Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 20, 1849, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 20, 1849 Page 5
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MAILS FOR EUROPE. J i THH WKKKLT HERALD. I Tb? Amarieaa mail <toaia?hlp Wathingtoa. Cap tola Vloyd, will l?aro thli port to-day, for Snathauiptoa 1 and Dnbtii ; and tho Brltmh mail ittimtr Aiarrioa, f (] Captala Stono will Leave Baa ton to morrow, for Hall- g faa and Lirorv ol u r TS? mailt of Lb* Warhtouton will olo** In thl* olty J Sat hiltfiit taeira o'clock, and tbo*<- of th* Amerio* g Qt half,put tbr*? o'oloak. thl* tfurnoin. g Tb* Wv.kly Herald printed la rrnooh and Kagliah. 8 for circulation 1b Europe, will bo published at t*b r a'olook thin morning. la am pi* tlm* t* b* far- b warded 1b tb* mailt of either atcamer Thl* (beat will }> '| contain all tb* important and lnt?r*?tiDg lata 111- ^ <j*bo? that ha* been r*o*tred ia the laat wank from tb* n different point* of thia ooatiuaot; which will form an P excellent budget to eend to th* other aide of th* ?' Atlantlo. ^ Single copltm, in wrappers, ntxpeno* ; annual aub- al 'Oerlption, to Inolude portage. $4 00. oi lite PI una be tiallr py ?Stranger* and others g( ' Ofou:d row tail to vini*. ah il 10 th* muxt lutrstiuK pluco in the 1 oitj. of tke kind. Tnr Dioinma ere ni-^e '?y tin old**. artist in u .Amine*, kud tot t'ull> reotue in? prm.e which is their D< cue. y 0I A Mechanic or nouie Inventive ability, a. eiMsen of tie I'u N Mau i, ucd el t a resident <jf Cm T. ri I>*yu>k s> we inter ti?>i?s of v* un Aiid diso iveriee pi Of imp' he is therefore <Uuiuu* of Aasooikiia^ hiiusell with . xnoof inteliiseuce end <*p tul for thj pu'pot* of ou .tiaa the isen*e ieto preet.uel op>Tht>? u W B?Uewu'd here n ohjno ti tion Is Vftnltw?i|e countries is <?;.i r ??? MSOOplM) rh* n ?i in view, ss> th* huli*n ot Tjrk y. of N.oiuMs ot RumBa .Adddm c< A N. U CI.. Br eriuav F ?Kt I tli e. auru?r of Hanul *tr..?i atatins *-. tin tin.* kt.d iii<N of intertre ?. " " tc Mechanics?Is It not belter to pay a fair cl price lot n brat i? e Hot, el?t<aac 10 aptetrauoe, durable 10 it* (C KhtDiM nd winr, aid fiieblouablr in etyie, tnm 10 purcltaee f?> tt!?? hat. ki< art'o e thtt the tlrat at 'in neioojuvara il u| ruind? lr you d ub', c ill on K M)X. Kii'tou atieat. ^ Orwcrtti, PioviMoiia, Teas, Country i?* deilura are invited t annine the lit-ne nook . f nova 'etui, wrine - j a d brown awakia. tltirv b n it r m d Ktoo-ri >? I nil (nod-.*11 of "khiol-arei flcrdt t tbol >weat ckali w nejir c a,? FO iLKtl, VI Jin 'a 2M) ?iid lib Uiteuwioli, kud 7d Vtaty atieeta corner (Jraud , and Cllaton arttta. ? There Is a beautiful nivalin the Imagine- * Aiou of every iu?- "?Thi-tdevl la d. ve i.ped is tho anidji dorri g rl .Bat i? trudiiOed In .etiln ibtk a ua-11 which, to the eye .if an ar- ? tint, pre en'i hat ooutour of exiirtisCn nit <> he leanted by*:u t.rmeu of tnan. JuHN N f4SNtN,2l4 Broadway. m California Mining Uwita, from Two Dollars . ad A# or nta ll.ftl If St inli.s'i, U At, tint net. F n Fienoh calf drear beu'a fit & ', uaunllj |d, daily boon raa b iota $ I, and o wrarninted to a ear aa wall ?a any to ta made; f rsi oh witar -j) oof hoota from $4 60 to $8. at JEs d, 14 Ann atiaet, near r* tioMuecum. til California Flrtarma.-Joseph dl Hart, 74 >u Jfaiden lane, Importer.', manufacture a auu dealera in tirearmv. ia. %&k ta sail the attention si sempeates utawiiisntfeiOa ] t rnia, to a imp- ritir avtiol*. t apr-wly adapted to t'tat trade, lit ku< wrn aa Ua'l'a Carnli ar; It ad* at t reeoh oau be flred 20 tt-uea i* three u irntea: liabt In ea'trb', and vtairnted to vh'toe h*lla Ul 301 yarda Thei ar- uaeo by the IT. 8. Army ??d klary and high'y tl wait ed by them Thta ?nn oat. h? nteti aa n ritle or allot gno. it need only to be atten to inanre it> adoption. ta C 011 Iffi 6 1 4 t> A P H ill I. 3 - ol ONBV MAKKBT. d, Monday, March 10?0 P. M* jj The stock market opened henry to day, and ths y trmnenotions sere to a limited extent. At the tlrat heard Harlem declined )i per cent; Erie Railroad, new, cj 2>i; Long lalaod, >4. Rending Railroad ndrnnoed Xi ui Heading Boutin, >4; all othtrs oleaed at prloea currant en Saturday. S( At the aeeond board Reading Bonda advanced 1 par ? cent; Erie Railroad X; Long Island fell off ??. Tba market appear* to be In a vary feverish atate, and tba fr fancies are with difficulty auatalned If tba ataamar'a r( news from Europe now nearly due, abould not be ae dl favorable aa la generally anticipated, tlie bulla will f bave te aubmtt to a daollne ot several per cent from l( prioee now ourrent. {.( The export* or epeale from thla port, during the past &| meek, amounted to $16 8b8. Previously this year, (l] $260 ee?. Total from January 1st to Maroh 17th, ti $276,884. u The amount of deposit* in the band* of the Assistant Treasurer of tbla port, at the nne of business to-day, waa $2 234 1*0 ^ Altered three dollar bil's on the State Bank of Cam- gl den, New Jersey. have been pat in circulation. They do not reeentbl* the geuuiue note*, altbeug'i the aig- $1 naturae are pretty good imitatious. The words 'State ill Dank of Camden. near Philadelphia " tiara er deotly j teen put in on an erasure of the name of soma other e Unk ? ( ountcrfeit bill* of the denomination of ten dollars in en the Merohante' Bank of Baltimore, bare been put JJJ Into circulation iu WnuMtigtun. The bills bear little 1M (!<> resemblance to the g> suine. There is no attempt 3m whatever at imitation, even in the signatures. The counterfeit is undoubtedly a neve ono, the date of the sates recent, and they are not dero'ibsd In any of the $1 counterfeit detectors The following desariptian is *' takrn from one of the spurious bills: ?10'*, letter B. January S, 1348 Centre vignette. Merjary raollniog j on rooks, with ship under rati in the distance; on left ?nd, female with bunch of wheat in bar left band, ? leaning on a pedertal; denomination (letter X) above A and below; on rlaht band letters ten. The Casnl-r's ? Bias la written Daniel Sprig,r, and President's James ?? >; in lb# genuine, I) Sprigg and J Swan Xhe ,, counterfeit reaiia ' President Directors. aad Compa 1 h}.'' the ; thin I not in the genuine " suu of Mary- 2>' land, ' on tha upper margin, not iu tha genuine A' Merchants' Bank in large letters through tb* centra. ai Tha oounterfett more Ir an half an Inch shorter than the genuine. The qaotattons for foreign and dsmsaUo exchanges, specie, ana tor unourrent money, in this markat, rula C'i a annexed:? g, Fokeiun Exchanges. Oe London 107 s l'l?1* On Amsterdam.., .vv a ill ?, <h> Pens 6f 37 )4 o4f .'l.'i On Hamburg ..,. 34)4 a 34 ,n On Bremen 77 ? 17\ r? Domestic Evuiiansee Boston. pars )4 dia Mobile ,p. chocks. 1 W a 2 die t" Philadelphia par h t, dia New Orleans S a J4 dis Baltimore id* 'a dia Nnrthi aiollna... 2 a ? dia Biohmond IS a 2 dia Cinainiiwm 1 a 1)4 lis E Charleston. \ a 1 die Douisvilio 1 a 1)4 dia Savannah Ij( > 1)4 dia Neanville ? a -S dia PJ Aogueta ? a IVdis St. I amis 3)4 a -\dia * Columbus. ? alsdir Detroit 2s i ) dia Bnlislo 1)4 a ? dia Pittsburg V a 1 dia Habile (bk notes). I s 3 dis eon Spkcis. E Psr On/. Fo/us. aotr-gold, old... 106 s 106 Carolus dolls.. $1,01 aj>l,U8 _ do do uew..IO0 s 10UM Five train a. .. S?4 a H)? ri Half dollars pax s 100)^ . . lli.00 s 10,10 I Fortuinieee <told..l00 s 100)4 do patriot.. I4.W) a 14,70 * Bvaitiah dnllare.. .101 a 103 8oveivi-na.... 4.85 a 4,87 ,,, do i|snrtera . 00)4 s 100 do liKht... 4.82 a 4,83 Mexican dollars. .100)4 s 00)4 Heavyguineas. 4,00 a ? do quarters.. 30)4 a 100 Napoleons.... 4,84 a 4,87 j, UneuBRCTT Motagr. H*'i at. If 14 a Ho't at. 914 at rl Maw England ... V? dia pur Mobile, ap. pay'g. .2)4 dia 1 dia I edllany.Troy. *0. l? die )4 dis New OrleAns.... ?>4 dia l)$iia i? ,$J. Tort country., x die '.dia Ohio 2)4 dia 2 tie Ji?? Jersey X dis 14dia Indiana S dia2)4dia tri Philadelphia.... )? dia per Kentucky 8 dial dia Baltimore. W dia X dia Tonnes*** 0 dia ?dia ' "Virginia lx dis 1 dis Missouri. 3 dia ?dia I-Jdcrth Carolina.. .2)4 dia 2 dia Michigan. 4 dia 2)4 dia ~ Mouth Carolina.. .2 dia? die Canada 4 die 4 dia <h?ffU 2 dls ? dis pr Wheeling hank* are IX rwr oeut disaoant. l* ad The demand for sterling exchange for remittance by Pi the ftokvrblp Ar^'fn fr m Boston, has b**n quite lJ< etlve. and tha ti closed Arm at aur quotation*. jj Tor the Continent there In very litti* doing; tha rata# tr, ifanalB stout the sane ai by the previous packet. Dcmiatlo exchange eoBtltiu-B quiet, aad tba rata*, -which are all la favor of this city, are merely nominal. Thar* t* very little movement la specie. Tha ImparM . rand export* are only to a moderate extent, and wa * have no alteration* to make In our quotations Un- y!l current nu ney is becoming quite native; the opening ?t tba epting trade hae brought Urge araounti t < the ^ <#lty, In payment* for purchases, and in the eett'.ement ^ af matured aocounta. and the brokers hare mora than ' t< n?ual offered for redemp*lorn rhe resumption of uavl- I gatlon on the Erie Canal will give a great impetus to ' ?' grade and the movements of produce; and as the hank* * f the inter < r usually expand for the purn ee of bl affording facrlltUs to country mrrohtnt* and lor *r warder* of produce, we shall soon be inundated with i this kind of ourr?nnv and onr brokers will hare a* j fs muoh as they can do to red-em It as fast as offered. 