J Division street, will be ptinnnall attended to. tiOr PRIVATE MEDICINE CHESTS THE COLLEGE OF MEDICINE AND PHARMACY OF THE CITY OF NEW YORK OAVE prepared a number of " Private Medicine Chests," rl each containing an appropriate quantity ofthe new Fren^ Medicines lor the cure of a |>effu liar class of diseases. whiiH have unfortunately iu too many instances fallen nnder the treatment of ignorant quacks, in consequence of the cxtremedehcacy which patients thus afflicted exhibit in applying for medical advice from respectable physicians. In the mode now ex plained, however,safe and effectual treatment will be gamed by such patients without the necessity of making any disclosure ol U : -Pi.. oM.,linne < ;heti" contains such aqnaaltity of appropriate medicine at u tuaranleed to effect a perfect core, and ample directions in a plain and familiar atyle accompany each cheat. The remedtea are applicable to all forma ol the disease. The Cheats, conuininic remedies for syphilitic diseases are sold for 111 eieli?the I 'ne.n Willi remedies for ,no.wrhoeH and gleet $1 each, may note he had of the Principal Agent ol the College. W 8. RICHAHD80N, Agent. Principal Office of the College 37 Nassso street. N. B.?Cases forwarded to ill parts of the Union, tnc Canada* and West Indies. Persona purchasing the Chests addresamg fife College, Kittaitonaly obuin whsterer additional advice they may desire ring the ptograss of their case teiinh'" *ING, SEPTEMBER 30, 1 PARR'S LIFE PILLS Fii impossible to calculate the many benefits to the hum.iu race which mutt rrtult fiom the dl-covery of Old IWr'? recipe. The line kx-rhal medicine which i?compounded from ilt direction huK in thousauds of easel, been tried and proved to be the m.iat efficient remedy of the day. Nor it it confined in its usefulness to the diseases of the poor, for it ia (ought by, aud lound in the medicine envsts ol the inorc wealthy cU.tes of Great Britain and rarioua parts of the continent of It u rope. As a family medicine it it una. milled, aud it all powerful m removing bilious and other comilemuuritiug from the derange useiil of the ailimeultry dueta, and in purifying the blood. It ia certain in the care of the more delicate complaiuta incident to females, giateful te the laate, aromatic to (lie smell, auu at the tame time a >gentle iu ita operation, yet ao effecacioaa, that no female ought to be without ao great a boou, left tliem by IU venerable discoverer, Old.Parr. It has been but a ahorttime before the public, yet the proprietor* hare received numrroua application for the Pills from rarioua |arts ol the United States, aud have had gratifying teatimouiaU of their good eflVcts iu removing diaeasea prevalent at thia aeaeou of the year. To all Unrefore who are afflicted and in bad lutaltli, we would aay go to any of the undermentioned agents, where the Genuine Parr's Life I'illa may be h id, vii:? Ru.litnu A Aspiuwall, drug gists and chemists, OS William at., lit Broadway, and 10 Astor House. Abraham Bauds k Co druygiiu .ind clu mists,granite buildings, 073 Broadway, comer off lumber it. P Dickie, 413 Broadway, corner of Liapenard at. John U Dodd, druggist, Broadway, corner of Bleecker at. A W 'Indeau, Bowery Medicine Store, 060 Bowery, Bymei' Medicine Store, 63 Bowery, earner of Walker it. A B Tripler, cor k ulton and Water ats. Horace Everett, druggist, 307 Greenwich at, next the corner of Ifranklinst. J & J Coddiugton, apothecaries, 227 Hudson standi corner of Spring street. t. u \-u;wu, uncniiii auu ajMiuircary, uiccchit ar, corner 01 i Jones at. 4Weudover.druggiit and apothecary, U1 Eighth avenue, rooklyn?Wm Armstrorg, scvd, drug, and patent medicine warehouse, 184*4 Fulton st. And wholesale, at the proprietor,! office, , _ J. ROBERTS St CO.. Clarendon Home, corner of Duans it and Broadw -.y. an 31 lm*r _ _ TEFFERSO.N INSURANCE COMPANY?No. 47 Wall y atreet, coiner of Hanover street.. This Coinpniv continues in insure against loss or dainifre by fire on buildings goods, ware i, or merchandize generally; also, on vessels and cargoes against loss or damage by inland navigation, on as favorable terms as any o her office DIRECTORS. Thomas W Thome Klislia Kings Thomas T Woodruff Anson Baker Beujamin K Robsou Martin Holfmau John R Davison Joseph Allen John H Lee Joseph Drake Fraucis P Sage Samuel Under