Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 27, 1842, Page 4

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 27, 1842 Page 4
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7 ? iriiktrn and Clittn. Fine ?t Rslmuh, S- C.?A block ot buildings iu Ku leign, know ii a> Cook's Row, wit destroy tvi by lire, on Pa tuiday in kin last, Hfp?d to be the work "of incendiarie?. Aaauti kiTiiotDWiit.-l'ndtr tliii head the Oawe go Commercial Merat.i ol the !Nnd indent, announce* the arrival at lha place ol the iron steamboat Pioneer, Cipt Adkiiit, in hj day* Ironi Vw York The Pioneer, kftei discharging her cargo, which confute I ol tilty tons ol inerch.ndi.e, obtained a return freight lor New Vorh and stalled on er homeward tup. Me HUr.K tan MtieiDK.?At St Louii, on the 14 h mat., a m in name I McPeak.miXid laudanum witn aoine i quor, winch he gave his ?lie, causing bar death hi a lew bout*. He aiao drank soine ol ibe same, and died in con*< queuce. They were both very intemperate. R. titti -Lm week oue ol ourcitix-n* wai stopped lntheroa ib> a gang ol high way men, who demanded Hit "mom; or itle. 1'liey obtained the money, an I we art son; to sat they got more tnau they deserved.? Gu 11 n Htfuhlitan. tutri ?so Camas: ?We learn from the Newbern (VC.) spectator, that Joseph Pugg, who w as COIlvicte ol inutdei at the last lei in oi the pupet tor Cout I ol Greet coun y, m inui stale, uud sentenced to be bung recently broke jail An lustrumeut ot iron conveyed to bun by hii wile, enableu him to make his escape by breaking th< lock* and iloora o hi* prison. The ?Uerdf captured nun however, be.oie hti could leave the county. Ninaptuo liars, w bo esea, t-d iroin uribon a lew dais before. return I'.l to taf j 111 "U lUf I Mil iu?l , having d^rcij uinung tlifin rliu tbey tvuuia go hack auJ .trve theu urn. out. Muhdkh at VVk?t Taov?We learn lrom Po ?? roy'< K tpi tbit, that on ^ fiiiit ?.id) night, a mill del* was coin iniiial ou t?oaid a caiimi t>oal, 1) nig ui W?*t I 10), b) ? t* eiicuuun, (uunie unknown) 011 uu Ins Klin, (iiaint Ui u UiuuoAlr) Both p ti les are boat ill< n , employ ed on iiirtf.i i in boats ?*a\igaln.g the canal. 1 uu quai i ei uivs* is bo it lie right o: pi rc?' ieuv.y of iu ir i-oa.^i m U.H : cusued bet * ecu the p ?rtie* oil iheJeckot one o the boats la w men n ttppe iia t.'ie > rt llCliiuuu hud lUc best ot it, loi lln* itunmau ran lioin Ih dec k to the Cifthiu, ikUbii live a.s followed by the Frenchman, and stabbed in th? breast, i.y it oasuumlt, ho violent wu? the blow, that tin bialeoi the kniie v as driven completely through thi bicusl nolle. l'ue Kretichinan was ai rest? doll tile spot ? Au inquest was hel i on the body ot the Irishman, wh* survived the blow but a tew hours,and a verdict ol wiilu murder returned against the French man. who has beei committed to aw an his trial. MFOlt JtALr.?Tiie well kuowu public hous-% liowen Cot luge, with lilt- building < mid Unexpired U <ue ot sale , iv l>t s, shicli has live >t?ls to .mi jfoui the UI ui m 1 i... . pit uiuts, Willi ju iicioiu mall geuieut, w nl cu tbic the purcmuei loliv. rcul rre. Hit prrs at t?c< uptu: lie oik about to rr in* into the couuiry Will sell Ut?o a od t.t . tu.. to . r spouaio r pe sou I'll. p*itiiuUi.>, li.qati ol rAK.Vlr LK, i2.6t*r _ ?4*bo*co H Oi\ SALl*., the cheapest Kaitu iu these pa. IS, ol 7l trn ?cic?, |uu b mamas, plrul> ol liu I, wood auc Walei. XJfl. kl?> lurit c 01 tic tiiq? lor kood city property, foui iu /tc laiius a d loUr k*U?e? and lots iu and Ulgh i'laiu icid. L>*. to tr ide lor uf> goods an 1 groceiles, at w bouse aucl l\vu oil. bo. valu tb lots iu Jersey City. Call ?-u S. VAIL, 8*iu d.) ?. 41 Cou:ti cudt street iroiu lo to 2. Other days, riainiitId JN. J., > r at 71 w ashiusiou si. 1 ru Sill <11 IdJIU* lor sale low. S. V. L:i?uw*ill ... vVAMfcp i O I'U itc MASK?A couutry residence | 'ft wilhin 25 us lie s ol .New V ork, oik w nh lrom j to 2tl JgjJKL tcre . ol huid, lit ar Loug Island bound, prctcned. Ad1 ill* mil pcrlicu', uos 7, l'osl oilicc, lou, tiaecpsie, *N. \ nnl ffA wVILLiv.vl BKO W N'd ch-ap cash s.or*, C6 Chatham J/0**** -tppti.ite K e?v.ll stivet ? asilltere, Silk aim hut Ai -v O i , v -vI, \ utr-i, Cloth and bitk Vt IVct C*.>. ht r ?t .< a , .11eius, iit'11 y iriuiun-d t u? u al > liuisheu. A l.ii'ge ... am ui i I ..! > :u;-f l ? ux iriuiiiiiiig, spleudid I > mulls dii . I..C roll .*4 .idtvvn .riiilmixite, aii ol wmch will be solo, wm/<i ?-l* ?r it-rail, ? fy low ulf> lm?tc. L' qt h "* 1 til A.N ACAUtMlf.? i In iUti?cn<'U would a i-* >,*e c li Ui 1 > lulorill u.C LJitt-4 t Jelllf ellleu oi .New lork 4?*u i>io-*sl>u, lllsl be liao opeued au Acadeoiy, |iU lhat lai^e a??0 cumin ??iou> buiidnik lorui'.ily knowu as liic LoucsUian ui V/UUR ft lylic 1?, ou t ry, UU V .lUUW.I Ual.l, it; lu liu- luslfUCli Ml ?i ladle* uid 41 UtleiUCh iu Lli.ti lleaithlul oiili uctLi* ii> >Cv.>>mph>htneut, the act ot horai uiauahlp lu ill IL Uiuciit*. I'm au t-iii) is iurnuhed W itil drtsalll* *11 vi Sill I Ilg rooms, and evei > ctuvtuieuce lor the uinUm 01 pupil*, olio ?hc ?wii';e.*t 1? jr?i to rtspec'abillly will he adhere.I to ? <idft lUadll dirdllgt UltfUL With Mi. VV. J. DdVl?, OUt O lilt* o dul iirule?iura Ifoui LUi'Opc. 10 take Charge ot the ?d|iir, and lUiUr? itliust il that the euterprue will uitcl wilii the ploOnlOu olid t'liCO II1.t^elilt-lit ol .4 liberal public. i crin* auu particulars ihd> be dscci ldiuc.U ou application as llOVti 1 lie omu buj and rs pa** every live miuuU^ during the day utt itn *rc W. L) UI8BHOW, Proprietor. rPO the wulow? o!" the soldier* and ?.iilu? o the re volutionA ry ivir, -vuu were uutfwd ch>u Uk i* ot January, 1794, dud Wh > Can pro* e the service* ol Llieir iiuabiuus, aud Uie it gahty oflnetr -rritge, cau, by a, ply lug at N . bj Aiercer iliccl, hear 01 I04l< till g o Uieir ad>duldgc*? 1 host? not ablr to produce lb ie?|U ied cvdeuce ire? d uot appiy. Pe ?oui rc sidrng a 4 dhiautv, au 1 win) will iu aO i-c, pi.d* wtil receive attention. 111 ?c wauling uiy serviced will do Well l?? dp,.r> bcior 11. 1st ol Jauu iry, da i hate other bust Dm, whtcn will e li ma to Washington, during Um ureieiii it-nidu ol Congress A- K. CiilLDd. U17 lui9i Aou-Al.w o lilt. !> i OitA i i\J M, OUrii:i'a Second Coming, 4ud hie ?Lrlcuiuui,will he lectured ou i?y Margaret bishop and other* iu Miiitaiy ti ill, boweiy, opposite b.-.iug street, t u 3uud?) *, dt three aud ?evcu o'ul?cil, f >1. Admission. A voluntary coliectiou taken up. Tue public ai? respcctiuily 1114itcd. 114 iu?r# fibPV'b PATENT CONICAL ViuN TILA A'Otv f PrlC* cheap, simple aul eiticit til apparatus o? adaple to all A purposes ol Veulu&tiou. bhips, Steamboats, v. mirches, hospitals, 1'risons, Alines, Vault .dec. fee. iftay o iu applied liou ot aepl iree irom ll lout ail .tud uir whole*. me eltluvia; 11 is aku au eileclUdi cure for Mn.iliy Lfiiiuuie*. The ?ubs< ribei haviug purchase J Uie a ght for the City and Couuly ol New 4 ork, 1* prepared to sipply the public with Cones ou deuiaud. Metal Koothug ot ail descrit Lous turnished in any jviri of the country. Crolou Wmer Pipes him Plumpers'Work in general. Also, i< u ?iiu I iu " ue HI wnolesaie. CHOVe pi)**, tialli uu*, coal lioda, ate 4 price* greatly reduced. \I laura wauauleO, tu I order* b> telle!* alleii^ed lo. I'. >U.UA Ml, tlhSui'm lr(i Wai?:i ?iieri. JOdtPH McMUHKlY, ou Pun-?irr. i New Vork, gi?e? J Unlu in win m ml. a i Ilea nu tile PROVINCIAL BANK OK IRELAND, Pa) able ai? Cork, Bainbridge Liine ick, Billjimna, Clomiiel, Paravutowu, L"iidnudt rry, Down|>aii< k, Bligo, C lean, W, v ord, Lurgm, B liaB'i Oiiia.h, Wh erlo.d, Do . iaunoil. Gateway, Bunion, A ii aan, Ktiuir, A iilour. B illy diannon, C der une, S rabane, Klaei.O), Uuuaarvio, B .illU4, Mallow, Tiaee, Moucymore, Youghal, Co ilcliill, Ei ui>kilteu, Kilruali. Mooagliaa, ENGLAND S)OOll?r, Ai wood 9) Co. BuiWtr*, Loudon. Pti able in eveiy luWU IB Gicat Biilaiu. P W B.-rne*. E nuire*. L.*er|H>ol. Ci'y "I ' Jl i-gow B oik. Payable in i rery I nvn in Lcotland nil Imr THt aNTI angular system op WRITING. GREAT REDUCTION. PROff TWKLVK TO 911 DOLLAR* ! MK. BKISTOW ot Loudon, respectfully informs thr Ladtrr sod Oeutlemruof New York .mil Brooklyn, that his classes Day ami Evening. hate c^mmmcrd tor the iu?ia, and that hp has >KDi'cr:u hia Term, our half,?m bn Dollars! AcaoaMT No 236 Bhouiwk, acta Paaa Pt.acr. UmiUium of all acta are positively tamclit id twelve leaaona, a bold, free, emtditioiu and finished business-like alylc ol Wntiui, uo (nattPi now bail, illegible SUIT, or craui|* >1 tlie writiok may b?. Mac start mens at the door, 23b BriMdwaV. Ami tilt Lamt.a A np-t and aandannie, deltratv and lashiouablr Kuumiu. Ham !s l aiLvi Ess? Laaaona I J^T" VISITOR* l New York cnu take a caurar Hi Thrrr Days ?Mr B la to hp men from ? to I A. M., Or from t to ? P VI. Y.vpinoa Classes Tom 7 to 9. HoiiC-UKKrian Tiofh ou a superior Helmut. by double and aitinIp t lllr, < eutn.cvlly iud practically. *, | <N X | <N ^ 1 c 1 C *1 STENOGRAPHY. A iHfW ?yt*em of the \rt of VVtit*rite Short-haud, for tlkiu^ l? \*u Lectures, Scrui-.u*, 1'riaU ai L.i?, V Ac., uught |?er tefflv '?v Mi. Bn.ntov in one course of lessons ' at :&6 Broad? ') . fJcj a specimen. >. Bi?A work of tht* .'tilhor is presented t? ever* pnpilto then i rrmanru' aunt* ____ Ii21 r PARK'S LIFE PILLS. 'f'HH blMil.inv igt ra"nic. -mJlifV prolonging power nf thi tnir?ci?' * in dirtiM* n?<h > niinnl LilV P lis" <iud i \*m cntin' of litii peculiar! niilo yet tffectne ?titration mr ht 14 |M( t icr f? it f the I. Vi rile Jainily medicine. To p rus olfuwimr h ir<f' i?iy ucnrpiti m ihry sre 01 the g* h v u?,und in prevenring the liability 10 take cold, to which u h|* ?uu? arc so tnuck ?x o*< J at thtsseubvju by frequent CliiMgrl fltMII lilt- :!'" Ul lie t of f he If fOOtlia lO ll?e (Mr H i! C"W Air. th*y r^m v?- rlie congealed phlegm in the thm.t, v* h'C produce* thai unpleasant lit.Ming sen*at.on,winch oau?< t roug and J?*troy* rest, and vrh- h Mill, if uo inuedi<lrly cht i krd. i dii a Uain ufsvili And d ringe the whole sy?te" ? they ire at all times "fseivlCc to nature,bu; u ver lorgt t thai ii is far easier to irwioi than cure. In uo one luattnce has t ts valuai )e ined Cilie failed is hen duly |>er?*\ered in to the whelr s> t'rm iu!0 * i-'Uii j ant healthy condition, tit (in* ine mi ud nd btKly l??f thr \4f.iM dutut of, v*l?irh Hill thru be iitrlonofd w lh M f -?u I nfll'dCUuii '1 he lotl.iw uK are rh riclu..l\e n*< n'i for thr *u r of Pair'* Li t Pi If? HuMibnu fci A?