1 g Th. ??*,>,l l.ri.munr .. V nPlltl *h? .MiUOiKfi. I.. | 1 .(jovrrunirnt and Slat* atoo.'a la thi* market, *t Ihruo J" fttktdi:Prwih or Anil >? in tki. foil* M*nr?r Hrdam 1849. 1?H'. )H?9. , H?U abir J in tl. Fib, ill M trill 19. 8 ;0nlte4 IS87 ?6W 109 i'I ill alil>? > I *ll.f.H? 6 im;;: m; ?h7?? io7 no,'* ioy,Kni'i D . " # 1H08 101 :?IO.'iV^ (lift *H'*H 111*4* llD.1 # IftM W x 0M>. V-i ti .'J . "Jl?i pfreav fcuw*. 6 ? looS*'1'^ ")9 "l"9'? ahi^nlwikf, * >,irr fork 7 184U ? 1? ? * -- - a? Jt ? IWO-At-JW 108 alow 108 *10# 1PJ alio n " A 1n.i-iu--i>7 * ? a ? i* at HI ,u ? ?H l*IO-01-rt6 >01)44)0) lOlJii^'J - a? I in 1MO-7-K-W - a- -a? ? a? [r ? Wfto-l-JI - a - 100 aio.'H l"ir^?llll |( . ft HvVVM nil all 'i lulHaloi ir.^MilJ ' ? ? 110D-CO-) W ? !'")* a - - * - 1 . * <H 1M0-1W - a- -a- -a- I ,m?. * inv-w v>a a.iiHia mi *mr4 101 *10414 ,u ft IMrtu-W - a - - a ? ? a ? l.i 7 IBM 1W alol)* 101 ?IV4\i I P.I *10.>i jtairc'i 9 1141 aio 01.1**1 lO'Sal** 8 ? a ~ Ml a 81 M u Mi* fc, 11 1*, i* 6 1870 <8 a *8>* 1.1 a 4r 4u u ?? V* * iidijM*. s us yuan \a * .V* zi tt vo u >ii lu Likaaa* ? s is ? a ? si a n Mmmm. 0 61 a M 0t a 61 a 63 'aonsylvaaiajl 7BH? 71 7tfl(a 7> ttd*. ??? knaasstt, 0 ? t ? ? a ? ? a ? I. York Ciqr.T l-*T 104 *106 105 #10. ? a? i 7 1562 ? a - 114 aK'JH 1(4 al"3K ' SUM ?a? M iN ? a ? I - 0 WW-70 90 etui 91 a ?< . ?7 Ik Co m. N. T. fall fc aVM M atn !*7S*? !?7H " scrip ? a ? K ?W ?8 a SH* r. T. Life liia. ft Trust Co. 101 a oik - a? W2 *13 armor*' l/wo 4i Trust Ca. S2J?? S3 34\a 33 S3^a 33* bio Li* Ina Ik Tnut Ca. 71 a 7'2W S3 a 3JV M a "is* lank ol C. a. in i'snasyfa. 3 a 3>J 3 a 3* tSj* 3* 1 I. Jerm; K. IL k Trans. Co ? a ? 1(M all" 1(12 a'Ot lohawk k Hod'n Railnwd 73 a 00 77 a ? 52 a H.'k Itioa ft .Scl*m<wu?hr Rail'd. 114 aUS 113 all! 1(5 all? yraousek Utlra Railroad, HW al(? lit al!0 112 silt* ' .uMirn k Rochester. 3 a HI 3.3 a 34 36 a 87 ' Oadin* Railroad. 21\a /3 2l*? U\ X1*? 34 ' islawar* k ilndson Canal 143 alko 163 alW l."9 a 16" Oadtus Railroad boo4a 43 a 46 44 a 44k Ml*a 33 MHIni Railroad Mia Bdn fid a 6 Ma 6"k* 61 , Within tho past two weeks there ha* bean a deollne t rallied la moat cf these securities, and tha markat 1 a* bran Bora liberally aupplitd. This eanba attrl- 1 utad principally to tbo unnatural o araoter of the * iflatlon, and tha absence of those influences neoesaa- ] f to sustain it. Tha adranoa was too rapid to ba par. lanentor btalthy. an d a raaoiion was unavoidable. rices, howerer, rula rerrral par coat abora thosa " 3 arrant a month aiuoe; and as tha market Is firm at t rcnent ^notations tha probabili y is that tha bulls 111 not cnly ba abla to inaintaiu their position, bat, i tha season adranoes, and business becomes actiaa, j arry prieas up abora those now eurreut. Gorarn- t (ant seauritiaa bare beau depressed by tha impressiou ' Biirrellj entertained. that the demand In Europe will ot continue ; that the improvement reported in the ? olitical n (lairs of ibe Continent will induce foreign 1 ipitaliita to turn their attention m re to the pubiia ( cuiities of France end Giriunoy then for some time ut, end, consequently, neglect 'he publio securities r thie country. We do not apprehend any depreoia- ' on in quotations for our stocks on this account, as a inbdence In sound and mfe investments, hai ' BovDie m well established that they will Hod outimere enough abroad to prevent any important de- a ine in pncee The amount of our stocks seeking a ? arket ie rniall, compared with the immenre amount I eapitai aerklog investment; and now that 1 doubt ia removed fiora the minds of the h adicg rapitaliete of the old world relative to the israoter of our securities oh permanent and eafu in leinienla. there will be no difficulty in finding oua- I iniers, at high priees. for all the surplus we have. Far six per cent. Block, the prices last <i uoted in London lie very low compared with the publio eeourUiea of c uro.e. and there in a wide marein for an tranriw^ 1 r-, ?? ? o? f" v. est before they will be on a par with them. The legl Matures ot several States are .-till in reseloa, t it nothing has trunspbed io ihelr proceedings a.lrot- J g the publlo debts. Most ot the Sea es have In opeitlon all the laws necessary to place their ored.t on a m basis. It is now more n matter of time than of ? .rther legislation, as regards the ability of each da- t> D<inent to ultimately mcif. Us current expenditures. , iSindiiig Interest on their debts The revenue laws ( eve been judiciously framed, and their operations ius far. have been Ratlsiawtory; and as the value of ' ixable property in eaoh State increases, the income " ' the treaturies augments, and their flnanues improve. ? t this way, without any increaee in the rate ^ ' taiatlon, the full lntereet on the whole #bt of eeoh, will be promptly paid, and de- J cquenoy become one of those things that were ^ r? believe that tbe time is not far distant whnn fen repudiation will be repudiated by every oltisen ^ ' those States which have that stain and dlsgraoe l pon their fame. \ The publio works of the Western and Seuthem t taten ale about opening. Most of them are io admt- i b e Older, and from the start will do an aotlve bud- ' res. The State of Illinois will reap a rioh harvest ' om its ear a) this seaHon, and it is estimated that the c .venue from tolls will not full far short of one hnn- J red and fifty thousand dollars for the year 1849 ? ~ he ostitis of Indiana and Ohio hays been oinMdekbly Injured by freshets, but they will soon be re- ? iired and ready for transportation. Tbo indications c e in favor of a very active business. Tve amount Of j roduce awaltlDg shipment at the different points on h .e lines of all the Wertern oanals, Is larger tnan ever . fore at the saason, and it will be pushed forward to J' arket vigorously. We trust it will be In oar power . the close of the present year, to glvt, a more faro:- ' lie aceount of the rsoeipte of eur publio works, than * yen in any previous year. 1 Stock kxcliange* , i.ixxi usps of'us 10hu am sha ^ hut jn Co xiv .itHl do 'tf lilt; 25 di 39V , , Fear A's n f'? iso do 39iJ .mo uo ixjo :(> do :v.'\ i Ult) Radii* Bonds f>''4 25 Eris Kit old 67 .('isii.uu Kit hh Bonds lis Si do 6-iV 0 (i ah* Bk of Auierioa !":S 73 Iria, new fr.ll DdK f, u I anrnra'Tri s?n> 36 |i> do 63 '4 b J do ktiO SA.'o 33<l Dor kin KR bid flu>i I) do %1V M oo 6.1 1 II do 8344 Ilfll Uo tllV ' 3 do So* 60 Ho btw 60 ji 1 d* : 210 LoiK 'ul'od lilt 23V ?. 3 do MO 330 Boa-i.g <K ys'J J do Mil) 33V 3'i N Toik aN OKI! 8334 1 d form Canal Ki'4 fieauHd ISoartl. !| (4X1 U ? 67, *68 II H del.. briaRr, new. full 69 , 1X4. Resdint Bondi 6<V ;3 do stO 6:.t; ? 1(1 tlis bar. auan Co SU)g 23 do sMl i'"i l Hitoth ton Hit M>2 j do slii fi .u \ 3t? Utrinr RK 60 llfl da bOO ll'ap flu U SOL Island t.S 2'.^ 2i 4)0 bid 61 I 26 Are FlSt. 1.0a,full, Kl 614 , UVKRT1SKHKNT8 HIKBWKD GVliiU F)1Y. ? sni.i'i'i ti., % put HhlilBM i'.li NUB 1' 1 AMli.Kl.CAk K. K. 6TKAN- \ L rliips, l-iweon (Uston and i.iv?|. >1 and brxo-oon New ,, :<rk oao Liverpool, nailing at Hftlifjx t. inu.l and reouiva mails ? u puaaoutirre' ? _ lit lapt. C. li. Judkina, H.bemin.Oaoa. W. J. C. Lang, a Inca... 44 a.ftyrie. J-itgam.. " J. Stono, \ monet. " n. lilianr 30, t t.molo .. 44 W Hkrriion, v f wpa.. 44 B G. Lnt% Cunbtia. " J. Lai-.oh. .. kleoocia " W. Dum w. fbeon reeatili cany > ir while li'tt at h?ad, green en | it hoard bow, arid rvd on p tt low | nerica, (. apt. Uairiaon, tr?m Uoaren, Wodneaday 21at Maroh th inadn. " Judkina, ' N. York. do 4-Ji April. u, meara, 44 A. Hyria. 44 Beaton, da llftu ' trope. 44 k. O 44 B Yurir, do Id Bay. ?'a, 44 N. Shannon, 4 IMN, do 9 th 4 * n axfonemod airgeoii ob boaro. Fnight will ha oharaod on fa ooia, lay Ol d an ao out t for psrwrta' e. peuaas. All lottora and or wn-apeTa mint pr.ea through the p"? office, PtAU^M Troai ew York or Boaton to livtrpool, tint oabm. $141 eeooad oaou. t II, Ftr freiah; or paatmao apply to KMlirM.a BT). Jr 3T Broadway. at JIOR AOUTUAMtTON AND ItfUdBN.-T IP U. H MAIL I otaamer Oepl t>. W. Floyd, will loava ' or Nn 3 ft It. for Socthau pt> u on I Bromao. on fuonc.y, ia *rch2(l, IfMfl, at 2 F. V An ex pananaed aurgoon on hoard. at 0 fmght o. paataoe app'y at t.ta Oico of ti n Oooaa Stoatn Negation Company, a o hU Broadway j )AcK KTb BOH HAVRE?SBCUN LINK?Tift SHIP A (tnoida, John M illard tnaa'er. will ?it on tha lit April BOTf Ik ill 4 ' KKM AranU.nd Wall street. a nc MKhCMaNT.a an it Alii ' L'A; TaI xa.-E. ll<OWN At L Hon, No. 27 Fi.iionalip have for ia? a beau.iful article of 4, eonol'.wlh latg<* rue CMiipvt a d lamp iroplo to. for either ? ip or eeae, packet alao, m-otto < nt of autical Instro- t 1 ie, tiootaand Clam Knginecro'md horroyora' instruments ' munis i'ni knt 'ompartot aud Jelbece.e- lor those bound to . ililor ia N'o.27 luflon ahp. ^ i'henkw york and savannao jteam nayiua- * L tion ( ompany.?Th, now aud uiiwu rt.