Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 4, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 4, 1855 Page 3
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Important DMUirnlt Recently Rmircd trem Puto ta Connection with the Prr ' |Wl CommeieUI Treaty with France. Ha km, Dec. IS, ISM. Mv Dsa* Piomwit The first els ction for President of the French republic took pUee on Suadny ud Monday, the 10th end 11th ?oft. The weather wet equal to our finest days during the IndUn summer, and Uai no deubt had the effect of taipgipg out a much larger rote, and a f uller expression of public opiuiud, (yet crude,) than has been befere elicited during the brief exttcUe (by Frenchmen.) of unlverKal suffrage. You are no doubi Impatient and en rion? to know tbe result. It is, however, too ?"fl after the election 1o form anything but a partial opinion. The ?depouillement of the vote of Paria take* place to day, and the result will be publicly declared to-morrow at the JHotel de Villr ? too l:i'e, I fear, to id tier t ltr my letter, which must be pouted by 3 P. M. On both day* of tbe election I visited seven. I of the sections where the votes were polled, and found the trottoiri strewn with rotea di'chirt, bear'ng the ns<nes of Ledra Kollln and Kaspail; but very few with the iitme of LojU Napoleon. This rircumataaoe, added tu o;liern, Induce* mu to think that the lattei haw obtains a large majority in Pans, and that mere of the socialist ? have voted for Louis Nipoleon iiunaparte than for their own candidates, Ledru Kollin and Raspail 'Ihe few returns wltich bare been received from tbe environs of l'aris sbow Urge intjoritits for Louis Najio ? on Bonaparte, and if tbe ue rs from the de partments show the nam? results he will receive an ab solute majority, and thereby prevent the necessity of an election by the National Assembly. Many of the Bona- I partist* swear, if their candidate ! received only a I relative and not an abrolu'P majority, (m which ease the National AsaemVy in almost sure to elect Cavalgnac,) | that they wi'l prefer civil war rather than submit to bo | govt rned by wuat they will con ,1 lc-r a miaority I'reii cent. No period of French history can have been miro interesting than the present; snl Hince my arrival her* i 1 have taken every mean* to Inform my>eir of what was going i n in the political world. I read jouruul* of all i Hhaoes, and alihough a bystander, and p-'ifectl} neutral I a* becomes a stianger in a foreign country, umJer >r,?ud the game, probably, a* wtll as many ?>: the players, i And now for <ome of the cause* that have-pro Juc ?d sr U favorable edi cts upon the candidateslnp if l.oui Nspo- ! lion. First, tbe mmeiaa tq*er ot streugtti, wii'>. > they, upon ihe ailverse faction, nant. Secnn'l, the legitimists, , an1 OtieanU<? voted for hiln, in or.ier th it liu miy l ly violent hands upon the constitution and tU ? republic, | and thereby kill himself, which will be killia.- two bird* (eagles) with ouo stoue, vis , the republican 1 the liiai partists. On th?s? ruins tbe Carlists expect to buiti a Ihrone for Henry V. j and the Orleanists clin< to the idea that the l'rince de Joinville ha* s'.ll a sliauoe. Ti | preserve bis power and popularity, and to disaypuiut t ie ? hopes of his bitterest enemies, who no.v sinouud him? I Messrs Thiers, Moli lc Co.? there in but one course 1-f t fur the l'rince, and t'iat is to throw himself into the arms of the republican party? ev^n into the party which sty'en itself democratic and social. Cava'gnac tried a midd'e course, and bis fall will be greater than even thst of 1 araartine Oh, that the l'rince had some true and d siutereited friend to thaw him the true state of tblcgs, ami where, not only lies his interest but his safety, and the safety and (lory of France. Before he has long been in power he will exclaim with King Henry V. of England?" Happy, lowly ciiwn; uneasy lies the head that weais a ciown, for his enemies are already preparing by their intrigue*, to deck their vietlrn for thi sacrifice " * Among tbe caurei* of Cavaignac's unjopu larity are his muzzling the press, or rather tha journal . f.a l'rette. and imprisoning De (lirartlin, who can say f with regard to tue defeat of OavAiguar and the election ?'f louts Napoleon, " Aloue 1 did it:" by keeping on 1 tbe rtat de liege, much longer thin was accessary, (if it i can be justified at all) ? by opposing the right of re union ai d freedom of discussion ? by g'.oppin^ the mail* j six hours? by sendinj the troop* to Civita Vecchia, . without committing the National AuHeiabl/, ?\ej. Tbese 1 I enumerate as sins of commission, and as a sin of emission In not an.nestying the insurgent* of June, many of whom were nu doubt "victims to the plot* of the legi timists. The mo?t admirable orJer pr?v*ifoi through out l'aris during the election. Yours, truly, J PHALF.N. My Dkak During our conversation upon thj ad I VitHS'fii"! * ('omn,eTC,ml tre?'T li"tw?n France ami the I nit^d btut^i. you remarked that you wiahed ma to put m tbi ,?*? , '? eonoi?H^? manner possible, I fhnnll .I.i/i , r to haTf eT*rj tliiuff plainly and noil wMeh i' L ?ocordlngl* prepared a s'.ort upon ^matter * V*'"' '0rdi s0'"* W*M During a residence of four jtnn in Franc* I was 8 wi,h ')'? advantagea that would ac rue to French ~?nm^aodmanuf.?tur?.-adde fiom the 1 mtaire ? from it system of liire echamjf. , - nTPr,i''* 7ith ,olne ?> t the leading man 0f Franca r .!'r ' "?? "nrpri'o l to tin 1 wit* ! ^ndf h','' f, th#o1'1 r "tHclir, system; ! *' th?at cou''1 '"ar" "ith regard to thaopl- ! inona of the Kmpcror? confirmed njnra lllr return to this country by many of hi* acts-he is 'lout. tics* ?, f,r j in advance of tlia other i^reit intelligen ot of Franco iw'ara'to ^ie in ,"i "l,enU c"n,m"r'i?1 syitem, a* he ap^ thfc ???i? ?!h r To receive the cotton of thia country, (a raw material,) and ih.- salted nrovl ' dot?' j'"**'1""". wticlea of flint neccgilty fp,? ?f clalfr ? "UK?' t0,"*nd >" *h-dr winea, I . a ? ?p whlch r*? l># t,ro1uce.i to ?n a uioat Indefinite extent, and which *ould utrvm ?? c? re.-t Hie A ngto bazon property w uljoholic drlnaa thereby promoting true temperance. The advantagea of receiving cotton free of duty to ttia UboriD* cU??ca of Franca would be immense, in re ducing the price of elothiusr; and the salted provisions #uoti as href and pork, would improve thuir condition typically, phva'cally and morally. r 1 hare made should meet the view* " , Emperor, I liar* no doubt a reciprocal treaty mig t be nrr.mgej. ' I belie re I tola you that I had never taken an arti. part In poli'.ica, and uever bavlnir ' e -n enraire l la com III. fee the only interest I hare |n thia natter la the central on- of ta being a benefit to my country a* wall Mf to a con ii try which I lore next to my own. I hare tie honor to be, your obedient servant. .iamks riui,K.v. KOTO. Tha commercial relations of Kran-e and the f'nited i tfle u,n,"?' importance *o b..tb countriaa. By official document, from the Treatury Department it the ln.le.1 Mat - 1, for the jea r 1352, Hie Alports of cottoa OOO COO f>f which went to France " I .ifioo'iico JVfeile Kr gland took ?0,'000.'?00 ilia exporta of beef and pork in 1*52, were. . . i,--65 tTO ?f which, with tne exception of a pnull <j'j?ntity 'of lir'l aoDt wtzit to Frg nee. ' Every obfticle to exportation ia an ob'taela to impor ation and thia being accepted an an axiom, it i? well to ?xi.rolua what o-jatacleaexfct in France u> the exiorta on of the product, ol the F.ite l Stataa Thene pro Im ta would be p?ia for by the win.., ?,?] ,j|kg of Kranio ? nd cohjd t e/ be a<]mitt#'l wouM nerve to .timuiAte the Hgnicoll and manufacturing Interna of a country with vhich we have no man y rfaaooa and de?ire to b* ni???t llOMif Dliiffl. In the fir*t pUco, the duties on cotton in France now I'rretoplace that country at a dlaa-lvanUge. aa com ?are.1 with t.ugland where, aa bang an aiticie of Irrt neceMity lor manufacture*, It ia admitted free hm unwue and diaadvantugeoua duty, tenda to ember !*". 'be lrenrli abricant, to limit hi< poaern, an 1 di oiniahbU productive force. It la no an.,, er to thi? nri |iary objection, to aay that he f eivea a debenture .,r rawback on the (*j,?rtatit n of the manuftetarnl arti H|/'|Ul^ '?' i.Utr "llir,J b%* 1 00 tbM r?? ?r I Theu.ft.cultieaand adminiatratir# dalay ia the |etovery of l.ii debenture, iu.i!.e it oft- n ta V?iraM? to bandon It aa to ae?k to obtain it; and were thia not tha aae, the capital of the fabi leant, e?aential to him in hia |Lterpri?ea, ,a. duriag tha interim, n-ellcaaly abwirbeJ y Tne govt i iim? nt. A matter, how" ver, of greater cona?.