hill Thomson Price, James R Whiting Moses Tucke r John P Moore John C Merrill Win K Thorn Caleb C Tunis James E Holmes THOMAS W. THORNF., Resident. OEO. HOPE. Secretary. ??t) Zl aw SlktF r THE TEETH. THE TEETH?A redaction of 2D per cent?Upper and d lower seta uflcclh inserted on suction or atmospheric pressure, so as to be worn with ease and firmness, from a single tooth to au entire set; all can be auigdied with the best mineral teetli; toothache cured. For extracting tooth, JO cents. Children's, half price. J. Bu'key, Surgeon Dentist, 77 Mur ray street, next door to Die church, wcxt of Broadway. iy?3 cod 3ru*~ JTSHANKS, M. 1)., OCULIST, AND Professor of Ophthalmic Anatomy and Surgery, Dlieases of the Eye and Ear, and Imperfections of Vision. Office 197 Broadway, comer John street, up stairs. N. B.?Doctor Shanks begs to inform those affected with Diseases of Die Eye or Ear, or Imperfections of Vision, lhat, on application at his office, their cases will meet with (list skill and treatment which inu?t necessarily follow a inisl extensive practice, baser! on an accurate anatomical, physiological, anil pathological knowledge of lit* the human Eye and Ear, and that part of Optics pertaiuig to Vision. Office hours, from 10, A. M. to 3, P. M. daily, Suudays excepted. References?The Medical Department of the University of theCityofNew York. s3T eotl lm?r GUITARS. TVAARTIN ItCOUPA, Ouitar Manufacturers, 38S Broadway, dvl up stairs, have conrtaritly on hand a large assortment of Ouilars, of French, Herman, and Spanish model. XI t. /' I.I ...II . 1?,, ,,t I,, lli-tir Terx Guitars, made .iflrr the model or Giuliani, which iu brilliancy aud purity of toue are superior, and very e.wy to the carcalion. Tlie instruments are win-anted perfect, and to stand any change of climate, and will be exchanged at any time should ilit y not prove satisfactory Strangers are invited to call aud examine them. I'ricea from $13 to $100. Sold, wholeaale and retail. S. B. Couna continues to give Lessons on the Guitar.' all 2m eod*r SHAKSPEARE, 11 Park How, mid 3 Ann afreet. fpHR SUBSCRIBER begs to rctnrn hia beat thanki to A Ilia uumeroua friends, fir the kind and liberal entourage ment they have given him since lie re-opt tied llie above estahliahmenl ; he issurn lliein and the public in general, that he will continue to use every* exertion to meiit their pa tronage. The Larder will be always supplied with the choicest delicacies of the season, which will be served up in a >u|>erior manlier, at prices in accordance with the times. The Ber will be stocked with wines, honor*, draught and Scot, h ales, London porter, and segars ; all of the very best quality* Breakfasts, dinners, leaa, and suppers, at all reasonable Wtm. Hot dishes, soups, Ac., on hand every day, brtwetn the hours of I -ud 5 P. vl. OYSTERS?The very best that can be procured, in every atvle. Suitable notice being given, ANY DISH whatever can be procured. Private rooms, for the accommodation of dinner ind supper parties. EDWARD WINDUST. a 13 trnw is 4w*r HATS FALL FASHION?1842. WM. BANTA would respectfully call the attention of Jp^his friends, customers and the public in general, to his assortment of Hats of the Kail Pattern,got up with a particular regard to neatness, style, aud durability. Persons about supplying themselves with that indispensable article of dress, and who study taste and economy in its selection, would do well to give him a call, believing that the within Lamed low pricea would fully satisfy them of the subscribers pretentions to fell cheap, riz:?Short napped silk hala at $2,30; moleskin do $3; black ess imere do tl.Vi; neutria do $1,k0; beaver do $t,30. Alio on hand Citlemen's traveling and drees ci|ia,chil:lren's velvet,cloth, and cy caps, youths and bova hats and raps. s? im e.-d*r WM. BANTA. No. 130 Chatham st. PI A 310 FORTES TOilHIRE.