-ont tot. abip Ten- t aree, John cointe rotoniandor. a III mil an Wo Ine.-day i ftt, ii met.Horn pinr No. I North Rlier. at I o'clock, P.M. For ^ iigh> or paaeage, having ninqualied aoooin nidations. api-lv to baMI' L 'j Mil4'"hbi,l IR4 Fiwnkot m IAVIaU BOLD TtlK ST KA Hh'i' ' I'tlOMAS KOdTklL | ti aha ia wiihdrawii from too Nea etiighrnn o Tna aroambaat I ,i iGLK WILCIams fcrorahly known la:fir< ianowmtiaa im- | ortd. having hoob roartatitea, rohitnd atd Hruiahed Soa nai o in* loniia an I er gnaroi aad m p ort ol oomfort, aptwd and a ap4ation to tha Nawbbrah route, la aeo' nd oaly to tka Thonao ' iwell ban ad rat tiaomrn t Mow. fl) ''liLL, BiiMbDEli,. * 'j I. New York. Maron to, IMV I, For Newbui-gh and Fiahkill, la ding at Van '"ottrtlaodtX ( Penh- ?, llll Wrat I'aini.Co dairlngaud ornwai too t'oan.b.wt Kt>- | a CK IA 11,1,1 AMt4, i apt. G. *. 44 I'Oln t. wll oommenoa aa ab?a? Bt m the Newbnrgh piar, foot of Wanao ? . entry al crooan at 4 loot. (Suiioayt rxioptrd> thia day t'nroh kl, 1>44.4. liaturniaA, i / II haro Newhurgb at 7 o'clooa, a M. " ffllMCftl*!,!* A ? feOUS*. I 11 )aRIS Gftl'.EN. 8 R*AM), UF 1/ tlQIJALbBD VAUJB | ( tor Vfno atn Blinda,8h:p I'luuii^, i*v , Ur? ud granad in i x I iu tmrii n rtrmi.K torn l.jg to 3rd |*r |t>? and in And f] pt, from V ?o Kv IbA, for nk ai Na ji tiering tUp, ?>> i 81 ? ? HWhtTZ. J' IPLBBPID PAPIB BAWaiMOB AMP UPauMTMr- " I I A Iftft BIB lie- ? . m ? lift* I'nrU, iu vi <? amotion ?>f tbe trtdn. At d tin puhuo in r?? oi%1# to hi ex i ?;ve &nrl ?uferb ateortioont of Fpnu*n ^ipor Ha gi?g? and / Dtdrrn K \irt?,n Materia a, PuraiMiro over ago *n'1 ''pb jlewry ? j r- <1?. v.hieh I'.cy nra reiving by ev-r* mtivaI tr .in t ivro, and g. h'oh tho> *flir for sale wholesale en I r* A I. Too oetabltinmant I S. K II ihiH largest nno moat lea a tit ui of the Mod in i?9tty, .d th> ir pr < e# %?iii boar compa-.ti* i ?i h I >*? of any o.-r ?;ar ? r\ mme Hoe < f bueu ces in 'die I'nued Stvea R*ury variety J 1 otii n (Joode, for ?tur? * ova i and Upholster? ean ' fntl.y on h nti. 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Broamr mad kpr<'a **" ? ? ?r?i tl' aa'l'KD? A GOOD ?/?1' H kAKiK. T ) GO SOUTH' Oikx TY Inquire of Felon ? and avi all'*. > I M'bl-o Ian*. tort; WANTRD-A BOY, ABOUI 16 YRAK3 OY AGS, t IR Tdt J**?p Retail luv (loo 'rub. Applf. 'a toe ovouing, ML* entit Boateliier Br three. in . oca I ?treat ehan WAN Air?A SIU'ATION. bT A YOU NO WOd.ll. AS p'ain Cook ur Ci emN-roield le a neod ?ul er and iro .ur, pjtor ii d rat, l? well rrcmmrtdud bj fimiliex le towo. Ban u i otv ?toci ctioalo to to the e nntrj i'Waae addrew B. 0., *6 Burton (va i itrie', t la ttt re. r _ WANTED-A SITUATION. BY A BKjPgCTABLB YOUNG S\ wi'Diao aud child four teari uln. to do Uo'ikini. IFa?hia?. tier 11 it d Iming Mar mi ohi'ti*o to go lo tlie rouuirj, aa eh* ota |t?ul rhf three of ad?iry. ft.- beet f ot'j referouoe oau be givea. i 0' Uaen call at 177 Not* rtreat. in tlia te r _ did' IM,T AN TAD?A SITIUTIO* BY A VEKY i.e?B PRTdNT WW II rl, tilth MKtni ref renoa. to ' r>o?, *a?h mid Inn or f, r , rotild do the i niiie h' uitv rt wlereonlv m.o |ii in ewployed; o,ue ooi iTw WANTID A 811 UATION HY A VUV > *t?KI*MT J**! tirl v <th *o?d e t> ionrvn<e. to Co?k Wuh and 1 ( n (it . i ptiette ftmtl, or would a<> all t'? ln?ee?c>rtt. wbire only oat j* tri it emp'oy td Fleaee oall at *88 8th avenue o inter Win, ever "tUi be n r<v ry WANTKO BY TWO <<e<pe Tablis Hid ,8. SITU a- f'j tiiini?tl e one ?? Cook. vVatli and Iron the other tv do ,V ' 'bewb. rwoi k kid tlltlM, or Oanihe'wi rk. Waeht.qt, and * ro in (Jan lire the bee* of city roferrnos and can be teen f >r - . we dee-. Plra?? oel1 at 17ft Seamd Areune corner of 11 th etreel ?? | 117 aNTSD- A > ITUATION BY A UEIPE'.IT.vBLk GIRL. a " ae huin'erma'd or Lanidrett la a reipeotahle family; Anej At no objection '<> rhn country p'ecea Apple at No. 8 fifth *P|'1 tree". Can he moo for two dry* thr i>e?l of ref'toioet latt 117 aNT?1>?BT a MIDDLE ?OEJ HilllaN, A 81 NJ ?' lion aa Cuek. Beat o tef given. Inquire at U1 , ! m ttnot. h ' IJL7 a N TED?A HTL'ATION BV a RKSPROTaHI.K VOUNQ ?'?? T? woman, to do gtiierai in a aumll pi .va'* f kaily, 8'atr s a good plain oook, *ood wiebcr and ir >?er; > it uo objection to tiopl o a th'rt dl<tancr It the ci umn. Good city ref'reuce. Pletue tl nt corner ol Twenty bf h tinet aul kirtt avouud, iu the rata lakcry ( an 1* nee > fo> two rtava D WrNTED? a SITUATION. bv a n KSPECTaBLS YOUNO d ! if, ae I hauiberoiaid or to do the kc oral h.mtew r* of '?<>. nt m e' ?ne*oet'tl"nal>le rcf<reno< ?? to rate. I.ariiottr. bo., Iron, hir laut plain t. I'Uate apply at2711 nul- ~ tnty i trett gu IITANIKD- BV A kESt'Et.TA PKOf ETTA NT YoUVfJ inet. TV Woman, a tituatioo u < kaaibennaic, or toiler, or rHni>rai lake lonwwoTk in a iniail private faai y (laa good city reforeiioo. lane Ttnee mqu re at N u. (Si Greenwich h'roe', in ilir. b ncmnok, oan I Wanted-a situation, as cl'.uk in a drug ft me, whole tale or re'all. No ohjeoiloa to go Sou.b.? Fa idilrern C ruyi letk. Uereld Offio . II ANTED.?by a UltlBLY kls>'fci't.t hi r pko'es f" * * <a> t j mng woaian. ?ho can pnKluoe theinr it aatiefikoioty *(U , w?. ..... .la-UWU-Tll. HO l? ?'l OX g, Jj, trtnt. Seam alien and would havj t o nhjH.'tinn to amioi io ajj., akiad '"re ef?hTdr?m Mtiatpplt at I St Ur?nde'..Hd Moor. 11/ANTEO-BY A KKS' K T>. (Ji.E WOWAN, A Si I'UA? tlon *? Conk W ua-?r w Ironer. that fully nudeistAnda ner And mi'ii. to, and ia wiilii k t>. male- l.or-. lf uaelui, hat go id rej im Km lu-nnttinns I'leaaevall at 7<3 Washington Unci, itoul ro m. on her i he hint Dot tradt WAMED-A I ORNISH klNKk, TO DO TUG PIT aailu wo k md i mhrr work in amine not lor tr mNawYork. e mi >ci? kotd appli but thoae tally oowpetent : one acqua-ntrd with mpt fp ir ng nmur'a toola prufe.rtd. Apply to Et'EltllT A U tUlf.v, mi m h ,-outl. etroet. ftoigi III ANHD-A SITUATION BY A R'SPECTtBLB WO TV man an Cook, ana uideietandt waaldag and ironing; the IjtO eit i f eiij referi nee given. Pi. aai nail til K m etreoi. jT I (or. v 11/aNHO.-A SITUATION hy a ? aspect v3!.e wo- ..nt " n.ei. ne Cock Waeiier ui d lrooer or to do general bouao- in th< ork lot anuall private family. The b. gt aloitf reirieuce given. ali gle Tenet) can at 44 Main etiuet, Biooklyu, He Drat door on the pott i itiei i f Btwara kliey. 'tain iv anled-a biiuatio.n by a hisi'eotablg youno vT uiarTied woman, ae Wet Nunw. liood refrmuoo aire from near ! D laai | lace, kleaee nail at No 4i Wott atrmt, front beaamaat. Ian to teen for tl.rre daye. ik7antkd? a PaOIKSTANT woman,to cook. WaSU |i,<-> Yf and iron for a rmall fain ly of two p. raool in Brooklyn. . J lht- uadtre<aud her bu?ii eta an he wwil reoouimonJod will t ippiy atbl Liviagaton atreet. intHeea Smith and Uoytairaata, ? ' lioi.k vu. Grain the P 117 AMEO-MTl ATIWNS BY TWO Yuunu l.aniGS edhv Y* ot.o to do gfut lal bourew aik (ie a good usher aid troner.) 1 Tl.< Le oil ar * chatohetioaio and p?in Mwrr tau git# good city ai d t Ki.i?bou if resulted. lu b* treti lot two day* at No J Mnrioa ?'?i traec. oqvll 117 AMID BT A RENPKCTABUR YOUNO WOMAN, A TY ntu?tion a* t.hamlierniaid, or Chambermaid ami 'ailer. W1 r weuid bave no oijtcum intake enre t.l onldren Intend ~~ luhtuill I tot er. Setlefaotory reference ran be given. !'*?.* |p" pt It at N i. 4'h t* * hing m rrr at.eee-md beak room. ||' 11/A NTH-BY A Rt.SPE T.vBLK Y< UNU WOMAN, A lug*' TV duration an Ciiatniu.] maid, aenlac in waanlug aod ironing. Mil* rtcdo piam dewing cr hi.u ewor?, Nu o'J otion togoa abort aft r a tan a in tlio country. Beat of city tab retire given. Plana* pert* a'l a' Ah Spnr g etreet. the p rami (I7ANTAD-BY two RE PECTaBI.B YoUNQ WiMEN. fteiftt TT aitnailoha on* In do Waa'iuiK nod ironing, or gen ml . uatwrrk; laa lived id her laat plaoe two yaara the oin?r aa h'-mb- in aid or Nor e; ? ould aa-iat io waeim g and irouinj if Thl, Can be seen ..r three d.ya Pi juo e?.i at i7d Ueiiar re< t up a a>it. 0 A lit ANTID-BY A I'KS.'k.t.i a ill E YOUNO 01 ?L, A SI f on th TT uatieD an reamatrcea who and, ram o< Draw unking that | Iply|n Nr. 1K7 llee'er rroet. in the rear room. No. II tlirD ? COBkil 11/ aNTED-A fclTllAliOS BY r YOUNO ptopv "I tirl.aa CIatoberu aid. or to take cite ot oh Ureu r to tean I o gmiral I uua*work lor a an all private family. The bett < f city ouy.t if Tv re oat he givai., fluent) oaJ at Pi Monro* aireet, up *> in li t ' *nbr??ri. ttr wo nay. _ o'eh.c IA 'aNY ED?BY IWO RISPEiTaBlK Htuf YOU NO fl * TT nla, adua ioui, the obe aa Cook, n nai'er ai d Ironur; it* trira* Chan.b,rmain and Waiter (,'iod city ralarano* g T. n ITUi oin l?rt place. No. 60 UStb atreet, near Oth avenue. k.lra floor. r f ?ck TO tr>. aplri,' milt 11/ANTfD-A SI'UnllON BY A STKAi'V WOMAN, TO Al TT U'*' hi iiHVi ti In a .cup-anil.? fauiry. laagood g lain Oook and lirai r?ie araaber and tro. ar. City rel.irotue given olTtt* an fe ac*a lor two da).. Ir.o. aptly ai alp' I'-ari atreet N n.i II7A-TEU?A 8I1UaTION IIY A Ol KL~ A OoOO COOS. TT Shu haa ao ol)*otion to do ti * genatal work of a lot'l pri- TV p itelami.y 1*a good v*?h*r ano ir. n?r lla* thr b-at ol city f v ilerenie.' Pleat* t oallai r o. IS, the corterof liauiiaotid and |, hi no or aiiveia, let floor ov*< the groc r. plb-nt 117 AMIU-A SITUATION BY A RES' E TAHLE YOUVO \ TT V oil *0. nr hnu.beruiaid, o.