Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 20, 1849, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 20, 1849 Page 1
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TH NO. 3401. A rM TUTTr/n. A?rriovKM *XFOUTO?'$ SALE OK" E'.ROANV AND F\NHION ROSEWOOD INDMlHO'HVy FUdNI TURK. being the extensive sVeoh of Win. Seatnet. d-eeseed AC TUTTtB Will M I Mil St Motion n? TUBAO tY.Nsreh *7 et lOe'sln k st 452 Br<>?'iu? sir st b? r-lei -f ?*?>'iAre, < ferritin ?t??k ef ' ? in. donnret, dooessel. cmprls "? s hnivf ysloaMe arenrniHot of r sewood and -ther For-lture, Ilot' sill le umrptonly sold for oath,to oloaa the estate. BO) II BY COOLEY te KEESE. Hlort, Ufa 191 Broadway, corner of Dey tlntf. TBSOAY EVBNINlJ, llsroh SO, At half-put 6 o'clock, at the Auction R om, AN IXTtNSIVE. coat'y and rsinsblr ooiltetiomif chiton sad fere Book*. relating to the discnriry oiril sal polities) h a ** 7, IS" gie- hjr. He, of North sod V>uth America. th? Cited h'a'ee. Meet iuOlea, to. tin, eohrt'iig a large oolleotion of book. 01 great valor tad noaretry, euri us wnrka, trsou. he. on the Untied htsua, and the works of tM aatriiaet travellers la Abow, Cata'ogura will be ready is a few day*. FRIDAY, March .3. At I o'clock A.M., Bed to he ooutluied during the whole ot the eneuiug week. New York Trade Sale?The ratal gne of tbie troet extensive and im 1-01 it. i> t gale in now mdy tor die ri utiou to the trade It Btm ee lane Invoeea front neary the emire pubinding oi.mmniiry ihf. ugl out Ueitol Hni?>, ? d "fl ra 10 In >kaelio>a. MUklliell III tmrehaiite gene allv. the rwiect opp rtneity for the purchaeu aud rep'euieuii.eiit of their eioeke. Die o t .iuanneote of itatloucry are exceedingly large, Tatted and valuable, cinb>ao t gevtrtt' me in the hue. T e attention ol puhhsneri and the trade generally, le particularly ofcllr t to the in>i>oriaut at d exteiteivu e llrutiou of ctcreo typo p aire tc b>< ifl'vrnd at tbie a-ln. entoraol.ig oTurahun rod a of the tnuit standard and popular workiand copyrights in (he market. The eaie of Stationery will onmaenoe on Friday, the 33d of Nai.h. The sale of hooka will In commenced on rlaiurdav the U o'eloek M. with ton rain,tbie invoice of Messrs. I). ap Jiieton A Co. ana the s-le will be oontinueh there ifter n regular erect through the catalogue ootil all la aold. 'lite aaleof dtereot<p? Pit tea takea plaoe on Thureday, Ute *9th 01 March, at li e'cloek M. The whole aale ia nfTercd ow a credit of aix months. nil REAL ESTATE ATA HARi.iAlN TBS til'list Bill an ohhtK.i TO hXUUANOS rox CITY property oriellat a rsnuoed price, any part, or ail of tho ft 1 owiuy parcel* of proper j. aitaa ?d in tin p ea-anr an<l thriv ng village of Newton t'.lis, Tr nairaU eounty, Obi*. and lying ietwn n Uts t? o brsuoi aa of the Mienontag river aud on tho Ohio ate PuuufylTania . ana . vu:? Fitat f arce - A Mill on the Weat branch hawing a front ol 153 fb't< n the etreetand eu the river, main ptr te53feet deep pro pel ed by water tower nod by a doinie a Dor ongtoe: ooaupnd lor t e lael rtabt yeare aa a Paper M il, hut suitable lor a Flouring > li, oi for any Faehry purpoee ?i|U r.og a power cqiat to that ef four run t f etone. alec?A large, bandaome, and beautifully aitnated Cottage Heme, i'-x r omi on e floor with beek building, etcble, and every. l.akl. I... I..II. Alto- An ejioollfir. Saw Mill 1^ good erdrr. A <10?A good frame h-uie aed t: rve eurue of land. All ?f the are ai u*o d ooutigu utly on the Woet braueh, and have botu creeleddaring the last? ait 70am at a oust 11 do?ac?> t of valve of lie water power., of. $',aud. e effete to rent tbe whi le fur $fnm. or to tell for S > mHl. -ec-nu f areel?A ':mt Mill, aituated ou tbe Baat branch, 411 feet a<|u>Te. wuha 8*?t rate water power, mone bettor 10 tho Buuty.) time ran of atone ie oputaiiou, with 12 feet ovcrahot water w etla. The water wbe* ie and running gear have biau all made new derirg the laet year, tbe frame ie old but aouod Thia Bill w?a Ki d ton yeataage for... . $UIU(M. itia ' ow off red, unptlnr with a am all houro for the Mller. and twoeud a hall aorea of land, for the ram of .. . 8 UOX 'Ihird Pareei?A ttamloun on tbe Canal, size fort; throe floors, with I'anal Fat in mud Dock, and with a a to re room at lael.ed, furnished with conntor. dniwrra. shelves. tto Also?A plat efgromd adMtioa it eonteining 39email Iota A I/O?A ama.l to n rtnry * atuhnu/e or fftore. on the Canal, a few rode from tbe other, not entirely Subbed. itimaied value $3,400 'j be n arehi'nnn ie offered for rent at J2U0. The ea tiro parcel for aalt at,.. 8 SOU Fourth Faroe!?A large Maueion flou-4, maia part 4-1 by 40 t'oet. With two wipga eaoh llliient, and eolnnntdu pint*of 84 foot. Die U i.ole houea ie thoroughly finished pipe rod, and pa'ntod inane and out; eo..t.ii.c2u rooms, beaidea pin tries,oiowts, b .til mom, and balls 4 ataotl of ehimiinysaod I4 tirepiaoea Tueri ia ooueooneeted with It by ornamental mdo buildioga, a two etory rear huild'tig. with atone baaameM lb- by 34 foet; the w .olc forming a quadrangle, measuring ?n the ouUtde 46K fist, and eoo'outag au a.ea or cour , plsnteu ariti, wall f. uit and gn*pe vtueolu full bear mg. There are,a *0, ex-e^oive outbuildings una abeda ana tlarge ioi-h??ar. In thegrouuda attached, thora are. In addition 10 * 1*1 grapevines In hmrmg, over .'0> young creel, ifrait. and shrubbery) All <>l the above building* ere ne'e, bavl g been reoentl' enmploied at a cult of $-1 Z77 The whole ! iev off-red for nle fer the in n of C.ll tl Filth Parcel?Four tpiarrs ot T liege lot*. oai taining S.' qaar t?r aere buildir g low, treating on icveral of the moil central and eligible etreeta. aleo?Foar other square* adjoining, containing about the in-ne 1 urn tar of loll. The above Mansion B"U?u oocupici laveral of theao lnt?. And the whole of them, if retired, will oeuldtaeau Beoiinii with it The vaiuc nf theee lote at the preeeut ?tl tog ? *f $180 per lo', il $!> WO he wb#.e tai et together.are offered it OIMU Six.h nrce.?A good iwn etorv houw, 36 by 2U feet ve it It two quarter acre lots attachtii; utuatioa ouutral and peuint price $\<M) fever tb Parcel? A neat aad commodious two story hunts with fen- unarier acre lote frontine on the panlia square; pros. .$1.6 0 Eighth Parrel?Seveott tlx aeie low, mt'.y of tnetn 'n the centre el lbs village pint; eel tug prioo Irum $l<*0 to $ Vdl-aoh 1 Mima ted $ 1,400 Ninth Parcel - a'?o ]H0 village io's. varying in elt* from I to .T ores and held nt diff rsnt prioes, from $IU0 to $2W. Aeereged estimate $16 UUO Both iheae percale are ?ffor< d wholceale for the nam of ..$!' DUO In addition to the above the enbaeriber "flora te eell at arefa-ed price, noveral email honrae and ehnpi In the vl'lagu. Air-A nnaibrr of lantn out lote alerting the village plat, aad two tmall farma in the vieintv, adjoining one another, and ooatainii-g about Iflal acres Terma ot tnie easy, and any of the ab ve ?r e wl'l be exohvngtd for city property. Addrcee Du I) ><i k Tendervi'Ort, S7 Water street. New York, rr the enb criher. at Mtwtcn Fall* (mhtHStl HEVRY A, DU BrtIA Fun Sale a BEaCriFUIa PLACE AT FLIJAUINU. L.I.? The nrureii nindern Aid re pie e with every ennvtoisnoe? with g' eil nut building*. anoh At Bern, Coeoh And loo Hoast, A very 111 e tiardcn and p n ty of Frail. If not told, it will be let to a go d tei aet Apply to mhlH-Si ? THOMAS H. IEOQETT. 23 Bookman it. COUNTRY Re,SlL?ENCli FOR SALK. Th? rtH BiCHlB#* offer* tok SibK Bid prc iEMT leatdtue* on tes west tide of Marks! street. In the Village r.f t'onyhktepiie Tbo houtu ieof brink, 27 r?et by 60, three etot ei high, with abaeeu ent and two btok niacin, enmiaandieg I e vieni of the titer and monn'alx The lot it 92 leek front and rear, and about too fret deep, and il cooked with obotoe v?r oi> oi f.uit trie* and flaweri, and with an exteniiva grapery. Trie*, 9MV-. V. W. fwuT. Iedghktepaie, March 17,1P49. mltaile? FOll SALE. A NEAT GOAT, in K>d, whioh will give milk Won en* week, underneath the Chnrob in Honaton uetl, below the Hueerv. mil it" Tl) LET. THE InrRe three itory end **i o borne oornot of Bleeeker end holberrt etreie, c<>ntain<nf nineteen mom*. It im kite ttaerou.hly painted kud letxi'red. kudu in wrap ete order. Foiie?.ion given im" ediately. K '( ire en the pr-mie-i, or to JaMES L. FHELr'S, jan, Attorney nt Lew, nil It" #1 John ntro*. OFFIOES AMD LOFTS TO LET. T'?