|uence than ejt 'n**.mu,?,l *? 11 '? ?>?>* ef vital importance t?. the auf Sir"' L? 'n,;odnctior> into 1 ran e ?i the 1*1 ted baef an.) |>ork of tha I'nited Sutea. |t..?f ran |e furniahe J in !? rane? at price* ao moderate that every iberar may have a pie ea fn hia P?t. I n ler the pr.-.ent ive rnment. the aapiralion of Henry IV may be reali/ad tSUTfoZS??* up"n ,n"much *H bt#f " The attract've part of thia auhject la, that the frae ad ii?*pon of American be*f would not Interfere wili anv [ itabliaheu rigUt or intereata in Kranca, fir tb'? new ar ele of aubaiatence would not ad lr?*^ Itaclf to thOaa who ow fattened product of tha graiina adaot Normaidy-wonld not bring down the prlc. of ?ah beef, but would come in to comfort and nourish receive now but a weak subsistence from their mm f,rr lit is needles, to dwell at length upon the reatlta so I eneUcial to h an ce, which would enaue. On the ot'ier sad, it would no doubt be of gre it aervice to ?ie health a* tainperance of the people of tt, Caltul SUtea, lu'd the w.nes of France be imp?rted at auch price* aa ? make them accesalble to the moat modeat fortune, heaa wholeaome beverages would then repl^a the rnied "* illations "Bleb are now too much Con The reduct ou of tba dutla* on wine, would re .nlre ftecial leg slation by Congress tat tMs would be aa?y ?ecurw, we e Kraote to Uke the mitlat ve, by adopting ie two measures suggested, which seem to racommen l .'inse'.vea by th? r own Inherent BMrtta, Independently the prcspectiva advantages which mi,(!it ensue from | ie conae.,1 ent reduction of the Am-ri an t ,rid J AMf 8 PHI! ,?W. Rt MOPKD Ml FoL'R M*n Klt.t,gll Lflt rs have been received la this city from l*iin<ton that ha tjwa of Warranhurg, in this ^tate, baa s.bteatl.* serne of one of the moat wholesale mur rs mi pari^trated Tt , circumstances are detailed ^?rlr^?.W0? If. P**"'? D*inr'1 Joho ?? 1 ?es < ar igas left \?x ngtoa aboat iwo weeks ago ? th a large.ju.nuty ?f ,lrv good, and jewelry Taey availed to the to. a of Warren ton, about Art. Ave .lea fr..m . ei.ogton, .topp,,, for ??? ,h. 'an ret re.. ?o bed Drat, sad ab..?t an I, ,ur aft-rw.r 1. ta fol'owe d by Carrigm, who dlaooverad that h'? com n.on w?? ab?ent. On raalita<f ? k^arch h? form I him Idar tto M dead with I., a lull eptit r? by.n^e . f. i:nd tke bel alio full of bloo>l At thia ,nprt?re beard footsteps approaching, an 1 ar.olng himMf h a i i*' i^'."'' kDif* bl" oot h" '"Cbt and f*d belt nd the uoor. Imm diately thres men < utar oae having an axe Cairlgao iB.Untly att??kad ni eith kit tn fe and after a short acn'fle su'.-aodel kiliiog St! three of thciQ Intuit Pbb, 2! Organization or rnr. M t?x,t. iirswrr* Mtu ? ? ? learn orders bav i,. en i?< ,~d by tiover Jrfiardoer d|. N.adiag tha third battalion of 'l.iah- In |,tiy. the fifth regiment of Artilierv, an I ta? fo irth )h s.ath aadaeventl.r-glm.n-a of I.ight Infantrv' th* ptupoM- of merging the Compaa.ea of which tha. t oaipoaei into Infantry regiments Tte designations L eT. v 'ar""rr " ??" dropped , e field offl er? of the diabanded m.Huienta are dla Isrged m i n#w field officers will oe ele H by th* |wly formed regiment*. Th|. measure will sitnpl.-v the Mient orgaoirat oa of the militia, leaving but one n pendent l.sttalion iBtheSUto, .1 - first ba'talioa of aatry.) ard we leara that it ia gentrally approved bv Utary m fa. ? f/ot'on Altai, March l. ' Our Boston Co rr eepon d?nce . D<wtok, Feb 33, lto?. Railroad Statistics? Rum Trials ? Iron Pavrmtnt? Bam by on Milton? J>r. Hedge on Tico? Translation* from Hoffmann ? Mr. G. P. Bumham't " Hen t'urmer System of Representation Maintained? Papists to U Excluded ? Ice? Sabbath School Statistics? Prac tical Religion ? Temj>eranoe? A n Orthodox Mass Meet ing ? Decrease, of Piety ? A New Marc's Nest Found by the Whigs, d c. Tbe annual railroad report* to the Logiilaturi of Maa sachusett* contain some facta worth being quoted. Tbej an for tbe nine year* commencing January 1, 1840, during which time 80,490,100 passeogers were carried over oar roada. The number of perion* run over and killed, In cooaequence of their having walked or *lept on the tracks, wan 164, of which number 20 were killed on *ha Boaton and l'rovldence road. The employt'-i killul numbered 171, of whom 44 were killed by coning in contact with bridges, and three by exploilon* of I>co motivea. Of the pauengers killed, almost ouehalf caused thoir own deaths by jumping from, or attempting to get upon, traina while they were in motion. For 1854 the Htati-tlci are an follows ? Passengers transported, 13.020,218; employes Willed, 32 ? 8 by coming in contact wi.h bridge*; person* killed on the track* while sleeping or walking, 20; by collision*, fir , 12; passengers killed, 7 ? 3 by endeavoring to get upon trains while in motion, 3 by jumping from them under th* same circumstances, and 1 by falling from the platform of a car. Our Municipal Court has it* hands full of liquur cases, and is disponing of them with great industry, Judge Hrigg* presiding. A very liard case occurred yesterday. A nin by the name of Leonard, of good character, ; and with a large family depending upon liim for support, and who was proved not to have sold mom than fifty cents wort!> of liquor in a month, waa tentenced to confinement in the jail for two months, not being able to pay the $100 tin* and costs, tl.e court being allowed to ma',e no discrimination. Judge ISriggs eaid the cane was a hard one, nnd added. | " 1 regret that this law is enforcod against the poor, wh le tlio rich pass unnotiood." Such is the result of all legislation of the kind. It is proposed to pave Washington street with Terry's irou p:> vein aut from Court to Winter streets, the cny j to pay half the expense, and the other half to be de frayed by Individual subscription*. The plan is a good . one, and is recommended by our efficient superintendent of street*. The hoture business increases in extent and absurdity as the season draws towards s clone. A gentleman of the name ot Goddard, from Cincinnati i* lecturing on " 1'aradise I/>nt." l.ord Byron told Thomas Mo., re, at Venice, that Hhakrpeare was "a ilamned humbug I" and Mr. (iodi'.urd seems to bave pretty much the same opi nion of Milton, and that he has been sadly over rated. Tlita* lectures are a tissue of metaphysical absur Hues. Here is nn extract Irom cne of them and a fair specimen of the whole course. Yonr reader* may chew it at their leiaure. Mr. (Joddard aay*: ? " While man, as beast, were an ' it,' and nothing but an 'it/ man, as tiend, were an 'I,' and nothing out an ' I.' Thus, while man, as beast, were guiltily (alien beneath guilt, man, as lien I, were guilt in its essence ? guilt holding itself at its inteuseat: for, as Uol can per form no higher act than when, viewing His llllltl Half with infinite love, lie says with Himself for voice?' I,' I *o the Unite *nul can perform no more sinful act than wLeu, looking the Infinite in the face, It say* ' I,' while its whole utterance should be 'God.' " 1 uaderstand that the sbade of Jack Bunsby is about to a|iply fur an injunction against these lectures, as amounting to an invasion of his for it*) peculiar form ot speech. The reports read like a hoax. A vary dillcreirt kind of mental fool Is afforded bf Dr. Hedge's lecture* on history. The Brit of those was de llvered last Tuesday evening, and waa on "the Science of History," in which tbe learned Doctor introluccl (iiambattinta View to a Boston audience, not one in a hundred of whom ever heard of bis name before, though his Stir" (i A'uora may be considered a* :outaiumg the germ ot that reform in hmtorical writing of which our own age I as reen such splendid specimens. He was a Nt apolituu, h.>rn in 16tA, and died in 1741, and has been compared to Dante, a* well from his frequent tin intelligibility as his lioldnesn and originality, and me lar.choly temperament. Much of the excellence of th* modern school of historical writers In Germany, France. England and America ia due to Vico, whiss ?ork* liavn iH-eu almost as much negle;ted as if they hud been buried under the ashes of Vesuvius at I'om reli. Micbtl.t undertook to intcoduce V'lco to the read ing world no:ne ftfte n jears idnce, with a French intro duction, and In a French dress; hut, as it would seem, with no very great success; as yet. In tals newly found but old placer Dr. Hedge ha1' set himself to work, anl he lias produced, if not something original, at least sorne tliing that has the charm of novelty to the gre<t mat* of bin hearers. 