|?mwall, druifiri?U and chemiUs, 86 William ?i 11# Bio?dvt?y tiid 10 A?torlluuar. Abrahim Sand* X (/o.dra^aiitt aud the:iniatft,granite build mm 27i Uiii%d*,tv, corner ol Chamber at. P. D ckt*r, <13 Broadway.corner of Lhjt narc! at. B. Oodd, 4ruasiat. Broadway, coruer Bl eckeriL i l. Bower> VL-diciur Store, 860 BoWcry John C. Hirt, druggut, W8 (iraud corner .Norfolk at, Byrne* \}?*dtc(u* (kurt.U Bowery, control Walker ?t. A. B I ri|iler, oruer Fulton and Water at. iloiic* ivtrru, druaa?at, J67 Or. en ah h (., ncit thr corner ol r r*H* in Ht. J It J. C H.diugtoa, apothrcanea, 887 Hnds< n atrrrt. Corner of 9i>riug at. K. L. C?HtoB?chemist and apothecary, 263 Bl.-rcker *f,, ennu'i of Jouea at. J. W.udover, dnigtsial and notheary, Ml Eighth e?,,0r. Brooklyn?Wirt. Arriatrona, teed, dru* and i?i?i mediciur warenouie. my Pulp u ?t And whole'al*. at proi rietor,' office, ? ? ,1 Huberts S. CO.. CKr*ndon Honac, corner of Uuane oreet 4ud Broadway l Small B Met JSeenra Larga or Kunily B,,arl m ceuM Per.oua deairtttO of oblainnMJ an (gency tor their?? e in th> eouuiri will ideaae direct their letlfM, t>o?r i aid. t,, T Robert:, k Co., Letter Bo, >l> New fom P?>t Ulnce i ?v m*r TOVS' TOVH! TOYa It!?flail opened a n> w and lie,) A n>o >mrulol commo > .mil Hud i'oya, aailab e fir the holiday,, ai 211 C*nlre ?treet. oppoaite Centre Market, for tali , wholetale a. d retail, cheaper ihaueeer. Toy dealer, are r lieet'ulty inered loeal. .i.d > itmjie I'm thr maelTei D..?i' lurgi l Jar nmnti. i? 23), two o. or, nb. ?< (l and afreet nil Jtaw iMi.UfcKKhOfVpfc. TO THE PHOTOOHAHHJC ARTISTS FA AH i'AULT V CO . iS8>4 Kill.on nrret, opposite .Si raul ? Church. ropcciluhy mlorm ihcir Iricuda and tin I .unite, thai the, have jiui received b> pack. t>hi|i Ai*o, an in ?oiee of I0IM L)a*n-rreotyp* Krenct. Plaua A new aupplv ol the beat aud u?weat pattern! apparatua 180 riuucea bromine M ounce, bromine of iodine SO poiuiii. hypro ulpliale of ,od.< SO a ram inea ol cnloride of (old IM ponoda of tripoli of rcinae SO ouueet chlor ide of iodina And Che new book roulaiaing the lateat iiBprov. iaebU int r P i(uerreotyi? oJ 1?i ?r iSY THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES. I N I'inuauca ol law, i, JOHN TVLKR, Prvitileut ol th? A- l> mates olAuu'ic*.d** n? reby declare an make known, that a public s?le w ill be held at t ie Laud Office at Kalamazoo in the Huie of Michifau, coutioenciin; ou Monday, the second day of Jinutn ueil, lor the disposal of iht unappropriated pub* . li.- lands w ithin the limits of the sectiou* *n?J low ushiiw h *rnuwhich h *c lituuifoiri breu withheld from ?*le, as th' Noi'owium# and \ilr? IndHfi rmrvAtiuui, to wit: South of the base lint, ami Wtttt of the meridian 1 S* ti '<<-!? hi, *?.y ruler a, etf hie* n, uin teeu, twe ty. twent>*inne. thirty, iluu\-oue, and Jiutyiwo, iu township tour, ol ranxe uiue. Sect ion* five, *tx, seven, ?iJu,.?n, muei~en, and thirty-one, and the Wt?t halve* of section* sefeuteen, weuiy, twentyuine, ai d U?iri)*lwo, in township live, of ranfe nine, i'owuships four dud live, of ranee leu. S?-e iuus oue, iwo, eK v?u, twelve, thirteen, f?urt*cu, tWent\-three, iw? ut>-lour, tWeu.y-fivs, l w euty-sii, liurtv-live, aiid th<rt>*?ii, hi t >wn?ni,> four, ol ratine eleven. Section* one, two, eh Veil, twelve ih.rtetn, fourteen, tweui ty.thre^* iwent>-iour, weuty-Ave, tw*nly-sii, unrty-iive, anJ lhirt>-*Tx, in township live, of ran** eh fell. P? clioimJ .own*iU|? e?t :i ,.n.l ei^..1, south of St Joseph's rivrr, ofr?u.? ?. veuteen. Fractional tow * ops ?evtu and riffht, south of 8t Joseph's i river, ol railtfe ?I. hlet u. I Tin* small fraciiou 01 seen ?u t weuty-four, in t >wnship euht, % ol rmn;e uui'tecu. Land> i| pr pi idled by law for the u?e of schools, military t r other purpos*?, will be excluded from sale. 1 i he f.alf will be kept . peu foi two weeks, (unless the lauds * Are s ioin r di*}H>?ed of,) and no touger ; and uo private eiitnes f o| Ian I in (he a ctioD* and township? so off red will be admitte u ti? alter th** Xpiratiou ol the two iviveii miner my n inn, at in?-city 01 lie ion, ninwui* t> *..i vctiin u.t. >1 iieptcmbti, A mo Domini, i84C JOHN TYLER. tf B> tin Prr-sul* lit: 1 HO II ilLAKK, Commissioner of ihe Gtneral Land Office. ! , N'OII K TO PKE-&.VP TION CLAIMANTS. , Every |?t rsou l 'Ik- rig .1 o) |?r* - inpli >n to laud in au> of iht ( wt?hip> ?i. signaled III tl u rocjainttlou, iu virtue of' the | n?\i -loiia -i tin* i I ol 2id Iuii' i 1833, da extended and ino1 j.lied bv the act uf 1st Jam-, i8t0, < rol the piovisious ol the In if r act, (w i*? n thoieUwii tdi a, ply tosucttciai -'sby leasouof ( ?n > ,.* ? ?.? tar | l.tu ai the Kegislet's mIH? on 22-I Juue, 184!,)o. by viriu? of the act of the 4tn .SeuL-inbtr I81l,vtcl) gi K.(tti4 <' rt uu I'rivilegfS to dtiofh?l aild different c! * ?* ot s l11 11?, ia . 11jn .1 d l jnoV the > tin'* to (he satisfaction I the Kt. i. ? mhI Ktttiwr ol tin i iO|-vi L ud Othce, and make j |*i liieht tliett'ho ?? a ou d?pr icfit able after st ring thi? notice, : mi before the duy appointed for the COI(iineu< ?inelil ol the I'M idle a tie of the laud da above de&i^naltd utlu rWUe such claim* villi be fori' (V tl t Where the year subsequent to the filing of the plats shall ? * jure pr? v on, to the day fixed lor the Cumuli lice inent of the sale above men loued, claim* under the acts of 1838 and 184ft, above t referred to, will he fork ited if no* proven up and paid lor prior to the expiration ot sucii year. i THO. H. BLAKE, Commitriontr of the Genearl Juxnd, QjJice. off ItawtoJlr _ it) i LONDON A.\U ANCiiESTEU INDIA KUBBliK GOOD* IUi.ULr.SALt AM) Kt I'AIL, \,a W ,11 ?(reet. Th ' * >uli*cribei ha* tcnved ami offer* loi sale a Urge ass onitcui ol iiuj'Oiicil ludid Kuober Water fruol (rouda, viz: Co -la <ii,u Cape*, 01 aupenoi L ima, Cashu eie Lama, Persian, VleriUu tuii Cotton, ol all Ctiioia and size*. ' Cloth?India Hiihbi r, Water f'rool, super Ldina, Lama Persian <tmi Col ton, | repaired lor t ilor*. India fiuhbt-r Webbings lor suspends-is, corset*, lie. f HA.v A B KA H AM SON ( iHEAP f ASnlO . .iBLh TAILORING, at i08 Beeaiuaii Cy street.? W here dot a tin. money comw I\om that supports the rx. ehiivc Tailoring Establish m-ut* scattered over the city f Can it come from any place but the ,ockeu of their t ustotnrr* / At the above number it m otlievrd gculieuiea cau uud all esti bhshineut conducted ou tne iiiictesi principles ol ecouomy ,and garments made in a style of elegance aud durability unsurpassed bv any house iu the city. Tae price* charged are? For Dress Coats, ol the best West of England ( loth*. $i4 t* 2! Wool dyed West of England Cassimere pants 5 to 8 Vests ol cashmere, satin, silk or cloili, 23^ to b Superfine Bea>*i oVereoats. $4u style, for 18 to 24 Dress Coals made aud trimmed, 7 to 9 Pants aud Vesls, to 2 JOHN MOFFAT. nl i in r CKh.Nth Ait I IFIi kL FLOW EUd.auiatc i i loi floT usis?B uC NLAUOSiEKE StCUllKT, I >6 Willi&ui St., -lit er sors ol Brulil.t Ko?,rn bi Co ha^i JlUt luCeiVed by li. tiavit P.t. l,el->Jbaliih: rt and Villi de L>o , a lai*t oasur-lilt lit Oi nm. u?, ?>| the latr si t'.v liiuu Style. M'UililUg blowers a la Duchesse U'Urltau->, Lufue xid l' i se s, and a grcal v tru ly ol ut-vv iditcy articles of toilet Ini parties and balls. I iif No. l.t> Wilidui Hiu cl li llir true sud oulV depotol Uius tuiit-rioi articles .'ruin their manufactory Rue de liacy, No. t> a Pull tu Im' r JshdAlii- ^bUAiCo. iMIE. following choice Scgars ure aivvavs ou h*ud at HENKlUUEbfij HAVANA AND FKiNCirE btUAR 9 I'ukh., wholesale ami retail, basement j1 VV liiiatn si. Kiundas, in hall aud quarter boxes Do. No. , hall' and quarter o?>xes Nonega^, in quarter tud eighth do Para Regains, iu quarter do Kcgahm, ol a ^upcrioi quahty, iu hi, ,l* and l-10(h boxes Cougiesas, lu quarter ooxes Trabucas, do do La Norma, do do La Ewieranza, do do Trea Aminos, iu cartons ol" 20 each Londou Regalias, iii cartons ol 40 each La 1'ruela, in quarter boxea .vtisgau's aiHilled, in quarter ooxes I'siietiiln s, do. of superior quality Yngrueiidad, do Di.moyas, do Muieos, do I'nucij'es, of the Keiidou, Cruz and bans, all eut. to deb. Pnin.i\eras, iu quarter boxes Airanzas do Coustautias, do Bustameutan, do Ev.nero Regalias, do Imperial do, in quarts oxes, a superior arti le N. B.?Hotels and grocers plied ou reasonable tcrina. ol4 linb RK? I All HA NT MIANCA1.S, Nu. , S assau si. opj osne the Custom House. J. BONNrRD It P. DELAMUTTE have the honor to inform their acquaintance- and strangers generally, tn a they h*ve enlarged thtir break I est aud Diiiuig Jsah.and have besidts ai ranged couveuieut rooms lor private . arm s, a id will pay particular attention to orders for Dinners snd 8up|?rs in private nouses, which they will iuruish at very moderate prices. They constantly have on hand? Brandy Preserves of all kinds. Liquors in great variety. Wines of ll brands. Oil ol Olives refilled. Giu\ etc Cheese. New Chile! Cheese. Truffles and Wuslirooms. Fat Liver Pies, btc., tkc._ _ lmf r DWjLHKLMS, SfoTSfi feioidvi! offikSt I", sale hi* new iiii|H>i ted stock of goods, wholesale Mid retail. 1,?Ot Eriibroidcne , com in* need and finished pieces of various kinds; worsted, wool, stitching arid knitting silk, be ads, canvis, pattern^, AN 2.?Iu small and lace wares, all sorts of silk and worsted strings, herders, trimmings, tassels, fringes, and every article in this line, don* in the most fashionable taste. t.?The most oopkms nd splendid choici ofsrtifici I flow ers, done in (he neatest work auu newest tastu, bouquets, diadems, flic. 4?Articles of cast >nu of the most various descriptions, manuU. tared in the Royal Irou boundary at Berlin 5.? Exquisite ami ma' figu es iu bronze. 6 ?A bea? tiful assortment of *uiK-r'iur bask- t wares. 