-0 LABUE OFFICES. AM)T#0 HANDS >ME LOFTS, right,.eight feet Hwp knd ooiled, to 1-t in Mte nu.v lire troof .ttie No. 2ji liff Mrext. near 'o John ninrnt Ap lv to nh'S- 4<* K S STEN |t)V, 4f John e'reet npe'kin TO LAC?ih? modern built thrro etorv ltd nttw Briot btiU-b No 2111 Km Brmawey, with la'ge nnder eetlkr, troton water, k d iartu fine yard, with grnpe viae*. Ben*. S5xl. Ii quire kt Nn 61 Coluoi ie ntr ec. mh i I It* STORE AND PART OF THE HOUSE CofcNEft ?-f hksi aV. tut and stxru srtE?r, To Let. Arpy to f.'h.,i. C udeit, 96 St. Matk'e Plane, Nth e'lrer. ml'it* T<) FA K M E K s and .VIA Li K I', T OA K DEN EMS. PK EPaItk D Gl AM' AT (In it t.liN T TLK I'UL'N#-*B em, d cell attention to tlio .oilowio,; cortiHoktoj ?'I u?ed tirte ? *. ot I'reptred uuaii " to be nnro of o-te. nn'l ob Anod lii botlice uiiumnily good. My rye n wortn lis onnto per luuhel muie ti nu th?t run-d l>y stiurw. 1 u*ed it nn anru knd potetnee wiut oevidrd xdwnutgn On garde o vog.'tab|e?, itiseuptnor to nil ether mn. utw. For (Cion treee, it beeno equal " e. DL'K.tND Clinton Bteex no , n. j. "I hive nred Ptvpired tint - o, F< udrettu and vurv ntrood r?ri b*um munot*. n'l n rilTorent pa tmo he ram flo'd id tea-Ik tutLira The rrtpitd i.ukno produced he Ikrgett orop, lud I em If riiive no u.kuure oxo-o* a it in fertlity" 61 do x I UKSSOLL. Attoria, L.I. ind mmerone othrr eortirM' -i mh he eovn. For **le by KK *11*11 t CO.. 4'l Peek ill p. V. Y. Agante wen'eil in nil town. A liberal eoiomluion allowed, mh .*-41* _______ ____ TO DAIRY FARMERS, CHEESE FACTORS AND DEALERS. WAd! LK'S EV(1I,I ti an ATTO la no* 'er ihe flret time ode eo, a-d will ena"le tie amnrluxa (lh -eia maxer p. ?c. |w to w tb the ti ??t kiti-e in Europe, whma it liae been at. t*nr>rl> n-ea tor the Net twenty year* ep-jeiall; in V o onunttr.ef Ol eiter. Obiiiee-ter *t?ir rd,Salop nerov, l.eieeetrr. Dorb-iii B li e. and the principal dairy die rote. 11 it porta a rich w>. d n nut, from a pule ?'r ? ton deep or?n so and le w rr.u od m rrruin IM any pell .d. Prepared hv UL'GIl W aKDLB. M nufeetnrieq C'hemier, Stven Mind New Yo't; a.dmav he hedotmoai of ihe wboleenlc Drncitlita in 'He eity. with dir*o Bona'it ner, bet ring tb* pm pre tori fto timile. mh *'-4t? J. GROSS ?A KELLY .V CO., * Mi Wili.iam TRrrr. Up Braina 44^ nv/i'fturert <n,ri Impnrtrrt nf Friinti (inipi. (,'?nft, and Tut. It. A'tal/rotiferi # b nidi tivli?>? for Lidi'i' Urmti. HaVKJmtre riTefl n iwnntilul moriuirui of ar*a S. Dreae. end dnxillla Piti g?i. the niweet and moit laebi niaxe yea of Snip m for 1 adiea' Droieei 'hint Fr-m a.d Irrtni! .e Mil : I " dor Dye; Fueni H ?n. d ; ell <>f whioh wl 1 he enid hy ti.e pavkege, at tne iewret tot that preee mh I.Vtlt* H I If D s r O |{ E . ARCHY OHIBVES, Nt). 5 JOHN 8TflKET, HAX FtltSaLK, I.auarae, M. oktnq B ria J?vt Hptrrowv the ka one Micewe, 1'erru'A Fhea ani?. Fonltry. I* genua e van. u -breeda, togoMier ?itn ev-r, ep oiee of lo eira Add d?b e.ue h.r.i. lie hao Juet in |nr.< d twelve Shetland Pu ,ira well nmto ?d ao' tr?i .ad, wlih Ei g leh harue e "ntetin-e, ?o. loete d 111 C, I "ae erooan mm ip?mg -ooaiea, K irg ;nar|, T>tr rtar? Nnrh, B ali.h and Iriah IWwri, ottarn, Spantrla, tod Prwfoai.da 4 'rrale Th?<aimre<f are wall ielict-d ? ti. ua ?? 'r n ant a lha ?eet pure Ion* br *d of r o i ei lora etand and in full * *. Ala* *he truall oreed Canary. bright yellow and pen , w II he a ild. alnyle or I- pun, warreated ; wit a la gi a*. eonm nt of h- althy liod Piah, with Glaaa Globaa, h rl Ca?ea t ft r >u I ran |w't.ria, irinl Steda, hand and nt^ry artola We>aar? to eaiahll.h B onnir>l?te anary. The whole /auhilah 11 a. l >a worthy f tho Inipeetinm af tra?a tera and vlmtnra all of w im w II ?a ? alo. mlv r ceiro' a d hon* a 'T aoeoranuiiatoil hw alii It aKCIIV (1 ?lf.VK?. ft John atraor, (iYMNA-TIO K.XKIlClSEi NO. Ifl?rUklBK'0 0 V a n asn n ia p-n dailr, for atorela lug tb-reio at No 18 Ono-tlind'atre'I The room li furnl h? d Wt' h all the neuraier ap an tua for there hnalthfnl and In la irallng raeri laer. )<r h"aa who aunot attend darng tna i ay,'ho imanum allihe ..poo mree nifhia in the w?h din d?>p, * ?d< awieja uad Iridata. rahl It* riARO roRTEt,MVIIfi two MUSICAL INSI'RUVI EN ru. Tint FITBhCFIDBBflOrPB t iiiaFaM AT WII >I.Eft\LI ai d retail, n-? and ream d h-nd Piano P-rte? dnnua id a ileal I Minn i Dir. en, neting ia port af Violin a VlolOuBalliaa, liaia fiiu a fca he. r lao, t a t?M f| ,ai tj lialtan and Bnglleh Weitn. Vlnlane I'b, Qwitar td llerp eiilb|8> all nt wh en <hey alfar for enle on tha pM in r i <r W B. 'Ill It A CO., Ml (tread war. N Jfaw and a??end Hind 'n > fortaa, af the moat ap. Jfovru oon?antly on hand let l.fco, nhAHt* E NE MO 5*TaNDAKU KASHiON?.nPKINLt ISAil LkakY In. CO will ir>r'he r ?tnl? fur the eaeuint wmm for tajpeorion a>d rteiiv. ry. Mar. b d. OKNUINK BE WtCH HATS. An oBpericnur ?f nearly twenty tun. uider eiiwameaanoee well uaiwu.aitd to tcet the jattneee of iboir tie we uiNiw i.iiiv IK < o. iniMtrl that tbie ua i?* aitiile > iienn iarly adapted, tr- iT) iti r-r* onnihmatlou i f utility, bfeoty ut'timnh Bud Br Uke to-tc if tb* titbit* Bi d u blib ut rh? r oa*totn*re. L a f?. vhilr tcping aoar ful ? ateh over the Improremnnte ' f'l.e Fieuoh Metropolia, rave r- jeetod every exargeratioii of lhihion or Bt))u a d etv eorfldeut uat the prneotion of their proMt.t I ? > la ia charooter a* ? oil with the tate of their one. ton rre ae ?ith the r home wi h aboee name b aent.eiuuuiy hat ha* ) con e mi m jmoua, LK?KV IK CO N FINE MOLESKIN SILK H AT, Of th 0 ent tuility and late?t ta>h>oa era>rai)lnt all he aioet recant iBlproiefm-tiUi and ueeai elM by Buy heretofore pro dated, trill In Bold at four dollars each. The additional prp.rttio; maoe fur the manufacture ftf thie article, the inrrenard trc litiee * jo ed for p'oouriuy from frwee aid tu tint market the oholieat ueeevary intbrul* and the greatli .xtrndrd telra antiui paled by I,, k > o warrant th nil la eflordin* the article t* abort'. LtAKY kCQ. nil ho* X 4 e> i A A?tnr 'loeae. New Vorb. ??a.rv ' L.C. VI fc,.N 'X HAI'S-SI'RIN't KANHMINS. M?.4A\TA.?4 0&NAULU>iNKitur It (> MTK* IT- n.Bl\ lateil'ng m< lt.kin and h utria H Alt} at g.'l hi. heat <|nal tr Boleelmi and i>utri? Ha'eatgKkl Kreeol Improvement* iu tba nai uCactu iuK ( e|*rtnie?t enable him to "IT r Hate eupener to au> hi r*i"lute manufaeiured by him at the above named law liriota m?" lt? CLOTHING AT WHOLESALE. WX are ?i* ri-adv wi h a lerae aud cimtaut a look of Faehioaab e Uolhiak, for the Spnng and urumer, euitab ef?r the 8nntl em ai d <a ra'eru Trade allien will n? offered at tuoliprloae a* at all induce thoae who may farur oa with a sail te make toelr lele'iioDA our treee arc full IS per oeut lower tba.i thoae of time houeen nud tor varitiy and a'ytea, our atock will eouii>aru favorably with Ai y uihm iu the city. D * J. DltVi.lN, whliU In .13 and 3S Join at. onr Naaeau. TO TAILORS, DEALERS IN CLOTH, See. Hknrt k. bum htui i-Kavb tu announce ro nil 1 radc, that he haa taken lofta No 111 a illia a e'feei. New \ rk. wker be a? opened and >e dally reeeivmg, aoboice eelee lion of t'.lotl a, ae.nueiee, VeeUug*. &o., luaoiilautured expreia'y for the Taiioritg T aoe. Ale>. iat'ua Srrgea 'fallen' Trio miliar (to.; which be vltera for rale a kheoe under the lotreat maiket |>rke. for cars os approved notes. Country bu era particularly, woe id do well to examine hie gin hi, whvrt they oau have ihe privi tgu of ae acting from a freed attok, in Aral hand a to. USNKY Ki.KwH. mil lb Idt* No. #1 Williem. rear Cedar atreei. Nw V'rk. CAST OFF CLOTHINO. FIRE ARMS, FU tNl U'? K, to., W ANTEo ? Uentlrmen or fmiiiioa httr ilk ftuch eflec'ato do-poo* or, will out&in a ftir c m prtoo r?>r tbaa*ina, *ud *? ba at coded at th?ir maidttaee' by iaitving ofdara^iih oruodie?m galiua i crony exortaa poar, to u XI) It* U. Lil. v KIT,2 i'-uoa. o r Broadway, $500 CHALLENGE. NOTICE TO (.EN ri.EVIt;M WHO WANT their CLOTHES TO LOOK LiKE NEW. CA'l. At t e Cleaun g, Dv,iai. Tailoriog, and repairing Eata ClliaKlliAlifc. Nt?_ tiolil ktfertl edrltatwax trn.t rtm.a all . attract d at the ebor'aat notice. by 1. II. AH, itftluTd timet, l?o doort (rim, Bockman atreet, New Yolk. ruh'JU It* SFR1NU FA-WION IKI'J NOW KRAUY?UNSURPASSED by toy mm uUctnron in thin city lor eiaia-ee duraln'ity or ohaapoa a at Hit oua ynuo atom, 116 Uanal street. Every article wairtLUd ,o g ? aaturfwcuon J. W. AtLLO IU. nib IS IHt S 111 R T S MADE TO OltDEB, CUT BY MUlUHI, AND WAItARTID TO TIT. BY MRS. E. C. BBVfAN, Clinton Hall If 9 Nattuu Krrel, Ntw York. f Established iu lri4S ] TO BB BE Ho V EO on !'