-G. GODONEl t03>a * Broadway, oeiween niiicrauu ui>i<cimiu ?irEU> ?r|'. .. lanre assortment of Piauo Fortes to hire, from three to eigli dollar t p-r month. Also, Foreign Music of the latest Operas of Italy. Si*. A. Bagioli'a method of Solfeggi's for one an two voices. Roman Strings for Harps, Violins, Guitars, fcc. All kinds of Musical Ins'ruinenta repaired. sl4eodlm*r XTEW8! NEWS I-F.NGLI8H NEWSPAPERSLv " Bell's Life ill London.'' " Illnstrated News." " Pnnch,"?" Squib"?" Satirist," fcc. Full files are receiredby every Steamer, and for sale at the News Office, No. 4 Aim street, New Ynrli. Persons residing In Canada, will And this a desirable place to send their orders lor any papers published on the Contiuent. A Letter Bag ia kept here for the Liverpool Steamers, and a special messenger despatched to Boston. Tnu " Artist,"a monthly Ladies' Book, $} per year?3 shillings single cory, is for sale here. The Whig Monthly Review, (now in press,) 00 per year ; single numbers 10 cents. Agents supplied at reasonable rates for all of the foregoing works. E. B. TUTTLE, Agent. s14 Im eod*r No. 4 Ann strtet, N. Y, ZEPHYR EMBROIDERY WOOL, beat Berlin the case or to suit purchasers. German Worsted, assorted colors. Chine Worsted, do Berlin Embroidery patterns, new designs and all makas. Silh, Cotton, Worsted and Linen Caiisaaa, all widlhe. Floss Bilk, complete assortment of colore. Chenille Cord and working chenille. Purse twist, gold and ailver thread and braids. Oaze Olace, for cove ring embroideries. Fancy embroidered articles. Cords, tassels, fringes, fcc. fcc. Gallo lis, bindings, boot cords, fcc. fcc. Received by late arrivals, and constantly on hind, by EDWARD LII'POLD, s6eo l lm*rc No. 104 Willi tin at, near John, up stairs. TRANSPARENT A.Vb WAfcHABLlTwiNbou A SHADES.?The subscribers have on hand the largest aud most varied assortment of French and Italian jmiulrd Wiml-w Shades, of scroll, Gothic, landscape aud plain centres, anu for sale luwer than can be purchased at any other establishment iii (lie cilv. They vary in price and quality from the most magnificent French painting ever imiviried in the country, to the chean Italian style, aa low as to. each.. Also .on hand, a large stock orChinUrs and Linens Tor wilt Iowa, 01 Tinmiaiviaiw, fiaturn.kc. TVirrthf with funeral asuortinriit of all rlearriptiona of Upholstery Goods, Beds, Mattresses, Curtains, Curtain Material!, Uilt ornaments, Sir. For sale at remarkable low prices. SOLOMON 1c HART, Uphotaterers, lie. at et,llin*re 187 Broadway, op|w>?tle John street. CHINA, GLASS, A N JJ EARTHENWARE. 8 ASTOIl HOUSE. EMIENCH Porcelain Dinner Services, IIJ pieces, |2S #0 " Wlule Granite, do do 112 do 13 (in Frenchnr Eiiflish Porcelain Tea Seta, 32 do inn Dinner Thlei. Frrnch Porcelain, per dozen, 1 pi Do do Granite, blue or while, do 1 on Soup, do French Porcelain, do 2 On Do do Granite, blue or white, do I on TeaCups and Saucrra, (21 nieces) French Porcelain, I Ml Em <u pa, do do :.7 ulam. Cnt Wines, per dozen, from ISO Dii Tumble re, do do 2 no Letnonadca, handled, do 2 2S Tapir Curi.rar. Of the fineat descriptions, in aria or dozeus, at the low price oftl2theact. Just opened , a handsome assortment of Toilet Ware. R. SIMPSON. N. B ? Agent for the aale of Simpaon's bar Comma, for the relief of deafness. at tm* re u. s. city de a Patch post. Pt "ST OFFICE, New York, ISth July, I Ml LTOUHSof Delivery each day, (Mondays ctceptcd) at the * J Upper and Lower Poal Offices:? Letters deposited before Half-put o'clock, A Ml 12 " 3 " P M Will be aent ont for deAt all the Stationa before 1 livery at 9 A M, and I 7 o'clock, A M and t o'clock, P M. II 2 " P M Lettera to be aent Free, muat nave "Free Stamp" affiled to them, otherwise throe rents will be collected of the party to whom tha letter ia addreaaed. No money mint be eneloaed in lettera nulcaa re> iatered at t ie principal offices. Liata ol the ataitona (at all of which "free atampa" may be purchaaed at 91,39 per 189, and every information may be obtained on application at the upper or lower pott nfllcea. Stampe iaaned hy the late City Despatch Post will b* received It ia indiaprnnahlr that the number of the rtaideiice ahotild be staled in ail letb ra aet,i throiiKhat.ia Post. The Post M.later solicits the earliest iniormitloti should any irrefularit'ea occur. JOHN LOR1MF.H GRAHAM aa28 lyec Post Master. rI'WlMf-inn '.ales Bri'l|H,,' manufactory, aaaorted air.ea, J fnat received per rtcrnt arrivals, for aale by 23 E K. CO saJSouihat IE It A S42. WORTHY ATTENTION. LIOHT ! LIGHT !?Morn'? paten' sol id bottom Glass Fountain Lampi for Chemical Oil?From tue peculiar beauty and rlegance of thrse Lamps, thru n?at construction and superior qu ility, they are dratinad to supersede all others now ill u?r. Tlir total slwrace of imukr ati<J smell, thr uniuralleled brilliancy of the llame, is admitted to be unequalled. N. B ?At l?