7 ?A c- n-nlerahle and eh gam choice of pn s&ed an I painted i?aper. sheets of let er pa|ier. vi-itiug cards, a afers Ate. 8-?Au elegant aiidgreti stoie ol the fuiest porcelain 9.?A splendid nssoumeut of the fiuest dressing artie'es,cases snd perfumes. <>28 lm*rc iHJCINA i.oklhaL. MAONIV8 LUCINA CORDIAL, foi the sure autUpeedy cure of mcipieut coiisurnpt ion, barrenness, im potency, Iu orhae or whiles, gleet, obstructed, difficult or painful rneiistru itiou, incoutim-ucc of urine, or involuntary discharge thereof uid for tiie gem-ral prosir-'iou ol the syst- in, no matter whether the result of inherent causes.or ol causes produced bv iriegu I larity,illness, or accident. Tin wide-spread celef rity of this wonderful arid ineatiru.ibh cordial iu both hemisi ?eres i* a sulhcieut guarantee for it* juick and positive success id curing <11 the above affections and complaints. Nothing can be more surprising than id iu\i gorating ellecu on the nnuuu frame. IVrs.His all wetkuess ami lassitude before taking it. a; ouce become robust and full of eiiery uuder ita inffucce. It imnu-di <lely counteracts the nerve lensnrss or looseness of the fe nale frame, which is the only cause of harreuuets; and which, prior to Ur. .VI iguiuN discovery was conaideied to be iucumble And it speedily removes the imi?edimem* produced by physical prostration, which Ire juent'y deter men from getting married. Language, indeed, aiinot do lUstice to the merits of the Luciua Cordial, which is rganl* d hy th< heads of the faculty iu ?ll parts of th? woild <u oi*r t?t the most important medical discovciies of any age. I nc? ftf peT bottle. Sold at92 Nassau street,and So. 90 North Sitth s'ree?, Phil -del^'hia. nl9 l?n*r THE GERMAN SURGEON. O0L0 MPN HI N J .. M. D.. N > j7 Kt- ide >t i ret, New York. 1 In scrofula and chronic d eases no charge made till the patient is satisfied? ediciu** delivered gati* All |>ers<)us deformed, under twenty-out years, can have their bones straighten* d References given as to numerous patients v.ho have oeen cured in this city. o?7 jm* r MUFFS! YlUKKS! MUFFS ^!?Ttir sudden change* iu the weather repde* it iudisp^nsihly necvasarv that the beauty ami fashion of our city should avail themselves of the real in iuci ment offered to guard sc.must the approaching inclem nt isasou TVs \ ?i?- isft luuhlrd to eujoy voMsMdi during the Coldest weather ' y providing themselves with a 'me VInffat the store of BARNItTT k MMMONDS, 449 Hroauway. Ail I'esciiptions of Kurs cleaned and retired at reduced rates >T Im'tn cot '-HS, ( (>lds, CON8UMPTIONH, H ?ar?eije**, Sore Throat, Spitting o* B o d, Hr.-nc1 i i>, St*-., i* cured for one shiilug i ' v a s* ie? t fir ph\Hici uN invention, c died?Pressor J mei' C u.h v, %n c m, ound < lit act oftiduaud Spanish inoa*, c?m?iH?sed i >f 4!4 o* tl" r?r*>t h*-i b* and plant * i.he vegetable ? in pi re |*<M*-Se He i this p am, ho-.e^t evplaua ion to tin piinl c ? I he principal in u? n i this ?-and\ vtnr forineily , r? *< libed l>\ Mi en m* nt physian, in liquid In in. Surely ' is supericr "bent-ken ii <*e h\pe of a he utiful cai d.,?lea?nut to tl e taste, leu ml in fOrm,and iniracu'ous in Apr rati..u I need* but -me rial to Coii ince all of its m nu I' is but one hilling foi a trial: who will u?i* ii? It is slightly purga ire.rrmotiug all humors fioin and purifying tl e \ lood. Iu tact, (rom the hundreda i ready ruied by this, I e proprietor feels warraiite iu offriing th se terms th 1 in ensr persons are not satisfied to return the tw\ >%ii. . f-v.U...., ?. I.- ..... .1- - r.i- ' and plainly proven t'. ttki* m no i tiffed uovnt n The prop tie tor ?f* i?nr lrial 'r m aM pert u-*h?h.iv puliuottar} c. n?I'I nlit* H w*j?n*it? there i* no men ar> iu this . ? in aOOie puf* f <1 me 'n in? s ofcth*- d ?y It i* told >*lit a,? that ticli ami poor hi. } t?? if. H?'d only at I to I thil I ik? i -trge p fk**e. b I . lone*, si <(ii of the American E?gle R2 Chatham ft. N Y. Ap&inieo A^ut*?X ib?*r, Thin' and L) ck ?r. Phil, ft Sute ?t, ii 37 S ub -t, A'buiy. 39 K l?. u at, Brooklyn, Chatle* K hk. Charleston, ^ C, Xtiber, licit to the Au*e icau Hotel, W i litytop I) C- i?2i I in i c KX ' r Iroin ih? lo? lowing i out oilU?'? RtpoitH ob?td? ring tl*u it (Wi d r'a 8 tUmauker Iron Sifc) wy ot? iM>*?d to mi for a i?cn??d ol right hi art, while each of the other* were destr yee by theaame ie lest li\n wo I inn we h ve n? h litatioR m ityiti that w* ceaaidei Wilder * S I unainU-1 Safe really liii*proal, and affording |K-r t4> book* end pa era hi ra?x* o' hie. IHA'-LM H. MARSHALL, BALDWIN * CO. WAUSYVOTH * SMITH, Ml >TURN * CO. Wilder'* Pa'ent SilaiiMtider Kire Proof Safe can onlv be b*d at the I.on War. houae of SILAS C. HERRING, I3M Water ?treet. N. B?Second hand Safe* of other m vfcer*. *?ch a* h ive he. n taken In pait p mnv for Wilder's Sate, can be bad af lea* ne hAtf of the 1 bfttrlw RAVV IE? KAKKLK-RAKELK. ill E thiid a-jd I a* i. ti.and It.ndle th?? seaaon?Tick ft! One k Dollar each.?To be raffled for rositiveh ou J'utsday IS of i Dec. uex ,a handsome spunuh Circular Gentleman'a Cloak, 1 with cape mid si k Velvet collar and farinir*. end ri.mnMft* in ?ery other reaped* For |*r icu art apply * No. I >i array nr. ut. corner Bro clway, nh-rr the cloak e n be *rru. I ickeiaon y 1 dollar, wh?-h iriua< be pod lor when the nam er? atr lakes. Any geml man wantina a cloak would do mil o ny hi mi., for at ilw n-k ol oniv oi? dollar he may becotn, ?**'<>? cloak wonh$M. 11*. nlllr will pooli'ely la)r it .la'oVl'^i d*' J"hu. Hall, ? Kr.inkf.nt at, at* o clock in ilir iiihk preniiely. On ( iui,iin? and Mr* Vcai'i I her* it t0 be atiow , Wi lioula tick V ou inuit not *1 1 o >i,u the la.tin; Y. u know IM, Jok, So ti*K? Biy rnlvice And cutoc lot the cloak. 1(24 UiUdc'ec * r Llb?lty Al/??L # MAGAZINES I PERIODICAL8 FOR NOVEMBER A iill, *? .1- idi< iU i *. QriAin'i Miguiu . Lodioi World if | ifthi - yoaiu Pi , let' Book. Boston and Biuuvf i il'wrKoi. *< v V ? '-' U;;y>v ol' the \i\ cutur,, vmU/uiua th in ?fMD ?'u.:rarings ; CinTTcaT Jourti.u inu Ciirtaliau rain?!> VltfSAIIkC, rjile -1 b\ be Kv? . li. U Mxl Aitii D. MB pe ranee and o:lu*r Almanacs : die Rainbow anal Rddi-ut, a m * humorou* du.i wit'.., well cdlrulaud uj ple*?e the lively and gay. All oi which will Unsold at wholesale and retail, and ihotc who buy to sell again at a lowe; rate tti\n ran bi- nbtiiu?J elsewhere. N. B.?Fitly agents waii'ed tn circulate magazines i^crioui cala. Ic. A. J. SEXTON, No. It Reckm u, b5 Imr corner FH1 aK'V.NOVtl"1V COOKlIN^ *TOVfcd, fcc line re_MI enved uo preuiiains in any institu we except the American liuiituir, New Vork, because 'hty have not bceu elhibited m. ui> other, but they hafe received th it which carries witn it fa? -rtaler unM , lid ipl ?kn KOI factually Of il> fOOt tie#, namely?the justly merited prai e of b irig?? .erior t?? nil other Stove-, by huudreu* who have used the ftry Stove txoa:in./ iu j'icruiu fi?. ^ Query?VVmc!? 8t ?rc will consume the lr si Air I, providing c xishuccrd tlut i very tilth bei?g conked c u be brought ut ? tn? lire, ??r t at * Inch dtlmita of only pin of th? cooking in ar the fir ! K* in ii tht Nov Ity S'ove, 2U9 Waier -t I. mm kAi 0 . m i will idait ol ria ib of cooking ou the t u.iil'st iitef, md cook ii well, aithth* I? *.-?t amount- of inel, ihc best St jvv , be it which it ui *y Look at the Novelty store. A a on, ie not too loaves of bread, baked without changing* a large turkey roasted without moving th- ruaxtvt to tud fro, and a correspond <ug amount o< noiliug done at the sa.-e turn and nil done too, t<? perfect!ou, a belter proof of the ine ut 01 a Store thin a diploma handed you by thiee men who hare Hi rely looked at it and do not uiuleretand it** principle* .is well a* yo raell 7 Ask those who are using u, Novell/. Wliat better proof can y u have o* .he superiority of a stove th n iht aliens i 01 -.11 other store in . ",.1 -iuivr? to ropy alt-i it ^ Ag on, coin, a e the N >veltv with th? latest vru tuti. i H - a eicr, me princi, h- ol flu Noveitv c iuuot be inf.tuged upon, for r t patent Iiw prot .u that, although tie y may copy the shape.) The -hove 11 iiu ?*t** *tioiiu sua the public bare already answered the in, by kiving the Novelty Stove the , .reference or* r ail otocs L c tniuiuce o f three decide wi?at the^ n.ay a', a F-if, whe ie, merit uuiat yield 10 influence. V\ e o:.!> ask I ii? x ..uimhon ?H the Novelty Stove? o ph call at Kiek?' Stove J&stabliahiueiit, 209 Water sr. It \ ? 11 %a i It ihi ordinary kinds ? . fetove* ci ? k, or have your Italk* >1 potoia li.oledin the moat eeono t vc ?1 maimer, please call .it KlSh'S tfT(;V? ESTABLISHMENT, Hl5 1 nr* ail Wax >trect. L V ID'S NEWLY INVENTED PARLOR AND MALL STOVES. rPHIS is one of the most valuable inventions e"er "tiered to * the pubi c in the stove tine, and is the inoa* perfect article extant, for the use of *11 kuuh of coat or wood, in haling ai-artnie*its. It has no less th* u four radiators an i iw di .c*??u n* titles, ao arranged that the rad atom ate placed b? ween t .% z urea,and cause til the heat u-uemted te be distributed 1 ut > tb< apartment ; while 111 otne. stoves 4 large iKiriion uf the heat u c:\rrtedoflfiiithe pipe, fine pc-ck f coa! 111 stove will yield more heat than bu !iel iu tiie best stove now before the public ; while you have lor <id"atit*ge of au opeu hie ?. spleu* kul a rate ut pleasure ! i? allowed by all who Wave xamined it to be the most p* r feet coinbiuatinu ol utility and ( ruaineni ever brought iorward. hut r>> be fully appreciated, it needs only lo be ?. en aud examined, and all in want of a superior article for healiug par lors,halls offu ts, nurseries, ate. a re invited lo call. Prices are suited 10 tiie times. Also 011 hand a variety of other Stoves, suitably for all pur poses, which will be so d very low. L. WOOD, 237 Water street, between o21 lm*r Peck ?1'P &i'd Berk* tan street. OEFORNl YOl R STOVE SHZK^Scouon ?u utility LV being the order of the day, the subscriber has deiermiuca to sell Sl"V?s at the lowest possible remunerating prices; his Column Parlor Stove, answering all the purposes of the grate, with half the trouble ami ftpenat, sttliaole foi sitting rooms, offices, stores, or halls, is worthy Hie attention ol persons wishing 10 purchase. His assortment of cooking Stoves are not snrpasxed in the city, for cheapness nid superior style ol construction, combining all the requisites for kitchen use, and .1 grrat saving ol lurl, which i* an item many persons overlook lu sclrctiug stoves. He solicits housctr cp-is nd others to give him a call at the office of the Wanvii Kuril ' ,. Company, No. 11 Kulti.u street, N. V., Iielore purchasing ?Itewliere. As this co-np'iii> maiiuf.icrure tloir stoves, purchasers will not be suojecirii fo 'a* b, buying from ac-conJ hand* Their as.ortm, lit consists of air-risnt, c.ioliiii.' ami parlor Stoves, Puinps, Iron Knrtiaces, Coffee Mills, Ki lties, Tin ami Sheet Ware, Ate,, wholesale aui retail. Older* liir e idlings soli cited. J. V. Till Br. 1 TS, ol*> lin*ec 22 >'.ilf?ui mre.t. N. V (J. S. C/TV DESPATCH POST I't (ST OFFICE, New York, Jltii July, 1812. HUbJISof Delivery each day, (Sunday* excepted) at Hull 1 er and Lower Post Offices:? Letters -> i osiled before Hal 8 o'clock, A Ml ? ,a .. 