- Child ren'a Nurse, onpn'ue o ilt i g e?r* of a baby a month v d. 1 he beat city r*ar?bi* give i, A'A l-aiecall ?t No WlioioniM'.u ataira V. iy AMlb-A l< IINOk/iMiriiU D n LtLiltaS , IN PJS- ^cu!| TT eettaiub oi a o all capital (about $iOn). 'a waotod to us* , iotireft iu a fancy go. d, a tore, ol woiub be n .old have aoe e* t n laey, amnio' Si.d tfue a lavuralne opportunity. -iddrtw llox !*'??? : \i, General ?'oat Ollli-e. >ltl Ull J|7A1?TKI)-A TOUNO MAN. FfcOM 10 TO 18 TSARA I*"' '? ol : *n, as ta nmrmiit aaleauian II. ? ret 111 dry xodda aid . cad ami iwcit itore. A|piy at 861 t.iatre airuet, af,?r 1 It , [III o'. * 1 n, ||.a VANTID-TI1R UPPER I'AST Of A QOU IB. FOE A Dyjm* gentleman and wife, without ci lldien, la ? gm aol neighirbood. Kant tourt he iiioUeiule. Addfwm .1. 8 , at t ,1a util e. I * itii>n tentri-il i?rntii>n ~ ' > IXJMS, WITH SIT AE PO'tErf, IO H[?l' IN THE ? ? io*ei part i I'the oUy. centrally mottid. T? gjud tena .ta , "4 e relit will t-e roaeonnb e; and a le? ? l .r d o jesri eieen Ku- ( , .iie of .. I', ftr DFOd 0. l.'Pt Pultun n'Ti-ct. iniirt liner. 11 ? -? Ml ilno 1,'Nfb liMSiilO KOOE ANL) ilEO- >UI ? r em . with n,,ard for twe ladm* and one i bild 1-i a tmva'.e u ))> where thue are au heart ere Irum lit May next. Ad .. ee A. It., ' erald ottn a. v> o M) anTEB?A* NURSE, TO TAKE UAkB Of OtilbDEBN, JJ| 1 '? a n.lodlo agi e iTi'leaiant M?nrm. Anita ut.*ar need apply "hire the .lam, In tel *itl Fuitun treat. Iliookitn. . f_! ( wi-hi JI7 ANTil)?SaLKSNKN,TO TR iTEL IN TUS OOUNTRT ??'er '? to uSrot ar-li 111 an article lu univera*! Una. or w ion- wllct ir l<r ceiiinge will he pnld. a.i.ebut tAnr?u,;:ily capable aton Meclr led at ply limiireat '& Bread-*at. *i* dri i i j Jkl AMIO? el A VOt N'OOKNTLEdAN.A ROOA.ASOTB ten t? 11 ??h. r treat, wuh hfeaklaat ana tea? dinner un Sunday. rAuaei ddrita-J S.I oi l.lth I oit uflice. tiedn letriii ti7ANTII>-A EiruAtioN nrt rr<?COTABI.E mo r? tf-uotyoui>K w?ni?n, t?? do chMul?r?ork, and r J* umftUiLf. k it;hiw o?il ?t (J?uiro ?troet, froue1* roo?# up -T f1 1 111*. tvuif ?rMi JLI AMID-APKUTKJTwVI ?vm*S WtJUtS A SITU*. )* tjuu as > ?><.*, Wafho it.u iro ?*r Good re eroace >iv?a rts;d? ociom ><? ^Fr.'DMiBh. .id lia icar. T. b\ * en for t?o * f < m 1 f> t/> 4 u'lll o* iambd-a 811v ? n at a topno Woman, to t1 '? tit o okiDg, mihli.K rd i*..? inn. in a rtieuv lemily. Ci'y will b itireu A| ply *; liW I.'irlcr ?treet. Oen be mm for Vi.Ae il.t., JlfArlKD-BV A KkSKMTlB ? IT'tUNli WUHAN, A ,,\u FT eltimttontlietLhenuenl or I.euudrrM, or to wt<t o. nr $ ibic . but w ii l*it nl ritj rtiloi.n o from h?r l??t p' to* w er- IIKI 10 ht? 'ircd 'biro ye>r". (JAB be ee*n for three dojf fti Wl I , n<l f 'ifhjr>r*on in tbi r-?r t ik, AMKI-BV A MAN A.N il 111' WIPK A SITUATION ' rT ? the m?r ? Hotel CorpenMr; the women *? t'ei'ry cook. ie.n Itcy uiider?'?tid tl.?*ebnvididi Iceee. erectly?no irouti e. The ?th. Itof city refrrci.a ?? An 1 otie>t< .id lour eoperii'ii o. roe ei lenl ( r born "on he won evert d?y, end ell df, e 3M 14'ilnerry met i ie?t. No rhjeoitoQ to el'y or country. JCeey urmt, hut e n eody p loo. Piitee nuachman wants a mtdation?* t<?unu m?n or JJJJJf -/ t'omly iMil.r lobito, ?Ui-r tn the oily e?country on ? me wn.l rocrtiiniof d-d by h.. let* aieployero. 'Jen be o -a et _ . . ' I Pe'k row. !W one ?*e* B,"<1 -ANaDIAN T h A I) ? - A VUU?H ill N J lh.ll a * (JA; from M?>vti^ul,u})r? has lived m*n> y?*an in un?inr.etr ft i t BH| IHHifW ffcotMlB dry INif h line- In ? hi vlty, ' t i OtN lu^ko an ?njr^vu.(?fi?. wt<h at y h ns<5 ?wT'<'.' ioun t i'iin vi to n Car?oiin <red<' hmJ vtner* bit p*r#oM?l w*^nu.?n oh ft* d nr^fti influx e- with the buytir* r.iUtn* ihii ni??M lei I'preeinii'd. *ddro?*J I O. 114 \ ?<mt.rd at * Bl'lt atlon * AMID by a Hfc.srKJTABf,S y l/nll \ * i ? ar, ii ? j.i i\i?te I ml jr ~Miu >a a go?a (I "en. * id ?o u ' in liLt H.diT lAlrmn ihe ten ot cny la crrnee le bo f . I aU at IP V Mrtrrr Htt*U Hi the rear, wwjoi Amity aud ,ii<mj, no ? 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IJon ill a ralall or nhdlnanle frog .8 te?tne foe.-tnr P-f /!' lied til) tati t<i tValaen. f ddttrs N h? atthiaoflioe. \y p It to HaTIiiN tl?TlD Of U8tH.ll htAQBItTr. 4 latlTtii l Ireland, pariah ol 'Vtanhnvgh. aonn'y Oor*. h nl? t pi ii Ihdta 1 tun li > ai.d Jerrta ah. Aa> Imrnrtaatl.m reap-otag c\ O In trill le ihui Mil l) raceme at 2.VJ Mai am street i? r ii ??? Hj to ItieRli POtTHDOHNr EMM*1 WAN TAD. IN BB'IOCJ ivti lnairivnte f ail) prrlarnd, when, " # comforts of rji(. n e rat heei jojiMl Addiet- A. e? at thia nfllntt 1 to T mi PABT Or A B0U8I-WANT?r>, BY A OENTLC- a .) i ll. ane Bia ?He, the uprwr pirt ol a hon e. emulating of I "t.'ii paihr. hrdroetn. kite lien and aarretn^m, i,t a moderate rent a'etM l o Itut reMetce will be gitMii addreat A, at lh? ofhoe af thia thoaoi jer. OAmtlMHlA. >H SAM WANCISOO. UUftlMU DIBBOT. TlATKd I Stmt* of Maaallaa. the at* andeabocaaualetaataehip HO I apt. Aba Baaoher. ol !?"?too. hurtheu.S aeara old, built la B ?i#.of tha baa* Balartal. ooppar bataaed, aad aawlp aopparad. ai rventirnlp bow aad Unowotd r*oio* thorough repalre for aaa Si oe aad will pun > iveia anil on or abonb aha Jutn of MoreA tlat la IV aud oahar aiU be ha damsel/ turniehad tor aaaa and oom- ah and a mora prod labia -pportuDitr aaanot be oflertd to Hloaa vuaof aoing to Mdittiruia ihe will ba iiapoaad of ha 100 b -a ot etorh a' Murt each. to owner of aanb aaaro will ba Bi Jed to hla iiaiaaae to das Praa aao, aad hla aqaal aadiaidad ft i of the -hir aad all appnrtaa.aieaa Ihfeio belonging, aad W iv pr> Ala aad vermnga r aaid aiiip after tier arrival at San ciaoo ftach ran of ntnek will ba mad a tranafaraala Aa I tion ahoald ba mada auoo. aa ahead* over one half af tha vI la takan *or particular*. apply ba AUSTIN A W ATKINS. e* 1 heath atra -t up ataitt ?j N PAoNl IS U, VIA UtiAU <*S, I TH A**Rlla?TUB Br WW and apiabdM aiaamatiip HCii't M V 'ITT. I.Ad) tee* Hi !>? >. iktrlee rtoddard, luaaier. will latva lor Chaare- diroob, It burdock at pier t vorth rl??r, ua 1'araiay. I7ta AprtL ab I < h ek I'atMageia for * a.tfornia will And chie the m-sbexpe BI a> and p eat ant r jmm to reaoh tau robl rtgio-i* aad at rat Mi matOit) g'<rt dirrct to Chigrea. without (topping at later XV # * IWI'a tb> V Will- W thnut let) tmTm >1 kliijutt la time he FeelUc mail ateamer of the lit >f kiy iha?tMD? J n now *u tot river a . Chegrea, >i4 paaaengora will Audan *. le aupi ly of ruw ud iuuKx 'o convey Ma promptly to Oi if"a. Huiwia the etwi teloon $ ISO do la orward it J1* SUA de in lower oabla. SMS; do ta atetrage, $Hl; Bight Jja tret ol bums allowed each -abio pt*e*ocer and i<x do do Bt etrerege pea>m ger. Fieight on epooia I per oeal; oa extra * Ntt. 7r rente per loot. Fur freight cr p Mange, ap > ? to ?' J H'tvt aba Ik *<>e. 7.1 -t. I>> ??? ? on IB BAN *RaN< 18CO, CaLIFORNIa-TIiR BhimR Bo t?amah'pUM> OaN.iiAO tone burthen, will anil from Je nay pr oa or about lit it of A pnL _ Pniox <<p Paeanon 1m oai-ia. la fora cabin. Inateeragn. I SioJai'Oiiu $.10 $|SU ? 1 I alparaiao srim ISO B< Ian Irmnrlaoe AMI ?J0 JUU * ipeneneod aurgeon will aooompany th eeooeL for pwutage, Bt i ? E. CUNaBD,er,38Broadway 8i t lliuoorn baa double ut.gioee. had uaw boiiar* in (fiaagow M Apr.)?it now undergoing a 'hurongh relit, and horoabin and " ate a i<i be vert coin Unable a-d well ventilated. Pi > U t A L I F?l?M A. lA tdii KtS.?TUR llvirl i Ti Statee Mail gtoamihip F-l.? ti> will leare maw York for re tea via havatia, nu Th'ir-day, lMh April, with the fa ted ~ !? Mai'efnr tiia Pam'io The la eon will arrive at Chaerne in IS e time to de iver the malla and peosjagora tor tho PeoiUo b' eteauer < n goa w< gt to Clieg<t? iu atata roonta $'#o e. do. lower afxr ethiu |l# an o. do. lower f rward cabin Ilk) N< o. do. ateoriae HI) El tight on specie to Chegin on- ptrient. For freight or pan an apply to M ). RetHRdrt, 118 Weot Hreet. Jui oil If t)ARO*BT. FUR t.AMHUtmlA. VIa V.A L j AitAlSO. pa - I'aiaet get* will In no hoe id, at p ot No. V Beat river, an day anh ijbt. at IU a.M . at whtoh tnno a eteatnboat will re< her to aea All beggngu mnet be aen'. down on Monday. 'Dth, ei. >ua oan las rocetvtii no the day o- tailing. A lew mure bertha feri ic aavurad on imti dlato application to ri< E. H. *1 Tl'tlN. 119 tvAll at. oor. South, or aet JNO, OODBm, lid Wall atreau toi aeengers will oali at the otlice nod got taelr tloketa. au ail IK PAN FRANCISCO Ahil 8UTT1 R'i FORT-TUR mi tartaailihg alipptr liti t eei noner CSNKKAL (FORTH, P* rail With derpatuh. For freight er paeaage. app y to UULIOK 'T ULME.h. 182 w eat at-eat. KolOrti A M aLi.bTI', >7 Old < ot Captain, on board *ter v. N. R. ?r F.SPvH H LIJ-E -FIRST VE8SKT. FOR CALIFORNIA and the gold rcgiona - Ilia faat tailing auptrior oopperud A topper laatened tiarx CLYDE, now lying at pur A. . R? Lt piou, roaeter will tail t n tho 2fth March fur Ann Franc a n; g ceon iin ilntiona ore aupe'lor to nny v. eat I in the Calil drnia p< i having tingle bertha througtont wi'li ai y and ootntuo- Q( iBtet rnotna. Ti e rhuiamue or the ('lyile for aafety and la t at, g qualluee, make her a doairablo vena 1 fur p 'twinfera. Ret nanetr' at tied n uon e?