'I lie tone of his lectures is bold and maulv, and therefore acceptable to those who have to come thoroughly bored with having the lam* old mum mies paraded across the stage, jear and year out, lin\!ug Hint been duly galvanised Into a gliiitly resem ldance of life. This course promises t J be th* l>eit of tbe season, though nwce-aai ily, fiuui the very Mature of tko subject, licking something of the ver<<e that distin guished Mr. I/>well's lectures. Mr. F. Burnham's volume of translations from Hoff mann I* out. It contains thirteen of the <>orman'i ?'oriel, generally well selected. The "volume Is very creditable to his teste and acholarsbip Mr. O.l'. Burnham's work on the ''Hen Fever" N about ready for publication, lti* under? tool to be veiy clever. Some of the author's m'ti >r sU?ies are exe?f lent, end we are now tu are whether he is equal to a long eff< rt. He in said to hare made a capital thing of it pecuniarily, whtch i*. after all. a pre'ty gojd t?*t of Intellectual merit in spite of th" men liclty ticket et Homer ? a sort of pans for him to tiavel fre> on th' rail road of lile ? and the [overty of Cervantes. Ken of talent can always bave mooey if they behave thems<'lvr* properly. Hoin?r, I dar* say, would have bceu rich en? ugh ? il:bas I ogberry, for example ? if he had net tied down to a quiet life and written for the papers an 1 magaaines, instead of "acooting" over llelUs, to attenl ftasls and junket ngs as a rl-.aps'j 'ist. A very important vote, but which ha* excit*d little attention here, was giveu tn the House of Kepresenta live on the 'JCtlu The qn*e ion was on concurring with the last Le|i alature to that amendment of tin constitu t o.i alnch proposed to sulwitute a district system for the (hction of^natorn and Iteprerentatives tor the pre sei,t system, which is based on -ountie* and towas. A ile bat'' of soic in'ereat took place, 'ientlJ ueu declared that they would gladly vote to establish a district ?ys t> m for the choice of dilators, but that they wer? not preparid to abandon the syetem of town repr'-sen'ation. An attempt was made to oivide th t proposition, but 'his was properly ruled out of order. Ibe motion to concur was then lost ? yeas 144, and nays 111. In dead of g"t ting the requisite two tblrdn vote, there were but few more than <ite third of the inemliers ready to support the proposition. This decision, I thought, will be up proved by the people, who are *'.rMgly ail ration >1 y attai lied to the ancient rvstfin whicb has stood the test of time, having endured for elmost two centuries and a qi. ar er. The Atmrican party h?? done itself cre dit by it* action in tbin bn-in'ss. and ev:nc?d a sound cons'-rrative nnd discriminating mind in making rejprms. I he wh'gs, alter declaring thai uur constitution was uo iDiprovoaUe by huinau wiadom, and tbat to touch it waa impious as the act of ? ruth in touching the ark, a? tv ally Ure it all t j pie;e?, and aimed at the establish ment of aneutirely ill Vrent syatem. Th? new party has pr>.\i d Its' If by far the most conservative ?f th>- two, ma L i rig only such changes a' hare been demiril*d by pithlie opinion The juoposition !o exclude i'aplsts from oth e, which has caused so much excitement in the Legislature this ww 1 , i? ?.nly a revival of the s'ate of things that eil<te I un.'< r the charter of William and Mary, when I'apist* wire not tolerated her*. We are merely - going ba k to ' the wis um of our anceab rs," >ucb as it was and iini tating the conduct ef I'reaub nt Pierce's s'tste, where Catholic* are emphatically excln led from ofHi-e by the ti rm* of the ccnstitutl n tome idea of the enormous amount of ice that has Wi n rnad<- this winter in Massachusetts csn he gathered from the fast thst ?ae gentleman in New Ik-dfor I has bounsd 6, 000 tons, and another in Kairh?v?n aaim'ltr quantity, and that these items are but a small part if ? hat has teen taken in that pi?rt of the State. 1 he r'abbatb Hclinol Convention of Hoeton N'orth Rap t i at AiMTiation waa held at Wrii l imhr'l^, nn tb" Slat "Hie cecaaion wa? * ?ery in Wealing >>oe to the r? lipioua world. The utatietiea ahow tbat the whole number of ei hcoln |? HI ; of trarlirn, 1W, of arholare, ft,nl H , of boot a la library, I of whi ;li 1 t/1 am not of * rehgiotia character. The mMn th?t MtiM tn >at it dcnr-ion related ?o the character of the booaa In the llbrariea. The ptevalen' idea ae?tie<l ti be that t>??ee liook" ought lr f><- of a "tric'.ly religion* character. Una gro'li niitn wan for excluding all acientifl< wurk ? an>l "The Wi'le, Wiita World" ? but <1id eot eipla'o whether be thought tbat work rcientiAc,, or nil acieotiSc I>??1 worlia of fiction. The matt> r waa referred to a commit tee to r?p<. rt at tlie atit mating. lb" jarerai in of l Pahhath irhool t?achcri< waa diaeuaead. The nmUr of auch rouvrreioea waa but iniall : and It waa atatou that Alii teacbira not one <u?n ? ra'< u had be n ma'le Oriereterend genti'mta ejpreeae.t bi? 'lew-it b?lief in what be railed "the greet cardinal truth, tba* the chiM wan depraved, and woul.1 hare all p?r*ona lal> rr with that la rlew I bad thought tnat tU< pe -ul ar i 'orm of inaanity bail been cru?hed nut of the pi > i* world. The roinfortii of the !*?ly were wtll nu I hy the hi<pi. table people of Went Oimir dge, the lalle* har ng taken the department of " there" tinker their own n aiiaff' D eat. Kepor'er? aay that -hea? r-li ti" i ' m *et it fa, partiauiarly ? hen the women " gr ib th?in, are the U-at Tlctuelled ol all axemb'agea in the w jrld. Ppakiagof retjftoaa matter*, I am reminds! that t .* V\ intbr< p ' huri b, in Charleetown, o' wH|. h the f'?? M Tappan i? paator, 1 n< rontrihutel a'naoat >?.0?i d'-r the t a ?? jeer for 'inn I nt purpura. Tbiimwht'. may be called practical religion. I he t- n.fcraoea men are not qnlt? aura of their new WU. Ihete an- aotne of their own number w bo are n*>i trrpare^, a? yet to aan.l ruma*iier? to th> ilnu?e of Corra ril'io, fo* the flrat "(T.^nce, with tut allowicg to the Jndfe. ac.y ^lacetlon. Jtilgta are allowed di-reU-i in all but a (??? caaoe, aed to | *'lie it from them in tbia ta-leii e wneo tae crime i* of th? law'a > r?ati >0 the law at the earn 1 tin e rer-ogoirlor propertr in rum aril MVteftlaf It? <? I tea much for ta? moral eenae of the better elaaa of tem 1 ferane men. The more iaztcl'>ua ol their nuai ter ??e tbat each leg'a!ation !a calculated to throw aympith/ <>n tbe luin ude, aad that U atrong enough now. without any mch ac dilional aid being *'*"> to it. <<tlll I think i !j r'mncra are th?t the new law will a-> >r, heeooaa a ?i taTthinr. nab ?> the Tfto power - ould atop il - ?u I tbat la talked of. aad may h? appli d. A roaaa meeting of ttta Ortho lot ' >i*:?<et onal rl urrl.ea waa held laat eerainf. in tae Para ativ?t Ctiurrh to , in io prayerful concert on the liSjMt *( e^urjtlonaf toatitattone ant collef"? with a r >w to awakinan la'elligent and appropriate 'n'er?<t oa * il? miportaat matter Pe* Mr tarhoc. SecreVa: r of the /m*t 'ran Fdcra* <>n ;-or4aty, naad? a <fM*cu full of r?.. ftoua ata'iatire. T!. *re l.aa be?a a fal >a( ?9 ia r?. ,? lal J atndy THia waa ah>wn by ra'aret'e t> ?h? ri'1't | pttceecf bl<her roti^'oya >oi'rartJoa. %* 4al jear, Kew ' Haven. Bangor, and otbsr place*. Th* number of Mhoob I ' to* Dumber of scholar* were Ism then ther ?? 1M?. Of the SO/) atudeoU at Harvard, ISJS *ai Williams College*, Mass, only CO# ? ? "" 7' ??-? Sbr>0tUm*- Harvard OoUen ha* bat M 1/ UiT sort fit "rofensors? a desperately wicked afraid, *?i ??' " than to TiUl godlifiMt. 0pok* w '*t?? whig* have found a m?f#'? Oittt la ?on'* letter to Mr. Elli*. The ?enticrt*crt* at tbftt ?"