<** lor OF HAY NEXT, TO No. 1 An. r Bon A B'oadway, ooru. r Of V t y struct. Bioha ton a u?des'*. addloi Teuton's and othrr Ka oily Linens, and Yolk kill! Bi.elin a wtytlurtalo Mn. tt. it tlio in i tutor and cnly manufacturer af t'e celehraied DKMAN COLLAR, bttehcd Boaottt, the heat and richest assortment e?e? offered fa* ale in the Uu leu bt tot. but ma Embroidered i orded. Rao, Be, of m.ore.than tlt'tytdiff< eot pa tt rn'.'For Srauiaero a' Work on fchirta, Mr Bcuao h piytug the highest pr ooa ercr pud by any Hi irt Aatablishmont in the world. For i.inooe, Hit. S pay* at high tt thne doiiart a yard?jrinet rarely paid by any of < ho loyal or ex-rnyol Itmiiira In Europe. Forfhirla, aha ahar aafrom two to filter a Dollar* a pmce. The moat expenaire art g- narally ?r cuuu g onwte. no u mirmen lu N otld, It li , ntr rinh it a handsome Shirts tithe gentlemen of hew York At Six to toi Tt boure y ? co, llri B will it my bin" get op Shirt' to order, out by metnre ind witrnotad to fit. Screril baodrldi but Stitcher, eonituntly otnp oyed. Ae 1< r efereneei Mil Beuieti cm point with lorfldenee lid pride to her Older Boot'. ii< which ire the originil iniogrspha of Mtwien tw lid taree Ihoniend regular customers, imo.,g wa?in ire the ot Pre-ist-nts ind i x Prttidente 01 e Ambiuideri ?t iid from Foreign Court', ind Msmnen of Cougtcer,Oovernoni end Coneuli. Oe-ertl Officers of thn Army ltd Mvt Edit- re, Poets, Orators. Ilerobiito lnwtere, Ocowra, and gentlemen of distinction in erery grade of Hilitsry. Nevil. Diplomatic, ind Civil Life. mb .Hi St NEWS PR in pino, BOOK. wki riNO. HiKUWaUK and wr \fpino p kpeu PEKSvSE and BROOKS, taper manufacturers and de\ll,rs. WABR>h>fik 6/> Ann 67 Neassi; ;tk?ir,N.Y. MillMUt windsor Lock*. Conn TBI ?n boon be re t ire ounstintly on bind Imr* utortmeni ofill kinde I.f Ni we hoik. Writing, Hardwire lud Wrap p-ng Payer* ind Trunk, Strew, mid ofill t.nn md quell?**, enitible both for the New York and Son then market. I'm Paper manufactured it thiir Mil e ia equal to any obhit new, priuucg in tte market, of itrong texture i?d tabao. aid ol uniform color. 4 hi It nrMii Affiinti ffirith nfKif i?.iww<sAi??> ? * ?- ?!M enntie them to Ml ordurt lor any kind of paper daeiiad ty their eritnn era at MMiertCMMlln wilCtH A NEWSPAPER FUR ALL CLASSES. A OHIlAT NUMtfKR. THE PIOl'Dt'a (IW N. fur this ?m>, end sow rtady, begins aneitiasrdl ary Serirt of Si stones ?f hire iu the metropolis, derived lrotn the highest scoroeii.aro culitleu S H A L> O W 8 or. Adveaturei by Day ud Kigbt about New York, with Htt,TUB CflltP tlF POhl JB AND uii aPKJl V.L AtU! Chepur 1. Ibe Myrterious Widow. Tint it en entire y new lecture id nevnpaper litcratu e end matt create agrente-oan Uou Besises til*, the "t hrber's Uhoet'; Mud m.d Purteialitn-e, Uo powerful etury of "The I urn's Elixir,' and hay queIIlity et first rate mt'celieiieou* reading For sa'e by ali'the news agent* and at the offlee. No. 47 Gold treet. Wire oeatrnoopy. m 8 lt? EDWARD DUNIGAN ite BROTHER, No 151 lfvi.Tuir Jt* err. Bay* reeently pnhlithcd the great Irish Novel of the day, SliANDY McG UIRE, Belli n story ot >he noith of ltelatd by Paul. ftrrsuotAa, Est Yri.e, la two pane, neat p'per binding. 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The ral'gfitn p boo, theft fn*e, w id lie eepeeillly interested whilat th??e d a? .tieted will, |inarut tTm,?kii'?Mk eee pr-care works at* * wnmhij e I, r tin (if ling ip ot now m io, ly the revival if ' Id ner?e>e?, Ii tiii'h, than is in1 ml'ie-t wMoh o>n?ti bo t'natd in tin Meal Cet in, ?l t^e iBikllroiokl World, wMoh ih t, greet print nf et'rooti' n for a 1 the men of let'ora who vwtt New Tor* 0?eie, H.n.. tke whole army of N>ok hot"m; come on. men of mien**, etergvtner, editor?, lawyrr . deetire, rn'rehnite. ftrroera a, vane. , at d Bib'o iDnniara aun refresh your ion a with at laaat a v ew ef the mre and ralnable bo ka en ai ed <a tblt veatobula ef the Mi,tea. JOHN D'lVLI. Oietp Anebtit and Mndrm Konaaeller. Moral Of We ef vi 1* 1(11? th? InteiVnteal Wot'd. led > aaatn at, N. V Blami mm ?.*. i-ai'f.u and ai on i btv-nunon It l.tll'T ill* 77 Maiden Lane, lu.aunfootnre every etile of doc not hook, and roll at the loaeat eaa prion; an batter, I at- and Nite I'upota. htiTilprw Ool? fete, fort' hoe. Aorap Bo' kr, Inks. Wu * afore. Mtnifild l.etter Wrltera Cop I'* aid Not mi ia! Pnteeee. Fancy and ataple ritationari aruoba, j-awrat at) aa. F? ANUIS Ha 1.0? fOUL, *' 3na ^ 77 Maiden i ana. TO DYERS AND BLOCK PRINTERS. DKV EXTRACT OK ANN 1TTO PRF.f'AHBi by Itl/uH H AKUKLU Mtnuiii'iiriof C^lQiilU ^^r|h 3+at*n Island, Tlili nn qiM pie artuon m (Wi I.inra tin aim gth el t e keat t'ara Aai.tio, Bed eea alwaei he rrliu no. iTfototieaa ?t?'ng an pattlee now ueitiv e ami now plat wnt gram!" Italy to an* part af tk? Union, by driiwetug to the mat nfan d>?? Arm a far Mew York, H WaKD k OO., 83 MeUaa inner kW ft* W YO RNING EDITION?TUI CALIFORNIA MINERS' DEPOT, 349 H' (I'liin uu. tnmr nf l.r?iard Stritt. POK WnLr?JBNMIWV3 ltIglll<OID V9I1UN) v ek at d Tor-at a d Br J K Pbil on aaeopetior in priaeiplo to IIJ contr vai r* BOW lieod fot 0 Id Weahtng T'h large Tell Rocker, worked with rvtary foroa pomp, fur acnponfaa. Tli" ' ornigated Rocker end Toat Fua. Knhbaid'e dowry F.,roo 1'iar approved of and tlkea >0 Oar ll'onna by thirty two diffcreot Mining < ompaniee that hati left u la port; mod eu board many paokuta and -wamca and lately adopiim te froth water pomp on board of U S ahipii; whleli will lilt onnvf. lont'y abont id feet, and will tben very aaaiU foroa the water i j hand powtr to an el< ration of mora than 101) feet. fort) CO I ending and Suction Hoee, iron and copper tiretted; fid ?. ipadea. Droit, and other Mining eppllanana. *M'f t,.o ehove ar? tnannfeotnra'i by too euhtorlhe*. and fur niabed at maaufhctaieia' pnoee t'ompouiee are Bttad oat by WAITER M. UlRtOv, Proprietor mill It W9 Broedwav, oomrr of L-onerd rr-ek v v. PORTABLE IRON HOUSES FOR CALIFORNIA. fRtHK Ukltamti d Iron Honee* e metro ted bj ute for California. 1 hi.rie< met with eo much appr val, I ain thoa nidn 'od to call II.. attrntt.n of that) going t? Celi ornu lo an eaemmatinn of them. Too iron ie unloved in ?och a manner, that all perta of the bnuta roof and eid<e tlid> together, and a hnuee Walloon be put tip in le>r than a day Tl.ayare larrheaper than wood, are tire proof, end much m<re oomforeehe than tent", A hi nee of the aboee o eeean b, ehipiwa in two boxer O f?et long, tnd 2 her wide, and b mb'td.cp the fr-ieht on whleh won'd be eh ut $14 to dan F aai iieo. There will aim be ao trnub e in removing flora ono lattof the teinstrv to auoth, r no the hnnteoao, in a few hoora ha t>tea dov n and put np. By oalting opoo ibe tohecrirar. a k >nta at We ahov- alae oan le eten. I'EFKit NaYIUR, lSStonar.t irl ft Sm HO ! FOR CALIFORNI A FOR 8*LB, LESS THAN cust-ONE SHARK O? A NEW Vriiel ae the owner cannot complete hie airaogemente to leave at nr-natif, An eer'y ipplloetien ia dailrthla At ply to mtW It* JOHN w *VK<Y..Ni9 Watartt or ?t. CALIFORNIA^ '|M)llM.II'in 3 rAIMI U I. LI ft ASH Elf. .W JUU > ST. A Tl.r mj-ertoriiy nl this Meehtnn over all thou whitin have N-cn la tely t ovont ?d for th t porn ?r- of fui.iia the * >ld from n n I ardeuod to no* fully tertetd and hv-born Attinnwiodged bv all |m?o"c?l man Acoordlng to ordrra laUtly received,a new pan torn hie been introduced, with tho porfemtent c.te in as via icd linn > d yreiter etreogih and tnlldlev to tho frame. Prion of tho ?ew pattern, $!*i; pijcani tha until er pit tern fdV NoU<na tan* should n??n for Cal'lnrnia without ptovldtog themselves with the ? fluid Weelvrt, through whiih two man Will easily ao con-plteh th? wnra of twenty Apply onl* at VICTOR BISHOP'*, No Tfl John rest. New York. N U ?"nit Ayi-nt for the Htateol Pennsylvania, A.Coolira. IMj.. US Wa'nut straat. Philadelphia mhJtl It* M'l.i OK CALIFORNIA GOLD, AT TUB i'ANCtJALAClU A I)St or, *; Ur.tatl.vaf.-A g-men.1 u vtiotinn n> given tv examine the ?puoimem of virgin ltd hi our be fi?tu < si f .rota by Mr. Mellon. The largest, weig ilea Loiifi eu live and e-x ounce, valued a* ninety dollar! one! illy port-hamc. i.f an Indtei tor a red shirt, H woll worthy of atrenHun. aeit con-tint a bnlliaut garnet, in'ft It* PROTECTION OVERLAND COMPANY, T1' (> CaLIHIRN 1 A. via Corpus Chrteti end dan laa. ?I'art'ao 1 R to join thi, con. pay will meet thie ev'ni'g M yroh tilth, at fl rencr't Rntet, flnrnor ttf Smadauy ani vV-tlker atrest, at t.'oh i k a few more inomhore are wnttted to eomplete the ruater. W ill rail n the 26 h inst Coat threBgb to St" P**aei-co and f nnd glMt miUlt* THE EAGLE FIRE CTTM PA N Y . UPVKMt 71 WaLL STRICT. i-ariTat $300,000, a ten a lahck et-cri.t-e, CONTIM'Ct to-.mure against loee or damage by flre, on kh moat favorable term A A. O. STOUT. President Thomas Oi.ovan. Naeratary. mhISM LIFE ASSURANCE. National loan fund uric asaurinor so.;isrr OF 1/ihDiiN'.?