1 f M I Will be sent out foi rleAt all lh? Stations before > livery at 9 A M, and I 7 > clock, A A11 and 4 o'clock, P M. 11 " J 2 " r mJ Letters to be sent Kre . iiiusi hive "Free Stamp" affixed to ihem, otlu-ravite three Ceils will be CuLeclcd ol the party to whom til- letter is adJresse i. No money moat lie enclosed in leaers unless re late red at t te | riuciyial offices. i.isLs ol tlie nations (at all of which "tree stamps" may bi 42,90 per 100, ami every inlonti itioj may be obtained on ?i>plication at lit* upper or lower mist t dices. Stamps issueel by the late CityDesp Itch Post will be tet .ived. It is indispensable that the number ul the rrsidciicc aliont i be staled in ail letters sent through tlos Post. The Post Master solicit* the earliest iniortniitioii should .tuy irregularities occur. JOHN LOKl.vltv GRAHAM au28 Iv ec l ost Master. HAILY EXPRESS LINES KOR ALDAN 2. UTICA, U BUFKALO. CHICAGO AND CANADA.?i he subscribcrs having been engaged for the last twelve mont .a iuuning the Albany and Buffalo Express, in connection witii Harndeu k Co.'s New York and Albany Line, have recci tly exiemled Uieir Express Line troin Buffalo to Albany, thro i ,li Ui this cny on their own account, will receive and forwar i daily, (Sundays excepted,) Specie, Bank Notes, Parcels, Packages, Bundles, .aurl Cases of Goods, to and fiom the follow log places, vix. :? Alhaiiy, Troy, Utiea, Syracuse, Auburn, Itliica. Geueei,, Rochester, Batsvis, LiatU|airt, Buffalo, Cleveland, Detroit, Chicutn, and the intermediate places. Also, Oswego, Sac ke its Harbor, Kingston and Toronto, Canada. Will promptly attend to the collection and payments of bills, notes, drafts anil accounts, purchase and sale ol goods and produce by sample, nud such other Uauscieni business as may be entrusted to their care. Each Express will be accompanied by a competent messenger, together with tes|?>usibU agents in the principal towus upon the route. Merchuuls and otheis May b? assured that returns will be in tins manner received more speedily ui.ui in any utilerpossible way^ | N. B.?K|iecialExpresses rnn to any |>art of the country at short notice, and upon reasonable terms. sl3 r PO.VlfcKOV St CO. No.2 Wall street House furnishing WAREHOUSE.?WORAM k HAUOH WOUT, Ml Broadway, Manufacturers, Agents and Commission Merchants, ha"e just received .tnd are Uii* hi mm anew and splendid assortment ol the fallowing ttti eles. ?ii Silvered, Uilt aud 11 route Ua Chaudaliera, 6 to 10 lights. Do Caudle do 4 to 84 " Do Caudle Brackets, I to 3 " Do Uu Brackets, Its ] " Do Uas iviauitl liiaiiu, I to I " Do Girauuoves, 1 to ? M Cauuilebrns, t to ii " Astral Lamps, n.!i i at ip* aid Lanterns, Reading Uui|? Sttf. A urw article ol Sola. u,mr a t ery superior article. Also , a new wli'le of Deffecter lor improving the light of the old iia'tetu of Astral Lamp. Also i new style of Flurr line Bronze, color immovable. Together with every variety of L.unpa and Cluinde! era, for chorciiet, halls and )>nhlie building*. I'LSTEP WABB. Baskets, Cas;on, Trays,Toast Racks, Candlesticks, Napkin Runts, Boiler Tubs bMiirr and Fruit Knives, Suutfris and Triys, Coffee ami Tea Urn ., Sic. Fine Table Cutlery. in sells ?nd dozens; Japanned Tea Trays, in Kreat rarity of patterns an forms; line cut gl.'ss B - a Is, Pitcliers, Tumblers, Dishes, Goblets, Decanters, Water Bottles, Sugars, Sic. Stc. W St H. bed respmi.' ullv to infixui theii friends, customers, and the public generad y ,that'lour arraugeraeuU with tlir maIiufaclur rsare suclit ?t tliey can sell all articles in their line at reinaileably low pri -rs; and rts|iectfully invite tiiein to call and see liirir show r i ins which aloue is sufficient to eonipen sate for Che troolde ,22 :tm*r R E MOVAL, PHILLJJPS* CASH TAILORING ESTABLISH MLNT, Isrrrniived from 145 Broadway to No. 7 Astor H'use ECONOVIY IN GENTLEMEN'S DRESS. Garments ol a most .legani and t- ashieuabte kicd ft a savior of SO per Cent lor cash. 'l'llK advertiser d< ms it 'lunecessary to resort tj tile heck a ueyed >.ystem of tfiviu*< i list of nominal prices, presuming bat the lenirlh ' f tiinr he has been established. together will the eiteusive patronage bestowed on him, will prove a sum cieut vouelin lor his capabilities. Posses.,iigr the advantage ol Hem* connected with as etteusive cloth estahTLhmeut in Eur ay* be cniilidenily , sets |hat he can furnish clothes which, on cumorison, will be found lower than any other house making up ihe best descriptions of gentlemen's dress. s!03in S. PHILLIPS, 1 Astor House, Bra.-.dway ru PAiuijuiLS UUl^iU BUU 1 11, to the We?t Itulius or 1 K,uro|A respectable female, 2t peart of age, Wi.he* to obtain a permanent situation at seamstress, iu a genteel i.unily. She would prefer going to Kurope, yet would accept ot ? good ffer to go South or to the Wett ludict. The best til reference sgiveu. Address A A. A- boi 765, upper Pott office, N. York. *IOt 1 \O01 OK SKAKs. for erlv oi 4*? Ann street, may lie com tutted at.No.7) J. m s'reef, tie*r W Hi m street. for eight , eart pas? hii attention Irrbern devoted iu this. city to the treattni ot of chronic or ling* ring do ties?d\ sf* p?i i, urojisiet.hver and lung comp ' iutt, Uv. ANGI>A I'Ei 'TUf< IS.? Irs bymptoms are an tint letsmt eii* tini) at the pit of tiie -t tiiuoh, pain abtut the h it side niid regi ?<i ?d thu in-avt, e*f riding often r rh' ihouider blade and t>t- ween the nh aid* rs, and occ intoning shortness of breath an I i a)iiiraiioti of the heart. Oocor Sears hat h*d miicii ex* i-e'it nee in the treatment of this dim a*e. nfn fm r UkT AlUKlv!8(>7*. V OK 1 H ItlVKU LMSPKVSA KY. 204}f Ku I ton street near ^ Ureeuwich.?Dr. Mornsou, Member of the Koyal College of Hurgeous, London, and formerly Sue. miu in the British N.; vy, coouuues to be consulted daily on ill disease* of n delicate MUire, 'i?id all those distressing symptoms cou*r]uent on iiyulicioos trcatincnt, unl ifu-imprmifur u r < IqttacH medicine* !)r. M. lias liad an riia-m acr of twenty t wo yrajs n treating lelicate disease* in all ;/;um various antic implicated Joint*, aivi lies a mild, safe and lufailibh substitute or mercury, eisdicat ug the i euereal ?trot with certainty, w t'hout subjecting the ahem to any risk or restricting him'u ihusiuI diets oi our suits wiiile (lis medicilits .ire ^reeabti' in taste ruid smell, rer r. aieutobttructious in the urethra, such as strictures and eu irremeatof the frustrate gland, ac*r uipani* d wlfb much irr snoi) ana dill |aiu dMW Uimc parts, are terns of the const ruces oi m.d-tre itmeat l)r. Ai. ti eats strir'u ret in a scicdiRtc matiuer. ixomotiug absori < io of the thickened cijcular metnDram siirricmt suyj?aiu. i DAM i I v nu.-N M. Ui1. HIL.ITY.?Thcuaaudaof yoju, .nr.u .ire antlr-row now lii' eonar->jnenrea til mdultrcuce ij a ae. crel <1eatn.ciiTe hahit.At - wheat- ncrvfe are farther tnjorcd frt.rr. ill* nae of u utrurm.ii <1 pretended aoecilirt, which, nly lt> induce great.'r depression. l)r. M treats anch ciutaci pnrelv pathological principles, kud never fails in sUhlishiiiit cure?the atncteat honor and confidence is observed. Letters poat (and, and containing a amiable fee, will entarr the correspondent fall advice, and nndiciut lo any part of tin Union, hy Insuring a h.ttorv of h'? essoin detail. 20t>, Kl! n?:rret near Greenwich. nit lm?i CA. UO'Ck. j 4 Bruiitwav, (i -tho" Hail.?A complete *? Mutuant ol ilavouaaiid Priuci|% u a1wa>i on lumi u \n II a? choct Kt-iriKa, of all Plantation Ht kir? (Vfiucnii) md La ('abant, firaf .juaIiiy. haa bt'fu received b> the K*pid. nl9 eod*w *rc THK Bill* ol iMoiiiiu u'h Bf.nk, N J., will hi* i<- ti rmn I ?< u ? Clinton B ink, vi*1Tru* and npwtrda par, fivt? ant) mnlrr I pef cent. fwM IKHW ii A K T 1 N ' 3 CASK TAILO RING ESTABLISH M K N f . 144 William Street, Cornet / .frin Street, [8 decidedly the ch'ajest in the city. There ia Iwrys 01 hand a select itock of aeasonable gnoda, j urcbaewd for cash which will he made np to order in trie *lyte ot make, hi, trim mug, Sic., that Ins git "u such genvi d aatiai icuoa durum th. last tour years, aud at a (*>?itne sating of JO ,*i ct ut. Ot-ntlc'ten are retpietted to call and craiume. Thoee wt, faruiah thfcrii own goods, can bate them MADE AND TRIMMCD. Drcaa Cnau, made and trimmed, -At 00 te $t> 40 l-'rocJi Co.u, do do < P0 to 9 M I'aaU and Vests, 1 7i lo 'i 08 v/ver ut (o 11 cv iL/*" Trriru?Caj'M\B delirery. "U I in* ft MiniAELlC. MARTIN U Ai.M l.EA/~-a? jyto* UpJfaM. and lor ??l* "> ?oyn It mTnCKEN, 9 Toff'"? ^tiJIion MEDICAL. ON STRICTURE ANL) ITS CURE. PHK KOLjOWI.NO REMARKS WILL I'LACE BE1 KOKK thefmblir a few most deeply interesting factu.? First, That the daeae* tailed Si ftic I ubk, i sej veryfrmjuent ?ncurrtnce and often egcitts in persons who are not in the least aware of it; neat that a very erroneous notion prevails rteptctmg Slrusturtj otid that ignorant advertising people take i had idiantoge of thisemnie >us tutfion; then, tha! there are \ree varilcular circumstances ha which a Sti icture ntcra be nitay.% known?and in the luit place, that the curt qf Strtc tore ie certain, free from pain, and generully accomplished i"#? very Ittliefime. With rififani In th?> finf of r.-in.irkt: ? Itu wellkuowu that Stricture is "the remit of a badly treated Jou irrhoa It", for instance, tliat ilixtie issutfcred to coa tiuue ou from month to mouth, it slides into a alert. Now. thrre is no paiu or inconvenience io alert, and therrfore It t? 'lieu sulfated to lemoiu indefinitely. But it should be known that al- ?l implies achronic intlamm iliou of the ihimji', whicr, naturally terminates in ihickcuiug, ami this thickening at on* ill or outer of Ike imcsoge iselricture ; and. luither, that aluii' stricture may th ... re n . . . tutioticrd .t.r < U-ngthol turnt l.-.r Irom layia^ do. ,:iaiii, liui la to- :-id*leu i .ais* .-t inan> scrioas miltdit'i, not only of a sexual, but those alio ol r on 0.1*. and dyspeptic kuid. But whut especially leads the attention uli from Uus disorder li the idea that stricture cannot etui so long as uo unpcdturi*. to the flow of urine is observed, which is quite a mistake. A stricture often exists for years w ithout producing any. very trilling change in this rcspeet; indeed a diminished or interrupted stream of untie b* lo-igs only to the worst of cases, ami H is to present this very state that these remarks are pnblish'd. The advantage, however, which ignorant advertising people t-isi of this rnuueoits notion is very ciurl. kivery body knows cw Lienor this discriptmu swarm about this city, and hat j t ey We sell their n nt-uirv _ long as any one will buy thcin. .'Vow, it i? a fact, and one which ever,' *>mI physician will immediately nckitowledge, ti. tailt'. medn me in the world alone, ran neve :-:e a stricture, in piocd ol this, nothing i. iqoic common tha- far lite writer to be co, ulua by persons who have becu tal , all manner if thu.'as? is colored drops, ar t pills, aid cord,als, and the like, far m my laonUu I getlier, hut win,:a, on seeing the real un.tre of the cose. he has eiu***l pi as many days. With a view of pic euUng thev impositions. therefore, it i-ec.s <lisn..b|e to lay before the public a few niaiu cirenro*,lances by which a Stricture ussy be Upnwti, r. hii n can be cutif ifouv: for ttiio'igli the symptoms of t h.. Hiseasr are uume, us, lher? ore threw ot otpennil imi'ut, and these three ss| n. i suited sery bneti; ?theV uie the lollowiu,:: The lust rc tales to l'he maiiim i*/ ui. noting.? 