*s cist thin hslf a cent pet hour. The irroptietora assure the public that no lamps can be trtm eied and keitt in order williao liule sroublc, and with an much lis it' and facility, as those from thrir manufactory. J. O. Fay, sole agent for the proprietors, at 126 Fulton slrerl, 2d door from the New York Bun office. Alao, Chemical Oil, Carnitine, Globes, Wicks, Ac. Ac. of 1 su, erior ipriilty, at the lowest market prices, wholesale aud retail^ a2il lm*ec THE AMERICAN MACINTOSH. pREJCUICE, or hatiit, inake some to prefer every thing 2 foreign. We ask such to make trial of our waier-nroof coats and capes, and learn for once (to far at least a* our Macintoshes are concerned) that the only merit peculiar to the imported ever the American, is that they maV have hung on a peg in Cheapside until they became rus'y aud out ol lashion, then shipped to America to be sold as "good enough for the mirket." Price of the American Macintosh from ten dollar* upwards. HORACE H. l)AY, ti Maiden Lane, s20 lm*r Successor to Roxbtiry India Rubber Co. NEW STOVE. SHEPARD'S PATENT REVERBERATOR. 1 'T'HK subacribers offer this day t.i the public, the office and A parlor ?izr of ihi? new and splendid patent ?tovr We ask all in w.nt of store* to call and examine if. It it by far, tha moat elhci.ut and ?co. oinlcal atove offered for a number of years, and Ilia the approval of all who have seen it, and bid* Ihir to take the lead of all others. Larger sizra will be iu readiness ill the course af a few days. In the mean lime, the piiniriple of the atore, can be seenfiillv developed in the size czhilnted. SHKI'AKD Si CO. Nott's Store Warehouse, No 242 Water street. N. B.?A splendid assortment of Nott'a Kadiator Store, the only, atore in the market suitable for warming dwellings, churches, hotels, pnblic buildings, fcc. A two story house can l c warmed with three tons of coal, less than one grate will consume. , Drums for parlors and kails, in style and varie'y unequalled in the ciry. Also, the best wood cook store ever offered. r29 lm*ee Vf AtiAZINKS ANI) I'EKIODR Al.S FOR OCTOBER T'A Artist, Uodey's LadiesBook, Oranam'i Magazine, Ladies World of Fashion, Young Peoples' Book. Boston and Beutley'a Miscellany, lie ^ Farm House of the XIX century, with more than ifflOO engravings ; Biblical Journal and Christian Family Magazine, edited by lie Rev, H. Rood and D. Newell ; Temperance and other Almanacs ; the Riinbow andRadi.nt, a new linuiorous and witty journal, well calculated to please the lively anil gay. Allot which will be, sold at wholesale and retail, and those who bny to aell again at a lower rate than can be obtvine J elsewhere. N. B.?Fifty agents wanted to circulate magazines, periodicals, Ike. A. J. SEXTON, No. II Beekman, sZO end lrn * r comer Naassn. NEWTTY invented transposing PIANO FORTES NO. 343 BROADWAY, NF.W YORK. r"PHE subscribers respectfully inform their lnm*U and the -* public in general, they have just finished a newly jufi'iiteu instrument culled the Trinni>o*itijc Piano Forte, winch they now introduce to the musicalcoinmunity. This Instrument fo-ms a beautiful, rich ana new e*ler?or. both m shape and neatness, bes'des a tone full, biilliaul, aud inelo'lions. The great advantage derived from this new inven tiou, is that music inay be transposed into any key desired to suit the vocalists, or for an accompaniment of any other instrument, and therefore worthy the attention of the amattur as well as the artist. A large assortment of Tablet Piano Fortes, rosewood and mahogany, A aud octaves, with French grand Action, are also constantly kept on hand, all of which we respectfully submit to professors, amateurs, und the trade iri general, at our ware rooms aud manufactory, as above. N. fi ?Piano Forte* tuned and repaired ou the shortest notice. LINDKLL, WENNEK9TROM 8c CO. ? 29 ?m*c No. 343 Broadway. ONE PRICE CASH S TOKE, AT HI Chatham s'reet, whrre will he fotfeid closing at:ih?fnllnwimr In w nricesliraver and pilot cloth coals, IroUl Si Ki Sb; satiuctt |>auta from SI VI to jfci; double and alnicl<bieasted t< at, from SI 50 to $2 V>. The vifil side ol Chatham it?No 81. r?28 lm*r HENRY COGSWELL, MAG A Z1NES FOR OCTOH E R. Gil A HAM'S Magazine, Lady's Book Boatoti Miscellany, Musical Library, Lm^'i World ol' Fashion, and Merry's Museum, and all lite various mtgazinea of the day?for sale veholisal-and retail, at IS7INassan street. New Vork. js2l h?