|n rh tiou in tho eaeitio tr de P?? r| unui yiiiu MM i iHDimr inn < <yil9 umoro V"OJ par inane J igo tickets cliewhere. lunuraiOu at the luaiut rate*, Fur |)i .1 vpmmm,apply to oo srnni'SR n en. sjirniut. b< H 8iN F? AN clbt O, i Ai.I'UuMa?Til a. 8 'Lti\ III D (t.1 Irat olms New York kuUl ehip ANuBL ItJlIB, Cnpt Wind- M, iill have immediate diepatoh a* above. ihii amp han el* un rtaterootn accommodation*. oo an entirely ueir plan both M, I pc p cabin a? d iu the epao out aaloou between d-o*?, with berth* throug out, and supplied with pitleut ventilators, ight?, ho. te I snt* ventilation 'n the warm latitude*. There ]. i a avparate i-abin for ladiea T well ki.u ?n eailin* quail- 2. f thi* ?liip ?ill ?mur- paaeengeraof a *ar?ai;il *|>eedy voyage. 3 'attwge or freight. apply uu board, at I'lar - , Ka*t River, the foot uf tt all street, or iw K. otC'AKDAON It CO.,52Southrtreet. 4 ? 6! k han iram 1 sco. c alitor ma, via LaKK nica 6. ague.?'Through in tjddaye? The >eo?ud vessel of thie lino nave hew York on U-eSth April, for oau Juan d* Nioaragua. 7. eengera are conveyed up tho river, a d actors thu lake, te tda, t y 'tamboat, Irom thence by a good road to Kualiio. on K. scifio where a veaeel 1* expected for aan franeiaoo, diapavenan aaontof thi* linn. 9. i harbor* ot tea izo and San Juan are aaCe and easy of aooeea, 10 he route healthy and iniereyting. u>ge t broiiy b to San Franciao, including provisions, camp 11. meats, ?o graft. For passage or infertnatlon. a only to 12 VIM O. UUI.IIOKN, 100 Front *t.t or to CI II.GOODRICH ft I <1.. Il? atarkotat.. I'hila. ib 8A N FWAMIlSOO.?TUE SlIPKdlJR, Fa AT SAlb pr iig fir*' o!?aa ethooner FRN i IA> E Captain Hamoel H wu, 14 Idiaitivcly aailtor Sau Fri>noteco, oa the 25h March louoo' kin do Janeiro and Valparaiso. A lew p laeeuger* o .n yet at ken. 'Ihie vtuael into lie employe* in trading oa t,T cotat S. her arrival at dan Franoieoo. and will be manned by the at i?i,oav owning her. Two or three eberes ail be eo>d,giving nrcnatorna equal Dtereat la th> veeeel, and f all th profit* w liig tr<m the eipdition For full information, or for 1 it or pautg', apply on board, at 1'ier No. 9 North ativer.orto vt ili'li * BKI1 * it A N N, 2i Aoutn Wil iim atnei, or ~i HKNHCBI.N ft UAK y RT, iT dou'h Wtii?m ??. ^ t echooner ineutee it Wall etrrot at the lowest rt'ee LIFOHMA OVERLAND MUTUAL PROTBCON COM ~pany.? Thi* oompai y ia low 'uliy organhod. and will ?t,rt i ? ia of April. Tho loute. anioh i* by <. iroinnati aud from 1 I'lreoyta admirably oomrived boat to Bent'* Fort, aud no overland through tho Mormon eottlemeut lu the mine*, t* pu leitd tliu boat, yliutL-at. ai d moat eoouomioal ot any yet t,. aed, anu the whole ctet wilt But eroeud S7A. Thoomn.niu Bnanyiiiiani* w II have tl laciry h r''ineUnatl ou Wodnea- ? he It If t mat. and will Hit dull, at T min,iih H.ll uIium. , a bl of trie o mp?iiy ie *) ?? t?><j ?vor> oreuiug at 7 -1 k. A few Uiote lurti btirec&o be uriinr ted. an I. Cohnrll, K*q.. iw>'r 4?m? ihmiessi.ektr. V.P. rot H. * hit*. R t|? Pi**!*'! Thomas 'Iron*, iwmwT. b) H ( Al.IKOKNlA.-7Ut 'I 111 It I> DIVIM.iN OF I\1E arson s oeom. tinn. U'w firming. start Msruh JUt, in ilia A till lie* psekrl Ihip B R Minn, for Ua'v inn T.'in ?ud / l oin Iha medium undir Lenrrol * orih'r eeoiirttrum rt?n mi m to ilia lii a. odnptu.g tr.e r outfit o-il mttwd of tr.vei- ui 0 ti e a rcuiur'aooii ie?o?ary in stisra rha vara >d?ii>.ui 1 in to'log, at?nu tune iln> iiuiok chenanl lar rite rou e. a <or< li a and lullliilom stion girou by t>. dOUOIl. Jr., B i tltrrr' lYrdriii |im IMI. X M NT ASSOCIATION. OVZMLAND TO CALIFORNIA 1* la Gilm too Te> tr. Through m 4 > d.yr; will .tnre on the io ml. A few mora n ember* mil ti. r?: on. if Irami-itis a 0|r C iod it mide t- tl. - Pre on. ,*l swill b* io d?ily nt'ondtno* 17 ' biiTv. Boon,!. 4< ti Br ad ? y. , hero the * o tll c.o a. _ ISAAC B-oWIR Pr -idrot i.lliiiMA -A OMI-aNY or llAKuV MKN IS roltM ( iui. < . an on tbs .' nth in- sot T o molt etneJiUnui In loiim en note has b>eo ehoaon. lntcIJiip mo sua nopitsl th i tin rucd-.k of Un. enteipr.e fcxpor:eune en tbli-s ihu b mil tin* c mpioy to prveeira th ennui rue from the irtudt tl< see in ine urgaoi. atim. t i 'oill'o nio Tie cep ro iil lei ot'e ome.frnui I Mild P. M.,ot the We'tcnestor 0| , 1 f Broome Meet inn bowery. K-.ular in o ing* t< .mh and Jilt oi 7 i". M llirlem ami N,w Uareaeui iti Ledoor. J C BaTTR S'JY, Cept ui of the \itup ny. an II MUFORM1.-A FORWARD OaBIV PASSAOE ? itket for ijc KViDinr Otegot, on her eennnd tris fru ti Po- *J to Soli From iarn. lur lAle low, if tppl ed for ImmedlS'ely, ? roi i i t?'i ?o ' iii'i"," of toi. ntfioo , I IfORlIt '-1 ANTS aM> RAlMMKROf aLc SIZES JJ tr role, ond made to inter at 'he ih'rieet n >tieo at Hi "B Street, op etotre IMNMHMINlltiMMMllMM , I? Ore purelneiot ebewhero I.iFOBNIA LIT* AS9l.RANcE.-THB BRITUIJ COB- ?" n rcial Lie i nmrimri I'naiponv 01 London (oaoittl tare* OS d' Uie) oneiiiiuo. tu tote nrrt o ox. rule no lir e nf per *** stag to i siitorjie. FKK iRrtl K 9 ? LdO r AO V, thi General Agent. 70 ?a I <ree*. 1 IFOHMAN9?PI/MS RsTIN II/iNU)I HltDllif 111 tet l-o.ned In C'.hfortile or oo your jnnrei > 'tinner, rritn- I6t he ore of t pood F Iter. ItutTe ore not olwa.e we Is hoi \ "U 'r r ior, ana'he rprlosi are d its?t from tm pl tntrs trs >1 I col liafr tune to go in ttoi returu Iron them; hat will, 1 rm s lilter I in the e* remiry ot eud driuk tin unaltered (!' i fllt?r?,rreeh* At. ood thonsh their ult be toes < f hrsltn. wh 'Lea weald he tneft etna). b.raiteu, while tnltihf t'lOtn, >ou, t li km. irnpnro mltr ornithine t'l- dim-tea wh oh they are lee d totem ve 1 btowg' oui the world, w .tar m i fal'e from the oude it pute; lei ft Miheeiiuoi, ly boco net uawholeeo i.e te 1 b> <o 'sot witn d.caved va^eUM" matter. so. or by I ? in rtirpr i a on - arthi pnrtlelea. r the inlnuto tee la of do r'< TOr phon, or hjr putrittiou wleuaugoanr on tn ruby land, nai 'too fined in eat* at ana Mo The subettn< ?a tout ab ' I burg I nturaily lortlrnto w?ter. and eepora-i e frnta U ~ erii *.oa ? ,? hen tab-n f> to the human a\atom,ty-am try. X > tt ur 8 tore by r> moving all em h eubttioa- a. e uthla ^ ho an hm to ot tain war. r of a u itorrn purity 'nail N' tat. tbut eventing the principal diaayin eg>- of a change ol I"" noe. Prco $i *t' eaeh. L J RUBKCmOO. No. 711 Nateau atreut. up entire. **' K W.?T TO Ml TO (.'ALITOR NIB.? J .id Re lUVDltl a ( o Y Uaefutnia Grain taiedi loo.?A public m.etiog ? bt Id eve j '1 m da rod Tbnraday evening a tna dutna Hotter, 2A2 Grai a aire-until the company will no ooio ^ 5*-t' able bodied n ai tn go tu toe go d rngtnna? J% nmui will fnrniih me man with a complete outdtnf , ia, impitmen'e *i' lorrnie >a f the pro-tf Peaaoua pay 511 will bo entitled to the won e pr fl a of one aharn -'at ra will be tab en from ->iw York, with 911 pouuda baggage ound, fnrtKIlt; tbne- that vn i to r de will l? furaiahed I loteeir miilr for $30 The onmpa y will leave ?ew the dm Mi y rytab p at Phi ale phtm, and nner mn e b? there and Plttaburah I'rt m ?henco hey wpl embark, on II ilouh e ram ea Pi be p-ni?: ed bt .aila. paddloa and p il?a, 1 1 tittrii watera of the latte river, Ie?*i g only 7'd) un'ea har rare line Tie propr mora . I|th|r axi edition'ee> co ifldent r it het *11 reach t a heart of too geld redone in eiit> daya b'a n n and paeem gera ? ill he eupphed w th J tinea 'uydam'a Tin Portable A loon|to dtae and lodge la, whlot equate the iaof eteamh ate for o mfort. Further pert ou are will be k' tiva ataay time IV o 7 " cl < k A. m. to In o'clock P M. r'jiLr ' mve P 3 ?The ebov ail-nut for rale and to i rdi r, of nny do. by the pa'entre, nt tKe rhove ptnoe. ? ? F I I KIM MAN a ? AN FI.NUaT I'UB >T()gK OF r IK * in d> reiaoag every article of proviidoi a oooeeeary for their I?tr their nerlral at tan franciaoo. All artmlrt pntupla r term leep, and to warantee. Printed ratiuna for iadl ft la aud a?t< eiauoi.t ftiruiihea gratnit arty. A K(kP lit! Wall meet, New Tot%. ? hae ..IFi 'kPIA D i Ol'FB H BOVYPBS ?PtBHONS t BO ITT fmi virt Ca it rnia, and danroisti e<v their liken Iteevltn onn lie da wad do sell to call et e, Vie jp,fl JU<1 iirj rn(, *a< h\ ration of reoeot Itapreren-ente and edul gtn hi.-eatebliahuient, faithfu. aud truo liaeaeedeamay be ob. Alt ?t the ahnrteat i ntioe. mr ef I ?'<? laMiH. li; E Tn I, At IN BO Ml ST kBT. A v ? BOAKU "T A NT- ? al ?a thue a'orv rloute t? Let in Bond etreet, to a fttnity a i eva nnrmeli oh'ldrcn; will take the rent nut In board and | I tan ur mpriieatin,, In addition; Wnti'd hare no oojnetioa far nl t .nut to t<ke thtre hoardrrr; go d raternnoa will rwpiired. y, . at Nn viai front, ooruey of ttooervelt. between the of It and 1 P M (Mhlif.O a' AH'IMRNTS. ? b hlOnlT KASPgJ F ihle private f miiy would let two or three kae< e-mely fur- Ce' pei l< r- aid biidToiiuia. t without bond.) to eingle gen a'< >, ttoa the Itrrr i f any. The houee ia eltn ted tn Jnam iei| near < l.uroh atreet a d tig voonia are well tiniahnd ad i t. Al'tit. let, a float tawtnont. emtuli'e for p'i-r| tea "-1 tiat. ITtd lib ed ief<n-nona alvrn and reunire I e.lOr.... 7hi id, Ch?