11 has hecueltt til) said the stream reed not bt utoch -limi'ii-fed Or impeded. ?tit observe alien urly, site r it is Mushed au?i the clothes are re idjusied, wheih era drop, or two will ever steal away, so as to wela little? lOthiug is more indicative of stricture. The next is I'hc tmr a (totlori /iuto has > imuitied mu/ured.? It is ditti CDlt to say how long a Gouurrhtea or Gleet may run tud nut produce a stricture, lor one is aatuiully more diiposed to stricture thin another; rut, as a general rule, if it should tie suffered to go on beyono -11 weeks, this alone would afford sufficient gio..mi,., for the suspiciuu of a stricture. The last is? 1 t.e rjftct a striattrt has upon the mind.?The effect ol Stricture is to depress the spirits, and to lessen both bodily and mental activity. Tins also is oue of its most common effects. Not, however, mat it is secu alike uieveiy Ibiindtsl,hut it is ,0 ruunuuo dill the writer rarely sees a case ol stnctnie (aun lie sees ninny every da) ) iu which lbs patient doesnotcomplain oiore or less, that he is not so capable ol'busiucss as lorinerl) ll is gratifying also to witness tiie uinfurm return ol spirits, and he disappearing ol oiner maladies as me cure progresses. Willi regard to the cure ol binctnre, on this subject it is sufficient 10 observe (aud it is stated with confidence and pleasure) that this is certain, free from pain, and generally accomplished Id a very little time. So much as tins cuuld not have beeu advanced soup rears ago ; but such has been the im proveinerit 111 this nrt.imlsucJi the practical experience of the writer, that lie can now accomplish the core of stricture to as many days as formerly it demanded mouths. The writer also begs to stale, Uial lor thus* who wish to undertake Uo- cure themselves, he has published a little volume, called " The filiate Treatise," in which not only stiiciure, Out the care of all those delicate diseases which require especial care and privacy, 1a directed in the plainest manner. It is advisable, however, that those who suspect a stricture, if possible, should consult th* author personally. and nothing willsurprise them inure than the ease and certainty of his means ol cure. Separate rooms, also, are arranged for those who may have to wait a little. which the public, and especially stringers coming (o (his city, may rely with confidence ou \ iu been advanced. Willi this view Dr. Ralph bens to slate that, beside his rank as gradtali ?1 Kdiuhurgn. itc. he.?he lias been cugiged iu the cure jf Loese diseases, both iu hospital and city practice, for more in iu thirty tears, and has published two editions of a woik expressly on them.?Also that he has testimonial letters from the most eminent physicians in Kunipt to the most runui ut in America?is Sir Aslley Cooper to Dr. Mutt, of New York, Ur. I hs sick, of Philadelphia, and others, and tiiat he is permit ted to refer to almost every Physician of cmiueuee in tins city. Dr. KaJph iscousulteil at his private residence. No. St Urecuwich street, towards the Battery, at any hoar.?He may also be consulted by post. Tne little volume above referred to is one dollar^ oit lm*tc MEDICAL AID. | ^R- GREGORY will attend and prescribe for a |>articul<u A/clas.-- ol patients, at bis residence No. 3t Molt street, every day ill the week,at all hours of day and evening. His trea'inent may be relied ou as being the best, and the plan pursued will be in uceonlauce with the symptoms of lite disease, having reference sUo to the accommodation of the patient and a perfect cure of the malady. It it worthy of uote that a great number of patients after having been treated for the disease were discharged by their physi ciaus as being cured, and perhaps would remain so a week or looker after that disease begins to make its appearace again, aud iu tins stage it is generally considered worse to cuie thau iu the first instance. Il is in c ues like these that Ur. (J. has at length discovered a remedy, which as yet it entirely unknotvu (o any other physician. It it au external application, requiring to be continued iu some cases not more than thirty hours. It hv proved succeevful in every instance where it has been applied, and hus cured cases ol Inmi three to fifteen years standing. This announcement is not made from motives ol vanity or Hem t love of boasting, bat simply to inform those in need of the remedy, where to obtain it. Tliost seeking the Doctor, will find him at his owu house (not a drug store) No 34 Mott stKabout 1R) yards off Irom Chatham Square, being nearly opposite the tone church?it is easily found at night. Dr. Gregory has published an improved edition (with engravings) of a little book entitled the "Rubicon:" it tresis exclusively ou the complaints above alluded to. The leuiarlts on stricture should be read by every one,esi>ecially those Willi a pro tracted case od disease. It is for sale by the author, at his office aud by Messrs. bauds, 79 aud tOU Kulleu-street, aud both Drug stores coruer ol Chambersst aud Broadway; also ir the Bowery at Xos. 63 and 186: and at the comer of East Broadw ay and .Vlarket-strect. Applications by .Mail, fust paid, unclosing $l, will receive the book by return ol Mail, free of Post age. ol7 lui'r MEDICAL. '"THE PRIVATE TREATISE.?This it a little volume on J- certain diseases, in wnich tne most convenient and private means of cure are slated in the plainest |>ossible manner. And not only are directions given for the more simple aud recent cases, tut those which nave iatleu into improper hauds, anu coutiuue ou Iroui mouth to mouth, are particularly dwelt ou.? Such person will see immediately the difficulties which iram-de their cure, whatever they may be, as Well as the plau to be pursued iu each particular qase. It is obtained only ol the author, Ui. Ralph, 86 Greenwich at. Price SI. Dr. Ralph also takes this opnortuity of saying that he maybe consulted ou (he peculiar diseases above relenedlo, aijns private residence, ft .my hour. Aware, however, of the deep and just solicitude which many feel to consult a person of integrity as well as experience iu these peculiar complaints, the autboi deems it proper to give the following short sketch of the opportunities he . as had to fit himself for this trust. And tins he is the more inclined tons mauy have assured him that, lor want ol inlonnatiou ol tins kiud , they have selected from a lilt ol advertising people the one who had boaslei inoit of wonderful cure*?out uol without the bittereit repentance. lit then fore bee* to state that, beside his rank a* graduate of Eumourvli, be. be. kc. he his bceu w itching tltese diseases, both ill hospital and city j.racuce, for more tliau thin. , car*, aud has | Uui.shed two editions of a work ejpressly on tnem. Also Imt he has testimonial letter* from the most em.aent physician* of Europe. to the tnest eminent in America?as bir Ajulcy C'n .|?r to Or Molt, of N. Y. *ud Dr. Pli)sick ol I'hiltdtfphi., alio ethers; and further, that he ha* the privilege of -efernna to almost e?ery phv.-iciau of eminence in this city. Nothing can be staleu, he conceives, a* better gronud of confidence to those wno arc sliau_ ... to him. naufi 'tions may be tnade by post, ud for ?uch he lie* a little nun chest, containing ever' thing necessary for a sueedv i on private car*. Hi* forwarded a* may be directed. Price $IJL o Hi lin'r HULL'S TRI.SSC.S NO. CE TO RUPTURED PERSONS. UEKSONS r.i a;ted with ruptnrei may rely upon the besl f nulruinental id the world afford*, on application at the office, No. 4 Veey street, or to either of tne aitent* in the principal tow ip the United States. Be caretnl to eianune tlie hack . 1 of HuilY trusses, to see if they are endorsed by l>r Hull, in w utiuc. Noue are geuninc, or to be relied upon as good, without hi* signature. Many persons have undertaken to vend uniiations of Hull's crlebrited trusses, and thousands air imposed upon in coiise.jueuce. The?e imilition> cannot be relied upon ; they are made by ODskilfui mechamrs, and are uo belter than the nrdi uary trosaes. Rooms have been fitted np at No. 4 Vrsey street, exclnsueiy for ladies, having a *? pa.ate rutr ance Iroin ifcs business d< pur; meal, wlirie a female is in const nt aUeudance to wail upon Iemale patients. nil lini EXPERIENCE L/Oll KOUR YEARS ha* folly icsteil the e-itrnordiuary virr tile* Of L)R. SliKHMAN'S MEDICATED LO/H N(iES. Several million noae* h*t e been lold.and given perfect saiisiactinu to all who have used litem. PHYSICIAN'S AND CLERGYMEN, Lawyer*, ' rofe?*ors, rich and poor, limb md low?in fact, nearly the w hole Aineticau people, hate given thein their aoctiou, and liiey are now f.iat spreading their .nflueucca to every part of the known world. Dr?. Hunter, Smith. Rogers, Vauderpool, Scott, and four hundred other physician* in New York city alone, recommend Sheiuuu's Leixeutfea, daily, lu then practice. Sherman'* Ale dieated Lozenge* are never sold by the ounce, bnt always in bono*, with his name attached. The Doctor beinit au educated md ei|>erieueed physician, aud a member of the Medical So cieiyul tlie city ol .Sew York, aires a character to hia prep* ratios * uo othera enjoy. COUGHS, COLDS, CONSUMPTION, Astonia. Tik'nturn of th< Cheat, Whooping Cough, Cough ateudiua Measles, and ail affections if tlie Longs, are immediately relieved uy Sherman's Connli Lomugcs. They entirety curt all recent case* ma few hours, and offeu tlie most alarming cases of Con*umpii>iU yield, as if by magic, to their hapt y inllnence. as in tlie cases ol the- Rev. Mr. Anthony, tne H< v. Mr. Street*!, aud hundreds of others, even where they bad been given up aa incurable. WORMS CAUSE DEATH 'I o thousands, without tlieir wet being suspected. Children ttd MMtl oftoplull much from them, when a bos ol SherMn Worm Lozenges would give them immediate relief.? I Hundred! of instances hare come 10 our knowledge, where I oervnia <m the briuk ot the grave, fast wiutiriK away, and the I r1? tystcinus try'iUK their skill m tain, and reaurtiiig, at last, a* | to,-ouiy hope, to Sheiinau'a Worm Lozenges, which hare re- I stored them to liealth and happiuess How often have moUi cm called at the Warehouse ahd |iourrd lotth their thanka too 1 Sharing- lor the rcatoiattou ol their dear beloved offspring Never before haa a iierfcLl remedy been diacovered for uie en- i lire eradication of all kiudaof worm* ilKAJMCHH, PALPITATION, i Lowntsa of Spirits, Fatigut., Fainting, Dra| oudency, Nervous Diseases generally, and Sea Sickutaa, aru all stihjrcl to lh> orative pro|>erlie* of 9herman'a Camphor Lozenges. The) 1 severe headaches, Itc. in ten minutes. lu fact, they oj>erate like a charm, and uo person should go to aea without theu., a they ate infallible in aea sickness. Persons subject to fajgue,or attending crowded parties, will lind them to relieve 'hem ol all lossilJ'le and oppression. Warehouse tub Nassau street Agents?Church's, 138 Bow sty; .void's, 7? fcasl F.ioulway, and corner Chambers aud Ui ad way; Codington. 