{ are aueh a* I told you the ' wri ter of it kad entertain#* for year*, and had avowed frequently la L-in public ?prechee at home. Jam** Russell Lowell baa been appointed R-llee Lettree 1 Professor in Harvard I'aivernity, to succeed Mr. I/Mgfel l?w He will only deliver lcctures, no that we may look , for the drowsy old ulaoe to give something to the world [ hereafter, that will compare with the prod uctious of gentlemen who bave occupied professional chain in Oer many, Prance, and Knglaud. The new I'rofesaor, how ever, will not euter upon the duties of bn place for about 1 a year and a half, an he w.ll nail for Kurope next May, and will remain there a ye?r, cloeely (tudying those sub- ' iecta in which he will be called to instruct other*. Thil 1 I* acting ronscientiounly. lt>rrint to me that our pub- I lie men might imita'e hi* < onduct with dsci !e<l advan- : tag*. For example, what a happy effect would have fol I lowed from C*ner*l I'ieree having d*vot*d himself to sis month* Hudy of *tnt<'*man*hlp after hi* nomination for I the l*rtalleacyl The country would have beta Uspt I quint, and the democracy would not have been classified | at thi* time with extinct political animal*. What a capi tal d.dge it would ho on the part of Auguatu* CasMT if he were to spend six ntorithain Havana, iu cir:l?s where nothing but C'aatcllano i* tolerated, and than a* many more in Pari*, liefore proceeding to La Oortt, that la, to ! Mndtid To nay nothing of the pleasu re tie would derive from reading Ton Quixote in tne original, he would l>? able to distinguish i'ortant pour la S'/rir from Ay it' mi, I AUtama, *n<! both from Yankee Doodle llip Metropolitan Railroad proportion is a*siu before 1 our K< ard of Aldermen Ur llrtghviu, counsel against | it, mid l!ev Mr. Foil, addressed tlia Hoard on the 14th. | Appearance* are now against tbe aucaesaof the menaurn. 1 Our streets are really to* narrow, oMrt of UwiMm ' but exaggerated Un'i and all-ys for the purpose* of rail way. Our legislature b?* a committee no federal relations, befrre wl.ich 1 number ol eminent free soiler* and aboil tionist*, leaded by Wendell Philip* and John A Andrew? ] the latti* genUemeii being one of our ablest lawyers ? appeared on the afternoon of the 14th, and apoke in favor of miaiurea calculated to nullily the fugitivo itlave law. Mr. Webb, of Hedbain. itated th* demand* of tlio pttition?r? to lie an act restoring the writ of hab"i* Corpit* '01 very jieraon claimed a* a fugitive alavo, like that of Vermint. undtbi bill introduced into the Mn*at chu;>ett* 8ena> in IBM, by Ur iiu 'liingliatu which gave to every person >0 claimed trial by jury, provldod fit hail !oi taking tho poor debtor'* oath, and for appeal. lh*y also a*!: that all judge* and other civil magistrate* may l>? lot hidden, together with th* mill Wry (orce, fro 11 ; giving any aid in trie arreat of fugitive sisvox; that no public buililing*, 01 those of any incorporated company, or railroad car*, l>e allowed to rccuiv* any peraon cltinM'd as u fugitive slave; and that, in inilUtiou of Connoctlcut a law lie pan-ed to punieh kiduappiag and at" mpt- at it. with f ,00u fine, and five year* impriion nient. Comprehensive enough certainly. Quite a curious tlnnj occurrel aft?r the abolition lawyer* hai finished their argu uieet*. Mr. J. W. CitUell, of Alabama, who own* fifty slaves, addrn***d the cim mittc*, by request of the cfia man. who had heard that that gentleman wa* desirous of doing so. Mr Lewis Hayoen, a fugitive from slaviry and now a pro*p?rous hueine-* man here, replied to Mr Uitbell, and the latter feuthman rinsed the discussion by o(l*rin>? to free all is elavrs, if the North would guarantee him forty p?r' cent on their value. I wish he may Apt it. This committee has before it petit on ; fjr th* rem ivalof Mr luring from thn phven of I'robut* Ju Ige of on r county. Mr I oring was turned out of hln law lectureship on ths lttb, by the Oven.ocr* of Harvard t'niver^iity, the vote standing 'JU against his confirmation t.. 10 for, and 7 nu mber* ah?ent The absentee* woul l have stood 4 agsinat to U for b'm ? aonie (t to 2; *0 that the gen tleman ha? lost a place? of the best kind socially ? worth $2,000 per annum, nn i which was ripening into a p?rma nent professorship. Hi* judgeship i* worth still mora, and ! should not rare to insure that r?p?r, On Wlaon ?*, ? .2b Maiwchwatta rertion re(,.,ir,N t<> l.e tornclid (hn ? I'' c"r' prated) v told m* that In- *?? . I. i, Wilaon liaa rt k* had b< an a tout lhtl lf Old lilckorr H* ill.i !Lt ill '>??? .uppotte] men and hoi. in Ik*. i ??u?a Z22: youn* JacLaon. aud Le woild frinnd* of i?K M?.-achu?.ttVluJl Vf | ,r mL""' SUl"- '?"u'1 l?? n ten rear. . J"'"""0" JouU'" ?? ii>? wont ii!r.,,!r"f, ?????? *? *<.?? tr?D*plred In in- ilou.e of It-. ''r.'"wnt '*C'<Utui* day 14th The "?l???euiatiT... on W.,|0M thr constitution at to proridS f.,1 ? 1 'n "I ""ll0? election. by plaralitv a .,r i K"'??ral of ?a, In ?>??l <"?> maaaur#' n?rr& sr.? rn"ct,JU'?;)trtUr U'" ?'" '?'<>? o'*thV ohao'l <?"? ?oll?r?. thouihth# wa V'T' V" cia'.ea wlIU b.C te'iW b/ l--"t ....?? i** br t'mSawe ?. 7 ' #V >"il,?? !" ???? tir#? rltisrnr of Knh#Muii u? ta?eon#rr*. atiaiu.t M I'aul'H rouw 2r u-? .* * c"nf??n W row ' .?thrninui, i, ,?,jM Injur* t^a.r ratlin* w??7"'#n 10 f"'-d to fx- th. tnakinf tL m ^ Jh.t thfi M " aSggg^i&SS IkiimIm Th?t' ? i j .. . would no longer b* in timir H~j. ? W4 A. (or the ""Jut *?m9>n*" S>" ? tion on h "par? aa J i T""*" to tha raT/Jr iT-rtl -f V V ' bU ?"?nr. I hoar tl.,t ^ W r*h l,,T'' m,t "?? 1 ?"'? Houaton .,11 not take a ITe nl'?" '' 'r"rU!'u] , s'"> isspwx-r. k urid? i fit ado that one of ourontfrnriitjnr* fir ?/> v ^wptdMconltmulMM lo^ nfaPUrJr^;t ? V? wi^'^r ^em"v WbT.tei Of., theallir, or a^^.U 1 b- ha" tHe.l ?h, th !.tb; 'n,tl'r "f '"lri^ P'?^' If u'^jsa ?" ? ? AfiOOkA. Pal?i,u laaard. S AV V^!1'1', " l,,nrT W ',|1 kin ?>n of Ro?War T.f for mtehmc for ? t . In '.C'iWSS, lr?d I'rntrlpr. of ,V?w Vork V V / . , in l.ank ork, ' T ,N Y - f"f ln>pr??-m ,?t <i?orgi. H n?rka of 1 ?.,B?rd<?iil. S V t ?r?nt In rhin?ri?T ?a'?? ' ? i 'or imp ?J?or(f* Iliac liard, of Wuhluton fi r < . mrnt in !lf# aavia? r^fta * ' 0 ? fur lmP' v?- 'S'i-pt... v v r"r i am?ll lUilr, of w?t (;. p , in a i. Id boTMr'a! >?Nwr,Pi., or inpruriufi' i^anit.rl II Void# of u--. # In frrw mtimab** ' ' ' J?J? f Kfit j and Juljrj ,.r n iBi[.ro?rt b':!l.t mould. ??*?, Ma<? , for <Vof|? H Katebum, of ItotfoH. Inl ? <ri? t>f pair* of r?..lpror?tin* ?<?? T??t.i>l?f ?f Ohi.. for improM .. i a,/ntB?1,!'A;i;rn' v. fafl.PM? j"*l Ha.l.D^*. JamM k*m.*r ?ndll#arTO {?!*'?" Vl? - Jo. (i .ndHamurl W Kb*. of HVrUr.S?r, |'; J:;MP..t,o?,??w, a. . ,Zlt\VZ SsnttAi H*th#rfii, of ik'.iilAiirm i*a t r _ !? if p.ratu, for ^.r.t r < ? STwitt *,n^roffl'n^1 W,: "" "fN*"Vo,k, N V for lmpW?, ?JroT*4* T'ipr>' < r?^, w V . t?: -?!-? ,au7 N To,,,!'ofr>??)*?. nfu,,uaf w^r ,ni rJJTrttr .^inija^ K -mitb and K/^ab fowl#, of Ha' <?? K.u ?"'??ebioa for euttiBf worid fav. rtlr?f? baMr**" ?**' " U" ' <?' .^proToi ,.r | ak^t?.C S"f0',? * "?"lM C,,?n' <? '?pr,r?i ..^r^ri^ Al*"?,r"' 1 ^ ?a wrl*" w 'W.? Mm. ,a, r,? ,, ?.. .. W Baa. -t a?4 Uoo-M 0 Caro??t?f ( J i. ?' i ^ t?rpa*v?r. for mpr?t< no tl ? Our Virginia CorrripaaiUMr . Jdomioiro, r?t. 34, ISM. Mr, Witt in a Stale of Rrpott? Hit (^mpdifn! *lMl Laurtlt ? I'oliry y Know \otkingt ? TV Time and Man?Late 7W? and dig flection ConteiU?Tk' F?i>? Vote Voting Syttem ? Jfrroi of the Loco Pbeoi? Kngtitkmen and other >Wrigneri in the Army ami tfm^?Mr. Wise, Henry the h:\gktk, and the Sword in War and Peace At T elated to you ia my la*t letter, the reJouMebl* ! Knight v/ '*? Mancha U at preaeot tepoemg on hi* lau- I reht, in Ac<OiJ?c. U hie bod ie etwfVd with ootbieg eH? he Bunt hare rattier ft narrow couch. The eoldier baa come from the war*, end he ie corned with ecar*, but tb*y are all of Lit own indicting. In want of eome on* *Le* to cot and hack at, he bee cut aud hacked at bimaelf, and ?ad)y illafi^urej hie own Image. II* wan al wave a famous partlnan, doing more damage, bowerer, to bie own paity than to any other. If the Know Nothing* de not bring out a man mid, ther* will uot be enough of th* democracy left in Vir giuia to make a dereut fight. I cannot euMci*ntly ad mire the wiidom of the?e myetrriou* people, in deter mining not to bring out a randidate till a Wte hour in the canrax*. It u the true (toltoy. The later the better i A* long an they can put oil the nomination, they will I hare the liemllt of \\ id* h undivided eoergiea, and keep their advernarlt* hanging ua the tender hook* of *u? penee. aoiicitud- aud appreln n mid. Tliey al-.o have th ? aid of tboae model* p?trio ? who are alway* on the >;u tiiefoi "ago>) time routing ?' aud who are r*?dy to ?err ? their country iu any capaci'.y. especially one of dignity j and rn< lum'nt 'lb* hope* of tin ?h anpiiing geotl-in-n oupht by no mram to be nipped in the l>ud. J<ol u . give then, thein a fair chance to dinport tln<uuel?ei in 1 th* buoyant a'monphere of lioj e. When IB* tint* ?'>???** It w.ll b r it: g with it tl ? man, an 1 np?n that ijueition of the man U?