#.'?m Mr at i?i ?U6 I'oai Oflloa. " 1 I ** 10 LK1 Ml 17 A UH Ko* I NSUKtMUB 0 )M- '1 antra. biohm A |'|i > 10 , J ,SIK1 KOVOnlSr, 29 WAtlntront. iN Jy IMUANT ROOM IN RIOIOWAY, COli*** 0? ~ ram ?>> ? n tileotljr ?r?K?i t r o nutM ?" I U IA cr *i jr nifpn n iinripn iki^ and m> aaitaaoa Ap JllilN ll(R)i,*> Br a I way ilium. "r I.IT-11'I HOI'S* * NO * N AS Til* * IKroiifJ fl(> 7', 1.1? 25th rtyeit. imi thr 7th av on*. attn tudmii armn n h hi u.a n> u ' labia Btinvhid. i.lm tin H i-maa Jj i lghaw4*N (MHlNll hutai. a> d two hat i)?"ina "0 taga" i* tin 7ili a?? IH'i a d TiitUatr-a'n htainj n I" gr ntda iitatlid. Said |.rawi?r* ara atwwt to ba J igLI) ii I'hifi il. Apply to _ pi A. M. *o is 71 a nuns inters. J OW I I tTTHBATRB? > MrDAT BTMNINO. MAMMtl 3 ??, will baaotnd tho tw eri?i?ai Imu onJled BaQLB ? ? Cheilea Btaatay. Mr. - , . Glarko: J-ha *aitA. Hr Ml iw Sob. Mr Jwdu; Sol 1 Mr- li'ilW; La Beta *i evena. In John taiULln kw% Hath Smith. In dutkred; Otahuntaa. Mr. J. H. H ' lamenaad, Mr. More; tain oone. Mr. Oonldaun: ella'ao, Mr Mo ooerefcv; Oouiiwa, Mtaa ni>M. Med Hud, Mr. Dnff Pitrtou t-> which, TaB PAST ?N- Mr. bugfcee Mr. i,il>?-rti Kdw rd Bug >??. Mr. J H. H: Skylark. M>.; Bail), Mi.e Mary ray lor. Mu* OB?'M lit. I2k <MOtM Hilary. 12* oeata. Dura opna Ml t 'a'oek core memo. at TH. ",BANFMAireNATl6NALTHRATB*.LATR CHATHaM -Tu a ay evening. Ma v. 1 , wi i i? acted It,a iMwfaMM .,*d * dpkAh o ?l AT?Oapt i hartaa. Mr. Hielo. ar ,,.nn: *" Milliaot, an leherwooo. A'^er whioh, J a IN Ca lFtlliU-i.^. Ht ihaufrau; wyaeey Mr. ymour. Mr odolphui Filiuhrond Mr w B nhap naa; Li?e ia> I Hriuytr af.arwhwh Til i ANDJBMMT?Co ueoioul Craafraa. Rraorald Jemmy. wr. Se>monr, "u<ee mahiiUt, Mil. K. Meetawr. T. ooueludr with the .IB tkOVD MO? Etna Jamea. Mr Tllton; jouk Bowieon. Mr. farder, man. Mlaa fanny Gordon. r0*? a eeetw PH I2K oeata. xira ap, n at ti>I o'clock?curtain will r'aa at 7J<. ROADWAY CMt'llB. tST BKLADWAT, NlAB PBINCB ? ilret?l.aat weak Wit one - T-emlay aiiMaa. Mtrch 'AL oupi.g. Noun-ma and Picturing. b> the liver. Family. whe voboen i ugaee I fur ef?w ere mgi. Ti e oetebre-el lown. n, Lathrop ?111 a| pear i n aeveral iota, a.d deliver hia fam ua amp fl?oh. Mr h tiauda will perforin Ma favorite p-mv ihm file; and alao the trick panic-, Paninn aid PythUa Sore*, anah'p by Meaa ?. T. Neville and II Gardner: and the a:- mm. ieled juvenile rider, Ma-<n. M.urieo rtend. T <e whole to Dflode with a far- mie afterpiece Af-eruo- n perierraenee on nrdey, at two o'clock. Admiaaiou 25 ooaU-ohlldren half ioe. tai ian opbka, Aaron Pl,acb-bkn<tit *no last appe.rance of k'me Labw da. anil tke oi ly appetranoe ot ?ig. nrvantawo. who haa kindly oonauntad to ail* on Una oeoaiiou? aenreday. MareL 2 , will i r given foi Madame Lab rd.'- hen. .-eeiy.ia com o era, in three act-, IL UaRHIRBB DI VIOL) A? Roaina M-dtme laborde: Meruel'iua,, lanora 1V > due; Alaavlva S'g I'attl; F fata, Signer B-ieronini o. Don rtoi", Pignor Bentiutr co; Bleilio, Sign..r <lln? Pel. Ftorelfa. Air. | inoi net Alter wh'ch. t e lira' act of Bell nl'a Oil braid re i.f M?KM a? N< rma. Madame lab-rde harjuet, atandtd are. II; Amphitbeatgi., 79 owing. Loot* open at half pe?t7 ? i. m? I at h o'clcoa. /IKIHANICV BALL, m tmoaowAY. smun "I Grand and Broome atroeta. Open every night during the wk. The original and well knnwa Chriaty'a Minati-elo, organ <i IM2 theolneiit eetabilahid hand IB the world ; who olalm. d oan nihrtanriate the aau.e, of being the flrat to hartnoniM wto Meiodice ai d original re of the preienr popular gtyle of hiopianeatertalmiioi'tik [A premium of Shtri will be paid to y other Co hiaaj in existence, who oan pinduoa evidenoe of a it r?aht to tj>a thitva hisLlfinrim. 1 hill* I^nnawta in ?KIa '). for a period of three yeara have btcn received with great roi age ai d favtr, enprroedenttd (a tha annala of public lUHru.cotb la Una great inetri-polia and oo- Mnuo to bo niahtlv j?i?ed with appmbation by larae a< d hiahlv reepao table audio-a, a uinatooiiviucieaevldinroof tbnir ?op?rt"r murlt and atlotivanaaa 'I hoy will h'-ivo ibo honor of tntroduoing a great vaity of new and orirlnal Melodies, liMrlctiquo up- mMo Ubunia minga Chaiuouiimio f>ai cob ho., in a manner frcquonUy atmpted by " uuinewur iniitittora." bat ' uol with th? nine re lit" that have cr iwt ed the efforta of 'hlo * orinlnai" and "Inl1 table" owmpany, who challenge competition in every depart snt of Ethiopian reprenetratiooa 1 he oompany eeneiate ol ten rfonuera under the direction and in?n-m nn-nt "f K p. Chrla, the whole oomprlmtg a current uaei|ii-Hed vematilitv and lent. Admteeion 26 oenta. Children under tO. half price. I wire en at7?<'oi cor' will oommoreo at f o'einok. An afternoon n oett on faintdav. em mm cl?-t at IP M It KS. FRANCES KEMB1.K BUTLKK ?'M, RSAO THU "J K\ci i r. March 2d. the pl-tv of ' Twelfth Nu'.t," at the uyve tut Inbiitute at Ik o'clock. Tiohe to he had of Mr. i n ur, Jonln r ol the Inoti'uii; at t'.e .yi t r tonne telrvtig n w the Union Hotel, at Mr. fraocia' and Mr. Urowen'a U wfcr?i?Price f I. r* It F. GRAN D musical FBATIVaL in aid OF Tiig UKI brew Uennvuluut Soc-etv, will poBiuvelt take piano at the i lido ay TnUnuuolo. on Tiinadaj o< rning, March 2D, on which r-anion the following eu-ioent artiste ?'ll apn- ar:?Aljnora irylieee Modanie 1 nlwrdo, Mourner Lthorcie. iignnr Co'em, .nor 1 ifTenelll. .fl?'or Noveili Sgtnr HanqoitiOo togolh?r with BaoloVir'none, Mian Ade'o ffchi mock and Mr Ch trota iiohnck. aoeonipanird ti> the grind Oreheetnof tha Italian Opera, dor the direction o! Mat Marotu-k, Koq. who baa compoeea roral ricccacapreealy for tnir o c mm. I'HOOit tMMR. paht i. Overturn?'' Mldenmmur Null 'a Dream" Mcndolaaohn, Alr"l a Damr Ulonihe." hy Moba Laborde... . Boieluiou. Grand Due , for piau" and violin, front tboinoa of tlie opera of " Fra Diavaio," by Miaa A and Mr G OolinatTk. Ilohna'ook. I Roi do Diilliatte, by Hignorin* Itnrahem RiooL Knuiarxa' I Duo Fo'cart,' by Sig T?(f oii-lli Verdi jenny uinu inr" ' u ?a tuiioiriu dream ? graud o?|>r oe for maun hy Ulna \. <?hiali?ik. . Willmera. Duo "lleloiMiu," by Biynori < Jural 1 and Nnvulli.,. Douuevti. fart ii. Grand Fantaiair. frr full orotiea'ra. on themea of *' Lutnna Boryta" MWack. Socnalr' na" Noma"?Carta Diva, by Mad. Lat.nrda. .BoUlua. Dm?"Marino balkro," by 8'ynnn Talfa.ialli and N overt II ... DoniaettL Du j iioni " I) B*rbiote " by Biynora Horiheee, and Blgnor Bunimlricn Ilomlnl. Ron anta? 'Dm. Pa-qnale." by Sir Cure'It Douiaelti. . Carnival ?f 1'ari?grand fantaielo far alolln by Mr. Cbaa Hohm unk t'ayaoinl. [Till* plane la the u nal difficult ever written by Pagnnint. and j odi.ei a all lb* cflocta tl.o violin la naptb of ] Polka, flratfcma Maretaak. Ticket* bu Dolor each To ho had at tbo prtnoidai n uato r>?. at tbo dorr, on the evviung of the cnoert, and of Admphna bolnnionr, Qeuorary RooruUrv. 6) Naaaan Rtreet. Dooraopen ! 7?aoaotrt to commonoe at 8 o'olook premaely. FENEFIT TO TIIIOPHUU3 FliKE-MR. PISKE WILL { ' dirtivi r Ilia eloquent and hlphiy interoati'ig adl'ea-"pontha p t n f'he Nt volution H.|? evening at t o ohamim. after lich experiment* fill bt Riven for the l<et tune in thU oly. 8PKCI NOTIDrtb, O. OF O. F. LIBRARY ASSOClA'l >N-4 COVFEV. to. a meeting * "I be Iv id el No .10 <;e-al at root, on Wedmay the rial li atant. at ha'f auren o'ol ??, ' v.. far the riwe ( toriivme the r p rt of He Ix mir.lva Comsxi'te. ug. oommltteea fill bo innvual in atteodanoe. ALFK* O i AMCaSI Git. iv. letarv. pro. ton. O. O. F ? UEHMITAOE LODGE 165. I. O. O. F.-TrlR niemtiera or ilna x-eego are r>'|'ioa*?d t lie punctual in their ri dance, < n Tuned ay evening, *Rth inetant. at thair lodge im. aa tbe alteration of tbu by lawa will e ?a "untied to theax. order i f JAi. T. 8T?ATTon, N. (1. I. II fkixaa, Secretary. CaRD ?THE FIREMEN orTaE' I TV OF Nl? YOtK, I and iDiirra ui artural, are reapoitfully lnvi ' d to vie* the laiuneot Juat completed aod exocV in 'ho 'lr.a an d Ceuio r> Itrtha Leparuuout. ROUT E. LaLNITZ, ecu ptor Mb tir atomy. JOII E?WE, THE UNDERSIUN?t>, HAVK T8U DAY - n-i-ii.wru |.?nii l ii.p 1> <im I-H'iw H r r iKM-n, at >n v?Ha in 'he a ut OaoiTilh Miea. Tho firmer of ' under tnm ul i. Iiarlm n ik o m l the a'ter of t| an ' aviD,iio ii I be rm timi d i ndtr Unfrtrni ot H. *. LfDavtsnn , l'itn>ct?. And 11. ME. Davtaon in Urtunrille Ni# Vorfc UiU.rob.IU4B. USN Y OAVIKIN' Kl.t.H l>A VI a >s. )rriCI MW TO UK andkrik KaILHOaD om'any. ho 4fl Will ?trp?r Maton I!). IH49 ?Th" S' hold-re a filthy informed that the Dira't -re h?v? pr.pired a fall rep > t of t condition ?' <1 prweuete "f o e oornpa >. oopiea of whio"mty ledai 'ho <1)Ke from the feot that in 'hie report no manin in imi a of the pii u.eni of Internet on tha a ock. In JuK u it, n e m-y to'ar that it win not be paid Tha Uireotor< take thia por'unity to nwure t e "toekto'der- that it in not their i tan > t drpnn Irom tho nrmi o' the orliinal >uWript<nn to tea x k, hot'o nay the internet on'no flret of July on both tha aid (I ie? I'l'l N.aTUa a I KL Ma tnH.eeor tij. II' 1': ON RIVER KAlLKOAD OBPAST.?LOAM.?NO. tioa le hereby *ivan that WIMUU" of the Loan on 'he B nda thin Conn any, offered by propoaala iaatied nadi r date of IStfe Vent. I aa bona taken up. Tnrflord a'l A took holders an opportunity to amnra their preiptlve rightto Bonds oonrortible into Sto"k trhioh that obtained ear iha oriatnaJ euheeription it ia oouttdrred proper l>y tna >ard tiiat tha tima fur receiring aubooriptiona for sueh B nda im thote tiookholdera who hava sot already subeorihed or taken em ahall be an ton dad to .10 days Iron the pnhheati .n of Una iloe. *1*., ta the Slot day of March. aHdll. Attor thatdat tha H? will ouaas and l? loat (a t-a onginaI saberpbars and their ligna bp to that data isoluefre, f ono.oe now holding "took of i Company may nb.onhe for Honda to tha amount of their xik on paying down S per o. nt. when reoelpta wilt la (ires ta rm eeounn*'he original prv emptire nr t. and on the nine me in nil rrepeeta tint wore gl??n to taken of Rondr on the h of r>>ruary Theemelloet Bone* irened being $MM, atorfc. Idete of n leee amount will he allowed to aouuire other Stook by n.l'i t. to make un etionch for a Bond. I he rat? > ptrf r l?