*r BKADkUHY. SODF.NSt CO. CHEAP DRY" GOODS. nAIIKF.R it TOWLE, 71 Catharine at, take this of informing the ladies of this city, and all others wishing to avail themselves of the O|ipo:tuuity of purchasing new and Clnap Goods, that they have with inucli care selrcted and huuitht. principally for ea-h, a large assortment of Kail und Winter Goods, to which tiiey are making additions daily, and licit such as wish to purchase,tj call immediately before pur chasing. Alapaca Lustres?Just received, ISO pes of these desirable goods, black, blue black, brown, green aud mode colors, 3s to 8s. Merinos?Kreoch,German and Kuglish,clolhand mode colors ?very ch-ap. Bilks?Jet, blue black, brown and colored silks of every desirable stylet fig'd, pi sin, stripe, corded and repps. Ladles wishing * silk dress or cloak, may come here with confidence, f r we will guarantee to satisfy all such with style, quality and price. Klsunels?Just received, 31!) ps Welsh and English Flannels, from U3d to l-tlid pr yard, warranted not to shri' V. < loths. Casstinrres ami Sstiutl*?A full assortment, sery cheap. Home good Issiiortt as low art 2. fed per yard. Sheetings and Shillings?An excellent assoitment. Heavy, over yard wide, brown Sheetings Id, 6d, H i, hid. Fine breached Shirtings id, 6d,7d,9d, Is. Calicos?warranted fast colors, Id. 0(1, 8, ltd. Is. Ticks, checks and Canton Flauucis, 6d, ltd, 10.1, Is. Conutrv Merchants, if yon wist, to purchase dry goods, chean, call at 71 Catharine at, the next time you visit the city. Goods at auction prices, either by yard, piece or package. BARKER It TOWLE, >29 It'ec II Catharine street. MTTFES VfUFFH It FUR TRIMMINOS.-The undersigned wonld I'J. call the attention of the ladles of New Vork and the public geiieially, to hn large assortment of Muffs, consisting of lynx, tone, martin, Siberian squirrel. Fitch, Genet and C"ney Muffs. A <n, a large assortment ol Furs snd Hwansdown Trimmings, lie. See. lie., which is offered for ?ale at the lowest cash prices, by ISAAC H. ARCHER, Nns. 201 and 26U Greenwich street. Repairing of all kinds done on re unnahle terms. s29 lm*r !>fi?W~FTOi,.Nf!H GOODS. "to milliners and dealers." EB. STR VNGE, ua Vllkrr street, lias nceiTedhy the list Haere packets, new goods adapted for the city trade? PLUMES. FLOWERS. PATTERN HATS. CAPS SPRIGS, sic. c^rr fully (elected, .mil of the beet quality, whici. hr offrri for tale 011 favorable terms. Alto, a full supply of new material! for Flower makeri. . >29 3t?r AffO.NEY TO LOAN?lu large or small sums.?The adver(iter it prepared to make temporary adeancet upon mott descriptions of taleable pertonal property, tuch at (ooda, produce, lurniture, plate, lie. Apply at No. 33 John ttreet, corne r Nattau. Office No. 9, second Ilnor, from 10 till 8. %2i lw*i />R ACKER8.?Parr's cheap Cracker Bakery, 73 Mott ttreet. M near Walker street.?Constantly on hand, Soda, Milk anil Wine Bltcuit; innchine and band made Butler, Sugar and Boaton Crackert, lie.; Pilot and Navy Bread, allet low pricet. Shipping and country OTdeta put up in barrels, krgt and boxet. A liberal ditcount allowed, and delivered callage free. N. B.?Passengers to Earope or NewOrleana supplied cheap. a28 lm" MOM MKNTsrA^ TJ OBF.RT E. LAUNITZ, (late Fraxee k Laonitz) Sculptor a*, and Artificer in Marble, No. 391 Bioadway, New York. Statues, Monuments, Buati, Fountains, Tombs, Head Stonet, i Vases, kc., executed of the finest American and Ilaiian Marbl, t, in a chaste and clastic style. N. B. Croten water having heen introduced into the city, Mr L. will be pleated to execute all orders for erecting fountains for gentlemen in their gardens, as he has had many yesra experience in Italy aad this country. Tha beat of city reference given. All orders by letters, giving New York city references, attended to with punctuality and despatch. tJ7 lm*m QELLINO OFF?MICHAEL REESE, late of the nrm of C Reese It Hil's, offers for sale at coat a large aaecrtment of pen, tioeket, and dirk knives, scissors and racers, together with table cillery ol every description. Also, Britannia ware, tea and coffee sett a. tea ami table spoons, accordians, gold ringa. pius, chains, si>er and gold levers, lie., Itc. Tina stock mutt positively be tc d on oi before the 1st of November nest. MICHAEL REESE, 27 lm*re 70 Maiden Lane, up stairs. ISABELLA ORAl'ES.