|ieui>a the wlmle remit of the canvaaa in Vir giuia. I id<i loc ?roco* an* comr< r'ing 4 with th* nn rtunnco- a ikcluhiou though ? that the vira v<*ce ?Vktomof voling will prove ccttan deaili Ui Knoar No thing: m io t-e Old 1 ><>raiui <it?. ftfjr K?y that tin p"*U lent here y wort m w?ll en >ugh In the 8tat?s ? here t he people vote by ballot, mid can therefore vote aa they please, without e*iMiiiur? or re>p?n*ibilitv. They pay a sorry curphnv nt to >t>e pvnpleol Virg t.min supp'iHing tbat tliey will he ii f 1 1*1.1 10 ?pe?L out tao.r linneai aeuti ID' ii it And ehat should ui tie tbein afraid? la Wl?a K?l"i to put tb?m to the a word or to lung tb<m up r Now, in deciding tin* nuea ticn, an olnce of experience In worth a pound of speculation What hai been tbe fact in th<>? portion* of Virginia in which t lie Know Nethlng* have alrearty appeared ax ? party, and ta-aled tb?ir eirength at tba ballot box In Norfolk city, in I'ortamuuth, where tin navy yard Ih situated, ao>i where larger number* of men are employ i-d by tb? government ; in tbe city of Wheeling, und in other pKace* in Virginia, theru have nlreany bO'-u election* iu whicli tbe party lln--* were iitrictl.v drawn, in which democrat* hal to encounter tlia retpoiimbii 'ty of rebelling agaiait party ditUUan and, in PorUmautb, liy tbelr independence, they wnre com pelled to i tin 'lie n?k ol losing th* ir n < -n n m ot' dally bread And what eflect has the tura roee system bud there? Why, to the r honor lie it aald, tlia democrat* iu all theae olacta b.tve acted like freemen havo gone to the polti with a bold and fear'eas front, and have cartled every thing be! ore them for the Know Nothing lick't. Have we not a rl|(bt lo conclude tben that, it* In every elej tion which baa yot been held, the r-ten iwce kvaUin lia* irterpeied uo oblttdu to the progrei.* of th* Knoar Nothing* y Ho it will be in the election!'* Governor. Will not the iieoiile of the country, who lia& no interest* at atake ? who hare nothing to ?Xpert from the f*ror* or to faar fioin the frown* of the government ? prove aa intrepid an i patriotic aa those whom ttie government ban in it* power f but who, with a noble Indepen leric*, havo refused to compromise their dignity aa American free ui'*n by ki**'ng the footatool of au'.tiority The eica "oe< ballot 1* going to ?acare nobody, Virginian* do not aak the protection of the aeciet ballot Wine'* late apeech iu Richmond doea not **em to have produced any particular **n?aUon. lie oinnnt rally the full atrr uut'i of hia party here. Tlia Know Nothing* liiten to liim aid enjoy a >| u let laugh to theimelvi'*. Never were the loco'ocoa in anih terror They l?ar that " the aceptre ih n! out to depart from them forever. There la no < enti:tl jnn'a to ate*i the xliip row. The pilot* of their veaael arc raw and iueiperientel. Thelfutera, however, will make superhuman exertions No effort wiu be untried to * hip In the disaffected and atlr up the apathetic. Ti e wlreworker* of locofocoiam were sadly scared when (.'eneral Harrison waa the opposition randl >iat? they ba l four misir.v'ug* when (leneral I n v lor took Uie field, but t'i ? Otaeral Unknown haa terrified lh> in more than all the other General* put to^e'lf-r "Hi" atrOi.g Au.erlcin feeing of tlia country re villa at the manner io which our countrymen have been cam pelted to auecurob to foreigner*. |d our very aaval ?er vice? tbat r< rvice *? j ixtly dear to all Aroertoan* ?brave American Imrn aeameu ar-- compelled to <erve under |iett/ an<l warrant officer* of foieign birth, arid who etuv aal aktW then upon the * Ighiekt provocation, or upon no provocation a*- ail, In a ?'yl? tnat u i ?leu latea to nair the blaod of *n Anieiieao b<dl. No woa der that native American* do not like to enter tlia navy ?rthearim Tbej do not like unrlrr t'i? very banner tf ihr free t? oi*de ?l?ven to the lowxit claa* of t i? ?inlioa who e yoke of Ixiiidago I lioir futhern ,a?t oft iu the flevolutioi Why, air, there i* an officer in tli I niteo Stall * S'avy Vanl at l or' mouth who actually aerVM m 'fie late wrx with l-n^lan t OH board a itritiaii Innate oft our con- 1, aira.nat tnia i ouiitry ' After Van kce tara t,ave wbippe^ tlio-e f reignrr*, they coine on h'.ard of American veaeel* and uiake ?ervaut" and va* ? ?In of ti e r roniiuetora. I* it not high I mo, if we in tend to have a country of our o?n, t iai wr ahot.ld aliow eonie American feeling *?>iie dlgni'v and aelf re*pert? \oui rejiotti" ajoKe of W tlireateiiing tu ' h?ng up auch rattle" at be considered your reportar, whi n lie ?ha?l 'lecnme i.oveinor of Virginia, lie |? aid re ported to have nail in vir.oi.* ape*' ha* that, he wiuld ?'raw the kwnul hot only on foroign en-inlee, but on aled.tioniai* n Virginia Now, i* not all auch tail lie nemh the dignity of a a-aait In man What concep'j >n can lie have ol the duties and prerogatives of (iovernor ol a tha> he ihould talk about drawlo? the awoul in th:a way Haa the (Jovernor of Virgin'* more jki? er in the way of ma* i.ig war than t'>e freai lent nt the ' bite) Mateo < an Hmry A Wiae when (governor i o lo war juat ao, wi' nou t aa..iog anv bod y * l?ave* II* inns' *Lpp..?" tbat he I* about to Ull an o:rn^ like that ol the I . rand Turk inatead i.f the executive chair of a r> puliliran Kimmonwralth I th ik I *??? bim atandint with bl- sword drawn and onf llnwer aave some truaty si| ulre of tl.e pre-a 'llien he propote* to begin by in og t'.e ?wi rd ufMin atolit <iui-?t* in t irgin'a' Where did he get tlii* authority And line doea h* ptcpoe to pro. ee?l How will li? know who are atxalit iom*> a and wl.o are not* What i* it he con allien tboUUonilB Holding theextreme view* he doe*, it is very prwaibie l.e ndght hav* to pot all the rn>elera'.e [lien of V rgmia to the sw.'rd. as about MB lata. Are they 'o have *o trill by Jury- no tegubr prwea* of liw whatever but be just put to th* aword by the ir?ae diz-il of tbe loan nionarr hT Whv, lleiry th* Kighlii waa a merciftl piinee compared to our Henry the Klrat, of Virginia 1 IhinX I ??e him ailting on thn ateps of the Wa>.' ng'm Monument, with a big caning anife In hi* bsnd, cn.lmg oft the heat- of Vir/ln a abi litlonist*. an I 1 1 >* ?).' tlrai .nt" a beeket which the dutiful I'ryor ear rl 1 " 1 its! tie* in'u the Janiei I.iver Thl* I* to bn th* r.fcly en. utive i rnplojm?nt during thecelrnof ll*nry. We are to lave, according to hia own showing in iImo lute m?n . ?Ii an I a croel de jiot In bin peta .ri Cut lit him take care that he ia not put to th* *wr<rd i. ra*<d'. 1 do n't mean literally, but politi ally if he ?a bo' a 4ead c.-ck in tbe pit by the sunset of th* eler l!or, tl ? n a'ltbi- mgu* or tl.e time* are de?ep'.iv* The p<o| leof Virginia hava not the fa'ntest idea o' putting a ?Word in bis hands to cnt off their h?ad*. and invoiv- the r rrmo-ieeilth In l>h>od and rapine li s warlike talk dori not r*' > mni*nd h'ta to thi ir confldenr* ih-y vant peace no* war , or, if tbey cannot preaerve their peace a:.d their honor, tiure are other men In the common we* Ih u are capab'e than llenry A. Wl>e of mo ? te ri ra < tli> of \ lrginia and inap'rlag thatn ?itb '?'.oil <!en^ ? m lie wiadom a* wei! aa tlrinn* .< "f the r en. ,j live Wliat dies Wile know about military matters' Not sa modi a* old Joe Johnson, \e waa on e a raptiii^ a .*<? '?< tier# r heen a r<?rp' ral, *ven In tim* o t pe? ?? * 'im , pie go 'o war. they cb>' j?* a d Iter* 'or th?lr iei'irr", n' t ng an I hot beade t poMlclana KNOW POMKTHtNO f tiaigr of flu>||I?rf In Pituitary on?; of Tiik imRoi'H or BAi.AKi.iV4 i> tn> ncui.rr. ) 1 'in th? I'itttburrf Journal K?b )?? ) ' a I 1; o'^hl. a r<xm in I'miMl- j ? la Tarn, rein?r oil - ? t?l at ?Hi tba rioulh (x>umuo, All?uh?o/ <k ' ruji ?- r Vr Jiinat H'inptoa w?? 1 rok?n into ah I Ita ' fix** atolan from bU [hdIi wdi !>??? ?to* ?f b.< oft ritUr Ia? nwin n; and IWlln tba*. n..n? a'aa b?"' h4?t. robv??1, li* p!*f?il til* ?? altar la tba haii It <>( ll ? lla> r . |>r*-?ioui to wbi*k< li'iaxrar. i?|ua?t?<l 1 'b' rite ?iit tt il? UTtrt until a nrriol ?n S ,?unt t'i trarrb thaw Tba aarrant* <r?r? aIao intlrif t . .1 to ' "W? ??/ <">* ?!?? laft tba bo?M A im> { *h? '-?ar?1fra a' lb* U'xim >it on? ? apt Juaapb Wit 'on wb" ttalad 00 Ma arrival thrro, t' at h? ?a? 1 bravatt iplai* in Uja Hrillib ?rnj-??< pr?a?at at tba hattU lok-rmaBD, on Ibt 'j?b of V rnn> r *b?r? t.a r ? ? ???) A r H? votitxl la tba rl^bt hip II" r?' irn-1 to Ij t '.mi n?