*rini eeven per oemt internet, and Ifc per eanl for Bonde hearing <1* pur rent, ooth omv-rtiole [tin. hv? y are ffutn their date ino tho (took of the company, mrdtiig to tt a amount tomaHy paid for t ??. [gene rony apply for Bond# for it tofeholdeya. lu ununnu aot a than J?A.IKM ui the aggregate. ai d tt e Company m off-red by i profxitala of tha 1.1th Firhrwary instant, will pay aunb agents otaaiasioD'of one per . eat. J. M UOPKI > 8, Treasurer *. B ?The shove antioe aupomodaa the^mdvertisen.etit ItMuod I'crtfav on this eehjeet,. tehleh was nnavoldably drawn no Is Its, and was pnhlei.od with some tvporraprjoai otrora tlwwTr.rb. Msroh >?t IH4P T01ICE.-THI PL'IfCHIRERS BERRBV (IIFE NOTICE 1 of thrlr intention to apply > the Lmglslatisa of tha State of w York durlna the present resiunn thrreof. foi aa net to iam?rate than rolvae and their aaai ufaiee under lie oorpnrn'e name The International Art. Union," for the pnrpooe of promoting i mrtendh.* the Mete for iho fine are tnrong on t. ton United itee. Now Verk. F,-b.20, IMt. ADOUMI* 'lOUl'If,. Tincortoar. vi tR ?t. A'.FAEU M.lINOUBh, w I M.i ? i ?' i AIM. l>. ,i | tt 11,1. t I MMAS ? I BR ONE H M,F OF, AM) [7111/ eatrrid ver? ir'fi'ab'y a hue! est ai*ea<lr eats. ted It law aome eaVsnt a mn opoly; hut ret(iur.a mora era' alter tier mo of the parti* ra is abla to giro it ? Ireaa 8. 8., at ihle t.flleo, NPHHTItft*. I - t.. tM fath Ihur I ?n ?2S I'Vt I IL . CUBE I IT thin ray. at three o'ol rk?mile heatr?h ?t I in t %? nert? fnx te alhoreee that teyer a pre weather ier III g.J.H'Vtrn nt t t * p. n eriean Itrl. O 1 Hai-'n , m *>l ?> i J ta oo.'.nilT I* g U <i?an i roor'in.h g Hard ne, >. C. br. m. Betty Bonnco e * <e tnok. IF. FO * N CI, Frepeietor, niH (/? AALS OK LRAS*?AKVfchAu VALI'AKUE ntHlaOINQ l"tf on 74th, Tftih, Bna 28th ?lr? 'A hrtwn-e the Ft i (nil tth tree Applj to AM SOI 71 " nee.u trei't. l)? AaLB?OH 1U L*r, ON euiA*?H r.-'.HMA-A Ami rleee thro* (tor; (ti(a tlnaee, fnelnonnnle brown nurne it, or Ifndtion neoeue, between S'th ir4 Vet etre-te neer lienn muere The honee in replete wti h every o-orenie oe. the CrotoB. hot on4 00M, through ut 40* Axtnree. No Viae lit parlor l( *4 fort deep with on on, omental tntol (iirnr* tho tie with ( tr( r<>ota 16 fet Th" oeennd rmrr ?? four m> ex'entire panrnea (oil a bath'n* roots; tho ten room l( i-d np for ( oonerrrtior The third ?t?iy hot fonr end th* l> five rnome wi'h ptofriee '0 "Mh flu ir. The honee t? not Cered for tltwinot and oorku nnthip hy anr of |ta ru north nrtrenth . ttei t "he adjoining lot. together with one in th* r. obb he hot with the honee Inqmn of * M. f\ ' ON N K A, 7A Am atroet. onmer of Nuew. ho premiiee nan ho aeen ht erIMeg a' the ndjntnint h"iin> M l I'. AND KIT ATJAtSPY CITT PO? Srl.E-HlHJ # I (tidlit.fih Wtehtrgtou utr *t, Jert-y I'ity.rir tola fort he pnrehtee mot ey oan remain on mo t^age nfi percent. 1 r particolaii it quire'f Ha HAN l'R< 174 Broadway, noder the flownrd IM OS S A L F.?8 (*<1 m-S OP IOB. KNQI.IAI Of D. ! t? hr? ej. V7 * e'ree'. or by lefier to 'I. Vm Ateeeb rgh, >aklH New York ntnmrri wll. And s bargain byapol>i?* litter p'aee eithin ten deja k*ro bto t rn* sub-tub >>to ?sr?h i ino aid oratlj flttsd op Dt'n Pi'iro, SIS flratna eornnr of Wi^Ii atrial. llOW IKR tint rata i uh ba?io-a. r>l pi( l?'i ?i pit to th? pr' r*itk"f o ?h# fwwll 'o huaT cli ns?rnk 8 a lb. two cl> b mn in coirnlou or'?r oith fnml'O'o *" "no four "Afod "trio, i* o icoli t oat for 2 or fnnr n?lr? M Hon'Is. Together with ins id wl.l of sn oipollont boot hoots I- s r.ry conataisnt loatloo. 1 'nnn? trots Addmtr h"* J 74S. I* 'SAM BMJINK rOB 8s LB.?BON 8AUB, AS II i STY h r" l.orlC'i'Sl ltr?m In*in?. Id loo l 0) It dor. If I nob nt r, w|>b t. o bnllori, e wrh two Hum, >4kM loss. I foot in irottsr, nrtsdt In 1Mb, and shloh his mbon tun tmt f?w rks. It it iirnu snd 'horoaah y m?dn. sod la . fW?d lorr>la n< fkult wbatarrr Dot NKiauts it la no lontsr it?sd d w iWt nor hat'os boen aobsdtuMd. It <|?lis of WaSMBL'iI *. MWOB rfv Wmoaatar. Mas . io I OIILLBN mm 'UM- AND WtfOLBaall < loihlot* ?A Bo'lon tfanofiaetnrar lasting lbs haatnsss >1 dltposa of Ma rntlra stock. oosaldarsMf under 8m soak. I pip m Y iJIiaa ctxtst, op staira ^ _ AMWIMBWl. UkOAUHil THUT?I-I A. ItHltLL FUiRtl Mw-fWday ateaiig. Meroi M. Will b- p-rfor it4 im tf J? rta d aena ut nokT (/ B(?kury O'Mara Mr. ?llit DeMaUkin, Mr. H. PImim. n an bo. Mr. Myett; IM Mr. rh??; twiuiw Mr itam.r : >> . Tnaadar Mr Fradare.* H-rre r. M.lnua'l Mary iCHm Mra. AT>ml M.Mt.e-n. Ml. Abbott; kidan I .'Mam. Mr* U'wrW 4; Hattjr, Mi? >*?eee. I To c nouda attn th. dreu? I iO> /K<\R i>? H<*kk? i Chart.! V? 7ec?'d. Mr. M orh<mae; Dm Mr P"t?.; (Mi Cnwr Im B??en Mr. I aatrr. M.rlt* a Mn w nl auk; <V??a Mil lab.r?o?1 DroioCito'! Mid -'irqaotta Mot Famlt' '^toiam * ; Oalkn.JSMjmrta Doora opaa at 7; Mumaasa at rn. BUR10b*8 Ttl*atbf.. chamaia| ATtkRT. ? TWito?v arming. Marob M will a? pr>aa?ed ha ri->l< ** run if lK>MhfcV ?' ' A'?r?Mr uoiatw. Mt. h uaa>* Mm ( arbor. Mr. Jordan; Maj r Jo Baaa-ook Mr Broigham; Ma Toote. Mr. Raymond Captain Cattle Mr Burtoe; Soi (Rita, Mr. taolltan; Walter Oay. Mr Maar. Jant Manahr Mr Braag ban. Bob, Mr Fa. BraaW>? Mr Chrt?' an; kdir> Mra a. Ri-lahr; Fb ram* Don' ay, Miaa I III Mra 8k vioa. Mra Taraon Tn imrcli da with Prill. Po*?loi. Hardy Mr t.yana; Paul ,Ty Mr Burion; B"?* Hardy km H?l" kri.wna M-a farina nraaClnla and Parqn.tte ma; Family (Jtraia Ma DmM open a?7; ourtalM rim-i at 1%. MITCBEU " OLTMPIO THBATMB.? rill*i?AT ?T?M. ma, March .n, to oommanM ?ith a n-mio drama enMaied WtalCU 13 THE Klfefe- Hoary IF of Franca. Mi a eg ..Ipa; Abulia BrarrilJa. Mia? Nioknaoa. A trr ahioh htrta-UiA 8 flNOn?Tiaioth' Tana*all. Mr M'tnhHH Mra Tapiwa', Ada Chilli pa. To b- foil, wrd h. A' DO A11 PUkP-? 9??^ Mr Mi or ell: Sereh Honihbe Miim M%r? <ien??nn. T ? o wot?4* with it a KINU ny THB CRa< * <i-ar*n?. Miaa '.'aHaf Fmlaai. Mma PMIIipc Suyoi Tr?o<iullIa Mr. Arnold; (TO-mbknou.whn, Mr Nlokinaon; Fairy Faithful Mia. MoAiarou. Dwm Circle M'o ; Upper Hoaea JAoaota Pit IIK santa. JViaMI a pan at 7; amnmanoa at TJg. Br Rfil'M S AMKKlCaN MU3KCM ?MilHl aTTH k'lTIOMA Bplendin parforaiai o-?, arary afiernooa at 1 and iravy ere?tig at 71. onlimh lie Manamr haa engaged lor another areek. to* mcwi wondorfvl oarloaity lb axt.ianoa-a Farnala aaaiynna A7 Ika. nioaauriDa aavun feat round thu wa at! 31 i.arioa armiod the arm I Tbia tcmarkabir lady iamurh umre of a ourlnaity than tit. pu n. wn.d lianiel Lambert Aha mar b. toon at all In mra. artk Tltinut. the Fairy Qtiurn The nolebrated low Family; Wta ap'it Fquilibiiata and Ba.ian< Inaatara, havaalan been oagtantf for arothrr <t.a Alao rax (ad litoat >*?at<irn. *aia Marrla. Mr. f', Mr Copoiana Miaa Mam. Mra Mna.ll, Mra lier>ar\ Iliy.filaai'i Mamu.o h It ye 0 a< Scpiimra fettiary. i.Uin( Oorai a Outaca Madatoa itookwell rha fnrttiMi'-iauar. Admiardim V a.nta obildraa n idar tl< v.ara. l /tioaoia TAHFH ACI.l? MK. DBMCniBn. i ttMCOABM Of THB 1 May Qiiaon," " l-anioi t of the Ira < b.n%rao " liliad Buy," (to , haa ihe honor to announoa hla Intontlou of driog kia kratoriginal ballad anioriain e> U title loam n aa tea I alwri'aala, on W.itnrnia^ o??may March ila-, in ludiua the fill i?ing aanja : .*11. wnj u"M win - nilo luau 101. h w n>y path f" "Wieothe nij>t wind Iwaatlath " ' John Aa doiaon ?n) Jo " ' I.oi,civ Au'd * lie." A Hum* in tho Heart.* * 1-ao.nn* of th* Irlrh Kiu't(r??t " D-uth Wan?n," ' H >nd B?'J ' ** Emernld Ink" 1 I m ami*, a I a'oue," ' Tak tar autd olork ?l?;ut >0." at d Ira popular oiuLatt, Tif Mat Quaea.* i? 'lit.ofait# D. lata Ml ovule Door# npon al7 to oo.-ainvnea at 8 o'e'ock. STLYVP>ANT IN8TINTB.