-C. R. BATEHON, No. I Park A Row, and 34 Bowery, receives frrsh Isabella Gra|ies every day from the Crotou Vineyard, for tale to suit parrhass n. 2* lw* CPWINE?Talent Cotton Twine, a handsome article, suitsJ hie for grocers, dry goods dealers, druggists, kc. Also, superior common Twiue, Carpet Warp. Seine Twine, Cotton Cord awl Yarn, of various* ires aud qualifies, for sale by the package or orherwiac, by J. QUACKIN BUSH k CO. the Manufacturers' Agent, No. 20 William ttreet. Alto for sale as auove, a constant supply of J. Bloat k Co't sn|ierior Slocks and Pies, wholesale and retail. s 2? 3t *r N( >TT'S STOVES nErAIRh D by RICHARD AYLIFFE. established nine R ytarsat 16 Chatham street. New York. R A. ha? Nott's and other toves, which he ran sell at a very reduced price. Stoves and (ipe put tip at the shorteat notice. N. B.?I' i e constantly on hand. ilflm'r UCKWHEAT CAKF.S?Thoae who are lond of th-se delicious things, (and who is there that is riot?) should etll on our friend COWLING, 64 Nasaaa street, and try a plate with Stuart's flue Syrup. .77 Iwr REMITTANCES to IRELANI), kc.-Ti.e ...? criber continues to trimmit money in ?nmn large or small, to persons residing in fttty port of Ireland. in ili? ?imp maimer u ne, ami hi* predeceaaoi in hare done for the la*t thirty ^est*. and more: slao, to any part Lit* land, or jf lands Money' lemitted by letter {|*Ht |wid) to the subscriber, or perionillv deposited with him with the name of the person or persons in Ireland, F.uglaiid, or Seotland, to whom it la to be sent, and nearest post town, will be immediately tiansmitted and paid accordingly, ami a receipt to that effect given, or forwarned to the sender. . ,. . *M lm*r GEORGE McBRIDK, Jr.. g2Cedsr-street PARS ELLS & AGATE, MANUFACTURERS OF ELASTIC STOCKS, AND SUSPENDERS, LINEN DRAPERS, sVc. tpllK SI BSf KIBERS, in addition to their former stock of 1 fashionable goods, are constantly receiving by every new arrival from r.iris and London, a supply of the most rich and fashionable Mearfs and Cravata. Their aaaortment of faahiona ble Blocks, Hearfs, Cravats^ ready made Linen. Oloves, Baiv pelnlera, no* ,er>. mm mi a > -- * wardrobe, w rich and tannl They rcapectfully invite their old pal roil* and (ranger* Tinting thi* city, tw call at the old long and favorably known and make their lelection*. PARSELLH k AOATR, Ml Broadway, between Park (dace and Murray it. They won'd particularly recommend an Elaatic Hnvpendet, wilh ili? patent bnrkle, ol their own manufacture, winch fi>r durability and comlnrt, cannot In- wiipaaaed. The iapi* vi d Minerva Dram , intended to lim e the n!>nIil> r? an I etparvd ihe ehe*t, an- highly rerommended by the medical facnlty, and will be fonnd inniapenaiblr to peraona who are inclined to bend forward! and in fact to *'l individual* of vedentary habile. Pan ula ami Guardian* are particularly rrtjneated to eiamine ihii article, at '.t will be (onnd of immt-nve advantage to childrenof eitheraej who have acquired the habit ol' Hooping. PARSEt.LS k AO A TP. continue lb* manufkclure of their celebrated Huaaia Kidmg Bell. ??1 tm*m LD Price Two Cents City Intelligence. (Join a Ur.?On Saturday A. M. C. Smith conveys to Sing Sing State prison four of tha moat accomplished and finished rogues that ever graced its walls,men who should years since have been its inmates, and thus relieved the community of many of its evils. The first is Otis Allan, known for years as a counterfeiter and dealer in ail kiuds of bad money, sent for 16 years. The second is Oeorge Somes, the street broker, of this .city, for dealing in the same business, five years. The third is Jeck Williams, alias UngUsh Jack, counterfeiter, thiei, pickpocket, fcc., for seven year*, and the fourth Merriam, who escaped on straw bail, alter conviction of forgery, but was caught by Smith. uiui.?un??n w. 11. oiepnens Mia Sparks haw succeeded in arresting the leader uf a desperate and noterious gang of negro burglars, named gen Palmer,and he is uow safely secured tu the Tombs. Affidavits have been made against him fur entering the house of Audw. Nome,63 Chamber at,by lotting the basement windows