- *?"i kll fotrmitcn ?n 1 tltil-l fir Am* rir* 111* brnlhar, ha ?al<! , alao, it a '.ankar in l/ntl'ti *, -ll tl'J ''U par anrito ml wail tnoon <a! I bat ra tu !'iu ai-r* taut to bim from bit brut >?r ?n 'r?ol? arar/ two 1 ? n'b?. Own* to tli lir*;<iltfltf ? ? j n. . ?, li? La<I bacoxa *1 ,arr ? of .iili au l' ? fat . at?l 1 ,a> ? If At t ? l>r?Atf a*t t?U? < a 'a/ t'.tt h? ?n ? t,-li '.n liton, at ba p-?.?n'?1 no i?nw<ri????U f it rohbar? Alt** ti-a lift t It at IVaipaoM l.a<l jfon* aft?: *o*'fb ? a. 1'iUl vi W? wot kucwn it ilit'i tba Cap 'a 1 a 1 1 al t -M bottnaaa ral'a 1 liini to tlni > !? i<f t.? r ?ar ? k. ?i>t1' i' r.ttrA'?<1 bat ?tth nn a*a . tb*b-i* nNi 1 ooM r ' t? traa>a<t?<t at anr o'liar tlut TTti ?> r?AO' lii At a f?|*> K i' l.tun", tbri ' i alia J to Wool tbaora to riftb, th?of? t?# t'f *t * 'btt ji?iiat tba ' apta.n |<ar ?i??J bn ?6 'i?n >c! tNta baat/ rrtr.-a ' tbrouali "TafAla.ltft ? i'Ii ? ' h rapMi r ?' At ha *at l?l *>(bt of Tlta tar ??n'. r?t;ri??1 aa"! tla mat>r A at'itt) a?a [a? i<~1 to- ?' ? arttt of t*a 1 aptala T*!* lat'ar r?t>ira?1 ?0 tba l>ot?. tl?a U***r of <ba . <?ffar?l b a a* ? Uiu jaM ptaraa < ' ba I.a4 Vaa ? itlioat ?> **y '?* aoma ?!??? ? ?< l?? <i>?Taiat'>>! bi n V> ta? ba jal ?*? ?TffT ??at babai bf tba r?bb? t Tv.a ufr; tAi ?'ut*^ po'iia.y, an 1 titi aarraat >arta4 ?f"a I ? At U? Hi}?' t 'ilBfa ba baba*?4 with | raat i-oolnaaa. ? itmlfM ' > lb* vatrb o' bta paraxa aa 1/ ba ha! taaa t aii tr prr'rfwf* npaa oibar p araaaa r?m ai'.rti?l afainM tb* raafh ?aa<- ha a Hratat r'aptain la tba Hr Utb trmi ?t !.a4?i|t >( aa4 rroit #1 aiaiaat tba ?rit a?twa aitb /MtMmkla t?lmn Mo ami atf*i>l < ba' wlirfl ba ba4 o?t?4 to lean tba pn<eari,i*f wa? fii-jrW an h m Ha ? ? alainat that aaaiaf tba aa*?ait I buttci ila vaaU laa4 Ula a 1aa?a. Tb? aiplaat' '<?? |?af-Allf vara iat ?atafa'to'f ta b ? Ha ar tb* Mt|*> *ba nr'tM bus to lal ?a . aal*' ' trr V aalar '* a f?r*.b?r aiagi iiUa I Omr ?w*m fomipmJwff. Q> nin, r.fe 21, 1*&? Iff turn} lr?t of th* Pronnnal Parliament? ttininmsl ' I'rplavotivni ? Jk* yuetivm of Changing (V S*mt of Grnimmmt ? Ht eUtiion of on* of th* JVe* MfimitUrt? OryaniiaHun o/ a Know Nothing Mo**m*nt in Quebec ?KUcfton of a Vroittiant Mayor, iff , dc. Our Provincial Parliament, ftfttr a recr# a ??r two month*, rea?aciublrd yratrrday to muni thr buaiaeae of thr araairn. There wu not a grant numb?r of m*m b era pmaent. nod the flonae Mt but for in hour, vh?D it adjourned to nuH again on Monday afternoon Djring thr sitting, however Sir Allan McNab eutrrrd into rt pl.mat fmi relative to thr alteration* which had taken placr in thr Ministry during thr adjournment. They were to thr effett that Mr. Morin'a declining health hvi drttr mined him to withdraw from active political life that thr death of Judjr Pan at, and the ra?ign*t on of Ju'^r KoMund, r? nderrd alteration* In thr Judiciary neceaeary, and It had born daemed but an not uf juattor to ollrr Mr Mono n judge?hip; tliat hie rrtlrrm*nt brokr up entirely thr Lower Canadian action of thr j overnnvrnt, and thr duty of rrcoiiNtruction had l*?cn entru**ed to Cot Tacht, Receiver (Jeueral of thr Pro? ince, who had eecurad the c?nt iouauce in (ha government of ?omr of the old mmnbrre, an. I had obtained thr trr vicea of Mraiire. Cau<*W>n, I ernieu * and Oarflrr. Thr Premier iiirther explained that thr chau,;e* in the fvf mtitir! of thr Ca bint t involved no chaug*' !n Itf prtnei* pita. Tha qu ration, which more than any othrr, ia likely to eiicit triy warm diacuanion, i* tint of thr *eat uf cromA&t. According to the detern* nation arriva l at in Montreal, after thr nurtiin^ of tl?? Parliament Ifottee in that city, in 1849, Toronto ii entitled to thr U? n ?rTor thr nevt four yeare. Many, however, have be<oint quit* trad, other* ^perfectly dirguated with t ti ?? per am bulatttig ayetern Thr r(pen?a of remov n< thr fovernint ut from Quebec to Toi?nt<i cannot I. ** thau fv'ftO, <KH), hn??dee tha greet Inconvenient *tl riek, at >d-the l"aa ol titu^ in packing and unptcUing tha public record*, no lena than two or thr??* mi.n ??? lend* much to check the whole machinery of goverurneat, an I prevent that due attention to duty < n the p&rt of otti iaU no very eaeential to the proper mam tenant. * of thr interests of the ptovincr Aparf trout thf*r couMideral'ont, |??*r aonal feeling and tnterr?ta ufwaya lend to lh?' < m ru>ei<n of thsa aubjic*. a peculiarity of bittern *.m who:'! at tallies to no otliW. Thero U icarcely a torn of a iy prt tenaion uhatrvir in t'ppnr Oana.a hut aaprrra t.> the honor of bein|? the fixed real of gov rt;m**ut. i'li * rep eaeutativcii of r%rh of the <? loralilie?, ??l courta stiive their utmoft t<? aecurr their object, and t?>u? ttelfmhrn f*a af*autmr k thr j(arb,of patrintium, taUa or prat U???i t?y the h<?ui to the d?-tri'neot of the public huain* ?t, and the annoyance of all who ti % v? penetriuon enough tu fire thiougli tin Ir hollow pretenfin n?. tiovi'i n nont, u ?*? auid, have determined upon fullllliiiK the enif&grmettt ??f 1H49, by renioviotc to Toronto, duiintc thoco?Inf anmffier for lour >rartt; though other 4 an ! persona who are w-'M informed, aanert ?jiiiu* a,- poauJvely that our new Govern or, having tha fear of tbr Mt (ch^llt beforr hi? ryra, r? fuhrf? to j*rinit the r* moval uutil the trrinlo.?t on of thr prr ent war. AltCgrthrr it 1? a very prrtty ?|ue*t?on, and, hn our ^ovarnmi nt havr inadr it au opaa our, thu? relieving their tianal Htipja?rtrrg from thr nec??aHity of aiiheiin^ to their op!ni<>ua, it in quitr poaathlr that It* dij?cu*>aioii will (on <un>e a w?*rk of thr Pari *?u ?ut'ji tiuir, an?l $16,0*0 or $!?? ,000 of thr people * money Mr. (artier, one ol thr new mtntatfri, hn heru re elected by hid eonititurntn, notwittintandlnK the rlfurtn of thr Hotigr party to d?' ?*at Mm Ifltn r?> nleotion ? claimcd an a tilumph for thr Koverninent. Tha cuuntT hr ropraaanta la aftuatod ti tha dlatrloi of Montraal which morr afTactrd by trr Srixnortal Trnur* hdl paa??d lM*fcir 'he adjournmont than inv other di?*.rh't in l or? r Canada. There a very couaidarabl* ?<iUati' n haa h?-?'u filing on apainat the meaaiire, and with much t>oaated aucceaa. Il wan fully expected liy tha opponnnta ??! the Mlnlatry that no memt>er atioport'uif trie bid could, hy po^aibliity, be returned Mere, however, they wer? dootntd to diaappoititment Notwithstanding ttiat thr very l^eat men of the Hou^e party were cbo?en to < ao va^athe county of Verch^rra a/alnnt Mr] (laitier, h?* ha* been returned by a majority of fully 250 votri The rrcert municipal rlertionw in thia city, and tha aceoea of riot end troublr by which they were chara**trr i/rd, have given riar to the or^aniration of a Know Nothing movemt nt. Thia ia not to l>e wondera I at Thr iri-h Homan Catholic l*rty, encoorng<-d by pa t auc c?Hfea, h nd by the countenance of the ifovei n merit, ha 1 ? pparently dt trrniii.rd to carry everything by phy?iral forcr. At the elactiona thry t?K?k forcible poa?*Mion if the polla, and aaverrly l?eaf. rrvrral poraona who at t?*mptad U) exrrcfar thrlr undoubted right of voting for whom they pl*aived. ()rgnnix\tio*> on tae part ?*f onr net of men naually brg^ta organisation by o*hrr?i and, rneouraged by the aocceaa of tt?a mov??ii?i?t in thi I nitrd Htatra aevrral of our moat re*p*cta merchant* anQ citi/em* b???? rnW ro?l Into a eomniu??ion to p ?t ?!?? wii the temfKirarv triumph of the nhilleUti fii^y will, without doubt, U puccraaful The rvent* of the la ?t f.< w yeara havr giv. n an im^'ui to thin nrnvamrot wblcb it fou l<t not othrrwiaa have hoprd for, and It would be well for the felt nouth of fortv-Hvr degree* wlio ia pnrking up hia dude with a view to emigrate to C?n?da brcauar fir r in no longer*r ovrr bon?*-t?*r and t?etter m?u n tbr ^tatr#*. to r?tneoiUer that he will t r toTeratrd In the Canadaa only oi- r-un jition that lie bebavr bimtetf. Tbr rlretion <? f Dr. Morr in to ? hr mayoralty of the c ty !?? te^ardrd aa a triumph by the l'rot"?taut party Alley u, tbr former Mayor, coul I fin hut tiv*? prr?ou? in tiie Council will ng to retnatatr hill! in the i lh lal cha r whlrh he an greatly dl'gracrd Thr paa ?? and or Ur lov ng portion of the community ar*? t:r?*d or the Nrrn?*a which have aullle<| tha fair f?m?* of our city , and are da trrminrd t."> put them down hnr anme ?ime we have ) ad tT?e moat '*elig>tful w a tbei mild alnioat to a fault, no 1 with a char pu'* at moaphrrr. Yentrrday, howrver, it hr-snma roMer, ant to day ti e t^ermomrtrr utan It twenty degree* baloa aero with a atrong wantrrly w nd Our f'miatln t urn ?