[ nv ctbcial Act or i*> i liamknt ]?Capital. XflOUiKW on $?S-U,uuu.?Chtaf OtR;- lor An erce, VI Wall street n V unifed 8 i'a rv.8 board or LOfJ AL director^. C. IOWAK1) IIaBK UT. Chairman. New Turk Br anon ; John J. f aimer, Samnnl M. Fox. Jam- s hoonnen, William Van Book, George Barclay. AtjailaQ. Stout, famnol S. UowUnd. Fauulog Cubbam Taoker. Biaho IfeEvera THE FOLLOWING ARI AMOCO THE ADVANTAGRE OfTRBRIl BT THIS IN ST IT l1 r ION. The guaranty of a large capital, in sddi-ion to the aoeumula tion ol premiums. The leoulHi item flta rtonred to the aesnrtd by the principle of the Loan Department. The payment i f pieminae. half joarly or quarterly, by partiM insured in whole term ot life. T> e travelling leave ta both extensive and liberal The New York llmn<-n of the U. 8. Looal Board meet every Wednesday, at their UAoe in Wa 1 etreot, where all bueineaa eouRerted with the S-oiaty'e i-perationsla America is transwiid? Sffnrding thereby every p eetblt advantage of promptanee and at tentiou to parties in eaiee of leave to travel, loaus, eettlement of elaime, ke ,ko. Persona tnenred for life, can, at tie commencement, borrow half ami uut of annual premium, and elaloi the same privilege far five ucoesivu yearn, < n tntir own note and deposit of pulley, I art it the Capital I* peruiai ently Initiated la the United States, in the names of throe of th l/etl bin ctorr, as Truetoea Thirty days allowed, after sack payment of pismlom b ooinao dur, wi'ht nt foifelumf policy. Nv ol ante for stamp dnty or f r Mediotyl staminxtioa. The Ftioteiy bolng founded on theMu nal and Joint Ttock prtnOlpic. pf r-ira may i*rticipat<- in tbo yroflts of t>.? Booisty, twoth.rdeot wbtcb ore divided anions IhoM assured far life, on t'.a | The ia the Unite! Statoe. ef thli Inskitnttcn, differs | wide!) tf man erency sa commonly ?ot.frrred hv parent Ineutu I Rons elr-ad The Chairman of the Loeai Botrd, aad tha Genet al Agent in New York, net under Powers of Attorney, executed , I brile 1 ot d?n Hnerd i f Oireo'ore which Powers are reoorded in i the Bet Inter? Office in iheoity <>? New York. Medical Examiners attend daily, at 1 P M.,at71 Wntl street, i and at the oBtiea of the diffluent Looal Boards and Agenotea Oalitnrria Ritka taken at extra rates ol premium affl ted by reiolntons of the L-eal Bard. Pro-tertusee. oontalnieg full iularmeVon, and tables ef rates, ebtaised on application at 71 Wall atreet, and of agents Bh 2U I. LRANDBK 8TARR. General Ajcsnk. 1 IRON 8AFK WAREHOUSE, Hot. 137 a n u 139 Wttii Stiikt, SILAS C. HERRING, DEALIK IN ALA RINDS OP IfcON SaFBS AND NONET > heels and Nannlaetnrer of the reeuine - Patent dalaman der Sale ' heeend hand SaNt ef ether makers, snch hatting keen taken In fart pat mem fur the teal Salamander, fer tale lees than one half rat coat _ ml313f MINIATURE SOLAR LAMPS. HALL,, Pari r and Store Lamp* Girandoles. Fluid l.amp*. Ulohre ?ieka, Ohimno'.s. Can.phme ml and Iturniog Plaid, n holers Is and icailat C. a. BaLDWLN'8, 31 Bowery. n tg' ite STB*M hPFINBD CA?DIRS AT WIIOLHALE. A I It- da atlck candles, .id a lAo II, and peppermint irope I to. hu??r Aimondt 18", " Hugar Plama..,. . 14a. Herat do 14*. " Mottoes 22 t 24o. kieh Litnen Cream Crops. .14 a'Ac. " Leseneos ti a 24a. R, ek and es 14 a Tbo. " Boarhouod . I2.S? GRRENfIBI.D fe ro.. No. KHHth Avenue. mhlP-Jt* Between 15th aad lilth itroete. New York. 8TEA.M REFINED LOAF SUGAR CANDIES, or vrnv summon iivaurv run e-xpuhtation MAltk VAMY tiAnf, ?Xr nantLY TO STAND AT TUB touth, in every variety, at r dneed p*ieee. Otdeie < earn prompt!) executed, and put spin 25 to Ull ]h hoxer.eesorud ?e denied, sod ehipped to env part ef tl.s I'aitrd ?'atss or West India Hands Goods at lea?t npivl to Uit t, it. if nnt I,,and , nperi,r to any other. tor tale low, by I h.'kU ART A BL d8I.NO, Wholesale t onfeotionere mhlS?4i* 41* Pearl street, New YorkI LEVI CHAPMAN, No. 102 IVillium ttift, Nrw York, MAN! PA'.TUUBK OP HIE 04.LG3HATBD M/vQf ! RAs, r ftp, n. i f tour eid a also I'ooke- Books, * allele, 9|0c?aele and Bankets Casta, in evervvarota en the moet exbmiivetovle. ? a-a. a, imiu i-op... yrr|ruaa, 1 DMnirt?"t;pe I'Mti < Quarter " " * ? (it i < t.elf " ? 82 - 144 Mate and Proiervcrn of *11 kindi OEO. DABBS, > BliHHt JA". 0B1M8B, $ ** ?? NOTIi E-TO SHIP MASTERS, HOTEL. AND BOAKDINO liwnte Prnpr.ftl. tf, Inrata*>, Ae. I'i m> ftic Fiuitof >*?ry dei-eriptiou, Til:? triad Applaa, brad lla.p'orrle', Dried (Ja!no**, ' I eara, " Bliekherrifte. ?'u'f.tit*, " Pftnihftf, WhorUenerikA " fliet-tlae, " P uu.*, " Btfurbftrritik Pitied Charm *. AIM ,* unftalenort-i.?! of Out qna'ity of Qr-oerwa, duakert' Paw t, t uplift. > ftee, lord ' eeda. Co <* I olrfale ei.d retell, at the Dom ictio Dried fruit Depot 410 P.eri ft'r e- mniSflt* " (lOMBSf. BUri'ONS AND FANCY <iu JLH. CITY ANDi ttllNffcY M CRD II AN TP, nan find the Daata* mrtu-ent ol Y .i.Lee nrol Foreign Nntleae. and at the luwaat p ieo*,at HK.k A l.ll)D'.t Kl NiMUKtreei, up aeair*, < pp<> lie lh? 1 ...-ll'thea mhA, It* STRAW GOODS, STRAW GOODS. 1'Ilk 3uft.cnh.-r haton hand a lafR* et<?lt of rpno-t Q-.oda, of ehioh La will < lf r inma a* an ind.ioeinent for the pnhiie - s femiMitiott. ccuaoting ol St aw <t,?>dt, Uihoona. PI ,wort, Vi tot'.ea, Mantillaa. Jeuuy D ade, ttuoke Uo. 8. O HAWKINS, No. SI S Orr nd street, lo wfen Urohard and Ludl-.uratA KI rCHKN KANGE3 KITfBIN RANUHS a l TWENTY DOU.ABS, AND UP to tony dollar, oath ?t ap tit t r nwi and warrant*J; p ,r li-r, l?o,o. u, and - fftoa Ura.ea et th,< newret pattern T n ware plainann |apai,?ed: HupiUrvn Boilers. and Purnaoaarat ?nd all dew rii mod ol Draw rk. put up iu t-e ft. *i maaaar; aeutty 4.1i in, rya eutfd an t w?r.anted, Maeot.1 a waya do any detent-: n o of maeon Work. H. J. QltdUOLY. n.-B tt* 78 N?f?an ftroet FREE MASONRY AI.l VN-8 BTVCaL up FN At NaSOS.HY.-A few oopftf of th ??ty toai-a Rook luat proenred a. d f.ratlabf (aria* 16 K'l mil. UOWAN'S. 173 Palion et. New Yerk. v '.lilt* NOTICE. ffO ALT, WHOM IT MAT t.'ll .rRBtl ?flu: n a. a.. J tl? prnth nidt ol l-ong Inland in tr>? vlolnlty of Montank Lui t on tha lat tout. n t. no I'd I .nag Hon-. Nn d nut la v. run. f.? In length. apparently aheat two y. u.ra old, il glltly t< t ut olharniae iu gooa ocuditoe. u-k l&ft UlUiGI BAND, VmkaMtw H A VAN A eUiOAK. COMPANY. Tnc IjN IiERSIUN BD hitr.rg bean appointed Agent far the >ne of the ceien>?ted Itogaraef >k? dogar . o i ptny, in nno prepared 10 H r the follow n? bra- da ?t tho rifid ngiy low pinweof $lf> p r M. Magnam ftntiain. t >1 per N. Cx >oiat >r Tt.aae Sun ro bat-diomnly put op In OMnallil ptohagea and tie netraatrd rqin io tho lint ever lit,p-.rtwl Too prima one b? inn at. Iliad at ixtien-ny knwratra on'y by a atriet anherenm U. u I tab Pr ncipl*. jaw luting iht nromnty of good ea-v>inera paying for loaaea uonrrod ay ?>! ? to hod onna To too taadn a llhtriT eueonni A larte anpply nf 1?g?r? of different fcrnadj, direst Itam tha manutai lurtra, alwayi r. band i. a. tukaS IIC Central Agent for tha Havana 'oiar Com pony. mbX1.1t W dToll atrant, firm Tart. PRACTICAL BOOK-KEEPlNGk NO t8 CEDAK STREET. Ml, r.C Ma**alt* AaiuuntaAt, AO'bor nf ttva lalaaa* of Di tibia kn'ry Bo- k keepieg Simplified " and Um " Art of eagle kairy Book-ktaptsg lmprov, d,' eoniiauee to toaab aa ||OTl Tiara an ra alaaaaa to oh papal baa a daak to tilmaalf. la pat at i at a* a- keeping bonka tveelvae potata tan mot too. and anu* bo i atmaaananrta t with a l ika neoeut bonka aoaatittiMag a aat, ai d alao wtin mat y important aioToaab'a catonlatiana Paia-ma I af moderate npoMty by thle noarm baaoma aompa'ant tn-ikkaapara la about a month, aad aaoeive aartiflmem tothatrltot. I roepeafeee, vMb taami, aMatal l at tha res ma, Oram ? a. B, HOT.