2J7 Hudson; Kushtou and Aapinwall'a ' three stores, and iJ9 I' ulton street, llrooklyu, 8 Statu street. Boston. .Old "t lo-decr 11ml Innrs, Phil olclphls -Ollfi' VI AUAMfc CUSTKLLO.?Ki male Periodical Pill-guar ?1 anteed in every case where the monlhly periods have heCoine irregui ir I mm colds or other causes. Their csrlainly ol octioii has long lieen acknowledged by the medical profession ind hunrriuU th ' llsTl uselessly tiiid v inous boasted n ine u? unit ell, <0 iu:o arc Uit ?t" Pill* in ilicrt that cart , i? s iortiiii i tit cruar) to their uw; though the, couiam ui> uirdiciut'delnri.t ut 'l to the comtuutioD. Acinar ititeu t to all thu?e who use tin PilU, by Madam,' t'osullo, H Ln < reiMril ?t, where the Till* are mid g'euiuue. Price tl per hn. i uilm*r | Pi)KTABLK aLaCaBMITH'I b'OHOKS.? The MB cnbert, beiug the #ole Agent* for the Manufacturer# oi ConcklnT* Patent Portable Korfe and Bellow*, ben leave tc rail the attention of the inthlic to the above article. That the) are been called lor and uiirodjced in nearly all parti of th< United State#, ia, we believe a sufficient evideuce of then itiiity and convenience; being imrtahle and compact, give* ' hem lar the preference over the coinmoB Forge for nhlDpltn ?f every dmeript ion, Hoada, I iaakt PlaiiUitiowa, Manu : ictorie# and all pnrpotea for which the ordinary 1 Ned. THcmc mHuiil .cLUied lor tins U. 8. Navy are Wrough iiou. t . We would refer thoie wiahing to purohaje to iomc few wh. , i an recommend them from personal a# well aa general know 'eiLe,vii Commodore Crane, Navy Yard, Poruwouth, N. H.; Meaara 0 I arr. Kejin Si Hainea, Philadelphia. Hon. Govern Ier Kemb-f | Weal Point Foundry, Odd Hmmue, N. Y. Mea#r?. 8. JJ. Al? aus? 81 Cq. 44* Br<?adway, n. .? Md oar aty bla< kavnilh* generally. <*AY It I fcBAUL J . if I >m*n frati M Old tit, mJ W*t?r K. PH.l\^TtTMEI)lCA^^OTlCE! TO A PARTICULAR CLASS OF INVALIDS. 'INHERE it our cUm of invalid* who me'it the warmt?l tyitt E iiarhy of all who detrre to alleriate the Irafffffljyi or 0?e sf dieted. TU?t clan cou?;?U >< thnae who are Uboniix under the erect* of U.oae vicious ludulgencea into which erring and inutilities* youth are so often impelled by paatioa or the couU|ion of evil t simple. What more pitiable light can then lie., of the father of a family, wno h?? luusi luce rrueutrd of hia youthful erturt, but who beaia about vrill. hitn ui lua ayatein, and t?.hi|a trauamita to hia iuaoevul off spiiug, llie conaequeucea of lua former indiscretions Ueliuacy prevent* him from ; pplyuig to a physician and he not uiifre.jueutly fa.ta iute the naudi of uneducated pretender*. Aluny young men, -iKmn, are deterred from entering iQ'o matrimonial engagements trom the lew orcoii?cioiiii)cii that disease is lurk ing iu llicir system. To all such sufferers the College of Medicine aad Pharmacy ol the city of New York, offer the inr uu of security from secondary disease, and for lfie removal of it wheu apparent. in their new and celebrated "Parisian Alterative Mixture," so titen*l?ely used by Mr. Kicord in the Venereal Hospital of Paris Plus medicine is put up in cases containing halt a dozen bottle* Willi copious diiecuoint Jo. use, aud labels which tanuo. exciU uy unphiviiit remarks, These cases are guaranteed to con* uiu a sufficient quantity ol this new remedy, to cure oil syphilitic im untie* of the blood, cutaneous eruptions, affection* ol the and note, nodes, uiCt rs, pains iu the bonus, Uc. Purchasers rau at all limes correspond with the consulting Physr cian ?1 the Col lege* Price ol the cases each, haltly torwarded to all i 4TU of the Union, Canada and the West ludies. T ?C cases and mrdiciue are so put up that no concealment is necessary. Uy order. (V. 8. RICHARDSON, Agent. Piincipa! office of the College. 97 Nassau street. New York. oi9 Jiuw rr OH^MTCals. DRUGS. cue A IVA CAI'SULES AND OK RAM SILVER. DK. FKUf'HTVVANOER. No. I, W?ll .ireet, offur. Cheinicals, Drugs, Dyesttiffs, eery cheap, aud warraui s all his lircpanition* 01 best quality and the mo t genuine in market, vis:?Lena* c turtle au*. silver crystal*, irom JO cu. to $1 26 per oa ; ai|tsi for us 8 cis per lb ; h>urocyanic acid Ph. U 6. 86 cts l*?i ox ; pure nunc acid lor jewellers and Oliail makers Ifjfc cis prlb; i..>>?ai*a capsules. b*-?l quality, $7, $14, and $2U or gross; nitrous and M cts pr lb ; laba'toques chloride of soda, "nth breach I be Is $2 76 pr dux ; jodiue '6 cts pr ox ; deutists goldloil, ol the in*'st approved iiiauulacluies, fiOproz; diamond ciucut $12 pr gross . spirits ol haitsnuru, f rom 7 to sU cts pr lb ; lUo aWe* I spirits oi nitre flOlll 8 to 2W CU 11 lb; jodilies ol poum JR. liou, -ulpnur, lead, litcrctil) 60 CIS pr Ol.; Wcrdlsil leeches $10 pt 100; chloride olV dine 76 cts pr ox; bmuiiur Sip* ox; ?iud ii> |ml|( p. hide of soila $1 60 pr lb; compound chemical whale oil, soup aud all his poisout warrai.tnl. hxirtcl logwood and chips d> t woods, SolU Very cheap. Apply to D1C LfiWI* kfcUCHTWANiiklK, o!7 3m*cc No. I Wall *i , N. V TO Tfcifc LADlfcM. DK. HULL'S UTCKO ADDOMINAL SUPPORTER. TM11S new lust rumen t lor the radical cure ol Prolaiwus Uteri or Falhug ol the Womb, by external application, superseding the use ol the objection*! Pessary, is confidently recommended to the Afflicted as (be oMiuiof perfect rcsuwRiiaji to health, it never having failed of performing a cure, even under the most aggravatwd circumstances. The Supporter has .itiaiued a very high character in Europe as w. il a- in thiscouuuy. it-is adopted to the enure disuse ol pe?*ara*?,4iid all other paiulul surgical cxpcdieuUpu the Lyingui-Hospital* ol London and I'm is, and i* universally lecoin ne tided iu Europe by medical men ol the highest rana lu tins country i lis sustained by the leading members of tht faculties ol Colleges and Hospitals, aud by all the eminent private practitioners. Rooms hare been furnished exclusively for ladies, at No. 4 V est y street, having a separate eutraucr irom the business department, where a lady is in constant atleudauce, to apply Truss** and Uupiorters to female patients. n4 luir D K. GOO KE RETU.-NED FROM ENGLAND, WITH all ihe latest iiupoitaul tuloi nation I ruin Europe, universally pcrtoruMiig cures of In* woisl class of veuerereal disease iu lis niosi aggravated forms, with unprecedented expedition and desi>aich, may again be consul td i eriOually as Weil as confidentially, at his olhcc, No. J Norton street, Albany. N. Y. The Lock Hospital, in America the only Philanthropic Institution established, under the benigu auspices ol the celebrated Dr. Cooke, at No. 3 Norton st. Albany, N. Y., lor ine relief and convenience of die uulortuuate, is reputed as he best a?yium ex taut lor trie comfort and certain recovery of the iu valid*. At tin* ldlinn.try patients have the very best medical aliendanon, including board and ittistac. which fcn auuenmiiy facilitates mutual approbation; and u? Dr.Cooke, the liuinaae lound er ol so Desirable a retreat and suocd security, it-sides on the premise*, tile most iuciedulou* there may repose their utmost confidence?feel at home?pursue their usual avocation*?and i he society oi perhaps the in si eminent physician as weii as the mo* benevolem nun ol Uie agc.?European. IL/"" litnicuibe , d*. Cooke a etc lid* persouail> to his patients. hj6 COUGHS ANL) COLDS IJEMEMBEK, No 54 North Sixth sheet, one door below -IV Arch street, Philadelphia, the most certain cud best Kauitly Medicine, lor Coughs, Colils, Spilling Blood, Throat and Lung Disease, a ruing seusahou like enoknut, tickling, or uupleasanl obsliuctious. Kor Uie above, Ur. S V* A k Nt'3 Com , ouiiu t>> ru|i 01 W ltd Cherry will be louud Uie great remedy, feiaoiu who have amucd themselves by the useot ardent spmu wiii hod both their strength aud resolution much improved by leaving oh the spirits, and laktug a draught ul Uie above restorative. All prepaiauoui Irom this raluaole tree, except the above,may be conaideied spurious or counterfeit The real article may be ban o: the lolluwurk Agtuu, 01 at No. 54 North butlistreet, Pui'idelplna? AUENT8 Dr. W. H. M1L.NOK. Druggut. No. 192 Broadway. Mils. M. HA I CS, No. us Pulton at, hroekiyn. BfcNJ. OLDa, Newark, N.J. JOHN iMASDN. Patterron, N.J. n2l lm*r FLsVlALE PHYSICIAN, 3 4 L1SPKNAKD STREET. VI ADAME UUbl'tLLU, hemaic Physician, still couiinaej LvX to treat, with astouishing success, ail dtaeaaca peculiar to lernale*. Suppression,irregularity, obstruction, tec, by wliaterer cause produced, coir be lemoved by Mauaiue C. in a very aoil lime. Madame C.'s medical eslablisluneul having undergone thorough repairs and alterkUoua lor the better accouimouatioh of her uumerour imlieuts, she u now prepared to receive ladies ou the point of couhuenient, or those who wish to be treated lor obslructiou ol their tnoulhiy period. Madame C. can be cousulleu at her residence No. 31 Lis pen aid el, at all umes, and with the strictest regard to aecrcay. All couimuuicationsand tettera must be poat^aaid u3 lm?i HOLT'S CANDY. OURPA8S1NU ANY TH1NU OK THE KIND.?Let it hJ stand upon its own mertta?Coaglu and Colds. HOLT'S CANDY uas gutted tor use 11 a reputation, (solely by tuowu merits) far above the ordinary class of remedies for the complaints lor which it is used. It is recommended by thousands who have etimianecd its excellent elf ecu as a sovereign remedy for Couglu, Coida, and oil aitectnms ol the lungs. 