|Hm?|rn? r. fci f('?nvli Kaftt,) Fab. 20 J .? 7hr K*w tfofhingi (n ? It' ?-bitwn in the (%nUmy ? A RrpvKl" in J*r< >}*rt ? Ui I *a the fa^t m %j Cnn? U >a f%*? rif^d in* for a revolution. Ad organ'r&tlon for eatabl - b?of tbn ln'ip|*n'liD^ of Cirui'Ii b?< l?< t n an I lita aerretly tut rapMly apr*a<l nvar the ~a tera towuatilpa a I mr$t* Mftion of the Upptr I'ror o? ? an I i't m.nb-f? ii 'f? already numbered by th?uaan !?. The plitn of the < ifc animation an i Hi* manner of n ti* t ny new membra aomewbat rea?mblat the Know NotMoK* hut tl?# obligation or oath of ae? re*y i? m#r?? b n'Jinjf. Their object la to nara tn Independent ra public, and to make thft banner of freedom ? n ! 'Vmi tract float in triutr ph upon th?- ? alia of till* no* political .Jeruaah rn. let the paat bury ti? 4ead. Tha pr-? nt :? the t f t??* for action the Um* in fa*j'abf# ilia In he* t'ona are au*p"lona f*-r the for mat' on of a r?vol iti nm> y party that will atari?? for freadom and the *r?*at I ra tere*ta of the coin'ry Hut N t ibl* opportun ty k ? br and it if not j rohable that in tftia j(e??*rat on at I ** t, it other < banc* wfll o fer f ??r atr^lnjf no ?mi< ** f il . blow f(>r the liberty ol the Canada* fn/land baa nut only jot her hand* lull ?t the Kail but haa *a "n h*r troop* out ? f Canada A la r/e mtonty of 'hi* rrwopl* ar* airk of i I % I n ir tinker p? ttiroat gnve'iiwent an 1 tOer will not !? t thia opportunity pa- a wl?h???t a da prrata r-truffgle for I U*rly In t. # *? ri?r < - mty of Mians j ot, i ordering * n Vermont, th?y 'ar? a inV r-l n-.te lod^a in nearly e??ry town aril >n tb*a e jtMity al >ne tb?*-e ar* at feral thonaand know Nothing, or republicans No morve, probably will be nail' by the rwpubth ao? iatU aprtr ft opana, further than to a#rf?fly jn? r?a? tna r n MTiber a an<l ?i?pply tbern -iltea with the ne:*a?ary tin P amenta of war. Tlitentrned tleiiewnl of the I lorbln Wur. (Krorn tba l*tntk<1elphia IWjr^r Ke?i '/<l j We ha?a a Irtter f(?#n? a corre?pon4**nt at Taropa liar, whirh give* an a^mnt of prepar?ti ?n? ?htab ara t* irtg made >n Klorila U? f</re? ' Itiliy flnale(r? Ureompiy with the 'r?"wt y he ma't** with 'ha I u Ul Hta'ea notarn ir ? nt Foalrya wi +n In Wi*b ri/'i>n ,rr -e t t" ?-f? u ate Kloru'a an^ go we?t of th?' M*aa?a? pp to twrrltory ailotU'! bioi by ffoTernment HsiJ* a father in lae <il? roliacUl ol jerfad *?i 1 ?,?? w*?? l#r?rn on I ***? ?' ,,t ?n S !t ahouM corrr bla UiQN, that h? anJ li,# blo??1 al ould 'jult it for internal for. ????? fa Tbla r? ?1 naMva d<Ktrlna ?'oea ooi ac^?"t aitl th? fa tb nf \r+% t < a ? n-1 (ba |OVetani?|t mt^n-la t? leatlrr ''a ^iia'a a?'t the ro'unte*-ra ? f 1 1?lda a l?r'#a '? ??' wb '?b t a? n muitevad into ?>?a??rr< ? ttomujbout tire InSUo r/, ,ntry inr.tinK atU k t lo?.#t? It will not rai ?? . tb- a?.a j ? We lr (Mil Lfe'>* that any particular n? wli1#' af'*#? 'r >o tfee prea*?c# of tb# >w H?ro?(H?lea ?!.'? ?ra now n r 4a e?ery yeaf w li ? !| rr- nlab tb*- r A'ltnfawri aa l lb* .r ?MM; to 'Otr>m>\ Sepi?-datio(M la m,i Nf | -?.? Oir rt r re?^ein?1en? fiTea i'?me reaaoa forth#- renewal of ' o# tilltie*, wh<'h o ar t r may not ha tb* promp* ng tmn titea aitll tl?"aa wf?o ??r#e tna f rnm^at -?a?*'B ? tHla f*?ray rr* A*' th* in?*( rn ?.# ait ratf.a r?t uf thia oa#a w<r#wl tr '?e tho?.fh they ? r.?r ! taf'b 'lit etp?r #n'? of a former ear Ma *a? *J L # r f ? * ' ' ? W ft f I ft | for favorite* Tha K?aita now b^ ?if b&IU f r tfe *%m pa ir ftt the t?r pa l 'or M *m f (??.*?? an it**** I att#aa? ? ??? ?o^ r*r> buy r? yonr 'Uy for nt, ? t?. .???-'< 0 "Hit Iff ItllK iM to (m I ' 0 Ik^n l 0?I It, l(.? kw ' r? ti of fr? i Ml I #t ? >. < li 'I t ?T.' ft. ?(?.?< 1 o ? ? Ii. ?* l>#7. i?4 ?h?t, W>t '"1 >>? I'rm, *n' ? ?<f V iriln V?? H' f.? ? ?l?o! u. M n tutU'l A r i of lb> ift>x ?' II ? [..?( .? of ^ I W n'i iiwti *i; k/ U< ?k 'b IVf fin fn n U> im < ??'! l?*| ?*. t'y it l? rh-ir s'nw Vi rtttig ft l?rg> 1m * ??<<?>( il)?? TV; ?\r? mt ? |f?t f. r ili. !,?????>'? i f K.Hr ll/?l?*? ?f ti* iwi tl fyiat> It Ift th? 1 filter Iwf* ? h '*i tb? ? #1*1 . rft .<?? ?( ??<?> tfc??> |l/?t if ? J Ai'i^ M to our r?fr*f |''<>4*i>t. t1.- !?/?(? li n?ri'4 ir* : i o ' ? ? im i?ii?.t"1 0' f'"l ?i M it*"* ??*?'? 1 ?' IIU ? ? I ? ?' ' ?'? Tfttnt>? IU? h*i ' 1 1 ri y j #r ? It ? l?~I . *? *1 . * i] . ->?. b< on'ol I f ihdU"' TWhtib ll>?l*pv?> from V?? York, ?r i n 'l?r t f III Uth ??t -'?? ! oo Vitrl, ?? ? i, ftrr.M o? >n t?.? '<.r'? !? rViltft fv.| lltrfy Iwooo ? ? j -?"> ro'm.tft for ?l? nm >4 ?!?? ? i. ? ?rL i-T7 A I'm rat i? I)irfict i Iter T>i'?uO>. >>?, ft ' *th?4ir prrfit, i-, Rait>?ry. * ?? f< u4 <a WilWawi 'o-irt k?4tr lot -t ilM, ft?^ ft "nwA ni b"f? /** t of bin M? w ft )?to |ol|-? |tUt"i? Vo J '?? tbt of > >?p >f h ? I at I lift W??? fttt?-.?rtly ?,h?f to t?V ? of 0 ?, ?M bit fcir "klMl Urra ??? wb, lint hit UirftoU of fk.?aw ftO oft itfH'rl, tut h? ??? n'lKivat'; ?> ? I ?ItM to (nl to ??? t ft licorla^ l>o<oro i iab la ISO roort tl? ? wiiii| iUkota.t1. b.aa M o 'ftftli iftl * fftliibli pM *ttrv niri>' K*r T Ol hMita a mrim.i oaatrftttil ?noll m? UJi.r Ui raro'oUy ! <??<) * ? k*?ti.?ra '??? ia wt UU akoralof tK? ^r'aot umi ? bftl o? ktr>4 m ^oiu |itl u rot r* from k.? uaw iftki* tntofft b; tfco fOT oaftot of U* to* far 4rv?k?rt*? a^ aM ??at? -lit*?, I** l? ? AAIh ftn Handtni. mcmokh or riiiiviriMv "T*" ? iri Tmn CiMim'M 1W0IONI HON DC ft AH ? THft L?)|| L4TI EK I* ?K**10N, AC* Tli# correspondent of tin NW Otlma ricajrvn#, writing fmw Itoliia m th? 61b of Ffbhilt;, ftvaa mil iutrrr?tirig item* of nawa.* H# aaya ? K ril la order, it l? i?|>orUil thai On Urrtfi, it tic brad of 4 Ur^r irmjr, bn aUrtml from fluilt*ni%lA I# la vada and ( <???! utr ih? >ut* of Honiara* lit bM la farmed the mhabifanta of Truatli) tad Oniva that ho will mooq take poMetaawm of thoew town* Thla m oato# ha* r^u ????!, an l l? "till creating, aonie little OacHoif I anionic the people tbrre. li.nii it im r*p< rt*d bait that your valiant gavarnmaal intend making another ^emoti*tr atinu on Orvytuvt, ati that the Itritlali | on will pr*-vrut It, tvtn at tha roat af rrrillion* of money ami tbtnintndii tH men, if atcMaarf Then again, rep.*t uti that tlM Yankee* am flttin* oat a flllbuatetlng eipad!tio? to avade mvl aubdua tha M<?*qtiltn nation aud it th* <r?at+r part of that country Im a! '? a<1y oCCnple I by j cattern from ibia plata, that rha itiifi* will lr m* atljr between Kogli*Wni*n aa4 VantoM, which wilt give the fnraarr a ehaaaa to a*UU no uic ? M accounts; lor there ?r* *<m>e now hara wha wrraat or near New Oileaua on tha Hb of Janutry, 1H16, *.Vo Hickory waa about Aa r?-gard* Iba ru mora, ''naff acnl " Now for facta The (tor?r nmrnt of (iuatemala haa rwraalljr appoints hVnor <? uvftuttl a< * Vict* 1'onaul tor thla place, and a a then- an* n* frea attached to tba olHca, or very few, that Uovtrnm^nt P*J* b?ia n "alary. Thla may aj*j?e*r trifling to jou, but in my opinion It ia ? no of tha mo*t Important arte that ban taken plaoa brra for a k n^ tinaa Otrar ot?a half of tba Kngllah natm* to tha aouth of iltia town am In what im calbdjlir boundacf (iuatemala My thla ap pointment, that Htate lint virtually given up ail eiaiaa to that* IT' I ry wbicb ia < ne of the l?#?t pomta la tba cia m to trrr 'or al r that (it-rat III 'ta n baa Kara. HhouUI On i'mrrra mi c* ?*?*? 1 in bit viawa airainut ll ?? d u i am , h? wo >b1. I b;ira on doubt, for a ronvidai at loo, e*ten?i iltr Utitfah limit* to (!aj?e (iraeiaa a !>to*. 'I he lo- " b) Hn* an I otli*r catamltl^a of Laat yaar aro now bcginulng to h#? vary awrtoualy f? U In tlita tow* Tl? a i.npit. <? b n'iMily low prira of mabo^atiy, rwlar aar aapar'lla an*! ?hi*U a?lda wriffbt to th? pr**?aum# andl v? i% t at?' tiinaa nr? aitii tpateil Uur'ntf tha praa^al yaar, an*! nnti) iimbo^nny ria*a. 'Ibia t on mo till y ban rccntlj mat a icraat lota in tho dratb of I bo llnr Joba tionirn, tba ouo lr trataurar. a m nil er of tho |-\??Mttivr ('ouncil ami al*o of th? lativr Ai>< iitblv all ?>f a blch olWrra b?* filled w||.t <)ta lingui^bait ?i>iliiy. I If w.ia h vrry rort?<*| am! abt? p'.bln * ffi ? * i am! ?iiicba^fii bin ?tut ?*a lo ilia anttr* Katiafartioii ?' all The 1 ^*|* f!*t?\?* Afwiiili!', , wlil. h bna now !?#??? i*%n aaa a ? n f??r two arokt, bni tak?*n no ar'ton on bia ? 1 *??, I h , wii.rb to m<- la M ifprl-iag, a? au> li UiIIm ar<* npt *o liM*k to tlo n^alva,* if to nobo )y nlia. Vat tb^y bar* mat aa<l < <*utinu?' ' in ??