*, aM? i R K I CSDAY, MARCH 20, lu DRAUGHTSMEN WD SPECIFICATIO WRITERS. TWO od T^RtE cruleved who aro oonyyiaaot with t Patent OIBce hualneao and can prodne a .q lemionot rAr"? ae to tneir Ability to make dmwlB*a,*?4 wrtta apeni o in ? n.?y bate ennn'aot etnplo.nicnt at Uiia otlloe To thn?e who havo been eiiaa* d at txsuiiatra to the Paio (>t!U? wo w.uM pay exita >t ary. and oo(*(o tltel* tor*loo fot lei. I h ot I is aydTtoo hlTVN a Co , ftnientifle Airerioea, Now York, bo ??ra n need apply anli-ta bo eao paea a tboroucti axamll ti< n aa 10 hla ability 10 fill ibo atauou lor whioh ao dotiM him, LU If FIVE THOUSAND DOLLARS. WANT* D a Partnor tuber entire or ap eial "ith a oanlial *A<? 0 m a hiiamna that will ray auch a pmllt aa 10 ftu the >l"t al ii veaud in n In 14 mon'ihe nod a Vt that pay a prt of plh,t<?) to??i K'lUmr.ti ti,f advart<a->r ean ohow to any ? havli gibe capital. and d.apooed to tnko hold of a etfo and pn fl bl? hneli ?aa A'dr-n A W. New V?tk Poet Office, atntdng whan nnd wh< an 11 tvrview bi) bo hen, which will bo rriotly oonlWonti ? If FARMER. WANTED. AMNOIE Man HElI Al'l^U AlNTEDa WIT9 ARCf on Farming Alao.amarri d man and nig wife to t*k? ) era on thai ct or oi',rwiee. All th? prr'lea mutt have tho h of rrNircn (<t capability ard good oonduot Addreaa (p nitpa Be a W. Huald i ion New York. -"h*' It* wanted, BT a RE&PIOTaBLE S'lf JLK FRENCHMAN. thir1 jfaia of ago. who apeak* kngli-h an well aa Freaab, alto i languagce ?r the eontinvut of anrope, whoro he hag tr?all urn thnve.a ai'mii nnt Villi or HMd.Mr*Mtb atunl tithrr to na> or t-av?I any where in 'he wotld Una no oNeuu to at'aod in an luva'id geoilrman, to wliioh he haa been i ena onied. Can ride and ilriro if roignirod ITnaaeaptiouvl tariov niale aa torhaiaotor will ba riven by the family ne Ii lived with Addn aa N. GASNE No. 9 Rarelny at reel. mHI Ite BOARD WANTED, BY two jotinr Gam an*. inn reaper tab. Private Fatn lly, Boardn a ifoi no. if forcible, di wq town The lieat. elatem given cddieae, with tarma, "R It W?" No t, at thia office. in it* CHEAPEST STORES IN THE CITY, lil?0 Uukkhv atao 146 Ki't.toe Srnvrr, FOR i'apvr Uaug ngaand Window BUadee auitable for arlo Ud ".ma lialla. aorta Ac, a'ao Cir'ain niateilalaofevc ear'iptior. Lace ard Embroidered Huain Oorbaina Wtodi Ceriltat pure hair and other Maltreraeo Feet-tor Ueda wl every ar t le in tie upliolatery I no, wholraail and retail, at prii 20 pot or nh loear than anv of er aa aMiah srnt in the city. AM .It N PA v IE I, U pholaierera, mhlll 4t* Jl'O B-we-y, nnd I Art Pulton a'reet, nnn-coi!ntrt mircbanti and al VJrtAjv'VJV/ othrra are ii f rated thnt the anhoertber hue loov u to ire apaoloua a'ore No J7N lie aairwiiiH ?thbi hue ha w II at al tunaa bo prepared to aerv- the pubho w over) tin i a m bit lh e, nt prioe* a* low. il not lewer, than a ottxr eetnbliahmcnt in thia oily, bin atone embrace* every ' ritty of Paror Stand, Heading and baud Lam,**; Hhandelia Ac., lor oil. eaui|)iiina, apirit and nhoagene gu. Alao aiw rant of Table and other (hitltr , Olasoauro do . Oil. Oatnphi hptiitOaa, Phoaroi o Oaa. Lamp Wick a. Etc. Pnrchnaera are I vited t* vail halvre maklt g their teUotiona hiie* ' dan. poller. to. 27.N Orconw'oh, hotwaen Warren and i lh All i barn ale baby jumper.~~ the patent infant WVHNARIHVf. 11 PI U.tS PRODUC'ID A CONVMTIOV OK TUB MERt (J of ihil i ot.I Invention. Hurt Ihtt Thirtv Thoviand thou have le* d wed without the ooeurrenoe of ? rnf ? eooidei Ihr hoot mi'Dut Ihyiiainne daily reo itrmrnd them fort lion tli'ol ?* rriw-nf little children. Every baby theuld Im pi Tided with en etticle to eniMlnrive n l'? hetl'h ind htpni'ieee. MERCHJtNTS VISITING THE CITY ebeuld not f?il to purebeea e hirg-i mpply o| Beby Jnmpere. I I'Toflt to then U'Ivcp, nod tie benulllor tboea eae.umere 10 ft Innate m to have e hebv a1m>. I ati NT tvt 1NUS for Children of nil ogee. to bo h n hob >el* end ietnll,et tht eetnbllehod depot of Tni? !? U. 'til Hrnadwnv,New Turk JUJUPK PASTE. 10 000 LB9- #llF,u,in,i Umun J,i|ab? Pmu* ' 6,1 Ml do. Vnnilln do. ft mo do. Ornnie Elowor Jujebe Putt 8UU0 do Mqmroo do. Tor init very ow. nt the offiee of the MANHATTAN LABORATORY, nihil'It* 8HR Hrfitnwtoh tbreol J . 11 E I L L Y , 40 Cm MINK ITRKKT, COHtRR BEDFORD, LAMP MANCJFATURBR, HASou htnd nonntant tnpply of inmpt. tone, Qio OImmi*, tOlektL n d Cnnphtut. nt tot luweet market prl< A liber 1 dtrc. unt given to the trade on Lnmpennd Lantern n h.'ll 11 * WOeeM A t< AllO B WUOAT IIA VI TUB PLIASIIAB ml < nu their rut tomere that tney nro now recuivi'gti ?hi|0 tlri'ian Myorotieend Argo. in?e y err ved, n I r<e nev n em ol Fienoh rhino, being tlie ootlra c-meuie ofn legi et I el meat in the China tr?d,.. in Peril, b tight nt n grant etori by thtit >|ti t in Frenor dur ni tie Revolution there. The e< timet t m-hta of more then thirty patterned f fertey Din Re< Tea Veto Deoiatt <?ta end robot date; varv pratty 0 >etet? Jr,w ii c?"l(l Hind do ot toe Srfr. >]a*liiy $44 fid Tr e areor men' o n pi c" almus t-Vi-rv article of Fret hins, Inm the pUmeet styles o> plain , to the rinh printed pattens Tin- fire' three srriva'e as lb >ve are u itauytrri Ihitioiiit onr #ir?io ni "oit&a t UaUQHWOUtT, fifil and BGS Broadway |ph*lj? varnishes. 'P LI E Jebetriher Informs dealers in and thoes using the ab< J. arttcli k that he hee btw on haiid an ex to mire aewirtmeet all binds i f Varntthae BERNHAKtl VsVKK. Mapnttciurer ai.d dealer In all kinsaof Varulehea Office) 3b Bie'di ar ? mill It' country dealers IN TOILET NOAPd AND POPULAR MEDICIN1 Trttirtiiol Offi> e 181 Fulton sfrref. Nno York. TIN 1'S.fc *.NT CHEAPER T'lAS \>YorHElHOU in the Untied States ? He DW AY'S C'hireee Melius 8?*p eo epeadr In the r-nmvsl of pimples, blomhee paetnlea t t?re, rash ao? mortbea. so oelebraiot la the onre ol salt rhei ntiemn, and alleth>renta <"' ? erupt'om BEAUTIFUL HjilK There Is no ire pa re inn In tho wide world thnfcwlll Impart beantirnl a gleet to the hair, o'ean the eealp keep too h from taMee out. ee effeeiually a? the 'rms Ian H?'in, props b> Kadwa) A Co. It aleu freei?po,?a the Hair to enrl. Cnre :fi certs |vr hoitle. Principal nffiee, 181 Fo ton etrt hiwTi rh end by druggists In every town in the United Stai mhSli'to BELPHO'S PHKMIIlvi ANGLESEY LEO, ANE AiiriFiri al hand. INTBODUCED l? o th<s oonntry, and made solely by W WFLFdti, No. Ji 'Prikg street New York I hare tern theartitl i?l ley if Vr. ho pnu. Iteoonttruotlon pear' netliea*. aid wall aai ulaled to aoewer all ho ohjaots <trd. Rnt the bett ot all lath pr.'Uf oftnoea wi e waar the u. T la poritive a d nndti iahle. S me of in, friends whom 1 hare p ti.eted Irtorni iue it a' they are eiiiieror to all othere. VsllMUk POIT M. Ii.trf Spr-ierr Umronilty N. Y Alee, Prlpho'e Artificial Hand, to arransed that thewoarerc ejei aud tf.ut the flb|?te at wii.i. grasp eta mhkl I.It" professor barry's WON OK l< FIJI. I K It :t IHH FHf IITS CURBS BAI ONfSS treventnOray II,ir, andtrad oatdlSoi ADO IiinOreff - Thti artiee C|fler? front All (tie 'titer aut< tiled neutron of ibe day. It* n.anufroiurn ia baaod up.n A tl rougl phyatoigial kt.on lrd(ie of the growth of ibe hair. And I eoi.LW l un witn tho .tin aj wall aa a know edge of tho var o dUtA'ia which rlfrit bob. Thi* re ehratud compound, in 4d< ton to iu ttrfu lines aa a pr? retver and h?enti6?r <>f tuo li*ir, utaqnali* by an; other irt c ? a* An external application I bttiiaee, a | it A in v ar- aipcla* a? a ilngr rngwotraa, null lutd I fltB ed akin, pii kly lea'., icrofula. W*r aoro thro un ar fie'. 'Alt ileum, rath h?n?t, headache chippad-k chtlhalrr, interna) paii rhalin attain kc lie ; And ',ho pAin eniiorid ly tho ating of inari t* la Immediate y rtlteeed by application. ?t>d n a laaUyand Bectiea rea.nrce forull outaoei iirtAAea of tha Akir, It u. ant* a plam atnoagAt the huiieeh' iiaaatirar at every laanly. fold In large hmtl a? prion ih oant at tba irnrt|Ai office, Id# Broadway, and by ail tlia drop,flew tba United Smiee tr.A 31 It' RETD'S LINIMENT IB a superior naiLi'i ikx rot. .tie human bod1 ll extraeie |wln. eu[prr eeee ihfl imcisli'in la all caio ; reinn r' un.Ki.rui hrAiioanA cuta. hiu ? a aprA'na eal'. rlienm. to. W heir it 1* kn> wn it la roipcitod. It mown All AWI. would b? without It: eoa'ariag people, end th?>a prap? int iory joumaya would (ltd It A noafol oompnnion, warranted to tain nr qualm 1 in any elhoA'r. Dae of th* be* k oik ami 0 for r, I a Miiiiu Com pan Ira. hrkj. A Joan ran. had Ma hi lniir?