on the night ofthe 19th inst. and stealing two rnus tol clocks and clothing worth nearly *300 , also lor burglariously entering a dwelling corner ot Center and Walker streets, another in White street, one in Orange street, and several boot and shoe stores, within a tew weeks, and carrying oil property to the umount of nearly *0000, most of which has boen recovered by the above oillcers, who are on the trail of the remainder of the gang. Awfl'l Death.?Oa Wednesday morning about eight o'clock, the clothes of an infant three yuars old, named Margaret Floyd, by some means took hre from a night lamp that had been left burning in the chamber '1 he cries of the child brought her mother to her assistance, who eatiuguiuhed the flames and sent for two phyticiaus, but their medicine was ol no avail, as the little sutterer died the same afternoon at a o'clock in the grrateat agony. An inquest was held at the residence ol her mother, 77 Rivington street, yesterday morning, when the above facta were elicited. Miserable Death.?An inquest was yesterday held at thecoruurof Heventh Avenue and Sixth street, on lb* body of au unknown man, about (16 years ol age,who waa sometimes called "Lawyer Weed," found dead in the street. It appealed he has been ill the habit of gathering sumac in that neighborhood the two last years, and aieaping out ot doors in the summer season, f or several davs be has been unwell, complaining of fever and ague, ami a few deys since he fell in a spring. He was seen by a person on Wednesday night, who offered him u lodging In his kitchen, which he refused, and the next morning was tbnnd dead as above stated. Verdict that be died ot "intermittent lever and eiposure." AThicvino Roost Mate,?Michael Harrington was yesterday arrested lor forcing opec a trunk belonging lo his fellow lodger, James lluggoriy, at Mrs. Kenny's boarding bouse, 331 Washington street, und stealing * >0 in silver coin, yet generously leaving liehiud him gpjll. Harrington denied the robbery, although lie acknowledged he owned a knife which bad been used to ctfurt it. He was fully committed to answer at the Sessions. Circuit Court. before Judge Kent. Sett. '2'X?CharUs Tripp* vs. John W. Haul.?'This was an action ol Trover, to recover a note lor *430, obtained by the brother-in-law of defendant (Mr. Lock wood) under pretence of cashing it. Lockwced had stopped payment, making Mr. Hoyt his assiguvc. The note in question belonge 1 to B.Lloyd, who had also stopped; and owed Lock wood lor a bill of goods. The parties were at the public house, corner of Nassau and Pine streets. Lloyd hud givan the note to Trippo for tho latter to raise money ujhmi, and Lockwood thought it no harm to convert It to lus own use. Alter getting |>ossession of the note, Lockwood went awav. iiromisina to be back with the money iti 13 miuues, but was soon on his way to Albany, wheie tut- defendant lived, and handed the note to him aa part *1' his t'Hucts. The note had hceu given to Lloyd by James Mowutt, Wall street, as his share in a piaca ol land at Long Island, which Mowalt bought. The counsel lor detent silt insisted that the note wus not worth its lace, as the parties were insolvent at the time ol its conversion. The objection was overruled, as the c-se is to go before the Supreme Court, and the Jury found for the lull value, with interest For Plaintiff?Mr. L. Van Dyck and Mr. Holmes. For defendant?Mr. W H. Bogardus aud Peter Wilson. Plat! and Urotheri vs. Richard I). Ijittell, John Tot tan, and Jacob Rodinc.?Piatt and Brothers keep in Maiden Lane. Mr. Littell was President ol the Btaten Island Bank. In 1841, the plaintiffs loaned the bank $3,000 on a post note for the same amount, drawn by the bank, and endorsed by defendants. Action is now entered lor its recovery, l'uyment is contested on the ground that the Supreme Couit has decided that Post Notes Jrawn by the companies, uuder the new Banking law, arc illegal and void; and, therefore, that the plaintiffs are not entitled to recover. Motion was made for a nonsuit. The Court remarked that as the declaration merely sets up the post note as the cause of action, the suit cannot be sustained. The parties might bring their action in another form, (f j Iraud) and perhaps be admitted. Motion for nonsuit granted. For plaintiff, Mr. A. W. Cone, and