'i'lus is to ceruly that I have, in my practice, prescribed Mr. P. Holt's Cotnpouud Cough Candy in utauv cases of coughs, colds, and all ailections ol the lung's, with the most beneficial ellecU?kuowiug the component iwuu of this Candy, and lav lug u.ed litem lor many years ru my own private practice, 1 can with salety recoiiuneud tin article to all uoubled Willi any ol the complaints above meulioued. lit my estimation Utu Candy haa the precedence ol auy now iu use. DAVID CHANY, Al.D. Harllord, Conn. Sept. 2U, 1 842 Kor sale by M. P. HOLT, 257 Main street; also, by the Principal Druggists in Harllord. A IS. te D. Sanda, 79 Kullou street; at Dr. Syme's Pharmacy, "3 Bowery, coruer ol Walker su are Agists in New *ork. CUKE OF CHRONIC DISEASES*. DK. F. PKL D'HU.VlMt, from I'tni, d?ci|.lr ol' (lie illustrious Hahnemann, whom sconce aud doctrines have .lalouisiicd all tmiope, and gathered around linn a crowd ol eminent phy siciau*. eager to receive hi? instructions, dud lo proul by mi experience, announces to (he |>uolic inai he has elected Ne w York a* ?ht (dace ol his labors, and ol' his |*r* miuein restdeoce. Ur F P. has beeu profetsi jually and lulimatrly conne-ted in France with men, whose name* aie huuoied and reveienced iu mi* comitiy; .uid ilur,iig fn years'practice, he has visited in \ii. Pans of die United Stales, and ol* the West Indies, with a view u elucidati several points la science, till theu involved in much doubt n..d obscurity. He lust strives Irom Paris, wheie he his been to communicate lie result ol his observations to the Gallic Society, of which lie u a w thber, and uow returns in re toditlusetlie IruiU ol hi el|ierieuce and the olessiug* of lieltli. In the coarse 01 Ins travels and prsctice.he has performed,by the help ol his method, lounded ou the laws ol Specifics, cores winch had rented every other mode of treatment; moreover, he wish s to be judged nut Irom wurdi but Irom works Suffice n to say, that besides ill maladies reputed incurable, thsra is no disease so dreadful, so inveterate, such ss Consumption, diseases of the skin, nun warms, Cancer, Fistula of all kinds, Si roplinla, Dronsy , 4io, that he cannot entirely extirpate.? By the same melhod.all disease* iacideul tofeu.a.ea and children are piomptly and radically cuied. Dr P inay be coh--uitea every day, from 10 A. M to 2 P M at Ills office 71 Unauf street, ilea Broadway. Consultations rliven inliie kmgiisn, French, Gcrinau, Spanish and Italian anguages ul Jm'l LI AlU OIL.?There u no oil in the woild that can do goud 11 or bad to the hair. Eveiy body knows thai wheu the hair a burned it w ill mux agaiu as coud .irvn All tin powders for dying the hair are nothing but x nurture of lime and lithr ge aud the hnr it not dyed, bat literally burned. Liquids for dying tlo hall ire Compoainuui of caustic auu spirits.Hut isMM in Lhe same way as ihc powderx, aud dout uye halt, ana the hair will grow no matter how m ny limes it is burin d; and every body knows also, ilia, when the l.cad is lUli ol dauurutf, the hair beams to mm grey, and baldness lollowa. From an ei|>erieiice ol twentv years, being hair culler,and having the opportunity of' xaminmg a great many heads,[and uioch heads] 1 have made intself a great composition Unowi as " Pastor's Hair Oil, or Coni|a>nna Kss.uiial Oil of Aluionds," for destroying dandruff, preventing use hair irons cooking out ami rurning jiey This iu mutable Hair Oil will make the hiir grow well, no matter how much daudrulf or soreuesa la on Lhe liead. For file, wholesale and retail, at A. PASTOR'S, Hair Cut ter, >65 Greenwich street. New Aork. Price Ml cents a bottle. 7 lin*a ERUPTIONS AND DfFFlOURaMliMTS OF ! THE FACE, AND DARK OR YELLOW SKINS CURED BY THE ITALiAN t HEMICAL SOAP. , OAI.L RHtlJM, Ireckles, scarry, pinplrs, erysipelas, O bio clirs, inori'hc-wtau, IsVer, Ha'ts, bites ol insects, mos- , (uetoes, he , to cliauge the color of dark, sunburnt, yellow, or | ill,colored skin. Tne Italian Ch.mic il Soap t really thu wunder of the age. Well inigiit the Medical Society ot Paris calI i it a blessing, and its inveutor. M Brspiine, a pnilauthropisi. 1. | is cui lug ttiousauds all over .lie Stairi and possessions. It entire.y eradicates every eruption or distignreuicul of the ikin, imparting to the lace, body, neck or arms, a heautifoi healthful clearness. No rulv.epfrsrn atioii is tfferei. One trial will suffice to recommend it to all. Amone 'he miny who liavelie ncun-d Dy this, are t e following highly respectable arsons:?Re V. T. S Ltver, Newask, N.J . (you a e uotilied this is no i uftcd nostrum, bin a pnysieian s mvsnuon ) M. laliner, Ur oklyu. Bind hy T. Jones, gn of the Ameiican K nth , 8J Cha.bam slieet, New York, Pi ice M c. uts. 1 his is infallible in curing chap or Under tlcali, mikes th. ikill smooth, oflaud Wlilte. Ageula?Zieber Id and Dock streets, Philvdelphis, or nexi loor lo'he Ameiicsn Hotel, Washington, D. U ; I State si. Host ill; J7 S'ate st. Albany ; Mitchell, N<?rwich, Chenango, N. Y ; fl. vrl mil, King jt, Charles-oii, 8. C ; -.i.tiu, karb. r, | r>|. yaiiU 139 Fultou at, Brooalyn ?r? TTl f JONES' CORAL H AIR RESTORATIVE, UK OIL OF CORAL CIRCASSIA. DEADER, uj misrcprtsenUfion ? ? b?r? otfertd y?u; v<>? i larelv ran believe * pltm. true ititiiwnt, wiinctu puffin?, fit ia aupporttd by the namet of reepectehle ciii7.?*?s. Here re ita rial ?|U\lnie* : i v%ill iorce the h.iir t<? kt >*' <.<u 4ha ht*j ?<*e, body, or 4tty part where natare intruded hair to grove itopit ibliiuit off, make the acalp healthy, there by cu in? d?niiuff, an (I fcive liKht red or ffTey hair a itn? ?) ok look, and in lute m k? itgiow naturally dnk from < he roof 1 Three Citi nils lia* e uaeu 11 a*?d ce.iUly lt?? above a>e iu <jit*'i ita We "* :ould <>ff-r a hundred more, but thi ?e auffi e >o more n?eil J >e aaid; it* prica ureaaonabl?only 3, 3, and ft-h.l.m a a bot le 8 Id b? 1 he *ole pr pr eto?, T. Joues, at tlaoLn ol the ? -Vim-ifan Engl**, 81 Chatham street. New 1 orh. Reader give u hit oaly om fair trial and ?oa will beaatiafied. 1 ?i A*ceiii?*-Z moct, 3(1 and t)? < !< a reel, i liilaJeiphia, ard neit oithe Americiti Hotel.W1fhi ugion, U. C 8 Sute at. B ,atoi.; -W%eU.*i,; at, Charleston 8. C.; 57 Htate at, Albvuy: " Mitchell. Noiwieh. Chenmigo, N \ Martin, barber. C ii ? N. a.; and 139 Pulton at. Brooklm. nil lm*rc u artist i n ii air. * a T\IT-* MANUFACTURED FROM k LADIES' AND GENTLEMEN'S HAIR. NTOl le*. th ui two inrhe. long, in one hundred different de ' r"., Neekl.ce., Bracelet*, Watch guard., Ear-ring. ' h lower., King*, Wig. aud Scali*. A C HARRY'S WIGS AND SCALPS Ifiill *t.Dd pre-eminent above .11 other.. Their wcnliii light fouumer, ?*l vruulafing cnaractrr, their bring .h*ped e.aotlj 11 the natural hair grow*; their e iuticily aud ineir .upcrior in* > - rial .ml wiirkmnn.hip, a. well** theirgtyle ol nni.h and ai iiangeuieut, all combine ho form ?ecb |ierlccl h?.d. of hair. c h*l they mint lie irrn to be fully appreciated. < I'ai tie. having . piece of hair ot * living or deee**ed Iriend i an get it formed by him into auy de*igu the mind can conceive n .uch a form It will be akeeptaltc invaluable. Oratuiiou. advice given ow all dieeaaei connected with thi 0i> Hum. ' *, ? *?^(10 CHALLENOE.-Tneewu* French Pilla wuiki ?Jl the ijiuct nostrums 01 the <|< lor the core of a certain disease. The ftucafilU here beat aaleauvciy -it ' tm tae Iw ten Trars, during winch time more tlian fifty thousand persona hare tested their ennvallaU virtue*. T'!"?7 ? - a certain, tale, and pleasant remedy, and never eanaeale even the moat delicate stomach, and taking diem all mall, are the noil desirable remedy tor secret diseases ever discovered. The French Pills have been so universally successful, that the proprietor challenges any o?e to pioduce a case theV will uot cure, under a forteituie of live huudred dollars. I'rice u.'e dollar per box. hold only at Hit Nasaaa corner Fulton at. nlJ lm*r MEDICAL A ILL ~~ Pill. ItKLGORY, residing at M Molt street, has Ion* since Lr Uvotaldy established his character and qualification as a ohviii laii . he haa lliereloru no further ured in ? to kupiise sludgers thai he still remain* always at home and ready to administer to the afflicted?to core hia patient aa speedily aa their individual welfare aixl the varied circunutancea will iwrmit. i'oo haaty cur?s in general are not deairable, maiulv because they are not |*rin<ueut?it ahould he the ohiect of eierv tuvalid to avoid having their diaeaae tampered uiih, bv which me itu possibly the caae may become exceedingly paiulh or even daiiarroua, or may be disastrous. The way to avoid improper treatment and imperfect curea ia to obtain a little b-ioli entitled " The Kubicou.* it Xivea a hiatory in detail of the disease, with the proper ami true mode of treatment? by |?ru*mg it patient, will be aule to uudrrauud their own caae and condition. It is written by a phyaician whoae ample experience wo* named iu the courae of an extensive piaclice em >ux palieuu of this claa>, rnibiacinx t v ry lorm and variety ot t ie dis? aae, that it la |>ossible to imagine. In reference to the msntaof the little book itaelf, the beat evideuce of its value ia the constant and increasing opposition it mreia with from those wihoae o-cU|iation is rmiaugrred by its rapidly increasing sale, i'rice 5# cents. By Dr. G. at his residence, 31 Molt street, nearly oppoa.te the church, about 150 vards irtim Chatham square, aud also at the drug atorea ol the Meaars. vsaud., 73 and IUU r ultou st., aud on both corners of Broidway and Chambers st. tfiaicTVRB.?Pt raous afflicted with stricture should call on Di. Uirguiy and inquire into the ineiitsol hu plan ol cur. . Ha ia at all uinra irady and willing to prove that his method ol cunug a stricture u speedier and morcceitatn than the common mode ol (rea incut. The tune rrqilied to tare by this in. thod is from a quarter of an hour to about ten cava. T hoae wishing to make lurlher luquiry will not be charged except for services leudi red and a moderate compensation la all Uial IS expected iu any case. rvpplicafioii by mall, |aiat paid, enclosing (1, will receive the book 0> r luru of mall. Iree ol postage. u5 im'r THE RATTLESNAKE GIVES WARNING BEFORE HE STRIKES. T'HE moat diaastiou, oi all diseases to which man is liable, because tile moat sure and certain in Its results, is CONSUMPTION! But. like the poisonous rattlesnake, it gives warning before Its liuai approach. Is not tins tine I What are OUUHs AND COLDS in their incipieu'ataie, but the lint notice* of a i intended attack I Does not l.