> with B>acl,inei)?lie eoiopat y wiaeeeirg the erven j <ha ' ra in, ko , tha afrady reeoary aud good effae a, (tee a la older. Aao'bar. a nr ild of ilx aaaak* old, had a a*ra lag rated tl a >a it faction of I'a percale. Wo the ar Imai body, a hopro la etgi torhood, was given away, eanridered tuateas; A men quaint* d wiv toy Liniment, triad the rzpar mant, tha lierw l> ? well, and veined at fit". Raid adept* tha (n:dca role plaaa ef ten ihomand rxtreo'd anlae Proof poaltive, eeery at qt intr will tie ai ti lied with good irb-rei raa. Agai latupplirr at wholesale aearat* Hi ? d (I per deten; tti rd at2A and ill aei te |er bottle, by druggist*, eadjera Iiti ui> a keep to. kit. C?ei a treated areo.d'ug to the pat! nt a rnime it thr complain! I baa* nnn.baiad tho hotllea No* ] and A. ho I ie the imbleat. line l/niaent haa gin* by rnen r atidafn n nn'll row. and niton call d for whan it waa not to bad 1 therefore rccimtrend to all bnainria man In the U weald do wail by calling at tha propria to r"? office. No. AS *'< Atatoe. I* T. [in21' It'I J AS. *110 MURKAY'S FLUID CAMFHOK, I'trjiartd VhUrr (he /srt/irdiufr .Superintendence of I LHiciivtrrr. lur Jtmm Murray, THIS i una of tna moat ralnthl* nmailea dnrfi ttou, t; ? v?k? ah!? kmaoo-n and u found pirtioul.rly "t he al in tha trratment of fatara, dynntr,. billion* and nam a<n,rl?iott rauara i?m of ipputita aruptira ciaaaaaa aoa at una and In rff-criallT ialn*tu* u a aramp* ai d ptMuonlo t hoin*. It m?i*orn ? * wtthou. ooitin* fie ohoii bin rauca th? apitta. rhaera Uin niinif, ootopoaoa too oarri-a % diit>ot?? to a r< p if om who .tharmaa *001(160*0 baan ro.tlaaa Tfra p rffci and *l???ni fin d a ir?? fr>i* any apiritooua trtm tuie ai a of iha pro par atr?i K>" tor unoi, dia*a u>*?\ u lor-git fnnufrti one* or twieo ? aaa, it a on at cffintual pravouitt aaalml ol olfTa - r i tbrr WBtOftoW dlwaaaa. It luu kan ?tr at Ij raromwai di-d to rn inra. fr t" ir* et,uutr.a?. Ha forull r tha ?y inn aya-nat alluimrdora Incidental oonuiigont oiuua Tie anna* raluable prrraiation can b procnrud a' No I Btoadnay it all rte|aiia le rrudnnti. and wtioloaalo of ihop pricur'a aprat, HBUHV T l.UAftltN 77 fulfill attart n??r .mid N.B.?Ara mark and prao-ntfou planar ohoarra th'ittr.edlr tbitia on if a b itli a of Una Fluid or aio itaiopod witu 1 innn'or a run a in md Ink p,hid ft* J.oMth HIIKRAY H D . T. C. O, and Sdiiburgh MAONE11(3 POWDEKS, FOR THE t) E 1TRUC l'IO H OF COCK*' dCH?\ DIB HI Of, ILIkd, K Kid. MOTI aula Boiooeio-a and*, mm otl ar Innoeta. A I.SO, PIHa for tha den'rnotlon of B?t? and Mko. (fairantad wftV to ecu. I rrnflo* an tio.. * a luual annum! phyaiouuia of o city ii tT 'e iei n . I the (ISo?. { B.?Tl. ir r* ?iv?J the hi(hwt premium at the li fdr nl tie Amtrloaa luttituu. _ nib i'? I. IjYOW, 410 Broadway I)H IIOMI:H BOSTWICK, I.KCTURMl ON lihK. tSKS ON THK OF.VI1 UKINARV OKOAN4, AITTOOH .fa I en.) Ie*e crMiwel w ark ? ? the Natim a liratini'i t o' Teic.eal Dlae&eee, iii.taru.aa4 all <1 a*a 11 a yr ??tr i atn.a. Quarto,77 ?p.'i 4 . |l>w? S>o?i.e ?4iu. I xraat f m ire II. .< M.4i. ai a. 4 a # >1 J.air al li m?y * raid, feat'eii y. u i? q. . t> WM?rn?aur Aot> wrrii <i. Ha i iw f rniij I' duwaaia aid far tapori.r toe il..if.file t..d ever pub la* ?4 in i.V 'oun ry." nun $ aatlior f a w??b ?? Brn.ieal K? tariff ?. Iioync-,.ay. ho. aim l.jr 1?ar> V'ae. r*- o-.d kdirtua. 14 i a an Kriw-hl, Fut a a iL"1 Pi. iatur SmI. par b itm.faud. Bi?a l?ar m I il? uti ji, tod Broadway, inhJ) IW IERA - - ? . T 1849. N T)R. CHRISTIE'S GALVANIC BELTS, u, BRACELETS, NECKLACES, '1* :B- AMD nl MAGNETIC FLUID, a RjtOW TBR RTOOVAL AND PtRMAltRNT CUM OT AU r Nm?n Dlaeaaea. amen from <n imwlwi. # .. lealthy I'a'.e of tha Narauua ar Vital "yatem TLij aw uaed win, per*aot And Mr'ala mew la aUaaaaa of CEVIltii. DEBILITY, flrotn nhAUnr hiimiI may era, itr*n|(thfaiac tki wakni at atatem And Invitorat'tix tha b-dy. Fita Onop. hheniuadau 'A acuta or anramo, Kphape.)' Lumbago raralyila fatay, lud?aatt? At iaa DVSPKPM1A, to' (Aimora mrrnaaa or itinera, pai.pitatk?w or THI HKAKT IMPl.tK, KtUKtMU, '' PAlna IN THI CHUT AND AID A, LIVER COMPLAlVr, Diraaica of tha Kldnera, Spinal Complaint, and Currntaia of ti Spina, Hip Cutuplaint. opaaiue And all ^ NERVOUS DISEASES, , ' ariiaftom one atmp'a aauaa:? ~ A DERANGE.VEXT UF TIIE KERVUU8 SYSTEM. rr No drug hat, or nan ha to. aat efleot on thara axoopa to iooroai hi I ha rinkia f, r drnpa hut wia'ioi' tna ayiMnu i while Undar to su air, i a>> elina ii'?-?itidh, vitaliilnx L ftuouue of (ialvanian |a I efclth atican, d? diMeer. anil tile patio, I la roato'ed to blonin an on * cor aoloiT by cba outward appiioailou of DR. CHRISTIE i., UAL*ASH fit.I. /'. tin Tha pnuiliarily aud traat beauty of CHRISTIES (iALVASlG ASD MAOXE TIC CURATIVES a, unit in tha f at Ctat they ClU DIPEaSE by outward application, or in, trail <>l the nana I mode of ilrugxlnc and pV raking the patiea tee till txhanr'ro nainre all ha u d r tun orinn THI* OTH INOTMBN Tit K w HOLE AVirr IH; A poaer poarcwod by no other rem dial a ton; except GALVANISM. their introduction into the United Stataa more than ca ry T HI MTV THUl'iARD rKMOM, 1* ilb including children, end Iodic* of ell otaaece, here keen the reed >ea piauiaof thru inneilw Toilluatrotc itn uae aapp-iaa 'he eaa otn prraon slfltcled with that b me ot oivillivtioo, DvarrrAiA, li crviutry uusta, aiiiiinlat ia ere latex, wlnnh be their ae ion ei thei rrxo and muieler o' the at manh, elTord temporary re lei ~ bti which leave the pati<nt la a 'oarer etaw, aud with iejurat hh iaoulliie.i.lter <ho eonon thua excited huooeaed. Noweompar rw" tlua with theifhol nauluug fi. m the application of tee CTf galvanic belt. ia- Take a dyaprptia aulTartr. evan in the worst armptoma of anal ,r* taik and aim ply tie the b It around tin- bodr, uatog 'h i meguati rt tinid ae direviod In a aheri p.riod the iueenrit e perapiralioi will net ou the poaitive element ef too belt, thereby aauttiug in" galvanic circulation, which will para in the negative, and t tune Me* again to the noeittve thua keeping up a oontinuouagalranl circulation throughout the ajiltm. Tbua TUB MOAT SEVERE CASES OF DTSPZP81A ARB PERMANENTLY CURED. T9 f A few dnye are often amply anffleient to eiadioata the I'rtin o at. he Cr.HTIFICATEt AND TKaTIMOItlALC, ro from the mrat reapcetableeoureee. regarding the WONDROUS SUCCESS AND RrPICIENCr OP )'* DR. C(1K18T1E'8 GALfANIC BELT, . eonld be given, euffielent to All every eelamn la this papeg. Wl 'a make a few ecltuuuue. The tint la an EXTRAORDINARY CASE, and oonelnaively provtt that " linth ia atrnnger than Fiotion." 7 ha following letter, narrating one ef the moit reaaarkabl vente la the annate oi Mudieal uokeuce, ia from the BtV. DR LANDIS, A CLERGYMAN i. of New Jtreey.of d itlngu'ohed atUluineateant ncaltol return ? Boa:? Hidhbv. New J'reey. Jaly 11, \MJ. Da. A. H. CimiiTia?Deer Sir:-Yon wUh to too# ol n wkat bat berni the ictuli in ef the applicetl -e 1 BR UaLVaNIC BELT and NElELAoE My reply ia i jjJJ followr:? a. ' Forabcnttwentyyearal had been ittffe,ing from Dyaptpei Every y*er ht rj nipt rue reouinr woree, uor oou.d 1 oStale p ? uiaaei.1 reiuf trim aey eonrte ol m-tolual treainiaat whateve TJ Abt ut Itnrteen yeaiaeftea, i beoaiua ruhject to a aetere Ohrou our hh. uuiatiriu. whioi tor year alter year oaueed me ln lnerioab irt irtuali 1 Kaa aak ill a!'m* a< nht-i'itioiia mm r mo? ?#f..w.l . J ?- - ah rrurl; hut tlila n ilt-l wuotl; tamp r>ry Failher: 11 ..lit wtat Hie 11 '46 and'4b, 1 waa attacktd hv the liruuaniMn. whuh nam hi at ume toaevire ? to teqnre an iumaaiaca aaayauaan ofinvpa, 1<?? tnral laban M, i ? urn tj to in wui now i'iurau<nly pronu-atei in- tidarmy Hrtmel.ltia twaae tro w, (O >li> did mi Ilynpapal log nod hbaumat e affruilun. Mj ufTannia ?a annli-ed na, 1 | ad tie pioapao o.t er Utah haiu* .a d an tie fr >m tk ten duahaige ?1 ilmaa d"t ? aud t e p?rf rui oca f to inlabori, ii kit ?hn h tu> aoul hai aver loui d tha MKbaal of ha: juya aw But pa* nli 11'diu ' ft e> Ui o?u e 1 coi eludad that tha Nai viiatjilDimiia he raneha i belura any hope ooulj ba lad alga ul my oh'amine ta iei ruin thew ami dietrn ota* inatad oa avar thirg uat I bad triad fir tbia purpoaa nad compUuly fall ? ad. At laat (though wuh to ? ri aaog.iine bopoe .if thai allHimcj,) I da to t y tba effaot of t .a upp loatum a tin Ua1.V<oiO bEi.i A ?i hi KLuk i bit ear la Juu*. IStd '"1 Tu >tv c. e eat ahtoni?h?ibnt in two iiat? mr dyapupbii u HAllUOMt in eight DAIS i wa? to KENVUc'tlt ? r a ito)< a i. i.AHoiia noii win I MNOt omitted a BMU , aaavicEuN acuountor the ttuo.M uiTia. and mt iiaoma tic At-racitod a1jio ckahkii to tltol'bi.k iii! My Dytpptu ba uevtr leturmd; tnr niieuuia-la.n uuao iu a w: ila Ttait m1 , b 11 ot atTiiBij, ai u ataaily arretted. aud a mamfuatly h-in ' 9, dritei fr ni'tr lioid up ii my ayatem ant uiy Br uitibiaaafTo ni i laeutnely anted ruth it the wonaeriul ana happy reaaiiaol tta 3C Mpettueiit. tad I hart tta. mm mad the BELT and F - UIO to many wha bat at- bai n 1 l??l?a >i fluting tro ii nen.ahrr o atf ottona T uy tat tin, thim. with iiappv a aut.Ts I aiutvi in bvbv caib 1 aiu. uaar air, ?ury raapeottul y y- ura, KoBEUf VT. LANDIS. a" rheumatism and dyspepsia. raid CHHI TIE'S GALVANIC BELT mill euro eyery otJe, I -et, mattar hi.w leytiaorahroaie. mt Ibe following latur la front Mr. A Ion to B, Fuller, of Klrgitoi ? N. T., a gtuUiiuaa af big r??