>hi'.|oii for two w<?#l?a without % wor4 about tbalr lata br? th?r Ilia family, boworar, bar ? tb?* b< aitf<lt M)in|>at > ati'l rotjilob n ? ??f this whola ' in muMty, not airaptlag tba in?mh?*ra of the Aa-**mbly la tlx it prlvutr cai ti. <t.y. 1h<* lat< ?|h n nig of that bfatjr waa attaailad with unu*u*l fortn arol j ar* U It |? imuai for tbaw to maat, al*ot thair chairman, tnd than aan4 a COn*mittaa to Uo\?*rsin?*nt llouaw for If II. .Sup#*rl?t?*a?l rnt'a infa^agt*. l b a wkn 'lom?, but tha nwm HnpartataoA ant lnformi-1 tham that ha alioubt pmf?*r ma?'tinf tbw w I ii< la IxmIt, ami t* r that p- rpo*- woul l b?* raaly tba M it day a* noon to rvc# I ra thi*m On thr it?it day aa cortlii gly, about 10 o'clock, our quiet little towa tfaa Mom**w)iNt atarile?I to Mae tl>e troop* from tba barraeia, with their *c^r'et roata ami wb t?* pant*, muvlo/ aib*at 1? through the tf?wn fbalr ofBeari ia#n followed ttieai to the (?orarnment llouaa. where at noon the* wera at P tiio'.e I%m m gtiard of honor to racelva tha meinbara uf thf A aembly , and In thla wa; b1* K*retli?ncy dallrara^l hi* mearage to |li?m. Aa tin* i? the flr?t aeaaion of two I vgialatura alnre tht* Hupailntandaat'a art If Ut and ui der ti e i??w r? fi ti ' *a 1 1 ?*n . and a* thin la an important la novation ou the ?ibl <, oMioot*, I bar* given you a oiaca lengtby arrnunt o / It tl an I otlierwlar ihould Tha mmw Hi | erintemb nt ia a hurrt ter, a wm|| r?*a l una, and withal very cb?v? r 1 1 ?* will introduce, and hava inftu etira enough to pa^a m veial lo w laaa, and although ha may not at ori?*e rurv?*ed in all 1 e may wlah vet he majr Juatly ft iigr*tul*t?* Mm elf oil haviag done what bia aa veial auerea*ora have e??at??1 in va n I be altered and m* w law a, tb?' n*?w lm|?ort dutlea Ita ( ? b^ u paaaed I will aen I to you, a ? aoiu?* of tbam will ba of uit'-iaat to your city (' H. It now Niilhlai|(? In Canrt k hr.vr ca' t koh huttimo anidi a ji'hum mm 1 II N KNOW NOMIfMiM (JUAI.IKIIU TO TKT 4 CATHOLIC ? At tha eoinma*ricnm#nt of tho trUl of Arthur M i-?ib<?o 'or tbamurd#r of bia mf*, In Troy S Y , lb* following uncut war# bad on #ni]?atiit*lling tba jury, rh# Troy HudpH of th? V4 f |? mat aaya ?Tha pn iu??r it I'ttholir lr tubman In* rouia?#l tbnug <1 II *4 tifftMf to '(Utntluti tl a j ? ? i .r < ??'.lad in ralotloo to thaia fwl ?fc? (?rrl|imi nod tlii ir with lb# ki.w No lb n. orjran /all u Without a for atai <io rlaion t hat p*r*ovia belonging to tbat oath t*ound ???-ff?t nra, fn.rn that on faction maaialy, lucm paHant to m? a? uior. in a <vm.* Uiaiftd tho p#aplaa a (atbotk foi? ^n^r , tba< rour?o pt*r*u<??l by tha Court, c. u t< ?? 1 and tr ? ra n tba* to king tap of this pawrl. ap p?*r#l to t ** inffTac f^uifibat to a r#? -gmtim of IboA Mr. rowna#nd for tt ? j r ?? utloti, In im*< r to tho nbjuot uo ralaa-d by Mr. l>?rb did uot <<?tar#< * that tbo ob ?at opi of tb# ao*l#ty w??uh1 n?*? ?*a?aril/ pn??ut a riatmbar at a Juror, final raturnliMC a j at an 1 fair ?ar ?fir t, in a caftt* ilk* tha j r?*-?*nt yat to a attain <-i taat, tip n ji ?M?n iii tie ri ?? i a jir#*?ant by Ml l>?ou who frgarila f t) .?? tartdaor/ of tbat rttun*< I on *a taitg?rou0 la I* ?? ?h fauat tli? *n?ia - I juatlca, aid oa* tbat abouM |..iar?-f?ll * guordtd aifiiaM, in ra??a a?^?ciaii; wlaaro th? I'fr "i fib# rty of n i a'hoflc foraJ<gn#r la io?<il>at 71i? fttipaaftall ng t f a mry ?m torn 1*1 with, Vfr |i?(b uircrtlDg tf # principal (fuaationa t? iho Jurora,) a > fo||owa tboiiiai lUiti.oi n ' all* l Itaaltaa In f* ngunjhirj ; *a? d? t a< luairit#d with dafamlant la a ni io of tiaio Mil. off* (.ii'l i firu-rr do tint baling to tUa or%l*r af Knot Kothlftf* Hworo arxl t*?k bit <H?at. rn Hurjff ?? H aa <?rorn to inavar all |u#a If- n? j ut to Lirn aa cfar la hi* (jaaliActtioauii juror , rtal'?"* in ll(N4 .rh hak?t not raa'l any tiling about tlii* raa*" i d n *t ba)? tin to tha or<V?r of K S a, hul an ???*? In rvtrj tiling ?-lai? fawn ant took bia nat J?rn? ? II lWiii(l?t> n ? nl>l a tsl aaroro )Ual4<*? >u I loo * k la a fartn*r ba'l h^at-l or rat! O'ltbtrif abaut tto do not hrlotif Ui tJ?# ??r-lar of K N a hcr<?*?4 hn W ('riirr - a lr?) and aaurn K#al l-a Ira r tba oaar I' an of y f hiifoa bad not ;aad or t?Ur 1 of tbia r a*a , no ' onaeiant una n>r<iplaa aV? it fin !. jk a proper ???*?!. r t Ho"rn atad tMil M? ##a'. I bar'* \ ai d^nhutKh. avora fU? i# ? In f'lttataao. 1 a*! r?ad trul b*ar<f aluot tba ? aa* bad fi??t f- r?u?-l aa I r w ti i? a earjontar b/ or' Upatloa aai l I * hil t K V b?ad Mean**] 'if I* rtiltb, **in KoiIm In S'a^ato bad baar# tonir'.btr.f at >?t tt>?> ? aa#, h b%l 'arroat ?? op maa, ? a* a K ^ I dn t t *? aa tb'a would int*if?r# a.tb baa faabnga * gt ? 1 a 'fit aa wf?!l toaar la for* ^nrra aa kfr?r? b? -?i kI Un> nr iar do not faal a? ??ll Uvar M It *jj ' a I.' i <? aa ' tb? ra I r aa# ? baikaga't and too Jut/n^n urart V-t !?- lo i to h a c ir<p*t? a - y Mr HNrb a?M h* iliant * aa a ? at' ollr Ir abioaa that ba aa* a- g?t if ,? d to a t al / n 'iff?*tant twaa, %o4l it aaa 'or tha )Ufj to aay w.atbar Mr a th aaa ? #at | ? t*nt, uadarf atal?" "Ota, to wltbar aaa jtir/mao. Hr inoriM'nd ti - t bt ? ioat? ta* cat bat a b p wi il4 r ot ?laioa.lf; b m< but lb*n aa b* ?laUn b? doaa rut r?-l aa ??U t"?ar<)? < ?0.ol 'i aa otbora ba lit T > ?aa n? t ?j ? . ?* to ? tta t aatloo aa to b a ? oajalmc jr . lb* ,*IIJ ? ? Mr ' tot* **otr.p?t til I anal JJ liibM tao#?? ? ll?? h l*lttat/?wa l ? O farmer ha . r? a l ai>: b?ar?l of ttf '??? aad firmH aa r p.l . ?n l.if ia?'l ? ? fa* a l^altfnn atonj- fVctdaa In bagbtar^o ia a faitn*r lii'i h?*atd o tbia ra*a t?ut i.a-l n ,t foraaa4 ai '>|inl(K aaa a kb< ? S* < ln| a rat id a/itfga/4 a I a'h' llr l/Ubtum wit" al M<i b tr roHaliip at a uatira I a r a<, ri voubt not 4 tbwoa a ait# *k#?a klr Tc?n??-ad, Uifatfeor ?a th Ur Baa b tkoagbt b? aaa raot rofOfatOOt. I li-aaaM ) ?a t*r * iii ti of ? a?*#rri - Waa a >i t?? ?awoa?l aa a * l a? a ? n b? tr ai i>al Ilt*d naar tl?a pna?*a#f *aa a cootiltf taaa of t ba pr aaa* ba4 a?l aipra*a# l w fnroN*d any op.n ?n Mr aaa eiia 'arr' i tb# ^ooaal for lb# pro?#?aU*o, a l?i<f *? arg *'a*al t p a * aa W I ha "i a i? t? n* v of Mr < t ; ar?ra to< Ur ?4 L in iii'?aif^i**t Nalaoa f 'urtia tar .rr |',#f i/ra a I4i? uu a ia i tailof s 'a I n? t a r J n, . h ?f tb# a*#, aaa aot a K o*> a Noil r r ba?' a *ra ,?ati'. ,a a nij.iaa aga nat ft ad ng a pr*?par t?i lift f ?orn aa4 'w/l aU aatt ' I a Me a i*i,ra K#ai*#a in ^aa*a bad oat I ard'f fh a a# ? a Kf t Mvtlafrf U ft !iit' ? tr h *w tn tad t< oa b a ?*a I Hat! i ' 'i an aw m H'all'a lo Hranawi a, aa I f> *m> ' t* ? ; i a af tha *aa# la a Ka?v Ni'b 1 1 - ioai I b I bU?. pa aworo I'.aai "at io ?ir?a?bn?k, far * waa r,M i Know *<'.;bl*af fwora aad to a" - l'? id it"m fa-tin a T?y .a I out fot m?4 an apti n I a< not <*?-??? >???*. ?oa a^raplaa aga nat fiat i r t or-ii/t t' l-r lif to tr.a laatlaiaa y Hwa?a aa I ? if \ h a **|t Of a t W'- o ft worm RaaMaa n I'atarabarg waa not a bono Vathiaf, yat ba ?a? Wioaaa I n '4a a warn iUa^taa n Itoy IimI fat a' <?t '!,? < aa# bad a vt'lamn a not a Koo* H'itbift|. "if a# aot *r'ia ?< r , p.*a agaioat l)?a^)iag a aa/ 1 ct a/ <*aatb > aard # ?r'? taut* - J'm Wa a Tt ?#y U4 aao ^ ?f t<. * aa- -a a rw1 a Kt o Su** ?( M Hi Ifovay aooro Haolat ia I'Hafab^rg a ?o 1b? fa? ' n? a Hot for aiM at apt oa tba ? aaa mi Oat a aa an,'#ar */f tb# or tar f K? * rafa li it ?aa, tb al a 'hat ?*#tn*<#r*b p ata??^a ft i"?aal j ! r ll*ar aa?>r aa l #*| >? a ' 'iaV a <a a 'arwaar aal a > i"W *?# *b'a.|f KioimmI l,aar fg* |i, b ? hi# r aw.?fb- It# a dwa .t* ? *#i a I now Notblr ( aad f?* t?ia?t to 'ip.**1 a af tb# aaa It m ad kMu?a(#??<r?-ii?tai u ?m ?? ta? fit.- , r? I !??.?? I H III If ItMrlH :i rm '.|4 l???l I I f/t I) !'? ' %?* I*9?r9 lil I* 1 4.U kimf IMI a?a# ?NWWeE ,1 ? ? *M <?M^I?I ?rtfc a#- tat aNiftty lt'l?al . ?( biHMt ????? -ll*? ?? ? "????? . ? ? U1MT . )tl '.../oil !!? '?*?, l?'ll 'ntrnel M ?? ??? ? ???"? ""<? NT o. V, >?!?? ia T (?r .? ? !?? ,f >.? t fa n?.?) ? IIIKlllMf ? >a ??"1 !"* ?? ? IUiHw la Tt-?7 m hum, ? *?<?> nm '."lb W XtKl^UlM tr , a* ? r a iB.tT !!?????>?? Tw <a h'tf h*4 f< >??! ?? opir.i'B '*?I> MlM kHMI linn Trav?? la '.ra*aVa>h I a fa/ ?Mr ? Mt > ? ?. /? *".1*ln K? ?a in4 Uot aaal I Mt** IU?f ??????? I'muIm la Tr?y .* if??( 1 1 4 Imi <4 aa af ' nl lb? >?m f ma^ I /??a?>? l'.?a??i?- bl **ata Itea^aa la i.raf'aa i? a fa?i -r >tt'la R ac* fca^kiaf ul '?M *# ?Ml Tlta ^aa*' ?a???a^WU ? a

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