Mr. J. J. Ring. For defendant, Mr. F. 8. Kinney, Mr. Towuaeud, and Mr. Oihbs. Nicholas L. Ludlum vs. William Van Hook?The plaintiff ii a celebrated bookkeeper, and u now a mere banc in Veiey street. He waa applied to by defendant, executor of the late Mr Boggi, (Boggs, Thompion fc Co ) to alter the individual books from a diary lorm, as the decerned had kept them, to something like buiineai faihion. Mr. L. wai three monthi, ofl' ami on, in doing so, and found the eitate to he worth $300,000. Feeling it wai no uae to poueaa inperiorikill unleia it could he rewarded by commeniurate pay, he charged $700 for the job. The defendant paid him (3A0. Action if brought for the balance. After coniiderable teitimony had been heard, the caio wai referred to one of the Jurori (Mr. Eleazer Hand, Pearl itreot,) for adjuitmcnl. For plaintiff, Main. Sullivan and Bowdoin. For defendant, Mr. A. D. Campbell. Court of Common Plena. Before Judge lnglia. Sarr. 39.?Daniol Martin, vi. Thomas Laws, Phths his wifs, and F. Mann.? Mr. Lawi married the daughter of the late John Mann, Eleventh itreet, who died (loueaied of considerable property. Previoui to hii death be obtained hii groccriei from plaintiff", corner Oth avenue and 10th itreet. The pail book continued to tie lent by the widow m uiual, after hii death, and a billot (ISO wai runup. 1'hebe, the daughter, wai of age, and action ii brought ngainit Mr. Law to pay the bill, u the grouad that Mrs. L., previoui to her marriage, wai a party, with her mother, in running up the bill, and that nc took hii wile, ai other* do, debt! and all. For the defence, H wai contended that the eitate of deceaied, er the mother, only waa liable. The Jury found for plaintiff in (178, being amount of hiliiince decease of Mr. M. For plaintiff, Mr. Bell and Mr. Cee?For defendant, Mr. Tomlinion. V. 8. Marihal'i Office. Sett. 39.?A man named Lewii Ooguct, a native of France, and paaienger on board the ihip Oneida, wai yei tnrdiv arretted, charged with committing a robbery on the high wai, by breaking open a boa, and stealing there from a pieoe of nlk daring the late voyage of the veaiel from Havre to this port. Court Calendar?Tills Day. CiacwtT Coubt.?Nos. 09, 78, 80, 83, 88, 84, 86, W to B?, 101, 103. Cosmo* Pi-eai?Part 1?Noa. 149, 107, 181,7, 7A,m,w, 139, 13,09, 133, 79, 103, 107,97, II, 110. Past 9?No. 103. Scale of EnucATioa i* rur. INirkn States.?From the ceniui recently completed hy the General Government, the following interesting table exhibit a comparative view of the number of white peraoni over 30 years of age, in the different Statu, who cannot read or writs : Connecticut 1 to every MS Vermont, 1 ... " ... 473 New Hampshire 1 ... " ... 310 Maaiachuietti, 1 ..." .... 100 Maine 1 108 Michigan, 1 ... " ... 97 Rhode Inland, 1 . 07 New Jersey 1 ... " ... IH New Fork, 1 ...".. , 00 Pennsylvania, 1 ... " ... AO Ohio 1 " 43 Louisiana, 1 .... Maryland, I . 37 Miuinippi 1 ...".. . 30 Delaware, 1 ... " ... 18 Indiana 1 ...".. . 18 South Carolina 1 ...".. . 17 Illinois 1 ... " ... 17 Missouri I , 18 Alabama 1 ... " ... ]jy Kentucky I . 13} Oeorgit 1 . 13 Virginia, 1 ... " ... |Q4 Arkansas I . Ill * Tennessee 1 ... " ... til North Carolina, 1 . 7* Mhockino Amiii -We loam a (hocking occurrence I took place last weak in Jefterson. Wm. Besselv. in h fit I of passion, (hot hi>own brother, Robert Beasley, through I the head, killing him instantly. W. B. haa absconded. - I Tatlahasio* Moridian, 17th initant. I Coal Tolls?Account of tolls receipted on )! the ca- I nalsotthis State for the third week in September, an<l I the total to Wd September in each of the years following, I viz s? 3d vetk in Sept. T it alt to Md Srnt I 18.76, $63,*13 63 $1,017,907 00 1S30, ftp ,71 ft 7ft 1,001,881 43 18.77, 19.761 98 771,090 W 1838, 83,847 83 1, 61 18.79, 67.487 68 1.003,434 01 1840, 74,307 67 1,106,4-11 .1.7 1841, 83,637 86 1,347,147 88 174-1, 76,116 19 1,064,903 7.1 The falling >11 this year, as oompnrnd with the l??t, ?. fl in the third week in September, $8,6-11 67, andthetofal H falling off to the Tld S-ptember is $-16-1,000.?*1r- H French Navy.?The French razee frigate Circe H Captain Ricard, hound to M?rt'nifl"*? dropper H down to Hampton Roadeon ll? ** instant, and would go to pea with the flrat wind.

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