|icatability aud induunao Kikghton. Uli'erCo.. N 7.. Jan 24. 1*481 u T# Dr. A. ILChruiia? ybout ll a tirit of November loat, I rsu-lc at your uthtx a> d purotaaed una of your Cn.vanio Italia. aud I ai l.a| | > tow) thai u >ae nadeaiea man uf ma. for > lara. have hi n ?i oubled with rh< nuiaiiaui, vary aavere. aud a g.>nan "4 waalicta ot t'a ahoie ay.tieui and ve-y uerv at ?lu> pnu lo tr aevere tha1 1 aould have in t kv to my tad three orfuo timer a Hay My ara ketoaitlied at tha prrf ctund iroc aaitu; con- wroeght on ma. I never waa tattar la aey hie uiu Mia-, I know that it altogether owiug vo your driven Bit , li tl had had tbc taat phveieinua, and had .riad ever, (Inn I nvioue louaiigil > ittuuti.T.ol a a a ? Very laeiectfuliy, AL'INZO D. FRLTBK. DR CHRISTIE'S GALVANIC NECKLACES ,rf Are worn for all oomplalnta afTontlng the throat or head?for an: ?rH> IIFUMNiTloaorTHt THIOIT, I te ue Baadaaho, Di>iln>st of the Head. Brnnohltia, Neuralgia In th li. ia<? tmrau gor rnariaa in th > ara. I>??i, ?*t. wluon la aarvotu la jwl ait the uigau ta not lr Jurud) laalaaya aoiad. tor In DR CHRISTIE'S GALVANIC BRACELETS, Ait applitd to tha aria'.a or anklaa, and ara oaad in ail oaiee of JJ, HHkl'tlel I8M ^u" effecting tlio Hmla, for etrali a, ttmtoreof alia haada. oraay ne vi ua eon plain, aflronu* tha lega or anna. Dimiiv launtu , wi tt wankln, Alii ihe Magr ei o finid in applied to to* n- rt pi , tioularly ultei tad, thu? tauaioi auoiioeatraUun oithe inflkiauue : tliC daa.rcd a pot. r_ SICK HEADACHE. vea The f. Honing certificate ia from the lady of Rapt John 1 ho. h.iam . oi 0 of the moet rvt |e outiiiaoina'Baof nlhaay. N V. it i?rei ca <an la given to many t ihera mvany ladiea, who aaoin j> r" eu iatiV afftcn d with ihia malady, rani,. "Thie>e to certify that I have boon affllctid fnrecvoral veai ind roetaHh the hint Heauacl e, whlohaiatr aeiog comp amt taenia r of hi ad me 'o if a lad fr <m on* to tw? daye In tna weak d ,r,ng i.hi rga tine. For one month punt I have a?ra i) . ilhrietia'e <ialva*i to IVri'klara, and orooroi ally o? d the \Uguinio Fluid. I ain happ my to >?y that 1 htva not been trmhlin with tie >i?k hetdaix ao- (tree. AhN F. ?r<tAXN,t>7 Dvwittac i la Albany, March 2, 1M7. TALSY AND PAK.ALYSIS. IX All phys elane acknowledge that thaaa tarrlhla dlaanaei v anuxu hy a ? tloifney of i ar?oiie e.tevgy in the aff-nol parte. t?: 12 Ore la'a Ualvai lo atkn lea a ill mi pi ly ihia dadaiant powar, and u, a mi lite and antire cum ia tnna anccvd. a* ONE THOUSAND CASES to ' ef pnfay and parniyala have taan reported to t>r. Chrlatla and hi ? ai*i la witniu the Ian two yearn, a man have beam entirely n atond. hi 09" Captain andrtw J. f Tomi of Brooklyn. N. T., had no V* II at!e 10 walk * ati p II" I 0?r ' ?' far . aod *> 'ieiplo? rf. that he han to I" f <1 The nml calibrated phyaielai agar* bit ? up, |n five daya af<rr he coinnienred w ar n( Uio ?a vantc uei and brace eta. i? naike- aoroaa the r"nm nod in ihrw waeke h ok *a? reoevtied to |*rfeet health. Oaplain Tom* tn teTtnty year of *' jj A CELEBRATED PHYSICIAN. ix The (allowing I' from on* of lh? moat dlatinguiabod phydclni ao in Booton, Baaa ? ?a FOR ALL WHOM IT MAY CONCERN; ^ I, the DBdertignod without the l??et hoairatina. do fool wt c0 tamed III aaiattlrg that U.e galvanie artlnlee mven-cd 6} L?r i b i hneiie eouiaia e?rj v.luab a i>r p-rt ea. iwrboutar J n ou m i|inal ooii p am la. .paaui mo loatr a' t u? and itn ail >a ae the utrvea: ala< luc'.neot apoplcx. a d<p I*pllo laa. l'o?? n?i -,1# lean niad by ineny ol m> pauei.ta, who nana noaiand eeaeui henttti Imiii thaiii. 1 hn?o om . ia<d wtih auoi wrm na*e d t eied to nie the r perfect a-aflfeaoe in ihrir, cepacia J iu r.'iOi _ aa loalfsvtiona. / hia la t ot m likely, ao ruenmanem ta uertami adiaaaoe ot tie norvnur <haravV r and it io in a ma myatorio. ounoeeiloa with ilio i ereea of lha human ay-taw thai tnep nuikahit iRiuoav if theao troche uowiag Altheujn I raum |a eipteiu 'ha i annua la nt 'ho Nmrdtof t hriatia'a inraationa at hi many aut)i?li| eaaoa have none noder iuy uotioo in at war III lie) * lie oil p ord. I moagteelu?fur * earn ( II brln-vae." r> . OotOiiOe of thyalnlogy haa mat J oa'raor luaey facte to M aa 'v. plained, ami t. eaa now medical diaooeonco am aiming too raia mage ami laonrtan'. d. B. dtoMiaHOA, M. B. ^ But tea, hoc. 23, IM7. miCIH or DR. UHKIHTII S walvaiuw UI'IVAI1T|?. Tht 0?lTftBie Dtit Thrte DolUri h?H I>ID? N?-kl?r? r? I D.l-.r. yfl IT.f O.lniM Bi.ool.if Off dnllir ??fh. Tit MuftMllf fiu;d Out Duller. ? PARTICULAR CAUTION. *" frf Bitwfr* of ul wortKloff lot ItMoaa TV tfu.o .f fh. nfthorned .Rial if tit. s Ko.iom M tftitaheov fron .* vh<.?i the itffMM flttflff Off klff). W ohTflood | I A'I ooO.n f r Iffhri r ffOfilnf nr-boi*. or MfHfl with Da , ,1 tut. tin, moot htMdrfftfd to i D.a MORBdBAD ?. D., ? Owml Afftti for tht United Ate* * 1 nttU-H* ita Diwiwny, fit* Vath. XD. TWO CENTS. BRANDRETH'8 PILLS ARE A SUR* CUR* FOR INFLUENZA. TP 18 COUPLAINT HAS BK .out d ? FBCQUKNT.T3AT' tin r* are pereone who bar- uut had ttaeverni uoiu it ia a kind nt magna t n 10H41 oa 0 >ld alterdod with inaoh feaar. end K'"?t (Tuatrat'on of atrwie'h. Bo .oon aa ywetbte, aw.How 111 or right fi Id; a lane d ?m I* aba In-aly a Orw-.rv to ralieee tf a brain 11 >1 o >id appeinui to enlfcr ireaoiy m this ctd y laiLt W Ar* tAay A.ire ?i?iaUd uxtl pat yoar fretaud lt|? .u hot aktor, ar lak j a l ot h.Ui tit euro and be purgad. I attrayua Bra ai y uin.a. of iuoru. amy t iu circulation, or yanr lilruit) be tht f liait Niwaot- bud; and. whan ia had lake lea anra pille and ettne hot bn..e?at tea'p. or nalm or ( bti.atn, or ? run watar g?n. 1? ai.y of theen warm drioka will anl, aeor, and ahrali mat In oil. to e'loioe? either f via ia will help to rcatoni inwotiliio panprkt ou. Bad hie method will geeeratly cure. Bb aid, bow- >?r tho rarien'. after ilia pi la Bad thi< a/tar tiaainruv u t >* latter the aiornln|. let him laka another ata, aiabt oruap,,,. 0t m, rt aor<.r?i 1.m to urgently ot irmptoma. and ilia wanu arink. cod loot or nunanl oa t). at I'shic n> us " 'hat ha 'h rd nay nam rally Bad* the t* . * '"? nil "Ian li a tie. n adopted in the brguiHing. TkV. Hi"Aft. tl * ""ft'eemoe ot tna treatment ia the beat l? ^^??<,h'*',.?h..u..rit.?k twenty to _ ? 1J 7 r , b"d ,h* ' "a Ul" oarer lac blood bo drown or laeohao applied ; we a?, ?|| the blood wt hard (? fft'U ?af |l.? I g I h I ' iff Ot out fl rail " l.? a? a.W -all wHoh will 'il* th* drtt.n priitoipli* from ui Ittiviujr our blood rolir t* d, nd reody * n a 11 *! i'n lifti vow ?re f >r our restor^tiflii, ?- ?con m ILt par^Aiioa nu loft it tree u oit.ct tui? otyoob. J CHOLERA. I. Tbii ta-riHe dlmv hu re*>aied nearly *11 the effort* of modi d tin* 10 ?no.< It. M hut bm^intm'i Pii.i* alinoa 3 immedmioy U e? nr.. r?alluw?,| ??er' aba rvnal itllu.oea they rairy oulot the avalem tun r>I ?t u< mat ore opou when tbedieaaee ilrpenoa lor lie onatinnaaoa; ti ey aroaae the rial power* Bno motor* warmth o the nirfauo, pro.onelv onlled by lb* ouldue.enl appr aoMbK da-Ui I'hiro i?no .leaaelontorf ,\t, provided Biaodieih'e rilia an on heod r>ad? for in.inl.ati It on pro.i pi aomlaiatrau u aaill vabqinah the malady, and reMora ibo bcaltb. liae tbam at- directed lu tb* (lmaaaeaearnsora . Ud below. YELLOW, 8HII?, TYPHUS, AND ALL FEVERSDYSENTERY AND DIARRHOEA. In Ibe onromeneoioeet, it i? of abaolute Impartanea, ia view o a I paedy euro. thai a lull doaa of pilla ha eakon at unoa, beoaua tbe hoajora abivb produce dieraaea ol Wnr ulaaa, are alwaP* of la uuat a-aliguaut poiauiioua quality, and no n.fely to ilia exiati won* any portion mnaiu* iu tlw bowe serin* blood. Should the > matdoau uotoura. be totaiaruird nut roitarata tuo doae dnuuld I tha tvatuai out bo vriy pwtnu.ol bad odor, uuaataral oolur, > Jtu.. fco,. lei daa uain| four or ill pilla twio? a day. taaaalao.a ' toeaponaliii of powdered e arena I. in waiar, e?ery day. while t tbeae e>a ptrmeoouuuu*. Lot yourdiot bi lig"t. and af eaar die aertioa. aa airuwroot nea ,>uudinf li duo uiaal gruel; alao, elerp'e baud bin li with |iue and a picoa ol nauam it ooiled in it. iuiv leadbiotu. cheep >bw d makoa ihe beak aiot if it be belled unul ibe ooaea are oinaa. Ata rule, tlio tir.i d me of pilla euiee wiim tin.oiv uaoa -ou.oinnei. lira-or tuir dietm-ty o? ' necee ary. Totra art uaat-a iu wiiica it i?kct weeks to our:, bat o Uity ao not orcur onrv in a tin iiaa..