-a individual who goes about the slree. coughing aud couipl.iuiug?with hit throat sore?Ins voice hu -ay aud scarcely beard above a whisper, in the hist stages of consumption? Are not his LUNGS INFLAMED! I? he not warden ! tie is? r m queue's i. Xiecllou will convince r.on ol the la t. Then a iruied is at hau I. I'EA-vE st SON'S CLAiUHED ESSENCE OF HDAHHOb.M! v.ANDV will arrest ihe complaint?aolieuthe lungs, and gradually recover the patieut. But it uiu.t be taken IN TIME Here lies the grand secret?a secret which caunnt be stated loo ottra to to the afflicted. Tht common saying that this or that person cannot recover, because their lather or mother died of the afflicting com,.taint, CONSy.MFTION, h s its foundation in error. 1 hey uny be more liable, but let them be more watchful ol its approach?in tins lies THE OH AND SECRET. . I itliey do not eipuse themselves, unnecessarily expose them selves, aud guard every attack Walclilully, they are aa sale in this climate as elsewhere. .Vlauy people canuot atforu to go to a warmer climate aud pass the winter?they therefore require some protection here. At the first cold or so.cuess ol Ilia |U1*,' USE PEASE'S HOARHoljND CANDY, and the complaint will be removed. Try it in umc. Bold wholesale aud retail, by J. PEASE fc SON. 45 Division street. A VOICE FROM TENNESSEE. Nashville, Oct- 13, 1342. s I enclose you a draft for $3a0; you will please send me the amount in your Valuable Clarinet! Essence of HoarlioUud Candy. 1 wish you to seud me a cerluiuale oi agency. 1 have oeeu asked lor it severs times, not having use set in the Ursl buk i got of you 1 luve omiUeu auvertisiug, but as soou as 1 receive the amount 1 have ordered,! will iuseil the first advertisement you sent mi-; your Candy is ol gieat demand. 1 think 1 can sellaboal &SUM worth lias year; many have used a aud ?peaie highly oi it. You will olease send me as many of your Urge allow bills as you can gi.e for the above amount of Candy. 1 scut your present to General Jacksou, by his Al?, Colonel Armstrong, I here is no doubt but he will recommend your valuable Hoarhouud to his Iriruda. Please acknowledge the receipt ol this, and oblige yours, ALPHEUS LYON. To Messrs. J. Pease It Sou, 15 Divisioa at. N. Y. The shore letter will give the public au idea of the amount of Candy sold tu a year by the Messrs. Tease. DONT FAIL TO HEAD THE FOLLOWING CERTILA A L Naw York, Sept, 30, 1(42 Gents:? 1 ain ? machinist by trade, and the duties ol my tr de, ? quire that 1 should at times exert myself to such an exieut Hut the system becomes eu ireiy leiaird, and the body so overcome with Ileal that i is Wldi great diihculty I cau avoid coutrading severe coughs and colds. 1 contracted a cold lioin tins cause about two mouths ago. 1 subsequently tell into the inidst ofsouie ei wy mac'lurry, which seriou ly injured my breast produced a severe hacking cough, and was, as 1 considered,last approaching an uuliuiely death. 1 was attended by two ph si ciaus, who considered m. case i opeless. 1 however determined, as a last resort, to try some of your Ciarnied Essence uf Hoarhuuud Candy; and, alter usiug a small quautity, i louud aimosl immediate relief,and am now entirely restored to healli. My physiciaus also attribute Hie cause ol my recovery to lbs use ol your Hoarhound Candy. JOHN P. MATHEWS, No. 1 Orchard street. To Messrs. Pease St Son, 45 Division si. N. It.?All who arc sceptical will please call and see me it person, and 1 Will dispel Urair doubts, J. P. M. Agents Kushton St Aspinwall, 10 Aator House, lb Broadway, and (S William street : Church's Dispensary, Ik Bowery; J W Minor, corner of Hudson and Montgomery at, Jersey City; Smith, 233 Greenwich at; Oswer, cor of Church and Chamberssu; Bsdeau. 2M Buwery; Di. Bnricll. 310 Chat' ham si. and cornet of Cldtidge aud urandstreets; KiestedgiJO Broadway, SautL,7b Fultou si, corusr of Chambei and Broadway, and 77 East Broadway. Agents ou' of the ciiy.? Weed ft Waters, Troy ; Zieber, IT Duck street, Philadelphia. Ta.| itobiuseu, No. 110 Baltimore *t, Baltimore, Aid;_Baxter, 57 Slate st. Albany, N V nIOr FEMALE MONTHLY PILLS. WING to the celebrity, efficacy, aud invariable success 9f v/ yiauame llesleil's Female Monthly Pills in all cases ol irregularity, suppression, or slupiiage of those functions of na tare upon which the health of every female depeuda, sine* ti eir .nirodnctiou into th. United Sutes, now about lour yeara, countrileiu aud imitations are constantly attempted to be , ulv huhuijc. viw< i> Lummuii mm a r purchased at twelve cents a box, put U|> in different boxes, and called? "Female .Monthly l'ill?," with the object of sclliux them, if possible, at oue or two dollar* a box. Female* are therefor* ciulioned ac.niisi these attempts to impose upon tiiem. It u ulbcieut here to?Ute that all Female Monthly l'ill? are couulerleila, except those sold at Madame Kestell's Principal Jlfice ltd Greenwich street, New Vora and 7,Esses sueet, boston Price SI. .Madame KcsleU'a autnatnre ia written on Uie cetrei of each box. N. B.?They can be used or married or single, by following the directions enclosed inside ol each box. Bold also by ap pointmeut ol U4 Grand street, corner of Allen, New York, ol lm#r WM. SUTTON'S I'XCHANOK OFFICE, LYNCHBURG, Va. WM. SUTTON hving located himself at Lynchbuor, leu iers his services to Broke, s and others who m iy desire colli el ions ,iail~, 01 other bur mess in his line transacted uiany iwrlol Virginia. REFERENCE. Col. Th?mu B. diner. 1 Messrs. Maura & 1 nrcell, > Richmond, Va. Mr. T. Pai,o. > Capl. Juo. M. Otcx, J Mr. Alex. Tnmpkius. > Lynchburg, Va. Mes?rx. M.Corkle at M.Daniel ) o29 6t wy t TO MARRIED LADIES. vfadame RESTELL'S preventive powders I'*?These invaluable Powder* have been nniTersally adoptee in Europe, but France In imrficalar, for upwarik of thirty yean is well as bv- thonaauds m this country, as being the only mild utle, and efficacious remedy for married ladies, whose heal In forbids a too rayed increase of family Madame Reslell, as is well know n, was lor thirty years Fr male Physir:an in the two principal Female Hospitals in Eu rope?those of V ieuna and Paris?where faeorac l?y her grew -ipcriencc and opportunities, she attained inai celebrity in hose great discovi rit s in medical science so specially adapted to the female frame, for which her medicinty now stand nun 'ailed, as well in tins country as in Earuiie. Her acquaintance with (he physiology and anatomy of the female frame, enabled net?by tracing the decline and ill healfhof married leinalet. scarce iu the meridian of life, and the consequent rapid and often apparently inexplicable causes which consign many a fond mother to a premature grave?to their true source?to ap nve at a knowledge of the primary causes ol female indisposi lions?especially of married females?which, in IWI, led to the discovery c her celebrated " Preventive Powders." Mttir adoption Has been the imim af ineeemng not only the health, but ev?n the life of many an allectionate wife ane fond mother. , The advertises lee line the importr.nce of thie subject, and a* cimatiug (he vast bene ills resulting I*, thousands by their adoy uoa, would moil reaiiectfully arouae -w atteotiou of the mat ned, Dy all that lliey hold uear and dear, to their conaideratiou. I* it not wiie and eirtuoaalo prevent ctiU to which we are ?nb eel, by eimple and healthy means within our control. Every liiliataiouate, virtuous, and eulightcued iniud will uuhesitat ugly answer in the affirmative. Trice live dollars a package, iccoinpuied with full and particular dirrctioua. Tnef aube forwarded by mail to any iwrlof the Uuilsd Stale*. All etters must be poit paid, and addressed In MADAME UE8 PELL, Female Phyaieiau. Principal office, 14* Greenwich itreel, New York. Office hours from 9 A.M. to ? o clock P.M. Boston office No.T Esse* st. oil b*t MADAM E R ESTELL, ffEMAI.E PHYSICIAN. Of?.ce and residence, 141 4#reeo r wich street, betwern Conrtlau'li md Liberty streeu. where ihe can be consulted Willi the atnctcal couudenee on com ilainrs incident to the female Irsme. Madame Resiell'seiperteucaaiid know ledge in the treatment ?f obstinate caves of female irregut.rUy. stoppage, soppreasion. sc., it such as to require but a tew days to effect a perfect ;iire. Ladies desiring proper medical'Uemlatict during con nemenl or other inui?;>osition, will to accommodated ouiinn inch time, wuh private and reapecubh board. " Preventive Powders," for married ladies, whose d? icate or precarious health forbids a too rapid increase of family mill be tent by mail to any part of the United Bute*. Price Vt a package. All Letters (post paid) addressed to ' bos MS Sew York. Boston Office, No.t kaacl street " N. B.?Madams REST ELL weald inform ladies residing ml of the city, whose health weald not admit of travelling,that he would devjte her personal attendance upon them in any urn of the Unaed States within leaeooable distance, ol lm*i PORTUGUESE FEMALE PILLS. MTKNTgo iui raariKsn a* it. DE BOUDELOllL'E, M. D., LISBON, PORTUGAL rIE Scientific combination of ingredients el which Hieee Pills are compoeed^have made them the wouder and adnn IUUU 111 im worm- iney we mown ill our fcurope to be K only preparation ever dtecovered thai hu proted invariably rrtatn tu productitg the raoulhly turne. Their certainly, iu all net, being nich that the* muei uec be need daring pregnane v Jr though alwayi mild, tale, and healthy, they are certain M reduce miscarriage if uted during that period. The direction* are translated into bugliah And are enveloped mntf with the eeal of the importer, etamped. ?ach boi coniitH the ngnatnre of M. de Boedeioqae. and the fcnglieh dlj redone have the tigocture of Dr. P. MtuL VLAU, anthoneea rent fer the continent of America. They can be trmrurnitted by mail Jo any part of the United tatev Letter* directed to Dr. F. Melvean, be* 14, New ork, will meet with immediate attention. All letter* inoet e poet paid. Sold by appointment at 1* Cherry, near Catiline etreet. Prion li Half boiae St. No half boiev rent by tail- o4 Im'r dfcw PUBLI3HED DAILY BY JAMKM OOUilUN UESKICTT, i W. CORNKR, kULTON AND NASSAU STHfcKT# The New Von* HEaat.D?A d.uly p.iper, tuned even lOrrnug of the week?price ftuo crntl per copy. Country mi, -nbcri lurnmlied et the same rate, lor anv rpeciric jienod, oe remittance in advauce. No paper vent, n-.leu |?i.l m advance. The Vfttitr Hi.aaLU?luued every biturdav morning el mc o'clock?price tix and a quarter cenla per copy?lurmehed > i lunti) jnbecribcr* at H,?> per annnm, in advance, or at the am me lor any ipecined petted. UruwMBHTi are re en i and w addreea tnetr lemon m tuneivUMlnnnrv, rroenecet mt m mi hi HWI * ?!'

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