--MK. MlM/j MNTBttTAiN. uivsiti?Third W.ok - Mr <i ti It'll c modi to. Ituuai -iy h' ftailltr ropnntnen of Yankee lil t, will 11vo three latoturxa and tit. rial nivnta. at h>uyvo?ani laa'itueo, Mneday. Wedaa* day, and Frda.i Evoi in*a Marti; 19c. Klat. aad Bid TiotetaiM retita vanh no htll prion. F?r furthar partidulara. ana pro gran imx Ttclrtr ma* ha uhtauiad at tha Ador Houaa, lr*t?f > ouan, hew York Hotel, kid of th? Janiiar of to* I antra** Do. r open at 7? to camunncv at 7H o'aloak. MON8IF.IR ADKllN. TUB HRaI AND IN 'OKI'AR A :iLB Fnn< h M-alo ao. aril .-out'uau hliot'rfol ?ir? to|r*aa a*T) avmiDgthl watk at halt !>? e-??? o' tha III ***% ho. ma. a o ? II Br. ad a ay, ?liera ha aatll (?n t ?r??l - ?|i?? and Egyptian lot- rtaiument. /touiivei.T. 80 eenta | children, a i.t* flMIK GREAT CUINkRK MUSEUM. My HitOADW A Y, 1 twtrn prion hud Prinoe atroata. and tha oaly ona in taa* ooui'tt), onuauta uf a pro*' uumhyr of t>f? ,it? ft^uro* o' Ohl a?, of ill olkaaer; a verui htrodred < hinaa.. pal. tin * a; apart n*uM la loosen; atorvs ai.d roomie, ruoda'a of p-wi.dae tamo1* and bv'.'ioH, apor imaoa of t'hl. raa maonfaotuno thair aanaultunl and toeohanival iinplenoate iuvtrumtn'snf inneio. tan tor .a #? 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CIIAi l.fcN'lK ? i>K Doors undThiojy ilus f'uk ai* iiiri?e1 to a loo ur? i>lu?trjU<l % fcr at vuii-1> ot'ert rtil> ??>vol cxpo? dim t?, on Mo-.miI Hit >uei nation. itr |>r |> rly ralle-i Elontnotl feycholigy, hr night atmutby tier "tioa, iH'fvoun oongeri 'it fn v* Uii. ii, tVedaaadar ever irg ih Marufi lit. otb 'oli-ch. at < liotoo Hall, by Or i. II lo'ljn who will e*pn?"'heo a'lita rv, anil -loin."* rtla tbe falre proii nelunr and m irr hilUc of the a otnnea ad ?o need bp the above iectutcrr. Ad mi nil on 12ft nenta; tnree fur W rente. CAST LB GARDEN?Till AHMVK WltLI-ANOtPN SUM merreeortcan now be ei mend for Evening A inuwitnei'a dwrlng tlie eiiimii g muha Pur further pertimnare, end bertna, apply at. the Olhoa on the premlaoe. or by latter p. at paid l dire-ie* ta the propria tor a PKBNf.B M HBISBA. IH SI AN D-HKK 01 OR'Sl 11KK WMONOA. Adl) HSR Dea-iny.- A Mmtral an- Htnoriia' liibwtniomnii', a-ntt'ed. "A ftlght with thr HerutenfO'd l-el.nd,' will ho u rei 'h-aevenlue ai the l'?>o ama Hah,ft. >8 Br .adwey. by La oi tar P. A. BnefcII g am Eq I he Munca In. el at Oi.e, w li'h ? l .more m ry hn'iot a< ?ttd i atn< tn- Ineh i? re rill *< hy V'J. fa t Frem-\ of the Ital en tip* a and <r P. A, aaeett frrnn the I, a dinionaerta To o nnanoc a 8 n'miiok, Aemiefuna .'ft orata' I AUCTION*. BTJO B?*B IJKOBMiN. ap.TIONEEIt ? WIDVIIDAT, Maicb ?l?t. at ten o'clock. A.M. at ih* Salea Heon, If* I M aaliii ck a atx et Br <>al n a gm eral are i t until of New and Picood-fienit lain' me? nf?? i one'eg H?ft a'id Hail r .M i* mmn iuiu iinnni v>naira, nocmjra, mir-iaoi seal tretee e ?fdi*< a i, ac tii??k*n-' ooiicr v kk?>k ?*> .<< a II t><ia Tntk-U' |Eynla< M r h 3 >. ? 7 n'otnek it iltirr miriiod r<? in. 191 Br way < ?rear of Li 'V >|r ot. a large aad ?|.i.n io ooliroooi ?l eh <i> =. ad rara Bojka a I uN?a? it, a 0 many ni < h xra rnpi ?*nt ti r. I* ting to the hirion aad dioeox r> o'Amaree, iheU.ltert liaUrt the lau idaa, Bp-? iih in-tr ca. the iVaat Ind'ue Me. id.Iu l?* D? drjr'a OoU lea l"n i f Vi tac e, 1* paru, m S ?<>!? tol; M.thar'a M^a.ln. I v..i, fol.; Cate-Wy'a erulro* tad Florida) I Till'. f>L{ Oat: 1 i'H'? Viytft*. h tn la. 4'"- w<1 I ?"L f I; "inrtert a HU'orjr of An r> *. (It la H 10 charletrn'a'a hew Piaroe, 3 *o a. 4io.j do .Jletoiro da 8t Domingoe, 3 vela. 4W .,a? nimiimL. Amir ( an nuspal fund sooiety.-a ipb.iiad u f* Una "f lI'O etnve ho In; will take peon at the Aaollo I. I ! mirm. t I . .. u. tlA doVock.P. M. A punct.' *ivo rdam-e ?' >>l 'n- m quart d. ib boater aa if importakon will b? tranancVii. B> oni'-r JO IN ; ?o?. PI A Nil X'KTB >'UR SaiB CHBAP.?A tr. FNUID tg<nd hi. it luHVid bJJ nt.f.i i liuo I* r'?, wnn mi f all ? I hi-rp, 'r me, and all thi nindtrii impr itawttnta in ptrfeot orawfc It i at t* en in uee ail nioMlni. and m * arrauted hr ma maker ta at?i d in > ny ilime ai-b i*i??hx nmw I'iaaa Porta, cir* to U>rn " - pric. tot B ill t be mu 11 l .iBrnwmi. 1 iqndtn fr.B.t on rday, tauter rf n\"il<> (or in li t tot pwpit.) MljPli.t?1 tJA ( UNO WIU. UK. IaUUJT HV a IT lUfO I ad), to ho baa a 'h. moan k.. ?letige of 'una. ? a who ant. gite the ranet uoaxeeptlonaMa ra'eiwecu Total.f r ha cinnaT', ft par quarter?thorn tn-ra atlvaiooa fl? Apply ta B. (J, tumid i flleo. JBOIVAI. Afhtfician intim inu iolb-tb rug' irr will nl.-poie it .le lew of too preonael lit nu.i/rBUif fooa o*rtii. d Inq. ire n t fAP Hon.t"i mrout Bkvall ioritK-tiim UAHMA i. or Pal tMf bril in t ot li rr, i? a variety of lr? qoalitter and ei.adait IuhIi k (al Ire eh at a Pinreice (; In leaf, to harai *aum blue a rt alien f r rale at factory p <aer at t <o manafae. ton ra! Dij-ot, No 8' Fuleu, oor.,e' of Gold at-nat tla* York. (From itie Moron a Ciiioiiu-I*. Gitlaao. i anada Atna. only 13, IMS! I IT 18 r.UT AN All ' r rOMaON JOBtlUg TO T'lB OIJ nvarai of thla invaluable intnody t * e known the popn larit) it bta a equtiail In fceo aid tt.< I oi-.ho irtii'l Ikn to- aaJ quit) al the aamt we le-ru that bit aiTea of toia madialna are at III rally o. tin mititit. ana mat ta virtnea in mo on e of ooogba and knlda are k o ard ae.rii-eiated, at w. II aa mlri. aiv- a Vl-iii mniei eon bv th-i li net euiinnl t tnallilai rira i itJiii.ora ol (jue*?o, Hi their owi? fa ill. 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I'r ut? tfuoivl (Jo>i p iniaa/ ?o<un tti??e or ( nr *e?re ?g . Ii? ? much peiu, a-g ii*h *nd mil r 1 might I At" reeA|vd I Nee* *uft rtf J< Are fro/a cane <?ii h * ot lof.t ? ? in vonr bo k. *i loet kaoertrg wnat to no lint h erI ? it h??hlY ?p -ket >1 I m i.i *?1 toup., Aud tiU"d ?n ? nt*? treated of I finrt ev*r\ f rotle u ili avu h-redf of the i r??- ? tt^i ?oata n?d in ?t? pag?a" For a-vla ?t ten pnhifMa<otft -e lif Libert > atr***, N Y 8**' ailrtrtienif.tnt U| || | | || || | ? i Ol 5 A tu ?MtK u? J A * 1 *1 C. Ovr" f KeUtriger's L nimcot Iut.i bue . ?"! , *?i.? uut A muni' t, r un.Mii" p oi * fr?oi ?i u >* >eAf? nt-%. l-n< h ? -e iktu vwiw. hit ur a r ?. *;in in > f ilag* of c%*tV ooarfta n?i Wi. Im^maIhikm^ .1 dii e rfiitt in all ajmtmo?i<: atfw i< n? <r ?rn ft:a uud j?h? p tf amy n?t?<ra; Ida the only ham* ant ?.od ,>y tfc* ?|?> th.<Gr *aaHa Irviaaa #,<atua Ja<?*ay?, m r a.i uud 0*1 d **a l. -.1 Uida. L?vii>itat< iiev ci<eru?er'.- r? n i?r%d n^ia, %o ai? no, to h thonoaitda ?i h?. in bunding ra^fhor - at** fti the dapor t'tarl Mn*>t; Tm ore.l.'*. Br?.*dw*" sh ?l*rlu<n R?i?o?d nffl. ?a (ending % t ?>. .."n?nr?; of tha rinnrpiata. ?r<w OCTira, Mid rO^dl rn gti.e-*1)y. ftloiMitr, a do44ti 9? * i ? f??M% lU vT"?o. at *.*? a ct< *a D i. HOME* k<?*T* i?;*. t,R u;*kK f> DIIKv^' ?'F th? Uenito IIr #.r) i'ttatta. Aut or- fa uioup '' -* '? tl wot* on tr<s nauire aini i.atk'iueat ??f choreal l>u*o *tr?"? uii all diaaaa?hht a privar* mm ore. q iarn>, 77 ap*"-dfd p > y* 2d idilioa tjitrfwtli. nifhmm f.roi, tf*4-|ca> >od mryi <1... or ,-i ?* It my ^dtkid, ffailaainy. to ?wj 451 # * *i >m o. v 1? ? work a Ob tr?o nauio f? wily of ditea^otf ?ul tar au.*if >r to ; f thug of th? kfmi a**r p b'laked ?n t? 14 <v>n/' ?''.?. p amlxt <>l a?*rk on a rum' ewf^ro a lfii|" t< am. vc by solitary v?e?. noi> * kdm?n. uputea Price <1 . ?i m at tin po?liafara Midocer * P^m*' d. 2:2 ;i*?adw*y ail ay the author nf We<art* m ______ ar.KAj.oril a -f'b *<' 1 >? > '< ??*?? w 1 m| haiJi.ii. *? taw-ant ia? ' w " ? Drxriiionat .? Now V. *. n. ?> ram t. f .I .1 *m~ T.'f* 15" !Hr' it|hiimUu 11" /i "in h%lf ml fci< *-t h(T> r??i dTf >??r? H Cr? fini.'Mt <11 et *Ui4?ur . 11D..11 tN-h dv or ii tJw t'.root ?r <??. i?"?? in Ki? ?-??u .,4 ! !?? kf W lt?? rffr.lMilli ? ( <. |? .ftl fct'egl i ' <> h> ? ?< ? ? .'?h" ' di>lif<l in J"'? I u?u, <i IfWMi'Of df"?r a Mini nt?hti? i.nn f s.*i?o\. p-o . ,-*x Bn.nn<o??' C'lK-n i f .ura? ?. ?l'5> ?' mu?nr?. N.> ..u ?l .? in di??. nf >>*? ?? ? DR.BAU'u.Ain'HoBo* ra* -PHAi-ricAJUPaiVATi tratiM," ?c., ?< ?u ti ) n 1' o, (loll' II <Hnn"*y ?'hn<< mionpjit i<- ?e? , ry pmw ?lll m ?niprv?" ?< e?i? r\pi<)'ti *ud k>w? m? n-ni^'' ? Weno'to) Mwir ?o? l? It honnvnt. ihuw * in N?.*? mI *md i??? "!? ?.> peou.t. n u n? invpiri) ?ppr?i a >l4*MK*a I* ntrmiaf*. lit f r?N i<? <aoip<< it, l? tt"3tt? tdvr'iwd tnd dutntaiiMi nun.- fri* uootibiiu * l?nulv|?a ?.?<. t *nry ttttnaitn ptwnw,) lw :vi vT(.<? ? vif.d. .-?? radtwl tart, hinh Ha h?n <fnnn4 '"f <ni<i " *> 1 '< *!? flprtw ?lflao*rprli1??? u a rr\ i?at n?. eu?bu. in uutr *\i? Ai Hisr. di'wtii Uf a'tontK-ri. a* naiti, <a monttnt ?t th.i fc utml In ? Wl Brutdwa), miuiw i W ? ?r?on >iw> wi.ara ?" h' *>?1 h" on ibo K a' p'len ftii ala< ? i??pn'% fft" ! nhtita, ?hwh dotoii ao bit i.nw tao'h 'l f <? ntiia 104 e>ao -utt. impor < d. a ltt*n ipiiiv of aotitlol?'tv?? No < I HI NO ' HaI.UK l> ' Vi ? 1 <? <11 liOI.B t ftot in eni-ndani'tl y cnaaal ad o? all f"? "t nf otit ?t ? ?a ta r ?fai t ca t> of go. ott'?? ^n ' >" t ui uro ti( ?< < "t tiltata nal d> b< lit a d imputntia/?ii?"'i ?'?"> r t'.a iht >?. M. No inamtir mad la tat na^a >t hi idnnaa ttm fcadluoaa Ufllcn t3 Ooid atraali nptn Ofom 7 A. * Uo9r.U. i

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