>i time*. In any event, ao a mecioine tr plan ot treatment la better than that ab >ve reeoma meadtd or wilt toot.or o ro eo con a> the .minting inattot* *' are latrinved. to euou yeu will he well nut i.?t before. nnodyoee 0 ai a aa'i nipt Ota bare a dali t-riuua . (Trot, b-cauee they oootaion the irian'mu ol tn?t daatli princip wliioy al .uo oaiitea d/e*uuiry. diarrlnua, oholera, and ail othar die*>i?a, ?co jfJlag to lU en-era over the prliopia uili to Hut Braudratli a Plile ara opposed to Una aa water la to fit a. or aa boat u tu cold, and whan ti ay ara taken mto a man 'hoy go to ?u k r> odly to drive tola . death priae'ple lion, the body, nod ail they o>u >! ?but if than bw w ik tor tiftj d: ata ?no doia aunt uot l>? rxpeoted to do tha work of fifty. And thia truth aliouid al* aya l? fcapt in mind. Let sot tha patlonte frighten i hernial voa with tha idea that tbay are too weak to i.aar uiuou pu giog. tut Dear la miad that biaaa mildly operating r Ilia of ur. Hrandret. puta not waakaaaa Into the Irame. hut orawa ? aknetr out. Waving atrongtb .n I la ntaoa, ai d gitaa ewupoting aieap at night, and aa appetite to laliib any > food. OBSTRUCTIONS AND IRKEtfULARlTiES PECULIAR TO FEMALES. When young womeu art tick maoh after alxtaaa ya&ra, and wha A bate not btooma regu ar, t.eviu* either t o touch or too little? 1 wnen In too great ipiauiitWe?there > nothing to ha done But to 1 1Bk? thfl litilnhii liikflriliart nionaiMtitn. a.?? ? , .. * wm .,?iug WIWUI IV UMI mail dux be latou wnuu uia tluio n eapected. With those in ebon, the ease ii d.tlureut? aatnely, who have not enough, or are rr?tul>r. wr wttu wh 'in it altogether stopped? lit them t-lluw the attentions talatnatu oiufim also. but with Ihli oifluronce: instead uf ih mall doe to oarefal to eo order 'f it that tlie Uit?i aoiw are taken e out the urn* uiu turu it uetc too. Auu it irregularity le uot ttiua removed, aa it ink) not the tiret time; the aval t uie oeuuta >aa n< the It K? r "*?? ?t pllia for ttvaral cay proved t"i:. talio a iar*? nop uf atviug pinayruyal a. tea, cold, wheu you gei up in trio uiiru n* ot toe day yui ei|*oa r iliote turn, lions fodowed, will oo urn and produeo uie tdoeu it CHANGE 0? LIFE. I'ae the pilla aa directed iu toriw ten. and all thaverr an pleaaatit he inge w.ll on>at>|?ar. Freeh air. aea ottaoge uf aoeai |t win toLcn help in ii e uuro ha t io mill will bo aU-autllaieut, i f a petatrexid in, to illeot a full rt? lurttion to liwalil. ? SPECIALLY TO MOTHERS. ( The ooatieaneeaand the a okne* rf atomaoh which edten prt> rat a at a eertam luhrtauag period, are greatly relieved, end ul> timate'y ouieu, ny itin an ol nn amiokth e Pinna. wmon ah <uld be eveu ui ee ui twite n ?tea aunua the whole unit Tney inauri t aa taey auo aah tiuie. a>.d afiat 1a the wiah of tvary nvUia t tony aeoiuo a uaitay. good tempered ootid. ' It i? a remarkable fact, that t0"ie lediea wha have been in the tahitol ui.ii OaAiuHtrHi Pinna. Have ultimately beooma ao " boa thy. ano ih* l ahlt o um a at. ui au uuauged, that uo atuaaeaa o an inaeli, or o.lier uepieattot a.iuptou tme pre railed more * during il a inirieeiu g punod tuan at other tnnee. Dr. Brand J* Teili haa It in hit p .ear to give p tamed lele at ae l< oetabltvU tale . prool uf the wouueitui powereofl.e liuAtnutra Finn. In CAAaaoi- Debimty, W BAuxtna W a art.Mia, Oix.1.1 v n\ on 0 ( oaai'M?Tion APraoACMtao. tv will be uooeaitiy to ootutnenoc w w.lbauieil d >>. o??tu wuu una pill *01 14 to i d, uui uigtr? inn |i ll>. ou ti u UV inate.y ior u.fs or four il >)?, of linger, if no al erSUnn lakue p ?ce uiuu i eretatiapl.l a toll nuut uuul Hie tr a ? puo are ueoO then d~eiew. a b. ouo ptLdmn boots pill. tmudai.} Itvriah r>m, to,, a an*. tliuu take strong doaec until tbe Irver is irdnred. W lisa tint it dots, in* patient may drop do?k to fiuli otet an the c own Jidgine a ihtli dobtr una; >0 leitig ca.efn, to ti? p iha drum upon Mia luipurs humors; ai thane tit inuortd to nlU bt Uia r udvt oeatcut to assad health. >. ANKI KISM, OU ENLARGEMENT OF THE d HEART, ARTERIES, TILES, to. fee. f Uae the pilla two or thru tin sea ?eek i dneei-ntbe ant to purge ,| Itiely; ai u *h n r par x/rin c .met oo, afesil at iuo uftAupiJs ? boat a maoe; sown will ,-ix or sigh', aid io a .litis wnde njMtl r tl? di m, <lo ti >a u <u toa bowel art purged. ruiaeffiooid. il a oai aer la ?Tir for a laot. Ai * na p o orla tod imao a in b ? f ell-tuieder an ua*t? d Ir t a itmt muuuei; ami a alooa'i , root it aitd In cm a Me b> the inedn'el proteao . i ar? urad by tin 2 unr til t>o a t in. i rn a pi Lbs. .'Iiaa ire cmtd b, Bit* vuucrHS FILM In emu ?lie ta .b dnem must oa lu I; six or eight lor toe Likli'r b I?u >f Kill cnrt r|i? eorat clot df i.eoover thia dit caae c< mo a ou in iba lira meat ul otirr dlroaiow, It is* good pti; Dis i tthliglmi tlio (ilia aid. aa an outward applieeitoo. fold crram or laid, and make fr, qoeut olu of cold tt.r Iocs If f Wrsro thefi. have haao ptctoral rtl'o iau>. aa a.-h aa, ooiusp. tmn be., pi raataiaono em be rrquirsd taiui the pilla to off et s permanent care But auy oebsr eouiao will aaeurodly briny oe g ibe ptctLisJ xffecuon- ,, ft Rrrndath woulj call ipetial attend an to the following 1sttit from ARNOLD BL'FFUM, THE PHILANTHROPIST. N?w York. Third *oi th. 38, I8AA " Dr. Btardreth. m j dear friend, it to be gaid and to tog . d '? tka highest duty of mm; and if to do t?oa la His bs. t evldasoo ' a m.o oiigirn be llgooi, h-s t lael e.uad to widreti laeo ae " our itlio I aa cou a up to u a mar* ol n.a.'a destiny. r ' Aa a teaiiiiinuy tnat this la ml tag fl.Rer*, I glrs the fill" loping br rf raeiob or my own rxperi?n.'? ? '* M It an I ear iwaaly yaara old. 1 arua vory rink for about two B ai the with watt my pnya.uiau oahsd a ow flavor,' an nag wkiuh erne I look n nen nutllei. e. iron, iti.tiime for thirty f.ur _ yaii I eaar.ri ofttu aiak and um'er tna o ire of a pifnolaa. Abt.nt twrlra yrara ago I a rary aevere atuca of Intluninm *' toty Hbiuu.atiaui duniia wi.loh I wua attended by lit M osts, Ot f'bilad Iptiia I thru regarded mya If < aa old m?d with a brt km d< w.. oonrtiiiitinn. dtacaodtog to Iba g are. Sooa alt, rwarda, h. waver, I ptnonesed a ton ol tjraade'n rtllp. and . IV dug Una n trial to h, uiora ad wooal In removing disease ,. that, ai V n sdlOllll* I had a?, r laiad ! .?#>,a I aaol..n.aliud ?.? - u V J Iftm dB.e i? tim? * 0.1 1 11 n r*?|" Stace thai time 1 . hare t t n-t y?i re m i k?k-t. r i onui.try, ml ?r? I dh very J DU<h up ) ' I viclKimlka litrly to p-.ililk' diaaaae. t*l?a 1 hare. ivmiI ll ? Atianno I >c ?n and are BO* (pant aha l??t f iui )?r? n ?r fit. m ntkieaiky eitv. One*. wtiihj (r?eellin<in the w?t t wae laken re Manly very III. Tvu 'rlnod at wtmaei bint* letoryod, u.lled ia a phyeioian. wh made a rare oantul rxiBitttlnr of n>) r??r and ih*n |>*?P'm<t te eommaeoa a pro twi m hieh ha elated won 'd a? raduee n.v aye Vim a* to m ulina n a to the hnnw. fee at. leaet en weeka hut I d at aad nit pm?r pr. none, loak a dree of Brandrettt i la called tha taut day and a raid the phytlci. n tor hta tntir, and u .ranrd mv traral, an I LU ! <!> only iotUB. h of niy ban g eleiud hy a phyatoiaa atoaa i par tl aeed tor ttr i hoi of Kianlre'h Ptlle, taeIra yaere a<o. "Hi health la now natty b-tterthao tt hat >?au for thirty, fear yaatt hefo-e I e iinnaireo the nee af ihtaa They neea leon mi oonetaat eon pain n ?h. rever I '-are beau, by u id or by era. and my oily medioi a I am now ina p >uudt nottier uian lanahatonrl need ibem; whaa I tUa a e?U n'W, I hats no cauth. and I atinhtita a t thia cbanae under <i >d. for 'hi ?uailt tnt'on ol Branniath Ptlla f"< the trriueiit bieedmi and the 'aid a b el doaibg to ?It it'h I aashoforr eo'j. o -d B? wide, to > by the a iau.ei.aank, anyoya Uie iun? n iiutarrjpt. d g >od he.lih (lor t doeter'a tilla lor both ol na bato no- aiuouuWd to Nvadallanm a twalva yet re. 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